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You Need More Thread!


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To help you make it through the midpoint of the week, how about some thread talk and a little give-away?

You know I have a thread problem, right? I freely admit it. I like embroidery threads!

What am I saying!?! I Love embroidery threads!!

Like the crow to sparklies, like the dog to squirrels, I’m drawn to embroidery threads. They are my One Weakness.

(Well, one of my one weaknesses, anyway!)

Today, I’m going to spread the love a bit – you know, give you an opportunity to indulge your thread obsession, too.

Because I know you must have a thread obsession. Isn’t that why we get along so well? We understand each other, after all!

Colour Complements Embroidery Threads

Courtesy of Lorraine at Colour Complements, two participants in today’s give-away will get to choose 5 skeins from Lorraine’s inventory, to add to your own stash, or to implement in your current project, or just to salivate over occasionally.

Colour Complements Embroidery Threads

Lorraine’s threads are over-dyed threads, dyed by hand, and they include various types of threads: perle cottons in sizes 5 – 12, regular stranded cotton floss, silks, rayons, viscose tubular ribbons, and sparkle chainette. Lots of variety!

Right now, she’s got a sale going on in her Etsy shop, to clear some inventory, so if you’re keen to try out her threads, you’ll find this selection of perle cottons and floss available at 25% off.

Colour Complements Embroidery Threads

And she’s got some newly dyed colors in – like this Fantastic spring green blend, which is available in perle cottons 5-12 and stranded cotton floss. If you’re working on anything springy, this would be a great color way to have on hand!

The Thread Give-Away

If you’d like the chance to win 5 skeins of glorious overdyed embroidery threads of your choice from Colour Complements, just follow these guidelines:
This give-away is now closed. Thanks so much for participating!

1. Leave a comment below, here on Needle ‘n Thread. If you’re not sure where to leave the comment, just follow this link directly to the comment form. Comments via email (in reply to the newsletter) or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. Please make sure you leave a name on the comment form – in the name line or in the comment box – that’s more or less unique to you. See, if you sign your comment “Sue,” there’s going to be confusion when I announce the winner. So if you could just individualize your name a bit if it happens to be a common name, that would be terrific.

3. In your comment, please answer the following:

When you embroider, what are your favorite colors to work with in a project? If you had to pick, say, three colors that you like combining into one project, what would they be?

4. Leave your comment by Tuesday, April 28, at 5:00 am (central time – KS, USA), and I’ll announce two randomly drawn winners that day. The winners will need to contact me, so if you join up, make sure you stop in next week to see if you win! If I don’t hear from the winners within 48 hours of the announcement, I’ll draw again.

And that’s it! The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. There’s no affiliation here – just a good opportunity to spread a bit of thread infatuation!

So go on – join in the fun – leave your comment below! What’s the worst that could happen, after all? Five more skeins of embroidery thread in your stash?

You could live with that, couldn’t you?

Tomorrow, I have an announcement for you. A very exciting one! See you then!


(835) Comments

  1. I’m a bit mad about color! The more the merrier. Right now I’m looking at combining periwinkle blue (definitely a favorite), deep brown, and possibly coral in an upcycling project. We’ll see how that turns out!

  2. Hi, Mary!

    Thanks for the chance, l am a thread lover! Any kind, but mainly silk threads~
    My favorite colors combination are: pink, green and brown.

    Have a wonderful day



  3. Hi πŸ™‚
    My all time favorite color for anything from embroidery thread to underwear is PURPLE…glorious, beautiful, purple. That being said, I like working with greens, golds, blues, browns, coppers, lots of colors. I don’t like orange much, but for some strange reason, I hit on a combo the other day that looked really awesome. The background fabric is a light blue and white ticking and I worked a vine with several shades of green and then some coral oyster stitch buds on it. I was amazed at how good the colors looked together.

  4. Good Morning! I love to use robin’s egg blues with a creamy yellow. Then for an accent a lovely rose shade. Of course, right now I am doing a project in primary colors…sigh.

  5. Wow! Some very nice colors and in my preferred thread–perle cotton. My favorite color is blue so a three-color combination would be a dark blue, medium-to-light blue, and a white or light gray.
    Gary Parr

  6. I love blue; bright, cheerful, sunshiney blue, or rich royal blue. My three favourite colours would be blue, green, and purple – they go so well together.

  7. Hi Mary,
    My favorite colors to work with are various shades of blue, teal and pinks!
    Hope you choose my name to win!

    Kathy Young

  8. Oh, colors, my go to would be purple, teal and green. Purple is just so majestic. I, too, believe you can never have too much thread, but I have never tried any of the Colour Compliments. I think I will head on over to Etsy. Happy Stitching!

  9. I love the range from yellow to red to purple, not so much greens and blues. So I tend to gravitate towards that. If I had to choose three colors only for a project, I’d probably go with sunny yellow, tangerine orange and burgundy red.

  10. Well, it would have to be green. And not just any green, but an olivy green. I like to pair it with pink and burgundy. As I look around my house at all the different embroidery techniques I’ve tried, those three colors keep popping up.

  11. My favorite colors are the jewel tones. The more vibrant and rich the better. Favorites of the favorite- rich purple, deep magenta, and a sunburst yellow.

  12. Oooo! How exciting. I would love to win some extra embroidery thread.

    My absolute favourite colour to embroider with is blue. I have a blue obsession. I do love the simplicity of Japanese Sashiko embroidery where you combine blue and white. But I also love combining different hues of the same colour. Light, medium and dark blue in a lovely blackwork design. Gorgeous.

  13. I live in Florida so I love the combination of teals, corals and tans. I’d love these in pearl cotton as I’ve just started working with this thread all due to what I’ve learned from needles and thread.

  14. Hi Mary,
    Picking color has never been easy for me.I tend to go for the easiest option available. However, if I were asked to choose, lots of red,with a pinch of yellow and some bright purple would be my choice.


  15. The colours I like to work with change over time. But since the spring is coming here in MontrΓ©al and the leaves will soon start to open (well within a month) the green seems a pretty good choice, as well as pink in all shades, as I look forward for the magnolias and apple and crab apple trees to burst into blooming.

    I hope I will win this time.

  16. I love all colors!!!! I love to put together reds, yellows and orange. Also love all shades of blue.

  17. I am such a thread-aholic!! Just yesterday I was wondering how many miles of thread I have. My favorite color to work with is purple. I like pinks and greens with it. Thanks Mary!

  18. Green dark blue and dusty pink are me faves, these work for everyday and seasonal projects.

  19. Oh those threads are heavenly. I can find use for every one of them but I am partial to the blues, lavenders and pinks. They really make me feel happy. I have embroidered for years and seem to collect all sorts of threads. There hasn’t been a thread yet that didn’t get used at some point in my life.
    Right now I am trying embroidery on quilts and these would be fantastic to give me the colors I need.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    Sharry from TN

  20. I love all autumn colors – greens, golds, orangey-reds- and those are thr embroideries I’m always drawn to first, I think I need to branch out colorwise.

  21. I would love to win the embroidery floss. I am a quilter and embroider blocks to add variety to my quilts. My favorite three colors to use in a block are green, lavender and pink. It reminds me of spring.

  22. I’m currently using a combination of turquoise, oranges and gold on a CQ project for CQJP 2015. Lorraine’s threads or beautiful and I would love to win.

  23. I am such a sucker for overdyed threads!!! My favorite color is blue, so I can never resist them, but I am also a big fan of sunny yellow as well- As I really am not crazy about compensating a lot, I will frequently use overdyed threads as an alternative on my pieces. These overdyed threads make me drool they are so gorgeous!

  24. I love bright colours and like to combine reds,and lime greens and purples. I love all kinds of thread but especially like silks.

  25. My favourite colour is purple, given any colours in any embroidery there would be purple n shades of purple of course green for leaves n gold for highlights
    Oh heavenly
    Hugs Bear

  26. What a great give away as I am just starting to make Japanese braid to compliment some embroidery a collection of colours in size 5 would be just the thing.
    Look forward to seeing the exciting news you have promised us.

  27. Wow! Those threads are beautiful! I do a lot of leaves in what I stitch, so green and blue for the sky are my most used colors. I also do a lot of red work.

  28. My favorite colors are jewel tones! I love combining rich blues, reds, purples, greens… okay really anything that is vibrant and jewel like and adds some drama.

  29. Ooh, aren’t they pretty!! My favorite colours are blues – I really struggle to force myself to work with other colours! If I had to pick three colours and was totally free to pick any colours in the world I’d probably still end up going for say sky blue, sea blue and a bluey-turqoise! Having said that, I just love colour – so when I do force myself to work with something else – e.g. oranges and pinks on a recent project, I love that too!

  30. I love aquamarine, purple with some form of green
    for apparel, and reds, turquoise and yellows for kitchen projects – and anything in between – I love thread too!!!!!!! Thanks for this great chance and an introduction to yet another source.

  31. I use a lot of Finca perle cotton, size 12 or 8 and I lean toward brighter colors. I love the soft muted hues but inevitably like the finished works with bright colors more. If I could only work with three colors I would pick two shades of pink or rose and add a green for contrast. I will check out Lorraine’s etsy shop as her threads look gorgeous.
    Barbie Z

  32. Glowing greens, burnished bronze, and vibrant yellows set my imagination humming–a woodland scene with a sudden burst of natures art!

    Thanks you for the great resources available on needlenthread.com. The search ability is a hugh asset to this treasure trove.

  33. Thanks for the chance to add more threads to my collection!! I like to combine purple,pink and yellow for a little “pop”. Thanks again for the chance.

  34. Hi! Beautiful threads. I usually use varigted in greens and Browns , blues, and purple. I really would like to try her variegated or any others. I would use green, lavender, and blue. Or I would use yellow, blue, and green. Hope I win!

  35. I love to embroidery, I dream of embroidery, I just attended a four day Embroidery Retreat! I read your blog everyday and have embroidery books all over the house. I take classes on applique and embroidery. A needle is in my hand all the time. The color I love to work with is blue, you can never have enough blues … it goes so well with my eyes. I need more blues….LOL

  36. As a child I was always drawn to pink and green, in my bedroom, the colors of my clothes, knitting yarns and embroidery threads. Then something happened when I “grew up”. I now prefer to stitch with yellow, for the sun, and green, for all living things, and then I can accent with almost any color. Lately it has been shades of purple.

  37. Hi Mary

    Better than sweeties or chocolate – who could resist such lovely things!


  38. Hi Mary: I love all colors but generally gravitate towards any colour of blue or blue/green. Currently I’m ogling a burgundy/gold/dark blue combo of threads that I bought because they were braided together at a LNS – too pretty to pass up! Would love to win more threads to feed the addiction – that new springy green looks tempting.

  39. I love thread.!! Have thread for cross stitch, thread for needlepoint, thread for embroidery. Would like to have the chance to try these threads in a new project?

  40. I just love Lorraine’s threads, they are so lovely! When I embroider I like to use a lot of different colors even in one project. I think my favorite colors to include in a project would be green, various shades of purple and rose colored threads. I also like to do projects in one color with different shades. Thanks for the contest!

  41. My favorite colors to embroidery with are blues, greens, yellows, purples, reds and pinks in pastel. They just make me smile because they remind me of spring, which is my favorite time of year. I thank you for sharing so much with us.

  42. I love the colors and variations. I’m enhancing an underwater sealife batiks from Kitts. I’m creating a birth announcement from a pattern of a children’s book about Oliver Otter. It’s a challenge to develop a design rather than following a pattern. Love following your thought process.

  43. Oh dear, I can only choose 3 colours. I’d have to say blue, purple and orange…..but if I used variegated threads I could combine the blue/purple, yellow/orange, and some greens :).

  44. Such beautiful threads and colours. What stitcher could refuse these treasures – for that is what they are. My fingers `itch` to start stitching with these beauties. I love to work with random dyed thread – such wonderful results from them.

  45. WOW! If I won, this would be a hard choice – so many yummy colors! My favorite colors are DMC #498, because I am obsessed with Redwork for one, then an ocean blue and of course black, because I also do wool applique.
    Thanks for the giveaway and all you do Miss Mary! I appreciate you more than you will ever know!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

  46. Thank you for the opportunity! I would say I love all kinds of colors – bright, muted, warm, cool…But I must confess the more colors there are in a project, the merrier as far as I am concerned… I’m not all that fond of single color projects πŸ™‚

  47. My three colors right now that I love and also working into my first wool applique project is ecru,dmc 869 golden brown and also black.
    I’m learning the crazy quilt stitches so I love all the “stitchy stuff.”

  48. The thread looks lovely. I love doing redwork, so I guess red would be my favorite color. If I’m doing something with several colors, I’d probably start with a a teal blue, sage-ish green and a rasberry-ish color. I like pastels, but the deeper colors.

  49. Good morning.

    I don’t have a favorite color to work with. I like various shades of blue. Blue is a calming color for me. I like browns from tan to dark chocolate. I like fall color combinations.

    If I combined three colors in a project, I would like to try black, gold, and cream.

  50. what a lovely giveaway. πŸ™‚ i love to work with greens and blues and oranges and reds and yellows and purples and all colors in between! hehehe… seriously though, i have been drawn towards greens and yellows lately…probably because of the long winter we just endured (here in maine). thanks for the chance to win some thready joy!

  51. I always say my favorite color is bluegreenpurple. But you just can’t beat the soothing qualities of blue, green and purple.
    Especially in threads!

  52. I love earth tones! I would love a palatte of deep, deep brown, coming up to wheats and gold flecks, or a bit of orange for pop!

  53. If I am doing a just for fun piece I love using yellows, oranges and reds. Actually, any color that nature can come of with is delightful to use. I love to stitch and, of course, you need thread to do so.

  54. When i needlepoint, I love to mix greens of many hues. I like a pop of lime or even bright green as I think it brings your eye to the color mixture. I love overdid greens on areas that are otherwise “fields” (no pun intended) because I think it adds dimension to the area!

  55. Wow, I hope to win and can try these wonderful looking threads. My favorite thread colors are heather blue, Mauves, and taupe Browns. I’ve always used Valdani per le cottons but these look wonderful!

  56. Can never have enough threads especially variegated. I love crazy patchwork and variegated threads look so good. Do not have a specialist shop near where I live in Australia, so am now at 71 years old, looking to Internet and talented needle workers for inspiration . The threads look amazing especially the first picture. Nearly bedtime, so will probably dream about them I’m a pink, blue, jade and purple girl.. Thanks for your interesting newsletters. Many thanks Bev

  57. Color combinations I love to work with. I love peach, tan, and pink for beach shells. Lime green, tan and brown for critters in the spring woods. It’s hard to pick a single color scheme.

  58. Stacks of thread to love. What color to I love? Whatever color is in the needle at any moment.


  59. I’ve been in love with thread so long it’s almost like my skin. I love variegated colors Blues greens purples reds yellows. I’ll be 70 in about two weeks so what a great present it would be to receive free thread. I use them all. Silks cottons. Perles. I also love ribbon embroidery. Thanks Mary. Live your email. It makes my morning

  60. I love all threads and colours but now prefer willow green, pale lilac and cream with pale colours incorporated.

  61. Oh, Mary, I can relate with your love of embroidery threads. The new colors and types of threads that come out are amazing. I tend to chose the warm colors – oranges, yellows and corals.

  62. I love them all.working on project for my grand Neice, her mother double wedding ring quilt I never finished, as her mother passed away giving birth to her so I put it away. Now, she’s 14 and ready for this quilt. I’m hand embroidering flowers inside the rings before quilting. So if I won, I would love to have lavenders purples and greens. The double wedding is lavender and white! Thanks so much for offering a great giveaway.

  63. I don’t think I have a favorite colour. I like them all, but if I had to pick three colours to for a project I think I would pick a green, a gold and maroon.
    I love threads, as I do fabrics. I love to look at them, feel them and fantasize. Even if I don’t win some, I’m going to buy some of those gorgeous threads from her.

  64. My favourite colour to use in embroidery is definitely green (any shade makes me happy!). Three colours together would be green, orange and yellow. Thanks for the chance to win (these are gorgeous threads and I may just have to order some for my collection).

  65. I am not new to embroidery but really got interested in Crazy Quilting due to the Joyful Embellishment group on Facebook.My three colors would be teal, sage green and copper.

  66. there isn’t any one thread color that I prefer. I really like the multi color threads and the hand dyed threads. when I started to embroider we had DMC that was about it.

  67. Oh, I have to pick just three favorite colors?! Ok, they would be a deep red (redwork is my favorite style of embroidery), a sapphire blue, and a rich brown.

  68. Those Spring greens are gorgeous!

    Favorite colors…oh that’s so hard…I love my hoard when they are all piled together mixing and mingling and dancing off each other.

    But, to choose only 3? hmmmm…anything lime-ish green is right on top, then golden yellow, but wait….orange/orangy-red, and definitely charcoal grey. OK, I’m weak, I had to pick four. πŸ™‚

  69. My favorite colors are green, browns, and pink…for flowers and plants and trees. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. The threads I like to use are Waterlillies which are overdyes .
    The next one is stef Francis beautiful thread to work with.
    Last one is au vera soie pearl thread.
    Thanks for letting me involved in your small giveaway it is wonderful as we really have to chase threads in Australia if we want something different.Thanks Chris philp

  71. Thank you for this give a way! My favorite colors are fall colors like deep reds, dark greens and rust orange. I just can’t get enough of fall scenery.

  72. It’s would choose a beautiful sunny yellow …to remind me of the sun and all it brings.
    I would choose an aqua green…the ocean is such fun
    I would chose a hot pinky orange…just because I could

  73. I empathize. Logging on color complements site or the test site is like a trip to my favorite gourmet chocolate shop. Irresistible.

  74. Hi,

    So wery beautifull yarns you have in this mail. Did you know that I have atrosis in my both hands? It does that the wintertime uses to be painfull but I use my hands very much.
    I like to do white works and light coloured yarns. Last winter my husband was kleaning whole our house and he drow away much of things, but we saved my yarn, coloured by me a long ago. Now my girlfriend had already waved two blankets and is comin to start me for my job..
    Of course, you can to add to me in FB but there is many with same name but take a look at my photo so you found me. Nice to get know you…My favourite colours are light lila, mauve and white.

  75. Mary, thanks for the opportunity! My favorite colors to do anything with are shades of purple, green and pink. Nothing lifts my spirit more than those colors. I seem to get my projects done faster when those colors are included.
    Karen Maya’s Mom

  76. The three colours I would use in one product would be light blue ,and one multi coloured green,and the very. Dark green.
    Thanks Chris philp

  77. There is nothing more special than the delicious colors of variegated embroidery thread!! Most of my work uses this – you can get such variety without changing anything – like a giant surprise as you go along!!

  78. Oh it’s way too hard to pick just one set of three colors as my favorite! I really like navy blue, turquoise, and lime green; but also dark purple, blue, and green; red, brown, and gold; and black, silver, and red. I love colors and mixing them in different ways, so rarely are any of my projects the same color scheme, but those are the ones I gravitate towards when picking thread πŸ™‚

  79. fuchsia, emerald green and turqoise and purple and…. I could go on and on. I guess if it’s in the rainbow, it’s my favorite.

  80. If it’s a crazy quilt block, shades of white and ivory and cream.. that white on white look. For other things, primarily earth colors… greens (especially blue-green/teal), browns, golds.

  81. I usually work with ecru perle cotton on linen.
    I like the idea of working on a project I have in mind using sage green, magenta and pink.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  82. I love threads! My favorites are usually pastels colors – pinks, purples and greens. Would love the chance to win these. Thank you. Cynthia Tenney

  83. Threads…that rainbow of color! Well, just pick three-now that’s a hard choice! I prefer blues/greens especially TEAL. The second color would be red/blues in a RASPBERRY. The third would be a soft PEACH.

  84. I love all shades of blues – if I picked three colors a cobalt blue, a turquoise and a shade of light yellow

  85. My favorite colors to use are blue, white, and black. I’d love to try some of the multicolored threads you picture in his article if I win the giveaway.

  86. Hi Mary. What a difficult choice…I love all colours but if I had to pick I would choose coral, tan and light green in a silk or perle. They can be breathtaking together. I broke my foot a week ago and will be in a cast for another 7 weeks which gives a terrific excuse to do nothing but embroidery! Always look for the silver lining, that’s my motto!

  87. I always look for nice greens, can never have enough in my stash!! Other than that I’d say I’m attracted to roses and purples. Variegated threads are so much fun to work with!

  88. How can one pick just 3 colors that have to be in a project??? Then I started thinking about it and realized that I usually have blue, green, purple or pink in my projects. Then there are all of those other colors just waiting for me to drool over them also. I have been following Lorraine as she does her needlepoint squares using her various fibers…YUM! She is also doing those wool circle thingys that usually have some type of embroidery on them and they are interesting to see develop. Oh the trouble I can get into just reading your and her emails!

  89. I love all colors, but find I most often choose blues, plum and turquoise. Perhaps because I do create a lot of dragon flys. lol πŸ™‚

  90. My favorite colors are blues, though raspberry pink tends to work it’s way into my selection quite often. So three colors….sky blue, sapphire blue, raspberry pink. πŸ™‚

  91. Wonderful website, you have taught me so much!
    I like working with pastel pink, blue, yellow, and green.
    Thanks so much!
    Marcie Knowles

  92. Have you ever tried or know of anyone who has dyed thread at home? I’d love to know more about it and try it for some projects.

  93. Ohhh, I love Colour Complements Etsy Shop! Blue, green, & browns (copperish) is my favorite combo, but I also love blue, green, & amethyst. Thanks for the give-away!

  94. What a wonderful giveaway! Like so many, I use many threads in my stitching and in the final finishing stage of the projects… I’d love to use some of your beautiful threads~

  95. I love threads. The more the merrier, I say. Blue, burgandy, brown and greens are a few of my favorites. Variety is the spice of life.

  96. My absolute favourite colours are teal/aqua, purple and green. I have done a fair bit of canvaswork in those colours. They just seem to me to go well, and even have lots of variety within…

  97. I love all threads just as you described. But I really love the deep jewel tones. Reds, purples and wow those over dyed spring green’s are gorgeous! Hope to win some thread. I am just getting back to embroidery after a many year hiatus. Now that I’m retired I have to watch my pennies! But it is so hard, lol!

  98. Deep moss green is so lovely. I like to use it for shadows, text, and plants of all kinds. When paired with lavender it is simply stunning!

  99. RED, RED and more RED.
    Any shade of red will do, or lots of shades together.
    Did I say “red”?

  100. Like everyone else my stash of threads keeps growing. Must be like bunny rabbits that keep multiplying. Favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple.

  101. Oh the pastels are absolutely beautiful and would be wonderful to stitch a happy project, maybe something for Mother’s Day!!!

    Thank you for the give away.

  102. My favorite colors would be in the Burgundy Wine, Royal Blue and Hunter Green shades for a lot of work. But the pinks, greens and blue pastels for baby things. Thanks for the give away.
    Ronda Smith (rondasm12)

  103. The 3 colors I enjoy working with are 3 shades of purple, from very deep purple to a light lilac. I just joined your site this week. So glad I found you.

  104. Oooooh thread!!! Yes, yes, yes. I love it too and pick up new ones whenever I can.

    I almost always start with greens, then add warm colors — rust, pink, red, gold. Somehow I seldom pick the blue shades.

  105. I love shades of blue, especially a nice turquoise or teal. I really like the combo of turquoise and coral with a bit of gray–I’ve been planning on doing a project with those colors for awhile now, but you know how it is–there’s always too many projects, not enough time. πŸ™‚

  106. Hmmm, just 3 colors to work with??? Since it is Spring, I’ll go with peach and coral/salmon for some roses and of course a green for stems and leaves. Thank you for the giveaway….I love collecting and fondling thread…besides, it is easier to slip into the house, lol!

  107. My name is Adrienne and I really enjoy your blog. My favorite colors are robin’s egg blue, teal and lime green. Keep up the good work.

  108. My favorite are sage green, rosy pink & cream. Thanks for this opportunity to win some beautiful thread.

  109. The colors I work with most are not, interestingly enough my favorite color which is green. I mostly embroider with rust, teal, and cream.
    Stacy Hortner

  110. Thread junkie here! I LOVE thread!! I love the colors of nature…blues, greens, purples, browns, oranges! my favorite things to embroider are landscapes, butterflies, and flowers. It would be awesome to win more thread!!

    P.S. – I love your blog and read it everyday!! πŸ™‚

  111. Hi! I recently discovered your newsletter and am hooked! I’ve learned a lot and the stitch tutorials have been a big help. As regards the thread drawing, my favorite color to stitch with is green. Easy on the eyes, goes with everything, found everywhere in mom nature’s palette. Three colors to stitch with? Green, blue, yellow.

  112. I look forward to your emails . I just learned Brazilian Embroidery and all I want to do is embroider.I’m designing a Hussif. I’m teaching it at my quilt Guild. Colors that I most use are purple, green, and yellow.

  113. Green, green, and green! I love monochromatic embroidery, and green is my favorite color to work with. If I am using accents, I will throw in some red or gold (keeping it far from looking christmas by going with browner shades)

  114. Gorgeous threads! I’m crossing my fingers here; I just love the moving color effects possible with these threads.

    Three favorite colors–hard to limit.
    1) I always love the zing of metallics, any color really but gold is good.
    2) Darker reds.
    3) Jewel tones–purple.
    4) Since metallics are not a color, also jewel tone–teal.

  115. I’ve been taking a class on Kogin Embroidery, a northern Japanese craft. We use #12 pearl cotton, so the over dyed threads would make a spectacular look for this work on Aida cloth. The patterns are geometric and have traditional names, however, some of the designs work well with Native American patterns.The blended colors of the over dyed thread would work so well with this form of embroidery.

  116. Temptress! I use three colors a lot in my embroidery. So much so that my kids make fun of me. They are purple, turquoise and silver. Thanks for sharing about the threads. I feel the need for some stash enhancement.

  117. Those threads look fabulous. I have not tried over dyed threads so this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so. I do love earth tones such as golds and greens plus I love the teal and orange tones. Pick me, pick me. I would love to add these skeins to my stash for future experimentation.

  118. How to pick a favorite? Impossible!! I am currently well into a project using 92 colors, and I love them all, although I have to admit my heart swells when I need to thread the needle with a red or green, especially the deeper tones. If I were to embark on a project with only three colors allowed, it could easily be a rich red, a deep green with enough yellow tones in it to make it warm, and a lush purpley/plum.

  119. My favorite color combos are the deep purples (not too blue or red), sliver grays, and turquois. Those colors look so rich to me and are striking when you see them in combination. When doing flowers I am more traditional but tend to the warmer tones.

  120. My favorite colors for embroidery is red and blue. If I had to pick three colors they would be: blue, red, white

  121. I love the cooler colors and I love florals. If I had to pick three colors for my next project (I’m hoping to start a stitch sampler) they would probably be blue, pink or purple, and green.

  122. My favorite colors to hardanger are soft pinks, soft green and ecru on 28 count evenweave in a natural shade.

  123. I love green .
    I live in a place where the sun shines every day!
    We have sun and sea, but it is a place where I wish it had more green in nature.
    So I always bring the green to my embroidery …
    I also like the colors ranging from lilac to purple.
    If I had to choose three colors that I like, combining in a single project , would be green, lilac and purple

  124. Three colors – how difficult – Red because it my favorite and high energy color – green to clam the insanity from the red and variegated – if that’s a color to remind me how mixed up I can be

  125. Oh what gorgeous threads. I asked you yesterday what the variegated threads were. I feel like it is cotton candy, or taffy. It should be in the quilting stores. I often use pearl cotton for tying quilts. Thank you for telling us about this wonderful thread. It is awesome.

  126. Oh my, choosing favorite color to stitch with is difficult. I tend to like vibrant colors. Currently I like shades of yellow, red and green – tending to autumn colors. I really would love to win the chance to select colors for these beauties!!!

  127. My favorite colors are greens. I also quilt and I think of it as God’s background color. It provides a color that “grounds” the project. I also love orange. I almost always have orange in my projects. I’m told it’s the color of chaos! As a wife and mother of three sons (+ one dear husband) and a full time analyst for the city of Seattle…chaos is something I know about! Love your site Mary, I used the Hungarian chain stitch on a quilt which included piecing together pieces that I stitched up. So excited to see it completed.

    sue in west seattle

  128. Oh what beautiful threads. I’d love to use some of the Reds, oranges and yellows in a piece. I think they would be stunning. Variegated threads are my favourites to stitch with, particularly Caron threads, in all of their variations.

  129. I love peach, orange, and purple. I have been enjoying your newsletter. Thanks for the inspiration.

  130. My go to colors are deep jewel tone blue, true red and earthy brown. I am also a spinner and love to spin my own threads and yarns. I love to use hand dyed yarns and threads as they add a wonderful one of a kind element to any project. Thank you for highlighting all the wonderful craft people out there that I would not have known about if not for your web page!

  131. Ah! Color. If it’s a flower color, that just about covers my favorites. Right now I’m staring at a picture of a yellow iris that sometimes blooms in my garden in Nov. Another picture of a red rose with stamens of yellow and orange. Nature gets it perfect every time. Throw in some greens and there you have it. It’s hard to pin down a favorite when you witness a flower garden.

  132. I love, love, love anything teal, turquoise, aqua and robin’s egg blue. I live with it, wear it, and stitch with it. All my friends know it’s my signature color and has been since my college days (a millenium ago)! Variations of teal, white and old rose would be a favorite combo to stitch with.

  133. Moje kolory to niebieski morski, zielony wiosenny, ΕΌΓ³Ε‚ty ciepΕ‚y.

    (My colors are blue sea, spring green, yellow warm)

    Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  134. I love embroidering with variegated floss or perle. It has undulating movement.
    I’ve used that in smocking with great results, and would love to try it in a
    needlepoint piece of a English garden in front of a Tudor home from the time of
    Shakespeare. The effect would be striking with no need to change thread colors.
    My favorites are pinks, greens, and sky blues. All nature colors!!
    Thank you,
    Barbara Carlson

  135. My favorite colors are the shabby chic palette. Not quite as sweet or clear as baby colors, but soft nonetheless. One combination I am drawn to is lavender, soft green, and butter yellow – sort of Mardi Gras at nap time!

  136. there is this blue i love, not exactly sky, not exactly peacock, but a vibrant shade i love. then there is this glorious not peachy pink, strong and happy pink, and a yellow so bright that it makes me smile. these are my favorite colors.

  137. I love your over dyed thread giveaway. I thought I was the only one who had desire for more colors and textures !!
    I love greens, blues and whites!

  138. I enjoy stitching reproduction needlework so i would have to say I like deep rich colors like a deep raspberry, deep dark blue and dark green. Alot of the overdyed floss is great for reproduction needlework, it gives a depth to he stitching that you just do not see in every piece. I have been stitching for over 30 years and find it very relaxing!

  139. After much thought, I think my favorite colors to stitch with are going to have to be browns, gold’s and blue’s. I don’t seem able to stitch anything without seeing these colors SOMEWHERE in it. From patterns of cats to wedding samplers, I always come across at least 2 of these colors in it. Not that I don’t enjoy any other colors, because I do. I love gorgeous shades of purples and pinks. Couple that with anything “sparkly” and you have my days all summed up πŸ™‚

  140. Yes, Yes I do! I have not yet got enough thread, I may *never* have enough thread! I love using colours and tend to change from project to project what I love the most, however I have a soft spot for white, sand and blue I really love those colours together πŸ™‚

  141. I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous threads for months and would love an opportunity to work with them. I am a painted-canvas-needlepointer and these variegated threads would add to my landscapes and other canvases. For those pieces I would use the greens-browns-blues but in general I prefer happy Springtime colors like combinations of pink-blue-white. Thank you and Lorraine for this opportunity.

  142. My favorite colors are the blues and greens of the ocean. If I added a third I would try to warm things up with a bright yellow. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. Hi Mary
    when I embroider I love to use different shades of blue and green. I am also excited to try variegated as well. My current goal is to embroider a blue rose, using different shades of blue using long and short stitch.

    I hope I win this contest.

    Mauri Joy

  144. I love to combine shades of purple with blue/red pinks (like raspberry) and shades of green. Cool and warm together. Love Lorraine’s colors!

  145. My favorite colors are red, green, and gold. If I had to pick colors for a project I would probably pick vibrant jewel tones in the ranges of blues, reds, and orange.

  146. I like vivid colors, ones that spring alive off the canvas or fabric. Exactly which three colors I’d choose depends on the project. Colors are best chosen in context.

  147. I love embroidering with greens and purples. I love combining different greens because I love embroidery trees and grasses. If I could embroider with three colors I’d say a darker green, light green and deep purple.

  148. Thank you, Mary, for another wonderful give-away!
    Though I love to experiment with different color combinations I seem to always gravitate toward blue, yellow and green….depending on the project, the hue can be quite vivid to soft. Currently I’m embellishing an infant gown with this color choice and am pleased, so far, with the results.
    JAF in VT

  149. I love to work in pink and purple best but also apricots. I am definitely into spring colours and of course there are always fresh greens in spring.

  150. I love to embroider in shades of blue and sea green and I love projects that portray sunset with bright orange and lavender, yellow and pink. That sounds strange when arranged in that order, but makes a beautiful combination on the canvas.

  151. A girl just can’t have too many threads. Shades of cerise, black and grey are my current favourites.

  152. I love working with the brighter color such as the Spring green with Fushia Pink and a lighter lime green.

  153. Of course colour and subject matter often dictate choice, but I will say I gravitate and am excited by the combination of bright fuchsia pink and clear bright orange with a touch of yellow. Nothing like all that riot to stimulate the senses. I love colour. All colour. I love the surprise of combinations and the play of interaction. I love that colour is a science of emotion. Colour…thank you Lord, it’s everywhere.

  154. I typically use a riot of color.

    If I were to choose three colors they would be; pink, purple and green.

  155. I haven’t done a lot of embroidery because I have carpal tunnel, but I looove needlework! My favorite project I did was a monogrammed handkerchief for my daughter which I will give her someday when she’s older. It used pastel type colors – pink, mauve, green, blue, yellow. It had her initial and a scheme of lovely flowers including French knots which are so much fun to make once you get the hang of them. I really enjoyed that project! -Mary Elizabeth S.

  156. Since I love doing Christmas ornaments some of my favorite colors are of course reds,burgundy,greens ,but then there are the spring colors of peach, spring greens and pink, then of course the fall colors of orange, browns and rust, what am I saying?I pretty much like all colors that these amazing fiber artists are producing these days for us lucky stitchers.
    Louise Marie

  157. Pinks and purples and greens! In fact,I’m preparing for a class worked from ‘stash’and had already made this choice as I have lots of those colors in my stash – not that I won’t find a few more that are essential.

  158. My favorite colors are pink, aqua and purple. I like vibrant color in everything I work on although I do sneak in a black and white project every now and then. Gotta have some variety in life. I am relatively new to embroidery so I haven’t built up a stash yet. Hint hint! πŸ™‚

  159. My favorite colors are the blues and greens and combinations of those, but not necessarily used as sea colors. I would stitch a whimical flower or animal (cat!) in a periwinkel and an aqua with a pop of orange!

  160. I do many garden based projects. I find I often change the colors of a given project to shades of red or pink. When you change those you have to change the greens, too.

  161. I love warm rich classic colors, so I would have to say without a doubt gold,deep red and a very dark brown.I feel these three colors compliment each other beautifully.

  162. I love these over-dyed threads! They are very unique in their variations and I’d live to win some! I love working with shades of reds, blues, greens and that is a combination I like to work with. Thank you so much for the wonderful drawing!

    Tedra Raden, Phoenix, AZ

  163. Thank you for this opportunity! My favorite colors to work with are greens, pinks and gold.

  164. Sorry but you can not have too much thread! More is better! The sooner one realizes that they can move on to more pressing issues!

  165. My favorite colors are all shades of gold, blue and purple. Sounds like a weird combination doesn’t it? This is really hard. I can’t pick just 3 colors. Anyhow, I love to embroider and am just not trying to branch into using different stitches. Thanks for your giveaways!

  166. Drool!
    What a wonderful giveaway!
    My favorite time of year is Christmas, so I tend to lean toward red, green, and white. Thanks for this chance!

  167. Wow, thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    My favorite thread colors to use are fuchsia, an olive-y green, and orange. The combination sounds a little odd, but it works for me!!!

  168. Just three? Oh my, then it would have to be a green like to color of beautiful dark leaves, pink as the flowers that that first spring up in my lawn hardening warm weather is on its way and finally blue – as the robins eggs!

    Barb from Buda Texas

  169. Whenever I see periwinkle it catches my eye and I know it is the perfect color! It is just the right amount of purple with the ultimate amount of blue….so pleasing !

    I also enjoy spring green and pink.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  170. If I were to choose just 3 colors I’d have to stick to my favorite neutral shades of browns with a touch of green and yellow. I’ve always love earth tones.

  171. Only 3 colors? That would be hard, but I’d have to go with red, purple, and green. I especially like greens in all shades and hues. And Lorraine’s Colour Complements threads are amazing and so is her service!

  172. I recently did an Easter egg, in gorgeous brights. I think my go-to colours are probably lime green, teal/turquoise, and orange πŸ™‚

  173. Mary, threads and fibers are my favorite things. My most often used colors are burgundy/red’s with a touch of greens, usually in the DMC 500’s. Would be just thrilled to receive some of this brand, since I haven’t tried them yet! Thank you for this offering.


  174. Count me in on this one!

    For the past few years, I’ve been favoring the orange/pink/purple combination. Lately, I’m liking aqua and lime green.

    To be honest, I don’t know that I have a favorite color combo, but I do have a strong preference for bright, highly saturated colors. No pastels for me!

    Thanks to you and Lorraine for offering the giveaway!

    Carol S.

  175. Oh, I do love Color Compiments. If I could use three colors in a project, they would be gold, rust, and green.

  176. Peacock colors!! Definitely peacocks. Greens. Blues. Purples. And then I’d sneak out n some gold too.

  177. Just love thread!! I enjoy mixing it up a bit. Trying new color combos, is great fun. The last project was purple, yellow & green. Working on a UTS so alot of blues, purple, will anything goes with this!

  178. Because spring has finally arrived here in Canada, I’m thinking Pansies. So my 3 colors would be purple blue & yellow.
    The threads look so scrumptious. May just have to order some!!

  179. I love colors and it certainly depends what are favorites. Many times I have specific colors in mind for a project but when I’m pulling threads it could end up going in a totally different direction!
    My favorite at this moment are medium browns, periwinkle and blushy pinks. In another minute it may change!

  180. Good morning, Mary
    I love all shades of blue, green and pink! My love of everything that can be embroidered means that I NEVER have too much variety in my thread collection.Thanks, Barbara from Boston.

  181. My favorite thing to do with those yummy over dyed variegated Perle cottons is to smock a Bishop dress!!!! I love working with ‘Easter Egg’ colors – pink, yellow, grassy green, lavender, blue . . .

  182. Aqua Beige and brown were in my last project. My favorites are really whatever is needed for the project at the time.

  183. I have so many threads now but five more would just settle right in. Blue, purple and red are my favorites in any shade. Thanks for your web site, I read it with my morning tea. Carol

  184. Hi Mary,
    That’s a tough question!
    One of my favorite combinations is burgundy, olive green and rose….. or maybe turquoise, mauve and blue. or…………

  185. Truthfully, I found the more I embroidered the more I noticed I was using the same three colors — bright pinks, purples, greens. I made a conscious decision to step outside my comfort zone, to appreciate the neutral, the muted, the contrasts. Since I was working with Pearl Cotton #8 frequently, I had a special holder made so I could see all colors at once thereby making it easier to choose something new. It has been helpful. I’m starting a new project so I’ll be checking out new thread possibilities! Thanks for all you do.

  186. Oh my, 3 colors? There are so many thousands of colors, how can I pick? So, it depends on what I see in a project – for Christmas, it would be some combination of red, green and gold to add some “pop” (my current project), for a happy rooster, it would be funky colors, like red, yellow, and some blue feathers sprinkled in, for a bunch of summer flowers, it would be yellow, pink, and purple, each in several different shades and textures to give it some depth and bring it to life. So – favorites change as projects change and since I never seem to run out of projects, I never seem to run out of new favorites… makes me happy!!!

  187. Thread is definitely a must. I have a weakness for it that I can trace back to my great-grandmother’s mother. She did embroidery at the turn of the 20th Century. That skipped several generations (my grandmother still does some piece work but not much and my mother can but rarely does). When my great grandmother passed away my grandmother put her mother and grandmother’s untouched stash in a box. I’ve since inherited what survived being stored in the attic. So I have a box of linen squares for a quilt designed in the 20’s and about half the cotton I need for those squares. I’m slowly collecting enough thread to actually work the piece. My favorite shades are greens and purples.

  188. Shades of blue and green.
    Many of my self-designed pieces are based on nature so those are the colors I run out of the most. While custom shading can be achieved by multiple thread shades, for scenes involving water, I love the movement achieved by using variegated threads.
    I would love to give these beautifully crafted threads a try.

    Thanks for the offer.

  189. I love working with springy pinks and greens. I also love, love, love red and green but oddly enough not in the same project (I don’t like Christmas projects). I’m on a red, white, and blue kick the last few months so almost everything I’m working on right now has a patriotic theme.

  190. I love working with vivid colors! Recently I used very bright blue, pink, and purple to make flowers for an art auction piece, and I loved how it turned out. I would have to say, though I only have one purple floss, it is my favorite in my collection.

  191. What color threads do I like to use, and to combine? For the first 30 or so years of my life, I was very heavy into forest greens and all shades of brown, and my stitching projects definitely leaned very heavily that way. I still do love forest-y colors. But something magical happened over time, beginning when I first got pregnant, and started buying all those lovely maternity and baby clothes. Then for awhile I lived in Mexico, which is a whole brightly-colored country. By the time I hit 50, and started buying red hats, my stitching had really changed. Now my stitching (and wardrobe) has a lot of blue, purple, and red, and I’m loving it.

  192. I am very new to embroidering, so would love to add some wonderful threads to my small stash…I use old lace, tatting and vintage fabrics so my colors of choice would be neutrals; off white, tan to greys.

  193. Needlepoint, and the threads that go with it, are my “healthy ” addictions! Favorite colors would be all shades of pink with a little purple for good measure.
    I love your daily blog; it’s so informative! Many thanks.

  194. My favorite three color thread to sew with? What a tough question. I love green all, but if I have if choose….DMC, 210, 211, and 221. My favorite rose color. My favorite item to stick roses.

  195. I love to use the cool colors of blues, green with a touch of purples.

    Have just start to research Tambour beading, who knows where that will lead me.

  196. I gravitate towards the blues and purples. Looking around at what stitching pieces I have on my walls, that is a lot of what I see. I think if I could choose, it would be purple, blue and green.

  197. Opened up my email, read the title of this post, and said out loud, “Oooh, yes, I DO need more thread!” Two rooms away, my husband called out: “NO, you don’t!”

    Of course, he knows better, because last nightI did specifically mention that there are some empty slots in my embroidery storage box. I know he was listening, because he answered with an “Mm-hmph.”

    Well, Ms. Corbet, whether I win this generous giveaway or not, I do need to pick up some threads, so I’ll have to head over to Lorraine’s shop.

    As for favorite colors to combine, any excuse to use green! I have a really bad habit of putting together color combinations and then looking for some way to use them. Teal green, dark turquoise, and medium grey are the color combo I’m in love with at the moment.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  198. Oooo. Thread…. (drools.)

    I like nature colors, so all the good greens and flower blues end up in many of my projects. (No matter how I try to diversify, DMC’s 500-503 keep ending up in projects, along with 3364. I also like a good, rich red.

  199. Ah, threads. Yummy. When we travel, instead of buying t-shirts and small kitschy things as souvenirs, I find a needlework store and buy some threads I’ve never seen before.

    Colour Complements: haven’t you shared their site before? I know I saw them mentioned and visited their website. Oh dear – the colors they offer. Absolutely delicious.

    My favorite colors? I tend to gravitate to lavenders, blues and soft yellows. Imagine a lavender field on a sunny day. πŸ™‚

  200. My favorite color has always been blue, but lately I am drawn to magenta and wine colors, which also pair well with blue. I do know that Lorraine has absolutely luscious colored threads!

  201. I love color so I like working with variegated colors the best so my passion gets filled each time. I love bright, cheery and glittery too! Doesn’t every girl? My fav colors are red, purple and blue. Think Red Hat Society!

  202. I’m all about the cool side of the color wheel, from green through blue to violet. I have to make a conscious effort sometimes to choose colors out of that range.

    Lovely giveaway, thank you!

  203. Hi, Mary.
    My three favorite thread colors are green, green and green. I love to work with all different shades of green–shades that blend and shades that contrast. They’re rarely the spotlight color, but they’re always in the picture somewhere.
    Thanks for this chance to expand my thread stash.
    Beth F

  204. mIt doesnt matter how many color always need just one more to make it work i love all colors and blinding shades

  205. Hi Mary, This sounds like a great giveaway. I have my eye on some over-dyed silks! My favorite colors to work with are: soft dusky rose through wine (DMC 221 etc.), slightly slatey blues ((932 range), and soft greens (500’s). They blend nicely for a sampler, crewel or anything else that I do.

  206. My favorite color to stitch with is blue. Any shade of blue. In choosing three colors to stitch with I would want periwinkle blue, icy light blue and a dark night sky blue.

  207. Purples and pinks I always seem to be drawn to those colours and if I have to pick a third then I’ll add sky blue with two shades of purple. I try to use other colours but I always seem to end up with purple somewhere.

  208. OK Mary, I have my little drool bucket at the ready!
    Goodness, I love color, I think that’s why I was so drawn to your hummingbirds project. These days I have been drawn in by rich, delicious purple, like eggplant but not quite as dark. Add in some old gold, and a wee splash of Crimson to make it pop! This time next year I may be in with water colors, but for now I’m more into jewel tones. And I agree, The Weakness For Thread can become a bit…of an obsession!

  209. My favorite colors are green red and blue. White and black are great too. Thanks for your great website I love it!

  210. Pinks, blues, purples, for sky and sea. My quilting has taken a new direction and now includes small pieces embellished with threads and beads. Perle cottons are so hard to find other than box stores which carry the thicker thread and only in primary colours.

  211. My favorite color combination is purple, teal/aqua, and green/jade. I would love to make a quilt with shades of these colors and embroider something in each of the blocks. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful thread! Vicki Seals vickise at gmail dot com

  212. I love threads! I love to use the greens from one side of the spectrum to the other. Purple is another passion, especially the deep aubergine. Thirdly, I love browns, colors of the earth. Thanks!

  213. I have to use greens, because I really love botanical motifs. When I buy a new type of thread, I make sure I get several shades of green. The color of the floral parts depends on the color of the fabric I’m working on. A black background will pop most jewel tones, but a variegated yellow to orange is just incredible. White or cream backgrounds seem to love pastels. Pink and pastel green are very appealing to me.

  214. Black is my absolute favourite, I use tons of it. Greens and blues round out the top three most used colours. I find greens to be super versatile for embroidery, they seems to give a bit of zing when matched with almost any other colour.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  215. I love rainbow shaded threads lately, whether they are brights or pastels, I guess it’s a spring thing.

  216. I am addicted to blues and greens! I love all shades of both colours and love to see them with a contrasting colour, like orange or red. I love the colours you have used in the hummingbird project, they are right up my street!
    Thank you for all the fab work you do, this email is the highlight of my in-box each day!

  217. I love to work with blues! Any chance to include them is great.
    My three color go to colors are on the same side of the color wheel…yellow, green, and blue.
    All colors are beautiful, though, aren’t they!

  218. Mary, your website is invaluable. You put so much thought into everything you do and we all benefit from your amazing talent. Thank you.

    I love the cotton and silk threads. In any color!

  219. I love working with shades of white and nuetrals,combining different weights of threads..
    thank you for the opportunity….
    with coos I love combining purples, turquoises, and blues.
    Linda Rose

  220. Hello Mary!!

    I love to embroider with rich vibrant colours that pulse with life and music. I can imagine right now in my head embroidering a beautiful flower of cerulean blue and tourmaline pink with emerald stems an leaves. Doesn’t that sound gorgeous!!!

    Many Blessings!!!!

  221. My favorite colors to work with are blue and purple. But picking three to use together. . . hmm . . . probably blue, gene and white/cream.

  222. I love pinks, greens & white
    I love to work with variegated threads & tones of colors in the same family.

  223. If using an overdyed, the preference is for a rainbow of color changes. A default for a chapter project is usually red and green (I know it’s the Christmas colors) with a touch of gold. Favorite colors: purples, greens. shiny metallic.

  224. I bet that I’m just as nuts about threads as you are , and I’m more of a quilter than embroiderer but for some reason I can’t stop buying threads! Every time I get a package in the mail the family says let me guess, more thread! I just can’t help myself ! I especially love orange, melon and turquoise . Would love to win my family would die laughing if I said I won this package of look THREAD!!!

  225. On Christmas Eve my son drove 30 miles to a B&N bookstore to purchase as my gift a book you had recommended, Borders & Motifs by Michaela Learner. I would love to have some hand dyed threads to work up a design on the tote bag project found in this book.

    Spring is a happy season, spring colors inspire me to be happy.

  226. For some reason I always gravitate toward pink first, no matter the project… Then I settle in, if choosing just to play with colors….its pink, emerald greens, and butter yellow.

  227. Favorite? How can I have a favorite? But… Currently I would choose a dove grey, a grey blue and a soft pink for a quiet color scheme. My biggest problem is not being bold enough with my color choices, that’s just one reason I follow this blog…. I can see some inspired color choices, that I would never have picked, that work wonderfully well together.

  228. I love teal and turquoise in all it variations. My favorite three colors to combine are teal (or aqua) purple and silver.
    I adore overdyed threads and how wonderfully they create different effects in geometric stitching.

  229. Love the colors you showed.
    My favorite 3 colors would be blue,green and gray,the colors of the ocean

  230. Hello, and thanks for another great giveaway! I love lavendar, blue, and yellow. Flowers embroidered in this color combination make me smile. Brenda in NW Fl

  231. i look forward to your emails and save them to refer back to when I am working on a piece. I like working with red and all shades of it. The make most anything look great.


  232. I love to stitch with orange. It is a very happy color.
    pink orange red lime (yes, I know that is 4, but 3 is so limiting)

  233. Oh my gosh, those are BEAUTIFUL! When I embroider, 95% of the time it’s on white. Indigo blues and deep rich reds are my favorite, and right now I’m really into Eastern European folk embroidery. So I’d say deep blue, a rich red, and white are my favorite colors to pair up.

  234. Hi Mary!
    Ooohhh…I have tons of thread, but I always need more! My favorite color is pink, and I tend to pick pinks, light blues and light greens. But any color is good!

  235. My favorite colors to use depend on the project. If I am making a baby gift I will use the pastel pink, blues, aquas and greens. But if I am doing something for me I will pick more vibrant colors. There will nearly be some turquoise and aquas.
    I love overdyed threads because they give such good dimension. I also like the surprised you get with them. Diane P

  236. There is not a color I do not like but my favorites are thread in deep tones of red, blue, like Prussian blue, and Yellow ochre. I could eat these colors II it were possible I love, love them so much. But then I might look like a Matisse portrait which would only be a good thing on Halloween.

  237. I love to work with blues and greens and shades of turquoise. When my girls were young and we were out shopping they always referred to these colors as “mom colors”. And variegated threads are my favorite. I love to see the color changes and how they work into the designs,especially ones with flowers.

  238. I love Lorraine’s threads. I use them all the time. I love earth tone colors, so I like to work with greens, rusts, and golds.

  239. Oh my so many to choose from, soft blues turquoise/blue green mixed with the Cherry Red are what dreams are made of.

  240. What glorious colors and sparkle those pictures have. Using them would add so much to ones project. They look like they would be so smooth to handle and stitch.

  241. I am always drawn to anything with shades of purple, blue, and green. Or is it deep blue, orange and yellow…Guess it depends on what day it is!

  242. My favorite colors depends on what I am coloring. Currently I am contemplating an underwater scene with a seahorse as the main focus, so I have been looking at blues and greens…. and pinks and yellows. Always have to have a ‘pop’ of color somewhere.

  243. I love all the colors, but I tend to gravitate to the Reds/Blues and of course the sparkely ones!

  244. I looked at Lorraine’s Etsy site and was drawn into a delectable rainbow world of colours that are unique and not likely ever to be repeated. I found her Sampler Threads #33 to look quite tasty and delicious. I would thoroughly delight in having any strand in her shop.

  245. BLUES!! My favorite combination is any shade/s of blue and white. Classic and beautiful.

  246. I think we have the same addiction,I use to say some girls love diamonds I just love threads.
    My favorite color is bleu.
    But for the blending of colors I love greens there is lots and lots of greens to play with. And it makes nice shadings.I want to take this time to say thank you for sharing Trish Burr’s work I bought 3 of her birds,and love to read your post.
    An avid embroiderer.

  247. My favourite floss/yarn/any thread colours are greens and golds, but then a burgundy accent looks so nice with them and then maybe a bit of clear blue or pink….

  248. I love doing monochromatic stuff, mostly Hardanger, so my favorite colors match my background fabric, which changes to suit whoever will receive my work. Most often I work with ecru, but I also do a lot of pink and green.

  249. pretty, pretty. Pretty! I will have to check these out for crazy quilting. My favorite colors to work with are reds and oranges. I just love them. I was never a big pink fan growing up, but I am now. All those warm colors make me happy. So it is probably reds and greens with some orange that I would be most likely to use together. I am a sucker for landscapes, so green is always needed.

  250. My favorite colors to work with in a project are reds and blues in all the different hues. The 3 colors I like combining into a project are the reds, blues (the same colors that are my favorites) & a pop of yellow.

    Thank you for this give-away.

  251. love her thread have done a few (lots) pieces useing only colors and yes i have a thread problem i want more can you have too much thread love your newletter ..brenda

  252. As I look at the work I have done excluding Christmas, it is clear that the colors of Matisse inspire me – blue, green, yellow. Throw in some preppy
    hot pink and I am surounded by embroidered flowers, gardens, impressionism. That is why varigated threads so suit much of what I do.,
    Even my crewel work is shifted to these colors. I am doing a bedhanging in a jacobean style but with blue and green and accents of pink and yellow. it will be my happy wake up to spring florals. I am designing a cover for a fire screen and am starting with the spring/summer cover that will be florals of daffodils and roses and ivy and many others – all in greens and yellows and pinks and white. I would love some of these varigated threads to add to my collection.
    Like you I love threads and try to mix the threads in everything I do.
    Cheers, Darcy

  253. I often go for pink/coral shades. But an exciting combination of three colours for me might be purple/turquoise/lime.

  254. “Need” has nothing to do with it and I love Loraine’s colors!!
    I would love to have more variagated/overdyed threads.
    Thanks for offering!!

  255. It really depends on what time of year it is. I’ve noticed in the fall i work more with brown, orange, or dark red, but in the summer i use brighter colors. I LOVE all colors of overdyed threads!

  256. I have just started embroidering on Crazy Quilting & love it. I love your News Letter, it gives me so many ideas & I learn so much from it.I am still trying to build up my embroidery cotton stash. My colors leave a lot to be desired. <<>>

  257. I checked out Colour Complements and found it to be pure “eye candy.” My eyes are automatically drawn to reds, yellows and blues and I love variegated thread in any color combination.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  258. My favorite colors to work with are red, pink and a pale teal or aqua or a sage green (had to add a 4th!) I really like most colors.

  259. My favorite embroidery colors are purple and teal. If I were to pick three colors, then purple, lilic and teal.

  260. My favorite colors to work with in embroidery projects are red (I love red-work), green for nature, no doubt and blue just because it’s my favorite color. Now working these in one project is sometimes hard that is why I normally have at least 3 projects going on at one time and sew on whatever project strikes my fancy that day. Krind

  261. I love all the colors but if I had to work with just 3 – this may take some thinking – I would pick yellow, green and a shade of purple.

  262. I love all colors but seem to do a lot of red shades. Thanks so much for a chance. I am sure that you won’t have another Leibfried commenting.

  263. I am trying to break out of using the colors I always seem drawn to – reds, purples, deep rose, etc. I have never been a fan of pastels, but these deeper color pastels Lorraine is showing are just fabulous. Just what I would “need” to work with to bring me over to the lighter side…

  264. If I am working on a personal project, purple, blue and green. If they are variegated I am over joyed. I also use Pearl Cotton to tie quilts that my group a church make for Veterans, so then red, white and blue.

  265. My favourite colours vary with the project in hand. Green is always high on the list, pinks and lovely deep reds also resonate with me and find my hand selecting them frequently.

  266. Probably my favorite colors are cool blue, cool green and a pinl-salmon. (Two analogous colors and a split complimentary always look nice together–to me anyway.) Thank you for the opportunity!

  267. I love working with pink, green and purple the most. I love color in general, but these are my favorites. I see color as eye candy!

  268. My three favorite colors, especially this time of year, would have to be the colors of spring – green, yellow and pink!

  269. I have used threads from Colour Complements for several years now and they are wonderful. I love lime greens,green with a bit of brown.

  270. When you embroider, what are your favorite colors to work with in a project? If you had to pick, say, three colors that you like combining into one project, what would they be? – I love stitching with the colors from blue green through the blues, the purples, and to the blue reds on the color wheel with just a hint of the blue greens tossed in. I try to add new colors in when I am stitching something as a class project

  271. My favorite colors are taupe and teal in all shades and variations. If I had to pick just three?? oooooo, hard …. seafoam, sand and dark taupe? or …. πŸ™‚

  272. My favorite thread colors vary a little depending on the project or my mood, but I generally love bring teals, purples and blues. Right now I am working on a project in pastels and while I love it I can’t wait to make my next project a bright and vibrant one!

  273. I am over the moon that I stumbled upon your terrific website! Your videos are very user friendly and your daily newsletter is funny and informative.
    I am doing a butterfly sampler and want to try as many stitches as possible, so I am going through yours one by one! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the rest of struggling stitchers!

  274. I love pink, purples and Teal or turqoise in any combination. Then I love…. you know what comes next! Colours are my downfall. I love so many of them.

  275. One of my favorite colors is blue. Especially grey-blues. So if I was searching for a three color combo I’d probably pick blue, grey and gold. Mmm! Love the prospect! Maybe I’ll go start a new project in those colors right now!

  276. Hand embroidery love is like painting with thread in each there is a memory, an inspiration, a story. When embroidery, involving feelings, dreams.
    My favorite colors for a project would be purple, green, blu

  277. I adore Colour Complements’ threads. The colours are amazing. Whomever wins is going to be a lucky person.

    My own favourite colours to embroider with are pink, golden yellow and purple – inspired by the colours of India.

  278. I follow the Colour Complements blog as well as this one, such lovely threads! I have a tendency to head for blue as a default colour option, so if I had to work with three colours I would cast ble aside and go for a high energy combination of hot pink, purple and orange – really zingy!

    Godalming, UK

  279. I never admitted to an addiction to embroidery floss, until right now. I just always explained my need to bring more home, every chance I could, as loving to go home and organize it all…….

  280. I love her threads. I love the blues. And they would look great in a project I’m thinking of.

  281. My favorite colors – anything goes! But if I had to narrow it down, it would be purple, green and blue.

  282. Ack! Only 3 colors? Maybe it would have to be a variegated rainbow thread then, ha ha. If I had to choose 3 that I love to put together, it would have to be orange, blue, and maybe green. Or red/pink. Or… yeah, I’ll just stop there as I could keep going all day.

  283. Colors! Glorious colors! Why do I need to choose just three? I’m still muddling through a project using the Goldfish from the Secret Garden coloring book. I’ve got my greens and neutrals down with a blue ombre hand-dyed linen, but I’m eyeing those goldfish and wondering what to do! I’m thinking a vibrant orange or two (or three!), a white with a pearlescent sheen (DMC light effects?), and a black.

  284. I love to look and feel of all the amazing threads we have available to us. I love the blues, greens and purples. I look forward to the emails I receive every day. They always inform me of something new (to me, at least). Then off I go to try some new stitches. Some of them actually work! LOL

  285. PINK and Brown and Green. I am fascinated by the variety of greens in the landscape/trees and with my favorite pink in there i can make pink flowering plants and trees with that combination. thanks for “giveaway” Scarlette/Gabby

  286. I absolutely LOVE your emails that I get everyday. You are so wonderfully talented and teach with such clarity. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and creativity with us.

  287. I have a serious love for embroidery thread. I will buy clearance cross stitch kits just for the thread. I am most proud of my extensive collection. I love green and more green. I thank you for the chance to win more thread. Win thread? Really?

  288. My favorite colors to work with are blues, purples, oranges, and greens. I like yellows too. It’s hard to pick just three!

  289. Hi,

    Just received some of her threads, they are fabulous. Presently, I’m woriking with violet, green and blue, any color that combine with these is a delight.


  290. My favorite colors are usually the colors of the project I happen to be working on. I just finished a candle wick pillow cover in white, ecru & brown. It’s lovely. Now I want to do something in spring colors. Thanks Mary for this offer!

  291. I love, love, love Colour Complements and the colors she offers. Each project dictates a different color palette for me but right now I’m leaning towards softer colors of yellow, cream, and lavender with those shades coming up a lot in my embroidery of late. Thank you!

  292. Hi Mary,
    Lorraine’s threads are very tempting!
    I can picture her studio and it might be Mary’s dream studio!
    My favorite combination (AT THE MOMENT!) for fabric and threads in little mini quilts, is yellow-green, red violet, and orange. The three secondary colors.
    They are so beautiful embroidered on the shot cotton fabric made of 2 colors of thread. But I tend to have a new project every week!
    Thanks, Mary for all your humor and great teaching skills. I look forward to your email every day.

  293. My favorite three colors would have to be deep purples, rich greens and black! Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  294. I love all colors, but most favorite is a variegated yellow to brown and of course greens in mixing leaves and stems. Love perle cotton in sizes 8 and 5.

  295. I would love to try these threads! Blue is my favorite color to work with. Blues, purples, and reds would be lovely in a project.

  296. My colour choice changes so much! At the moment I am heavily into autumn colours, colour compliments 29 pack is a wonderful selection of autumn hues, with a hint of blue. Three colours only? Lets say rust, yellow and red. Or perhaps blue purple and red, decisions, decisions.

  297. Love to work with thread period but my favorite colors are autumn
    deep reds, oranges and yellows.
    Love your newsletter it is so educational and fun

  298. My favorite three colors to work with are a black and then shades of mauve-to-pink-to-purples or I’ll go to browns. I would have a most difficult time picking 5 skeins of thread – I would undoubtedly want more than that. I have many projects ready to go – I need to finish a Trish Burr first (hopefully by next week)and then I can go on to the next one and the one after that… I always try to ‘kit’ my projects with needles and threads in advance of starting, so I do have duplicates of many items – threads included. I’d love to get some overdyed as I don’t work with them much. Thanks Mary for all you do for us in your cyber world!!

  299. What a great opportunity to win some beautiful thread!!! My 3 favorite colors to work with are pumpkin orange, burgandy wine red and army green, all fall colors I use year round!

  300. This question is harder than I thought it would be to answer! But I guess my favorite colors are shades of yellow green, blueish pink, periwinkle blue…oh and orange-yellow too. I also use just shades of white a lot too. It’s so much fun seeing how colors combine to compliment or contrast with one another.

  301. Well, the color question is a hard one. I guess my go to colors are Green, white and gray. You might think these three colors together won’t look good, but they do. If I have these 3 colors I can make almost anything. Thanks for sharing the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  302. Wow! All colors are beautiful – all or any would work well in a garden quilt.

  303. My favorite color to use is blue. I think that the French Provencal combination of colors are always my favorite; blue, yellow, and white.
    Tanya Wersinger

  304. Mary! Thanks, just the photos have me drooling. I like the pearl cotton in particular!
    Favorite colors: Orange, red, and green.
    I like the bright colors and think of the flowers they could make!

  305. Good Morning Mary and Everyone!

    I am just starting out on my embroidering journey, but I am truly enjoying it at this point. So far my favorite color to work with is blue, and I would really like to use the combination of purple, red and green in a project.

  306. all colors are my favorites, just like a box of crayons, have to use them all. I probably use the colors of nature the most, grass green, sky blue, rose red and so forth.

  307. I lean towards cool colors, but my favorites are shades of teal, aqua, and turquoise, from the lightest tints to the deepest shades.

  308. Hi Mary, I love your website and all the helpful videos and articles. I used all kinds of colors for my embroidery, which is mostly crazy quilt seam treatments. I use my eye and my color wheel to choose threads that are either complementary or analogous to my fabrics!



  309. Hi Mary! I definitely gravitate to bright happy colours, I love pinks and yellows and oranges! The first skein of multi coloured thread in the first picture caught my eye right away! That being said, I saw a gorgeous piece with lavender, deep grey and light minty green. Choices, Choices!!

    Thanks for the give away!

  310. My favorite colors to embroider with are ALL colors but if I have to narrow to 3 they would be lilac, yellow and green.

  311. I love these colors: “light teal,” plus “medium teal,” plus “dark teal”…

  312. Hi Mary,
    I enjoy your daily blog and love overdyed threads! Spring green, corals and pinks are lovely! Thanks for this opportunity – Diana

  313. My name is Nancy and I’m a threadaholic. I have more thread than I’ll ever use in three lifetimes, but I love getting more. Overdyes are some of my favorites, and I often use them in projects. Blue and lavender are colors I’m most drawn to, and because I like to embroider floral motifs, I’d add green to the trio.
    Nancy in Newport

  314. i just started learning embroidery and I’m finding it very fascinating , this site has helped me a great deal and I’m happy I came across it.
    My favorite colors to work with are bright green, white and baby pink.

    Selali Fiagbe.

  315. Thank you for this lovely opportunity! I am always attracted to jewel tones if I could choose my ideal color combo it would definitely be blue, green and deep plum.

  316. I much prefer the blue family … from the palest to the darkest … including the blue-greens and the violet blues. Blue. Blue. Blue.

    Unfortunately, many of the items I stitch don’t use blue so I have to readjust the colors to include them.

  317. Yes, I love color! My favorite combination would be blood red, violet and lavender. But I could go on and on. I enjoy your site very much.

  318. hi Mary, I love your site and appreciate so much the wonderful tutorials. They’ve helped me very much!
    My favorite color combination is green, pink and purple. Currently I’m attempting some bead embroidery, lots of green stems and leaves and rosy flowers on a purple background.

    Thank you for a chance to win some thread!

  319. I use deep red/scarlet (royal red), gold, and deep purple a lot in my work (this comment is for the free thread drawing as per your newsletter request).

    I really enjoy your newsletters. Your humor and whimsy and personal approach are a welcome change from the sometimes dull technical content–or far too much content–I get from other needle arts newsletters.

  320. Oh, what pretty threads! Thank you for the chance to win.

    My go-to favorites are blues and browns. I seem to use them in every project and run out often!

    I would pick blue, green and a complimentary red/pink/orange just for a pop of color.

  321. What a great give away! It’s hard to choose a color I love, because I just love everything variegated. If I had to choose three, I would say: blue, coral/pink, and green.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  322. Thread!! I just started doing crazy quilting and the perle thread is awesome stuff! My favorite colors are more muted, but I do use the brighter ones too when doing a flower πŸ™‚ I love the fall colors – oranges, dark reds, dark greens, deep yellows.

    For a project and picking three colors, I’d have to go with Hunter green, deep blue and antique white.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  323. Nature has it right, I would always choose green, because every colour is complemented by being close to green. With it, a lovely rich deep shade of lilac and a gentle shade of lavender. Poetry in colour.

  324. My favorite colors for embroidery are deep purples and blues. If I were going to do a project and only use three colors I would us deep purple, blue and pink.

  325. Sorry, messed up the previous one.

    I love working with blues and lavender and pink together. I walk a lot and see lots of the flowers in this colours.

  326. What wonderful colours. Please count me in on this give away, I would love to add them to my thread collection. I cannot find anything like them near where I live.

  327. My favorite embroidery thread colors are green blue and violet. When working on a project I try to work with as many shades, tints and tones of these colors as I can.
    Dolores in Michigan

  328. I love Overdyes!!! I love all the possibilities! I love the flow of colours! Lorraine’s threads capture all of that. I now find I am looking for projects where I can use her combinations rather than a specific thread for a particular piece. You know you’re in trouble when you’re doing it in reverse!!

  329. My two favorite colors are hands down green and blue.
    If I had to choose three colors to work with for a project,
    I’d choose a rich Hunter Green, a soft French Blue and a
    neutral shade like a like Taupe or Khaki color.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! The threads on this
    site are just beautiful!! Kevin T

  330. OMG like I’m drooling.I love threads! I’m drawn to the colors and feel. I have been designing a piece in my head and these would be perfect for greenery.I have been picking out colors for flowers for a box I want to make with needlebook,thimble holder,scissors holder and whatever accessories one might use.
    I love reading your emails everyday and have learned a lot.I have been doing needlework since I was a little girl and am always amazed by how much there is to learn and do. Thanks for all of your hard work to bring us so inspiration.

  331. HI!
    Favorite Colors, My Foot! Not Possible! I might go in for purples and violets and lilacs and “discover” some fantastic blues and greens and aquas and turquoises! Then who knew yellows (lemony and sunlight and buttery) and pale oranges and gold-ish and and and could be so great? Now where to use them??? Oh, So what? …Someday I might “need” them and it will be about midnight…and then what? …so I really must….NOW!

  332. Mary,
    What a delightful giveaway for the thread lovers and collectors out there! My absolute favorites to work with almost always include a vivid shade of bright pink, some mossy greens to ground things a bit and then a highlight of some sort – possibly a soft gold or warm brown. I love to embroider flowers and use the ones found in my garden as inspiration!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  333. Beautiful threads!!! I love to stitch with pinks, reds, and yellows. I really like to stitch with variegated threads, love the effect.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such wonderful threads! πŸ™‚

  334. I love any shade of green!!!! If I was going to choose three colors it would be green, blue, and a bit of yellow. That is today’s choice anyway. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance,
    Brenda Kuss

  335. I like pink, chocolate brown, and green. Or maybe 3 shades of pink. Thanks for the chance to win some silk thread. I’ve never had any so I would be absolutely thrilled if I won. By the way, thanks for the link to the comment form, I could not find it before.

  336. I love the amazing colours and styles of your threads. I enjoy embroidery as it passes the time while I am awaiting a knee replacement operation. The colours I like to use are purple, pink and blue as I think they go very well together. At the moment I am working on a Toronto skyline which I have drawn and embroidering it in black. I hope it works out OK..I would love to win some of your threads. Thank you.

  337. Good Mornin’ – My favorite three colors are from nature. Those would be all shades of green, blues and browns. But, then again any and all color is joy to the soul. Thanks for the opportunity to increase two of our stashes.

  338. My most used (so I assume favorite) colors these days are shades of blue and green, outlined in black with the occasional touch of purple. I don’t know why, but nearly every large project I’ve been working on for the past five years includes those colors almost exclusively! Perhaps I should branch out and try the other side of the color wheel?

  339. Oh I love embroidery threads, returning home from a shop with new goodies in my hand my family laugh at me because I love to stroke them all the way home. Sad but true

  340. OK, Mary, now making us choose just 3 is just too hard! I love thread, but even more I LOVE color!!! OK, so if I have to choose… um… uh… gosh, it’s so HARD to choose!!! Uh, well, my mind goes immediately to my favorite color which would be wines/burgundies/dusty roses. Then my next favorites- teals and turquoise. (clever aren’t I, getting all those colors in.) πŸ˜‰ OK, for #3 let’s go with… metallic golds and silvers.
    Thanks to you and Lorraine for the give away. I’ll be crossing my fingers. πŸ™‚

  341. Oh I love embroidery threads, returning home from a shop with new goodies in my hand my family laugh at me because I love to stroke them all the way home. Sad but true I love to use turquoise, yellow and s hint if green in most projects

  342. Colors? How to decide! I love pinks, purples and teals together, but my ‘go to’colors are red, black and white. I found some wonderful ‘sewy’ fabric years ago in those colors, grabbed 10 yards and make all my sewing stuff like etuis, totes and machine covers, from it adding a red with white dots and a solid black for contrast.

  343. My favorite colors are jewel tones, but if i had to choose three I’d go with purple, crimson and dark blue.

  344. Hmmmn…..this is a hard one, just three huh?
    Well the current project I am working on combines three colors and so for the moment they are my favorites: dark turquoise, light turquoise and silver.

  345. I have never met a color I did not like! Sooner or later there is a use for
    It somewhere! However some of my favorite schemes to us are turquoise
    With brown and copper, and shades of blue with yellow and white.
    These threads are very nice looking and thank the maker of these threads
    For giving us the chance to win some. Sue in Bermuda

  346. Lately my favorite colours are blues, violets and magenta pink, but of course I need greens and yellows to work with them. I drool over the multitones and use them a lot in crazy quilting.

  347. I love all colours and think there’s really no ugly colour, just one in the wrong place. If I had to choose 3 I’d probably go for a blue, purple and teal as the blues are the ones I choose first.

  348. So hard to choose my favorites! I’d have to go with green, blue, and purple. Not coincidentally, I love the hummingbird project!

  349. I love delicious colors. My two favorites are blue and green and all the shades in between. I enjoy the challenge of tweaking the crosses so the picture turns out the way I want.

  350. Green, green, green….the color of spring! My 3 favorite colors are rust, green and cream….they go with everything! At least in my house!

  351. Wasn’t aware how much I love thread until you showed the Stump work on Thistle Threads. I fell in love with the Mahogany grouping. So Mahogany, Caramel Rose, and a lite Periwinkle blue are three I am loving right now . PS thanks for all you do for embroidery lovers everywhere…me included

  352. That’s a difficult question to answer, especially after a dreary winter! Although I never met a color I didn’t like, I’s have to say that I’d pick turquoise, copper, and sand for my favorite 3 color combination.

  353. I have loved embroidery threads for since I was 8 years old. I started collecting in my mid 20s. I try to buy the new Pantone Color of the Year each Spring. This year is Marsala #18-1438. My favorite threads colors to work with are: Teal/green, and this year Marsala! Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
    to its embracing warmth. It is a rich thread color which can be used for heart warming embroidery.

  354. OlΓ‘, adoro todas as cores, como nΓ£o poderia ser, ahahha, mas amo lilΓ‘s e junto com ele acho que gostaria do verde e do amarelo, sim sΓ£o essas tres cores: lilΓ‘s, verde e amarelo, bjs

  355. That’s a great giveaway. They look like such wonderful threads.

    I don’t think I could pick only 3 colours! That would be a challenge. How about black, red and white?

    Heather M.
    In Love With Threads

  356. If I had to choose just 3 colors of thread to use in a project they would be purple, lime green and grey.

    Marj in Mexico

  357. I have tried to find tubular viscose for several years after seeing it used in Stitch magazine out of UK. I did find a source in UK, but never did buy any. I see that you have listed tubular viscose as available on Colour Complements, but could not find it on the website. I hope she actually does have it–that’s what I would select if I win the drawing.
    Favorite colors: purple and green families, also red.

  358. I like to have black and white in everything but
    Favorites three I send to you:
    (Paints would be blue, red and yellow.)
    Three threads?–green, yellow and blue,
    In shades or hues brilliant and/or mellow.

  359. I love overdyed threads with the glorious mixture of colours. My favourite thread colours are dark red, pale blue and pale mint green.

  360. How can I pick only 3 colors? I love them all-especially together when they make a beautiful shading or contrast.The 3 colors that I often run out of are black, white, and red. These make great outlines and highlights-good to mix with all of the other pretty colors. And yes I do get you- thread is definatley one of my passions (addictions?) these days. I would love to win the thread too.
    -Michelle Johnson (AKA. Kraftikittie)

  361. I like to embroider in pastels but if I have to pick just 3 they would be red, white and blue. but it really depends on the project

  362. My favourite colours for embroidery is lilac or anything purple based.
    I would like to do a project using lilac, green and pink
    Or deep purple, red and gold

  363. Blues and greens are my favorite colors, and I love using variegated threads, with their sometimes subtle, sometimes abrupt changes in tone.

    Thank you so much to both you and Lorraine for the giveaway, Mary!

  364. I love blues, greens and purples. I’ve recently purchased threads from Colour Complements and LOVE it!

  365. Good day Mary,

    My heart beat went fast when I saw those beautiful colors. I love all colors but if I had to pick only three I would choose green, pink and purple.
    Thank you Mary for that give-away.
    Just to let you know, I’m almost finish with the Secret Gardon, well almost, because I did the birds at the same time, I have a lot of feathers to do and I inverse the red and purple birds.
    Thank you so much,
    Ginette of Mexico

  366. Hi Mary

    I love embroidering with bright colours especially over dyed ones but if I have to choose 3 colours to work with on a project I would choose Purple, Lilac and Pink. So inspiring!!

    Kind regards

    Joyce Bargh

  367. I love warm colors and I much prefer peaches and corals to pink. However, I love bright pink and teal together, especially in smocking.

  368. I must say that the colored threads in the above pictures are gorgeous! When doing my projects I usually pick three colors to work with to give the project depth. My favorites are pale green, pale lavender and either a dark purple or metalic purple thread. Thanks for offering this drawing and Good luck to all!

  369. I love to use green and blue. I’ve used green in almost every project so far. I also like white. The floss seems to be more delicate bit I love the look of white floss. So pretty and clean. πŸ™‚

  370. Oh my goodness the threads are lovely. Each one opens the door to great possibilities !!! πŸ™‚

  371. Teds and burgundy are my favorites, greens and blues are also liked, however, I find that I do not use those often,I wonder why.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your generous giveaways.

  372. My favorite colors are lime green, people, and tangerine orange. They are happy colors.

  373. Greens! I love the spectrum of greens: blue greens to olive greens. Greens go well with purples and oranges. (But it’s hard to leave out the reds and golds.)
    These threads are lovely! Thanks for the chance to build my green collection!

  374. It is amazing how we are drawn to colors and color combinations. At this point in time, I can’t get enough of bright, clear jewel tones, pure color. I love the combination of ultramarine blue, teal blue and purple. Maybe that sounds odd to some people but to me it satisfies my voracious appetite for color. Thanks!

    Meg P.

  375. Sarah for the love of embroidery!
    Favorite colors are any shades of pink.
    Three favorite colors to use together are pink, yellow and green.
    I am so much enjoying your website. I had not embroidered since my boys were born, now they are 13 and 17 and I am no longer in demand all the time. I have started embroidery at night time and wonder why I didnt start back sooner.

  376. Thanks Mary and Lorraine! What a generous gift! My go to colors are purple, turquoise and green. Any time I want to try a new thread, but don’t have a specific project in mind, I buy those three colors to add to my stash. They always go well with my embroidery and quilting projects.

  377. I love to work with the Spring pastels. Yet, my favorite three threads are rich gold,burgundy,dark greens of Christmas.Thanks for the giveaway. Ever so kind.
    Karole King

  378. Mary, I don’t have a stach of threads because I’ve just begun embroidering after finding your site. You opened up a whole new world to me and I’m loving it. I live in the country miles from a store so I buy floss each time I go to town. Having bright colors of yellow, pink and green would fulfill my spring project. Thanks for the opportunity. Mimi Phillips

  379. I am with you! I LOVE THREAD! I have so many skeins of such lovely colors! I love to look at them. They hang from a lovely hanger on the outside of my bathroom door!!!! I love using spring green, orange and hot pink. I have a couple of birds of paradise that look amazing.

  380. Pink is my favorite color to work with and I somehow always end up including it in most of my projects–whether the pattern calls for it or not πŸ˜‰

    Three colors I like to combine are:
    White, pink and soft green

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win threads–my obsession!!!!

    Bobbie A. Greiner

  381. When I close my eyes and see 3 colors, they are burgundy, grey, and lemon yellow to pop. Have I ever used those three in a project? Not to my memory…….so maybe it’s time.

  382. I love to work with shades of blue, pink and ivory. Wanting to try some silks in my next project.

  383. I’m drawn to blues and violets…often I end up with several skeins of that color range….all purchased at different times!! I need a positive reason to get yellows and reds….even in reds I lean to the fuschia or blue reds.

  384. Love the new green threads as they look so fresh.
    I just love bright colors of clear hue and if I had to pick 3 colors to work it would be blue purple, red, dash of yellow.

  385. My favorite colors for embroidery are teal, purple blue hands down. Every time I see an embroidery of Pinterest with these colors my eyes are drawn to the threesome. They represent neat, neat and more neat embroidery.

  386. My favorite colors to embroider with are green, pink and purple. They make me happy!!!

  387. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have tried to find tubular viscose for several years after seeing it used in Stitch magazine out of UK. I did find a source in UK, but never did buy any. that’s what I would select if I win the drawing.
    Favorite colors: purple and green families, also red.

  388. My favorite colors to work are blues although I’m currently getting burnt out on the 6 shades of blue in one project. Three colors I would combine in a project are bright blues, purples and greens, because they are happy colors for me.

  389. I absolutely love just about every color of the rainbow – I shy away from orange.
    If I had to pick colors to design with it would be tourquiose/purple/green –

  390. I love colors! (and after I tell you what you need to know, I’ll relate a story from my childhood that might surprise you) I like working in various shades of green, though it’s not my favorite color; I just love seeing all the various shades of it when the leaves start opening in the spring! As to three colors I’d like to use, I want to do something in the colors of a now-worn-out dishtowel I found surprisingly attractive: rust, turquoise, and a sort-of magenta; very striking.
    The childhood story: For whatever reason, I didn’t like orange and purple. I had a Snow White coloring book, but my eye-hand coordination wasn’t yet good enough that my coloring was up to my expectations, so my Mom would be enlisted to color for me. When we got to a picture of the evil queen, whose cape surely should have been purple and her crown an orangey gold, I wouldn’t let her use those colors. I have no recollection of what colors I dictated, only that no orange or purple was “allowed.” I got over the purple thing by the time I was in jr. hi and my grandma knit me a royal purple jumper, but orange is one of my less favorite colors still — at least on its own; better in combinations.
    Thanks for another great give-away, Mary. I look forward to you email every day!

  391. I’m needing a bib….drooling over the lucious colors. With thesse shades, hard to decide on three favorite colors. I do like apricots, purples and anything else but red.

  392. Hello Mary, I am from India and in here we love melange of colours.If I were to choose 3 colours for an embroidery project then it would be carrot red, blue and sunshine orange.
    Though would love to incorporate some more colours. ..:))

  393. When you embroider, what are your favorite colors to work with in a project? If you had to pick, say, three colors that you like combining into one project, what would they be?

    I love blues that tend toward green. Also, love yellow-orange shades.

    Were I to pick three colors for one project they would be blue, green, and yellow.

  394. I love to use blues in my embroidery. I often do red, white, and blue together, my go-to combo because my daughter loves it. But really, even if it’s all black, just let me stitch!

  395. picking just a few colors usually make me feel limited, like having my hand chopped off, but if I had to choose, I’d go with green for grass and stems and such. Next would be red because I, like you, love red! It’s such a great color to play in! Lastly I’d pick blue.
    Color play. Is a great way to spend a day, whether stitching or just studying them in a composition.
    So that’s it. I hope I’ll be playing in threads very soon, thanks!

  396. Just about everything I do has blue in it somewhere. But currently I’m starting a project with (rosy) peach, turquoise and blue-gray. Putting the DMC threads together seems to work. Lorraine’s threads are so lovely!

  397. My favorite color to work with is green. This time of year I like to work with spring flower colors, yellow, orange, and red.

  398. What a conundrum! Three colors…royal blue,deep purple,and red?…or should I choose apricot,spring green and light blue?…or do I want three shades of red? Oh, it is too hard to choose!! I want them all! Thanks Mary for the fun thought journey. xoxo Karen L(Lolita,maybe)J

  399. I too have an obsession with threads and knitting yarn a d fabric Her colors look fantastic . My favorite colors are blues, greens and shades of red and purple. I am working on a pillow top done all in deep coral. We are going to Europe soon and I plan to seek out needlework in each country we visit.
    Shirley retired nurse

  400. You’re limiting me to three? Oh my!!! I love the colors of the sunset, so a purple, dark blue and fiery orange, perhaps. But then, I love the springtime lilacs in all their purple, pink and white glory. Of course, there’s always the loveliness of a brilliant cold winter morning – silvery white, brilliant blue and dark grey. Oh, how can I choose?

    I’ll choose spring – brilliant green, sky blue and puffy cloud white.

  401. Hi Mary,

    Thank you again for another give away.

    If I had to pick 3 colors, I like greens, pink/mauves/wines, and purples and blues. Oh wait, that was 4! LOL


  402. Oh, Boy!! I love Lorraine’s thread, and I’ve been stockpiling some for a lovely purple project I have planned. I love green, so that would have to be 1 of the three colours, and I think the remaining 2 would be turquoise and purple, and all of them variegated, of course. I love variegated threads!

  403. Shades of purple draw my attention and I want to put them in everything. Even though I don’t wear much pink, or have many pink “things” in my house, I kind of love pink threads.

    I could see combining some purple, pink, and some jewel toned reds together.

  404. My all time favorite color combo is green, purple and orange. I love flowers in the garden and in embroidery. I gravitate to these colors in various forms…orange might be peach or coral, purple might be lavender or grape and green can be lime to forest (although I am partial to lime green)

    The threads you are offering are just beautiful and I can already see a garden growing!

  405. Blue, I’ve tried creating embroidery, quilting, with different colors, but Blue, gets in the picture anyway! After that, most any color, but I do love sparkles!

  406. Like you I love threads and buy just because I like a color, not because I need it for a project. My favorite colours are the spring green that you showed, red and purple. Hope to see some of these new threads. Thanks.

  407. I like to use bright colors … yellows, greens, pinks (first 3) and violets, oranges, blues.

  408. My favorite colors to stitch with are red, peacock blue and lime green, not necessarily together. Black and peacock on white or white and red on black. I’m a sucker for two color embroidery on black. I love bright, vibrant colors! Thank you for this opportunity to win some wonderful thead.

  409. I am a cool side person. Blues and greens and purples and sea-like colors are my favorite! If it’s not that, it’s any rainbow of colors. Colors are just great!

    If I had to pick three, I’d put blue, purple, and green together. I think they’re just lovely together.

  410. My favorite three colors would be pink, green, and yellow. But love all the colors in all their variations.

  411. Hi Mary, Thanks for the opportunity to participate in chance to win threads – I love thread but especially over dyed thread πŸ™‚

    My favourite colours for embroidery (at the moment) are green and blue/purple, putting three colours together I would go for green blue and lemon

    thanks again – Marilyn

  412. I love working in purple and I like to combine it with green and white but looking at her shop it would be very difficult to choose because they all look so gorgeous!

  413. I love color and right now I am using 2 shades of pink,raspberry and blush with mint green but I also love blue with yellow, its so hard to choose… I would love the chance to have some new threads.

  414. This thread looks yummy! I cannot resist overdyed even if I don’t have a specific project in mind for it. My favorite colors to stitch with are blue, yellow and green!

  415. When I embroider, I love to combine greens, or sometimes a melody of autumn colors. Both of these combine beautifully, and I Love how it makes the colors seem new, and even more special.

    Ann (The China Dolls) Thompson

  416. I am sad to miss your deadline, but I still want to thank you for introducing me to Color Complements. I have bee working on a design that has a large piece of bark in it. CC#151 will be perfect and save me time in changing colors to get a good “barky” blend. I look forward to your posts each day and I am learning so much. Thank you.

  417. My favorite colors to work with are blue, green and brown. Right now I am using all colors.

  418. I find I use a lot of green toned embroidery thread to add highlights to leaves and stems. And any reds–oh my!!

  419. I’m A spring gal, pink, baby blue and Aqua are my favorite, and threads are my passion… I Live To Stitch….love reading your blog…Kathy in Brea, Ca.

  420. Hi Mary,

    My favorite thread colors to stitch with are blue, yellow and green. Yummy soft shades of all three used on either a cream or white background.

    Then I have my not so serene days when I use color with abandon!

  421. Color . . . h’mmm . . . I guess I’m happiest with “forest” colors. If I can include Green or Brown in a project I will, altho blue runs a close second (third?). If I need warmer colors I tend to go for the darker shades: maroon and burnt orange rather than high-visibility safety orange and fuschia. I don’t do neons! πŸ™‚

  422. Oh, easily my favorite colors are mossy green, shades of violet, and aqua. I am attracted to items that have that color scheme.

  423. I love stitching with the primary colors. Those are my “go to” colors then I branch out from there.

  424. I love blues and greens, shading into purple (but not too much). Right now I’m working on an unusual departure for me that has lots of bright springy colors and way more pink and yellow than I am used to! It’s an exercise in pushing my boundaries, because I usually go for a darker and more blue/green palette.

  425. My favorite color, right now, is PURPLE! If I had to chose 3 … they would be purple, green, and yellow.

  426. Oh i love alls blue, and purple and dark red
    Thank you so much for this game and hope you chose my name to win :-))
    VeroA from France

  427. My favorite colors are purple in any shade, greens and turquoise. I use these quite a bit in my work altho I have to use other colors also. So when choosing what colors to use it would be shades of those in bright and loud. No pastels for me.

  428. I like working monochromatically, using every possible shade and hue of my favorite colors. Warm colors appeal to me and muted, heathered colors, using bright, jewel tones only as contrasting “pops”. I’m helpless to resist aquas and corals. Usually it’s one of those that draw me to multi-color threads which provide a colorway that makes me select solids in colors I might not consider otherwise. A multi is what begins my process most of the time.

  429. My favorite colors at the moment are red, yellow and orange. Bright and bold! I just love stitching them together. Oh how I love Lorraine’s threads. I’m in trouble if she’s having a sale! Thanks so much for the give-a-way!

  430. Pink, green and mauve? Orange, yellow, green? Very difficult to choose just one trio!
    Erica from Auckland

  431. I would love old gold, rose, and blue in perle 5 to play with. Thank you for the opportunity and I am also grateful to Lorraine. Best Charlotte Wells

  432. First–I love the information you give us!! Second– my choice of colors are green, blue and red. Thanks again.

  433. Your daily updates keep me in touch with my love of embroidery and elevate my understanding and creative endeavors; thank you, Mary, for your outstanding efforts @ educating and broadening your follower’s understanding of the art and craft of embroidery! Color is my heartbeat and motivator for art quilts and embroidery projects. My favorite colorway would be Autumn colors. Rusts and warm reds, golden tones in greens and the golden yellows. I like adding a touch of blue in a toned robin’s egg blue or teal range for a counterpoint of cool with all the warm hues. Love, love, love Autumn ~ the “other spring”. 3 colors? today because it is now Springtime; fuchsia, yellow and chartreuse green in many tints and shades (shades of yellow go to the grudy, mossy greens on into black ~ Yum!) Current project: a blackwork design for Halloween ~ go figure!

  434. My favorite color to embroider with depends on the project. Over the years I have probably used red in some form more than any other color. If I had to put three colors together they would be red, blue and green.
    Colour Complements threads are wonderful. I would like to add to my collection.
    Thanks for offering them.

  435. OMG!! I just checked out Lorraine’s site! I wish I could buy them all!

    When I’m doing a project, I tend to select colors depending on who it is for if it is a gift and they haven’t given me any suggestions or if it is for myself, it depends on my mood at the moment. As for selecting my favorite colors, again, mood has a lot to do with it–right now I’d say either pinks, purples or blues and or greens. What can I say, I tend to be a “magpie” when it comes to colors.

  436. I am persistently drawn to blues and those hues adjacent to blue. Warm blues, cool blues, really dark blues, light blues. I like combining blues with coppers, bronzes, tans, black and silver.

    I lust after embroidery threads.
    Although I have plenty of 6 strand floss, I’ve not nearly enough perle cotton or non cotton threads.

    I would be ecstatic to be picked for this giveaway.

  437. If I had to pick 3 colors I would like green, yellow and sky blue. I’m feeling very summery at the moment!

  438. I cannot pass by… what am I saying? I can’t NOT touch, feel, handle ANY embroidery threads! They’re pretty. Interesting. Soft. Hard. Wondrous. Eye candy.

    I’m drawn to happy, colorful threads like tangerine, grape, aqua, lime green, yellow! So many threads, so little time.


  439. I do a lot of embroidery for doll clothing and use more pastels then brights. Pinks, Blues,
    and yellows. And of course green and lavender.

  440. The colors I use most are pinks, yellows, greens, and purples. I’m continual trying to use other colors.

  441. If I had to choose just three colours it would have to be pink, purple and green. That way I could embroider flowers and then maybe some more flowers and then maybe something else.

  442. Since finding your Website, I have become a lover of Crewel and Embroidery. I used to cross stitch years and embroider when I was a young girl but life got in the way. Now that I am retired, I look forward to your daily messages and helpful tools. I love all the colors of the rainbow but particularly pale yellows and blues. My very favorites for the project I am working on (my first) are yellow, blue and greens. Have a blessed day and wish me luck!

  443. My favorite color is blue.
    Three colors? Hmmm I guess blue, blue, and blue is not a good answer.
    So how about blue, white, and tan.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  444. My favorite color is green so that would be my first choice when embroidering. Depending on the theme of the project I might go with pink…for pastels, blue for underwater, or orange for florals. And I would include some shade of lavendar or purple.

    Kathy S (Aka Clothqueen)

  445. Love, Love colors, makes my endorphins go crazy! I like the sea greens, frosty pinks with a fabulous splash of purple.

  446. I just love colors, no other way about it. Depending on the project, of course, I love putting unexpected colors together like magenta and lime green and royal blue. Thanks for the opportunity for winning.

  447. My favourite thread colours are a combination of blue shades .thise threads look lovely..would love to try them

  448. I love threads and yarns. I am drawn to textures and colors although my favorite colors are greens, blues and pinks. I love pastels and brights, over dyes and solids. If I stitched 10 hours a day everyday for the next 20 years, I think I may use up my threads, so maybe it is time to get 5 more!

    Rita Dufour

  449. I love to work with greens. Leaves and grasses are fun to create and show movement just by changing the values of the green thread. Right now I’m into a coral color.my eye is immediately drawn to it. Then add a good shade of blue and of course a green and it would be hanging on my wall!

  450. I love peacocks so my favorite colors to combine would be purple, royal blue and emerald green.
    In Christ,
    Gail J.

  451. Absolutely beautiful, it is tough to make such a decision. With Needlework shops closing here in Canada, we depend on the Internet. Thank you for giving me another thread choice, with such threads as Colour Complements. My choice of three colours would be monochromatic, blues, solid and variegated.

    Thank you for your research.

    Susan Donn

  452. I was just thinking that I should go and buy tons of embroidery thread….. (the stuff’s addictive, I’m sure you know!)
    I don’t think I have a favourite colour combination. Probably either black, white, and red, or aquamarine, white, and pastel pink. There’s so many colours, it’s a very difficult decision!
    I’m going to need to go thread shopping when I feel better – I’m quite ill right now. Thanks for a smile on a gloomy day πŸ™‚


  453. I just love the variegated threads, gorgeous pinks, beautiful violets and purples. If I was choosing 3 colors I think I would select, pink yellow and green, so pretty together.

  454. I love Hardanger, So I use white mostly! I do love variegated threads and incorporating colour often blues. Currently I’m doing needle painting and enjoying merging oranges and reds. I love threads, I am still learning about what colours to use.

  455. Hi Mary…I love give aways….especially thread…I would have to say my (3) colors are green,purple,& burgundy….thx Trish in maryland

  456. I love to work with reds. Red work is one of my favorite things to do. I also love the more earthy, primitive colors. Browns and greens and reds!

  457. Just visited the site on Etsy. The threads are gorgeoous. I saw lots of my go-to colors. I love to work with shades of rose pink, soft lilac/lavender with green shades that lean a bit toward the blue end of the range. I love the hand dyed combinations of these colors with other pastels like peach and aqua, too.

  458. My favorite 3 colors to work as one are:

    Blue – aqua=ish

    When swirled together they look like the sea.

    Thanks for a great giveaaway.

  459. My favorite colors are: pink, blue and lilac.
    These colors are so soft and beautiful, let every work colorful and good to see!

  460. I had to pick three colours when doing the Jacobean Crewelwork unit of the Royal School of Needlework Certificate. I chose blue, green and purple – worked for me then, and I still love the combination.

  461. I am all about the deeper darker shades and variations of red.. Plums, maroons, and the like. Throw in some dark chocolate brown and I am a happy camper.. Or is that happy stitcher? Not sure what I would stitch in those colors, but I do like them together!

  462. Always some sort of green, also am partial to all shades of red and black for the contrast!

  463. I, too, love thread! I really enjoy selecting colors for projects and love when I have lots of choices. I love all colors, but right now I would select shades of tan and brown as I have a future project in mind to be done in sepia shades. Thank you for offering this wonderful give-a-way, and thank you for your great newsletter. I look forward to each day.

  464. One can never have enough thread! I like working with spring greens, blues and yellows. They are cheerful. These by Colour Complements are so lovely!

  465. Love your emails — your work is so beautiful.
    Love the pearl cottons they make my quilt and embroidery work look just beautiful.
    Rita R. Ammendola

  466. Hi Mary

    I love all the dusty colours, eg dusty pinks, dusty mauves, dusty blues. I find these blend very well because I love embroidering romantic, delicate, small flowers and they all seem to work for me.

  467. “When in doubt, buy green.” When I worked in a needlwork shop, a very accomplished needle artist would stop by to check out new fibers – this was her favorite saying when selecting threads. That said, my favorite color to work with is also any shade of green, along with blues and purples. A dash of the opposite side of the color wheel usually adds the perfect foil for my analogous favorites – calm, restful greens, blues and spurples.

  468. This time of year, it’s got to be a spring green, the color of new leaves. And pale pink, like the blossoms on the mallows. And last, a silver-brown..like that of the aspen branch, whose leaves twinkle in the spring breeze.

    Thank you, Mary!

  469. Also have an obsession with embroidery threads. Love working with maybes, violets, blues etc

  470. I love colorful things to embroidery with and my favorite colors are lavender and yellow; the more colors I can add to my collection, the better and happier I am but being on a limited income sometimes makes it difficult!

    Thanks for offering this great opportunity!!

  471. i love her shades of greens blending to blues and aquas. If I were pulling 3 colors for a project it might be purple, sapphire and a bright white

  472. Can you have too much embroidery thread? Ha! I am
    drawn to green, purple, and pink families. Who am I kidding I love every color, I’m like a kid in a candy store. As we all know we just have to touch the threads. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Dianne in Wesson

  473. Ooh! I love subtle corally pinks, lavender/blue together, and aqua. Does lavender and blue count as one?

  474. I love turquoise, brown, and white or pink, green, and yellow or pink, brown, and white or salmon, green, and brown or silver, blue, and white or gold, burgundy, and black or…can you tell I love colors?

  475. ooooh just went to the website… so pretty, it would be hard to pick just 5, and she’s even in the same province… might be a good reason for a road trip πŸ™‚ my favourite colours would be shades of peacock colours, green, blue, and purple, and they may find their way into my stash even if I don’t win!

  476. Thread and more thread how I just love it I am doing an intermediate surface stitchery classes at the embroiderers guild . We are useing all types of thread and color waves I like all the different textures so I would love to win some thread to use in my samples
    Jenny Daniels
    Thread and more thread how I love it

  477. I love over-dyed threads! Recently I discovered that variegated pale greens used on a stumpwork leaf make the leaf shimmer. So exciting when I finished it. I gravitate towards corals, peacock blues and pale greens, but really, I love everything.
    Thank you for my morning embroidery fix each day, Mary. It keeps me going.

  478. Green, Green, Green! Especially what I think of as “French Green” . A clear grassy green with a touch of blue in it. I love light blue and yellow with it!

  479. Hi, Mary! I wasnt going to respond as I have a very large stash of threads and I’m not getting any younger. That is until I saw the yummy perle cotton. And so to answer your question, my favourite palette is mustardy gold, rust and a rich brown with a touch of a fourth unasked for colour; deep red.

  480. I have four favourite colours that I love to wear, and they do cross over to my stitching! Jewel tones basically, but more specifically ruby red, emerald green, royal blue and regal purple.
    Subtlety is not for me πŸ˜€

  481. A few years ago I was playing with the color wheel as part of an EGA correspondence course. I would have never used the Blue/Purple/Yellow Orange combination, but the piece exploded when compared to other more timid colorways. Now it is my favorite for layered and combination stitching like Jacobean crewel pieces.

  482. My favourite colour to stitch with is red. If had only three colours for a project though, I’d go with green, white and pink.

  483. I love colour so this is a bit like being asked to choose what books or music you would take to a desert island. Only three colours? Mmmm….well, blue would have to be there. Perhaps the blue of our clear Autumn day here today along with the yellow of the sun that is slowly getting brighter now and maybe some rose pink for a contrast. But what about green , red, purple? The list goes on and all in my favourite thread, perle.
    Jan in Oz

  484. That’s a hard choice, but narrowed down to three, teal, rose and yellow could create a wonderful flower garden.


  485. Hi Mary,

    Long time lurker here. What a wonderful giveaway.

    My favorite color is blue, so I always use some shade of it whenever I stitch. I am also a fan of green & red – for all those Christmas & autumnal projects. πŸ™‚

  486. What beautiful threads. I really love be working in shades of green, yellow and blue. I am always attracted to those colours. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity this beautiful prize.

  487. I love rich blues and greens and purple…not necessarily together, but as major colors in a project. And I love new skeins.

  488. I am new to all this handwork but have jumped in with both feet. I am learning wool applique and just resently signed up for 2 crazy block projects. I started with some wool thread and verigated Valdani and DMC. My number 1 color would be reds then pinks then blacks.

  489. Green is my favorite color and gray is my favorite neutral and for the third color? Probably a pink or red.

  490. My favorite thread colors to use are yellow, orange, and purple. They remind me of my favorite season which is autumn. Love your blogs.

  491. I love all colors so what ever the colors are for the project are, I’m good with that… as for picking 3 colors to work with.. Mary!! uggh, lol, well I have a few 3 color combinations… like: pale or a dark pink, baby pink & brown or black… then there’s any number of lavender shades with any number of darker purples in the royal hues with a splash of pink…oh! and then there’s the sea greens mixed with sea blues and a splash of yellow or orange… you can see my dilemma can’t you? How could I ever just choose 1 3 color pallet to work with!! lol.. Love your work Mary and as always, thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!

  492. Right now, I am working with spring flower pastels: pinks, violets, yellows, peach and salmon as I work on greeting card inserts for our guild show. I would choose some spring and summer greens and pansy blue tones. I love Colour Complements threads and already look at her website on a regular basis.

  493. I’m a crazy quilter! Pick only 3 colors??!! Sacrilege! That said, everything has to have some green in it. Ooh – do I get to choose all the shades of a color? If so, I think I could do many things with the many shades of Gray, Green, and Red (provided that pink counts as a shade of red).

  494. Oh my goodness, just three? I could come up with tons of combinations of three colors and never stop! My all time favorites would have to be shades of green, gold and orange. But then there’s blue, green and purple, then maroon, grey and black, or yellow, grey and black, or purple, pink and orange, or………………….

  495. I LOVE colour. My favorite combination is purple, cerise and periwinkle blue. They are gorgeous together, they make me smile. πŸ™‚

  496. I can’t resist the orange, turquoise and white combination. Those are my go-to colors for most projects.

  497. What lovely looking thread. I tend to go for colors from the garden. Greens like foliage combined with pinks, purples, a little yellow. g

  498. I would love to receive a selection of autumn shades which go well together. This would be real luxury as I have to order all threads except one brand on line which can be a bit of a lottery.

    Pam J Crone

  499. Love combining turquoise with a direct contrast like black, brown, even a red.
    Turquoise, sea green with Browns would be my 3 choices!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  500. I really like bright orange with sky blue and green – think poppies in a field on a hill!

  501. Hi,

    I take this chance to win some woooonderful threads for embroidery.
    I’ve a project in Mind, which is not ready to be stiched, but the colors I favor for this one are a light turquose/aqua, a blue like heaven in summer and a brown like coffee with milk.
    Thanks for this give away, you are really right, its not possible to have too much threads.

    Happy greetings from Germany

  502. I’m a thread junkie. Never too much thread in my stash and my favorite color is teal and turquoise,
    but the rainbow is my joy.

  503. My favorite colors to use in a project are blue and white. If I were picking three colors for a project I would choose green, blue, and white.

  504. Favorite colours – its hard to pick, currently working on a celtic border using blue, green re-orange colours – soft shades as it is will trim for a baby outfit.

    Would love to see what it could look like using the over-dyed colours.

  505. Ohh such lovely thread!
    As to colours.. I think I would go with green, brown and blue. I have a thing for green. To find a good green is uplifting, really. Brown is basic, yes. Some would say boring, but I like a good neutral. And blue because there is such a magnificent variation in blue.. from dark and harsh to the softest powdery blue.

  506. Purple is my favorite, but as to three for a project? Reds, navy blues and silvery grays.

  507. My Motto is: My soul is fed by needle and thread.

    My favorite for embroidery is apricot and turquoise. Right now my favorite project has combined colors of aqua, turquoise, and teal. I’m working on an Quilt Guild challenge project which can only use those colors. I’m doing a Crazy Quilt candlemat in those colors.

    I love thread and enjoy using it in different ways. Just finished using metallic sewing machine thread (Six strands) to Brazilian Embroidery Flowers.

    Keep smiling and sewing.

  508. favorite colors for embroidery are green, blue yellow. For a project i’d pick coral, blue, yellow

  509. I am a thread-aholoic. And these overdyes are just beautiful. My favorite colors are blues and greens–reminding me of the ocean. Can’t wait to try them out.

  510. Mis colores favoritos para combinar verde manzana azul petroleo y un cafe casi tierra
    en paisajes huele a frezco

  511. These are so lovely! My favorite colors for stitching are blue, blue and MOAR BLUE. I guess I like green n

  512. I would love to win these threads and try something new as I am only have DMC. I love the colors of flowers in the spring, yellows, pinks and purples. I am taking Kathy’s cq classes and would love to stitch with these threads. Thank you for this contest and a chance to win.

  513. Hi Mary, my favorite color combo at the moment is aqua, pink and purple. Thanks for the giveaway!

  514. I love to use a red that is slightly on the Orange side with a bright purple and a turquoise blue.

  515. I always look at the Colour Compliments website and salivate over those pretty threads. I would love to do a project with some blues, purples, and pinks – kind of flowery.

  516. My favorite colors are blues and greens. The third color would depend on what I was stitching. For a nature scene I would add a gold, for a water/ocean scene I would add a silver.

  517. I’m as obsessed with thread as you, I think…and not just hand embroidery. I like special threads on my machine…and I love to hand quilt! My favorite color is red. But lately I’m into shades of green, lime to olive…for my stitching.
    Thanks for turning me on to another thread choice!

  518. I’m a sucker for orange and blue! This being so, I would have to go for orange, blue and green. Thank you for the chance to win threads.

  519. Mary,

    I love all the earth and natural tones and have a tendency to gravitate to those colours. But when I took a quick look at the Colour Complements website I was wowed by some of the fabulous colour combinations that are available. If I am fortunate enough to win this give away I will be sure to step way out of my comfort zone and pick something new and exciting. Something that will inspire me to try new techniques maybe?


  520. I love threads, too! Who doesn’t?! I guess if I had to pick a few colors, I would say fuschia–to make roses, green–for the variety of leaves in a garden, and I like blue–for iris and forget-me-knots! πŸ™‚ Yellow can be cheerful, too! Mmmm…hard to pick just three.

  521. What colors, eh?! Well, Mary, that ALL DEPENDS!! Greens and flower colors are the most natural combination — since I seem to do a lot of that (when not working whitework). If I am doing things of the Arts & Crafts realm, I seem to pick browns, rusty oranges and grungy greens. I love to shade things, and like palettes to include very tight gradations of whatever color I’m using. I have “learned” to add “zinger” colors and they can be fun (like teals!). It’s all about color and texture, after all. These look like very nice threads and I’m anxious to try them. Variegated, but not “pre-cut” means I can use them on dorset buttons, as well. Oh Boy!! Crossing my fingers!

  522. My favorite colors to combine would be green, brown, and red and all variations thereof ! I can think of so many natural applications for those colors, and together they are phenomenal!

  523. Teal,purple,sunshine are my favorite colors together. I really love over dyed threads. They give such interesting varieties.

  524. Chris from Australia
    I think my favourite colours would be the colours of the bush- Eucalyptus green which is a lovely grey green and pale gum blossom pink or cream My husband brought me a lovely sprig back from his walk to shut a gate yesterday it is now sitting on the breakfast room table looking gorgous. Thank you so much for your generosity and enthusiasm.

  525. I’m not sure I have favourite colours for embroidery, it depends very much on what I’m stitching. Having said that I love reds, violets and greens. (I know you don’t like red, sorry about that.)

  526. Well Dorcas Lane,

    My colors would be three shades of pink. And my one weakness? Your blog – I have to get my daily fix and feel lost without it!
    Carrie PlaneNut

  527. I am drawn to blues, reds, and purples. When given the choice, I find that I always choose those colors, any and all shades of them.

  528. I lOVE threads, and my fingers just itch when I get hold of them – it means I simply must sew. The fingers don’t stop itching until I start stitching. Trish Burr’s butterflies are an example of this – I can’t wait to stitch them, and once I start can’t stop until I see the finished piece.. Then I sit in wonder at how beautifully Trish blends these glorius coloured threads to produce such perfect specimens.

  529. Oh Lorraine’s threads are SO beautiful! That’s an easy question to answer. Blue is my colour, followed closely by green and purple, so those would be my colour choices. But any of Lorraine’s threads would be wonderful to win. Thanks for the chance.

  530. Mary, I love all shades of purple – then blues – peaches and greens – If I had to pick only three colors they would be: purple, green, and orange. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful thread. I love pearl thread. Thank Lorraine at Colour Complements also. I looked at her website and all of her threads are so beautiful how could anyone choose just 5!

  531. I really like most colors, so picking just three
    is difficult. But I’ll choose green, lavender, and coral.

    Pat in Lebanon

  532. My thread collection is nearly as big as my fabric collection!! I checked out lots of the threads at Colour Complements; gorgeous. I’d probably choose pink, green, and a rosy red if I could only choose 3 colors!!

  533. My favorite color to use is aqua/turquoise. I like to pair it with other tropical colors (I’m a Florida native) like light/bright greens and maybe coral or pink or red. Or I’ll use it with other shades of blue to try to encompass the colors of the water down here, especially in the Keys.

  534. My favorite colors are usually blues,greens and purples for embroidery or needlepoint. However for hardanger I like to use softer shades of those tones. Blue, green and a touch of fuschia would be an interesting combination.

  535. I love greens, pinks and violets colours. Lorraine’s threads are divinely beautiful. I love a chance at stitching with them. Thank you

  536. mary- 1st let me start with i love the new design u chose for your niece’s present, not precause it was easier but i thought (from a child’s view) it was freasher and prettier.
    2nd i love most colors of thread, solid to veriagated, but the last 3 months i have been working on an alphabet wildflower linen and i seem to enjoy using 3 different green,gark, olive, and springy light green, next is blues, light to dark , and the last of the 3 you wanted is a hard choice- purples, from the iris’ to the coneflower. i really hope i win, i just started organizing my threads ( wraping floss on vintage clothspins 4 now). have a wonderful stitching of a day.

  537. I haven’t met a colour I didn’t like, but my stash is saying greens, blue and purples are running low.

  538. Is there a thread that isn’t beautiful? Well if so, I have never seen it. Narrowing it down to three, hmmmmm, I love the combination of ecru, red and light blue.

  539. It is earth day! The three colors I would and do work with are blue for the sky, green for the earth and red for flowers. thanks for the opportunity to win. joan c

  540. Oh my gosh, what gorgeous thread! I’m considering some embroidery on a quilt I pieced recently, and I’m happy to hear about this shop. The quilt top is made of batiks in my favorite colors for most things, including embroidery, which are the jewel tones–deep gold, ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst. Thanks for the introduction to ColourComplements and for the giveaway!

  541. My first favorite color is lavender, then there needs to be a green to go with it, and third would be purple or light pink. Since it’s mostly flowers that are lavender, they have green leaves. And, depending on the flower, they need either a dark purple or pale pink as an accent color.

  542. I love all colours! Though I will confess to a particular love of all greens and with a patch of purple – this fits in with the cottage garden embroidery I have been working on lately. And then just to flash it up a little, a tiny splash of red or orange. Hmm, so many colours, so little time!!

  543. What a fun question. I’m planning a monogram embroidery project and I think peachy orange, green and a hint of beige will look beautiful. Gosh, I hope my number is the lucky draw.

  544. If I had to pick three colors to combine into one project, I would choose burgundy, royal blue, and yellow.

  545. I love embroidery. I see everywhere colours…colours….colours. I love to do emdoidery with black and red. But i would like to do embroidery with sea green, prusian blue and white. This colours will flaunt together.

  546. I love to stitch Celtic designs and the flowing lines lend themselves so well to variegated and over dyed threads and show off the colour changes. I’m always drawn to blues, purples and teals and just love threads with dramatic colour changes.
    Thanks for introducing us to another wonderful range of threads.

  547. My 3 favourite colours for embroidery are green, green and green. It is the most wonderful colour in the universe.

  548. Thanks Mary. I’m a bit of a blue girl so like to work with any shade of the same. But I often mix them with greens and purples.

    Catherine from New Zealand

  549. Colors of floss to use in an embroidery creation:red, green, black. I like Eastern European color and folk lore. So color that is rich and dark for emotion, history and story patterns are interesting colors to work in my own creations. atk

  550. Hmmm,my three favourites? Well, that would have to be primaries, tints and shades! If you really pinned me down though anyone who knows me will tell you that anything in the purples, blues and burgundies is going to make my heart sing. Not that green and yellow don’t have a place too – all those flowers I’m so made about need some leaves and pollen. πŸ˜€

  551. I love working with all sorts of threads and colours but my very favourite colours are the blues, aquas and sea greens.
    Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win Mary.

  552. Dear Mary,
    Thank you (and Lorraine) for the opportunity to accumulate more thread! My three favourite colours are medium delft blue, emerald green, and deep dark red. Love them! (And old gold and …………).
    …….. And I feel like a kid in a lolly shop waiting for tomorrow’s exciting announcement!!!

  553. I don’t particularly have 3 favorite colors that I like to incorporate into my projects (CQ). I do prefer darker colors over lighter colors. My current project uses blue, green, purple, and pink.

  554. Wow, what a lovely bold colour schemes Lorraine invents! At the moment, my Millie Marotta’s fox project could use some more reds, oranges and yellows :). Have a nice day and thank you for the give away.

  555. My favourite colours green for trees ,spring and growing purple my best friends favourite colour and yellow sun,light, happy.

  556. Good to know that you are as drawn to threads as I am – not just threads but needles too. Along with embroidering I love to applique also. The three thread colours of my choice are jade green, pink and peach. I use a lot of pinks in my embroidery. Thanks for spreading love and warmth through threads. By the way, I live in Mumbai, India and do not know if I am eligible for your warm offer. Bernadette Raikar.

  557. I have a Thing about blues: particularly those lovely deep navy blues! However, having just ploughed my way through a very blue project I think it might need to be on the back burner for a while. My next project is going to be using a lovely rich purple, a burnished gold and probably a pale dove grey. I’m convinced grey brings out colour far more than white does!

    The variegated threads intrigue me: I’ve used variegated yarn in knitting, but never embroidered with variegated thread. They look beautiful!

  558. When I embroider I tend to use the deeper tones and then I throw in some specialty threads for a bit of fantasy. I an currently working on s songbirds project, three colors that I would easily use would be greens, blues, browns.

  559. Blue and yellow! Yes I know most Americans don’t do yellow but not using yellow is a day without sunshine. It just doesn’t happen around here. Sunshine and yellow goes hand in hand. Then you need a blue sky. What more do you need in life?
    Raelene from Oz.

  560. I enjoy using bright contrasting colours. I would usually find myself with a grass green, sky blue and a couple of purple trying to figure out how to make a red flower out of those %)

  561. My favourites are blues and greens, with perhaps a touch of orange (not too much!!).

  562. Hello Mary,
    I didn’t know Lorraine’s threads. They are bright, fresh, warm.
    Thank you for this article.
    Three of my favorite colors are bronze, fuchsia and rust.
    Have a good day.

  563. If you sew, you buy fabric, if you embroider, you buy thread — woe to us who do both!

    I always seem to be looking for greens! I’d choose at least one green with a honey yellow and and a purple.

  564. I love all kinds of blue hues. So my 3 favorite colours for a project would be a very intense dark blue, a summery turquoise and a zesty yellow to lighten them up.

  565. Green! Green! And green! Any shade. Any hue. And I love thread…just like a brand new box of Crayola crayons, my thread stash offers an array of possibilities. But I never seem to have just the right color for a project…so picking up a skein or two on the chance that it will fill a gap is a happy pastime.

  566. Oddly enough, I like black. A really nice dark black. My favorite colors for a project are red, orange and yellow.

  567. I am very promiscuous about the colors I like to use. I can’t think of one I don’t like. So, to pick three: green for plants and trees; black for outlines and shadows that emphasize the other colors in your piece, and blue is my favorite color in general.

  568. Good Morning Mary,
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I am a crazy quilter so I really do love it all, but if I had to pick 3 colors it would be a purple, a medium blue and a limey/citrus green.
    Suzanne Bruno

  569. my favorite colors are shades of blue, green and yellow. thanks for the give away.
    mary sue c

  570. Hi Mary
    It depends on the project- but because I love Madeira/richelieu/whitework, I favour monochromes – cream, white, off-white….
    But for coloured projects: bordeaux, red, green…
    Keep well.

  571. I’ve put off entering the contest until now because I confes that I don’t have a favorite color or combination of colors. I love them all. each color has its place in my collection waiting to be chosen for a specific job in my current project. Sometimes it’s an easy choice, but sometimes it’s a trial and error process to choose. I can spend hours in a shop or looking at color charts trying to pick out the perfect threads. Each color has hundreds of variations in shades to pick from and they are all special in their own way and when selscted at randem work. Right now I favor yellow because the daffodils are in bloom and the yellow so bright and rich, but a few weeks ago it was the blue and white of winter and I can feel the pinks and greens coming into play. Like a mother with a house full of kids I love them all!

  572. I am a thread and fiber addict I too must confess. I love the colors of nature and love blending in all those hues. Most of my projects have pinks, greens, and yellows. Those are the colors of happiness to me.

  573. Good morning Mary,

    My favorite colors to blend in a project would be the colors of the ocean down in Key West—-greens, blues and any shade of aquamarine—they make me smile.

    That thread looks yummy, thank you for offering this chance to two lucky followers.

  574. What a wonderful opportunity and such gorgeous colors! So difficult to pick only three! I would pick purple, green and gold. Different values offer great visual impact. Thank you so much. Be well. B.

  575. Lately I’ve had flowers on my mind, more specifically violets. So today I would have to say gradations of violet, yellows and greens. Thanks for offering such a luscious giveaway!

  576. I love working with combinations of warm, sunny colors. My favorite three are red, orange, and a bright gold. And maybe a little red-violet, too. Okay, that’s four, forgive me πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  577. My favorite colors are Yellow, Green and Blue, and every color in between!

    I want to take the opportunity to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. My embroidery has improved so much since I found you. You are my embroidery fairy godmother!

  578. Hi Mary,
    I always end up working with blue, all shades of blue from light baby blue to dark navy, I’m drawn to them in all crafts, not just needlework. I suppose if I had to chose three I’m drawn to I’d also include purple, blue-purples ranging from lilac to violet. I’m not sure about a third colour, those two are enough for me!

  579. Thanks for another great giveaway Mary! I’ve been dyeing (haha) to try these threads since you first reviewed them. Following your advice to another novice embroiderer in a comment, I just treated myself to Mary Thomas’ wonderful stitch dictionary, and many of the stitches would look so very beautiful in this thread!

    Virtually any bright colour combination makes me happy, but for sheer elegance I love the classic look of Jeweltones, especially magenta, emerald and sapphire, on black, with gold πŸ™‚

  580. As with you, I am a thread junkie. Texture, color, what can I make with it all come into play as I look at thread displays, the threads I have, and the photos I see on websites. Limiting the choices becomes difficult. I vacillate between bright, vibrant, and gentle, calming. Today I would choose ocean teal light, then the darker teal that is the horizon line, along with a gray/tan that can be sand and rocks along the shore.

  581. My favorite colors are the deep rich hues visible at a sunset–red, orange, purple, yellow. It’s hard to choose just three colors for a project, but they would be purple, red, blue.

  582. Oh those colors are beautiful. I am planning an Easter quilt that will have lots of embroidery. Bunnies, chicks, flowers and of course a cross! Pastel greens, pinks and yellows. These skeins definitely match my needs!

  583. I love vivid blues and yellows, and the jewel tones. But it seems like I primarily embroider pillowcases for wedding gifts, and those are always white. White always gives me pleasure. i would love to branch out and use some different threads. Thank you for the inspirations, Mary.

  584. I love bright colors and am always drawn to turquoise, hot pink, and purple. Lorraine’s threads are beautiful and those greens…WOW! Think I’ll head on over to her Etsy shop and see what she has.

  585. I love putting light greens, pinks and tangerines together. Thanks for the opportunity!

  586. I love pink and green. If I had to choose a third color it would probably be purple. But the pik/green combo really floats my boat.

  587. love love love shades of green. put green with shades of red and yellow and you can make almost anything beautiful. i love to create scenes of nature and animals and insects and find those colours invaluable. Natalie dupuis

  588. My favorite color to work with is ecru. I use a lot of bright colors and the ecru tones it done for me. By the way, when you send my package, my name has two “B’s”, yes two (2) like DeBBra.

  589. My favorite color is blue, but to pick 3 it would be a combination of blue, purple and highlighted with yellow. Thanks for the chance to win. I LOVE stitching with variegated thread.

  590. Oh, wow! Such lovely threads! My favorite color is blue and I love sparking it up with orange accents.

  591. I am currently in love with acua, red, and lime green. This combination is Aqua first, then red. Then Aqua and lime. Often all three. This affair has been sustained for quite a while and I do not see any of the lovers trading places with another color in the near future.

  592. In the past, when embroidering, I usually stick with greens, reds, and browns. However, we recently painted out living room and kitchen yellow. So when I’ve been looking at patterns lately, I’ve been looking at floral/bird/butterfly patterns. I’m so excited to start incorporating bright colors!

  593. I love using greens, oranges, and yellows together in my stitching. They are so warm and welcoming and brighten up every place you see them.

  594. Favorite colour is pink and blue mixture. I have been using silk lately but colour compliments has driven me back to cotton.

  595. I love blue, green and yellow. All of the different shades. They just feel so clean and uplifting to me.

  596. Too much thread?
    Can there really be such a thing?
    My current project is a bright orange Christmas stitchery.
    My next project is in muted browns and greens & a beautiful dusty pink… These last three are more my go to colours.

  597. Right now I am hung up on pastels. I call them Sherbet colors. Pale pinks, greens and blues.

  598. I love Lorraine’s threads!

    Purple, all shades, especially plum; mix them up with teal blue, cobalt, and all shades of ocean-blue, which means lots of green/blue.

    Three colors in one project: deep plum, teal blue, and a variegated purple-blue.

    so much fun to think about!

  599. I use colors of all ilk in embroidery, sometimes subdued but often a riot of seasonal selections. The hues I love the most relate to sea, sky, and sand. I’ve not worked with anything beyond perle cotton and DMC floss. It would be lovely to have Lorraine’s selections to explore finer materials and hand-dyed threads. Pick me? Pick me! Please!!!

  600. I use a lot of neutral colors when I work with textile design. However, when I do use color, I love using dark jewel tones such as indigo, maroon & mustardy yellows- I love the combination and vintage nature of these colors!!

    Thank you for sharing about these threads and the opportunity to try them out!!

    Thy Hoang Vu Mims

  601. What gorgeous colors there are over on Colour Complements. My favorites are always red (almost any shade) and greens (almost any shade). I might toss in a dab of gold or blue, but the variations on red and green seem endless and very satisfying.

  602. When I go to choose colors for just stitching, I always seem to gravitate toward mid-to-dark greens, dark yellow/golds and deep reds, so those would be my three choices. I prefer deeply saturated colors to build a base on; then, I can embellish with lighter shades, metallic threads, beads, etc. Thanks for all the excellent inspiration! Paul

  603. My favorite colors are hues of blue, pink and purple in variation intensities. I am just returning to embroidery and love the various colors that we have available in embroidery yarns and the selection of different types of thread.

  604. My favourite colours are jewel tones with lots of turquoise to teal to deep purple, and also deep ruby reds to warm oranges.

  605. I love all the colours. I am doing a canvas work piece that uses a number of shades of green, and the green overdyes would be wonderful to use.

  606. Oooooh colours! I think one reason I love embroidery so much is simply to work with colours! Favourites are the Blues; all shades and edging into the lilacs/purples. But for 3 colours in combination? Mmmmm Shocking pink, Lime green and Black! But it’s so difficult to choose just one! Maybe it’s why I adore Butterflies…. all those colours! Cheers Mary!

  607. I love pink in any shade. I have been an embroidery for decades. Its an escape and a chance to recharge. I would love to have these new threads to create something beautiful.

  608. Thanks for this opportunity! I love yellows and purples. If I had to pick three colors, I would pick yellow, purple, and green. All colors are welcome though.