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A Stitcher’s Christmas Give-Away #1: Thread!


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Good morning and happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Today, we kick off A Stitcher’s Christmas! This is a series of pre-Christmas give-aways here on Needle ‘n Thread for some delectable embroidery stuff, just in time for Christmas!

I’m kicking off the series with some gorgeous over-dyed threads, courtesy of Colour Complements…because, after all, who doesn’t like thread?

Colour Complements Embroidery Thread

Colour Complements is a small hand-dyeing thread business in British Columbia, Canada. Lorraine dyes all kinds of threads in beautiful colors!

Colour Complements Embroidery Thread

While she carries many standard thread types and weights (like perle cottons and cotton floss), Lorraine also dies a lot of specialty thread – like this Kreinik Braid or these Very Velvet Petite threads.

Lorraine dyes groups of shades in color families, called TRIOS, in #5 perle cotton. They’re perfect for working in color themes, especially on crazy quilts, needlepoint canvases, and the like. Fun!

And of course, you can find various weights of threads all available in the same color families so that you can mix thread weights (for example, perle cottons 5, 8, and 12, and stranded cotton) and maintain color consistency. To easily find all the threads weights in any given color, you can browse through her shop here.

If you stumble upon a color scheme you really like – say, this frosty 6-stranded cotton that would work great for a winter scene – just note the color number (in this case, 162) and search her Etsy shop for that number. All the thread weights available in that number will show up in the search results, like this.

Colour Complements Embroidery Thread

Give-Away Guidelines

Today’s give-away is the winner’s choice between either this thread sampler set in burgundy and green, or, if burgundy and green aren’t your thing, six skeins of whatever threads you want from the Colour Complements shop.

To join the give-away, please follow these guidelines:
This give-away is now ended – thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below. You can follow this link to get to the comment box. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. Please leave a recognizable name either in the name line or in the comment box, so that there’s no confusion when the winner is announced. You are not required to fill in the “Website” line on the form. This is for folks who have their own website or blog. Just leave it blank if you don’t have one.

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What are your favorite colors associated with Christmas or the winter holidays?

Are you a pink / pale green person? A dark burgundy and gold person? A blue and silver person? A bright Christmas red and green person? Do you go for contemporary color themes? Muted color themes? Do you like icy blues and whites? Or do you eschew common color schemes and go for something totally unique? Spill your guts about color! I’m curious!

4. Submit your comment by Wednesday, November 30th, 5:00 am central standard time (that’s in Kansas, USA). The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and announced at the beginning of Wednesday’s give-away. I’ll also notify the winner by email, so please make sure you enter your email address correctly on the comment form.

5. The winner will need to respond with mailing information within 48 hours, or another winner will be randomly drawn.

The give-away is open to everyone. You can enter each give-away in A Stitcher’s Christmas when they are published here on Needle ‘n Thread, but you can only enter each give-away once. Please don’t leave multiple comments on any one give-away.

Go forth and comment! And before you know it, you may be reveling in a nice new collection of gloriously colored threads from Colour Complements!

Don’t fret if your comment does not appear on the site immediately. Comments are queued for moderation, to avoid spammers. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to work through the list, but eventually, it will show up!


(1,280) Comments

  1. The very traditional Christmas red and green are my favorites with some sparkly gold or silver added to the mix.

  2. I’m a blue/silver/white person, and have a huge collection of baubles that reflect this colour theme that I’ve collected since I was 18 (so nearly 30 years now.. eeek!) my personal favourite are cobalt blue glass baubles with white and silver so I have quite a lot of those. But I also have ice blue and medium blue baubles to keep the colours a bit more balanced. I use dark blue ribbons to tie the baubles into the tree (a fake as I’m allergic to real trees), a hold over from when I had a cat and wanted to make sure the baubles *stayed* in the tree – it was also handy when the kids were little! I have only lots a few baubles over the years to breakages, mostly due to butterfingers while getting them out of the box or dropping them while getting them out of the tree again.

    Last year I thought I wanted to go more colourful by adding a load of green red and gold baubles into the mix along with a whole load of hand made ornaments but deeply regretted not staying with my usual colours so this year it’s full on blue and white/silver again for the main tree and the tree on the hall table can have all the colourful hand made items with some other things mixed in.

    1. I really like burgandy and silver. Its not exactly Christmas colors in the traditional way but I like burgandy in my life…whether color OR wine!

    2. Christmas colours for me are red and green, I am happy to throw in a bit of gold, silver, white, blue and purple, no pastel shades please. Loud bright showy warm and welcoming thats what I like. A bit like me really I suppose.

  3. I am one of the people who prefers silvers and blues for Christmas and winter. The red/green combination is just too contrasty for me.

  4. Hi Mary! Thank you for the giveaway, these are some seriously yummy threads you’re featuring!

    My kind of Christmas is traditional: dark green, bright red, gold. We had a few decorations every year in that scheme.

    I lin a small studio of my own during the grad school semester though, and since I didn’t have enough money to invest in a full redecoration, I opted to add sparkly silver and shiny white balls, ribbons and stars to my walls, to go with my grey/white and with pops of turquoise, light green, purple and pink decor.

  5. I am a red and green Christmas color person although the red and green I like to use are deeper, more saturated colors than the usual reds and greens, with just a touch of gold for accent.

  6. Hi Mary, You are getting me in the Christmas mood! Thanks! I love everything (and every colour) about Christmas and gravitate towards the traditional red and green. However, I love stitching with sparkling silver (with icy blue) and sparkling gold (with red or even black!!) … generally anything sparkly catches my eye. Thanks from Canada, from the far east!

  7. My favorite colors for Christmas are red and green. I have quite a few OLD Christmas decorations from my mother and my late mother-in-law so those colors go perfectly with these items! And those two colors just warm my heart, bringing memories of Christmases past with my family

  8. My favorite colors for Christmas are reds and whites/creams very simple. l do like to add a little aqua or mint green and some chocolate as everything is better with a little chocolate.

  9. My fave colours for Christmas are Royal Blue, Silver and white with clear lights. I add to the wintery look with clear glass icicles and ornaments. Eventually I want to have a bunch of hardanger ornaments as well.

  10. I love all colors for Christmas. After being raised in a white light, red and gold house, I found great freedom in multicolor lights and hodge-podge ornaments.
    My Christmas inspiration is the old time ribbon candy that my grandmother used to have in a glass jar next to the couch in her living room.

  11. Hi

    The colours depend on what I am making. I tend to lean to traditional green, red, gold and white. I will sometimes use blues and whites.

  12. Favorite colors for Christmas are red and green. I like either bright red or burgundy, and a green that is dark, but not too bright. I save that shade of green for St. Patrick’s Day!

  13. I like a vintage/woodland color scheme, so mostly red and green with brown’s and whites for the woodland background and snow.

  14. When I grew up in 1970s Netherlands, although some colour was beginning to creep into Christmas tree decorations, the majority (at least of the ones I saw) were still either silver or gold. We were a silver household :-). And white lights. It took abit of getting used to when I married into an English family whose Christmas decorations were every colour of the rainbow plus a few extra thrown in, and who thought any string of Christmas lights with less than four colours weren’t worth considering (at least they weren’t of the blinking variety…)
    I’ve adapted and now quite like the colourful tree, but every year there is this secret hankering for a white-and-silver Christmas tree like I used to decorate with my mother.

  15. I love colour complements. Only criticism is that because it ships from Canada, it takes forever to arrive. No instant gratification.

  16. Oh so many possibilities!!! my most favorite is blue and silver!! with red and gold a close second

  17. Red, green and silver tho not very strict about it. Any Christmas decorations given to me as presents come out as well.

  18. Multiple shades of grey with ivory and hints of muted golds. These colours reflect my preference for winter country scenes. They can be displayed throughout the season and beyond.

  19. Although red and green hues are the traditional colors of Christmas, my favorites are silver and gold. Those two colors usually make me begin to sing an old Girl Scouts song I learned growing up. “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

  20. Threads for christmas. Yum! Thanks Mary and Lorraine
    I change my colours every christmas, this year I’m favouring dusky pink and coppery gold, with a hint of light green. Last year was blue and silver and next year? Who knows maybe I’ll go back to burgundy, dark green and gold-I haven’t used that for a while

  21. Thank you for this chance to win….I love all colours. I appreciate your website with all the information you provide. Thank you for this.

  22. I would love to win some threads! They’re beautiful, and the creator of these threads lives one province over. That’s kind of cool. My colour palette changes with seasons, however I’m always drawn to colours with pink and green in them. They’re a bit contemporary and a Bit traditional

  23. I love the old “traditional” Christmas colour best, but with these delicious threads any colour combination can be made to work.

  24. Such lovely threads and from a fellow Canadian too!!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! To answer your question, I’m a traditional victorian red, green and gold kind of girl when it comes to Christmas colours! My Christmas tree and my outdoor lights are in that theme.

  25. I love icy blues and shimmering whites for Christmas but also like more traditional colors. Would love to win!!!

  26. I am traditional when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I love red and green from bright to muted. A dash of gold or silver is good for making my decorations sing.

  27. I have to say I really like all of the Christmas color schemes. I usually go for the red/green look but also must have one tree with blue/gold lights. I wish we could just have the look all year as it is so festive!

  28. I love the frosty, silvery,pale sometimes pinky winter colours, I’m a British import living in Florida and miss those frosty mornings

  29. I love the muted greens and browns of winter’s foliage heavy with fresh
    snow. Add to that the brilliant blue sky of a cloud free day and it’s perfect.

  30. My favorite colour scheme during the holidays is a base of Spruce green, then all the bright colors of traditional Christmas tree bulbs. Candy Apple Red, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue and Glittering Gold, Shimmering Silver of tinsel. These remind me of lying on the floor at night, staring up into the Christmas tree when I was a child. Ooh the beauty of it all! Thankful for this contest and all the beauty your website brings daily.
    Averill V. Trotter

  31. My favorite Christmas/ winter color combos are icy blue/silver/white, and red/white!
    Thank you for the info on Colour Complements. One can never have too many places to buy beautiful thread!

  32. I must admit I’m a bit of a traditionalist. My favorite colors for Christmas are red and green. The other combinations are usually pretty, too, but the red and green are what make me think of Christmas.

  33. I ;ove traditional christmas red and holly green. It just speaks festivity and all things christmassy!

  34. Red and green. Red, the color of Christmas found in poinsettias and ribbons and green for the pine trees and the color of life. They compliment each other and bring forth the joy of Christmas.

  35. I am very much into the blue and silver colors. At my old job we did our Christmas tree in those colors and it is just astonishing

  36. HI Mary,
    More giveaway goodies….mmmmmmmmm!
    I have to say that for Christmas I am a traditionalist. That means red, green gold and silver, and lots of sparkle with glass ornaments that have that special Christmas shine.

  37. What a great giveaway! I love Lorraine’s threads and use them often in my projects. My colours for Christmas? I love a pink/burgundy/green combination, so the threads shown would be perfect. Although our tree is traditional, and decorated with many handmade ornaments ( I still have some the kids made in grade school!) we have burgundy furniture, so the pink/burgundy/green colour theme seemed to work best. Thanks for the chance to win some thread goodies.

  38. Thanks for the opportunity to win the thread. I always think of red and green as Christmas colors. I guess you could say I am very traditional. I am always amazed how thread gives me a thrill. Needless to say any color is very good.

  39. My favorite colors for the winter holidays are the traditional Christmas Red and Green colors, with a hint of White and Silver. They bring back Christmas’s from long ago when we were all still at home.

  40. My Christmas color scheme has always been golds, bronze and silver. These colors complement my everyday home color scheme. These threads are beautiful and I’d love to win a selection.

  41. I love burgundy and a deep forest green. It makes me think of a colonial Christmas, or even Victorian. (But since Williamsburg Va is my second home, I ‘ll go with colonial/early American!)
    Karen W.

  42. I am a traditionalist so my favourite Xmas colors
    are a rich deep red and a rich deep green
    not the crayon colors πŸ™‚
    Carole Kennedy

  43. Favorite Christmas colors…hmmm…well, I would have to say burgundy, hunter green and a touch of gold. I’m rather traditional, I think.

  44. Hi, I love receiving your emails! Makes my day really bright and feeling really creative. I love muted colors, even for the holidays. Kind of a solstice feel, yet I’m always excited by jewel tones, but when it comes right down to it, I stick to muted. Thank you for your giveaways!

  45. I love love all colour .I am drawn to the more unusual colour combinations though and will always gravitate towards those combining lime green in strange ways. Lime green and purple, lime green and rust what ever and of course throw in a bit of sparkle.

    Sue Thomas

  46. I choose the citrus colors of orange, lemon yellow and lime green with turquoise blue. And, a touch of red.
    I live in Florida and see these colors in fruits and flowers and the Gulf of Mexico.
    Thank you and may all of you have a great holiday.

  47. My decorations are mainly along the traditional lines with red, gold and green. However, I also like pale blues, deep blues, teals, purple, lilac and silver as well, although I wouldn’t eschew my traditional decorations for that scheme as I think it would make me feel too cold (and all the decorations accumulated over the last twenty-something years wouldn’t get used, so that’s not going to happen!)
    Best wishes

  48. My favorite Christmas color this year is orange — as in the fruit. My grandfather used to get an orange and a nickel in his stocking each Christmas, so I think of that story, and I think of mulled wine and cranberry orange bread … and I’ve thoroughly convinced myself that oranges are a perfectly naturally symbol for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  49. Oh ! I’m decidedly bright red and green. These colours remain me old Christmas with the natural tree and gifts under it and all that stuff. I love it.


  50. Mary: On this day after Thanksgiving, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the needlework community. In my opinion (one which I’m sure is shared by many others) you are rated with other treasures like Inspirations magazine and the A-Z Books. Thank you for all you have contributed to the needle workers community.
    Now, to answer the question- my favorite Christmas color combination? I think that my overall favorite is the classic red green and gold. I find my eye drawn to that combination more reliably. Having said that, however, I have to admit I like all the classic combinations: blue /white/ silver, cream and gold..and on and on …is it any doubt my tree is a cacophony of color?

  51. Geeze, are you really going to make me pick just a few colors? I’m a little skitzo when it comes to color schemes as every time I do a piece that’s “outside” my color wheel, I love it. I keep telling everyone that I prefer primitive variegated colors but I just did a piece with solid brights that looks SOO festive. My husband even said “Wow”. So I’d be grateful for anything if I’m lucky enough to win. Best to you in this holiday season, I really enjoy getting your daily emails and so informative.

  52. Christmas colours for us are the Summer colours. I associate winter with that absolutely georgeous minty blue green that you can see in a snowman or the ice fields in Antartica.

  53. I am a traditional red and green gal. I always love to add sparkle with any beautiful new fiber I may find.

  54. Thank you! Thank you! for introducing me to a Canadian site! Living in a small Northern Ontario Canada community where we have very limited resources leaves me yearning for access to beautiful threads that I see. I would love to win this burgundy and green sampler pack! Thank you for the opportunity of winning this. My favorite Colors for Christmas are the muted burgundy, green and goldy browns. I love getting your emails and read and visit all the sites that you provide. Your stitching videos are my go to when I am having difficulty with a stitch.

  55. My favourite colours are Christmas red and Christmas green. Red for Santa’s suit and Rudoloph’s red nose to complement my Santa collection. Bright green for Holly to add contrast around the room. Some touches of gold and silver to add sparkle.

  56. Just love your site and happy to comment on the Christmas colours. My favourites are burgundy and pink most of the time, but at Christmastime, burgundy and gold are really beautiful. I’m not crazy about the traditional colours because they’re just not mine. Wishing you a great Christmas and hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful.

  57. Hello Mary. In response I can truly say that I have had Christmases of every color. I started out many years ago with traditional reds and greens, gone through a blue and white stage. Next a lavender and silver stage during my Victorian years when I was crazy quilting. Now-a-days I am still crazy quilting and sewing but have decided a dark cranberry, a dark green, white and silver is my favorite color scheme for Christmas because they are such rich and royal colors. I truly enjoy each of your pages.

    Wishing you a Happy holiday season.

  58. Hi Mary, What a great giveaway! Hmmm, What are my favorite Christmas colors? I love full on red any time of the year, But as I was going through my box of Christmas quilting fabrics this year, I ran into some of my more ‘Victorian’ type colors of burgandy and pink with a lighter green than usual for Christmas as well as a bit of metallic thrown in. A very beautiful fabric and I think I may have some coordinating fabrics as well. I think my theme is, using anything in the red family from the deep burgandies to light pink, with greens to match. Although blue and silve, and some of the other color combos you mentioned are pretty, they just don’t say ‘Christmas’ to me.

  59. These color combinations are all so beautiful ….how can one choose! I can always
    use leafy greens or a mix of blue and brown. These fibers are a crazy quilters dream.
    Pat from Lebanon

  60. I live in Florida and we do not have snow or much of a winter. While traditional Christmas colors (red/green) is nice, my favorite Christmas combination is icy blue and silver, so cool. Mary, enjoy your site it is one of my daily delights. If I win the traditional combination threads would expect perfect. I love these threads.
    Thank you. Blessed holidays to you and your readers, MarjorieV

  61. My favorite colors for Christmas, hmmmm, I suppose it depends on the project I am working on. But when I think of Christmas, red and green come to mind first. Icy blue and white are scrumptious also, those colors are so “winter”. Burgundy and pink remind me of my favorite colors to wear in the ’60s. So yes, to answer your question, red & green are Christmas to me!

  62. I would love to try this thread. The colors are really pretty. I combine embroidery with my quilting projects. They turn out so pretty. Thanks, judy cox

  63. I love the colours in this green and burgundy set! Lorraine has a great colour sense. For Christmas I love blue, red and silver. Very festive! Thanks for the chance to win these lovely threads.

  64. Blue with silver and red accents, are my choice. Snowmen everywhere as they can be used all winter. I love the happy snowmen smiling at me during the cold months.

  65. Color Complements is wonderful! They hit my favorite colors on the spot with the Burgundy and Green colorways. Pink and green have long been my go-to colors and would make a softened Christmas pallette.

  66. I’ve always been partial to blue and white color schemes fo Christmas. Reminds me of cold winters in Minnesota where I grew up.

  67. Our house is decorated in deep and bright reds, gold, & greens. The reds, greens and evergreens immediately make the house “Christmas-y” and the golds provide an elegant sparkle. We also have scented wax warmers working with spicy cinnamon smells which adds to the festive feeling. Love it!

  68. Blue and silver is what I love.
    I am a beginner at embroidery , so I am excited by all the colors.
    I love your web site.

  69. I love the deep rich colors of Christmas, much like the Scandinavian colors of red, green, gold with black accents. The burgandy selection you have shown is beautiful and it would be great fun to try those colors.
    Merry Christmas
    Lois Wilmsen

  70. I just got back into embroidery after years of beading, and these hand-dyed threads are making me drool. The colors have a lot of depth, as factory dyed do not, and the colors are rich yet subtle. Triple yum!

  71. I love seeing all the different color combinations at Christmas time. Some are so ingenious! I love to see and learn from all of them. I have to say however, my favorite combination is burgundy and gold. I myself start with burgundy and gold ornaments and fill in with the ornaments I have had for years, many are antiques now, and the new ones from our Grandchildren. Ours is a mix of old and new, burgundy and gold and it works for us. Happy Holidays!

  72. Oh Mary! My favorite winter colors change! This year I am really obsessing on greens, browns and reds of all shades. I have become super obsessed with embroidering pine needle wreaths of all shapes and sizes to give as gifts for the Holidays. Other times I’ll find or make a pattern and want it in blues and whites….I guess maybe I don’t have a real favorite…just whatever strikes me as best for the pattern I’m using. Its a conundrum!!!!!

  73. While I do use blue and silver in my dining room because it complements the colors in there, I generally stick to the basic red and green. Having said that, the burgundy and green color sampler is gorgeous and has started me thinking of ways to decorate with those colors. It may be time for a change!

  74. I love crazy color combinations, but for Christmas I am a traditionalist, burgundy and gold are my favorites with a brighter red and gold a close second. I use cotton to crochet amulet bags in addition to embroidering and this green and burgundy are not colors I would normally put together so of course I love them. Even i8f I don’t win I may have to do something with these colors.

  75. Hi! I’m excited about your stitchers giveaway ~ I have never entered anything like this!! My favorite time of year is Christmas and I am a traditional girl … sooo my color scheme is the beautiful REDS and GREENS that go along with the season!

  76. Color? I love it! I must have thousands of skeins of floss in every color imaginable. So many that my mind races as I try to choose colors for a project. Often it’s difficult to make a decision but even that is fun for me. Recently my curiosity has turned to varigated floss and the interest it brings to various elements of my stitchery. I’m also newly interested in combining different types of thread into a project. I often feel I could never have enough lifetimes to try every color in my stash. And then, the stash just keeps growing with more shades of every color. What a wonderful conundrum life can be. Color me happy! For Christmas stitching I’ve recently switched from traditional red and green to a more Victorian burgundy and green. I can’t say exactly why, but those colors just create a sense of total satisfaction in me.

  77. Oh gosh, where to begin.. I think blues and white make me think of winter, for instance follow me if u will… Your standing in front of a forest with undistubed crisp, freshly fallen, white snow in the trees and on the ground on a full moon nite. The full moon gives a blue hue to everything . Blackish-blue starlit sky, hmm u can smell the freshest air ever. Yeah, I’d say blues and whites.

  78. I love the look of opalescent/crystal/frost (think of the Nutcracker ballet and the Sugarplum fairy scene), plus also red/gold, or sometimes white/blue. It just depends. I think if I had my way, I would have a Christmas tree in every room!

  79. I am a red and green Christmas girl. I like them on the dark side.

    These are lovely threads. I am truly thankful for your blog and your great contributions to the world of. Needle N Thread

  80. My reason is simple — I’m seriously addicted to any thread, no matter what the color. With some of these, I’d just go crazy — in a pleasant way, of course!

  81. Well oddly enough you have made me realize by thinking about your question that I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colour. I associate red, white, silver, gold and green with the season. I have though, been known to throw in a little hot pink.

  82. Threads I love them, different colors, different weights. For Christmas I use red, white and gold in the family room and dining area. Then I use burgundy, gold and silver in the bedrooms. I have a lot of handmade ornaments, some crocheted, some cross stitch and some quilted. I have a cathedral window wall hanging in shades of burgundy, gold and green all in silks.
    May your holiday be merry and your health great fit the new year.

  83. Love all that color! I am a traditionalist, love the reds and greens – the deep ones. I have found recently I am appreciating the very white of my mother’s hardanger which seems to brighten the red and green of Christmas.
    Mary Kay from Montana

  84. I decorate the tree with wintery colors like silver, blue, and white…but the rest of the house is decorated with warm colors like dark burgundy, dark green, and lots of gold.

  85. My current favorite Holiday colors are probably red, green and either silver or gold. And then use some cream with it.
    Sarah Lily

  86. I’m a traditionalist. I like the burgundy/gold/hunter green color schemes along with the typical red/green mixture. While I enjoy the more contemporary schemes when I’m out and about, I don’t want to decorate with them.

  87. My favorite holiday colors are deep red and green, especially when lit up on a Christmas tree or other Christmas lights. They remind me of Christmases during childhood when my mother would decorate the whole house using these festive colors.

  88. I tend to prefer deep vibrant colours from deep greens of evergreen trees to that amazing red of a poinsettia.

    Even when I’m playing with more wintery colours from white to blue, I still like to have a really vibrant colour somewhere.

  89. I love the combination of dark forest green with a rich burgundy and silver or gold metallic. With maybe a touch of purple.

  90. I prefer a bright, happy color scheme for Christmas projects. Reds, greens, silver, and gold are my color choices to make my projects cheerful.

  91. I really like a few different themes for the holidays. I enjoy the traditional red and green colorway for the holidays, including all the different, bright, multi-colored lights on the trees and houses because it reminds me of far gone days of wonderful childhood memories. I love the blue/silver theme because, well, blue is my favorite color and it reminds me of winter – yes, I’m one of those that likes snow and winter πŸ™‚ Lastly, I have to do some decorating in my hometown teams’ colors of Black and Gold (which is more of a bright goldy yellow – Go Pittsburgh!!). It all goes along with the fact that I just love color! – except pink – I HATE pink. :p. Sorry……

  92. I generally like bright colours so burgundy and gold or blue and silver would be favourites for winter. The fashion world seem to think we want greys, browns and black but I say we want cheering up so would wear red.

  93. Hi Mary,
    I like to celebrate the seasons more so than the holidays that fall within them.
    As far as winter, icy blues, winter white, some metalics in the silvery shades.

  94. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red and green with a lot of gold thrown in to give it some glitter and glitz. I have used some of the Colour Compliments thread before and have found it to be of good quality. She does beautiful colors!

  95. I love ❀️ All shades of red and gold, blue and silver and different shades of green.

  96. I love the contemporary color combos. Never did/do like crayon green.Red and aquas. Red and lime greens. Blue and white. I Like something that is winter vs. Christmas. Plus I love these gorgeous threads. Please pick me!

  97. My favorite Christmas colors are what I call “old fashioned”. There are reds and greens, but with a touch of black that mutes them and makes them appear more natural. In combinatiin with the muted reds and greens I love the colors of the outdoors. Evergreens, pinecones, mosses, dried grasses. To all of this, add a cozy fireglow, and those are my favorite Christmastime colors.

    Carla in Pennsylvania

  98. The colors I most associate with Xmas are bight, vibrant red & green. I also like when a few other colors like purple, pink &a blue get tossed in..

  99. Burgundy, green, and gold are my most favorite colors for Christmas. They are cheery and calming. They are reminders of intimate and blessed times with family. These colors are tranquil and elegant for such a special time of year.

    This is the second comment I made. My finger hit something and my comment
    Disappeared. Don’t know it went out!!!

  100. G’day there Mary,
    I’m not a purple person but for some obscure reason I love purple and silver for Christmas. Maybe it’s a royal time I’m wanting but it looks stunning and suits my sense of the atypical at a typical time of the year.
    Cheers, Kath

  101. Love color complements. At first I thought I was a red and green girl. But the more I thought about it I am really a icey blue and white girl. Being from the midwest, Christmas is about about snow and ice. Only colors I am not fond of for Christmas are the more modern pink and lime green although I actually have quite a bit of that in my decorating. So I guess I am inconsistent.

  102. I’m a true red and true green Christmas person. I like the red to range from hot, tomato red to cool, cherry red. Green can range from not too dark or blue green to lots of yellow, please.

  103. The burgundy/green thread sample pictured in today’s blog evokes Christmas nostalgia and just begs to be stitched. Then again a brilliant blue and silver would be so lovely. Thank you, Mary, for your phenomenal blog. Wishing you health and happiness.

  104. Christmas colors to me are purples greens and burgundy I love your site for links to buy thread from many different places and have learned so much on embroidery thank you Elizabeth Wynn from Hot Springs Arkansas

  105. I am a very traditional person and I like the bright Christmas Red and the Bright Christmas Green. I love all things about Christmas.

  106. Christmas colors for me are first, silver and blue. Then I like the traditional reds, golds, and greens. I’m just getting heavily into crazy quilting and collecting threads for the hand embroidery part. It is fun but a challenge working with the velvets and silks. My first project was a small Christmas stocking and a great learning piece. Different thread textures and thicknesses really make a difference. Perle cotton has been fun to work with and in variegated colors would be a lot of fun.

  107. For me, green red and gold are the colors of Christmas. They are warm and cozy colors. I also like silver/blue, but that’s a combination that strikes me as very cold, so my decoration will always be red and gold on green fir…

  108. I remember growing up, we always had blue lights on the Christmas tree. That is what I think of when I think of Christmas colors – blue lights on a green tree

  109. Oh my! That is a difficult question as I enjoy so many color palettes. This year, I seem to be using more muted tones of the reds, greens, blues with bright golds! I have used Lorraines threads and they are wonderful!

  110. Traditional Red and Green are my favourite Christmas colours – they don’t have to be bright though, but they represent the fir tree my Dad would cut for us to decorate ,Santa’s suit, holly decorations on our cakes and puddings, poinsettia and Christmas bell flowers. Of course in Australia there is always room for a little blue and yellow as well to represent the sun, sand and sea of our Summer Christmas holidays as well.
    As far as decorating the tree though – I don’t like specific colour schemes. We always had a mixture of multi-coloured decorations, some handmade and others brought when I was young. I continued this tradition when my children were born and each year they received a new tree ornament, which was significant to their interests at that time. So multi-colours still rule, with a touch of sparkle, and each year the tree decorating brings back memories. When my teens eventually leave home, they will be given their “colourful box of tree ornaments” – but I will have them packaged in Red & Green!!

  111. My favorite Christmas colour depends upon my mood. Some years it’s all red and green and other years it’s all silver and whites with some icy blues. Since I haven’t started decorating, it’s hard to say for this year. We’ve had a lot of sickness this fall so it may be silver and whites.

    Vickie (vjvl51)

  112. I love color! Usually jewel tones, but shades of green, blue and purple are my favorites. My absolute favorite color combo is green and purple, so your article about using it together totally made my day!

  113. I am very traditional and love the basic “fire engine” red and “kelly” green, however lately I have enjoyed adding a pop of that bright lime green to make everything fresh and new!

  114. My preference for Christmas decorating is turquois/blue/silver combination. I have a lovely collection of these colours for my tree, fireplace mantel and table center pieces. Christmas is always an exciting busy time here.

  115. Wow! I am a traditional “red, ” “green” – and ” gold” girl. Those threads like amazing!

    PS. I was in South Africa this spring and bought home several Isiphethu embroideries . It is such a worth while cause and the Mapula Embroidery Group South Africa embroideries are so colourful and unique. It would be wonderful to see a mention or article on them in your blog.

  116. I’m definitely a blue and silver sort of girl….which is why I love the Frosty on Lorraine’s site. I have some of her threads and they are really nice.

  117. My favorite Christmas color is pale blues with sparkly whites thrown in and some beads.

    Jean Manna

  118. I think I have to go with blue and silver; I love trees with silver ornaments and blue lights. Thanks for the give-aways!

  119. I love Christmas, with its music, decorations, the Nativity and children!
    I have two favorite Christmas color themes, Blued and silver and red and silver. These colors bring out that Christmas vibe and I have Christmas fabrics waiting to be used!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

  120. Wow, what beautiful colors, Yes Please. You have the most amazing blog. Always full of information and inspiration.

  121. Icy blue and silver or white depicts beautiful icebergs and snowy landscapes. A sight not to behold.

  122. I just purchased some threads from her. They are so rich in color.
    I know the green and burgundy threads will also be as rich in color.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these threads.

  123. Christmas would. Ot be Christmas without the true red and lovely deep green I associate with the season. From decor to personal clothing to special dished we use the red and green no matter
    Where we are- but my favourite place is at My parents home where the great room is lined with cherry wood and all the fabric is Christmas plaid πŸ™‚

  124. My favorite color schemes for Christmas have changed over the years. When our children were small, I tended to decorate in bright colors. Of late, I have been continually drawn to more rustic colors for our decorating and love a woodland theme and all the colors associated with it.

  125. My home has been decorated with silver, white and crystal for years. Your introduction to the burgundy, green and pink is a stunning push to get me to change my color scheme! I love using color in my art. There have been Victorian colors of sage and pink for table settings at Christmas. Now with the introduction of a new set of colors, and time, my home will have a whole new look next Christmas. Thank you so much!!!

  126. OMG. I absolutely LUV color complements site I could sit and look for hours! She has the most beautiful threads! I’d be tickled to death to win anything from her!

    My most favorite color of Christmas is red of course there are so many beautiful shades of it and silver

  127. What a terrific giveaway! One can never have enough thread. And it doesn’t take up too much space. My favorite holiday colors are burgundy and gold, but I mix things up and don’t care if it all doesn’t match.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.
    Judy C from Wisconsin

  128. My favourite winter colours are white and blue, with some sparkle. Nice to know a thread dyer in Canada!

  129. What lovely floss! thank you for the giveaway and for the great blog – I enjoy reading it and learn alot!

  130. Ever since I was child, I have always thought of Red and Green as Christmas colors but as I got older, I realized Blue and Silver are especially festive too.

  131. Hi Mary,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!
    Iam definitely a red and green person first. Blue and white comes next.But I like to attempt it all – all colors for me,me for all!!

  132. Christmas Colors – This is a sort of confusing topic for me … if left to my own devices, I am a very blue and silver with hints of gold person. But, I am rarely left to my own devices. My husband much prefers the traditional red and green. My kids were all about the multiple red, green, gold with occasional hints of blue. My grandkids are pretty much the same – red, green, gold, blue. I recently begun experimenting with what have been touted as Victorian colors … a not quite teal blue with a not quite burgundy (very light, tending toward pink).

  133. I’m a traditionalist. True red and green fit my Christmas spirit but adding a bit of gold or silver makes it even better.


  134. I Love the Red and green in the traditional . The Bright Red and the Bright Green. I love everything about Christmas

  135. As I get older I appreciate tradition even more so red and green with maybe a touch of sparkle has to be my favorite

  136. Good morning! First, let me say …you are always so generous! These giveaways and all your time and energy teaching, training, and sharing with us all the information about the wonderful art of embroidery and thread!

    OK, answer to the question of color for Christmas….I love color ;D But, I guess I am a traditionalist with the red and green but my eyes revel in the pink and blue and green that are pastels. Kind of hard to choose!

    Christmas blessings,
    Margeaux Holland

  137. I love the pale Christmas colors…the pale pinks, greens, blues and yellows…these threads are sooo pretty!

  138. Hi Mary πŸ™‚

    Not sure I go for colour schemes per say, but more with themes for my Christmas decorating. I mean I have a carousel theme which includes jewel tones and gold. This year I have a bird/wildlife theme and the colours are a cardinal red with rustic colours and burlap. I even have a cardinal tree topper, lol. But I definitely like stronger colour themes. Not a fan of pastels or real muted colours, and definitely don’t like blue and silver. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  139. Color, color, color. Do I love color! Burgundy, green and gold sing to me. Use these colors next to gold for a magnificent Christmas background.

  140. I like silver and blue. Starting monthly crazy quilt and think blue and silver woul be great for January block. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  141. I live in the wintry north where white, grays and browns are the common colors you see outside. So for Christmas I tend to go for bright color. Chartreuse and reds are the colors that brighten up my winter day.

  142. I like the traditional red/green theme of the holidays, but if I’m choosing the colors, add a pink and light green accent to whatever I’m doing. It adds depth.

  143. Golds, evergreens, pine cone browns and burgundy reds And alpine whites, greys and blues with silver.
    Thanks for the chance

  144. Snow colors are my favorites. If you haven’t had a chance to observe fields of snow at dawn or twilight, think of the colors of a sunset over a lake then gently softened by snow. The results are pale, soft grays, pinks, peaches, blues, lavenders and yellows. Some times it is so subtle you have to will yourself to stay put for a chance to absorb the scene. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t leave Minnesota for warmer places during our long but quietly spectacular winters.

  145. My favorite color for Christmas is snow white (since I love snow) and any color you can add.
    Absolutely love all the tutorials you give us they have helped me with my stitches.

  146. My favorite Christmas colors are the colors most associated with the Victorian or Regency Eras. Dusty rose, blueish reds like wine or burgundy, greens along the line of forest or thicket, dusty pastels and of course, Old Gold and silver.

    I love the selection of threads you chose.

  147. Good morning Mary.
    My biggest problem with choosing a favourite colour group is deciding on just one group. I love the subtlety of soft pinks, greens and blues, what I call ice cream colours of the summer. At Christmas time I’m usually working with deep blue and white as this reminds me of a midnight sky and deep snow. However my favourite, if a choice must be made, would be the rich burgandies and golds that put me in mind of not only fall but of history, monarchs, castles and grand cathedrals.
    I, too, am a thread junkie especially as it relates to colour. I have the same passion in painting and to this day I have trouble passing beautiful materials in a rainbow of shades, even though I haven’t sewn a stitch in years!

  148. I usually like darker blues and white because that extends into winter colors. But I am also open to new combinations of colors.

  149. I have always been a traditional Christmas color person, but of late I find I’m drawn to some of the more modern colors too. The threads you are showing today are beautiful.

  150. I am passionate about color! My friends comments about how I dress usually refer to the color not the style. However,in stitching my favorite color is variegated! Christmas we use the turquoise,silver,black and hot pink color scheme or the chartreuse green and true red color scheme. I think when you have happy colors around you in your environment they lift your soul. This is Ro Ro hoping you have a colorful day.

  151. My favorite colors for our winter holidays have always been white, silver and blues. As far back as I can remember in grade school, I always made my Christmas cards for mom and dad in blue foil and silver. Looking at these threads from Color Complements has really inspired me to get back to stitching on my crazy quilt table runner

  152. Beautiful threads! My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red/green with accents of silver.
    Beth Marine

  153. I’ve become fond of the aqua/lime green/pink combo lately. I also like the blue/silver traditional scheme.

    Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  154. What a treat! Amidst all the Black Friday ads…a moment to talk about my favorite topic….Colors! Hmm…and Christmas colors no less! Awesome!! Well, I LOVE Red All the time…so naturally when holidays come along that embrace “red”, I’m always in my comfort zone!
    I just started quilting, and a first for me, made a tall tree wall hanging using all Laurel Burch xmas fabrics…Lots and lots of colors! Very fun, not traditional at all, but an amazing opportunity for lovely embroidery embellishments! I’m thinking gold brocade on the tree skirt to start, then who knows! I enjoy a project that lets me run amuck! Colors Everywhere! Some are matchy matchy, and some are eclectic and unique…lots of room to play for sure! Happy Creative Holidays!

  155. My favorite Christmas colors are deep burgundys, frosty whites, glittery golds and a bit of evergreen!

  156. My first Christmas Color thoughts are always for my grandmother’s bubble-light tree, pops of color against white and silver. It mesmerized me for entire visits to her house between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still like the mix of colors at Christmas, though I tend to wrap gifts in blue, white, and silver.

    The choices for colorways in the Color Complements shop is hard to limit to one– the moody colors of Sampler threads 5, 8, and 19 are draws, though. And then there are the silk perles and the lively perle 3 cottons for texture . . . How to choose a favorite from all those possibilities?

  157. My favorite thread color is dark green. I like it because any other color goes with it. For our wedding 54 years ago, I chose dark green and light blue. And in stitchery, nature loves greens as much as I do. Looking out the window this time of year, greens abound with tans and browns.

  158. The colors that are shown are some of my favorites! I’m currently working on Christmas ornaments for my 2 grandchildren and these would work beautifully. Thank you for all you do and getting this Grandma interested in embroidery

  159. I love traditions therefore I love a bright Christmas with lots of red and green!! But no matter the color I love Christmas!!!!

  160. My favorite winter holiday colors are white, silver and blues. As far back as I can remember, I always made my Christmas cards for mom and dad with blue foil and silver. Looking at these beautiful threads from Colourcomplements, has inspired me to get back to stitching my crazy quilt table runner. These burgandies and greens would compliment my pink table runner.

  161. I love pure bright clear reds with slightly blued greens. Some gold and silver sparkle could join the party…

  162. I love pink, pale green, Burgundy and gold together. The glitter of silver and gold warms me at Christmas but also all year round. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

  163. Oh, so many Christmas choices! I definitely go for icy blues, with silver or white. And, I totally love that blue and pale green floss that you pointed out! Of course I Also love rich, saturated colors, too! How to choose only one?

  164. Hi …I love your blog and website
    Christmas…very true evergreen with cherry reds…
    Winter blue silver and white

  165. What a wonderful array of colours. Perfect for Christmas also to just hold them and enjoy the coloureds and see what you would use them for!

  166. My favorite Christmas colors are burgundy and green with a touch of gold here and there. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win,

  167. Yo, I’m a burgundy/gold person from way back. Seriously, at one point in time, all of my clothes and accessories were these colors. (If they weren’t angry-teenager black, of course.)

    Then, I realized that my favorite color had changed to blue and that I had no blue clothes or accessories. Now… I do. And I’m starting to shift towards a love of green. Natural greens. Trees and grass and such. But that may be a winter phase.

    Oh! Fun fact! (I think… my facts are more like half-remembered “facts”…) There is a theory that in antiquity, there was no color blue. It isn’t mentioned once in The Odessey (okay, I’ve spelled that five different ways now, spell-check is no help, so that’s the spelling I’m going with) and that pretty much takes place entirely on the sea. So. Oh, and they found a group of people who can’t see blue, but! can see far more shades of green than most people. It’s all about perception.

  168. First, I love Colour Compliments threads! I used them in a project not that long ago. I am a traditional red and green person. My Christmas tree is full of an odd assortment of colors, but when I think of Christmas, I think red and green…

  169. I love the Christmas Holiday, looking around my house I have two color waves going. The traditional Christmas Red and Green with a touch of gold on the tree and surrounding areas. For example bath and hand towels in the bath room as well as the kitchen. However, for my dinning room table I love it to be sparkly and cool looking so it’s mostly icy blue and white. White tablecloth with a thin line of silver woven into it with sparkly pale ice blue placements with diamond looking napkin rings. Once the candles are lit it sparkles like crazy. Best time of the year.

  170. I tend to change but I do like green and silver with dark purple or a deep red. I look back and see ornaments I have made in the past and the colours are very different from year to year. Threads have also changed We have so much more choices…

  171. I have always been a traditional red, green, gold person, but now I find myself leaning toward Aqua, silver, white.

  172. I am a purple and Gold fiend, and finally purple has become part of the.”in” colours so its so much easier to buy my purpleornies and lights and everything else I can add to my tree.

  173. I love thread. I lovemaking samplers of stitches but not the kind of old fashion ones. Mine are very free-form. Hope I win.
    Ricky Chestnut

  174. I’m in the Southern hemisphere, so Christmas is a braai (bbq) or cold food for us! My fave colours, though, are burgundy and silver and blue – more of the last two because mid-30Β° C is hooooot and everyone’s melting πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your hard work!
    StelliesTessa in Jozi

  175. While I do love blue and silver, I think my favorite colors for Christmas are the old red and green standby. I guess I’m traditional that way.

  176. Hello Mary,
    For Christmas I am rather dark burgundy and gold. I find it deep and rich as an association for celebrate Christmas. I reserve my attraction for pink and pale green for spring that demands more lightness.
    I submit my idea to “Mr. Google” which is a pleasure to translate !!!
    Friendships of France,

  177. A nostalgic feeling permeates my senses when I see beautiful cardinal red combine within a deep forest green Christmas fabric, threads, decorations of any kind. Mary, I hope your Christmas will be a wonderful and healthy one.

  178. My favorite colours are silver and white, for snow, red and black, reminds me of Santa. I love candlewick embroidery for Christmas decorations.

  179. I love pale blue and white! I throw in some mint green or silver too to mix it up, but pale blue and white make me shiver just seeing them πŸ™‚

  180. Wow Mary, what an absolute riot of colour in the Colour Compliments shop. I do love traditional red, green and gold on my tree, I think it is warming and reminds me of my childhood (a long time ago now). However, just lately I’ve been looking for threads for the dragon pattern from Rose works that I’ve purchased, thanks to your newsletter, and love the jade’s and golds. There are so many wonderful colours now it is hard to choose.
    Alex, Taunton UK

  181. Oh, boy! Colors! These showcased today are scrumptious! I’ve always been a red and green Christmas person, but lately as Christmas has become so commercialized, I find myself leaning more toward blue and silver or gold, which I feel represent our Lord and better reflect the true meaning of Christmas. I’m also kind of surprised to find that, in general, my color preferences have moved to the more vibrant shades in recent years, although I do enjoy all colors.

    Thanks for the giveaways! What fun!

  182. First I would say Thank You Lorraine & Thank you Mary. I use Lorraine’s thread in crazy quilting and I love them! For Christmas I am a real traditionalist. I like red & green combined with gold. This is the color palette I have used for the crazy quilt stocking I am completing for my granddaughter.

  183. I am pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas colors, so I generally go for rich and elegant greens and reds with gold metallics thrown in. But if it were a more whimsical piece, I might go for slightly bolder shades of those colors. But it would depend on what I was stitching; a snow scene, for example, would call for blues and whites and silvers. So the complete answer depends on what I am stitching but the short answer is red and green!

  184. I like burgundy and gold.
    I also like a Victorian color scheme of dusty pink, cream and gold!

  185. I’m very much a traditionalist and decorate for Christmas in red and green, with a splash of gold here and there.

  186. I love all Christmas colors. It doesn’t have to be the standard red and green. The blues and the silvers, the aqua and turquoise colors are awesome also. I can really get creative with the added colors.

    Shelli Cerone

  187. I like a colorful Christmas with lots of sparkle. I decorate with bright colors and both gold and silver. I love the traditional look with plaids and cozy knits with a bit of rustic woods thrown in. If I had to name my style I would call it ‘A Midwestern Farmhouse Christmas’.

  188. I am a big fan of needlepoint pictures which use the same shades to create a lovely picture. Thread textures really bring out the picture so you don’t necessarily need a bunch of other colors. I would love to win one of thread packs you are giving away. I promise it won’t sit on a shelf and remain unused. As far as my Christmas colors, I really like icy whites with blue accents although we do have a very traditional tree with ornaments we’ve collected over the years. We string garland and beads to really make it stand out.

    Thanks, Susan

  189. Beatiful threads. My favorite colours for christmas is red and gold. When it isn’t christmas, I love blue, pink and purple.

  190. What a glorious giveaway! Thank you! I am a red and green person but the pink and aqua has been gaining in recent years!

  191. I would love to do your amazing Kaleidoscope pattern with wonderful happy colors! My choice of colors is always the jewel tone ones leaning towards purple, magenta, turquoise and of course a beautiful rich green. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  192. I still love the muted burgandy, hunter green, and gold colors. That hasn’t changed over the years!

  193. I have come to the conclusion that I am a traditionalist. I love red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, browns and golds for thanksgiving. Then about four years ago, my husband Jim came home with a white
    Christmas tree and lots of blue and silver ornaments. Oh no, this shattered my plans of my traditional green tree with the ornaments I had collected over the 50 plus years of our marriage. Each year we put it up, and I’ve learned to love it. So, looking at these beautiful dyed colors, especially the maroon with lime green, which as a traditionalist I would never have put together in the past, I now have stretched my color choices. I love these threads and colors!

  194. I absolutely love colour compliments threads. I love stitching with variegated threads. The green and burgandy is lovely but my favorite colours are autumn rusts and golds.

  195. I love the shine of reds and greens. But, what sets apart the mood of Christmas and the season are the colours blue and white. Imagining satin cushion covers with blue and white sashiko or pretty French knots to show lavender fields.
    That’s thready love! πŸ™‚

  196. I seem to be drawn to the traditional colors of Christmas – reds, greens and golds. I like them both bright and muted. It depends on what I’m working on and/or decorating.

  197. I am truly a red and green person for Christmas. But….I have found the green I really love is “lime” green. It is such a festive color to add to my tree and decorations around my home. It just makes me happy!

  198. I, Judith Lawrance, almost find it difficult to,list my favorite Christmas colors–all colors are beautiful! However, for Christmas I always think of lovely greens and reds along with sparklimg white–and perhaps a touch of yellow!

  199. This got me thinking. Initially I said Christmas red and green, but when I think of my tree ornaments I see they are gold, burgundy red and emerald green. We do need some sparkle on our trees and in our lives.

  200. I made a bunch of folded fabric stars and my favorite colour combination is burgundy and a medium to dark green. I’ll have to check out Colour Compliments as I live in BC too. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  201. My favorite Christmas colors, the thing I always think of first, is a strand of multicolored lights we put on our tree every year. The bulbs were old, and the color on them chipped and faded, but the blues and pinks and yellows and silver/purple/whites always gave me the warmest feelings inside.

  202. I am more the traditional red and green Christmas color scheme type. I do like other combinations that I have seen, but I always return to the traditional (to me, at any rate).

  203. Over the years my favorite colors have evolved but always seem to return to the traditional deep cherry red and dark evergreen. Oh, I have a small frosted tree in white and silver but the main tree is dressed in the traditional colors. And nothing says Christmas like a velvet red bow on a fragrant evergreen wreath.

  204. I tend to stick to traditional red and greed but would love to do something in lime green / burgundies / with a touch of pink ! Ava G in louisiana

  205. What a great giveaway for Christmas, I’ve been meaning to try them… just haven’t got around to it yet. My favorite colors would be any blends from the cool color palettes, but I am a traditionalist at Christmas and clear red and green would be my choice for Christmas.

  206. I love loads of color, but traditional red and green at Christmas are my favorite with lots of sparkle added in.

  207. Love the purple and green….purple is my very favorite color.
    I’m currently working on some Christmas pillows; white poinsettia on red shantung and red on white satin.
    I follow your on Facebook and sent you a prayer shawl …

  208. Christmas brings out a thrilling palette of colors during a dull landscape. I enjoy the burgundy and gold colors in the living room and dining room. The angels on the tree with burgundy ornaments bring warmth to the room. The summer room takes on a different mood with aqua/ silver ribbons and nautical ornaments. Other rooms have smaller artificial trees with dried arrangements in muted colors. Christmas for me is a wonderful holiday of spiritual renewal,happiness and bursts of color!
    Carolyn S. Freehold,NJ

  209. I like deep green with gold and a few red highlights.
    (Or really, any of the color schemes I have read about here. )

  210. It’s hard to pick just one color scheme (for anything, really!); but if I had to pick just one, it would probably be blue and gold, with blue and silver running a close second. I’m not a huge fan of “bright” Christmas red, and for some reason I’d never thought of doing burgundy instead. So, I’m glad to have encountered that idea here!

  211. I would love to do a tree in pinks and gold, but since I buy a real tree every year, I stick to my usual homemade and store bought decorations. I have saved a lot of my kids decorations over the years, so their creations are hung first.
    So my tree is more traditional , red and green.

  212. For the last several years my sister-in-law has sent me peacock feathers as a gift . I am now almost obsessed with the peacock blues, and copper browns that the feathers have. They also have these lovely dark greens that seem so correct for winter decorating. I, too, have pets who love the tree, so the plastic ornaments go on the bottom, because the will be batted around and even carried off by both cats and dogs who love the holidays because there are new toys available.
    My best seasonal wishes to everyone,

  213. I would have to say my favorite is blue and silver. Growing up, our tree was always decorated with blue lights and blue ornaments with silver icicles because it was my Dad’s loved it. My Dad passed away in 1998 less than 2 weeks after Christmas. So blue and silver at Christmas time always reminds me of my Dad.

  214. My favorite colors at Christmas are red (or burgundy) and gold. Don’t know why, but I always gravitate to using those colors in my decorating. I get blasted with it every year when I open the containers of Christmas decorations. I just love the overdyed threads with their changes in color. I always change some floss or perles’ when I can to use these threads. They are so much more fun to use in a design. I love the subtle changes when stitching and can’t wait to see the overall effect.

  215. I love gingerbread and gumdrop themes so I love green/purple/pinks/reds. Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  216. Good day,
    I always thought I was a traditional Christmas colored person.(red and green),but after seeing the burgundy and green, now they are my Christmas colors.

    Than you,

  217. I love deep holiday colors, like burgundy and hunter green with a touch of gold. But I’d be happy to win the pictured threads…color decisions are so hard. πŸ˜‰

  218. Just want to say I am grateful for your recovery! You went through a lot with a positivity that is inspiring. As for color, I don’t even have to think about it. Serene aqua has been my favorite color for my entire life, and it’s on my walls, in my closet, on my finger. Lorraine’s threads are beautifully dyed and a joy to work with.

  219. Thank you for doing this! Your blog inspires me so much! My favorite holiday color scheme? All of them! I just love color, color, color! But if pressed, I’d say burgundies/pinks/lime greens/forest greens. And I love seeing new combinations. Thank you, Mary, and happy day after Thanksgiving!

  220. I am very much a “silver” person so I would have to say blue and silver. I have a wreath made from blue and silver Christmas balls that I love the look of and hang it on the door ever year. I do have to say that I love this burgundy and green color scheme however. Lois A in M, ID.

  221. I had to think about this one for a bit but it seems that lately my favorite color schemes tend to have purples and teals. However, I love almost all colors and as I get older, I find that colors (all shades) fill a spot in me and make me happy. Does that sound crazy?

  222. I’m definitely a traditional tartan and woodland/birds Christmas girl! The best part is tons of real greenery and a pastoral nativity set.

  223. Love the thread give-away and my most favorite Christmas colors are shades of old golds, old rose red and browns (like pheasant feathers).

  224. I love the Burgundy and Hunter Green color combo for the holidays, but every one you listed are wonderful. The thread looks luscious and is screaming my name. My decorating colors depends on my mood at the time, sometimes very traditional and other times I go way out of the box. Love your post, they are so informative and keeps up my love of stitching.

  225. I used to really like traditional Christmas colours like red, green and gold. However, I had a mini-christmas tree in my craft room last Christmas and I decorated it with pastel coloured baubles to match the colour scheme of the room. It looked really pretty. Very tempted do something different with our big tree this year too and go for blue, white and copper.

  226. I am very much a traditional Christmas green and red person when it comes to the holidays πŸ™‚ I add gold for an accent, and work on white or ivory. Very classic, and I find it uplifting when the gray days of winter get going – we live downwind of Lake Michigan, and cloudy days are the norm from October through April!

    no, I wasn’t born in December but in August πŸ™‚

  227. My favourite colour scheme for Christmas is red and green with white and silver accents.

    I have stitched with Colour Compliments, very lovely to stitch with.

  228. I’m a traditional red and green person when it comes to Christmas. To complement the red and green I add gold and silver.

  229. I love different threads – I have threads for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and crewel. It’s always great to increase one’s stash.

  230. OOOooooo! beautiful threads!

    My Christmas theme colors! Cranberry red and teal green!
    Although there’s plenty of silver and gold around, just to brighten it up

    Thanks for the chance!
    Beth N in AZ

  231. For Christmas I like red and green, but the dusty, muted versions: light sage, dusty rose, and so on. Thanks so much for this give-away!

  232. I’m enjoying the new pastel and modern colors for Christmas. So light and fresh! Today when everyone seems to be out shopping I’m enjoying a warm drink and my stitching. Love it! -Donna

  233. Colour, colour, colour. Love them all. My Christmas decorations tends to the traditional with ornaments made by my kids, my sisters and me over many years. For that special Christmas tree pin, I opt for white, blue and silver for a more elegant celebration of the season.

  234. I love icy blues ,turquoise and whites. They give the frosty feel and send sparkles up your spine.

  235. I still love Red and Green. It just isn’t Christmas without both with a little gold thrown in.

  236. Dark burgundy and forest green remind me of the holidays, mainly due to them being my mother’s favourite colours.

  237. Traditional colours of red and green with silver. Other areas I like Victorian colours pink, blue, cream

  238. I’m a traditionalist Red and Green with Gold accents, but I also love my turquoise and white wreath and once I had a Christmas tree decorated in all shades of purple. I really love all colors and find myself fondling my stash of treads whenever I start a new project. This year I made heat-shaped ornaments for friends in their favorite color and a different stitching technique for each one. They will like the ornament but I’m the one who had all the fun.

  239. Good morning Mary, still sunny in Southern California, we don’t get snow for Christmas and one season follows the other with little changes, maybe that is why I like bright colors like yellow, orange, red, lots of green, blue and the likes. I just started Embrodery a couple of years ago and I enjoyed the quiet and relaxing time I spend with my projects. Far from being a perfectionist but happy as a lark!

  240. HI MARY,

    This Christmas give-away is such a great idea – thank you! My favorite Christmas colors that I am usually drawn to are the muted reds and greens. They look vintage to me and that seems to be what I like. If colors are too bright, it’s too much. BUT – in embroidery, I am more open to bright colors on the neutral backgrounds. I also love the gold and silver tones that have been out lately – I love silver paired with blue, especially navy. I love gold tones with white.
    Have a merry Christmas! – Leslie Callaway

  241. For me, Christmas colors is the classic red, green and white for snow. I made some Christmas jewels in red.
    Thank for this gift,

  242. I love the beautiful overdyed thread and hope I’m lucky enough to win! I have stitched many Christmas ornaments over the year and my favorites are in burgundy and gold colors.

  243. My favourite colours for Christmas and winter are red, green, gold, silver. So much joy is associated with these colours, and fabulous thread also brings joy to stitchers!

  244. I’m all over the board with colors for the holiday! I find myself using more blues, silvers, & gold than I have in the past when I was much more “traditional”

  245. Will never forget one winters night when I lived in Canada and there was a blue moon glistening off the snow. My choice of colours would be blue, silver and white.

  246. I am originally from England and do tend to love the traditional red, free and silver colours that I grew up with. But….. I have been living in Australia for the last 40 years and Christmas is full of sunshine and blue sea. For that reason I love yellow, blue, aqua and silver. Christmas is not the same to me without snow so I might as well be different in my colour choices too! Merry Christmas!

  247. To me, Christmas is red (666) and green with a splash of gold metallic thrown in (if applicable). I’m a traditionalist, though slowly reverting to more modern – i.e.: blues and silver or light green or turquoise and silver. I’m leaning toward lots of bling – beads galore, metallics, etc. for the mini-stockings I love to make (have more that my small tree can hold! ) but still, when I think of Christmas – it’s red and green. Goes well with the multi wreaths I have hanging around. And these threads are amazing! So many color schemes you can do… Thanks for the opportunity!

  248. OK, you nearly got me with the burgundy and gold one, but I have to be honest, I’m an old fashioned girl, I like red and green and EVERYTHING Christmas. Love, love, LOVE Christmas! B-day is in Dec. (13th, my lucky number) and my name is Carol. πŸ˜‰ Wonder if it’s in my genes! LOL. Thanks for the give-away. I’ll be hoping I am a lucky girl. πŸ™‚

  249. My favorite Christmas Colors are deep purples, warm golds, and dark forest greens. This color combination calms me in a hectic holiday season. I find it soothing and regal.

  250. The featured colors are beautiful and would be lovely for the holiday season. I also like the traditional red and green, but the silver and blue theme is creeping up on me these days== I like the sparkle! Another great combination is navy and gold. Thanks for a wonderful blog–

  251. My home is decorated throughout the Christmas holidays in red and gold. I love those colors together. My tree sparkles with the lights shining on the gold ornaments. I love it.

  252. What are your favorite colors associated with Christmas or the winter holidays? Blue since it is my favorite color. That purple and lime looks yummy.

  253. Ann M. from Wrightstown loves the reds and greens of tradition, but the icy blues and silver make wonderful forest scenes. My mind and needle are getting the itch to start a new project but first black friday sales to add to my stash of threads, yarn, more needles and aida cloth.

  254. My favorite Christmas colours are red, white and green. Sometimes I prefer bright Christmas red and green, sometimes I prefer burgundy and forest green, but it’s always red and green with white.

  255. My favorite color scheme for the holiday would have to be rich jewel tones like plum, emerald, burgundy, and gold. These rich colors really bring color to a rather gray time of year. I only say that because my heart longs for green trees and flowers when they have all fallen away. Thank you for the opportunity!

  256. I am a person that likes all colors! I am also a person that likes high contrast! I wish I could buy a different color ornaments for my tree every year, but with all the hand made and sentimental ornaments I pretty much stick to red and green.

  257. Mary, I am traditional kinda girl all the way at Christmas.. Red and green. Silver and gold. I want to try the idea you posted about…the monogram bunting sampler, that one of you followers did. It was gorgeous. Thinking a MERRY CHRISTMAS bunting could become a heirloom for my daughter.
    Theresa K from La Vista NE

  258. I love all kinds of colours. When I was a kid, our Christmas tree was very colourful, with lots of gold and silver added.
    Now I live in Sweden and it is mostly red and white here… most people don’t want anything else. Very strange for me πŸ˜€ But I live alone, so to be honest, nowadays I don’t decorate for Christmas at all.

  259. For Christmas, I love to decorate in the simple shades of Green and White with a touch of gold! Though I usually put up one tree decorated all in red somewhere in the house!

  260. Have always loved the burgundy, dark green and gold color scheme but this year I saw something new that intrigued me. A fabric line showed taupe and turquoise. They looked beautiful together. May need to try that in some new holiday projects.

  261. Colors for Christmas? If I have to pick one group – and just one is hard – I’d go traditional; rich, dark greens with some red and gold, and just a touch of earthy dark brown for pinecones. Still learning how to create a “deep” palette of light and dark such as seen on paisley fabric.

    Thank you! and Happy Holidays plus Merry Christmas!

  262. I am a Leo born in August and love burgundy and golds not only at Christmas time but stitching all year long. I am not a pink person. I try to include burgundy shades in all my stitching, if possible.

  263. I love the traditional Christmas reds and greens in various shades and textures of threads. I will take a chart or canvas and add my own creative style.
    To finish I add a little sparkle and garnish with embellishments!

  264. I just love traditional Christmas red and green with a touch of silver here and there for sparkle!

  265. I like the icy blues and silver. They remind me of sunlight glittering off a fresh field of unbroken snow.

  266. Hi,
    I tend to be traditional and prefer dark red/burgundy and gold. Thanks for the information about Colour Complements and the contest. Thanks πŸ™‚

  267. Mary…absolutely positively red and green! A great stitching memory that I have is when I embroidered your pattern “Joy” (with the holly leaves/berries that framed that word) as a Christmas present for my sister and her hubby. I enjoyed using the deep Christmas red for the letters and berries…and I used 3 different shades of Christmas green for the leaves. It turned out really nice and I thank you for that design!

  268. Thank you for these giveaways! My favorite colors for Christmas are the traditional red and green with some blues and gold.

  269. Traditional colors – especially red and gold, appeal the most although it’s fun sometimes to kick up your heels and do something wild with your color scheme.
    Love to be given choices and just wallow in these beautiful threads. Thank you for the opportunity.

  270. My favorite Christmas colors range from the crispness of white, to vivid reds and golds. But the natural colors of greens, bronze and silver flow just as well. I guess I just love color

  271. I love blues and whites for Christmas colors. They look like the winter sky and the sun shining on the sparkling snow.

  272. Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I favor dark burgundy and gold for Christmas. To me, the burgundy is an earthy, berry color and the gold is majestic and royal.
    Robin Voiers

  273. Hot pink with white and silver for me. We had a white and silver tinsel tree when I was growing up, and I always insisted on hanging four hot pink glass drop ornaments first, and enjoying those colours before we could trim the rest of the tree!

  274. I have always liked the tradional green, red and gold but recently I have started to lean towards blue and silver.

  275. Christmas in my home is all about love, joy and colorful baubles. I would be most thankful to win any of your magnificent threads. As I look around my house, I realize how eclectic I am. I seem to surround myself with many colors. Color makes me happy and if I won, I would be ecstatic.

  276. My colors are mostly white…love a green tree with all white accents. Then purple and white would be my next. Merry Christmas!

  277. I love deep piney greens and and dark burgundies. So warm and classy! They remind me of winter nights by the fire.

  278. I have two color schemes….the kitchen is in burgundy and hunter green to match my Lenox Winter Greetings dinnerware set. I recently made a quilt in blues and loved it but it’s not as pale as the icy blues. Browsing through the colors I think Cotton Embroidery Floss #14 would match that quilt.

  279. We decorate primarily with traditional red and green but I always have some yellows, (my fav) and some gold and silver. For me Christmas is about traditions so our decorations are a collection of bits and baubles from past years but we add some new things every year as our family grows.

    I’d like to add a big thank you for featuring this great B.C. needlework shop. Its difficult to find Canadian sources for any needlework or craft and online ordering with currency exchanges and shipping often more than doubles the costs!

  280. I like white and gold the best…..thinking all the way back to those years when white trees were so very popular in all the homes. I still like them!

  281. I love absolutely all colors, but shade is important. I’m not a fan of the “elf green/fire engine red” combo, but I love dark cherry reds with forest greens. Or pale blue, white, and brown because it makes me think of looking out into a winter forest and seeing a fawn and fallen logs. I also love crazy Christmas colors when they do traditional images like Santa hats, holly, and candy canes in fushia, orange, and mauve. I like gold and silver, but not together and usually with white and cream. I’m fond of the manger scene colors of brown, cream, yellow, and green. Dark, dark browns mixed with lighter cinnamon and chocolate to remind me of gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate. Plum and cranberry because those colors are wonderful and they’re fall colors so they can stick around for winter.

    But…yes. My favorite winter combo is pale blues, whites and creams, and light brown. With a couple of greens mixed in.

    Not that I see any of those colors here in Florida.

  282. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada. My preferred Christmas colours are the traditional red and green. I find the other colour combinations just don’t evoke the Christmas spirit in me.

  283. My very favorite Christmas colors are deep red and forest green with a touch of sparkly gold. I also love blue, white and silver but don’t decorate in those colors.

  284. Christmas to me has always meant deep, rich red and pine-forest green, exactly DMC 498 and 500. We never had a specific color theme for our tree decorations; they were a rainbow riot of heirlooms and curios, but the overall impression was always of those two shades.

  285. It’s funny, I always go for silver at every other time of year, but at Christmas I love the traditional Victorian-ish combo of dark reds, greens and gold. Lots of texture too – sparkle, velvet, and so on.

    ps- nice to see a fellow Canadian’s thread featured! πŸ™‚

  286. I love blue and silver for Christmas but found it too cool feeling so added a lot of magenta-pink in with them. The threads shown have lots of the pinks and burgundies I gravitate to….just lovely, and the greens are a great contrast.
    Elaine R

  287. Its hard to pick out the colours I like but I really like the Icy Blues and silver for Christmas colours I think its like being outside in the snow and ice Skating on a outside rink Love it. I have some of Lorraines threads in my stash I love her threads, Her colours are to die for. And her threads are nice to work with. Love them. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of her lovely threads.

  288. For my Christmas embroidery projects I like sparkly, icy whites mixed with blues amid brown for the trees and red for the Christmas cardinal that adds a touch of Christmas-y color.

  289. These threads are such beautiful overdyes! I have just started using overdyes after soo many years of doing stitchery and love them. They add so much dimentsion to the piece. I started doing stitchery at a young age in St. Johns, Quebec and we didn’t have such lovely options in threads.
    Jane Slyker now in Helena, Montana

  290. Ah, visions of Dusty Rose and Metallic Gold dance in my head for Christmas. I love the combination on one of my Christmas trees. I have 5 every year. This one has angels and harps. Another tree is a Kwanzaa tree with their traditional ornaments. Of course all my ornaments on each tree are handmade! Another tree is done in red, green and white ornaments, lights and tinsel. Another is my vintage ornaments received as gifts through the years and last, but never the least is my Christian tree of Christian ornaments remembering the birth of Jesus and always the reason for this season!

  291. Christmas color schemes… OK, I confess — I don’t have a preference! Probably the traditional red and green simply because it’s so “Christmas-y” and all so pervasive. My Christmas tree has no color theme, except it’s filled with ornaments that appeal to me or have meaning to me. Christmas is a jumble of colors!

  292. I’m a huge polar bear fan. I put up my green tree with shiny white and light blue ornaments and icicles. Therefore, I concur: I like sparkly white and light blue!

  293. I love blue and silver colors with a little red mixed in for the holidays. Blue is my favorite color all year round, but I love the shades of blue offered at holiday time.

  294. Christmas colors I enjoy are from the old-fashioned rich Victorian
    pallette; deep blue-greens, burgundy and creams with sparkling golds thrown in. Think
    William Morris, Arts and Crafts or
    Art Nouveau Periods.

  295. Oh my goodness! I love contemporary, muted, and unique color themes. The thread colors are so rich looking.

  296. I like all Christmas colors. When I think about Christmas, I picture the bright red and green but just made stockings using the darker burgundy and forest green. And I love the blues, silver and whites for the snow scenes

  297. I love threads

    I love threads! The Color Complements collection is wonderful. I would love to work with some of these threads. I love the blue and silver Christmas colors, but I work in many color combos. Your blog is the highlight of my days. You have given us all so many great ideas, patterns, etc. Thank you. Ganet

  298. I find I like more contemporary color schemes for Christmas time… Instead of red, I might choose a pink or plum…instead of green, I might go with an aqua or teal. I like using more quirky colors with the traditional. πŸ™‚ For sparkle, I used to be just about silver accents…but over the years I have come to appreciate gold too. Thanks for the great giveaway! Looking at all the colors/threads in the shop is so much fun…so many pretty choices!

  299. The burgundy and green are lovely, but I prefer the mixed up blend. You have more of every color. I do a lot of crazy quilting and any other embroidery that catches my eye. I love your daily e-mail, it is a wonderful way to start the day. Happy holidays to you.

  300. As for me, winter (no matter if it’s holidays or not) is blue and silver. And as the country I live in is rather cold, even ever-green trees turn to grey and white in the snow. But the sky is so perfectly blue and shiny, that all the colors play like a rainbow

  301. I love all colors of Christmas. Mostly the deep red and forest green.
    Thank you so much for all you do to help guide me in my embroidery. ❀️

  302. To me, gold and silver shining on trees and at church mean Christmas. I love all the colors of the season, but gold and silver garlands, stars, and shiny balls remind me of laying on the floor under the tree and seeing all the lights reflected in the ornaments.

  303. Hi Mary! Hope you are doing well and had a blessed Thanksgiving …. As to Christmas color schemes, I vacillate between white , silver, and blue snowflake theme and other years the red, green and gold theme. Thank you for the chance to win. I would use them on my CQJP2017 project. Good luck to all! Merry Christmas! Thanks, Marianne in NJ

  304. I would love to win the silk perle #12. It would be a perfect accent to a piece I need to finish. For Christmas colors, I guess I’m a traditionalist – your basic red, green and gold. But there’s no bad color. Many of my tree ornaments are family heirlooms, ranging from orange to purple. It’s about the joy.

  305. I love your daily blog and have learned a lot from it.
    As for Christmas colors, I like to vary it year to year. Sometimes I feel traditional and sometimes I feel silvery or contemporary. This year I’m thinking a simple traditional would be good.

  306. My favorite Christmas colors are pink and lime green and blue and silver. The old red and green colors are too Victorian for me.

    By the way, I’m in love with the Very Velvet threads! Beautiful!

  307. I love all the Christmas colors! I don’t see any reason to stick with just one color
    scheme, so we have a mish-mash of everything. The kitchen has a gingerbread theme
    so lots of red and white and candy colors. The Christmas tree has a mixture of kid-made
    ornaments, stitched items, wedding and baby shower favors (I’ll turn ANYTHING into a
    tree ornament!) and store-bought items. I have some folk-art items too that are more
    muddy colors. Sounds chaotic but it all works!

  308. I’ve always been drawn to pink/green but recently I purchased Hazel Blomkamp’s Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork and now I want to try MANY color combinations. This old gal is ready to branch out after seeing the beautiful purple/green combo. As always, thanks Mary for the continuing inspiration.

  309. My favorite colors for Christmas are definitely green and red! One of my daughters wants me to use silver this year on the tree so I bought a lot of on sale items at the end of last season. I guess it will be red and silver this year πŸ™‚

  310. Wow, I’d love to win the thread sampler and think the burgundy/green combo is perfect. However, for the winter holidays, I have to go with icy blue and silver! It’s icy cold here for a long time.

  311. My favorite Christmas colors are deep red and dark green–you know, the green of an old pine tree. Add some flecks of gold in there for some sparkle and there’s a winning combo!

  312. Icy white and silver. It is so hot here in South Texas (almost year round), that I dream of the snow and ice that was winter when I lived in St. Louis.

  313. Living in the frozen north, I think of icy colors for the holidays. I picture a cranberry with frost all along its sides and blues and greens that cover frozen waterways. I like the way weather changes a color’s essence.

  314. Oh, definitely dark blue and silver! It reminds me of the Queen of Night, from Die ZauberflΓΆte (my favourite music while stitching)

  315. Must admit never thought about favourite colours for Christmas but burgundy and gold sounds good
    X Beryl (Yorkshire)

  316. I am old fashioned and still love the bright red and grass green all though the bright yellow green is working its way up.

  317. I like and have made a wall hanging with the pink and pale green for Christmas but, unfortunately, I find people still go for the red and green Christmas colors. Burgundy and gold is very festive and catches the eye
    Mary Mazman
    Salem Massachusetts

  318. Christmas is my favorite time of year and the traditional red and green are my Christmas colors with a touch or silver or gold thrown in for the bling. I love decorating my home for Christmas and my husband always wonders where all those decorations reside the rest of the year.

    Vera from WV

  319. My very favorite colors for Christmas are Blue, White and Gold. My father loves Blue and we had a blue Christmas tree every year. The tree was sometime sprayed with a bit of white on the branches. And all the lights and ornament were different shades of blue. Just thinking about it brings joy.

  320. My favorite Xmas colors are the classic green and red and I also love to add a touch of silver or gold. πŸ™‚
    Thank you Mary for everything you do for all of us who like embroidery!

  321. Burgundy and green is my favorite color combo all year, so the room I rent has accents of those colors. Traditional bright Christmas red, while festive and fun, just looks a bit “off” in my room. I do like to decorate my little room for Christmas, but always with burgundy, not red. And my daughter has the same taste, so the burgundy-and-green thread has gift-giving potential!!

  322. I love all the colors of Christmas, but having to choose one?! I’d have to say soft, pastel glisseny colors❣️

  323. I love green, gold and silver. I like how they make me feel festive. Green is my favorite color. So, to make it have more of a Holiday feel adding the gold and silver works for me.

  324. Hi, Mary,
    What a fun idea! I love Colour Compliments! It’s the candy store of thread! I want it all!
    Today the sweet that’s grabbing my attention is the #10 Sampler Threads set. All the wonderful shades of gold and that lovely Kreinik braid reminds me of my mom and how as far as she was concerned Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless it was shiny and sparkly. She would have loved it!

  325. I always change my mind, but then I usually go for vibrant red and green with a brilliant white accent.

  326. I’m very much a traditionalist so I go for the red and green, but I also love to add some gold because you always need some sparkle!

  327. Here in South America, Christmas is in summer,so i will embroider a bunch of pineapples with gold and green, a few ice lloly and a Merry Christmas phrase in cross stitch in red and other colors that i have not decided yet.

  328. Hi Mary, thanks for this chance to get some stash, my favorite Christmas colours are blue , white and silver!

  329. My favorite Christmas colors are silver, white and blue. Of course, there’s always room for a touch of the traditional red (burgundy tones) and green (deep, dark pine greens), for contrast! Just a touch!

  330. I like bright red and green for Christmas, and love to add gold threads for extra sparkle. Sometimes, when working on an antique-looking fabric I like a darker burgundy and hunter green combination, with matte gold thread accents. In both cases, I also like adding a few beads to reflect light and add a little dimension.

  331. Like so many things I do, picking a single color combination for Christmas doesn’t happen. I probably have the most of the tradition red and green, but also some decorations in blues and golds, and even pink and green. Gives me lots of options for holiday decorating! And liking more colors, means more collecting.

  332. Hi Mary – I love the traditional green, red, white colors of Christmas, in fact, they are one of my favorite color combinations all year round. That said, I love ALL colors, and when starting a project, sometimes I have a hard time choosing the color scheme. There are so many beautiful fibers out there, so different from when I started stitching in the 70s!

  333. Since having children my Christmas is decidedly non colour coordinated. I love the eclectic nature of the tree, completely covered in home made decorations, to most people it would just look a mess, but to me it’s priceless!

  334. First of all, I’ve ordered threads from Colour Compliments and have loved every one. My favorite Christmas colors…now that’s hard. I love all the traditional colors, but I’m a fifties era kinda gal, so my most favorites would be pale turquoise and light pink with some added bling.

  335. My favorite Christmas colors are red and green, including all their variations. Silver and gold add the extra sparkle.

  336. The color I love best is the deep blue of outdoor lights against snow in the dusk, impossible for me to reproduce in needle work until they make thread with LEDs spun into it. As far as actual textile colors, I like violet contrasted with green.

  337. I’m not sure how to choose my favorite colors…red, white & green are naturals, of course. But then again pale blues and white make a great combination. And I can’t leave out pinks and light greens either! Bottom line? I’m happy with them all! Whatever the color choice, I like old fashioned themes and decorations, lots of them, nothing sparse! Kind of like an English garden set in wintertime and brought indoors. Merry Christmas to one and all.

  338. I like red and green with accents of gold for Christmas. I guess I’m a traditional type of person. I would love to win some of Lorraine’s thread. I love her thread. She has a real eye for color combinations.

  339. I associate the holidays with smells more than colors…
    But I love all the multicolored lights against the backdrop of night!

  340. Putting up my vintage aluminum silver trees, I typically decorate with bright blues, greens, pinks. It makes me so happy!

  341. I always read your emails FIRST. I love handwork and am inspired by you and your works.
    Thanks for all you do.

  342. My favorite winter decorating colors – dark green with pale blue or pink. But sometimes plaids. I really just like winter holidays

  343. Christmas to me is a great time to remember those who have passed away. In memory of my brother who was an alter boy, I decorated the Christmas tree in purple. Another year it was in memory of my Grandma done in her favorite color of blue. So I am open to every color scheme!

  344. Ah, you know the way to a stitcher’s heart….lol…i have used this thread and it is quite lovely to work with! More would be fine….vbg….and thanks so much for your stitching enthusiam and above all, your energy!!!

    My favorite christmas colors, very dark green and a bright orange/red///// Dark red and lime green/gold/green/red…and blue and white, with silver…..
    you can see i never run out of color options!!!!!

  345. I love the dark woody browns and moody Greens this year. I think I miss my old home the Pacific Northwest!

  346. That pink and green selection is just gorgeous, Mary. My preferred winter colours are white, silver and turquoise….sparkly with a touch of blue chill!

    Godalming, UK

  347. I recently retired and have really increased my “crafting.” I am on an ornament kick right now – and am very please with purple/white and teal/white combinations for the needlepoint rounds and diamonds. I look forward to expanding my skills and will try some of your embroidery tips and tutorials. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Enjoy the holidays.

  348. I like pinks and light greens, but also burgundy and bright green. I’m a big pink fan. A Christmas tree with all pink ornaments would please me greatly.

  349. What gorgeous thread! The offering to me looks like Christmas lolly canes. I am using a greater variety of threads after following Needlenthread blog, and think this giveaway would not be long in the sewing box. The added sparkle is divine.

  350. I used to really like bright red and green as my favorite Christmas colors, but since I’ve aged, I really find bright blue and silver or shiny white to be more stunning.

  351. Colors! Over the years I’ve been doing the Christmas stockings of Shepard’s Bush. The plump santa’s, the little angels and girls in colors that run the gamete. They all work and the holidays don’t seem to mind that they aren’t the expected reds and greens. It opened my mind to the wealth of possibilities.

  352. Oh what lovely thread. My favourite colours for the season are Raspberry and Mint – I love the crispness of them and they remind me of sweet things!!! Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway.

  353. Dearest Mary,
    Thank you once again for sponsoring this giveaway! My favorite colors of Christmas are the deep evergreen of a pine tree and the full, rich red which symbolizes the blood shed for me, of Jesus, the person whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas.
    Have a Merry Christmas, and thank you for doing Needle and Thread!

  354. What a hard question to answer. I do like the traditional red and green, but do like other Christmas color combinations. They may all be in my house at the same time. I’ve got a lot, since I have been collecting decorations since 1972. The one I don’t care for is the pink and silver or white. My aunt had one of those artificial silver trees in the 60s with the white floss and pink balls. Did not like it at all.

  355. I love Christmas Red, everything else flows from there. Also, I love antique ornaments and the vintage colors.

  356. My Christmas colors have developed over time and as I have aged and as I have inherited family Christmas things.
    I put my Santa collection in my bedroom with all my multicolored quilts. My aunt’s pink collection goes in my living room which has a lot of muted blues, pinks and greens. I really like Christmas red with a light green – something a little different.
    All of the embroidery threads of Color Complements are great. I love to make crazy quilt and collage type jackets and vests, so any colors would work for me. I probably lean toward neutrals that can go with anything.
    Thanks for the give-aways and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  357. I love the traditional red and green colors with red and green plaid accents. All winter colors are beautiful for Christmas but I’m a traditional girl. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and have fun with your needle and thread.

  358. I love a nature themed Christmas. This year I am going with white, cream, beige, silver and copper. Adding in straw raccoons, deer, owls, squirrels and other animals hanging on white barked alder branches collected on our property, wrapped in small white lights. I have also added glass ornaments shaped like acorns and pine cones. I have wooden bowls filled with homemade potpourri, collected pine cones and acorns. I use essential oil blends to get that Holiday smell throughout the house. The final layer is music, usually Celtic. I almost forgot the candles – in whites, pale yellow and amber for a touch of depth! Viola! Bliss!

  359. Christmas colors? As much as I like traditional red and green ( dark red and deep green please), I tend to reach for jewel tones and gold. Those colors make me think of stained glass windows, richness, saturation.
    I have never been a pastel lover, I’m sure they have a roll to play, but not in my collection.

  360. I’m a fan of the blue/silver or blue/gold combinations. Don’t get me wrong – I also like the traditional red/green combination, but blue is my favorite color year round.

  361. I love thread too. I used to love bright colors a lot, recently I do more darker, paler, and colder colors. I also like to surprise myself with color combinations that I don’t think I would go for. Thank you and Thread Compliments for the give-away. And now, cross my fingers πŸ™‚ – Mai Phuong from Hanoi

  362. What luscious fibers! I am a bright red, green, and silver person for the holidays with a touch of gold and deeper hues thrown in.

  363. Any shade of green, pink or rose can never be wrong. Green and burgundy are the best for a classy, beautiful Christmas. Add gold, preferably, or silver . . . you can’t go wrong.

  364. What fun! Although I normally gravitate to pastel colors or fall hues in my regular stitching That is not what I want for Christmas I want bright, rich colors…red and green the traditional hues are what makes my holiday bright. Looking forward to reading the comments of others.

    Sherry (in Missouri).

  365. Mary West Midlands. I love icy white and blue. It looks so clean and sparkly. I love the way silk threads in these colours shimmer. And best of all if they make you shiver you can curl up in front of the fire with a nice glass of wine. A bit late but Happy Holidays

  366. Purple and gold is awesome, but anything with many colors makes me happy. The only combination i don’t care for too much is dark green and red – makes me think of bridge clubs and being forced to wear dress and Behave At Grandmother’s House…

  367. What a wonderful giveaway with such gorgeous threads. As yet we canΒ΄t buy overdyed threads where I live but we can get the new DMC Coloris threads which I am buying bit by bit. I do love a pale pink and green combination and a darker green and red around Christmas.

  368. I’m not sure what my favorite color theme for Christmas is. It depends on the room & my mood. Guess I tend to go with white & gold for our tree & traditional green & red for outside wreaths. Mary, thanks for this wonderful giveaway. These threads are stunning!

  369. Thank you for the giveaway! My Christmas tree is decorated in red, white and gold. Funny thing is, I really like more earthy colors for my normal decor, but the tree with white lights and red ornaments is lovely at night. Happy Holidays, Mary!

  370. Oh, happy day! What a beautiful giveaway.

    The colors I always gravitate to for Christmas are burgundy, lime & forest green, tan (now that I see that written it sound ugly but it isn’t) but sometimes I like to do bright red & white with Scandinavian designs.

  371. COLOR COLOR COLOR, what can be so much fun and fun to work with. I have a good selection now but love the colors of the give away. I can always use more thread though ! I like to mix up thread colors and thread choices. It never gets boring. Creativity is my passion and I love to experiment. These colors are just stunning.

  372. I am definitely a contemporary color artist for the holidays. Give me lime green, turquoise, and red !

  373. I’m a traditionalist. I like rich reds and greens as Christmas colours. For non-Christmas, wintery colours, blues and silvers.

  374. I guess I am a traditionalist!!!! I love the reds and greens with a touch of gold!!!! However, I am starting to really like those retro Christmas colors you see with the red, green, pink, and turquoise. Kind of muted.

  375. The two colors that are special for me at Christmas are white and red.

    20 years ago I decided to actually decorate my tree and this is what I came up with:
    Clear lights
    Glass or crystal twisted icicles in three sizes
    Double twisted white freshwater pearl (synthetic) garlands
    Bright red apples in three sizes

    This simple color scheme and decor reminds me of the true simplicity of this season of joy and beauty. I’ve never wanted to change or add anything more.

    I have plenty of other bright colors as part of my decor, but year after year, my red & white tree speaks of the message that is dearest.

    Nancy White (nawbird)

  376. I love dark greens and dark reds as a base, but after that I like any colour under the sun as colour brightens up the dark grey months of winter.

  377. I love all the Christmas colors–contemporary, traditional, I can never make up my mind about a favorite!

  378. I love bright Christmas red and green. I buy them in every thread weight and brand I can find. I just bought two gorgeous sets of overdyed threads in the perfect Christmas colors at the International Quilt show in Houston.

  379. I like almost any combination of reds and greens–including the beautiful bright green and burgundy in this give away. Thank you Colour Complements!

  380. Initially, I would have said greens and reds would be my ‘favourite’ colour schemes…..but as I sat here thinking about it, I don’t think I have a favourite. It’s all what catches my eye …Christmas sparkles are necessary though. πŸ™‚

  381. I prefer muted nature inspired colors: sage green, burgundy, tan and brown. With a little sparkly gold thrown in!

  382. Ah, my favorite Christmas colors? Silver, gold and white. After spending the first 54 years of my life in Salt Lake City, Utah, moved to NE Oklahoma, where I’ve spent the last 3 winters yearning for snow. I loved watching the way the first beams of sunshine would turn the lawns and fields from plain flat white to dazzling silver, with a billion gold lights dancing off of the trees and shrubs. Not to mention the pinks and corals reflecting off of the clouds and painting everything they touch in fairy colors. Oh, but that only lasts a moment, until the sun clears the mountains and turns everything in it’s reach to a silvery golden blue. Not that the 640 shades of brown you get here in the fall aren’t nice too. If you like brown. Thanks for the opportunity to win some new threads. I can always pretend it’s spring. Happy holidays. I think maybe I’ll just head on home. In my dreams.

  383. My favourite colours..well, gold with reds and greens, or blue and gold, of blue and silver, or purple and green or purple an gold….I cannot choose, it depends on the time of the year, my mood. I really love them all.

  384. I love thread, I covet thread, I collect thread. Pinning down my favorite colors for xmas is tough. I do love blue and white, Dark violets and blues with metallic silver or gold, dark reds with silver or gold. The metallics add the festive look.

  385. Gold and burgundy are my choices – they seem to give the depth to the season that’s needed
    Christine Owen

  386. Hi. Lately I prefer working with the non-standard Christmas colors of pinks and greens. For years I was a traditional deep red and green stitcher but then the softened colors appealed to me more. But the reality is that I love all colors! I love seeing all the variations in overdyed threads. Your column introduces me to all kinds of threads and I really enjoy seeing them!

    Linda brick

  387. Those colors are beautiful, I can think of many ways and stitches to create. I am a crazy patcher, I love texture it stimulates the eyes. Those colors remind me of autumn in the back country.

  388. I am a dark burgundy and gold person for Christmas! All other times I am a yellow and blue person. I love all color of thread and fabric. Sometimes just looking at my materials brings as much joy as the finished art work.

  389. I’m a traditional lady, red green and gold for me, the brighter the better. Navy and white/silver does look very classy though and I’ve never tried burgundy and gold but I feel a diversion from my usual colours coming along quickly.

  390. Christmas colors… This year I think I am still influenced by “Frozen ” and my favorite colors reflect that: blue and sparkly white, but mostly Anna’s colors: Burgandy, turquoise, dark green, dark pink.

  391. What are your favorite colors associated with Christmas or the winter holidays?

    I like snowflakes and winter scenes so blues, white and silver fits the bill for me.

  392. I love the subtle shimmer of pearly pastels. In South Africa Christmas is during the summer so the coolness of the colour scheme is like ice cream on a hot day.

  393. My favorite colors for christmas are defently green and red. They make me smile a lot. But I love the sparkles of the lights on the tree. I think that sparkle gives me hope for the next year coming!

  394. Since our Christmas is in the middle of summer and the pohutukawa are flower – greyish greens, dark reds and a hint of gold.

  395. I love burgundy, but I am not that keen on gold, so I usually pair it with black. But for a festive feel, I would pick dark, midnight blue with silver. Byt probably no more than two to four colours in total, I prefer simplicity.

  396. I absolutely love natural earth tones (pine cones, rusty tins, red berries, greenery, brown paper wrapping tied with jute) for Christmas. Topping the look off with splashes of white.

  397. I like the traditional holiday colors but I also like to use the wintery icy blues and christmas whites.

    Happy Stitching and Happy Holidays

  398. Hi Mary, The sample burgundy and greens are exactly my choice. Beautiful!! Thanks for this great chance.

  399. Oh my look at all that beautiful thread!! Thank you for the giveaway, I hope your Thanksgiving was tasty!

    What are your favorite colors associated with Christmas or the winter holidays? I love the icy blue and white. πŸ™‚

  400. Imagine, such beautiful work being done here in B.C.! This is the first I have heard of Colour Complements. Thank you Mary.

  401. As far as Christmas favorite colors go I am a traditionalist in the true sense of the word. My house is always in Christmas red and green, which gives me a feeling of Christmas and makes me very happy. I do love many other colors but always migrate back to red and green for the holidays.

    I think that my choices of colors from the Colour Complements Shop shows my traditional side also. The colors I would choose are #175, 186, 7, 134, 137 and 129. They are gorgeous and I will bookmark her Etsy page for future reference! Thank you, Mary, for these giveaways. It’s always fun to dream, right? πŸ™‚

  402. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the family and the traditions. To pick a favorite color is hard. I am not the traditional red person but I do love some red and green and all the winter colors like the blues and whites and silver – (snowmen and night pictures of snowy churches). I do a little of everything, I guess.

    Michelle H. in TN

  403. While I appreciate all colors of Christmas, my favorites lean toward the Victorian. I love purple (relates to spiritual), pinks, and silver when decorating my tree and my home. However, I am noticing that when I buy fabrics for my quilting stash, I am choosing golds, both metallic and matte, and reds and also teals and silver metallics and matte. My needlework fibers and projects are varied as well. I work in the reds and greens and golds for gift giving to my friends and their decor. I love ALL the colors of Christmas! Thank you, Mary, for all you give to the needlework world! You are my go-to person when I get stuck. You have taught me so much!! I am grateful for you.

  404. Imagine, such beautiful work being done here in B.C.! This is the first I have heard of Colour Complements. I love blues and silvers at Christmas. Thank you Mary.

  405. I love burgundy and dark green for Christmas. The burgundy and green threads are beautiful! – Linda Mincher

  406. My favorite Christmas colors are white, burgandy, forest green, and a touch of gold. Silver and pale green with cranberry red is a very close second.

  407. My favorite colors of the season are bright green and red. I love the traditional Christmas I remember from my childhood… Multi colored lights on the tree, no real theme in the ornaments, just trinkets collected over the years, each one holding its own memory.

  408. Love your site. I read it everyday. I have learned so much. Wish I new about you when I started embroidery.

  409. I guess I am a traditionalist ~ Deep red and green with a little sparkle thrown in. But then Burgundy and gold or Blue and Silver are pretty too.
    Thank you and Colour Compliments for this colorful gift. My chances are slim with so many comments – but someone has to win, maybe I will be the lucky one, right….
    And now I need to take a little journey over to Etsy !

    Happy Winter Holidays to all ( or may it be your Summer)

  410. I am a red, green, and gold traditional gal. However, I must also admit a soft spot for cool snowmen in pale pink, blues, and silvers. I enjoy your articles and thank you for sharing them. They are chock full of goodness!

  411. I’m very traditional, so for me it’s red & green all the way, with silver thrown in for sparkle and a hint of winter!

  412. I love love love all the muted color ways of threads! They just remind me of all the old samplers that I see. The historical samplers make me feel like a part of history too!

  413. I love blue and silver here in New Zealand where we have summer Christmas blue and silver give a touch of winter.

  414. I am a misplaced Alberta currently living in London, UK. So, while my typical Christmas colour choices would be burgundy and gold, or deep blue and silver, this year it must be sky blue and snow white! While I have been very lucky and we have had many days of decent weather here, I am certainly missing the blue skies, brilliant sunshine and crystal snow of Alberta! To obtain hand dyed threads from home sounds divine!

  415. I love dark reds and greens for christmas. Add a little gold for an accent and I’m over the moon for it. Those colors make me feel like I’m in a Dickensian Christmas wonderland!

  416. I have come to like the blue and silver theme, though goodness knows in NZ we do not get snow or ice at Christmas. At leasr not where I live. Thanks for the giveaway

  417. Hi Mary! My Christmas colors seem to be red/plum and gold….that’s what I have collected over 40 years, and it is apparent that those must be the colors I prefer! But I also admire in other’s holiday displays, colors ranging from white and silver, cobalt blue and silver, bright red and forest green, purple and lilac, and MORE! I simply love color! Hope I get a change to work with the beautiful colored threads you are giving away! Thanks for everything Mary! You are really the best!

  418. I love all colors at Christmas! I am particularly fond of blue and silver or a vibrant purple with silver. I love the Reds of poinsettias and the greens of holly, the dark forest greens of Monterey Pines, red and silver ornaments…I simple love color!

    Thank you so very much for your informative and inspiring blog and the awesome tutorials on your website.

  419. Merry Christmas…I love greens and reds! The burgundy/green set would be beautiful should I win
    Thanks for this opportunity

  420. Thank you Mary for this great giveaway. You always introduce me to something I may not have tried! I am not a “red” person, so icy blues and white/silver or forest green and gold are my favorite winter colors. Always have to have a little metallic for holiday cheer!

  421. I’ve done traditional red and green or blue and silver. I have lived in a house full of boys. They are grown now and I find myself leaning toward purple and pink. It’s time for a girly tree!

  422. What beautiful floss this is! My winter favorite colors are blue and silver and icy blue and white. These colors are so soft and alive – just like a morning when we wake up to a new blanket of snow on the ground. – Ruby Scruggs

  423. Choose just one favoutite? Can’t do it. I have so many favourites that We have several tabletop trees to display them. Last year’s big tree was red, white and gold. This year it is traditional multicolour. The guest room tabletop tree is purple, burgundy, and gold. My studio tree is chocolate, copper and gold. The one on the hall table features lime green and the one in the study features hand made wood ornaments with traditional Christmas colours. But if I win, I’ll make a choice.

  424. I am really excited to see a hand dyed embroidery thread business based out of BC, Canada, as I live in BC and I like to support other local BC businesses.

    I very much like the selection of colors in the Color Complements group as I am a person who is drawn to bright colors of any kind. All of my wool felt applique projects are made with bright colors and then embroidered with coordinate brightly colored perle cotton.

  425. I love blue and silver at Christmas! Those colors are like icicles glistening in the dark on a cold snowy night. Those colors would also look great stitched on an opalescent fabric! Merry Christmas!

  426. I like traditional red and green but I also like the silver and blue for January and February after Christmas is technically over.

  427. I love bright green and red, but I’m gradually turning my attention to iceblue, soft grey, white and silver. Thank you for the service you provide through your website. Thank you so much.

  428. Wonderful threads, I have seen them in person and they are even better looking. Thank you for offering this great item. Good luck to all. Kathy22eggs
    Forgot to say that Burgandy and green are my to go for Christmas colors.

  429. I am drawn to any shade of green, but celebratory red / gold / silver / blue / white speak to me of the festive season.

  430. Though it’s not very traditional, icy blues, silvers, and white are my favorite Christmas combination. They just look so elegant and wintery together!

  431. I am a pink, purple and pale green person. Several Christmas’s ago I did everything in purple, different shades, and a darkish green, with silver trim. It was beautiful and I had many compliments on it. This year I am going to the pink side, with butterfly trim. The butterflies will be different colors, some realistic some fancyful. I live in the southwest, so have done several years when I stuck to desert or moutain motifies. I used yucca, stacks and pods, tumble weeds, and other cacti. Dream catchers were used to trim the ” tree”. They were different and most people liked them. Kind of a mess to clean up tho.
    I ;ove the Sample size 5 perle #7 the colors are just what I have been looking for. Thanks for the opportunaty for the give away.

  432. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for organising a Christmas give away this year. I like blue and silver as a Christmas colour combination. I live in a hot climate and anything that lends a perception of coolness is welcome at this time of year.

  433. I like all the rich colours for Xmas and theme accordingly bit you can’t go past red green and gold

  434. I would love to add a sample of these threads to my stash for using with some designs of my own.

    Are you a pink / pale green person? Not necessarily, they are spring colors and while I love Spring, Fall is my favorite time of the year.
    A dark burgundy and gold person? The colors of Fall are my favorites so the burgundy and gold come close to those
    A blue and silver person? Not really but they come close to the blue and white of Deerfield style of crewel embroidery that is a favorite of mine
    A bright Christmas red and green person? At the appropriate time of the year these are great.
    Do you go for contemporary color themes? Not really
    Muted color themes? These have their place for recreating antiques although the original colors would have been bright.
    Do you like icy blues and whites? Only on rare occasions
    Or do you eschew common color schemes and go for something totally unique? Spill your guts about color! I’m curious!
    Some of the modern color schemes set my teeth on edge. I guess I am a traditionalist and prefer the Early American themes that bring the colors of nature into needlework. Other than that, white work holds a fascination for me.

  435. I love the blue’s and whites. My spouse loves the traditional colors. Every once in while he lets me do the tree in blue lights. I really don’t mind the traditional colors but it’s nice to have blue every once in a while. I remember 16 years ago I was a few months pregnant with my last child. I was 40 at the time and I was totally exhausted that year. We put blue lights on the tree and our first ever ornament on the tree. Yes, just one ornament. I sat and watched the world fly by in the evenings in the dark with the blue sparkling lights and the little baby Jesus ornament on our tree. Thinking about all the mommies in the world and how wonderful it was to have a life growing inside me. I have been blessed in my life. It is nice to remember this memory. I hope you enjoy the thoughts and memories that people share with you. You are a wonderful woman that make the world a nicer place to be in. Thank you for sharing your talents and trade! Peace and Love to you this Holy Season!

  436. I love them all. I guess if I have to narrow it down I would choose the red and green of the holly bush with a touch of white for snow. But how can I choose just one set of colors. I love the soft blues with silver or the bold bright colors of wrapped packages.
    CeCe B.

  437. I tend to go to the muted, primitive colors when making gifts for friends and family. I personally use victorian pinks, greens and burgundy for myself. Thanks for all your instructions and interesting news letters.

    Linda Adams

  438. I’m definitely a blue and silver person. Maybe it is because I miss the snowy winters. Sylvia

  439. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red and green. I call them Christmas red and green.

  440. What beautiful threads and colours!
    I love a muted colour palette and I don’t feel restricted to traditional Christmas colours. I love variegated colour schemes using pale colours with lots of changes in textures and thread weights. This strategy works particularly well for stumpwork and the traditional Italian Casilguidi work.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  441. I’m definately a blue and silver person, I have used some brilliant reds and golds in the paste, but my hand always strays to all shades of blues and silver. I always admire folks that can go of piste as it were, but I’ve never been comfortable with doing that maybe it’s a confidence thing. I don’t know. I love receiving your emails and I’m in awe of the many talented embroiderers there are in the world.

  442. I like the colors silver and gold and green for my Christmas colors but then again i like ice/blue and silver.

  443. My favorite color schemes for Christmas change just about every year. This year, I’m loving champagnes and bronzes. But when I open “the Christmas box,” anyone could easily assume I love the traditional red/green/multi-color scheme, too, because I do. And then I move on to frosty blues for the New Year. LOVE the holidays!

  444. I love the silver blue combo, am fond of red and green, but am drawn to the burgundy that is so popular this year. However, since I cannot afford to change every year, I try to buy the newest trend after Christmas to be used the year after!

  445. I can see Kreinik 1/16 Ribbon in colour #9 as the snow covering the evergreen trees done in Perle Cotton Size 8 colour #169. The snow accents in cotton embroidery floss colour #2. The thread sampler set would make wonderful accents on packages under the trees. Beautiful treads – thank you for the hard work of dying and creating such beautiful art! Debbie Dillow

  446. I love the contrast of color against black. It makes the colors pop really beautifully. And the colors I love to use are in the teal and purple families. I find they are the colors that I gravitate to and the colors that I pick most when I do either quilting or counted cross-stitch.

  447. Traditionally I am a red and gold person though in the last couple of years I have really been drawn to the combination of turquoise and copper … not traditional, but very striking.

  448. Hi! My Christmas colors are the traditional: medium green and red. Several designers in recent years have strayed from the traditional into more modern themes, but I must confess to changing their designs back to what brings cozy memories to me.

    thank you for all you do for the needlework community,

    Lois S – central Texas

  449. Hi- When I was younger I felt that the only colours for Christmas were dark red and dark green and white, however as I got older, I shifted to blue and white and now I love adding purples and burgundies and various shades of green. The thread samples in the giveaway are just beautiful and really do evoke Christmas for me now.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  450. My favorite Christmas colors are those associated with Victorian designs: medium and dark maroon, ecru, a not-too-shiny gold. These go well with Christmas angels, crazy quilting, handmade laces, and a deep dark green. (But sometimes while out shopping, you find an amazing mixture that is nothing like your favorite, like a mint green mixed with hot pink and red, that you just fall in love with!)

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  451. I thought this question would be easy but when I looked out in etsy at the yarns that Colour Compliments offers I am stumped. It is easier for me to tell you that I am not a pink or pastel person. I love bold colors mixed with pastels. My Christmas colors would be sampler #18 with beautiful dark reds, glittery gold on red, and vivid greens. On the other side of the scale I love sampler #5 wth dark blues and greens, frosty blues and brown golds.

  452. Well generally I am a blue and silver person, since blue is my favourite colour. However, I am finding more recently that I am leaning more and more towards burgundy and plum. For Christmas, I love burgundy with gold and green.

  453. What beautiful threads. Years ago, I chose gold and white for my Christmas tree, and began collecting gold ornaments of every kind, matte or shiny, with some pearl and white trinkets added over time. When it was in style, I hung metallic gold tinsel, as well. The tree skirt is dark green velvet and satin, white, and gold lame. Everything else in the house is decorated in Christmas (or pointettia) red, showcasing my collection of nativity scenes. I have not been well enough the past 3 years to actually decorate for the holidays, but hope that I may soon be able to.

  454. Although I love all things Colour Complements, Christmas truly brings out the red in me, all shades, with accents of green.

  455. Anything BLUE-SILVER-WHITE in frosty, variegated, creamy, velvet, textures. Any type ..This year I am even making Navy blue Santa hats for my family. Christmas and the holidays are such a wonderful Blessing..

  456. I use color themes to match the mood of the room. In the family room, it’s cheery red & white with gold accents. The dining room has elegant burgundy with gold accents and the living room has calm white with soft green and light pink accents. I use mostly red or white throughout the remainder of the house.

  457. Mary, I love Lorraine’s threads and can recommend them. As for Christmas colurs, I am such a boring traditionalist…it’s green, red and gold for me! And for one of my daughers-in-law; my other d-i-l is far more adventurous.

  458. Blues, greys, and hints of silver, which is weird because green is my favorite color. Maybe Christmas is my little break from that.

  459. Traditional red and green, I think, with gold and silver for shine. Since I live in Japan, I see lots of non-traditional Christmas displays.

  460. Traditional red and green are my absolute favorites, but gold and champagne runs a close second! Thanks for such a wonderful website and hosting these lovely give a-ways!

  461. Since I live in NZ, every year I look forward to the pohutakawa trees flowering at Christmas time. They come out in scarlet sprays of flowers, and have native birds singing in them until their flowering period ends. So for me, Christmas means that scarlet, combined with the gold of tinsel and Christmas decorations.

  462. I prefer traditional Christmas color – bright red and green. But on the tree I like many colors but only white lights.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these threads

  463. I am a traditional red and green for most everything, but do stretch that to cranberry and forest green. I like to set my table with a blue tablecloth and red accents of candles, cranberry glass and red baubles, mixed in with my collection of small nutcrackers!

  464. Thank you Mary and Colour Complements for this give away. I love Christmas and I tend to go for darker or more muted shades of red and green with gold thrown in. I also like pink and light green as well as burgundy and gold. I only use white, blue, and silver if I am making something for someone who wants something winter themed as opposed to Christmas. To me winter themed is not Christmas.

  465. Love your website and embroidery is my passion and then quilting is a very close second so do try to incorporate both together. Favorite C-MAS colors are silver and blue not much into shades cause i love and can work most any
    thing together

  466. Oh my, to choose colors when I love them all. The burgundy and green shown are so happy to chase away the winter duldrums. For Thanksgiving I love the oranges, orange reds, browns and the sage greens. Christmas is always red and green for me, very traditional. January is icy blue and silvers. February is Reds and Pinks. March and April bring in all the bright pastels for Easter. Oh, I just love COLOR. Back to the Burgundy and Green you showed, wonderful colors together.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  467. Hi Mary, hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. I love the burgundy and gold and forest green colors…. but, upon looking at my Christmas decorations , I seem to have always gone with the traditional red and green. ALL of the colors Lorraine has made are beautiful to look at. I’m a sucker for yarn and threads of bright colors; can’t resist buying when I see the beautiful ones. Hope your Christmas holidays in KS are peaceful and enjoyable.

  468. Christmas – for me the spirit of Christmas fills the year; thus it is that I find all the entire pallet appealing.

  469. I’m all for tradition, red and green with touches of silver. Amazing threads and beautiful color combinations.

  470. I am a old fashioned person…I love the green, red, silver and gold kind of person for the Christmas themes. It is my favorite time of year, next to fall that is! Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and teach us new techniques or new products we never knew of πŸ™‚

  471. That is, for me, a tough question to answer. My favorite Christmas colors are two types: Victorian reds, greens, etc. And blue/silver. Between the two, I cannot decide. It depends on the project. It depends on my mood. I have done Christmas in everything from bright colors cross stitch, surface embroidery, and needlepoint to cream on cream Hardanger. I enjoy them all.

  472. What beautiful threads! I think my favorite color scheme is white, blue, silver, etc. Looks so crisp and clean, like a good Colorado mountain winter!

  473. My favorite Christmas colors have changed over time. I used to be very traditional (Christmas red/green), then in the late 80s/early 90s, the burgundy/hunter/gold fever struck. I’ve done Christmas red and white/crystal, and the more muted, primitive barn reds/black/mustard combos.

    But, when I think of color and Christmas, I always go back to the bright primaries of the old big-bulb Christmas lights. Red, blue, green, orange in retina-singing splendor – that’s Christmas!

  474. I like pink/green or burgundy/olive with some gold accents. Or shiny jewel tones on white branches… just about anything except for the traditional red/green…

  475. I use the red, green, white when making holiday stitchery, but I think I really prefer the icy whites and silvers – just need to push myself to use something different!

  476. Happy day after Thanksgiving to you, too! I’m a blue and silver person, I think; there’s nothing more peaceful than a winter evening when all the sounds are muffled and everything is still and it seems like the whole world is quiet.

  477. Ooh. Pinks! I’m sitting here looking at my biggest tree. It’s decorated in pinks from icy to hot and blues from pale snowy to light turquoise. I have the perfect garland with just those colors plus splashes of spring green. I confess that I have multiple trees so I do use other color schemes on other trees, but I have quite a collection of lovely pink ornaments. Looks perfect in this room. And I just finished a Christmas sampler on which the tree was decorated with little pink ribbon roses and little flat pearl beads. Lovely! And I didn’t change a thing! Love pinks!

  478. I’m a pretty conservative Christmas color person. I like the traditional red and green, although blue and white are especially good into the winter.

  479. Merry Christmas. I would love to win these as I” making my granddaughter a pillow for Christmas.
    Thank you

  480. My favorite Christmas color combination is Christmas red and lime green and a little sparkle of gold and silver.

  481. I love everything about the colors of Christmas. The traditional reds and greens with the frosty silvers, and bright golds. They bring the season to life. As a child my mom worked in a clothing store, at Christmas, when school was out, I would go with her to work. I had to stay in the employee break room, which was just off the area with the wrapping table. My favorite thing was watching the ladies wrap the gifts in all the beautiful papers, tied with bows of those gorgeous colors. The red foil paper with the bright green ribbons was my favorite. I still have fond memories of those days, when I’m wrapping gifts every year.

  482. Hello Mary,

    What great colors , these are just what I like to use. I need to push myself away from this color palette sometimes πŸ™‚ I am trying, but my all time favorite is this one.

    I don’t know why but these colors make me happy and I always love to stitch with these colors.

    Have a great day tomorrow and I will reading you tomorrow morning.

  483. I love overdyed threads. Who doesn’t? It is good to learn of many sources for threads around the country and world. As to preference of Christmas colors. I think it depends on the design I am working on. Right now I am stitching a small piece with snowflakes which is shades of blue and white. If I had a Santa it would be red, and an angel, gold.

  484. As i live in the southern hemisphere we have a summer christmas. I still can’t get used to it, being born in th UK. However it is sprng here and the colours i always enjoy are rich sapphire blues for the clear sky, greens of all shades that represent the new growth in the bush and of course bright pinks and purples for the massive array of blossoms that we have down under. I can certainly enjoy stitching under the shade of blossoming wisteria, glass of wine included, of course, just enjoying the beauty of my surroundings!

  485. The first Christmas stitching I did was on opalescent evenweave with blue “black work” stackable biscournu which look like a Christmas tree. Although I like the non traditional colours, I also love the red and green. I really struggle to choose a colour scheme, which is why I leave the tree decorating to the kids even if it does end up looking like Christmas threw up on it.

  486. I really love this winter season! Every color associated with winter makes me want to create something, whether it is the wintry blues and grays of ice and snow, or the bright red and green on Christmas trees. I think my very favorite is the burgundy of cranberries mixed with the dark green of pine trees with a little gold thrown in for sparkle.

    Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  487. Hi Mary, thanks for a delightful giveaway! Hard question tho’ – I like the deep rich colors, but with muted versions thrown in as well, so there is a look of old-fashioned holidays past. Then then, shades of ice and blue are also nice!

  488. Hi

    My name is Marie-Josee and I live in Canada, Quebec.
    My favourite colors are pink & aqua/teal and even violet & green.
    Thank you very much for this chance to win something.

    Happy Holidays!

    PS: hope to win … never did!

  489. I’m open to lots of colors, but this year I’ve added chartreuse, lots of silver sparkles and frosted white and antique pink, oh and mercury glass. I try not to use dark colors.

  490. I absolutely love colour! Mauves, purples, aquas, teals, pinks – the colours found in an abalone shell! Under water scenes are conjured up plus a summer garden…………..!!!
    All types of embroidery call to me when I see these colours! In fact I do suffer from colour highs! They draw me in & I begin to picture in my mind the type of embroidery I would love to create with them.

  491. I love so many different holiday colors I find it hard to pick a favorite.. This year I think I want to go with bright non- traditional colors.pinks, baby blues and a soft purple and green…

  492. Red, Green, and Gold! The brighter the better. I love the bright colors during this time of year. Working with these colors helps to keep the gloom away.

  493. Nancy in Newport here. I love burgundy and gold – until I look at blue and silver = or teal and red. I’d probably have to go with blue and silver/white (my high school colors). All threads are beautiful.

  494. I love all of the jewel tones. They always remind me of the velvet dresses my mother would make for me for Christmas / winter πŸ™‚ .

  495. My favorite colors for the Holiday Season and Winter projects are the blues and silver although I often do use the reds, greens and gold of the Christmas season. SandyB

  496. Love the red and green Christmas colours, but then they are all so lovely. Thankyou for this beautiful competition.

  497. Love the red and green Christmas colours, but then they are all so lovely. Thankyou for this beautiful competition. Would be nice to have these colours.

  498. Lately I have been doing red work for xmas gifts and in all my 12 years of embroidery this is the 1dt time I did red work and I have fallen in love with it!! Sew red is my fave Xmas colors to work with

  499. I like icy blues and whites for winter. I live in the AZ desert so these are never found in nature, so I use them in the house.

  500. I find my color choice changing and I’m drawn to the brighter colors. I also like the modern color schemes.

  501. I love blues, white, silver and a little purple thrown in. It makes for a different but beautiful holiday decor.

  502. I am a fan of silver and gold ornaments on a real green tree. I like the shine and elegance which dresses up a classic tree. I am having rotator cuff surgery on 11/30 so decorating will be up to my husband for the first time in 47 years! It will be fun to see his version. Merry Christmas all!

  503. I especially like ‘jewel tones’, the burgundy and greens shown in this article are especially favored. I most always choose golds for glitz and shine, but have been known to use silver where it fits better. I like intense colors and often wear them as well as used them in my artwork.

  504. I’m going for a pink Christmas tree with gold and cream decorations again this year and sparkly lights…..hope it survives my cats better than last year when they pulled it over! It’s quite bright, but very pretty.

  505. I love the burgundy and gold theme for Christmas. I live in a hot climate in Australia, and when I see the rich colours of Burgundy and Gold , I close my eyes and try to imagine a white Christmas with an open fire, curtains drawn and snow falling outside.. Where in reality it is 40 degrees outside and salads are the go…..I know it is a romantic notion from watching too many movies, but I can dream.
    Happy Christmas

  506. My favorite colors of the season are the deep evergreens. The green really shines in any holiday palette.

  507. I am definitely a red and green person for Christmas, but my reds lean more toward burgundy and my greens toward a forest green. This year will be the debut year for a beautiful quilted tree skirt using these colors.

  508. My favorite colours for the holidays are forest green, a soft gold and a warm orange. These make me thing of my grandparents’ Christmas tree (green with mostly red decorations) with the family gathered round, lit just by the light of a flickering fire (the orange!). A hand made ornament is a treasure but I like to share the memories I have with these types of things.

  509. I’m a traditional Christmas colors person, so true red and true green with gold. I love Christmas-inspired plaids too, but plaid isn’t a color (?). Thanks for the give-away! I love your posts; I learn so much from them.

  510. I am starting to love the contemporary look of aqua and red and silver for Christmas decor- I used to be very traditional, but we moved to a mid century modern house last year and my colors are all softer and cooler than they used to be! Gorgeous threads- thanks for introducing me to another great source.

  511. I have stayed with red, green, and gold theme. Mostly because it’s what my three kids liked when they were little. Now that they are teenagers, we been changing colors up a little. I love decoration that have a antique color look, like the old glass ornaments have. It makes me feel that it is really Christmas, instead of the more commercial look. I love blues, pinks, greens, reds, and yellows of the old glass ornaments, warm lights on the tree, and tinsel hanging down.

  512. Christmas in Australia is a bit different to your Christmas and the colours are very different too! The days are hot and the sky is a brilliant blue – until it changes to thunderstorm grey or black, of course. I must admit I prefer the traditional reds and greens with a smattering of white, although my (green) tree is wonderful mixture of sentimental favourite decorations with bits and pieces from places I’ve visited, decorations I’ve made or had since childhood and all the colours seem to blend together just beautifully.

  513. It’s a toss-up regarding colors, but I’d say either

    Blue shades with white shades


    Gold shades with brown or green.

    Chris Watson

  514. My favorite Christmas colors are definitely bright red and dark green – think red holly berries and fir trees.

  515. This is one of the most difficult questions I have ever had to answer. I love all the colors of Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, because of the variety of colors. The palate I work with depends on the time piece I am working on, and how I feel at the time. Do I want bright colors or icy colors. It also depends on who I am giving the piece to, as I do give most of my work away to family members. Do, I am sorry to say, I cannot narrow down my choice to one particular palate of colors at this time of year.

  516. My favorite Christmas colors are blue and silver. It reminds me of Doris Day singing Silver Bells.

  517. Christmas in southern Australia is often hot and dry, so a washed-out palette is what I associate with the festive season – the sparkle is provided by the glare of a too-hot sun! Needless to say, decorations are of the home-made, many-hued variety.

  518. I love to use the traditional colours of red, gold & green for decorating my Christmas tree and my living and family rooms but my Christmas table and dining room are done in blue, white and silver to match my china.

  519. Colors are so much fun to play with! This year, my Christmas color preferences are dark burgundy, forest green and metallic gold. Who knows next? But, for gifts…whatever their heart’s desire.

  520. Oh my, I’m a bright true red and pine green Christmas person. I love ❀️ traditional everything…Santa, bells , candy canes … so on and do on. Bring on Christmas !

  521. For Christmas I love red/green/gold combination. They feel so warm in our cold and dark climate and the light just zings them.

  522. I’m a fan of frosty blue and white to celebrate the winter season. I’m (slowly) working on a beaded blue and white snowflake quilt and the perles would make for beautiful big stitch quilting.

  523. Oh I love just about any color combo, but burgundy and rich blues are some of my favorites for Christmas and winter in general. Add a little flash of gold or silver and it’s even better. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  524. Of course l Love the red and green but my favorite would be Blue and silver. Blue for the sky and silver for the snow.

  525. I want as much color as I can get. I want every color represented on my trees and in the lights. Rainbows At Christmas!!! Color! Color! Color! (with a healthy helping of Red)

  526. For general all winter, you can’t beat white and light blue.
    For Christmas, think old or Victorian–burgundy and old gold.

  527. I like the icy blues and the silver colors for Christmas. You can smell and feel the crispiness in the air and smell the freshness. Whether the smells are included with pine branches or cinnamony aromas, it’s accentuated with theses colors….

  528. For Christmas, colors are definitely red and green BUT winter to me is always blue and white. I am in the process of saving fabric for a winter quilt that is both pieced and embroidered along with a crazy quilt block border. Blue and white and multiple color blue/white thread is on the horizon for this project.

  529. Burgundies, forest greens and golds are my favorite Christmas colors. Wild love to win some beautiful threads!

  530. I love burgundy and gold. I have decorated my tree and home in these two luscious colors for over 20 years. I collect a few new ornaments every year. I look forward to hearing from Mary every week.

  531. I am a traditional Christmas color person. Nothing evokes Christmas for me more than the Christmas red and green. Such a vibrant combination that is uniquely Christmas. With, of course, a little glitz and bling added to really bring out the holiday feeling. When my daughter was a toddler, she always wanted to go the the Red and Green restaurant for her birthday. Only thing was, her birthday is two days after Christmas so everything was red and green! We finally figured it out after driving around for quite a while, and just decided to go to one that we always went to. It was a Chinese restaurant that had red and green lights in their window all year long! After that we always called it The Red and green restaurant, and now can’t remember the real name. So, Christmas red and green are definitely the color that is Christmas for me and brings back that wonderful memory.

    Thank you so much for your fabulous blog and all the wonderful giveaways you bring to your followers.

    Bless you!

  532. My favorite Christmas and winter colors are blue and silver. They remind me of blue Christmas lights glowing on snow, blue lights reflecting off tinsel, and it makes me want to sing Silent Night. It gIves me the true feeling of the holiday.

  533. Another great competition, thank you! My favourite Christmas colours are burgundy and silver. I think you need some glittery sparkle at Christmas. Ho ho ho!

  534. Living where I do, I lean more toward the greens in our desert gardens – cactus, rosemary, jojoba – paired with the “pop” of bright red or deeper reds.

  535. Because I live in a tropical region My choice of Christmas colours may be a little different. I like apple green, bright yellows, watermelon pink, sky blue and for a bit of bling silvers. Three trees out side my home have red flowers so I see more than enough red lol.

  536. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so definitely I like to decorate and stitch in reds and greens. I also love sparkle though, so a touch of gold or silver is needed too.

  537. I just love the burgunfy and gold combination coupled with some darkish green for good measure. It just speaks of christmas trees and candles and beautiful dark santas coats.

  538. I’ve been getting her emails with pictures of beautiful work done with her threads, even the colorways I wouldn’t choose on my own work up marvelously. Her website is really worth a look.

  539. Most of my old treasures are the traditional red and green but any two complimentary colors will work. Blue and deep gold (for a version of orange), purple and bright gold (for violet/yellow). Or a triad of colors. Or a theme. Like my kitchen tree all done in copper and red gingham and burnt sienna gingerbread people (an analogous scheme). My favorite tree right now is a small one for my guest bath that is covered in teals and lime green and fuschia glittered decoration. All of this is why it’s SO important for artists in ALL media to understand color theory. So we can know WHY the colors we like work so well together, not just that they’re pretty! Yea color theory!

  540. I grew up in the Deep South and Christmas was always deep green (pine trees) & bright pink (camellias). But I’m living in Colorado now and my color sense is morphing into icy shades of bright blue (clear skies) & the whitest of white (snow).

  541. Every year I sing “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” and every year I write “Please let it snow ” on my list for Santa but every year it is more than 30C (85F ?) here in Queensland, Australia. So it is the icy blues and whites for me, with a dream of a White Christmas before Rigor Mortis sets in.

  542. My favorite Christmas colors are deep burgandy and muted tones of green.That is absolutely beautiful colors & will make someone have a happy Christmas.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  543. I like semi-traditional Christmas colors – peach/gold and forest green, or lime/olive/avocado and rust/burgundy. They’re a little calmer, to my mind, than the strictly complementary emerald/scarlet, which just seems to vibrate. Holly berries on a holly tree, OK, that’s how God designed it to look and I’m not going to interfere (and it’s balanced by a lot of brown leaves and gray clouds anyhow), but inside the house I want a little more mellow.

  544. Oh my, color — I guess my very favorite combination is a very clear cranberry red with forest green — not muted…. but then when I look around our decorated house I also see blue and silver, true red with green and white, primitive creams with ruddy reds…. Scandinavian reds and blues…. seems like red, green and blue are the basis and I can actually decorate after Christmas by simply pulling out the greens (and obvious December decor) — reds and blues are great January / February colors!!

    Nice question!! Look forward to reading the comments!

  545. Shades of green have always been the cornerstone of my Christmas decorating while I tend to change accent colors each year. I shift to greys, black and silver for the long NE winters.

  546. These are so pretty!

    I’m a traditionalist, so my favorite Christmas colors are a bright red and a Christmas-tree green.

  547. For me as a blue & white girl my choice for christmas is blue & silver of course! My blue & white Wedgewood decorations on my tree come up a treat with the silver. But I do like a change occasionally with puple & gold.