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A Stitcher’s Christmas #2: Reproduction Samplers for Three & Winners


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We’re halfway through the week, and sliding straight into December. You know what that means? It means it’s a perfect day to announce the next Stitcher’s Christmas give-away and the winners from the last one!

Today’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas is for all historical reproduction sampler lovers! If you love stitching stories from the past, if you love the look of traditional needlework samplers, if you love the thrill of watching a sampler come to life under your very fingers – this give-away is for you!

First, I’ll announce the winners from Saturday’s give-away and then I’ll tell you how this one came about…

Stitcher's Christmas Give-Away #2: Reproduction Sampler Charts

Stitcher’s Christmas #1 Winners!

The first installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas was quite successful! Your comments were fun to read – I love hearing where other people do their stitching!

I’ve randomly drawn the winners in this order, and I’ll be contacting them via email to arrange the prizes. The winners are Joan Kniffen and Olga Johnson. Congratulations, you two! I hope you enjoy your foray into ribbon embroidery on felt with your new kit and book!

Stitcher’s Christmas #2: Reproduction Samplers

I’ve been following along with Nicola Parkman’s needlework journey for a while – long before she launched Hands Across the Sea Samplers. I love what she’s done with Hands Across the Sea! And when she launched the Uffindell Sisters samplers in October as a limited edition chart pack, you can bet I got one.

While I love the look of the historical samplers, I think it’s the stories behind them that captivate me the most! But since I do have a sister who also loves samplers, I thought it would be a good gift. It might even be something we would both do some day – she gets one, I get the other?

So, yes, I couldn’t resist!

Incidentally, while I was at it, I picked up some sampler greeting cards. I really love notecards that are embroidery-themed. These are splendidly roomy cards, very clear printing, nice to write on, and sturdy. They’re beautiful! (And they each have a little mini-chart on the back, from the sampler featured on the card – what a clever idea!)

Anyway, Nicola – being Nicola and the Very Nice Person she is – sent along some extra charts, including an Uffindell limited edition, in case I’d like to give them away to my friends here on Needle ‘n Thread. And so, right away, I slotted the charts for A Stitcher’s Christmas!

The Details

Today, then, I’m giving away three reproduction sampler charts from Hands Across the Sea, one chart to one of three winners.

I’ll draw the winners in order, randomly. Winner #1 will have first choice, winner #2 will have second choice, and winner #3 gets the remaining chart.

The charts I’m giving away are the limited edition Uffindell Sisters samplers (there are two charts in this, one for each sister’s sampler); Sarah Borton, which you can see here; and Elizabeth Beaven, which you can see here.

The Uffindell Sisters sampler charts sold out pretty quickly, though I hear there may still be a couple available through The Attic in Mesa, Arizona.

The Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks to those who participated!

To enter today’s give-away, please read and follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment form, if you’re unsure of where to go. Comments submitted via email or left on any other page or social media page are not eligible. The comment must be left on Needle ‘n Thread, at the end of this article.

2. Please fill out the comment form correctly. Here’s what you need to know about filling out the comment form:

a. Use a recognizable name in the “name” line (this can be first and last name, first name with last initial, a nickname, your first name and where you’re from – like “Mary in Kansas” – anonymous entries are not eligible).

b. Use a valid email address (essential for notification) in the “email” line on the form.

c. Leave the “website” line blank unless you own and operate your very own website. Please do not put an email address in the “website” line on the form, or in the comment box itself. Anything in the “comment” box is visible to the public, so you should avoid any personal contact information in the comment itself.

3. Answer the following in your comment:

What’s your favorite needlework tool and why?

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am Central Time (that’s Kansas, USA time), Monday, December 4th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced here on Needle ‘n Thread, when the next give-away in the series is posted.

5. Only one comment per person, please. The give-away is open to everyone.

And that’s it!

So if you’d like the chance to add a beautiful reproduction sampler pack to your Christmas prezzies, go forth and comment!

Stay Tuned!

Much more wonderful coming up in A Stitcher’s Christmas, so be sure to follow along, either by subscribing via email (left column on the website, or scroll down in the drop-down menu on mobile) or checking back often for updates! We’ve got – oooooohhhh, a gorgeous slate frame, threads, fabric, kits… goldwork? crewel? hand crafted scissors? Lots of delectable goodies coming up!

And on Friday of this week – if all goes as planned, and so far, it is! – these trees we talked about for holiday stitching will be available! Can’t wait to show them all to you! And to introduce my idea for a mile-long stitching project between now and Christmas.

(Well, ok, maybe not a mile long, but at least 50 inches, which is close enough!)


(905) Comments

  1. My favorite tool… i think i will have to say my Omanik Quantum frames, they provide me with awesome tension and that is the best way for me to stitch. they are beautiful and made by super nice people, what else can you ask from a frame?

  2. My favorite needlework tool is called a Seam-n-fix. Helps when reverse stitchi ng and cleaning up fabric.

    1. When I find that “Perfect” Needle. Mine don’t last long in the warm weather, my hands get so damp and the needles tarnish/blacken very quickly.

  3. Favorite needle work tool I use would be scissors, most needful tool at least these days are my reading glasses as the allow me to continue to stitch on higher count linens.

  4. My absolute favorite needlework tool is a gorgeous pair of scissors made by French artisan M. Roulot, gifted to me by a very dear friend who thoughtfully had my name inscribed on the scissors blade. Wow! I was overwhelmed by such a gift and it pulls at my heartstrings every time I pick up the scissors to clip a thread. I use them often and will cherish them always.

  5. My favourite needlework tool has to be my magnifying lamp. With it, I’m able to continue my favourite passion of cross stitching and choose higher counts to stitch on.

  6. I just recently took up embroidery after an absence of about 40 years. I was prompted to get back into it by my granddaughter who wants to learn how to embroider. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the art but as for favourite tool…..right now, it’s the internet and sites like yours and that of Rebecca Ringquist for inspiration and education. I also am a big sampler fan having one from my mother hanging on my bedroom wall and several cross stitches from my grandmother on bell cords around the house.

  7. I love my laying tool. It not only helps with my tension, I use it to straighten and adjust wayward stitches. Merry Christmas!

  8. Is thread a tool? I hope so because it is my favourite! All those silky strands in every colour possibly imaginable, what is there not to love!

  9. My favourite tool, not the prettiest of embroidery tools, are my hands. My toolbox is simple, needles and scissors.

  10. Thank you for this opportunity. Love both samplers. My favorite tool is my stitching needle. How it feels in my hand, how it handles the thread and how it passes through the fabric makes stitching for long periods of time is so important.

  11. My favorite needlework tool has to be my ThimblePads. Problem is, they are so comfortable, I forget I’m wearing them, I find them stuck to the oddest surfaces!

  12. Scissors are my favorite as there so many different varieties. They can be strictly utilitarian or exquisitely designed.

  13. My stork scissors are my favorite tool. Love the shape, the feel, the way they cut so clean and precise. Couldn’t stitch without them.
    Love the samplers offered. They are beautiful!

  14. My favorite needlework tool is probably my laying tool. I wear it on my thumb to neatly lay multiple plies of thread. First I do ply the threads that I have cut from the skein. Then I carefully put the appropriate number of plies together and thread my needle. The laying tool on my thumb can then guide the plies separately as I stitch making nicely placed stitches on the sampler which I find pleasing and neat! I do love my laying tool.

  15. My favorite tool is my new Lowery stand. I can’t believe how much more comfortable it feels to stitch for long periods of time. Thanks for chance to win!

  16. My favorite needlework tool is scissors! I love little stitching scissors Of all kinds! I don’t think one can ever have too many!!!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  17. My favorite tool is my light and magnifier. Since my main time to stitch is in the evening when the kids are in bed I’m tired, and my sight isn’t getting any better with age, this lets me stitch with ease and more quickly than without. More stitches are just more fun!

  18. My favorite needlework tool(s) are my scissors. I tend to collect them (I must have over 30 different pairs) to go with different scissor fobs, smalls etc that I’ve done. I tend to use two – a pair of Dovos that I absolutely love and a small. unknown pair that are almost as good. I have finally trained my husband NOT to use my scissors, since he doesn’t stitch and only wants to use them to cut out coupons, etc. My other indispensable tool is my stand. Couldn’t stitch as much as I do without it. It’s an Artisan stand that I have had for over 30 years and it’s still going strong!

  19. My needle is my favorite needlework tool, otherwise, I wouldn’t be enjoying the relaxation, gratification process of hand stitching.

  20. My favorite tool is my collection of Q-snaps. At first I stitched in hand or with my grandmother’s wooden hoop. I used a lovely scroll frame for a while. Then I “discovered” Q-snaps and the rest is history! They might not be pretty, but they work for me!

  21. What beautiful samplers!
    Oh gee, my favorite tool? I love them all! I really like my magnifier with light on a stand — it’s always nice to be able to see. I also like my trolley needle for thread laying. For me, it’s easier to have the trolley needle on my finger where it stays put and allow the rest of the hand to hold the hoop than to try to use a laying tool that involves the whole hand and I’m liable to misplace. One thing I love about embroidery is that the craft really does not need a lot of tools and accessories, nor are the tools expensive.

  22. My favorite needle work tool is my wooden embroidery hoop. It’s portability allows me to mount up a new project and be stitching on it in no time.

  23. I LOVE HATS! So many beautiful designs. My favorite needlework tool is my magnifying lamp. Without it I would not be able to stitch! Thank you so much for a chance to win such a wonderful gift.

  24. My favorite needlework tool is my LED magnifying lamp! I couldn’t do most of my stitching with out it!

  25. Mary, best holiday wishes to you from Russia!
    My favorite needlework tool is scissors, I have different types for all of my favorite embroidery styles. One of the best pairs of scissors I have came from my first and so far the only trip to London! And I also have special Japanese thread cutters for sashiko, I guess they also count for scissors.
    Thank you for this give-away! I’ve never stitched such beautiful samplers, so I hope for a chance to win one of them.

  26. My favorite needlework tool is a magnifier because I can’t see very well anymore. Without a magnifier I’m doomed!

  27. My favorite tool is my frame … I like working with a very tight tension and, for me, a frame does that best. However, I have it on the best authority from one of Santa’s elves that a good lighted magnifier is going to be under the tree this year (finally!!!) so stay tuned … I might have a new favorite come the 25th of December!

  28. Okay Universe, I get it. I need to stitch a reproduction sampler! I’ve been circling around whether or not to stitch one and my reason is the SAME reason that you just said: to get to know the original stitcher of the sampler. Done. Thanks for being the last straw, lol.

    Unfortunately my favourite stitching tool is my seam ripper. It makes frogging so much less painful that it’s actually fun (in a destructive way). Thanks for doing these days of Christmas. =D

    1. LOVE the humility! Since I am a newbie at surface embroidery I eat humility at every meal, so thanks for the delightufl comment. I don’t need to add a bad stich cuz only God is perfect…..

  29. My favor stiching tool are my scissors. I have a huge collection and use a different pair for each project. Love my scissors. Thanks for doing the give away.

  30. This is an easy one. My favorite tool is my Dovo embroidery scissors. This is a pair I read about on your site Mary, (yes you do make us spend money) . I’ve had them about two years and I love them. Lightweight, very sharp and they feel good in my hand. I have lots of scissors, mostly ginghers, these stand head and shoulders above the rest. I reach for them every time.

  31. My favorite tool is my needle threader… First, because of my propensity for using every last bit of floss in my needle. Second, my aging eyes! (maybe I need to reverse the reasons now!!)

  32. My favorite needlework tool is my Ott lamp. As I grow older I find It greatly assists my stitching on higher count linen. I love Hands Across the Seas samplers!

  33. I’m a bit of a beginning stitcher so I haven’t developed a preference for many tools yet. Fancy threads though… mmmmm. 🙂

  34. I’m Cathy from Florida. My favorite needlework tool is my LeRan magnetic board and magnetic strips that holds my chart and keeps me focused on the correct portion and lines I’m working on. I constantly battle distractions and this tool brings me back to my “place”.

  35. The thing I love about needlework is that you don’t need a lot of tools. But a good pair of small scissors is a must for cutting your threads close, and cutting off those pesky ends to make needle threading easy.

  36. My curved embroidery scissors. I often wonder how I survived without them! Time saver too as I don’t have to be paranoid about accidentally poking my linen.

  37. I really like my stand that holds my fabric for me and I can adjust the height. It saves my wrists and hands!

  38. Good quality wooden hoops and frames. I love it when the fabric is held just right, and the feel of the hoops in my hand is pleasant. This is my hobby, and I want every aspect of it to be enjoyable.

  39. Favorite tool has to be scissors! It’s so nice to stitch with great scissors! You can have all kinds of needles and different ones work with different projects but the best scissors I don’t want you reach for every time you sit down to stitch. No matter what type of stitching you’re doing you’re probably take the same scissors – The problem arises when you find another pair of great scissors which ones do I use? it’s a great dilema to have!

  40. My favorite needlework tool is a qsnap. I have used hoops in the past and nothing compares to a qsnap and I love that it keeps the tension and a lot of wrinkles out of the fabric!

  41. While not as necessary as a pair of scissors or a needle threader, I would have to say that needle minders are my favorite needlework tool. They are pretty and sparkly and make me happy just to look at them, and I always match my minder to my current project; they’re just fun!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these gorgeous samplers!

  42. My favorite tool is my Millenium frame. It makes stitching large samplers so much easier. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  43. Hello Mary, my favorite needle work tool is a needle ! A good needle, the weight and feel of a “fitting” needle in my hand just feels great !

  44. Out of all my beautiful needlework tools from mom, grandma and family members from the past, it has to be my newly found love for “needle minders”. Why ? Because when I was 14 growing up in a mid 1800’s huge home with wood floors, I stepped on a darning needle sticking up between the floor boards. This ended up needing surgery to be removed. Since that time I’ve been obsessed with where I put my needles, finding a dropped needle and scared to death of myself or one of the grandkids stepping on a needle! I love those little buggers so much I use three or four at a time when doing any kind of sewing! Thank you who ever invented them !

  45. I love my laying tools. Yes, that’s plural. I have a lovely, sharp teko bari that I still use on occasion (mostly at home). But I also have a long bone needle that is about the same length as my teko bari that I have in my stitching kit when I go to a class or stitch-in. It’s so lightweight!

  46. My favorite tool is the embroidery hoop itself. It is comforting to hold and my stitches turn out more evenly. I have been doing some wool embroidery without the hoop and my work is not nearly as nice!

  47. My favourite stitching tool is my husbands Great Aunts needle case, which has some original needles in. She died when she was 104 that was over 30years ago.

  48. My favorite needlework tool is the perfect needle that is neither too fat nor too blunt. A thin, sharp needle makes it easier for me to manipulate the threads.

  49. My favorite needle crafting tool is my left thumb! No kidding! I have trouble judging the size of stitches, so often cannot keep them uniform. So, I use a black fine tip permanent ink marker, mark 1/4 and 1/8 inch lines on my left thumbnail and TADA! I have a measuring tool very close to the stitching surface with no extra clutter. I call it my “rule of thumb” or for 21st century gals, my “thumb drive”.

  50. I was looking for a cross stich sampler but I didn’t find here in Barcelona ( Spain).
    This could be an good opportunity to get one. I would like to stich one of them in my winter vacation.
    All of then are beatiful. The second one I liked at first sight because I like very much the green color.
    Best regards.

  51. Thank you for entering my name into your contest. My most important tool is my Betty Kaye embroidery scissors! They are wonderful!

  52. My favorite tool has to be my Dovo scissors; they are sharp enough to make such good trim cuts on my Hardanger and any other snipping I have to do.

  53. Hi Mary! I have a favorite tool that is so wonderful to use. It’s a rosewood laying tool with a very fine point and a wider end for your hand to hold. It is such a treasure to work with, it’s so smooth and just puts your threads exactly where they need to go. It’s a great experience just to be able to use this magnificent tool.

  54. My favorite needlework tool is simply my stuffed scissor fob. It helps me keep up with my scissors and gives me a place to put my needle other than my chair or pant leg.

  55. I wouldn’t have picked this tool ordinarily but I just spent 4 days looking for it everywhere — in drawers, bags, boxes, under the couch, with current stitching, everywhere I could imagine it would be, and I finally found it the fifth time I looked in the place it is supposed to be. This tool? A cord maker!! Now I can finally finish my Christmas ornaments for my grandsons. Whew!

  56. My wooden embroidery hoop is my most important and trusted need work tool. What a mess my embroidery would be without it

  57. Oh, my, I would love to win one of these lovely samplers as I am a sampler nut!!! My favorite tool is my Lowery floor stand. I truly love it. It will hold my scroll frames, Q snaps and anything else I use to hold my stitching!!! Yesterday was my birthday so this would be a late birthday gift!!!

  58. I have a favorite pair of pewter Ginger scissors that are used daily, alway on my stitching table, but never leave the house, because they are my absolute favorite tool.

  59. My favorite needle work tool has to be a Tomatoe Pin Cushion. The reason is simple for me and even after reading this I am afraid many will not inderstand. I use the tomatoes pin cishion several times a day and cannot stitch without the pin cushion’
    On dec 17th 1997 I ended up having a emergancy surgery on my dominate arm in order to save my life. I awoke a few hours later and raised my left arm only to find i had my arm to the elbow, but nothing below.
    i remember shaking all over, the nurse put a shot in my IV, the next thing I remember I woke in my room. Long story short, the next day I felt wonderful! better than I had been feeling. I ended going home in late afternoon. One of the first things I did was to sit down with my needlework. I thought about it and desided to try putting my needle into the pin cushion, then using my Lo-Ran threader through the needle,next I laid my thread across the needle threader and pulled the thread through. I had just threaded my first needle one handed! The rest is history as I thead my needles several times a day even putting my linen onto my millinium frame by myself. It is wonderful to be able to thread my needles, put my linen on the frame and to do all the stitches even the old tyme ones without anyones help.

  60. My favorite needlework tool are my needles. I only use Bohin needles. They are so comfortable in my fingertips!

  61. I would love to win one of these lovely samplers!!! My favorite stitching tool is my Lowery floor stand. It will hold my scroll frames, Q snaps and anything else I have mounted my stitching on. Yesterday was my birthday so if I win it would be a late birthday gift!!!

  62. My favorite tool are my needles. I love the sound they make going through fabric and the different sizes and feel to them. The tool I need the most is my magnifier, though I have yet to find the perfect one for me.

  63. I have done needlework over the years, but not consistently. I am a home schooling mom of 3 (one married and graduated) with not as much time as I would like. Therefore, I don’t have a lot of tools. I would say that my favourite tool is a tie – first my embroidery scissors. They are very sharp (better than my 40+ year old fabric scissors for sewing) and handy to take with you. When I am at home, I love my floor work lamp with the goose neck. It sits beside the couch where I am working giving me light and amplifying my work. It was so handy when I was doing blanket stitch around 20 odd trees on my daughter’s wedding quilt.

  64. My favourite needlework tool is a little cat pincushion my sister stitched for me when she was seven years old, fifty years ago! It’s in me needlework box and gives me so much pleasure every time I open it and see it lying there. It reminds me so much of her special she is, and of our love for each other, which neither distance nor years can diminish.

  65. My favorite needle work tool would be my needle threader. Just can’t live without it! I’d never get anything stitched without it.

  66. I have always loved working on reproduction samplers. It inspires me to feel connected to the young girls and young women who originally created them. Whether their lives were large or small their lives touch mine as I stitch and remember them. I hope in some small way the things that I create with needle and thread will inspire and live on in others too.

    1. And I forgot to add that my favorite stitching tool is my sit on hoop. It is easy to transport, allows me to “work up close” and keeps my work taut.

  67. Favorite Needlework tool? That is so hard to choose! My first thought is a threader as it helps me get stitching without spitting on my thread and taking aim at the eye but I think my new favorite is my Millennium frames! I’m completely in love with them as they keep my fabric taut and square and are lovely to handle when you need to turn them over or up to check the back! I love your site and also HATS designs. Nicola has become a dear stitching friend and teacher to all who follow her work! Cheers from Barbara in Lodi, CA.

  68. My favorite needlework tool is my daylight lamp. I have many eyesight issues so my lamp really helps and lets me keep on stitching!

  69. I am just getting back to embroidery after many years, so my favorite tool is very basic, my embroidery scissors. I love the ornate design and how they fit in my hand.

  70. My favorite needlework tool? Don’t know if you consider it a tool, but I do. What did we do before plastic containers? Love them! They keep all my supplies together so I don’t lose anything while traveling. Can come back months later, have everything together, and pick up right where I left off. My sewing room is full of them.

  71. My favorite needlework tool I use are my embroidery scissors. I purchased them years ago from the Cutco knife company and they are still sharp and cut threads cleanly. They handles are a milky light blue so I never get them confused with any other persons scissors and I receive many compliments about them. My family knows they can not touch them (unless they are stitching)!

  72. My favorite needlework tool is a good light. My eyes are not the best so having a good light is esential for me!

  73. The frame. If I don’t have a good frame, I may as well give up! But, frankly, that big magnifying glass is indispensable for me!

  74. My favorite tool is my trolley needle because I love the way I get my threads to lay neatly next to each other for coverage. I use it for both my linen and canvas work.

  75. My favorite tool is a pair of long tweezers I got from a needlework store. I use them frequently to pull my needle through tight stitches.

  76. My favor goes to reproductions of old needleworks…it’s so nice to reproduct what little girls of the past made. it’s often so delicate and pretty. Even if it takes hours and hours…but the result is great; I love linen 12 or 14 and mostly 2/2.
    Have a nice day!

  77. Besides good needles, I couldn’t do without a hoop. It keeps the fabric taut so the stitches lay perfectly. I have tried embroidering without one and can never get the tension just right.

  78. What a wonderful give away. I love samplers.

    My favorite stitching tool is a laying tool. It makes such a difference in how your stitches appear and it helps to keep your tension even. I received my first wooden one at Seminar and then this year i discovered “trolley needle”. which is another type of laying tool.

  79. I am not a prolific stitcher yet as I am fairly new. I love a good hook-up comfortable to hold and keeps the fabric smooth without slowly losing hold.
    I love all that you do. You have been the soul source that has inspired me to pick up a needle again.

  80. My favourite needlework tool is my small embroidery scissors, they are in a white metal scissor shaped holder which is on a chain so I wear them round my neck. These are my favourite also because I bought them and a pair for my late mum and I think of her every time I put them on.

  81. My favorite tool would have to be my magnifier and light as it makes the stitching process so much easier and therefore I can stitch for longer sessions.

  82. My favorite needlework tool is a toss up between the stand that holds my project and allows me to stitch with both hands. Or my lighted magnifier. At my age, both are essential to having an enjoyable (most important) and productive stitching experience. And it’s always an experience, isn’t it?

  83. My favorite needle work tool(s) are my glasses and lighted magnifier. I wasn’t able to do detail work before I got them adjusted properly (glasses), and now I can do hand work again.

  84. Oh I love my clip-on eye glass magnifiers. They clip right onto my eye glasses, and without them, I wouldn’t be able to do any fine stitching. Thank you for another chance at winning.

  85. My favourite tool is beeswax. It is incredible how much smoother I can work with silkthreads since I use it. No tangled threads in my gold- and stumpwork anymore, no fraying, no interrupten in my mediative stitching pleasure.

  86. My favorite needlework tool is my Dovo fine embroidery scissors. They reach close places and cut so smoothly. I feel very special when I use them.

  87. Ok, this may seem silly, but I love my magnetic needle-holder! I’m talking about the pretty white rose I get to put on my fabric to “park” my needles. Before I got this incredibly simple accessory, I lost needles despite parking them in my fabric. Best. Invention. Ever. 😉

  88. My favorite tools hands down are my scissors! I’ve stitched most of my life with whatever cutting instruments were available. I must say, my first pair of good embroidery scissors made my life so much better. I saved up and bought some Tres Claveles when I was newly married and in college. After a couple of moves, a couple of children, and less time to stitch, I thought I’d lost them. By the time I’d found them, I had purchased another great pair. Now, those first ones stay with my lace pillow. But the others have multiplied to where I can keep a pair with my stitching boxes that I use with project bags. Life is good with great scissors!

  89. My favorite tool is my light with a strong magnifier. It allows me to make accurate stitches with ease.

  90. My favorite needlework tool is my beeswax. I’m not sure if it’s a “tool” or not but it keeps my threads from getting tangled and thereby keeps me from getting flustered! I wouldn’t want to embroider without it.

  91. Hi Mary, My favorite needlework tool is my lighted magnifier. It’s a floor stand and swivels and sits permanently beside my chair where I stitch. Couldn’t be without it now.
    These samplers are beautiful. They would suit my home perfectly!! Love them!!

  92. Beautiful samplers! As I’m just getting back into stitching after 30 years, I haven’t developed favorites yet but I’m hoping I’ll get a great pair of scissors that will become my favorite!

  93. My favorite tool is my large collection of scroll frames. I stitch best in my hands, moving things to reach the spot I want to go. Even with a pretty big scroll frame, I can do this. If I want to consign a piece to delayed WIP territory, I can take it off the stretcher bars and put the whole thing into a smaller space for a while.

    By the way, this giveaway is quite nice.

  94. A quote from my eye specialist “you need light to see, even with glasses” , thus my necessary tool is a good light source. My OttLite is always shining over my work.

  95. My favourite tool is my Millenium frame,because of the drum tight tension and because I can easily change a project with another.

  96. My favorite needlework tool? Oooh, that’s a hard question! So many tools! But since it’s the first thing that I thought of, it must be the rounded edge, hardwood 5″ hoop that fits in my hand so well.

  97. I am new to needlework but I think a good pair of little scissors that are easy to transport would be great! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone likes. Thanks for the chance to play : )

  98. I would love to win any of the samplers. My favorite stitching tool would have to be my Mr. Bills for removing unwanted thick threads. I also have an antique awl that I love. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. My favorite stitching tools are my Hardwicke Manor hoops that I learned about from you, Mary. They are the best embroidery hoops I have found.

  100. I have a thing for scissors – I have many, many pairs of embroidery scissors, most with hand-made fobs attached. I have some in work bags with projects and others displayed in old glass flower frogs. I can’t seem to get enough 🙂

  101. I don’t know if you would call it a “tool” per say, but my favorite needlework tool is an old embroidery book that I found at a rummage sale. I was taking a needlepoint class through my local school’s Community Education program and I found this book (for a mere 25 cents) that really was a history book of stitches. It included diagrams and patterns and charts and to me it was awesome. I’ve followed the patterns and mixed and matched some of my own too. Maybe not always successfully, but always fun!

  102. I am a very novice needleworker so I don’t have much in the way of tools. Needles, basic hoop, needle threader. So kind of don’t have a favorite tool at this point in time.

  103. My favorite new tool is a vintage wooden hoop that clamps right on the arm of my favorite chair. I hope it will help me to make better progress on some new projects! 🙂

  104. My favorite needlework tool may not be considered a tool for needlework but it really is – its the first tool I turn to when preparing my needlework, before stitching my needlework, and many times for embroidery to “iron on” the pattern. And finally when I finish I also use it to iron the back of my needlework so my stitches stand out. My favorite needlework tool is my iron – I couldn’t possibly live without it.

  105. My favorite needlework tool would have to be the needle, because the needle makes it all possible. Scissors next, because there’s nothing like a clean cut. Thanks for asking and this opportunity!

  106. I majored in history so samplers are right up my alley. I’ve enjoyed learning about the Quaker historical project. My favorite tool used to be a decorative scissors. It didn’t cut very well but was a gift from my husband. Recently I have fallen in love with my Opti-visor, a tool which used to live pretty much in its own box. However, age and less acute vision have led me to pop on my Opti-visor. It works so much better than other magnification devices. It moves as I move my head and needle.

  107. Lucky you, Joan and Olga! Congrats!

    Since I took up embroidery just recently, there’s very few tools in my possession, and I love them all: my sturdy hoop, my cute sharp scissors I bought right at the beginning, my needles…
    Is your blog considered a tool as well? If so, it’s definitely my favorite tool. A lecture for a decade, I guess. As long as did not work through it I will need no other books. It’s so substantial, instructional, entertaining… a big THANK YOU to you, Mary, for eleven years of dedication!

    Angela from the Ore Mountains

  108. I love my wooden hoops bound in cotton. They do the job and because they are traditional. Something about picking up my stitching held by one puts me at peace at once. Art brings you in to the present moment like no other.

  109. These samplers are marvelous! My favorite needlework tool is my light. I not only have an Ott light, I have a smaller battery-operated light to take along when I’m away from home and an even smaller light that clips on my finger. In previous centuries, how earth did women do such fine work without the light available to us now?

  110. Would absolutely love any of the samplers listed for the giveaway. They are so beautiful and would be such a joy
    to stitch.

    My favorite needlework tool is my handy dandy needle threader which I’ve had for a number of years. It’s metal and fits into most of the needles I’m using, especially the #26 and #28. They are very reasonable and durable compared to the ones with the wire.


  111. My favorite stitching tool is most definitely my magnifying glasses, without them I would not be able to continue to stitch.

  112. My laying tool is my favorite needlework tool. Makes my silks lie smooth and flat and gives them a wonderful sheen

  113. My newest favorite tool is my new Necessaire floor stand. It was worth the wait as it is so well made and easy to use. I feel so lucky.

  114. Thanks for running another giveaway!
    My favorite needlework tool is my little gold embroidery scissors – I feel so elegant and refined using them, and although I have lots of small scissors (I work as you do and make “kits” of my projects) I find that I often go steal the gold ones for the current project because they make me so happy.

  115. What a generous giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

    I have several stitching tools that I love, but right now it’s my magnetic wand. Losing my needle drives my hubby crazy. I lost my needle the other day, he started his usual lecture, I pulled out my wand and voila, found the elusive needle. 🙂

  116. My favorite needlework tool is my chair arm caddy. It has a place for my needles and my scissors are attached with a ribbon and I use the big pocket for my trash. It saves the fabric on my chair and I can always find my scissors.

  117. My favorite tool is my laying tool. I use it when doing canvas-work and it keeps the threads smooth. The resulting texture gives the stitched threads a beautiful silky sheen.

  118. Thank you Mary for making available all these wonderful gifts. My favorite needle work tool, Hmm! So many different tools we use, but given these old eyes, well it has to be my magnifying lamp so I can still make those small stitches and then also your wonderful stitch dictionary (because I always forget how to start out with the simple blanket stitch).

  119. What a lovely give away! My favorite stitching tool is a good variety of sewing needles. Every sewing project demands them!

  120. My favorite needlework tool(s) are my scissors. I’m a scissor junkie and will alternate using the different ones.

  121. My ott light which is a floor model also has a tray that holds my tablet and USB port to charge it. Good lighting is essential to stitching beautiful samplers.

  122. I am a long time sampler cross stitcher but since following your newsletter I am fascinated by your embroidery. And you teach in a way that makes it look possible, I just may start a project but clealy it would require me to think while I stitch!!! Thank you so much for your efforts for our wonderful passion. And thank you for considering me in your Christmas giveaway. My favorite tool is a good set of magnifying glasses that allow me to stitch the small linen counts that I love. Closely followed by a good needle. Thank you so much, Susan Moon

  123. Sad to admit, but my most recent favorite tool is my needle threader and magnifying screen. Eyes are older than they used to be, but I see that as a blessing, right?! I mean they might be older, but I’m still here, and they’re still working! So grateful for tools to keep me stitching! Thank you for sharing your incredible skills with us, and I pray that you are having lots of great days.

  124. My favorite needlework tool and most used one other than a needle is a pincushion that I made years ago for my mother. I prepare all my colors of thread needed that session and line them up in the pincushion and off I go. No stopping to re thread until I want to. It does require many needles but it works for me!

  125. My favorite tool would have to be Mag-Eyes because I use it every time I stitch and with every technique that I do. Without magnification I don’t think I would be able to enjoy my embroidery.

  126. For me it is an embroidery hoop (or a frame). I love the feeling of well worked wood under the fabric.

  127. My scissors! Esp. Ginghers and Karen Kay Buckley brands. They remain sharp and cut beautifully, easy on the hands.
    I inherited an 1825 sampler, it would be wonderful to make a companion piece by my own hand.
    thanks for the joy you share through your needlework blog! It is a great way to start my day, like having a cup of tea with a longtime friend. Just wish I was half as productive as you are!

  128. My needle is my most favorite. As I fill it with fiber and slide it through my linen, magical things happen.

  129. My favorite tool would be my daylight lamp/magnifier. The bright cool light allows me to stitch in my very dark living room. I very rarely need the magnifyer(yet) but when I get a knot in my thread it sure does come in handy or if I happen to stitch over one on a smaller linen count. It will be fun to read everyones posts. Thank you and your sponsors for the Christmas give a ways.

  130. My favorite tool is my collection of DMC floss that allows me to choose the perfect color with which to stitch. Finding and stitching that particular shade that makes my design come to life is so satisfying. I would LOVE to win one of these samplers!

  131. My favorite tool: my hoops that are made with tongue and groove construction. They hold the fabric tight and it seldom needs readjusting.

  132. I know this is kind of boring but my favorite tool is a brand new needle. I tend to use them for waaaay too long and am always amazed at how much easier stitching becomes with a fresh needle!

  133. Can thread count as a tool? Because I love threads… cottons, silks, crewel wool, wool, as they allow me to explore different types of stitches. I love cross stitching samplers with nice hand dyed colours; Portuguese “Castelo Branco” with its nice and smooth silks and embroidering the “Arraiolos” rugs with their nice 100% wools.

    Beautiful samplers!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  134. I have various scissors I love, some souvenirs from trips to Europe and others that are nice to use and practical, so it is a hard decision. But the tool that is really my one favorite thing is my Japanese tekobari that I use for laying special stitches, usually satin stitches. It is a simple tool, but light in my hand, just the right size and easy for me to use.
    Thank you!

  135. Love my Dovo scissors….they are so sharp and couldn’t do much with out them….thanks for the giveaways…you are an angel!

  136. My favorite stitching tool is scissors. I love having sharp scissors suited to whatever type of stitching I’m doing, especially hardanger. Thanks so much for your tutorials, I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  137. Hello! my favorite needlework tool is Clover quilting needles #12! i discovered it almost year ago, but those needles have a perfect length for my fingers, they are short enough to keep stitching fast even if you stitch without frame or hoop.

  138. Like so many of you, who doesnt
    love a great little pair of quality scissors? I like my Kai scissors.
    However, my favorite tool will
    always be a good choice in needles.
    John James are my favorite. I have
    several brands but I seem to go back to those with each project.
    Thanks Mary and Merry Christmas to all your fanclub members.

  139. What a wonderful December surprise!!! Thanks so much for your generosity…
    I’ve been sitting here, thinking about everything that makes me happy about this wonderful hobby of ours. Of all my tools, I must say my favorite is my hoop. Just sitting down and picking it up brings me such a sense of happiness and content.

  140. My favourite tool……, I think probably my Gingher embroidery scissors, because they are sharp and precise.

  141. I love my ghinger embroidery scissors! They are such a pleasure to use and a feast for the eyes as well!

  142. Oooohh! This is a tough question! Favorite needlework tool and why . . . there many and they are fun and handy, some are cute and most are useful! But MY favorite needlework tool is the chatelaine I made – it holds the tools I find essential (scissors which can be used either quickly, while attached to the chatelaine or removed for more extensive snipping – laying tool which can stay attached for a quick use or removed and put on a finger with a beaded loop, so that it can be turned to the back of my hand and out of the way when not needed or flipped around to be held between two fingers for use – an Uncle Bill’s tweezer to pick up fuzzies or help release stubborn knots – a clover thread cutter for quickly cutting lengths of threads without wrangling the scissors – a needle threader, for the times the threads and my eyes refuse to cooperate, and several other small items that are handy to have readily available. I may “clank and jangle” a bit when I get up and walk around, but my chatelaine saves LOTS of time keeping me from the “where did I set that _________ the last time I used it?” searches.

  143. My favorite needle work tool at the moment would have to be my clip on magnifiers because without them I wouldn’t be able to stitch.

  144. My favorite needlework tool are my scissors. I have a small pair of Solingen scissors that are many, many years old. They are truly my best friend when doing needlework. With TSA changing their rules up so many times on what you can bring they have probably cost me more now in postage than they did when I bought them! They’ve decided to stay home from now on and we have one of those teeny tiny, you can’t tell what it is, little thread breakers that travel with us.

  145. Although I am an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser,one of my personal passions is historic samplers , both in collecting and doing. Thanks for this giveaway and drawing attention to the stories behind the samplers! I always enjoy your posts.-DLK

  146. I’d say my favorite tool would be my magnifying lamp. It guarantees maximum precision which is so important in stitching.

  147. My favourite needlework tool is my Lowery work stand. It is all set up with my magnifying lamp, daisy dish , pincushion and pattern holder. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  148. My favourite needlework tool is the embroidery frame. I have quite the collection in circular, oval and rectangular shapes. Because I do projects in a variety of sizes, I like having them there with me.
    Another important tools are my needles (again different types and sizes for the different fabrics I work on), my wooden foot-ruler and transfer pens.

    Manasi Ranade

  149. Omgosh! What a great giveaway!!!! I have the sisters set! Can not wait to get to them. They will make someone very happy! I do not have the others but I’m truly a sampler gal…. my fav. Tyvm for a chance and good luck to all. Now for my favorite tool.. this is tufff cuz u know we all have many lol! Now that I’m getting older, I’m embarrassed to say what I really cannot stitch without. Something so simple but I truly cannot be without… my needle threader assortment! Eek! I use more than one kind but seems the all metal one is fast becoming my favorite… break many but not these. Forgot the brand but starts with an L. Ty for asking and can’t wait for those trees!

  150. That’s a hard question to answer. ..but one tool that has helped me since my fingers have gotten old and stiff is the pair of palm pliers I bought from Paula Heckman years ago? (Her source was in Japan). They are wonderful for pulling a needle through a tight spot.

  151. My favorite needlework tool, hands down, is a pair of long pointed tweezers that I got from the army-surplus store. They are so useful! I use them to tuck thread ends underneath stitches when I begin a thread; to pull out the occasional mistake; and to pick dog hairs and lint off my projects. I can’t stitch without them!

  152. My favorite needlework tool is my magni-clips for my eyeglasses, in all different strengths; from 1.5 on up to 3.5 – I couldn’t stitch without them!

  153. My favorite tool is my headlamp. It gives me nice bright light right where I want it without casting a shadow.

  154. Like many stitchers i have my favourite needles and i love the star-detailor, but my absolute favourite are my scroll bar frames from Omanik. Best tension i ever experienced.

  155. My favorite needlework tool is my strip of Styrofoam & “painter palate” shaped “dohicky” that I sort my threads for a project with. The skein of thread goes in the holes on the “dohicky” with a little label marked with the thread symbol. The threaded needle goes in the Styrofoam with a matching label. This helps me find the color thread I need easily.

  156. My favourite tool is a milk ware dish that I have made a pincushion for the middle and holds all my scissors and tools in the holes around the edge along with all my new needles in glass containers. It sits by me at my sewing chair and it’s just darling.
    Yvonne from Oakville

  157. My favorite tool is probably my Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper tweezers. Without them, frogging would be even harder and I would be forced to stitch around linen slubs rather than being able to tease them out. They also work on slivers!

  158. In a sense, whatever tool I am using at the moment is my favorite! However, the Star De-Tailor is a constant favorite for problem-solving. I use it to weave thread ends into stitched areas on the back, of course, but it really helps when I need to work just one more stitch on the front when the thread is too short for a needle.

  159. Mary, Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have heard your name mentioned so often as a valuable resource at both stitching and quilting groups. My answer will be a little basic but my favorite tool has become good lighting. I’m in my upper 40’s and it has become essential to have when I am doing any kind of hand work. 🙂

  160. My Favorite tool is Fons &Porter Mechanical Fabric Pencil and leads. Easy to use and the leads work on light and dark fabrics.

  161. My laying tool is indispensable. It helps be get better coverage when I am using multi-stranded floss.

  162. My favorite needlework tool would have to be a crochet hook. I not only crochet with it ( afghans, doilies, sweaters, dog toys), but I repair things with it (snags on sweaters and other clothing, needlepoint snags, repairs to the dog toys!, working on buttonholes, making points in collars when sewing, you name it – I’ve probably done it with a crochet hook).

  163. My favourite tool is the fabric! I love touching and feeling the fabric and making that selection.

  164. My favorite needlework tool is a thimble that was my Grandmothers. She taught me to embroider. While I don’t always use the thimble it always makes me feel close to her. When she was just beginning to teach me I worked on a sampler. It is a lovely memory

  165. I would have to say my favorite needlework tool now is my light/magnifier. I love the higher counts of linen but without this tool I would not be able to work on them. Growing older, eyesight changes, but where there is a will there is a way – thanks to light/magnifiers!!!

  166. My favorite needlework tool is good quality, sharp scissors.(If they are beautiful as well as sharp, that makes it all the better!)

  167. Scissors, I have so many and my non stitching friend asks why I tell her each pair have the sperate job to due. One is just for cutting cotton threads, another for metal threads, a pair for hardanger , my family asks before if they can use a pair.

  168. My favorite embroidery tool is my embroidery scissors. I bought them years ago when nice scissors were a true luxury and very dear.

  169. My favorite is my reading glasses, they’re a size stronger for a little magnification:)

  170. Oh I love samplers!
    My favorite tool right now is my lamp with magnifier, makes stitching so much easier!

  171. My Shay Pendray’s Best Laying Tool is my favorite tool. I can lay threads with it; manipulate threads that need to go in one particular place; count with it; mark places for the needle to go; and I smooth threads with it. It is smooth, sharp, and with a squared-off end, doesn’t roll off the table. It’s one tool I use no matter what type of stitching I’m doing.

  172. My comment is not an endeavor to suck up to Mary, but I find one of the best tools for needle arts/embroidery is the NeedlenThread blog! I have gained so much from the helpful tips, recommendations and instruction posted on the blog! Kudos to Mary for strengthening stitchers near and far!

  173. My favorite needlework tool is the needle! I’m enamored with Pat Carson’s needles – they are the best! Also, my ott lite and my cheaters, because no needlework will get done without them (sigh).

  174. My favorite tool is my “nudger”. This is the name for my toothpick/canape stick with one end blunt and the other pointed. They last for quite a while and assist with the straitening, positioning, and holding the thread on the surface while I stitch. Sometimes you need that teeny-tiny poker. They are surprisingly durable,well made, and come in their own clear plastic container. Economical as well!

  175. My thread winder, a small wooden ruler, and my slate frame all painted in a Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia theme by Rachael Kinnison of Diamond K Folk Art!! Their beauty inspires me!

  176. I love samplers . I haven’t worked one for years. I would stitch one for each of my nieces and nephews as baby gifts, but never a “baby pattern” so they would have for years.
    My favorite tool is my needles. Without them where would we be!

  177. Sharp (very sharp!) scissors with a fine tip are a must. There is just no alternative to getting a good clean, precise cut to tidy up the ends of thread. I once forgot my scissors when traveling, and attempted to use fingernail clippers instead. I do not recommend it! It was definitely an exercise in frustration.
    Thank you Mary, for these fun and inspirational give-aways. I love following your site.

  178. Having the correct needle to do the job is very important to me.

    Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway.

  179. My favorite “tool” are my friends who stitch together every week. We help each other with stitching questions. Enable each other with new projects. And we enjoys our friendship.

  180. My favorite tool (if it can be called a “tool”) is my newfound disappearing ink marker! It is simple, and very practical for quick projects, as the ink disappears within a couple hours- which gives me just enough time to outline my work with a quickly-worked stitch.

    My second favorite tool is your website- it is so full of inspiration!

  181. Hands down it’s my magnifying light simply because I cannot stitch without it.
    P.S. The Uffindell Sisters Sampler is beautiful. Love the rich colors.

  182. This is easy — my very favorite needlework tool is the needle! It is the one essential tool that I could not live without. When I was younger I thought that any old needle would do, but as I have “matured” I have grown to understand the value of a good and proper needle, well made and of the correct size and shape. I value my needles and take good care of them, and delight in having the right needle for the project at hand.

  183. I think my favorite stitching tool right now might also be my frame, I bought a sitting frame and it has helped me not hunch as much and allows me to use both hands while I stitch so I have better control over my stitches. Otherwise, I think my saving grace is my trusty needle threader, I just can’t work without it as some threads simply don’t want to cooperate.

  184. Gail in Dallas
    I love, love, love my magnifier (with 2 lights) with the bendable neck “cord” that wraps around my neck or anything else needing light and magnification. Makes my stitching much more precise!

    I love your emails and have learned so much from you; I am embroidering now because of YOU!

  185. Love my scissors which you can tell from my collection. Some of my favorites are the ones you squeeze in order to cut. Which makes cutting go fast since my fingers don’t get caught up in the finger holes.

  186. My favorite needlework tool is my stork scissors because it allows me to easily snip my thread close to my fabric without cutting the fabric.

  187. Love those samplers. Have been away from stitching samplers for too long. My favorite tool is petite tapestry needles.

  188. My favourite, indeed, most important, embroidery tool is my magnifier which sits on a band around my head…..it does draw comments when I answer the door sometimes wearing it though!

  189. Those are beautiful samplers. My favorite needle work tool for stitching would be my hoop because I need to update the rest.

  190. Over the past few years my favorite needlework tool has become my needle threader. I like the Clover heart shaped one because the wire is very fine and therefore fits into the eyes of very fine needles. I try to keep one with each current project. Thanks for offering such lovely presents in your giveaways. These sampler charts are fantastic.

  191. My favorite needlework tool(s) (or perhaps more aptly identified as my favorite needlework obsession) are my embroidery scissors. I own several pairs, styles and brands. I just love the delicate shapes and the feel of each pair in my hand. All are dainty yet practical – sharp, precise and surgical. When not in use for one of my many projects, my collection is on display in my sewing room.

  192. My favorite thing is all the colors and textures of all the threads; but if that’s not exactly a tool, then my favorite would be a good pair of scissors.

  193. Needlework is a wonderful way to spend long, dark winters days in Alaska. Therefore my most important tool is my lighting. I have several types of lights for stitching around my house located at my different stitching chairs. I love the bright, white lights best.

  194. My favourite tool is my laying tool or mellor. I use it for so many methods not limited to laying a nice stitch. Yesterday, I was using it to help me with pom-poms. It was helping me tease out the threads strands. Actually, I also love my curled scissors which I was using for the same thing . Both are marvellous and handy tools

  195. It has to be my craft light as without it I would struggle to sew at all. I have an adjustable led light which I can position to shed light on my current project, some rework Christmas designs on red linen.

  196. My favorite stitching tool is my needlework necessary (needle book) that I stitched up a few years ago. It’s so pretty to look at, and it has places for a lot of needles, my scissors, and my needle threader.

  197. I have a beautiful wooden caddy that I received as a gift for a class I took at Stitchville a few years ago. It keeps all of my tools handy, organized and lovely.

  198. My favorite tool is a lightweight reading light. The light hangs around my neck with a soft cord. The light shines directly where I’m working and the light doesn’t bother anyone else. The reading light is small and easy to pack in my project bag.

  199. My favorite tool that I use to help me with my needlework is my Just A Thought needlework stand by Judy Odell. I love how well it is made and that I can turn it over just as easily as if I was holding it in my hands.

  200. Mary, thanks for your wonderful articles and for these giveaways! I loved seeing the samplers. I’m very simple and use what frames I have handy. I like to collect old ones from flea markets. And after reading so many posts, I think I may have to look at ways to improve the ease of my needlework! Thanks again for all the information provided in your articles!

  201. My late adoptive mothers scissors are my favorite needlework tool. It had been in her hands for years and years before she passed away. They are bold and ugly but holding it feels like I am holding her hands again. The most special for me though is that she got these scissors from my birth mother. I have never met my birthmother since she passed away when I was a baby. All I have from her is one picture and the scissors. So each time I need to cut my floss of fabric, both my mothers are with me!

  202. A needle of course! I put in stitches, I take out stitches, I separate thread to lay smoothly, I change sizes depending on the stitch! We could have nothing so beautiful without needles. Thank you so much for posting this give away. I have loved school girl samplers since I was a little girl and was handed down an antique sampler that is very similar to the Sarah Borton sampler. Same quote.

  203. Dear Mary

    Favourite tools? I love my John James Gold and Glide Needles. They make all my projects a breeze to stitch. I could not help to chuckle at the embroidered cards. I am still busy stitching gift tags many years down the line. I always think I have lots of time to make them, never realizing making my gifts take a lot longer than I thought they would. Thank you for keeping us all up to date, with stitches, books and all the other interesting stories, about thread and needle. Hazel Blomkamp has a new book coming out soon, looking forward to hear your review on it.

  204. My favorite needlework tool would have to be my scissors and I have many—Dovo’s, Premax, Ginghers, Wasa. I usually have one in each project that I am working on. I always have project with me wherever I go and thread needs to be cut.

  205. My favorite tool is my System 4 needlework stand. I love the way I can adjust it, to make stitching easier.

  206. My favorite needlework tool is the needle – without it I couldn’t stitch! 🙂 My favorite things to stitch are samplers – working on The Smith Sampler from The Scarlett House now.

  207. I loved to use those gold tapestry needles, when I was doing a lot of counted cross stitch in the 90s. They just felt so elegant and dainty in my fingers. I also love the gold stork scissors I found at a yarn and needlepoint shop. Still razor sharp, still shiny.

  208. My favorite stitching tool is a needle threader. Recently I’ve had difficulty threading needles and a threader comes in handy, so much so, I’ve ordered 100!

  209. I love my seat frame with embroidery hoop from Klass and Gressmann. It leaves my hands free to work, and keeps the fabric in perfect tension.

  210. My favorite needlework tool is my lighted magnifying lamp. It allows me to see everything clearly as I stitch. Thank you for the opportunity to enter another of your wonderful giveaways

  211. Eyes, hands, needle and scissors is all I ever used since I started decades ago, these last few years also really need 3+ reading glasses.

  212. My favorite tool is my MagEyes magnifying glasses. My brother makes fun because they look a little strange but you can wear them over glasses and look up to talk or watch tv while stitching. I love them!

  213. My favorite needlework tools are my scissors and needle threader and your website. I picked up needlework when I retired a few years ago, and enjoy your posts and tips. I like samplers also. Thanks

  214. This comment isn’t about where I like to stitch, but as to why I like to stitch. My 2 older brothers died quite unexpectedly, one in November and the other in March. I’m the youngest of 4 children. My mom, 93 in February, introduced me to sewing and hand work in my teens. She is a lefty. I made Bucilla stockings for my daughter’s family a few years ago with my mom and you as my crutches. My mom can’t remember my name these days. So, to alleviate some overwhelming grief this past year, I embroider. Just finished 2 new beautiful stockings and have asked for embroidery books for Christmas. I got the name of a tutor for my sewing yesterday. I’m no artist, but have a great desire to do something of my own. Finding fabrics and ironing transfers is not working out so well for me. But embroidery is my meditation. It keeps me looking forward and not back so much. Thank you so much for the wonderful website I have as an icon on my iPad! Hopefully I’ll have some help for finding fabrics and ways to transfer soon. I’m grateful for your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge. Rosemary Schultz

    1. Rosemary, so sorry for your losses. I suggest you join the Embroiderers’ Guild of America and you will get all the help you need. If there is no chapter nearby you can join as a member-at-large, or join an e-chapter, there are 2 of those.
      egausa.org. Good luck with the stitching.

  215. I will say that my favorite tool is my magnifying glasses, so that I can see the instructions, the needle, the thread, the ground fabric, and my stitches.

    Without my magnifiers, I can’t use any of the other essential tools.

    Thanks for your blog and these giveaways!


  216. My favorite needlework tool is my scissors. I use them to cut fabric at the beginning of a project, snip threads at mis-stitched spots all the way to the end to get rid of stray threads on the back.

  217. My favorite needlework tool is my seat frame. I purchased it as part of a Crewelwork Company kit and I love it. The frame came with a small, medium and large hoops and a telescoping pole that allows you to adjust the height. This ensures comfortable stitching and allows me to use both hands which is essential for proper tension. Its my favorite.

  218. My favorite tool is this magnifier with a light that I can hang around my neck and it has a part that rests on my chest so that it is hands free.

  219. My favorite tool is a green plastic hoop that holds all of my projects really well. I’ve tried wrapped wooden hoops, qsnaps and a scroll frame and while they all work great for certain things, I’m loyal to my ugly green, cheap 20 year old hoop.

  220. It is hard to narrow my favorite tool to just one. But I think I have to say it is a pair of German steel scissors, they have a great, balanced feel in my hand. They are very sharp so cutting threads close and cleanly is easy. I bought them on a trip to Europe some years ago. And yes they reside in a special case.
    I have a scrap of an antique sampler that I found in a junk shop. It is in poor condition but I wonder who stitched it and when.

  221. You’ve done it now! I had to go right to their website and order some of their beautiful cards. Thanks for that link, it made gift giving for a special friend very easy. I am currenty working on a stumpwork project so I have to say my favorite needlework tool is a small pair of needlenose pliers. It’s the only way I can get my needle through the many layers of wool felt when embroidering the high relief areas of my project. This is a wonderful giveaway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  222. My favorite needlework tool is my needle minder. I love that I can always keep track of my needle and also have something pretty to look at while stitching.

  223. Favorite needlework tool? Has to be my needles. When living overseas I’d purchase needles wherever I traveled. As I pick up a needle from the case, great memories slam me!

  224. My favorite needlework tool is my super bright sewing light. As I get older I find I need extra visual help to stitch as precisely as I want to. Thankfully there are lots of lights from which to choose–and I have many of them.

  225. Well I try once more to participate the contest. I have tried so many times although I never, never winn anything.
    Christmas greetings from Jette from Denmark

  226. My favorite tool is an empty embroidery hoop. I imagine the fabric & pattern that I will soon be stitching. I love these samplers! My father was a Danish immigrant & I have a framed sampler his sister made 70 years ago which I treasure.

  227. My favorite tool is my scissors. I choose a pair that compliments the project I am working on it seems to enhance my mood while I stitch!

  228. My embroidery scissors are my favorite tool for Needlework. I have many pairs of small, sharp quality scissors, but my faves are a pair of Dovo scissors I recently bought. Not real fancy but the points are narrow and sharp, and the feel of the “swish” as I cut with them makes my heart go pitter-patter!

  229. My favorite needlework tool…….I think it is the transparent make up purse that I keep my basic, basic kit in. It is about 5″ x 8″ with a gusset at the bottom and a zipper across the top, and hold 2 pairs of embroidery scissors, my needle book, a 6″ clear ruler, a short pencil with a clean eraser on the end, a retracting tape measure, my silver thimble without which I cannot do plain sewing, a reel each of light blue and white sewing thread, a pair of tweezers, some ‘Wet Wipes’ in individual sachets and some bandaids.
    I can’t do without any one of those and the purse I keep them in is ideal as I can see exactly what is there. Easy to pick up and throw in my bag with anything else I need and always at the ready.

    1. I like this idea. I have a little knitting case which came with my Hiya Hiya circular knitting needle set but has several pockets which hold everything I need for knitting. I hadn’t thought about getting something like that for embroidery.

  230. My favourite sewing tool would have to be the scissors I ordered from Ernest Wright and Sons a couple of years ago. They are the fine, fine pointed stork shape, good enough to unpick with and just the right shape for my hands.

    I had to wait 6 months to get them, but it was so worth it. In, fact as soon as they arrived I sat down and stitched a tapestry scissor case for them – only the best for these wonderful scissors.

  231. My favorite needlework tool is a good #9 or#10 needle. And if it is slightly bent, even better, to be able to get those angles and curves.
    I would love to win a give away. I read your information and am hoping to do it all!

  232. I think it’s a toss-up between theagnet that houses my needles (I hate finding even blunts with my arse) and my magnifying glass which is new and shiny 🙂
    Thank you

  233. It’s a tough call, but I think a good pair of scissors just edges the right needle as my favorite. They need to be sharp, to cut thread so it’s easier to thread on the needle. A small pair helps with getting into awkward places—useful if you need to pull stitches out. And it doesn’t hurt if they’re nice to look at—

  234. My favorite needle work tool is my chair. It is a big and roomy over stuffed chair that slightly reclines. I have a table right next to it that holds all my stuff for the project or more than one project so it is quite messy, but I love it and it works for me.

  235. My favourite tool for embroidery is my hoop. I am a newer stitcher and the hoop helps me keep the layers taught.

  236. My favorite needlework tool? The little embroidery scissors that my grandmother gave me. They are pretty and she taught me to embroider.

  237. I love my embroidery scissors-nothing fancy-but sharp and give a nice clean cut to whatever kind of project I am working on.

  238. My favorite tool that I use the most is my scissors. There’s just something about a nice pair of embroidery scissors. That being said, I love vintage sewing tools: etuis, scissors, pincushions, clamps, etc. etc. etc.

  239. My favorite tool is my Ottlite floor lamp. I have often wondered how women and girls stitched the samplers of yesterday. I think it must have been difficult to see their work. In my world, the winters are long, and the daylight is limited. If I did not have my Ottlite, I would not be stitching.

    Mary D’

  240. My very favorite needlework tool is my #28 Bohin needle. I love how easy it is to thread , how it glides through my linens with ease , and how it fits my finger tips . Without my favorite needles my stitching is just not as soothing to my soul . Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas !

  241. I have several needlework tools I cannot work without. The obvious one is a seam ripper. I redo a lot of my work when I miss a mistake I have made. The second is a thimble. Once you learn to use one it is hard to work without one. And a laying tool is indispensable for keeping unruly threads flat on the fabric surface. Naturally a sharp scissors and good needles are a given.

  242. My favorite tools are my q-snaps. Love that I can adjust my tension with them and they don’t leave wrinkles. I have them in different sizes for all my projects.

  243. The older I get, the more frogging I do. The more frogging I do, the more often I flick my needle across the room. My opthamologist tells me all those extra birthdays are the reason I have trouble finding that needle that I flicked across the room. Sooooo, my current favorite tool is a beaded stitch picker. So, at least when I mess up and have to frog, then flick the needle, then have to get on my hands and knees to find the needle, it only takes a second because it’s attached to a pretty string of beads!

  244. My favorite tool is my magnifying light because I don’t think I’d be doing much stitching without it at this point. I have the flexibility to sit wherever I would like and can stitch for long periods without stressing my eyes. I cannot imagine what it would have been like in earlier years stitching by candlelight. We are indeed blessed to be living at this time with all of the tools, fabric and flosses available.

  245. I love historic samplers and belong to a local sampler guild. The Christmas sampler in your give-away would be perfect hanging outside my apartment door.

    My favorite needlework tool is the set of two tools for inserting and removing tacks on stretcher bars. These tools save my hands from lots of abuse and make quick work of the tasks. My second favorite tool is my reading glasses with 4.0 power lenses, that magnify my fabrics and threads.

  246. My favorite needlework tool and one I’m daily grateful for, is my magnifying lamp. I wouldn’t be able to do needlework at all without it. I never thought I could use 36 count fabric and it has been no problem. I’m even going to try 40 count linen at some point! Thanks for your website Mary, it has helped me more than once solve a problem I was having with my stitching.

  247. My favourite tool is my crafting lamp. a gift from a friend a couple of Christmases ago. Before I could not stitch after dark but this lamp is like daylight. I can see to stitch through out the long winter evenings, which makes the winter so much more pleasant

  248. Favorite stitching tool? #1 is my Dazor floor lamp with a magnifier. It’s my favorite by necessity, I can’t stitch without a magnifier and good light. Unlike other floor lamps that shake when my cat stomps around the room, the Dazor is steady as a rock.

  249. My favorite tool is a very small blue box with, I believe, silicone jell in it. I swipe my threads over the jell and off I go. Knots are a thing of the past and stitching is so much smoother. My thanks and congratulations to whoever had the idea for this product, I wouldn’t be without it.

    Happy Christmas to all as we say here in London.

  250. My favorite tool is my Ott Lite. As I’ve aged, so have my eyes! The Ott Lite gives me all the light I need.

  251. It should, of course, be a needle, for what can we do without one! But for me it is scissors, lots and lots of beautiful scissors, sharp, pointy and small. I love them almost as much as I love my cats.

  252. I would hate to be without my light box. It makes transfering patterns so much easier. Thank you hubby man for buying it for me:)

  253. I am a minimalist when it comes to tools, so I enjoy a good wooden hoop to hold embroidery projects–Hardwick hoops are a current favorite. Although I have an old one that has a perfectly clean felt strip on the inside hoop from childhood. Just a few old things survived bed our many moves–glad this one did! The feel of wood is beyond compare.

  254. I love using my magnifying lamp while embroidering and it has really improved my work. Got the idea from you and it is always in use to help these eyes of mine to counteract the strain of the small stitches necessary in fine embroidery.

  255. Those samplers are LOVELY! What a great giveaway! My favorite tool is my TJ Lane thimble. I can work for hours with no pain whatsoever. It’s the first thimble I’ve been able to comfortably use. Thank you for the opportunity!

  256. My favorite needlework tool is the magnifying glass I wear as I work. It enables me to continue enjoying my needlework despite my decreased vision and shaky arthritic hands.

  257. My favorite sewing tool next to my needles would be my Ott light. It helps me still stitch on fine linen oh the historical needleworks have always intrigued me. When I started many years ago the only way I found samplers for me to do were stamped. You had to be so careful putting the thread right on top!!Samplers have certainly come along way.

  258. I love following Nicola as well. How generous of her to donate these beautiful charts! My favorite tool is my scissors. There are always so many fun designs, it is hard to choose which to buy/use! Thank you, Mary, for these fun give-aways.

  259. Oops, I did’t read the comment about my favorite tool… mine is those little red/clear clips for holding your material. They have marks for measures and keep me from poking with pins.

  260. These are so nice! My favorite stitching tool is my needle threader. My local cross stitch store has their own they sell and I love them. They are simple. Before cross stitch I didn’t even know needle threaders existed! What a life saver lol!

  261. That is a hard question, all tools serve a purpose but I would have to say a good frame would be essential, then good needles. These samplers are so “colonial” and I love them. They make me think of the early settlement days. Thanks for the chance to win one of these gorgeous samplers.

  262. Yes, my reading glasses are my most important tool. Without them I couldn’t see to be able to make any kind of stitches. They also help me to enjoy the work that I have done. Without them I would be lost.

  263. My favorite stitching tool is my hi-lighter, otherwise I would get so very lost on the patterns. Thanks

  264. The older I get the more I appreciate my extra bright floor lamp which enables me to accurately see the project on which I am working. I even take it on road trips with me now.

  265. The variety of tools to make stitching easy and fun is so vast. However, the one that gives me most joy on a continuing basis is my pincushion! I have made some but the best are those given to me by friends. They are unique little reminders of the sisterhood I share and the friend’s always present care and concern.

  266. My favorite tool is my Ottlite based on aging eyeballs. Without good light my stitching wouldn’t be very good.

  267. Hello Mary, and thank you for hosting this Holiday give-away! My favorite needlework tool are my Kai scissors! Small and sharp, they snip through threads without hesitation! I have both their straight and curved set of craft scissors and they are so very handy to have!

  268. My favorite needlework tool is a pair of scissors belonging to my great-grandmother and given to me by my beloved great aunt. Late in her life, she passed along the scissors to me with a note about their provenance and her desire that I use them to continue my great-grandmother’s passion for needlework. Every time I use them, I am reminded of this legacy. Though but a simple, even commonplace tool, these special scissors are among the most valuable things I own.

  269. My favorite tool at the moment is my needle threader. Makes threading those 28 needles a breeze! Mary, you and Nicola are two most generous souls. Happy Chrostmas to you both!

  270. My favorite needlework tool–small, super-sharp scissors. They clip a thread or threads quickly and cleanly with one snip and take up very little space in my project bag.

  271. My favorite tool is two older frames I bought at a flea market. They are on a stand and it makes a difference. I love samplers and the sister ones would be perfect for me and my sister. This year we lost our little sister to an unknown disease. We are still grieving her and we all did handwork together. This sampler might be just the thing for the two remaining sisters t do together.

  272. That’s a very hard question…What is my favorite needlework tool? Too many are essential for stitching. If I had to pick one, I would pick a needle because I can’t stitch without a needle. I can stitch without scissors and my sit-upon hoop but not without a needle.

  273. My favorite needlework tool is a good hoop. I can’t stitch without one and have about about a dozen in various sizes.

  274. Mary, thank you so much for the opportunity! My favorite needlework tool is my Ott light – I could not stitch without good lighting. Thanks again!

  275. I guess my favorite tool would be the needles I use…..hard to t o jam the thread through the cloth without them

  276. My favourite needlework tool would be my Kai curved scissors. So sharp and so accurate for cutting threads really close to the work.

  277. I love antique samplers. I sat at my Grandmother’s knee watching her work on her needlepoint and embroidery and perhaps my abiding love of embroidery and hand work started there. I now quilt but every single quilt has embroidery, beading, couching or other embellishment, continuing with my love of hand work. These samples make me want to start a beautiful project.

  278. My favorite tool for embroidery is my hand. I can teach it new stitches, I can make it move the way it should. It doesn’t get bent or break; it doesn’t leave unwanted nicks in fabric; it’s flexible as well as forgiving if I push too hard. I’m thankful every day to have this unique tool that can help me create beautiful embroidery. It’s the ‘boss’ of all my other tools.

    1. What an interesting way to describe your hands. Thanks for sharing that with us. It especially touched me since sharing Thanksgiving with my 97 yr. old mother-in-law. She lives in a nursing home and both she and her table mate talked about how they loved to do needlework, but can no longer because they do not have the dexterity or strength in their hands to hold the needles and crochet hooks. If your hands don’t work, nothing else does either, but also shows what gifts and talents we have to offer by knowing how to manipulate our hands and fingers to get the desired reseult.

  279. My favorite stitching tool would have to be my brightly lit magnifying lamp. These days I need all the help I can give my eyes!

  280. You have landed on my favorite category! The stories are fascinating and the capabilities of these women is astonishing. I now rely on my laying tool more than I ever thought, even though sometimes I just embroider to embroider, not always thinking about the perfect result.

  281. How does one choose a favorite tool out of the many one owns? If I have to narrow it down – after a nice smooth needle…my favorite tools has to be my magnetic needle minders. I have a couple that have places for more than 1 needle without making the threads tangle up – and that is great for when I have several different color/threads going at the same time.

  282. My favorite needlework tool is my scissors.(& IMHO, I can never have too many). There are many other tools that are wonderful and helpful and I’d be loathe to give them up, but there’s no substitute for beautiful, sharp scissors!

  283. I think my favourite is my laying tool. I love using it to make threads lie flat. I even use it for cross stitch when I have a blended needle (2 colours of thread in one needle). I get such a lot of pleasure when I see ribbons lie flat and stranded threads lying side by side. It’s also useful for enlarging holes in canvas or fabric to make nicer eyelets.

  284. I love my wooden stitch starter ruler. I do a lot of cross stitch and don’t like to start in the middle.

  285. My favorite tool is my light. It is so helpful to my eyes to be able to see the detail especially if I am working on a fine weave fabric

  286. My favorite embroidery tool is my desk light with a clamp. It is made from metal so I am able to have a magnetic tin attached to it for loose threads as well as my needle minder that also holds my scissors. It’s small and easy to move if needed and I have all my tools in one place!

  287. Dear Mary, did you know there is a special “sampler” room in the Metropolitan Museum in New-York City? I’ve seen it twice, and they rotate the exposed pieces very often because they are so fragile, each time exibiting maybe half a dozen around a particular theme. It’s absoluteling fascinating and I highly recommend it!

    As for my favorite needlework tool…Hand down, the embroidery scissors I inherited from my paternal grandmother. My dad actually gifted them to her for some Mother’s day when he was a little boy, so they are a true family heirloom. I felt very special receiving them after her death, and cherish the opportunity to continue using them with love. They are shaped like a bird, but with much more details than today’s bird-shaped scissors : these are truly vintage! The golden color is fading a bit with use and I need to send them for sharpening at some point, but they are still delightful to look at, and to use.

  288. My favorite stitching tool is my lighted magnifier. I’m able to see what I’m doing and make fewer mistakes.

  289. My favorite needlework tool is my LoRan Needleholder cards. I am guilty of many WIPs and each one has their own set of these needlework cards with needles pre-threaded and ready to go. I have recently started notating the thread color and symbol on a cut-down post-it note so the cards can be reused. (I can never find a soft enough pencil so that notations on the card can be erased.)

  290. Nowadays I guess my favorite tool would be my Ott lite with the magnifying glass on its adjustable arm!

  291. Well, I have two, lighting #1. Because of how important that is to have great lighting. And then magnifying glass, I have a couple different once but I use the one around my neck. I’ve been doing this for 50 years so a lil help is good for these eyes…lol

  292. What beautiful samplers!! Tried to get them, but the booklet was sold out by the time I found out. Will head over to The Attic if I don’t win these. My favorite tool is my embroidery stand. I have some sit ons and hand helds, but love, just love my floor stand. I can sew and then push it away for a little bit and check the stitching out from about 4 feet – further than I can just hold out my hand frames. One day I’d love to get a good frame, but the one I have now will have to do.

  293. My favorite tool is the lovely reproduction vintage scissors that a good friend gave to me a couple years ago. So lovely and so sharp!

  294. My favorite tool for stitching are threads, I love them all. I hope you have a great holiday, love your web site and inspiration. Pat

  295. I think my favorite tool is a trolley needle, for when your finger isn’t good enough as a laying tool. I never have enough hands to use a separate laying tool, pretty as some of them are.

  296. My favorite stitching tool is my Hardwick Manor hoop(s) as I have them in various sizes to suit the project I’m working on.

  297. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    My fave needlework tool is the frame. I can’t stitch without them. I have so many of them, from hoops of all sizes to table to lap to floor frame. From wood to plastic, and I have one that was given to me with a combo of plastic and wood. I have a stretcher one and just a plain one. My mother mother in law gave me one, and my husband made me one. I have 4-5 projects going on one time all the same time. I have just acquired an antique hoop that you can clamp on the table, oh, I love that one. With all these hoops and frames, I haven’t venture to antique sampler before, but that change of course. I’d like to start one before my eyes start to fail me. Thank you Mary! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  298. My favorite and essential tool is a needle threader – I would get so frustrated trying to thread my needle and keep up in class. Although my favorite teacher said that our best tool is our thumb.

  299. My favorite tool would be the needle/needles as I can’t stitch without them and sometimes I have a hard time deciding which one will achieve my desired result the best. Oh, so many to choose from and to say nothing of the gorgeous thread choices- enough to make a lady batty! Thank you, Mary, for the give-a-ways and your constant inspiration for all of us out in the world of stitching.

  300. My favorite needlework tool is… oddly, a magnifier lamp. And not a clip-on, but a floor-length one. It changed my stitching life and love to work with it. Downside is that it’s not portable, but I am at home a lot.
    Lately I’ve been wanting trestles for when I work on slate frames, bit it’s a little tricky to get them in the US.

  301. I don’t really know if it is a tool, exactly, but I have a large old wicker picnic basket where I keep most of my supplies. I love it because it is kinda creeky, and has a patina that new boxes lack. I love old slightly worn things better than new.

  302. My favorite tool? That can only be my needle!
    My glasses, my lamp, my scissors….I can’t do anything if I forget my needle.
    (That happened once!!! And since that I allways have a couple of needles in my projectbag),

  303. My favorite needlework tool is a strong magnet with a handle to find that stray needle in the carpet or pins. Can’t live without it!

  304. As I have been getting older, I’m more and more attached to my mother’s floor lamp/magnifier. The light is a large round fluorescent with a large magnifier in the center. It is always right there near a chair and can move to any position over any embroidery.

  305. My favorite “tool” for stitching is YouTube – I love the many excellent videos that wonderful people have taken the time to produce for novice stitchers’ (like myself) benefit. I’m trying to expand my skill set, and it is so helpful to be able to watch more experienced stitchers execute new stitches.

  306. My favorite tool is embroidery scissors that belonged to my grandmother. She had over 60 grandchildren and gave them to me!

  307. I really like a sharp needle so I use a Chenille #24. It has a large eye so you can use thicker threads or just two strands of regular embroidery floss.


  308. Mary, your instruction for my favorite tool brought me to such a happy place. I use a thimble when doing so many things from hand sewing, embroidery, quilting by hand and hand piecing. I have a few favorite thimbles. One is silver with stars around it, it was my Mother in Law’s. I was blessed with a very special relationship with her. Yes, this thimble is my favorite tool.

  309. My favorite needlework tool is my Roxanne thimble which I have had for years. It always reminds me of previous projects and the fun I had while wearing it.

  310. Thank you for this drawing! I adore old samplers, this is right up my alley!

    I haven’t given much thought to my favorite tool. If I think about my tool cabinet though, it has an overabundance of needles. So I guess I’ll say needles. My skin seems to wear away the finish on needles quite quickly, so I am often using a needle that is not exactly prime. When I break down and throw it away and get a fresh, shiny replacement – what a lovely feeling.

  311. Dear Mary, today’s your question is very difficult. My favorite tool? I have no idea. Really… Good needle, good frame, good scissors. That’s very basic, but they are very important. Together with fabrics and threads they help me to create something new. Of course, I need some pens or pencils, books, internet (for new ideas ). But the most important are the three first, together with materials.

  312. I would have to say that my most used tool is the “big eye” lamp that I purchased about 18 years ago. It has a very bright light and a magnifier plus a booster lens. The lenses have gotten so scratched by my being careless that I’ve had to replace them. This piece of equipment has been used almost daily for a long, long time and has allowed me to work on black fabric and small count canvas and linen that would have been out of my life otherwise.

  313. My favorite tool has to be my limited edition Gingher snips. I seriously can’t use anything else! These charts are beautiful by the way, thank you for the opportunity!

  314. My excellent little scissors that I use no matter which project I work. I used to have a pair that were cute but dulled quickly and worse than my kids’ pair.

  315. Hard to pick one favorite stitching tool. My stork scissors that were my very first fancy scissors. My aunt gifted them to me for my birthday present back in 1988. I’ll never forget opened by them at Lunch in Sutter Creek and being so surprised. She’s passed on but Those scissors are a beautiful reminder of her. I stitch just about everyday!
    Thank you love Annette

  316. My favorite tool is the Qsnap. I love the tension and the fact that it doesn’t leave a hard mark in the fabric like a hoop does. Thank you!

  317. My favorite tool is my combo-pincushion, thread catcher. I love crazy quilting and I’m always using several different needles on each project. I keep them ready in my pincushion which has a thread catcher attached.

  318. My favorite needlework tool is my new Stitch App. It’s a cute little wooden box/stand that has wool balls for pin cushions, a slot for keeping small scissors, two rods to put my Threads on for easy and neat dispensing as I stitch, a teeny galvanized bucket for thread scraps and a little carry handle to tote it with me. All my stitching contained in one small spot!

    1. I forgot to mention my favorite tool as I was dreaming about the Hands Across the Seas patterns! My favorite tool would be my magnetic chart board to keep my eyes focused to the row that I am working on!

  319. Oooh – I was too late for Isabelle and Ann. I so want those samplers!!!!

    My favorite tool after the usual good fabric, good thread and good needles is

    1) a pin cushion. I always brush my needles off of those magnetic minders. But with a good pin cushion you can keep a variety of threaded needles. I have even made mini ones with magnetic bottoms that I can put on my framed work. What a difference. No lost needles, easy access

    2) my EZ 4 desk top frame holder . I love it so much, I have three. One holds needlepoint on stretcher bars, one holds an
    Embroidery hoop and one hold a Crewel hoop. My projects are always ready to go, all accessories and threads lined up. Best investment ever!

    Thank you, Darcy

  320. My favorite needlework tool is an African porcupine quill that I use as a laying tool. It is smooth with a nice point, and it reminds me of my visits to South Africa to see my step-son when he was there serving in the peace corps. Best of all it was free, as I found it on the ground when I was on a walk!

  321. My favorite tool is qsnaps. They hold my fabric taut so my stitches lie nicely. I also like the fact that one can get many different sizes while buying only a few sets.

  322. My favourite stitching tool is a pair of fine pointed embroidery scissors. I’ve had the scissors for approximately 20 years and they have been a handy accessory for many of my embroidery projects especially those projects that required cutting the threads in the ground fabric. Love your blog.

  323. When I started doing needlepoint I was working with some ribbon on a spool. It didn’t lay flat unless you used a laying tool.
    My tool fit on a finger and looked quite dangerous but it was a gem to work with.

  324. My favourite needlework tool is a magnifier, I have several, portable for stitching on the go and my craftlite, well lit and over my chair. Nowadays I never stitch without a magnifier!

  325. My favorite would have to be the laying tool. It makes such a difference when I use it to lay my threads neatly!

  326. My favorite tool for stitching is my 5″ wooden hoop. I have used it for years and I like it because I can use it for any size piece. I have three frames, including the Needleneeds, but I always come back to my sweet little 5″ hoop. I have to admit I have an emotional attachment to the tool. I first bound and used it at a Joanne Harvey class 20 years ago where I met many women who have become special friends.

  327. My DMC 3-sizes of thread option threader is a must in my tool box. With my failing eyesight and arthritic fingers it makes life easier regardless of whether I’m stitching with thread, floss, perle cotton or yarn.

  328. My favorite stitching tool?? Can there be just one? I have a pair of funny pliers that are flat without gripper marks – may be used for model trains. It comes in handy for pulling threads; especially for pulling ribbon or bullion stitches.

  329. My favourite tool has to be my Dovo hardanger scissors! From the perfectly-balanced way they fit my hand to their precisely-indented tips, these scissors make every stitching session a real pleasure.

  330. These samplers are beautiful and I would very much like to work one. My favorite tool is a Japanese needle, any size. As silk stitching on soie ovale is hard enough, the Japanese needle keeps it from fraying and breaking quite as much as using a regular needle. For gold work and other things I just think these needles make things so much easier.

  331. My favorite tool will probably be a surprise to all. A toothpick!! Even though i must have at least 8 other laying tools i find that a toothpick is inexpensive, separates threads beautifully, doesn’t pull on the threads even silk and are always available in my kitchen cabinet.

  332. What a lovely samplers! And what a good story! My favorite tool is the needle I work with. I mean you start your work with a needle and slowly you grow attached to it. And when you lose it or have to change, you miss the feel of it. Don’t you think so?

  333. My favorite stitching tool is my scissors. I have many different types as they each serve a different purpose.

  334. I thought carefully to identify a favorite embroidery tool. Finally, I realized that YOU have the given me that tool.
    Your newsletters, especially the links to so many interesting & informative sites, has taken me to places I would never have found. I’ve learned so much from you & via you that, hands-down, your newsletters have been a very important embroidery tool for me .

  335. Right now, my favorite tool is my magnifying lamp. It makes working on black Aida so much easier.

  336. As far as favorite tool, I’m going with a sharp new needle- it’s hard d to stitch without one!

  337. My favourite tool is my Daylight magnifying clip on lenses. I have used them for many years & am on my second set.

    When these fail (the clip broke on the first set) I am going to replace them with prescription manifiers with a built in light.

  338. My favorite needle working tool is a laying tool. It always helps my threads lay more uniformly.

  339. This is a hard one. As I frequently travel I am always missing something. ALWAYS.. but the one thing I frequently have difficulty finding is quality threads. After that ….. well you asked for one thing so I will rest there 🙂

  340. My favorite embroidery tool is my thimble, first thing I look for when starting to stitch. Thank you for this drawing.

  341. I recently returned to embroidery I enjoyed in my teens because of the beautiful colors and patterns available found in Instagram and Pinterest and Pintangle and Mary’s wonderful stitching. So my favorite tool is the stitch dictionary.

  342. My favorite needlework tool is my Needle Needs Scroll Bar and stand. Thank you for your generous give aways…… Someone will be delighted today.

  343. My favorite needlework tool is a magnet to keep track of my threaded needles. Even so, while changing in a store dressing room recently, I found a needle with red thread attached to my shirt! Guess I need a stronger magnet.

  344. My favorite needlework tool is my needle! I may be in bed at night, at work, or cooking dinner, I love to think about having a piece of linen in my hands and making patterns with thread and needle!

  345. The older my eyes get my magnifier light is my most favorite tool. Although some may not consider a magnifier light as a tool – mine is as an important to me as a needle. Especially it’s important as I have begun to use 36 and 40 count linen. I am sitting in O’Hara airport with my magnifier light packed in my carry on bag going to a class!

  346. My favourite needlework tool is a pair of clip-on magnifying glasses that instantly transform regular glasses. The only problem is that I am still not used to seeing my hands magnified also!

  347. I love the Snag Nab-It tool from Dritz. I don’t need it often, but when I do have a thread come up where it shouldn’t…it is a wonderfully quick and easy solution:)

  348. A favorite needlework tool…..think would be a very good pair of sharp
    fine pointed scissors and Bohin needles for gliding through the fabric.
    Happy Stitching and thanks.

  349. What a wonderful giveaway. I love old samplers! Oddly enough, my favorite needlework tool is a cheap plastic springy hoop. I have had it for years. I have stitched everything from large samplers such as And they Sinned, to small little pin pillows. It has just the right amount of tension, and if it ever breaks I will be heartbroken! None of the new ones I see in the craft stores have that perfect “spring.”

  350. My favorite tool is called a Tully Bee. I found it at a favorite LNS, Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas. It has a long hoop and a small hook connected by a gold chain, with lovely antique beads. I use it to pull through and bury the the of a thread when I have used it to the bitter last 1/2 inch of its life. You know that happens much too often.

  351. My hoops are my favorite needlework tool- I have every size & shape to use as needed! I also have a large needlework stand for hand embroidering larger projects such as quilts or wall hangings! I love the wooden kind the best as these hold the fabric taut & are so easy to use! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, Susan

  352. Now that I’ve started using it, I don’t think I could live without an adjustable magnifying lamp. I was so frustrated trying to do fine embroidery with just my feeble eyes alone – this tool has been a life saver!

  353. My favorite stitching tool is a laying tool – it is so helpful when working w/ silk ribbon embroidery! I have even been know to use it as an awl when machine stitching!

  354. I love these charts! How awesome to win one. Someone is going to be very lucky!
    My favorite needlework tool has to be my needle because without it obviously there could be no needlework! My second favorite would be my small, very sharp scissors.

  355. My favorite Needlework tool is my plastic hoop. I love not only the bright colors (because I have several) but also the ridge around one circle because the hoop fits together so nicely and easily. These hoops are so easy to use and add to my enjoyment of hand embroidery.

  356. It’s hard to pick a favorite tool, but I must have the right needle and my double leather thimble!

  357. What’s my favourite embroidery tool?
    My Evertite frames. I love them, and would have at least two of each size, given a choice! They hold my work taut, are easy to set up, and are good to hold with one hand. True, they can go off-square, but that’s easily remedied. I especially love the tiny little mini ones – I love doing small pieces of embroidery, and these are so good to work with.
    I need MORE!!

  358. Thank you so much for including me in your email. It is always exciting to see what you are up to and what is new. I so love the old samplers. Am currently doing the Mary Atwood reproduction as Mary Atwood was my husbands 10th Great Grandmother. The class was such a special find. My most needed and favourite needle tool is my magnification. From glasses to magnifiers I am able to continue my stitching and designing. Second would be my Ghinger scissors!
    Thanks again Mary. 😉

  359. My favorite neeedlework tool is a book for inspiration. I love to see work from the past to inspire my current work.

  360. What is my favorite needlework tool? Oh, that’s easy, it’s my Needlework System 4! After I saw Mary’s review of the frame I did research on my own and with the Christmas money I received that year I was able to get both the table top version and the floor version. This way I can switch easily from stitching in my workroom to stitching in the family room. Now my project stays nice and tight. My hands appreciate the assist as well. Thanks for the great review, Mary! I couldn’t do with out my Needlework System 4.

  361. The favorite tool is the needle as it is important to select the right type and size for the thread I am using.

  362. My favorite stitching tool is my Magni-clip magnifiers. I searched for years for a good magnifier that I would be comfortable stitching with. Magni-clips clip directly on to my glasses. They allow me to stitch and even watch TV at the same time. I even have them I different strengths depending on what count fabric I am currently stitching on.

  363. My favorite needlework tool is my magnifying light because I love to stitch my Reproduction Samplers on high (36-45 count) linen.

  364. My favourite tool is the scissors 🙂 this is the tool which reflects your individuality as everyone can choose the style and the colour and, what’s more, the embelishment ( beaded fob, cross stitched fob etc.). It can be simple modern tool or sofisticated antique treasure – we love them and e cannot do stitching without them 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these gorgeous samplers!

  365. Beauriful samplers! One would certainly challenge my needlework skills but would be a delight to work.

  366. I have followed your blog for a number of years and have learned so much! I love history and needlework samplers so would love to be one of the lucky winners of your give away. Thanks for being a regular here in my inbox. You have become a dear dear friend.

  367. Hmm, favorite tool… I’d have to go with a good pair of scissors or thread snips. Finally found what might be my favorites in a pair of Japanese made snips.

  368. I had to give this one a lot of thought; like most stitchers, I really put my tools through a workout. They have to be dependable & stand the test of time – or they don’t stay. Needles are a tool I have become quite picky about over the years. I sew a lot in the car when we go places, or on my lunch break at work, so those needles tend to be the cheaper ones I can use on less fussy projects.

    The good needles are kept in their own drawer in my sewing room. I have collected them from all over the Midwest on our travels. Often I find better needles at estate sales, too, along with everyday needles. It has helped me see that this quest for well made needles is not a new thing.

    I always get a lot out of your discussions regarding needles, scissors, & other tools, Mary. Nicola’s visit on the FiberTalk podcast discussing these samplers was well worth listening to, which I do as I’m driving to work or stitching at home.

  369. My favourite tool is a 1″ long quilting needle. I struggled with their size at first but now feel that anything longer feels like stitching with a knitting needle!

  370. My favorite needlework tool is the petite #28 tapestry needle! Oh, stitching is so much fun with these, and without a good needle, we can’t enjoy our hobby of stitching! Thanks so much for this drawing!

  371. My favorite stitching tool is my Sit & Stitch hoop stand from Notforgottenfarm. Its my favorite because I can easily bring it with me to work at the ambulance station and if my partner drives back from LDTs, it makes stitching in the truck a breeze.

  372. My favorite tool is the trolley needle. I love the way threads look when they are laid. Thanks for offering these beautiful samplers!

  373. My favorite needlework tool is my needle! I couldn’t do needlework without needles, and there are so many wondrous shapes and kinds of them. I inherited the blue Needle Index from my mother, which already had lots of needles in it (beyond many more I inherited from her, and the needles I already had) and it’s fun to leaf through it to look at needles and find the exact one that suits what I want to work on.

  374. My favorite tool is an antique (Victorian) table top bamboo frame. Works well and is lovely just sitting on table with work-in-progress.

    Of course the next best tool is the connection with fellow stitchers like you who share helpful information.


  375. My favorite needlework tool is beeswax. Other than needle, thread, scissors, and fabric it is the one must have!

  376. Favorite needlework tool? That’s a hard one, but I think the one I like best is Thread Heaven. Mundane I know, pretty, and very sharp, scissors are a close second, but I love the way thread heaven makes my thread so much easier to control. And glide through the fabric. I have no affiliation at all with the company.
    Those sampler charts are just lovely. What fun they would be to stitch, while thinking about the history in your hands.

  377. My favorite needle work tool is my laying tool. It helps me lay my thread nice and straight and provides a uniform looking project that I find pleasing to the eye. A hard second would be my iPad. When doing cross stitch, counted canvas etc. I create PDF files and can hi-light my progress as I stitch. No bleeding paper, erasers etc. I own the sisters pattern I’m waiting to start on one of them next year. Thank you. Ps haven’t read any updates on your health. Hope all us going well.

  378. Favorite tool… hmmm, does music in the background count? cause I love music as an inspiring ‘tool’ in addition to my comfy chair and stitching supplies… mostly instrumental orchestra and piano music to provide a dreamy, relaxing atmosphere for creating with needle and thread ❤️

  379. My needle threader – whether for thread or floss, I can’t do without my needle threaders! They reduce my frustration and save me time!

  380. I really like the book I purchased for left handed stitches by Yvette Stanton. I saw something on your web site and purchased it on line. It has really helped me some things I was doing incorrectly and didnt even realize it. Now any questions and I got to her and you. Thank you so much.

  381. My favourite tools are scissors; very fine ones for the fine cutting and various sizes for the tasks at hand.

  382. Ooooh, thank you Mary for another lovely giveaway! And thank you to Nicola for making it possible as well!

    My favorite needlework is my needle! Wouldn’t get much done otherwise LOL But if that’s too obvious than I’ll say the little doohicky that looks like a bottle brush so I can get rid of all those fuzzies when the froggie makes his all too frequent visits and I have to rip something out.

  383. Hi Mary,

    My favourite needlework tool is my tekobari. I use it for separating and laying silk threads in Japanese embroidery and for holding threads while I make the next stitch. I also use it for applying tension to threads, to stop threads tangling and for pushing stitches (gently, of course) into their correct position. I not only use it for Japanese embroidery but in all sorts of embroidery. It really has become an indispensable tool when I stitch.


  384. I have made a couple of samplers for family featuring their own homestead, but my favorite hangs in my bedroom. It was made by my great grandmother, Elizabeth Walker in 1910.

  385. I love my Boo-Boo stick because it clears the linen from all the “frogged” stitches..I have one in several of my WIP bags
    Hoping you are hale and hearty these days

  386. My favorite tool is my qsnap! This keeps the tension right and makes the stitches look so pretty.

  387. I love samples, I have always loved them! I have made several over the years. I did a study of Historical Samples form the UK for my Level 4 work through City and Guilds Institute of London.

  388. My favourite needlework tool would have to be my magnifying light. It sits on my table and I can move it around to where I want it. Both the light and the magnifier are extremely good and makes sewing a joy. I also notice that my stitches always look much better (and smaller) when finished and when I show my friends, they cannot believe I can sew stitches so small! They do not know my secret yet!

  389. My favorite needlework tool is my laying tool because it helps me to lay the threads straight.

  390. I tend to be pretty simplistic when stitching or doing any type of needlework – basic needles, crochet hooks (prefer bamboo or hardwood) or knitting needles (same as hooks). But my favorite tool is not one that most people will know – it’s a lucet, using an 18th century design and made by my husband of hardwood (I like the ones he’s made of maple and cherry best). This is a tool for making a knitted style of cord. How “hard” the cord is depends on what type of thread/yarn you start with. Since I most often use the cord for 18th century clothing, I like to start with something like a cordonnet or other crocheting weight cotton. I’ve also used linen, but the “slubs” in linen make it hard to pull the cord tightly and get a smooth finished product.

  391. My needle threader is a life saver. The dark blue aida I am currently using for an ornament project requires 3 strands of DMC plus 1 sparkle filament thread. Impossible to thread them together without the threader.

  392. My fave tool, is my bone needle case. Always has my needles at the ready and easily transported. Old with a brass top, my husband found it for me.
    Love Hands Across The Sea, especially the YouTube videos/stories. Nicola has such a soothing voice. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    Have a joyous holiday Mary.

  393. My favourite needlework tool is my very small but very sharp embroidery scissors. My pair has a handmade fob attached made from vintage kimono fabric which opens to store my thimble. Okay so it’s more than one thing… but I never misplace my scissors or thimble, and they are all attached.

  394. Favorite needlework tool is: my thumbs. I recently had a problem with tendonitis in my right thumb. The pain was unbelievable! I was in a brace for 1 month and could not hold a needle no matter how hard I tried. I was going through embroidery withdrawals and all because of a thumb! Finally a steroid shot and all is well and all those needlework projects are getting finished in time for Christmas.
    Nothing can replace your hands! Always take good care of them, pamper them with fine lotion. Exercise them to keep your range of motion! And always feel blessed that you are able to use them!

    Barabal D.

  395. Right now, my favorite tool is my hoop…but I’m going to get a qsnap….I’m ready to do bigger and better projects and need more room for stitching.Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  396. My favourite stitching tool is my stitching glasses! Because I’ve become blind as a bat without them and couldn’t stitch at all if I didn’t wear them 🙂

  397. Hello, my favorite tool is the needle, because board dreams, hopes, sadness, desires and I have as a result joy, laughter, satisfaction and many colors that give me life, a big hug and many blessings Mary.

  398. My favourite needlework tool is my magnifer. It allows me to see clearly the placement of my stitches.

  399. Hmm. . . a good needle, but that’s a boring answer. I recently treated myself to a lovely pewter needle minder that makes me smile whenever I see it. No more needles stuck into the arms of the couch or my blouse or the quilt, misplaced, then followed by that moment of panic about a cat stepping on them!

  400. My favorite tool besides my needles, I can’t do much stitching without them, would be the beautiful pair of hand made scissors from France that my husband gave me for my birthday several years ago. They are lovely to use and I only use them on fine silk threads.

  401. Although I love my needlework hand tools, I think my favorite “tool” is the access to wondrous learning information, stitching artists, products, videos and outright sheer beauty to be found online. It makes this amazing art available to all.

  402. My favorite tool is a good needle. I am more relaxed as I stitch along. Both samplers are beautiful.

  403. It is very hard for me to say what my favourite needlework tool is. Is it my scissors, couronne (ring) stick, mellor, thread lifter, spectacles, light box, hoops, slate frame, Frixion pen or a host of other necessities? OK, so I have to choose one ………. my couronne.

  404. As mundane as it sounds, I love my scissors! Every little firm, tight snip indicates that progress has been made. Completion is on it’s way!

  405. Hello, my favorite tool is my blue chalk pencil for keeping my place on my fabric when I am copying a picture. It just wipes off and does not show on your work.

  406. I know this may be silly but I love fancy little scissors! I have to stop myself from buying them when I see them.

  407. My favorite needlework tool is my scissors holder/keep hand painted by Betsy Krieg Salme.Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it sits on my sewing table holding my scissors always at the ready. I didn’t know that I needed it or that it would be so useful until after I bought it and started using it. I also have a thread organizer,needle case and painted box by her.

  408. My favorite needlework tool is my magnifying light, becoming more important as the years go by. Samplers are my favorite needlework so my fingers are crossed.

  409. My favorite needlework tool is a needleminder of a beehive. It holds several needles and is flat metal so they don’t slide off!

  410. My favorite tool is my embroidery hoop. The right type and size of hoop can make all the difference when stitching a project.

    Marysue C in CT

  411. I love samplers and their history, but have not stitched a full one. Thanks for this opportunity. My favorite needlework tool would be the needle and thread. We could not do anything without them.

  412. I love these samplers, Nicola and her partners do an amazing job! My favorite tool? A REALLY good light, can’t do anything without that!

  413. My favourite needlework tool/s – having thought long and hard about it – is my hands! I have a number of tools I need for my embroidery – needle threader, gorgeous scissors, beautiful needles, of course, extendable magnet for picking up dropped needles but the favourite, or the one I appreciate (value) the most is my hands. I have arthritis and some days my hands won’t let me stitch, but on the days that I can, and I have the time from work and other chores, I love to sit and stitch. On those days I really do cherish my hands. I dread the time when they may not let me stitch anymore but, for now, I just enjoy the wonder of being able to create beautiful things with needle and thread.

  414. My favourite tools are my Bohin needle all types and sizes.They are smooth and sharp a also great for cross stitch .I have a little pair of scissors that have large holes for my bumpy arthritic fingers which come a close second.

  415. My favorite needlework tool is my hoop, scroll frame and/or a-snap whatever I’m using for a particular project. It keeps my cloth taut which slows me to see the placement of my stitches clearly and allows me to make my stitches uniform (hopefully!). It also keeps the cloth from being distorted.

  416. My favourite needlework tool would have to be my little thread rubbish bag that hangs on the side of my embroidery table. Many years ago, I embroidered it with bullion ribbon roses and shadow work, it is sweet, holds many memories and is useful.

  417. My favourite needlework tool. Not sure if this qualifies but my favourite tool is my new needle minder. Never had one before but my daughter got it for my birthday. In the past needles tended to go missing either pushed into something like the arm of my chair. Now I have something that is big enough to hold my needle in place when I am finished with it.

  418. My favorite needlework tool is my trusty pair of sharp scissors. It sounds basic, but when you are clipping tons of thread and needing to get super precise cuts so threading your needle is easy, scissor quality becomes very important. I have to give a shout-out to my gorgeous sit-on hoop from England. I LOVE it.

  419. My favorite needlework tool are Gold Needles. I discovered them a couple of years ago, and they glide so nicely through linen and canvas! They make stitching a fun experience and I have NO problem pulling different threads through the linen/canvas!

  420. My favourite tool is my small serrated scissors – I love them so much that I have five pairs so I can have them everywhere I stitch or sew, including my travelling kit.

  421. My favourite tool is my magnifying light – wouldn’t even be able to take the first stitch without it!

  422. Thank You Mary! My favorite tool is my antique metal thimble, once used by my Grandmother. It is not fancy, just keeps my hand from getting stabbed by the back of the needle. This one is my favorite bcasue as a child I told Grammie that I didn’t need a thimble to sew. Once I began to quilt and embroider I realized why it was important. Finding her thimble in her sewing basket was priceless.

  423. My favorite tool is scissors. Scissors can be very frustrating if they don’t cut well. I like sharp, pointed scissors which cut nicely and cleanly to the point. I like them fancy, plain, bright or shiny, but they must be sharp!

  424. My favorite needlework tool would be my needle. There are different sizes for different surfaces and threads. The needle allows me to smooth my floss/ribbon which can come in handy doing all sorts of needlework. My favorite is English Smocking1

  425. Hi Mary,
    I adore my scissors, although they were not expensive to me (3 USD) and although they are not a big mark, simply because it was the first pair of real scissors for the embroidery which I bought and I was quite excited. I remained attached to this simple instrument as a symbol of my determination.

    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  426. Hi there! What a lovely website! My favourite needlework tool would be a needle threader. It really helps to do the task effortlessly after 40s!

  427. My favorite tool right now is my size 9 crochet hook. I like to make stuffed animals using crochet thread. Although, I just finished embroidering cats on squares for a quilt that’s waiting to be finished.

  428. My favorite needlework tool—so hard to choose!— is my Dublin light with magnifier. While I don’t need it for everything, when I need it, it allows me to do the most intricate stitching. It’s heavy base and long bendable neck let me sit back in a chair and support my back. I love all of my needlework tools but seeing clearly is the absolute most important thing to me.

  429. My favorite needlework tool is my stand. My son made it for me and it has been a huge blessing, especially with big stitching projects.

  430. My favourite needlework tool was bought for me by a friend many years ago. I can’t sit down to any form of handcraft without it and for embroidery or cross stitch it is essential. I can remember being incredibly confused when I opened her gift because I didn’t recognise it. About 5 centimetres long a plastic loop at one end and a clip at the other. “It’s for your scissors,” she said. Oh wonder of wonders. I was always “losing” my scissors when I sewed. Now this is a thing of the past my scissors get clipped to my jumper, t-shirt – whatever I’m wearing and I’m ready for anything. Of course I have been known to dash out to the shops with them still attached! That gives everyone else a chuckle and something to talk about.

  431. My favorite stitching tool is a “Do Lolly”! I use this when I am trying to finish a line of stitching and do not want to use a new length of thread on the very end of a row. I can then pull the shorter thread to the back and anchor securely.

  432. My favourite tool is the Clover disc that cuts your thread. When travelling it is in my handbag along with the stitching as there is no problem taking it on an aeroplane.

  433. What lovely samples and a generous gift. My favorite needlework tool is one that applies to any and all needlework projects – my iPad. I can listen to music or books, have a movie playing in the background, and watch tutorials on stitching or projects. I can use it to take pictures off in-progress projects and in a pinch, it works as a light board for tracing. I can’t imagine stitching without it.

  434. My favorite tool is my bent tip scissors. They are small and easy to clip close to the fabric without worry of nicking my linen. I love scissors and have dozens but these are the best for stitching.
    Connie L in Texas

  435. My favorite tool is my Day light floor frame. I hate to have to hold a hoop, etc in my hand while I stitch, as I find myself holding it tighter and tighter. A floor frame allows me to use both hands.

  436. Favourite needle tool is my handy reverse stitching tool, aka a seam riper! Always seems to come in handy at least once on a project, okay maybe twice, or three times, or …

  437. I love using my cross stitch frame. The cloth is rolled onto two circular ends and then the straight ends are attached to each side. It keeps the work tight, straight, clean and ready for me to pick up for my next stitching session.

  438. My favorite sewing tool is one that I could not do without–and that would be my special thimble with extra deep holes! I sure to enjoy your blog–you showcase the beauty of needleart with a passion. Thanks much for all you do!

  439. As I get older, my favorite tool is my floor lamp/magnifier. While stitching and beading, I don’t have to strain to see where the stitches have to go. I can continue enjoying my hobbies!

  440. It has to be my magnifying lamp because without it I would no longer be able to continue with my embroidery and that would be devastating.

  441. I use magnifying lenses that clip on my glasses for very small stitching. And my eyes thank me.

  442. My favorite tool would be the needle itself as it is the start of the first stitch to a completed project and time spent for oneself.

  443. Different size hoops. The right size makes it easier when doing embroidery, not to small not to big.

  444. So excited to enter this drawing! I love HATS samplers, but did not get the U sisters!

    Here’s to my being chosen!!! Merry Christmas 🙂

  445. I have a handmade wooden laying tool. It fits my hand perfectly and I love the feel of smooth wood. The tip is tapered just right.

  446. I think a good pair of scissors is my favorite needlework tool. It is a tool used for every type of needlework, and one which you can’t do without. It’s also a lot of fun to collect scissors, since they come in every shape, size, and color nowadays! I have antique scissors used by my grandmothers, which are a treasure to have in my collection.

  447. My favorite needlework tool is my needlework frame. I bought a standard floor frame about 20 years ago. Since then I have modified it 3 or 4 times till it is perfect for me.
    I don’t think I could stitch without it.

  448. My favourite tool is a little hand-embroidered pouch I won in a giveaway about ten years ago. I love it because it hangs around my neck, and has just enough room for a pair of embroidery scissors, some needles stuck in a bit of flannel, a thimble, and little magnifying glass. It’s perfect, and so handy – I’m never wondering “No where did I put those scissors…?”

  449. Oh Mary! That’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is! I love all my needlework tools…the feel, the look, the usefulness. If I have to pick just one I guess I would choose my Dovo scissors. But I have so many other little “friends” that are also a major part of my blissful hours when I’m stitching.

  450. To get REALLY basic about stitching — I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bohin needles. Next, my extremely sharp 4″ Kai scissors (they aren’t cute, but they are a super tool). Third would be my 6″ x 5/8″ hoop. And then my Lowry stand. Oops. And then there is magnification….

  451. My favorite needlework tools are my hands, followed by my great grandmother’s ornate sterling silver embroidery scissors.

  452. I love the plastic square hoop w the soft clips it works for most fabric and is so easy to use and of course a needle I need long sharp ones because I have big hands

  453. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway. I guess my favourite needlework tool is my clip on magnifiers because without them I would not be able to stitch on my favourite 40 count linens.

  454. My favorite tool is a pair of Singer embroidery scissors I purchased in 1970. They were an extravagance back then, but worth every penny! Still sharp after all these years. I have been thinking about a sampler for my next project and would love to win one of these. Thanks Mary for the chance.

  455. I would have to say my favorite tools are my hands. If I could not touch and feel the different fabrics and threads I would be lost – I am a very tactile person I guess.

  456. My favourite needlework tool is my mums thimble, it is brass, not an expensive one but my mum used it regularly and I treasure it as she was the one who taught me to embroider.

  457. My favorite needlework tool is a toothpick: I try to find the smoothest round ones and use them as laying tools: they seem to fit my hand perfectly, last a long time and contrary to the opinion of some of my friends do not snag threads.

  458. My favorite needlework tool is my x- stitch frame. It works well on so many levels for me. Ease with holding my project and my thread tension consistant and no hoop marks. It seems so basic but I love it.

  459. Favorite needlework tool…hmmm…that is a hard one. I guess my Hardwicke Manor hoops….love them. Smooth, lovely in the hand.

    Thank you Mary and Nicola for this fabulous giveaway!!

  460. At the moment my very favourite tool is a pincushion. I’ve been making several as samplers and the latest one is whitework, but it turned out ginormous (for a pincushion)! In the end, though, it was great because I’ve just finished 8 silk ribbon thank you cards for friends and all those chenille, tapestry, crewel, beading needles with bits of thread parked beautifully.

  461. My favorite needlework tool is probably a good crewel needle. I like a bigger hole, and nothing beats a good needle that slides easily though the fabric, and one that is sturdy enough that it doesn’t bend easily. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful sampler charts!!

  462. I have a little stand called a Lap App, and I just love it. Because I do much of my work sitting in a chair, my Lap App gives me a flat surface for cutting, sketching – even ironing. I use it almost every day.

  463. My favourite needlepoint tool is my pair of Bohin stainglass embroidery scissors. They are wonderfully sharp and fine, plus they are beautiful to look at.

  464. My stork scissors and their little fob finder lovingly made by my mother and treasured, cause while I’ve had them for probably 20 years I still have my mum at 92 to stitch along with me and compare notes. Treasure all the memories we are making.

  465. My favorite needlework tool is my needle sharpener. It is made from a beautiful teal /green shell and it keeps my needles in tip top condition. It was a gift from my sister and it not oly beautiful to look at it was given with such love I feel the emotion every time I use it, it makes me think of my beautiful sister.

  466. My favourite tool are my Piecemaker tapestry size 28 needles. They are a perfect for me to stitch my favourite 36 count linen, comfortable to use and slide beautifully through the fabric. I love the feel of the needle and without them I just can’t stitch as confidently which may sound a bit silly!! Thank you Mary

  467. My favorite needlework tool (if it can be considered a needlework tool) would have to be my dazor light with the magnifier lens. I even use it when reading the newspaper each morning with my first cup of coffee.

  468. My favorite needlework tools are my scissors – right now I am cutting out lots of stumpwork petals and leaves using my new Kai curved blade scissors – I love them!!

  469. My Davos scissors are my favorite tool. They feel so good in hand and are so sharp. A pleasure to use. Thanks to you and Hands Across the Sea for the chance to win one of these outstanding charts!

  470. My favorite tool for stitching is the delicate little needle. Without it, I would not be able to get the lovely threads through the fabric. Of course, one also needs scissors in order to end and old thread, which is most favorite collectible.

    You certainly make the Christmas season very interesting and I am delighted with your wonderful regarding your health. It really does help to have so many people praying for you.


  471. My favorite needlework tool is my needle. My current favorite is the Bohin 26. The needle simply glides through the fabric. So far, I haven’t had any problems with weak (easily broken) eyes, my acidic personality eating the coating, or my incredibly strong (ha-ha) fingers bending the needle.

    The sampler charts you are giving away are really fantastic.

  472. I like using a laying tool to keep my stitches straight. A large needle will also work if my laying tool is not handy.

  473. My favourite needle work tool are my gold stork scissors my husband gifted me 28 years ago adorned with a Carolyn Pierce scissor fob in a combination of needlepoint and silk ribbon.

  474. My favourite needlework tool is my thimble. Taught to use one by my grandmother I used her silver one foe many years after she died until I wore a hole in it. On a trip to the UK some years years ago I was wandering through an Antiques market and came across a Dorcas for £5, it is a treasure and has been my constant nedlework companion ever since, including 2 trips back to the UK.

  475. My favorite stitching tool is a wooden turned laying tool. It is larger than an average laying tool so it is so much easier to use due to arthritis. The turned handled makes it very easy to hold on to for extended stitching especially if I am taking a class. My hand does not cramp up. Absolutely love it!

  476. y favorite hand stitchery tool is a lap board made with several thicknesses of cardboard, wrapped in batting and then tightly wrapped in fabric. Makes it easy to lay in my lap and comfort my wrists!

  477. Have two favorites : needles and fabric. I love the feel of a really well made smooth needle in my hand and I especially love the tactile feel of fine fabrics. I enjoy Hands Across the Sea Samplers and the stories that are shared. Hope I win one of these beautiful samplers.

  478. My most important item in my stitch case are my needles. When I first started stitching I did not realize what a difference a really good needle makes. Now I know and I make sure I have a good supply because a needle makes a huge difference.

  479. My favorite needlework tool is a thread sorter. No matter what kind of project I am working on, I first sort my threads, and I need someplace to put them so they stay sorted. I used to lay them on the arm of my chair, then I got a cat who liked to play with them. I have used different kinds of sorters and don’t yet have a favorite.

  480. I love my Ginger scissors. I bought them as a birthday present to myself and spent 60 bucks on them. They are beautiful, do the job wonderfully, and because of the replacement cost, no one dares touch them!

  481. The only tool I use on a regular basis is scissors. I have several pairs, and love them all for different reasons. I recently bought my first frame from Needle in a Haystack and am enjoying that too.

  482. My favorite needlework tool is the needle. I can make substitutes for just about everything else (scissors, thread, canvas, design) but I always need a good needle. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion and the fun of entering a giveaway.

  483. I love the different sizes and thicknesses of embroidery needles. Depending on the thread I am using, I may need to use several different sized embroidery needles to complete the project. I made a large pincushion that is actually a cloth art doll and I stick the threaded needles in it for easy access, in lieu of laying them on the table and having them tangle. I use rayon and silk threads mostly.

  484. When I saw this post, I just new that my comment would be about the actual historical samplers that my best friend and my boyfriend (for lack of a better term for the 50+ year old gentleman that I have been dating) have. Both date to the late 1800’s. My best friend had hers framed at a specialty framer who used archival techniques and protective glass. My boyfriend has his framed simply and hangs it in the breakfast area. Yes, I keep wanting to explain to him that it should at least be under glass. The detail of each sampler is wonderful, but it is easy to tell which was done by a young girl and which by one in her late teens.

    Now, you ask about stitching tools and I’ve gone totally off topic. I recently bought one of the pretty magnetic needleminders that fastens to your fabric. It truly changed my stitching. And saved my feet (or other body parts) that were frequently being stabbed by misplaced needles.

  485. My favorite frame weight is a padded brick. Yes, a brick used in making a house. I put several extra layers of batt on the top so that it becomes a pincushion. Fill any holes in the brick with a plug of batt, cover with a scrap of quilted fabric and voila a frame weight.


  486. Winter days in Alaska are cold and dark. And since we have lots of winter my favorite stitching tool is my lighting. I have several places in my home I stitch so I have numerous lights. I especially love the bright white lights.

  487. My favorite needlework is a pair of glasses I got through my optometrist’s office. On the ANG website, in the FAQ section are directions for ordering lens which work for doing needlework. I printed off the directions and took them with me for my appointment. The optometrist looked at them and asked if he could have a copy to have a pair made for his mother. She also was a needleworker.

  488. Hi Mary – Thanks for these samplers.
    My favorite stitching tool is a pair of good sharp fine pointed scissors. There is real satisfaction with a good clean snip.

    Judy from Wisconsin

  489. My favorite needlework tool is my Roxanne silver thimble. It represents a bit of elegance and it’s very comfortable.

  490. I have several favourites,eg my illuminated magnifier,but my most favourite is a pair of embroidery scissors, they were the last gift that my mother gave me, and so very precious!

  491. My favorite tool? Oh dear. I think I have to vote for my full-spectrum light, which is so lovely and bright and sits right over my shoulder so I can see, yet tilts away from others in the room so they are not blinded. I’m getting to my mid-40s now and a few years ago I realized that I just could not stitch any more without a good bright light. Once upon a time, I only needed the regular lights in the living room, but those days are gone! With my light I can distinguish tiny details and all the colors.

  492. My favourite needle working tool would have to be my lamp, a must have, with a magnifying lens for more intricate areas.

  493. My magnetic needle keeper. I didn’t even know they existed until about 4 years ago. I have one for nearly every project.

  494. My favorite tool is my scissors with the fine points but it appears that they may be replaced as my favorite tool by my magnifier.

  495. My favourite needlework tool is the needlenthread website! It is my ‘can’t do without it’ tool to learn a new stitch, get inspiration and also learn about drawing and design. Even though I attend classes, there are times that I suddenly stop, unsure of what to do next and that is when the website is my tool to make progress, at all hours of the day and night :)) ‘Tips and Techniques’ on needlenthread is an invaluable tool, thank you!

  496. My favorite tool has to be my Morgan hoop stand. It has been a life-changer and has allowed me to continue stitching when I thought for some time I wouldn’t be able to (due to rheumatoid arthritis issues).

    Thank you for the chance to enter – I love HATS and yes, Nicole (and her co-designers) are indeed awesome!

  497. My favorite needlework tool is my dololly. It is the original fiber hides and is great for ending threads on the back of the linen or canvas.

  498. Well, I must say that my favorite tool now is a lighted magnifier. I never thought I would be giving that as an answer.

  499. My favourite tool at the moment are my new tulip embroidery scissors. They are sharp and very pointy at the end so I can snap any thread anywhere I want. And they are a beautiful shape and the perfect size to fit into my sewing box as well. Just love them!

  500. My most useful, therefore my favorite tool, are my cheater glasses! I just started stitching and I’m in my 40’s. My eyes aren’t their youngest and most powerful and I found they could definitely use some magnification help. Right along with that go the daylight lightbulbs in my overhead light. Light and sight; hand in hand.

  501. My favorite needlework tool … embroidery scissors! They’re addictive, really, it’s so hard to stop at one or two pair – and though I enjoy each of the half dozen or so in my collection, the one I treasure the most is the pair I bought to be my special souvenir from going to the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival, pretty silver-colored scissors with the most lovely, smooth action.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  502. My favorite embroidery took is, my memory. The memory of my father telling me, if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

  503. My favorite tool is my spring embroidery hoop. It keeps my work tight enough for uniform stitching. It is easy to adjust or move to a new place in the needlework.

  504. Immediately my first thought for my favorite needlework tool was my scissors!
    Why? That’s easy, too. I love how they feel so high quality with their “snippy” sound as they cut like butter with a warm knife, and how I enjoy using different ones for different projects. If I’m working on flowery things, I like the lavender flower handled one and if it’s not so flowery, I go to my very first stork scissors given to me by my son for Mother’s Day in 1999. I like my “baby scissors” (only 1 1/4″) for my on the go project. I can see this will become a collecting obsession. (I love your small black scissors, by the way!) 🙂

  505. My favorite needlework tool is the pair of scissors I have that were my Grandmother’s. They aren’t very sharp any longer but I love them. My Grandma taught me how to embroider when I was five years old and and her scissors are a special reminder.

  506. The samplers are wonderful. Thanks to Nicola for offering them. My favorite tool is a takobari. It gives me much more control of the threads I am using.

  507. I adore samplers and have stitched several of them for myself. My favorite needlework tool is a vintage gold thimble. It not only protects my finger while stitching, but is beautiful to look at as well. Just a tiny bit of luxury purchased at an antique show many years ago.

  508. My favourite tool: I love my Lap-Stitch 4-Square Dutch Treat Frame, it really has been a game changer for my arthritic hands. It makes it so easy for me to get great tension and has a lovely sized work area. =)

  509. My favorite needlework tool is my marvelous Dazor Magnifying Floor Lamp; I couldn’t stitch without it.

  510. In the past couple of years I’ve had 3 eye surgeries, and at the age of seventy-seven, I have to say that a needle threader is something I can’t do without. So that has become my miraculous favorite.

  511. Probably, my favourite tool would have to be my scissors. I have quite a few pairs but my favourite are Japanese ones with lilac handles and curved tips. They’re wonderful.

  512. My favorite needlework tool are my evertite frames.
    They keep my fabric tight, they are light weight and I can attach them to a stand if I wish for hands free.

  513. Choosing one most essential tool? Not certain that I can. The magnet which finds the needles and pins I drop on the floor is essential for preventing my creation of new dance steps accompanied by loud cursing. The magnifier and my Ott light are essential to help my aging eyes tell the difference between the fabric and my finger before I stab the latter. Then there is the BFF, essential for convincing her husband to go prowling in the fishing and hunting sections of the sport shops. He gets his wingman, my husband and voila, BFF and I free to visit the needlework shops without interference.

  514. Dear Mary,
    A good quality needle, in fact, the best I can afford to make stitching a joy. I look forward to seeing your Christmas trees!

  515. Hello Mary,
    Firstly thank you for your great articles, I love to read them…and thank you for this wonderful opportunity! HATS is one of my fav designers.
    I would have to say my favourite/most used tools are my hardwick manor hoops and my can’t live without bohin 28 needles. The hoops are perfect for stitching my samplers, they don’t leave a nasty line when I take them off, I am able to get good tension (although I do burn through screws pretty quickly..LOL) and they are easy to hold and don’t cramp my hand up.
    Bohin are my favourite needle and the 28’s just fit my fingers perfectly…they are smooth and glide through my material like butter.

  516. I think Samplers are some of the most interesting examples of embroidery. So much to see and interpret.

    I am beginning to embroidery again after a very long time, so my favorite tool is the embroidery scissors I bought one year on vacation at a Louisiana plantation. A wonderful souvenir.

  517. My favourite tool is an embroidery hoop – i have a modest collection of various sizes and types –

  518. Wow, there are several tools I consider essential, beautiful, and favorites. So, for today I choose my needle minder, which is an upcycled Scrabble tile with a tiny photo of an elephant lacquered onto it. Inexpensive and very useful as I’m stitching a project with several needles. Thank you for the chance to win a sampler.

  519. My favourite stitching tool is my Tulip size 26 needles. Just the right size for my stitchings and they are OK for counts 32 to 40. I love the packaging too. Scissors can be replaced by clippers etc, but without a needle – the stitch cannot commence.
    Thanks for your great site and blog Mary.
    Kind regards
    Susan Gard

  520. I guess I have a fetish for sissors. I have my favorites, but I’m always looking at the specialty sissors. I have my grandmothers “stork” sissors that are my favorite!

  521. Hi Mary. I think my favorite tool has been my scissors. They are nice and sharp and very pointed for cutting close. I also just discovered a pretty needle minder that I started using.

  522. My favourite embroideryt tool is a very old pair of embroidery scissors given to me by my grandmather. They belonged to her. I admired them as a child. My grandmother taught me to embroider and when I had finished my first sampler piece to her satisfaction my grandmother gave me the pair of scissots. I was so proud of those scissors and to this day they bring back lots of happy and fustrating memories. My grandmother exopected perfection and I spent a lot of time unpicking my work in the beginning. A wonderful lession learnt and which has stayed with me.

  523. Hmmm, on days when the stitching gods are smiling then my favourite tool has to be my Kai embroidery scissors. They are light and well balanced , a true joy to use. And …..on days when the stitching gods are not smiling (and yes ,there are a few !! )then my favourite tool has to be my my offset tweezers….they make frogging as painless as it can be.

  524. A dear friend gave me a scissor keep, it is an embroidered band on a spool. This keeps my scissors from damage and from being buried in threads on my table.

  525. I stitch mainly cross stitch samplers and love using K’s lap frame. I have all sizes and use them on a table top, not in my lap. They’re very useful, versatile and couldn’t stitch without one. I’m presently finishing “Eleanor Parr” which is nearly 2ft. square.

  526. I love my light – i really need good light to stitch by so that is my favorite tool! Thank you very much for the fun and great posts!

  527. My mast favorite stitching tool would be my Dovo scissors. I bought them in the 1990’s and they are still sharp. They were very expensive then $44.00, that was a lot for that time but sooo glad I made the investment. I’ve never been sorry. They STILL cut like “butter” .

  528. My magnifying light by my stitching chair, enables me to keep on stitching on the fine fabrics which I love!

  529. I haven’t done much embroidery for a long time but I know I need and like great instructions and a good light.

  530. My favorite needlework tool is my laying tool. I LOVE samplers but I don’t think I’ve ever used a laying tool as the ones I’ve stitched are with 1 ply of silk on on 32-40 count linen.
    But when multiple plies of threads are used, the laying tool becomes my best friend! Nothing makes a piece look better than smooth, even stitches with the multiple plies laying side by side. Using the tool initially took some getting used to, but now, the tool serves as a “third” hand, gently stroking those threads into perfect unison side by side. I love it and absolutely cannot do without it!

  531. My favorite tool is an embroidery needle. Why? Because I absolutely love embroidery. I do however enjoy a sewing machine, knitting needles and a crochet hook. But embroidery is my favorite. A co-worker once called me a needleist. Not a word but we all understood. I love Hands Across the Sea and their newsletters. Thank you for bringing so many wonderful websites to our attention.

  532. My favourite needlework tool is my antique silver thimble. It was given to me by a dear stitching friend. I have used a thimble to sew since I was about 10 using a silver one given to me by an aunt and that is nearly 70 years ago!! I still have that one but it is too small. So when my friend gave me the bigger one I was thrilled and discarded the steel ones I had been using.

  533. I love the different color threads that are available to make my projects very interesting.

  534. My favorite needlework tool is my magnetic board along with the accompanying magnetic strips. Especially when working on a complex counted cross stitch pattern–like the Christmas stockings I made for two nephews several years ago–I rely on them to keep my place.

  535. A small, very sharp pair of scissors are essential and my very, very favorite tool. Thanks for this wonderful give away!

  536. My first thought was to say my needle is my favorite tool, since without that nothing could be accomplished. But as I thought about it more, I realized that all other needle work tools would be useless without my magnifiers. I’ve gotten to the point that even with my glasses, unless it a low count fabric, I can’t see well enough to sew. So I have many different types of magnifiers, but my favorites are my magni-clips. I have two different strengths and with them I can sew anywhere, anytime.

  537. I love my sharp stork scissors. They are beautiful and sharp plus there is a nice biscornu fob from my first visit to the EGA chapter. I had never heard of the term, biscornu, but I had done some cross-stitch before and I sat next to a lovely lady who guided me along.

  538. My favorite needlework tool is a needle. It has endless possibilities. I can sew with it, crosstitch with it, do any number of things with it!

  539. What would I do without my little curved point Japanese scissors, they are without a doubt my most used item Of course everything to do with embroidery is a favourite of mine. Cannot go past the beautiful silk threads I have splurged on as well, and the more you do this beautiful skill the more “things” you collect. So a beautiful sampler is next on the list.
    Thank you Mary

  540. What would I do without my little curved point Japanese scissors, they are without a doubt my most used item. Of course everything to do with embroidery is a favourite of mine. Cannot go past the beautiful silk threads I have splurged on as well, and the more you do this beautiful skill the more “things” you collect. So a beautiful sampler is next on the list.
    Thank you Mary

  541. my most essential needlework tool is my ott lite, everything else changes but the light remains constant.

  542. Hoops are my favorite tools. I couldn’t work without a hoop and I must admit I have
    many hoops of all sizes. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities.


  543. Hi Mary, My favourite needlework tool would have to be my pin cushion, I started embroidery only 10 years ago (I’m 59) and embroidered a small panel which was incorporated into my pin cushion, I just love it and it travels with me. I would absolutely love to win one of the samplers. With kind regards Angela 🙂

  544. My favorite needlework tool is my readers (glasses). OMG, I would be lost without them. They get me through my needlework and quilt stitching. I have placed a pair at each spot in the house where I do my handwork, while some have even gotten lost on top of my head as I place another pair for my eyes.

    Fredi in California

  545. My favorite needlework tool is the needle, specifically a nice smooth needle with a good finish and, very often, a nice sharp point. How could we create needlework without needles?

  546. All my resources! Lots of books, patterns and kits and my ornament mags for Christmas and Halloween. I can always just look thru my stash and get enthused all over again!

  547. I have many favorite needlework tools, but if I have to choose then needle threader by Lo-Ran. It makes threading a needle quick and easy so that I can get back to stitching.

  548. The most traditional tool of all- the thimble. For a simple tool my reasons are complex. A thimble has utility, protecting the finger and facilitating stitching. Mine was a gift from my Grandmother, and is a finely decorated sterling silver number that a treasure and had been with me most of my life. Not only does it connect me to my grandmother, but I feel it connects all stitchers since thimbles were devised, as it is one tool which has not changed at all.

  549. There are actually three tools withou which I couldn’t stitch. The first is a needle — much less valuable than in the time when samplers were stitched by young girls for their hope chests. The second is a sharp pair of scissors. Design isn’t nearly as crucial as the sharpness of the blades. The third is a laying tool. I’ve had my favorite for years and I have no idea the brand, except that it came in a plastic tube. It actually looks like a large tapestry needle inserted into a turned, wooden handle. I love the feel and warmth of the wood and the size of the handle is very comfortable in my hand so my hand doesn’t cramp during long periods of stitching. It’s also great to helping to untangle frustrating knots!

  550. Gosh Mary, how lovely are they all!!

    I love the history behind samplers, specially when I find how young the girls are when they finished them

    if only Id started stitching at that age!

  551. Gosh Mary, how lovely are they all!!

    I love the history behind samplers, specially when I find how young the girls are when they finished them

    if only Id started stitching at that age!

    My favourite tool is my tiny scissors I use for hardanger

  552. I am not a very accomplished stitcher but I do enjoy my embroidery and have great fun with it. I must admit that my favorite stitching tool is my thread snips!! Those handy little snips that require just a quick press to snip off threads. I love them.

  553. Mine would be my Ott light. My eyes aren’t as good as they once were and this light make my needlework much more enjoyable.

  554. Hi Mary,
    I am fairly new to embroidery tools besides a frame, needle, thread and cloth but… my indispensable most helpful tool is my ottlite – can’t work without it!

  555. All though I have many favorites, lol, I think my most favorite is the needle threader. If I did not have one,I would have great difficulty getting my needles thread. I have fancy ones – I have plain ones and I always have several in my stitching gear and usually carry one in my wallet just in case!

  556. My favorite stitching tool is my LED work lamp with its inbuilt magnifying glass. My aging eyes need this lamp. I couldn’t stitch without it.

  557. After many years of stitching, my favorite tool has come to be a good project bag or case. It makes the entire process much easier. Untraditional items work surprisingly well: a glucose meter case makes a very good mini-project kit!

  558. My favourite Stitching/Embroidery tools is Tool Needle Threader by totally crafty. To be honest I could not thread a needle without it my eyesight is not as good as it was.

  559. O have a pair of stork scissors that I’ve had forever – I’ve been doing handwork of various kinds for over fifty years – that I love

  560. My favorite needlework tool is my IKEA Jansjo lamp. I can focus the light exactly on my work.

  561. My favorite tool is this one seam ripper I got from a craft fair a few years back. It has a beautiful hand turned red acrylic handle on it. Its good for taking out mistakes as well as being a substitute laying tool for when I can’t find my main one.

  562. An excellent pair of scissors is one of the most important items in my sewing kit. They have to be sharp with very good points and fit in your hand nicely, and don’t under any circumstances leave them lying around so your son’s friend can cut his toe nails!!!!!

  563. My favorite stitching tool is my portable white table you wrote about on your blog. I had to hunt for a sturdy one but I found the perfect table and I use it all the time. You have great ideas to make stitching user friendly anywhere. You solve my problems before I realize I have a problem. Thank you for all your good hints.

  564. My threader is my favorite tool. My eyes are going to pot and this little device saves me lots of time and frustration.

  565. Thank you for the chance to receive a beautiful sampler chart – when I think of myself working on one as well as any of my current projects the one “special” favorite item I use is a laying tool that I wear on the ring finger of my left hand. As soon as I sit down and take that first stitch I know I need to put it on to make the stitches lay right!

  566. My favorite needlework tool is….a good frame or hoop! If the frame or hoop is faulty or doesn’t keep the fabric tight..the whole project will be frustrating.

    1. My favorite tool is my frames that I use to work my pattern stitching on. I still use round hoops when necessary but really love my frames. It makes moving to to the next new section. Just love the ease of it.

  567. I don’t have any fancy tools, but I do have a great little pair of scissors that I bought in a box of goodies at a household auction! They are sharp and wonderful. Thank you for another give-away. I am intrigued by the historical information concerning the sisters that’s on one of the links you provided.

  568. I love my mother’s old embrodery hoop. It is small a workable, I have not one like it. Just a metal hoop which fits in anywhere.

  569. My favourite (most essential) needlework tool would have to be my various magnifying glasses. I have a large one with daylight lights which lives in my lounge by my stitching chair and a couple of small ones with clamp feet I keep in my ‘stitching bag’. One of these also has its own battery powered light. Oh to have good enough eyesight to be able to do without them though.

  570. Thanks for the wonderful gesture. My favorite needle work tool is the needle threader. At age 68, after 63 years of embroidery my eyes are not what they once were. The needle threader really helps me and keeps me stitching! Merry Christmas. Best wishes!

  571. This is a hard one. I could say the hoop, the needles the fabric the threads etc, but there are two things I use constantly. One is the magnifying glass and light stand and secondly a Pair of very fine small scissors which I bought with part of my college allowance in 1959. They cost 10 shillings which was very expensive in those days. They are still beautifully sharp and continually hang on my light stand. I think they are German, but the stamp is too small for me too read ,even with the magnifying glass!

  572. I don’t know that I have a favorite needlework tool but my newest tool is a little mini wire cutter that I used for the first time last night while working on a metalwork piece.

  573. My favorite needlework tool is my new clover ‘protect and grip’ thimble! It is the first thimble I have ever found that fits comfortably, really protects my finger, AND helps me pull needles through multiple layers (eg in wool appliqué). Love it.

  574. My favorite tool is the laying tool. I can always add depth and evenly spaced stitches. No one should be without one.

  575. What is my favorite needlework tool and why? Guess i never thought of hem that way….only about their usefulness…and i wonder if a needle-tool organizer counts…i have one that was hand sewn and embroidered especially for me..it’s truly a work of art in my book…open it up and it holds scissors, needles and pins, has pockets for thread, a hoop(small) extra this and that’s…it’s about 8 by 10 and folds in three, and has a beautiful button closure. If that doesn;t count as a tool, then i have to go with the collection of pincushions that sits on the table ..all of which were gifts(except for the one or two holding machine needles…lol. They are pretty, have great sentimental value, and are very very useful.!

  576. My favorite needlework tool is a qsnap. It’s the only thing I can stitch with for any length of time that doesn’t cause my thumb to hurt. Thankful to be able to stitch for more than a few minutes at a time!

  577. My favorite tool is my Gingher scissors. I love her sharp point, silver body and her black sheath.

  578. Hi Mary;

    My favorite needlework tool is my sharp pointed narrow tipped scissors. However, the close second (because it is irreplaceable) is my mother’s needle case in which I have all of my different sizes and kinds of embroidery needles.

    Take care and thanks for your wonderful newsletters. Joy

  579. My favourite tool is my embroidery scissors. I feel that scissors are as individual to an embroiderer or sewer as the style to which they stitch. Scissors and snips are a very personal choice, what they feel in the hand and how well they cut, what to attach to say “these are mine”. Also, they emotion someone feels when a family member ‘borrows’ your favourite scissors and blunts them – nothing short of scream worthy.

  580. My favorite stitching tool is my needleminder. It has saved me more than once from lost needles and facilitated my being able to jump up and respond to babies crying, phones ringing, knocks on the door, kitchen timers going off, etc. I love that I can drop the needle in the general vicinity of the needle minder and go – and find it safe and sound when I get back to my stitching!

  581. My favorite needlework tool is, and always has been a good light! I love to sit outside in the summer on the deck & stitch, but winters in Minnesota are not good for that! So, a good light is a must – have you seen the new daylight bulbs? WOW!!!

  582. Although I love all the neat scissors I will choose my Ginger tweezers to lift knots off the front of my linen to cut knots and also to help me reverse stitch.

  583. I don’t have a favourite needlework tool! Tools are just tools to me, none of them hold a special place in my heart. I don’t spend money on ‘nice’ tools but just use whatever works, and I’ll improvise if necessary – it’s all about the finished piece of work for me.

  584. I could not do without my Dazor Light floor lamp with a magnifier that allows me to stitch tiny stitches and actually see details …….and mistakes without straining my eyes ! I would love to win one of these samplers , especially Ann’s . Thankyou Mary for this chance .

  585. A needle threader, no doubt about it. The faster the thread is in the needle, the closer I am to stitching.

  586. My favorite Needlework tool are
    my QSnaps. I absolutely love these frames and have used them since they came out years ago. They keep my fabric taut, and I can hold them in my hand. They don’t leave a mark on the fabric nor distort my Stitches. Love, love, love them!

  587. My favorite needlework tool – gosh, I’ve changed my mind 3 times but I think it has to be very sharp small scissors. As I age, the second thing is a good lamp.

  588. My favourite needlework tool would be my Dovo scissors which were the very first pair of embroidery scissors I bought after reading a recommendation from Mary. I just love them and they’re a joy to use!

  589. My favorite needlework tool is not specifically made for stitching but it’s my magnifying light! It makes stitching so much more enjoyable when I can see!! Jamie V in MT

  590. Mary for a long time I have been looking for a sampler to do but they are very hard to find in Adelaide. I can see myself doing any of these three amazing walks in history as my first sampler and that would be mighty fine indeed. My favourite tool has to be my scissors. Tiny and very sharp usually but they are now in need of sharpening due to general wear and tear when cutting threads and small pieces of silk ribbons. I will take them in to my local haberdashery store to be sharpened and perhaps in preparations of stitching if I’m lucky, one of your glorious samplers to hang on my wall. Merry Christmas Mary and thank you for sharing your gifts to us all.Julie

  591. I love fancy decorative embroidery scissors! Super sharp for neatly clipping thread or cut work. I have a small story about the lengths I will go for scissors: I was traveling on a plane, shortly after 9-11, when anything even remotely weapon-like was confiscated. I had forgotten to remove a small pair of folding scissors from my key ring before going through security, and was surprised when the security personnel held them up and said that I couldn’t take them through and should just hand them over. They were a little confused when I asked what they intended to to with them after that; But were adamant that I could not pass through with them in possession. So I stepped out of line and asked for a piece of paper, folded it into a quick envelope, addressed it to myself, and asked where I could post it. The man was stunned enough to lend me a stapler to seal it, and a stamp to boot! I found a mail box in the outer lobby, dropped it in, and still had time to go through security a second time and catch my flight! After my trip I was delighted to open my crudely sealed self addressed stamped envelope and find my faithful pair of scissors waiting for me. I still have them on my key ring, and think of the experience every time I see them:)

  592. My favorite needlework tool(s) are threads! Cotton threads, silk threads, rayon threads, or linen threads = ) Without threads there is no use for all of the tools.

  593. My favorite embroidery tool is my floor stand. It is an old wood model I own since 20 years. It is an Artisan frame model.

  594. My most favorite tool is my needle threader. I’ve nicknamed her Doris! Why, well Doris and I have a love relationship, without her , well I would spend hours trimming the thread and trying to thread the needle over and over again! Which became very frustrating to say the least ! So Doris is my best friend! As well as my favorite tool.

  595. Favorite needlework tool – I think it has to be my little stork scissors. Handy for snipping threads and hardanger fabric threads.

  596. Opps Doris ( my needle threader) and I forgot to comment on the article!
    I personally love samplers. To me they’re all beautiful! I especially like to do samplers that have a history behind them. It’s nice to know the stitchers meaning or feelings of the sampler , they tell a story!
    Who’s Doris well she’s my favorite tool. Even though I wear glasses with bi focal, without Doris, I would spend hours trying to thread my needles! Very frustrating to say the least!
    So Doris and I have a great relationship!
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you, I’ve learned so much.

  597. My favorite needlework tool is … a needle! Without the humble needle, neither plain nor fancy stitches could be accomplished. Its invention made way for humans to wear clothing rather than simply draping furs or unfitted cloth, and then through time, allowed a way to embellish the clothing, then to develop beautiful stitches, just for the sake of enjoyment.

  598. My favorite needlework tool is my floor lamp. I made do with whatever table lamp or sunlight through the window for years until I ordered a proper full spectrum floor lamp on a whim. I can’t believe now that I felt guilty about spending the money! I’m primarily a cross stitcher, and I love samplers—thanks for the giveaway, Mary. 🙂

  599. My small Clover hoop (can’t remember if it’s 4″ or 5″) is probably my most used tool. I have been stitching a lot of smalls (seasonal bowlfillers) and Christmas ornaments and I love being able to stick one in my bag when I go out to work on during wait times. It’s a great size for small items, fits in a small needlework bag in my purse and is easy to hold in my hand. I even use it on larger projects when traveling where taking a large hoop or Qsnap would take up too much room.