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Rose Rondelle – Free Hand Embroidery Pattern


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I have A Thing for certain types of stylized roses depicted in embroidery.

If you’ve been hanging around Needle ‘n Thread for a bit, you might remember this Mission Rose project from a couple years ago, or this goldwork and silk Tudor-style rose.

Lately, I’ve been playing with a few other rose designs, like this Rose Window embroidery pattern that I shared with you a couple weeks ago.

Yep. It’s true. I’m a sucker for these types of stylized roses!

So here’s another rose pattern, which has been screaming for my attention for the last year. Alas, I won’t get to it right away – too many other things on the Proverbial Plate – but maybe you may find a use for it.

I’m calling this one Rose Rondelle.

(I’m really bad at naming designs, if you hadn’t noticed!)

Rose Rondelle Hand Embroidery Pattern

This particular medallion sports the type of rose that I love depicting in silk and gold. Although it features more leaves than flower, the flower is certainly the central focus of the design.

Imagine it in deep reds and whites and golds, shining forth in regal splendor above the surrounding foliage. The scalloped inside edge and the outer wide frame worked in golds would provide a perfect setting for the flower inside.

But the design isn’t limited just to goldwork. Other forms of surface embroidery would work well with it. It could be worked in cottons, or, for a quicker approach, it could even be worked in wools.

The design prints at 6″ round, but it can be enlarged or reduced to suit your needs. Maybe you want to make some sort of rose patch? You can reduce the design and work it in fine threads. Maybe you want to embroider the cover of a fancy cushion? You can enlarge the design and work it in heavier wools. There are many possibilities!

Rose Rondelle Printable

Here’s the pattern in a handy PDF format, for your personal use:

Rose Rondelle Embroidery Pattern (PDF)

I hope you enjoy it!

If you’re looking for just the right design for a new embroidery project, why not browse through the free hand embroidery patterns here on Needle ‘n Thread? You might find just the one that tickles your fancy!

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(3) Comments

  1. I’m visualizing the deep red of a William Baffin rose, or the purples and muted greens of thistles, with couching or French knots at the center of the flower. A yellow rose is another option that comes to mind, but I always gravitate toward yellow roses.

    And I am tempted to get out the floss box and start choosing colors NOW, but I have sworn that I will not start another project just yet. I just won’t. I will not. Even though I’m itching to stitch up the new yellows and greens I bought last week…

    Even though this motif would work well as the focus of the jewelry box I’m planning for later…


    Dang you, Mary! 😉

  2. hi Mary,
    So, one white, one red,- war of the roses. Something to do with queens and the history of England. Of all the flowers, the rose has so many ties to history.
    It;s also the source of perfume and can be blackened in an iron pan (Damask rose) and made into beads which will retain their aroma.
    And we shouldn’t forget the throns.

  3. Really enjoyed today’s article about behind the scenes at Needle ‘n Thread. Sounds like a normal situation to me !

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