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Boost Your Embroidery Stash! A Thread Give Away!


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It’s Friday! And that’s as good a reason as any to celebrate!

And what better way to celebrate anything, than with embroidery threads?

So, today, complements of Colour Complements, I’m giving away five skeins of your choice of beautiful overdyed threads.

If you want to join in the fun and have the chance to increase your embroidery stash a bit and try out some new threads, read on!

Embroidery thread give-away - Colour Complements on Needle 'n Thread

This time of year, there’s nothing I love more than the vivid colors of autumn, and the thread above captures the glow of the color change perfectly, don’t you think? (Hint: it would look great on Octoberfest!)

At Colour Complements, Lorraine hand dyes a full complement of glorious colors of threads in different weights, from stranded cottons to heavier perle cottons, to specialty threads like velvet petites, and recently, she’s even added some fantastic overdyed ric-rac to her offerings, for those who want some extra accent potential.

Embroidery Thread give-away from Colour Complements on Needle 'n Thread

Today’s give-away features five skeins of the winner’s choice from the whole line of Colour Complements threads.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended – thanks so much for participating!

To join in, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you’re unsure of how to get to the comment form, just follow this link and it will take you directly there. Comments left on other articles or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. On the comment form, please make sure that you leave your name and a working email address, so that I can contact you if you’re the winner!

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your absolutely favorite thread color in Lorraine’s offerings on Colour Complements – visit her store here, and take a browse and pick your favorite – and, more to the point, what’s your stitching vision for it?

4. Leave your comment between now and 5:00 am (Central Time – KS, USA), Saturday, October 28. I’ll randomly draw the winner that day and announce it here on Needle ‘n Thread. I’ll also contact the winner via email.

That’s it! Simple!

Now, go forth and comment, and in a few weeks, you just could be reveling in a new collection of embroidery threads! Oh happy thought!


(735) Comments

  1. It was really hard to pick one absolute favorite but I think I’m going to go with Size 12 color #1 – I’m very partial to yellow and (blue) but these shades are just gorgeous and I love the gentle shifts from yellow to pink.

    I see these threads being used for a field of flowers on a personal sampler or on “That Paisley Thing” design on your website. I think they would also be gorgeous on one of your monograms…..

    I’ve been wanting to make a Mexican Blouse and these threads would also be gorgeous as part of the design….



  2. Oh wow! What a gorgeous set of threads! I think my favorite is the subtle sagey greens of Number #168. So gorgeous. I’d use it on the free-form prayerbook cover I’m working on right now, the overdyed colors would add a ton of depth I think. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Shannon C.

  3. Fall is a favorite time of year – and thus threads of those unlimited colors would be exciting. Threads are so special to just touch and handle.

    1. I’d love to use #165 on some dark tone-on-tone map embroidery I’m planning for a winter project!

    2. My FAVORITE of Lorraine’s Colour Complements thread offerings is cotton embroidery floss #35.
      The browns & greens (with a bit of orange & yellow maybe), would beautifully fill in tree canopy portions of my frequent blue jean surface embroidery projects.
      There were other offered threads I could visualize in sea corals, sky scenes, or meadow blooms. Still #35 wins as trees are a big part of my preference to embroider. The colour variegation would make the flow so much easier than today’s routine thread changes.

  4. The collections of variations on a “marigold” orange and yellow, and the deep blue and red lavenders are my favorites. How would I use them? I would love to try perle cotton. For reasons of economy, so far I have only embroidered with stranded cotton. It would be wonderful to experiment with the dimension, brilliance and sheen of perle.

  5. I love the blues in thread number 10 on Her website. After just spending the last week on the Texas coast those blues really bring home the water and skies to my stitching desires!

  6. Ohhhh how I would love to stitch with some of that lovely orange thread shown in the article! Pick me please.

  7. I was drawn to the pearl yellow to golden shade. When I look at it I see the fall leaves. Blowing in the fall breeze. How beautiful.

  8. Color 36 speaks to me today, pumpkins, pumpkins! I love many of her colors, some of those blues remind me of the Aegean Sea. Lovely. And I have some of that beautiful ric rac on its way and should be in my mailbox any day now. Thanks for the opportunity to add to my stash.

  9. How on earth can you choose just one favourite colour when there is such a kaleidoscope to choose from. I love the vibrant fall colours but equally like the blues, fushsias and greens which would be lovely for the bird of paradise I’m hoping to stitch soon as a present for a dear friend.

  10. I love color #3. I would use this cheery color for something for spring, probably something abstract.

  11. Oh, my! What gorgeous colors! And you want us to pick a favorite??!! OK. I’ll play. I love Cotton Embroidery Floss #166. I know exactly how I would use it. I have a friend who makes crazy quilts, and they are beautiful, so I decided to make a crazy quilt. One block in and I couldn’t stand it. It was just too chaotic for me. So I asked myself why I thought I wanted to make it in the first place, and I realized that it was the rich colors and the opportunity to embellish. I thought for a while about how I could do that it my own, less-crazy way and have begun to make a group of blocks with appliqued and embellished birds on branches. The branches are identical, the bird shapes are identical, but each is made of a different brilliant batik fabric, and each is embellished differently with embroidery, beads, ribbons, and other tiny bits. I wish that I could attach photos of my first two birds. Thank you for running this contest! I enjoyed just sharing my idea.

    1. Ellen, this project sounds absolutely gorgeous. I too am making a crazy quilt to illustrate a child’s story that I’ve written. I love your idea of using identical blocks that are changed only by the fabric and embellishment choices and would like to keep this in mind for a future project.
      Enjoy your organized chaotic journey.
      Best regards, Brenda

  12. The color complements floss is so beautiful! I cannot wait to create a project using this thread.

  13. I love this thread and have used it before. I am currently stitching on a denim jacket for my grand daughter and colour #189 would be a great addition to the colours I am already using.
    Of course the other thing I could do is just enjoy the colours and dream about what to use it for!


  14. I love the # 30. Variegated yellow
    I would embroider flowers with it
    On something for my twin grand daughters to wear. Time to buy me some more thread

  15. I love ALL the colors. They would make lovely bouquets of flowers or versions of monograms from your Stitch Sampler Alphabet (making one for my sister as a brooch for Christmas).

  16. So many lovely choices and I love them all. But I’d like to have #188 for a sampler I’m planning. I think it would be perfect! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  17. Please include me. I’m starting a LARGE SAL and have decided on purple family floss.

    Enjoy your articles. Thanks

  18. I’ve a always loved all kinds of needlework. I learned to crochet, knit and embroider at a very early age from various family members and friends. I always looked forward to retiring so that I could spend my “free” time doing needlework. I retiredmore than 15 years ago and haven’t had any ffree time yet. I recently discovered your website and have been really inspired by your beautiful projects. I’m going to start with an autumn theme. I need to restock my “stash” since I give most of a considerable amount to a granddaughter. I will most certainly start with an orangecolor (a color I used to think I didn’t care for). I’m excited and would love to be the recipient of a prize.

  19. Cotton Floss #189 is amazing! I am picturing an abstract sunset by the sea project with all sorts of different stitches.

  20. Mary, what a fun giveaway! There are so many choices, but as the new mom of a little boy, my favorite is the perle 5 in #162. I’m stitching a monogram pillow for him and this shade would be perfect for the background.

  21. My favorite offering at Color Complements is “Cotton Embroidery Floss #137” and I can see this thread assortment used in my second adventure in Hardanger.

  22. This color group really stands out for me Cotton Floss 137

    They are my daughter’s favorite colors and I know that would be perfect to use to create the sign I plan to make for her bedroom! We are moving next Summer and so my two children will get their own rooms instead of having to share and so to help add a personal touch I told them I would make them each a sign with whatever they want. She wants a big Butterfly on hers along with her name and so forth.

  23. I love the number 33 pearl cotton.reminds me of the ocean. I foresee accentuating water in my quilt.ha. Love the cool beautiful ocean color.

  24. I was drawn to color #23 as it reminded me of Easter egg colors. I have a cross stitch pattern for Easter of eggs and chicks that this floss would be perfect for!!

  25. It would be exciting to stitch with those brightly colored over dyed threads. The variations in colors would provide exciting opportunity to replicate the way the light hits an object. I would welcome the challenge to achieve new effects!

  26. I love the variegated floss #35 with the greens and browns. I think it would look fantastic for fall decor.

  27. They are all so pretty! It is so hard to pick but I love the Very Velvet petite #1. I guess I am in an Autumn stitching mood right now. I am stitching a Turkey right now in overdyes, he is so cute. I do love the perle #165 also. And….lol they are all beautiful, I will have to buy some, thanks for reminding me that she had a store….

  28. We lost everything in out house from Hurricane Harvey, & during the 1st few days, I grieved most for my needles & threads – silly, right? When we started demolition, I found a needlepoint I had prepared for a present – a book cover. I think the size 8, #38 – purples & blues would be perfect!

  29. I love Lorraine’s threads so its very hard to choose but I think my favourite, at the moment, is #16 in the cotton embroidery threads

  30. Oh, I forgot to say that I have a crazy block waiting in the wings that would look great with the addition of that colour 🙂

  31. Ok, I got lost in all the beautiful color mixes.
    One that I kept coming back to was #35. It reminds me of the woods floor in late fall beneath the trees with the crumbled leaves & fallen tree branches maybe a pixie peaking out from tree roots. I would draw the picture in my head and stitch up a new cover for my foot stool.

  32. I love the subtle tones of no.5 because these would provide a wonderful base for all my very bright autumn shades that I plan to use to embroider my sampler. I never seem to buy these colours but now realise just how vital they are to tone down the more eye catching ones.

  33. How can you choose just one of these beautiful threads? My choice would be petite velvet #6. It would make beautiful needlepoint leaves or couched down grass for 17th century embroidery.

  34. I’d love to use these beautiful threads. #110 would be my current choice for a one color sampler but love lots of the colors!

  35. The #7 sampler is my favorite. It has a lot of earth tones which I truly enjoy working nature inspired projects. These colors make me think of autumn trees and the muddy banks of a stream in a landscape. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. My favourite thread combination is: Cotton Embroidery Floss #31. The pinks and greens are a vibrant colour and I would use them to create a Kaleidoscope effect on an abstract design that I am doing.
    The colours and blend are fantastic.

    Julie Gardiner

  37. Autumn Color!!! My favorite is Silk Perle #11, with the rich reds and rusts coiling about with the pumpkin shades. My vision is a single leaf in free-fall, a collection of all the colors of the turning leaves in this single leaf.

  38. Hi Mary – Thanks for give away. I just love color #127 in the size #12 perle cotton. It would make gorgeous leaves on an embroidery piece. I also like the very petite velvet. They look like frosting. I’m not sure what I would use it for, though.
    I love lots of thread. Eye candy!
    Judy C

  39. Very Velvet Petite #1 is one of my favorites. All those browns and oranges. It has branches and trees, deer and squirrels, winter fields and old barns just bursting out of it.

  40. Difficult to name my absolute favourite on Lorranine’s site but, if I nominate my absolute favourite for a particular project, I would have to say I would choose Perle Cotton Size 12 #2. It is subtle and I would use it for a candlewicking project. As candlewicking is traditionally done white on white [or ecru on ecru] I think the use of this beautiful subtle shading would put a different slant on the finished project by introducing pale colour into the work. I think it would look gorgeous.

  41. I love the bright orange #127! I do a lot of designing of indigenous art patterns from Central America, and this thread would work nicely with those kinds of designs!

  42. I would be so excited to win this! So many gorgeous colors, it’s hard to choose just 1! #190 blends some of my favorite colors, so that would be a good choice. Since I’m not very experienced, I am unsure what I would use it for at this time, but I’m sure would look gorgeous as an embellishment on wool flowers. I also love the fall color collections.

  43. Thank you, Mary, for introducing me to ColourComplements! I love size 5 Perle Cotton in the #37 orange color way! I am an art quilter and have a couple of projects I would use this for…hand embroidery on an intergalactic quilt! I must say I am going to have to buy some ric rac. I love the colors! Jackie Nixon-Fulton

  44. Oh my goodness! What a feast for the eyes! I went through all 240-some colors! It’s hard to pick just one, but I think I’ll go with Cotton embroidery floss #30, because it blends my two favorite colors. I have a project in mind for a poem by Robert Herrick, illustrated with beautiful embroidered flowers. I haven’t designed it yet, but I’m working on it! Cotton embroidery floss #30 would make the most beautiful little impatiens or roses!
    Elaine Thatcher

  45. These hand-dyed threads are awesome. My favorite threads are the hand dyed Kreinik braids. I love to use these as accents. I like the Kreinik size 8 color 4 (it’s hard to find a good orange for fall / Halloween pumpkin stitching). You can’t have too much bling for Halloween stitching. My second choice is the Kreinik size 8 color 10. I love to use overdyed Kreinik for water in the many beachy canvases I do. It looks like sun sparkling on the water.

  46. My absolute favorite color is #186. It grabbed me first on each of the threads dyed this color. What would I do with it? I don’t know. Variegated threads are outside my comfort zone. The blue-violet is not in my usual stitching palette. I would have to challenge myself to do something completely different.

  47. So many to choose from! I like the variegated shades of light turquoise, purple, blue & brown too!

  48. Oooh, I just recently found their Etsy store and put a bunch in my wish list! I’m particularly fond of #186. I have no idea what I’d stitch yet, I just love to look at the colors!

  49. Inspiring. You have inspired me, at the ripe old age of 65 to enter the world of embroidery. I’ve X-stiched on and off for years. It didn’t truly fulfill my desire to produce a work of art. It seemed too “inside the box.” I’ve always been drawn to embroidery yet was intimidated by the complexity of it all. Your e-mails and blog have inspired me to attempt some threads of true beauty. If I had to choose a color I would choose #37. Great fall colors and I could also use them for spring flowers.

  50. The thread colors reflect the Autumn colors on my farm in New England. The golden colors on the maple trees to the purple native wild asters in the fields.
    I can see these threads stitched onto guest towels or a pumpkin pin cushion.

  51. Hi, Mary,
    It’s so difficult to decide which of Colour Compliments offerings I like best as they are all beautiful. Today I’m drawn to the #23 Embroidery Floss which is all pastelly nursery colors would make a very pretty new baby sampler. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this luscious thread.

  52. I’ve never used over dyed threads but would love to try them. I’m drawn to the cotton embroidery floss #109 as I have 12 panels to embroidery for a quilt tgat are full of flowers and ribbons. This thread would work beautifully in the design

  53. My favorite is the Kreinik ribbon. I can just see the sparklies stitched in a winter scene. Beautiful.

  54. Love love love #37! I envision a fall project that can be left out late summer through Thanksgiving! Thanks for the opportunity:-)

  55. My favorite (oh it was sooo hard to pick) is #183…I can see stitching a field of lavender with it…
    Thanks so much for the lovely prize offer! What fun!

  56. I love the beautiful colors of all of the threads! When I saw Cotton Embroidery Floss #34, however, I immediately had a vision of an embroidered Scottish landscape with crags and valleys covered in blooming heathers!

  57. Not sure if this is open to Canadians, but I will try anyway. I have been using the Colour Compliments threads ever since you introduced them a few years back. I love the various weights of Perle Cotton and have just discovered her Pearl Silk.
    My favourite is #22 in 5 weight. I do a lot of encrusted stitching projects and the colour blends so beautifully into bouillon knots, spider roses, and any of the other raised stitches. If you have a hand dyed background, it can be delightful. Thank you for sharing your ideas and these threads.

  58. Dianne Fitch

    Love the pink and green verigated. Would get it in 12 & 8 & stranded. Could see a beautiful girlie frog done in this! Love it!

  59. Wow! Colourcompliments, what lovely hand dyed embroidery threads! Such great colours that would work really well with my Hardanger embroidery. Some of my favorites are……

    Perle Cotton Trio – Turquoise and Grape, Perle Cotton #5 – 27 and 147

    Thank you for the opportunity,

  60. My favourite is Sampler Threads #7. Love the purple with the touch of gold – very royal. I would like to use it on a canvas sampler box to try out new stitches.

  61. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I just started embroidering (you’re my go-to for how-to videos) and my stash is meager.
    I love the variegated blues in the #5 perle cotton, number 33. I’m going to use some ocean scenes out of an adult coloring book as embroidery patterns and that thread would look wonderful under the sea!!
    My fingers are crossed! Thanks again!!

  62. I just love her purple and green mix (#186). So so pretty!!!!! I think I would make a Celtic knot bookmark for my daughter. She loves purple and, being in 1st grade, she’s learning to read. Teresa Wentzler as a beautiful collection of Celtic knot bookmarks in cross-stitch. Thank you so much for the giveaway and also, I hope your health is good these days.

  63. Thanks for the chance and the introduction to this site. I am in my fun stage so I immediately was drawn to #189 a bright multi color for a fun sampler! Maybe “Birthday Bash!”.

  64. I love the colours. The blues #6 is especially pretty. I have a design that I haven’t kitted up that would be pretty with this floss. Its called Bouquet for Cheryl.

  65. There are so many colors I like, but I believe my favorite color is #9 – a mix of red and brown. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and I would like to do a Fall embroidery piece. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  66. pick a favorite is very hard to do – every one on her cite is my favorite until I the next one – blue lavender the hand dyed only adds to the visual – they are all great color choices that why I just signed up for her email.

  67. Hi Mary!
    I’m an absolute sucker for threads and I find it impossible to pass by a display without pausing, browsing and buying from the glorious array of shades available to us die hard needle nuts. While it is near impossible to chose one colour over another, my favourite would have to be ‘Cotton Embroidery #33’. I love turquoise and that combination that blends into darker shades of blue and teal will do me in every time. Paired with peach it speaks of Arizona or on its own the perfect water and underwater visions come to mind. For Christmas last I stitched a stylized mermaid for my Acquarian daughter and she loved it. At the moment I embroidering a pillow with turquoise and peach in a flowery scroll like design on embossed damask.
    Love your blog!

  68. Hi Mary!
    Hope you are doing well! Love having coffee with you most mornings…my favorite part of my day!
    Lorraine has an amazing selection of great threads and NOW ricrac…..my favorite color today is #14….it reminds me of tones of the sea, beach and Fall grasses along the waters edge!
    Happy Stitching…

  69. I love the embroidery floss #10! The orange and purple mixing together is gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win!

  70. Love #35 with its moody, warm colors. Thinking of a Fall schemed pillow to snuggle into. Thanks for helping me gear up for a relaxing seasonal dream.

  71. My favorite flowers are marigolds, and I think the red/orange and orange/yellow would make unbelievably beautiful, glowing marigolds!

  72. Thank you for introducing me to Lorraine! Her threads are inspirational!
    I love the subtlety of the varied pinks in her carnation cotton floss, and the texture of her petite velvet threads is so intriguing.
    I’m working on a series of embroidered baked goods, most no bigger than a few inches and some as small as a quarter. These threads would be great for my project!

  73. My favorite color is #175, but I would use the grass green or forest green for a project I am putting together now. This project is sheep grazing in a pasture with trees and grass.

    Color #175 will stir my imagination for my next project.

  74. I love the Perle cotton size 5 #187. It is on fire! I will use it for the embroidery stitching needed when I finish the hand-applique flowers on a floral quilt called Euphoria that I am working on. I will need to refer to your site to learn the stitches though!

  75. I love all of the colors but my favorite is #109 as it reminds me of a Monet painting and I will be working on a Monet look project soon and this would be the perfect thread to use!

  76. I love her Sampler #5 – the soft colors of summer moving into fall. For me I see a garden scene with a thatched cottage in the back.

  77. Mary, you can’t mean you want me to choose only ONE favourite colour! Its not possible .
    I do like the gold and purpke mix.
    it would be wonderful for crazy quilt patches.

  78. Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for your website and the giveaway. I like the cotton floss #133 with a pinkish red strands along with the purple and green strands. So pretty! I am planning a project on a kit named Windy October. I believe these strands and the fall ones you had shown would make this a lovely project.

  79. Perle cotton size 3 #5 is my favorite, if I have to pick one. They are all so beautiful. I especially love the rick rack. I can see the threads and rick rack featured on my crazy quilt hangings.

  80. I am taken with the shades in #17, and especially in a perle 5. Confession – I like to knit with perle 5 cotton and that color would be love k y in a small bag for fall.

  81. I love color #22 in Perle cotton size 12. It would be perfect for my Laura Wasilowski quilt that I’m embellishing with hand embroidery.

  82. So many colors! If I had to choose, there’s a teal/blue/purple that really appeals, or maybe one of the green/pinks, that’d make lovely bullion roses.

  83. I love Pearl Cotton 8 #36. I am enjoying doing Crazy Quilts now. I find that I gravitate to the mixed colours. I am looking forward to using this as I work a chain stitch possibly with a bead in the centre. Although I found the chain stitch a hard one to learn, I really enjoy it now that I know how to do it. I love the effect of a chain stitch winding around one area of a crazy quilt with the different colors changing from time to time. I also love Lorraine’s thread. It is beautiful but also easy to work with. Thanks for offering this Mary and Lorraine.


  84. Oh my – #38 and #166 are both just popping out at me to threadpaint those lovely pansies!

  85. Hi,
    I’m instinctively drawn to deep greens and browns, so my favourite would be #35, but they’re all delightful!
    I’d see it used as trees or moss, subtly merging into a background of soil and sky – a vision of the unity of all things.

  86. All the colors are so perfect and my head is spinning with ideas. If I could only pick one, it would have to be the Perele Cotton Size 12 #35. It just called out “fall leaves” to me. The ideas are all jumbled but one with a meadow and fall colored trees is coming forward in my brain. It sounds so peaceful and tranquil. Now I want to go start sketching and stitching.

  87. Well it’s a bit tricky narrowing it down to one … but I’m wavering between 195 and 196. I have some light grey Belfast linen that I would like to use with a white needlework technique, maybe a drawn thread sampler or Ukrainian whitework. I think either the soft shades of grey, or possibly the grey/aqua mix would make a rather lovely combination. 🙂

  88. What beautiful threads Lorraine produces! Thank you so much for introducing me to her products!

    I believe my favorite color combination is in #188. I have a handpainted canvas in a geometric design that I would love to work it into.

    Rita Schultz

  89. I can’t pick one color — they are all gorgeous! I am trying to teach myself surface embroidery, and I think these overdyed threads would look great used in kaleidoscopes, scrolly patterns, paisleys, borders, stylized patterns, etc — patterns that call attention to the colors.

  90. I love all of her colors. They are so beautifully done. One of my favorites is number 36. I do textile art weaving and I love this color to represent sunsets and sunrises.

  91. This is like being asked one’s favorite chocolate at a chocolates shop! Too many gorgeous colors to choose from! But considering you’re asking about a specific project, I found & purchased an old cross stitch magazine at my local library book sale that has a gorgeous white on white specialty stitches sampler that I would love to “bring to life” with some color – and for some reason I keep going back to #187 in the cotton embroidery floss so that would be my favorite.

    Thank you for the chance!

  92. I recently purchased #187 cotton embroidery floss from Colour Complement. This rich, bold red/orange will be used for a variation of Octoberfest that I am embroidering on the lapels and pockets of a pumpkin coloured wool winter coat that I made. The floss arrived quickly and true to the image along with a complimentary package of sample threads that I plan to use to practice new stitches.

  93. It has to be : 22, 18 , 29 these three combination of colours,will stitch my garden beautifully, especially the lavender.

  94. This contest is virtually impossible and causes me a headache. How can I just choose one color? Whoa! The ONLY way I am able to just pick one is because I have a vision of something OTHERWISE, it’s impossible! There are many beautiful colors to chose from. I think #138 with the blending of all the pastel pinks, greens blues would be perfect to embroider the mane and tail of a unicorn. Good luck everyone!

  95. I’m envisioning the #34, 35, 36 &37 as pumpkin. All those glorious colors of fall and pumpkin patches. Love it!

  96. Thank you for the intro to Colour Complements. What fantastic threads & ric rac too! And in Canada! I love them all but #37 drew me in immediately. It reminded me of a sunset so I would stitch a scene with a sunset.

  97. Seriously, you want me to choose just one favorite color. Well that would be all of them. I guess for today I would go with #10, Oranges and purples are a favorite of mine.

  98. All the threads are beautiful but #35 speaks to me! Also, I want to thank you for letting us know about all the wonderful shops and doing book reviews. Needle “N Thread is GREAT!

  99. I just love Lorraine’s “autumn blend of greens, teals, deep blue, golden yellow, reds with hints of burgundy” embroidery floss. I love all the autumn colors and always have several autumn projects going this time of year.
    This floss will be perfect for a pumpkin patch cross stitch chart I have, for the leaves and the pumpkins!

  100. After exploring the beautiful color options offered by Colour Compliments having to chose a favorite was quite an endeavor!

    But alas, I settled on the Cotton Embroidery Floss # 188. Interestingly I normally prefer natural, earthy color schemes but this particular thread color inspired a very nostalgic feeling within.

    As soon as I noticed this floss I was immediately brought back to my childhood. My triplet sisters and I used to wear tie-dyed T’s and gene overall’s ALL THE TIME. It was our favorite look. Looking back I shake my head at our style sense, but then again, 6 year olds are more likely to get away with such a bold choice in outfits.

    Thus my vision for this particular floss is definitely something bold for my sisters. I am thinking a framed abstract embroidery piece to give to my sister’s as a birthday gift would be a fun idea! I’m so excited to have been introduced Colour Compliments I do not think I can even wait to hear who the winner’s might be – I love this floss 🙂

    Reminder to self* Patience is a virtue

  101. I love and use Lorraine’s threads…I do embroidery and bobbin lace. As always…good luck to all who enter this give away!

  102. Oh what beautiful threads! I love the sampler threads in Peral Cotton #5 for a fall project I am getting ready to enbroider. I am also taken with the blue and lavender/purple threads. I don’t have a project in mind yet, but I will put something on my bucket list! I sew for my 4 year old grandaughter and find the rickrack very beautiful!
    What a talent.

  103. Thread floss #17 would be fun to work with on an old barn or old wooden structures. All her threads are just gorgeous! Thank you for you, I so enjoy reading your emails.

  104. Oh my goodness, I want to buy half the stock. There are several that I love, but I think my favorite today is the deep purple/blue with bits of green, burgundy, and brown. Wowee!

    What would I do with it? Well, this week I’ve been obsessed with the work of Jan Messent, esp. her book showing work she did inspired by the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Celts. She made these neat mixed-media books with lots of quilting and embroidery, they’re just fantastic, and so on. I am now dying to make something in that vein, maybe a panel of St. Swithun or somebody….

  105. Hard choice for favorite color!
    No. 37 would be my choice…
    I would like to use it for flower centers, flower petals, autumn leaves, sunshine…and probably more!!!!

    Judy Lawrance

  106. I am working on a project for which I selected an aqua and green colorway. Color #127 is an excellent candidate for that project. It brings the two colors together and would be a great addition to my current thread selections which, to date, do not include an overdye. I also enjoy managing overdyes and this would add that element to the project.

  107. Wow, so many to choose from. So why choose – use a sampler pack! I just love Sampler Threads 17. The colors are rich in hue and intensity. I just love how the pinks and greens meld together but with a pop. Those colors just cry out for a geometric design on an 18 mesh canvas. Pick me please!

  108. What a hard decision! I’m drawn to purples and greens (and purples WITH greens), so I’d have to say that #133 is my favorite thread color – so far! It makes me think of irises! #186 is a close second.

    Thank you Lorraine and Mary for sponsoring the giveaway!

    1. Oh, and I forgot – what would I do with these threads? Fondle and adore them first, then probably use in random projects that need a punch.

  109. Yummm! So glorious. I love textures so how about the rich colors of velvet petite #8 (although I’d prefer darker colors like the perle #34) combined with cotton embroidery floss #37. Reminds me of the deep purple salvias and black eyed susans in my garden right now. I like to embellish garments and I am sewing one now which could use a little something-something on the collar and cuffs.

  110. Many thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I visited Lorraine and I was really taken by sampler No. 7. (Must be the bling). I have embroidery currently in progress on two quilts. One by Wendy Williams (on felt and wool) and the other by Michele Hill, (William Morris) who incidentally recommended you for embroidery stitches. So I am needing a increased stash of threads and stitches to use them with.

  111. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pale aqua, pale blue/turquoise and seafoam sampler. What a great store and great prices too!

  112. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from. Love so many. If I have to pick, it would be #186. I would use it for a monochromatic peacock I would like to stitch. Thanks for the chance, Teal

  113. I love several of the color combinations, but I think it would be fun to work with #31, a green and pink combination, to do an English cottage garden inspired sampler – perhaps a canvaswork stitch sampler. I would also want to incorporate some purple/lavender-like blues (think of delphiniums), white and yellow (daisies). Probably not do actual flowers but try to capture a kaleidoscopic view of the garden. Border it to reflect the cottage fence/wall, possibly stacked stone.

  114. Love this shop! It’s a terrible question, though—how do I pick a favorite? I’ll try. Right now my mind’s on the holidays, so I’m choosing the spring green perle cotton size 5 #184. I can see it in a row of simplistic Christmas trees marching across a pillow cover. Eileen Wilks

  115. I do love her threads and if I had to choose only one it would be Forest Green to use in any of Carolyn Mitchell’s designs

  116. Wow, what a difficult choice! I think there are 2 colours that I would love – #5 and #6. I am really enjoying encrusted embroidery at the moment and I could see these in my work. #5 would be great for seabed and #6 for moss and Autumn. Beautiful!

  117. Oh, such wonderful threads! Perle Cotton Size 12 #186 just caught my eyes! I am collecting blues and purpels for a quilt with some stitcheries , so this would just be a perfect match!
    Thank you so much!

  118. Thank you for the give away. Do I have to choose just one color? Currently I think I’d choose Cotton Embroidery Floss #187. There’s a stumpwork castle I envision stitching and that red would be perfect for the leaves on the trees.

  119. They are all so gorgeous but today I choose color 35 as it looks most like fall to me. The graduations from warm browns to yellow greens are just beautiful. I can see this as a focal point for bargello or a study in oak leaves. Thank you for highlighting this beautiful thread.

  120. All of the colors looks so scrumptious it was hard to choose. But I think I will go with color 162. I see a under the see crazy quilt using those colors.

  121. #13 matches my hair! I convert women’s hair color to what I currently have. From neon yellow and purple, it reminds me of my fun colors more than finding shed hairs in last year’s wardrobe!

  122. Couldn’t resist the lovely threads so I ordered a sampler pack. So hard to choose a favourite colour!

  123. So many stunning colors to choose from that my eyes almost popped out of my head. That being said I love Perle Cotton Size 8 #35!

  124. Try as I might, I can’t get away from favorite pinks. I love #134. I have already stitched a red work project in pink. But I am ready to stitch a new design all in pink again. I am sure my husband will send you a personal note of thanks for yet another place for me to spend money:)

  125. Lovely colors and selection! I’m starting some holiday gifts and think the very velvet petite #7 green would be a wonderful addition to these projects.

  126. My favorite color offering on ColourComplements is Perle Cotton Size 5 – Blue Green. I’m a sucker for any teal derivative. 🙂

  127. I have busy sewing activism clothing, my line of resistance. I yearn for floss color 36 as it would surely catch the eye of like minded folks, perhaps make others stop and ponder. Thank you for your newsletters. They are a welcome change to the news from the world.


  128. I would get some pearl cotton, size 8, in color #186, which is a teal to purple variegated thread. It would look beautiful in a peacock themed crazy quilt block!

  129. Oh dear I would love to win these beautiful threads, I’m a fan of Needle n Thread and Mary Corbet only having discovered her recently. These threads would give me the opportunity to practice some of those lovely stitches. I don’t know if I’m allowed to enter this competition as I live in South Australia. But at least I’ve had the chance to say thankyou for your lovely workmanship !

  130. ¡Oh, ese color naranja de la foto, con sus preciosos matices! Para bordar, con algo de marrón oscuro, un hermoso árbol con hojas otoñales, como los preciosos Ginkgo Biloba que veo cerquita de mi casa ahora. ¡Tengo que trabajarlo!

  131. I absolutely love the ocean. It’s my happy place. It makes me feel so at peace, with myself and the world. I’ve been wanting to embroider a seascape for some time now and I think that the cotton #33 embroidery floss would be perfect!

  132. How can you choose? Self-professed thread junkie here. My eye tends to go straight to the blues, purples, grays and black. But there was a gorgeous orange range and another in yellow. Sigh. As to what my vision would be? Hard to say. Right now I’ve got threads picked for all of my current projects. I would love to have time to do some free-form ocean theme with the #33 or even a wonderful Mardi Gras mask with #186.

  133. My favorite is Sampler #7. It will compliment a service quilt I am making for my husband. He is a Marine with 20+ years of service.

  134. Oh, some many lovelies to pick from, this morning I’d choose variations of green, golden brown and medium brown (#35). I’m also a weaver, so I would use these threads to embellish a handwoven scarf.

  135. VERY hard to decide but I finally choose perle cotton no 189 but I could have written others too. So glad to have found these beautiful threads. M

  136. Wow!!! This is very difficult. While I am always drawn to reds (like number 187) I think in this case I would have to choose number 17. I am doing some monograms and this would be lovely for one of them. I plan to make several this year for friends and hope to finish them as scissor fobs.
    I love the greens (number 18) and number 22 is gorgeous blues. She certainly has a luscious line of colors.
    Thank you for a chance to win such a lovely prize.

  137. Being a beginner and seeing all these beautiful colors makes my mouth water. I don’t think I could pick just one. I tend to look for the red but so many beautiful pastels and fall colors. I would use them for some Christmas project since we are getting into the holidays.

  138. Colour 24. I’m currently stitching a seahorse with stranded cotton silks and metal threads and this would blend the sky and sand beautifully.

  139. They are all stunning. it would be hard to just pick one. The the yellows, #37, would look great as sunflowers. Another one that really caught my eye was #35, green, gold, dark reds. I could see it as autumn trees with leaves falling.

  140. Thank you for the opportunity to sample such fabulous thread, my choice would be the cotton embroidery floss No. 17 we are surrounded here in Great Britain by lovely autumnal colours at the moment and it has inspired me to make a 3D wreath, and I think this floss would make it really sing.

  141. Colour Complements gives me such an 8 year old in the candy store feeling. #133 really caught my eye. That red is gorgeous. As for what I’d do with it, probably hoard it for a while, maybe send some to my niece in Germany for her to play with. If I were to thread it today, I’d try out your scallop instructions from a little while ago as I’ve been meaning to try it out.

  142. It was so hard to choose just one. My favorite this morning is Perle cotton size 8 #135. That’s not to say that my favorite wouldn’t change the next time I go to her page. Beautiful.

  143. Oh my! What choices! I am not new to embroidery, but I am quite new to using perle cotton threads. I loved the #188 variation in colors. I have a “Guardian Angel Prayer” that would look beautiful with those colors. It would make the flowing garments come more alive. Thank you for the opportunity.

  144. I love the over dyed threads. I’d love to stitch Octoberfest in #14 color grouping as I tend to go to the blue shades in much of my stitching. I so enjoy your blog and have learned many great hints for my stitching progress.

  145. I just love, love, love the shades of Size 3 Perle Fall Sampler #2! The colours are soft yet still vibrant… I can just picture them in a canvaswork design.

  146. Mary,
    Do love all Lorraine’s threads, but right now I am working on some fall colored crazy quilt hexagon blocks and think color #37 would be perfect.


  147. As a needlepointer, I see so much possibility in the overdyed Kreinik #8 and the perle cotton #12. I have a hard time choosing just one! I loved the cool turquoise rick rack, as well as the turquoise 12 perle and the overdyed Kreinik in turquoise. Beautiful threads!
    I love to use these threads for Hilton stitches on geometric pieces.

  148. M’y fav is sample thread number 7
    I have already buy and love her threads so unique and lovely

  149. Pink (147) is beautiful. I am working on a series of monograms of different types to be framed and hung in our bedroom. Pink has always been my favorite color. This thread would also be lovely for delicate embroidery on a christening gown which I am working on for a great, great niece.
    All the colors are so lovely I will have to add to my stash.

  150. Wow such gorgeous colors. Would have to say my favorite is “Krenik Braid *8 Color no 10 Turquoise”. Can just see that on a “Under the Sea” cq block. The shimmer it would add.

    Sandra Visser syvisser at gmail.com

  151. Wow! What gorgeous colors! I love shades of blue, so my choice is #14 in the cotton floss. I have a mandala chart in mind – seeing the play of colors would be very interesting.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enhance my stash and for your wonderful articles.


  152. Hi Mary- my favorite color of Color Complements floss is #32- such vibrant colors! I foresee spring mandala or kaleidoscope in these colors. Thanks! Michelle Steinfeldt

  153. It’s harvest time and I am in the combine harvesting corn and soybeans. (It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I can catch up on my stitching!) I see the vivid colors of fall up front and personal. So, asking at this time of year, of course, my favorites today would be the splendid fall colors. I can’t decide between #5 – a vibrant blend of red violets, fuchsia and golden yellow, and #165 – a stunning blend of yellow, rust, red and navy. Now, ask me in the spring and it’ll be a completely different set of favorite colors. Glad I live in the midwest that experiences all 4 seasons!

  154. This was an almost impossible task, but… If I had to choose a favorite, it was Perle Cotton 12 #34 in variegated shades of plum, slate blue, and greens. The combination reminded me of the fields of heather you might see in England or Scotland. If I was going to stitch with it, I would use that image in my mind to inspire me.

    Thanks for sponsoring a great giveaway, Mary!

  155. I have been learning how to stitch Japanese Temari over the last year and a half. Perle Cotton Size 5 #37 would be perfect for a couple of designs I would like to do. You are right about the glow. Reminds me of the fall color along the Hudson River Valley when we went to the fiber festival in Rhinebeck. New York.


    1. Hi Barbara,
      One of my bucket list goals during my recently attained retirement is to make some of these balls to display in the sitting room of our home, and I have been “collecting” soft stuffing items for the center such as the lint from the dryer when I dried my father’s wool Royal Navy blanket from WWII, threads and trimmings from quilts, and slivers of fabric from “favorite old clothes”. I think I will also write words of wisdom or blessings on cotton selvage to put in there too or maybe as part of the beginning wrappings.
      Best regards

  156. Really hard to pick a single thread, but in the end I choose the size 12 Number 12 as it reminds me of the range of colors that can be located in any autumnal landscape.



  157. Oh, so many, many to choose from but I think I’ve narrowed it down to #8 with the lovely mix of blues, greens and purples. I see a pretty biscornu being made of those colors.

  158. my name is robert smith, i have been stitching historic reproductions since the early 1980’s. my stash is so large i need to live to be 150 to finish everything!
    my favorite threads from lorraines is the silk purl
    have a great weekend!

  159. If you had told me I’d fall in love with a mix of blue, turquoise, green and golden yellow/orange, I would’ve laughed and told you, “Never in a million years!” None of those colors are part of my palette, but I looked at Perle Cotton Size 12 #32 and that was it. I’m not even sure what I’d stitch, but I’m sure there’s a project out there that would be the perfect vehicle for it.

  160. I love the feature colours on your email. It is #35! It is all the colours of fall.
    I would love to use it doing Palestrina knots or overcast. Lorraine has the most beautiful products; I use a lot of them.

  161. Love all the colors — it is so hard to choose! If I have to pick one, it is the ocean blue combination. I have a needlepoint piece where this will work for the ocean and/or the sky.

  162. It is so hard to pick. I have narrowed it down to the one I believe I like the best for now. They are so lovely I really want them all

    1. #188 Cotton Embroidery Floss- This I can see in either canvas, blackwork, or redwork but in a fall or Halloween them.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  163. Her thread is beautiful – my favorite is #37 (shades of orange) in either floss or perle cotton #5. I have some botanical illustrations percolating in my head and have some great pictures of a day lily in my yard from this summer that this would be perfect for.

  164. It’s really, really hard to choose a favorite in her shop. Thanks for the link. I never knew her shop existed!!! I will defiantly shop there!!! I love Fall colors, so I would choose #188. Absolutely beautiful. I could see myself crocheting tiny hate for dolls, or embroidering a collidescope picture for my friend or myself. I think it would be stunning.

  165. Cotton Embroidery Floss #33.

    Doesn’t do it justice.

    Try her description: “Cotton Embroidery Floss – A beautiful 10 meter/10.94 yard skein of hand dyed 6 strand DMC Egyptian cotton embroidery floss. Hand dyed in a STUNNING blend of blues and turquoise.”

    Ahh. Much better. Stunning is correct.

    Although I have to admit it was hard to pick a favorite. So many beautiful color combinations….

    Love your blog, Mary. Well done always, very informative. Sets a high bar for organization in a web site. Thank you!

    Debbie Caruso

  166. I love her combination of Brown and Golden Brown and green. I could see doing a fall . Lovely

  167. I love the orange/pink/red combo of #36. I can see it used for lovely bright summer flowers!

  168. I am a quilter and embroiderer. I spend a ridiculously long time creating my labels for the back of the quilt. I just finished a Christmas quilt and I’m thinking Perle Cotton Size 12 #191, would make a fabulous foundation!

    Thanks Mary and Colour Complements for this opportunity!

  169. My favorite colour is #186. My eyes couldn’t leave it! And no wonder. Those are the same colours I choose for my wedding five and a half years ago! My stitch vision is to do a picture from our wedding for my husband for our sixth anniversary. That thread would portray my silk dress beautifully!

  170. I love her shop; everything is beautiful. Taking a look to pick a favorite led to me buying some of the ric-rac and velvet petites. I couldn’t resist! I can’t wait to stitch up some little Halloween pumpkins with the orange velvet. I also loved the purple velvet petite and think that would be great for some cute little spiders and bats.

  171. I have always loved Color Compliments greens. They are stunning, but I’ll have to go with the light ice blue for now. I have an insane project in mind involving an illustration from a favorite book that I want to try to do my own interpretation of.

  172. I don’t know Mary, so many beautiful colors to choose from, but I think I would go for an embroidery floss in 191. With this I would use a fly stitch over a medium to dark sage green long and short stitch background (not shaded but with more of the darker where the shadows would be and lighter where the sun would hit) to represent the scales of my dragon in my “Princess of the Pond” story quilt.

    Thank you both for this generous offer,

  173. Size 8, #35 of her threads; what I envision is perhaps a mandela or perhaps a bargello pattern. Keeping the colors moving out and back. I love those particular colors together as they remind of fall and the color of leaves. I’m just getting my feet wet with working on canvas and this seems like a thread that would lend itself nicely.

  174. I adore her blues. I’m calmed by the water and I’d love to do a water scape piece for use for a focus to calm myself during anxiety attacks. (Instead of the plain painting I use now)

  175. My favorite is sampler threads 6. I love the blues and the sparkles are always good! I don’t have anything in particular planned but I am trying to design my first project. Thanks for your wonderful blog it is motivating me to try some new things and this is one.

  176. I love so many of the colors, but I have an octopus cross stitch chart that I’m planning to stitch in the near future, and I think #133 would be perfect for the kelp. It seems like an odd combination of murky reds and greens, but I think it would be exactly right.

  177. I just love the colour No 37! The richness and warmth of this colour is amazing, I’d use it make some nice naplin holders or a Table runner as Fall is my favourite season !

  178. I like them all. Its like picking a favorite child.
    Here are a few that caught my eye…
    The icy blues
    blue green yellow

  179. Oh, goodness…so hard to choose! I think I have to go with perle size 8, color #30. The vibrant yellow- gold and rich pink would be perfect in a flower patch section of my current crazy quilt block. I’m sure I could find other uses for it…

  180. This is tough. I probably have 12 favorites right now. I am drawn to the oranges, but for this I think I’d go with 183. Those purple tones would look amazing on a pattern I have called Knightmare. I’d use a gray fabric and let the purples pop right off of a sedate background.

  181. Perle Cotton Size 12 #37 My goodness, what a beautiful colour. I need to place your site on my bookmarks for future consideration.

  182. I like all of Lorraine’s things but right now my favorite is color number 27 in the pearl size 12 and 8 threads. I can envision a beautiful hardinger project done in these light delicious threads.

  183. How to choose from so many gorgeous threads? ……..I narrowed it down to 4 then 2 and – at last – managed to choose a favourite: #133, a blend of some of my absolute best colors for embroidery, deep rose pink, soft moss greens and a stunning mix of purple/lavender shades.
    That one is definitely for me!
    Geez! I do hope I win!

  184. Autumn is my favourite season and the colour #10 is screaming at me to make a Hardanger table runner !

  185. What a great giveaway! Beautiful threads to choose from. My absolute favorite is #35 with #17 coming in a close 2nd. But also love #193 #191 and #17 🙂

  186. So many gorgeous colorways! It may not be the brightest, but color #26 is singing to me to be made into a temari. It’s almost too pretty to use!

  187. I have purchased perle cottons from Colour Complements and been so happy with all the colours, and with the great service. But, rickrack – how cool! I think the one called “Rayon Ricrac #8” is just what I need for a crazy quilt that I’m working on now, incorporating lots of thrift store finds of other people’s lovely embroidery along with my own embroidery, beads, lace, etc. I like that I can choose to buy only one metre, or more. Suits my needs well.

  188. Have admired Colour Complements threads for a long time. My favorite color in the cotton floss is the Pink Carnation, #147. I can see using it in Carolyn Pearce’s Strawberry Fayre project from Inspirations magazine, substituting colors of my choice. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of these gorgeous threads!

  189. So many colors – so many ideas! I like anything with red in it (my favorite color). #187 might be my favorite.
    I’m getting ready to try something new – sashiko and/or slow stitching. I have a lot of quilting fabric scraps and love hand work, so I am excited to try some projects using embroidery threads on collaged fabrics.

  190. #17. We live in woods…..my soul was always meant to be here. I love the rich greens of leaves and mosses along with the bright fushias and purples of wood spring violets and other wildflowers.

  191. I love your site and all that I learn there. Lorainne’s Colour Compliments are the ultra best! I just love her threads and droll at the possibility of adding to my stash. It is always hard to pick just one favorite color. I Crazy Quilt and I embellish garments and purses with embroidery and bead work. Her threads are divine. Today I would chose a blend of earth tones because I am planning a small wall hanging of a forest scene to be stitched on a water felted wool ground that I made in a recent class. I imagine trees, a stream, vines, and a few faeries and gnomes as well. Good luck to everyone that enters….but I hope I am the lucky winner of these fantastic threads.

  192. Thanks for the opportunity to win so thread today! I love reading all your newsletters and posts and seeing all the inspirational eye candy stitching!!

  193. Oh my gosh, you can’t pick just one! I really like the #12 pearl cotton #133, it would be perfect for a thank you gift I want to make a friend. It would look beautiful on some dimensional flowers.

  194. As I looked through her gorgeous threads I had a very difficult time deciding on a favorite color grouping. I finally let the season decide for me. When I saw her Cotton Embroidery Floss #35, all I could picture was a table runner or cloth of cream linen scattered with autumn leaves, branches and mums. It would be a lovely anchor for seasonal decorating using harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.

  195. Oh, what a great giveaway! Thanks Mary. I’ve been a fan of Lorraine’s wonderful threads for a few years now, and I love them! It’s hard to choose just one, but I do like Kreinik Size 8 Braid #9 in a lovely, sparkly red. I’d use it to make a Christmas decoration, or a special gift tag, and the thread would add a nice bling. Happy Friday.

  196. I’m visiting Kelowna, BC, Canada and the fall colors are spectacular. I could see a grouping of maple leaves in variegated fall colored threads as a project.
    I love your newsletters. Where do you find the time to write & work on your projects. You must be very organized!

  197. I’m favoring #37 today. My sister’s new house is pretty neutral, and she and her husband think the “color pops” should be orange. I am thinking maybe some new dishtowels with huck weaving, or a throw pillow with a cool textured needlepoint pattern.

  198. I love the fresh Spring feel of Cotton Embroidery Floss #3! It brings to mind a field of Salmon Pearl tulips! see pics in this search.

  199. #5 – I do a lot of needle painting, especially animals – right now some soft white critters that need some soft color boosting! Thank you for the opportunity!

  200. Oh my goodness! It would probably be easier to make a short list of the thread colors I DON’T love at Colour Complements!!! If I was forced to choose one, I absolutely could not live without #188 and #189!! Yup, that’s two! You’d have to rip one of them from my hands. As for stitching with them, I have a sewing/needlework room where I’d love to stitch small (3″ x 3″) canvas pieces – like ornaments – but string them together as a banner and loop them across my ceiling as some people do lights on their outdoor patios! I can see these little “jewels” greeting me as I walk into my happy room! Thanks, Mary, for making our world a brighter, sweeter, more creative place.

  201. So hard to choose a color! However, I am currently working on a runner project as a wedding gift to my niece, and the Fall colors she has would be so perfect for that.

  202. All the colors are fabulous. I use a lot of size 12 perle coton in my hardanger embroidery and #28, Size 12 would go beautifully with a piece I have in mind for the needleweaving.

  203. I would love to use the Cotton Embroidery thread#10 to do decorative stitches on my fall wool appliqué Projects…..Her colors are vivid and alive.

  204. The purples! #38 and #183. And then there’s #2 in the rick rack and #9 — I think I need rick rack!
    Honestly, the colors are all so beautiful, who can pick just one shade, let alone one color?
    Thanks for the giveaway Mary

  205. I love cotton embroidery floss #3.
    I think it would look lovely in a flower garden or even an undersea coral field.

  206. I love #35! It reminds me of Autumn. I’d love to see this thread used in sewing up a tree with turning leaves.

  207. Wow, what gorgeous threads. I imagine using Very velvet petite #6 to depict a mossy forest.

  208. Blue. Blue. Blue. Any shade of blue is my favorite! Turquoise and periwinkle are all time favorites.

  209. These are my favorites for the project I have in mind: #17, #35, #188. I have a Thanksgiving turkey silhouette that I want to embroider on a tablecloth for the holiday…or maybe next year’s holiday, since I haven’t started it yet! Thanks, Mary!

  210. number 36. Reds and golds, the color of fall. The trees and the sun shining on them, love fall.
    Pumpkins, the orange.

  211. Threads? Yes, please!!

    I have a mystery sampler that I’ve been wanting to do and the cotton embroidery #28 stands out for me. It was a very hard choice for sure. I am a blue and yellow (spring!) person so #19 also caught my eye

    Thank you for your generosity.

  212. I love the depth of color in these threads. My favorite color in the collection is #35. I would use it in a design I am planning based on a painting that has lots of rich earthy tones.

  213. I love the embroidery floss #26 and would like to substitute it into a somewhat monochromatic pattern I have by Seba Designs. I have been buying monochromatic patterns just for beautiful threads like these.

    Linda Schirmer

  214. Wow – such a beautiful selection. I would say that my favorite would be the very velvet petite #7 – a rich, wonderful group of greens. I see this as a wonderful, fern grotto with the lush texture of the threads jumping off the background. Wouldn’t that be lovely! Of course, I would have to have some of those luscious other colors to create wonderful flowers to go along with all that greenery!

  215. I adore the 27, sort of a soft beige palate, but the sweet sheep is pretty great, too!
    Thanks for a great thread reference. These color blends are beautiful.

  216. Would love to try n. 31 for a Christmas project I have in mind. So many beautiful colors really.

  217. Lorraine’s threads are so beautiful! I tend toward bright colors, such as floss numbers 10, 36, 137, and 187. I have used her threads and love them!

  218. I love fall too and am working on something that these colors would be perfect for! And I love Lorraine’s beautiful threads!!

  219. Thank you for pointing out this lovely site. Colour Compliments has a fantastic array of threads and color choices. I love them all, but my most favorite is #32 in a cotton embroidery floss or perle cotton size 5. It would be beautiful used in a lake at sunset scene.

    I am fairly new to hand embroidery and have been searching the web to find places to purchase beautiful threads. It is so exciting when I receive your newest e-mails. They have awesome tips and information.

  220. Yikes! A favorite? Might as well just spin the wheel and see where the pointer lands! But I contemplated at length and decided I will name the number 18 floss which is olive green with a bit of blue. I am working on the Home Sweet Home box and eventually want to set it on a little “yard” on top of another box, just a bit bigger, with a lift up top and a drawer in which to stash more tools (it started life as a stationery box). The color of this floss looks like it has nice possibilities for grass and plant tufts. Tough choice though—so many wondrous flower colors!
    Thanks for fun look-through, Mary and Lorraine.

  221. I’ve been looking for a colorway to embroider a bunch of gingko leaves I’ve photographed and sketched. (Love gingko leaves). I believe #18 is the one!

  222. Pick only ONE favorite color?!? Oh what a task! But since you also asked for a vision for the thread, at the moment I’m going to have to say #110 in probably cotton or perle 12. I have an old Dede canvas that looks like a fairly large bellpull (that I was fortunate enough to purchase from a friend who was de-stashing) and it has a number of carousel animals on it, one of which is a peacock, so I can see the use of that thread on that canvas. But there are so many luscious colors that it will be difficult to limit to even 5!

  223. How bright & colorful – perfect for fall! I also like Colour Complements #13 – how wonderful the greens & gold’s go together – so perfect with the changing colors of the leaves this time of year! How great an embroidered fall wall hanging would look in these fantastic colors! Thank you, Susan. spierssusan52@gmail.com

  224. Ha…Trick or Treat? Trick is pick one!!!! out of 340!!! All of her colors are fabulous…but I am planning on some projects that need the colors in Pearle Cotton #5…but I absolutely love all of the oranges…

    Thanks for this contest!!!

  225. Oh my! The colors are luscious! I have a new favorite Etsy store! I love the #18 embroidery floss. I’m gathering supplies for Judy Odell’s Lady’s Cabinet with a group on Facebook and I think these greens would add such dimension to the landscapes and greenery in the design. Thank you for the chance! Mary

  226. The more I looked at, the more threads I liked. But maybe #23, because it is spring like and I love spring. A whole flower garden could be stitched onto a box top.

  227. What beautiful colors. What a hard choice. I will have to think about it for a while. If I am blessed to win, then will come the hard decision.

  228. Color #188
    I am working on an embroidered tea towel for thanksgiving and the colors in #188 would be great for the fall leaves and end of the season look in the yard.

  229. Since college days, I’ve wanted to embroider a sun with pizazz and personality. Now in retirement I’m back to doing embroidery and thinking of that sun again. ColorCompliments perle cotton size 8 #36 was my (hard won) favorite (there are so many gorgeous colors!) because it reminds me of that sun dream once again. Leta

  230. Mary! This is like asking us to pick our favorite child!! All these colorways are just stunning! But if I had to choose, I’d go with #36, the gorgeous red/orange/yellow, which is my favorite color combination. I’m working on a wool applique art quilt with these colors, so the perle would be fabulous for the decorative stitches. But the Very Velvet Petite caught my eye, so after posting this I’m going back to the shop for a,little more “browsing”!

  231. After a painful elimination process I have come to #17 as my choice. I would like to xstitch a medallion and place it on the flap of a quilted backpack or pouch. All of her colors are fantastic. I need something on the darker side and alittle earthy and 17 is perfect.

  232. These threads look absolutely yummy, my favorite is the warmth of the colors in #188.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jackie B

  233. I am so excited to enter this contest!!! I just ordered my first wool embroidery project. I am moving and thought I needed something new !! So of course the sampler group would be my choice… The instructions want the back ground to be black…wool…but I’m looking for something more bright…

    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  234. My favorite thread color is Perle Cotton 8 #26 and I envision a Jacobean design using this favorite! I’ll do the design myself bringing together my favorite Jacobean motif.

  235. These threads are all beautiful. My favorites are probably #36 or #38. I’ve been working on a tablecloth design for a friend’s tiny house table, and these threads would suit that pattern perfectly.

  236. The threads are wonderful! As for a favorite, I could narrow it down only by the project next on my list. I like #21 for the values of sea colors. I live by the beach and have not stitches anything “beachy” yet. But I don’t think that I could limit myself to just one. I’d need to add a few more just to round out my selection for sand and surf. Thanks for the introducing me to this etsy shop!

  237. My favorite right now would be Perle cotton size 8 #33. I love the ice blues! I am designing a crewel work with a theme of penguins, orcas and ice flows. This selection #33 would go very well!!

  238. I think I’d have to go with #17, because I’m a big fan of brown. Also it would make AMAZING branches and tree trunks.

  239. I love overdyed threads and my favorite color is blue, but choosing among Colour Complements blues is difficult. They are all gorgeous. I think maybe these threads would be beautiful for your Kaleidoscope. I am also looking at the pattern “Quaker Pear” which would need gold, rust, yellow tones. Thank you for your website and the many articles and stitching hints and instruction. And giveaways.

  240. Oh my gosh!!! The color choices at Lorraine’s Colour Complement site are awesome!! I just love the Sampler Threads #14. I envision a sea of a wheat field with a vibrant sun-setting sky full of blues and lavender leading into a pale pink and then heading off into the darker shades of blue and purple. 🙂

  241. Favorite color? My goodness they’re all beautiful. I would get the magenta and do a design with the ricrac. My first inclination would be flowers, but one of the mandalas would be fabulous if I added a pop of purple and green. Maybe a really big one on the back of a jean jacket, in the perle cotton.

  242. Definitely I love the perle cotton size 8 colour #1. It is a beautiful combination of colors.
    I can see stitching an array of flowers with this color, in a field.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  243. Wow! Those beautiful threads that look like sea glass with all the shades of light blue/aqua are amazing! I would definitely use then for a special oroject for my little grandaughter or about-to-be-born grandson!

  244. Sampler threads #6 would work so well for the water in a small tapestry weaving I’m working on!
    Thank you for sharing this dye artists work.

  245. WELL, this is difficult because I have been purchasing Lorraine’s threads for quite some time and love ’em all, but I must say #31 size 8 remind me of STRAWBERRIES and #166, size 8 PURPLES remind me of grapes. I love them both but I have been a purple fan since I was young, so I pick the PURPLES as my fav.
    I have used her threads for embroidery on cloth art doll bodies, legs, arms, especially using the feather stitch and then adding beads and baubles. I have used in picture emboidery and some of her metallics in goldwork.
    Her eye for colour combinations is great and the different textures and types are amazing.
    Thank you Lorraine and thank you Mary!

  246. Oh my goodness, the threads are all so beautiful but my favorite is the Thread Sampler #14. I would really be thrilled if I win.
    Thank you, Mary

  247. OMG what a horrible thing to try and just pick ONE! But if I’m forced, I would choose Very Velvet Petite #5! The deep reds and almost black cherry colors are amazing!

    I think I would use select cuts from the skein to embroider some gorgeous paper Christmas ornaments. I think it would be stunning!

    Thanks so much,
    Catrina Byrge

  248. I love the red/yellow/orange threads. I make art quilts and like to do lots of hand stitching on them. I am sure they would make a beautiful addition to one of my fiber art pieces.

  249. I love #5 color of beiges with a little blue in it. She does diffently have beautiful color combinations so it was hard to chose. Michele Wise

  250. Beautiful colors! I think my favorite is Silk Perle #1. I love the all the shades of green in this. I use green a whole lot and I can just visualize using this in a garden scene with a house in the background. Thank you, Mary, for another great giveaway.

  251. My favorite would be the sweet pastels in Number 3. I would love to use those colors to make a birth announcement for my future granddaughter!

  252. From all those beauties it is hard to choose, but #35 is a favorite. I have started a
    embroidery piece a friend has asked me to do for her and found I do not have the right combination of browns for it. went shopping for them yesterday and found nothing. Since it is not a must do now piece, I have been putting it off. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this generous offer.

  253. Happy Friday to you! I love the bright yellow colors! I haven’t a clue as to what I would create with this type of floss . . . . I will need to play with it first! 🙂 Thank you for the great opportunity to win such a beautiful prize.

  254. Sampler Set #7 – Deep colors that remind me of a Christmas creche. I would use long and short straight stitches to form the wood. Accent stitches for the robes and gifts of the magi.

    Glad to have found her Etsy shop.

  255. Each time my eye rested , it was on a #38……I seem to be stuck on the violet purples for many years! I am planning another crazy quilt project with, I think , pinks,lilacs and greens and I think that colour would look great on them.

  256. I love the Kreinik ribbons and braids because I love sparkly, shiny things! My favourite is #15 (or #4 or #2) as that would go with some of her threads I have (as would the other two) and I like the cooler colours. My plan is to stitch a canvas piece that I’ve sort of started designing (well, thinking about).

  257. I do a lot of hand embroidery and love to work with Perle cottons and silks. Looks like Miss Lorraine has some absolutely beautiful overdyes of #12 in earth tones. Right now, I’m using one strand of a DMC to finish the last block of an embroidered quilt I’ve been working on for almost 2 years. I do hope to have it finished by year’s end. Always something in the works waiting to start and have some ideas that a #12 Perle cotton would be stunning for. Can only hope my name is chosen.

  258. I love Lorraines threads! My favourite is colour #5 in all different threads, sizes 5,8,12 perle cottons and floss. I like doing Halloween smalls and would definitely use these!

  259. Cotton embroidery floss #190 would be my favorite if I can only have 1. Pinks my favorite color & she has some beautiful pinks, but #190 makes me think of ocean waves.

  260. Envisioning new projects? No problem!!! I think I would use either color #18 (greens) or color #196 (grey-blues) to make an Ukranian peasant blouse on a textured natural linen. I’ve got the linen! Just need the thread!

  261. Definitely the #10 variegated light blues as they remind me of the ocean and I am thinking of a seashore scene before year’s end.

  262. I already entered the contest. I just have a question. Can any of those threads be used for embroidery,or just the ones labeled embroidery floss?

  263. I just felt pulled to color #26. It feels like a marriage between earth and sky with perhaps a tree thrown in. Just yummy.

  264. Hi! I love the Color Compliments number 31 she suggests to think strawberries but I think Christmas! Its such a pretty color combination ! Kathleen

  265. #193. I love autumn colours and I am also partial to southwest designs. I would probably stitch kokopelli with the thread #193 ….or an Adobe in the desert with gecko, roadrunner, mesquites and juniper trees, cliff dwellings, red rocks in various shapes and hues of rust type colours.

  266. They are all so beautiful–how can I pick just one???? Close my eyes & point: #23 (it looks like spring). I think it would be fun to use this in a cross stitch alphabet sampler just to see the colors distribute.

  267. Good morning Mary ~ gee, choose just one color. Lorraine has so many really pretty ones. Today, #13, the green and yellow strikes my fancy.
    I have talked to and purchased from Lorraine in the past, she is very nice.
    Thank you Mary and Lorraine for this give-a-way.
    I will keep my fingers crossed.

  268. Hard to choose, but I think the most beautiful thread on the site is Sampler #7. I envision this collection in a dusky sky scene with the stars just coming out and the moon rising.

  269. How on Earth to pick just one? OK I’d try #189 just to see what I could do with it, probably a black work design in living color!

  270. Color number 25 would look fantastic on the patterns from Trish Burr’s Whitework book. Just beautiful. I love that there are different types of threads dyed the same color.

  271. I love the multicoloured hand dyed floss that Lorraine produces. I especially love the blues #33. These invoke visions of Christmas and ice and snow and would look wonderful on a Christmas stocking!

  272. Oh, it’s so difficult to choose. I would love threads in the rose and gold/green families for a wall hanging I’m embroidering.

  273. I love the silk Perle #2 color. She makes such lovely color combos. It’s hard to choose! I wish she made more grays. I need clouds!

    I love her rick rack and am working on a mixed media project right now for SNAD that it would be perfect for.

    Oh and Mary, thanks for sending me down the Fitzwilliam Museum rabbit hole. I thought I’d never get out.

    1. The rick rack #3 and the Silk Perle #2 will be the water, in a mixed media scene of the setting sun.

  274. Happy Friday! It is finally cooling off in South Florida, in the 80’s instead of the 90’s. This thread is absolutely beautiful and I would love to try #18 embroidery floss for thread or needle painting leaves.

    Thank you for offering a give-a-way, whoever wins will be a very lucky person.


  275. It is very difficult for me to pick out a favorite color on the Colour Compliments site. I perused the site the last time you mentioned it and ended up buying some beautiful fibers. Today the rich red colors in the Silk Perle #11 are enticing.

  276. Asking me to name my absolute favorite thread color is like asking me to name my absolutely favorite child. A color I’d like more of at this time would be something in the yellow/orange range. I say that because I don’t have much in those colors and I’m working on a rainbow piece.

  277. Wow! Think of the possibilities. The second I saw the Autumn Blend #188 I was envisioning a Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes. It would also be an interesting Bargello pillow.

    Not enough time in the day to tackle all the ideas. But you do inspire with your fun giveaways.

  278. Ohmygosh! So many beautiful thread colours….I can hardly pick just one! But, I will go with #190. The blue/purple combination is so serene. Would be perfect for a Dutch sampler that I have in my stash to stitch 🙂

  279. Oh my, so hard to choose. I love Perle Cotton Size 8 #165. It reminds me of a beautiful, glowing sunset.

  280. I really LOVE the Perle Grass Green size 5. The shades are luscious!! Can’t wait to try those gorgeous threads.

  281. I like color combination #1.
    I have a grouping of lilies that are yellow and pink This combination reminds me of those lilies and how much I like them. It could become a dividing row of special stitches in a band sampler. The title or theme of the sampler could be “Spring”.

  282. I have not tried much variety of embroidery thread other than DCM and sulky mainly due to cost. But I would love to have the chance to try some of the finer brands.
    Sarah Shaw

  283. The lush colors remind me of a bazaar in India. I favorite Perle Cotton Size 8 #34, a rich, dark, subtile blend. I would use them when working on a rehab of an old wool and silk hexie quilt. I will cover the shattered pieces with new hexagons and embellish the edges with gentle stitches to make the repairs obvious and decorative.

  284. I love the Pearl cotton size 8 #18. I think it would make magnificant seaweed in lots of detatched buttonhole stitch. I have plans for stitched Maine tidepools.

    So many gorgeous color combinations.

  285. I have purchased some of the color Compliments threads. They are sweet little skeins of color. The threads on their Etsy site right now that have particular appeal to me are those icy clues of Sample 10, the warm naturals of sample 5 that would coordinate very well with the icy blues. And the cheery and bright lilacs, golds , and blues of sample 14. I’ve bought some of the velvet petits too. I’d very much like to have a selection of those.

  286. Hi Mary,
    I love the Krenik #10 thread at Colour Complements. I think it would look great as a starry sky, a faerie hollow or even as water. I love the sparkly bits.

  287. I am just beginning to use over-dyed flosses and would love a chance to experiment further. Maybe stitching a small dragon or a peacock. Thanks for the opportunity.

  288. I love the colors in the Perle Cotton Size 5#35. I just finished transferring the Be Ye Thankful design from your site onto pieces of materual that will become my Thanksgiving placemats. The verigated colors will be perfect. Thanks always for your inspiring designs and teaching videos. I used verigated thread to embroider flowers on a quilt I made several years ago and it turned out beautifully. Again your lovely embroidery inspired me!

  289. Oh what glorious colours! My absolute favourite is the mix of golden yellows and orange which I can see as part of autumn leaves images, perhaps with some of the brown shades too.

  290. THIS ARTICLE for Overdyed Embroidery Thread & Give-Away highlighting “COLOR COMPLEMENTS” from Lorraine who hand dyes Perle cotton threads which is a great introduction to this beautiful line of dyed and over dyed threads. I love the Sampler Threads series color #14. I am just getting back into needlepoint and rediscovering threads and colors now available in the marketplace. I may design a small needlepoint FROG bean bag using these dyed threads. I will revisit this store for sure and clicked is as a Favorite and saved it to my file. Delicious colors.

  291. I really love cotton embroidery gloss #35. I would use these colours to design a view to depict the wondrous trees, rocks and water that is Hardcastle Craggs near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England. This is probably my favourite place to visit at anytime of the year, but Autumn is most definitely outstanding!!!

  292. I really like colour number 5.On this moment i bussy making Home Sweet Home and i know that this colour look’s great in this project.


  293. I have used Lorraine’s beautiful threads in the past and am planning an order of the delicious ric rac in November (after my next payday!). I am doing a series of small quilted, appliqued, and embroidered birds right now and I intend to do a Blue Jay next. I think the blues in Very Velvet #8 are just what I need for some of the feather work.

  294. #15 blue/brown colour combo always puts me in a ‘so pretty ‘ trance. I would use it in some blackwork probably with a coordinating metallic thread or two.

  295. Color No. 17. Would be lovely in a fall toned piece of Hardanger. Thanks for hosting the drawing!

  296. Favorite colors are the Perle Cotton 5-Brown and the Forest Green. See a lovely tree in the future!!

  297. All of her colors are amazing, but I am a sucker for blues and grays, so I would have to pick #16. I’m working on a needlepoint sampler at the moment and I think this would be a wonderful accent color for it.

  298. I liked Very velvet # 5. I think it would make up into some very exciting needlepoint Santas.

  299. Beautiful Sampler Thread #7 glows from within, calling to be included in a lovely fall scene.
    Thank you, Color Compliments.
    Mary Corbet, to you we are grateful for you inspirational blog!

  300. Oh my gosh! I can only pick one favorite? Well, one of my favorites is cotton embroidery floss #18 – greens. I’m a big stitcher of reproduction and antique style samplers, and this color green would work wonderfully in that application. Thanks so much!

  301. Mary, Mary, Mary! You have asked the “Twelve Dancing Princesses”question. How can I pick just one Colour Complement’s shade when each is more lovely than the next?! Plus the same color has a different appearance depending on the base thread. Color #8 on Kreinik Braid #8 caught my eye—it is very effective! It reminds me of the ocean in Juno Beach, FL. That said, I am also smitten by Color #6 on Very Velvet Petite. Who knew that VVP could be over-dyed! Would you ever consider developing a project using those threads? Needlepoint comes to mind. My stitching vision is to use the overdyed Kreinik braid for bobbin lace. Our local lace guild is teaching Girl Scouts & we are using Kreinik for the weaver to add bling to a very simple pattern. It looks great in cloth stitch & half stitch so it’s a great way to brighten the holiday gifts they are making. Thanks to you & Lorraine for offering another fun giveaway!

  302. Love these threads! My favorite colors usually involve cool tones like purple, periwinkle, and that palate. My reason for liking them is that they are colors that I cannot wear without looking pale and ill, so I find other ways to enjoy these lovely colors. As to the project, I don’t know until either the thread in my hands or a pattern speaks to me…

  303. I love all the color combinations of Colour Complements, but I think my favorites are #161, and #138. With these I envision making an embroidery of hydrangea bushes. I do not have a green thumb, and I have been so envious of my neighbors’ bushes since they started blooming this year. With embroidery, I can “fake” the green thumb, and the flowers don’t fade away.
    Thank you for offering such a fun give-away!

  304. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

    I love colors #7 and #35. That purple and brown combo is appealing to me right now.

    What would I stitch? I love stitching hardanger with threads like this. Overdyes for the kloster blocks and a coordinating solid for the wrapping and decorative stitches.

    I’ve used some of Lorraine’s thread and it’s very nice. Would LOVE to have more in my stash…

    Carol S.

  305. I love color #18. I like to embroider flowers and the greens would be great as leaves and
    Stems etc. I like variegated threads because I think it gives the embroidery life. These colors are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win some.

  306. I like the cotton floss #22 for a specialty stitch counted pattern I have. I think it would be easy to match with darker beads.

  307. I am torn between #195 and #133! #133 wins because it would be ideal for an ornament I am about to start but #195 would be perfect for an elephant project I have in mind. Great colours and combinations, all so tempting!

  308. Wow! They are all gorgeous, but my favorite is color #30.and don’t you think THAT would look lovely in Oktoberfest?

  309. I really love the aquamarine color of the pearl cotton—I think it would be fabulous for stitching an underwater scene.

  310. Those threads are jaw-dropping gorgeous and it as really, really hard to pick a favorite. However,, it is fall (although still warm in Texas) but I’m totally in love with #35, especially in the #5 pearl cotton.

    Yesterday I saw a sampler that used several samples of the trellis stitch which totally intrigued me. I’d love to use that thread to practice some circles and rectangles of trellis. Would make a wonderful project.

  311. I addicted to Lorraine’s threads and have been using them since you first introduced her to us a couple years ago. Just received my most recent order a couple days ago. My absolute favorite is #3 ….the corals and the greens are beautiful and so well blended (just like all her threads). Thank you Mary and Lorraine for the chance to win.

  312. I love the #35 colorway. It was a hard choice but I’m thinking it would be perfect for a lovely rendition of trees in autumn. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-away.

  313. How to pick! From the really variegated threads, I love #165, which looks like fire and coals. I’d love to stitch with it on black fabric, so the stitching came in and out of view. From the simpler threads, I love blue #14. I would do monograms on natural colored cotton or linen.

  314. Hi Mary

    Looking at the colour range was like being in a candy shop – how do you pick just one!! I envisage being able to use all the colours in surface stitchery and would almost work a design around the colours rather than the other way around. All the colours are exciting, vibrant and an embroiderers dream.

  315. Their all delicious!!
    With that being said I would have to say #18 because it’s colored with mother nature’s glasses. When you look at a garden, or a field, or a forest you would find a multitude of greens and that particular dyed palette would enhance those settings beautifully.
    I am currently inspired by a picture from the “Secret Garden” by Johanna Basford and those greens would give such a beautiful dimension to my work. The depth of my forest would be exquisite!

  316. I like everything, but I will choose embroidery floss #31 because it’s like watermelon! I would like to stitch some placemats to eat outside next summer. Or to give to someone for Christmas present. Thank you for this give-away.

  317. What a wonderful giveaway competition. It was almost impossible to choose one over another in the shop. For me however, I ADORED the velvet greens. It reminded me of an old Jethro Tull song. Here, in NZ we are having a long weekend, I am going to start a cross stitch of a Papua New Guinea bird of paradise and the dark velvet over dyed green would make a wonderfully jungly background accent.

  318. A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of finishing some of Lorraine’s sample pieces and was overjoyed when she offered to pay me with threads! My favourite colourway is still #8, an Easter-like blend of lavender, green, and turquoise blue. Ric-rac, petite very velvet and either cotton floss or (dare I hope?!) silk in colourway #8 would be VERY welcome additions to my thread stash! All three would end-up in my crazy quilting.

  319. My favourite colour in the range is yellow/orange to embroider autumn leaves, sunsets, or embroidering anything just for the delight of handling the colour.

  320. I love your creations! They are stunning. The ricrack, the perle cotton, it’s all gorgeous. My favorites, though, are your Cotton Embroidery Floss #35 and #18. I’ve never seen an ombre in that color scheme (#35) and #18 is just my favorite color of green. I could so see these becoming a stitchery on some wonderful hand dyed linen I bought recently, in fact, I can see a table runner of autumn leaves cascading across that linen done in #35. It would be amazing!!

  321. Oh the lovely colors…..but I must say that cotton thread #184 caught my eye. I envision a couple of rows of old fashioned Christmas ornaments, the kind that was on trees when I was a child. Thank you for the giveaway and letting us know about another great place to shop for thread…

  322. Oh golly, decisions! The one most likely to use is aquamarine, but for glorious color #183 and #186. I love these threads for a Crazy Quilt I’m (mostly) dreaming of

  323. There are far too many to choose from.. for me I love all things blue. The softer in color the better. Her threads are stunning to say the least.

  324. All the colors are fantastic, but if I have to choose one it would be #18, a beautiful blend of greens.
    I seem to always be looking for the perfect green for leaves.

  325. My favorite thread is the pearl cotton size 5 color #166. I would use it to decorate Japanese temari balls.

  326. My favorite color is #3. I love the combination of bright pastels. It would look great in a monochrome mandala pattern, either embroidered or in counted cross stitch. I’d use the embroidery floss. I like the idea of variegated ric rac-it would be great for finishing.

  327. I just love the #7 colour in Petite Very Velvet – lime olive and forest! It is so rich and textured. I am working on a piece with layers of organza, felt and leaf skeletons with gold work and surface stitches and this would add great texture to the top layer.

  328. I love perle cotton and my favourite in the Colour Compliments collection is #33 which speaks to me of ocean waves and surf – memories of Hawaii!

  329. Over the past year or so, I’ve been looking at the newsletter from my home in Australia. As an experienced embroiderer I’m always happy to explore new possibilities! Love learning about new resources and what’s happening outside Oz (no nasty trees here) … today had a lovely brouse in the thread store and I particularly love #138 cotton thread which would fit beautifully in a quilt I’m making for a close friend about to undergo serious medical treatment for that awful big c..

  330. So hard to decide…what gorgeous threads. I’m picking Size 3 Perle Cotton Spring #2. I have a stash of various colors of pastel seersucker fabric and want to make the grandchildren matching outfits for Spring & Summer. Plan to embroider some floral motifs and monograms on the girl’s outfits. A switch up from smocking now you’ve gotten me hooked on embroidering! Thanks Mary!

  331. The gold #12 cotton embroidery floss is beautiful so are all threads, it’s like candy.
    I am working on embroidered quilt blocks and fall tea towels. Fall is my favorite time of the year, cool, brilliant colors and hot chocolate. These gold colors are perfect for fall. Happy embroidering and have a great day.


  332. WOW! What eye candy that was. So hard to pick just one. I think I would go for Cotton Embroidery Floss # 186. I want to start a mermaid and think it would be beautiful instead of all green scales. Purple is my favorite color but I love all colors. This would be beautiful for thistles too.

  333. I would make a sampler (such as birthday bash) with either the luscious oranges of #36 or the deep purples of #34.

  334. They are all so gorgeous! But I’m leaning toward Very Velvet Petite #7. That mix of green and grey would be perfect for lichen. Who knew there was such a thing as velour thread?

  335. I love Cotton Combination #35. I can just see an Autumn Field with changing trees in the background.

  336. I would use #18 for an underwater kelp scene I have been planning for a long time… What gorgeous colors!

  337. Cotton Embroidery Floss # 25 is what looks good to me now. I’m a sucker for blues and greens. I would use this in an upcoming piece of fish swimming in the shallow part of the ocean. The color is absolutely yummy!

  338. I like #191, it reminds me of pumpkins. It would make a great fall sampler with pumpkins, leaves, acorns and mums with some really dark green leaves. I need some spiced cider.

  339. I like color #4 but there are so many beautiful colors I would be hard pressed to narrow it down to five!

  340. I guess my favorite is #34. The more I looked, the more favorites I had. As for a project, I would let the fabric lead==something mysterious and regal. Probably an unusual fabric book with lots of dyed==everything!

  341. Those are simply lovely. I like the sampler set #6 and can see some sort of winter snow scene. There are tons of colours that would be absolutely lavish for graffiti on jeans. Thank you so much for sharing that site!

  342. My favorite threads are her color sampler #7. I would use them to create a very special sampler for a relative of mine! Thanks for the contest – hope I win…

  343. Love Embroidery floss color #29! The golds shimmer like gold! I would love to embroider a fall pillow from those beautiful shades.

  344. I love the multi colors of the pearl cotton. I think my favorite would be the Pearl Cotton size 8 #109 to make a butterfly with a simple stitch. I promised my grand daughters both a butterfly and have been trying to decide what kind of thread to use. I think this would give a fantastic end result.

  345. Those threads are all gorgeous and hard to pick one, I really love Cotton Embroidery Floss no’s 23 and 188. I would use them on the “voided floral themed monogram”, I really love the look of that particular embroidery, it gives you so much room to stitch to your heart’s content. Thank you for this opportunity. Guida

  346. I have been watching Lorraine for some time and have fallen in love with the crazy patch Quilting embellishments she shows. Love her ricrac. Her colours are so rich and fabulous. I usually work with Perle 5 but would really appreciate a finer thread.

    Thank you


  347. Oh my – how to choose just one??? I think it has to be #188 –
    I make Japanese temari – embroidered thread-wrapped balls. The geometrics of them are reminiscent of kaleidoscopes, and I can just see these colors worked up in a temari. I’ve had the pleasure of using Lorene’s fibres and they are stupendous.
    Thank you!

  348. To quote you – “That’s it. Simple” Ha ha ha. Not so simple with such gorgeous colours on her site. I think my fav is the deep rich blend of purples, blues and greens with hints of burgundy and brown. Makes me think of Halloween and I would want to do some sort of stitching item that would fit into my Halloween decor.
    Love your “give aways”. But they always cost me $$$ as I end up purchasing from the sites you mention. Just what I need – more stash!!
    Thanks Mary.
    Heather M.

  349. I think I liked #38 the best but it is very hard to choose. My favorite colors are red and yellow so #38 fits me well. I tell everyone that red is a neutral but my daughter, who is an art teacher disagrees with me. Beautiful threads. Maryann

  350. What gorgeous threads! So difficult to choose a favorite, but this time of year I am all about the Fall colors so #37 in perle cotton catches my eye today.

    It would make wonderful pumpkins on a project in my To Do section.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  351. I love the sunny Perle Cotton Size 8 #37. I would stitch a garden of flowers in this colour. I’d use various cotton fabrics collaged in the background over a stabilizer fabric. The I’d embroider various flowers over top. I usually do the “art quilt” effect versus stitching on linen or other counted cloth.

  352. Hi Mary and Lorraine,

    Thanks for having this neat giveaway! I would love to try any of the vibrant, hand-dyed embroidery floss. The aquamarine trio especially jumped out at me. 🙂 Currently I am experimenting with stitching patterns and outlines on card stock with maps cut-outs, and this floss will be perfect for that. However, I’d also love to embroider an ocean scene with the aquamarine trio.


  353. They are all lovely. My first choice would be #190. I’d use it as filling for a block letter project I plan to embroider for my daughter. Thanks!

  354. Oh, thank you so much for bringing this store to our attention! I am drooling over the luscious rick rack! I can see this used as an edging, or maybe as mermaid hair.

  355. The colour I love the most is Perle Cotton #34. I can just imagine a luscious bunch of grapes being done with it.

  356. Every time I visit their site I get lost in the colors and envisioning all the projects. Not enough hours in a day to do it all. I’m torn between perle cotton 8 #35 and ?? See it is hard to decide but I do know that #35 would work well with a wool applique project that I am working on.
    Thank you Mary for this opportunity and inspiration.


  357. #17 cotton floss! I’m in the middle of designing a dryad, and all I see there is dryad hair. (Though, y’know, I have to say: I don’t think I’d say no to any of those colors. Gorgeous!)

  358. Hi! I’m a homeschool mom that will “retire” in 6 years. So, I’ve been looking to see what I want to do afterwards. I loved to do embroidery and sew in the past; I’m thinking I’ll get into quilting–specifically crazy quilting. One of the quilts I want to make is an autumn one.

    Normally, I would pick Perle size 8 #34 as my favorite; I love the color purple. But, thinking about that quilt, I’d pick Perle size 8 #35.

    I really enjoy this website and all the information you share. I can see myself buying a variety of threads from Colour Complements later on! Thank you!

    Tammy Hopkins

  359. I don’t know if choosing just one is possible!! maybe 33 is my favourite, but 14 is a close second….and 22 and 175…… and either/all would be great for canvaswork. This lady lives just a few hours away, so when I’ve saved up enough money to not feel guilty about blowing it on threads I don’t need (just want really badly LOL) I’ll have to go on a road trip!!!

  360. Oh my, these are the most absolutely beautiful colours. My head was spinning and my heart fluttering. I love them all. But, if I had to choose one I would go for the one that made my heart sing the most. Colour No.32, a gorgeous mix of blues, turquoises, greens, golden yellows and oranges. The colours just pop.
    I’m obsessed with designing and embroidering self cover buttons at the moment and I can see a series of jacobean/crewel mandala type buttons in this colourway.

  361. My favorite thread is #35, a mixture of greens, oranges and browns among other colors. Beautiful thread. Would love to do some of my ‘Octoberfest’ with it!! I have other favs too. Would love to win threads not only for my fav project right now, but for others in line. Thanks for the opportunity to wi!!!

  362. So hard to choose! There’s a blue tri color that is lovely! I think I’d make flowers with it… not very original lol but the colors are so pretty.

  363. You really want me to choose? I will take one of each please. Seriously tho, I love the purples. The fall colors are beautiful too. I am getting ready to start a series of cross stitch by Blackbird Designs. They are in muted blues and tans with some green so maybe I could use some of the blues & naturals. I would love to have some red & green for Christmas ornaments. I am going to have to try some of these threads.

  364. Love the article. I do crazy quilting and am always looking for interesting colors and threads to use on the blocks. My favorite is color is hter #14 sampler.

  365. what a beautiful gift! My favorite thread was Very Velvet Petite #6 and I would love to see a satin stitch leaf made from it. Thanks for the chance.

  366. I love them all and I mean it! For the present time, I am completing some Christmas Redwork designs and how could I go past the Cotton floss 31 with all its Christmas colours, what a different look the work would have with the red and green variations. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful shop with us.

  367. I love, love, love color #35 with the greens, oranges, browns (rust) shades! Autumn is my favorite time of year and I lI’ve the multiple shades of fall colors in the leaves -greens, yellows, reds, browns, gold, rust, oranges and how they crunch under your feet when walking through a wooded area! I’m going to Flagstaff, a 2 hour drive north of Phoenix, AZ (where I live) next week and am hoping there is some fall color left to enjoy! I would use this color #35 in a beautiful biscorn with autumn leaves designed into it and use a couple of small acorns for the buttons in the middle where it is cinched together! Thank you so much for this drawing and entering me!

  368. My favorite colour is #137. The blend of greens, blues pinks and purples are blended beautifully. It could be used in a number of projects. I have many charts that I could substitute this colour combo into. It would also really enhance my embroidery projects. Definitely a fantastic addition to my stash.

  369. I love the cotton floss 110 – the colors remind me of the sea and I have a plan to sketch and stitch some sea scenes! Thank you!

  370. Wow, beautiful thread – how to pick only one?? I love the variegated ones, and Sampler Threads #14 was my favorite with the shades of blue and purple. I have to say that I have really enjoyed your emails and blog since I found you. I have started back embroidering after many years – – I had eye surgery and just stopped, but I have discovered that with my new glasses and magnifying glasses I can do this again! I have really enjoyed your videos and am learning a lot of new things (such as this new thread store)! Thank you for sharing your expertise and giving me the opportunity to be in the running for some of this beautiful thread.


  371. I love the purple and blue silk Perle’s. They would make gorgeous lilacs, violets and pansies. I love the feel of silk thread.

  372. I love the Autumnal colors but my favorite would have to be Eggplant.

    You always share some wonderful articles with us . I Thank You.

  373. I am really drawn to the rich look of color blend #166 — probably because
    being “older”. (isn’t there a poem about older ladies and purple?? — well,
    it works for me)

  374. I absolutely love color #14! It reminds me of the sky or a pair of denim jeans. I’m not completely sure what my vision for it is yet but I see it being incorporated into a sky or lake/river in a cross stitch scene of some sort…like a landscape design featuring a mountain and trees 🙂

  375. Love all of her colors, but #183 varigated purple for Merry Little Christmas-Crabapple Hill pattern would be lovely.

  376. Oooo, this is so hard. It depends on my mood, the weather–a lot of different things. So I’m going to cheat and say what spoke to me the loudest, and that was the Very Velvet Petite #2, because it’s so fuzzy and I want to pet it and when I saw it I thought, “Pumpkins!” Although I think Very Velvet Petite #3 would be better for pumpkins….

  377. Cotton embroidery threads 36 and 37 to embroider nasturtiums. I am inspired by the river bank walk near my mothers home that is covered in nasturtians at the moment. Bold orange and vivid yellow flowers peeping out of the green leaves flowing down the bank to the path beside the river. We are enjoying spring as you are enjoying autumn. Thank you.

  378. #32. I wish I had a vision for this fabulous color off the top of my head but I don’t. I just look at it and it makes me smile.

  379. OMG #133. I think I’m in love. Green and purple together are the best. I would use it for obnoxious & sarcastic samplers that I can give my friends for the holidays.

  380. I love what she does with thread and absolutely can not pick my favorite colors. It is like trying to pick a favorite child! How ever I did buy a sample pack of her colours in yellow and orange shades and then seeing the simple (looking) free design on her site, I downloaded it and printed it out along with a color version of the final item. I think I will try that. I keep collecting threads of all types, but then don’t use them. This past week I found that in a bag of embroidery threads that I had picked up at my thrift store I found 5 skeins of overdyed pearl cotton by Weeks. Never heard of them for threads before. I am blessed with threads and now I have to use them. I also picked up a large piece of needlwpoint canvas as well. So I think if my hands cooperate, I can finally start a project.

    Mary – thank you so much for the mentions of these sellers of lovely things. I did find I was going down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest from Lorraine’s site and had to drag myself back!

  381. Love Colour Complements! I am loving the fall colors. I like the purple #38 – looks like it would be great for stitching up a witches hat – or the beautiful oranges, like the very velvet petite #2 would make a great pumpkin!

  382. I love so many of the colors it is hard to choose but I’ll say #22. I would love to stitch some beautiful hydrangeas with it.

  383. Pearle Cotton #8, #37 glorious oranges and reds! I am so impressed with her threads and I think I am in love with the rick rack!! Thank you so much for the link to her store. I am ordering some tonight!
    Oh yes..if I was to win I would use this thread to create a French knot rug for my doll house shelf. Thanks.

  384. My stitching group was just talking about this NEW thread. We got a sample of it in our information for American Needlepoint Guild Seminar in Anaheim in August. The colors are all so varied. I have signed up for her newsletter. The color change, which is often is what we like on needlepoint canvas, for our many textured stitches. I plan to use the color I got on Easter eggs I am working on, super pastel colors ALL to gether!
    Sandi Vadset

  385. #187 in the Perle Cotton is my absolute favorite right now. So gorgeous! I love the ric-rac too! How cool. I think I would like to do a cross stitch design with it. Thanks!

  386. I love the cool look of #10 but #3 would be ideal for the scissor fob I am currently stitching. What a lovely store to get lost in!!!

  387. I have never seen velvet petites! I am in love. The sunny golden yellows were awesome but those blues! What’s a girl to do? A linen or betiste nightie with satin ribbons and velvet petites.

  388. Definitely Cotton Embroidery Floss #35…the greens and purple for a small autumn scene
    of my backyard stitching! Merci!

  389. I love the trios in avocado. And also in the yellow. And probably also… well you get it! I am not sure how I would use them. Quite possibly they would join in being threads I look at lovingly for a while.

  390. There were so many I liked, but I finally settled on Cotton Embroidery Floss Colour #28. The different shades of blue remind me of the ocean and that is how I envision using it.

  391. I have bought a few of Lorraine’s threads. They are just beautiful to work with – but choose just one? So difficult. I really am struggling between #31 and #137. I guess, given that I would incorporate the thread into a canvas work case I am making to carry the pens, pencils, erasers, wee rulers, etc which I use for embroidery only, I think I will have to go with the dramatic #137.

  392. Wow, such a wonderful candy store of colors…so hard to choose. I am partial to #32. Such a bright positive feeling with those colors.
    Thank you

  393. I adore perle cotton # 32. The combination of the complementary colors, orange and teal-blue, is just stunning! My vision is to use it to jazz up hand-dyed wool
    Appliqué! Fingers crossed!

  394. I love anything green, and I am drawn to the medium green perle cotton threads here. But the pastel light blues and the yellow and pink combinations are luscious, sherbet colored threads, too. I don’t know what I would do with them yet!

  395. I do believe i ma have tried to add my name to the mix early this morning. As far as I can tell, I didn’t push Post Comment! So here goes again! If I have already done this once, mea culpa.
    Lorraine answered my question this morning when i viewed her site. I love the blues and purple mixed together. My vision for it is to use it on a Christmas tree skirt that a friend has given me. But if I’m going to do it for this Christmas, I’d better get a move on!

  396. Thank you for offering this great giveaway! I think my favorite thread color in the Colour Complements collection is Colour #22, and I would love to use it to embroider some floral designs. Thanks again!

  397. Oh My! Lorraine’s colors are amazing!!! Finding a favorite was impossible as I loved them all. And all the choices of thread types! Oh my goodness. So I had to choose a favorite so I chose Perle Cotton 8 #35 as I could see this variegated color enhancing my wool appliqué wall hanging pieces. I have save the site to visit often and purchase yummy threads.

  398. If I had to pick just one color, it would be #188. I would use it to make a negative-space monogram with a bunch of French knots as the background. (Having said that, I have tried making French knots in the past and was not successful. I will definitely watch your tutorials first, though, and have all the confidence you can get me through this). Thanks!

  399. I love reading needlenthread. My embroidery stitches have come a long way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  400. I love colour 138 – so amazing to get those colours to blend without making brown! I would see it used on a slightly darker pastel linen to stitch one of Jacqui Grace’s Bible verses form her adult colouring books. Those designs just lend themselves to being a showcase of stitches and colours.

  401. Near impossible to pick one color as they are all so beautiful. I do love the grass greens and the ocean blues. No projects in mind right now, as we have a new Gordon Setter puppy and he is taking all my free time. But greens are always good for designs with plant life.

  402. I loved Perle Cotton Size 12 #34! It would make a wonderful addition to my peacock designs!
    Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  403. What gorgeous threads! Love the variations of colour and change of texture! Perfect for crewel and canvas work. I can imagine stitching the pinks and reds(colourway 16) ins canvas work bag.

  404. My favourite colours are #138 & #27 but at the moment I have a vision for #134.
    I think it would be perfect for my chart by Rovaris – Horizontal Hearts Alphabet

  405. Love them all, but must agree that the Autumn tones are very special. Have decided on # 39 , always special to see the thread weaving its magic.

  406. I would have to go with the ric rac color #3, because I think it would be great to represent water. I’m stitching “Country Roads” by Lara J Perin, and if the size works, I’d use it for the pond. The two green variations of the petite velvet would be great for some of the fields, too, except I think they’re too heavy for the congress cloth.

  407. Oh Thank you for this offer my favourite Colour Compliments thread colour is #34. It screams violets at me! Those sweet little old fashioned flowers have been a favourite of mine since I was a girl and the lady next door, Mrs Dooley, used to give me a bunch for my birthday and so for my 21st birthday, so many moons ago, I had a simple cake with fresh violets on it! So little stumpwork violets from the stranded cotton would be what I would stitch!

  408. I think I like the bright orange and yellow. Something of course this time of year to make punkins. Lol. Now if I was doing thanksgiving then I’d like the pretty autumn colors. I would choose any colors you would give me cause I can utilized most all my colors for my gifts.

  409. I’m in love with greens so I picked #18. I can see making the most of the variegated greens by using it for grasses or leaves. The shades also remind me of our parrot – it might be fun to use it for feathers.

  410. Dear Mary,

    We are coming into summer here, but your mention of cooler weather has inspired me to think about a crackling log fire with flickering flames in the colours of Cotton Embroidery Floss #37. So that’s my favourite. Just such a cosy scene in appliqué and embroidery would be nice. Thank you!

  411. My choice is cotton embroidery floss#35. It will be wonderful to embroider a maple tree with the autumnal leaves and also some of the leaves lying on the ground. The multicoloured hue of the floss will give a beautiful effect.

  412. Oh my goodness! Such joy in creating such beautiful threads and rick rack and velvets fabric threads that Lorraine colours is truly a gift from the heavens. I never knew such a store existed. I am filled with so much happiness for thread and it’s colour it is, indeed amazing! So thank you Mary for suggesting that I go there for a look. And look I did with my mouth open in awl! I will be going back to Lorraine’s Colour Complements.com to actually buy some threads shortly. Now for you to ask us to pick from what Lorraine has on offer is hugely tough! But if I had to chose for me it is her velvet fabric thread. I would use it in and on my crazy quilt that I want to make. It is the perfect touch the right amount of bling and texture to my fabric base which is silk, velvets, and brocade. Fingers crossed Julie B. Adelaide Australia.

  413. #32 is my favorite. I was raised on the Northern California coast, and these colors remind me of springtime –
    the blue ocean, green hills, and bright orange California poppies. I’ve always been fascinated with the times/places where geography and sentiment collide, and lately I’ve been working on a series of embroidered topographic maps, each representing a significant location. I would use this color to stitch a map of Coleman Valley Road, the most beautiful drive to the beach.

  414. I have always been a “soft pinks, mauve and greens person” but would love the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try the vibrant yellow/orange range of standard threads.

  415. I love the oranges in #37. They would look perfect for some autumnal embroidery, if i can find the time =)

  416. My favorite of Lorraine’s threads is the perle cotton size 12, #165-it has a little of everything-blues, pinks, yellows, and various shades of each. I would use it to stitch a happy colored fall scarecrow!

  417. My favorite color is #7 Varigated. I have a fall pumpkin table mat and placemats to do and think it would be beautiful using it.

  418. I would love to use color 133 cotton floss for Birds and Berries Antique Alphabet by JBW Designs. There are so many beautiful colors that it was hard to pick just one. Thank you for the opprotunity to join your giveaway.

  419. The colors are lovely. I like several of them for doing filler foliage. Greens and browns mostly.

  420. Hi there. Oh these colors from Colourcomplements! I had a difficult time choosing because every color invoked a project idea. It was hard to tell the color description, but it was perle cotton size 5 #5, a gorgeous mix of purples and golds. I’m just starting to work on a design for a baby quilt for a friend who lived in Colorado. The baby boy’s room is painted in a mural of mountains, so I’m thinking about a theme of mountains and seasons for his quilt with a lot of embroidered work in mountains and trees, and those purples and golds would be absolutely perfect!

  421. I think the #183 is my favorite, all those purples and blues. I don’t really know how to stitch with variegated thread, but I would love to try it for the words when I embroidery my favorite poem.

  422. Hi Mary,

    The colors in #8 are just beautiful. I signed up for a crazy quilt block class over the winter and would use them for that. Thanks for the give away.

  423. This is a fall day in West Michigan. It is the colors I see out my windows as I drive around my town: Perle Cotton Size 12 #36 Those reds and oranges are beautiful, but it was hard to pick just one. Gorgeous store of threads, I will be back to shop.

  424. CA#9. This is my fall colors in WV. The Blue & Gold for the WVU Mountaineers (season ticket holder) & the blue skies above sharing the Times with friends. The gold yellow & orange fall colors of the leaves of mountains (Take me Home Country Roads) & all the wonderful drives exploring the hills. I would like to use this in developing a leaf sampler to remember these wonderful moments.

  425. OK, I’ve narrowed it down to only three colorways that I absolutely love and would purchase – well maybe more, but … the dilemma is there. I have in mind a decorative border around the neckline of a muslin shirt I plan to embroider before assembling to wear. The colorways I’d choose would be #89, #36 or #32 as they have deeper color to stand out while wearing the shirt.

  426. Perle Size Cotton 8 #189 screams jester to me. I would love to do a stylized sillhouette or outline of a jester in that!

  427. I have always loved the colors that are reflected in #133 and would love to use them in a landscape piece!

  428. Colour #8 is such a beautiful purple! I can see it in some woodland violets….Thank you, Mary and Lorraine.

  429. I like Color #23 at mix of greens and pinks. I can visulize its use in a garden. I like to stitch gardens and other outdoor view so greens and pastels speak to me.

  430. My favorite is Perle Cotton Size 12 #166 I see these threads being used for cross stitched flowers on a bag

  431. Hello, the colors and textures are all so beautiful, I think I will start with the velvet dark purple. I embroider Islamic calligraphy and prayer rugs, so these threads will look lovely with the soft turns and sharp corners of the designs. Hope I win! Thanks for a great website and all you need instructions, Hanifah

  432. Wow, tough choice but I choose the beautiful violet blues of #183 for grape hyacinth. And I have to add the peachy pinks of #182 for the accompanying tulips in a four season wreath.

  433. Much too hard to choose just one favorite so today I would say Perle cotton #137 for use in my Crazy Quilt sampler blocks I am so fond .

  434. What wonderful colors. I felt like a kid in a candy store. My favorite over & over was cotton embroidery thread #47. I wish it leaned to pinks instead of blue/grey. However #147 certainly caught my eye every time also. I’m a monocromatic warm off white girl forever.

  435. Oh my! After visiting her web site it is extremely hard to choose one of the fabulous combinations so I limited myself to looking at the sampler collections that included floss and perle. It was hard to choose among #s 4,6, 17 and 35 but I think I would opt for #17 which is a play on Christmas colors because they would fit into my plans to make an ornament for each on my 16 grandchildren. Some of whom are beynod the age of toys and the rest have more toys than they know what to do with. I do like the #35 group of fall colors though.

  436. I don’t recall the thread #, but I do the color mixture. It was a combination of pink, apricot and spring green. Just yummy!

  437. It’s like going into a candy store. So many choices and so much color. I am in a real purple phase right now so I lean towards the purple colors but they are all beautiful. I think I would have to just have the threads for awhile and mull over what to do with them.

  438. Hi Mary, What a hard choice. So many pretty colors that I want to have them all. I guess my favorite right now would be #31. I’ve got some Christmas ideas in mind for that including Christmas cards and Christmas ideas for on sweaters and ornaments. The mind boggles.

    Happy Fall

  439. I think at this moment the aquamarine in Lorriane’s collection is my first pick as I have an ocean sampler in mind but I have to admit I have never met one of her skeins that I didn’t love…

  440. I am vacillating between Perle 5 and floss. (Actually just ordered some of each.) I love her colors! If I have to choose, I guess it would be the floss as it is about as versatile as a thread can be. Having said that, I am trying to come up with a plan to try her over dyed Kreinik.

  441. Kreini braid size 8 #8 would be beautiful for frosty accents on a winter themed design. Gorgeous fibers!

  442. Wow!!! Such gorgeous color combinations…all beautiful, hard to pick one. I like #32 cotton embroidery floss. I just LOVE orange & blue together.

    Thx Vicki :0)

  443. My favorite is #166. Love the gorgeous purples and pinks!

    I would love to stitch a monogram with this thread for my granddaughter. She would love it!


  444. I’m a little lat due to being on the road to Nashville, but I love the fall color, so verigated would have been my pick to use on trees for the leaves!

  445. In Lorraine’s offerings I really like #14, variegated blues- violets.
    I think it would be perfect for clouds, water, and maybe even flowers or clothing.

    It would be nice to be able to try out her thread!

    Thanks for the give away offer!.

  446. So many dazzling colors! Perle 8 in color 186 is perfect for a new project of my own design I have just finished setting up. I also love perle 12 in color 12, it looks like molten caramel. So delicious.
    Thanks, Mary, for this chance.

  447. Your review has really excited my interest. The colours really caught my eye and inspire me greatly. Thank you.

  448. There are some wonderful threads here. I think that I would like to try some of the velvet threads in embellishing my Baltimore album quilt blocks.

  449. the main rooms in my house are in shades of oranges and browns so the embroidery floss # 187 would be perfect for my sewing. Just beautiful.

  450. These threads are different from other hand dyed threads I have seen. I don’t know why but they are combinations of really lovely colour blends. I love mauves and greens combinations for a canvas work project that I have in mind and it would be wonderful to win them.

  451. So difficult to choose just one, but the sandy and blue #5would be brilliant on a landscape of the sea and sandy beaches, perhaps some applique with embroidery on, but I also like the #35 greeens orange and browns which makes me think of long grasses, near the seaside. Am I just craving the warmer days back now it has turrned windy and rainy? Think I must be. I think varigated threads add a bit of challenge, excitment and experimentation opportunities.

  452. All the colors are gorgeous! I think I’d step out of my comfort zone a little and choose a multi-color skein – not just gradients. For example, floss in #133, 137 or #161. Although I’m thinking of beautiful things, I can’t come up with an idea in perle. I have a band sampler in mind to stitch with these threads. Thanks for the chance (and another excuse to search my stash and plan)!

  453. I love the pearle cotton #10; orange and purple variegated…it’s vibrant! The leaf colors are so beautiful now in the Midwest that I think this would be great for a fall-themed project!

  454. I don’t need to win, I am just inspired by the colours! this last week I have been really into toadstools and taking photos. The wonderful colours and the leaves too. Thank you for lovely inspiration. x

  455. I love embrooidery thread #32. It reminds me of where I live. Sun, sand, blue skies and water. Thank you for this giveaway and all your teaching over the years!

  456. #36 looks good in red/orange. For an idea I would do leaves or some fall basket using those colors and some browns too for a small picture. Probably in a pearl size. Thanks for this opportunity….you share nicely!

  457. Hi Mary,
    I think that the selection of threads is so inspiring, but thought that I’d go for the Sampler Threads #7. I am currently working on a medieval scene, and the greens, purples, and bling to me typify the rich colours of that period. I always enjoy using overdyed threads, which give lovely shade gradations without having to change threads.

  458. Greetings, I just finished a Jacobean Tree of Life. I used 80% pearl cotton – most variegated. I treated it as a stitch sampler. I have to say in my stitch world as is true in my real world I love trees. This is the time of year when here in the New England area the trees step away from the forest and you notice each as individuals. Therefore my favorite color wave from CC is #36.

  459. I thought I would go for an autumn pallet, but it’s number 23 that caught my eye. It would be beautiful for bouillon roses on felt Easter eggs. Sometimes I display a basket of quilted and felt Easter eggs out in the spring time.

  460. My favourite: Cotton Embroidery Floss Colour #4!
    What a beautiful shade of orange. It would be a great addition to the wool applique I am working on right now.
    Thanks, Mary.

  461. My absolute favorite – right now (~__*) – is the #187 stranded cotton floss. They are rich, natural and beautiful reds and dark oranges. My current favorite project are my “What’s At My Birdfeeder” pieces. I want to surround the bay window in my kitchen with 5″ wooden hoops, each containing my renderings in surface embroidery of the creatures I can see at my feeder in the garden outside that window. So far I’ve done a Black-capped Chickadee in the miniature crabapple tree, an American Goldfinch nipping seeds on a Coneflower and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird sipping at a Bee Balm. Today my 6 year old granddaughter suggested I should do a Cardinal next. This floss would be perfect.

  462. Oh My — talk about almost impossible to choose! But if forced, I’d be delighted with perle cotton size 8, # 18 — those greens are to die for and would be perfect for a green quilt I’m planning. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway–

  463. I love all the colors and love to stitch flowers. I do like the pale blues to greens, like beach glass. Don’t know what I’d stitch with them but I think they are peaceful and calming.

  464. Thank you Mary for introducing this gorgeous threads website. I am planning to make and embroider a runner for my mantel in fall colors and I just purchased fall color ribbons and the pearl cotton size 12 #35 will be the best colors for fall leaves.

    Thank you for your very interesting and informative website.


  465. I would like Cotton Embroidery Floss # 29 or #20 to use for the wheat in the Prayer Book Cover design. I have enlarged the design and I am going to use it for a cover cloth for the table for the wine and bread at our church. However, there are several other colors that I would love to use for some other project…I can always think of new projects!

  466. I love the Colour Complements Very Velvet Petite threads in the yellows, golds and green – I’ve got a collection of velvets that I’m making into a crazy quilt type jacket and would love to embellish it with these threads – they would look so plush and would add so much additional texture to the design! Thanks to you and to Lorraine for offering this fabulous giveaway!

  467. Love the autumn palette of this thread and would use it for an embroidery to enter in my guild’s annual challenge

  468. wow is all I have to say at her color combinations I fell in love with so many but what drew my eye was her silk perle number 5 THAT RED is so gorgeous I sat and looked at it for 5 minutes just envisioning roses and flowers in that red. The drool factor of her site is amazing also all her choices of colors that rich and vibrant. Definitely had to favorite her page for later browsing

  469. I love Lorraine’s threads! My favorite is a Spring spring color,#23. There are several more that I like. It was hard to decide. Hope I win.

  470. Hi Mary,

    Thank you and Colour Complements for the chance to win some fabulous threads. There are sooooooo many wonderful colours, but as soon as I saw 186 (no 12 Perle) I just fell into those wonderful rich colours, the dark, dark teal and purples, just make me all gooey inside ggg
    I see this as part of a wonderful underwater reef scene.
    Thanks again,
    cheers Judy
    South East Queensland,

  471. Tough decision! How can you choose between luscious and luscious? It was a narrow call.

    #133 is gorgeous. It’s like DMC 4505, but more vibrant. I really like it. However, when I came across #188, it was a case of gotcha! It’s a little on the wild side, and I don’t normally do wild, but visions of the Coloris Kaleidoscope popped into my head and that was it.

    So, here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!

  472. I love the number 5 purple and gold blend. Both of those are “my” colors and I would love to use that combination in some embroidery on a tote bag or something similar. I’ve no idea what pattern I’d use it in yet!

  473. Definitely perle cotton #137. I have used a variety of Lorraines threads and love the wide variety of color variations. Especially the variegated threads.

  474. In July I received surprising news – identical girl triplets expected January 2018! The girls will be assigned a color, pastel pink, mint green or lavender, to help identify them. (At least until they start changing clothes and answering to each others’s names.LOL!) I see three Christmas stocking in my future. I am imagining monochromatic designs using variegated threads.

  475. Hard to pick a single favorite. But I have to say perle cotton size 12 color #26 is resonating this lovely autumn morning while I sip my coffee.
    Reminds me of autumn days back home in Montana when the bright golden leaves would be lit up against the backdrop of steel blue mountains or storm darkened clouds this time of year.

  476. perle cotton size 5 #193

    This was a difficult choice to make as there are so many beautiful color choices. She has a unique color sense and makes interesting and lovely threads. I have an idea for a plaid piece based on this color scheme. This would be my starting point.

  477. What’s not to love. All of the colors are amazing. I went crazy over the ric racs too. #10 is calling to me as I am working with some vintage silk right now that it would go great with. The pearl cottons are great and I’m working on some ornaments for gifts and #14 makes me sing I see skies of blue. Beautiful site.

  478. it really was hard to pick ONE favorite, but here it is”
    Perle Cotton Size 12 Colour #24
    and thank you Mary for all that you do for stitchers….
    What it made me think of was desert…especially the painted hills……and i am now conjuring up a landscpe….desert landscape with the hills as an important element….above which is an amazingly clear blue sky with some clouds and a couple of soaring birds….the foreground of course would have to have some cactus,lots of sand, and lots of blooming …i think also a nice road running fron the bottom left, then up and through the foreground horizontally but still going to the right…it would finish in the top middle right and appear to keep on going through …

  479. My favorite color is #35: it’s perfect for embroidering fall foliage. I would use it to embroider the leaves on a little sketch tree. It would also work wonderful for embroidering grass that has leaves on it: if a tree has only orange leaves, then grass in that color would look like the leaves had started falling.

  480. My favorite is color #22. I love the pale blue and lavender tones. In either perle cotton #5 or cotton floss I’d use it to stitch some hydrangea blossoms.

  481. Cotton Embroidery Floss #190 is my favorite because I love purple and blue and having them both in the same floss is great. I’m glad I went to her website because she also sells perle cotton which interests me. variegated perle cotton is hard to find.

  482. I just could not settle on one color if I am thinking of a project. So I would pick 183, 186, and 109, mostly shades of purple in 183, shading into darker blue with 186, then mostly greens with some purple for 109. I can see a mandala pattern with 183 on the outer part of the pattern, shading into 186, with 109 in the center. She offers awesome sampler packages, too, and the ric rac is fabulous!!

  483. Well, it’s not a fall color at all, but I think my favorite is either number 8 or number 138. I can’t quiet make up my mind. I visualize making a pretty luncheon cloth for the table in my kitchen, which I just painted a very pale blue. If it turned out well, I might even try curtains to match.

  484. Cotton floss #186 has been my fave for a while. It reminds me of a really rich sunset. Rather than stitch with it, I’d use it for a knotless netted amulet bag, but it would also be gorgeous for smocking on a child’s dress in a coordinating solid color. -K

  485. Love the Octoberfest colors! I find it difficult to choose a favorite color of Lorrains’s(I’m a bit of a thread hoarder). That being said I love Cotton Embroidery Floss #133. Right now I’m into muted purples and green together. I plan on using this one in a voided monogram for my daughter.


  486. Mary…my absolutely favorite color thread coloring in Lorraine’s offering in the Color Compliments is… Cotton Embroidery Floss #191…and that looks just like “caramel candy” to me! I can imagine that I would stitch an ice cream sundae with lots and lots of chocolate and topped with “caramel candy” dripping all over the ice cream with a bit of whipped cream and sprinkles…oh…excuse me…I need to…um… race to the store to get all of these ingredients so that I can…yum yum yum… eat this delicious concoction!!!! And, before I eat it I will take a photo so that I can create a stitching pattern and then capture this ice cream “dream” in my stitching! And then with Lorraine’s thread…oh my…Ah….um…yummie yummie!!!

  487. That was really hard but I think colorway #35 is my favorite. It’s crosses Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. I think a paneled banner above my fireplace would be lovely.

  488. Lorraine is a truly gifted artist! As are you! Truly, your excellent tutorials and comprehensive site are my go to. It’s hard to select one favorite color by ColourComplements because they are all mouth watering. I choose #192 for the variety of blues and oranges, range of darks and lights. I want to try the palestrina stitch edge but anything would look stunning using this thread.

  489. My favorite Colour Complement is the green,golden brown and medium brown, #35. I would love to use it to do a Fall tree on a mixed media textural piece.
    Carol b

  490. Beautiful color enhanced thread! I love the yellow color #12, maybe the perle 12 or cotton floss. I plan to make a crazy quilt block featuring sunflowers. That yellow would be perfect!

  491. The autumn colors of the #12 perle cotton No. 188 are an absolute favorite for me. I create landscapes with applique which are then embellished with embroidery work. Some landscapes are heavily embellished and others to different degrees of embellishment. I would love to use this thread to do an autumn landscape scene. The colors would be wonderful especially for creating trees and shrubs.

  492. I think the pale blue “sampler threads #10” is beautiful
    I purchased a “blue and white” inspired cross stitch book which I think this would be perfect to utilize these threads.

  493. I, too, found it hard to pick just one favorite. I wouldn’t have a problem using any of them. But if pushed I think colour 135 is gorgeous. I can see all the threads all over my current crazy quilting project.

  494. I love the colors in the cotton embroidery floss #17. Really beautiful and would work up in any design where multi earthy colors are being used. Thanks for the opportunity to add to my thread stash!

  495. My favorite shade is #35. I am in love with the era of the 1880s. This mix of shades emcompasses it perfectly. I am a beginner and see myself growing in my own style…rooms, furniture and ladies of that era.

  496. I really like color #9. I plan to use it on the first group of hexies for my 2020 Challenge crazy quilt. I am planning to start the day after Christmas, which is the day a craters New Year begins.

  497. I am going to admit that I am a bit of a newby with all of these yummy threads that I am now becoming aware of. When I went to Colour Complements I got hit with a nice “wow” factor. Most of my stitching lately is with wool appliqueue and oodles of Valdnai. But I am looking for something more and different to perk things up on my wool pieces,with some nice Colour Complements being easily able to fit that bill. I had a horrible time trying to pick just one color…so I picked the top 5, that if I were to win would be the ones I would be ordering. They are numbers 38, 34, 17, 9, and 5. Good luck to all that are in the running!

  498. I loved her #14 in the perle cottons, it looked like indigo. You’re probably thinking embroidery but I would love to use it in a lovely bobbin lace.

  499. G’day Mary, Thank you, and Colour Compliments. Delightfully drool-y to wander through Lorraine’s site.
    Perle Cotton Size 5 – Blue Green /Trio
    I did a large painting (Acrylic) some years ago of a veranda, kind of caged in behind trees, not (catastrophically…goodness, just as well I re-read. That’s not the word I want!) claustrophobically but more peacefully so even though it’s a bit surreal. The old soft blue green coloured rocking chair that went so well with it, it’s spindles mirroring the trees too, has had to be sold now we are moving. So hard to get something right again for cushions for the bedroom it will occupy. These threads will do the job and a lovely project to look forward to settling into our new town.
    Probably not tree trees but suggestions of them. The dark green thread will need some twinning or blending with one of the others in the trio to give the impression of the right colour. The other 2 are perfect. I’ll probably combine suitable extra fabric into it, a bit of freestyle too with embroidery over the extra fabric or…whatever!
    Cheers, Have good days Mary

  500. Perle cotton #175 is probably my favourite, it reminds me of the color of sea foam and I think it would make a beautiful delicate threat.

  501. It’s so hard to pick! I’m leaning toward #186 but I also love #18 as I think it would make some beautiful foliage. I’f probably use #186 for a cross stitch mandala of some sort.

  502. I love her color #188 and would love to use it on a geometric design letting the colors fall where they will. I think it would be beautiful!

  503. Mary,
    OMG…what a store Lorraine has! I could get into serious financial trouble browsing her site too long!! I guess my favorite was #174…it was a mixtures of reds and pinks. Not sure what I would stitch with it…it seems that I find pattern or design one and then choose my colors or should I say the pattern chooses the colors. Anyway, I would love to shop on Lorraine’s website, but my budget would seriously be in trouble if I did!
    Have a wonderful day Mary!

  504. Thank you Mary and Colour Complements! This is a wonderful giveaway.

    Oooohhh!! I love thread! Especially overdyed. I’m looking at #36 (orange/pink/gold), #187 (red/pink/orange), and #188 (pink/blue/green) because I’m planning a brightly colored hardanger for my niece’s wedding gift. She’s Norwegian, he’s Norwegian/Mexican, so I’m combining the colors of Mexico, and the technique of Norway. These would work beautifully!

  505. I missed your deadline, but still wanted to comment on the exquisite threads you offer. #14 sampler is the exact colors in my current weaving project. Must order soon. Thanks!

  506. I love the #186 combination of colors – the teals, purples, and blues are one of my favorite color combinations. I could see using this thread on a blackwork piece – it would be lovely!

  507. Since I am in Autumn/Halloween mode right now, I would pick #12. It would be perfect for pumpkins! All the threads are beautiful, though. It’s hard to pick just one.

  508. Perle cotton 8 #109 is my choice. The beautiful saturated colors remind me of Van Gogh’s iris paintings. Complimentary colors which are perfect together. A free-form design would emerge from stitching with this thread as a filler or a geometric pattern.
    It was hard to pick a favorite, they are all beautiful! Thank you Mary.

  509. I am intrigued by the petite velvet threads especially #3 and #6. I can see using them in a stumpwork design of some sort….think moths, bees, flower centres perhaps. Lovely to dream of using these luxurious fibres.

  510. I love bright colors and threads!!!!!!!! I need to win the lottery to get all that I would love to have.. the sampler threads 4 would be great for a mono kind of chart….having variegated threads allows for a great look.at least I think so. I don’t care for pearl cottons, but all the others, are most awesome to work with.

  511. I love the purple and golds of Sampler Threads #7. I could see some fancy embroidery on a fancy jacket.

  512. I use colour complements! I have the embrodiery floss #186 and 189, which I used on a drop cloth sampler to get wonderful variation. And she sent me — for free! — some of the perle cotton #1, which I haven’t used yet.

    I’d love to use one of the single color variations of the cotton floss — like 127 or 134 — for a zenbrodiery mandala

  513. Hi Mary,
    You have the best giveaways, thank you. I don’t know what I’d do with the velvet thread I just want to get my hands on it! It looks so interesting and I’m sure inspiration would strike if i had it in hand. 🙂

  514. I’ve never worked with Perle or over-dyed threads before! I like the idea of adding texture to a piece and the colours are gorgeous! Thread number #186 is my favourite I can visualise these vibrant, rich tones working beautifully in a original design I’m creating of stained glass window. Thanks for the giveaway!

  515. So many to choose from but #172 reminds me a gorgeous tropical sunset and as the days get shorter, a tropical getaway sounds wonderful. I have so many patterns for simple geometric patterns for ornaments that would be quick to stitch and hang to remind me of a tropical getaway even when you can’t get there.

  516. Hello, Mary…

    My absolute favorite thread color in Lorraine’s offerings on Colour Complements is “Perle Cotton Size 5 #110” with the combination of turquoise, teal, blues, yellow and greens.


    I envision this thread to makeup and be apart of a gingham chicken scratch embroidery sampler, in which to learn and practice on.

    God bless and thank you, Mary, for us all, this grace, an opportunity to win.


  517. Well what choice every to make but I think I would choose #168 and would use them for the fabric brooches I make. Thanks for this giveaway!

  518. I love the silk perle #3 a lovely lilac colour, that I want to use on a spring garden featuring lilacs, lily of the Valley and rododendron, all colourful and beatiful.

  519. #14 because it looks like the glacier ice in Antarctica. My mom went there a few years ago and I would embroider a blouse for her based on some of pictures she took. I’m afraid before long this will be the only Antarctic ice left!

  520. I am an avid quilter and stitcher and discovered your stitching videos on YTube. You make stitching look easy and relaxing. I googled you and found your website and have spent a lot of time reading all of your posts. I do some type of handwork every day and push myself to try new techniques. I spent time every summer on the Sunshine Coast in BC so was excited to discover through your blog about Lorraine’s threads. Sipping a morning coffee while checking out beautiful hand dyed threads……what a great start to my day. Thank you for being so sharing!


    PS: I placed an order with Lorraine.

  521. 612 comments already–but no surprise there–the colors are lovely! My favorite is #21, teal. I really like teals and aquas. I work in Hardanger embroidery and usually stick to the classic tone on tone. However, it would be exciting to introduce this blue into my next Hardanger project! — Judy/Wisconsin

  522. All the threads are so gorgeous it’s difficult to chose just one, but I am stitching a crazy quilt at the moment & using pale colours so I think the number 161 size 8 Rainbow would be my pick.
    It is so spring like, just love it.

  523. She has lots of gorgeous threads, but I’d love to try the very velvet petite gold thread for bees!!! It sounds amazing!! And tell her thanks for sponsoring this give-away!!

  524. Hi, I’m a teen librarian who loves needlework. I’m trying to pass that love along by doing programs teaching kids simple stitches. One of things that went well was embroidering on a graphic novel picture. I would love any of your beautiful threads especially a sampler set so we could try different mediums. Sue

  525. It is hard to choose! My first choice is Perle cotton 5 in color #3. I love this mix of soft colors with distinct color changes. I would like to use it in a needlepoint stitch sampler on 18 count canvas.

  526. It’s a hard call. #14 fits with whwat I am planning. – a flower garden. But #7 calls me with it’s metalic thread .

    I think #14 for me.

    Thanks you Mary for the giveaway.

  527. Lorraine’s Colour Complements. Favorite: cotton #187. Beautiful, clear, vibrant reds. This time of year I make holiday decor and ornaments for my daughter, her partner, and my two beautiful granddaughters who live in Copenhagen. The Danish flag is primarily red. I make them traditional Danish ornaments, buntings, table decor, and wall hangings that I hand embroider. Red is a very important color in Danish tradition and the color I chose is perfect. I live in the US and only see them every other year. All our gifts are handmade, and that thread is beautiful. I also thought the ricrac looked like fun. I will think of what to use it in. Thank you for your consideration. Katie

  528. Colour 34…the purple, olive green and blues in a van gogh starry night miniature. Goosebumps already just thinking about it.

  529. Color #5 is my favorite selection. I envision the threads of #5 stitched to represent the beautiful purples and lavenders of my grandmother’s favorite flowers to go on a dress of my granddaughter.

  530. After browsing this beautiful shop, I found several colors I would love to add into my stash. I’d have to say my favorite is the color #13. Blue, golden orange and green are just yummy!

  531. Lovely to win would be the cotton embroidery floss #31 to embellish a Baltimore album quilt wallhanging I started hand sewing hand applique last week. It matches the colors in it.

  532. I really am taken to # 14, it has cool blues and purples, along with the warmth of a coppery orange! Looks like fall. I would use it on one of Laura J Perin’s canvas panels—autumn or fall Any weight that is usable on mono canvas! Too many great choices, for sure

  533. #188 reminds me of a time I was in New Hampshire in early autumn. The leaves were intensely red, orange, and yellow against a brilliant royal blue sky. It just took my breath away ! I would use these colors to design and embroider an autumnal ‘stained glass window’.

  534. Love your website. I read it every morning and it’ s very helpful and inspiring.
    It helped me get my stash in order too!

  535. These threads are glorious – my favorite has to be #37, as this colorway simply makes me feel warm and happy. What to do with it? Hmm. Not sure, something I can see often, so it would go on a wall most likely – swirly – with black outlines to make the colors really stand out.

  536. Hi Mary- I ‘d definitely go for the sampler threads. #7 & 8 are beautiful and popular as one of them is nearly sold out! Maybe for a small tablecloth? Keep well.

  537. I would love the #17 sample threads. Thy are so delicious looking!! I am working on a crazy mini quilt and also do lots of mixed media projects!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  538. Hi Mary,
    I absolutely loved #165. I can see myself tracing a doodling coloring pattern with lots of flowers and embroidering to design with #165.

  539. I LOVE blue so it has to be Perle Cotton Size 8 #190. I would use this for hardanger I think, I think that would look beautiful on white ground cloth

  540. They ae all so pretty. I feel like a kid in a candy store. But, since I have to choose one
    perle cott0n 5 #12>
    Anything stitched in this thread from pumpkins and flowers to leaves would make the fall season come alive.
    Beautiful thread!

  541. Hi Mary, would love to win some threads, I love all the shades of blue she has. thanks. Jeanette

  542. In response for the Color Complements giveaway:

    1. Absolute favorite color: Kreinik 1/16th ribbon #10 – variations of purple, turquoise and golden yellow.

    2. My stitching vision for it: Background for Monet’s Starry Night or a variety of his other works.

  543. Wow Mary

    I guess that I’d have to choose colour #18 for some soothing foliage, or #19 for flowers on a receiving blanket, or #20 for autumn something-or-other, or #184 for spring… Yes, it is, of course, like trying to choose a favourite child.
    Thank you for another fabulous giveaway!

  544. I really like color #110, a blue en green mix with a hint of soft yellow.
    It reminds me of the sea, dunes and sand/beach. I would love to experiment with the different threads in the same color to get some texture.

  545. TEMARI!!! I can see these colors working GREAT!! on a ball to give at Thanksgiving or Easter or whenever!!! Wonderful. Will have to keep an eye on her website!!
    Thanks Mary!
    Lori Johnson

  546. Oh so hard to choose . . . but the Very Velvet Petite #6 comes out my winner because I can see this becoming substitute for chenille thread in stitching a “mound” for a design I’m developing for a needlework casket. Won’t know for sure if it will work until I have some in my hands – but in my head, at least, it looks gorgeous!

  547. Mary, those threads are so luscious, especially the orangey one! The color shifts in that thread are so subtle. There’s no pleasure greater than stitching with beautiful threads!

  548. So many gorgeous colors to choose from! But I picked Perle Cotton Size 5 #35–I saw it and instantly thought “Autumn in New England”. I can totally envision stitching a scene from the town forest with those…

  549. Pink and orange and red holler “dynamic, vibrant, confident, fun-fun-fun” when splashed together. So this thread combination (Sampler Threads #13) in this verigated color is what I want going in the cart! My used denim jacket sampler-style embellishment project, showcasing this thread color in this different size and textures pack, will surely draw ones eye! I can feel the goodness already.

  550. These threads take my breath away, Mary. They are truly gorgeous. I kept mentally stroking the light blue/foam (#25) while thinking about mermaids and my grand daughter.
    In the end, the winner is #35 because like you I am feeling autumn and the cozy vibrancy of leaf colors at this time of year. I have some mushroom drawings that have been carefully stored for years, waiting for color. #35 is perfect in mix and tone for mushrooms on a bag and a skirt.
    Thank you for the dream on this October night.
    PS I hope all is well for you.

  551. This wasn’t easy, Mary! There are so many beautiful variegated threads. I choose #36 (since orange is my favorite color) and think it would look so nice as flowers.

  552. I love #12. I think a Hardanger sampler for my SIL who is a new mom and they just moved, too.
    Thank you both for this opportunity!

  553. I love the very velvet petite in the golden yellow color. It would be gorgeous in a kumihimo bracelet. Thanks!

  554. I would love some new thread. I just received my thread ordered for Octoberfest… but more is always better. Happy Fall to All,

  555. The various autumn colours are my favourite and I have a pattern of sunflowers that would do justice to these threads! Here’s hoping!

  556. How on Earth are we to choose just one skein of thread from this seller? Every one of them is beautiful and has the potential for a gorgeous needlework.
    If I absolutely had to choose, I feel drawn to the Perle cotton size 12 #189. I have been drawn to your monogram designs for some time now and I would love to incorporate this in a monogram for my son’s room. When my daughter was a baby I stitched one for her. Is it goes with second born they often don’t get the same sort of attention that the first one gets.
    Thank you for reminding me of the seller. Years ago I favorited her shop on Etsy.

  557. My favorite floss is Cotton Embroidery Floss #31. I have a William Morris floral pattern that would work well with these colors. I can’t wait to get started!

  558. Hi Mary, I am all about the red/orange colourway. Wow! I love the colours and how they look like the fall colours of the trees here in Eastern Canada. I envision something along the lines of your birthday bash with a dose of your Octoberfest pattern (which may be November- or December- fest! at this rate!). Thanks for the intro to Lorraine’s store on Etsy.

  559. I love to stitch the sampler “Pot 4 Dickie” by Long Dog Samplers with Cotton Embroidery Floss #165. I think this thread is scrumptious!

  560. I love color #17!! I can see this in an abstract, subdued winter scene with a little cabin and some trees and lots of snow background and white sky. Not sure which size thread I would get it in- maybe two or three sizes! That would give a little extra texture. Fun!

  561. I use Lorraine’s threads on my crazy quilting. My favorites are always changing. My current favorite is her rayon ric Rachel color 9. This color is currently sold out and I am waiting for it to come back into stock.

  562. I would choose sampler threads #5. My vision would be to use it on a remake of a piece that I made and gave away — now I would have one for myself.

  563. Dear Mary,

    I absolutely adore Colour Complements color #3!! I’ve purchased several items from Lorraine and have been thrilled with all of them. I’m working on a crazy quilt project and just bought some of her wonderful rickrack ribbons for it … PERFECT!

    Thanks again for all that your giveaways, Mary. You’re the best!

    Sandie F.

  564. I really like the Steampunk Fox thread kit! I think I’d like to try something totally different from what I’ve done in the past being geometric designs, not something really cute.

  565. Seriously, how can one decide. #12? Or #37? Oh, but what about #10? See my dilemma? I have an order that is currently in stash waiting for next week’s pattern release, but I would certainly want to add to it.

  566. I am new to hand stitching but this looks like something I can do! I love the vibrancy of the colors and the movement. I enjoy this site and have learned so many things . Thank you!

  567. I’m a new stitcher and I went over to Lorraine’s store to see if I could find a favorite. Impossible! I love everything I looked at. If I had to choose, I’d pick something from the Perle cottons #8..or one of her trios…..I do know one thing..I’ll be heading back there….I’m in love.

  568. Color #33—though I didn’t think it would be so hard to choose just one. They’re all just beautiful.
    But I am in an ocean and sky mood and this color is just perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  569. My favorite color on the Colour Complements site was the Kreinik 16 variety pack. I am a beginner in the world of embroidery so I have no real vision for it other than the colors appeal to me!

  570. I love overdue threads! It’s hard to choose a favorite, but the one that catches my attention today is #19 a luscious lemon. It would look stunning on one of the glass balls in the Chuhuly boat full of various colored, patterned balls!

  571. Mary, how could I pick a favorite color out of all these scrumptious options?! If I had to pick just one, I suppose #33. It looks yummy like some really flavorful gummy candies!

    How might I use it? I have been dreaming of a fabric art underwater scene piece with a spilled treasure chest. It could work well for some of the hues of the water or maybe around the blue gems. But I would also like to say that I have not seen the Very Velvet threads before and that dark green could be pretty neat for seaweed effects!

    As always, thanks for the chance to win:)


  572. Trying to pick a “favorite” color is next to impossible. I love ALL colors. When it comes to embroidery, it all depends on what “project” I’m working on at the moment. I’m designing a quilt that will be all Birds of Prey (Raptors) and will be heavily embroidered and embellished so there will be a lot of rich browns, red-browns, beige’s, white and off white and even some gold and iridescent for the feathers. When working with a crazy quilt project, I lean toward the purple, magenta direction.
    I absolutely drool when I look at all the colors at colour complements. Would love to have them all. Can never have too much thread.

  573. I love the pearl cottons. I use them as often as possible. The variegated are supremely delicious. I have a special tote with an angel of Faith pic on it for a dear friend who lost her daughter at the age of 37- 4 yrs ago…I plan on using as many purple variegated pearl cotton on the tote. Her daughters favorite color is purple. Patricia Settle.

  574. This is so difficult! So many beautiful colors that make ideas spring into my head! I think my favorite is #188 because the colors are so rich and vibrant! I would use the thread to embroider a wall hanging for my 8 month old grandson! Bright and cheery! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  575. Hi,
    I like every colour. It is always where you use it. But periwinkle and pink have a special place in my heart. The only colour more difficult for me is drab but sometime we have to use it. Thank you, excuse the way I write in English my first language is French.

  576. I love all the jewel tones. Beautiful threads. I’ve been stitching initials and Sue Spargo butterflies
    Thanks for the give away!
    Deborah George

  577. What a difficult choice they all are so beautiful. After a lengthy review, I narrowed it down to color #120 and #3. Two different color ways but both speak to me. No clear vision yet as to a project but one of the kaleidoscope patterns might be the answer.
    Thank you Mary for another great giveaway.

    Jean B.
    Kent WA

  578. OM Goodness! I don’t believe I’ve seen hand-dyed perle cotton in such amazing colors! It makes me want to grab my hardanger and go to work. The browns, purples, and cranberry colors are so rich. I think I would want to do a doily in (oooh ooooh ooooh) #29, the caramel brown (and 47 other colors). Size 8, I think.
    Perle cotton is also very good for cross-stitch. I did a rather complex polar bear in it several years ago. It glowed! Sheila Sides Lauducci

  579. I am not currently working on any embroidery because I have been knitting a pillow for Christmas. I so enjoy your ideas and comments.

  580. My favorite thread pallet is #109 . The colors are so fresh. They make me think of fresh new Spring grass and tiny violets. I can just see little lambs frolicking in the meadow.

  581. I just found your website and love the Embroidery ideas you have. I am wanting to start a Embroidery Sampler book for my Granddaughter; hence, why I found your website. My Granddaughter has been doing simple straight stitch for about a year now, in addition, I am teaching my small scout group (boy and two girls) how to embroidery. You have an awesome website, and I would love to win the thread.

  582. What a great excuse for stitching one of the birthday bash designs – new thread.
    Thanks. I really enjoy your articles and stories.


  583. Very Velvet petite
    I see trees and forest edges! Fields of wild flowers in the dark skies. I can see sea oats near a beach and an island in the distance. But my favorite is trees!!!!!

  584. My favorite colors are the yellows, oranges, going into the rust colors. Thank you for this great giveaway!! Love your website and emails!

  585. Hi, I live in Costa Rica, Central America, there are few stores of items to embroider, they sell DMC yarn a few colors. I would like to try other threads and share them with the ladies of the club, I like cotton perle size 8, # 35, # 3, # 188, I imagine these threads in different embroidered works in the club room, welcoming the ladies, It would be spectacular, you are my great teacher in the distance, I learned a lot with your web page, and I have shared it with the ladies of the club, thank you very much. I have a friend in USA, she helped us buying materials to embroider in the Nordic Needle, if it closes, I do not know where there is another similar store, greetings and a big hug

  586. My favorites are Sampler threads number 5 and 7. They will work with my thread embellished applique projects.

  587. Love your Birthday Bash. I will be buying it with the idea of adapting this as an ocean abstract. Do you think this will work with more muted colors?

  588. I’m over the moon about cotton floss #14. It’s perfect for all those stormy seas and stormy skies kind of patterns. I’m more accustomed to crewel work, but I’ve been trying to branch out lately. I love the possibilities of needlepoint and would like to try this thread color on a starry night kind of pattern with a few well placed sparkly beads! But oh, the possibilities of perle!

  589. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year…however the Birthday Bash design and colors are magnifico! My favorite color today on Lorraine’s site is #18. The greens….yummy. My vision is fall pumpkins. Pumpkins make me smile. So #18 would be great for the leaves.

  590. My absolute favorite color is blue – any kind of blue from navy to teal.
    I think my favorite color is: Sampler Threads #10.
    The pale blue reminds me of water, clouds, and accents with other vibrant colors.
    And four different hand dyed threads would be fun to have and work with.

    Thanks for the thread giveaway!

  591. I find it incredibly helpful to see your stitching and the way you approach the work with color and stitch selection. Thank you for posting the stitch tutorials.

  592. I LOVE all of the different colors and how the colors look so different depending upon the type, size, and other factor. The burgundy strands will look wonderful on a forest & field piece that I want to do. Perle Cotton Size 5 #133


  593. My imagination is running over. So many color. I would make my sky #24 which I think of as alpine colors combined with #182 which I call peach and yellows. This would be a sampler of stitches showing a pale sunset. There would be autumn colored leaves with #188 along the edges. The latter is my favorite.

  594. Such a hard decision to make, but I think I’ll pick Size 8 #8. I love all the colors in the mix…lavenders, purples, turquoise, and green. I think they would work up well in an art quilt depicting an underwater scene.

  595. I love her orange tones. Orange nevervas my favorite color, but lately I hav developed a real affinity for it.

  596. I love the perle cotton #37 with the orange/yellow tones. This would be a good color for my flowers and I can see doing a scene with wheat stocks. I make little people found on etsy called Lynnslittlepeople. Only a hobby, so don’t take my website seriously…I work full time. Thanks for the opportunity to win something! 😉

  597. This is a tough one. Picking one colorway from all those glorious combinations was almost impossible. However, after about a half dozen runs through them all,. I realized that I kept stopping on #23. Those bright pastels just screamed spring flowers, Easter baskets, and feminine summer dresses. For a potential project I’m picturing some dainty embroidery on vintage pastel handkerchiefs I found at an antique shop last summer. Floral monograms, perhaps?

  598. My favorite color of the threads is 137 pearl cotton #5. I have these colors in mind for a zentangle drawing I did about 3 years ago. I have been figuring out how to turn it into an embroidery piece and want to use colors represented in this thread group. Thanks so much. I have learned so much from your site.

  599. Hello,
    I just love reading your blog every day; I learn something new every time!
    I have. A quick question for you. How do you organize your threads? Do you arrange them by color, by size, by manufacturer, by type, or by a combination of factors. I’m thinking on reorganizing my threads and wanted to pick your brains before attempting the task myself. It’s going to be a chore so I want to make to best choice first.
    Thanks so much!
    Hello again.
    Whoops! I read a little too fast and didn’t cat the part about listing my favorite color from the listed shop. Like the others, the choices are fabulous but my eyes were almost immediately drawn to perle cotton size 5 #18. It’s such a beautiful combination of greens. Lately, I’ve been thing about a tree project, and this would be perfect for the leaves. I tried to check for smaller sizes (such as floss) but evidently all are sold out except for this one. Do you know if she will restock soon?

  600. I really liked the blues and greens – I didn’t really see a name on it…Perle Cotton Size 12 #120 (?). I would love to see this used to create an ocean

  601. Thanks for introducing Colour Complements. What beautiful threads! My absolute favorite? #34…no, #9…no, #11…no, #165…no, #186…

  602. Oh I love her Pearl cotton 5#35, it’s fall colors and I think It will look fantastic used on the leaves of a tree. I’m going to try my hand at my first Tree! And I want it to be fall with leaves floating to the ground! This would be sooooo perfect!

    Robin FARLEY

    Thank you for the opportunity to try and win!

  603. My favorite thread from Colour Compliments is cotton embroidery floss #109. I envision it used in a sampler with a lot of flowers. The treads are beautiful!!

  604. What beautiful colors. # 35 just melted my heart. So nice of you to share. I just love fall colors.

  605. My favorite is Cotton enbroidery thread # 4. My sister loves orange and I would like to use this beautiful blend of oranges to crosstitch a pillow of tiny flying birds. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  606. I stared at all of these for so long, it was so hard to choose a favourite. I think in the end I have to go with the silk perle #1 – with the nights drawing in so fast and the clocks about to go back here in the UK, it’s begging to be used after Christmas for some lovely spring themed embroidery to tide us over until the actual spring! There’s definitely newly-unfurled beech leaves and similar in there…

  607. I love Lorraine’s threads, and have quite a few of them This time I would choose #37 in size 5. I like to use both the size 5 and size 8 for embroidery on wool felt. This color says pumpkins to me. I can see them on a small pillow to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Halloween.

  608. I love number 28. I would use it to do an embroidery of the sea. It’s so beautiful!
    Thanks for a great give away!

  609. I love #186, the variegated plum and teal! I think I would use it in a fun sampler like the one you shared today.