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Stitcher’s Christmas 2017 Give-Away 1: Ribbon Embroidery on Felt Kits & Books!


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Good Morning All Around!

I’m so excited this morning! Why? Because it’s time to launch this year’s series of pre-Christmas give-aways, A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2017!


If you’ve been following along with Needle ‘n Thread for at least a year, you might remember we did this last year. It was so much fun that I thought we should do it again!

To put the series together, I knocked on the doors of lots of folks in the needlework industry – designers, manufacturers, store owners – and asked if they’d be willing to give you the opportunity to receive a really special Christmas gift. They generously hopped on board with enthusiasm, and I was able to put together a nice line-up of beautiful give-away prizes for this year’s series!

So, between now and Christmas, I’ll be hosting several give-aways. I’ll explain the way it works below, and introduce you to the first prizes! Come along…

Di van Niekerk felt and silk ribbon embroidery kits & books

How the Series Will Work

If you’d like to join in with this series – and trust me, you’ll want to! – you’ll need to keep an eye on Needle ‘n Thread over the next several weeks. Not every article will be a give-away article, but each give-away, when posted, will only run for a short period of time until the next give-away.

The easiest way to keep an eye on what’s posted on Needle ‘n Thread is to subscribe via email. You can do that here, or by using the sign-up form on the website in the left column (or, on mobile, click the top menu and scroll down). This assures that the articles arrive in your inbox, so that you don’t miss anything.

If you don’t want to subscribe, that’s fine, too! Just make sure you pop in every day or so to see what’s new.

You can also follow my Needle ‘n Thread page on Facebook, where I’ll post a link to each give-away as well.

So, once I post a give-away, just follow the guidelines and you’re in! When the next give-away is posted, I’ll announce the winner(s) for the previous give-away. The winners are randomly drawn based on numbers assigned to the entry.

That’s it! Easy!

Di van Niekerk felt and silk ribbon embroidery kits & books

Give-Away #1

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed Di van Niekerk and Toody Cassidy’s new book, The Art of Felting & Silk Ribbon Embroidery. You can read my review of the book here, for an in-depth look at what it’s all about!

Well, did you know that Di offers kits for the projects in the book? And the kits even have the felt ground fabrics in them – already made! That’s right! You can do the silk ribbon embroidery part, without making the ground fabric, and still produce the beautiful projects featured in the book!

You can find the kits for the projects in The Art of Felting & Silk Ribbon Embroidery here on Di’s website. They are, as you would expect, gorgeous!

For today’s give-away, courtesy of Di van Niekerk for the kits and Search Press USA for the books, I’m giving away two of Di’s kits and two copies of the book, one of each to two winners.

There are two kits in the give-away: the beaded scarf and vintage roses on felted wool and the sparrow on nuno felt purse.

The drawing will work this way: the first randomly drawn winner will have a choice of the scarf or purse kit, and the second will have whichever the first drawn name doesn’t choose. Both will receive a copy of the book.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks to all who participated!

To enter today’s give-away, please read and follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment form, if you’re unsure of where to go. Comments submitted via email or left on any other page or social media page are not eligible. The comment must be left on Needle ‘n Thread, at the end of this article.

2. Please fill out the comment form correctly, as it will save me a lot of time and it will ensure that your comment is eligible. Here’s what you need to know about filling out the comment form:

a. Use a recognizable name in the “name” line (this can be first and last name, first name with last initial, a nickname, your first name and where you’re from – like “Mary in Kansas” – anonymous entries are not eligible).

b. Use a valid email address (essential for notification) in the “email” line on the form.

c. Leave the “website” line blank unless you own and operate your very own website. Please do not put an email address in the “website” line on the form, or in the comment box itself. Anything in the “comment” box is visible to the public, so you should avoid any personal contact information in the comment itself.

3. Answer the following in your comment:

Describe your favorite stitching spot during the winter! If you are not absolutely in love with your winter stitching spot, feel free to describe your “dream spot” for winter stitching!

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am Central Time (that’s Kansas, USA time), Wednesday, November 29th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced here on Needle ‘n Thread, when the next give-away in the series is posted.

5. Only one comment per person, please. The give-away is open to everyone.

And that’s it!

So join in the fun, and who knows? By the time Christmas rolls around, you might have a gorgeous kit and new book tucked under the tree, bringing you all the excitement of a new project for the New Year!

I’ll be dropping hints about upcoming give-aways on some of my social media haunts. If you’re curious, you can follow me here on Facebook, and here on Instagram, and here on Pinterest.

Comments left on Needle ‘n Thread are queued for moderation to avoid spam. If your comment does not appear immediately on the website, don’t worry. This just means I haven’t read it yet and sent it through! It’ll show up eventually!


(1,476) Comments

  1. I love to cozy up in my comfy chair by the fire where I can glance up and watch the birds around the feeder — even better with a bit of snow falling!

  2. My favorite spot is the same spot I always stitch in – my stitching corner in the sun room with my light and all my supplies. Beautiful windows look out on the harden in summer snd the snow i. Wi ter.

    1. I love sitting on the hearth in front of a roaring fire with a nice cup of tea and a nearby desk lamp.

  3. I’ m lucky enough to have a fireplace, so naturally, sitting in front of it on my sofa is my favorite place.

  4. My favorite stitching spot is actually wherever there is enough light to see and space to organize my stitching materials! I usually stitch in front of the TV but I also stitch with EGA friends at various homes as well as at our local Michael’s on occasion.

  5. My favorite stitching spot on a snowy day is in my comfy chair watching a great British mystery while the snows piles up outside.

  6. My favorite stitching spot is in my backyard. Feet up, table with supplies and a cup of tea next to me and my cat curled up next to me. I can spend hours in this spot.

  7. My favorite stitching spot is the same in the winter as it is the rest of the year! It is my grandmother’s recliner. She passed away in the Fall of 2016 and I got her recliner. It has been my stitching spot since. It is comfortable and with a warm throw in the cold months it is perfect for me. I can stitch away and have a piece of my grandma with me. 😀

  8. I always stitch on “my end of the sofa” in front of the TV. There is no fireplace in this room, but that would be wonderful in the winter.

  9. I have just moved and am waiting to stitch in my new bedroom beside the fireplace and lots of windows.

  10. I have two favorite spots to do my winter stitching! One is at the kitchen table by a big picture window; lots of natural light and I can take breaks and watch all the birds at the feeder. The other is my chair in our living room; I can stitch and be with my family.

  11. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in my recliner with my Old Dazor magnifier lamp over my shoulder.

  12. My current stitching spot is in “my” chair watching TV with my husband after dinner. My dream spot would be in a comfy chair in a sun room — windows all around — with a wood stove for warmth in the winter.

  13. I’ve just moved to a new place so haven’t picked the perfect spot yet. But I’ve ordered a new chair to fit in my inglenook and I think this may be the best spot, looking out on my terrace and garden.

  14. My favorite stitching spot in winter is my overstuffed chair in my sewing room. I do wish it had a fireplace but still works without it,

  15. My favourite spot for stitching is my daybed, in front of a log fire. I have MS so I don’t have much choice of comfortable spots, but my day bed is like Heaven. Blesings

  16. My favorite stitching spot for winter would be in a comfy chair, next to a bright window with a pretty view to rest my eyes upon every so often.

  17. My favorite stitching spot is always the same, no matter what the season. I have a big wing chair with a cushy ottoman in the corner of my living room. It has excellent lighting, I have a table close by for my tools and materials, and there are baskets to hold various projects. It’s been the scene of many happy hours with needle in hand.

  18. Love all of your wonderful info and reviews. I love stitching every night, in a leather sofa with reclining seat. Hubby is close by and every once in a blue moon,we will have a cozy fire in the fireplace. (Rarely…as we live in FL. Lol)

  19. My favorite spot to stitch is on a comfy couch in front of a cozy fire with classical music playing. I prefer to be alone for my “big” projects, and with a friend for my more simple projects.

  20. This is my favourite medium for stitch and embellishment. These books are an absolute delight to read – to look at – and to drool over.

  21. I love ribbon embroidery…it adds dimension! My favorite spot is on one of the ends of my couch next to a window. I stitch away, making a mess on the carpet. I stitch & cut floss and ribbon & just let the pieces fall to the floor. When I’m done with project, i vacuum it all up. my cat (mi-mi) naps right next to me !

    Vicki in Lafayette

  22. My favorite winter stitching spot is my dining room. It has big windows on two sides, providing lots of light and warm sunshine. I spread my stitching supplies out on the table and I’m all set. My “helpful” and loving kitties have perches nearby so we’re all happy.

  23. Now, I stitch at the dining room table so I can watch the birds at my feeder and bird bath. At hand is a pot of tea, my Ott light, and my Pretties: threads, beads, ribbon, trims. My dream would be if I had a sun room to stitch in that I could open windows for breezes, laze in a comfy chair and decorate in Victorian Roses style. I am blessed to have all I do have and actually quite content.

  24. Super excited about the giveaway this year! Thanks for doing this and going to all the trouble to get prizes!

  25. I am looking firward to seeing what you do with the ribbom embroidery on the felt. There are si many ideas and i love your news itens, they are so inspiring.

    My favorite winter spot is in my lazy boy chair where as I stitch, I can see the all the birds at the birdfeeder. I live in the country and so we have a large variety at the feeder including the rabbit and the chipmunk who eat the seeds at the bottom. My chair is in the corner next to the large picture window which gives me a perfect view.

  26. I have two stitching spots, winter and summer: in bed and in my electric recliner, since with my spinal injury I can only sit upright for very short periods of time! My dream spot would actually probably be at a desk, if I could sit, so that it was easier to light the work and have my tools to hand, probably in a cosy study with a view of the country out of the window.

  27. My favorite spot is in my rocking chair by my big picture window . That way if I need to rest my eyes a bit I can watch the birds at the bird feeders or look at the few flowers still in the garden.

  28. My favourite stitching spot is one I’ll be able to enjoy as soon as we move back to our home in Iowa from Germany in February! In my new studio space there is a fire place. Although it hasn’t been used for years, we plan to put in a wood burning stove to keep us warm in the cold, snowy Iowa winters – I can’t wait!

    Thanks, Mary, for always being so generous to your readers year after year!


  29. My favorite stitching spot is year round on my loveseat. It’s just big enough for my basket and a cat or two! I have a beautiful view of the ever changing Conception Bay here in Newfoundland Canada!

  30. Oh, this is exciting! My favourite winter stitching spot is in my comfy Queen Anne’s chair by the livingroom window with soft music playing and a cup of hot tea on the side table. The only thing that could make it better would be to have a nice fire crackling in the fireplace, but we don’t have one, yet. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  31. My favorite stitching spot is in my upstairs studio room where the light is really excellent. I wish I could stitch at night, but by then my eyes are shot so I stitch early in the day in the morning light room. IO sit in a tall chair at a standing height desk, so although its not the most comfortable setup for stitching, but I love the great morning light.

  32. What a lovely idea – a stucher’s give-away for Christmas! And beautiful projects as well! I can imagine doing either the scarf or the purse in my favorite stitching spot – the wing chair in front of the fireplace with a view of the wintry outdoor scene. Add a cup of tea – or a glass of wine – perfect!

  33. My dream spot will have my Stitching chair next to a big window with my Stitching supplies scattered around me.

  34. My favorite stitching spot is in front of the fireplace with my dog laying next to me. It offers a beautiful view of our wooded yard and all the little critters running around.

  35. My absolute favourite stitching spot is in my big comfy chair, with my dog snuggled at my neck, looking out my livingroom window while it snows outside! Oh yes, there is a cup of tea and a fresh made peanut butter cookie sitting on my side table and orchestal music is playing on my stereo. Yep, my most favourite winter place to stitch!

    Thanks Mary for these give-aways!
    Techiya in Ontario

  36. My favorite winter stitching spot is in front of the fireplace with a view from a large window of the backyard where I occasionally see moose or deer. I live in Rigby, Idaho.

  37. My favorite winter stitching spot is a leather chair with my needlework lamp behind it. There is a handy table for my supplies and a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa depending on my mood.

  38. My favorite stitch spot is in the corner of my couch, close to the fireplace and the best light in the house. It’s comfy and cozy.

  39. This will be my first winter in my new apartment when I really have time to stitch. So I am going to be exploring where that best winter stitch place is going to be…probably sitting at my dining table with my stitching lamp, electric lap robe, and holiday music or my favorite jazz playing in the background.

  40. I’ve always wanted to try ribbon embroidery and here is an opportunity. Thanks so much Mary. It’s been unusually warm in Arizona this fall, so yesterday found me sitting outside , stitiching in the SUN; it was 87 degrees. Usually I stitch in dining room where I can spread out on a big table.

  41. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in the sofa near a south facing window. It gets lots of sun and is warmer…..

  42. My favorite winter stitching spot is near my woodstove, with my kitty making it awkward by being right under the fabric.

  43. I love to sit in front of the big windows where the light comes in. Wish I had a big soft chair, but I have to share the space with the dining table.

  44. My favorite spot for stitching is my big recliner with my threads and crazy quilt goodies close at hand.

  45. A comfy chair with low arms that allows me to sit straight and has room for the cat next to me. My wonderful lamp with its magnifier and chart holder is on my left. The needlework stand to hold the scroll is in front of me. There is a fire in the fireplace not too far away. Lovely music or a great holiday movie, or show, is playing. The kitchen is clean, the clutter is gone (probably in a trunk to keep it out of sight!), and the air smells of balsam or peppermint. Oh, and there is a small table to hold my tea service or wine.

  46. My favorite stitching spot is upstairs, in our “Nest”, by the 3 floor-to-ceiling windows. It gets a little cold by the windows, but it’s a great excuse to cozy up in a blanket. And the natural light is fantastic!!!

  47. My favorite place to embroider in winter is the baby room in my house. This is a room built for my son when he was 9 years old ( always my baby). It reminds me of where I learned to embroder on my Mother’s bed with lots of comforters on the bed. The difference now is the quilts and needlework is hung on the three walls making it cozy and it is warm at 5:30 AM , because it is an interior room. Cozy Cozy Cozy. 5:30 AM is my time to craft!

  48. My favorite winter stitching spot is by my living room window. I live on the Oregon coast and we get some spectacular storms in the winter. There is nothing in the world I like better then to sit in my comfy chair with my needle work and a hot cup of coffee and watch the storms roll in.

  49. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was as relaxing as you thought it would be. Thank you for the give-away! They are always exciting!

    My favorite stitching spot is on the sofa, under a throw blanket, in the same room as my husband while he watches TV. It’s comforting to be physically and psychologically cozy when it’s cold outside.

  50. My favourite stitching spot is in my glider rocker. I can put my feet up, have a cuppa alongside me and be surrounded by my tools and stitching supplies. If I chance to look westward I have a lovely view of the Rocky Mountains.

  51. Love your site–so many good ideas — also love to do Embroidery — ribbon , stump work & thread work– still do counted cross stitch & needle work on canvas.

  52. My favorite stitching spot is any where I can stitch, doesn’t matter, as long as I’m stitching!

  53. My favorite Winter stitch spot is in my Sun Room. I have many pretty plants in there and it looks out over our back yard where I feed the birds, there is also a fountain for the birds, I love to see them bathe and drink! If I had a fireplace, my favorite stitch spot would be in a comfortable chair in front of the fire in the winter, so to kind of get the same ambiance of the fireplace, I have one of those heaters that looks like a fire burning in a fireplace in the Sunroom in the winter, it’s a cozy beautiful place to stitch, and the birds are a bonus.

  54. These are so beautiful. Want to add ribbon embroidery to my CAN DO. My winter needlework will be in my BRAND NEW remodeled breezeway into a craft room/ needlework room. My wife is a gem.

  55. My favorite winter stitching spot is in our family room. It’s really my year round spot, but in winter when we have a fire going in the fireplace it’s especially cozy.

  56. I have for a while worked with Heaven and Earths design Stitchers retreat. I is very slow ongoing as there are many coulours in each row. Sometimes only one stitch and you have to change colour. I am certain though that it will be beatiful when it is finished sometime in the future.

  57. My favorite stitching spots are the same year round, both at home – living room and loft area but in reality any spot is fine as long as I have my needlework set up (project, magnifier and stand) with me!

  58. On the sofa in our living room by the south facing picture window in the morning with a cup of tea nearby.

  59. My stitching spot is sitting on my loveseat. I live alone in a small apartment, so I don’t have anywhere else I can stitch. The up side is that living alone, I can spread out all that I need to work on the current project and there’s no one to complain about what I do. I keep my projects in tote bags, so when I am finished for the evening, everything goes back in the bag. My living room has various size totes tucked away in almost every nook and cranny.

  60. My favorite stitching spot is my living room recliner. I have back issues and need to recline with my feet and sometimes my back in the recline position, so yes this is my best place. I also have a floor craft light over my chair so I can pull down and see my stitching better.
    If I had a dream spot, it would indeed be in a comfortable chair as this, with maybe a huge window behind me, and on both sides or lots of light where I could move it to my work for close up stitching. A nice warm sunny setting would be wonderful.

    I use to embroidery and cross stitch when I was a young girl, my grandmother taught me many years ago and since I have retired I have gotten back into it. I do like embroidery much better than cross stitch, but love when a project includes both. Just finished pillowcase dolls for granddaughters and an apron for my daughter for Christmas keepsakes. I have many future projects, ( Table cloths , runners, and such) planned for the rest of the winter. I am truly happy with your newsletter as it has such beautiful tips and projects to do. I find it very easy to follow and if I need to check a stitch better I can easily follow your links to stitch on your site.
    Thank you so much for this newsletter you have, and you take care of yourself. We unfortunate all thumbs stitchers need you badly.

  61. I love to cozy in the smallest room of my house that has one small window and half is filled with an air conditioner. It always seems so safe and cozy with an overhead candelabra and floor light. This is also my room when storms are about. Thanks for the chance!
    Love the felt purse by the way!

  62. During winter months I always sit in the corner of our sofa…..so comfy and the window is just behind my shoulder pouring light on my work.

  63. My favorite winter spot is in my rocking chair early in the morning when the sun is just right, with a cup of coffee and my little dog at my feet.

  64. My favorite spot would be a Timeshare at Eagle Crest in Oregon, for a week, inside in a comfy spot with snow outside and all my ‘responsibilities’ elsewhere. Just me, (hubby?) and a food source – feeling pampered so I could indulge myself at will AND needle to my hearts content. With your website for inspiration, and hopefully a kit from you for the bright spot in a lovely fulfilling winter vacation!

  65. Hi Mary,

    My favorite winter stitching spot is the same as my favorite spring/summer/fall stitching spot: my sewing room (I’m beginning to call it my “studio”). While there isn’t much natural light in that room, there’s plenty of daylight bulbs in it, and all my stitching paraphernalia within easy reach. It’s my “Happy Place”. Thanks for this great give-away opportunity!

    Sandra F. in NY

  66. Wow! I am excited for all the give aways! My favorite stitching spot is in the living room in front of Football games or Nascar races on the tv.

  67. My favorite stitching spot is in our sunroom. It has skylights and lots of windows so I can sit in my favorite chair and stitch away. I have never tried anything made with felt but I would love to learn. Di’s book is amazing! Thank you Mary.

  68. I love sitting in my rocking chair, near a window and a wood burning stove for n the winter time. Especially early in the morning or just before sunset. Thanks

  69. My year-round stitching spot is at the right end of the sofa. I have a magnifier lamp and other tools organized on the end table and coffee table so I can stitch while “watching” TV.

  70. I have a favorite morning spot for winter embroidery – my son’s room! He has his own place now, but I love the east facing windows, roomy chair with no arms to interfere , an ottoman, and a small tv/dvr that I can watch/listen to online needlework classes or a class on dvd… It’s the best!

  71. My ideal winter stitching spot would be a log cabin with a fireplace and a large window with a teriffic view and that lets in lots of natural light, and a very comfy chair.

  72. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my recliner not far from the wood stove where I can see and feel a warm fire. Over my right shoulder is my arts and crafts style floor lamp my husband recently made, and to my left (I’m left-handed) is a table with all the necessary stitching supplies and current projects. I could easily spend the whole day here.

  73. What a lovely exciting pre Christmas give-away series, it’s like a stitchers advent calendar. I’m afraid I’m greedy as I have two favourite stitching spots depending on the weather. If it is sunny but cold I like to sit in my conservatory which soon warms up in the sun and the light is really good, there I can see my garden as well as many birds who visit the bird tables whilst I happily stitch. On wet grey days I sit in by the fire, with good lighting nearby it is warm and cosy. As long as I can embroider I’m happy!

  74. I’m in the general vicinity of my favorite spot, which is near the fireplace and in the living room where the cat, the dog, and my daughter congregate. All I need is a new recliner because mine has seen better days, and all would be perfect. Well, better lighting wouldn’t go amiss either. My eyes have seen better days as well.

  75. My favorite stitching spot is in my chair next to the window where I can see the trees and birds and get natural light.

  76. I love stitching in winter in my comfy chair in front of the fireplace (usually binding the quilt on my lap). Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to try this technique.

  77. I have a comfortable chair in my craft room where the lighting is great and there is room for all my supplies. I can look out the window, listen to music or watch TV while I stitch.

  78. My winter stitching spot is on the living room loveseat with windows out to the trees behind my house. Sometimes I will indulge in a fire in the fireplace.

  79. I love to get myself planted on the settee in the bay window. My daylight lamp is behind the settee, my housebuns, Thornton and Poppy are usually beside the radiator in the bay window, and my pooch is beside me. We lost our beautiful lab cross, Molly, to illness in September, and have now adopted Rex, a german shepherd.

  80. My favorite stitching spot exists in the past—my childhood home. It was an 1990s farmhouse with plenty of sunlight, and I would work on embroidering stamped pillow cases while sitting in an old Morris chair.

  81. My favourite spot for stitching is a two seater sofa me at one end and my bits at the other end so I can get up when I want to but my stuff is still there ready to carry on when I come back with a window to gaze out of where I can see if it is cold and windy but I am lovely and warm

  82. Right now my favorite stitching place is on my sofa in front of my window of the front yard and with my dogs by my side. I watch the seasons evolve from spring through winter with squirrels and birds coming and going.

  83. My favorite place to sew is in my small home office. I am a beginner at embroidery, but what I have done so far inspires me to do more and more! That room is a fun mess and allows me the space and solitude to meditate with sewing. Thank you so much for this website!

  84. My favorite spot for hand sewing and stichery is my antique rocker mear the living room window,
    I find that my older eyes need brighter light to help with good stitching results and natural light
    is best for me. I recently attended a program about wool felting and would like to do more experminting with this, those kits are lovely and the book would make a marvelous addition to my
    collection. thank you for hosting this give away.

  85. My needlework spot is by the front window with the fire roaring, the radio on and a happy feeling inside. I’ve just started wet felting and would love to embellish pictures for family and friends at Christmas……….Thanks Mary….love your blog!

  86. My favorite stitching spot in winter is on the couch. I have a lamp over my shoulder and the cat on my lap. We stitch for hours together.

  87. Anywhere at the moment. I’ve had a broken wrist for seven weeks and can’t wait to get stitching again.

  88. I would love to stitch by the fire with dog in my lap and a cup of coffee and in my PJs. That would be my dream!

  89. How wonderful you put together a great Christmas giveaway, many thanks!
    My winter stitching spot is the same as my any day stitching spot. I live in NE FL so there is not much change from the view of the outside from my sun room. If I had a dream spot for winter, it would be in front of large glass windows overlooking the mountains and snow and a warm log fireplace. All things I have never experienced in my life. Thanks Mel

  90. My favorite winter stitching spot is my studio where, if needed, I can get up to get a new substitute thread for the project I am working on. Along side is a cup of hot cocoa and looking through the windows at the gently falling snow. Perfect. Inside nice and warm, stitching, and watching winter through the window.


  91. Right now, I’m dreaming of a favorite spot to winter stitch ( or anytime stitch). Since my husband and I downsized living quarters a while ago, I do not have a designated craft room. I miss having a spot where all my supplies and books are close by and in order. Hoping to upsize soon so I have my own stitching space again; meanwhile, a comfy chair and a good light near our fireplace will suffice for the interim. Gotta stitch! Thanx, Mary, for your great advice and giveaways.

  92. I put a small table and a chair by my window and that’s where I stitch in the Winter (all year, really). I get fairly good light at certain times in the day, and I look out over a river so it’s a very nice view.

    So excited about the holiday giveaways!!

  93. Hi Mary!

    My favorite stitching spot in the winter is the same all year round – I am lucky enough to have a craft room with decent lighting and a TV to watch Netflix on (or for my husband to play video games while he sits with me). I have a small antique couch, a coffee table, and a big tray to keep everything in (and quickly put away if needed). I have also trained my two cats to not take up lap space or play in my notions with a simple trick: a heated pet bed on the window seat, so they can also be a part of the action;)

    As always, thanks for the opportunity!

  94. I have to agree with Tina. A nice comfy chair with natural light and a peaceful view. Love falling snow, but don’t get to see much since moving to Arizona.

  95. My favourite spot for winter sewing is my sewing room, all nice and cosy! Having just completed a silk ribbon embroidery by Di I would love to win this book to have another go.

  96. My favorite winter stitching spot is in Florida! We leave the ice and snow of Pennyslvania and head to a tiny condo. I sit in my “Florida room,” a new concept for me, and look up at the birds flying across our little “lake.” In PA, it would be a pond, but the birds would be different. LOL

  97. I curl up in my recliner and as I stitch can look out across the valley to the beautiful Bitterroot mountains.

  98. In the winter, I love to stitch in “my chair”. It faces the Christmas tree with a bookshelf by my side. A cup of tea makes it feel warm and inviting.

  99. My favorite place to embroider is on the couch in front of the fire. My ideal place would be in a really comfy chair where I can be comfortable and maintain good posture so my back doesn’t get sore. I have not found that chair yet. Thank you for giving us so much inspiration Mary. I’m having fun with Octoberfest because I can do a little stitching every day and that gives me such peace.

  100. I only began embroidery a few months ago. Luckily I happened upon your tutorials on YouTube and here I am, subscribed to your newsletter, reading articles on your page daily, loving how you present your information, and now entering your generous giveaway!
    This is my first winter stitching. I currently dominate the corner of my livingroom couch with my craft. I would LOVE to have a room all to myself to stitch and create in. Plush, oversized furniture, walls of shelves, sturdy tables, and a desk full of well-organized supplies. Drool.
    That is my dream. But, for now, as a single person without children, my couch corner will have to do.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  101. My favorite cozy stitching spot is in my comfy chair with my Labradoodle(Annie) curled up on my ottoman …warming my feet! I have a great light, table with all my supplies within comfortable reach…BUT the Bonus is that I have a water view to watch all the Winter ducks swimming bye!…seagulls and spectacular Eagles….YES! I am GRATEFUL!

  102. My favorite place to stitch is my ‘nest’ where I do any hand work, winter and summer. I use one half of a love seat and half of an ottoman to be able to have my feet propped up. Because it is hard for me to pop up and down, I keep everything close by on the other side of the love seat and ottoman; my books, box of stitching items, snacks, pens and pencils, etc.

  103. My favorite spot for winter stitching is the same as my favorite summer spot, my living room, with one difference: a fire in the fireplace to toast my tootsies.

  104. I love to nest in my reclining chair with my lap-table in front of me and my magnifier light shining over my right hand side (I’m a leftie). I can keep everything handy while I work and just relax with the TV on in front, the cats on my legs and my work near at hand.

  105. My favorite stitch spot in the winter is in my living room with my little white dog curled up beside me and no where else to be but the present moment.

  106. I love to sit in my favorite comfy chair with my threads around me, near the window with the warm sun over my shoulder. Thanks Mary for an opportunity to look forward to your treat.

  107. Happy Holidays!!

    My favorite winter stitching place is a chair in the corner of my living room to the side of the fireplace. There is a window to my left where I have a view of the backyard and a side table to hold all my supplies. I’m like this spot because I’m with my family, enjoying the fire or listening to the goings on but don’t blind them with my stitching light. The kits are beautiful and I’d be excitedly at winning either of them.

  108. My favourite Winter stitching spot is on the sofa in my bay window in front of a roaring fire, usually with a cat on my lap,(which can make stitching more difficult, but he’s very warm).

  109. To tell the truth, when I am stitching I am so completely focused and in it that I don’t pay attention to anything else. But I do sit at my dining table most of the time. It’s right next to the big window that faces east, has a light directly over-head and is big and spacious. It’s the perfect spot and not just for the winter!!!

  110. I have a perfect spot all picked out (at least in my mind lol). It is a cozy corner by a beautiful window looking out at the pine trees. I’m sitting in an oversized chair covered in a gorgeous linen fabric just stitching the day away! Hmmm…I am almost there :o)

  111. My favorite spot for stitching is in my sunroom recliner facing my garden and beyond that a wooded area. TY for the chance to win this wonderful kit and book!

  112. My favorite spot to stitch in the winter is my recliner next to the patio door. In the winter it’s especially cozy because the sun streams in from about 11am until 3pm. The sun is so warm there’s no need for a sweater.
    In the evening, I have a table lamp on one side and an Ott Lite on the other. I get so immersed in my embroidery, I’ve fallen asleep with needle in hand and hoop in the other.
    I would love to add to my collection of books on stitching. I plan to embellish my next project with my second love : beads!

    Thank you for the chance to win these great giveaways!

  113. I usually go to the window in my apartment and set up a TV table and set to work with a cup of something hot. But to make it my dream place, I would add a cozy fire place and change my usual recorded books/lectures into listening to Christmasy music and stories/poetry.

  114. My favorite stop for stitching in the winter is in my sewing room which gets loads of sun light t keep we warm and think of spring or summer. Other times keeping my husband company the living room which also faces south and get the same amount of beautiful sun light and warmth.

  115. My favorite stitching spot is in front of the fireplace in my favorite chair with my feet on my ottoman and my dogs close by.

  116. I stitch at the same place, year long. I do enjoy having enough light that I can enjoy the process, so I sit at my table in my sewing room, with good light. This table looks out into my backyard which has alot of urban wildlife to watch. In winter I sometimes add a quilt over my shoulders as my stitching spot is in the basement.

  117. In my sewing room is an antique fainting couch. I sit on one end and have the rest of my sewing supplies right next to me on the rest of the couch. With a Dozer lamp on the other side, I’m a happy stitcher.

  118. My favourite stitching spot is at my desk which overlooks the gardens around my lanai. I am able to watch butterflies at my passion flowers and little lizards scooting around after bugs. It’s very inspirational when I am trying to make Stumpwork bugs. Lol.

  119. My winter stitching spot is the same as my summer, spring and fall one. I have a cozy couch with a work table and good light supplied by Ott bulbs. My big change in winter is to add a fleece cover for my legs and on really cold evenings a small space heater.

  120. Presently, I curl up in a corner of my couch. What I would really love, at this time of year, is a big comfy chair to curl up in by the patio doors in my kitchen, so I can stitch away with the natural morning light!

  121. Whatever the spot it has to be warm and my big wing chair next to the radiator and uplighter lamp is just perfect – now I just need the time to go with it. The book looks amazing and felting seems to be a huge thing lately so along with the embroidery on top it is perfect and just gives a project a new and different look. Again many thanks for the opportunity of having this book.
    Fond wishes

  122. My favorite stitching spot is my usual rocking chair with stand, but placed so it looks out the window at eitheresnow falling (ideal) or birds at the feeder (more common).

  123. I have a lovely stitching spot in my dining room. It’s next to a large window overlooking our gardens in the back yard and I have a lovely view of our front yard gardens and street from there too. It’s a calming park like setting.
    I have a basket with the current projects, a superb magnifier lamp, needlework frame and a music stand to hold my patterns. It’s a set up that works for me.
    And occasionally we even eat in the dining room!

  124. Very exciting. The purse would be my choice. So sweet. Favorite spot to stitch is on sofa with front window to my back. The natural light is great there.

  125. My favorite stitching spot is my cozy arm chair while a good movie is on the T.V. I would say with a fire in the fireplace but I do not have a fireplace, unfortunately. This has always been my favorite stitching spot.
    Thank you for this great giveaway! Have a great Holiday Season!

  126. I always sit on the end of my couch underneath the tall floor lamp. With a cup of tea or coffee beside me. I can prop my needle book on the arm of the couch. It works for me!

  127. I stitch at my kitchen counter, not exactly my favorite, but it works well with my very-interested-in-everything-I-do slobbery dog at my feet (better than having his head on my lap).

  128. In love with everything about that sparrow; and would enjoy combining all of those arts ( felting, embroidery, ribbon work) in my swivel chair next to the fireplace with my frame stand and light at the ready!

  129. I love to cozy up on my bed and stitch while watching a movie. It’s very relaxing.
    I love the idea of silk ribbon embroidery and have always wanted to try it. Oh the beauty you could create!

  130. The morning sun shines on my comfy chair. This is where I sit and embroider. The combination of felted wool and silk embroidery sounds so enticing and inviting. What fun this will be during the long Winter months.

  131. What wonderful gifts! Thanks for the chance! My favorite winter stitching spot is in the living room, next to my Ott floor lamp, on the couch, usually with a blanket on my lap and the electric fireplace going.

    Mary In Billerica

  132. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in my big comfy chair in the living room. I have a trunk full of notions, threads, and books, which sits in front of the chair, and under the window. I can look out to see the snow falling on the side yard. I sit and listen to a favorite movie on my DVD player. The player is on the end table to my left so that I can reach it easily. I also have a great lamp with a day time bulb that bends over my work tray. The “work tray” is a well used tv tray, but is the perfect height for this particular chair. This way I can still be in the midst of the house rather than off by myself in the sewing room (although I do go there too if I need some quiet down time to stitch).

  133. Where I choose to stitch most often is the corner of the sofa in the living room. It is the quietest place with a soft seat and good light. If I were to create a dream location it would have a padded, armless rocking chair next to a fireplace and a window to watch the snow falling when I rest my eyes.
    P.S. Thank you, Mary, for all you share

  134. My perfect winter spot is my corner of the couch with a fire to take the chill out of the room. My light and supplies are positioned perfect, and a hot beverage is near.

  135. So far my winter stitching spot is in front of my computer in what should be our dining room, but is really my office. There are two big windows for lots of light, I can listen to podcasts or watch a movie and I’m still in the middle of the family action in case my kids need help with anything. My dream stitching spot would be essentially the same thing, I’d like to add on a greenhouse room to the back of our house 😀

    Thank you Mary for doing this fun giveaway series again this year! XOXO

  136. I have one favorite stitching spot regardless of the season and that is my orange velveteen rolled arm chair. Why? B.ecause it’s snug and it’s near a vent so it’s warm in winter and cool in summer. I can also watch TV from this chair and because of constant use I have my stitching essentials tucked in a storage ottoman, a fabric storage cube and various bags the tuck away behind and to the far side of the chair. Also, there is the lighting. There is a window on my left, a small lamp with a beaded shade to my left that I can move very close when needed and a floor lamp with a 3 way bulb to my right and slightly behind the chair. It has a firm but comfortable seat and it’s on the small side so that it “hugs” me. And the velveteen fabric is a great place to “park” a needle if I’m careful. Whenever I sit in it and pick up a project I am whisked away to my own little paradise.

  137. So excited. Would love to win of your many give aways. When I started a job a while back, this lady was doing cross stitch and got me hooked. We would meet every Tuesday at lunch time to do “our thing”. Even though I am retired, I still do my stitching. I usually stitch in my “girl’s room” with my light and my projects. This is where I stitch usually warm weather or cold. Sometimes will take a project out on the deck during nice weather. Hope I am one of the lucky ones.

  138. I sit in my red Lazy-Boy, facing my sliding glass doors, with my Ott light and my many WIPs all around. Very comfy! What fun to dream about what I might win. Thanks, Mary.

  139. OOOOH. Definitely in my studio because it has lots of windows to allow every little bit of winter sunlight in!

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  140. My favorite stitching spot is sitting in my easy chair in the living room with my feet up while listening to music or half-way watching TV.

  141. We have a fireplace in our home that my husband finished with some beautiful slate tiles, and a cozy couch, that’s my favorite spot to stitch. And I’m super excited about this giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try silk ribbon stitching for years!

  142. My favorite winter stitching place is in the comfy chair in the condo we rent on Maui Hawaii. With the sound of the waves crashing it’s the perfect afternoon activity to get out of the midday heat.

  143. My dream stitching spot is in a room with many windows for natural light and because I love old houses, I’ll probably need a gas fireplace to keep warm.

  144. I love working on all types of needlework in my studio. I spend most of my day there.
    Regina Edmiston

  145. Oh, what fun to have this again this year….I enjoyed reading comments from other stitchers last year. I live in sunny Arizona so stitching summer or winter is much the same…..only air conditioner vs furnace. I would love to be in a snowy place for a week to stitch by a window looking out over snow that someone else shovels. Heavenly. Thanks again Mary for this treat……love the prizes listed today. Merry Christmas!

  146. Thanks so much for doing this. I love to stitch on winter mornings wrapped up in my wool blanket and watching the sun come up

  147. “Up to the housetop click, click, click!” It is like Christmas every time I go up the slightly winding stairs to my cozy loft. The northern light streaming through the window lights up the wood furniture and walls making it feel like I have traveled “up North” to a cabin in the woods. The first thing I see is two chairs, one for me and one for a friend. All along one wall are bookshelves that embrace my library of books, each one like a present ready to be opened and explored. I have rows of boxes that contain every thing I need to make any stitching project I desire – fabric, thread and all the little tools of the trade. Santa has been good to me over the years as there are lights with magnifiers, a sewing machine and a large workspace with enough room to work on several projects. I always have one in progress and one ready for my grand-daughter when she visits. There is music and movies to keep me company when I am alone and there is that chair for a friend.

  148. On my overstuffed sofa with a warm blanket and my dog beside me. I usually have a hot drink nearby as well.

  149. My favorite stitching spot is a couch… especially while watching tv. It’s bad for my back though so I only do this rarely!

  150. I love to sit in my rocker in the sunlight snuggled with a soft blanket and my crackling fireplace app in an small alcove I’ve turned into my little cozy spot.

  151. I love stitching with my 3 friends. We get together every Thursday where we share news, ideas and current projects. We help and encourage each other, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s wonderful sharing time with people who appreciate your talents and whose talents you enjoy!

  152. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill of the art of hand embroidery. You are so uniquely gifted in the art!

  153. My favorite place is very special, a comfy chase lounge, my legs stretched out and
    All supplies close at hand. I’m listening to a book on tape. The sun is out and I am looking outside, and stitching. I love it so much, quiet and peaceful.

  154. Hello! And Happy Holidays!!! My favorite stitching spot in my comfy red cushioned chair in my craft room with my lamp and supplies near by.
    I’m so glad kits are offered Di’s website. It sure saves a lot of time searching for just the right materials.
    Thank you for the holiday give-aways!!!

  155. When I lived in North Carolina, I loved stitching on my front porch. Now that I am in FLA. I do most of my hand stitching at the kitchen table. Good light and plenty of room.

  156. Hello Mary! I was thankful to read that you are doing so well; I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving! I find it hard to believe that Christmas is now knocking on the door, despite the abundance of decorations and things already in the stores!
    My winter stitching spot is primarily in my Lazy Boy recliner, while watching TV in the evening. I have my standing Ott light set up beside it to provide adequate lighting and my embroidery bag is always close by! I have a new chair this year as the previous chair was just getting too hard to get out of! The new chair is nice and firm and provides a comfortable stitching spot! And, our pellet stove is not far away, providing warmth for my endeavors.

  157. My favorite place to stitch in winter is my comfy blue chair in my den with a cozy quilt, an old movie on tv and hot cocoa with marshmallows beside me. Sue

  158. I love stitching my cares away in my “woman cave”, although my son informs me women don’t have caves; they have parlors and if you put them in a cave, they turn it into a parlor. So, my “women cave” is now called the fiber arts room. Actually, it subs as a guest bedroom and TV room, but the walls are covered with fiber arts, the warm sun pours in and smiles benevolently on my work, and I can shut the door if the world is annoying me. It’s perfect in every season!

  159. My favorite spot to stitch is in my sewing room, the window is behind the table and I can see out to the back yard and watch the deer grazing when I pause to rest my hands.

  160. We will be moving from PA to VA to a house on a cul-de-sac. It backs up to a wooded ravine where cows come down from the farm to meander and graze. I’ll start the fireplace, make a cup of tea, and stitch, stitch, stitch. I will take time to stretch and do rest breaks for my eyes by watching the birds, squirrels, and maybe cows. Snow gently falling would complete the picture.

  161. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is next to a large window overlooking a lake. I enjoy watching birds and other creatures as they stop for a drink.

  162. I sit on my couch in front of the tv and listen to my audiobook and in front of the wood stove. I love ribbon embroider. I hope I win.

  163. I love, love, love ribbon embroidery. Never even thought of using it on felt – great idea. I can see myself now seated in my lovely, comfy chair working on that kit and occasionally gazing out my window which, since I live in the warmer climes of the USA, will not include snow but often has beautiful sunsets. Thank you Mary for your every day inspiration!

  164. My favourite stitching spot in winter isports an easy chair in my lounge . It is in a spot that catches the sun and neXT to a large work table. My husband has set me up with frames, both floor and table, and I have ample space for all my bits and pieces. I listen to golden oldies on the radio, and spend many happy hours stitching.

  165. I’m super new and just learning. Mary’s website is fantastic and her tutorials are great especially for a beginner like me.

  166. I love to sit and stitch with my husband on our love seat while we watch TV. We are 75 years old and still in love. We love your site and all the offers and I am thankful for all you have taught me. Betty Jarrell

  167. My favorite stitching spot is in my retro wingback chair in my living room. I have a standing lamp with GREAT lighting. The chair is very comfortable and being in the living room allows me to be with the rest of the family (my husband, cat and two Brittany puppies). I get to do what I love with the people/animals I love!

  168. Fav spot for winter stitching is a love seat in front of southern exposure window watching wild life here on the So. Oregon coast.

  169. Who wouldn’t want to do any of Di’s projects. Her work is lovely… she is one of the BEST out in the stitching world.

  170. My favourite winter stitching spot is in my family room. It has good light and a great fireplace.That and a large pot of tea is all I need!

  171. Winter, deep in the heart of breath-taking cold and cryatalline snow, means I stitch in the bay window with super-solar brightness and with the warmth of the fire nearby! I like to listen to wonderful, project appropriate music or a podcast for some intellectual stimulation when the stitching is by rote. It is myfavourite time of year to stitch because I think of hearth and home when the fire is on!

  172. We live on 53 acres of woodlands near the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Our house has a large bay window in the dining room. That is my favorite place to stitch in the winter. It faces due south so is warm and quite well lit. The bird feeders hang just out side the window and attract many birds. The wood burning stove is close, in the living room and the thing is cozy and warm and inviting.

  173. My favourite winter sewingspot is in a large comfortable armchair by the log fire, with a good light and and a large mug of tea!

    By the way, thanks for all the trouble you take over your site: I learn so much!

  174. My favorite spot is the corner of my couch in the wee hours of the morning when it’s quiet, no one is stirring so it’s just me doing what I enjoy without interruptions.

  175. My favorite winter stitching spot is on the far left of my sofa in the living room. I have a bright OTT light with a magnifying glass just to the left and a nice indentation in the seat cushion from hours of happy stitching!

  176. Favoutite stitching spot is a big soft loveseat with a light overhead. I usually have an audio book on and can get lost in the story and stitching for hours.

  177. My favorite stitching spot is by the front window in my tv room. Normally I stitch in the evening but the other day I was stitching in the morning and it was unbelievable how much better that sunshine light was for seeing than my normal evening light.

  178. My favorite winter stitching spot is right on the corner of the couch in our living room, with the lamp next to me. I love to stitch while talking with family, or watching TV, or even just contemplating. Thank you for this wonderful give-away.

  179. My favourite winter stitching spot depends on the time of day; morning in my north-facing sewing room, afternoon in my south-facing conservatory and evening in my living room in front of the fire – all within easy reach of my books and with a huge cup of tea!

  180. My favourite place to stitch in winter is by the fire with a good daylight lamp just over my shoulder with a C.D. or the radio playing.

  181. I love Di’s items. I have her books but have never worked one of her projects. And now – in felt! Love it.

    My favorite place to stitch in winter? Wherever I am and can look out the windows.

  182. Hi Mary, thanks for the Christmas treat. I love to curl up in my chair under a blanket, stitching in hand, with a good British drama on TV, or a good podcast to listen to. Chores are done, dinners in the works, ahh….

  183. Our glassed sun room is my favorite needlework “construction site”. All year round I get tons of natural light… and the added benefit of watching the snow fall- into the back yard w no need to rush out to shovel! Birds are feeding, just a lovely and grand place to ‘build’ stitch by stitch my next memory maker!!!

  184. I have a cozy chair in the corner of the family room my favorite place. Love silk ribbon would love an opportunity to win and explore this book.

  185. Hi Mary

    Thank you for all you do to promote stitching!

    My favorite winter stitching place is in my recliner in the family room with the gas log roaring. My chair is next to the south window where the low winter sun streams in and warms me and provides great light. I am joined by my kitty Nora who sits upon the top of the recliner basking in the sun and watching every stitching movement with rapt attention. I have this great stand that strattles my recliner holding my scroll frame and before I know it I have stitched away for hours……sheer heaven

  186. We live in the mountains of Switzerland, and so my favourite stitching spot in winter has to be by our log burner, looking out at the snow-laden pine trees for inspiration…or just daydreaming, which I tend to do too much of…!

  187. My favorite spot to stitch is in my studio. I have a wicker chaise with cozy pillows and a good lamp to stitch by. I put on my favorite Cd and listen to lovely music while I stitch.

  188. My favorite spot is on the sofa in my south-facing living room with my super-cuddly furry Barbet beside me!

  189. My favorite stitching spot is in my craft room. It is almost perfect. A better chair and better light would be nice, but I’m happy with what I have. Well, one of the kits would be nice. I already bought the book, so if I win, you could draw a bonus name for the book.

  190. Giveaways are such fun! What a neat way to usher in Christmas!
    My favorite stitching spot is in my big recliner, in front of the fireplace, with either a good movie, my favorite music, or an audio book playing, and a cup of tea next to me. My current project is Carolyn Pearce’s “Home Sweet Home – an Embroidered Workbox” [you didn’t ask what I’m working on, but I thought I’d share anyway 🙂 ].

  191. I admire ribbon embroidery and love working with wool, even though I live in a warm area of the country. These projects look like just the thing for winter in South Georgia! I usually stitch on the chaise in my library, with the gas fire on low and a cup of coffee close at hand–my retreat from the woes of the outside world.

  192. I am searching for the perfect chair/loveseat that I can sit in that supports my back upright and allows my short legs to reach the floor. ahhhhh, a difficult thing to find! In the meantime, I use an old wooden office chair and sit by the dining table.

  193. I love to stitch in my sunroom during the winter. I get a cup of coffee and start stitching. I give my eyes a break by looking out to watch the birds and squirrels busy eating at the feeders.

  194. I have a chair that I love with my light and sewing box right by my side. I can check out the TV or not.

  195. I have a sewing room upstairs. There are a good number of windows so I get a lot of natural light. I like being able to see out over the neighborhood and the trees while I stitch. I have a favorite snuggly quilt and I am content for hours sitting on that sofa with my stitching and tea or coffee on a table nearby. Thank you for doing the Christmas Giveaway again this year!

  196. My favourite place to stitch is in a corner of the kitchen, a space left when remodeling our home in which we placed a Lazy Boy chair in front of the window. I have my table with containers of projects, and yarn at my finger tips, as well as an Ott light for those dreary winter days. Can’t get better than that.

  197. My favorite spot for winter stitching is in an upholstered rocking chair in the bay window with a good light in front of a fire. Also with good music playing.

  198. My favorite spot to stitch in the winter is over a heat vent that is next to a huge window in our living room. My toes are toasty and the clear natural light is coming in over my left shoulder. My old eyes can see color perfectly, I am snuggly warm and doing what I love most, stitching.

  199. Living on the Pacific west coast has it’s challenges in the winter. It is dark, grey and overcast even though it can be so green with all the rain. Whenever I sit down to stitch in this location, I think of my favourite spot to stitch in the winter and that would be on the prairies where the sun shines brightly and makes the ice crystals in the air sparkle. The sun pours through the window and when you sit with it on your back, it gives you so much light and warms you wonderfully! It is glorious!!!

  200. My favourite stitching spot in the winter is in my comfy chair in the motor home with the window wide open to let the natural light in . We winter in Hemet CA. On rainy cool days I join the ladies in the sewing room.

  201. My favorite winter stitching spot is in front of the fireplace. Where else when it’s cold and snowy? And of course there’s never a cat far away, usually on my lap making my stitching a challenge! I don’t think I’ve ever made a project that didn’t have cat fur mixed in. But I look forward to the winter when the outside chores are done and there is time to just sit and stitch the afternoon away.

  202. A few years ago I downsized into a small cottage in a retirement community. There is a space with great natural light that I use for daytime stitching. At night I nestle into the sofa corner across from the TV. Currently I am stitching an EGA blackwork piece I began some time ago. I amazed myself with the creative ways I found to store as much of my stash as possible in the small space.

  203. My favorite winter stitching spot is my second story bedroom/workroom; I have a long birch table set perpendicular to a window seat nook overlooking the woods in front of my house where I can sit and watch the nuthatches and tree creepers climb up and down the trees.

  204. I have done some needlefelting but not made wet felt. Would love to try embroidery on felt.

    We have very mild winters here but dark evenings are great for stitching, with my feet up in front of the log fire with lamp, magnfier and frame, what could be better!

  205. My favorite spot whenever I am hand stitching is my recliner under my Ottlite! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  206. I have a nice little spot for stitching in an armchair in my bedroom. But the key word is little! The chair is comfy enough, and I have a nice OttLite lamp that my FIL gave me, but I don’t have enough room to properly store supplies and stash. I have my things in a bookcase nearby, and some fabric in the closet, and that will need to do until I can really arrange things better. So it’s a semi dream spot for now. I’d love to be making my first silk ribbon project in this chair if I win the drawing!

  207. My favorite winter stitching spot is in front of a roaring fire (and my husband makes them roar!) with hot cocoa at my side.
    Thank you for the give away!

  208. My favorite spot is the coach in that looks into the backyard. I live in a climate that allows me to enjoy looking at greenery all year and it is wonderful to see my plants from the nice warm living room while stitching.

  209. My favourite spot for stitching is my conservatory. Luckily it is south facing so even in Winter it can be a warm cosy space. The light is good. My stitching companions also join me most days Honey and Beth my two cats. Thanks Mary for your kind generosity

  210. My indoor stitching spot is in my stitching room on the SW corner of my condo. It has a closet for storage of supplies and a four drawer file for holding patterns and miscellaneous items. There are two comfortable chairs, lamps and television. It is a cozy spot to sit and stitch.

  211. My favourite stitching spot, any time of year, is beside the sliding doors because that’s where I can get as much daylight as possible. Its a little chilly in the winter, even with the plastic over it, but I just wrap a quilt around my legs and I’m good to go

  212. Describe your favorite stitching spot during the winter! If you are not absolutely in love with your winter stitching spot, feel free to describe your “dream spot” for winter stitching!
    At my EGA chapters annual ReTreat, with about 100 other stitchers

  213. If I only had hand stitching to do, I would love to do it in front of a big picture window in a home in the mountains of Colorado, looking out at the snow and the trees but being cozy inside – opposite of where I am in the flat area of Southeast Texas with no snow or mountains!

  214. My favorite winter stitching spot is at the table in the bay window in our library. It is quite sunny during the day and affords a beautiful view of the fire in the fireplace in the evening.

  215. My favorite stitching spot is my comfortable chair in front of the window with a cup of hot tea and the kitty in my lap.

  216. My favorite stitching spot is on my sofa with my floor frame and my floor Ottlite in front of the television.

  217. The best place to embroider is my wonderful, comfortable blue armchair, with herbal tea on the table on the right. In the winter, I might have to add a nice throw.
    The best time to embroider is….always!

  218. Hi! Judy from Kansas here! I love to stitch in my favorite chair by the fireplace in my beautiful living room sitting close to my husband of 45 years! Perfection!!

  219. My favorite stitching spot is sitting in my old comfy chair by my living room window .
    I can see the birds at the bird feeder when I need to rest my eyes.

  220. My favorite stitching spot is a corner on the couch with the stitching supplies and tools for several projects beside me. It’s warm and comfortable. I have my overhead light placed just so and my lighted magnifying stand just behind within reach. I have natural light from two windows for day stitching with a view of our yard to watch any critters that are there. With “my spot” being on one corner of the couch there is room for one of our Grandchildren to sit next to me and “help” me stitch. I place the needle and they do they pulling. We all enjoy “our” cozy stitching spot.

  221. Nothing like stitching in the early morning hours (I prefer it still dark outside) in front of a roaring fireplace, sipping from a cup of cinnamon-flavored coffee. Frankly, I resent when the sun comes up and the magic of the dawn becomes the reality of the day. Thank you for your hard work on your blog. I read it faithfully and you never cease to inspire me. ml

  222. My favorite stitching spot in the winter time or any other time is in my recliner with a little min-pin buddy beside me, my magnifier light in place, a cup of hot tea and a Netflix series running in the background. Perfect day. Thanks so much for arranging such a fun gift- along. Happy holidays to all.

  223. Here in Ohio our winters are characterized by gray skies most of the time. A sunny day is a rare commodity and a gift from Mother Nature so I have to be sitting next to my glass patio doors to absorb and benefit from all the lovely light. At Christmastime, it’s also in the same room where our tree resides which is also very important to me.
    Thanks for the give-away.

  224. My ideal winter stitching spot is snug and warn in the mountains or warm and sunny at the beach – you see, I live in Southern California and could be in either place quite quickly.

  225. My winter stitching spot is the same as my summer spot — I spend every Tuesday sitting with two of my best friends at our favorite quilt shop — QuiltWorks in Houston, Texas. We work on whatever we like, chat away and thoroughly enjoy our day of togetherness as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere at that shop.

  226. My favorite stitching place is in the sewing studio on the 3rd floor of our home. It’s a finished room in the attic. I am surrounded by lots of vintage sewing items and have a big comfy chair. I listen to my favorite tunes or watch a good Hallmark movie while stitching. Thanks for a chance to win.

  227. I love to stitch at a small table near my living room window, which looks out onto a lovely park, a big blue river and cities clustered on the river’s other side, and also lets me see the bigness of the sky. Feeling thankful!

  228. Greetings of the season and beyond,

    Mostly I stitch wherever/whenever I have an opportunity, including while waiting to be seen at the frequent doctor appointments for my husband. Keeps me calm and sated with color. This message is a request, not an entry for the lovely ribbon book.

    After hearing of your “addiction” to the little Christmas trees, I wondered if perhaps one or more, or at least the patterns, might be included in this round of giveaways. That one I would enter as often as possible. 🙂 The ones you showed looked fun and easy enough for those of us who are neither so advanced nor so daring.

    Your emails always brighten my inbox. Thank you.

  229. My winter stitching spot is a recliner in the living room. There is a slight draft to the left of the chair which reminds me that it is winter! I keep a soft blanket handy to drape on my left shoulder to solve that problem since I can’t seem to fix the draft!

  230. I would love to learn ribbon embroidery! Winning a book would be a great start! I love reading your website. Thanks for the opportunity!

  231. My favorite stitching spot is in my new sewing studio in my comfy chair wrapped up in my favorite quilt watching a good movie. It is my happy place. The sparrow on that purse makes me smile and I would love to make it.

  232. My favorite spot to stitch is an old rocker recliner that sits in front of a window next to the fireplace. Even without a fire it’s a comfortable seat with a little table for my things and a cup of coffee.

  233. My favorite spot is not so much a physical location as a free time location. “I love the one I’m with”-sometimes in the car, other times in the doctor’s office, or on the couch.

  234. My favorite stitching spot – my recliner in my living room. I have a Stella floor lamp there, and of course the TV! I set up everything at my dining room table, then off to my favorite chair. Winning one of the kits would be fun; I have recently learned how to do some ribbon embroidery.
    More importantly, read your update. I’m so glad; know am out here thinking and praying for your continued health.

  235. My favorite spots is the window overlooking the ravine with a cup of coffee and a cookie.

  236. Ah, this is an easy one. I live in a very old house whose only heat is a wood stove in the kitchen. Since not all my work can be done next to the stove I get cold and have to come sit in my rocker next to the stove where my needle work is conveniently waiting.

  237. My favorite spot is my living room with huge windows which give me great light and I can also gaze out when taking a break from stitching.

  238. I love to stitch in the living room in front of the fireplace with a kitty on my lap. Makes it harder to keep my work free of cat hair, but it’s very cozy

  239. Tucked in the corner of my couch, blanket over my lap, dog curled up against me and a book on tape playing. Heaven!

  240. I have only played with ribbon embroidery but would love to learn more it always looks so feminine.

  241. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in my craft room. I have a lazy boy chair set up in front of the tv and I just forget about everything else but having fun.

  242. You create the most beautiful, intricate embroidery I have ever seen. Ribbon embroidery is something I have always wanted to do and winning one of these beautiful kits would put me over the moon.

  243. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my living room. I have a wing back chair, victorian antique side table with a four drawer spool cabnate on top. I keep my millinium frame and stand by my chair along with the project I am stitching. There is a large window behind me on the right helping with light during the day. At night we pull the shade and use the Ott light. This spot is the only place i stitch.

  244. My favorite stitching spot? Anywhere where my stitching buddies choose to meet, usually at someone’s house. In my house, I love my little stitching studio.

  245. My dream spot for hand work in the winter would be a cozy window seat so I could look out on the winter scene.

  246. My favourite stitching spot in the winter is curled up on a sofa in my rec room with the wood stove all aglow with the firewood we brought into the garage in the fall.

  247. I work in my studio with north facing windows and lots of natural light, although in the winter that light fades pretty early in the day. Outside the birds are busy at the feeder and in the heated bird bath.

  248. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for the Give Aways – I always love them…even though I have never won! 🙂
    My favorite stitching spot is on the couch by the lamp light. I might have a Christmas movie on and some coffee by my side. I am still quite a beginner, but I am slowly, but surely making my way through a sampler.

    Thanks again!

    Leslie Callaway from Lewisville, Texas

  249. My favorite stitching spot would be Venice, Italy. Such a beautiful place would surely be inspiring seeing all the gorgeous antiques and embroidery pieces in the museums.

  250. I have always wanted to learn both ribbon embroidery and felting. I see so many beautiful items online and would love to try both during our long cold winter here.

  251. My very favorite is at my UFO get together where I can chat with friends while I’m stitching. I seem to get more done when I’m stitching with friends. At home, I stitch while sitting in “my” chair watching TV snuggled under my electric throw. I would love to own a cabin in the mountains where I could sit in a comfy chair, by a window, watching the snow fall while I stitched.

  252. A dream place, in my view…
    Winter stitching in a small enclosed porch with many glass windows letting the sunlight in. A comfortable chair to cradle my body. The dog bed, at my side with its big embroidered pillow, holds my pet. Through the windows are gardens that still look majestic, even sprinkled in snow. A path of broken china glistens, inviting us for walks outdoors. Beyond are fields with livestock on the neighbors’ farm. My eyes rejoice as my stitches mount here. Inside it is warm, insulation is appreciated.

  253. My favourite winter stitching spot is in my bedroom. It’s my year round favourite stitching spot as I tend to “stitch” late at night.

  254. My favorite stitching spot would be in front of a fireplace, with puppies at my feet, a soft warm blanket and a nice mug of spiced cider!

  255. I’m pretty new to this site, and I’m loving it! I’m nowhere near the level of the work here, but I dream. My favorite stitching spot is on the lanai at our winter home. I’m a lucky snowbird!

  256. Hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I usually stitch in the same spot winter and summer, but in the winter I turn on the gas fireplace to warm up the great room in our New Mexico adobe home. I love your blog and have been a follower for some time.
    I was happy to hear that you are doing well. Diana

  257. I do not have my favorite stitching spot yet (I hope to have it one day). At the moment I mostly stitch near the table. It is because I am stitching orthodox icon and our teacher taught us to stitch it in the way, that we put one corner of the frame on the table, put something heavier on it (stone, book or something similar) and we stitch the other part. If I stitch something else, sometimes I go to another room and stitch before the TV (as often as once a week or once every two weeks, or something like that). Sometimes I even stitch something small laying in the bed (if it is Sunday morning and I am too lazy to get up as soon as I wake up, because normally I wake up quite early). So I stitch everywhere and each room has its own project.

  258. My favorite stitching spot is in my sewing room. It is cozy and all my supplies are close at hand as I tend to change my mind in the middle of a project. I set up my iPad and watch my favorite shows, which is currently Midsomer Murders, but there are many still waiting. My kitties are usually snoozing close by and all is right with my little piece of the world.

  259. My favorite stitching spot is the cozy stitching corner in my bedroom. I have my frame set up, a comfy recliner, a table for my stitching supplies and a pot of tea, and a soft lap blanket. Next to it is a big pile of soft blankets that my cat likes to sleep on, he is next to me and I can reach down and pet him anytime I want to.

    I can comfortably sit for hours and stitch listening to the rain hit the deck roof behind me, sip tea, listen to Lemur purr or snore his soft little kitty snores, stitch and let the stresses of the world just disappear.

  260. I love to stitch on my sofa with a rip-roaring fire in the fireplace and a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie in the DVD player. I don’t need to watch the movie because I know all 10 of them so well and can recite the lines for any of them, but stitching with the music in the background is energizing and keeps me in the “zone.”

  261. My favorite stitching spot is on the couch, in the living room, in the house, in the city where I live (Tucson, AZ). I’m addicted to stitching while I watch TV in the evenings — can’t stand having idle hands (you know what they say about that!) so I like to keep myself busy. It also justifies sitting in front of the TV and binging out because I’m not (really) wasting time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  262. My favorite spot to stitch in the winter is in my comfy chair in front of the fire. If I had a nice view it would be in front of the window. Thanks

  263. My favorite stitching spot is in my studio where I can watch the rain or snow fall in winter, and the forest creatures that wander through for a winter visit. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities.

  264. I have a southern exposure in my living room. I follow the sun around, moving with it as it goes over the sky. So…my favorite stitching place is in the sun!

  265. In the winter my favorite stitching spot is on the couch in my living room right next to the heater. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing a series of give aways . I hope your Thank giving was pleasant and thank you for posting articles almost every day.

  266. My. Favorite stitching spot is in my pink stitching chair looking out my patio window. I’m surrounded by everything I need to do my stitching.

  267. Hello Mary;
    My favorite spot for embroidery in the winter is in my comfortable chair under a full spectrum light right next to the wood stove which has a glass door so the flames are visible. Next to me is a table with all my stitching supplies for the project I am working on. If it is really cold, I have an afghan under which to snuggle. Sometimes my cat curls up on my lap which is usually ok except it has bitten through my embroidery thread.

  268. I sew in a big chair next to the fireplace. I am a relatively new stitcher but love it and have become addicted. I love the information I get from your emails and have used the website to help me often. I also refer others to your website for help. Thanks for being there

  269. I usually do all of my sewing in my sewing room where all my supplies are. Some times I will kit it up and take it to my Sit and Sew group….which is really my favorite place. There we can solve the troubles of the world (we wish).

  270. I have a favorite chair in the family room where I like to stitch. I can watch the TV and watch the fire in the wood stove in the kitchen. There is also a large window in the family room that I can see outside to see if any animals are wandering about while I stitch. Thanks

  271. My usual winter stitching spot is the same as my usual stitching spot, but in the winter I need extra light.

  272. My bedroom has a bay window with a rocking chair that looks out to the back half of the small lake I live on. This makes a natural-light filled spot to work on detailed needlework in the winter. There are also two Ott lights for those very gloomy days!

  273. My favorite place to stitch in the winter is by the fire in my living room.
    I am so excited about this. My grandson has worked with felting and silk ribbon embroidery so we can do some projects together Thanks for having these fun giveaways!

  274. I absolutely love silk ribbon embroidery, but need to learn more. My favorite place to sew in the winter time? I love to sew year round in my sewing room, but in the winter I thoroughly love handwork in my living room with a fire in the fireplace going and a nice dinner in the crockpot.


  275. I’ll stitch anywhere but my most comfy place is my bed, pillows piled behind me, threads and fabrics strewn around me with my granddog snoozing under his favorite blanket beside me and a good Netflix series to binge.

  276. Wow! What a great giveaway. My dream place for stitching in the wintertime would be in a cozy room with expansive windows where I could watch the snow flurries. And there would be at least one bird feeder in view where I could observe them as the fed during the snow.

  277. Favorite spot for stitching in the winter is the same as for any other time of year- my chair in the living room. I have a large slider to the left of it so the light is good, especially in winter when the light is loser and streams in directly on my hand work, and in the winter, it’s conveniently right in front of the wood stove!

  278. Since I live in florida I love sitting outside when we finally get some cool weather. Which is not a whole lot. Love the feeling of a little fall in the Air. Thank you for the giveaway so exciting.

  279. I have two places to stitch. The first is a chair I bought that specifically fits me. My light to sew by is next to it as well as a tiered table to hold supplies. The other spot is a comfy La-Z-Boy recliner with wide arms next to a window where there is great natural light.

  280. My sewing room is warm, well lit and comfortably meets all my needlework needs in this northern city where winter takes up 5 months and temperatures are often in the -20c range. Of course a gorgeous balcony perched on a cliff overlooking the Cinque Terra coast, in Italy, would be exquisite!

  281. Hi Mary My favourite spot is in my comfy chair by the French windows of our lounge. From there I can look out over the village and down the valley. So I have my sewing to enjoy and when my eyes need a rest I can look at our beautiful view, ahh.

  282. My stitching corner is my needlepoint chair that is by the window looking out into my backyard. I have set it where I have a table with drawers so I have everything close by and can be in stitching paradise looking out watching the birds. What makes it better is listening to instrumental music as I do this. This perfect place brings out the best in my stitching.

  283. I am really quite excited to once again stitch for Christmas. Usually I am working on a large stitch piece using both machine and hand. To work on something small for a special holiday gift gives me something warm and wonderful to make for my favorite family holiday.

  284. My favourite place to stitch is on the end of the couch closest to the woodstove with at least three cats taking up the rest of the room.

  285. My favourite spot would be amongst a group of like-minded friends, enjoying each other’s company on a long weekend together. Perhaps in this cold weather with a log fire and a Labrador as company as well.

  286. It would have to be sitting with a hot drink in my cosy lounge next to the french doors looking out at my garden. Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize. Julie ☕️

  287. My favourite winter stitching spot is on my couch, good light over my left shoulder, TV on showing a classic movie that I don’t have to look at because I know it so well and hubby in the kitchen preparing a delicious dinner.

  288. My favorite stitching spot is the same winter, summer, fall, and spring. I have a comfy recliner with the antique gooseneck floor lamp I bought at a yard sale in high school and brought home on my bicycle. It’s in a corner of my living room across from the fireplace where I can look out the picture window and see the changing seasons.

  289. My Favorite Spot is on the loveseat in the family room where I have a good lamp, can spread my gear and check on either the tv, the birds, or what’s cooking at a glance. Husband has the full sized sofa so he is not deprived!

  290. Hi Everyones,
    Hi Mary,

    Since I bought some magnifiers I can fix on my glasses, I can stitch everywhere I want to! So, in the winter, my favorite spot is near our fireplace, in a room we call “library” because we have several bookshelves right there. It’s a room with cushions, dimer light, so it’s very comfortable. There is also a big window to see outside when it’s snowing. When I’m alone at home, it’s perfect!

  291. I call my favorite spot to stitch “my nest.” There is good lighting, an upholsteted swivel rocker, a footstool and tables tight and left. What more could I want.

  292. When I work on one of Di’s kit’s (and yes, they are incredible!) or on any ribbon embroidery project where I am using a stand, I like to work at my desk. It has a keyboard shelf and a power strip cable tied to a side bar, so I can plug in a flat iron to use on the ribbons as I work, then store the iron (still on and hot!) on the keyboard shelf- safely out of the way but easily accessible and ready to use as needed! The desk top also gives me room to spread out with the book and all the other tools and things, and using a desk chair that swivels is the icing on the cake.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter this giveaway! There are some projects in Di’s book I have been eyeing every since she announced that she was writing it. (Fingers crossed on winning!)

  293. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my sunny sewing and stitching room which overlooks the lake and wooded garden.

  294. I live in NC but grew up in NJ. I learned to needlepoint when in high school and haven’t stopped yet (it’s going on 45 years). I’ve always loved to sit by a big window, watch the snow and in NJ there was always snow, have the Beatles, Beach Boys, Motown, Stones or what ever music on the radio and stich away. Now I sit by the window and look out over a lake and listen to my music, there rarely is snow, but we still get some. Oddly it’s more James Taylor and Carol King and my husband never tells me to “turn that racket down.” I found this web site a few months ago and have started taking baby steps into surface embroidery. Nice to learn a new technique.

  295. My favorite stitching spot is in my favorite chair in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea with my feet propped up on an ottoman.

  296. My favorite stitching spot is probably like many embroiderers — a comfy chair (with arms that will serve as pincushions!), my magnifier lamp, a table pulled up close for a cup of tea and all my necessary sewing stuff. And maybe a good movie on the tv — if there is one! But, I will stitch ANYwhere! haha. And my other favorite place is in a class, learning from a very good teacher!!

  297. My favorite spot any time of year is the left-hand corner of the family room sofa. I have it all set up – table, light, basket of supplies. It’s truly my favorite. Pick me!

  298. I love stitching in my big oversized comfy chair, and all my stitching supplies stays put in one spot. I have my lamp, lighted floor stand magnifier, needles, scissors, TV and music all close by.

  299. I have a room in the front of the house that faces out to a field and I can stitch and sometimes watch the deer graze.

  300. I choose a space with the best natural light plus a bright lamp. Usually I’m in the family room recliner, but if my eyes are tired, I use the magnifier lamp in my craft room.

  301. Hi Mary,

    My favorite “dream” winter stitching spot would be by a fireplace at the side of the kitchen, a comfy chair with my feet propped up on a puffy ottoman, bay window to one side where I could peek out at the snow falling, watching the birds use the bird feeder when I needed a break from my stitching.


  302. My favorite place to stitch any time of year is on the end of the sofa. Ideally, it would be warmer- it’s a long way from the woodstove in the other room! The only chair in the woodstove area is uncomfortable, but the cats lay on it and sharpen their claws on it so I cannot see replacing it with something nice. (they always choose the warmest place in winter) I’d be happy right there, since from it I can see outside to the bird feeder and can see the TV, too, but I sink into the chair too far to stitch. I guess ideal would be enough room in there for a sofa!

  303. My favorite winter stitch site – picture a little log cabin in the mountains of Southern North Carolina by the little village of Cedar Mountain. It’s so quiet there except for the acceptable sounds of nature. No TV – no manufactured noise.

    (It really exists – but I have only been there in Spring).


  304. My dream spot would be to have a wingback (non rocking) recliner next to a window with a pretty view of the ocean or a garden or better yet both! The recliner option is so i can take a quick nap of course. My actual spot is a rocking recliner in my apartment next to my sewing corner. I’ve made the area very comfortable and cozy.

  305. My favorite place to stitch is my sewing room – great lighting, a comfortable chair and room to spread out a few things. What more could I want…

  306. My stitching spot is a small desk in my basement studio. I have good music near by and 2 good small lights plus daylight fluorescents in the ceiling. The computer is nearby if I need to research something and my threads are sorted into small box sets and on a shelf beside where I work. I have a TV there too, but I find I prefer music instead. It is easier to concentrate on what I am doing. Currently I am working through one of Trish Burr’s books and learning more about thread painting.

  307. I think my favorite spot for stitching in the winter is anywhere I happen to be with a comfortable chair and good light. My dream spot is on my favorite cruise ship, somewhere warm (with the A/C on to stop sticky hands), with a view of the sea and occasional pods of dolphins or schools of porpoises and flying fish.

  308. In my recliner by the wood stove! Some wonderful movie on TCM and a nice cup of tea. Happy Me!

  309. Luv Di Van Niekirk designs!
    My favorite winter stitching spot is in our backyard. I have a bird sanctuary there where birds from up North (Arizona) come down to Surprise, AZ. All sorts of colors and types of birds visit, including white owls and colorful hawks. I have benches set up amidst the many feeders and bird baths. Our temperature now is still close to 90 degrees. I have a favorite bench under a huge tree that accommodates all of my supplies, project and instructions. Sometimes curious birds come and sit on the bench with me. My Lhasa Apso dog sits by me basking in the sunlight. The quiet and nature are inspiring while I work. Gloria

  310. Dear Mary,
    My stitching spot during Winter ist at home in my studio. I hope it will fall a lot of snow, that I can enjoy the white mountains, and across the street the white sugered trees of the forest.
    I wish you a wonderful wintertime with snow and sunshine.
    With warm regards Margrit

  311. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in front of the fireplace, near the tv, on the couch. I can watch my favorite tv show, stay nice and warm, and there is a table with a light so I can see. I keep my work in a plastic container with scissors and hoop so I can go to it right after dinner and get a couple of hours of work in. My current project is lady ann’s flowers and it is almost done. It is amazing how much I can get done just relaxing and watching my favorite tv show.
    Mary Sue C

  312. This drawings prizes look so exciting. I have two favorite spots for my winter sewing depending on what I’m doing ~ the first is in my studio where there is a large table with a clamp-on magnifying lamp (the lamp was my dad’s and the head broke off so now it is tied on with string and has only the one position, bummer) this is for any hoop work. The second is in my rocker/glider near the woodstove. This chair has good (but not excellent) lighting that I use for in hand work, knitting and crochet.

  313. My heart is where my home is. There also is my favorite stitching niche. Good light, good cheer, and a finger on there pulse of life as it dances through the living room. PS: To concentrate on the tricky parts I have a shh…. quiet retreat, also in the home. How blessed am I!
    Thank you, Search Press, Di van Niekerk, and Toody Cassidy for your generosity. Mary, we applaud your usual enthusiasm.

  314. Di van Niekirk’s work is something I have always admired. In fact, I have one of her books. I’m so glad she is sharing her talent with us again.
    My favorite spot to stitch is in our bedroom. My grandmother’s recliner is there and I have a north and an east window for plenty of light. It makes stitching so enjoyable.

  315. My favorite Winter stitch spot is in my bedroom with my Doxies keeping me warm and helping and binge watching my favorite shows. My fantasy winter stitch spot would be at a lake house on a beautiful lake near a beautiful fireplace watching the wildlife while I stitch.

  316. I stitch in the corner gray glider in our family room where my grandchildren know is my sacred space. They live to peek at my work and some are learning to stitch!

  317. My dream stitching spot in the winter would be a comfy, upholstered chair in a sunroom. I hope to have both one day!

  318. My dream embroidery spot is in front of an open fire on a chilly, dreary winter afternoon. Logs piled high and gently settling in the flames offer a flickering light which is enhanced for my stitching by the Otlite at my shoulder. I

  319. Thank you for organizing a Stitcher’s Christmas again this year! It was so fun to see all of the beautiful things last year.
    My winter stitching spot is the corner of the couch. I can set up a frame or light there as necessary and it lets me change positions as often as I like.

  320. I started embroidering this month. It’s November & darker now here in Northern California so
    I’ve chosen to do most of my work next to my bedroom sliding door looking out into the giant Redwood forest onto the misty fog & dream of stitching a woodland scene in the winter such as the one right in front of me. I stand & look out the window to refresh my eyes as I go along stitching, watch a junko or hummingbird flit about, sit on the floor a little while, & sit on my cozy bed from time to time. I can go back to my beautiful forest window to refresh my eyes again & perhaps catch a gray squirrel removing fresh bark from my baby Redwood to pad her nest.
    There’s nothing better than creating something beautiful with my hands & heart while being surrounded by nature. It’s very inspiring for my handiwork. I just love your website, just found it last week, I’ve been able to pick up stitching pretty easily with your videos. Thank you Mary.

  321. I don’t really have a favorite winter stitching place. As long as I’m snuggled up and warm in a nice throw, I am happy stitching.

  322. I have a loveseat in a large bay window that looks out on the weather as well as the bird feeder. I am surrounded by tables and shelves that hold my stitching goodies.

  323. I love stitching in my comfy chair next to the window. Usually with a kitty or two sleeping in my lap as well. I’d love it if I had a crackling fireplace, but I’m not that lucky.

  324. Great question Mary! DuBois Park in Jupiter, FL is a magical spot. My friend Josette & I have stitched at the park—en plein air—for several winter seasons. The park is located on the Jupiter Inlet where the Loxahatchee River meets the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of picnic tables under palm trees or in the pavilion. We have enjoyed the fabulous view, tropical breezes & good conversations while working on our current projects. It’s truly a gem location for any stitcher living nearby. If any of your readers see two gals there with sack lunches & stitching, it’s probably us!

  325. I have a couple of chairs that get as much winter sun as I can manage, and I’ll stitch there with a blanket around my legs and feet. If the house was a little better configured for it, I’d love a proper window seat – and a heated blanket to make up for the fact that it would be colder…

  326. Love to be on the enclosed porch watching the snow falling while sitting surrounded by pillows on the sofa with the company of my dogs. They love to snuggle with the pillows and are very patient while I sew.

  327. My favourite sewing spot is by the fire in the sitting room. There is a lovely big window making the best of the winter sunshine which has been lovely recently and there are bird feeders outside for my entertainment.

  328. My favorite spot right now is my kitchen table but in a perfect world, I would have a small house by a lake in the woods. There would be a study/craft room that would overlook the lake and have a fireplace. Then my husband would read his books and I would embroider while listening to Christmas music and enjoying our view of the lake in winter.

  329. I like to work sitting in front of my bay window in my wing-backed chairs that I inherited from my parents. Nearby are my plants that I over-winter. Sipping on tea in a fancy tea cup and working on needlework is a nice respite from the day.

  330. My favorite place to stitch in the winter time is at the family room game table in front of the large patio doors. Great light on a sunny day. If it is a gloomy day, my daylight lamp is close at hand to brighten the area.

  331. I love to stitch in my recliner with all four of my dogs hanging around me on the floor. I usually have some great music blasting on my bose.

  332. My favorite winter stitching spot is definitely of the dream variety. It’s in a cozy chair with my feet up. I have a lovely cup of coffee on the table next to me (and a few delicious butter cookies to keep up my strength!). The sun is streaming in through the huge windows and the lovely white curtains keep the glare at bay. I can see past the garden wall to the water that stretches out to the horizon. The flowers may be past, but the clear winter sky is a treat. I have nothing to do but entertain myself with all the beautiful threads and my hoop sitting next to me.

    It’s a dream, but hey…

  333. Thanks Mary! Happy Holiday Season! I love to stitch in the winter; it feels warm and cosy to sit in my corner of the couch, puppy curled asleep beside me, and watch tv or listen to music while I stitch. Somehow, winter weather gives permission to just sit and stitch.

  334. Thank you for this opportunity Mary. Although I mainly stitch in my lounge sitting in my recliner, my ideal spot would be in a well lit space over looking some grand vista, living in New Zealand that could be anything, mountains, ocean, lakes, pasture or my own garden watching the activity of birds etc. So that when my eyes need a rest, they can rest on something beautiful.

    Margaret From New Zealand

  335. There is a wingback chair in my livingroom with a matching ottoman. I put my daylight lamp next to me and I generally do a bit of tatting. Currently I am working on a silk ribbon etui and it is convenient to have the ottoman holding a box of ribbons and silks. Naturally I have to take care that my cat Fanny does not run off with a piece of silk ribbon. I like to do this in the mornings when the light outside is adding to the room so everything is bright and cheery.

  336. My favourite winter stitching place is in a big old armchair in my sewing room, packed around with cushions to support me in my stitching position. I can see out of the window and on clear days the view is lovely. All of my equipment will be within arms reach.

  337. In a comfy chair near a south facing big bay window for plenty of light and with a blanket draped over.

  338. My favourite place is my dining room. I have a large snuggly chair by the patio door overlooking the garden. It’s all set up for sewing with a light behind and a bit to the left, a small table to the right for threads, scissors etc and the essential cup of tea and a CD player close by. I love it 🙂

  339. My favourite winter sewing spot is in my new conservatory where the sun warms it up in the morning and the light is just perfect.

  340. My favorite handwork space is in my recliner in our living room. I have a table next to my chair, a lap desk when I need it, very good lighting and a view out my front windows of the trees in our yard. It is peaceful so I can think and play and create.

  341. My fav winter stitching spot. This would be in my big easy chair in front of the picture window. From there I see the cedars and spruce standing tall, giving shelter and a play ground to the critters that live there. Bright red, a cardinal family. A flash of brown would be a squirrel running along nipping off the cedar seeds. Partridge perch in the flowering crab, munching on the ripe berries. Then if you linger long enough, oh and I have, many a times! You can catch a glimpse of a family of deer passing through to munch on the winter apples. A family of Fox I have seen, and yes, the black and white that is familiar to the skunks.
    These familiar sights happen every year after a satisfying summer growing and harvesting vegetables from our small garden.
    So it is, my fav sewing spot is in my big easy chair. I hand stitch for the beautiful items I am able to create. I covet the peace and serenity such stitching brings.
    Thank you, Mary Corbet, for your ability to make resources and information available to any and all that share in this beautiful art form.

  342. I like to cuddle into the corner of my couch, it”s neat the window for daylight during the day and my illuminated magnifier is beside me for evening, and the radiator is nearby to keep my fingers warm and supple.

  343. My favourite sewing space is sitting on the left side of the settee with my lamp over my left shoulder and a table on wheels in front of me. In summer I can open the window in winter I can turn the radiator up. Bliss

  344. My favorite Winter stitching spot is my blue upholstered chair in the living room. A wonderful lamp(made by my father) illuminates my work space & the fireplace is aglow, to chase away the Maine cold.

  345. I love to cuddle up in my arm chair in my sewing room/den. This is “my place.” I decorated the room with all of the things I love and can sit here working on my embroidery for hours, especially during the winter time. This is my happy time.

  346. I have a comfy spot on the couch where I have a lamp set up and I often embroider there.
    The kitchen table has natural light during the day and it’s the best spot for being able to see better. Now if only the chair was comfy!

  347. My favorite stitching spot is the arm chair next to my fireplace. I have it set up with a floor frame, book holder and magnifying light. I have a foot stool in front of me and a side table for my glass of wine and needle book.
    I am currently trying to finish a cross stitched Christmas stocking. The last of three I did this year. I am looking forward to doing something other and cross stitch after Christmas.

  348. My “winter stitching” spot is my all year round stitching spot. On my sofa in my living room. I have everything for my current project set up in front of me so that all I have to do is sit down and get started. I usually manage a couple of hours a day. So relaxing.

  349. My dream place to stitch would be in a cozy and comfortable room with several other like minded stitchers. I think it would be so much fun to be a member of a stitching circle but have never been able to find one.

  350. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my recliner with the light from my daylight lamp and a heated throw along my spine. I am recently returned to needlework after a decade hiatus where I turned to knitting and spinning. I still knit but now I’m enjoying spinning my own needlework threads and dyeing my own ribbons.

    This perfect spot has an ottoman next to me for a Corgi to snooze, a window in front of me to watch Harry the Squirrel enjoy his snacks and a small raskog cart next to me with all the tools and accroutrements I need to stitch, design and enjoy making small decorative items.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a kit!

  351. I love to stitch in the evenings in my easy chair. My husband and I like sports, especially college basketball, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I listen mostly, but if there is a great play, they always do a replay on it. I still see quite enough. I can get quite a bit of stitching done during a game.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  352. I was very lucky to buy a large bag of silk ribbon a few years ago on an online buy swap sell. I was a wonderful score and I continue to experiment and look for new ways to use the ribbon. Would love to win this one. Thanx

  353. I love to stitch on our couch in front of the fireplace. With my dog snuggled up alongside. Perfect for a cold winter day.

  354. I was very lucky to buy a large bag of silk ribbon a few years ago on an online buy swap sell. I was a wonderful score and I continue to experiment and look for new ways to use the ribbon. Would love to win this one. I have a wonderful new window seat in the kitchen that lends itself to thoughtful stitching and watching nature. Thanx

  355. My ideal winter stitching area would include a comfortable chair, good lamp, a glass of wine and a nice fire going in the fireplace. Living in Florida more or less leaves out the fire going in a fireplace and I have to settle for the chair, lamp and wine. I guess as long as I have a stitching project close at hand any place is a good place.

    Thank you Mary for your Thanksgiving wishes, good news update and your fun Christmas give-away contest.

  356. My year-round favourite stitching spot is a corner of our sunroom where I can relax as I stitch and watch the seasons change on the farms, lake, and mountains outside our windows!

  357. I almost always stitch in my big chair in the living room. My dream would be to stitch in a sunroom so that I could feel the sunshine coming in.

  358. My favorite winter spot is my sewing room- an attic room with sun/roof windows that look out into the middle level of beautiful peeling sycamores and onto sheep in the pasture. It is warm and sunny and has everything I need to feel creative and accomplish whatever project I am working on at the moment. It is ‘my’ room and my retreat space.
    Thank you for doing this. What a kind gesture!

  359. Hi Mary! Happy holiday season to you.
    During the winter, I stitch in my living room while listening to the tv shows my husband watches! Some shows I don’t even know what any of the characters look like, just know their voices. 🙂
    The scarf kit is sooooo beautiful.
    Thanks for these opportunities to win such awesome prizes.

  360. My favourite stitching spot used to be my dining room table where I could set up my stand. The sunlight was warming and cheery and it was great to stitch with, too! We’ve moved since last winter and now I need to find a new spot in my new house. I might have to set up a table in one of the spare bedrooms.

    Thank you Mary, Di and Search Press – I was very intrigued by the book review and would love to win this give-away.

  361. I love stitching on my couch in my family room, my cat by my side, in front of the t.v.—Multi-tasking

  362. My favourite winter sewing spot is in my living room, sitting in my comfy recliner listening to an audio book while I stitch. Nothing extraordinary but very cozy!

  363. My favorite stitching spot is in the recliner, facing the bird feeder, with Christmas music playing. The grass is still green in Louisiana, but the moss is blowing with the Fall winds.

  364. My favorite spot for winter stitching is by the window for the sunshine during the day and I have a magnifier light so when it turns dusk I can still keep stitching. I sit facing our Christmas village so I can see all of the lights and houses and it is quite relaxing.

  365. My favorite spot is in my recliner. I love watching the seasons as they change through the back window, watching my cats entranced with the birds and the occasioal squirrel as they feed and play, and working on my current hand sewing project.

  366. My favorite stitching spot is in my kitchen, at the table that is next to the windows with good natural light. For those dreary days, the double kitchen lights give me really good light too. Old eyes need lots of help. Thanks for the great giveaways and I’d love to win a kit.

  367. I’ll stitch anywhere the light is good. I am fortunate to have a dedicated sewing table, but I like to sit outside and stitch, I stitch in the car, the dentist’s office. It’s interesting how my surroundings influence my sewing. I have never tried ribbon embroidery, but been curious. I purchased some ribbon in 2015 to work into wedding ring pillows, but in the end stuck with what I was good at and comfortable with-monograms.

  368. My favourite spot is in my east facing window on a winter’s sunny day. The warmth of the sun on my back is so enjoyable and all that light makes it easy to see my stitching.

  369. Mary, thanks for this series of give-aways. I follow your blog avidly and am inspired by your enthusiasm for all things stitchy. My favourite winter stitching spot is on the sofa in my craft room, cosy amongst my cushions and with my feet up watching craft shows on the television.

  370. I only started getting into embroidery last spring, so I’ve never had a winter of stitching. I guess my favourite place in winter is the same as always, on the sofa next to the window which gives me a good natural light to work by, with a nice warm blanket and a hot cup of tea…

  371. My ideal spot would be a comfy recliner near to the big window. There would be a table to the right next to it with a good light and of course my cup of tea. Under the table would be my embroidery workbasket. On the left of the recliner would be a set of drawers holding my embroidery supplies. Thanks for a great giveaway, Mary.

  372. My favorite spot in front of window in living room. I can see the birds. If I had first choice pick I would definitely choose the sparrow on felt purse. Love that bird.

  373. There is a very old (but comfortable) recliner in a corner of our family room, with conveniently low and wide arms. For a couple of months in the middle of winter, the sun is low enough to hit this corner in the afternoons. Stitching in that armchair on a sunny winter’s day in the afternoon is just bliss – but I have to eject the cat first, which always makes me feel a little guilty!

  374. My favorite hand sewing spot is in my recliner in my sewing room. This room has the slanted ceilings that I had when I was a little girl. It is a small room but nice and warm in the winter. I have a TV and Netflix and I am surrounded by all my favorite threads and fabrics. It is my favorite spot.

  375. I love to spend the cold snowy days in my sewing room doing hand work or machine piecing. My “assistant” is my little budgie, who flirts around while I stitch.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these books & kits.

  376. Winter embroidery you ask? Well, here in So California with a 93F degrees, one only wants to be somewhere cool. Not even go for the regular walks, but instead head for the fitness class where its cool. However, when the weather is still in the 80’s, my frame with the Persian mini carpet becomes my favorite thing to do. Made 6 so far.
    Good luck to the winners of Mary’s generosity

  377. A nice cozy chair, facing a window. With snow coming down and a hot cup of tea nearby. Since we don’t get snow this is just my ideal.

  378. My favorite spot is smack in the middle of my sofa with a heating pad on my feet. I have a large coffee table in front of me with everything I need spread out within arm’s reach. I call it my nest.

  379. My favorite spot is at my kitchen table in the early afternoon when I have lots and lots of natural sunlight. Or in the alternative in my dreams, at a beach house.

  380. I love ribbon embroidery and I really like books about it for ideas and instructions for projects. Nothing like fooling with ribbons to make me feel good.

  381. I have a chair with a Stella light on the table beside it. It is where I sit when I stitch. The only thing that would make it better is if it was beside a window where I could see the mountains, but I don’t have that view at my house! This giveaway would make a lovely project.

  382. My favorite spot is to be tucked away between tables with my stash of needlework and books on either side. The light from the window behind is just perfect for reading and embroidery or quilting or whatever my latest project involves.

  383. I love to sit in my reclining rocker with all my stitching supplies gathered around me. I put a log in the fireplace and ‘watch’ (listen) to the TV while hand stitching.

  384. My favorite winter stitching spot is currently my couch in my living room. I have a large coffee table near me, and can see out my large bay window to watch the snow fall once it gets here!

  385. My favorite stitching spot was at my mom’s, chatting with her.

    She has now passed on, but I have her favorite chair. I plan to set up my own stitching area in my office.

  386. My favorite stitching spot during the winter is in front of a west facing window, with a warm throw over my lap, a purring cat on the back of the chair and a cup of warm cider next to me.
    Here in southern Arizona we don’t have much snow but it does get coolish.

  387. Thank you so much for doing these Christmas give aways. I am new to your site and I am so excited to learn new techniques and make beautiful items. I just love hand made beautiful items!

  388. My favourite stitching spot in the winter is my big leather chair near the door opening to the backyard. From there I can see the lovely, snowy landscape and watch the birds at the feeder. My corner is out of the way, so I don’t have to clear away my stitching when I get up. The TV is close by so I can watch old movies as background sound. With a cup of tea close by, I’m set!

  389. My favorite winter sewing place is in the loft of my log cabin in central Oregon. It’s toasty warm from the fire and has lots of natural light from the various sky lights. I often think of Laura Ingalls Wilder sewing her four patch quilt as I happily stitch my scrap quilts or cross stitch my samplers. The icing on this happy place is when the snow falls dusting the ponderosa pines. My heart is full.

  390. The chaise in the corner window has bright light all day as it sits in the corner windows. One window allows full light from the east and the other from the southwest. In our low light northern winters these windows create a near heavenly stitching spot. I can sit and work comfortably at the frame or stretch out for an idea generating cat nap all in the same place. 😉

  391. My dream stitching spot is right in my family room. I have a wood stove, a very comfortable chair, My husband sits by me and my dog lays st my feet. Sometimes my grandkids com over and they stitch with me. What more could a person want?

  392. I have a small ‘needlepoint’ table I place in front of my living room windows where I have great light (along with my trusty Stella floor lamp) and can enjoy the New England winters without getting too cold!

  393. My favorite sewing spot is in my unused (except by me), living room.
    I have a bright light, a comfy rocker/recliner, a media player for music or books on tape, and a small trunk for keeping sewing supplies and ongoing projects on hand.

  394. My recliner in the front room I live on piece of land next to a expressway I can see what’s going on outside especially when the sun starts coming up that’s my favourite time everything is so quite and the break of day is just starting.

  395. Currently on the sofa with everything I need close by. My dream spot is a “needle nook” with filtered sun, bookshelf and perfect height tables around a comfy chair.

  396. My favorite stitching spot at any time is in my family room in my comfy easy chair next to a south-facing window. The chair has an ottoman so I can put my feet up if working in hand. I live about 2 miles from the east coast in Florida and the sun moves across my window from east to west during the course of the day. The lighting is perfect for stitching!

  397. My favorite place to stitch is in my sun room. The natural day light makes it a perfect place to stitch. The room has both air and heat so it’s perfect all year round. My ideal place to stitch would be in Sedona Arizona among the mountains as a back drop. Heaven on earth.

  398. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my recliner in the evenings. I like to curl up with a good movie and my threads.

  399. I sit on a comfy loveseat with my feet up listening to an audio book or sharing music with my husband reading on the sofa opposite. Several stitching projects are always available on the coffee table.

  400. My favorite winter stitching spot is when I visit my in-laws in the Normandy area of France. The rest of the time is my favorite chair at home in the country Panamá where it is never winter. And Needle n Thread is always by my side.

  401. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my favorite chair with my radio tuned to a classical radio station and a travel mug (tight lid) with a warm drink with in reach.

  402. Hi: this is an easy question. My favorite winter dream spot for working on my needle projects is my cozy arm chair at our country home, where the light is perfect, the fire place often burning gently and the view of the lake and pristine snow is relaxing and often breathtaking. Surrounded by husband, cats and dog. Nothing could be better. Thank you for all you do and for the opportunity to win your great prizes.

  403. Favourite place to stitch during winter months? Well, I like thevery rare aftrnoon of sitting in the lounge, with the heating on, stitching away with a film in the background, but also love stitching with friends too. You can’t beat a chat and stitch session for lifting winter blues.

  404. The place to stitich in winter: my own corner on the couch with all the stuff I need next to me! Listening to the radio or watching tv, talking with my husband, a cup of tea, looking into the garden and seeing the rain: very, very pleasant!
    And if I had one of these kits I could finally learn ribbon embroidery!

  405. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!
    Thanks for sharing your good news in your personal letter. I’m so happy for you!

    My favorite winter stitching spot is the (currently red) comfy chair that I inherited form my grandmother. Everyone loves this upholstered easy chair (& matching ottoman), so I often have feline company on my lap & over my shoulder as I stitch. It’s set up in the living room, next to the hearth, with a beaded 3-way floorlamp over my left shoulder & a graceful maple end table permanently decorated with my favorite hand-thrown Tennessee pottery spoonrest (ort container.)

    I already bought the book through your website, Mary! But if I happen to win, I’ll cheerfully pass along the copy to an embroirderer friend, and work on the kit myself!
    Happy Holidays,
    Mary L

  406. My favorite winter stitching spot is in a corner of my cozy bedroom where I have great light and a comfortable chair and can arrange my supplies where they are handy. It is the warmest room in my home and gets great afternoon sun.

  407. My favorite spot is “command central”. A comfy leather desk chair surrounded on 3 sides by a project table on my left, the computer in front of me and shelves, drawers and my industrial sewing machine on my right (usually covered with organized chaos) Above me are 2 sky lights for daytime lighting and full spectrum fixtures for night time or dark day stitching.

  408. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my sofa bed nearest the window. This is in the room where I have all my books so I call it my library.

  409. My winter stitching spot is in front of the television on the sofa. I slip a movie into the dvd player and stitch away. That’s the reality. My dream spot would be warmly snuggled in an overstuffed chair, my feet on a needlepoint stool and a fire blazing away in the field-stone fireplace. There would be gentle music playing softly in the background and a hot cup of herbal tea (that was always the perfect temperature) by my side. Sigh.

  410. I enjoy being at my brother’s house in front of the wood stove–a comfy chair, good light, and family. Who could want more?

  411. I have a very comfy sofa in front of the fireplace, and when I sit in the middle with sewing or reading, instantly there is a nice warm dog on each side of me. They fall asleep in two seconds.

    It usually takes me a little longer to nod off!

  412. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is my front room. It faces south so I get good light during the day. My 2 Pugs love to lay under or near my chair and soak up any sunlight they can find. It’s quiet and relaxing, and I feel like I can get the most done there, without interruption!

  413. My absolutely best place to do embroidery is near a window with morning sun shining in. The natural light makes it so much easier to see the stitches and colors. Dale

  414. I love stitching in my sunroom throughout the year. I love watching the changing seasons while I stitch. The natural sunlight also makes a difference in my vision while
    I work. Beautiful!

  415. My favorite place to stitch is in front of my fireplace with all my dogs, even if it is warm outside. Love your embroidery and web site. Have a happy hoilday, Pat Smith

  416. Favorite spot would be a beach!!! But I like stitching at family gatherings, by a fire, whilst still participating in the conversations.

  417. My favorite stitching place in winter is my living room, by the fire. We have large, light filled windows. The light and the fire are lovely and add to the joy of stitching through the gloom of winter in New England.

  418. My “dream spot” for stitching this winter would be in a sunlight rich room sitting in an ergonomic chair with all my stitching tools and supplies within easy reach.

  419. My favorite winter spot is the same as my summer spot! My end of the love seat shared with my best buddy my boxer, Roscoe! I have all I need right there, the table that holds the current project I’m working, a nice light, an open window and a place for my iced tea.

  420. My favorite stitching spot is in the living room in a cozy chair while my husband is watching a golf match on TV.

  421. I love to sit with my husband in the evening and stitch while he unwinds from work. I sit in our living room on the couch. It doesn’t sound very picturesque but since we are living in Ireland temporarily we have a view of the Irish Sea out one side and the city of Dublin out the other. We are in a roof top apartment up 6 stories and the sunsets, rainbows, birds are all delightful. I am constantly inspired by your Blog and appreciate all you bring to the stitching world. XX

  422. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is my recliner with my heating pad on my back, my warm comfy slippers on my feet and steamy mug of hot green tea on my side table and my daylight lamp shining on my work!! BTW, I just love Di’s kits. She’s awesome. I am so glad she decided to open again!

  423. My favourite wintery stitching spot is my cozy armchair next to the window in my living room, with my nice bright lamp handy. I can stitch quietly while my husband reads in his chair; perfect comfort!

  424. My corner of the sofa next to the fireplace, is where I stitch and drink a cup of coffee or tea. I’m a summer girl because I love to be outside in the warm sunshine. My stitching corner is what gets me through the long, cold winter. I have just recently discovered Needle ‘n Thread and I love it. Thank you very much for all the wonderful information.

  425. Favorite winter time stitching spot is on my couch with a cup of hot coffee by my side. All my current project threads, scissors and eye glasses also reside there, I’m ready. I have two surface embroidery projects working and I really would like to have them done by 2017-end. I’ll need to get on my favorite stitching spot and get with them. I think if I sat in front of that fire that lots of people might be describing, I be too comfortable and would drift off to sleep – no work there. Would love to win one of the projects from the book and try my hand at silk ribbon embroidery.

  426. My favorite stitching char sits in my newly designated hone office\stitching room. So far the stitching is getting organized but the office area still needs a lot more work!

  427. Definitely my favorite stitching place is my favorite comfy chair in the living room. I live in Florida so No place by a fireplace for me. I have the door open and the music going.

  428. It’s an easy answer for this one. I have a comfy chair next to the wood stove. There’s a big window behind me and a good lamp. Through the next room I can see out the French doors to the deck and garden. (There are still geraniums blooming.) My favorite stitching books are close at hand, as is the stereo. Once ensconced, it’s hard for me to want to ever move again.

  429. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is my kitchen table…I’m next to a sliding glass door and I get fantastic light…and ont table is big enough for me to spread my supplies around me….live all your tutorials

  430. My favorite stitching place is in my recliner beside our wood stove with my Ott light over my shoulder. Just have to watch my husband, he can crank up the heat to over 80°. Still the same spot,but with the ceiling fan going.

  431. Hi Mary,
    I guess I am one of the lucky ones. This winter I will be stitching on the back porch of a beautiful cottage in FL. Usually I am snuggled up in a cozy chair in snowy Ohio.

  432. Thank you, Mary, for doing this for all your fans! Everything you recommend , show us and teach us is beautiful and helpful! I know all of us will be anxiously waiting to see if we win one of your lovely gifts!!!

  433. My favourite winter stitching place is sat on my old nursing chair in the bay window, glancing up and watching the birds on my bird feeder.

  434. My favorite stitching place is in my living room. I enjoy stitching while watching a good, old classic movie, sitting in a comfy recliner with my lab dog at my feet and my husband snoring away in his recliner beside me.

  435. My favorite spot is gone but always in my heart – it was in my grandmother’s room embroidering in a big, comfy chair (nice arms for holding my scissors, threads, etc) that sat between two windows with great natural sunlight (and of course she was also embroidering! Her favorite thing was cut work pillow cases!)

  436. I have a lovely sewing room downstairs. It has a larger window facing the afternoon sun. I sit there and enjoy the natural light and warmth. It is my own quiet space and I can watch the outside world go by.

  437. My favorite spot would be in front of a roaring fire with a cozy quilt to wrap in, great lighting and a window to let me look outside at my bird feeders. Happy, happy.

    🙂 Linda

  438. My Winter stitchy place is my Sunroom, with a view of my back yard and the birds using the fountain to bathe and drink! Such a peaceful place to stitch.

    1. I wrote a comment earlier and didn’t see it, so I thought I did something wrong and it didn’t get posted, so I wrote this one, then saw my original one, so can you please delete this one, I don’t want to get disqualified.

  439. Sitting in an armchair by the fire at my parents island home and trying not to be distracted by the view of the bay and the hills across the bay

  440. I have a corner on the couch in the living room next to a window. During the winter we keep a continuous fire going in the fireplace insert. There is nothing particularly special about this spot other than it is mine. I have light, warmth, and room to spread my stitching stuff around me as I work.

  441. Hi Mary!

    I’ve been looking forward to this series of Christmas-give-aways since you first mentioned doing it again! My favorite stitching spot in the winter is in my comfy wingback chair, in front of the bay window in my studio space. (Yes! I do have a dedicated stitching/music making room, I’m also an oboist.) When I’m cozied up in this chair, I’m usually working on something on my floor stand. If it is snowing outside, I pull a lap quilt over my feet and legs to keep toasty warm, since watching the snow fall make me *think* I’m cold! Recently I set up a “standing stitching station” by placing an inexpensive “lap table” on a sturdy folding table that I’ve put on “bed risers” (the plastic gadgets sold to raise your bed by a few inches to make it easier to store stuff under there). This puts things like beading projects or a smaller project in a lap stand, at a good height to work on while standing up, with everything on a stable surface and a space beneath the ‘lap table’ to put supplies and equipment. I added a clamp on light, the Stella Edge with the variable light temperatures and levels, so I can be sure I can see what I’m doing. Being able to do some things while standing is wonderful as it keeps me from feeling like I *have* to sit so much of the time. It also lets me work multiple projects without having to move things around every time I switch. Now if I could just get the studio straightened up and re-organized, i could take picture and send it to you. Maybe by New Year’s! 😉

  442. My favorite winter stitching place (especially for fine work) is in my recliner in the corner formed by two 8 feet long sets of sliding glass doors at out tiny little condo near the Gulf coast south of Tallahassee. Light is awesome and it’s very quiet and I can see the salt marsh.

  443. My favorite winter stitching spot is the corner of my guest room, sitting in an old goose-neck armed rocking chair, big light by my side; a little footstool for my feet, and Cleo, my 17 year old cat in my lap. We keep each other warm, and she even let’s me rest my scissor snips on her back!

  444. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner in the corner of my cozy living room. Let the snow pile up outside!!

  445. My favorite spot for winter stitching is curled up on my sofa overlooking my backyard, especially when it’s snowing.

  446. My favorite stitching spot in the winter (really, all year round) is on the couch. I have a table at my side holding my lamp, scissors, floss, ort jars, and a basket underneath with other less often used items. I have a great view of the tv, the pool and backyard, and it fireplace, which might be on in the winter. On nice days I sit outside – lots of nice winter days in North Florida!

  447. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my studio. I have a big window so the light is fantastic even on the dreary days.

  448. I have a fabulous basement studio that some have mistaken for a JoAnn’s Fabrics store. Lots of light and space to work. Great all year round!

  449. Hi Mary – Thanks for the give away. They sound wonderful. My favorite winter stitching spot is on my 4 season porch during daylight hours. It has windows all around and a cathedral ceiling. It has so much natural light – especially when there is a layer of snow on the ground. It’s particularly delightful on a cold winter’s day. I feel like I’m outside but I’m nice and cozy warm.

    Thanks again for the giveaway.
    Judy C from Wisconsin

  450. My favorite spot is the corner of my family room sofa. I have all my supplies there, and I can watch wonderful old movies while I stitch!

  451. Oh, how I love Di’s work! My favourite stitching spot winter or anytime is on my couch with my Ott lite on. I also love to stitch in the car while my husband drives.

  452. My “dream” winter stitching spot would be a trip to visit my friends in Fiji, who live on a pearl farm. I would stitch sea creatures, while dreaming of the snow back home 🙂

    In reality, I’d so love to win this drawing, as I could do a collaboration with my nephew’s wife. She is exploring felting, and I love to embroider silk ribbons … that would be so fun!

    Thank you for your generosity, Mary!

  453. My favourite stitching spot in winter is in front of the big window in my living room. We get so little light this time of year in Canada that I like to catch as much as I can and I love the feel of the sun on my back.

  454. In the cold weather I stitch in my favorite chair by the fire. A wonderful candle is burning,my Hubby watching cowboy movies and my doggies napping.

  455. Oh Mary, such delicious giveaways! Last year I took a wet-felting class and fell in love with the process. I would love the opportunity to try ribbon embroidery on a prepared piece of wool! My favorite place to stitch (winter or summer) is my comfy reclining couch, with a throw and a couple of cats on my lap. (They have a supreme indifference to what I am working on, as long as I stay still and pet them occasionally).

  456. When my quilt guild goes on our getaway in January the hotel has a huge fireplace with comfy chairs I like to sit in that room and do hand stitching it is wonderful!

  457. My favorite dream winter stitching spot would be a cozy little cabin out in the woods next to a little stream where deer and other wildlife might stop by while I’m looking out the window. There would be a nice little fireplace with it’s warmth surrounding me…..cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows of course right next to me and lovely Christmas music playing quietly while I enjoy my moment of embroidery creating.
    Ahhhhhh……if only my dream would come true. Someday I would hope but dreams are important too even if they don’t come true.

  458. I have a big wicker chair in the corner of my kitchen. On cold days, it’s the perfect spot for stitching. The overhead lights are so bright I don’t need a lamp, and most importantly, they keep me toasty warm. If there’s something just baked from the oven and a cup of tea on the bench beside me, I’m in heaven.

  459. My favorite spot for stitching during the winter is an old overstuffed rocker-recliner in front of a south window, next to an Ott floor lamp with an adjustable gooseneck. Next to the lamp is the fireplace hearth which is the perfect height for drinks, snacks, and supplies. The arms are soft, wide and stable and can hold a tray of bits and bobs or a pincushion without anything falling. When things get really chilly, there is the softest and warmest throw on the back of the chair just waiting to cuddle up and keep me warm. The chair is in the corner of the living room, so I can keep up with what’s going on and my husband doesn’t feel that I have abandoned him. I love that spot and all the things I have created in that spot

  460. My favorite winter stitching spot is the leather chair in the corner of my living room. There’s a standing Ott floor lamp next to the chair on my left and a tray table on my right along with a padded footstool in front. if I’m chilly, I pull up the throw from the back of the chair. I can watch TV and stitch during commercials or the shows that my husband watches and I’m not interested in. There are 2 old Scotties and a Welsh Terrier at my feet, and a cup of tea or hot chocolate on the table next to me. It’s the chair where I read or stitch, depending on my eyes and mood.

  461. Winter and summer my favourite chair catching the last drops of sun into the late afternoon.

  462. Winter and summer…… my favourite chair catching the last drops of sun into the late afternoon.

  463. My favorite winter stitching spot is my chair in my family room with a view of the Hood Canal, and my dog at my feet. I also like to watch old movies while I stitch. 🙂

  464. In winter I like to be up in my stitching room on the top floor. The heat rises so it’s cosy, my cat Lois has her radiator hammock there and I’ve got a comfy armchair to curl up in.

  465. Felting and Silk Ribbon Embroidery are 2 of the many types of needlework that I would love to learn how to do. I am always in search of something new to add to my collection of things to try out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  466. Hello,
    Thanks for the giveaways!
    My favorite spot to stitch is in front of the wood stove after having brought in a full load of wood and then getting comfy by wrapping myself with a throw and planting myself in my rocker. Perhaps a cup of hot chocolate at my side with my Shelti, Pippin, at my feet!
    Happy Holidays,

  467. When the sun is shining, I sit and stitch in our bedroom looking out over the backyard and pond. So tranquil any time of year.
    Carol b/cln crs

  468. Watching the snow come down and the wind blowing in front of the fireplace in Ottawa and feeling so very cozy and creative. What a beautiful combination, felt and silk ribbon embroidery. The book is gorgeous.

  469. My favorite spot is at a table with other stitching friends. We learn from each other and get loads of positive feedback

  470. My dream stitching area is to do my handwork while sitting in front of a large INSULATED window overlooking a snowy meadow on the edge of a tree lined forest. The landscape is ever changing while watching all the critters, large and small, come and go, playing in the snow, and sometimes coming up close to partake in the goodies I will leave for them. All seasons will provide a constant reminder of what God can and has done for each of us. Relax, enjoy, and create all kinds of ideas, sketches, and beautiful embroidery during each season of the year.
    Merry Christmas Mary, and thank you for your wonderful site.

  471. I do the snow bird thing for winter, but being in Australia it means going north, not south!
    I love to sit and gaze over the ocean as I stitch.

  472. I love to stitch in my kitchen where I have good lighting and comfy chairs. I can spread out all I need on the kitchen table.
    P.S. Mary, I’m so glad you are better.

  473. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo (an online challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November) so my stitching so far this winter has been limited to during services and Bible studies (I can participate in a conversation while stitching, but not while writing.)

    Once that is done, my favorite stitching spots are the loveseat in the family room (which could use better light sometimes, but it’s nice to have everyone close) and the couch in the living room, especially with a fire in the fireplace.

  474. My favorite place to stitch in winter would be anywhere that i could find a nice warm sunny spot, have a comfortable chair, a table to put my things on.

  475. My favorite place to stitch in the winter is my favorite place to stitch all year round, also my favorite place to knit, crochet, or any other type of handwork. I have a comfy lady size wingback chair with my trusty back support cushion in our family room. I can easily see the TV and the huge windows give me a view of our backyard and the hummingbird feeders. (They stick around all year here in California.) On one side of my chair is a small table to place work objects on. A basket next to the chair hold other necessary items, and is also a favorite sleeping place for my cat. Under the table and the chair are plastic tubs of floss and SILK RIBBONS. On the other side is a wicker picnic basket that has been repurposed for my collection of UFOs. LOL. Most important, across the room is my patient hubby who tolerates this crazy woman. <3

  476. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is my corner in the living room. I have a big squashy chair with a large ottoman. On one side I have my Ott-Lite with magnifier and on the other I have my sewing tool kit. If I need something it’s usually in the kit, but if I don’t need it, I can use the top to hold a bottle of water or other beverage. I cover myself with my fleece blanket to stay warm, stretch out, and stitch away.

  477. I have a sewing room with east and north facing Windows. Everything seems to shout “needlework” room. I sit at a table with a window behind me and a strong light with magnification. When necessary I use a space heater. I’m quite aware of deer, turkeys, fox, whatever, wandering the hill behind the house. Very soothing!

  478. Here in Australia we head north for the winter and one of my favourite winter sewing spots is sitting in the shade of a big gum tree so I can keep an eye on my husband while he wanders around the bush with his metal detector looking for gold. The warmth of a Queensland winter and the tranquility of the bush just can’t be beaten.

  479. Thank you for the Christmas giveaway fun.
    When doing embroidery, I dream of a window seat looking out over a garden. Even in winter, gardens are lovely. And the great light from the window is great for embroidery work.

  480. I currently do my stitchin’ in the guest room, with windows on two sides; nice but not ideal for space and storage. My ideal would be a larger room with windows on three sides projecting into my garden, so I could see what’s going on outside no matter what the season. With a fireplace on the interior wall. Cozy and bright. And enough space to have my stitching friends over; the very best part.

  481. My favorite stitching spot is in my recliner with tray of supplies on my lap warming my feet by the fire. Best way to spend winter.

  482. A favorite of mine is felted wool. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery, so this would be awesome to win! Sit down in my new stitching chair in my living room and relax.

  483. I have a double recliner, so the hubs can sit with me. It includes a side table, a good light, a blanket for my legs, and a good view of the TV. And it is next to the fireplace!

  484. Wow! You are so creative and inspiring. I love to stitch (under a VERY good light) curled up in the family room with a pup on my feet and one or more loved ones nearby.

  485. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and our patio in the afternoon when the warm sunshine is hitting it is my most favorite spot to stitch in the winter. It’s not buggy, or too humid.

  486. I love anything stitched. Di van Niekerk’s work is especially beautiful. I would love to stitch anyone of these.
    Ruth Scott

  487. My favorite spot is curled up on the couch under a warm blanket with my husband next to me playing video games. We will be all bundled up with apple cider with a splash of Malibu rum and our 2 cats will be sleeping on the back of the sofa while the 2 dogs are under the covers with us. I’ll have all my embroidery supplies on the coffee table within easy reach. It will be awesome. We just bought a house and are moving in right now so I can’t wait to be unpacked and relaxed with my loves and my hobbies. Xx

  488. My favourite stitching spot is the corner chair beside the fire. Needlework stand fits under the chair perfectly and I can sit for hours doing what I love. I have enjoyed Di van Niekerk embroideries for many years – the challenge of silk ribbon and embroidery can be irresistible. Thanks for the work you put into for these give a ways.

  489. My favorite stitching spot is at my dining room table, with a cup of tea or water at hand. This is a comfortable spot that provides a view of trees and birds. I use a portable light to help highlight what I’m stitching.

  490. What a brilliant idea, kits for projects like these! Sometimes just assembling all the materials for a project in a new technique is so daunting.

    My favorite winter stitching spot is the corner of my sofa. Everything I need is there! Well, except my little scissors. The cats absconded with those. : -(

  491. Thank you so much for the chance to win these givewaways! I had borrowed some of her books from the library and the work is beautiful. I would love to learn her techniques. Thanks again for the chance to win! Happy Holidays!

  492. My favorite spot is in our family room with both cats snuggled up. Thanks once again for the give aways!

  493. At this time I like to embroider on my comfy couch with magnifying glass and a cold light which I always at hand!

  494. I love sitting in the loft in my comfy chair, with a mug of hot tea and my stitching. Love it even more when there is snow flying by the window!

  495. Winter is my favorite time of year, cold, snowy and plenty of time to stitch. I like to sit in my favorite wing back chair by our fireplace, looking out at the winter scene and the birds at the feeders. Quiet, warm, lovely.

  496. I love working with felt and beads. i have been collecting the Row By Row Wooly Adventure patterns for work on felt and many of them that I complete will be adorned with beads.

  497. Hands down, my favorite spot in the winter is in the red chair in my front room with a fire burning. I use my magnifying floor lamp. The only thing I would change would be to move my chair closer to the window for more natural light, but that would require moving the piano. So, not going to happen.

  498. My favourite Winter (and Summer) stitching place is with the stitching group from our local Embroiderers Guild, in the church where we meet. Heaters are on, light is great, and company friendly. Lovely to see what others are working on, and it gives me time to get going on my own stitching.

  499. In the excitement I forgot to say that my favorite spot to stitch in is in my daughters kitchen dining nook. The winter sun comes in the window and warms me up and the natural light can’t be beat.

  500. I call my favorite spot to do handwork in the winter my “winter nest”. I am very lucky to live in Arizona year round. My nest is a large patio with comfy cushion couches – it faces southwest, so is sunny and bright all winter long. I have roll down sun shades to protect me from the glare in the late afternoon. Most days my Yazzie project bag and I can be found stitching, and listening to a book on my iPod, for at least an hour a day. My perfect days are those that I can stitch the afternoons away.

  501. My favorite sewing spot in the winter is the same place I do all my hand sewing, in my chair in front of the TV. However, in the winter I love, love, love it when there is a fire going in the fireplace.

  502. My favourite stitching spot in the winter is on my small settee in front of my fireplace. The room used to be our recreation room but aince the family grew up and left home, it became my craft room. It is my happy place in any season.

  503. My favorite spot is my patio! I live in Arizona, and the weather and sunshine are perfect in the winter! Of course, in the summer it’s a different story

  504. My favorite winter sewing spot is the armchair in my parents’ living room, with the friendly lamp and convenient small table on my right, and an odorant and sparkly Christmas tree on my left. Bonus points if friends or family are on the sofa for a chat while I embroider, or if a Christmas classic (Romy Schneider’s Princess Sissi, anyone?) is playing on the TV at the same time. Now I want to fast forward to next month, when I’ll be able to do exactly all this!

  505. My favorite place to sit and stitch is in my living room where it’s quiet and I can concentrate on my work…with my two chubby kitty helpers!

  506. My favorite stitching spot is in the corner of my newly remodeled TV room we call it. I have a nice recliner just my size, it kinda hugs me. I have a bright white light behind it and a soft glow lamp on the table next to my chair. The room is so relaxing and it’s quiet. That is where I like to stitch away.

  507. Last winter I visited my big sister down in NSW, and they have a wood burner in their snug lounge…..
    So sitting in a snug lounge, with the fire going and a lamp behind me in the arm chair has become my favourite winter stitching spot.

  508. My favorite stitching spot in winter is always by a window. I just moved to a new house, well, new to me at least, and I’ll need to find a good spot this winter, I love natural light but windows can be cold! My dream spot would be a comfy chair by a window with a nice pet-hair-free blanket and a warm radiator. If there’s no sunshine, a nice lamp that is easily adjusted would be lovely.

  509. We just bought a new sectional that has 3 recliners in it. I can now sit right by my husband and recline in the evening with my stitching. It is so nice. I have as of yet to do little stitching because I am organizing my embroidery floss. At the moment I am winding DMC onto Bobbins to put into the hanging organizers they offer. I am on my third one of those. I am amazed at how much Floss I have now that I have put it all in one place. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  510. Okay, since we are dreaming, how about me in a lounge chair on a veranda overlooking the beach with the sea breezes wafting the white, gauzy curtains all around, and there I would be with my stitching in hand. And, also, thanks for the Christmas giveaway opportunity.

  511. I would love to win any of your giveaways. We are on the road between Battleford, Canada and Indio Ca., with stops in between. I do not always have my computer on, so I hope I don’t miss a crucial step!

  512. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere in the house with good lighting and a comfortable chair / couch.

  513. My favorite stitching place was one I had years ago and often go back in memory. Sitting beside the fireplace (with fire of course) in my comfortable chair with a tape playing (now it would be CDs) stitching. I had huge windows both in front and back so I could see in back, calves romping in the pasture or in front, birds in the apple trees. It was the best place I’ve ever lived!

  514. Sitting in the corner of my comfy couch. Good light behind my shoulder. Lap frame holding my work or work in hand depending on the project. Bonus, is my cat tucked in tight to my side just enjoying the contact. Happy Holidays!

  515. My favorite place to sit and embroidery in the winter is by the fireplace while sitting in a comfy soft chair and wrapped in a hand embroidered shawl with my old soft slippers on my feet. Oh yeah, I can’t forget my favorite hot drink.

  516. My favorite winter stitching place is wherever my friends are. We have great fun together and vary where we meet but often at a local needlework shop.

  517. My favorite winter stitching spot is my living room couch. I have my threads, kits, scissors, etc., all around me. I have access to the TV and I have doggies & kitties coming to see me all the time.

  518. I have 2 spots – I do enjoy our family room with lots of light and watching the rain drops splashing into the pool outside. The other is a small area in our loft with my materials close by. A pot of tea close by is always welcome.

  519. My favorite spot is my recliner that sits angled with the large living room window. I can watch the birds year round when I glance up. It’s a cozy area in winter with a sheepskin rug tossed over the recliner and a hand made crochet lap blanket over my legs or around my shoulders. There’s a lit candle close by that smells wonderful fall and winter. In spring and summer it’s a small bouquet of flowers that smells devine!

  520. I have studio space in our finished basement and my favorite spot is my leather chair with my Ott light and magnifier beside it. This spot is great because in the basement I can’t hear the wind blowing — I absolutely hate the wind when it blows anytime, a nice breeze is fine but not gale force winds!!

  521. My new sewing room is perfect for winter stitching. No noise from a tv, just me by myself with good lighting, soft music in the background and a warm cozy room.

  522. Mary I like to stitch by my windows. It allows me to enjoy the scenery especially when it snows. Since I don’t have a fireplace, I’ll add that in my dreams.

  523. Fave stitching place in winter is next to the fire, cat on the sofa next to me and dog at my feet. Luvly jubly xxx

  524. My favourite winter stitching spot is in my home. I have a comfy chair next to the wood stove – great for our frozen snowy days. There is a big window where I can watch the snow fall.

  525. Thanks, Mary!

    My favorite winter stitching spot is in my cottage in the woods, watching the snow fall, and the deer quietly walking through the fields.

  526. I have my big worktable next to the heater, so I can be warm and cozy AND spread out all my threads, beads, and “stuff.”

  527. In Australia I love stitching in my garden, listening to the beautiful birds singing, the warm sun giving me great light and my lovely dogs for company. It’s my little piece of heaven!

  528. I have an “evergreen” stitching spot (but we don’t have real winters) – my little workspace at a big table, which is nicely air conditioned in summer, which is quickly coming up here.

  529. I live in a tiny apartment in Japan, so my favorite place is the only place – my half of the couch. It’s mire comfortable than he kitchen table, although I’ve sat there, too.

  530. When you see a new book and if you look on line it is impossible to know what you are buying. This website is SOOOO useful in letting you know if you will be happy with your purchase. Thank you so much!

  531. My stitching spot is the left-hand corner of my couch, which lets me change position a lot so that I don’t get fatigued. I have a coffee table in front of me and a shoulder Ott-Lite. The improvement I would most like to make is that I need a good lighted magnifier on a stand. Hm, maybe that would be a good Christmas present?

  532. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my comfy recliner with a roaring fire and a Hallmark movie on the TV. Heaven!!

    Thanks so much for sponsoring this giveaway!

  533. My favorite stitching spot is in our family room, next to the fireplace, facing the TV with my loving DH right next to me on our recliner/love seat. Thank you for your giveaway generosity.

  534. Dawn from Washington-My favorite stitching spot if my dining room table. I can look out four windows to see the trees and I love the lighting there.

  535. I have a window in my bedroom which faces due South. In winter it gets the sun from the southwest. It is a stitcher’s dream for warm bright stitching on a cold afternoon.

  536. Absolutely beautiful! Would love to read the book and complete the kit. Thank you Mary for your wonderful posts and emails and for organising this giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  537. One of my favorite things is to do hand embroidery or cross-stitching. I usually find myself sitting on the couch with my lights close by with the TV on.

  538. My favorite winter stitching spot is the couch in the living room. I usually have the tv on while I stitch.

  539. My favorite spot to do Embroidery in the winter is in sunny, warm FL. I love to escape the cold and enjoy stitching in warmer weather where it’s much better for my arthritis.

  540. My favorite stitching place is at my small maple desk in the living room. As I stitch I can look outside at our beautiful trees and watch squirrels scamper in the yard looking for treats.

  541. Who doesn’t like a giveaway! And who would by themselves a Christmas gift – not me. I would love to join in the fun of free stuff!

  542. A corner in my great room with a view outdoors to the small wooded copse outside the sliding door is my favorite winter stitching spot. It holds a chair designed and built especially for me and my small stature (5 foot zilch) by my upholsterer father for my 16th birthday. He was an excellent workman – it’s still in great shape after 65 years of hard use! Of course, it’s had a few costume changes over the years in the form of a new slipcover now and then.
    I have a small vintage sewing cabinet on either side and a magnifying light with a swing arm that can be positioned just so. Everything is close at hand and makes for one very winter happy place.

  543. I really like to work on a side table in our dining area because it is in the corner and great for the morning sun and the afternoon sun. It is also by the kitchen and I can monitor what is going on in there too.

  544. I like to stitch in the living room in front of the window at my small maple desk. I enjoy looking at the trees in our yard and watch the squirrels and birds as I stitch.

  545. Mi trabajo esta relacionado con la costura, imparto talleres donde enseño a coser, pero mi gran pasión es el bordado así que en mi taller he destinado un lugar donde siempre que dispongo de tiempo me pongo a bordar y experimentar con telas, hilos y texturas diferentes, este invierno estoy jugando con stumpwork realizando pequeños jardines en miniatura.
    Hace tiempo que sigo a Di van Niekerk me gustan sus trabajos y este nuevo libro me pareció muy interesante me gustaría muchísimo que me tocara pero si no fuera así lo compraré .
    Un saludo

  546. Favorite place to stitch at this time of year is in front of TV (I only listen to programs) on my sofa surrounded by lovely things to fondle and poke a needle thru. It’s directly across a row of windows (hopefully clean) that I can watch the mountains of snow falling down and give PRAISE that I dont have to trudge through that mess any longer. Thanks for the lovely drawing. Your site is a God send! Best of luck to all the participants.

  547. I stitch in a comfy chair in my new sunroom, overlooking the bird feeders and the river beyond. Even in the depths of a Canadian winter the water doesn’t freeze because of the current, so we have ducks all year round. Hmmm, I think I’ll go and stitch right now!

  548. In my sewing room or on the kitchen table where I have good light and can enjoying looking outside at the garden and the birds to rest my eyes.

  549. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my comfy chair in my living room with the fire going in the fireplace and a cup of hot tea (and maybe some cookies) on the table next to me and my embroidery supplies in bags around my feet. I’m toasty and comfortable and doing something I enjoy.

  550. My favorite stitching spot during the winter is in the recliner near the fireplace! The chair arms hold my threads and needles and I can rest my legs on the footrest Also the lighting is perfect there.

  551. As I live in a hot tropical location, winter-time enables me to very happily stitch outside on the veranda that wraps around my house.

  552. I always stitch in the evenings on the den sofa ….. just better in the winter when my husband has a fire going!

  553. Favorite place to sew in the winter is in Mesa AZ where the sun shines and it’s not the gray PNW rainy season.

  554. I love to sit on the left-side of the sofa in the family room where I have my Stella table lamp right next to me. I can watch TV, a movie or just listen to music as I stitch away on my project of the moment.

  555. What fun! Would love either project to sit in my big chair in front of the fire (if it gets cold enough here in central Texas to have one) with light coming in from the big windows stitching away. Love the holidays.

  556. Oh my, I love to embroider in many places, but on a cold day my favorite is in my sewing room with my magnifying glasses and old fashioned Christmas music. It’s even better when a friend drops by for a hot drink and a good talk and stitching up a storm!

  557. Being a Silk Ribbon enthusiast and a teacher of Felt items to a small group of ladies, I would be sooo happy with the present Giveaways.
    My favorite winter cozy spot is one corner of My Workshop couch, Ott Floor Lamp, small table handy, and all manner of materials spread out all over the floor (not the neatest place)and TV to keep me connected to the world. This was originally the Family Den, until it became an empty nest, and Hubby had all his stuff in the basement. And it became All Mine !!!

  558. I like to stitch during the winter in my den chair with a great lamp for light. Thanks for a great blog I use regularly.

  559. A winter stitching spot has large, clean windows facing south, or west, or southwesterly. There is just the right chair in which to stitch, along with a C table to hold my threads, pattern, tools, & a beverage. Soft music in the background to fill the space. A good friend or two to share the time. If there is a great storm, so much the better!

  560. My favorite spot to do my stitching is in my living room in my arm chair with my Otte light on. With a view of either my TV, or looking out my front porch doors looking at my bird feeder watching all the birds feeding.

  561. I love to sit on my comfy couch beside the window where in winter the sunshine comes right in and warms me. The window looks out over my citrus trees that are hung with colourful fruit

  562. My favorite winter stitching spot is my nice cozy chair in our family room! I have a great light which just makes it perfect! Would love to win the ribbon embroidery kit and book as I have enjoyed ribbon embroidery for quite a few years! Thanks for the opportunity!

  563. For my last birthday the family gave me a sliding rocker and stool and they sit in a sunny corner beside the fire. A small two-tiered table is tucked away on one side for my scissors, threads and needles and books and basket are placed below. The light is perfect and the occasional cup of coffee can be placed on the hearth. I’m warm and toasty and everything is in reach – if only I could spend more time there!

  564. My favorite embroidery spot is in a great chair in my sitting room with the bright winter sun streaming through the large window

  565. My dream spot for stitching in winter doesn’t exist right now because I don’t live where there’s proper winter anymore, but if it did, it would be a big, comfy armchair by a window where I could look out at the falling snow. There would be a fireplace and cats.

  566. Next to my wood burning stove is the place to do any kind of needlework especially since I live in the Midwest.

  567. My favorite stitching spot is in my recliner with both my puppies on my lap. This is not as hard as it sounds. One 4 1/2 lbs and other is my “big guy” weighing in at 9 1/2 lbs.

  568. My favorite spot is in my comfy chair with my fury girls lisfening to any music. Love reading your posts.

  569. I love to stitch in the winter near a window with a little table nearby to keep my teapot and cup of tea handy and my device for listening to a good audio book while I stitch.

  570. My favorite happy place to stitch is in our sunroom on a comfy blue plaid sofa that looks out on a lovely dogwood tree next to my window box bursting with bright red geraniums. In winter my box shows off soft green pine boughs and little red berries on the holly branches. A warm glow from our fireplace , a cup of creamy hot cocoa and Mozart music in the background and I could just stitch forever!

  571. My favorite spot to stitch is anywhere I can be outside and near a river or stream. That includes the winter when I usually am sitting in my vehicle because it gets cold here and we usually have snow in the winter. Love your newsletter. Thanks for all you do.

  572. My dream spot would be facing a flowering garden. With a small running brook bubbling it’s way over little pebbles. Overhead all sorts of birds would be singing away in the trees.

  573. My favorite stitching spot in the winter is my in my favorite chair overlooking my snow covered backyard. The best kind of day to stitch is when the snow is falling, a nice cup of tea is nearby and the fireplace is glowing.

  574. Although it is thundering over head, the thermometer is heading for 35C (95 F) here in Castlemaine, Australia today, so winter stitching is far from my mind! I’ll be sitting stitching under the cool, shady grapevine once the rain stops. In winter my favourite stitching spot is by the window in the pale winter sun where I can see the trees in my garden blowing in the wind while I am warm and cosy.

  575. I love silk ribbon so the new pattern is very attractive to me. In winter my favorite spot is the dining room table so I have room for a hot cup of tea or coffee and a few cookies.

  576. My favorite spot for stitching is in a chair that belonged to my grandmother. I live in a apartment on the second floor and have a large sliding back door to my balcony, that looks over a forested area. If I open the shades I can look out and see the forested area below. A giant cedar tree that is grand and full of life literally, with owls and many more birds and critters enjoying its branches is my favorite thing to view. Being lucky enough to have these, inspires me to embrace my stitching even more. Grandma would be so proud. Thank you again for all your wonderful work and I enjoy your emails and I am always happy to see your name in my mailbox!
    Happy Holidays

  577. I have a small straight-backed chair that my friend caned for me, sitting right in front of my wood-burning stove. This is my favorite spot for any hand-work – quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, beading. Of course it doesn’t have enough light (is there ever enough), but I make do with what I have because it’s such a wonderful spot.

  578. What an exciting giveaway! Thank you!

    I am happiest in the winter, and any other time of year, curled up in the corner of my couch with my ottlite over my shoulder.

  579. I have 2 favorite stitching spots for all year. During daylight hours I like to stitch in
    the sunroom, usually at my work table. In the evenings I like to stitch in my comfy chair with the cat on my lap.

  580. I sit in an old green wing back chair covered in quilted throws and extra pillows. A clip light like one used in a garage is clipped to the bookcase behind me. I bought one of those arm chair pin cushions with pockets on each side ages ago and I use it because I only put pins in my tomato pin cushions. I had the bad habit of putting a needle in my mouth. Yikes! It is a good thing I live alone because my hobbies are everywhere. I have a vintage tea cart on my left and a metal three tiered cart that I can pull close for supplies. When the phone rings I put them on speaker and just keep sewing. I can see my television and out a very large window. The view from my 5th floor apartment looks out over a valley and a hill covered with houses and trees. It is fantastic. My family is shocked by the clutter but I am so happy.
    Thank you for a chance to win a kit and book. I can never thank you enough for all the things I’ve learned.

  581. I love sitting in my squishy chair right by the fireplace and stitching my heart out. The world just whirls around me.

  582. That’s very generous! I only stitch in my armchair in front of the TV, in the evening. My dream place would be to have the time to join a group of ladies to stitch & chat.

  583. I’m lucky and have a ‘family room’ that is basically 3 walls of glass. So the room is light and also warm enough in our winter sun to sit and sew. Thanks for the opportunity

  584. I have a new deck and a lovely day bed which catches the winter morning sun. one of the best things about it is the natural light which means I do not need a lamp.

  585. I stitch in the winter and summer on my sofa with a movable table in front of me holding my project supplies and tools. My favourite time is in the evening with the TV on so I can look up periodically from my stitching. I love my sofa, but I think it would be more fun to have the sofa and table in a sun room. It would be so enjoyable to be able to look up through the glass and see the sun during the day or the stars at night. Even on rainy days or nights, hearing the pattering of the rain on the glass would be soothing.

  586. I love to stitch at the beach. I am so lucky to spend my winters in a warm climate.

    I don’t know how you find the time to write and stitch – does your day have more than 24 hours in it? LOL

  587. My favorite winter stitching spot is the corner of the couch with a pillow, quilt and fire. Thanks for a chance to win!

  588. My favorite winter stitching spot is at my kitchen table. There is a large window facing south so I get lots of natural light and the furnace register is under the table so my feet stay toasty warm. There are bird feeders outside the window so I can watch my feathered friends when I take a break and need to switch from close vision to distance to give my eyes a break.

  589. My favorite stitching spot, summer or winter, is sitting on the loveseat in my living room. I have a tablemate that snugs right up against me to work on and my Ott light shining over my shoulder.

  590. I love to stitch near our gas fireplace in the living room – toasty, with a lovely view outside, especially if it is snowing. Thank you for these wonderful give-aways!

  591. My favorite winter stitching spot is at my game table at out back window, watching the winter birds foraging for bugs and seeds in the flower beds outside. This book and kit would give my stitching a boost over the winter months. Jane

  592. My spot is the same for all seasons, my comfortable chair, stand and light and the beautiful view outside across the valley, the view changes with the seasons. I add my heated knee rug in winter – cozy!

  593. My favorite winter stitching corner is on the living room sofa. The sofa is close to southerly windows. We have wide eaves designed to shade the living room in the summer but allow all the sunshine and its warmth in during the winter. I can reach my trusty Dazor. The side chest keeps my stitching tools and supplies close at hand. One of the cats likes it so much, he is inclined to snuggle up to me when I am stitching.

  594. My favourite place to do my needlework in Winter is in my ‘sunroom’. My room has two full walls of glass and the sun comes streaming in making it very warm and cosy and obviously just right for needlework. I have a comfortable armchair where everything is at my fingertips. What a joy! It is very hot in the summer so I have another room on the opposite side of the house for my summer sewing.

  595. My favourite stitching spot in winter (or summer) is anywhere with a moderately comfy chair and good light (natural or artificial). Access to a talking book is also a good optional extra.

  596. My favorite winter stitching spot is in my family room with the fire going. It’s warm and sociable and I have a comfy chair and good light there too. I’d love to win the book and a kit to stitch this winter in just that spot!

  597. My favourite winter sewing spot is one from my memory! It’s sewing by an open fire as a child with my Grandma who was ever so patient with me in my attempts at “fancy work” , mainly detached chain and stem stitch and some satin stitch! Now I love to sit in my “good room” on a Sunday afternoon as the sun streams in, it’s so peaceful.

  598. Hi Mary, Favourite spot: I’m like my grandmother. Wind back chair, good lamp and side table, with my scissors always at the ready beside me. Family room in front of the TV. Cozy with my tea.
    Happy holiday to you and yours, Mary.

  599. Ho-Ho-Ho Mary! Thank you for another wonderful season of stitching give aways. My favorite spot to stitch is in the living room corner chair using my magnifying lamp and an audible book playing.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Kathy

  600. I like to sit near my fireplace with my org lamp and floor frame to stitch although, at times I stand to stitch at a raised counter!

  601. What a lovely giveaway. Thank you for your blog, Mary, and for sharing your talent and ideas so generously. My favorite place to stitch is a small, quiet bedroom facing southwest; it has wonderful light all day long, and is especially cheerful in winter. My sweet dog keeps me company there.

  602. I love stitching in my upstairs sewing room which is tucked away at the back of the house.
    I sew in front of a big window where I have a view of my garden.

  603. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

    My favorite winter stitching spot is my favorite spot all year. Corner of the couch, underneath my Ott lamp, with enough space next to me for my stitching buddy (Tuck the cat) to snuggle up next to me. Good TV viewing in this location as well.

  604. I have two special stitching spots. The first is in my living room, so I can catch the morning sunlight. I m0ve to my stitching room in the afternoon, also to use the maximum amount of sunlight.
    My morning spot has a view of Mt. Baker in Washington. The afternoon I share the room with my cat, Che Wey. He loves our cuddle breaks.

  605. My favorite winter stitching spot is a rocker in my living room, with dappled light coming through the windows and a cat on my lap (who is well trained in not snagging my thread).

  606. I create my treasures on the couch with the window view, television, and my laptop near at hand. No room for anyone else on the couch! Too full of my thread and books!

  607. My favourite place to stitch in the winter is my living room. My ‘dream’ spot is on the beach in Jamaica!

  608. My favorite stitching place in the winter is the big cozy corner of my couch. Also have the fireplace going.

    Love it……..

  609. <