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If You Love Peacocks like I Love Peacocks


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I have a song running through my head. It goes something like this:

If you love peacocks like I love peacocks… and then there’s something like Oh, what a gal! and some other stuff. I know the tune and I know about a dozen words, and the rest of the song is filled with something, something, something.

I’m pretty sure the song is about a gal named Susie. And I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with peacocks.

But I do love peacocks, and it fits the tune of the song, so why not?

I especially love peacocks in embroidery. They are a Prime Target for the embroiderer. They beg to be rendered in thread, with their glorious colors and fabulous plumage.

So, needless to say, when Canevas Folies came out with Blue Peacock, I was twitterpated. Let me show you the kit, so you can be twitterpated, too.

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

Luscious, to say the least!

Canevas Folies is a Swiss embroidery company, and they make gorgeous, exuberant – yet small and manageable – designs and kits for hand embroidery. This is one of their latest.

Blue Peacock is only 4 x 6″, so it’s not a huge embroidery project. This (in my mind) makes it doubly desirable. Because of its size, you know it’s a project that you can reasonably finish in a reasonable amount of time!

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

The kit is pretty basic: it comes with a cover sporting a finished picture of the design…

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

…a natural colored linen fabric, with the design printed on it (which is super nice, considering that such a busy design would take an age to transfer!)…

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

…and very basic instructions which include a color guide and stitch layout.

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

There’s not much in the way of stitch instructions, with the exception of diagrams for two stitches. The kit assumes you know some embroidery.

The stitches in the piece include stem stitch, chain stitch, French knot, blanket stitch, backstitch, straight stitch, bullion knots, satin stitch, cretan stitch, long & short stitch, detached buttonhole, and double cast-on stitch.

You can find step-by-step or video instruction for all of them right here on Needle ‘n Thread, or in any good stitch dictionary.

Peacock Embroidery Kit by Canevas Folies

The kit also comes with the House of Embroidery specialty threads that are used in the design. A few DMC colors are used as well, and they’re listed in the instructions. You can pick those up locally.

It’s a lovely kit!

I think it would be challenging for beginners – I’d recommend it more for intermediate embroiderers. It has a nice variety of stitches, it makes use of a fantastic color scheme, and it’s small enough to finish it in a short time and have fun the whole while!

So, if you love peacocks like I love peacocks, look it up!

In the US, you can find Blue Peacock through The French Needle. In Europe, you can find it directly through Canevas Folies in Switzerland.

I really want to work this kit.

So many projects. So little time.


I should have been an octopus.


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  1. I have enjoyed looking at these kits for years. Maybe it’s time I purchased one.

    I completely agree with the octopus thing. Also, 48 hours in every day would be helpful.

    Carol S.

  2. What a beautiful little kit. I love, love peacocks too. LOL, an octopus… My mom used to say there needed to be 3 of me to get everything I wanted/tried to do done! And I agree with Carol S., more hours in the day would sure help, not that I don’t try to extend the days… I get very little sleep. Hahaha!

  3. Beautiful! My sister loves peacocks even more than I do. When I get back to work (on medical leave for a couple more weeks) I’ll be ordering this kit & she’ll get the finished product! She has lured me into the quilting world and treated me to TWO quilt retreats this year! She deserves a surprise.

  4. Dear Mary

    Thank you for this – I really did smile a lot! I think the song is”If you knewSusie like I know Susie”….but then I think you knew this all along, your interpretation is so charming. I usually avoid kits, but this really does sound super. Thank you again for all your truly thought provoking and inspiring comment ts. M.

  5. Gorgeous. And, ah, to be located in Nyon! A stunningly gorgeous town on the Swiss Riviera along lake Geneva. What a fairytale perfect place for gorgeous embroidery!

  6. Dear Mary

    Missed yesterdays post as I was dog sitting for my sister. Anyway the tune is “If you knew Susie like I knew Susie Oh, Oh, Oh, what a gal” etc. My parents used to have the record many moons ago, showing my age. The Canevas Folie Blue Peacock kit is lovely bright, colourful design and has a good variety of stitches and you could definitely lose yourself in this design with all the variety of stitches and colours and as you say very Luscious. Thanks for sharing this lovely design with us very cheerful design for the beginning of the weekend, I hope you have a great one.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  7. I’m an admirer of the Canevas Folies kits as well, though as a beginner at embroidery, I haven’t tried them yet (I’m still learning the basic stitches!). Are there any Canevas Folies kits you’d recommend for a beginner like me? They’re so pretty!

  8. Then you will also like a very simple , vintage 1959 embroidery book entitled ” Stitch Me A Peacock ” by Mary Krishna : )

  9. I have one of their kits, which I haven’t yet started, because it’s for a specific thing for a specific person, and I can be no more specific than that because that person sometimes reads this blog and I don’t want to blow the surprise…

    I can very non-specifically say that the design has lots of little flowers, and it’s working up very nicely. The specialty threads are none I’ve heard of before, but they’re gorgeous! I’m not really a “kit” person, but this one has changed my mind; I’m planning to order a couple more (the two I want are currently out of stock, so must wait…).

    1. *which I have just started*

      Not *haven’t yet started*

      Hello, allergy season and fuzzy-headed-ness…

  10. Just remember, you can’t die until you finish all your UFO’s. I will probably live forever.
    My favorite stitch is the lazy daisy, which can also open up to a fly stitch. It is great for leaves, feathers, flowers, beards and just about anything you want to apply it to, depending on whether you want to use it upside down, right side up, in a chain, or all by itself!

  11. Hi Mary-
    When I saw your title on my e-mail, I started humming that tune–the day before I had a chance to open the post and read it–so it was a funny surprise! It must be something about rhythm & certain words, I can’t explain since I’m not a musician or poet. The refrain is all I know of the song, but now I know it can become a major ear worm!
    Your writing makes your posts so special-

  12. I know just what you mean by “so many projects, so little time”. Is there any “cure” for us? I hope not!! This one is worth making time for. You have so topped yourself!! So congratulations for a job well done. Thank you, you inspire me!

  13. Wow, just wow.
    It’s so nice and dense, just the sort of thing I wish I had the time to do. I can’t wait to see you do it so I can enjoy vicariously.

  14. Hello
    I’m just beginning to learn this beautiful art I guess my favorite stitch would have french knots and straight stitch I’ve not been able to buy any kits yet so I’m tracing my own I love this love your site thank you
    Karen Rae

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