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Lorna Bateman Kits – Review & A Give-Away!


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Lorna Bateman is a well-known embroidery designer and teacher from the UK.

I’ve been familiar with Lorna’s work for years – her embroidery projects have often been featured in Inspirations magazine – and I’ve always admired her classic, sometimes whimsical, always beautiful, embroidery style.

So, today, I’m delighted to review a Lorna Bateman embroidery kit and tell you what they’re like – and to give one away!

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

To start with, I love the packaging Lorna uses on her embroidery kits!

They’re housed in sturdy, pretty yellow gift bags, with a clear color photo of the project on the outside of the bag. The gift bag is a brilliant idea – it makes it easy to give a kit as a gift, and it makes for a great project tote bag, so you can keep the project organized while you’re working on it.

Inside the bag, the kit is further packaged in clear cellophane, and all the little elements – beads, buttons, needles, and so forth – are packaged in separate ziplock bags, for tidy organization.

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

This particular kit is Lorna’s Vintage Lace and Pearls pincushion kit.

The kit is kind of a combination of crazy quilting and bead and ribbon embroidery – it has a very Victorian, romantic look to it.

Everything you need to complete the project is included in the kit, except scissors: beads, buttons, silk floss, snippets of lace, needles, and clear instructions. This particular design has no pattern, but the instructions demonstrate how to add the lace and work the bead and ribbon embroidery.

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

What I like about this type of project is that it’s a good weekend or week-long project (depending on how much time you have on the weekend!). At the end, you have a beautiful, functional accessory for your embroidery or sewing table.

And most of Lorna’s designs are that way – they’re objects like pincushions, needle books, scissor sleeves, and the like, that can be worked in a relatively short amount of time, and that produce something that’s beautiful and useful.

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

And I especially love the pincushion bases that come with her kits.

I have A Thing for bun feet on wooden furnishings, and these little bun feet on the pincushion base are just perfect.

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

One of my favorite kits right now in Lorna’s shop is this adorable spring sampler kit.

Perfect for sampling several embroidery techniques, the design is cheerful and happy.

Lorna Bateman Embroidery Kits

The sampler incorporates surface embroidery, ribbon embroidery, beadwork, stumpwork, and raised & textured stitches – and it features all kinds of springy life, from bugs to critters to flowers and foliage.

Samplers like this are a fun way to embroider! You never get bored with them, they definitely have a “wow” factor in the finish, and they give you a taste of many techniques that you can explore further if you like.

By the end of January, I always get the itch to embroider something light, fun, and springy, and this piece fills the bill. For those who are prone to the winter blues, I think it would be an ideal addition to a Christmas wish list, don’t you?

Pros & Cons

Lorna’s kits are thorough – they contain everything you need in abundant quantity to finish the project. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. She uses quality materials, threads, ribbons and embellishments. And the kits are packaged beautifully, with careful attention to detail.

The only con – for stitchers outside the UK, there’s the currency conversion and shipping. Still, after converting the currency, I find Lorna’s kits competitively priced, considering the quality and quantity of the materials in her kits.


Today, courtesy of Lorna Bateman Embroidery, I’m giving away one of Lorna’s kits – specifically, the Vintage Lace and Pearls pincushion kit shown above. It includes everything you need to make the pincushion – including the pincushion base.

To join in on the give-away, please follow these guidelines:
This give-away is now closed. The winner was announced on December 3. Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below. Comments sent in via email or left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread are not eligible. If you’re not sure where to go to leave the comment, just follow this link to the comment form.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What’s your favorite type of hand embroidery?

3. Leave your comment before 5:00 am on Wednesday, December 3. I’ll announce the winner (drawn randomly, as always) on Wednesday. The winner will need to contact me with mailing information.

So, that’s it! Join in – and who knows? You might be able to strike one thing off your Christmas shopping list!

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. Needle ‘n Thread is not responsible for any customs fees, or for any delays due to any regulations your country may have concerning importing wood products, or for lost or damaged packages.


(612) Comments

  1. Crewel embroidery is my favorite! I love the feel of the wool! I even spin my own.
    Thank you for offering this beautiful kit!
    Barbara Downey

  2. I am actually having a hard time with this question today. I am sure that I have answered it in previous giveaways, and I wonder what I said then?

    Today, I think my favourite type of hand embroidery is whatever technique is the newest one for me. I have a French project that combines ribbon, wool and floss with innovative stitches, and the challenge of it makes it the most satisfying to finish.

    I have admired Lorna’s pincushions for many years now, so I would love to have a crack at one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. What a beautiful sampler and kit! I mainly do surface embroidery but would love to try more dimensional like stump work.

  4. I mostly love cross stitching, but enjoy learning new stitches/methods. I absolutely adore this vintage pin cushion creation. Sure hope I win!

  5. That’s like making me choose a favourite child! I’m not sure I have a favourite, I’ve done cross stitch, hardanger, blackwork, crewel, surface embroidery… I love them all.

  6. I’m new to the embroidery world but I’m really enjoying both silk shading and gold work techniques! I love this newsletter so much!

  7. my favorite form of embroidery is simply the old fashion stitches my grandmother taught me 60 years ago have a number of the pillow cases and table clothes we made together would like to make one of the pin cushions shown

  8. The Vintage Pearls and Lace kit is lovely! It does look very Victorian (I love it!). I think my favorite type of embroidery so far is surface embroidery, but I’m still a beginner, so there is much yet to try! 🙂

  9. My favorite embroidery stitch is cross-stitch. Would love to win this kit and expand my skills and knowledge.

  10. Wow — she does some incredibly beautiful kits/work. I’m drooling!! I love handwork of all types, but I especially enjoy ribbon work — I’m not great at it, mind you, but I love the weavings and workings of ribbon and needle and cloth! I also love redwork. And beading. LOL! I’ll stop now. Thanks for the offering!! 🙂

  11. I’m still learning a lot about embroidery, and I absolutely love samplers! I think they’ve got a great vintage look, and they are really wonderful practice!

  12. My favorite type of hand embroidery uses lots of simple stitches. Maybe that’s why I like crewel work because it combines long and short stitches, some padded stitches, and then decorative knots. Most of all, I can be creative and mix stitches.

  13. I have always been a cross stitcher, but since discovery your website, I am like a kid in a candy store, with someone else’s Platinum Am Ex. Everything excites me and each new thing I learn makes me a little giddy> Thank you for your beautiful work, inspiration, tutorials and links to other magnificent embroiderers.

  14. Oh, how wonderful! I just love the base for that pin cushion. My favorite type of embroidery is, well, most forms of embroidery. Surface embroidery, not counted thread, is the most expressive and interesting to do. Finding the finishing items, like framecraft bowls or the wooden base for the pin cushion is the most difficult part of a project.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Mary. You are one of the people I’m thankful to have in my life.

  15. My favorite embroidery is full of dimension. I love the padded satin stitch, french knots, and the buillion stitch. Lorna’s kit looks so inviting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I use many different embroidery stitches, threads, ribbons, and other embellishments on my crazy quilts.

  17. Oh I love the oincushion, it reminds me of crazy quilting! What’s your favorite type of hand embroidery? Well, dont really know much about hand embroidery, thats my Mom’s area of expertice, I’m a knittiner, but I do love hankies with hand emroidered pictures, flowers or monograms. I have a set of four beaustiful hankies my Grandmother (whom I never met, she died when my mom was 10) hand embroidered, each with a different flower.

  18. I am currently working in the sheep pincushion. I bought it so I could learn some new stitches and because I needed a pincushion. So far so good, I have nearly perfected drizzle stitch although I had to watch one of your videos to get the hang of it.

    My favourite type of hand embroidery is crewel work but that’s because I haven’t yet tried many other styles

  19. My favorite type of hand embroidery is
    counted cross stitch on linen, but a close
    second is crazy quilting. This is a beautiful
    kit that I would love to win.

  20. My favorite type of embroidery is one that is beautiful, lasting, and useful. That leaves it wide open for a lot of projects!

  21. My favourite embroidery is Hardanger. Over the past two years, through my association with EAC and a wonderful group of stitchers on Texada Island (BC), I have be introduced to crazy quilting and other fine embroidery.

  22. I really like collecting stitching gadgets and have quite a few including 1 Shaker pincushion that I made years ago. I am fearful of my endeavors to try making another over the years, so have never tried because although my Shaker pincushion is “nice” I would never show it to anyone as it is very humble (my finishing techniques are abysmal). That doesn’t stop me from oohing and awing over beautiful pincushions like Lorna Bateman creates.My all time favorite type of embroidery is the 16th 17th century metal work, I can’t tell you why, I am just drawn to all things Tudor/Stuart.

  23. thanx for the giveaway!! I love counted cross stitch, but would love to try something new!!

    take care and be well, Claire

  24. I have recently found stump work which I am hoping to try soon. I love embroidery that has texture and dimension which this little pin cushion has. I took a class on line in beading and this little pin cushion is delightful and dimensional. Thank you Mary for sharing Lorna’s work and kits.

  25. My favorite embroidery is stumpwork. My second favorite is Brazilian, which is in a tie with ribbon work. However the work I have done most is cross stitch, followed by mixed media canvas work. More than you asked for, but there it is. 🙂

  26. Hi Mary, What a lovely give-away! My favourite type of embroidery changes frequently but I consistently am drawn (and love to do) pulled thread work. I love the laciness, the exactness, the symmetry. Sometimes I prefer surface work and other times, crazy quilting embellishments but pulled thread always “pulls” me back. BTW, happy belated Thanksgiving to you and to all American friends and neighbours!

  27. I really don’t have a favorite. I enjoy using embroidery to embellish seams and children’s clothing. Silk ribbon embroidery is my latest interest. I have been following your blog and Lorna Bateman’s for the past few years. I would love to make one of her pin cushions. Thank you for the opportunity to enter a drawing for this.

  28. I love crazy quilting and Victorian – it is the absolute perfect combination for me. I love CQ because of the layers and textures of fabric and lace with beads and motifs and buttons and such. As for embroidery, I love the simple surface embroidery combination of stitches that CQ now exhibits with various thicknesses of thread. BE and SRE are still ones I want to learn and work with in the future. And as for this pincushion – what can I say? This is perfect in every way! 🙂

  29. I would love to get one of Lorna Bateman’s pin cushion kits. I love all kinds of hand work, I was just couching down copper wire, washers and mesh. I love ribbon work,working on a bead embroidery necklace. Will try anything.

  30. My favorite type of embroidery after googling all of the types, is crewel embroidery. I started when I was a teenager and learned from a boyfriend’s Mother. I continued it throughout my stewardess career, as it was easy to take on my trips and work on the jumpseat or other off times. Because they are pictures that I love, I can hang them all over my home. And because I loved it so much, my Mother took it up also. Now I have inherited her pictures that she loved and have them all over my home alongside mine. What a wonderful habit to pass along to others.

  31. I love surface embroidery using a variety of stitches and colors. I like red work very much. But I particularly like the combination that Lorna uses with lots of fibers, ribbon, beads, and stumpwork. I have wanted one of her kits for a long time. The problem is deciding which one–that are all so lovely!

  32. My favorite hand embroidery is crewel but I would love to have a chance to work on this wonderful pin cushion kit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Love the pin cushion kit because I am a crazy quilter and this kit mirrors my style. Thank you Mary for all your tutorials and e-newsletters which are so helpful with my craft.

  34. Hi Mary,
    My favorite type of hand embroidery is monogramming; I love the sleekness of the satin stitch.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Colleen

  35. Hi Mary,
    I absolutely love cross-stitching, but really intricate cross stitch. 42ct on silk gauze, is my favorite.
    Regards, Hazel

  36. I enjoy many kinds of embroidery, but I probably enjoy doing projects that include stumpwork, crewel and other embellishment.

  37. My favorite kind of embroidery is the one I am working on. So many different kinds that I like, can’t choose just one. Her pincushion kit looks so victorian and so lovely.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. The answer to that question changes all the time! During this year I have been hooked on blackwork but at the moment Caselguidi is mesmorising me. I am still fairly new ro embroidery so i guess i am enjoying trying lots of texhniques.

  39. OOO OOO OOO I love this little project. It goes right along with the crazy quilt I am working on now. My favorite embroidery is whatever catches my eye today. I am not very experienced yet, so when I see something I don’t know how to do, I have to give it a try. My crazy quilt is the perfect place to learn and when I am finished with it, my cousin will have a queen-sized token of my love. Thanks for all the help you have given me via your website and facebook page. Happy holidays 🙂

  40. I love all kinds of embroidery but Hardanger is my choice when I want to relax. There’s something about the rhythm that is very soothing.

  41. I love to embroider on wool. And pin cushions are such a fun and quick project.
    I have learned some great new stitches that I use from your tutorials.

  42. I love any kind of embroidery and this kit looks amazing! To have several different types of stitching included is definately a plus. Thanks for the offering

  43. My favourite hand embroidery is any technique that does not require extensive counting! I love to play with stitches and explore new threads with old stitches. I love goldwork and crewel work and free form canvas work. And crazy quilting stitches are always a treasure to explore.

  44. My favorite type of hand embroidery is counted thread on linen (samplers, mostly) but I’m really starting to notice and love Victorian crazy patch! I’ll definitely be looking for more of Lorna’s kits!

  45. Hello! I have been thinking about my great grandma quite a bit lately…..how lucky and grateful I am to have known her and my great grandpa. This kit so reminds me of her and she was a master at tatting and embroidery. So if nothing else THANK YOU for again reminding me just how much I love them both and how much the embroidery arts have influenced my tastes and my life.

  46. Dear Mary

    Thank you for all the amazing inspiration and eye candy! My favourite embroidery at the moment is making Christmas decorations with white felt and redwork embroidery. Even though I could be a super woman and make lots of gifts, I enjoy the quiet and calm stitching bring at this time of year.

  47. It seems whatever embroidery is in front of me is my favorite. This includes sashiko, wool embellishment, crazy quilting, ribbon work, or multimedia with stitch. I love it all, and it all connects me with others who share my love of stitch.

  48. I think that stumpwork embroidery is my favorite, because I can use so many other types of embroidery techniques in one project. Thank you for the chance at the lovely kit!

    Have a wonderful day!


  49. WOW! Her work would be a fantastic addition to my collection of pin cushions. It would be a great challenge to arrange the lovely materials and have a completed project in a relatively short time. As always, your give aways are always something to drool over.

    Maybe this time I will be blessed.


  50. Swedish (huck) embroidery, with variegated threads, on hand towels. I’m (at best) a beginning embroiderer, so it’s accessible, but I also think it’s fascinating that such simple designs — just lines in close-set geometric patterns — almost look like optical illusions: with the variegated yarns the colors waterfall across the project and are different from every angle. And nothing shows on the back — more illusion. And once I’ve made one, I can give it away!

    And I love your site.

  51. If I had to choose I think it would be counted cross-stitch but also like the surface embrodiery with bead emblishments. Love this victorian pincushion!! Maybe today is my lucky day!

  52. I agree with another commenter’s response. It’s a difficult question to answer today. I love, love to work on reproduction samplers with lots of different stitches. When I’m finished, the piece isn’t a true “reproduction” as I stitch in my initials and date completed. I also recently found red work to be a fun past time. I’m working on small table centerpieces done in patchwork with elements of red work.

  53. I love freestyle embroidery. It allows me to explore different stitches, exotic threads and every colour that I want the embroidery to be.

  54. I love all kinds and types of hand embroidery. One of my favorites’ is dimensional and stump work. But I like combining it all together. Hand stitching is so relaxing…it just seems to take me to another place. I love the feel of the different threads and fibers.

  55. I love all types of embroidery, but my favorite would be whitework. I just love the elegant simplicity of it, whether it be a graceful monogram, or a simple satin-stitch edging. This is a difficult question for me, since I have experimented with all types and techniques, thanks to your wonderful blog!

  56. I’ve been sewing since the age of 4, when I used to make little doll dresses out of scraps of fabric while my grandmother pieced together crazy quilts. I taught myself to embroider at the age of 8, when I found and completed a sampler my mom had begun to embroider while pregnant with me. I love all types of embroidery, but my absolute favorite has to be stumpwork as I love object-making. (Well, I did major in sculpture in college.) 🙂 Mary, as always thanks for your wonderful website. I look forward to finding your articles in my mailbox every morning!

  57. Love any type of stitchery, canvass, embroidery, redwork, crewel, and now stumpwork, after taking a class with Jane Nicholls…lovely kit…

  58. My favourite embroidery is both counted and surface embroidery. Counted primary because i know I have to be accurate and surface embroidery when my brain can’t cope with counting!!

  59. I love all hand stitching!
    Redwork is especially appealing because of its simplicity. Beadwork is glitzy, cross stitch is controlled and disciplined, crewel covers a lot of territory quickly. Any new stitch or technique floats my boat!!

  60. I love all types of surface embroidery. I love stitching with different types of fibers, cotton, wool, silk, even linen. I am starting to learn how to do stumpwork and am in the Cabinet of Curiosities class. I really love embroidery of all kinds and am learning new techniques all of the time.
    I would just be ecstatic to win this adorable little pincushion.

  61. What a wonderful offer, Mary! to add to my repertoire of stitching techniques. Never done ribbon embroidery at all, and this is such a temptation to get involved in it. Especially at the coldest, longest time of year…

  62. What a beautiful project! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these kits.

    The main type of needlework I do is counted thread but I love crazy quilting! The variety of stitches that can be used is endless. With addition of beads, buttons and other attachments – what is not to love!

  63. OMG Mary this giveaway is speaking directly to all my embroidery loves. I love surface stitching,silk ribbon work, crazy quilts, anything Victorian and espcially little itty bitty things ! I can do almost every technique under the umbrella of embroidery but surface and counted work are my favorites. Thankyou for this wonderful giveaway and all your helpful tutuorials. I will be travelling when you pick the winner soooo if I’m the very lucky one I won’t know till Sat. and will contact you immediately. ( Pretty confident !)or should I say hopeful.

  64. I enjoy every kind of hand embroidery, the more complex, the better. I love the pincushion. I have a real weakness for Victoriana. Beads and lace! WOW!

  65. Thanks for the review and for the chance to win a lovely embroidery kit!
    I’ve always been fascinated with dimensional embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery. I’m not particularly skilled at either one, but I love looking at other peoples work in these styles. I also love embroidery that incorporates beads.

  66. I have embroidered my whole life and now I am embroidering over hand painted fabrics and am also working on a Di van Niekirk ribbon embroidery piece. So fun!!

  67. I have always wanted to make this kind of pin cushion.. they are just beautiful. With instructions I am sure I will be able to make this look just as beautiful as the picture.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

  68. I like free form embroidery where I have an idea, gather supplies and then start in, combining traditional embroidery with ribbons and beads, buttons, shells , anything that I have around. Such fun. The kit is very beautiful and incorporates many of the things that I love.

  69. What a beautiful kit!! Thank you for introducing me to this artist. My favorite type of needlework? — I love the ability to combine different types into one project. Most favorite? Gee, that’s hard. Crewel. or surface embroidery of all types. Thank you, Mary, for your devoted efforts to this blog. I enjoy it so much!!!

  70. For years now, I have favored and focused on various types of openwork embroidery. Since discovering your site, I have started working on surface embroidery again. I never felt competent with a more free-form art when I was younger. Your site is wonderful, with lots of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for all the tutorials and ideas.

    This giveaway looks wonderful, with lots of new things to try.

  71. I mostly do surface embroidery. I enjoy the mix of bullions, fly stitch, and other stitches. But there are many types of embroidery that I just haven’t had the chance to try yet! Maybe ribbon or goldwork is my favorite and I just don’t know it yet!

  72. I love the embroidery that takes me away.
    I love the embroidery that softens the pain.
    I love the embroidery that creates.

  73. I enjoy silk ribbon embroidery. I love to watch embroidery come alive with the dimension & colors in silk ribbon.

  74. I tend to lean toward my comfort zone, which is counted embroidery. I do many kinds. However, due to Mary’s articles, I have been branching out into that scary area of freehand embroidery. Slowly I’m gaining confidence. I especially love whitework, but am often attracted to a piece mainly by its colors. I love whatever special piece I’m working on at the time with whatever technique I’m using.

    Lorna’s pincushion is a masterpiece of many techniques. Who could not love it and wish to stitch it?

  75. I love the all inclusive kit with beautiful threads and embellishments. I would love to win this beautiful kit

  76. I hope counted cross stitch counts as embroidery. Plain old cross stitch is my favorite, but I also enjoy counted stitches in cross stitch. These kits look lovely!

  77. Trying to think of one is hard, at the moment I am enjoying ribbon embroidery and cross stitch, but love them all, looking forward to trying stump work next.
    The pincushion looks divine and if I don’t win I just hope Santa is feeling generous!!!!

  78. The pin cushion is beautiful and I would like very much to add it to my collection of hand embroidered pin cushions. I enjoy several types of embroidery but especially enjoy ribbon embroidery which, I see, is on this pin cushion.It would be a joy to stitch this pin cushion.

  79. I’m not a very experienced stitcher, so I’ll have to say surface embroidery. I have dabbled some with gingham lace with mixed results. Seeing your website makes my fingers itch to try something new, if only I had more free time. I have done a few kits before but have a hard time sticking to them. Too much satin stitch, while lovely, gets a bit tedious. But I do a fabulous stem stitch thanks to your video tutorials.
    Now this kit does look like it has plenty of variety!

  80. At the moment, I’m working on far too many projects- canvas work, Punto Antico, Hardanger, counted thread, pulled thread,,crazy quilt embroidery–and they’re all my favourites! I couldn’t possibly choose one over the other. I enjoy the variety.

  81. These kits look lovely. I like counted cross stitch but al so enjoy stump work, hardanger and pulled thread.

  82. My favorite hand embroidery is done on a denim shirt and depicts object loved by the wearer. I used to make lots of them years ago. They are treasured by the person and make fun memories for everyone to see. The whole family got one.

  83. This kit is just absolutely beautiful. Would love to win this. I am learning embroidery on many levels. Love crazy quilting.

  84. Oh, to have this beautiful pin cushion. It’s rather Victorian and the beads are so pretty. This would definitely be a plus to my hand work. Please consider me for a chance to win this gorgeous little pin cushion. Your blog is full of so much needed information to anyone who does needle work.

    Thank you, Lea Rae Kuntner

  85. The pin cushion is beautiful and I would like very much to add it to my collection of hand embroidered pin cushions. I enjoy several types of embroidery but especially enjoy ribbon embroidery which, I see is on this pin cushion. It would be a joy to stitch this one.

  86. Ooooh, a pincushion! Being a bobbin lace maker, I’ve developed a craving for them. Tools that are both beautiful and functional add to the joy of creating. The embroidery techniques that I am most drawn to mostly fall under the whitework umbrella: pulled thread, drawn thread, cutwork, needle weaving stitches. I suspect the many of the same characteristics that oiginally attracted me to bobbin lace and the way these techniques work together have something to do with these preferences. I really enjoy reading your blog daily and even scan my email list of messages and pull i up to ea first.

  87. I don’t have a favorite! Or I can’t make up my mind. Either way I rotate between techniques depending on the project or combine techniques on a single project.

    However, I do not like silk ribbon projects except as an accent to a project.

    Thank you for bringing this designer to my attention. Her work is lovely.

  88. A very hard question! I’m very new to embroidery & enjoy trying something new. My latest (completed) project is an embroidered journal cover. I used surface embroidery, beads & ribbon on a polka dot fabric. My next project will definitely include silk ribbon, so maybe ribbon embroidery is my favourite (for now!)
    Jaci C

  89. My favorite type of embroidery is silk ribbon embroidery. I enjoy all types. I continue to learn basic steps but enjoy challenges too

  90. It seems that whatever I am working on at the moment is my favorite. I enjoy the challenge of learning new method and stitches.


  91. I forgot to mention my favorite kind of embroidery. Any project that takes me away from stress and that comes alive as you continue on with the project. I’m just so in love with pin cushions. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your kits. Lea Rae Kuntner

  92. When I was a child, my mother taught me basic needlework and sewing. Recently tearing myself from my beloved sewing machine, I’m picking up a hand needle and thread and returning to hand stitching. Since I’m hand stitching, I’m finding myself embroidering freestyle over my projects as a way to secure raw edges.
    I have to admit that at the moment, I don’t have a favorite because I’m returning to handwork. I love your blog and the different stitches you show. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  93. …what a challenge as to my favorite type of embroidery…
    Embroidery of any kind but specifically,crewel. But, oh the pearls and lace are so beautiful in this organized Lorna Bateman kit..so delicate, elegant and light.

  94. Good day Mary,

    My favorite is surface embrodery, I’m curently doing the Secret Garden I have almost finish the flower and love it.
    To make a change I would love to do this beautiful pincushion.

    Thank you for everything you teach me.
    Ginette of Mexico

  95. Love counted thread embroidery – able to complement and elaborate with so many specialty stitches with this basis. I most enjoy working on colorful linen grounds with overdyed silks – YUMMY!

  96. This is delightful. I love needlework with lace.

    My very favorite type of needlework is crewel. It’s sturdy enough to be put on things that get regular use, such as pillows and footstools.

    Thank you, Mary!


  97. My favorite type of embroidery is counted thread work. I love the different assortment of stitches that can be done, especially drawn thread work and hardanger.

  98. I love cross stitch for home projects and surface embroidery for travel projects. I especially love crewel work. Thank you for a chance to win this pincushion kit! The design is simply beautiful and the fact that it is Victorian makes it very special to me.

  99. I am in the process of expanding my embroidery horizons. I have greatly enjoyed crewel embroidery and how the design takes shape, with texture and fun elements. However, I think my favourite embroidery is the project I am currently working on. It is such a high to see the project come to life under the needle!

  100. What a beautiful pincushion! Even though my favorite hand work is cross stitch, I am beginning to enjoy trying new techniques (for me) such as silk ribbon stitching, surface embroidery, thread painting, and others. This crazy quilt idea for a Victorian pincushion is so sweet and I love the base it is mounted on, including the bun feet.

  101. What I like about her designs, is that you do not have to be a expert stitcher to stitch them but when you finished the piece looks like it was done by an expert stitcher.
    Thank You,

  102. I tried hard, really, but can’t pick! I love crewel, but also redwork, ribbon embroidery, counted work, you name it. Then there goldwork, needlepoint, silk….my favorite is whatever I’m working on now!

  103. I love crewel work. I will make a piece when I need a break from the counted thread. I like the “freedom” of the stitches and the colours and patterns used to finish the designs

  104. My favorite type of hand embroidery is thread painting, however I seem to do more of the regular embroidery.
    The crazy quilt look of her pin cushion is just beautiful and I agree with you. I always love the items that are in the wood items.
    Thank you Mary

  105. Thank you Mary, My favorite is cross stitch. I have done one each of the four seasons and two samplers so far in my retirement. I am presently learning to crewel embroidery! Would love to win this one as it is very beautiful and you are right about the packaging.

  106. I love surface embroidery with 2 strands or 12 wt pearl cotton~ especially patterns that utilize a variety of stitches not just back or stem stitch. These kits are perfect because you get to learn new stitches and try out new techniques. Besides the results are so cute and useful.

  107. Long and short stitch is so much fun, and each time I use it, the outcome surprises me — such delicate and lovely feathering, or “fur-ing”! Because I have just started learning long and short stitch, I have a lot of improving to do, but it is tremendous fun and so rewarding!

    Thank you Mary for your wonderful blog — I’ve learned so much from you too! My EGA group recommended your name and I love them for it!

  108. I’m still searching for my favorite type of embroidery. I’ve spent far too many years (and supplies) working some form of counted thread embroidery, including Ukrainian work. I want to experiment with non-counted-thread work. Currently working one of Jane Nicholas’ “easy” stumpwork dragonfly projects. Challenging enough for me! I hope to figure out the answer to your question sometime over the course of this winter and spring 2015, so I’d love to win this little project. But not counting on that, I’m going to Lorna’s website so I can add it to “my favorites” and perhaps purchase something later.

  109. I love this piece! I enjoy all types of handwork, but crewel and crazy patchwork are a favourite of mine. Would enjoy working on this kit during this cold blustery weather we are having in Saskatchewan.

  110. I have always enjoyed embroidery off and on for many years, but have not ventured inot the more expanded embroidery until just lately. Would love the kit. Thank you for for blog.

  111. I’ve had my eye on those pincushion kits for a while now, I would love to with this.

    It is hard to select a favorite embroidery technique since it depends on what I’m excited to learn. Right now my obsession is white work, so hardanger, punto antico, pulled thread, reticello,… If you asked me last year it would have been Japanese Embroidery and needle painting lol.

  112. I enjoy almost any kind of drawn & pulled thread work, but Hardanger and Ukrainian are my favorites.

    Thank you for offering this give-away –
    Mary in MN

  113. It’s hard for me to choose which form of hand embroidery I like best. I do like using bullion and cast-on stitches for the added dimension and texture they give. I like silk ribbon embroidery for the same reason.

    I have ordered items from Lorna before. They were great, and she gives wonderful customer service!!! I would love to win this kit! 🙂

  114. I just love this kit! I most enjoy projects that are multi media and this pin cushion fits the bill. I also like the fact that the project is small which will allow me to easily pack it in the bag I take to cemo. Projects like this make the time go faster.

  115. I like to combine silk ribbon with floss surface embroidery, a bit of stumpwork and a little bling. To do that I have to make my own designs. Michaels & JoAnns don`have anything worth buying so I`ve never had a kit. I have ordered some of Lorna`s threads-just beautiful & love her pincushions. Crossing my fingers. Barb

  116. I am so thrilled that you have reviewed Lorna Bateman kits in your blog today. I have recently ordered and received one of her scissor case kits and can hardly wait to get started on it. I agree that her kits are well packaged and complete. I received my kit within a week after ordering it. All of her things are really sweet.

    I love any counted thread embroidery on fine linen but also love to switch over surface embroidery when I need a break from counting!

  117. At 80 yrs of age I am just praying to continue hand embroidery!!! I enjoy doing the really new & different stitches…as well, of course, as those tried and true. I am also a miniaturist and did a tiny crazy quilt with tiny embroidery. Thanks!

  118. I love working embroidery on vintage linens. My favorite stitches are French knots, stem stitch, bullions and feather stitch.

    I would love the kit. We are in the midst of selling our home of 26 years and life is a bit topsy turvy so having a kit with everything I need would just fit the bill.

  119. Oh my, what a beautiful pincushion. I love doing Brazilian dimensional embroidery. I have plans to try stumpwork and ribbon embroidery over the winter since I like the dimensional aspect so much. I just need to pick out a couple of small projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Difficult to choose only one embroidery technique. My favorite ones, by now, are long & short stitch as well as goldwork and crewel. But this pincushion is lovely. So I get the luck to win it.
    Thank you for this offer and thank you for your daily messages and advice, I come here everyday to read you.

  121. Lately my favorite type of hand embroidery is stump work. It’s fun to figure out how to make realistic birds, bugs ,leaves and especially berries!

  122. Who doesn`t need a new beautiful pincushion? I enjoy all forms of embroidery,crewel, cross stitch,surface work, what ever I`m working on and finish.
    Karole King

  123. I love doing crazy quilt embroidery. So almost any stitch is my favorite. I do like to try new or unusual stitches. Would love to try the kit.

  124. Surface embroidery has been my mainstay. I have recently discovered a number of Australian designers and embroiders who combine surface embroidery with patchwork and appliqué and this has opened new avenues for me that I’m really enjoying.

    Thank you for offering the Give-Away!

  125. The first embroidery class I took, now about seven years ago, was an introductory stumpwork class, and it has remained my favorite ever since. I have taken two classes with Jane Nicholas and several with Betsy Morgan, both of whom are great teachers — and designers. My Christmas ornaments for family are often stumpwork. I gave my Mother a porcelain jar with a stumpwork lid for her 95th birthday, and she wrote me a thank-you note telling me she was “proud of it and will keep it forever.” And that is coming from a life-long needleworker!

  126. I guess surface embroidery is my favorite. I’ve done it for years…but I’m starting to branch out into Brazilian and I want to learn more about working that. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful kit!!!

  127. My favorite type of enbroidery is dimensional embroidery using various threads beads and silk ribbon.

    1. I agree! I have purchased a stumpwork kit from Lorna and found the price well worth it. She is a lovely person. I love raised embroidery and stumpwork.

  128. I love Crazy Quilting and and just finished a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter. I love the embroidery work done on Crazy quilts (I like to so small ones around 12″ x 12″) I also love doing Jacobean crewel embroidery. But back to Crazy quilting embroidery I guess I just love being able to use all the ribbons, beads, vintage buttons and laces I have that belonged to my grandmother as well as all the wonderful fabrics that I can use too.
    Thanks for the giveaway I think the pincushion is simply wonderful

  129. I love the embroidery kit you showed. I got away from surface embroidery projects some time back, but just recently ‘rediscovered’ my love for it. I am teaching two other ladies on a project from a Trish Burr book and it has really stirred me up to continue with my hand embroidery into 2015 – and beyond. This particular project is something I have never tried = crazy quilting, so it would really be fun to work it. Thanks for considering my entry.

  130. I do lots of surface embroidery and plan on trying stumpwork sometime soon.
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely kit.

  131. I love cross stitching. I enjoy the reproduction samplers the most. I would like to try crewelwork and goldwork as well.

  132. Love the samplers you shared and would love to tackle either project. I wish that there were more options available to us in the states? I plan on using your guidelines to do the recent hummingbird project…after finishing a couple of project already in line! LOL!

  133. My favorite type is Japanese silk thread painting, although I do more counted cross stitch and canvas work and enjoy dabbling in all types once in a while. Thanks for showing us another designer and offering this kit. Debbie

  134. I’m very new at this, so my favorite is any embroidery I can accomplish. Right now, it’s all new and exciting to me.

  135. And my favorite type of Hand Embroidery is “wait for it”…
    GOLDWORK…it has such elegance and especially when combined with silk thread painting. Still have alot to learn about the process but am loving every minute of it….

  136. My favorite embroidery is full of dimension. I love the padded satin stitch, french knots, and the bullion stitch. I use many different embroidery stitches, threads, ribbons, and other embellishments on my crazy quilts.

  137. My favourite type of embroidery is whitework – any whitework though I do work in colour as well. These kits look beautiful, would love to have one to start in the New Year.

  138. My favorite type of embroidery is whatever I’m learning to do at the moment! I am a relative beginner, so everything I do right now is a learning experience.

  139. Everything!! So far I have not found a type of embroidery that I do not enjoy. If I have to pick just one it would be crewel including the needle painting look. I look forward to always trying those stitches and types of needlework that I have not tried.

    Thanks for all the information that you provide for us. I share it every chance I get with friends and anyone who will listen.

    Gay S

  140. Love the samples you shared and would love to tackle either project. Australia seems to be really blessed with such artist and products related to needlework. I am a big Trish Burr fan and am discovering such artist in the States slowly but surely. Plan to rely on your tutorial when I start my Secret Garden project, love the detail you have shared with it. Thank You!

  141. I love anything with a Victorian flair. I enjoy working with silks & lace I like the idea of being able to make it my own.

  142. The kind done by hand… Truly, I enjoy all kinds of hand embroidery. Whitework is among my favorites though, but that covers a broad spectrum of handwork. Surface and counted embroideries: there are few techniques that I do not like. I guess for me variety is the name of the game. The pincushion is lovely. While I have done beading and ribbon embroidery, I’ve not tried crazy quilting which this resembles. I’d love the opportunity, and appreciate the opportunity you offer through your give-aways to try new things. Thank you.

  143. It’s hard to pick just one technique, but I’m fascinated by stumpwork. There’s something magical about taking what’s ordinarily a two-dimensional art form and making in work in three dimensions.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Happy late Thanksgiving.

  144. Love your blog and examples. Been sewing for almost 60 years but I have learned many things from what you have shared. Thanks. Would live to get this pincushion, mine needs replaced.

  145. Ribbon embroidery is a favourite, the fact that this kit contains needlework akin to crazy patchwork and beading…BLISS.

  146. I really love linen work! I have been stitching for 40 years if you do not count the time I stitched with my grandmother when I was young. I really love stitching with silks on 40 count linen. Samplers are really special to me but I like all types of linen work. Today is my birthday so it would be really special to me to win this beautiful kit!!!

  147. I have a great curiosity in learning “how things are made” Bateman’s work looks dainty and lovely Victorian modes. I would love to delve into her projects. An edition to my Bucket list—hopefully!

  148. At the moment my favourite is Blackwork, probably because that is what I am working on now. However, I want to try Ribbon Embroidery as I have seen some stunning examples. Thank you for the giveaway and for all the advice you give.

  149. I consider myself a quilter but since I’ve started receiving this blog I’m finding more ways to incorporate embroidery into my quilting. There’s all sorts of ways to embellish quilting. Who knew?

  150. I love surface embroidery and especially the beautiful tablecloths found at antique stores. The patience and perseverance to work at it for so long amazes me.

  151. The only kind of embroidery I have ever tackled is surface embroidery and only the very basic stitches but as a favorite to look at I am fascinated by ribbon embroidery so much so that I purchased the Little Flowers in Silk and Organza Ribbon by Di van Niekerk & Marina Zherdeva (reviewed on this site several months ago). I keep it on my coffee table to peruse whenever I want to be inspired with color and texture and talent! The same reasons I love Mary’s website!

  152. My favorite type of hand embroidery is whatever I am stitching at that moment. I just enjoy having a needle and thread in my hand.
    The kits are beautiful. Can’t wait to spend time on her website. Thanks for introducing her to me.

  153. I love several types but my favorite is surface embroidery mixed with silk ribbon embroidery. I really haven’t done many kits. Happy Stitching.

  154. I really love counted cross stitch, but enjoy learning new techniques. I love love the pincusion kit, definitely need to check out her kits.

  155. How beautiful!!! What a wonderful way to learn to make something so unique and useful! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Diana in Sioux Falls
    PS I just usually stitch with the basic stitches: back, chain, stem, straight, etc. Would like to get comfortable with something a little more difficult!

  156. My favorite type of hand embroidery is small projects that include both floss and silk ribbon. I love kits because I can jump right in and not spend so much time designing it. Thanks for introducing me to Lorna Bateman. I love her kits! Dawn

  157. I love any type of embroidery except counted cross stitch. Used to do pillowcases when I was young. They were quick and easy to do. Gave them all away and wish I had kept a pair. Just getting back into embroidery abs love Mary.s site

  158. I love samplers – whether they are stitched on linen, canvas, or other ground fabric. I can learn something for everyone of them

  159. Since this summer I have been wanting to make a pin cushion. Lorna’s pin cushion design is beautiful. The design would fit right in with my decor, comfortable elegance.

    I enjoy working crewel stitches. After working many kits, I am attempting my own design. So many decisions when trying to create my own design: fabric, size, threads, colors, etc.

    Trying to create a design gave me a better appreciation of the amazing work that creates a kit. Winning Lorna Bateman’s pin cushion would be a lovely Christmas gift.

  160. Surface embroidery is my very favorite. I have made most of the Elsa Williams kits and have won prizes in the county fair. I love to see a crewel satin stitch smooth out with each stab of the needle. My girls ask every year for a pair of embroidered pillowcases and some flour sack towels. Primitive work but I get great satisfaction out of it. Keep on stitchin Mary. You are an inspiration to so many of us.
    Janice Miller

  161. My first love in embroidery was crewel-work, back in the 70’s. Then I followed the trend to cross-stitch and blackwork in the 80’s/90’s. But love bargello and needlepoint too. I think I most love projects that mix techniques like traditional embroidery with cross-stitch and beadwork!

  162. It’s so hard to choose just 1 type of hand needlework. I love all types and I am always looking to learn something new, which is why I love your website so much. I’m always learning something. Would love this kit…it looks beautiful and maybe a challenge. Love the lace and it looks like there is beading.I’m exciyed!

  163. I’m a smocker at heart, but as my children have become teens, I have explored other types of embroidery. I love drawn thread work and shadow embroidery. I was not familiar with Lorna’s work and how beautiful it is! Love how she combines different techniques in her projects!

  164. I enjoy surface embroidery with a variety of threads–aiming to learn at least one new stitch per project.

  165. Beautiful hand work, thank you Mary for bringing new ideas and products to your faithful followers. That pin cushion would add elegance to any sewing area. My favorite hand embroidery is very fluid and constantly evolving, it changes with each new stitch I learn. My current favorite is needle painting, the process using needle and thread to make birds, flowers, hair and fur come to life is amazing—I can’t get enough of it.

    Thank you again for your wonderful website.

  166. My favorite is crewel embroidery. I always enjoyed the colors and the textured stitches. I do many types of needlework but crewel is still number 1 in my book.

    It is a beautiful kit and I really like the sampler too. Must check out her other kits.

    Thank-you for bringing her kits to our attention.

  167. It is so hard to choose which is my favorite type of embroidery, but surface embroidery with a little stumpwork built in allows me to be creative and helps my work flow. It is a feeling of creating that I enjoy the most. It is also very relaxing.

    Elaine Eserle

  168. There are so many types of embriodery. What I like tends to depend on the project. Picking a favorite is like choosing which pet is my favorite. They all add to my life as do different types of embroidery. The pin cushion kit is lovely. I have made a couple of things from Inspirations and consider all their kits to be great. My sister-in-law would like a pincusion and Lorna’s design would be wonderful.

    Thanks for you blog it is a great resource when I need to know how to work a particular stitch.

  169. Right now, my favorite kind of embroidery its satin stitched monograms. They’re so pretty and intricate, and end up looking so professional when they’re done.

  170. Although I work mainly in the colorful embroidery modes, I think I am most drawn to whitework and open work and needle lace.

  171. Wow!
    A project I would love to show off, whose place in my home is ready! I would only give it to someone who loves the antique look, but I have a couple of friends who would love it. It would pose a great dilema- keep or share?

  172. Hello Mary,
    oh, hard to choose! I really like the “regularity” of blackwork and silk ribbon embroidery is so elegant. I think I use the SRE more often, because it can usually be used with other sorts of stitching and not just alone.

    Thanks for the chance at a beautiful kit!

  173. Favorite embroidery? Impossible….I love them all. And it is even better when many different types of stitching are combined in the same project.
    Love your daily newsletter, and thank you for your encouragement and support. Also a big thank you for your generous give away.

  174. My favorite embroidery is so hard to pick as I love to try everything. Stump work, hardanger, long and short stitch, elisabethan, surface stitchery and lately I have been combining patchwork with my embroidery. This kit just sings for me and I would love to win it. I can always hope and I am sure whoever wins it will enjoy it. Wishing you a great Christmas and a happy new year.

  175. I started out with counted cross-stitch and I’m just starting to branch out. So…counted cross-stitch it is!

  176. Hi Mary
    I love all types of embroidery but I´m always attracted to photos of white embroidery – the perfection of the stitching wows me!
    Thank you once again for your beautiful give-away.
    Keep well.

  177. At the moment it is more the period in time . The early medieval …..The Bayeux Tapestry …Anglo Saxon … handspun wool on hand woven linen … next week it could be Japanese silk embroidery …but for now yes , it has to be crewel . CREWEL : )

  178. Lovely kit! My favorite type of hand embroidery is blackwork, followed by stumpwork. I’m an old hand at the former and a complete novice at the latter. Regardless of what technique I’m using, I love good kits because I no longer have a LNS. So thanks for the introduction to this new source!

  179. These pincushions are just too beautiful to stick pins into them! Thanks for the opportunity to win one, Mary!

  180. Hi Mary – thanks for another review and give-away!
    My favorite type of embroidery? Hard to say, I love most of them! If I had to pick, I’d say needlepainting – I love any art form that reflects reality so well. But since I also love the simplicity of cross stitching, which is probably why it’s the one I do the most!

  181. My favorite kind of embroidery is surface embroidery, but I am a beginner with not much experience, and want to try some of the other amazing techniques that I have seen on your website. I’m particularly interested in learning ribbon embroidery and stump work. Thanks for all the inspiration and great instructional videos!

  182. You can never go wrong with anything that has pearls and lace involved this is beautiful. I’d love to have this kit and pass it down to my six year old granddaughter that just made her first pincushion this year. So, it would get some good years of use. My granddaughter and I can do a follow up years from now on how it withstood time. Smile

  183. I’m still trying them all out, so far I like a mixture of stumpwork and needle painting, but I think I have a touch of embroidery ADD!

  184. Hi Mary
    I hope you had a good family oriented Thanksgiving and are now ready to enjoy the leftovers. No cooking today I hope!
    You asked what is my favourite hand embroidery. It will be easier to tell you what is not my favourite as that list is considerably shorter.
    Hardangar. I am of Danish descent, is it in the DNA, do you think? Seriously, I like curved lines and I see mostly straight lines in Hardanger – not pleasing to my senses. I do like Schwalm
    Brazilian Embroidery – I get into such a tangled web with the thread. This creates a mess of
    frustration and stuff all over.
    All other types of hand embroidery suit me just fine. Presently, I am working on needle painting and I have just purchased a Blue Max Floor Lamp. This lamp has enhanced my work considerably. The eyes are weakening but there are some very good magnifying lenses on the market that accommodates this.

    I would love to set up the pin cushion kit on a cold, snowy winter day in January.

    Thank you, Mary; I do like your daily e-mail.

    Sharon Gray

  185. I love crazy quilting anything goes no mistakes so freeing for the soul.i love vintage lace and buttons would be thrilled to receive this kit. Thanks Mary for the opportunity . Diana.

  186. Of all the types od embroidery I enjoy I have chosen Ribbon Embroidery as it always adds charm to a project. Thank you.

  187. My favorite style of embroidery is counted cross stitch. I am currently waiting for a Noah’s Ark kit for my daughter. She made a Noah sampler when she was a youth, and just this fall decided to make another, more difficult, design. So I want to make one for the collection.

    I would dearly love to make this little pincushion, too.

  188. If I HAD to pick just one it would be SRE. I love all types of hand work though. I find it very relaxing.

    Haven’t seen her stuff before but will be watching her now. Time to go drool a bit.

  189. Whatever I am working on at the time seems to be my favorite embroidery. When I’m working with wool, as on a baby blanket, oh, that is my favorite. Beading, yep, that is my favorite. I love to try the different kinds and am inspired when I look on Pinterest and see so many different things and would like to try them all. I have desired to try crazy quilting and that pincushion is just adorable. Would love to win that. And that spring design is simply marvelous. Thanks for showing it to us and offering the giveaway.

  190. I like simple – pragmatic embroidery. I usually like objects rather than just design – I like the fun stitch style – floss and ribbons with beads would be my favorite materials on quilt cotton. All that said – I certainly would love a hand at that wonderful pincushion. I believe it would stretch me quite a bit. Thank you for the chance.

  191. My favorite type of embroidery is anything that includes some freeform so that I can feel like I put my own personal touch on it.

  192. My favorite is still cross stitch. I love to produce something that just clears my head when I’m frustrated, looks pretty, makes me smile when I see progress, can be functional, tells a story, celebrates.

  193. Pulled thread is my favorite technique!! I love the look when the piece is finished. I’ve been working on pin cushions all this year in different techniques. Thanks for offering this kit!

  194. I like simple embroidery using floss and mostly do outlined flowers and animals that may have a few easy stitches to them. Would love to make this pincushion-always have been drawn to pretty things , especially when beads adorn them too.

  195. Very difficult decision with all the beautiful inspiration out there, so I will say surface embroidery. Thanks so much for your inspiration and teachings, your instructions and the visuals that are included have encouraged me to try things that I normally would have been afraid to attempt. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  196. Counted cross stitch is my favorite and is what I do the most of. But I do enjoy working with different textures. I’ve recently started learning crazy quilting and I love the look and story it tells. Now if I could only find the time to squeeze everything I want to do into a day I would be a happy camper.

  197. Hello Mary,

    My favorite type of embroidery is Crewel. Though anything feminine I relish; pearls, lace, traditional embroidery, embroidered hankies. This would be a great win for me.

    Thanks again for a lovely website.

    LOrraine Connelly

  198. You always have such lovely items but I don’t often comment or enter your draws because I have so many UFO’s already . . . however, this one “speaks” to me. I love crazy quilting and this resembles CQ. I also have a small collection of pin cushions (including a CQ one I made several years ago. My favourite type of embroidery is anything I can embroider on a crazy quilt. Grovenore

  199. Very difficult to answer this as there is so much inspiration out there. I have learned so much from you you, your visuals with the instructions have let me have the confidence to try things I never thought I could. Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  200. I love all kinds, but keep coming back to counted techniques, especially cross stitch. I’d love this kit — it would push me out of my comfort zone a little!

  201. My favourite type of hand embroidery is any type you do with needle, thread and fabric! Aren’t hands wonderful?

  202. Pearl embroidery is my favorite because I love shiny pearls. I prefer to combine it with lace to give it a vintage look.
    Would love to make the pincushion. Thanks for offering this lovely kit.

  203. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful kit – I would love to have it sitting proudly on my worktable. My favourite technique (at the moment) – Punto Antico – or any counted thread technique. Thanks for the chance to win this kit.

  204. I do quite a bit of bead embroidery in addition to thread embroidery. This kit is the perfect combination.

  205. Hi there Mary,
    I find I do a lot of stem stitch embroidery using cotton floss, it is my all-time favourite stitch. I would love to try some of this lovely ‘new’ flosses available packaged in a ball. I rarely do a satin stitch as I can’t seem to get the perfect results my Virgo personality craves!
    I sure do need a new pincushion…my old circular pincushion with the chinese persons depicted all around, has gone so threadbare that the little men are looking decidedly shabby!!! ha ha ha
    Hope you had a Happy Turkey Day!

  206. I just love doing all kinds of embroidery. I would have to say it’s whatever kind of embroidery that I would be working on. I like it all, hence no favorite.
    Carol b(cc)

  207. I absolutely love crewel embroidery, but enjoy all sorts of surface embroidery as well. I have been learning stumpwork lately, and have tried different techniques along the way.

  208. My favorite type of hand embroidery is silk ribbon, I like it very much. I hope that I win, this beautiful kit.
    Greetings Maria Mulder

  209. I like whitework as my standard, go-to embroidery, but when I want to play, I love needle painting! I’ll crank out small cross stitch bits as presents occasionally, (usually the heraldic device of S. JPII) but for my personal enjoyment, there’s nothing quite like getting into all the colors of a beautiful needle painting!

  210. What a beautiful kit to give away! I’m holding my breath! My favorite hand embroidery is anything historic followed by any type of whitework. But I’m always looking out for new stitches to learn — stumpwork being one of the next on my list. Every stitch is beautiful & presents a challenge to combine with other styles & stitches to create something elegant. Like the lovely pincushion in this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter (& hopefully win)!

  211. I am a huge fan of Sue Spargo and her embellishments. Your video tutorials have been a huge blessing to aid in learning stitches!!

  212. Counted thread embroidery, usually on 18-count canvas or congress cloth, although I have enjoyed stitching on linen in the past.

  213. I’m SO into pincushions and pretty needlework pieces. This would be just the sort of “kit” I would purchase if I would happen on to it! I do truly enjoy having the chance to obtain it via your “lottery”. Thank you.

  214. I love crewel embroidery and have an abundance of crewel pillows. I am about to start on something to do with clothing that is not crewel-but still fun stitching. Maybe a baby’s hat?
    thanks for this offer.

  215. That’s like asking which is my favorite color! I’ll give you a handful of different answers depending on my mood. Some days I want orderly precision and precise patterns, then I love blackwork. Other times I just want pretty colors and no brainwork and I spend an evening stem stitching old Aunt-Martha-style embroidery transfers on dish towels.

    Great post today, Mary. I’d never heard of Lorna Bateman, but her designs sound perfect for me; pretty, useful, and quick to complete. Plus I’m a tremendous Anglophile so, bonus! Only, how can you possibly give that sweet pincushion away?!

  216. My favorite is crazy quilting. I love the fact that the stitch types done are all varied but blend together into such a beautiful finished item. Some are intricate while others are not, beads included or not, ribbons included or not, different thread types and many different colors and styles. They are all beautiful.

  217. Crewel is my favorite right now. I picked up a Crewel Work Company kit earlier this year. For some of the stitches, I search your website to figure out how to do a stitch, which is a lot of fun!! Many thanks for offering this tremendous resource and for lots of inspiration

  218. I love any kind of embroidery that let’s me put a needle and thread through fabric. When I learn something new, it’s even better. When I can share it with my stitching buddies, that’s the best!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this gorgeous and elegant kit!! Cheers to you!

  219. My favorite type of embroidery is surface embroidery on tea towels. I love using various designs and many different stitches. I would love to win the pincushion and work with the beautiful fabrics and embellishments.

  220. My favorite is counted cross stitch…followed by silk ribbon embroidery. I am just learning Stumpwork. I would love to win!!!!

  221. All I ever knew about embroidery were in the Creative Circle crewel kits from the 70’s. Some were in wool while others were in floss. Since I bought a second sewing machine about 8 years ago, I’ve also been doing some lace ornaments etc for Christmas presents. While, it’s nowhere close to hand embroidery, people perceive it as done by hand and my recipients are thrilled that I thought of them.

    Since finding your site about a year ago Mary, you have opened by eyes to other types of embroidery that people are doing. You’ve rekindled my love for doing things by hand again. Thanks to your recent review of a book about Hardanger, I ordered a Hardanger kit from Nordic Needle to teach myself this form.

    And thank you for all the words of wisdom within your own website.

  222. My favorite is embroidering band samplers on linen. I love the variety of stitches in each. I’m obsessive about completing a project I start, so if I win you know the project will eventually get done 🙂

  223. So long as I have a needle and thread in my hand I do not mind what form of embroidery I am doing!
    I love all forms of embroidery.

  224. My favorite these days is ribbon embroidery using silk I have hand-dyed, with lots of beads, floss work and embellishments. Thanks for showing Lorna’s work- it is lovely!

  225. Dear Mary,
    What a delightful giveaway! I am a pin cushion nut! I make pincushions, I buy pincushions, I give them as gifts, get them as gifts, – I even dream about new pin cushion designs! The beautiful Victorian pin cushion is a perfect combination of lace and pearls and the footed base just ups the charm factor… Perfect! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    Ruth Lutz

  226. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit.

    So far I have tried needlepainting, cross stitch, crewel embroidery, and a little bit stumpwork. I can’t say I enjoy doing cross stitch but the results are nice. I think crewel and stupmwork are fun. I couldn’t decide yet which style is my favorite because I’ve not tried them all.

  227. I enjoy samplers that incorporate a variety of stitches and stitch combinations. I’d love to have a go at the pin cushion!

  228. When brain is engaged I like to combine surface stitchery, ribbon embroidery and beadwork. When brain is tired and fluffy I like to cross stitch reproduction samplers.

  229. I love to stitch miniature landscapes. I really have a great time mixing textures of wool, cotton and silk. Since I’m a beginner, I am excited to learn everything I can. Kits are such a nice way to be able to get right into stitching satisfaction. Thanks for this opportunity Mary.

  230. I have done more Surface embroidery than any other ,but also redwork and cross stitch.Thanks for a chance to win that beautiful kit.It would be a pleasure to do i am sure.

  231. My favourite type of hand embroidery is whatever I’m working on at the moment – multiple projects on the go at once mean about four or five different techniques in progress. I love them all but am yet to try crazy patchwork so this kit would be perfect.

  232. I am trying to learn hand embroidery now and your posts are so inspiring! Crewel embroidery seems to be what I’m drawn to but I love the stump work you’ve done and your tapestries are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway, I love everything about embroidery.

  233. I love two broad forms equally – pulled and drawn linen work for its structured lacy beauty and crewel for its solid whimsical variety of stitches and colour. I would find this kit a welcome challenge, thank you for making it available.

  234. One of my favorite types of embroidery is needle painting. This is something new for me and I really enjoy learning something different.

    I do have several of Lorna’s patterns but I have never purchased a kit – one of my new adventures.

  235. I love projects which can be completed quickly. These are exquisite. I have many pincushions for different types of needles and pins

  236. Tough question! Right now with a chill in the air, I’d say crewel. I love the feel of yarn and, living in a warm climate, crewel is really the best way to play with yarn. That said, I’m over the moon for that beautiful pin cushion, including the lovely base and those cute little feet!

    Typing with fingers crossed to help me win!!! Sure doesn’t help me type…

  237. My favorite type of embroidery is redwork. It is so relaxing at the end of a crazy day. I love this vintage pincushion and thank you for the chance to win it.

  238. I love the two kits you have described. My favourite embroidery? Impossible to say. I started with surface embroidery as a child and still love it, but I do a lot of cross stitch now, and also love samplers with a variety of stitches in them. I have done a fair amount of goldwork, and love blackwork, and hardanger, and I love crewel work. Probably I would have to say it is as the mood takes me.

  239. For many years, I did cross stitch. Recently I have fallen in love with simple rework using mostly stem stitch and French knots. Now I am anxious to continue learning more and more surface embroidery. I sure would love to win this giveaway!!!!

  240. Thanks for this beautiful give away!! My favorite embroidery is surface embroidery but i would like to try ribbon embroidery. I love the texture that can be created with different stitches!! The sampler you spot lighted is gorgeous ad well as the pin cushion kit.

  241. My favorite is surface embroidery, especially if it includes a double feather stitch, but I love to have several things going with different types of embroidery.

  242. I have not seen these before. How pretty – I really want to make one.

    And picking a favorite type of hand embroidery – how cruel!! Depends on the day, my mood, the project …

    I love canvas work, hardanger, brazilian, cross-stitch, blackwork (although mine is not usually black), and “regular” embroidery. So – I refuse to play favorites and pick just one.

    Thank you for your lovely give-aways!!


  243. Firstly thankyou for the opportunity to win a beautiful embroidery kit from Lorna Bateman… I am 60 years young and have always had a needle and thread within my reach.. hand embroidery has given me so much still time, enjoyment and satisfaction for so long… I still enjoy the thrill of trying a new stitch or technique and I love shopping for new and interesting thread… my all time favourite stitch is the bullion knot… each time I challlenge myself for the perfect wrap and I love how the bullion rose forms after a few laid stitches… happy stitching everyone!! jules

  244. I love all forms of embroidery!
    I mostly do embroidery on heirloom children’s clothing now.
    But I love the chance to get back to counted thread work, which was my first love.

  245. I love hand of all sorts. I recently been been working with crewel embroidery projects but the surface embroidery in Inspirations Magazine is my all time favorite. Never thought I would become addicted to threads of all kinds!

  246. I’ve been away from “Thread work” for a long time. But, I’m enjoying stitching some blackwork Halloween designs with a backstitch and stem stitch. What a beautiful kit!!!

  247. I have been a fan of canvas work for years, but my new group of friends I met through EGA have convinced me that working a variety of stitches (not just cross stitch) on linen is so rewarding. Maybe surface embroidery will be my next new favorite!

  248. Crazy quilting is my passion – always, and most likely forever. I love that it combines so many different forms of embroidery and that recycling is so much an element of the art form. So…in that vein – of course I would love to win this kit!! Thank you, as always, Mary, for the chance.

  249. I’m just a beginner, but I am finishing up a crazy quilt project and love doing the feather stitch, but also love the daisy stitch. All of it puts a smile on my face!

  250. Cross stitch for me but like adding other stitch techniques to my knowledge base. Anything with a needle is my favorite pass time.
    Thanks for offering this beautiful giveaway.

  251. Mary,
    What a nice give away…Lorna’s kits look fantastic! My favorite embroidery is probably hardanger…it’s the one I started with and continue to do as time goes on. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Sheila from CA

  252. What a beautiful give-a-way. I would love to do this project. You are asking our favorite embroidery, this is a hard question to answer. All kind of embroidery is appealing when you put your heart in it. Surface embroidery is the one I’m doing presently.

  253. I so very much enjoy your articles and designs you share with us all. I love the kit in this drawing. I love surface embroidery and crazy quilting. My home is decorated with antiques so the pin cushion would look lovely here. Thanks for all your creative knowledge you share. Ganet

  254. I love any kind of surface embroidery, particularly those types that include multiple techniques. I like to see goldwork and stumpwork together, counted work with silk ribbon and beads, counted work with surface work. It is all so much fun and the variety keeps it interesting.

  255. Counted stitches on linen are still my favorites, but I find myself branching out into surface, counted on canvas, and beading quite a lot these days. I seem to be fascinated with many types of needlework!

  256. What a beautiful giveaway! It would make a great gift after I finished making it.
    What a tough question to answer…I love cross stitch, but also love surface embroidery.

  257. At this moment and on this particular day my favourite is needle painting, I’m currently completing one of Trish Burr’s patterns and have fallen in love with it.

    Tomorrow (well maybe the next day) my ‘favourite’ will change as I am finally starting my ‘Hummingbirds’ embroidery project, the book has turned up at last =)

  258. Oh my,the only embroidery I know is cross stitch. I have been stitching Scarlet Letter samplers so have been learning several specialty stitches lately.
    Lorna’s kits are beautiful and it would be a great opportunity to learn different embroidery techniques.

  259. You are so right about ordering need work items from UK. I find myself saving for overseas needlework items but then having some kind of greater need for something’s for the family. . .

    But I do so appreciate and enjoy your generousity of the knowledge you share on your website. I will be using several of your tips and ideas when I teach a class in January for my local chapter of Embroiderer’s’ Guild of America!

  260. I love any type of hand embroidery, recently I have enjoyed beading and embroidery. As long as I do some everyday, I have had a good day.

  261. I love all types of embroidery. It’s sometimes hard to decide what to do next, so kits that have a little bit of everything are a joy. Everything I love to do and not too big so it can be finished quickly. What a talented designer she is.

  262. I love surface embroidery involving texture – montmellick, candlewicking needlepoint, stumpwork or just stitching using lots of wonderful knotted, looped and beaded stitches not in any particular style.

    To my mind embroidery should exploit all the wonderful textures that our fabric and threads have.

    thank you and Lorna for offering this beautiful kit as a give-away

  263. Hello Mary,
    What a beautiful little gift this would make for a stitcher

    All things embroidery is my passion but my favourite at the moment is copying the masters in thread painting, only little ones of course but split stitch and long and short with lots of french knots, I just love it. With silk threads on linen. I have learnt all this from your site

    Thank you

  264. Currently, my favourite form of embroidery is crazy quilting. When I did a crewelwork class several years ago it was crewel. When I did a pulled thread workshop it was pulled thread. When I made my first hardanger ornament it was hardanger. When I did my first stumpwork it was stumpwork. I guess you get the picture. It is whatever I am working on at any given time. I love it all!

  265. I started out doing cross stitch, then migrated to needlepoint and now find myself leaning more and more towards surface embroidery. I loved the look of this little kit.

    Mary I.

  266. Ma broderie préférée c’est le stumpwork, j’aime aussi le painting et les diverses variantes en broderie.
    Les kits de Lorna sont ensoleillés et combleraient mon hiver.
    Merci à toi Mary pour tout ce que tu nous transmets. Micheonix

  267. What a pretty pin cushion. I would love to win it. My favorite type of embroidery would have to be goldwork. I am truly in love with the shine and sparkle to it. However, I also really like Stumpwork so it really depends on what day you ask and what project I have on my frame that day. 😀

  268. I’d love that pincushion for me but especially for my friend who loves vintage anything with beads and lace. I enjoy embroidery that has more than one type of stitch and adding bits of lace and beads makes the project even more fun. Thanks for putting it out there for us.

  269. Over many years I have tried many types of embroidery. Although I can’t name one favorite type of embroidery, I seem to be drawn towards the finer techniques such as shadow work and ribbon embroidery.At the moment I am enjoying working on the Secret Garden Hummingbirds – Thank you Mary for your generosity in sharing this project with us.

  270. HELLO! Nowadays I mostly do cross stitch with a little needlepoint thrown in now and again. When I am stitching on a sampler there are sometimes specially stitches that I do. Usually my hand embroidery involves blanket stitch or straight stitch or other finishing stitches when doing applique work. I’d love to try some of the stitches on that cute pincushion. I do enjoy making small useful sewing/stitching items. 🙂

  271. Surface embroidery is my favorite. The pincushion is really beautiful. Would love to try these new techniques.

  272. I don’t do as much embroidery as I use too. Cross stitch and hardanger were what did and now would like to get into more “free-form” embroidery.
    Her sampler is gorgeous! Thanks for this opportunity!

  273. My favourite kind is whatever I have in hand at the moment. I love it all. I must admit, my little bird project from a class with Nicola Jarvis at the Royal School of Neeldework, Hampton Court Palace, is probably my alltime fav… such a special memory!

  274. Dear Mary,

    Isn’t this pincushion gorgeous! My favourite form of embroidery is counted thread and at the moment I’m completing two huge sampler projects – one in blackwork by Elizabeth Almond, and the other a long panel with hardanger, needleweaving, renaissance stitch, beading and multiple other stitches. Both are almost finished but I want a change! A lovely little project like this is perfect! It will take me out of my rut into another direction.

  275. I love Ribbon Embroidery I have been doing some embroidery classes which I love I used to do this with my mom who was from England and was a beautiful needle worker Thank you for all your tutorials they have need a big help to me
    Susan McCart

  276. I must say I think that redwork is my favorite type of hand embroidery. But I really enjoy most types on occasion.

  277. This is a beautiful kit, and I’d love to be the recipient of your draw. I love stumpwork and projects that have so many different components to it. Sounds like the way it is packaged and presented is truly lovely. Thanks for always giving us something pretty to look at and a chance to win lovely gifts. I’d certainly love to stitch this one.

  278. My favorite embroidery is smocking and also working on heirloom sewing projects, so this is right up my alley! Something I could probably do, as most of your incredible projects exceed my skill set!

  279. My current favorite is blackwork. I just tried it this year and have already completed two samplers. I’m sure I will do more.

  280. I really enjoy surface embroidery as I can play around with it and it is generally portable. I am currently embroidering a salmon as part of the Shake Hands fund raiser. I’d love to win this kit and start that as my January project!

  281. I would love to have this kit! I am new to this style of embroidery and feel that this would be the perfect learning project. I really enjoy your website.

  282. The Vintage Lace kit is glorious. My favorite embroidery is crewel, albeit I like to mix elements such as working with different types of textures, beeding, lace designs, ribbon work to create multi dimensional projects.

    Thank your for your generosity in offering this gorgeous work of art.

    On a side note, I struggle where I live to have a shop close to home, so I fervently read all your articles. It is like coming home again!


  283. I love vintage embroidery and handwork. Not that I can replicate it myself, tho I sure wish my skills were at that level. I would so enjoy this kit. Thank you for the opportunity.

  284. I love Lornas designs and recently took the plunge buying a kit from her. It was a fantastic way for me to try ribbon embroidery for the first time. The kit was beautiful as Mary describes it. Worth every penny

  285. My favorite right now is wool embroidery and embellishment especially Sue Spargo things, but I also love cross stitch and I collect pincushion so I would love to win this . Thanks for all the opportunities to win such different and specials gifts!

  286. I like surface embroidery. I love looking at all of your projects and hope one day to make beautiful things like you do. Thanks for the great giveaway,it is beautiful. vickise at gmail dot com Oh, hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving!

  287. Dear Mary,
    My favourite embroidery is whitework, especially with decorative drawn thread work.
    I love the little wooden pincushion base too! Thank you!

  288. I have always wanted to try a crazy patchwork embroidery project. This Lorna Bateman kit looks like the perfect thing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  289. Thank you for I troducing me to Lorna Bateman. Her kits are wonderful. I especially love the pincushion kit. My favourite hand embroidery is crewel embroidery.

  290. I am a crazy quilter. Use a lot of embroidery stitches ,silk ribbon, & beads. I love the kit you are offering & absolutely love your daily e-mails. Refreshes me & makes my day!!

  291. My favorite type of embroidery is a mix of wool & DMC crewel. There are so many beautifully rich shades of wool to use & the DMC threads give my projects textural variety!

  292. My favourite is surface embroidery and thread painting but also enjoy other types of stitching – canvas work and crewel, only small pieces so far, and stumpwork too. I love whatever I am stitching and wish I could find more time to stitch. A New Year Resolution coming up!
    Lorna Bateman’s kit would be a wonderful way project to complete before Christmas. Thank you. Jude Ebsworth

  293. Counted cross stitch is one of my favorite but I am presently enjoying working on a piece of ribbon embroidery. I love the Vintage Lace and Pearls. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  294. My favourite style of embroidery is always the next project I am planning! I am like a kid in a lolly shop I love it all and like to extend myself trying different techniques!! I have a sneaky feeling that I am the original Dick of all trades and master of none!!! Mary I do agree with you Wooden bun feet on wooden bases just have something about them. Many thanks for the opportunity. Chris Munge Aust

  295. I am new to embroidery, as I have hand quilted for 15 years. I have always dreamed of creating a crazy quilt and have collected various fabrics for this project. I love French Knot’s.

  296. My favorite is counted cross stitch, however, my first piece was a table runner done in stem and lazy daisy stitches. I still have it. Before switching to counted cross stitch I did many pillowcases. Now I am coming full circle and am coming back to free embroidery and have taken up crazy quilting.

  297. My favorite embroidery stitch is the lazy daisy. It was on of the first stitches my mother taught me. I was newly married & stitching on a sampler when I found out my mother knew how to embroider. She also taught me the French knot.

  298. Hard question! My preferences change, project by project. I love embroidery on wool right now, with bright colors and hand dyed threads, but I regularly return to crazy quilting projects. I’ve done counted thread, ribbon embroidery, redwork (and blackwork. My grandmother taught me to embroider as a little girl, and I really love it all. I collect vintage sewing notions and have made a number of pin cushions, needle books and other items. I would love to try my hand at this little jewel of a project. Thank you for the opportunity!

  299. My favourite hand embroidery really changes with my mood! So I have spent wonderful hours on my goldwork projects, intense hours on some Japanese embroidery and relaxed hours on crewel projects. And sometimes I just want the zen of repetition so I love chain stitching curly indian-style patterns… I am a bit of a butterfly – flitting here and there!

  300. These kits are beautiful! I like the combination of many different fibers and stitches. My favorite type of hand embroidery is crewel. Perhaps because it was the first type of embroidery for me. I love the use of a variety of shades of one color, the types of stitches, and the variety of patterns from very modern ones to the more traditional Jacobean types.

  301. I’m a beginner so I haven’t experimented with many techniques yet. My natural inclination is needle painting, but I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons. Lorna’s kits look perfect. Thanks for introducing us to a wonderful new resource!

  302. The longer I enjoy embroidery, the more I enjoy working on a project of my own, inspired by the many things I see around me, whether outdoors, in print, or on Pinterest. This pin cushion is lovely and could be the beginning of further efforts in the same vein.

  303. My favourite very much depends on the mood of the day and so ranges from canvas work, to surface embroidery to stumpwork, goldwork or patchwork enhanced with embroidery such as simple blocks or crazy patchwork. Life is never boring with such a choice. Love the look of the kit as vintage crazy patchwork has been on my to do list for some time and have slowly been collecting lace etc to create an item as yet unplanned.

  304. I am split between stumpwork and Jacobean . I really like the Lorna Bateman pincushion especially the little lace flowers on it. They are identical to the flowers in my wedding headress from the 70’s. I would replace mine with the ones in the kit….

  305. I’m not sure if smocking is considered in that category but~hand smocking is a favorite of mine~I did countless dresses for my daughter and some Christmas ornaments and some other baby dresses as gifts and some baby hats.

    I am also a in love with buying crewel kits that come out and framing them. I did so many of them when I got married I finally gave them away to a resale shop so someone else could enjoy them.

    I guess I am in love with any type of hand sewing~I do quilting on the machine but I always go back to my first love of hand sewing that I learned as a Girl Scout.

  306. Hi Mary, We have to pick a fave??! That is tough to do. Cross stitch on gingham and simple embroidery stitches as a little girl, embellishing my jean jacket as a teenager, counted cross stitch, wait – crazy quilt stitching definitely is near the top. Now I’m discovering polychrome, detached needlelace, crewel and goldwork, and finer embroidery with silk threads and more refined technique. I love them all. I can tell you my fave stitching site though – that would be yours! Thanks for a great giveaway, Lynn

  307. My favorite hand work is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. I also like to do some bead work to my pieces.
    I do love the kit you are giving away. I may just have to buy one.

    Mary in Oregon

    Thank you

  309. My favorite type of hand embroidery is canvaswork. Lately I have been doing more stumpwork and am enjoying that very much. The Vintage Lace and Pearls pincushion is beautiful. I would love to make it for my niece who is getting married next June.

  310. Thank you again for a great give-away. This looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m not sure what you would call my favourite type of embroidery – freestyle, perhaps? I usually design my own rather than use kits or other people’s designs. At the moment I am embroidering on a piece of Arlee Barr’s hand-dyed indigo cotton that looked to me like a tree trunk next to water with reflections, so I have embroidered the “watery” side with kantha-style stitching and the other “tree trunk” side with a combination of french knots and buttonhole stitch. It is very intensive stitching and is taking an absolute age.

    It would be lovely to win this kit for some light relief, lol.

  311. Oh I LOVE the kit! It is so elegant!
    I enjoy hardanger. Have only done a few small pieces but the are so much fun to do and a nice break from my usual cross stitch projects.

  312. The type I most gravitate to are the peices that utiliize a variety of stitches, like those used in grand old crazy quilts. They are such fun to do and you are only limited by your own imagination. And the more kinds of stitches incorporated into a peice, the happier I am. Crosstitch is usually what I do though as a legacy for my grandchildren.

  313. I get a great thrill out of new style Jacobean embroidery, like the designs of Colleen Goy at Roseworks, and Hazel Blomkamp, also l have one of Trish Burr’s zentangle embroideries in my stash, waiting to be done. After saying all that – just give me needle, thread and fabric! Oh, and give me my lovely sewing group who keep me sane, and make me feel loved.

  314. I love all sorts of embroidering, however, I have found a new passion!!!! Ribbon Embroidery!!!! It is oh so stunningly beautiful and I am soooo excited to learn something new! I do want to say though that I have learned so much from you and following your site Nd I am forever thankful! God bless you and your family! My hopes that you have a wonderful Christmas are heartfelt!

  315. My favorite is a surface embroidery project that incorporates several types of stitches. Thank you for holding this give away of such a sweet project.

  316. My favorite embroidery is used to embellish my quilts. I do lots of applique which is “sorta” embroidery in that I use a needle and thread!!!!

  317. My favorite type of hand embroidery is ribbon embroidery. I fell in love with this type of embroidery years ago,embroidering on tops of ceramic jars. Giving them as gifts brought such joy. That you for offering this opportunity to create a Lorna Bateman design.

  318. My favorite kind of hand embroidery is cross stitch if you consider that hand embroidery. If not, then I guess, I would say redwork. I like the contrast to cross stitch of not having to constantly change thread. And one uses a sharp needle and one uses a blunt needle. Also one uses a gird pattern where the other can or cannot. They are definitely very different kinds of handwork.

  319. Favourite embroidery, well anything whitework, favourite is hardanger. LOL even if its not done in white thread!!!
    I hadnt heard of Lorna, so thanks Mary for the information, I’ll bookmark it

  320. I have just had a wonderful time pouring over Lorna’s delicious website and time just passed so beautifully. Thank you–a new website for me!

    My favourite hand embroidery is surface work covering little cottages with tiny windows and gardens or covering a crazy patchwork Victorian evening bag with surface work using embroidery threads and silk ribbons finishing with a beautiful silk tassel.

  321. My favorite type of hand needle work is Brazilian embroidery. I’ve been doing it for about 25 years. I like the instant gratification you get when you finish a flower and I love the 3 dimension of it. My favorite artist is Rosalie Wakefield her designs and instructions are very creative. I still have lots to learn so I keep my hands busy.

  322. My favorite type of hand embroidery is regularly surface embroidery with a little Brazilian embroidery thrown in for good measure!
    I love to mix Dec floss with lola Brazilian floss for different textures I my projects…. Likewise I love the three dimensional effect adding some Brazilian embroidery techniques add to the look of traditional surface embroidery!

    I love the pincushion kit, and have never done a project like it… I would love to try something new!

  323. I have been heard to say “I quilt but I don’t sew”. I have recently taken lessons to increase my skills and this project looks easy enough for even a beginner like me to handle with stunning effect…..I can hear the amazement from co-quilters now! …it is a beautiful kit I am sure I would enjoy working on.

    My favourite hand sewing has to be brazillian as it’s the only lesson I have had!,

  324. My favorite type of hand embroidery is Brazilian. Ive been doing Brazilian for around 25 years. My favorite artist is Rosalie Wakefield. I enjoy her designs. There is always something new to learn so it never becomes boring.

  325. I love pin cushions and have a small collection started. Would love to make this one to add to my collection.

  326. Although I have little experience with it, Ribbon Embroidery is my favorite. I mostly knit or crochet, but embroidery and needle lace are among the list of crafts that I indulge myself in on occasion. After I knit myself a pair of gloves for this winter-time, I am hoping to make embroidered cuff bracelets for my daughters’ stockings this Yule. Any ideas for SIMPLE embroidery designs that would work on a cloth bracelet are more than welcome!

  327. Counted cross stitch is my favorite. I have just finished doing a couple of silk ribbon embroidery pieces. I would love to win this kit.

  328. Pin cushions are a favorite collectable of mine and would be delighted to add this pin cushion to my collection. It is lovely.

  329. My favourite type of hand embroidery is a combination of ribbon and thread work as these mediums lend themselves to such a huge variety of projects so I never get bored !

  330. My favorite technique is whatever i am currently working on .I love learning new types of embroidery.

  331. I love to do embroidery on tableclothes, runners, quilts and clothing. Cross stitch and crewel embroidery, too! B

  332. That is a very hard question! How do you narrow it down to one? It’s easier to say I don’t like counted cross stitch. I love all surface embroidery. I’ve always been especially fond of satin stitch and enjoy doing monograms. I am now doing more thread painting, which I enjoy. Plus your stitch play is always a lot of fun. I have wanted to make a crazy quilt for some time. If I won this kit maybe it would help me decide whether to make a quilt or not. The kit looks very nice. Thank you for the chance.

  333. I love it all! Right now I’m working on three different techniques at once. I have almost finished a folk art piece done in french knots, a small purse done in Phulkan embroidery, a spot sampler that is finished except for the stump work. Each one has been fun to work! Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful kit!
    Jan Blevins

  334. Presently I am revisiting counted cross stitch but I love embroidery and would love to have one of her kits.

  335. I love pieces like your Hungarian Redwork Runner. Something about the simplicity of color and the rich textures combine to make something that makes my heart happy.

    Thanks for your wonderful site, Mary. It brings me joy!

  336. I love Inspriation magazine and all the projects the feature!
    I would be so delighted to win one of their kits!
    I also enjoy your newsletters, I pass them along to my stitching friends.
    Keep up the good work!

  337. i love silk embroidery it is so elegant. i also love to do crazy quilting because of all the wonderful threads and beads and charms. silks, brocades and everything nice. this is a wonderful offer. jo mchenry

  338. I love it all and want to try it all. Currently, working on a Baltimore Album quilt. Can always use another pin cushion. Lorna’s work is amazing. Thnak you

  339. Hi Mary!
    Had to say what my favorite type of embroidery is…I like crewel, silk ribbon and canvas work but not necessarily in that order! Depends on the day and my mood and what I am working on.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  340. I love surface embroidery and crewel work. Would love to try ribbon embroidery. Love all types of embroidery!!

  341. I’m still a beginner so I mostly just dabble in surface embroidery, but I am interested in ribbon, stumpwork and blackwork.

  342. Ohh what a gorgeous pin cushion – I will have to look at her website and have a drool :-). My favourite type of hand embroidery is – well, uhmm. hardanger, french knot florals, smocking, and loads of others – it’s so hard to narrow it down the just one technique!
    Thanks for the opportunity to entre the give away.

  343. What a gorgeous design! I have to go check out more of Lorna’s catalogue.

    My favourite type of hand embroidery is canvaswork. It’s filled with such textured stitches and the threads are usually so lovely.

  344. My favorite type of hand embroidery is counted thread embroidery. Not exclusively counted cross stitch, but the other types of stitches that are often included in a sampler. Some of the stitches are also used in needlepoint, but I don’t care for the backing used in needlepoint. I prefer even-weave fabric or linen. And, I like to do it held in my hand.

  345. I love Brazilian Embroidery. I keep incorporating it into everything I do! Thank you for this site. When I am stuck for an idea, all I have to do is browse and learn. Thank you!

  346. Lorna’s Vintage Lace & Pearls pincushion is beautiful. I enjoy surface embroidery & cross stitch. I am very much still a beginner, but would like to do more crewel work & to try more embroidery featuring beading.

  347. So far surface embroidery is my favourite, but I’ve only really tried cross stitch other than that. I wasn’t a big fan of all the counting.

    I hope to try crewel embroidery in the New Year.

  348. G’day Mary,
    Freeform (and Crazy Quilting) which can both cover a wide range of hand embroidery. With Freeform I love to tuck, gather and pinch up here and there, leaving some breathing space in places. I like to hide a cluster of tiny beads, just peeping out of this tuck and French Knots sneakily ducking from theirs across to visit the beads where some have perhaps already gathered. Herringbone is handy to hold boxy type pleats a little bit apart to reveal some mystery lurking in there, maybe some Feather Stitch hobnobbing crazily with, oh, say some cheeky Seed Stitches while jealous Fly Stitches crowd the entrance….you get the general idea eh.
    Thank you Lorna Bateman Embroidery and you Mary for this opportunity to be in the running for that gorgeous Pin Cushion.
    By the way, when my name comes up as winner, I’ll be away until the next Monday…Seed Stitches aren’t the only cheeky ones!
    Cheers, Kath

  349. My favourite hand embroidery is cross stitch on 22 count linen using half and quarter stitches to enhance the shape, back stitches to define the outline and other embroidery stitches and beads used to make it special.

    I just love that pin cushion – and would really enjoy learning/working the techniques to create something special to treasure.

  350. I love hand embroidery and find it hard to say my favourite but I guess it would be goldwork or stumpwork, I love sparkle and the idea of the stitching coming alive. Lorna’s kit looks dainty and pretty.


  352. It’s a toss-up for me between counted cross stitch and hardanger. They’re simple to do but I feel that my work can always be improved. I like to strive for perfection when I do them. 🙂

  353. I love her work, it is beautiful. I love getting her email, learning new stitches and reading her tips. I would love to win the pin cushion. Thank you

  354. I love fine, free embroidery, lots of bullion flowers and leaves, with fine sillk thread and no. 10 straw needle. I once mended my brother-in-laws hockey shorts with a lovely bullion rose…….he never asked me to mend anything again!!

  355. I enjoy many types of embroidery but my favorite would be Black Work closely followed by Crewel work with wools.I would love to make this lovely pin cushion it would fit very well in my 110 year old villa. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter a competition with such a beautiful prize. Ruth. NZ

  356. Such a beautiful pin cushion. I saw it on the Internet but didn´t know it was one of Lorna´s designs. Always wanted to make it, love the base. I subscribe to Inspirations mag, but never saw this pattern. Please include me in your giveaway.

  357. I enjoy crazy quilting, so many types of needlework are incorporated into that. But, if I had to pick one, I enjoy silk ribbon embroidery, because everything turns out so nicely even if you do make a small mistake.

  358. I love counted work – Hardanger, pulled thread, drawn thread… I love how it’s simple, but done well holds so much variation in texture and form when you look closely. (when I grow up I want to learn reticello)

    I appreciate goldwork and crewel and needlepainting, but am not drawn to that as much. Although the work is amazing, I’m focusing on learning one technique at a time.

    Thank you for all your hard work, Mary. I wouldn’t have been able to learn embroidery without your site, videos, encouragement, and showing how you fix/work around/avoid mistakes. Especially the last, in the beginning: it was a much-needed reassurance and desperately needed advice 🙂

    Tessa in Stellenbosch

  359. I like to crazy embroidery! Collage with needle, thread, beads, buttons, and a variety of trims and tiny bits of crochet!

  360. My favorite embroidery… is what ever I am currently working on… or have an inspiration to do. I am not a consistent embroiderer… and usually add it to my quilting projects when I do embroidery….. Right now I am combining embroidery (threads) with the quilting, by quilting in big stitch with pearl cotton. Love love love the pincushion!

  361. Hello! I have started using simple crewel and embroidery work to enhance dresses I make for porcelain (creative) dolls I give to children who need a cheer.
    This pin cushion design is gorgeous. This type of sewing has always fascinated me since my mother gave me my great grandmother Tilli and grandmother Willie’s 1895 home sewn and crewel worked quilt. Part of the fabric in the quilt is from old dresses from Sweden prior to 1870. (Stockholm Sw.). I used to look at the work and wonder about the different sewing methods keeping the quilt together for so long. My grandmothers placed crewel and embroidery on every piece of clothing and finished it with crochet lace.
    I will try to use this method I viewed in this kit by your friend MS. Laura into my Dutch apopester (Cinderella doll) costume. I am using some old ties of my husband and see how to add crewel and jewel work on to the skirt.
    I do get so many creative sewing techniques to improve the doll clothes. Seems silly to say I would be a millionaire if ever my work was valued beyond the children. It is the sight of their faces when they hold the unusual and sometimes pretty doll in doll dresses that are colorful. Thanks for your work. Mrs. ATK

  362. My favorite type of handwork is probably whatever I am working on at the time because I love all types of embroidery and want to try it all. I would love to do this lovely little pincushion. Thank you for offering this and for telling us about Lorna Bateman’s kits.

  363. I love the looks of Brazilian embroidery. I just haven’t had the time to learn much yet. For now I love embellishing my wool applique with traditional embroidery stitches.

  364. I am fairly new to embroidery but have just finished my version of your rooster – not as perfect but I love it and loved working on it. . My favourite embroidery is crazy quilting as I love the combination of embroidery and different fabrics. This pin cushion kit is gorgeous and I would love to work it. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  365. I like to do surface embroidery with cotton embroidery floss or perle cotton on cotton fabric. I also enjoy crazy quilting using the embroidery stitches. I am still learning stitches. The kit featured in this giveaway is gorgeous! I would love working with it. Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  366. What a very hard question!! It is hard to choose just one … do I pick what end result I love the most? (Blackwork just looks so very elegant!) Or what is most practical? (You can’t beat kitchen towel embroidery if you actually want it to be useful!) Or do I pick what I want to learn how to do? (I would love to do hardanger to celebrate my Scandinavian heritage!)

  367. I like doing hardanger, but also like surface embroidery using different stitches. My grandmother taught me some basic embroidery stitches.

  368. My favorite to do is pulled-thread, my favorite to own is whitework whether with drawn threads or padded satin stitch or whatever, my aspiration is crewel (where my stitches rarely look as planned). I LOVE the little feet on the pincushion.

  369. My favourite type of hand embroidery is whitework. I’ve never done any, but I plan on it. I love the elegance of the white-on-white. It’s just really beautiful.
    I love this pincushion, Mrs. Corbet! I REALLY WANT IT. Thank you SO MUCH for this chance! I can’t wait until Wednesday!

    Sarah 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  370. While I love and try them all, my favorite to gaze at is Stumpwork, while my favorite to do is Hardanger. Being a mosaic artist with a hobby of needle arts, I have thought of trying to incorporate my love of beadwork,gold work and hard anger in one work. Hmm….the possibilities!

    I have always wanted such a lovely pincushion, so I hope I win.

  371. Ribbon embroidery over lace is my favorite which I’ve incorporated various other embroidery stitches with some beading. No specified patterns are used but what is in my head. It’s all about what looks & feels right. I have made a quilt incorporating all the individual squares of the ribbon embroideries I’ve made. 🙂

  372. I would say it is stump work with tambour a close second. I do love to learn all techniques and have a local shop I go to learn at.

  373. I love Brazilian dimensional embroidery. I do a lot of regular types. I just finished pillowcases
    as Christmas gifts to special family and friends.
    I would love to make that pin cushion for myself.

  374. My current favorite type of hand embroidery is counted canvas work, although I enjoy other types. The string-art style counted canvas pieces work up quickly, as long as you count correctly, and are pretty.

  375. Oh, that pin cushion is simply gorgeous! My birthday is in Dec. so what a birthday present that would be!
    It is a hard choice, I have been enjoying ribbon embroidery, but lately I’ve just started to do stumpwork and I am really enjoying that. I also have always loved counted x stitch. I just love embroidery!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win this give-away. I’ll be crossing my fingers for a surprise birthday gift!!!

  376. In the years I have wanted to be a quilter, I have found, I love the hand work the best. A friend introduced me to Crazy Quilting, and I am in love with the process. The is no limit to what you can do. I love the dimension that ribbon, buttons, thread and beads can add to a piece. I am always looking to learn a new stitch, and try to improve the ones, I know, so don’t think I really have one particular favorite. I am left handed and my Grandmother’s work was so perfect. I’m sure she smiles when she looks down from heaven, and sees her only Granddaughter doing what she herself loved, and patiently taught. Since I am also a Grandmother now, I would be so happy to win this kit, so I can pass this on to one of my Granddaughters. What a legacy! Thank you for what you provide to us.

  377. My favourite type of embroidery is definitly embroidery in white. I like all tecniques that include this type of needlework. Just now I am preparing a Chistening gown for a new born baby girl in tulle and white thread and I just leave off embroidering the time necessary to look into may mail and …. nothing else. Thank God my husband takes care of preparing food for both of us, otherwise I would live on capuccino and biscuits in this period. I realy love the beautiful give-away pincushion because, guess,it is white.

  378. What a delightful kit! I have recently started more freestyle and crazy quilt type of embroidery and this would be a perfect small project. Thank you, Mary for all your wonderful projects, articles and inspiring words!
    Christene from Rexford NY

  379. Eclectic defines my style. Right now it’s crazy quilting which allows me to try a little of everything – I’m concentrating on embroidery, and embroidery stitches used as quilting stitches.The more stitch combinations I try the more possibilities spring up.

    Lovely kit – I’m keen to try it. Thanks.

  380. Currently, my favorite embroidery is Redwork as I’m working on some Christmas Ornaments. I love that they are quick and easy. Other days, surface embroidery or cross stitch are my favorites. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  381. Without a doubt surface embroidery is my favorite. Like so many others I learned to embroider by doing pillowcase embroidery. Although I made side trips with cross stitch and needlepoint, they always felt too structured and confining. The myriad of stitches and techniques available in surface embroidery let me be more creative. I wish I had found this blog much earlier, but I’m having a great time exploring the entire site! Thank you, Mary, for offering this gorgeous little kit.

  382. My favorite type of hand embroidery is ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. I love things that give so much texture like that. Thanks for this giveaway, Mary!

  383. Mary, surface embroidery is a favourite right now, but I’m always looking for more inspiration finding new and different techniques to try. I think Lorna’s kit would be a fun stitching adventure. Thanks for the giveaway!

  384. I would love to win this kit. I have not done crazy quilting so this would be the perfect little project to get me started.

    Barbara La Belle

  385. I like to work on different type of surface embroidery. My favorite one is Brazilian Embroidery but I also like needle painting, crewel, stumpwork, goldwork and many others. I also like some counted type of embroidery. This is a beautiful kit. Thank you for this give away.
    Excuse for the way I write in English, my first language is French,


  386. I like to work on different type of surface embroidery. My favorite one is Brazilian Embroidery but I also like needle painting, crewel, stumpwork, goldwork and many others. This is a beautiful kit. Thank you for this give away.
    Excuse for the way I write in English, my first language is French,


  387. I’m another Lorna! and love the vintage feel of Lorna’s work. I have always enjoyed crewel, but am finally trying my hand at silk ribbon embroidery. I really love how a simple stitch can be so rich and textured when done with silk ribbon.

  388. broderie anglaise ,its beginner friendly and really beautiful
    Thanks for the giveaway

    “And most of Lorna’s designs are that way – they’re objects like pincushions, needle books, scissor sleeves, and the like, that can be worked in a relatively short amount of time, and that produce something that’s beautiful and useful.”

    this is the kind of projects i’m looking for

  389. My favorite Hand embroidery is hardanger. I am new to embroidery but I am blessed to have a shop that teaches hardanger

  390. I’ve recently begun to learn Stumpwork – and it’s an amazing journey. It combines so many techniques and after 50 years of sewing I really ‘get’ hand embroidery. I love it and want to explore more hand work, and I refer to Needle’n’Thread all the time.

    The giveaway looks incredible, thanks for offering a lucky person the chance to sew it.

    Best regards

    Janice Ballard

  391. I love the pearl and lace pincushion it is my favorite type of embroidery. I like delicate embroidery using the fine peeled cotton and specialty threads. I love using laces with my embroidery and using neutral or pastel colors

  392. I LOVE all types of embroidery!

    I usually find a way to add embroidery to everything I am making. I have embroidered winter gloves, scarves, computer totes, fabric shopping bags and have even put some embroidery on photographs. Have not done alot of trump work or goldwork, but I keep reading about them.

    This is a beautiful kit! Thank you for being so generous. Marianne Udell

  393. I love little embroidery kits that are self contained, and ready to go at a moment’s notice! This pincushion kit is especially wonderful because it includes such a wide variety elements and materials that it would be impossible to become bored. I love doing traditional embroidery stitches using DMC cotton or rayon threads.

    Thank you for the opportunity to own this precious little kit!

    Carolyn in SoCal

  394. I love the beauty and simplicity of your work.
    Having a project that is doable on a weekend and looks so beautiful would be wonderful.

    I love all kinds of embroidery, crewel, ribbon, anything. Very relaxing craft.

  395. These are beautiful kits. I have drooled over them in the past. I love hand embroidery on
    beautiful linen and I love embellishing with ribbons and beads. I am a collector of pin cushions and this would make a beautiful addition to my collection.

  396. Counted thread is my favorite. I also enjoy most other types of embroidery.
    I love Lorna’s designs. I was lucky to meet her at the Knitting and Craft Show. I have one of her stumpwork kits from that show.
    After talking ti one of her former students, I would love to take one of her classes or attend the Alpine Experience.
    Thank you for offering this kit.

  397. I met Lorna earlier this year at a workshop near Guildord. Her work is beautiful. I have a lot to learn though, but did enjoy the workshop a lot. Got me hooked to learn more. Would really appreciate this offer of the kit so I can develop and learn the skills required to complete such a wonderful pin cushion. Fingers crossed!


  398. I love to use embroidery to embellish my appliqué work using a variety of threads and ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely kit!

  399. I love dimensional embroidery and have admired Lorna’s work for quite sometime now. I have ordered from her site and was more than satisfied with her product. She has even allowed me to teach some of her work. What a delightful person and her talent is outstanding. Any one that receives this ‘give away’ is in for a delightful surprise. Lorna is awesome.

  400. I love to embroider. My grandmother taught me the basics of surface embroidery. I have picked up all sorts of stitches mostly from Embroidery and Crossstitch magazine over the years. I like to use flowers to enhance the beauty of pillows, dresses, table clothes and monograms. I also incorporate beads, buttons or whatever I can get my hands on.

  401. Playing with all kinds of stitches on a crazy quilt is my absolute favorite, the sky is the limit!

  402. I like them all… If I would actually pick a project and do it instead of just dreaming about it, I might be able to narrow it down to 5 favorites! Elly

  403. At this time, I don’t really have a favourite type of hand embroidery. I have framed a few Brazilian designs, have tried my hand at Schwalm, a few needlepaintings to learn the technique but most recently I have finished a counted cross stitch design. It seems that any type of embroidery I have not already tried has a special appeal to me. Thanks for this other wonderful give away. Best wishes for the coming Holidays.

  404. I’ve been a cross stitcher primarily lately but am itching to get back into embroidery and would love to do some work with beads. I love all types of needlework, but my favorite of the moment is mixing beads, ribbons, and traditional stitching–I’m all about texture! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  405. Silk Ribbon embroidery is my favorite! I love all the rich colors and the gentle way the silk lays on the fabrics. I put a lot of silk ribbon embroidery in my applique quilts.
    Thanks for the give away chance.
    Jerianne Feiten

  406. i am learning Brazilian embroidery this year via a set of learning kits. It has really been fun. I am on the last one now. Guess that means I am a graduate, right? My drizzle stitch would really be enhanced with the lovely footed pin cushion you are giving away. Kathy

  407. Hi Mary, I really like free style embroidery and really think the pin cushion is lovely. I do all kinds of embroidery and would love the win this kit, Jeanette

  408. I love vintage things,crazy quilting, and embroidery. What’s not to love about Lorna Bateman’s designs???

  409. I prefer counted cross stitch, usually on linen or even-weave rather than aida. The more I am exposed to, the more I want to learn: Montmellick, blackwork, redwork, even chicken scratch. And I have a kit to two to try some crewel embroidery as well….I love them all!

  410. At present I don’t have a favourite as I’m expanding my knowledge of different forms. I am finding I really enjoy crewel. I also like cross stitch, which I’ve been doing for many, many years, for relaxation. Stumpwork is something I look forward to trying sometime soon.

  411. Lorna’s work is gorgeous and thank you for the opportunity to win one of her kits. My favorite type of embroidery is silk ribbon embroidery with beads added. But I find redwork is my best for travel.

  412. I love hand work of all types but surface embroidery is my favorite. What a wonderful give-a-way. I was just telling my mom that I could use a pretty pincushion and this would fit the bill perfectly. Thanks for the chance to win Mary.

  413. I’ve just begun embroidering. I’m learning new stitiches to put on my crazy quilt. I would love to win the pincushion to put my grandmother’s hat pins in! It’s a beautiful pincushion!

  414. I love surface embroidery – the variety of stitches, stitch combinations and thread choices that you can play with are endless. I like to add beads for extra pizazz!

    Thank you for offering another beautiful give-away.

  415. To be lost in a few hours of peaceful embroidery and enjoy the creation of something unique is my idea of a wonderful mini holiday. These small projects take you away from all the pressures of the world and all of its demands. I would not swap my busy life for anything, but give me a little project and a little time and I end the day very contented.
    And at the end you have a wonderful hand made gift for yourself or someone you love. There is an old saying that goes ” When you give of yourself, then you truly give”. It is always a delight to see the reaction when a special gift is opened to a very grateful recipient.
    This world needs the calming craft work to make the world a better place. Pat.

  416. My favorite part is that there is so much variety one does not ever tire of working on them or seeing them displayed in the home. It is like there is something new to them every day.

  417. Please include me in your give away. My favorite type of hand embroidery is cross stitch – simple but versatile,

  418. I have done one of her Spring Flowers Pin Cushion’s .She also has her own line of silk’s and floss which I do like .I must say that her type of stitching is very small and takes time to do ,can’t rush it or you’ll be frogging !!!!!!!!!!!

  419. Hi, What a beautiful kit to gift! I am lucky because I do crazy quilting so I don’t have to choose any one type of embroidery, I can do them all! Since I have done 12+ needlepoint christmas stockings for family members, I think I have a soft spot in my heart for that type.

  420. I would love a chance to win this lovely unique pincushion kit. Thanks to Lorna and to you Mary for the giveaway opp. hope you have a great holiday season.

  421. My favorite type of embroidery is cross stitch because that is what I have done the most. But I really want to do more surface embroidery.

  422. Just love the project! I always have loved handmade pin cushions and find Lorna’s to be especially beautiful…I would like to have the opportunity to make one my self!

  423. I love beautiful pincushions and this one of Laura’s is so exquisite. It has the dimensional work I love to do and beads and lace which make it special. We have just moved to Montana to live with our son and most of my embroidery work is still packed and will stay that way until we can get shelving up to gradually work through the boxes in our downsized living area. I badly need something lovely to work on and I would dearly love it to be this beautiful pincushion!

  424. My favorite is surface embroidery for it’s wide variety of stitches. Never boring! I throw in some ribbon, beading and stumpwork, too.

  425. As a great fan off embroidery and “Inspirations”, I would be so excited to win this lovely kit !!!

  426. My favourite embroidery is thread painting, I love the play of colours and the way the animal or flower slowly emerges on your work. Plus you can use lots of different stitches within your work to get the effect you want

  427. My favourite embroidery is thread painting, I love the play of colours and the way the animal or flower slowly emerges on your work. Plus you can use lots of different stitches within your work to get the effect you want.

  428. There is absolutely nothing more practical than a pincushion and if it one that will make you smile every time you reach for a needle or pin so much the better! I imagine that one day I will have such a special pincushion to use and treasure and he that down the years one of my daughters will remember my joy as she is stitching a memory for herself. if I were lucky enough to win this kit – well what super surprise and pleasure that will be.

  429. Hello Mary and Everyone,
    My favorite is surface embroidery, especially arts and crafts style designs on thick linen. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a neat kit.

  430. What a lovely give away! I love all embroidery; but since I have to choose a favorite, I would say crewel embroidery is in the lead position.

  431. My Favorite Embroidery? I only took up serious stitching 3 years ago and am so greedy, and hungry to learn each new technique becomes my favorite, however if I had to choose right now crewel embroidery both using wool and cotton/silk floss would win out.

  432. I am not sure what my favorite is. I guess just surface embroidery. I like to do many stitches but I always end up going back to stem stitch. These are so beautiful. As always thank you for sharing your blessings (physical and cognitive) with us.

  433. I love Brazilian embroidery and ribbon embroidery.lorna Bateman ‘s vintage pearl embroidery lk it looks amazing!, I would really love to receive such a fantastic giveaway!,, thank you Mary for all the valuable advice you offer to all of us,

  434. my favorite type of embroidery is Brazillian, but I am trying to widen my techniques. I’m working on a blackwork piece now and have a STumpwork project I hope to do this year. I am even adding ribbon embroidery to my crazy quilts. My goal for the new year is to try new things and it looks like there are a lot of new things I have never tried on this sampler!

  435. I am old in years, but very young when it comes to embroidery. I have only done little bits on wool felting projects. Cant knit anymore , but enjoy the feel of fabric and hold the fabric as I embroider. My hands get good therapy doing this and my mind and heart enjoy planning and watching the colorful threads as I create. Your web site is my go to every morning to learn new things, so , yes, you can teach an “old dog” new tricks…Roberta Balke

  436. I love all forms of hand embroidery, but I particularly like working with lace, combined with stitching. Blessings

  437. It’s so hard to name a favorite. Mostly I do counted cross stitch but I just discovered goldwork last year and I’m totally into that right now doing a modern goldwork sampler with all kinds of goldwork threads in different colors. So far it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever stitched!

  438. I almost forgot to comment on this and it’s such a lovely kit that I don’t want to miss a chance to win it! It reminds me so much of my grandmother. I like red work and I like to work with beads on cloth. It’s impossible to say what my favorite type is as I’m always looking for something new to do! Maybe I haven’t found my favorite!

  439. I love love love crazy quilting/piecing. It is what got me interested in embroidery. I been embroidering for about a year now, collecting tools, threads and such. One of things I found I needed were pin cushions. I have a few very not very useful ones from years past and have made myself one which is very useful. But I still need more. The pin cushion kit was be nice to have to allow me to practice my crazy piecing and have a beautiful pin cushion when finished.
    Thanks Mary for all your wonderful information about needle work.

  440. My favorite hand embroidery is Jacobean Crewel. I like intricate pieces with a variety of different stitches. Floss is the fiber is use rather than wool. I love the delicate look the floss gives to the work.

  441. How pretty! Personally, I’m a sucker for black work samplers. I’ve actually sold a few of my patterns (which is a heck of a good feeling by the way!). But lately I’ve been drawn to needle painting. I’ve acquired one of Trish Burr’s books, and have been having a ton of fun with it.

  442. New to embroidery, I’m like a kid in a candy shop! Everything looks new, beautiful and interesting. Have to say, the daily email is not helping with this. Each day I want to try something new.
    My current favorite is the tambour after receiving the book, 18th Century Embroidery Techniques as a gift. I love the colors and classical images.

  443. Wow Mary, There are quite a few embroidery techniques I love! That all seem impossible to get supplies for also! I started out with some thread painting, then picked up some silk Ribbon, Moved on to stump-work, did a few Crewel projects and just finished a few red-work gifts. I love a sampler like this that combines almost all! And the best part is no hunting for supplies!

  444. Hello,
    what a marvellous give-away. I have a few of Lorna’s pincushions, but this one is not in the collection!
    My favorite stitching is mostly the one I am busy working on at the moment. This day that is Ukrainian embroidery, as I am doing a course. Lots of darning, special stitches, mostly red and black, a lovely thing to do!
    Love to you all,

  445. I love stumpwork. It fascinates me that you can do 3d with embroidery.
    Lorna’s pincushion is beautiful.

  446. It depends on what mood i’m in. Sometimes i like crewel wool, other times i like stumpwork or ribbon. This kit looks like alot of fun!

  447. The hand embroidery I most enjoy doing is crewel embroidery, especially of Jacobean/Elizabethan designs. I like the motifs, the stitches and the colours of crewel wool.

    I like to look at other sorts of embroidery such as the Cluny tapestries and ecclesiastical embroideries but I don’t enjoy doing tapestry or cross-stitch. There are a number of techniques I would like to learn but I want to improve my crewel embroidery first.

    Thank you for the give-away. I would love to try some ribbon embroidery.

  448. My favorite type of embroidery is surface stitchery and the manipulation of stitches to create something unique.
    I am not usually too interested in kits but this one you are giving away is absolutely delightful and I would love to win it!

  449. Although I do more counted cross stitch, my all time favorite stitching is what I do on Crazy Quilts. I love the variety of stitches and combining stitches together, and the threads – oh my, that is the best part. My all time fav of course is silk… This kit is sweet and perhaps just what I need to get me “back at it”!!

  450. Hi Mary,
    So glad to see a review of Lorna Bateman kits. . I am a fan of her type of embroidery because she always has a good variety of different techniques to do on each pattern and that is why I have to say my favorite type is a lot of different types. Sounds crazy but I love a large variety of stitches and such to do so I never get bored. Would love to win the beautiful kit. Thanks for featuring it in your review.
    Mary Ann/ Cincinnati, Ohio

  451. I love doing all types of ‘whimsical’ embroidery…stumpwork, surface and raised embroidery, crewel. Mostly it is the design that catches my heart. I also love working with beautiful threads and lace.

  452. I love spontaneous, ‘organic’ embroidery. Just attack with a variety of stitches and add a few beads for sparkle.
    ‘spilt milk’ – what a great color name.

  453. I have just started playing with some of the beautiful stitches I’ve been learning from needles&thread on a baby quilt. Fun! My most favorite hand embroidery is the kind I make with love and give away.

  454. What is my favorite type of hand embroidery , that is so difficult currently I’m trying to improve my stitches and abilities in my work, I’ve loved embroidery since childhood, but I keep adding new fiber art crafting ,mixed media ‘ I dabble in so many types, as Iim curious and love learning and the finished project so satisfying ,even with my errors, multiple correction. I love your site ! I only found it a few weeks ago and go to it frequently! So ….I guess sampler embroidery ,so I can do various st. And enjoy and learn at same time adding in my new found interest of embellishing and ribbon work! Thank you for the many new learning opportunities ! Happy Holidays to you ,your staff and families !

  455. Since I am new to embroidery, I love experimenting with all types! Thank you for your blog–it is somuch fun to read!

  456. My favorite kind of hand embroidery is the kind I can do sitting in my recliner, occasionally looking out at the birds and squirrels.

  457. My favorite type of embroidery is crewel. There are so many wonderful stitches to use in a project. Also, the threads and yarns available offer endless variety. I would love to try my hand at one of Lorna’s beautiful kits.
    Thank you for your offer, Mary.

  458. Wow! All I can say is thank to you one and all for all the lovely comments. I am truly blown away and humbled by the response to Mary’s article. I have yet to read them all as there are just so many. I love what I do with a passion, and teaching and sharing is my foremost love. Mary’s column is an inspiration to all needleworkers and the fact that she is willing to share her knowledge with others in such a professional way , makes hers such a special blog. A huge thank you, Mary!

  459. Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway! My favourite type of embroidery is any counted thread technique – but I’m open to anything new and beautiful 🙂

  460. Gosh! Trying to pick my favourite is a real puzzle! I have dabbled in many forms of embroidery and just love combining them all! That’s why these kits are so appealing…we get to practice them all!

  461. Mary, Oh My! So much thread, so little time. I am currently working with ribbon embroidery and art dolls (whose clothes always need embroidery and beads), but I will try to list my favorite(s) in order: (1) needle painting, (2) crewel and a tie with jacobean, (3) stump work, and (4) ribbon embroidery. Thank you so much for all of your instructions and help, they are indispensable. And, thanks to you and all of the people/businesses who contribute to your wonderful giveaways.

  462. My favorite kind of hand embroidery is surface embroidery that does not involve counting threads or spaces. Crewel, silk ribbon, crazy quilt, bead embellishment, thread painting, and stumpwork fit this into this group. They make my needle fly.

  463. My favorite type of hand embroidery is blackwork and similar designs. I love counted cross stitch and crewel as well. I’m really interested in trying to use tiny elements (as I have lots and lots)in making useful items for gifts. Thanks for the ideas and opportunities.

  464. My favorite hand embroidery is dimensional, rayon, pearl or whatever.

    I have done handwork for many years (I am 84)and have learned quite a few thing from your stitch fun and videos.

    Thank you for your wonderful work.

    The project looks wonderful.

    Sammy Westphal

  465. Brazilian Embroidery is my favorite. It takes a lot of time, but is so beautiful and I love dimensional embroidery

  466. Dear Mary- My favorite is surface embroidery but I also like crewel and ribbon. What a darling and girly pin cushion project. I know just the friend I would make it for!
    Thanks Karen

  467. My favorite type of embroidery us crazy quilt embroidery. I particularly like embellishing seams.

  468. I would be hard pressed to choose just one type of embroidery so I will say I love crazy quilting which allows me to play with many favorite techniques and create unique one-of-a-kind items. It stretches my imagination and skills.

  469. I’m a fairly new embroiderer. I am currently making a small (6×10) crazy quilt with a variety of stitches. It’s fun to learn new stitches as I go and would have to say this is my favorite project so far. This pin cushion looks like it would be a challenge that I would enjoy.

  470. No matter what I always come back to counted techniques, mostly cross stitch although I dabble in just about everything.

  471. I’m not sure if I’m advanced enough yet to have a favorite type. I like all kinds, but would love to learn Brazilian embroidery. It’s so beautiful!

  472. My favorite hand embroidery…hmmmm just about all. If I have to pick one, it would be…..I do not think I can pick just one…okay.hmmmm….painting with threads and beads. I love beaded work. And painting with thread is lovely. Especially in silks. I have not had much experience with tone on tone. It is all wonderful. I am a lover of what was once called “The Womanly Arts”.
    G Daniece

  473. Hello Mary, I like all forms of embroidery, but my most favourite would be silk ribbon embroidery, specifically flowers, I lovely the challenge of trying to get the ribbon to sit as real petals.

  474. I found Lorna Bateman’s embroidery beautiful and I would so enjoy doing one of her kits. I just had knuckle replacement surgery on my left hand, but believe it would be great therapy!
    I read your newsletters with great interest each time I get one and am so pleased there are so many interested in keeping the old ways of embroidery and stitching going. Hope you keep it up for a long, long time.

  475. for years I did counted cross stitch, then I discovered your site and you teaching videos. I’ve been hooked on trying new stitches, beads and threads. I love the feel and sound of the DMC thread pulling through satin fabric stretched in my hoop. Surface embroidery is my favorite!

  476. At the moment my favourite is needle point but I also enjoy surface embroidery. I trying to improve my stitching by branching out away from the pre-printed designs and getting a bit more adventurous!

  477. Gingham Embroidery is my favorite hand embroidery technique.
    The designs to create from a checkered fabric are so many & left to our own imagination!

  478. My favourite type of hand embroidery is Silk Ribbon Embroidery. I have seen very exquisite silk ribbon embroideries and aspire to become more knowledgeable and adept at it. Thank you so much for all the information found on this site. I have learned so much!

  479. The kit is gorgeous! And yes…the exchange rate is a HUGE con to get it out here 🙁
    My favourite type of embroidery is counted work….specifically cross-stitch. I do, however, enjoy most forms of embroidery – simple surface embroidery, ribbon embroidery (enjoyed learning this technique when I did an online crazy quilt class!), hardanger.

  480. My favorite form of hand embroidery, for over thirty years,has been counted cross stitch. I have done needlepoint, pulled and drawn thread work, and a tiny bit of Hardanger, but keep coming back to counted cross stitch.

  481. Good morning, my favourite type of hand embroidery is always the one I’m about to learn. I rush headlong into a new project, absolutely determined that this time I’ve found the style for me. I can’t wait for the weekend to get home and sit and stitch. And then I’ll read something (often on your blog Mary), or see something at a craft show, or see a book, and then I’m off again. Current project put in a bag to finish “later”. New supplies ordered and another project started. My current desire is to learn traditional Japanese silk embroidery. I’ve found a teacher and am saving hard – the new course starts in January!

  482. I prefer the free hand embroidery . The bullion and chain stitch. This pincushion is so beautiful. A perfect gift to do for my mother, who loves embroidery .me encantaría hacer este proyecto.

  483. I’m strictly surface embroidery at the moment but I would love to try my hand at some stump work.

  484. Those are lovely kits; I especially appreciate that all the “ingredients” are included. My favourite is free or surface embroidery, maybe because it’s what I learned first.

  485. My favorite type of embroidery is one that I’ve learned from you = the long and short stitch! I have been able to take my embroidery up a notch by this technique, and though I’m new to ‘threadpainting’ I am determined to continue to learn it!
    Thank you for being such a constant source of inspiration. This giveaway would be a nice project to do in between major projects! Happy Holidays!

  486. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for this give away. I collect
    old pin cushions as well as making my own. In fact, I’m called the “Pin Cushion Lady”. I have
    taught many classes to guild members as to making
    their own pin cushions. I would love to win this, It would be a great addition to my collection. My favorite hand embroidery is stitching with silk ribbon, love the look you
    can accomplish with the ribbon, it’s so versatile.


  487. Ooh, that is a hard one to answer, but I would have to say I love doing crazy quilting as I can incorporate all sorts of stitches that are different but all seem to work together in the end!

  488. If you asked me a year ago, I would have said counted cross stitch. Now that I have learned other embroidery stitches and techniques (thanks to the internet and this site) it would be hard to just pick one!! Thank you for feeding my addiction! 🙂

  489. I dabble in lots of different types of hand embroidery, but surface embroidery, especially with satin and stem stitch, is what I do most. Thank you for the chance at such a beautiful kit.

  490. favorite embroidery at the moment is blanket stitch as I’ve been doing a good bit of wool applique, but I am looking forward to my return to finer needlework, including silk ribbon embroidery and smocking!

  491. Anything that makes my heart flutter just by looking at embroidery pictures, looking at stump work and analyzing ribbon embroidery, the feel of wool thread doing crewel work, the shiny silk threads, the warm cottons…Where do I stop? I love it all!


  492. A year ago, I thought my days of fine needlework were finished. Then, in March, I was referred to a specialist who found cataracts. After surgery and corrective lens implants, I have stitched jubilantly this year! Right now, I am loving crewel embroidery – especially all the detailed stitches that stretch my mind and fingers and give soooo much texture to my projects. As a widow of two years, my needlework fills many lonely hours! I have always stitched – clothing, cross stitch, quilts. I enjoy the history of each of these techniques and especially delight in recreating antique pieces. Thank you for a wonderful website and this opportunity to win a wonderful kit!

  493. I’ve loved hand embroidery ever since my mama taught me to embroider on pre-stamped dish towels, dresser scarves and pillowcases that you could get at the dimestore (does that date me?). Anyway, I progressed from simple stitches to crewel work where I learned new and different stitches, then to counted cross stitch which was a little scary at first because there was no design already on the cloth! Also tried Hardanger once with a very small beginner design, and a couple of silk embroidery pieces, but now I seem to have come full circle as I’m back to surface embroidery. In their own time and way, I guess they have all been favorites, but I think the old, familiar surface embroidery is my very favorite of all.

  494. Eu amo bordar, prefiro o ponto cruz, mas tenho me aventurado em borddo de superfície, já fiz alguns trbalhos, mas quero me aperfeiçoar, preciso trabalhar muito para isso, mas vou conseguir.
    Belo presente este que disponibilizou, bjs

  495. Sashiko is my favorite type of hand embroidery. It is so simple looking yet when done can look very complex and beautiful.

  496. To look at – I love stumpwork and goldwork. I’m still not practiced enough at them for them to to be my favorite to do, though. Basic surface embroidery still wins for that!

  497. I like all kinds of embroidery but I think that the stitching on “crazy quilt” type projects are fun.

    That pin-cushion is just beautiful with that lovely lace and all those beads.

  498. So many kits come with instructions and thread/fabric but not the whole “ball of wax”. Not only is this something to droll over, but it has everything you need for a finished, brag about, project that can be carried around in the
    beautiful bag it came in when going to Guild meetings for the ‘Show and Share’ table. Put my name in the pot and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  499. So far, I have to go with Goldwork as my favorite type of embroidery. Can’t beat the sparkle and shine!

  500. Beautiful project kit. My favorite embroidery type is free form hand embroidery. Starting with an outline,I like to “crazy-quilt” the inside form.

  501. Hardanger would have to be my favorite. Not because I find it the most pleasant to do, though I do enjoy it immensely, but because it is something that I associate with my grandmother and great grandmother. I got my passion for all textile crafts from them. I am still in awe of the needlework that they brought with them to this country.

    Thank you so much for all that you do for us!

  502. I really love dimensional embroidery, the kind that leaves lots of fun shapes and textures on a piece, like bullion stitches.


    This is a difficult question for me to answer. i started embroidering 1996 when i had back surgery and was laid up. Actually it was cross stitch that i started on. Made a few pillow cases and pillows, but wanted something with more demension.
    Then i bought a bag at a yardsale full of stamped cotton squares with grass and flowers and butterflies on it. my mother taught me about 5 embroidery stitches and i was off. that is when i fell in love with surface embroidery.the longer i embroideried, the more stitches i wanted to learn. the more stitches i learned the more different threads i wanted to use.it was never-ending…
    I tried needlepoint,hardanger, blackwork. but i always come back to surface embroidery. i love making flowers that come to life by using different kinds of threads and/or techniques. like making a bumblebee out of frenchknots and wings out of straight stitches, thats why i like surface, cause there is no end to the possiblities you can create.
    i have been in awe of the people who get their pieces in the INSPIRATION magazines. i have collected many over the years and i would be honored to recieve such a gift as whatyou are sew graciously offereing one lucky person.

  504. I just love trying all different styles of embroidery but I think my favourite is fine needlelace. I just love filling tiny petals and leaves. Thankyou for the offer of free give-aways you are incredibly generous. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  505. I have been viewing this site for a long time, it has a wealth of information and I find it so inspiring. I saw this kit giveaway whilst searching hardanger.

    This kit contains much of what I love embroidering, crazy patchwork, beading and ribbon embroidery, so I would truly love to stitch it.

    As for my favourite stitch, I go through phases, at the moment I think I would say bullion knots, they are so rewarding when they go well. The stitch I have a problem getting right is long and short stitch, no matter how I practice I just cannot seem to get the finish I seek.

    Thank you for this great site and these reviews and giveaways.

  506. I love all hand embroidery work — I am just starting the ribbon embroidery and would love this kit!! I am also an avid sewer and quilter – I would love a challenge like this little kit. Thanks for the chance.

  507. Mary, thank you for this opportunity! I did not know about Lorna’s work and her products, I am grateful that you open up our embroidery world by introducing us to things we might not otherwise learn about.

    My favorite type of embroidery is floral surface embroidery, with fine scale threads. I am very open to learning new embroidery techniques and mediums, so winning this kit would expand my embroidery horizons 🙂

  508. I like crewel embroidery, whitework, goldwork… It is so hard to chose only one. Very often it depends on time (sometimes I want more colors, sometimes – white around me, sometimes I prefer colors of nature). But I always like embroidery and I always like to try something new.

  509. I love all kinds of embroidery. My current favorite is counted with bead embellishments. Each time I look at your articles I want to try whatever you are talking about. My UFOs are multiplying but I don’t care because I am learning new stitches

  510. I love it all which is why I keep doing crazy quilting and I can use my trials and leftovers from my other pieces in my crazy quilt. it’s so much fun.
    Renee in Astoria

  511. I so need a new pin cushion. Mine is35 years old. I love this kit because it lends itself to a free spirit not just a kit. All the stitches and notions you can Incorporate from your mind. I would love it, as I love all your embroidery stitches.
    Thank you.

  512. I have done lot of cross stitch earlier but for now I try to learn pearl embroidery and I love it.

    Hugs, Pia from Sweden

  513. Hum, what’s my favourite type of hand needlework?? A better question mught be what isn’t my favoutite kind? My least favourite is cross stitch because I can’t count though I can count to 5 so I can do Hardanger fairly wee, but my most favourite is goldwork. I just love the bling!!! Also stitching useful things is better for me, If I can’t make it into something it and it isn’t a present for someone it ends up hangng in my closet.

  514. I enjoy doing a variety of techniques, partly related to my mood at the moment so naming a favorite is difficult. Hardanger is very high on my list. Thank you for offering this kit – it is beautiful.

  515. Him, Marý! My favourite kind of embroidery the traditional one. I aim to achieve to know and execute correctly each point. And then, I would like to improve in other embroidery techniques. Thanks for the oportunity! Best wishes, Paula.

  516. My favourite type of embroidery? A very hard question as I like trying new things such as the tambour embroidery which I saw an your site. As I live outside a country town in Australia it is taking a while to gather the essentials to start this new adventure. I think my favourite is surface embroidery using as many stitches and tecniques as I think will fit the project.

  517. Hi Mary,
    I really love any kind of embroidery, I am currently working on my first quilt and am thinking about my next project. My quilting teacher is 94 yrs old, she has a quilt that has the state birds and flowers embroidered on it. Her aunt made this quilt 50 yrs ago! It is so beautiful, I am going to quilt one like it. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful pin cushion! Diane

  518. I love needle painting. The shading looks so realistic. However, the projects I spend most of my time on are counted thread. I suppose I’m more comfortable with precise directions to follow. Love the pincushion design!

  519. W.O.W. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many comments to a post! I don’t stand a chance for chasing the winter blues away with some new techniques, some fine lace, and my fav!: pearls! Currently I am attempting to learn as many new embroidery techniques as possible over the coming year; I have a very special, very large, long term, secret project that I am barely underway with. Ah, but my safe and steady love is the canvaswork designs that I create for my own pleasure. I do dog portraits, detailed flowers, and monograms; all in 18 count with silk floss when possible. Most become pillows for my family, like my current project – almost finished! Soon I’ll begin work on a series of three rather large shields with family mottos from the 1200s. Those I look forward to seeing as big comfortable pillows on our sofa at home. So many projects, such a short life span!

  520. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for sharing about Lorna’s website and embroidery. I really like how you can get the full kit. One of the disappointing things i found when i first brought a kit was that to make the whole thing you have to go and buy extra items. I would rather pay a little extra and get everything i need to make what’s on the packaging/picture of the finished product..
    i love all the little beads and lace mixed in with the embroidery. I really like mixed media embroidery. I don’t see why i can’t use different techniques and types in the one project. They come out looking fantastic. I’m inspired by her little pin cushion to attack my little price of foam pincushion with some lace and beads and embroidered flowers xx

  521. I am a newbie to embroidery. About a year ago I found an embroidery stitch book, from the early 70’s called, 100 Embroidery Stitches by Coats and Clark. Now I seem to have an insatiable appetite for new stitches and age old techniques. So far my favorite embroidery is to do anything dimensional, with a Victorian feel. Thank you for offering so many tutorials, they help me create my own embroidery style.

  522. Mostly I do cross-stitch, but I enjoy any type of needlework.
    Love Lorna’s pincushion! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and opportunity.

  523. Presently, I am working with white on white projects and white on natural linen. I am embroidering with a wooden frame and outlining handprints. I have been learning different stitches, using Mary Corbet’s teaching video’s available on her Needle n Thread website. I used the Portuguese Knot on my son’s handprints;
    the Coral Knot on his wife’s hands; and will use just a backstitch for the baby’s hands which are inside the outline of the mother’s left handprint and daddy’s right handprint! Fun for First Christmas present!


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