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Beautiful & Functional – A Slate Frame & a Give-Away!


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Ahhhhh. Two momentous things for you today!

Wait… make that three! It’s a banner day!

First, I want to introduce you to a new (and beautiful, and functional, and strong, and light – and a little bit different) slate frame that’s on the market.

And then, to spread the joy a bit, we’ll have a give-away! Because I know you want one, too!

And mixed in with it all, you’ll get a sneak peek at a new project that’s been simmering on the back burner.

Update, 2019: At this point in time, I’m cautioning folks about purchasing from Mythic Crafts. After a very successful crowd-funding campaign in January of 2018, many of the backers have still not received their goods from backing that campaign. I hope that Mythic Crafts is able to fulfill the orders made during the crowdfunding campaign, but until they do, I don’t recommend ordering from the company’s website.

Update, July 2019: Mythic Crafts is out of business.

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

I’ve written about slate frames here on Needle ‘n Thread before.

Over the years, I’ve tried many – some good, some not so good. Some great in some respects and awkward in others. Strong, but too heavy. Light, but not strong enough. Strong and light, but not particularly well made. And of course, some that are just right.

The slate frame I’m going to show you today is a little different from most – in fact, I’d say it’s different from any other slate frame I’ve tried. And it falls into the just right category.

It’s strong, it’s light, it’s beautiful. It’s perfectly functional. And it has a little variation to it that makes it slightly quicker to set up than most slate frames.

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

This particular frame comes from Mythic Crafts, which is no longer in business.

Tanja Berlin dropped me a line about Mark a while ago. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of his frames! He kindly offered to send me one to try, and…well. What’s a gal to do? I couldn’t say no!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

The frames are made from European beech wood, a strong wood that is quite light – and therefore, ideal for putting up with the strain that fabric puts on a slate frame, without adding any strain to the embroiderer from excess weight.

Each part of the frame is well made, perfectly finished to a smooth-as-glass surface, oiled and varnished.

Due to the different times of day I took the photos for this article, the color of the frame looks slightly different here and there. The photo above does the color justice. Really pretty!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

This is what makes Mark’s slate frames different from other slate frames.

The roller bars (the horizontal bars) don’t require webbing to attach the fabric. Instead, they feature a groove in one side, into which a dowel is fitted to hold the fabric in place.

You can see this concept used on other embroidery frames, like the Millenium frame. But I’ve never seen it used on a slate frame. It works well!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

The fabric is pushed into the groove or slot on the roller bar, and then the dowel is inserted into the fold of the fabric to hold the fabric in place.

On the project I set up with this frame, I added some strips of cotton muslin with the linen, for a little more grip around the dowel. With heavier weight fabrics, this wouldn’t be necessary, but I found I got a better grip on a lighter weight linen with the additional strip of fabric in the groove.

The dowel fits between the two slots that take the side bars of the frame. My particular frame is the 450mm frame (about 17.75″ wide), which gives me a usable width (between the side bars) of about 14.5″ wide. The side bars can be pegged to reveal anywhere from about 4″ of fabric to 15″ of fabric.

So, essentially, with this particular frame, I get roughly a 14.5″ x 15″ maximum stitching space, which is perfect for my standard projects.

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

You can see that the fabric comes straight out of the slot in the top roller here, without any extra sewing required. It makes for a very flat surface, top to bottom. Nice!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

By lacing the sides and adjusting the cotter pins, you can achieve a drum taut surface, perfect for your serious (and even not-so-serious) embroidery projects!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

For this particular project that I set up on the frame, I used a linen thread for lacing the sides, and I laced directly into the linen.

On top of the linen, before the final stretching of the fabric in the frame, I herringbone stitched a beautiful cream colored, textured silk. This will be my ground fabric for a goldwork project. Can’t wait to start!

Slate Frame for Hand Embroidery

The fabric is stretched tight in all directions and ready to go!

And the best part (besides the fact that the frame works so well and looks so good!) is that it is So Very Light! If I were using stretcher bars this size for this project, they would be significantly heavier. I’m so pleased with the sturdy lightness of this frame.

In a Nutshell

Excellent workmanship, extreme functionality, and beauty, all rolled into a perfect slate frame. I’d call the frame “heirloom quality.” It’s a frame to invest in, that will withstand the test of time and rigorous use.

Where to Find Them

Mythic Crafts is no longer in business. If you have done business with them and your product has not been delivered, or you have placed a special order in the last six months and not received it, I encourage you to check with your credit card company to see if they can help you recover the funds.

Mark of Mythic Crafts sent me the slate frame I’m reviewing here, but as always, my opinions are my own. You can read my review policy here.


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  1. I have been wanting to begin a project that has gold, silk and whitework elements. A frame like this would make all the stitching easier. I’ve been looking for a lightweight option for frames because the heavier stretcher bars irritate my carpal tunnel. Thank you for bringing Mark and his frames to my attention!!

    1. I’ve been researching slate frames for about sone time, trying to determine what size would serve very special stitching project. I worked with a designer to create a family sampler using my mother’s and father’s names, my husband’s mother’s and father’s names, plus our children’s. I often stitch in hand yet a project this detailed and large would be best completed in a frame. Thank you for this opportunity and all the valuable stitching informationyou share.

  2. Good morning!

    I’m teaching myself needlepainting and goldwork and have kits from Tanja Berlin and Margaret Lee sitting waiting to be stitched. I would love one of these frames!!!

  3. These frames look stunning. I can envision myself working on one of my silk ribbon and embroidery fairies from Di Van Niekerk of South Africa. The frames look like they would fit in the Needle Work 4 stand so would be an added bonus. Thanks so much for this give away.

  4. I love to try new items. I don’t have any specific plans for this, but I’m sure I could come up with something.

  5. I would use this frame for embroidering goldwork (or trying to!) for vestments for my brother, who will hopefully be a priest some day. It is a very beautiful frame, and thank you very much for giving everyone this opportunity.

  6. I would love to do a goldwork project on this frame. I have a rose I would like to embroider in different techniques.

  7. I would stitch a goldwork dragon on the frame. I did a pair of dragon eyes for a canvas work project, but need to do a picture of a full size dragon.

  8. I would use this beautiful frame for my David Smyth’s Garden project. It comes from the new Inspiration’s book that came out last year. I ordered the kit.

  9. This slate frame would be perfect for working counted canvas projects, to which I’m becoming addicted. I have a medium-sized Gay Ann Rogers project I’m ready to start and I’d love to try out a slate frame for it (I’ve never used one before). Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  10. I am a bookbinder who has semi-recently started exploring the realm of embroidery, and I’ve been itching to work on an historical model of an embroidered binding. This slate frame would be the perfect tool for such a project, as it would let me see the entire cover as I work and not have to worry about hoop creases.

  11. I would use it to do a Christmas project that has been in my to do bag wayyyyy tooooo long.
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. I belong to a medieval recreation group where I do a variety of embroidery to recreate cultures in contact with Europe from ~500CE to 1600CE. I have had an Elizabethan Sweet bag in my to-do projects for a while as I have been looking for a good frame for it. I do not want to use a hoop for it. It would be perfect for this frame and the frame is just the right size to make it easy to bring to events with me.

  13. I do a lot of Goldwork & Stumpwork. I am going to book a RSN Goldwork course for the Autumn and this would be a perfect frame! I can never get my fabric taught or even enough!

  14. I am trying to work a needle painting bird from one of Trish Burr’s amazing books and can’t seem to find the ‘right’ frame.

  15. Oh, my goodness! I’ve only just begun to daydream about embroidering a valence for my living room window and here you are, Mary, with an answer to my biggest snag– a slate frame! I’ve never used one but it’s the perfect solution to the hassle of hooping on a large project. Thanks for the serendipitous enlightenment. Now, please pick me to win!

  16. What a beautiful frame! I have a gold work project ( a dragonfly) I want to start and a crewel project ( a fire screen) . So this frame would be perfect. I love the feel of well finished wood products.

  17. I can see how this type of frame eliminates the “hoop burn” particularly important for a heritage piece,

  18. Hi Mary, If I win the frame I would use it for a piece of crewel embroidery. I have an old transfer pattern that I would like to stitch using wool crewel thread. I would use the finished project to make a bag. Thank you to Mark for offering this give-away.

    P.S. March 11 is my birthday!

  19. I would love to try a slate frame! Right now I restrict my pieces to work that can fit in my hoops and stay there to completion. I would like to try a larger piece, with the potential of readjusting it in a slate frame. I am also saving up for a floor stand – the frame and the stand would be a great combination!

  20. I see myself using this for a crewel embroidery project or some white work. It would fit in nicely with all the different techniques I like to do.

  21. I would love to win the slate frame. I have never worked with one before, and I look forward to using it on 2 Joanne Harvey sampler kits I have.

  22. Goldwork, an ecclesiastic design, would be my first project using this slate. Thank you for the opportunity to win the slate, and to Mark for donating it!

  23. Hi Mary,
    The Mythic Crafts frame would be perfect for the situation I’ve encountered: my linen cross-stitch tablecloth project was nice and firm when I started, but has softened up with so much handling and now needs good, firm support. That is what I would use it for first.
    That frame is beautiful!

  24. What a beautiful and so very practical tool!! I love things made of wood!

    If I am lucky enough to be chosen to win this frame, I would first use it on a white work project from my newest book that you recommended a few weeks ago. I so want to stitch the owls for my sister in law who is a “crazy” bird lady – she is blessed to have a ruffed legged hawk, a peregrine falcon and a saw whet owl in her collection and hopefully soon she is able to obtain a bald eagle. (Note – these birds have all been injured and are not able to care for themselves in the wild, so they have joined her and her education program so they will be helping children learn about our beautiful winged creatures here in northern Minnesota)

    After that, I need to get back to my UFOs and finish more things that I have put off.

  25. I start to do embroidery (I am over 50 and must wearing reading glasses to do it) very late and all I did was self learning and your website is my online encyclopedia source …. I have to say million thanks to your generous sharing .

    I start to do French embroidery in small pieces and looking forward to do bigger one and thinking the slate frame will be necessary in that way, and I don’t have any except round hook . Slate frame is must tool for Japanese embroidery and I wish I have the luck to start with the best tool for my new skill and both would made perfect match ! Thanks your sharing again and wish me luck

  26. Wow! What a beautiful work of art! Whoever wins this will be so proud to own it. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway!

  27. I have only been doing surface embroidery for 18 months but am now a true addict. I was lucky early on to be introduced to slate frames and my work is so much the better for it. The next project I will be working is my canvaswork piece as I move on to module 2 of the Royal School of Needlework Certificate course. It is an Autumn scene with luscious colours. I love that yours has your name on. Is that standard? Thank you from another Mary

  28. This is a lovely frame. I wonder if it will work for tambour/limerick lace or tambour beading? Thank you for the article and the excellent photos.

  29. Hi Mary,

    It seems to be a nice frame, that I would be able to use for the Cilaos project that I have been wanted to work on for a while.
    have a great day!

  30. I would like to use this frame for embroidery work on Indian blouses. It is called Aari work, which is an intricate work with a fine needle using silk threads, colourful stones and sequences. The outcome is grand and festive. The embroidery is done on silk fabric mostly. This frame would give the fabric the right tension to work.
    Thank you.

  31. What a nice craftmanswork.
    Broderie de luneville is also possible on this.
    It is very useful for people with back problems.

  32. This frame would be perfect for my next project, a kit given to me for my birthday by my gorgeous daughter and son. It will be my very first Goldwork project an I am so excited. I’ve told myself that I must finish my current stumpwork project first but oooh it is hard to concentrate when I know what is next, lols.

    Thank you Mary and Mark for the give away, take care =)

  33. This is a beautiful slate frame and just what I need. I have a Kaffe Fassett canvas work piece that my mother in law bought and never stitched and I want to do it in memory of her.

  34. I would love to do the design you have in the frame now. I love it! Otherwise, I have always wanted to do your Marian Medallion Project. I adore that design.

  35. I’ve preordered the book described recently. This frame will certainly come in handy for advanced hand work.

  36. I’ve been more interested in white work and needle lace recently and would love a frame for the increased stability!

  37. I would absolutely LOVE to win this frame! I’m currently working on two antique silk pillow shams and I think this frame would work nicely instead of the bulky one I’m using now.

  38. Oh my goodness what a beautiful frame. The first project I’d lace up would be a very geometrical piece. Each unit within the design, would be filled in solid, utilizing needle painting. =)

  39. The last time i used a larger frame was when i stiched my lanarte single thread women on the bike, and woman with the cat. They are beautiful and took an age to sew…..i was a teenager at the time. Im now a mum of 3, reaching very soon a milestone age living in Australia and i have a facebook page threadelicious. I live for all things threads….its time for me to design my own exclusive lanarte embroidery…what better to do this on than an exclusive frame to help that exclusive feeling along…..

  40. Oh yippee! It would be Christmas for sure if I won a frame like this! I’ve been dreaming of these since I first saw them. This would be perfect for anything you don’t want to crush – something with beads or goldwork, or I suppose even padded stitches with lots of dimension. What I’d do with this frame is that I’d make that leap into goldwork that I keep thinking about. There is no particular project in mind, but I’ve seen some amazingly decadent things with both beads and goldwork, and at heart I love glitz.

  41. I would love to try a frame. I have only used cheap embroidery hoops! I think if I won I would have to find something from your site to try!

  42. I’m going to stitch the Isabella GCC from the Embroiderers Guild.
    I really need it to be able to keep the linen straight and true in order to get the bands of drawn thread even.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  43. I am planning on doing a wall hanging with an inspirational saying for my sister who has a new job in a new city. Lots of bright colour! Love that this is a Canadian product.

  44. Oh, my, this slate frame is gorgeous! Mark is a true craftsman. Thank you, Mary & Mark!
    I”ve never had or used a slate frame, though I know the general how-tos of doing so. I have 2 stunning, detailed needlepoint canvases of Siamese cats, both of which I will approach with some trepidation. Fur is not the thing I’m best at stitching, and I’ll be attempting to try Trish Burr’s techniques techniques for the first time. With very expensive angora, kid mohair & other fibers. I hope that a slate frame would keep these 2 kitties tighter than my usual stretcher bars.

  45. Oh, that does look like a wonderfully practical frame! And a very beautiful one too.

    I would like something that will allow me to get really tight fabric tension for silk embroidery. Something that is not too complex to set up and is light enough to be easily portable, and which can be adjusted to suit the size of my project.

  46. Oh Mary- please please please!
    What I see on this frame is a project that needs a frame – The Owl and The Pussycat book cover by Jenny Gooodein(sp.) it is a beautiful embroidery – the first book my daughter was read and used in her wedding ceremony! It is a lovely poem.
    I also see working on our Guild’s logo – we are each doing a logo to create a new banner.
    Happy choosing!

  47. I have been planning a calligraphic sampler of the Estonian alphabet. When I make an original piece, I find it most helpful to be view the whole project while I am stitching. The slate frame seems perfect for this.

  48. Wow – this is a beautiful frame. I have been looking at the slate frames to use for my Cabinet of Curiosity project. This would be a great gift! Thanks for the great review and the link to purchase one if I do not win!

  49. What a beautiful frame for working embroidery! How I would love to hold it in my hands and embroider! I am not a skilled embroiderer by any means, but truly enjoy stitching! Lately I have been working on a small floral piece using Sulky embroidery thread. But seeing the gorgeous Crewel shown recently would really enjoy doing some of that again!

  50. Well, I’d probably do some crazy quilting although I do have a steampunk design to do. I have one completed and there are a couple more in the set that I’d like to do.

  51. Mary, This sounds like a great frame. I have been using frames and stretchers for years and have only stayed with bars by K frames and Marie’s bars. I do not work “in hand”too much anymore.
    Thanks for reviewing this slate frame.

  52. I’d use this fabulous frame to stitch my latest Philippa Turnbull piece, Rowan Tree.

  53. I would plan a needlepoint depicting a beautiful tree branch which we observe with pleasure through the seasons. I have always been interested in and a tad confused about picking such frames. Thank you so much for writing about this!

  54. The smile on my face kept getting bigger and bigger as I looked at this gorgeous thing. I embroidered for 3 lovely years for the Vestment Guild here in Denver, and the slate frames we used got the job done but were not beautiful like Mythic’s. I especially loved his dowel idea, remembering how we used to have to wrestle the canvas into tautness with many knots down each side of the frame.

    Thank you so much for showing us this.

  55. I would love to win that fantastic frame!! I hope to embroider into my printmaking on fabrics that I am working on now. I have one that has a steampunk look to it with gears, and I thing some stitching would add to the look! I’m not sure how yet, but I am thinking and planning.

  56. Good morning. This is a great give away! I have a crewel pattern that my sisters and I tried as children, back in the 70’s. I was under ten, needless to say the results were not all that good. Now that I know a thing or two, I would like to try it again. Of course this would require a new set of fibers and maybe a book or two on crewel. ( it is always nice to learn something new for a new project.) A Slate Frame would be something new to try with my new project. Thank you, Nancy

  57. Aren’t they absolutely beautiful! If I don’t win this one I will be putting one on my “gift suggestion list to husband who can never think of what to get me”
    If I were to win this one, I have a pattern that I bought at the Louvre years ago as a souvenir that needs to be done.
    And a canvas work that was started and is too big for its present st stretcher bars .
    Shall I continue the list?

  58. What a beautiful frame! I would love to try a goldwork project with it. Thanks Mary!

  59. I would love to use this Mark Harris Slate Frame for my next big project. I have been planning a contemporary hand embroidery sampler using a local stately home as the inspiration. I would contain representations of the details that I have found. I have photographed and drawn some wonderful historical details. I would use hand stitches and stump work together with some small areas of appliqué together with small buttons and findings.
    I would reflect the colours of the hall and it’s gardens using a variety of threads and materials. This will be quite a large and complex piece that I anticipate will take me several months to complete.

  60. I am a beginner gold work student. I have also bought Alison Cole’s Master Stumpwork Class and envision using it to expand my horizons in embroidery. Thank you Jamie Cerda

  61. I am so excited to see a customizable slate embroidery frame of this type! For the past 3 months, I have been preparing to stitch Tilton Crafts “Mandala” (a very complex Celtic cross cross-stitch pattern).The design uses 95 colors of DMC cotton embroidery floss, and the design area is completely stitched–403 stitches wide by 600 stitches tall. Allowing for a border of 2 inches on each side, this project will be quite large! I have bobbinated all of the colors, and bought a Lowery embroidery stand for this project. I am planning on stitching 2 strands over 1 on 22-count Hardanger fabric. Mythic Crafts slate embroidery frame would be perfect for this project! Linda Lee

  62. I have a beautiful William Morris floral design that needs this frame! It would be a delight to work the design full frame, without having to roll the fabric. Fingers crossed!

  63. I am designed a floral design surrounding a poem to comfort our pastor in the recent loss of her mother who was an avid gardener.

    This frame sounds like it would be perfect for that project!


  64. I’ve been dreaming of a slate frame like this! I would use it for large ecclesiastical embroidery pieces as this would keep the tension even without having to re-adjust frequently. It would be perfect for any large piece to reduce hand and wrist tension…Allowing me to stitch longer….Always a plus!

  65. Lordy, I have so many “planned” projects I don’t even know which one I’d put on this lovely! I’ve been wanting a slate frame for the longest time, but nice ones seemed so difficult to get. So glad there is someone out there making them on this continent!

  66. Winning this would be a dream come true! Most of the time I love the Evertite frames, but there have been a couple of larger pieces that have never pulled tight because I have lost a lot of my former hand strength over the last few years. I especially would like to do a couple of the “adult coloring book” pictures that have caught my eye. (Thank you for presenting that series!)

    Looking at Mark’s website his prices are more reasonable than other places that I have looked at. Better for less is always good.

  67. I think this lovely lightweight frame would be perfect for large, densely stitched silk ribbon embroidered pieces like those designed by Australian designer Helen Eriksson. Her piece “Renaissance Vase of Flowers” would need the very solid support that this frame offers.

  68. Wow—this frame looks amazing and superior to what I have! I’m pretty happy with what I’m using now (with a plastic clamp that holds the fabric snug over the roller bars), but Mark’s system with the dowel is even better. I also like that it uses cotter pins to hold the frame tightly in place (screws always loosen and the threads eventually get stripped). For me, I would use it for cross stitch, crewel embroidery, or small needlepoint—I alternate between them. Thank you for the recommendation.

  69. I mostly cross stitch. I use q snaps and hoops for my small projects but I’m at a loss for big ones-I hate to put stitches in a frame. I would love the slate frame for doing some of my bigger projects for sure! I have several contenders that this would work perfectly for!! Thank you so much for this review and the chance to win!

  70. Am very interested in this frame. I recently got a needlepoint project that is way too big for stretcher bars. Could mount and get tight with the side lacing.

  71. This frame looks awesome! I have been wanting to get started on a goldwork project. I ordered a beginner’s book and have been researching supplies. This frame looks perfect for it.

  72. I’d love to have one. I envision using it for a stumpwork project I’ve been thinking about for a year or so. There is a television miniseries called Strange & Norell based on a book by Susanna Clarke. In the adaptation a woman who cannot speak begins a stumpwork narrative in place of speaking. It’s wonderful to watch and sad that it’s so briefly shown. But it was inspiring.

  73. What a lovely frame! I’m just beginning to up my embroidery game, moving from hoops to stretcher bars recently. A frame like this would open up a lot of possibilities. There are some larger coloring book pages I’ve wanted to embroider (like your secret garden piece from a while ago), maybe on silk with a hint of gold work, which would be a new adventure. I also have some kits waiting in the wings for a free set of stretcher bars to open up… So many choices!

  74. I haven’t seen this type of frame before, it looks very beautiful and functional. I would love to try it on a robin cross stitch project I have.

  75. This would be perfect!! As I have aged (ha, ha), I find the strength in my hands has weakened and attaching my projects to the upper and lower parts of the frame is more difficult. This would really be a great help. Fingers crossed!!!! The first project on my new slate frame will be a painted canvas. (I am always hopeful!)

  76. Looks wonderful. Can’t tell you how many frames I’ve tried. I recently purchased the peacock feather kit from Tanja Berlin-would be a worthy trial.

  77. Such a lovely frame!! If I were lucky enough to get it (and I may buy one regardless!) I would use it to help with the vestment-making business I dream of starting!

  78. I want to learn to do tambour embroidery. I already have the book (chosen based on your review of it) and the needles and needle holder, I just need the frame to be able to start. As I concentrate my embroidery efforts on the embellishment of the garments I make for myself, my daughter and her 3 girls, this kind of frame is ideal for embroidering bigger sections on the individual fabric pieces before stitching the garment together. That is my plan if I win this frame.

  79. I would use this frame for my Cabinet of Curiosities project. I would love a frame like this. Thank you for the opportunity to get one!

  80. What a beautiful frame! Recently I started embroidering quilt blocks and I think this frame would work much better than the standard round hoop. Once I am done with my current project, I would like to embroider a celestial piece next and this frame would work brilliantly.

  81. Hello Mary,

    Your description of the frame makes it very enticing. I want to make a special embroidery – maybe even try my hand at goldwork – for my mother’s 90th birthday in August. She loves goldwork, her sister used to do it, and having made many projects for her with normal surface embroidery, I am really keen to try and do something special for this momentous occasion. I think working on such a good frame would be a big help.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and website. You are very generous with you knowledge.
    Have a great weekend,

    Kind regards,

  82. I was looking around the house the other day, looking for something I had embroidered to show someone what I make and how it is a little different. I couldn’t find one piece!
    If I win this frame, I would use it to make something just for me. I even have the space on the wall ready and the project mapped out.

  83. I would love to try this frame! I’ve been too intimidated to do so this far! I have been eyeing some kits from Inspirations magazine and can see myself working a goldwork project here.

  84. I would use this frame for a goldwork project I have in mind. This project, I hope, will become a family heirloom. Something to leave behind showcasing my lifetime work of embroidery.
    Thank you for the chance to win one of these beautiful frames.
    Barabal D.

  85. I have a vision of a floral stump work project on silk with flowing vines, leaves and flowers with a Tudor Rose in the middle. I have the pattern already drawn out on paper, and have been hoarding ‘exotic’ threads like silk, bamboo, alpaca, and mohair exclusively for it. I have the perfect cream/ecru colored silk. What I don’t have is a great frame and TIME. [sigh]

  86. I would do a large tapestry-like project for a wall hanging. Been thinking and planning it for a while but haven’t committed to supplies yet.

  87. What a beautiful frame …..it would be so functional for goldwork and any project needing to be stretched tightly. Like that the frames are lighter and made in
    Canada. Thanks.
    Happy Stitching.

  88. I would be thrilled to be the recipient of the slate frame. I am beginning a study on the various forms of whitework and know that the frame would be used often; in fact it would be quite handy.

  89. What a beautiful frame! I have a beautiful cross stitch of a woman and baby I want to do and this frame would be so nice to put it on and work on it. Thank you for the give-a-way, Mary!

  90. What a stunning frame.

    I have been looking for a frame that will hold my projects drum tight, and keep it that way. I hate when I return to a project a day or two later and find that it has sagged.

    I would do crewelwork and blackwork with surface embroidery elements.

  91. I see myself working on a pillow, although I don’t have a specific pattern in mind.

  92. If I win, I will use the frame with an embroidery of HMS Bounty, of the “mutiny on the Bounty” fame. My dad is the director of a study center about Pitcairn Island, and I am making the piece for him.

  93. I could really, really use this slate frame. As a matter of fact, I could use 4 of them. In a couple of months, I’ll start a 3+ year project to embroider one of the Thistle Threads double caskets and that’s what I’d use it for.

  94. I love to do stump work. I have taken classses form Jane Nicholas and am looking forward, eagerly, to classes from Alison Cole and Gary Clarke at the national EGA seminar in August. ( I got in these classes by early registration and thru the lottery).
    I have used regular frames and laced via the Japanese method for previous classes. Kay Stannis taught me how to do this.
    So, this slate frame would get good usage.

  95. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful frame!! I would use this frame to work on a wonderful global map I’ve been wanting to stitch with detailed motifs that illustrate key flora and/or fauna of different countries.

  96. How would I use this frame? Picking one idea out of the many going through me head right now is almost making me dizzy. I have been wanting to embroider large squares for a quilt top — I think this would be the perfect motivation to get started on that project. Thanks for sharing this frame! What a wonderful tool!

  97. Thank you so much for this give away! This slate frame looks fantastic. If I am so lucky to win this give away, I would try stumpwork, perhaps something from Jane Nicholas.

  98. This frame looks fabulous, light weight and easy to use. I would use it on my small canvas projects (From Nancy’s Needle) or some bigger pieces that I currently have in my stash that I would want to work on such a frame that I have not started yet. I usually use stretcher bars that are sometimes cumbersome.

  99. Winning this frame would be a dream come true. I have a silk embroidery project in mind. This frame would give me the perfect drum tightness that my project requires. Thank you, Mary for giving your readers this wonderful opportunity.

    Pat J.

  100. I would love to start a goldwork project using this frame! It’s gorgeous! The fact that it’s lightweight is a huge plus. Thank you for the chance to win!

  101. I have Amy Mitten’s Mermaid Mirror in the very early stages of prepping and basting, and I’d love to be able to put it onto a proper slate frame instead of the roller bars I’ve been using!

  102. I love slate frames! I’ve used them in classes, and would love to have one of my own. I’d use it for a goldwork project. I took a class in it, but haven’t been able to do any since because I haven’t had a slate frame.

  103. I did embroidery as a teenager and wold love to pick it up again! I have joined a group of folks who meet once a week to do needle crafts. Like an old fashioned quilting circle but each with our own projects.

  104. Always enjoy seeing something so functional made so well. Looks like it would be a joy to use.

  105. I want to do a wedding needing work project for our daughter and her fiancé. Wouldn’t that be nice to use this lovely frame and not a plastic clip on one? Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Here is to wishing!

  106. I would use the frame for a pulled thread work piece for a fire screen that I have had in pieces for at least 10 years waiting for it’s embroidery. Good luck to all who enter. X

  107. I recently was given a small beautiful embroidered purse from Peru. I’d like to try this unique floral wool work with lace-weight hand-dyed yarn from a woman’s cooperative business in Uruguay…arm-chair travel through fibre! Thanks for the lovely inspiring posts.

  108. I envision a beautiful silk and metal piece with lots of shiny beetles and fantastical flowers. The frame would hold my fabric tight and all would be nice and even when I was done. I have many a wavy piece.

  109. Hello Mary,

    I’d love to win a slate frame! I’ve been wanting to do Ruth Chamberlin’s Goldwork project for years! This slate frame would be perfect.


  110. Great frame.
    I could use it in a silk embroidery I’m embroidering for too long.
    Thank you Mary

  111. Hi Mary!

    I love these frames….what craftmanship. I have a large embroidery piece by Phillipa Turnbull (The Crewel Work Company in the UK). This frame would be perfect to use to complete the project.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  112. G’day Mary, and thank you Mark Harris,
    I have a blackwork pattern of a lady with the wind streaming her hair and billowing her skirt, tossing leaves and swirling clouds that I’d start using the frame if I should win. This design particularly interests me because the uniformity of the stitching belies the playfulness of the wind, yet it works beautifully. Kind of like this frame, strong yet light, beautiful yet practical to boot! Thank you for introducing it to us Mary.
    Cheers, Kath

  113. Not looking to win the frame, but seeing it, reminds me of the quilting frame that my husband made me saving hundreds of dollars. It is fresh in my mind since my Mennonite cleaning lady borrowed it yesterday as she was given a quilt top for each of her 6 children that she has to quilt. Looking at the pictures of the slate frame, I realized if I wanted one, hubby would be more than happy to make me one. Three cheers for handy husbands, especially when you live on limited funds! He is actually the more creative one in the family!

  114. What a beautiful frame. Thank you so much for offering the giveaway. I would love to win! If I do, the first project I’ll work on will be a mixed media embroidery including antique lace and various appliquéd fabrics.

  115. I’m planning to make en embroidered book (no larger than A5) of the poem The King’s Breakfast by AA Milne, styled as a medieval book of days with a, hopefully, illuminated cover and illuminated first letter and smaller versions for the various sections. The poem will be on several pages but with an embroidered picture to illustrate the embroidered verses on the opposite pages. The project will include needle painting, goldwork and painting on silk which will be the fabric of choice with silk as the thread of choice as well.

  116. I would love to have this frame. I do all types of needlework and have some trouble keeping my fabric tight. This would be perfect!

  117. I have a silk and metal project and a stumpwork project in my stash. This would be perfect for them. I’ve heard so much about slate frames, it would be a wonderful opportunity to be able to actually use one!

  118. I have an Opus Teutonicum project in mind. It’s a historical linen on linen, white on white, German technique, used mostly for alter cloths and the like. A slate frame is the period tool, so having a slate frame to work on my historical embroidery would improve my appearance at reenactment events.

  119. I have digitised a Morris style design that I will sew in metallic threads. I then want to add beading and gold work style appliqué to complete the project. It will be my first project using these techniques so a good frame is a must.

  120. I don’t have a project in mind but I am being pulled toward a bigger hand embroidery project. I have so enjoy reading about your projects.

  121. Mary, I think many of my projects would work on this frame but I would love to try the slate frame on a goldwork piece that needs to be finished before I forget the instructions!

  122. What a great product! I’ve been swooning for an embroidery frame for so long. 😉 The question is: what wouldn’t I created with such a contraption! I’ve daydreamed of big projects and would probably start with one from one of my Jane Nicholas or Trish Burr books. Thanks for posting this giveaway! Cheers to all the needle artists out there!

  123. I have many many kits that require a frame like this. I’ve searched and searched but have not found one that is perfect yet. Today I think I fell in love with this new frame and want one so I can start my new journey and projects.

    I have tried workarounds before and they don’t work. That is when the projects go back on the shelves.

    Thank you for bringing Mark’s wonderful frames for us to have access to. I just hope I am the lucky winner of a frame.

  124. I would LOVE another slate frame because one needs more than one (and you pictured that one that Rachel Kinnison painted for me) when stitching a casket.

  125. I would put my granddaughters xstitch pattern she ask me to do of her favorite character “HARRY POTTER”.

  126. I have seen these frames, but thought it would be complicated to use. Now that you have explained the method behind it, it doesn’t look so intimidating. I like them better than a hoop because it doesn’t leave an imprint.
    I just ordered a pdf from Trish Burr called a Victorian Children on a Branch. That would be a good start.

  127. Nice giveaway and my project would be needlepainting silk flowers and some 11/0 seedbeads as an accent.

  128. Although I love the glittery beaded tambour embroidery, I am aiming for work in the style in your Tambour Embroidery Flower article, which is beautiful. I like to draw my own images and I think this smooth painterly style would suit designs depicting my lovely Yorkshire Dales, (UK) with all it’s uphill and down-dale scenery, with maybe a few sheep added!

  129. I do a lot of tambour & aari work in general and would love to have a fram that actually keeps my fabric tight the whole time, instead of using rings that i have to re-stretch multiple times, risking skewing of the final work. So not for any project in particular, but for all future projects!

  130. I am trying to move from the ‘not so serious’ into a bit more ‘serious’ stage of my embroidery journey through books, online classes and new projects. This gorgeous frame could push me through to the other side of that looking glass. Thanks for the information and the chance to win it Mary!

  131. That slate frame looks wonderful! To have such a taut surface on which to work would be amazing! I would love to try ribbon embroidery on a slate frame. I think it would help keep the fabric from distorting, but I would probably also use on linen and needlepoint projects as well!
    Kathy in Wildwood

  132. I’ve been designing two things which would make this incredibly useful. One is a design based on stylised wings of various British birds, and the other is (I know this is weird!) a sampler of various kinds of mould, which are actually pretty fascinating when you get into studying them, and offer lots of scope for texture and colour creativity!

    1. I would love to see pictures of that!! most of my work is a little nerdy and sciency.

  133. What a lovely frame! I am working on a Brazilian design by Debbie Kelley she calls Enchanted Forest. She describes it as an adventure in Paintstiks and “Organic” stitch techniques. It is stitched on two pieces of fabric. Both are painted, then one is the background of trees, ferns, mushrooms, a path with real rocks along the edge, and the second is a rock overhang heavily stitched with mosses and hanging foliage.
    I have the background on an Evertight frame, and it would be wonderful to have the overhang piece mounted on a slate frame.. Thank you, Lynn

  134. I would love a chance to win this fabulous frame. I have wanted to learn needle painting and am deciding on a bird piece by Trish Burr. I think this would be the perfect frame for that! It looks wonderful, such great workmanship. And how could you resist a man that makes things for his mom.

  135. I do have a slate frame, but as you say, they are quite heavy so a light one would be a boon. I have a silk work design in mind that would be a great project for a new slate frame. Can someone invent foldaway trestles next?

  136. If I won the frame I would use it to set up and stitch a piece of dimensional stumpwork. I have a piece planned from a photo of my grandmother and great aunt, taken in the 1920’s, that is very reminiscent of a painting by Monet.

  137. I would love to try a slate frame for my goldworking projects. I am working on Spring Spendor (designer Kate Stanis) through EGA and I’ve been accepted at the Bluebird in Silk and Gold by Barbara Hornick-Lockard workshop with Little Stitches Workshop in Corning, NY. This would be perfect for both of those projects.


  138. What a lovely, lovely, frame. I can just imagine running my fingers over the wood. I only do cross stitch now, although I faithfully follow your blog and may be brave enough to attempt surface work soon. I love the large frames for pieces with a lot of beaded work, like the Glendon Place Dessert Series or the pieces like Autumn a la Round. I use a large Q-snap frame. It works. But there is not beauty in it. I think this frame would give my soul joy. And I love a taut, taut frame. I also love that the fabric does not have to be sewn into the frame. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful craftsman.

  139. I’ve never used a slate frame and would love own one. I make wedding samplers for family and friends.

  140. Would love to win this contest! I have been using a canvas painter’s frame with the inside removed as an embroidery frame, so an upgrade would be great! Thanks!

  141. I love the color and feel of wood. This slate frame looks like an heirloom piece. I would love to stitch a beautiful peacock on silk using this frame. If you recommend it, it must be one of the best.

  142. Thanks so much for sharing the information on the beautiful slate frames. I’ve read about them for years in British embroidery books but they aren’t easily located in North America.

    If I were to win, I would be torn by which of two embroideries to start with. One is a needle painting of an endangered black crown crane probably with some metallic gold in his crown. But it would also be perfect for a fairy tale inspired stumpwork embroidery. Either embroidery would be on silk dupioni backed by muslin.

  143. Hi Mary,
    I love this kind of frames, I have 2, but as you say, they are so heavy I don’t usually use them, unless it’s a big project. I would love to try these ones with a Chatelaine project I will start next month, I think it will work wonderful with it, as I could bead as I go, that is my preferred way to do it.
    Thanks for a wonderful review.

  144. I have long had an eye on getting a slate frame. If I had one I would use it to do historical embroidery.

  145. I would love to try this slate frame on a project I’m trying to personalize with a favorite Bible verse, specialty stitched border and beads.

  146. I alway have more than on project in the making. usually at least one of them is goldwork. For my current other project, I made an frame my self, not a pretty one but it functions. But I would love to put my Opus Anglicanum piece in a good and pretty frame, so it looks good when I take it with me when i am embroidering in public.


  147. I was entranced by your posts on Late Harvest, to the point where I bought the kit – and then panicked that I would mess it up, so it remains unopened!

    A beautiful slate frame like this just begs to be used, so I hope it would give me the push I need to start Late Harvest.

    The fact that it’s so light would be ideal for me – having ME/CFIDS, I really struggle to use heavy slate frames.

    Heather x

  148. I would love to own one of these frames! A true work of art that just looking at it would inspire me to try to produce something just as lovely to look at! I would love to try out some blackwork style of work but experimenting with different colours.

  149. You appear to spend so much effort on your posts I often wonder how you find time to do all the fabulous stitching you do. Thank you for the opportunity to see such beautiful handwork. Truly envious of your dedication to the art.

  150. I’m working on a silk pattern that is beautiful, but very time consuming, and I am using Q-snaps, which work all right, but don’t really hold the cloth as tightly as I would like.

  151. I have a piece of twill that is screaming for a crewel project. Choices are endlesss. Julie

  152. My passion is cross stitch that contains beading. I have done Spring, Summer, Autumn and Noel and have struggled with my fabric because of the beads getting in the way of my Qsnaps. I think this frame would be the PERFECT answer and I would get tons of use out of it because of all the beaded projects I tend to work on. My next project is Winter and Christmas Elegance.

    Thank you for the opportunity
    Chris Sikorski

  153. I am working on Rosewood Manor’s Tulips. It’s a very large piece and I could use a frame like this! It’s wonderful!

  154. I have a full-moon-themed counted cross stitch project that blends two different patterns plus some original design touches that I know will need tighter tension than I can get on a Q-snap. I’d probably also set up this frame on a floor stand in my living room for semi-permanent display because it’s so pretty!

  155. There are so many ideas/visions in my head…I love the appearance of the lattice work, e.g. The Lattice Jumble. So, first I would learn the stitches…a practice piece.

    Plans for the frame…see above. I’ve wanted to try embrodery like Mary’s work, but have been afraid of it. So it time to challenge myself!!

  156. I would like to frame up my Hazel Blomkamp’s piece on it. That would be great

  157. I really, really need this frame! I do medieval reenacting, and I would do a variety of medieval stitchery on it. The best part is that I could use it at an event, and it wouldn’t look out of place, like a hoop does.

  158. I will soon be taking a class on how to embroider a photograph. This would work swell for the project!

  159. I’ve been wanting to learn silk ribbon embroidery for a little while now, but I only have a couple small hoops that I embroider with currently. A good sized slate frame like this would be perfect for decent sized silk ribbon projects.

  160. I would LOVE to use one of Mark’s slate frames for my RSN certificate course. I have just started and this would be fantastic to aid me.

  161. Thanks go to Mark at Mythic Crafts for being willing to give away a frame! I have a counted cross stitch pattern of a beautiful turn of the century woman in a garden that I have been trying to work on. My current presser bar frame is difficult to keep tight. Mark’s frame would be put to good use! I could finally move on with this interesting project.

  162. I have worked with many vintage kits and now feel ready to design my own crewel project. I have the linen but have never used a slate frame before. I am especially inspired and eager to start after reading about this frame! Thank you for writing this blog!

  163. I plan to work on a crewel project with my guild. It will be so much easier to use the frame than a hoop.

  164. I would use this frame for embroidery and perhaps a larger needlepoint and who knows…about anything else that needs to be stretched

  165. Hi Mary,
    What a fantastic give away! I would use the slate frame to set up for the embroidery of panels of a stumpwork casket. It’s been on my embroidery bucket list for many years and I have been accumulating silks and other gold work supplies to start the project. This slate frame would be the perfect thing to get me going. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  166. I would love to do some needlepainting with it. I have a tough time keeping the fabric tight enough and this may be my answer.

  167. I have just the project for this frame. It’s a rather large sampler that is just to big to hold in hand and has all those fancy two-handed stitches like french knots and bullion knots for flowers. The project has been sitting for a year or two, waiting for just the right frame to use!

  168. I have always planned to embroider some drapes for our ensuite bath, this would be the perfect frame to hold the fabric taught. It has been in the works for a long while, but with work and home, most projects take a very long time to set up and to complete.

  169. For the past year or so I have been plugging away at “Tyler’s Lion” from Long Dog Samplers–by far the largest and most ambitious cross-stitch project I have taken on. I’m currently using a plastic snap frame, which does the job, but I think this slate frame would make the whole experience better!

  170. This frame is stunning! I am retiring in 3 weeks and finally will be getting back into needlework. I plan on doing a gold work project and would like to give it to my sister-in-law to show her I think the world of her.

  171. Such an innovative frame. I love it. I have been wanting to go some embroidery with a little appliqué in it and that would be the first thing I would use it for!

  172. The first thing to do would be something small so I can get better at handling the frame, since I am not used to using it. And then I want to do a decorative scene of the White Tree (in silver thread with all the seven stars).

  173. Ooh I’m not sure what I would use it for. Something very special like my Bayeaux Tapestry project.

  174. In my stack of upcoming projects, I’m going to stich “Forbidden Fruit” by Nicola Jarvis from Issue 93 of Inspirations and I think it could work well on this type of frame.

    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  175. Oh, what a beautiful frame. I’ve always wanted to work a paneled folding privacy screen, like those seen in older movies, that the ladies would stand behind to change clothing. I’ve been collecting medieval designs for decades for this project, largely with fantastical themes: dragons, unicorns, a lion playing a fiddle…a Legacy Piece, if you will. This frame would be perfect to work all those pieces on.

  176. I’m nervously ready to begin my first goldwork project. This frame will surely make my experience so much more enjoyable and improve my desire to do the best I can. I’d love to have it.

  177. I have just started and something like this looks purely luxurious! I have a few projects I’d like to make as gifts and having such a professional tool would make them sooooo much better. Thanks for the chance to win!

  178. Hi Mary, I have a few ribbon embroidery projects waiting for just such a nice frame! I could get started right away – they are from Di Van Niekerk from South Africa. Always enjoy your column. Thanks for all of your help.

  179. Slate Frames look wonderful for needlepoint as well as crewel or embroidery…. That’s what I’d like to try with this…

  180. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for your wonderful website and this great and very timely give away.

    If I should be lucky enough to win the give away I have two project that I am looking forward to stitching. One is a gold work project that I designed and look forward to starting. The other is a large needlepoint Christmas stocking that has been patiently waiting to be started for years.

    The frames look lovely and so nicely finished. I like how the fabric is held with the the dowel. Even if I should not be lucky enough to win the give away I will order one of his frames based on your recommendation.

    Thanks again for your wonderful website and opinions.

  181. What a beautiful frame! I’ve been buying frames for years and have yet to find one that satisfies me. I’ve been trying to learn tambour embroidery, and been frustrated because I can never seem to get my fabric tensioned properly. This frame looks like even I could figure out how to get it set up! My current embroidery project is a family tree worked into an heirloom quilt, I would love to have this frame to work with! Thanks for all your articles, I really enjoy them and have learned much!

  182. Wow a lightweight frame similar to big quilting frames! I have been working on stumpwork and gold work to accompany my heirloom quilting! With severe back issues holding something lightweight will allow me to try finish some of the “stitching dreams” in my head!

  183. This would be perfect to take on that Punto Bandera project I’ve been waiting to try!

  184. I’d first use this frame to stitch a very nice needlepoint I bought last summer.

  185. I would love to win a small slate frame because travelling by plane with the one i am using right now is not that easy 😉 Flying on your one (without a man to carry your stuff) from the Netherlands to the UK with a big slate frame is really hard working. Planning on starting a next technique end of May: advanced silkshading and as this isn’t a big project i guess this slate frame is just fine and even fits in a big suitcase.

  186. I have never tried a slate frame, but have been wanting to experiment with one. I have always wanted to try a Trish Burr pattern, and I think a slate frame would be great to set one up on.

  187. This is a beautiful frame, and when you add great performance, it can only make the joy of stitching more delightful. Thank you for introducing this frame to all of your readers, Mary.

  188. Good morning,

    I actually have used a slate frame but it wasn’t as beautiful as that one. Thanks to your wonderful directions I was able to dress my slate frame to complete my master project for the American Needlepoint Guild. I discovered that the slate frame was far superior in providing tension and as I had a rather sizable canvas that was so important. While I don’t envision doing anything quite that big (it turned out to be 20″ square) I definitely do plan on using my slate frame in future projects- and I would be honored to win a beautiful slate frame.

    Thank you for the give away opportunity and thank you for letting us know about Mark and his frames- I would love to win it!

  189. If I win, this would be my first slate frame. I would use it to start my casket project for the Cabinet of Curiosities class I am taking!!!

  190. I think such a gorgeous frame deserve a very special project so I would say something involving goldwork.

  191. Hi Mary 🙂

    If I were to win this lovely frame, I would use it for thread painting. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I have most of Trish Burr’s books and I just love her bird projects. I think this slate frame would be wonderful to work with and keep my fabric really tight, allowing me to keep my stitches uniform. I do have some scroll frames and tend to use q-snaps, but have been reluctant to try thread painting with them as I believe they won’t keep my fabric as tight as it should be.

    Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  192. I am so excited about this giveaway-thank you so much. I have a silk shading and gold work project waiting to be started, and would use the slate frame for that project.
    Thanks again, Mary.

  193. Never used a slate frame before so this would be a welcome way to try one out. You bring such interesting items out into the air.
    Thanks so much.

  194. I would use this frame to embroider my Goldwork Butterfly from Alison Cole. I would be in 7th heaven stitching on this frame, especially because Mark is Canadian, good for Tanja for mentioning him to you.

  195. I have a number of stretching frames for my needlework but this appears to be simpler and much more efficient.

  196. I would love to win this frame. I am currently working on a Tallit bag for my husband and the design is a beautiful goldwork harp embroidered on dark blue linen. I am almost finished with it and am planning my next project which would work perfectly in this frame. I have been teaching myself whitework embroidery and I am planning a sampler to include hemstitching and pulled thread embroidery with filling stitches as well. Your website and links have been my inspiration.

    Thank you

  197. Lovely frame! I have a Canadian sampler coming up next, so this would really be appropriate. 😉

  198. Hi Ms Corbet,
    The frame looks very well made, and I’m sure it would be so much better than the hoops I now use, as they leave so many creases as I move it to different areas to be sewn.
    I just ordered Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth, and would love to be able to use the frame to work the project.
    At the present time I am working on a project of robins in a dogwood tree. It has been too many years since I did embroidery and I needed a practice project to re-familiarize myself with the stitching. My quilting and painting projects will just have to be patient for awhile!
    My biggest problem right now seems to be not to order more than I can handle, but I see so many beautiful projects, I lose control!

  199. What a delight to have a beautifully made and finished frame! It would be a pleasure to enjoy handling and using a handmade product while creating my own. I am presently using several books to teach myself pulled thread work and Hardanger. Yvette Stanton’s books are wonderful learning tools. They are inspiring and easy to follow. So far I have finished two small projects and am thinking it’s time to try something larger. Mary, thank you for all you have taught me since I found your site. Reading your blog is a treat to myself after getting my morning chores finished. If you haven’t posted that day, I go back into the archives and get my reward. It is so fun stitching with you.

  200. I am working on a long term project. A stumpwork piece of birds at my bird feeder. I live in the redwood forest and get a nice variety. I have most of a woodpecker done. I have been eyeing slate frames and this one looks wonderful. Thanks for the review.

  201. Thank you for this give away! Please, please, please let me have this for the cover I am stitching for the Gospel book at my church. It includes gold work and silk thread embroidery. I would SO love this!!!!

  202. i envision too many projects in cross-stitch and embroidery to pick just one right now, my mind is already buzzing with shades of blues
    i would love to have one
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful frame, i will have to save my pennies to purchase one

  203. I have been looking for a frame that is similar to this for a while. I have seen some set up in video from the Royal School of Needlework & Maison Lesage but was not able to locate one in Canada. All were European made which made them quite expensive with the shipping. I have been using a “homemade frame” which is more often that other, crooked when I try to install it. I have been “bugging” my spouse to try & make me one, but……. I am still waiting. This would make things easier. I like working on a frame & presently use a round frame attach to a sitting handle – it works well but only for smaller projects. This type of frame would grandly facilitate the setting up & i could start on goldwork of work several small projects at the same time. Thanks for making me aware if this resssource.

  204. I would love to try this frame. I have been using ever-tites for awhile now and I love how I can get the ground fabric so tight and re-tighten as I need to. But I do historical embroidery, and ever-tites are not HA. Currently on my floor stand is an opus anglicanum, next up is either a Elizabethan sweetbag or coif. I also teach embroidery so having a more accurate slate frame would help students understand how embroiders were achieved in period.

  205. Dear Mary,
    I would use the slate frame for a 17th century embroidery done on fine linen with silk threads. The design will include plants and insects. it is actually already drawn!



  206. I would LOVE to be so lucky to be chosen the winner of the fine slate frame from Mythic Crafts. I would use the frame to set up and stitch a pattern that I’ve had for several years. It is The Lord’s Prayer. I even have bought the linen and floss to begin the project about a year ago. I have the pattern and supplies tucked away in my “to do” embroidery box. I so enjoy your wonderful newsletter, I look forward to receiving it in my inbox. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Robin Voiers

  207. Beautiful frame and workmanship, I would love to own one to use in my embroidery projects! Thank you Mary, for all you that you share with us on your website.

  208. What a beautiful frame to work with! Thank you for this opportunity. I have some pretty ambitious needle painting ideas in my brain case that could benefit from a slate frame!

  209. I love hand crafted tools that then become a bespoke tool chosen to be a future heirloom.
    I would love one of these frames that could travel with me in our RV.
    Here’s hoping I am lucky.

  210. I’ve only worked on a slate frame once before and it was so heavenly. I took a class and the project came already slated on the frame. It was such fun to work on. I’m a little scared to figure out how to set on up, but the dowel makes it look infinitely easier.i have a gold work project that looks like a perfect 1st attempt. Thank you for all the information you share. I look so forward to your posts!

  211. I have a beautiful Old World Sampler pattern using red silk thread, this might be what I need to get started. Thank you for the great give away!

  212. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely frame! I would use it to do my first time ever goldwork project.

  213. WOW! What a wonderful item to add to my collection of wooden hoops. I would do a large surface embroidery and maybe include a bit of stump work to add to the excitement. No more ripples or hoop marks to worry about.
    To have my name put on it would only make it more special.


  214. I would love to start my Betcy Tucker historical reproduction sampler on this frame! It’s a large & beautiful piece of linen that deserves this frame:)

  215. I would love to use this frame for the liturgical symbols patterns I purchased from you. The patterns are beautiful and intricate, so take extra patience and time. The frame would be perfect for making each stitch perfect!

  216. I have been looking for a frame to use when working on various samplers that we stitch in our sampler group. This looks like it would work great.

  217. I would love this frame. I have an antique sampler reproduction pattern that I just finished gathering all the threads for. Thanks.

  218. I would love to finally take on a larger scale project, but I find big hoops difficult to use and I don’t like having to be super careful about putting a small hoop onto already finished embroidered surface. I am just finishing up med school and can’t wait to dive back into embroidery after having to study so much. My first project would be to make some bright and fun cushion covers for the couch in my new apartment!

  219. Oh Mary! The projects I can envision on this slate frame are so wonderful! First, I’ve never actually used a slate frame, although I have an antique Swedish one I picked up at an antique store. It’s a bit wobbly, so a new one from Mark would be delicious! I’d like to work the Mellerstain Fire Screen crewelwork project from The Crewel Work Company (Phillipa Turnbull)! Then I’d like to work a largish historical surface embroidery sampler! But truthfully, if the slate frame were mine, I would gaze at its beauty, and quickly line up a MULTITUDE of projects to use it with! Thank you Mary for all that you do for us stitchers!

  220. What a lovely frame, both in terms of form & function. I have a project with linen just waiting to be framed up. Lots of silk threads that will need to be laid smoothly; a frame will be essential. If I win, I will promise to post a picture of the finished project — this will ensure that you keep this site on-the-go for years! Decades!! hahaha! Thanks to you for the wonderful blog!

  221. I would do one of my secret dream – project from Sadako Totsuka book, bouquet of flowers in different shades of blue silk..

  222. Hello Mary My project for a slate frame will be a thread painted portrait of my one and only grandchild. I have been practicing for years now but never used a frame like this (hoops only). So I don’t always have the straightest lines and finishes. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Cheers Lois

  223. I’d love to work goldwork projects on this slate frame. They are beautiful!

  224. How beautiful! The wood is exquisite.

    I have designed a garland of flowers with a message inside for my son and daughter in law. It will include their wedding date and their names. The size I want to make is quite large compared to the typical pieces I make. I am definitely a novice and tend to figure things out as I go (or read it on Needle and Thread) working with such a gorgeous frame would, I imagine, be inspirational.

  225. I have looked for a good slate frame in the past but got on to other things. If I had a slate frame, I would finally get working on some stumpwork designs I have had my eye on to try for some time!

  226. Oh, my. I would love to have this frame! I have a wonderful kit from Jenny Adin-Christie called “The Owl and the Pussycat”. It is very complex (for me) so it really needs to be stretched properly to work on. I have been waiting a year for a Mellinium frame, so I don’t think that going to happen! The kit is all done in layers of silk organza and on a soft teal satin background. It will be a real challenge for me, but I’m betting the proper frame will help!

  227. Hi, Mary. I have been using stretcher bars for all my embroidery projects, always wishing I had a slate frame to use instead. As I only work on one project at a time, I would always have my current project set up in the slate frame. Good luck to the lucky winner!

  228. I would LOOOOVE this frame to use with the beautiful whitework project I’m lining up and hope to start soon!

  229. I’m planning to do the White Iris GGC from EGA later this year with my local guild. The slate frame would be perfect for it…then lots of future projects.

  230. I’m looking forward in making a medieval pouch with German brick stitch. I have tried to make one prior to this, but my frame is not strong enough to hold it steady and tight.

  231. HI. How wonderful! The project would be Tallioferro’s Royal Persian Blossom Pattern!

    Thank you


  232. Hi Mary, I have an embroidery piece I started years ago on a stretcher frame that I never completed because the frame was so heavy and awkward.
    Sounds like one of Mark’s frames would be the perfect solution to help me finish it!

  233. I’m just finishing an embroidered quilt and had a blast doing it. Once that is done, I’m planning another quilt with appliqued flowers embellished with embroidery. After that, I’d like to teach myself thread painting or is it needle painting? Anyways, I’d like to make animal portraits and turn them into quilts. And then there is another idea I have bouncing around in my head about making an embroidered quilt with Aliens and Science Fiction characters from the 50’s and 60’s. So many ideas and not enough time….

  234. I’ve only used a hoop to embroider-and would love to try a frame. I make crewel work pillows, but would love to try something a bit larger.

  235. This frame looks wonderful and I would like to use this frame for a very detailed project that is in Elizabethan Cross Stitch. I purchased this book a few years back and have the pattern marked and would really like to use a frame that is strong and holds the fabric tight. I even have all the thread and just need to purchase the fabric and I am ready to start the project.

  236. Thank you Mary for this wonderful opportunity!
    I would like to try one of Tris Burr’s work. Needle painting is so beautiful.
    Tanya Berlin has some beautiful pieces I have been eyeballing as well.
    I think a slate frame would work well for one of these projects.
    It might be easier than a stretcher bar or hoop.
    Thank you Mary for all your help and super tutorials. They help me emencely.
    God Bless

    Brenda from Grande Prairie Alberta

  237. Right now I’m having a craving for an improvisational surface embroidery project worked with silk threads. All grays, greens, and blues like the weather out here on the Pacific Coast right now. More likely, I’d first use it to work on a pair of replacement crosses for an alter set at my church that was nibbled on by a mouse.

  238. Another great article! I was as impressed by the illustration of how you use the frame as I was the frame! Another discovery of how much I do not know! I would love to have the frame so I can start a new phase of embroidery! As always I enjoy your blog.

  239. I love your website and all of the great stuff you show on it….

    I hope I win this

  240. Would love to try one…! I like the light weight feature especially if you are doing goldwork and need to turn it over to finish ends on the back.. Using it for said goldwork would be my goal!

  241. Hi Mary,

    After I read your review of the “Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork” by Ruth Chamberlin, I ordered it from Book Depsitory. It arrived this week and I am so excited to try some of the goldwork pieces that are so beautifully photographed. The trees would be my first choice to attempt, but I love the Sampler and think that would be a good start!
    A slate frame is on my wish list of items I NEED!, and will be checking Mark’s Etsy site! Thanks for the chance to win one of his frames!!

  242. It’s been a while since I did needlework. I’d like to get back into and I think I’d use this frame to tackle blackwork for embellishing a shirt at the collar and cuffs.

  243. Oh my! to own a slate frame like this the ideas are endless, maybe a beautiful garden scene done in fine stitches with a silk background or a large crewel work cushion panel. en embroidered vest panel the list goes on
    One can only dream..

  244. That frame is gorgeous! Can you tell I adore good wood, well designed and functional? I have just begun designing and have a project in mind that combines needle lace and gold work using a Persian motif. I also have some blackwork designs that “require” a slate frame and haven’t been stitched because I don’t have a slate frame! How wonderful it would be to design knowing the results would be stitched on something that beautiful. It makes the creative juices rise!

  245. I love this slate frame. This frame would be perfect for my ongoing project, The project is embroidering vintage hot iron transfers. Once finished these embroideries are done they will be made into a quilt. I am so excited about this project. It’s two of my favorite things. Vintage things and embroidery.. 🙂

  246. I have a piece in my stash which has lots of gold. I know this would be the perfect stretch for it, so please pick me!

  247. Stunningly beautiful frame. Would love to have it for goldwork projects in my ever-growing stash.

  248. I don’t have a particular project in mind for this right now, but I like stitching on a taut surface, even Hardanger, which most people do in hand. I have been working on a large project which requires a scroll frame, but my scroll frame no longer holds tightly so I have been very frustrated. I am looking forward to my next project, whatever that is, so I can again work on a taut surface.

    By the way, I never heard of a slate frame until I subscribed to your newsletter. Why is it called a “slate” frame? It is obviously not made of slate! Nor do you write on it. I have wondered about that ever since I first learned of them.

  249. Oh, what a delightful giveaway! I have so many projects I would love to do on this frame, but I think my first goldwork and silk shaded project is what I would do first, to inaugurate the fine frame! I love it when you can give such a great recommendation to a fine craftsperson and help their business too. Strong and light, and beautiful! Amazing!

  250. I think I would like to try a Trish Burr silk shading stitching project on a slate frame.

  251. What a beautiful slate frame! I am just learning how to use one. I would be interested in working on a beginning goldwork project. Thanks for all that you do Mary for the needlework community and helping beginners like me learn more about embroidery.

  252. I would love to have one of theses slate frames! I’ve been thinking about buying a slate frame, but wasn’t sure which one to get. Thank you so much for all your reviews like this one!
    I’m starting to do some original landscape-type canvas work and this frame would be perfect! The piece that I’m working on now is a boat over-flowing with Chihuly glass balls, each with different colors, patterns, and textures. A very fun project!

  253. Wow, this site is SUCH an education – Thanks to a nasty bout of tonsillitis I’ve had the chance to read through nearly all the back posts which has made an unpleasant week very nearly enjoyable!

    I’ve only ever used hoop frames, but after reading a review of a gold work book by Hazel Everett (on this very site), I now want to give goldwork a go and from my research my hoop frames won’t be big enough, so that’s what I’d use my very first slate frame on 🙂 I shall have to start some serious saving up for supplies!

  254. Good Morning,

    If I win this frame, I will use it on a mandala from Ink Circles that I have in my to-do pile.
    Thank you (and Mark) for the opportunity.
    Beverley E

  255. What a wonderful review. I plan to order one. I have never used a slate frame. The best part is that, as you said, it looks beautiful.

  256. This looks like a glorious frame! Thanks so much for the great giveaway. I’m in the process of designing a large-for-me embroidery which will be turned into a prayer book cover, and this frame would be perfect!

  257. This frame looks so beautiful and I like that the weight is so light.
    I do a fair amount of counted thread projects and this would be just perfect for one of my projects.

  258. I plan to use the frame to do a Tanya Berlin goldwork. The one featured several years ago in Inspirations.

  259. Ohhh it looks lovely! I can see myself working on my Hummingbird Sampler Project that I have been planning for several years. I can see a tool like this could push that project closer to reality!

  260. I received a beautiful embroidery project designed by Anna Scott for Christmas that I would love to use this gorgeous slate frame for. Fingers crossed.

  261. I have never owned a slate frame. This one looks great. I have the Jade Dragon on silk from Roseworks Embroidery Designs. I didn’t want to put it in a hoop and make creases on the silk. It needs to be drum tight. This slate frame would be perfect for that. Thanks Mary, I love your site.

  262. With slate frames I always look forward to goldwork! There’s a design I’ve modified from one of Theresa Dillmont’s patterns (not quite your rose, though) that I’ve been itching to set up and stitch. Thanks for showing off his frames!

  263. This frame does look so convenient for setting up afabric for stitching. I have been wanting to stitch a sort of Persian inspired piece to use as the outer layer of a needle roll and this would certainly make it easier to get the end product I have envisioned in my mind.

  264. I’ve been working on a large advent calendar project, and this frame would be perfect for that! I still have a lot of little pieces to stitch, and I think setting it all up on one big frame would be better than hoop-hopping all over the fabric.

  265. This is the perfect frame for someone not familiar with slate frames. I would love to try Or nue project on it. But I have a crewel piece with beads kited out that would be perfect for it.

  266. I’ve been noodling for a couple of years with a tree of life design I want to do. It will feature multiple techniques and a mixture of threads and beads. This frame would certainly make it easier to do!

  267. These are beautiful! And such a clever blending of framing techniques to make a better ‘mouse trap’ :). I especially like slate frames for gold work and am looking for the perfect one to try Or Nue’ with. Need to keep this shop bookmarked. Thanks for the review!

  268. hello would love this frame..i have a bride to embroider for my daughter

  269. I’ve been considering a slate frame for a while, but haven’t figured out which to go for…. I have some Alison Cole projects that could use it, badly!

  270. Oh, this is an easy question to answer! I’ve just finished the Cabinet of Curiosities I course, and I would use this frame to stitch up casket panels!! It’s absolutely lovely. I’m still doing the course projects, so I suppose really the first one would be the trinket box panels….

  271. I am taking a second batik class right now, and I envision a project with a batik background fabric that I then hand embroider certain details–texture, animals or other elements. Having dabbled in batik for a few years, I’ve learned that I love the art form but want more detail in my pieces that I can’t achieve with wax/dye alone. So I think this might be the perfect combination! For example, I’m working in a peacock piece right now, so I envision some embroidery to bring out the iridescence of the feathers and texture in the grass.

  272. PICK ME! I have no idea what I would do in this frame, but whatever I chose, it would be amazing!

  273. Thanks for your review and your offer. I have not used a slate frame and have been hesitant to make the investment due to concerns about weight and awkwardness of use. This one sounds like it might fit my needs. I am planning to order a larger crewel project than I have done in the past. This frame would be ideal to set that up for stitching. Fingers crossed.

  274. A beautiful looking and very functional frame! A wonderful bonus that it’s lightweight. I have a silk kit I’d love to try with. Thank you both for the opportunity.

  275. I’ve only done hooped embroidery, but have been longing for a larger, more serious piece. What I’d *really* like to do is try some crewel embroidery, if only I could find a kit with all included that’s a design and and color I like. I loved the one you just finished, but it’s not my colors (I’m a yellow and yellow-green person 🙂 Anyway, that’s my dream – to do some crewel embroidery on a real embroidery frame!


  276. Oh my, the things that could be done. I would love to embroider some bed linens with some jacobean crewel with floss. Especially euro shams. You are like a personal shopper. Thanks

  277. I have a large Japanese style picture which requires a good sturdy frame as it is all long and short stitch. I keep looking at it with anticipation but certainly need a much larger frame than I currently have. This slate one would be perfect.

  278. Waouhhh ! It seems terrific ! I would LOVE to use it for my tambour embroidery lessons in Paris !
    Did you ever try to take a suburban train and then the underground in Paris carrying a 1-meter long slate frame ? Standing on the platform, watching the coming train and thinking : “There’s enough space for me, but not for the frame…” Or inquiring looks in the bus…
    I’ve also been wanting to try some goldwork for years. It would be a good opportunity with one more frame…
    Thanks a lot for that give-away!

  279. I would love to use this frame for a beadproject that I’m working on, and later for a copy of a (very small) part of the Bayeux tapisserie.

  280. Thanks one more time for this new giveaway.
    I’d like to get this kind of slate frame as I embroider many projects such as goldwork project, needle painting or needle lace / crewel embroidery projects. This one be very useful for sure. For instance, I’m working on a very big goldwork project of my own, composed of severall medium sizes (20 x20 cm, 10×20, 10×30 cm) goldwork project (flower, buterfly, paisley, the next one being a peacock) that I will assemble all together.
    for sure this slate frame will be used!
    Thanks again.

  281. Hi Mary,

    I’ve had my eye on these frames and it would be perfect for a goldwork project I want to start this year.


  282. Thank you Mary and Mark for a chance to win. I’m taking a Goldwork class with my EGA group in the spring and this would be ideal to use to learn goldwork.

    Thanks for sharing a Mark’s wonderful frames with us!

  283. It really is beautifully finished. And your final set up looks like perfection, too. I think having one of these would demand I finally try some goldwork!

  284. I am a newcomer to embroidery now that I’m retired and am slowly acquiring equipment and supplies. This frame would be a real asset for a project I am designing now– a hanging panel for a door. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  285. Oh, this looks like a lovely and highly-functional slate frame. I recently visited Colonial Williamsburg and purchased a “1776 Sewing Roll” kit from their shop. Since then, I have been faced with the problem of mounting it on stretcher bars/frame. This frame looks like the perfect solution. And, I can use it for all of my other projects which require a frame to work. Ah, the many, many possibilities… Thank you for sharing this with us, your readers.

  286. I would LOVE to own one of these frames! Right now I am working on a Crazy Quilt 2017 Journal Challenge and this frame would be perfect to work my blocks on! Fingers crossed!

  287. I have bought a kit from Phillipa Turnbull. I always wanted to do crewel embroidery. What I have are the usual embroidery hoop the I used for cross stitiching, other than that, I have nothing to work on. I would like to have one of this frame, since I am also taking goldwork online class that you also recommend. Thank you for the opportunity.


  288. The slate frame would be perfect for the landscape projects that require layering fabrics and embroidery that I have been working on.

  289. If I win the slate frame, I would use it for stitching a needlepoint canvas of a dimensional elephant. I’ve had the canvas for many years and have partially completed it, but I believe the slate frame would make it so much easier than the stretcher bars I’m currently using.

  290. Good morning Mary! You’re right, I want one too. Ever since you reviewed the Millinium Frame I’ve wanted one. I usually do my stitching in hand but lately I find it much easier to use a frame. I’ve been using hoop frames on a stand. It’s amazing how much more relaxing and easier it is to stitch.
    If I won this Mythic Frame, I would use it to stitch one of your projects from your website or an embroidered drop cloth of sampler stitches.
    Thank you for the give-away! 😉

  291. Perfect timing for this give-a-way. I was just thinking about starting a new silk thread project and this slate frame would be ideal. I have never used slate frames before so this would give me the opportunity to do so.

    Thank you Mark and Mary.


  292. I am working on floral embroidery blocks for a quilt, this frame would make the stitching easier.

  293. These are beautiful! I would love to try a slate frame. I’m hoping they can be used for counted thread projects, I have a large one I would love to start!

  294. Wow, that frame does look amazing! If I won, I would love to use it for embroidering on silk – I have some projects in mind that I’d love to try. 🙂 Heck, I might even work up the courage to try some goldwork!

  295. I would love to use a Slate frame to start working on or next, but I would probably use it more often to embroider a repeating motif across a large piece of fabric for a coif or sleeves.

  296. I have all sorts of frames, but I cannot ever get the fabric taught a, and STAY taught. This sounds like the king of kings. I have some beautiful twill so I will design some Australian floral crewel work no just enjoy it.

  297. What a great concept-adding roller bars! I have a crewel peacock project just begging to be started. That’s what I will use this slate frame for

  298. Mine would be a crewel project … this time. I have a kit of a red fox on black ground fabric that I bought several years ago. Maybe it is time to get started on it!

  299. I’ve never used a slate frame before, but I think it would be perfect for my Late Harvest project you inspired me to purchase. It’s waiting patiently in my to do pile. The frame looks beautiful.

  300. I have a painted canvas that I would like to try working. It would be a miracle to win such a beautiful piece of equipment, an heirloom for sure!
    Thanks Mary & Mark for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

  301. Newly retired and now have more time to stitch I would use this frame to contain my attempts to learn needle painting!

  302. Mary, this is a wonderful give-away and oh, how much I would like one for my very own! I would use this for several surface embroidery projects I have in mind that would be much easier to work without having to use a hoop. I am working out the details of my own design for a cottage with flowers. It’s an overworked idea but it would be my own with my own choices for stitches, fillings, etc. To that end I have been doing samplers of one kind or another and practicing new and interesting stitches wherever I find them. When I was very young we lived in a small house in Tennessee which I remember well and how it was absolutely covered with forsythia bushes, a hollyhock bush, roses and irises all around with woods behind. A slate frame would make this much easier and thank you for the opportunity. Best, Charlotte

  303. Love the design of the slate frame and would use it for my Marbek
    Angels or Nora Corbet designs.

  304. These frames are absolutely stunning in appearance and in function. I would like to use one to stitch one of your beautiful designs using metallic, silk, and gold threads.
    Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  305. Hi Mary, I would love getting a slate frame like this one as it would be perfect for shaded black work and thread painting or just surface embroidery; all of which I do. I have a parrot pattern I have designed for surface embroidery and I think this frame would be perfect for it! So if I win it… it would give me an excuse to start on it. I already have my fabric and everything else I need. 🙂
    In Christ,
    Gail Jones

  306. I have a beautiful whitework sampler in mind, that I would use this gorgeous frame for.

  307. I recently purchased a kit from the Bluebird Embroidery Company. It’s a Jay feather in tones of blue, grey and black with goldwork embroidery techniques on ivory silk.

    I’m normally a counted-on-linen stitcher so I expect to be challenged by this project: split stitch, long and short stitch, applying felt padding, using gilt metal threads such as Pearl Purl and Japanese thread, applying beads and using colored metal thread.

    I’m sure the slate frame would be a marvelous help!

  308. This looks to be a beautifully crafted frame, and so generous of you to give it away! Slate frames are so difficult to get hold of nowadays in the uk. The one company who made them ceased trading a few years ago, and now they are like hen’s teeth. I would also use it for some gold work. I have a pulpit fall to make, and this frame would fit the bill admirably.

  309. If I could win the slate frame I have the perfect project in mind. Mary, your voided monograms were both beautiful and inspiring. So inspiring that I’m using your monogram design book but have drawn out my own design for the flowers, leaves and vines- and this will be the first piece I’ve partially designed myself! I’m making the voided monogram for my new grandniece born in January. The flowers in the design will have the birth month flowers for her, the parents and grandparents included in the design. Wish me luck!

  310. I would really like to win this frame. I have a new Hazel Blomkamp design that I would use this this frame for. Thanks for all of your wonderful stitching advice.

  311. I have never tried a slate frame before and would love to try this one. It looks to be a beautiful frame.

  312. What an intriguing frame. I would use it to stitch Jenny Adin-Christie’s Hampton Court Palace stumpwork kit and then a small goldwork project or two.

  313. This looks like the frame for me! My current favoriteprojects are counted cross stitch samplers and blackwork.

  314. How I would love to win this frame! I have two unfinished gold work classe projects that I have taken from Kay Stanis and this would be the perfect encouragement to finish them. If I don’t win, I may just have to buy one anyway

  315. I would like to design a nice embroidery on a nice linen that I purchased for my first grandchild who is due in April. Never done an embroidery before just a little cross stitching.

  316. I do a lot of Whitework projects that require a very tight tension, especially when pulling and drawing threads together. I am currently working on a Barbara Kershaw piece that this frame from Mythic Crafts looks like it would be perfect. Thank you for a chance to win this wonderful frame.

  317. I envision being able to work on my beautiful MELLERSTAIN PARROTS level 2 kit with this frame. Being new to this type of embroidery I look for ways to improve my skills. I would also enjoy using it on my counted thread sampler project. So, maybe my wish to win this beautiful frame will come true.

  318. I’ve always wanted to do goldwork and silk embroidery, as well as shisha. I’m more of a costumer, but I have a particular project that requires a ton of embellishment before the patterns are sewn together. Slate frames would make my life easier, but are rather impossible to come across locally. It would be nice to get a slate as nice as this one; it would be a start of a pleasant craft addiction!

  319. I’d love to use a slate frame like this for long-and-short stitching. Hoops just don’t give the right tension, according to me. This frame is so perfect, and so gorgeous!

  320. I would love to have a beautiful slate frame for my needlework projects. Mark’s quality looks wonderful! Jean in Oregon

  321. I love reading about new tools. Even though slate frames aren’t exactly new, I haven’t ever used one. I would love to try it. Right now I am into blackwork and would use the frame on a larger project I’m attempting for EGA

  322. I need this!!! I am working on a casket, Cabinet of Curiosities, and my husband purchased the double casket as a present. If I do not complete all the stitching and finishing prior to my death he, the husband, has promised to use the casket as an urn. Just kidding although it has been mentioned! I could use another frame.

    1. Heh. If it weren’t finished, you’d never rest easy….your ghost would be seen each night, stitching away…. 🙂

  323. I would be thrilled to get a slate frame to begin a very special project in goldwork because the tension has to be maintained drum tight and a slate frame would do that. I am intrigued by the design and would love to test it out and lightweight would just be an additional bonus since I like to have my work be portable and travel along with me. Cross my fingers – here’s hoping 🙂

  324. What a gorgeous frame, and thank you for the opportunity to win one! I am in the planning stages for embroidering a picture to commemorate my daughter’s upcoming wedding, for next year, so I should have plenty of time to get it finished!

  325. I have a couple of Trish Burr kits that I have been anxious to start on. These stretcher bars would be great. I have gotten where I really hate to keep taking my project in and out of the embroidery hoop. I would love to have these and just leave my project set up. Thank you for the give away!!

  326. WOW! What a wonderful give-away! I can see myself working on almost anything, but especially some of Trish Burr’s exquisite needle painting. Thanks for the chance!

  327. Hi Mary. I’d LOVE to work with one of Mark’s frames.
    I’m currently in the English Lake District for my birthday and planning a big project that combines my love of this area with my obsession with sheep ( I’m a sheep farmer) .
    I want to stitch a landscape of sky with the high fells (mountains) in the background and the native Swaledale and Herdwick sheep.
    There is so much scope for colour using purple shades for the heather, greys for rock and sky, and greens and yellows for the bracken and rough grasses.
    The real reason I’d love the frame is because I work mostly in French knots and bullion knots for the sheep fleece and I have to be be careful not to let the fabric pucker up so the frame would really transform a big project like this. I’m itching to get started!

  328. Such a beautiful frame. I love that it is lightweight. I would like to use it for a bird project I have been wanting to do. Thank you Mary.

  329. I stitch models for Just Cross Stitch magazine. This frame would be ideal. I like to work on a frame but it is a hassle to stitch models that way. I can take my time when I stitch for myself but am on a strict timeline for the magazine. I would be quick and easy to set up a project on this frame.

  330. I would love to win this beautiful frame, I have been trying different ones out. This is so beautiful and looks great to use. Thanks for sharing!

  331. Oh my! What a beautiful frame. I’d hardly know where to begin with it, but I think it would be working on an embroidered landscape with CA native wildflowers.

  332. I have never used a frame for my embroidery. This one looks perfect because it’s light, easy to assemble and easy to place the project on. I would get more done if I could just leave it on the frame.
    I have many of Trish Burrs birds to finish.
    Thanks to you both for the info and sharing:)

  333. What gorgeous frames! I’ve been intending to learn stumpwork for about 18 months. I have two books with some beautiful stumpwork flowers in, but never find the time to work on them. If I won the frame I’d christen it by starting to explore stumpwork on it immediately!

  334. I am in the process of designing a piece for my sister. She was rather upset that I hadn’t ever designed a piece for her. ( I just got back into embroidery after a 38 year absence) I have no idea what it will be other than it will have a dragon and some daffodils(at her request). I’m thinking of adding some gold work to the dragon. Your slate frame sounds wonderful for any of my future projects. I love your website and blog. It is so helpful when I can get info on a book or to help me figure out how to organize my projects. The comments from your readers contain lots of helpful info also. So thanks for your Website.

  335. I think I would start on something from Joanna Basfords books (like your hummingbirds). My only problem is that I was so inspired by yours, I bought three of her coloring books, and now I’m stuck waffling over which one to do first!

  336. I really enjoy historic embroidery so I would like to work on a goldwork and silk glove piece that I have drafted on a frame like this. What a gorgeous tool!

  337. I have a silverwork project that I can see on one of these frames. Thank you for the wonderful articles you provide. I look forward to seeing what you are working on and learning about different techniques and styles of embroidery.

  338. I love to do silk and metal embroidery on silk ground fabrics. A slate frame is perfect for this type of work. I’m always up for trying a new and improved version.

  339. Oh how lovely! I am just starting my embroidery journey and looking forward to embellishing some family linens I have inherited!

  340. I would love to use this new slate frame for my interpretation of Elizabethean style Crewel flowers within a scrolling vine. I have the linen twill and the design, but have not yet started the project.

  341. I have not had great luck with slate frames in the past, and would like very much to try this frame. I will be starting a wedding sampler on linen soon. This would be an excellent opportunity to try out this frame! Love your page, Mary, and pray for you every day!

  342. I have the wool, the canvas and an old Berlin work pattern ready to go. I spent hours matching wool colours currently available with the old pattern trying to get the look just right. A frame such as you write about today would make this project all the more joyful for me to complete. The frame I have at the moment is none too study and needs both ends of the work stitched on. Not easy!!

  343. Those slate frames by Mark Harris look amazing! I would love to have one to do a crewel project that I have been procrastinating getting started on for some time now. One of the appeals of this frame is the lightness of the frame, along with just the beauty of the wood itself, and the precise workmanship….isn’t that what all of us stitchers admire? I’ll be looking into these for sure!

  344. Mary…I have a Butterfly pattern from Trish Burr that has been in my “things to do” way too long! Thanks for this give away opportunity!

  345. I would love to use one of these for my own goldwork projects. I have a bag in the queue it would be great for.

  346. This is a beautiful frame and being made right here in Canada! I would use it for many of the types of embroidery I do but it sings to me for fine silk on a silk background. It looks as if the fabric would remain very taut and that’s always a challenge.

  347. Last year I joined a needle working guild and have enjoyed learning new techniques from the members. I was only familiar with cross-stitching but I have purchased a canvas kit for my next project. I do have some pieces of linen as well, which is also something new for me to try, instead of aida cloth. Because I am a relative beginner, I don’t have a lot of supplies yet. I would love to win this frame and try some new things with it. Thank you.

  348. I envision making the same sort of projects I always make — wedding presents!

  349. Oh, this looks like a fabulous frame!

    I have a project I’ve been thinking about ever since I bought 10 frames from IKEA that turned out to be too small for the postcards I wanted to put in them. I’d like to do some tambour embroidery using silk threads on some left-over ivory silk from my wedding dress (which after 9 years I still haven’t used up!) to embroider the trails left in a bubble chamber after atoms have been split. The bubble chamber photos feature all sorts of lines and curves and spirals and they’re really rather wonderful. I think a series of such pieces would be lovely on our wall!

  350. I haven’t used a slate frame before, but have heard I should. I do everything in Q-snaps. If I win I’d start with the Drawn Thread Annual Border. Thanks for the give-away.

  351. I’m taking a trip of a lifetime to Europe next month and have signed up for a two day class at the Royal School of Needlework for a silk shading and goldwork initial. I am alternately thrilled and scared out of my wits! I know the kit materials don’t include a frame…they loan you a slate frame while there. So I’ll need to get one to complete the project. This would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  352. this looks gorgeous and your endorsement is important. i would use it on a project i have meen wanting to do for my church (Unitarian Universalist), incorporating goldwork for the first time
    peace and love.

  353. Thank you so much for introducing us to Mark at Mythic Crafts. I’ve been reading about slate frames for quite some time now. There are so many frames to choose from, but I just don’t know where to start since the purchase would be an investment. I have many frames for my counted cross stitch pieces, but wanted to try one predominantly for my surface embroidery. I have several of the designs kitted from the “Inspirations” magazine, so the frame would be used for one of the beautiful projects, or one of Trish Burr’s designs when her new book “Whitework with Color” arrives in a couple weeks. So grateful for your wonderful give away opportunities to try new techniques or products.

  354. Oh, this is a lovely frame- and what beautiful craftsmanship! I having been wanting to stitch a Bargello fire screen for my living room for quite a while now. I think this frame would hold my linen beautifully!

  355. I’m making a cross stitch project using silk floss and gold metallic threads, a design of my own that is based on samplers reflecting my Scottish heritage, and quotes from the Gospel of John. It’s charted and ready to start! I’m using Dower quality legacy linen. It’s quite ambitious, and I don’t have a frame yet to use to stitch it. This would be a worthy frame for this heirloom piece.

  356. How perfectly splendid! I would like to try my first Hazel Blomkamp piece in this frame. We are moving, and I will be setting up my new needlework nook.

  357. Ohhhh I’m so jealous of Mark’s mum too. i’m looking to invest in a slate frame for slightly larger projects and would love to win a free one.

  358. I am currently working on a Barbara Kershaw Italian Whitework piece that this frame would be perfect for. It would keep the drawn thread area taut, enabling the knotting and needleweaving to be very consistent and even. Thank you for the opportunity of possibly winning this wonderful frame from Mythic Crafts.

  359. Would love to try out this frame! It would be perfect for a piece of goldwork I have in mind!
    I’m currently using stretcher bars, but would prefer a lighter weight option.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  360. I’d finally be out of excuses to begin working on my Cabinet of Curiosities – and this slate frame would look so nice on my new trestles (as though I need an excuse to work with those)!

  361. I have a cross-stitch project with a Shakespeare quote on it that would be great on this frame. I also have some panels that I’d like to embroider to use for a jacket.

  362. I would love to try out this light weight frame. I have several projects waiting to be made. Would like to start on a goldwork project and this would be great to get it set up on. Thanks to Mark for offering the frame and to Mary for the great review.

  363. That is a good looking frame! I think it would be perfect for a cross-stitch project and I have several projects just waiting for a frame like that! My preferred project is a cross-stitch kit of “The Last Supper”, and the Mythic Frame would be wonderful frame to use to work on it!
    Thank you Mary, for hosting this give away!

  364. zi
    I’m planning to cross stitch the State Flowers and make a quilt for my daughter. The crosss stitched State Flowers will go on display at our local library for the month of May. I belong to the MARTHA WASHINGTON GARDEN CLUB AND I have been assigned the May window display in the Washington Citizens Library. I would love to use the slate frame to cross stitch the State Flowers.

  365. I would work on a crewel work pattern by Peggy Kimble. She was an amazing teacher with Island Stitchery Guild in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.

  366. Vow……
    Sounds perfect…..
    Looks perfect……
    Will work perfect…..
    For the idea I have designed in my mind to embroider …the tree of life…..
    Sh i do it in one color….with different embroidery stitches in each leaf…..
    Sh i do different colors with the same embroidery stitch…..
    Sh i doodle each leaf and embroider…..
    Maybe by the time I receive this wonderful gift from you …I wld be sure…..
    Appreciate and thank you for your expertise you share on your blog and emails…
    Thank you…..
    kiran seth

  367. I have started to fall in love with Jacobean embroidery, if I won, I would love to find a Jacobean design to stitch on it. Beautiful frame. Can’t wait to see your goldwork project.

  368. I think this frame looks perfect for me and my project dobble casket from thistle thread. I got the course as a present from my late husband who sadly passed away i oktober last year. I have just decided my motive, and are about to start the fun part to transfer on to the fabric, so I really need a good frame.

  369. Drool..drool…That frame is gorgeous!
    Not to mention the sneaky little convenience addition!
    I have been mulling over trying an historical portrait (16th century Queen Elizabeth in a white gown) with mixed fibers, surface embroidery, needle lace stitches from Hazel Blomkamp’s books, and stumpwork for the body and facial features. Having a frame to put it on not to mention one of that size and that quality would be such a God send for this project!
    Thank you Mary for giving us the opportunity to win one of those sweet things.

    Drooling dreaming in Lynchburg….

  370. What a beautiful frame! If I had one, I’d use it for stitching samplers…antique repros and current designs.

    Thanks for the chance.

  371. This frame looks terrific. Although I have a variety of frames I’ve been wanting a nice slate frame for some time. If I won the frame I’d use it for a stumpwork mirror frame that I’ve been thinking of doing.

  372. What a beautiful frame! I’ve designed a Koi Pond project in Brazilian Dimensional embroidery with stumpwork, and this frame would be perfect for holding the fabric taught while all the pieces come together. The Koi Pond will have smushed up felt boulders (already made), a stumpwork frog, blooming lily pads, half-stump Koi, a little waterfall with cattails and accompanying bugs and undergrowth… worked in z-twist rayon floss. I have been experimenting with the processes (means that I messed up the work and had to start over a couple times) and have discovered that the piece needs to be put on a frame to preserve the 3D-ness of the components as they’re embellished. Right now the project is in time-out for being naughty and collapsing the Koi.

    Thank you for the give-away!

  373. I would love to have one of these, I have never tried the Slate frames, I currently use scroll frames with my work. I have several cross stitch projects that are heavily beaded (Mirabilia), and this would be wonderful for that.

  374. I’m fairly new to hand embroidery and I am learning and spreading my wings. I have got used to hoops of various sizes and found they made my life easier and the projects more enjoyable so a larger piece on a ‘proper’ frame would be the next step in my stitching and a real adventure.

  375. I love samplers and would love to try using a slate frame. I have several Scarlett Letter sampler kits that I think a slate frame would be wonderful to work on.

  376. Hi Mary,

    I would use the frame to work a stumpwork/goldwork project. Probably a design from the Jane Nicholas book that highlights Turkish, Persian and Syrian tiles (probably the project on the cover that features the Syrian Pomegranate Tile). I have embroidered several small stumpwork projects and having a quality, sturdy frame is essential given it requires a backing fabric and must support wired elements. I have one small Evertite frame that I have used to work these small stumpwork pieces (Elizabethan roundels, brooches, trinket boxes) with success. I tried these projects with craft hoops initially and found the fabrics would shift, pucker and wrinkle very easily which was frustrating. Thanks for your thoughtful review.

  377. I am especially interested in your comment about this frame being so
    lightweight – yet very functional. I am slowing getting back into
    embroidery and since I have much more discomfort from arthritis now
    this frame sounds great. I have an old embroidery pattern that I
    am going to stitch — already have found the linen that I have had
    stored for quite some time.

  378. I have just the project for the frame. My goal this year is to do a study of goldwork and stumpwork…maybe just one, but this frame will be perfect for either or both. And if I don’t win, I will have to order one; so either way I win!

    Thanks, Mary…your blog is always so interesting and informative; not to mention enabling.

  379. My dream and challenge is to learn tambour embroidery. After viewing your video clips, trying the skill and now having an opportunity to take a class, my dream may come true. A frame of this nature is required. What a wonderful grouvy fabric connection to this frame! Mark has made the fabric to wood connection easy! This frame will be used in my surface embroidery as well as tambour embellishing. Love the look.

  380. This frame looks and sounds amazing. Hoops are just not working out well for my larger projects. I like to work on black linen and with a hoop I find the larger projects difficult to handle. I’ve never used a frame because I never knew what type to buy.
    I’ve an embroidery project planned for my sisters of my own design but it is larger and I would love to use a frame like this.

  381. Wow… I would love to try this slate frame! I just finished the Cabinet Of Curiosity program and would certainly use this frame to stitch my panels.

  382. I would love to try some white work with this beautiful frame. Oh, the possibilities!! Thanks for giving me the chance to win this.

  383. This frame looks perfect for several crewel projects I have been holding, waiting until I felt like lacing them into my old (rather heavy) slate frames. I love the dowel process for this set – and with as many side holes it looks to be very versatile. I would love to own this one!

  384. Hi Mary,
    I would likely put on a Golden Kite cross stitch that I bought the materials for awhile ago. I’ve been a little afraid to leap into it so decided to do a Basic Counted Work class from the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada – just to make sure I had the basics right. Well that has taken me in many other directions and inspired me to try making my own designs. However, I still love the Golden Kite picture and would like to get it set up so I could work away on it.

  385. Wow – what a great item. I haven’t got a clue which project I would use this on. But for sure it would be put to good use as soon as I got it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  386. Wow, what a beautiful slate frame! I like the idea it is light, yet sturdy. I would be using it when I stitch the sampler in whitework and goldwork for my grandson’s baptism. Thank you also for your blog, I look forward to it every day. I hope you are well.

  387. Thanks for sharing info about these frames — I have just favorited Mark’s Etsy shop for future reference. I would *love* to have one of his frames, especially for an upcoming Elizabethan polychrome and goldwork project, but it would work well for any of my ideas for pieces that will be on the frame for “a while”. 😎

  388. Just last week I saw an illuminated letter in goldwork and silk that I’m anxious to try!

  389. I have a tree of life canvas that is just waiting to breathe and needs a sturdy structure to grow on. This frame will be the trellis that will nourish it, support it, and allow all of the little birds sitting on its branches fly free.

  390. Would love to do a gold work piece on this frame. Whoa, the possibilities are endless. Take care Mary.

  391. That is very beautiful! I have a larger sampler from a Craftsy class that would be great set up on that lovely wood. Thank you for the detailed review! I am very excited – and from lovely Alberta. I grew up there

  392. Good morning Mary
    Any product hailed by you and Tanja Berlin can not fail!

    Yes, I would like that.
    I am well into needle painting and as you know, the fabric must be drum tight. (Learned that from Tanja.)

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  393. I would use the frame for small Brazilian Embroidery flowers for cards and bookmarks.

  394. What beautiful frames! While my initial thought is to give it as a gift to my new daughter-in-law who has enthusiatically embraced embroidery and is very talented; I’m getting ready to start a Christmas stocking for my first grandchild and I suspect this frame would make it easier to finish it by December!

  395. I love a light sturdy frame. For tiny work, need something up close to my face so this would be just the thing for some teensy cross stitch, or miniature crewel work for the dollhouse.

  396. I love beautiful tools when I work and this would be a wonderful addition to my needlework.

  397. Wow, Gold work is the next mind technique I want to learn. Maybe ega’s class? It looks like the only frame I’d need, except my quilt frame.

  398. I would love to try a frame like this for my punch needle. I know, it’s not intended for that, but still it might be easier than trying to balance a round ring. And even the Morgan rings don’t seem to hold tight enough. And it might be nice to try embellishing wool applique in it. A good frame is always needed.

  399. Another amazing give away! As my 4 year old would say: “Mary, you’re the best!” 🙂

    If I were to win the frame, I would finally attempt a rather large crewel embroidery kit I purchased a couple years ago.

  400. I have been thinking about doing some laid & couched work cushion cover copies of parts of the Bayeux Tapestry, so the frame would be perfect for that.

  401. Oooh…I’m not sure I’m good enough for a frame like this, but then maybe it would bring out my very best, hm? If I had one, I’d do that water lily that’s been creeping around the back of my head for years–white with goldwork on a black background, veiled koi beneath the pad…..*sigh*….

    Thanks, Mary, for increasing the need to stitch! 🙂

  402. I would love this frame as the ones I have are not the best. I have a set of dimensional baskets that I would work on.

  403. Gosh, how lovely! I’ve always wanted to try a slate frame but they are such a splurge aren’t they? How wonderful he can do such large ones. I would love to be able to do wall hangings for my daughter’s room – ones with story illustrations on them, like a mouse tea party or elephants at the circus. Thanks for sharing as always Mary!

  404. Well that looks great..what more can I say…want one! I would love to do a crewel work company project on it…..I keep looking at that fire screen!!

  405. What a wonderful frame. I have had a project in my head for awhile that I want to start on. It is a large embroidery piece of Washington State. I lived in Seattle for 35 years and loved Puget Sound but the piece I want to do is of Eastern Washington with the Columbia River, the orchards and the mountains. I keep seeing pieces of it in my head and have started collecting pictures to draw upon. I don’t see this as a small project, as I envision it to be at least 11″ x 14″. I also see this as being a multi-year project – one I will work on as the spirit moves me. Having it on a slate frame will really be nice to go to as the feeling strikes me.

  406. Using this rather wonderful slate frame I would begin work on a pillow cover using a design I have been working on for quite some time…a bouquet of flowers with the addition of a few little honey bees. This would be a stretch for me but I think I am ready to make the leap into a more detailed and complicated project.

  407. Such a beautiful embroidery frame. I have a project from the French Needle called the Blue Peacock that I would love to put in the frame and work.

  408. This is exciting! I’ve never heard of a Slate Frame! It sounds so much nicer that the plastic frames that snap together. It would be quite portable, yet usable on my floor stand. I have a sampler in my stash that I think would be perfect for the Slate Frame. I am enjoying your daily newsletter and have learned much from it. I have been doing some type of stitching for about 70 years and enjoy every minute.

  409. I would put my beautiful Phillipa Turnbill piece in it and finally get started! This is a beautiful frame!

  410. I’m so excited that the art of embroidery is becoming so popular. I love your projects and envision either a crewel project from Hazel Blomkamp’s book or something from the Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. I don’t have a frame, so winning this frame would be perfect. Your generously is greatly appreciated.

  411. Just started some fabulous projects in Trish Burr’s book Whitework with Colour. This frame would make them much nicer indeed.

  412. Most of my projects have tended to be small, so this would give me the opportunity to really explore some of the bigger designs I’ve had in mind to eventually become things like pillows and tote bags.

  413. If I win this slate frame, I would certainly do my first Hazel Blonkamp crewel project I am planning since few months.

  414. I’ve been wanting to try thread painting, and a frame vs a hoop would make my foray into this new adventure much easier. I also have some coloring/embroidery kits and I think using a frame would help keep the color bright while doing the embroidery part. I also like the idea of being able to see the entire project as I work on it. I’m fairly new to this and haven’t invested in a frame, so why not start with the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  415. I’m always eager to support a Canadian business and I pay attention to a recommendation from Tanja! I’m a counted thread person so it would use it for a cross stitch or sampler type project.

  416. Love this! I embroider and I do punch needle. This might be the perfect frame to allow me to work on either kind of project. Love the roller-dowel combo idea. And the light weight for a large stitching surface. The side stitching to get that drum tight surface put me over the edge. Sign me up! 🙂

  417. Oh wow! I have ordered the book that you suggested on gold work and I would love to make a gift for my husband. I am so excited about it.

  418. The slate frame would be perfect for my Hungarian Embroidery doily runners that I make. In lieu of finding stretcher bars to hook together, this would be so much easier and I wouldn’t have to staple it on.

  419. I would love to win this frame. I have a cross stitch project called autumn that I’ve wanted to begin but don’t have a frame.

  420. Mary, I have ogled slate frames for sooo long!! If I had one I would definitely use it to undertake a larger stumpwork project – perhaps with a little goldwork too…
    But thanks for the information anyway, I will enjoy looking at Mark’s Etsy store. Best wishes, Ann

  421. Oh Wow! These frames look wonderful. Would love to own one but it would be better to win! I would like to use it on my Hardanger progects. I think it would be so much easier to work with than Q-Snaps. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  422. Hi Mary

    I am at the final stages of planning a cabinet (as in Thistle Threads) and I know it will take a goodly while to complete so a slate frame is by far the best option for stitching. The frame you’ve shown looks beautiful, I love the fact that it is finished so well. I have a small slate frame but before use it needed sanding and waxing – and it was not cheap.
    Happy stitching

  423. Wow! I would love to have a slate frame. I think I would get back to some ecclesiastical work – small banners and medallions – maybe some white work for linens. So many ideas, so little time!! I’m making prayer quilts right now, but would love to get back to embroidery. Thanks for your information. If I don’t win, I might buy one.

  424. I envision working on a goldwork project on this frame. I am hoping to take a goldwork class this month so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fired up to make something shiny!

  425. I have a number of Miribella patterns and Lavender and Lace patterns that I would love to start. And a number of new types and colours of hand dyed fabrics. A new frame would be lovely with a new pattern and fabric

  426. These look lovely! Thanks for the giveaway! Your goldwork piece looks like its going to be nice.

    So, I enrolled in the first go-around of the Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities class. I bought the caskets, and really need to get stitching on them so I can finish two before I die. I would put these on a frame. There’s going to be too much stumpwork and specialty stitches to crush them in a hoop.

    Or, I would take out the kit for the Mermaid box from Chatelaine and frame that up.

    Definitely one of those two projects. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Carol S.

  427. I am just getting started in embroidering vestments for my small rural Texas parish. My first project will be a cope and humoral veil for our very small Indian priest. He is so small that the old cope we have at our church just swamps him! I hope to do a beautiful liturgical symbol on the hood of the cope and a matching symbol on the veil. This frame would be so helpful with this project.

  428. I have treated myself to a Hazel Blomkamp Crewel Intentions Pack – Pertinacity which I am really looking forward to starting. This frame will help the project immensely. This frame looks great!

  429. I think I would like to try to embroider a pink flamingo! It would be such a happy project!

  430. I must be honest; I don’t have a project that requires that size frame, YET, but I would love to have a slate frame for when that day comes.
    Thanks for the great review and giveaway.

  431. The slate frame looks great! I mostly work reproduction samplers, so that is what I would use the frame for. I haven’t decided what my next start will be, but probably Sarah Hatton McPhail from The Essamplaire. Or Frances Eden from Handwork Samplers. Or……well, it depends on what strikes me when it’s time……

  432. I am in the process of collecting supplies to work the Marian Medallion project. I finally feel competent enough with my handwork to try something grander than anything I’ve done to date.

  433. Oh how I’d love to have a frame like this! From your pictures, they look beautiful, like they are high quality, and easy to use. I have 3 of Hazel Blonkamp’s kits that I would love to embroider on this frame! I also have a couple of the Talliaferro designs that would be fun to work on this frame. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  434. Love the frame. I mainly do cross stitch but I bought a linen table runner kit in Norway a few years ago and would do that first.

  435. Several years ago I was working on doing a beaded embroidery project each month … and was creating a visual story line. I got side tracked by life somewhere midstream … and I think a frame like this would really help me approach a re-start with pleasure.

    🙂 Linda

  436. I would use the slate frame for embroidery on a quilt block. I have two patterns in mind- Lace cabin or jars quilt blocks.

  437. I would use one of these beautiful slate frames for my larger silk ribbon embroidery projects. Being Canadian, I love that it is made in Canada!

  438. How exciting to hear about a frame that is so awesome! If I would be so lucky to win this, my first project would be a crewel piece .

  439. Yes — Ahhh, yes!! I have two things in mind for this frame! One would be a metal thread piece, as tension is so darn important! And the other is for the Thistle Thread casket embroidery that I am about to embark on. This frame looks wonderful! I hope Mark doesn’t get tired of making these frames with all the orders he is bound to receive!

  440. I’ve never used a slate frame and would have to do some research to figure out the best project for it. I’m sure it wouldn’t take me long though!

  441. A frame that is “just right” is an awesome thing!

    I recently found out I will be an aunt again in September. I would use this frame in making a little whitework bonnet.

  442. This strong frame design would be ideal for the crewel embroidery project I’ve wanted to finish for ever that my Mom gave me, the frame just never seemed right. I discovered your site while re-aquainting with embroidery stitches and hints. I can see myself putting it in the frame and enjoying stitching.

  443. I would love to try using a slate frame for two projects I have in mind…a needlepainting on silk, and the Home Sweet Home project.

  444. I would love to win this!!!! I’m new at embroidery and this site is so so helpful! Thank you Mary for sharing all your knowledge

  445. I have always wanted to try a slate frame. I like the look of the wood, you just want to run your hands over it just to feel how smooth it is. I am going to work on Home Sweet Home next and it would be great to have that fabulous frame to put it on.

    Thanks for your articles, Mary. I enjoy reading them.

  446. This looks fabulous. I have a goldwork piece that would be the perfect project.

    Thanks. Love your site and your work and all the sharing you are so willing to do.

  447. This frame looks gorgeous. I was planning a piece for some friends (long-distance move) that featured local flowers and plants, and I think this frame would work excellently for that.

  448. I would love to set up a crewel project I have been wanting to do. This frame would be perfect!!! Thank you Mary for the opportunity to win!

  449. So beautiful! I’d love to win this, since I live in Alberta. I’ve not used one before, but I suspect a lot of different projects would be created on it. Thanks for promoting Canadian artisans.

  450. I usually stitch without a frame but I’d love to have try this frame to stitch the samplers with many varied stitches.

  451. How beautiful!
    I have a picture of two seahorses waiting to be transferred and stitched but do not yet have a large enough frame… hint hint!

  452. This is a gorgeous looking frame. I’m going to have to have one. I would love to use this to work on crewel embroidery. I have several of Crewel Work Company kits I’m going to work on. Thank you for the giveaway!

  453. I have never used a slate frame but would love to try it! Most all of my embroidery is done on a frame. The last piece I did was “Meadow Medley” by Luan Callary who is one our guild members. Next up are two of Trish Burr’s bird projects. Her work is so exquisite!! Like you, I usually have a few projects underway!

  454. Fantastic!! Another Give Away that is amazing. I would love to start my Swan Metalwork Feather Kit from the Bluebird Embroidery Co. I have been putting off getting started as I need a frame to get it set up. This would be perfect. And I will be placing an order for one.

  455. I could stitch so much on this! I really want to do more dimensional embroidery and this would be perfect for two hands needed work!

  456. I have recently purchased some vintage Elsa Williams crewel kits on eBay and will need a frame on which to stitch them. This one is beautiful. The light weight would be good for my arthritic hands.

  457. I have a new piece by Northern Expressions Needlework, Celtic Flutter that could use a great frame for stitching. I stitch mostly in hand because the majority of other frames are so annoying to use. I love the flexibility of this design.

  458. This frame looks like it would be easy to assemble and to get my needlework ready to start stitching. I am always looking for a frame that is lightweight but holds my needlework taut. Thank you for sharing this resource

  459. I am wondering if they work using wool? Sometimes the project is cumbersome to hold it all in my hands.

  460. I see in my mind stitching the Tawny Feather piece I just ordered from the French Needle. It is my first such endeavor in many years outside of practicing and sampling. Such a beautiful kit, and I think mounting it in such a gorgeous frame would inspire me to do my best and most diligent work.

  461. I’m so excited to see this frame I’ll order whether I win it or not! The roller part is like a scroll frame I’ve had for years, and it works great. I’ve been trying to turn that frame into a slate frame but it hasn’t worked well.
    The first project is a partly finished Quaker sampler designed by Nan Tyler. I want it on a slate frame because the design is sort of “wing it” and I need to be able to see the whole thing.
    I do almost everything on some kind of frame because I have limited use of one hand due to carpal tunnel issues.

  462. So beautiful I have been waiting to start a large sampler project,because my old frame is beyond repair and hadn’t purchased new one yet..this sounds perfect
    I would love the opportunity thanks for a chance…

  463. This frame looks fantastic! My first project would be a Jacobian crewel pillow. Thanks for your needlework-related reviews–I always appreciate them.

  464. I was already eyeballing these and I may still buy one (if I don’t win)

    I would be using this frame to work on a long term Cloth of Estate project for my local Historical Re-enactment group.

    Oh, it would be so nice if I won this prize. My husband would be happy too, since he wouldn’t have to hear me whine about my lack of a slate frame.

    Here’s hoping!

  465. Perfect for my often painful arthritic hands 🙂 I would like this frame for my next project which is a Lizzie Kate Mother Daughter sampler I am going to do for my daughter’s 50th birthday. Thank you for the opportunity to win this
    Marilyn Attewell
    New Zealand

  466. I’ve started an embroidered version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and have been getting frustrated with having to move my embroidery hoop and potentially crumbling and distorting my fabric. This slate frame would be wonderfully suited for that project. I’ve been meaning to get one, so this would be the perfect opportunity 🙂

  467. I love these frames! I live in the largest city in Canada and can’t seem to find one anywhere. What a boon to win this. Thanks for a great post and a chance to win! 🙂

  468. WOW! This slate frame would be great for an EGA Seminar silk piece that for a number of reasons never was started. I have the silk with the design and all the silk threads packed neatly away….waiting for ….incentive and a super terrific slate frame! How I would love to see that slate frame put to use in my home.

  469. Thanks Mary and Mark! I would use this beautiful frame mostly for whitework of various kinds.

  470. I’ve always considered a slate frame to be a luxury I could not afford and would love to have. I currently have three goldwork projects to work on (not yet started) and would love to have this perfect frame on which to work. My plan for this frame would be to use it on almost all my projects. The stretcher bars I use now are ok but they splinter and poke me and the corners have scratched the arms of my chairs so this frame would be the best replacement. Thank you Mary and Mark.

  471. I’ve come to look at your referrals first when sourcing materials as Hawaii doesn’t have as large a selection as other places. Thank you so much for this helpful guide to a beautiful frame made by a real craftsman, and for the instructions on how to set it up as well. I would love to win a frame. I had one quick question about your use of silk on top of linen for a goldwork project — will you remove the linen from the back once you finish? For other types of embroidery, would you simply embroider directly on the piece of linen laced into the frame? I’m not as familiar with goldwork, so perhaps that is why you used two pieces of fabric? Or is it more about the type of fabric that you are working with? Would you do the same with something stretchy like wool, for example? Thank you

  472. I would love to work on a crewel embroidery project on this new frame. A couple years ago my husband, son and I went to Scotland to visit various landmarks and castles in the family name (not that any of our family actually own these beautiful wonders). We were eager to find out more about my husband and son’s heritage. Something we learnt and were not aware of was that his family were Jacobites. This information along with viewing all the beautiful embroidery on display is what inspired me to start embroidery almost exactly a year ago. I have been wanting to start embroidery for quite some time but seeing these old, historical pieces is what really lite the fire. I’m excited and feel a sense of history running through me when I do my embroidery. I love being a part of something that links us to the past. This frame would certainly be put to good use! As a beginner, good quality products will help me continue and not get discourage due to poor quality products (like my very first hoop).

  473. Having been afraid to start an advanced project using gold work, I think this frame would give me the boost I need to dig in and and get started. It’s daunting but great equipment would help with the confidence I’ll need. Thank you!!

  474. What a beautiful frame. I am in the process of putting together my next project. My passion is thread painting and I am almost finished with my current project, an 8″x10″ looking up in the Aspens in the fall, with golden leaves. I enjoy putting my pen & ink drawings into embroidery. I have already finished several pillows of my cactus flowers. This frame would be perfect. Thank you for all the time you put into educating embroiderers. You are greatly appreciated.
    Rose Nordenberg, Grand Junction, CO

  475. I recently finished my first attempt at thread painting. It was a very small flower with leaves and my embroidery hoop was fine but I would love to do a bigger project and this frame would be perfect for that!

  476. This kind of frame would be perfect for embroidered portraits. That’s definitely how I would use it -even if it looks a little bit scary, I’ve only used classic embroidery hoops so far!

  477. What a beautiful frame! I’ve only worked with inexpensive frames and have always found them frustrating. I’ve had to sand them down on several occasions and it seems as though I often spend more time setting up my work each time than stitching.

    I’ve just started using damp fabric and watercolors to create the base for my new embroidery addiction. I’m currently using a 10-inch circular hoop. A beautiful frame like this would inspire me to do larger works and add enjoyment to my projects.

    Thank you so much for the generous giveaways. They are so much fun.



  478. I really, really need one. First for a series of brightly colored drawn work “flags” (picture Mexican cut paper). Soonish for my retirement project. A contemporary casket.

  479. I have tried many types of frames and hoops in the past and have always reverted back to stretcher bars (with my reinforced fabric edges secured to the bars with thumbtacks). Your description of this new slate frame excites me and I already have an original sampler project in mind that encorporates whitework, gold work, and pulled and drawn thread work.
    Thanks so much for the great review of this frame.

  480. Thanks for this offer! I have always been an in-hand stitcher but now have had hand surgery and have not been able to hold the fabric. I would like to try the frame because I’m going crazy without stitching.

    Again, thank you for your newsletters an the opportunities you give everyone

    Carla in Acworth

  481. I have never used a slate frame before. However, I am about to start my first embroidered casket project and I understand that slate frames are the preferred choice – especially if the project piece is likely to remain framed for some time before applying to the casket. I am so excited to get started and plan to try some smaller items before my larger casket (this will also help me make a final design decision for the larger project). Since I am learning several techniques I want to work out mistakes first!

  482. A beautiful AND efficient slate frame?! Amazing! I’ve got a drawn thread sampler and a tudor monogram kit from Laurelin that I haven’t gotten to yet, partly for lack of a good frame to work on.

  483. What a gorgeous frame! Mark of Mythic Crafts is talented. If I were lucky enough to win this frame I think I would use it to embroider some special pieces I have had for a while. I picked them up at a quilt show and thought that I would someday embroider them as the tops for a wedding pillow for the ring bearer. I have hopes of finishing the beautiful floral pieces and saving them back for my two beautiful grand daughters for when they get married. Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous embroidery tool!
    ~Gin K.~

  484. If I won this frame I would use it to do the Bayeux Stitch on a panel which I commissioned from Chantal James of Bayeux Broderies in the town of Bayeux This particular panel shows my husbands ancestor Count Eustace de Boulogne who fought with William at the Battle of Hastings I have done a lot of the stem stitch outlines and then must put it in a frame to do the long stitch and couching which make up the Bayeux Stitch.

  485. Hi Mary,
    I know exactly what I would use this gorgeous slate frame for! Recently you recommended a wonderful book: The beginner’s guide to Goldwork. I bought this book and it is stunning. I can’t wait to get started on Ruth Chamberlain’s sampler – and the slate frame would be the perfect frame to start with!
    Thanks for your recommendations – the book is beautiful, and so is this slate frame.
    Barb Richards

  486. After working on a large project for 10 months!,I’m ready to move on to a smaller format. This frame looks ideal for me since I have trouble keeping my fabric drum tight. The next project is called “Back to the Future”, will be 8 x 14 and is about turtles going across the sand back to the ocean. I want to do pulled thread stitches on the sand so keeping a tight tension is critical.

  487. What a wonderful offer! Thank you. I’m not sure how I would use it first, but I have several large pieces waiting and I’m sure such a device would certainly improve my work.

  488. I have a pattern for a cardinal that a friend gave me. I have the nice linen fabric, but haven’t started because I’ve only got hoops and I want this to be perfect. That is what I would use the slate frame for.

    Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway.

  489. I would love to work a fine crewel project on a good frame like this. I have been eyeing the Jacobean Fantasy kit from The Crewel Work Company for a while now, and I think that would be perfect for this fine frame. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  490. I would set up a 15 th century inspired gold and silk thread project on this type of frame. Drooling. I noticed the ‘Mary” on yours.

  491. I am getting ready to start a sampler so I would use it for this. Nice to see its made in Canada so I won’t have to convert my money to American. Can’t wait to try this.

  492. Oh Mary, you just made my whole YEAR!

    I’ve recently been searching for a frame to work an elaborate stumpwork bouquet for Canada’s sesquicentennial (say that 5 times fast!!) – that is, for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Nationhood. I’ve got a gorgeous colouring page issued by the Prime Ministers office, and I’m going to turn the whole thing into a stumpwork bouquet of the 13 flowers that represent Canada’s 13 provinces and territories!

    Bonus…if I don’t win, these frames are still a made in Canada option to save up for!

  493. Hi Mary, Thank you for your glowing review of Mark’s Mythic Crafts Slate Frame. I have used traditional stretcher bars and numerous types of scroll frames. With the scroll frames, I always worry about rolling the completed part of the project and when it gets bulky the tension is off. I would love to try one of the slate frames for my next project which is a birth announcement. The project is simple cross stitch.

  494. I would use the frame for a embroidered garden scene, the pattern which I’ve had for a while. Don’t have a embroidery frame and this one sounds really simple to set up and use. Will check the etsy site !

  495. I cannot think of anyone doing embroidery work not wanting to own one of these marvels. I had a heck of a time trying to find and order one when I was enrolled in a class from Europe. So many entries, so many wanna bes, impossible to become a winner.
    However, many thanks for your wonderful freebies, your enticing embroidery samples that would take me the rest of my life to sit and work on them, so I just drool over them.

  496. The frame is gorgeous! With a good frame I would definitely indulge in my counted cross stitch. A design by Patricia Andrle like Medieval Garden or Knight Errant would probably be my choice but that frame makes me want to try my hand at some Jacobean designs. If I won the frame I would start of with a nice big counted work, something familiar before I dive into unknown territory.

  497. I’m a cosplay and have done “fake” goldwork appliques (I say “fake” because I’ve used metallic polyester cords and such, rather than real metal threads) using stretcher bars. I’d love to use a nice frame like this for some more elaborate works that I have in mind. Might even take a stab (heh) at real metal threads next time.

  498. I have a Goldwork kit of a bumble bee which has been on the ‘to do’ list for far too long and a slate frame would be ideal for it. Lightweight is good too for my weak wrists.

  499. I have always wanted to learn Japanese embroidery – this frame looks perfect for that! But the immediate project I would start on this frame is the Amy Mitten Canada sampler, which just arrived!

  500. Such a beautiful frame! I’m working on a Nora Corbett design of the 3 fairies from Shakespeare; the thread work doesn’t need more than a hoop, but the final steps of adding all the beads and trinkets does need a good, large-enough, light-weight (as in not too heavy) frame. And that’s just the current project! I’m looking forward to following another of your wonderful gold work projects – I learn so much, and some day might even try some gold work myself!

  501. A stunning frame needs a stunning embroidery piece!
    I would like to make delicate floral design in silk on a linen fabric.

  502. Mary, at last what looks like the perfect slate frame! I too have tried many over the years and often been disappointed, so would love to win this one. I have several projects that this frame could be used for, but the main one (still in design stage at present) is for covering a casket (Thistle Threads on-line course). The embroidery will take some time to work so it is important that the frame used will not warp or loosen it’s hold on the fabric (I’ve had that happen). Thank you for the chance to win this frame, I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Barbara (in the UK)

  503. I have no immediate project in mind right now. However Imhave thought about a thread painted white German Shepard for my granddaughter.

  504. Beautiful frame! I would like to use it on my next project. I recently got a bolt of vintage nettle cloth. I want to do some a series of bead embroideries. I think several small embroideries at the same time. They will become part of a larger tapestry series I’m working on. Maybe as inlays or as a tabbed fringe. I’m no the tabbed fringe on the largest piece in the series.

  505. Dear Mary, My sister and I have been following your blog for some time now, admiring your work and generosity of sharing your skills and challenges. And of course, how to solve those challenges. In any case, I would love to win this fabulous embroidery frame for my sister who lives in Hungary. She is an accomplished crafts wizard, dedicated to perfection. She does bobbin lace, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, quilting, and all. She would be using this lovely frame for her embroidery of authentic Hungarian folk pieces, examples of which you can find on Etsy, Pinterest, etc. So, fingers crossed. And again, thanks for all you do!

  506. Hi! Thanks for another generous giveaway! And a very special thank you to Mark at Mythic Crafts.
    I may be so grateful, possibly because I know exactly what I would work on this frame. You see, from the moment I began embroidery, I have (mostly) subconsciously envisioned a project in which I embroider my dog. I have gone through my threads and, automatically, thought things such as “This color is perfect for the fur on his back”, or, “This is the color of his eyes”, etc. I simply do it without really thinking much about it. He was such a good boy. His favorite thing was to make everyone laugh. He loved Christmas. When he got “officially” old (the vet said he was a senior dog, and he heard that), he started his “Where’s My Senior Discount?” phase, pushing people out of the way so he could get his medicine and lay back down. We found out a year before he died that on one side he ACTUALLY HAD NO HIP SOCKET and the other side only had a partial. I’ve never been more angry at complete strangers for not spaying and neutering their animals. (See, we knew he had hip problems, but our vet was kind and didn’t want to put him through the pain of taking the x-rays, especially when the knowledge would be pretty useless.) Believe it or not, I could keep going on and on, he was a part of my family. But the project! I’ve wanted to embroider him sniffing the roses in the backyard. I cannot find the colors for the roses (they were… odd…) even though I’ve been looking and looking. I will find them, though. And I will make a needlepainting of my lovable dog sniffing those roses (always with his eyes closed). Because he was here. And he was wonderful. And he should be remembered.

  507. These frames look beautiful and really useful. I have never had a slate frame before and I NEED one of these!!!

  508. I would use this slate frame to work on the embroidery for a needlework casket I am making. It would be perfect for the stumpwork/goldwork I am using for this piece.

    Thank you for offering this!!

    Judy in SC

  509. This frame takes me way back to when a wonderful elderly lady taught me to quilting and embroidery as a child. Her father had made a full sized frame to quilt and a much smaller frame to do the embroirdery.. I have used many types of frames over the years but nothing quite compares to the ones he made…..I have looked everywhere for something similar with no luck until now.!!!…these are so similar that I am eager to try them…. so th answer the question…. I would love to begin another quilt using these frames ….have a blessed day!
    R MacNeil

  510. Wow awesome product!!! I would use it to frame up my #1yearofstitches project
    Then I would not have to keep moving my hoop and crushing my previous stitches. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful and functional item!

  511. I have a crewel project that I use a hoop (not ideal). I also have a large crewel work company pillow that would be perfect for this frame. I searched frames from England but didn’t find one, they were more complicated
    Thank you, Barbara Flinchum

  512. Looks like great craftsmanship. I do crewel and basic embroidery and cross stitch, and have too many projects in mind.

  513. What a lovely frame! And I could SO use it right now! I am doing the pulled and drawn heirloom sampler that Nordic Needle is offering for the year. They suggested stretching the sides as well as putting it on a scroll frame, but my scroll frame doesn’t allow for that, so I am winging it. I can see how this would be a wonderful tool for this project. I would love to have it. Fingers crossed!

  514. Now seriously, that is the best give away EVER!!!! I have been asking around my guild if someone wants to sell a used one because I’m feeling like I need a ‘serious’ frame for my evolving projects. I have become obsessed with goldwork and would love to have a frame like this. I’m Canadian so was delighted to see a Canadian product of such good quality. Next summer I will begin the RSN Certificate program and you must have a slate frame for it (some say two…..) so this would be very helpful to me. My first project on it would be a dipped candles hanging out to dry Or Nué project that I’ve been dreaming up and starting to sketch :-). Drum tight is needed. I assume that this would fit beautifully with my JAT floor stand that I purchased last year since trestles are way out of my range!

  515. I would use it for my silk ribbon embroidery. The square/rectangular frame would be ideal as my round frame cuts into my picture.

  516. I want to try the Lace Cottage by Gerry Krueger and I think this would be perfect for that project.

  517. I don’t currently own a slate frame but have been considering buying one. Mark’s are just plain beautiful, and it sounds like they’ve passed the Mary tests with flying colors!
    I just purchased a floor stand that would hold this frame, and I would be thrilled to begin my next project on it, whether I win one or order one. Which project? The large Halloween pattern I ordered from an Italian designer!

  518. I would absolutely love to have one of these frames!! I hate using stretcher bars because they are heavy and unwieldy. I just seem to struggle so much with them and this seems to solve those problems.
    I really want to do the piece by Hazel Blomkamp in the latest Inspirations magazine. I’ve never done needle weaving and this would make learning easier! And this would be perfect for it. What a great give, thanks for the opportunity.

  519. I am just about to start a large stumpwork project. I have used roller frames for this type of project in the past but the fabric continually has to be retightened. These frames look absolutely awesome and I would love to be the lucky owner of one.

  520. I am just starting to really get into whitework techniques for the first time, and I am especially enjoying combining them with raised techniques to create a very 3d design. This frame would make my projects much easier!

    (Thank you for your amazing content, it’s been so hugely helpful for me in my practice of the Zen of String! 😉

  521. Wow! what a great frame! I have broken frames in the past because I like a very tight fabric and super small stitching. I do a lot of rescue work – taking vintage pieces and making repairs to extend their life and lovability. I take great joy from being able to return a treasured heirloom to a family another generation or two.

  522. Those frames are gorgeous, and I’ve always believed that pretty tools make the craft more fun!! I’d use this for my crewel work, and I’m sending your post out to a friend who cross stitches…

    But I have a question. The cotter pins hold the frame from closing in, but is it the tautness of the fabric in the dowels that holds the frame up? My thinking is you’d need cotter pins on each side of the frame to make it secure.

  523. I’ve been planning a medieval-style piece that tells the story of various mishaps in our SCA household, and this frame isn’t lovely enough that I’d be delighted to use it for working at events! I’m sending a link to Mark’s store as a birthday hint for my boyfriend, too.

  524. I am just beginning to embroider Hardanger pieces. Firstly I am doing a cross pattern. This frame with its tautness and firmness would be a big help to a beginner. Thank you for the chance to own something this gorgeous. jc

  525. What a stunning frame. I’m about to start a crewel project for the top of a very old – soon to be revamped – anrique box thingy . This frame looks amazing!

  526. When I was a teenager, my father would make me frames customized to the project I was working on. But although they were made with love, they were not the quality and/or flexibility of Mark’s. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool!

  527. Recently I started a birth sampler for our little granddaughter – trying to find the correct size of scroll rods and side bars for this project became a “hair-pulling” event; therefore, becoming the recipient of your recent give-away would be an answer to my prayers and make finishing this project a whole lot easier. Whoever does win, though, will be one very lucky person. Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful offering.

  528. What a beautiful frame! I’ve looked at slate frames before but never purchased one. I have a project from Canevas Folies “Blue Peacock” that would be perfect for this frame. It’s all kitted and ready to go.0

  529. A fabulous frame for all sorts of work. I have 2 large canvas projects and a crewel fire screen I could use it for immediately.

  530. I have two grandbabies on the way and have a list of projects I want tp make for them

  531. Hi Mary!!

    Thank you for this opportunity to enter this exciting giveaway. I would love a slate frame to use for my needlepoint projects. I have many that would fit this size frame. I have seen other needlepoint enthusiasts use millennium frames by sewing regular fabric to the top and bottom of the canvas so the dowel and groove frames are functional for needlepoint as well as cross stitch and embroidery!!! I would love to try out the tension that a slate frame would offer for needlepoint.

    I look forward to the results of this giveaway!

    Thank you,
    priscilla hogg

  532. I think new frame, new project. An excuse to start something new? Definitely! I’m imagining a sampler of crewel motifs in squares.

  533. I’ve been envisioning a Bayeau Tapestry-esque piece (style, not length!) for my son who will finish his Trauma/Critical Care Surgery fellowship in July. I only have embroidery hoops, so this frame would be a dream come true!

  534. Wow! This frame not only seems to be more functional but it’s beautiful too. I put one on the top of my wish list.

  535. Wow! What a beautiful and useful stretcher. I need one for the Brazilian embroidery work I do.

  536. I really would love to have one of these frames. I am wanting to stitch more silk and metal embroidery and this would be perfect!

  537. I have a crewel project that I started many moons ago. I ran into it while cleaning the closet & had forgotten how pretty it was. I would love to have a good frame to put it on & finish it PRETTY PLEASE.

  538. Oh my, this frame looks top-notch! Would love to start an intricate big piece on this, as I’ve used only hoops and q-snaps. Just wondering, does the slate frame lie on a stand or does one hold it in hand while embroidering?

  539. Amazing slate frame! I envision working my own audubonesque bird and floral design; linen and floche.

  540. Mary,

    What a beautiful frame!

    I work with canvas, usually 14 or 18 count. I would love this frame. The ones I use now require stitching the canvas to webbing and then winding to pull everything tight. I would love a slate frame.

  541. I’d love to win this beautiful slate frame and make birth announcements for my granddaughters. Since I have never used one, I’m imagining that it would make a more even canvas plus it would be faster. I wouldn’t have to loosen the hoop and then re-tighten it up after every sewing time. Thanks for having this give away.

  542. Wow, great review. I’ve been thinking of investing in a slate frame so am very interested in Mark’s. I have a crewel project ready to start that this would be ideal for. I also have a goldwork piece I’d like to stitch (it’s an illuminated initial by AnneMarie Moorhead, see them at http://nancys.co.nz/product-category/embroidery/illuminated-initials/) that I’ll back with linen as you have done yours. Two southern winter projects for me.

  543. I have a wonderful Alison Cole goldwork project that would be perfect for doing on the slate frame! Thanks for offering the chance to win what looks like a wonderful product.

  544. I have always had issues with frames and have yet to find one I truly like. I have wanted to try goldwork so this seems like the perfect choice for this and future projects.
    I look forward to your newsletters. thank you taking the time to create them.

  545. Hi Mary. I have always shied away from slate frames because, well, frankly, I can’t sew. I mean, I can stitch, but I can’t sew and all that lacing and stitching bits together scares me. Also, I haven’t really done any really big projects. But on the other hand, for the ones I have done that are biggish, I’ve had to use a 10″ lap frame and to keep moving the fabric around. I did build the frame out of PVC pipe that you posted on your web site last year and it was fine but it still needs to sit in my lap or on a table and it is, frankly, a bit awkward to get my arms around (I’m not really tall and my arms, proportionally, aren’t long enough to make the movement of the needle in and out really smooth. I would love to own this version of the slate frame so I can do those bigger projects I have in my “to-do” basket. I’m about to retire at the end of March and will be able to dedicate even more time to my stitching so I’m hoping you pull my name in the draw so I can get my teeth into some big projects. Thanks.

  546. Hi
    I think this slate frame would be an excellent replacement for the wooden pine rectangular frame and drawing pins I currently use for holding my gold work embroidery taut. Thank you for organising and Mark for his contributions to the embroidery world.

  547. Hello Mary
    I have an Amy Mitten sampler project which involves pine needles, porcupine quills, horse, elk and moose hair, etc, and a round handheld frame will not work. This slate frame sounds perfect for keeping it all flat. I love the variety of today’s embroidery – anything is possible!

  548. Well I would get busy and start some stumpwork on that frame. Something Elizabethan perhaps or maybe finally get into my little curiosity box embroidery. A little goldwork. A little padding. It sounds good and would work wonderfully well on marks slate frame. Slainte.

  549. I am just about to start an embroidery BOM so this would be perfect for the blocks. I have wanted to try frames like these for awhile
    thanks for all the information and the give aways

  550. Gorgeous frame and thank you and Mark for the giveaway! I would use this with kits I have from Tanja Berlin for thread painting. I’ve never had a slate frame so it would be a wonderful addition of my stitching essentials!

  551. Mark’s mother is indeed a truly fortunate stitcher & we are fortunate he has directed his innovative talents to such a specialized market! A true craftsman! I’ll certainly be on the wait list for one of these handmade frames. Currently I have two gold work projects and five (!) silk on silk projects awaiting my attempts which necessitate a slate frame. (Several slate frames would be welcome but I won’t push my luck!) Thank you to both of you for this opportunity.

  552. Wow, this is a beautiful slate frame. I envision using it for a surface embroidery project that exceeds the size of my largest hoop. I definitely have plans to use it, first for “Pertinacity” a Jacobean embroidery design by Hazel Blomkamp which is shown on the front cover of her book CREWEL INTENTIONS. The Mythic Crafts frame would be perfect!

  553. Counted cross stitch is my passion, but I have a few needlepoint projects that I have been waiting to do until I have a decent way to handle the fabric while working on it. This frame would be perfect!!!
    Really enjoy your posts and all the good information you provide.
    Thanks for all you do.

  554. I have two projects in mind – hardanger and sashiko. I think they would work well in this type of frame. I like how you do not have to sew the top and bottom to the frame.

  555. I would use it for a needle painting project. I find it sometimes difficult to grt my projects “drum tight” . This would be awesome! Thank you Mary for this giveaway.

  556. What an amazing, fantastic invention !!!
    I’ve just got to enter this giveaway.
    Fingers crossed and hoping. lol. ☺

  557. Hi Mary!

    As always a great review of a most useful (and in this case tricky to find!) embroidery tool. I love the innovative idea of using the dowels to attach the fabric to the roller bars. I’m about to undertake some serious study of goldwork and I have a stumpwork casket project simmering ‘on the back burner’ and one of the things holding up progress has been finding a source for slate frames in the sizes I will need.

    Thank you and Mark for offering the give-away. If it should happen to come my way, I promise to put this frame to good use!

  558. I have a project in the planning stages that has goldwork, silk and beads. I would love to use this frame for this and other projects.

  559. This form does look like it will be the perfect mounting form. I love how adjustable is looks and it seems to be very well made. Thank you for sharing this beautiful product!

  560. What a great give-away.. I have never used a frame!!
    So many things i could work on with it.. LOL
    If i win? I have several embroidery kits i put back that my Mother-n-law gave me.
    They will be perfect to try out on my new frame!

  561. Mary, Thanks for making us aware of such a quality product. Reading the website, Mark obviously takes his work very seriously. And thanks to you both for a chance at a giveaway. What would I stitch with one of these frames? I have some ‘sweet bags’ and drawn thread samplers in my queue. I haven’t used a slate frame before, but have long thought about it – would love to be able to stitch with this frame. — JoanneP

  562. Thank you for all your help over the years. Love the Slate Frame. In Louisville we have an active Embroidery Guild of which I have become the new Secretary. We are always learning something new and do a lot of canvas work and Aida or Lugana material that needs to be stretched on a frame. This would come in so handy and can be reused, which would be perfect for our projects.

  563. Ooh, beautiful. I have the Pure Gold goldwotk kit from Inspirations waiting in my room and this would be perfect to work it on.

  564. I have had a number of years where I was unable to really develope my creativity and start designing my own goldwork projects. I have finally arrived at a place in my life where I can really enjoy and develope my own style. I would really appreciate a slate frame to work up some of the designs i have been drawing. Thanks.

  565. I have an Elizabethan Crewel work project to do, and as I have never used a Slate Frame it would be brilliant to have the opportunity to use one. Thank you for the opportunity to win one, I wish everyone good luck and if we don’t win we now know where to get a great one.

  566. I would love to use this frame for a piece of Jacobean crewel work. I have the perfect spot to sit and stitch on this frame.

  567. I would like to work on at least one of the miniature tapestries you have written about here. For example, Tree of Life, Lady and the Unicorn.

  568. Hi Mary, I would love a slate frame. In the last four years I have gone from strength to strength in learning how to embroider. I have learnt about threads, needles and frames. I have done a few online classes as well as joined our local Guild. When ever I need help with a stitch I use your online videos which are invaluable. I am still trying different types of embroidery to see what will be my favourite. It seems I am doing more and more that require drum tight fabric in a frame, which is why I would absolutely love to win the slate frame.

  569. Hi Mary
    I have a friend who back in the 80’s was cross stitching, once I saw her stitching I was in and have never looked back !! Over the years I have branched out and tried other forms of embroidery but I now have a hankering to try Elizabethan, Jacobean, crewel work, gold work and OMG can’t believe im saying this but I want to try stump work as well !! What a beautiful frame Mark has made. His Mum is indeed a very lucky lady
    Kind regards Nic

  570. I have never used a slate frame – yet. My projects tend to be quick and light. So far! I see a slate frame for something that will take some time, and is complicated. I have a love for goldwork, and can see myself doing something really special using the special features of a slate frame – it will keep the fabric taut, and can be worked on gradually. My special something is likely to be ecclesiastical – I want to make heirlooms.

  571. I would love one of these frames to make me like slate frames again! I do 16th century embroidery and would love to use it to mount the cuffs of some velvet mittens.

  572. I am a cross stitcher who dabbles in needlepoint. I find that often I cannot get the needlepoint fabric taut enough with my Q-Snaps. So, I envision using these slate frames for needlepoint and cross stitch. I have some gray fabric that really needs to be taut before you can stitch on it. That would be my first fabric.

  573. Oh, what a lovely giveaway! Thank you.
    I am not sure what I would put on that beautiful frame but I am leaning towards a garland of Spring flowers I have drawn out.

  574. I have this piece I want to try my hand at as a gift for my bio mom. She loves dragons and she found this beautiful drawing of a dragon with butterfly wings and it is next to some flowers. She originally wanted to get it as a tattoo but money is always tight so I was going to try and embroider it for her to be framed. A frame would make working on it so much easier over shifting it around on a hoop and since I am relatively new to the embroidery world (only been doing it for six months now) my supplies are still limited, but I plan to grow them as time and money allow.

  575. What a coincidence….my branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild are considering booking a workshop with Tanja’s Mother, Beppy Berlin ( Mum and daughter are both talented embroiderers ). As for what I would use a slate frame for, it would mean that I no longer have an excuse for delaying working a pattern of lace on canvas that I have been wanting to work for a while now.

  576. Since getting you emails I have started copying coloring book and instead of using coloring pencils I am using needles and thread. I can hardly wait to start a new project and not have to use a round hoop. Ashley

  577. Dear Mary,

    If I were lucky enough to win one of these frames, which also ticks all the boxes for my needs by the way, the aesthetic look of the frame being of no little importance; I would use this beautiful looking frame to help create a beautiful piece of needlework. At least that is what the aim would be! I have already ordered the book Exploring Elizabethan Embroidery by Dorothy Clarke and Stephanie Powell and intend adapting the project on the front cover. In the delicate goldwork “grid” I would try to embroider birds in long and short stitch. This would then be a present for my daughter (and hopefully an heirloom) as she loves birds. I really enjoyed doing a similar project the year before last using the design from the RSN “Elisabethan Garden”. https://www.google.de/search?q=RSN+elizabethan+garden&client=firefox-b-ab&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-od-Zk7vSAhVIjCwKHWxqDO8Q7AkIMg&biw=1292&bih=674#imgrc=3H-7GbiGsgNs4M: The dupion silk and backing had to be kept drum tight here too. However dressing my ebay bought roller frame and then asking my partner (who is strong!) to continually tighten it for me was irksome. Anyway the frame did not add to the pleasure. I have made what I think is a lovely cushion with a tassle as well as a case for my embroidery scissors, a needlebook for the needles and when I am at home they are kept in an antique sewing table (Edwardian) given to me by my parents. Hence this highly functional as well as beautiful frame would complement my antique sewing table in its usefulness, good looks and heirloom quality and appeal to my aesthetic sense and importantly my partner wouldn´t not be disturbed by me asking him to tighten the fabric the whole time!
    Thank you very much for the review – if I am not the winner I´ll probably buy one anyway as it really looks just right.

  578. My next larger project is going to be a dragon that I will be framing for my brother. This would be awesome to use for that.

  579. Thanks Mary and Mark for this opportunity!
    I have many competing projects that get moved around based on need. Currently I’d like to work on my gold work skills and learn to use some different metals.

  580. Having just traced the pattern for Lattice Jumble onto my linen, I am ready for a frame on which to work it. This one is more than perfect!

  581. Using this frame, my goal is to work on a casket/box design using what I am learning in the Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities class I am taking.

  582. I am more than ready to move up to a more functional frame. I am hoping to refine my ß
    ls and this one will get me there.

  583. I use either stretcher bars or a scroll frame for virtually all my embroidery, so I would use this frame for the next project I start that’s large enough to fit on it.


  584. Thanks for the giveaway! I have always wanted to try this style frame… I envision a counted thread piece for the first use of this product.

  585. I have several projects in mind but the next one I’ll be starting is from the book Whitework with Color. I received the book yesterday and am anxious to get started. It’s a beautiful frame.

  586. This frame looks so wonderful I want one-not sure yet what project I would do-try out some ribbon embroidery perhaps
    thanks for the chance Kathy

  587. Oooh, those frames are pretty! I have several kits, including tanja Berlin and t burr,and frankly way too many others that I would love to get started on. Or maybe I could finally set up my craftsy classes you convinced me to buy but I haven’t gotten around to…!

  588. WOW! I have always wanted to try a slate frame, but have never invested because I was unsure……. which one? This is the perfect opportunity to add to my stitching treasures.
    I have no particular project in mind, but doubt it would take me long to find one.
    I appreciate your reviews, and thank you for your generosity.

  589. This is a wonderful post! What a beautiful frame, and lots of great information in the review. I’m very pleased to see a Canadian source for this, and will go on over and check out his Etsy store right away. If I had this frame, I’d probably prep a garden scene that I’ve been desultorily working at for the last year and finally finish it! Or maybe just get inspired and start something new.

  590. I’m picturing doing small quilted pieces on the frame and of course, embroidery projects. It looks very comfortable to use–

  591. I have just finished a Jenny GAO gold project and want to do another one. My slate frame is great but would love to have another with the roller bars more stitching time less preparation time.

  592. I have just started working on the Home Sweet Home sewing chest and would love to try working on the parts of the house in a square/rectangular frame as opposed to working in a round hoop. I have patterns for other needlework projects too – a linen-based embroidered pillow for one, and my own bird designs for another. Weight is definitely an issue for the frame as my wrists are showing signs of the family arthritis problems.

  593. What a beautiful frame. Well, I would use it for a gold work piece I’ve been designing for a bit. Thank you for the chance to win such a great gift. Linda Pewaukee WI

  594. I have a pattern darning project by Elizabeth Almond that would work beautifully in a frame like this. Thanks for the opportunity

  595. I have an old crewel transfer that I would like to stitch in wool thread. I think I would use the finished piece to make a bag. Thank you to Mark for the lovely give-away! I dream of beautiful tools to make the process even more enjoyable.

  596. oh my goodness!!! I have been eyeballing these kinds of frames for awhile now. I have a project ready to be hooped, but nothing I have feels right to me. I love having all the work show at once. It’s an embroidery of the fruits of the spirit…a big ol’ rectangle that I don’t want to hoop and move.
    this would be an awesome surprise!!

  597. This frame is beautiful! If I win, I would Use it to start my monogram “D.” I purchased your alphabet, and I’m anxious to start. Now, if I can just figure out how to print from my tablet….

  598. I have a project of Carolyn Pearce’s that I am doing on black silk that would be perfect for this. I have never used a slate frame before and would like to try a project using one.

  599. I’m just starting out on my hand embroidery adventures. I have a wonderful piece from the Crewel Work Co., that I’m most anxious to start. This frame would be perfect for this piece. Love your blog and instructions. Thank you!

  600. Mary, I would be painting a large piece (for me large- LOL) and then doing one of my needlework paintings on it. I’ve been wanting to try something larger than 2″x3″. Hahaha!
    Thanks for the chance to both you and Mark. What a lucky gal (or guy) someone is gonna be.

  601. I would love to have a frame like this and have hardanger and zentantangle projects that would be perfect for the frame.

  602. I think this frame would be perfect to help me work a piece from one of Hazel Blomkamp’s books.

  603. If I won, the first project I would put on this frame would be a needlepoint rug on 50 count silk that I want to make as a gift. These frames look awesome!

  604. It would be wonderful being able to embroider a beautiful piece of Belgian Linen from The Crewel Co. in London on a slate frame. I presently do not have a slate frame. Unfortunately, I have to have a shot of Cortisone in my thumb in order to proceed because of arthritis. I expect to have this done within the month. What a beautiful give away. Thank you Mary.

  605. I’m working on a small project that this frame would help immensely. Almost like giving me a second set of hands!

  606. Mary, I have been enjoying your posts for more than a year now, becoming more and more seduced by the exquisite needlework you produce. Although I have been working at the absolute beginner level, I dream of being able to do something like your recently completed crewel-inspired embroidery from the Inspirations magazine kit. Reality hits when I try to manipulate things with quite arthritic fingers, but with no urgent time limits to finishing, I eventually manage most things I attempt! I aspire to tackling more difficult projects, but am hesitant to take them on. I wonder if the use of a slate frame might be helpful.
    As always, grateful thanks for your inspirational example, and the way you strive to make things accessible to even the most timid of us.

  607. I have just acquired Hazel Blomkamp’s two crewel books. If I won this I would work up a sizeable crewel design, probably for a large tray.

  608. What a beautiful frame. I currently use hoops form my embroidery projects because I’m kinda of new to embroidery. I would love to work on a project in a slate frame. Having a beautiful frame holding my work would be inspiring. I’m going to start researching how to in a slate frame, while I save I pennies to purchase one for myself.

  609. I have a project from Victoria’s Sampler – Victorian Christmas Sampler that would be wonderful to do on a light weight frame.

  610. It would be a good reason to make something larger than I make in my hoops! It would be a great support for me to go larger! In one way or another it is hard to dare and make something not very small.

  611. I’m not sure which project I would put on this gorgeous frame. Maybe one of pieces that I will start at EAC Seminar in May. I look forward to using this frame with the new stand my dad just built for me.

  612. I have always wanted to do some “white work” and never found the time. I am now retired and have all the time in the world to try. I would love to be able to have one of these frames to use.
    By the way I love receiving your news letters I haven’t had time sew and embroider since my 20’s and I am looking forwards to working on some of your ideas.

  613. This frame would be put to immediate use on a Hazel Blompkamp project which I just received in the mail. Yeah!!!!!

  614. I love your site & have learned so much from your suggestions ! Thank you !
    11 years ago I took a Crazy Quilting/Ribbon Work Class & got hooked on Embroidery again. That year I won 2 First Prize Ribbons in the Alaska State Fair. One was a framed “Under the Sea” wall hanging(in embroidery Division) and the other was a Quilted ribbon/embroidery( in quilted Div.) I want to make a Stitch example book 8″x11″ and the Slate Frame would sure be easier than the big round frame I’ve been using. I now have 51 stitches for a 5″x7″but would start over if I were lucky enough to win the Slate Frame Prize. In fact, it would be so much easier for this 86 year old lady to work with for all the projects I want to do ! Ha ! P.S I was born in Kansas too, but we moved away when I was 6 yrs. old.
    Thanks again for all your excellent lessons, please continue and PLEASE consider my Entry in your Give-away!

  615. I am in the middle of an embroidery project and sure could use one of those frames.
    Can’t get a good hold on my fabric on those other kinds of hoops.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  616. Wow! Amazing!
    Nice article, you made me want one even more… I’ve been looking at my friend’s slate frame and wishing for one….. crossing my fingers!


  617. I am awaiting the arrival of a blackwork butterfly kit from Tanja Berlin which requires a frame. As that comes from Canada and I’m in Australia I feel it would be appropriate to use a Canadian frame made by an Australian! The lightweight aspect is very appealing, thanks Mary for bringing it to my attention.

  618. I’d embroider a Chinese dragon for my husband. He is Japanese and was born in the year of the dragon in te Cinese horoscope, which Japan also uses. I’m a dog!

  619. I took a needlepainting design class with Tanya Berlin a couple of years ago and am working to complete the project. I also purchased a couple of her kits, and would love to use the frame to complete those projects! So excited! Thanks Mary and Mark for this give away!

  620. I have been following your expertise and experience on the “Modern Crewel” kit. I had purchased the kit when it first was released, but just hadn’t been able to start. It has helped me so much to follow your stitching. I am self taught following many books, so I have really enjoyed following your website. So, that will be my next project. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so we can each be a better stitch maker.

  621. This beautiful frame deserves a beautiful project! I have been slowly working on Maree Talbot’s Elizabethan box for a number of years – too many sadly. I have finished the 2 door panels. This frame would make it a joy to pick up again and finish the whole project which is also a thing of beauty.

  622. I would love to try this frame! Having trouble doing needlepoint due to arthritis and am itching to try crewel!

  623. I would love to have a slate frame to embroider the front panels of a blue velvet vest I am creating. I currently have a standard small frame that I roll the fabric on. I have been eyeing the purchase of a frame for this project!

  624. Perfect timing! I just bought a book on Landscape Embroidery by Judy Wilford (Australian). This “slate” frame would be perfect for setting up my canvas for embroidery. I also do a lot of crewel work and again
    a perfect frame.
    Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide to the Embroidery World!

  625. Hi Mary,

    I would use this frame for goldwork and needle painting. I have a couple Trish Burr books with projects I would like to attempt and maybe even some Su Embroidery one day.

    Happy Stitching,

  626. I have never owned a slate frame and would love to have one as I keep reading about the benefits of them, so thanks for the chance of owning one!

  627. #1: I can see me doing a crewel/whitework with color project or an elaborate needlepainting project.
    #2: I have two projects in the planning phase that would be lovely in a slate frame. One is a whitework with color project (a stylized owl) and the other is a needlepainting portrait project. I am actively looking for an appropriate ground fabric.

    Oh, I do hope I win. This slate frame looks quite lovely.

  628. I have a hardanger project stitched with silk thread on gorgeous lavender linen that would fit wonderfully on this frame. Thanks for your review, Mary, and for sharing your lovely creations with us devoted readers.

  629. A slate frame would be wonderful for working stumpwork projects! While I have used plain old stretcher bars for stumpwork in the past, I tend to get ripples in the cloth because the fabric does not stay as taut as it should. These slate frames look beautifully and precisely made – I’d be proud to have one to take to needlework meetings and seminars!

  630. this looks like a gorgeous frame, I’ve been enjoying working the Crewel Work Company’s kits and I’d love to try them in a slate frame. thanks for the contest!

  631. I have, since starting to learn gold work, been considering purchasing a slate frame. This one looks like a beauty and I would love to use it to work a piece called Seahorses by Kathleen Laurel Sage.

  632. I would use the frame for one of the panels of my casket I am starting with the Cabinet of Curiosities course I am doing. I love slate frames to work on – once you have used one it is difficult to go back to a hoop or roller frame. Would love to try this new one. Thanks Mary for the opportunity.

  633. I have purchased a gold work class from Crafty. Alway wanted to try this type of needlework, along with other patterns I’ve saved. What a gift!

  634. Hello Mary!
    If I win the frame I’m going to use it for a project I plan to enter into an art exhibit. I have some preliminary ideas for design & such already; a limited colour scheme and gold threads on silk. I have a suitably sized frame but it is a bit heavy for sure – this frame looks lovely. Thanks for telling us about it!

  635. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you Mary and Mark!

    I have long wanted to try a slate frame. Right now I am dreaming of an embroidered waistcoat, similar to those worn by 18th century gentlemen. I love historical costume and I’ve always thought these were gorgeous. But as I don’t see any of the men in my life willing to give it a go, I’ll wear it myself! Maybe over a little black dress or even with jeans and ballet flats!

  636. What a fantastic looking frame. It is beautiful. If I had one I would use it for all of my hand embroidery projects. I think I would start with a hardanger project. Whoever wins will be one lucky stitcher! Thanks for your review Mary and a big thank you to Mark for sponsoring the give away! I think I will go check out his site right now.

    Good luck to all 🙂

  637. I would love to win this frame to finish my beautiful roses tapestry which I started many decades ago and I really need to cover my very tired footstool. This would be far more comfortable to use than a scroll frame. I am sure the tension will be much improved. Thankyou Mary for your great review.

  638. I’m not exactly sure what projects, but I have recently joined our local embroidery guild. I am excited for the fellowship and learning from these wonderful like minded women and men! I can almost envision all the wonderful projects I will be working on … All the new techniques I will learn … And the mutual encouragement of sharing in this time honored tradition! Thanks for the giveaway Mary!

  639. Its so good to see this frame and that it is light because as you get older you don’t seem to have the strength to hold on to heavy ones for any length of time. The wood looks soooogood. He should be proud of what he is able to do with that wonderful wood.

  640. I am new to shadow embroidery. I see and smock baby clothes. I have seen many examples of shadow embroidery. I am excited about getting started. This would give me a place to learn! I could use a decent size fabric and practice many designs. I love the beauty of the frame!

  641. What a gorgeous frame! I’ve been working on the Thistle Threads casket course, but haven’t started any actual casket panels yet. It’s quite daunting, but I’ve made two of the casket toys so far for tent stitch practice. I would use the slate frame to begin my actual casket panels.

  642. I would love to win this frame. I am one of the many people out there who are planning on working a needlework casket. It would be huge help to be able to use a slate frame to set this all up. I want to use some stumpwork and goldwork on it so a roller frame is not the best idea unless you use a really huge one.

  643. I’ve been waiting to begin a double project of 2 large “princess & the pea” embroideries for my twin granddaughters. Have not wanted to begin it with my smaller round hoops. This frame would be ideal.

  644. I have many designs drawn and I’m ready to start stitching samples. Wouldn’t this be a perfect frame for me!

  645. Hi Mary I dream of owning a pair of trestles like the ones from the RSN in U.K., and this would be the slate frame to go on top. Then I would work on a piece of white work from their wonderful Whitework book. Just thinking about it is part of the dream. Thank you my dear and I wish you continued good health and a huge dollop of Aussie sunshine .

  646. What a unique frame. Mine would be used to work on my casket project. This would make dressing the frame so much easier. Less prep and more stitching time.

  647. I’ve just started stitching a large picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on and I’m on my 3rd type of frame! Nothing has met my needs for good and affordable!
    Thanks for this opportunity to win one of these beautiful frames. If I don’t win, I’ll be saving my pennies to get one in the near future.

  648. Tanja is coming to our EGA meeting later this year. Would love to be able to feature a white work monogram project on this frame during our Show&Tell! I am new to embroidery and this would be my first frame ever! Thanks.

  649. I would like to stitch one of Hazel Blomkamp’s designs using silks and lots of embellishments . This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while and this frame would give me the final push to do it!

  650. Hello, I think these slate frames look great, a lot easier to frame up your fabric with the slider rods. I am about to start working on a Cabinet of Curiosities Box and you need to leave the finished embroidery on the frame until you are ready to glue them onto the box. This frame would be very handy for that.
    Jane McIvor.

  651. Wow! That’s so nifty! I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been saying lately that these cheap hoops I have from Darice loose their tension after one or two uses and at this time I cannot afford to splurge on hoops that are $40 or $50. I actually spoke to my Grandma about her plastic quilting frames and she recommend them or something similar. I bet these would work 10000% better than any other hoops or even a quilting frame. They look quilt durable too and that they would retain their tension time after time too. I’m so glad I found your blog too; it has been such an invaluable resource these past couple months. Thank you! Thank you!

  652. I am drooling!! I have been waiting 2 years since I placed my order for a slate frame from another site…no kidding. My project was to do the kit from RSN ….Scottish thistle in gold work. Stunning kit. Sooo pleased you posted a place where I can get on another waiting list. My thistle is waiting !!