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Inspirations Embroidery Kits – a Grand Give-Away!


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It’s Wednesday – and a good day to make your embroidery dreams come true!

Have you been hankering to stitch something really special?

Well, here’s your chance to have a gorgeous embroidery kit mailed directly to your door, courtesy of the folks at Inspirations Magazine!

This is a fantastic give-away for three winners – and the best part about it? The winners get to select their own prizes!

Couldn’t get any better than that, could it?

Read on for the details!

Inspirations Embroidery Kits - A Grand Give-Away!

Today’s grand give-away is for three winners, all of whom will be randomly drawn from the entrants. Each winner can choose a kit from those currently offered by Inspirations, which you’ll find on their website, here.

Included in your prize will be the kit as described on the website and the relevant Inspirations magazine that features the project, so that you’ll have everything you need to work the project – all the supplies (materials, threads, needles, any extra embellishments) and the instructions. The goodies will be mailed to the winners directly from the folks at Inspirations.

Recently, I’ve reviewed two Inspirations kits – this Modern Crewel kit and this Chatelaine kit. You can read my reviews to see those two kits up close and get an idea of what’s included in each Inspirations kit.

Give-Away Guidelines

In order to participate in today’s give-away, please read and abide by the following guidelines:

This give-away is now closed! Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment below, answering the question in #2. To go directly to the comment form, you can follow this link. Comments must be left on this article on Needle ‘n Thread – comments received via email or left on any other article are not eligible entries.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

If you win, what kit would you pick and why?

You can see all the kits currently available here – please note there are two pages to the listing, so be sure to browse both pages!

3. Please make sure you leave a name (no anonymous entries) and a valid, working email address in the appropriate line on the comment form. If you happen to have a fairly common name (like Mary, for example), you might qualify your name with a last initial or a nickname or a place. This helps avoid confusion when the winners are announced.

4. All comments must be received by Monday, August 1, at 5:00 am Central Time (Kansas, USA). The randomly drawn winners will be announced that day.

The winners must contact me within three days with their mailing information. After three days, I’ll randomly select replacements for any winners I haven’t heard from. So be sure to check back on August 1st to see if you are one of the winners!

An easy way to make sure you don’t miss the announcement – consider subscribing to the Needle ‘n Thread newsletter!

Good luck!

All comments left on Needle ‘n Thread are moderated to avoid spam. If your comment does not show up right away, don’t panic! It’ll show up eventually!


(1,459) Comments

    1. Just saw the post for the give away. I feel like a kid in a candy store and only allowed one piece of candy. I choose the Chatelaine in red kit. I have been researching and teaching myself Elizabethan stitches for a sweet bag project. The Chatelaine would merry nicely with my sweet bag. I would like to thank you for your web site. My area has very few embroidery opportunities for my more than intermediate level of embroidery. Your site is my go to place for information, book reviews and instructions.

  1. If I win I would definitely choose the Modern Crewel kit because I love the pattern and the colours are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I would pick modern crewel. I love the look of crewel but don’t work with wool yarns and this is perfect for me to try.

  3. The Honey Bee Kit is the one I would choose as I have BEEn stumped looking for a creative BEEgining for a new design pattern. I have tried a bee in the past and it was not all the buzz I thought it would BEE.

    Pick me! I really need to be inspired.

    Thank you,

  4. all the kits are very yummy, but I would pick the chatelaine kit because I never had anything as pretty as that for myself.

    1. That is so sweet, Andrea. I would pick the chatelaine too! With all my heart, I hope you win! πŸ™‚

  5. If I win, I would pick the Chatelaine kit. I do so love anything embroidery/sewing related. These items remind me of a much more relaxed time when women had the leisure to create beautiful items for every day use.

  6. I would pick the Small Change kit because it’s beautiful (! Love those bold colors against the dark background) and also because I’m going on a dream trip of a lifetime to Europe later this fall and was told a coin purse is a great idea to hold the euro coins.

  7. If I were the lucky winner, I would choose the “Modern Crewel” kit because it appears to have some wonderful looking techniques that I am not familiar with.

  8. I love the projects in the Inspirations magazine. Everything they publish is beautiful, but I would love to work on a gold work project.

  9. Thanks so much for the giveaway chance. It’s hard to choose between such wonderful projects, but I think I would pick Flowers of the Sea. I love the bright colors on the black, and it uses threads and techniques I haven’t tried before. It would be a gorgeous project to work, and a great learning experience.

  10. “Flowers of the Sea”… thinking beside the embroidery, beading would also add very much to the mystic bottom of the sea.

  11. Hello: Ohhh so hard to choose, all their kits are interesting for different reasons……Chatelane is interesting but the gold work bee (honey bee) is neat too as it has black metals, and modern crewel is neat too so that I could see what wools and threads they use besides just crewel wool……But in the end perhaps I’d choose Winter’s Song to challenge myself with the shading πŸ™‚

  12. If I’m a winner I would pick the Gold Bee. I haven’t attempted gold work before and would love the opportunity to learn a new form of embroidery. Also I find the whole subject and history of bees, fascinating.

  13. I would definitely choose the Honey Bee. My husband and I were bee keepers for 28 years. I lost him 4 years ago and this would remind me of him. I collect many bee things!

  14. I would choose the Modern Crewel kit. The reason? The COLORS! Those glorious colors! And how could you go wrong with Jacobean? Combines, the design is flawless.

  15. I would like to win the Modern Crewel Work Kit as I love the colour scheme and because it certainly combines an’old traditional’ design with contemporary colours.

  16. I would pick Tulip or Love Letters or Prancer! Too many choices. Love monograms and I love whitework. Any one of them would be delightful!

  17. What an opportunity, and what a hard choice to make among all the beautiful kits. I would choose Small Change, the elegant purse. It brings back memories of a purse my mother made, a beaded twenties style of purse, she crafted as a young girl.

    Thank you.

  18. I would choose the pink chatelaine but love so many of them. I have bought AS&E kits and the quality is superb. I imagine Inspirations kits would be the same since it is the same folks. I hope I get the chance to find out in the giveaway!

  19. Decisions, decisions! Oh my, they are all wonderful kits. I would choose the red chatelaine because I have a granddaughter who has begun sewing and I would love to make this for her.

  20. If I am fortunate enough to win, I would want to try the kit Flowers of the Sea. Scenes of fish and corals have been an interest of mine in several quilts that I have made, and I am recently starting to learn and practice embroidery. I think that I would learn much, and certainly enjoy, completing this kit.

  21. I would choose Winter’s Song. I love Trish Burr and have been longing to try needle painting for some time now. I just haven’t taken the plunge. If I had a second choice, it would be Honey Bee. Because that’s what I call my Granddaughter, Beatrice. Honey Bea. Thank you for the contest.

  22. So much to choose from Mary. I think I would choose the Tea For Two; love the colors and different techniques.

  23. I absolutely love the modern crewel. The colors are beautiful and I love crewel embroidery.

  24. I would like to win the Modern Crewel Work Kit as I love the colour scheme and because it certainly combines an ‘old traditional’ design with contemporary colours.

  25. Hi Mary, I believe I would choose the Small Change purse kit. I have never tried to make a little purse; would give me a chance to try something new.

  26. Love all the Inspirations kits, Prancers my favourite. Perhaps because his impish face makes me smile. Would give to my friends when done for a Christmas gift as they adore the season.

  27. My choice would be the Modern Crewel kit. It is fresh and bright, a modern take on a traditional design, but it also gives a 70’s vibe.

  28. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to participate. All the kits are beautiful and it’s not easy to choose. I love the whitework Blossom bag and would choose that one.

    Thanks again!

  29. I would love the red chatelaine kit, then I could stitch along with you. And it would be a thing of beauty if the stitching went right!

  30. I’d definitely pick the Pink Chatelaine. I’ve actually been looking all over for a chatelaine for a while, and figured “Well, I guess I’ll just have to get some jewelry chain and make one for myself.” Then I saw the Chatelaine kit and I love it!

  31. Oh my goodness! What an incredible opportunity. I knew the minute I saw your review of the Chatelaine Kit that I wanted to do it. I am currently doing the Cabinet of Curiosities course over at Thistle Threads with Tricia Nguyen. When I saw Inspirations Chatelaine I immediately loved the design and knew that the pink one would work beautifully with the designs I have planned for my cabinet. The three pieces of the chatelaine will work wonderfully in my cabinet with the other tools I’m collecting to put in it.

    I had planned to purchase the kit, but to have a chance at winning it is simply wonderful!

  32. How would you choose just one, but my favorite would be the Chatelaine kit. I love anything sewing related that I could take with me to stitch anywhere.

  33. What a lovely give-away! Thanks for this and allowing one to dream! I would choose the chatelaine (in red). I love the design and the thought of working with those lovely silk threads. In addition, it’s small, portable, useful, and does not require framing and finding a place to hang on walls that are becoming a bit over subscribed! I love chatelaines! Thanks again.

  34. I’d probably choose the red chatelaine kit; I’ve had my eye on it and I enjoy making little needlework tools. But Garden Fresh looks like fun, too…

    Decisions, decisions! πŸ˜‰

  35. Hello Mary

    I would choose the Chatelaine kit in Red, should I be fortunate enough to win. I have loved embroidery since childhood but I also love all sewing accessory related pieces of work. Really, there is rarely a time when a new pin cushion or needle book doesn’t make me happy. So if these two are combined, well, needlework heaven!

    My thanks for all your wonderful articles which have taught me so much and all our most hopeful good wishes for your return to full health.

    Kindest regards

  36. My choice would be Modern Crewel. I love the design and enjoy crewel-work. To work this kit, with its wide variety of stitches and techniques, would teach me so much which I could take forward to other projects. The colours are glorious and, small though the finished piece is, it would have immediate impact wherever it was hung. I love it.

  37. I am inspired by Mary Corbet and the beautiful work she does. I would love to win the Chatelaine (Red) kit.

  38. So hard to choose! Such interesting projects! I would have to pick the garden fresh project… I think. Although the resting place one is so tempting too…. Oh so hard to choose! I haven’t done anything like either of those ones so it would be a fun and learning project.

  39. Thank you for such a wonderful and gorgeous giveaway!

    I would choose the ChΓ’telaine kit in red. Your recent review made me fall in love with this set and I think my grandmother’s embroidery scissors deserve such a beautiful sheath. Besides, it seems like just the right amount of gold work to get me started on this new technics!

  40. Hi Mary,
    I would choose the Christmas Bouquet ornament kit. I am an absolute sucker for stumpwork, and this is gorgeous. I have my fingers crossed -all of them, and my toes too!

  41. If I’m fortunate enough to win, I would love to receive the Chatelaine kit! It’s purposeful, historical, and lovely to the eye. What better way to inspire your needlework than keeping your tools in such beautiful homes.

  42. Tulip. I would be delighted with any of the kits, but would love to try Hedebo and the tulip is so exquisite in its simplicity. That said, I know it would be a fun challenge for me!

  43. All of the kits are beautiful, but if I were to win I would choose Resting Place. Hardanger is so beautiful! I’ve never attempted any hardanger that extensive, so it would be a good challenge and learning experience. Thank you for the exposure to these kits and for this opportunity!

  44. Hi Mary- all these kits are incredible pieces- all worth to be stitched… If I would be so happy and win one of these fabulous things, I’d chose the red chatelaine. I’m addicted to embroidery and my next big project is a 1780 waistcoat-inspired by an uncut piece from the Metropolitan Museum New York, and it would be a great pleasure and honor to keep my needlework-tools for this in such an exclusive packing up…

  45. I would choose the Chateleine (Red). I love the design and the challenge of the embroidery. I also love the functionality of the finished pieces.

  46. Were I fortunate enough to win, I would choose the stumpwork corn on the cob kit. The reason for this is that stumpwork is one of my favourite techniques and I haven’t done any for a while. I enjoy the challenges of stumpwork as every piece is so different and I learn something new every time. This looks as if it would be an exciting piece to work!

  47. Without a doubt it would be the hardanger piece – Resting Place! I am fairly new to this form of needle craft but would love to try my hand at completing this gorgeous piece. It looks like the kind of heirloom piece that I’d love to pass to my daughters when they are older (so I’d be stitching it twice!)

  48. Dear Mary
    What a lovely giveaway!
    I would choose the Modern Crewel as I have become very interested in crewel work recently. I love the feeling that I am continuing an ancient style and these particular colours in the Modern Crewel kit are my favourites – luscious blues, greens and teals. I am a beginner to ‘proper’ embroidery, but am intrigued and fascinated by all the effects that can be created using stitch and colour.
    (If I am not lucky enough to win – and I think there will be hundreds of entrants – I am thinking about treating myself to the Hare kit or Rabbits! kit from The Crewel Work Company).
    Thank you very much for hosting the giveaway.
    Best wishes

  49. I would choose Winter’s Song! I love doing birds! Thread painting is so beautiful and this bird is so cute all fluffed up with the cold.

  50. Small Change or Modern Crewel? Choices, choices. I love crewel work in floss, it is my favorite way to stitch. Yet the coin purse is so dang cute. After much consideration and thought Small Change is my choice for a fun project.

  51. What a fun Give-Away! I will choose Flowers of the Sea when I win because (1) I love undersea things, (2) it looks challenging and I could learn a lot from it, and (3) it’s probably not a project that I would do on my own.

  52. I have purchased Inspirations kits before, and they are SO well put together and of extremely high quality. I *almost* bought the Modern Crewel already, but then decided to use my own colors and the chart in the magazine. So now I would choose the goldwork Bee! I have never done any goldwork; it seems like a small enough project to get my feet wet.

    As always, Mary, thank you for your site, reviews, and all-around awesomeness!

  53. I would pick the red chatelaine because it is beautiful – of course! – but also because it would be an interesting challenge for me using techniques I have not done before.

  54. I have loved reading through the magazine and have always wanted to learn the art of Hardanger. I would pick “Resting Place” as it is such a beautiful piece of work.


  55. I adore Winters Song! I think that would be my choice. Though Les Hirondelles is so pretty as well.

  56. I recently purchased an online subscription to Inspirations and am awed by all the beautiful kits! I would choose the Chatelaine (red) kit–I’ve never worked with silks and the set just looks gorgeous. I also need some ideas for finishing my embroidery, and this would definitely inspire me!

  57. Ever since I saw the beautiful Chatelaine kit offering in the Inspirations Magazine I have had my eye on it. The Tudor Rose is exceptional and I thought if I ever could get the kit I would do one in pink for my daughter whose middle name is Rose and one for myself in the beautiful rich red version. My embroidery scissors would find a good home in the scissor keep. Using the set during an embroidery project would make me feel a connection with past times and make whatever I was working on that much more special!

  58. I would pick the Flowers of the Sea Kit from Issue 89…I have wanted to try a design by Helen Stevens…she is unique in her stitching and I know I would learn tons!!!

  59. I would love the Chatelaine (red) or the Flowers of the Sea, they are both gorgeous and on my want list for sure. Thanks for the chance to win one of the beautiful kits.

  60. I’d pick Flowers Of The Sea – I’m tempted by the Chatelaine as well, but Flowers is a style, techniques, and materials I’m less familiar with (which means less likely to want to tweak to suit my taste. I’ve already started collecting materials to do the Chatelaine in Soie de Paris – for more shine – and a slightly cooler and more historic color range (darker/brighter greens, less amber/golds)) – Flowers is one that I’d be happy to do as written, and thus do well with as a kit.

  61. Hi Mary πŸ™‚

    You always have the greatest giveaways.

    Which kit would I pick and why? Well that’s easy, lol. Winter’s Song. There are a couple of reasons. One, I just love birds, and this one is so sweet. Two, I have always wanted to try needle painting. I have quite a few books on the subject (thanks for your reviews and recommendations, by the way). But I haven’t quite worked up the nerve to try it. If I won the kit, I would have stitch it. I’d have no excuse, everything is included.

    Thank you for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  62. I would be very happy to win any of the kits of course but I would choose the Christmas Bouquet – i88 Kit. I make a unique tree ornament every year and this beautiful ball topper would be quite different than any I’ve made to date. Thank you Mary πŸ™‚

  63. What an incredible choice to make… I would choose the red chatelaine kit!!! What a thrill to have everything selected for you in this beautiful kit!! Thank you for allowing us to dream like this!!
    Hugs from Canada.

  64. I absolutely love the Pink Chatelaine Kit. It looks so fun to stitch and would match my all pink sewing accessories! The goldwork bee also caught my eye, but I think the chatelaine would be my choice.

  65. If I were lucky enough to win I would choose the Modern Crewel kit. I love the colour combination but have never tried crewel embroidery, so this would be the perfect incentive to learn something new!

  66. The kit that I would most like to sew is Small Change. I would love to have the opportunity to work something so exquisite and colourfully vibrant. It could become a family heirloom.

  67. I would choose the Garden Fresh kit. It is so different from anything I have ever done. I am always up for a new challenge. Good luck to everyone.

  68. I would choose the lovely Les Hirondelles, because I love those swallows! Such beautiful colors.

  69. Well I thought this would be difficult and looking at all the lovely kits to choose from it is hard. However from the minute I saw Mary’s post on the red Tudor Rose Chatelaine kit I wanted it. I do living history reenacting so working on and using this kit when completed would be perfect.

  70. So many lovely kits to choose from! Wow! I would pick Winter’s Song. I love winter and robins. I’ve been doing mostly counted cross stitch pieces and have been thinking that I’d like to try more embroidery since following your blog. One of these lovely kits would be a good way to get back to embroidery.

  71. I would pick the Chatelaine kit because it reminds me of my Gramma who taught me how to knit when I was 11, and how to crochet when I was 26. All of the handcrafts I do are because of her!! She lived a long, blessed life until she was 94 years old, crocheting afghans constantly for all of her extended family members, more than 300, full sized ripple patterned, until the Lord called her home!!
    Thank you for this chance at a beautiful memory!!
    Sandi Tipps

  72. It’s because of Mary’s posts that I now subscribe to Inspirations Magazine. If I was so fortunate as to be one of the lucky winners I would choose the Chantelaine kit in red. It is beautiful and useful. I would love to honor my desire to produce beautiful items by working this kit but at this point in my life I’m not ready to splurge.

  73. I absolutely love birds and especially stitching them on fabric. I have just completed a pillow top of a bird and would appreciate the opportunity to start another. So I would pick the Winters Song kit.

  74. I would pick the gold bee as I would love to try gold work. In fact earlier today I rang my library to reserve books on how to do this. This depiction of the bee is sumptuous.


  75. The ‘Small Change’ is a wonderful kit for beading. I have done many techniques including Goldwork and Stumpwork and love the attention to detail that they offer and would love to do more beading work. They were all lovely pieces.
    Thanks you this opportunity.

  76. The kit I would choose is ‘Small Change. I like the idea of being able to enjoy stitching something, then to be able to enjoy using it. Beautiful embroidery should be used and seen, so that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

  77. This is a hard decision. I have wanted several of these kits as I have read Inspirations magazine. I would choose the pink chatelaine as I would like to learn more about gold work, and it is so beautiful.

  78. I would pick “Resting Place.” I like the simplistic look of the design. I also enjoy hardanger.

  79. I would love to win the gold bee! I have been eyeing this project ever since I saw it in Inspiration magazine. I am proficient at surface embroidery and am ready for the challenge of gold work. The bee would be very rewarding to work on.

  80. How beautiful! I would choose the “Tea for Two” kit, because I am in the process of setting up a corner cabinet just for my tea collection and these would look lovely on the wall beside it! Thank you for this opportunity!

  81. Tea for Two is a gorgeous, lively design, and plays into my collection of teacups and saucers from generations of lovely ladies in my family. The oldest traveled to California over the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon. It belonged to my great, great grandmother, and was made in Prussia. Another, from a great aunt, came from ‘Occupied Japan’. Many were given to me when I became engaged, as is the custom in my family seat. It was only natural that a love of tea parties would follow, and I am doing my best to preserve this genteel and comforting afternoon ritual, inviting friends and neighbors to enjoy a cup of tea and bites of homemade treats. I would like very much to complete the lovely embroidery to celebrate my love affair with teacups and friendship.

  82. When I first saw this kit in Inspirations, I almost purchased it. I love the design, the lace, and love sachets. This would be a beautiful piece to work on. A true future heirloom.

  83. If I am lucky enough to win this wonderful prize, the kit I would chose is the Modern Crewel work kit.

    A fan of crewel work, the very refreshing combination of turquoise and lime appeals to me. Always keen to advance my skills in crewel work especially, I would love to work this kit.

  84. Hi Mary,
    Oh My! I would choose the Honey Bee kit if I win.
    I have always wanted to learn gold work. This would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

    Barbara L.

  85. I would choose Chatelaine in Red. It is so beautiful and something useful. My walls are rather full and having this item could be used and shared by wearing it.

  86. As a Ren Faire participant I admire the Tudor Rose so the Chatelaine Kit (in Red) would be a lovely handwork project to work and use at Queen Elizabeth’s court. I love fine detailed & functional stitching projects and hope this one will come my way.

  87. I’d love to make the Red Chatelaine. I’m obsessed with English history and got a Tudor rose tattooed on my forearm, to celebrate one of my trips to the UK. My surname also used to be Tudor – no relation unfortunately! The chatelaine design is so pretty, both in the pink and the red.

  88. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! I would choose the Love Letters kit because I love letters. I make my living as a writer and have always loved fabrics with lettering. When I started embroidering, monograms were what I did first. I can imagine making a Love Letter for each of the people I love the most in this world.

  89. I would be happy with any of the kits but if I had to chose it would be the Chatelaine kit. I love the design. I think it would be challenging for me but not too daunting. Best of all, the finished products will be items I can use.

  90. I would choose the Modern Crewel kit. I love crewel work and I just love the colours in this kit.

  91. What a wonderful contest. Decisions, decisions. I think if I won I would like the “Love Letters” as I suspect it is somewhat within the realms of my ability to do. It is lovely and best of all it comes with an Inspirations magazine! Yeah! They are so hard to find in my area and finances can’t afford a subscription at this point in time.

    I wouldn’t mind the “Small Change” kit, the Pink Chatelaine”, or even the “Modern Crewel” Kits, all of which are lovely and would give me a real work out, and free Inspirations as well!

    Thank you!

  92. Hello!

    This is hard……I would have to go with “Small Change” because it’s so adorable and the motifs could be used in so many other projects.And who doesn’t need a vintage looking coin purse!


  93. I am 71 years old and have had a stroke. I’m getting back to
    Embroidery. The Prancer pattern would be lovely to win. It seems easy enough for me. I just love all the things you share with us. I have a subscription to inspirations magazine and can’t wait for it to come. Thank you

  94. I would pick Modern Crewel. I love the colors and it would be way out of my needlepoint comfort zone. I think it is important to be able to do all the forms of needlework I judge and have been working at expanding my horizons.

  95. I would definitely go for the beautiful, little goldwork bee! I’ve not done goldwork before and he would be delightful to stitch!

  96. Thank you for another give away! I would choose Honey Bee as it is only in the past year that I have attempted gold work and I am approaching 68 years old. The seemingly simplicity of the design would I’m sure present me with many new techniques to explore. I have read the instructions for this piece in the Inspirations magazine which I subscribe to and of which I am only missing two issues to complete the set! Over the years I have completed many projects from the magazine and always find the instructions very comprehensive .

  97. Flowers of The Sea is so beautiful. It reminds me of trips to the ocean with my grandchildren. To pass it down to one of them would bring back many wonderful memories we shared.

  98. I would chose the Resting Place. It looks like a modern design that I could use in my house. I would also like to start doing more hardanger work.

  99. Honey Bee
    I have done a little gold work but always practice pieces; I would enjoy working this bee as a gift for my son who has just got his first beehive.

  100. I took my time and went over the beautiful kits. How do you choose?!? I almost decided on the Chatelaine kit (red) but my love for the Birds of Winter Song just captured my heart. I do so love your choices.
    Thank you for offering this to us.
    God Bless.

  101. I would pick the honey bee kit. My grandgirls are now maintains several hives and are enjoying the process. Besides I did some gold work years ago and enjoyed it…pick me please!!!

  102. I would choose the Chatelaine in red. I loved seeing and reading it on your review. I even tried to find a friend who would order it for me. Stitching it would be a wonderful challenge and stitching a chatelaine is on my bucket list!

  103. I’d choose one of the kits that features goldwork: I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, and a kit seems like the right kind of introduction.

  104. First choice would have to be ‘Chatelaine’ to make as a gift for my granddaughter who is just coming of age. It would be a remembrance of her grandmother.

  105. I love reading your blog. You really inspire me with your talent in embroidery. I would love to win Trisha Burr’s bird. I have admired her work, and would enjoy learning her technique of needle painting.

  106. Oh! It was so hard to pick, but I am confident that my heartthrob is the Chatelaine Red. The complementing shade of green is so soothing and lovely and would be right at home surrounded by the green walls in my studio. I would cherish the opportunity to create something so artistically elegant.

  107. I would love to win the Red Chatelaine. It is a beautiful. I have always wanted to have a class piece that Susan O’Connor has designed. I love Chatelaine. It has a lot of stitches that I love.

  108. I love Inspirations, they have so many beautiful projects each issue! Looking at the current kits, it is really hard to choose a favorite. I think I would have to chose “Prancer”, the contemporary reindeer. There was an absolute stunning picture of him done on a black stocking in a recent embroidery newsletter.

  109. Wow. Mary, after inspiring us with your reviews, this is a stunning offer- not one but three kits! Many of these projects appeal to me. Our EGA chapter is looking to do Alison Cole’s Honey Bee as a project next year, and the Chatelaine is so gorgeous and delicate I could go on and on. However, my choice is ‘Flowers of the Sea’. My son has long been fascinated by clownfish and other colorful sea life. This would be a terrific piece to stitch for him.
    Thanks to you, and the folks at Inspirations!

  110. Resting Place or Honey Bee. Either one is a skill I’d love to learn and represent classes I would take if given the chance. Inspirations and Mary Corbet always have exquisite projects that amaze me.

  111. Hm, it would be a difficult choice between Winter’s Song and the Tea for Two. Both of those immediately looked like fun projects that would end up being great gifts for my mom, mother in law, or grandmother in law.

  112. I have always thought it would be so wonderful to be a mermaid and swim about the sea….so I would pick FLOWERS OF THE SEA for my choice to win.
    There is another world under the sea and I would love to be a resident and enjoy the colors, the textures and even the friends I would meet.

  113. I’ve narrowed it down to 5, but since I have to pick only one, I think it would be Flowers of the Sea. It certainly has some techniques that would be new to me, and it is fun to look at.

  114. I would love to do the coin purse Small Change by Hazel Blomkamp because it is beautiful and useful!

  115. So many gorgeous choices! They all are beautiful. I would choose the Chatelaine in red simply because I love it!!

  116. I would pick Love Letters with the initial M. I am a new embroider-Dr and think this would be an accomplishable project. Since this is a pre-order, if I cannot have that, I would pick Tea for Two.

  117. I would pick the red version of “Chatelaine.” My primary hobby (besides needlework!) is medieval/Renaissance re-enactment, and “Chatelaine” is so very beautiful. It would make a fabulous gift for our Queen!

  118. Although all these projects are beautiful, I would have to choose the chatelaine since I have something of an obsession with needlework smalls! This one is just exquisite!

  119. Such an abundance of riches! I would choose Flowers of the Sea because I have been an admirer of Helen Stevens for so long and would love to work this piece of hers.

  120. Those kits are beautiful! Which one? Hard to choose… It’s a toss up between the Red Chatelaine and the Tea for Two. Both are beautiful! The Chatelaine kit would make a lovely, practical addition to my addiction. I love the design and color, and I really like the symmetry. The Tea for Two… I love tea! Enough said! I think the Chatelaine kit would be ultimately be my choice.

  121. Oh how lovely! I would like to do at least 5 of the designs. But if I had to choose it would be one of two (depends on the day) “Small Change” what a delightful coin purse, I love the design and colors, or “Winter’s Song”, I am a Bird and Winter lover. Best Wishes to all.

  122. Decisions, decisions! This is a very hard question, but if I were to win I would want to do the “Flowers of the Sea”. It would be the ultimate “fish” picture to add to my growing collection of needlework fish hanging in my bathroom. It makes me very happy to see all the fish hanging on the wall. One cannot start the day “grumpy” with all these colorful, fun fish to see each morning.


  123. Thank you for this very generous giveaway. If I win I’d love the cute little robin kit. I love birds and these adorable robins hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for the chance. Teal

  124. All of the kits offered in Inspirations Magazine are so lovely. This is the one magazine that completely “stops” my day so that I can absorb every word and picture. I have to say I would choose the beautiful Modern Crewel Kit.
    The colors are so lovely and I have the perfect place to hang it in my home. Thank you Mary.

  125. What a wonderful giveaway! I would select Chatelaine – Red because it has techniques I have not explored.

  126. A gorgeous selection of kits and somewhat like browsing a chocolate box it’s all decision decisions! which one would I choose….hmmm ok I’d have to choose the Honey Bee cause I’ve always wanted to try goldwork and I love all things bee related. The bee stands out so well against the black background and just screams stitch me.

  127. Be still my heart!! I have just come back to embroidery after many years of ignoring it and Mary Corbet is my embroidery idol! Having just received my first issue of Inspirations magazine this contest fills me with greed for all of their kits. If I had to choose it would be a close contest but I think I would choose the Modern Crewel or the Tea for Two…..Thank you Mary for your inspiration.

  128. My kit of choice is “Flowers by the Sea”. This piece is absolutely stunning and uses beautiful threads. I have been admiring it since the day it became available. I hope you draw my name!

  129. If you win, what kit would you pick and why?
    omw!!! i just LOVE the Flowers Of The Sea!!! it is so beautiful!! that is the one i would choose! it just brings me joy to see it! πŸ™‚
    Winter’s Song is also a great choice!! all of the kits are very lovely!! i would love a chance to try them!
    i used to embroidery all time as a kid/teen/young adult…then pretty much got away from it. my mom is actively passing from this world and i crocheted her something and did lots of embroidery on it. it was very difficult to embroider with thread on crochet pieces but i did it and am very happy with how it turned out. i am so very blessed to have found your website Mary and your vids to show me how to do different stitches!! they were AWESOME!!! (i looked at many vids after i found you-you were the 1st one i found when i googled embroidery tutorials) but YOURS WERE THE BEST!! i only looked a few seconds at others and just kept coming back to your!! so THANK YOU!!! you were a Godsend to me in my hour of need!!! so now i got the embroidery bug again lol :D!! so i would so love to try my hand at this again. and besides the lovely designs being offered, i would have the PROPER needles and thread!! (i used a regular sewing needle and a darning needle…very difficult!!)
    thanks so much Inspirations Magazine and Mary (Needle n Thread), for the chance to win one of these awesome kits!! fingers crossed!!!

  130. Not even a question but for me to choose the Modern Crewel Kit. My vision is slowly getting worse, and the colors and stitches in this kit would be easier to work.
    The colors are bright and cheery too.

  131. The kits are beautiful, and Inspirations magazine always has such wonderful projects.

    I took ages absolutely drooling over the kits! So much beauty! I finally decided would choose the Chatelaine kit in Red – I love the fact it has a Tudor Rose at the centre, and the Minster here in York has this rose in one of it’s windows

  132. I would choose the Modern Crewel Kit as I love to do crewel embroidery. My love for crewel goes back to Erica Wilsons PBS series in the 70’s.

  133. I would choose the Red Chatelaine. I love the rich colors and the glorious design. Silk is a pleasure to use for embroidery. Plus the kit includes items like mother-of-pearl rings that are hard to locate.

  134. I would pick the Winter’s Song kit by Trish Burr. I’ve been itching to try one of her designs and this one is just lovely.

  135. If i were to win i would choose the Chatelaine Kit in red. Love, love, love combining beautiful embroidery and my sewing skills. It is such a sense of accomplishment to make a beautiful yet useful object (of art)!.

  136. So many lovely kits to choose from! If I am the lucky winner, I will choose the Modern Crewel kit. I like the combination of a traditional embroidery style (crewel), blended with thoroughly modern colors. In addition, I would be learning a new skill, one that my grandmother was very proficient with. Maybe someday I can teach my grand daughter!

  137. If I win, I will pick the Modern Crewel kit. Not only do I love crewel work, the palette of blue greens is so fresh and bright. And who could resist that beaded pomegranate?

  138. I love the Honey Bee. I’m making a quilt with embroidered blocks and the bee would be a beautiful addition to highlight one of the borders. So generous to offer this giveaway to your readers. Love your blog and all the techniques, resources and tips you offer. Thinking of you often!

  139. There are three that look really interesting. Honey Bee, Modern Crewel, and something about the Corn on the Cob. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to marrow it down!

  140. A very difficult decision, but I would choose Winter’s Song by Trish Burr. I love her work and have always wanted to complete one of her designs for a long time. I also love thread painting and this is a beautiful project. Thanks for the chance to win a project from beautiful “Inspirations” which is my favorite embroidery magazine. Lois A in Idaho.

  141. Thanks to you and Inspirations magazine for this opportunity. I would pick Honey Bee because goldwork fascinates me and would really stretch me as I’ve never tried.

  142. I think I would choose Flowers of the Sea. I have always loved snorkeling and this reminds me of being underwater in the Virgin Islands. It also looks like it had some new things for me to learn. But they are all beautiful.

  143. Oh, me. Such a decision. I love them all, but my very favorite would have to be the Christmas bouquet.
    Thanks Mary and Inspirations for such a wonderful opportunity.

  144. Oh my! So many to choose from. I guess my first pick would be Resting Place. I love all of their designs. This is one that I have been eyeing for a while.
    Ronda – CR, IA

  145. Thank you Mary and Inspirations for these wonderful kits and opportunity. I would pick INS 89 Kit_Flowers Of The Sea 01 because the underwater scene is beautiful and I would be able to combine fabric paint, embroidery, beading and bobbin lace, in one composition. It would be very inspiring!

  146. What a difficult decision! All the kits are so beautiful, but I think the Red Chatelaine would be my choice. I would use it every stitching moment and feel very special to have it by my side.

  147. Inspirations Magazine introduced me to the wonderful world of professional embroidery. I would LOVE to win one of their beautiful kits. Thank you!

  148. I have been wanting to purchase the “Tea for Two”..I have my mother’s collection of cups and saucers and it would go beautifully with “her” display..

  149. I’ve only recently discovered your web site and blog, but I look forward to receiving your newsletters on a regular basis now. I particularly like the reviews you write and have purchased one or two things as a result of reading them.

    If I won this wonderful give-away, I would choose the Chatelaine kit in red. I love it because it’s beautiful AND useful. I’m trying to get back into embroidery again after years of not doing it. I started with a short course on landscape embroidery, which included a little ribbon embroidery, and now I attend a regular workshop, where I’m learning gold work techniques. I’m really enjoying it, and I find newsletters like yours inspiring. I want to do more and more!

    Thank you.

  150. I would like to win the Goldwork Bee kit,because I have always wanted to learn this form of Embroidery ever since I saw the Royal School of Needlework students working Goldwork on a Heraldic Coat of Arms at the London Museum.

  151. Love your Give-Away opportunities, Mary. The Art Deco chatelaine kit (INS 89 Kit Cover_Chatelaine Pink) appeals to my love of that style and the rich materials–silk and gold–would be a pleasure to work. The set recalls a mythic time of gracious living.

  152. Oh my Mary! What a wonderful giveaway from Inspirations and you! It was a tough choice between Small Change or Modern Crewel, but I pick Modern Crewel. Thank you so much!
    Mary in Billerica

  153. Oh my gosh! How did you know that I spent all of last night perusing the stitchology site looking for my next “inspiration”? and then I opened my email and discovered this give-away! Oh joy! I would love to stitch ‘Flowers of the Sea’ ..the colors are so captivating, I love working with silk and it is a glorious piece. .what more needs be said? Except thank you to Mary and the Inspirations team?

  154. I’m torn between the Modern Crewel and the Flowers of the Sea. I love Crewel and no matter how much I dabble, I always come back to it. But I’m trying to push myself to try different things so I’d probably go for the Flowers of the Sea kit. I’m fascinated by what stitching they’re doing to get the texture! Or maybe I’d get the Honey Bee as I haven’t done much gold work… How can you make me choose!!!!!!

  155. Tough to decide but I would pick Small Change. I love it when art and functionality are combined. It is a beautiful way to save!

  156. It is a hard choice, they all are beautiful creations.
    My selection would be Wonders of the Sea. My passion is Needlepainting embroidery and this kit is so colorful. The fish is just begging to be put on a piece of linen.

  157. The kits are all so lovely…I was torn between the Small Change purse and Tea for Two. Ultimately I would choose Tea for Two. I am an avid tea drinker and really think the design of those cups is so pretty…plus there are a lot of different elements to stitch, so should keep it interesting. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  158. What a lovely contest! πŸ™‚ I would choose either of the chatelaine projects by Susan O’Conner. The embroidery looks beautiful and the items would be very useful to me as I am always displacing my tiny embroidery scissors. Thank you for the opportunity!

  159. Hello! I would choose the beautiful crewel kit “modern crewel” because the colors are luscious and it would give me a chance to practice my long and short stitch and stitching on curves!

  160. If I won I would choose Trish Burr’s little robin. As winter draws to a close here in Melbourne, Australia in 5 weeks time, the little robins will be bopping around building their nests for Spring. Such a deep seated joy to catch one sitting on a fence and even more so catch one in an embroidery! I love the realism and detail in Trish’s designs. Fingers crossed!!

  161. Chatelaine (red) is my pick. I love the idea of embroidering embroidery accessories. There’s lots to learn in this detailed kit. Thank you for offering a chance to stitch it.

  162. I thank you for the really helpful reviews and information on kits recently Mary.
    I have been drawn to Alison Cole and her gold work for sometime and so, if I were to win I would choose the delightful golden honey bee to be my first gold work project.

  163. My choice is ‘modern Crewel’. The colors are beautiful and the kit is versatile and can be made into a little bag or pillow insert.

    Thank you!

  164. I would pick Flowers of the Sea. I’ve compiled a marine educators newsletter for years, and love to embellish quilts with embroidery and beads. This would be a great project to engage both of my passions.

  165. My choice would be Chatelaine in Red. The colors and design are exquisite, so reminiscent of 17th and 18th century work. I have wanted to embroidery some needlework accessories for a long time but haven’t found anything I truly liked until I saw this. Hats off to you, Inspirations, for doing just that – inspiring people to create beautiful things!

  166. Hello,
    If I were to win my choice would be the Honey Bee. I have always wanted to do a gold work piece. I have admired this form of embroidery for a very long time. (fingers crossed)

  167. I would choose Les Hirondelles because I’ve been wanting to learn about thread painting and I love stitching birds!

  168. I heard about Inspirations about 2 years ago. Such incredible needlework! I did more embroidery when I was younger but got into other types of needlework over the years. Then I saw Trish Burr’s birds and I was smitten. I ordered Inspirations but have still not tackled anything beyond simple work such as Red work. So if I won I would choose Winter Song and challenge myself to work this beautiful bird. Thanks

  169. I would pick Winters Song. I love birds and have made several bird art quilts. This would be a lovely addition to my collection.

  170. Small Change would be my choice. I love the design and like being able to use the change purse and show off the design.

  171. If I would win, I would chose the Chatelaine Kit. I love embroidery and all sewing. My mother inspired me, she was a seamstress and was always sewing. This is most important to me now and I wish to pass along my love for sewing and embroidery to my daughter. I would complete this kit and put these items in her sewing basket. My mother is gone, and has been gone for a very long time. Embroidery makes me feel good, makes me happy. Thank you for giving me the chance to voice my feelings.

  172. I would pick the pink chatelaine – i travel a lot and have been trying different ways of transporting my tools and needles. Then i read your review of the chatelaine kit and was super inspired but not rich enough to buy it so it would be awesome to get to make that one!

  173. Thank you–so exciting. If I won I would choose either Chatelaine or Love Letters. Both are small scale projects that would let me get a sense of Au Ver a Soie silk threads. I also can imagine actually using the finished projects. I am slightly more inclined towards the Chatelaine kits (either pink or red) because Mary Corbet has mentioned that she will be working on this kit and it would be fun to do it with her.

  174. So many wonderful choices, but I have to say the red chatelaine. Elizabethan and Elizabethan-inspired embroidery is a passion of mine. I gasped when I saw this in issue 89. I also love smalls, so this project supplies both.
    Keeping my finger’s crossed! Thank you and Inspirations -J

  175. If I win I would choose Chatelaine (red). I’ve always wanted to stitch a chatelaine and this one is just beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  176. I have been trying to work up the courage to try thread painting for months. I even bought the A to Z book and all the threads for the baby owl project in the book but was still too nervous to start!
    Winning i88 Winter’s Song would, I’m sure, be the final encouragement I so desperately need.

    York, UK

  177. Flowers of the Sea is the one that speaks to me
    They are all beautiful and it was so hard to
    decide on just one. Thanks for the contest!

  178. If I would be lucky enough to be chosen for a kit, I would choose the Modern Crewel kit. I love the colors in this crewel piece. I would like working with the fibers in this kit. Modern Crewel kit would give me an opportunity to enhance my crewel stitching.

  179. What a fantastic opportunity – thank you for the chance to enter! It was really hard to choose one but I decided on Flowers Of The Sea – i89 Kit. There is such a variety of stitches in it and it is so unusual, it begs to be tried!

  180. Small Change is the kit I want to stitch! I think it’s beautiful and I particularly like the small projects that I can use every day.

  181. Honestly I would be happy with any of them but if I was forced to choose (what a lovely dilemma!). I would pick the Chatelaine. It looks like a great challenge with lots of components. A kit means you can dig right in without spending time on the search for supplies which can be a challenge.

  182. Looking for fun projects this summer…
    Possibilities are endless but chatelaine or garden fresh would be fun to win!

  183. I am a little obsessed with bees and the bee kit is stunning. Plus, I think this piece includes stitches that I have not had occasion to use before. Love the magazine as well, so beautifully photographed.

  184. What an honor it would be to win one of these beautiful kits from Inspirations! I love the magazine and love to embroider! The kit I would choose…and they are all so beautiful, it is honestly hard to choose just one…is Flowers Of The Sea – i89 Kit. My little grandson is always looking for Nemo, and this would be so perfect for me to do for his room! Then he could say he found Nemo! πŸ™‚

  185. Oh my goodness! I’d pick Prancer i88! I have a contemporary home and rarely find designs that compliment my decor!! I was smitten when I first laid eyes on it!

    PS. I’ve been making Monograms from your collections as gifts and showed them at my sewing guild, getting tons of compliments! Thank you for teaching me so many techniques!

  186. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity to enter.
    I would pick the chatelaine kit – I am always looking for my little scissors & embroidery supplies, so this would help as it would be around my neck….lol.

  187. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to possibly win one of the Inspirations kits even if I have to choose just one. Your comments about ordering kits make so much sense to me as I sometimes waste a lot of time trying to find all the right supplies and have to settle for substitutes I don’t love. It would be wonderful to win the Chatelaine kit. Thank you from an avid Inspirations and Needle N Thread follower.

  188. My friend Mary and husband have a candle, honey and beeswax business. Mary is a wonderful friend trying to survive cancer (and cancer follows and grows in her daughter and granddaughter). I would love to win the honey bee kit. I would stitch and present this project to Mary. This present would bring sunshine and happiness to her at this time. Thank you.

  189. I would choose Modern Crewel. The colors are both beautiful and restful while the design is quite lovely. I’m drawn to both Crewel and Jacobean Embroidery and this has the best of both.

  190. Thank you very much for this opportunity! First of all, they are all beautiful kits!

    I really like Chatelaine (Pink) and Small Change for how useful the pieces would be but I know I need to choose one. So I would go with my fisrt choice ” Chatelaine (Pink).

    I’m also enjoy knitting, sewing, rug hooking so the kit would come in handy!

    Thanks again for the opportunity,

  191. What a fantastic chance to win a beautiful Inspirations kit. I would choose the ‘Small Change’ kit as it would be most certainly an heirloom and something I could never afford to buy. I have a copy of the Inspirations magazine no. 90 and have been drooling over that kit. I am keeping everything crossed, but good luck to everyone !

  192. I love the Small Change kit, Jacobean motif and something useful when you’re done. (and I could never afford something like this just for fun)

  193. I would choose the beautiful Small Change or the Chatelaine . . . both are outside of my skill level which makes them even more tempting!

  194. If I win I would definitely choose one of the Chatelaine kits – the hardest would be to decide between pink and red

  195. I would pick Flowers of the Sea by Helen Stevens. I live on an island and being surrounded by the sea,Helens piece inspires me. Her style of embroidery is unique and I can usually identify it when I see it.

  196. So difficult to choose, they’re all so beautiful, but I would love Prancer. I have a bit of a reindeer theme going for Christmas, so he would be a gorgeous addition to the collection.

  197. Thanks you so much for give away treasures….Wow….I have everyone in my EGA group reading you now….we are hooked….your are the go to blog if we need to figure out something…..
    I hope you feeling better…

  198. I would choose “Winter’s Song” because I haven’t done needle painting before. This beautiful piece would be perfect!

  199. Its so hard to choose! However, I think I’d pick the Chatelaine (Red) kit. I’m always misplacing my scissors – how could I ever do that again with such a beautiful place to keep them!

  200. Oh, I think I love the Honey Bee Kit best! I’ve wanted to do a small Goldwork project, and this seems like the perfect thing! But it is really hard to choose…

  201. Love the Chatelaine-red kit best for the beautiful Tudor Rose. I’ve gotten to love the “grab-n-go” aspect of kits and find myself buying more kits instead of sourcing all my own supplies.
    Your review of the Chatelaine kit so made me want it!

  202. I would choose the prancer kit. He just looks so happy, and it seems to have new techniques for me to try.

  203. These are all beautiful kits, but the one I would choose is Les Hirondelles. I love both watching birds and stitching birds.

  204. If I am a winner, I would like the Flowers of the Sea kit.
    As I looked at the kits, my eyes were immediately drawn to the ear of corn which captured me when it appeared on the cover. But once I saw the clown fish, I had no other choice. My grandchildren love to watch and “help” when I do stitching and all three of us love Nemo, the clown fish. We will all enjoy stitching Nemo and his home.

  205. I have been a reader of inspirations since the very beginning. I have done several of their projects but have never used one of their kits. It’s is on my bucket list of things to do.
    If I were chosen, I would like the seascape. I have several grand children that have been after me to do one for them and this would be perfect.

  206. All of the kits are marvelous. I take the Inspiration magazine and devour it each time I receive it. I would choose The chatelaine or the wonderful bee. Thank you for all that you do for the stitching world.

  207. If I win I would choose the Winter Song threadpainting kit and stitch it for my friend in Scotland. This is a technique that I am seriously wanting to learn and this robin is so cheerful!

  208. I would pick “Flowers of the Sea” if I was chosen to be a winner. Why? Helen Stevens-I’ve been a fan for years! And, I love the ocean, reefs and all sea life. This a beautiful example-it would be an honor to stitch.

  209. Tea for Two! I would pick this kit … those cups look so nice, but the choice is hard !
    Hugs from France

  210. They are all so beautiful,it is hard to choose. I would choose the crewel kit or small change.

  211. I would have to pick the Les Hirondelles – i89 Kit. Firstly the colours just caught my eye and secondly anything nature/bird related is a winner for me. I am self taught at embroidery and have never had a kit so i would use this as a self teaching project πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  212. Love the Pink Chatelaine kit! Or the Red!
    I’m apparently addicted to making needlework accessories-I have more needlebooks, scissor cases, pincushions than anyone could possibly use but still I make more. Making these delightful smalls is a perfect way to try different stitches

  213. Hi Mary I would choose the Christmas kit. i88 I believe it is . Christmas is my favourite holiday. Family comes homes and shares the festivities . Xmas concerts and turkey . The colours in the kit are absolutely gorgeous

  214. All are lovely but the one that speaks to me is Winters Song. I love nature and especially love birds! I would love the chance to work on this little beauty!

  215. I would like to try the Modern Crewel kit because I so seldom find crewel and I would like to try the raised stitches displayed in the picture.

  216. I went and took a look at these lovely kits (not my first look, mind you). Hands down “Winter’s Song” i88 kit wins. For me, anyway. Dude, it’s a Trish Burr. And it’s a robin. Trish Burr needlepainted a robin and I have the chance to do the same. Poorly. But my ambition knows no bounds! And I love robins. I used to run along the trail by my home (I called it “slow-motion performance art”) and the robins would simply hop along in front of me. I never once caught up to one. I would love this awesome kit and honor those little hoppers.

  217. To pick a kit is a difficult one but I would pick the Honey Bee since my grandfather and father were Apiarists. I love the Honey Bee even though I have a severe allergy to them. Yumm love the honey.

  218. Chatelaine would have to be my kit of choice: for the variety of techniques to be experienced and for the beautiful and useful items to be produced that will serve as both inspiration and encouragement!

  219. I would pick the Chatelaine (red) because I love small, beautiful, useful things. Working it would certainly step up my embroidery game!

  220. This is so exciting!! All of these kits are just beautiful. If i won, i would choose les hirodelles. I absolutely love these birds, and would love to learn how to stitch them.


  221. I would choose “Small Change” as I have wanted to try a Hazel Blomkamp design ever since your posts about Late Harvest. Gill, Cornwall x

  222. Small Change! What a glorious purse that would be to make and carry. (one could gift it but hey, I would keep it)
    It what a nice kit providing fabric, threads, beads, and hardware.

  223. I would love to have the “Small Change” kit! I subscribe to Inspirations and have been drooling ever since I saw the purse. The colors and beads appeal to me and my love of vintage-looking purses.

  224. I’d definitely choose the Modern Crewel kit. I love crewel work and this color combination has really been calling me lately. I agree with Mary’s review — it’s all about the colors!

  225. I would choose Winter Song. I enjoy the real birds I have at my feeders and it would be so lovely to have one inside that I could watch all year long.

  226. I would pick the crewel kit as I think it would make a perfect pillow to go along with one from my mother. Thanks so much for a great read in the mornings.

  227. So much beauty, so hard to choose one! I would love to stitch Small Change as I love Jacobean designs, plus the colors are stunning. I have so many projects to stitch and I love small pieces like this one. Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful change purse like this?!

  228. I would pick the red Chatelaine because I love working with silk and the colours appeal to me.

  229. If I win I think that I would have to choose Florentine in issue 89. It is so beautiful and I would love to do it. It is hard to choose as all of their projects are wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  230. I would love to win the Modern Crewel kit ! I am picking up embroidery and crewel work again, after not having practiced one of my favorite crafts in years. I used to do embroidery and crewel work, most often from kits, my faves being those w/ Jacobean design work. Love embroidery and crewel work kits! The Inspirations’ “The Modern Crewel kit” incorporates lovely stitch work designs, and with a Jacobean look. The blues and greens in the stitchery are fresh and lovely looking, and the project looks to be just about right for what I’d like to do; not too complicated, not too-big a project, but interesting and pretty. Would love to win this beautiful kit and try this Inspirations kit!

  231. Tea for Two, I adore teacups from previous times they tell us so much about design.

  232. I would pick the Red Chatelaine. I’m slowly building up a collection of needlework accessories that I have stitched and this set would be a great addition.

  233. I would pick Les Hirondelles-I live in the country, every morning I sit on my front porch & listen to the birds singing. Two nests on my porch-a little wren & a cardinal (who is very protective of her nest). No swallows as of yet.

  234. I would love to have this kit, Winter’s Song – i88 Ki, as I am partial to birds.

  235. Dear Mary

    This is indeed a hard choice and I have pondered for a few minutes on this. And, so early in the morning.

    My first choice would be the Modern Crewel kit. I have done a lot of crewel work in the past and this would be a grand way to get back to it.

    Thank you, Mary for all the work you do to make our needlework so much more enjoyable.


  236. What a gorgeous array of kits! Difficult to make one choice! In this instance, I would choose Honey Bee — because it’s elegant, beautiful, and symbolizes so much that’s critical to/for our lives!

  237. It’s definitely “Flowers Of The Sea” for me! I absolutely love, love, love anything to do with the sea and the abundance of life beneath it.

  238. Too many beautiful choices. If I were to choose for myself I would pick the Pink Chatelaine kit. I fell in love with it at first sight. I think it would be a challenge for me. I also love Prancer, but I don’t like the way my satin stitches look so that might not be a perfect choice
    However, I would also like to pick the Honeybee for my daughter-in-law.She is a ‘bee person’ and I know she would love that.

  239. Tea for Two, I adore tea cups from previous times, they tell us so much about design. I would love this.

  240. I have been looking for for a bee to embroider – because everybody calls me Bee. I looked at Inspirations Magazines Honey Bee and would like to embroider that.
    I thank you kindly,

  241. They’re all lovely but I would definitely go for the Chatelaine kit, as I really love the rose design and it is useful as well as beautiful.

  242. I love them all for the difference in colors, style and techniques. But, I’d have to choose the Flowers of the Sea. I’m not a water person and yet while living in Japan I learned to scuba dive in order to share a family sport. I freak out every time, but once down in the world below, I have the most amazing experience, forgetting everything except the wonder of colors and sea life. This kit beautifully captures that world and as a bonus I’d be able to say, “I found Nemo.”

  243. Each kit is absolutely gorgeous with rich colors and beautiful stitches. I am drawn towards the Chatelaine kit (red). I quilt as well as embroider and the scissor sleeve, needle book and pin keeper would be used when I quilt and embroider. Also I have never worked with silk and this project would introduce me to it.

  244. I have several choices but since I am more apt to complete this one, my choice is Honey Bee. My reason, for the last year or more I have been reading about, studying, collecting info and supplies to begin a study of goldwork (or stumpwork). And I need that push to get me started. I realize without starting there is no completion and so I need to motivate myself to start on this new learning curve.
    Thank you for this incredible opportunity to win a project of our choice…you truly inspire the needlework community.

  245. All of the kits are beautiful, but I absolutely LOVE the Chatelaine kit in pink. The thought of embroidering something that I can use regularly for myself that is both useful and beautiful really appeals to me.

  246. I would choose the Chatelaine (red). The design is
    absolutely beautiful and would be a challenge to stitch.

  247. I loved working the Modern Crewel kit and would enjoy another one. I usually give away my work. I would love to work PRANCER. My
    Nephew and his wife are modern minimalists and the
    Monocrhome coloring would blend well with their home for the Holidays.
    Everyone should get Inspirations- a wonderful magazine.

  248. If I were to win the Inspirations give away, I would pick the Tea for Two kit. I love the tea cup motif and find images of tea cups to be very soothing and relaxing. I like the antique look of this particular kit with the colors; they would go great in my home office.

  249. I love all the kits and would be happy with any of them but I would have to say I would pick the modern crewel kit.

  250. Thank your for this wonderful opportunity! It’s a very difficult choice. I would choose either the Chatelaine in red or Small Change. The Chatelaine would be fantastic because I have yet to stitch a set of these wonderful accessories. Small Change would be great because I love functional pieces that can be used and appreciated daily. Both would also challenge my to take my skills to the next level.

  251. Looking at Tea for Two takes me to my ‘Happy place” All those lovely flowers just waiting for me,in all those lovely colors. That’s the one I would pick.

  252. Thank you for the fun opportunity and give away! πŸ™‚ I’d have a hard time picking between Flowers of the Sea and Modern Crewel. Both really are really colorful and appeal to me. Modern Crewel would be a good way to practice and perfect some stitches. Flowers of the Sea would be a fun way to stretch my skills and work with metallic threads more. I think those two are going on a wish list either way.

  253. I would choose the Modern Crewel. I love the way it blends the traditional with the bright, modern colors and it would look fabulous in my sewing room! Thank you!

  254. Prancer! I love his gracefulness but also the hushed quality of his colors beckoning me to meditate and wait for enlightenment.

  255. This is a very generous giveaway! I love the Modern Crewel because of the rich colors and clean lines and even though they are all beautiful I would pick that one. I subscribe to Inspirations magazine and look forward to each and every issue. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Mary Ann

  256. I narrowed it down finally to Christmas Bouquet i88. Such a difficult decision. I subscribe to their newsletter but can’t afford the magazine. To have one in hand would be the icing on the cake for me! Thank you for the chance

  257. I would choose the red flower chatelaine because I love making smalls. I particularly like to stitch the technique that are used for these smalls.

  258. Should I win, I would choose the golden Honey Bee. Over the decades, I’ve worked in a variety of embroidery media, but only a teensy bit in goldwork. I’ve always wanted to do goldwork, but price was often an issue—-and the time to work slowly and carefully in a new medium. This bee is stunning. What a first project it would make! Thanks for sponsoring the competition

  259. I like the Resting Place kit. The title is soothing. The finished piece is simply detailed and I could enjoy it as a small table mat. And I have wanted to explore hardanger.

  260. My first choice would be Flowers of the Sea, but since I already own that one, then I think I would choose Tulip. I have not done hedebo embroidery before, and I think it would be a nice piece to learn on. Also, being mostly Dutch, I love tulips!

  261. Tea for Two for me!!!! I’ve been eyeing this kit for a couple of weeks and winning it would be awesome!!!!

  262. If selected, I would like Small Change — because (1) I know I would enjoy working the motif and (2) when finished, I would be able to use it every day, thus prolonging my pleasure. As much as I like some of the other options, my walls are already pretty full!

  263. The Chatelaine in red fascinates me. I have wanted to make one to have all the tools at hand and easy to transport. Great for home and traveling.And it is beautiful!

  264. Call it serendipity! After reading your review of the Chatelaine kit, I was inspired to try my needle at silk, but figured a kit would be the best place to begin. What better place to start than a kit that is reviewed and approved by Mary Corbet? I would choose Chatelaine Pink if I was lucky enough to be chosen.

  265. I love the golden Honeybee kit, it just shines out among all the others. Winning this kit would BEE wonderful!

  266. I’v always wanted to try shading on a bird .My choice would be Winters song by Trish Burr. I love her work.

  267. All the kits are absolutely beautiful but I really love the Chatelaine kit in red. I can almost feel the threads going through my fingers and can hardly wait for the results of your give-away.

  268. I would choose Chatelaine (red). I’ve wanted to do this for awhile. I love the Tudor rose. I really like the balance of the piece.

  269. What a fabulous giveaway! I love the bird on the winter song, but my favorite has to be Chatelaine (in pink). I fell in love with the beautiful combination of traditional/useful aesthetic when you reviewed it the other day. Thanks so much!!

  270. I would choose the chatelaine kit in red. I love the gorgeous silks, elegant design, and beautiful colors as well as the functionality of the piece. I actually tried to order inspirations for this specific project but it’s been sold out everywhere I tried!

  271. Mary- were I to be chosen, I would love to work the ” Modern Crewel” kit. I am self taught in crewel, and at 70 years old, it is time I perfect my skills as well as learn new ones! Thanks for introducing me to “Inspirations” what a treat it is! Stay well and thanks for this opportunity.

  272. I would choose the Christmas Bouquet. I have always wanted to try stumpwork and this would be the perfect opportunity. It is such a beautiful kit!

  273. Mary,
    This is wonderful! I would choose the Pink Chatelaine kit because I have been dreaming of it since you reviewed it. I love the delicate designs and I would use the finished products every day. I am in love with Inspirations magazine. I have a few issues and I never tire of reading them over and over. Thank you for this opportunity! Robin in NM

  274. I would choose the beautiful pink chatelaine. I always thought I should have been born when these were popular, when woman should be rounded and no tan.

  275. If I were to win it would be a very hard choice since I am drawn to so many but since a choice is required I would select the Modern Crewel. I am bit of an old soul when it comes to learning about embroidery stitches and I love love love how modern contemporary designers are stretching the boundaries to express new fresh ideas. Of course the colours are playful and bright so I am sure it would be a joy to stitch

  276. A difficult choice! However, I would pick the red chatelaine kit! I have a bit of an addiction to making sewing accessories! And red is my favorite color!

  277. There are always so many projects I really like in Inspirations. If I would be drawn, I would like the Chatelaine in red from Issue 89

  278. I would LOVE to have the pink chatelaine kit. I’ve wanted it since I first saw it when it came out. I seriously debated sending for it but couldn’t justify the cost for a non essential. But I look at it every time it shows up and quietly lust for it.

  279. Thank you for this giveaway, even if I don’t win during a few days I’ll may dream I am one of the winners and I choose the modern crewel, the pattern and the colors are so beautiful…

  280. If I win I would choose the Red Chatelaine. My mom is a passionate quilter and has been going through some health challenges lately. I would love to make this for her to lift her spirits! She would find the chatelaine really helpful to keep track of her scissors, etc while working on hand piecing in doctors waiting rooms. Thank you for the opportunity!

  281. Oh, so many wonderful choices-hard to choose just one! However, would choose the Modern Crewel. Haven’t done crewel work since a child, so would love to pick it up again. Then the colors, love the blues and greens together. Plus, the blues would go great in our blue bedroom Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  282. The Honey Bee is my favorite kit. I have stitched and finished the Home Sweet Home cottage, which included lots of bees. I am into all things Bee and Bee skep. Honey Bee would be a lovely kit to stitch and enjoy on my wall.

  283. Prancer, I loved him when I saw him in my magazine. This is not a project that I usually stitch but seeing him, makes me want to stretch myself and try something new!

  284. Wow! They are all so beautiful that it’s hard to choose. I think Chatelaine in red would be my choice.

  285. Dear Mary,

    If I win, I would choose the Chatelaine Kit (Red or Pink). Susan O’Connor does exquisite work. The accessories are useful as well as beautiful. The materials in the kit are the best that money can buy. But most of all, I’ve never used silk threads before and I’d like to give them a try and experience their glorious silkiness. I also love mother of pearl things, especially buttons and rings. I will get the olive oil and sugar treatment underway in readiness.
    Thank you.

  286. Dear Mary,

    I subscribed to Inspirations magazine within the past two years and I am enthralled with all the beautiful work they show. Of course, with all the beautiful choices, I think I would choose either the Chatelaine (I could stitch it at the same time) or Resting Place because I love hardanger.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. It’s like getting dessert every time I read your webpage.

    Thank you, also, for the people at Inspirations for their generous gift.

  287. I would pick tea for two because My great grandma collected different tea cups and she started my mom and myself collecting. I have some of her cups and love them

  288. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for another exciting give-away! Having just taken a two day a White Work course in Williamsburg, I know I would choose the white work kit! I’m totally and completely enamored with the simplicity and elegance of White!

  289. If I were chosen to win, I would choose Winter’s Song i-88 Kit as I love pictures of birds. They are all lovely kits but that one really takes my eye.

  290. Hard, hard to choose! But I think in the end, I would love to do Love Letters the most (but Tea for Two was so close!). I think Love Letters would be great because my heart swoons for monograms and I think the project would be great for working on finishing skills!

  291. I would pick the modern crewel because I love the colors and it reminds me of my friend that introduced me to this site that passed on last summer.

  292. As a new convert to needle painting, I have learned from, and very much admire, Trish Burr. I would love to work her adorable little Winter’s Song Robin which would be challenge enough for me!

  293. Homey Bee with its stump work wings and gold body. The best of two needlework types. Also I like insects.

  294. I have a motley collection of needles/scissors/sewing tools all in a box. I would love to make a chatelaine and matching needle case of this superior design.

  295. I would love to win the Small Change project by Hazel Blomkamp from Issue 90. This project is small enough for me to learn this type of embroidery after my years of counted work, and I love the design and colors! Thank you for your wonderful newsletter.

  296. each kit is tempting, but i’d choose the blossom for two reasons~ one, i’ve always (as in since childhood) been attracted to whitework, but have never tried it. two, i adore functional art. i do believe my phone, a lipstick, a credit card and id, would all fit into that darling little bag, with it’s charming bohemian vibe and versatile color. it’s sure to become a summertime fashion favorite!

  297. Thank you so much for this fun giveaway! If I win, I would love to try the Modern Crewel kit! I love flowers and I think this kit has a fun and whimsical style.

    Leslie C C

  298. I’ve ben a subscriber to both Needle ‘n Thread and Inspirations for several years now. Both publications not only inspire me, but I learn so much.

    Picking only one project is near impossible as they are all gorgeous. My EGA chapter did a small Hardanger project and I have been looking for another to practice and enhance my skills. Resting Place would alow me to do that.

  299. Wow! An Inspirations kit! Thank you Mary.

    How to decide which single kit I would like. It’s either Trish Burr’s Christmas Song or Julie Kniedl’s Garden Fresh. I think with my current frame of mind, it would be Garden Fresh.

  300. I would pick Winter’s Song (i88). I actually have the magazine and the moment I saw this little bird I fell in love with it. I keep going back and looking at him and wondering if it’s something I could handle. It would be so cool to win the kit for this adorable project! It would certainly push me out of my embroidery comfort zone! Thanks for the opportunity!

  301. I would choose the little robin. I’ve been lusting after this piece since it was on their cover and even bought this edition digitally. I would learn how to do random long and short stitches! Thanks.

  302. It is a toss between the Colors of the sea and the chatelaine. I would choose the red chatelaine kit. It would become a very personal and beautiful sewing notion set. Also it would be great opportunity to work with silks and metal threads.

  303. They are all so beautiful. Hard to choose just one, but if forced I would choose Flowers of the Sea. I love anything to do with the ocean, and the black background makes all of the yummy colors just pop.

  304. I would choose Modern Crewel because of the varied stitches and contemporary design.

  305. Letters and Flowers of the Sea is definitely my favorite. I love the colors and the design with the fish swimming through the colors.

  306. I would pick Les Hirondelles, I think it would be a lovely gift for my parents, who love all things wildlife (and it would fit in perfectly in with their decor). Thank you so much for sponsoring the contest!

  307. If I win one of the kits, I would choose the Honey Bee. I have a little experience in gold work and this kit would help me increase my skill level and help me build confidence. The finished project will have a prominent place on my stitching wall.

  308. I need to start a subscription to this magazine. There are several I would enjoy having. I am on my honeymoon, about to fly home, and think I would take the Under The Sea, pre order one to remind me of our snorkeling and tropical time. I might decide to go with the Tea For Two to put in our kitchen.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win and to view the kits available.

  309. What a joy it would be to stitch the Red Chatelaine Kit! For many years I have been fascinated with the accessories that women created to keep their sewing supplies safe. In times when needles and pins, scissors and other items were difficult to come by, women created these lovely “keepers” to protect their supplies from getting lost or harmed. Some were simple and some were very ornate. It would be an honor to stitch this special kit from my favorite magazine!

  310. It would have to be one of the chatelaine kits! I have been eyeing them since the issue came out, but funds have not permitted. I adore the pink one, but the deep red one just sings, and is an absolute winner :).
    I don’t think I have ever been so excited by a giveaway!

  311. I would love to win the little purse, “Small Change”. I make these little bags called click it bags and embroider monograms on them for gifts but they are not near as beautiful of “Small Change”.

  312. I would choose Small Change for a couple of reasons . First, I would use it! I play mah Jong , and I would use it to keep change in for the games. Second, the colors and design are beautiful . I have stitched for years, and I’m branching out into crewel. I love it!
    What a treat and fun contest! Thanks!

  313. I would choose Flowers of the Sea. I collect fish, and I love the colors and variety of stitches! It’s an intriguing piece.

  314. Mary, hands down my choice would be the red Chatelaine. I have been coveting this kit since it came out. I have purchased kits from Inspirations before , Strawberry Fields and Fleurs pour Granmere being a couple of my favorites . They are always beautifully done, andthe instructionshave never let me down. I have a number of their offerings onmyto do list , that I was able to source locally . Thank you for the chance to win this awesome kit. Nancy Breedon

  315. I would choose the red Chatelaine kit if I won. True, it would be a real challenge but the beautiful colours of green, red and gold would inspire me to do my best.

  316. While I love, love, love the sea flowers kit, I don’t think I would finish it and it definitely doesn’t go with my house, so I think I would want the red chatelaine kit. I travel with my stitching a lot (I am a crazy quilter and my daughter, who knits, is constantly telling me I need a more portable hobby!) I tend to tote around far to much stuff as all the fibers, beads and embellishments are an integral part of my creative process. Having beautiful holders for my tools would make my heart sing every time I look at them.

  317. Wow there are so many beautiful choices! I think for me it would be a toss up between the Chatelaine (Pink) and the winter’s song. I would probably go with Winter’s song. They are both so pretty. Thanks for a great give away!

    -Heather S.

  318. The projects are lovely – anyone would love any one! If I had a choice, would choose the golden bee. I think I could learn the most from working that one, and I have a perfect place to display him!

  319. Such great kits. If I won, I would pick the Christmas Ball. Loved how stumpwork was used in a different /creative way.

  320. If I could choose a kit, i would make the Chatelaine. I love and use beautiful sewing accessories because using theme makes hand sewing,applique,embroidery etc. more pleasureable to me. I think I must have been a Victorian woman in another life.

  321. The kit I would pick is “Small Change.” I love the bright colors on the black background, and who wouldn’t be proud to show off that little purse.

  322. Honestly, your partners are so generous with these giveaways!

    I’ve been torn between the hardanger placemat, the goldwork bee, and the Jacobean coin purse for awhile, but I used a very scientific method to decide which one I’d choose: Close Your Eyes And Point.

    Small Change coin purse kit, I choose you!

    I haven’t done anything in that style for some time now, so it would be nice to work on. And I think my daughter would love it! Those colors are definitely her.

    (Although, I’m probably going to give in soon and order the hardanger placemat, lol!)

  323. OMG – the Les Hirondelles i89 Kit! I watch the hummingbirds out my window everyday during their season. If I win this, I could look at them all year long. Thank you so much for your information and expertise.

  324. Chatelaine red because I realy liked your review and I’ve kind of always wanted a chatelaine.

  325. They are all beautiful but I love Stumpwork! So, should I be chosen, I would love to receive the Christmas Bouquet piece. What a generous contest, Mary and Inspirations! Thank you. Blessings and many prayers going up for you, Mary.

  326. Dear Mary, I love all of them, but I especially like the swallows kit. The colors are are scrumptious and I’ve always wanted to do more of the technique on it. Thank you. Pam

  327. Such pretty little embroidery kits! If I won I’d pick Chatelaine (Red) kit, because it looks very pretty and I think I could do the embroidery; but it’d be a good challenge still. I’m still relatively new at embroidery – I like doing tea towels because I don’t feel like they need to be works of art and if I mess up, it’s not a huge deal. This I would give a bit more attention to – but since it’s a small project it shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

  328. So generous a gift and so hard to choose. I would go for the red chatelaine kit as I think it contains lots of different elements which would be a challange.Also I would have beautiful needlework accessories to inspire future embroidery projects.
    Alexandra (Taunton UK)

  329. Hi Mary – What a wonderful give away. How to choose? I’d love something beautiful and functional too.

    I love the Pink Chatelaine. It is stunning. And if I stitch this, I get to admire it and use it every day! And yes, you HAVE to stitch every day.

    Thanks again.

  330. Oh Mary! This is going to be such a popular giveaway! I just love, love, love whitework embroidery, so if either of the Hedebo kits are still available I would love to try my hand at that technique … but I also like the Chatelaine needlework accessories set, so that would be my second choice. I don’t suppose I’ll win, but thank you to you and Inspirations for running such a delightful event. πŸ™‚

  331. I am leaning toward the Hardanger project…but Prancer is intriguing also…and those chatelaine kits…oh my… Thanks for the opportunity!

  332. What a generous give away, Mary! And such a difficult and delightful choice … to make Golden Bee for my sister and finally learn how to do goldwork, to make Flowers of the Sea for my pearl farmer friend and add some tiny real pearls, or to make the Chatelaine for me ??? In the end it would have to be Golden Bee as it would so delight my sister, as her son is a beekeeper, AND I’d get to try and learn goldwork!

    THANK YOU, Mary, for your kind generosity πŸ™‚
    Cathy In PA

  333. I would love to stitch Modern Crewel. It is created with my favorite colors and I really like all of the different stitches used. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!!

  334. Wow, I had a hard time choosing from so many awesome kits. I managed to narrow it down to the fold work bee, the undersea life and the modern crewel kits. I would thoroughly love doing any one of these three. I am new to surface embroidery so any one of these kits would be a challenge for me and a great learning experience.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing.
    A. Cunha

  335. Ohhhhhh, what a wonderful opportunity!
    If I win, I chose the modern crewel kit. Its colours are my absolute favourites and then these colours with this curvy and still soothing design. And the beads, there are little, sweet beads worked into the picture. *sigh*

    (And -if I might mention- maybe sommetime in the future a chatelaine Kit is worked in this colours with silver instead of gold. Then I would buy it immediately.)

  336. Winter’s Song
    Learning to threadpaint is on my list of “wish I could learn” techniques.
    Not only does the placing of stitches look challenging, but getting just the right threads to do the job seems daunting. I expect the kit would help me over both hurdles.
    I know just where I’d use this little bird too!

  337. Hi Mary! I would choose the gold work honeybee kit. I have always wanted to try gold work. Thank you for this chance.

  338. Oh kits wonderful kits…how I love kits…a great quality kit is just a wonderful thing. More and more I have been buying kits for my projects when they are available especially from the designers or artists. First I like supporting other artists and buying one of their kits does just that. The other reason is it is so rewarding for me to know when I start a project I have all the supplies to finish the project even if it gets set aside for awhile. It also will look just like what I first saw with no last minute substitutions because I waited to long to order a specific thread or can not find the supplies required. If I could choose one of the Inspiration kits, i think, oh this is hard, I would choose the Modern Crewel. I like the colorway and I have not done any crewel embroidery in a very long time.

  339. If I win I would chose the lovely Small Change Purse project. I’ve already ordered the Chatelaine project and love the Jacobean motif on the little purse!

  340. Absolutely the Honey Bee. I am fascinated by goldwork & bees & would love to work this project. I love Inspirations & Needle ‘n Thread – thanks for the chance to win!

  341. Wow, what a hard decision. I love the colors and Jacobean designs of Modern Crewel and Small Change. But my favorite kit and the one I would choose is the Chatelaine Red. I love that it both beautiful and functional. What a lovely way to organize my sewing supplies.

  342. Thanks Mary!
    The Modern Crewel – never tried crewel work and this could be an opportunity πŸ™‚

    All the best to you xx

  343. Thank you – yet again – for another give-away! It is fun to “hope” one wins! In the meantime, just as delicious to think about the possibilities! I think, at this time, I would choose the Honey Bee, although I am very tempted by the chatelaine. And then there is that pretty Crewel design — my friend would LOVE to work that project. Nope: the BEE! I have a perfect little frame for it and a place to hang it already! Just NEED that kit!! Here’s hoping!

  344. Thank you for doing this, Mary!

    Lets see…if I won, I would choose the Honey Bee kit, because the design is so simple and beautiful and I would never try goldwork on my own. Unless I would choose a Chatelaine, because I should have tool accessories that match the beauty of my finished projects. Actually, would I choose Flowers of the Sea because the sea? Or Small Change, because my great-grandmother made little beaded purses (which it isn’t)? If I won, I just hope I could stop dithering before my replacement is randomly selected!

  345. Too glad and happy in hearing this grand Give Away… If I win I would choose Winter’s song…. once in my School days I won a prize doing a outline of a bird… My first prize in art of embroidery. Now if I win it would be pretty and joyful filling bird .. I would surely Enjoy it πŸ™‚

  346. What an exciting contest! Some years ago, I did a lot of crewel work, taught beginner classes in Panama and even designed a few pieces. But work, family, relocation and other creative pursuits engaged me and the crewel work was put aside. Now that I am retired I follow your blog with the idea that I will be inspired and dust off the hoops! Therefore the “Small Change” project just might be the right ticket to get the juices flowing again.

    Please enter me into this contest.

    Becky Hill

  347. I would choose “Flowers of the Sea”. The colors are spectacular and it just really draws my eye.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  348. How do I choose just one kit? They are all so beautiful and would love to do any one of them. I guess if I choose one it would be the Honey Bee. The gold supplies are the hardest to find so a kit would be wonderful.
    I do so enjoy your daily blogs. You have helped me decide on several books and products I might not have found on my own. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you provide for us.

  349. If I am chosen as the winner, I would choose Modern Crewel as my prize. From the moment I saw it in a Mary Corbet newsletter I was absolutely fascinated by the color combinations. It is an amazing piece of color and stitch combination genius.

  350. I would love the Christmas bouquet kit. I planned to do it for last Christmas but only got as far as buying the bauble. If I had the kit I would begin it now, ready for this year.

  351. I would love to win Tea for Two. Not only is tea one of my favorite drinks, I love that kit!

  352. I love the modern crewel, uplifting colours compared to the old crewel. Lovely new twist to crewel.

  353. OMG – I love the Trish Burr Winter’s Song with the little bird perched on the branch! I had signed up for a Trish Burr little bird class at the National EGA Seminar a few years ago, but due to an accident (my husband broke his femur) I had to cancel. This kit is sublime. And I would welcome the opportunity to win her kit. Her thread painting technique is over the top – totally awesome and realistic! I am a crewel stitcher at heart and moving into the realm of thread painting with threads other than crewel wool is exciting to me as it will expand my stitching realm and open new learning opportunities for me.

  354. So tough to choose!! I love this magazine. I have been drooling over Prancer for some time now. Love this!! I would definitely choose Prancer!And might anyway, even if I don’t win…..:)

  355. Wow, what a difficult decision on which kit to choose. I fell in love with Chatelaine (Red) when I saw it in Inspirations and it’s been on my stitching bucket list.

  356. Way difficult to narrow such beautiful things down to a favorite. So I’ll be practical. My chapter of EGA wants to do a goldwork peice this year because many of us have not ventured into goldwork yet. It looks like the bee would be the perfect project to start with. Small, doable and oh so lovely.

  357. I would definately choose Blossom, it is simply wonderful.
    Kind regards
    Jette Sauerberg

  358. Oh my golly, I may die of excitement! I love both the little robin and the chatelaine, but I’m going to pick the chatelaine (red! no, pink! no, RED) because I’m dying to try goldwork and also I’m taking the CoC course and all things historical are very attractive right now.

  359. Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!
    If I were a lucky winner, I’d choose the Tea for Two kit. I love fancy teacups, and the finished pieces would look wonderful framed – I’d hang them near my china cabinet, of course!

  360. Wow, what an opportunity! I really love the modern crewel kit and the small change kit, both are lovely and the colors are vibrant. I’d probably choose the modern crewel kit though. I love crewel work with a passion. Thanks!

  361. I would have to say that I would choose either the chatelaine kit (either color suits me, they are both lovely!) or the coin purse kit. I’m building my own Victorian chatelaine based from an antique pin and additions that I can either find or make myself, to create a chatelaine that is unique to me! Every lady of the house had one in the Victorian age, around the 1880s through the 1900s. One of these would be the perfect addition!

  362. Thank You so much for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful kits. There is not one that I would not be happy to recieve. If I was to choose I would start with the small change purse. I like the dark background and vibrant colors. This would also be the first time doing any embroidery. I have done cross stitch and currently am finishing up that project . I also love the looks of Trish Burrs thread painting kits . Wow. Would love to get into doing that! Thanks Mary.

  363. I would choose either Love Letters — because I love making small gifts for friends and this would be wonderful Or, The Bee — because that would make a wonderful gift for me.

  364. I would love to win the Pink Chatelaine kit. I haven’t much experience in surface embroidery, and this is so beautiful, I know I would endeavor to complete it, no matter what!!!
    Thank you for having this contest, and also for considering my entry.
    Pat Turner
    Kingston Springs, Tennessee

  365. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Inspirations. I have been a subscriber for a long time. Their kits are the best. They include needles, threads, fabric, and any embellishments you need. When they arrive it’s like getting a great present. I would pick the pink chatelaine.

  366. Small Change. A technique I have never done and the beaded edge is so beautiful. Plus, it’s something to use!

  367. If I win, I will choose Tea for Two. When I got my first issue of “Inspirations Magazine” a couple of weeks ago, I excitedly thumbed through it on my way from the mailbox to the house. Many beautiful projects caught my eye, but Tea for Two jumped right out at me. It took me back to a time many years ago when my Granny would set the table with her fine china and show my sister and me how to act like ladies. She’s been gone for a long time, but when I saw Tea for Two, I saw her beautifully set table, and the memories she made with us came flooding back.

  368. I love the Small Change. I would love to see the look on peoples faces when I use it and get to say I made it myself!

  369. I would definitely pick Garden Fresh as my kit to work as I have lived my entire life in the state of Iowa where corn is part of the landscape. This would be an interesting challenge for me to attempt, and I would love to give it a try.

  370. Dear Mary: I have been trying to find a crewel kit for some time…..One can only find kits on line as stores that sell embroidery, kits, patterns, fabrics have closed in this Vancouver area. So, when I saw “Modern Crewel” I was excited,first, because I love the colours and here was my chance to try crewel work which I haven’t done for many many years.You’re weekly comments are inspiring.

  371. If I won I would choose “Flowers Under The Sea” kit number i89. This kit is remarkable in that it uses silk and metallic threads (two of my favorites). It is a beautiful study of Mr. Clown Fish and his surroundings. Although I have never been to the part of the world where he can be found, to be able to bring home a little of that would be marvelous. This looks like a wonderful project I would be grateful to say how proud I am that I was able to do this delightful project. Thank you for the opportunity!

  372. I would choose Winter Song. Love long and short stitching but haven’t tried a bird yet. Would be a wonderful opportunity to get me going on something different.

  373. Hi Mary,
    I have a great delemna ! Which to chose-
    1. Red Chatelaine – creating a work box for our Guild as a continuing project for Pogramme this year. It will have “smalls” as part of the project. This Chatelaine is gorgeous !
    2. The Goldwork honey bee would look stunning hanging next to my beehive (Katherine Duguid) worked on in Seminar this year.
    3 then anything by Trish Burr alaways has my fongers itching to touch.
    4 the Christmas ornament ! Bi have so many glass balls available from my crafting selling days! Oh my!

    Should you choose my name, any of the above would be happily stitched.

    Thanks for reading, Nancy

  374. If I should win the prize drawing I would choose the Chatelaine kit for three reasons.

    First off I’ve always wanted a Chatelaine. It would be nice to have every tool I needed at hand, and I love the name “Chatelaine.”

    Secondly, I’ve been wanting to try my hand with silk and gold threads and this would be the perfect choice.

    And finally, I love the colors in the red kit.

  375. The kits are so pretty! I’m intrigued by Garden Fresh, and Flowers of the Sea is absolutely gorgeous. Since I’m a beekeeper, and a novice embroiderer, I think I would pick Honey Bee, as it is likely more at my level.

  376. I would pick the red chatelaine. I love all those kits and the colors are so beautiful. I picked this kit because I would see it often and use it every day.

  377. I would choose the change purse. I love the contrast of colors on the black. The brightness of the colors against the black is so enchanting. My change purse, which belonged to my mother, is just about to fall apart.

  378. Hi Mary!

    I too, love the convenience of a great embroidery kit! If I had to choose (and it is hard), I would choose the Flowers of the Sea-i89. I love the vibrant colors and the theme would fit right in with my bath decor!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  379. Thank you! What a marvelous giveaway! I would choose Pink Chatelaine. Second choice Small Change. With both I would be learning new skills and working with colors I love. And since I can use them when they are complete, every day will carry a bright reminder of the joys of embroidery and a connection with all who embroider.Great encouragement to keep learning!

    Daily wishes for your good health, Mary

  380. I would love to work the sea flower kit. We have a newly remodeled home that needs this picture for a room with a beach theme. The variety of needlework stitches and the colors appeal to me.

  381. Oh my goodness…they’re all so beautiful, but I would pick Small Change. And the reason is…wait for it….it’s Teal on Black and I AM a 5 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer!!!!!! It’s perfect for me and I would use it proudly.
    The last oncologist visit I was told I have only one more check in…I was stunned, I thought I’d be checking in yearly forever, but NO…the doc said,
    “we only treat SICK people.” Yeah, I’m FREE. I LOVE TEAL, so if I had to have cancer, glad it was Ovarian for TEAL.
    And that is why I’d pick Small Change. Thank you for the offer.

  382. The red chatelaine… My husband and I are long-time 18th century living historians and I have collected a number of needlework tools appropriate to that period. The chatelaine would be the perfect addition and way to display my prettiest tools.

  383. I think I would choose Love Letters. The other kits are so beautiful but I think that Love Letters might be a kit that I could finish. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this opportunity and I love your site.

  384. I love the Flowers of Sea and would pick that one. It looks like it has interesting and challenging stitches. It would be so much fun to work on a little world that we don’t get to see.

  385. I suspect I would join the huge crowd salivating over the Tudor Rose in either colour, so I think I would opt for the ‘Blossom’. I’ve never done whitework and I know that the Inspirations instructions would be a good learning experience. The design is very appealing – and I have a friend who would just adore getting the finished project for her birthday!

  386. The Honey Bee kit would be my choice because it would give me a chance try a new type of thread.

  387. Wow, so lovely, thank you! I would love the little gold honey bee, because it is the bees knees and it would look great in my new kitchen!
    Thank you,

  388. I would choose the Tulip kit because I would like to learn the Hedebo technique. It is so delicate and fine. All of the kits, though, are marvelous. Thank you Mary, your articles are the best, as always.

  389. Such beautiful kits and such a generous give-away! All the projects are lovely, and I’ll probably come back to the site and purchase a favorite or two, but my choice would be the Chatelaine in Red. I do historical embroidery, mostly high middle ages but up through Tudor, Elizabethan and Stewart times. The Chatelaine design speaks to my heart and interests — and I’d really USE the items!
    Congrats to the winners, and thank you!

  390. Gosh, all the kits are stunning, Mary. But no doubt, I would choose the Tea for Two kit for two reasons. First, I love tea, and the finished kit would look great hanging in my kitchen. Second, I am new to the world of embroidery and it looks like an item I could tackle and finish with success. Completing Tea for Two would hopefully increase confidence in my ability to consider a more complex project.

  391. I would definitely pick the Modern Crewel kit. I love the colors and have always enjoyed crewel work. It would be nice to try doing this piece with the beautiful threads.

  392. It’s the Red Chatelaine Kit for me. Being English this reminds me of the Battle of the Roses. To be able to keep a little bit of history and have the pleasure to embroider it would make this kit a must. I only hope that I will be lucky enough to be one of the winners.

  393. Gosh, this is a hard one. I want at least half of them, but I can’t buy them. Eye candy sure enough. Since I must pick one, I think the Chatelaine, absolutely in red. The reason? Because you reviewed that one and I could see it much better. I trust your judgment, and those are such little luxury items.

  394. This was hard, fun but hard. I would pick the honey bee since I recently finished the Craftsy Goldwork class with Lucy Barter and I would like to stretch my wings a little.

  395. Rather like asking who your favorite child is, isn’t it? They’re all beautiful! In further proof that I have champagne tastes and a beer budget – Small change is my favorite, but it’s such a hair’s breadth over Flowers of the Sea it isn’t funny. The colors and the composition are spot on for both, but Small Change is ‘useful’ so it wins on that shred of advantage πŸ˜€

  396. My choice, while extremely difficult to make is the kit called Small Change. I have always been mad for anything Elizabethan and this project certainly fits that. Plus it has luscious beading and threads. It would also work for me as all friends know I am a “purse-aholic”! Thank you for such a wonderful blog and this contest!

  397. I love the Chatelaine kit in red! Red is my favorite color. I’m into doing little things and I have lots of things I could put in the cute little holders. Maybe they would control some of my clutter! Thanks for the give-away.

  398. I would choose the chatelaine kit. I have been in love with them since I was about 17 and all romantic about medieval life and ladies accoutrements. I live the beauty and practicality of this kit. To be able to wear the embroidery is a bonus in my mind. I like both of the colourways. Simply put – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris.

  399. For the understated clean lines of whitework it would have to be Blossom. Thanks for the chance to win it, Mary.

  400. The kits are all beautiful so hard to choose. I am brushing up on my embroidery skills and would love to try Flowers of the Sea have not done beadwork so am excited to try. I love the sea and would love to do this piece of art.
    Susan McCart

  401. A very difficult choice because I love all of Inspirations Magazines projects, but I would choose “Flowers of the Sea”. The colors are beautiful and it looks so delicate and lovely, you almost feel you could reach out and touch the glowing corals and fish. It’s so serene and lovely, I think it would be perfect hanging in my bedroom!

  402. I would choose Blossom. I love the elegant look of white on white. Also, being a florist, anything with a flower brings a smile.

  403. Wow! What a hard decision! I would love to pick all of the kits as they all look wonderfully fun. If I had to narrow it down I would choose the Chatelaine kit in red. The design is classic and matches an applique quilt project I’m working on. It would be a fun challenge for me. What a nice gift it would make to finish the lap quilt and the Chatelaine kit for my mother in law for encouraging me to to begin my journey in quilting and needlework

  404. Good morning Mary.
    I was so thrilled to read your newsletter this morning to find that the kit I have been absolutely drooling over for months is now being offered as a prize. The “chatelaine” in pink is gorgeous and as I’m relatively new to hand embroidery it is the perfect gift for me to give to myself! I subscribe to ‘Inspirations’and consider that magazine and your newsletter to be my soul food that gets me up in the morning. Any time spent on embroidering is time well spent.

  405. I would choose Small Change to replace the purse that my daughter has stolen from me and because it looks like nothing I have done before.

  406. All kits are beautiful and inspiring. I choose Small Change because I need a change purse and what fun to make one and then while using it admire the design. Love the vibrant colors on black, very striking.

  407. What a great offer! I would choose Winter’s Song by Trish Burr. I love her work and I find birds fascinating. I have wanted to work a Trish Burr kit for a long time. I also love Inspirations Magazine. Thanks for the offer. Kendra.

  408. Thank you for the giveaway. I love my subscription to Inspirations and read it cover to cover.

    I would pick Chatelaine in Red. I love “smalls” and also belong to a local sampler guild – Tudor Rose. How perfect.

  409. I would pick “Blossom” whitework. I have been curious about this for a few years and just haven’t picked it up (yet). A new skill to explore. fun, fun, fun

  410. I really love the Small Change project! I have been eyeing it up since I got that copy of Inspirations. Hazel B.’s designs are just gorgeous and I think this is the right size to get me started. I also love the idea of having a project I can use everyday to share beautiful embroidery designs to the rest of the world!

  411. If I would be lucky enough to win, I would choose the Small Change kit. It looks like the kit is worked on either wool or velvet, both of which I love to work with and the colors are amazing. I also like the antique look of the purse.

  412. All the kits I viewed are so beautiful, but I fell in love with the Chatelaine kit when you posted it on the July 15,2016 newsletter. Love that pink, it’s very elegant.

  413. That’s a tough decision. It came down to two: Modern Crewel and Flowers of the Sea and I selected Flowers of the Sea. I like the colors used in the kit. I also like the design.

  414. Anything pink is always on my list, so my 1st choice if my name is drawn would have to be the pink Chatelaine. Given my growing interest in Jacobean motifs, and the colors of it, Small Change would be a close second . . .

    Thank you to you and Inspirations for this giveaway. : )

  415. It’s so difficult to choose just one! I think I would choose the Modern Crewel to learn something new. I love the colors, and the stitching looks amazing. Thank you for offering a chance to win one!

  416. Love Letters i89 Kit is so beautiful, I cannot resist choosing it! Renewing my childhood passion for free hand embroidery, this kit has all the stitches I am relearning as an adult… and I hope to do the design justice! I have always wanted to learn how to do that open weave stitching around the edge!
    As a child, my first embroidery project was an iron-on basket of flowers on a pillow case. I used every stitch in my little embroidery book in that design!
    Still in love with embroidering, I think this “grown-up” pillow design is perfect for me, especially since the capital D was the last, and most longed-for letter I learned in handwriting class as child! Thanks for this amazing opportunity! So excited!

  417. What an exciting give-away!! I would pick the modern crewel. I loved it as soon as you featured it on your website. It is definitely on my bucket list!

    Thanks to you and the folks at Inspirations for the wonderful give-away!

  418. What a wonderful opportunity. I would love them all but I would chose Flowers of the sea because it is son intricate and I do love a chalange!

  419. Winter’s Song! I have thought it beautiful since I first saw it in the magazine. Trish Burr’s work is extraordinary and I would love to attempt one of her fat little birds.
    Hope this finds you well, Mary, and thank you for this opportunity.
    Floss Hurley

  420. Mary, I would choose RESTING PLACE hardanger Kit. I have always loved hardanger and ready to move on to something larger than a book mark.

  421. If I win I would choose Winter’s Song, kit i88. The bird is gorgeous, such a beautiful bright sight on a dreary winter day.

  422. I would pick the red version of the Chatelaine kit. It is so pretty and right up my alley right now as I am in the Cabinet of Curiosities class. I’m not really an embroiderer as cross stitch is my first love, but I would love to make the Chatelaine.

  423. I love the honey bee. I’ve never done goldwork and it seems like such a beautiful introduction.

  424. Ten years ago, I did 8 different tea cup cross stitch designs and gave them all away. It didn’t occur to me then to buy one to keep for myself, and since those kits are no longer easily available, I’d love to stitch these two beautiful teacups. I’m also making a crazy quilt with “tea” for the theme and these designs inspire me to get back to work!

  425. There are lots of great projects to choose from, but I think I’d choose Winter’s Song. I have a thing for birds.

  426. I would choose kit Winter’s Song – i88 Kit because I love bird watching. Thanks for the chance to win (and stitch). :0)

  427. I have loved Inspirations since the first issue was published. It is my go to place for ideas. One of my EGA chapters is focusing on Crewel this fall, so I would love to have the modern crewel kit to use for demonstration. It is in one of my favorite palettes, so will look lovely in my house.


  428. Tea for Two. I love teacups, I have a collection of them and have tea pots also. This kit is one of my favorites, I’m itching to start it. Love the way you framed it also. Can’t wait to see if I indeed win the kit! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of your gorgeous embroidery kits.

  429. I would choose “Flowers of the Sea” because it is just gorgeous!! If I could afford to purchase it I would. Beautiful!!

  430. I would dearly love to work the red chatelaine kit. It would fit in so nicely with some of the older tools I have. Who has too many tools of this type?

  431. I would choose Honey Bee. I am currently working on your ebook piece Lavender Honey and Other Little Things, so I am really into the bees these days. I have also been wanting to try gold work, so this would give me a gentle push into gold work with a small, do-able and lovely project. Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  432. The modern crewel! Hands down. The colors and the design draw my eye. She did a great job with how the lines curve while using different stitches to hold my attention. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  433. It’s so hard to pick…the pink Chatelaine would be my first and the Modern Crewel runs a close second. Thanks!

    1. I forgot to say why! I’ve always loved the idea of chatelaines, I wish we could still carry them on our belts but I think I would get weird looks!

  434. I would choose ‘Honey Bee’. I have always wanted to do some gold work and this piece would be a great ‘carrot on the stick’ to get me going on a trip with the Honey Bee as a finally (on one along the way).

  435. I would like to win Modern Crewel. The reason is that I have done crewel in the past but not been very excited by the subject matter which has put me off.
    However, this modern crewel looks much more exciting and a bit more up my street.

  436. If I were to win, I would choose the Small Change kit – I love the Jacobean motif, and would love to learn the finishing of a small clasp bag.

    Mary, thank you again for the outstanding resource you provide!

  437. I would choose the “Modern Crewel”. I’ve always wanted to do a crewel work project and I love the colors and the pattern. Thanks Mary

  438. I love Inspirations magazine. They always have such wonderful articles and projects. If I had to choose out of their kits, I would choose one of these three: Tea for Two, Modern Crewel, or Winter’s Song. I love them all and can’t resist an English Robin!

    Heather M.

  439. I choose “Tea for Two” to accompany my antique collection of tea cup and saucers. Plus I enjoy embroidery ! KKJ

  440. “Small Change”! I subscribe to the magazine, saw this project a few months ago, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It looks like so much fun to stitch.

  441. Chatelaine by Susan O’connor in red would be my choice. Not only is it beautiful but also functional and I think I could do it justice. I also love the Robin but I think that it is a bit beyond my skill set at this time. Thanks to Inspirations for offering this give away. And many thanks to you Mary for all you do for us in providing inspiration and guidance. I always look forward to reading your next post.
    Hugs from West Virginia

  442. I would choose Tulip. It’s a beautiful item that could be made for Christmas, wedding, birthday, etc. I also grow lavender and that would be a perfect addition to the center

  443. I love your magazine. I have some old issues that I look at all the time. Beautiful eye candy.

  444. The brilliant colors and graceful lines of the modern crewel image caught my eye as soon as I opened the email! I do reproduction 18c crewel work, so this lovely modern twist on traditional elements would be a joy to make.

  445. I would love to win the Chatalaine (Red) kit. It would be perfect for me as I have been devoting more time to embroidery lately and would love to have such a beautiful kit to keep essentials. It looks absolutely beautiful, I could take it everywhere and when asked tell them from whence it came. It would also be perfect sitting on top of my embroidery work.

  446. I would love to have Small Change. I have lusted after that kit since I first saw it. I love Hazel Blomkamp’s designs and I particularly love Jacobean. Finally, my old change purse has disintegrated.

  447. I love Inspirations Magazine, it is one of the few I subscribe to. Almost finished filling in missing issues.
    I would pick tea for two – I would stitch it as designed and then again in Brazilian Embroidery. They would be gorgeous!

  448. Easy! If I were lucky enough to win , I would choose the ” Modern Crewel Kit ”
    Reason ….Just love those divine colours ! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚
    Debbie in Cornwall

  449. My choice, should I win, would be Tea for Two. The cups remind me of the cups I once owned that me and my dear friends would sip tea from and have long and important conversations over. I left them behind when I moved from the east to the west coast. This kit would allow me to stitch them back together again.

  450. I would choose the pink chatelaine kit. Pink is such a glorious color to me – reminds me of the sunrise on the start of a new day and the peaceful sunset on a day well spent. The finished pieces are functional as well as beautiful, and would love to have them for my sewing basket!

  451. What a wonderful giveaway! I have drooled over several of the kit options via the Inspirations newsletter. Selecting one is a hard choice, but I would have to pick Modern Crewel if I should win. It took my eye when I first saw it. The colors are beautiful and I love the flow of the Jacobean pattern along with the stitches that are used. The combination is so beautiful, and I would love to win this kit and magazine. Thank you for a fun giveaway.

  452. If I won I would love to receive the ‘Les Hirondelles’ kit. They are such elegant birds and the image captures that. I love doing thread painting, though I am only a beginner but such a kit would be a good way to move on to the next step, having done your sampler lessons previously.
    I love the Inspirations magazine, again there is so much ‘inspiration’ and so many new techniques to try, and such beautiful photography.

  453. I love Inspirations Magazine! Their kits are wonderful. I would choose the Chateline kit, in red. I am so tempted to order it anyway after your wonderful review. Love the colors and it would be wonderful with the Elizabethan stitching stuff I already have.

  454. I would choose the Chatelaine (Red). It is gorgeous and reminds me of the holidays….which I love.
    Thanks for the chance!

  455. Winter’s Song – i88 Kit
    It is a beautiful kit and I would love to do it for my friend Wendy who loves robins

  456. What an amazing giveaway! I would certainly pick Honey Bee, because I love Bees. I also would love a small gold work project. Thanks for the chance to win!

  457. I am disabled with a bad back so it is difficult to get around and i have lost my dominate arm, but taught myself to stitch with my non dominate arm. I enjoy stitching histoic counted cross stitch but really want to try gold work. I would pick the bee kit because it seems like a good kit to stitch as a first time gold work piece and it looks like it would be beautiful framed on the wall.

  458. Untill my eye surgery two years ago, I was extremely short sighted and birds were mostly just moving dots in the sky. Now that I can actually see them well enough to identify them I have fallen in love with them! Should I be a lucky winner, I would choose the lovely “Les Hirondelles.”

  459. If I won I would choose the Modern Crewel, not only because I like working with wool, even thin wool, but also because I love the colours and the design.

    Thank you so much


  460. Hi Mary, You’ve got us all drooling now! I would choose the red Chatelaine kit, with Modern Crewel a close second – actually the two you’ve reviewed. I get Inspirations and so of course I’ve already drooled over them in that wonderful publication. I choose these because I love the designs, the techniques focused on with each kit, the color palette of each and the quality of materials. Thank you so much for great giveaway!

  461. Don’t know is meant by website.

    I am an Inspirations yearly subscriber (through Wooley Threads). I have done several of the projects but have never bought a kit. I’d love to win now of the kits and make the promise to start (and complete) within 3 months of receipt a d to share pics when done. Hope one of the winners is me.

  462. i would love to try Hazel Blomkamps Small Change. I followed your progress on your Hazel project and it was fascinating!

  463. If I win, I would like the kit called ‘Small change’. I feel it would be a project on my level or slighly above and small enough that I will finish it. As a bonus, it is an utility object that I will be proud to use.

  464. I would choose the chatelaine kit because I’ve been drooling over it for a very long time!! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  465. Winter’s Song. I have been reading and studying up for doing a Trish Burr design. That project is perfect for me now!! Have to jump in somewhere and that looks just lovely.

  466. It is so hard to pick just one, I narrowed it down to 2 and then I flipped a coin. So Chatelaine (in red) it is.
    Why? I have never made something so delicate and beautiful for myself so if I win it will be utter delight.
    Thank you for this giveaway

  467. Probably the honey bee, because I have never done gold work before and I would love the opportunity to try it. That, and I had my mother looking over my shoulder while looking at the webpage and she just loved the bee! (Well, she liked everything but she liked the bee best).

  468. If I win (I hope I do) I would pick Tea for two. The design is beautiful and give off a feeling of vintage teacups. Just lovely. Would fit in with the look I want to achieve for my home.

  469. Having just taken my first workshop in stumpwork, I would choose Christmas Bouquet. I adore this design and it would be a good way to put my new skills to work.

  470. Hello
    If I win my heart is thorn between two kits les hurondelles and winter songs. Both of them are so georgeous.

  471. I would choose Garden Fresh. I am fascinated by the realitic look achieved in this design.Then if (or should I say when?) my corn doesn”t make it in my garden I can still have beautiful corn to look at.

  472. Hello!

    Chatelaine would be the kit for me. I am a fan of Susan O’Connor and the kit will produce the perfect completed Christmas gift. It possesses enough of a challenge for me as well.

    Thank you!

  473. I fell in love with the Honey Bee. It looked so elegant! I have not worked with gold threads before and this looks like a wonderful challenge.

  474. What an incredible opportunity to expand one’s experience. I would choose the Honey Bee as I have just completed a gold work piece designed by on of our EGA members. The challenge of gold work has intrigued and inspired me to expand my stitching experience. I believe you should always challenge oneself, to step out of the box and see where the stitching leads you.

  475. When I win, I would choose the following:
    Flowers of the Sea, Small Change or Modern Crewel.
    Any one of these would send my heart soaring. I have never done this type of work and would thoroughly enjoy learning to do them.
    Thank you so much for allowing me the chance to win one.

  476. Such wonderful choices! Having worked a kit from Inspirations – I can say they are put together nicely. All of the needed supplies are there and labeled. They do a great job! I would choose the Modern Crewel or Prancer kits – I really like to work a crewel embroidery with crewel wool.

  477. If I were to win I would love to have the red chatelaine kit. Because I love the colors and the techniques used.

  478. I would pick the Bee, My State, Utah is the Beehive State. There are many examples of the bee or beehive in and around Salt Lake City. It is the example of industry and to be busy as a bee. When I was in a 4H sewing club, our club was called The Busy Bees.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something from the Inspirations Magazine.

  479. If I win I would choose the Prancer kit. My husband has used the same Christmas stocking for 50 years that his mother made when he was small. As you can imagine it is starting to fall apart. A few years ago she offered to make a new one for him but unfortunately passed away before that could happen. I saw the Prancer pattern used to make a stocking on the inspirations newsletter and thought it would be perfect for me to make! It won’t be from his mom, but I’m sure he would love it.

  480. Mary what a lovely prize! I love Inspirations Magazine and am also very keen on stitching “smalls”, so if I were lucky enough to win I would choose the Chatelaine kit in the red colourway. Such a pretty design with an interesting mixture of threads.

    Thanks as ever for your generosity.
    Godalming UK

  481. If I win, I would select the Christmas bouquet because I just love Christmas and I love stumpwork. What a wonderful way to put the 2 together!

  482. Chatelaine (Pink)! So elegant! I love stitcher’s toys and this is just lovely, it would be a joy to make.

  483. Thank you and thank you Inspirations! Such a hard choice, but I would love to try the Chatelaine in red. It’s spectacular!

  484. Many thanks for such a wonderful give-away Mary! So many beautiful kits to choose from, as well as spectacular issues of the Inspirations magazine. The combination of the Winter’s Song kit and corresponding Inspirations issue no. 88 would be my selection if I was fortunate enough to be one of the three lucky winners.

    Thank you!


  485. I would choose Winter’s Song. I actually have this one on my goal projects list after reading the magazine but a kit would be awesome as I haven’t yet started to gather the supplies. I love the design and haven’t tackled anything with long and short stitch but want desperately to learn!

  486. It was a hard choice but I would love to have the red Chatelaine kit. It’s so beautiful and would be a real treat to embroider. If I am not a winner I think I will either buy the kit or make it up from the magazine instructions. I have long planned to treat myself to some stitchy accessories and this set would be perfect.

  487. Hi Mary,
    I would pick the Chatelaine kit in red and spoil myself with the beautiful needlework accessories. It would also be a great way to learn some new finishing techniques. Thanks for a great give away!

  488. I jumped at the chance to enter your Kit competition today as I am keen to try Crewel embroidery.
    Should I be fortunate enough to be one of the prize winners I should love the kit Winters Song – i88. It would fit into the Christmas season beautifully.
    My address is 9, Pearse Close, Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3QWTelephone 01837811248
    Thank you!

  489. I would choose the Modern Crewel kit. I love the pattern and the colors are gorgeous. To win a kit like this would awesome.

  490. While all the kits are beautiful, the two Chatelaine kits are my favorites. I am still torn between the red and the pink, but think I have to select the pink as my very favorite. I am a history buff, favoring the Elizabethan period and this design is so typical of that time. Having it in a Chatelaine would be a wonderful use for this work. I would wear it proudly!

    I have tried to get a copy of the #89 Inspirations Magazine because of this kit, but Nordic Needle had sold out of them (even though their website stated they had two copies). Most disappointing!
    Best regards, Cookie Ziemba

  491. Thank you for providing this give-away. πŸ˜‰
    If I win I would pick Flowers of the Sea kit. As a practically-retired recreational scuba diver, it would be lovely to stitch this kit and remember the beauty of the “under the sea” flora and fauna.

  492. Oh! the Rose Chatelaine – in red. My late father was from the county of Lancashire whose emblem is the red rose and I would feel a lasting link to him as I stitched and then used the chatelaine.

  493. I would choose flowers of the sea because of the viberant colors and the attention to details

  494. Oh, my gosh. I love them all! But I think I’d pick the bee. I love bees, and I’ve never done any goldwork, so I think the bee would be a good size for a first try.

  495. Easy pick for me. My daughter’s name is Holly Belinda. Her nickname is HoneyBee. I would love to do the Honey Bee project for her. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Missy

  496. I would choose the Chatelaine kit in red. I fell in love with it when I saw it on Needle and Thread and have kept going back to that post to look at it again and again. I’ve always wanted a chatelaine and this one is absolutely beautiful! And my favorite color is red! Perfect!

  497. Hi Mary- thanks for another generous give-away.

    I would choose the Honey Bee kit because I have never worked with goldwork supplies, and would love to! I think it’s one of the last embroidery frontiers for me.

    Have fun going thru all these comments! πŸ˜€

  498. I would pick Chatelaine Red. Because I love anything by Susan O’connor. Anything she designs it the BEST!

  499. Thank you for this opportunity from Inspiration’s Magazine to win in their Giveaway!

    I love the Modern Crewel kit. I have just started with Crewel embroidery and love this crewel kit offered in the Giveaway. This kit would give me the opportunity to learn more new crewel stitches thus expanding my horizons.

  500. Oh yeah! A giveaway! I’m so excited! This is easy. I love the white work reindeer. He’s beautiful. And elegant. I’d love a chance to stitch him.

    Thank so much much Mary!

    Melissa Bird

  501. These are lovely. Modern Crewel is my favorite. The blues and greens are beautiful and would look fantastic in my bedroom. Thanks for showing these to us.

  502. A gift for my fabulous sister in law! As well as for me. I want to do Goldwork beautifully and my sister in law loves bees. My fingers are crossed.

  503. If I win, I would pick the Chatelaine in red kit. I’ve been admiring this kit for a while now and just love the look and colors. All of the kits are so gorgeous. Fingers crossed that I win! Love you Mary!

  504. The corn is my 1st choice. I have been experimenting with some wooden beads, but it would be great to have all the materials without having to search for them. The only drawback is the fear that I would drill a hole in my hand while enlarging the holes in the bead, but I have a friend who wants me to make it and is willing to do the drilling.
    I have already made the cauliflower.

  505. What a difficult choice! I would choose the Chatelaine kit in red. I love the beautiful classic design and that I would end up with something I would use daily. It would be just enough of a challenge for me without being overwhelming!

  506. All the kits are beautiful but I would choose the Chatelaine (red) or pink. I love stitching “smalls” because I get a feeling of accomplishment in a relatively short period of stitching time. I also find the variety of techniques very interesting.

  507. Oh my, the Small Change kit would make a perfect change purse to go with my SCA/pirate garb! Love the colors and the beading. Thank you for hosting this fun giveaway!

  508. Were to win, I would choose Flowers of the Sea, though it was hard, hard choice. I’m interested in expanding my experience using filament silk, but the clincher was the blackwork looking sea coral fan. It’s very reminiscent of a picture I’d like to render and I’d like to learn how it was done.

  509. I would pick modern crewel kit. I have been doing crewel work for ages but the colors in the kit really caught my eye. Have been doing some free-stitching work recently. But the kit looks to be a bit of a challenge, which I could use. Thanks for the chance to win a kit.

  510. If I were lucky enough to win, the modern crewel would be my choice. The blues and greens are m colours, as my friends could tell, and the modern treatment of crewel makes me liking this technique so much more than the traditional way

  511. Hello,

    I would pick Winter’s Song. I love birds so much. I paint them in watercolor all the time. The idea of stitching one is very exciting!

  512. I would pick the small change kit. I love jacobean and have always wanted to sew a framed purse but have never attempted it. The projects are all very beautiful but probably beyond my skill level.

  513. I would choose the red chatelaine project. I am enamored of historical needlework of the 17th-19th centuries particularly. This kit would provide me with everything needed to make my own lovely pieces reminiscent of those earlier pieces. The small bit of gold work really adds the loveliest finishing touch. I am an Inspirations subscriber of several years’ duration. It is a terrific publication! Thanks for the chance to win.

  514. Dear Mary,
    I would choose the Christmas Ornament. I loved your review of silk thread and would love to have the opportunity to work with it. Besides I love Stump work!

  515. I’d pick Prancer because it is so unlike anything I’ve seen, and because I love stitching Christmas items!

  516. Chatelaine (Red)

    No hesitation at all. It’s gorgeous, small enough and interesting enough to be something I would actually finish, and would be a finished object that I would use (useful FO’s are the best FO’s).

    I have been enchanted by it ever since I saw the post here about it.

  517. Kit Les Hirondelles. It has al my favourites, colour,subject (birds) and form, thread painting being my best liked option to spend time on.

  518. What a tough choice! I’m torn between Modern Crewel and Winter’s Song. I love crewel patterns and the colors in Modern Crewel, but I’m also obsessed with Trish Burr’s beautiful designs and I love birds in general. But my choice would have to be (drum roll, please) Modern Crewel.

  519. I am between two kits -Chatelaine (Red) and -Honey Bee. I love chatelaines and it does have a tudor rose! As for the honey Bee, I would love to try goldwork and come on, it is a cute Bee!
    Thank you and Inspiration for offering this contest!
    Barbara D.

  520. What a generous giveaway but such a hard question! I kept coming back to Tulip and actually, as i’m a subscriber i’d already seen it in the magazine, it’s on my wish list already!

  521. Hi Mary. What a great opportunity! I regularly drool over the wonderful Inspirations kits. If I were to win, I’d choose Honey Bee because I have yet to try goldwork, so it would be the perfect chance. Thanks.

  522. There are some beautiful patterns, but my favourite is Love Letters, it is so delicate, I would love to try and stitch it!

  523. This one’s easy 0- I’d pick the reindeer. On Christmas morning, the year my father died – 2010 – we had a deer show up in our backyard. I so strongly felt my dad’s presence, esp. since his last hard months of incapacition were spent watching birds and squirrels from his window. Nothing more interesting than a deer would meander into view, And then rarely. But when it did, he’d smile and utter a “hmmm” of happiness. So from that Christmas, I re-decorated by tree, home and table with deer motife…and so Dad is still with us.

  524. I would have a hard time choosing between the Modern Crewel (because I love the colors and would like to practice the techniques) and Winter’s Song (because I want to learn threadpainting and I think my husband would like the finished product).

    These kits are all a temptation!

  525. If I win my choice of one these beautiful kits it would be “Honey Bee”. My grandpa was a bee keeper and I have always been fascinated with bees since I was a young girl. Brings good memories.

  526. If I win, I would choose winter’s song. I love Trish Burr’s embroidery and have always wanted to try one of her designs.

  527. I would without-a-doubt choose the modern crewel kit. I am new to hand stitching and haven’t tried to crewel yet, but when you reviewed this kit… I was enamored! I liive in a gorgeous vintage house and this design would look gorgeous among my decor. Crossing fingers! And toes!

  528. I would choose the Hardanger Resting Place. I first made a hardanger bookmark four months ago, and I am now hooked on hardanger. I just finished a hardanger pillow. Now I’m torn between my counted cross stitch project and starting a new hardanger project. Wish I had more time and another set of hands to do both πŸ™‚

  529. Hi Mary!
    I would pick the goldwork bee! So beautiful. It would be something new for me to try! Thanks for the opportunity to win such lovely kits.
    Best wishes to you.

  530. Flowers of the Sea for ME! It is just so beautiful; I love underwater scenes, and I have the perfect seahorse that I think I can tuck in there. Maybe a mermaid, too? Pick me! Pick me!

  531. I would pick the Red Chatelaine! I’m a sucker for things that are both pretty *and* useful, and I haven’t yet been brave enough to try my hand at silk embroidery. If I had that kit staring me in the face, I’d have no choice *but* to jump in!

  532. I would love to sew the Inspiration Kit “Blossom”. Have tried a multitude of embroidery and smocking but never whitework! Would like to add this to my experience. Thanks

  533. I think the blue birds would be my choice. Love to embroider living things. I’m still a beginner but with practice I am gaining confidence. The birds look so free. I would love this kit.

  534. I would select Modern Crewel. The colors are very calming and inspirational. Makes one feel at peace.

  535. Hi Mary,
    Wow what a fantastic give-away! Thank you to you and Inspirations magazine. The kit I would choose would be the pink chatelaine kit. I have been eying that beauty since it was in the magazine and I just love it- plus I really could use a new scissor fob! That’s again so much,
    Blessings to you!!!
    Catherine T.

  536. I like the Modern Crewel kit best, please. I’ve never done any crewel work and would like to try.

  537. I have it narrowed down to either Prancer or Honey Bee, but I think I would pick Honey Bee. I love stitching animals and I love honey bees. I was also lucky enough to take a class with Alison Cole, and I love her work.

  538. Flowers of the Sea I just love watching tropical fish. Also Winters Song I like listening to birds tweet.

  539. As soon as I saw it in the magazine I fell in love with the Red Chatelaine!

    That’s the one I’d choose.


  540. The description of the magazine as ‘decadent eye candy’ is so accurate. I love when my copy arrives it is a real treat to sit down and devour it.

    I would like the Chatelaine (Red). I have that magazine and loved the look at the time. I am reasonably new to embroidery so do not as yet have any handmade accessories. Although not sure I have yet seen a project I dislike.


  541. I would choose Winter’s Song. I am a huge fan of Trish Burr’s work, and I have recently begun to learn the long and short stitch technique with the help of one of her books.

  542. What a difficult choice. There are so many I would like to do. The modern crewel one I think I could do without needing a kit. The coin purse I would love to do but probably isn’t so practical for me and anyway I am at the moment doing Hazel’s Sherry for Jack. So my choice is the red chateleine because it is a typically English design that I could show off when I am in my stitching groups.

  543. I would love to win any one of the kits, however, les hirondelles, stands out the most for me. Swallows are among my favourite birds

  544. If I win,i will pick the Hardanger mat as I love looking at Hardanger embroidery but have never tried it!!!

  545. Crewel is so fascinating. The ability to combine many different mediums to create art intrigues me. Can’t wait to get started.

  546. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! I would choose Winter’s Song (i88 Kit). I love birds and animal painting and I want to learn needle painting. I hope it’s a good day for you and that you’re feeling better.

  547. I would choose “Flowers of the Sea,” by Helen M. Stevens. I have three of Ms. Stevens’s books, have long admired her work, and have wanted to stitch one of her pieces. This piece would stretch and challenge me and expand my embroidery skills immensely; I would love to give it a try.

  548. If I win… well, I never win anything πŸ˜‰ but if I did… most definitely either colourway of the chatelaine… because it looks like a mightily useful thingy! I would use it! And it would be a sweet treat to just follow some directions instead of having to do all the design work myself.

  549. I’d pick “Small Change”. I’ve always wanted to make one but just haven’t.

  550. I would love to win the Chatelaine (red). I have always wanted to make one and this would go with the Tudor gown I am working on.

  551. The kits are all so lovely and the quality from Imspirations is next to none. After much thought, I would pick flowers of the sea. I think it is very inspirational and uses different threads and stitches. I always try to challenge myself when I pick a pattern or kit to do. The Flowers of the Sea would certainly do that and it is beautiful as well.

  552. I would pick Garden Fresh. I am teaching myself to do Stumpwork and have completed four pieces so far. This would be the ultimate challenge!

  553. Wow what a generous giveaway! Thanks Mary!

    It is very hard to choose. My top choices would be Honey Bee, because I’d like to learn goldwork and this looks like just the right size to get a taste but not be overwhelmed. Christmas Bouquet because it is so different from how you normally see stumpwork displayed and it would make a lovely addition to our holiday ornament exchange at our guild (obv I would have to make another for myself). And Tea for Two because I love all things tea! These would look great in my tea-themed kitchen.

  554. There are some stunning kits to choose from. I would go for winter song as I keep saying I must learn to thread paint so a kit would be a push in the right direction.

  555. Hi This is a tough decision but after looking them over, I think I would enjoy the Chatelaine in pink. I love the soft colours. The reason is I love smalls and the chance to do that type of embroidery would be wonderful. I have stayed mainly counted embroidery, time for some variety. Thanks

  556. I would choose Winter as I am a beginner at needle painting.this perky little bird would be a project to help me learn and help the winter here pass pleasantly. judi

  557. I would definitely pick Honey Bee should I win. I have always been intrigued by goldwork and would love to give it a try!

  558. I would choose Flowers of the Sea i89. I love the ocean… I live in New England not far from the water. This kit has so many interesting embroidery techniques that I would love to perfect. The colors and theme will certainly get me through our winters.

  559. I would love Christmas bouquet! Christmas is a special time with my family and I could make the special bauble the centre of my table!

  560. Hi Mary, Thanks so much for your generosity and your inspiration!
    I love the Chatelaine. When I saw it in your email, I thought it is so lovely and elegant. It would be a nice sized project that could be finished in a shorter time that many big ones. I like the design and colors. I prefer red, but the pink is pretty, too.

  561. Wow — How exciting! I would choose Flowers of the Sea if I were lucky enough to win. I would choose that kit because I would want to display it in my nautically themed room. I would look very nice with the Brazilian embroidery pieces I have that are sea related. Thank you Mary and Inspirations!

  562. I love both chatelaine kits. They are classic and beautiful. While it is hard to choose between the two color ways, I would choose the red. Breathtakingly pretty.

  563. I would choose Small Change because embroidering such an elegant purse (and putting it to use) would certainly make me feel like a fine lady from the days when embroidery was considered a skill no fine lady could go without.

  564. I would choose the Chatelaine kit, in pink. I love things that are useful as well as beautiful, and goldwork combined with embroidery is the ultimate in luxury for me.

  565. I would choose the Prancer – i88 Kit. It’s simple and elegant and my daughter would just love it. I think I could take my sweet time and do a beautiful job on it so she could enjoy it in her new home this Christmas.

  566. I would pick the ‘Garden Fresh’ kit. My husband and I are building our own tiny home in the country. I think that picture would inspire us to get the kitchen done and ready to use. Help us get this finished.

    Thank you for considering me.

  567. Chatelaine red! I have been eying this one for so long…would love to find it in my mailbox! Thanks, Mary, for another contest!

  568. I love needle painting and enjoy blending colors to get a oil painting effect. I would like trish Burr kits but the price is steep for me. Birds and nature are my current projects. Inspiration Magazine purchased in a craft shop here in Battle Creek Michigan inspired me to get back into needlepainting as I finally have more time to pursure it. Retired now!! I like duplicating animals and try to sew a realistic effect in color and form with a natural background with different embroidery styles of stitch at least that is my goal to achieve, anyway as I like CHALLENGE!! Still learning different stitches with videos I am a visiual learning I need motion to learn the process. Once I learn I will fly into this beautiful art form!!!

  569. I would be thrilled to work the Chatelaine in pink! I fell in love when I read your review but knew I could never be so indulgent for myself. I’m familiar enough with the techniques to believe that with care (and practice!) I could do this lovely piece justice, but the beauty and quality of the materials would make this a once-in-a-lifetime project!

  570. I would choose the red Chatalaine kit. I fell in love with the project, when you reviewed the kit and would like to try embroidering on the silk ground fabric. Judy

  571. I would love to win the Modern Crewel kit. My favorite form of needlework is counted canvas needlepoint but if I win I will give it to my sister who is an extraordenairy embroiderder.

  572. Tulip is my choice because it is something I do not yet know how to do. I love trying new things and this is beautiful. My grandaughter is getting married and this would be a beautiful gift for her.

  573. I think I would have to choose the Honey Bee kit. I love all of the kits, but the Honey Bee would give me the greatest challenge of finding the materials, primarily because I’m very uncertain of the materials used. Having a kit will make that easy as well as increase my understanding. (But the Modern Crewel, red chatelaine, and hardanger kits were sooo tempting, but I probably have all the materials at hand to create them!)

  574. That would be a very hard decision so I will put it off as long as I can while I pore over the details of each possibility! Thanks for the opportunity.

  575. I’d choose the modern crewel work kit, love the colours and the idea of crewel work with threads rather than wool.
    However all of the kits are very beautiful! What a choice!

  576. I prefer the Winter Song kit. I have wanted to do thread painting for some time now and have one of Trisha Burrs book. Love the softness of the look. Love stitching small, one over one, patterns so think I would enjoy thread painting. Love your magazine and always look forward to the next issue. Thank you.

  577. If I were fortunate to win I would love the honeybee goldwork kit. I have always wanted to try goldwork but had no clue where to start. While I love the threads…choosing them is intimidating to me. A kit with everything provided eliminates that fear.I If I win,I will gladly share my stitching progress on the honeybee kit with you. Mistakes and all…

  578. If I were fortunate to win I would love the honeybee goldwork kit. I have always wanted to try goldwork but had no clue where to start. While I love the threads…choosing them is intimidating to me. A kit with everything provided eliminates that fear.I If I win,I will gladly share my stitching progress on the honeybee kit with you. Mistakes and all…

  579. The kit I would love to sew is the Chatelaine (Pink) – i89 Kit. It not only has lovely colors, and stitches, but is also a very useful, and needed, item. I also like the Modern Crewel by Susan Porter, the colors, the stitches, all beautiful and would fit wonderfully on my guest room wall. thank you.

  580. I love the bee, but I have been doing quite a lot of goldwork recently so I would choose the chatelaine kit – there are so many love kits that it is really hard to decide. Thank you for this giveaway, Mary, and best wishes to you.

  581. Should I be lucky enough to win one of these beautiful Inspirations kits, after much umming and arring I think I would choose the small change purse. Thanks for the opportunity to particpate in the draw for this,

  582. I would have to choose the chatelaine Kit but it will be difficult to choose between the pink and red, I love needle books and most of my scissors have blade protectors but this kit is so pretty.

  583. Oooh, I’ve admired Inspirations kits from afar for a long time, wishing I could have one!! I love the chatelaine and modern crewel kits. I would be more than thrilled to win either of them! Thank you so much, Mary, for giving your readers this opportunity.

  584. Oh my – I agree w/ others and it would be difficult to choose! Flowers of the Sea is so stunning and I love sea life so I would probably choose that! Thank you!

  585. My winning choice is the Small Change
    purse – useful for myself or for a gift, gorgeous colors and most importantly, achievable for my skill set.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  586. Since I already completed the Hardanger Mat and am working on the Modern Crewel, I choose the Jacobean Small Change. I’ve been wanting to try a purse, and this small design will teach me a lot about putting one together. Many thanks for the opportunity to win a kit from my favorite magazine, Inspirations.

  587. The minute I received this Inspirations, I knew I would LOVE to work on the “Flowers of the Sea”. I have a room with an Under the Sea Motif and would really like to put up some of my own work. This piece looks like it entails a lot of different stitches and bead work. Beautiful use of colors. If I’m going to wish for something, I might as well wish for the best.
    Decisions, decisions, I also loved the Goldwork Honey Bee.

  588. Hello

    I Like Inspirations Magazine which i used to get in the past. Since my economic situation change i can’t continue get the magazine on regulary base and of course i can’t get any of the kits.
    The kit i will choose will be Modern Crewel this is in the same colors as my doutgher name Turkize.I like to try Crewel emberoidery too.
    In Israel we don’t have planty of handwork shop.

  589. I would choose the Resting Place because i have always wanted to try Hardanger…i love the look of it, but was afraid of it because of the cutting involved…what if i did it wrong and ruined my work! It would have to be completely done over!At any rate, I am not gtting any younger and if i can do this one thing that i have feared doing, then maybe i can get up the courage to do othr projects, Hardanger, cutwork,other lace or lacey things….

  590. Hi, If I would win, I would “pick” the corn on the cob. My dad died over three years ago and he was well-know for his garden of corn and we called it Bumpa’s corn for the grandkids. I think it would be so much fun to make this and think of my dad while stitching and then always being able to have corn on the cob no matter what time of year!
    Thank you!

  591. I would like to stitch the honey bee because I love gardening and all that goes with it, except for the weeds. The design is simple and timeless. I have never worked in gold work, but would love to try.

  592. I would choose tea for two. I love that it is floral and the tea cups just have that traditional, cozy feeling!

  593. Oh yes, Small Change sings to me….such a lovely gift for my brand new granddaughter….something she will always have to remember me by….and hopefully she won’t spend all the small change inside the purse!

  594. Alison Cole’s gorgeous Honeybee would be my clear choice.
    12 years ago I completed a GCC, Silk and Metal Threads, from Kay Stanis. It was a loooong stitching process, and I learned a lot. However, I haven’t yet carried forward with another step in goldwork. This kit would further my skills and bring me back to a wonderful set of techniques and materials long neglected.
    Thank you Mary, for the chance to create this luscious bee!

  595. I think I would choose the Chatelaine kit. I recently retired and am planning to spend more time sewing so it would be a good fit with my future plans.

  596. I agree way too hard to choose.. I just started to receive this magazine and the workmanship is so incredible. I am a beginner so I am in awe of everyone’s’ work. I would pick A winter song because I felt I almost wanted to reach out and hold this little bird it looks so real. If I do not win down the line I will order this kit and give it a whirl.

  597. I would choose the kit called Simplicity as it reminds me of my grandmother’s tatting and I would be interested in learning this technique. Fingers crossed here.

  598. What a tough choice!! They’re all lovely. My final decision came down to “Winter’s Song,”‘because I want more experience with needlepainting and a Chatelaine kit, as I’ve yearned for a chatelaine. I think it will have to be the Chatelaine in red, as I’ve dropped two pair of embroidery scissors on their points (%*.!~€) and now have a much nicer pair (which I’ve yet to use) that I’m determined to take proper care of.

  599. What a generous giveaway! I love so many of those kits, but if I were the lucky one, I’d choose the goldwork bee – “Honeybee”. B is my last initial, and on the internet, I’m often known as juliebee, so of course, I collect bee patterns and stitched items…

    The kits from Inspirations look wonderful, and thanks to your reviews, we’ve been able to see a couple of them up close and personal, which helps to show what great quality kits they are.

  600. Hi Mary, if I were to win this giveaway, I would pick “Flowers of the Sea” because it looks like I would learn some new stitches and techniques from it and I LOVE tropical fish! I have been setting learning goals for myself in stitching and I think this kit would help me along that wonderful path of stitching exploration. πŸ™‚
    In Christ,
    Gail J. gsquawkjones@msn.com

  601. I love the simple beauty of stark whietwork. The choice I make would be Prancer for its beauty and statement of the simple, peaceful, nature of this beautiful creature.

  602. What a tough choice! My favourite is Flowers of the Sea by Helen Stevens. The little clownfish poking out between the seaweed is so calming and the colours so beautiful. I love Inspirations Magazine and haven’t had a chance to get a kit from them yet. This would go right to the top of the stitching list.

  603. I would choose the modern crewel kit — I love the colors and design. It would look great in my living room!

  604. If I win, I’d select “Flowers of the Sea.” I want to work some more in silk and I just love the colors of the seascape.
    In truth, it’s difficult to decide as they are all beautiful

  605. Ooh-la-la! How fun! If I won I’d just simply have to go with the Red Chatelaine kit. The reason is too simple: it’s beautiful & I’ve tried to order it but it’s been unavailable!

  606. I would pick the Small Change kit – but would never use it for change – instead, it would make a wonderful holder for needle packs and other related tools to keep them together for on the go stitching! They are all beautiful and would love to have any of them.

  607. Thanks Mary, for another incredible giveaway.
    I think that I would have to choose “Resting Place”. I have been longing to try hardanger embroidery and this kit seems like the perfect combination of challenging and possible.

  608. What an exciting give-away, all the kits look fun but I believe my favorite to be Modern Crewel, for a couple reasons one I love the blue shades of colors and I’ve never done crewel work but always wanted to. Thanks so much for the give away. And thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us!

  609. i would choose the small change kit. we love antiques and this is so typical of what the victorian age use to use.

  610. If I were lucky enough to win any of these kits I would be thrilled. But I would choose Small Change as my favourite because of the colours and stitch combinations and because it is both decorative and useful and would be used every day.

  611. These choices are too fabulous….I would be happy with any of them. But..since I must choose one, I would love the Modern Crewel. I have longed to try a crewel project and the colors are perfect for our master bedroom! Now you all know!

  612. IF…& hoping, hoping…I would choose the kit, Small Change. I do adore crewel and would make this as a gift for a dear friend that quilts, makes small purses, etc and gives them away all the time. She needs a gift and this would be wonderful for her. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  613. I don’t normally do kits but Modern Crewel really appeals to me. I love the colors and that beads are used. Stitching with beads really appeals to me.

  614. I’m torn between Tea for Two because it’s so charming, Honey Bee because the goldwork looks beautiful and Prancer because I love the geometric filling, but I think that Prancer wins by a hair.

  615. i WOULD CHOOSE THE Modern Crewel – because i fell head over heels in love with it! thank you for the viewing experience!


  616. I fell in love with the Chatelaine when I first read your review of it. I love chatelaines, husifs, pincushions, needle books, and any embroidery/sewing related accessory. The design on this brings back memories of my family’s yearly visits to Lancaster, PA when I was growing up. I remember seeing many Amish designs similar to this. The kit I like best is the Chatelaine (Pink). Thank you for another fantastic giveaway.

  617. All the kits are beautiful and unique but if I win, I like the “The Flower of the Sea” I don’t have yet something lots of beads and it looks 3D on the frame.

  618. I would pick Les Hirondelles i89kit, the is I love birds. This beautiful swallow is full of color and detail. Thank you for the give-away

  619. Thank you Mary and thank you to Inspirations Magazine for offering this awesome opportunity. I have always wanted to try gold work. So I would love to win “Honey Bee”. I really don’t know where to start so a kit would be wonderful to learn the basics and just maybe start me on a new form of embroidery.

  620. I would choose tbe hardanger kit Resting Place. I have only been stitching for 3 1/2 years doing surface work. This kit would extend my skills.

    Also I have a fabulous piece of hardanger done by my grandmother early last century. My grandmother was Swedish and the piece she did was the apron part of their national costume. I would love to have a chance to emulate her.

  621. Hi Mary! I so love your site…subscriber for years and learned so very much. Wish I could take a class right in front of you. Wonderful prize for sure…I think the Modern Crewel Kit would rock my world and match my skill level for sure. I have a few of these magazines…very very beautiful work in them. Will cross my fingers and toes and wish all good luck as I usually don’t have any lolol…ps…all the kits are lovely tho! ty vvm for a chance too.. and God’s Speed to you.

  622. While the colors of the Modern Crewel kit are very tempting, I would choose the Small Change kit. I would be making something useful (rather than just adding to my collection of pretty needlework in need of framing), as well teaching me how to use a purse frame in constructing a bag.

    Thank you for running this give away! I’ve found your product reviews to be very helpful- and seeing your review of the chatelaine kit over the weekend prompted me to buy it. I ran across the design a while back when I was looking to make a needle book and didn’t feel confident enough to buy it. With your review, the temptation became just too great!

  623. If I won I would pick the Pink Chatelaine kit. I would make it for a very dear friend. She and I met through our love of all beautiful handwork. Specifically at that time it was Knitting. We make gifts for each other every year. The colors are perfect for her house and are her favorites. As soon as I saw it, I thought of her. I love my Inspiration magazines. I bought many of them when my daughter worked in a quilt shop that sold them. Many things I have cleared out of my house, but I could never get rid of my beautiful Inspirations.

  624. Thank you Mary for this wonderful blog. I would really love to win this give-away from Inspiration magazine and you! I am embroidering for little less than a year now and I follow your blog very closely. I carefully watch your videos and practice embroidering. It has been a wonderful and satisfying journey so far and I want to learn more and embroider beautiful designs. If I win this prize, it would bolster my enthusiasm even more and inspire me further.

    I would like to have the Modern Crewel kit if I win, since that would bring me to the next level of doing all the stitches used in crewel embroidery. Needless to say, the design is fabulous and inspiring!

    Thanks again,

  625. OK, so I never win so I’m not going to stress over “which one” right now. I have too many “wants”. LOL.
    I would choose either the Christmas bird (I do alot of birds in my artwork and love them, and my name is because my birthday is in Dec. so I love everything Christmas), the chatelaine kit, just because it is so beautiful (in red), or possibly the bee because I would love to try some gold work.
    Thanks for the opportunity to loose. πŸ˜‰

  626. I would choose the Pink Chatelaine Kit because I like useful sewing notions that are special. Thanks to Inspirations magazine for offering this.

  627. Thanks, Inspirations people and Mary! I would choose the Tulip hedebo bag, because I’ve admired hedebo embroidery for sooo long, but never been game to try it. The kit would leave no excuses…

  628. I would choose “Small Change” because it is so beautiful. But, I might put something more valuable than change in it!

  629. Oh, decisions, decisions… I’d like ‘Tulip’ the Hedebo sachet, should I be lucky. I’ve not delved into Hedebo, and it would be great to start with a kit and instructions to help me on the way.

  630. If I were to win I would choose the golden bee. Just because I have always wanted to try gold work. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win and give it a try.

  631. What gorgeous things, I love them all but if I was lucky enough to be picked I would choose the chatelaine set. The art deco period is so elegant and the pink kit is beautiful. The experience of making such lovely things would be fab and I would treasure them! Thank you for the opportunity..

  632. I would choose the Tea for Two. A friend is having a tough time (her husband is dying) and she loves tea. I would do the embroidery for her.

  633. I absolutely love Mary Corbett’s emails and so look forward to receiving them!!
    If chosen, I would love to have the Prancer kit please. Thank you so much!!

  634. i would pick Small Change because i like anything having to do with the jacobean crewel style and it also has ribbons and beads and looks so cool and modern at the same time. thanks for this give away.

    marysue C

  635. I would choose the tea cups. They remind me of a lady from my childhood who helped me start me embroidery journey. She collected tea cups. I can still see them all over her home. These look so like some of the ones she had.

  636. Oh my! There are all beautiful. I think I would choose Les Hirondelles as I am really interested in thread painting and this would be the bedt excuse to delve into it πŸ™‚

  637. I would love to do flowers of the sea. I’ve been admiring it in the magazine and it looks bright, cheerful, and challenging.

  638. Oh!!! what a conflict. Two Hedebo kits to chose from in the list of kits available. I think I would choose the Tulip because it has more of a learning opportunity for me. Involves a lot of needle lace. On the other hand the Simplicity kit might be more useful. Oh dear….since my chances of winning are low (never won anything before) I probably wont have to make a decision.

  639. Very, very tough choice but I think I would choose the Red Chatelaine because I could never afford to buy that for myself. It is so beautiful and reminds me of days long past when ladies spent their time embroidering pieces of beauty.

  640. I love the Small Change kit and would choose it. The colors are so beautiful and I love the beading on it. I have always wanted to make a change purse like that and would be thrilled to win it!! Fingers crossed.

  641. This is a really tough decision since Inspirations has so many great kits, but I will pick the Modern Crewel kit if I win. I adore the colors and it uses stitches I have never done before. I really hope I win, I have been wanting the kit since I got that issue of Inspirations, but I can’t afford it.

  642. If I win , I would like Flowers of the Sea kit. It has very appealing colors. I love to embroider.

  643. Love the “Small Change” kit. One, the closure reminds me of a purse I played dress up with when I was a was a little girl.
    Two, I love the colors and the embellishments with the beads.
    Thank you for this opportunity to try to win this kit.

  644. Thank you for making this wonderful giveaway possible. My first choice would be the Winter Song kit. I love birds and the design and color choices are beautiful. My second choice would be the Honey Bee kit. I have been intrigued by the gold work you have exposed me to and the Honey Bee kit would be a good way to dip my toes in it.

  645. I think I’d pick Small Change but there are certainly lots of lovelies to chose from!

  646. Thirty plus years ago I cross stitched a chickadee in a nest in winter. I would enjoy embroidering a companion piece for my little fellow with the Inspirations’ kit #i88, Winter’s Song. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  647. I would choose the Honeybee. It is simple and elegant and in sampler motifs, the bee symbolizes hard work and industry. The kit is especially interesting because of the bright gold against the dark background.

  648. Thank you Mary for this stunning giveaway!
    The choice is difficult!
    If I win (fingers crossed!), I’d choose Les Hirondelles (the swallows) because I’m a bird lover and some of these beautiful birds are nesting in my small village, here in France. It’s always a joy to see them coming back each spring!
    Have a nice day
    Warm regards,

  649. Inspiration kits are magical – to have all the necessaries to create a work of beauty – the one I would love to do is ‘Tea for two’. I have recently rebuilt a new home so to be able to hang these 2 teacups upon a wall in my new kitchen would be heaven.

  650. I would like to do “resting place” because I like arranger and my absolute first choice would be the “honey bee” because the gold work is just so beautiful.

  651. That’s a hard choice, there are three I am really interested in. But, choosing one, I believe it would be the goldwork “Honey Bee” kit; for two reasons: 1) I’ve wanted to try goldwork for ages now and 2) my oldest daughters nickname is “Bee” – this would be so fun to learn goldwork and gift it to her when done!!

  652. I would like the Honey Bee because I recently was treated to an Inspirations kit for a present and I found it really difficult to choose between the bee and the Chatelaine kit. I opted for the latter, so it would be wonderful to have the other too – if that isn’t just too greedy!

  653. If I won, I would pick Tulip. I think this is just the right size of a project for someone interested in the Hedebo technique, but who has never done it.

  654. How wonderful to be given such a choice! But I know exactly which one I would choose because after Mary’s lovely review I had already begun saving for the sewing Chatelaine kit set!

  655. I would choose the flowers of the sea. My 6 grandkids would love looking at this. The colors r so vibrant. Thanks

  656. I love your newsletters Mary, but the one I loved the most was the one reviewing the Chatelaine Kit. I have been and Inspirations reader for many years and I have revisited the pattern for the Chatelaine kit so many times, gone to the website and wished that I could afford to buy that Kit. I absolutely adore it and would so love to stitch it. I am so glad that your review was so favourable and I know that I will eventually weaken and somehow get the funds together for the kit. Thanks Mary.

  657. If I were to win, I would choose the Small Change Kit. It’s traditional pattern and modern colors appeal to me. The skills required for the project are within my capacity. Finally, the finished project will be a beautifully functional piece that will be immediately put to use upon completion, giving me years of delight. Thanks for this opportunity!

  658. I would l9ve to try Resting Place. I live in a house built in 1890 and this piece would be perfect for my home. I have tried my hand with Hardanger and can do simple things but this piece would be a challenge. I have seen old Hardanger pieces at a home in a livingroom village that represents life in the 1830’s of North East Ohio. I fell in love with Hardanger there, on the spot !