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A Stitcher’s Christmas #3: Goldwork Kits & Tools – and other news…


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Happy Monday! We’re already moving into the second week of December! Can you believe it?

Today, A Stitcher’s Christmas give-away #3 is on the agenda, along with the winners from last week’s give-away for three Hands Across the Sea sampler charts.

I’ve also got a little bit of extra news at the end of this article, especially for those of you who are playing with Twelve Trees for Christmas released last week, as well as some scheduling information for the next few weeks.

So let’s move on to business!

Stitcher's Christmas: Goldwork Kits & Supplies from Berlin Embroidery

First, we’ll tackle the winners of last week’s pre-Christmas give-away.

The winners of the three Hands Across the Sea sampler charts, drawn randomly and in this order, are Doreen from Maine, Jan F, and Sharon in California!

I hope you all love your new sampler charts! I’ll drop you an email today to work out the details with you.

Stitcher’s Christmas #3: Goldwork!

You might remember that several months ago, I wrote about Tanja Berlin’s remake of her website.

Tanja is a well-known and well-loved embroidery teacher and designer living in Canada. She’s offers a magnificent selection of goldwork supplies on her website, Berlin Embroidery, as well as embroidery kits in just about every type of surface embroidery you can think of…and then some!

Goldwork Kits - A Stitcher's Christmas

Tanja generously offered a very nice collection of goldwork kits and supplies for the aspiring goldwork learner – or the expert! Whether you’re just venturing into goldwork, or whether you’ve never done it before but you’re dying to try, or whether you’ve dabbled in goldwork before, these will delight you!

The give-away is a whole Goldwork Dream Package for one winner, and it includes the following:

A goldwork brooch kit (all the materials, threads, instructions to create the brooch
A goldwork heart design kit (which includes fabric, threads, instructions, to embroider the design)
7″ stretcher bar frame with brass thumbtacks
Fine-tipped tweezers
Laying tool
Goldwork scissors

It’s quite a wonderful package of goodies!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks to all who participated!

If you’d like to participate in the give-away and start (or continue) your own goldwork journey, please follow the guidelines below!

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment form, if you’re unsure of where to go. Please do not leave your comment as a reply to someone else’s comment! Comments submitted via email or left on any other page or social media page are not eligible. The comment must be left on Needle ‘n Thread, at the end of this article.

2. Please fill out the comment form correctly. Here’s what you need to know about filling out the comment form:

Use a recognizable name in the “name” line (this can be first and last name, first name with last initial, a nickname, your first name and where you’re from, etc.); use a valid email address; leave the website line blank if you do not own and operate your own website; do not put any personal contact information in the comment area itself.

3. Answer the following in your comment:

If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am Central Time (that’s Kansas, USA time), Friday, December 8th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced here on Needle ‘n Thread, when the next give-away in the series is posted.

5. Only one comment per person, please. The give-away is open to everyone.

Twelve Trees of Christmas!

Thanks to all who purchased a copy of Twelve Trees of Christmas this past weekend! I hope you’ve had a chance to indulge in a tree or two by now – or will, shortly! And I hope you find as much pleasure in them as I have!

I sent out emails to everyone who downloaded the e-book shortly after it was released, with a link to the revised copy. Tsk, tsk – yes, there was a mistake or two in the e-book! Page 15 with the instructions for Cable Plait Stitch was missing.

I fixed it as soon as I realized the mistake, and I’ve already emailed out the download link to anyone who downloaded the first edition. Please check your inbox for the Revision email and download link. If you think you didn’t get the revised version (check page 15 – it should have Cable Plait Stitch on it), just drop me a line and I’ll take care of you.

Thank you so very much for your enthusiasm over the collection.

The introductory special on Twelve Trees ends on December 6th, so if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, and you want to stitch some fun stuff, you can find it here.

Upcoming Needle ‘n Thread Schedule

Because I’ll be running A Stitcher’s Christmas up to a few days before Christmas, I’ll be sneaking in some extra articles over the next few weeks, if all goes as planned. For email subscribers, you might see me popping up in your inbox more frequently than usual for a short while. Just so you know!

I have a few embroidery-related things I want to share with you – among them, a very special project (with a free instructional e-book for you) from a group of people I’ve never met, but who have a special place in my heart! Can’t wait to tell you about that!


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  1. I’ve actually chosen a focus for next year. I want to learn new stitches and use them in my crazy quilts. To that end I have bought some linen and am buying a small hoop. I’ve chosen some breads and am going to experiment with a sampler and the put them into a new Christmas crazy quilt piece that I’m starting in the new year.

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks Mary and Tanja!
    Maybe I could finally try a little golden embroidery if I’ll have luck!
    Have Merry Christmas !

  3. Oh, goodness, only one technique? I’ve actually just started learning goldwork for fun – but I think if I could only do one I’d have to decide on silk shading, because I’m really not very good at it and need to improve!

  4. If I had to pick one technique, it would be goldwork. I took a goldwork class in May from the RSN and fell in love with it.

  5. If I had to limit myself to one stitching technique for a whole year it would be cross stitching. But I would dearly miss embroidery and quilting!

  6. At the risk of sounding sycophantic … goldwork! The reason is that I want to make a tallit bag (for keeping a Jewish prayer shawl in) for my mum’s 80th birthday next year, and I think a goldwork pomegranate on a silk ground would be perfect. But I have rather a lot to learn.

  7. If I had one stitching technique I want to learn it would be stump work. I would love to win. Thank you so much. I think gold work is beautiful and I have never done it. It would be an opportunity to try it.

  8. My goodness, that’s a hard question….. Only one technique for the next year… I guess I’d say Harganger. I haven’t done it in a while, and I have a big project that’s unfinished (we are going on 12 years now, most of them dormant). It would be fun to get that done, and to really focus on all the stitches.

  9. I am a ” counted” stitcher so anything counted will be on my agenda for this year. I’ve done many of Tanja’s classes so I could squeeze in some goldwork as well!

  10. If I could only stitch using one technique for a year I would choose gold work. There is so much to learn, in the stitches, and historically, as well as contemporary design, that I feel I would be more than satisfied with the one style of stitching, and never get bored.

  11. If I could focus on one stitch for a year, it would be satin stitch. It is so basic, and yet so tricky to do really well. It’s also so flexible.

  12. You ask what needlework technique I would do if I could only do one next year. I would like to learn more about drawn thread works and Montmellick embroidery, not forgetting of course all those crewel work projects I have in mind, but at the end of the day, it has to be surface embroidery. There is such a choice of stitches that you can never get bored, you can do almost anything with it, and I would simply like to perfect lots of stitches, particulary raised fishbone which gives me such problems, that if I just di that for the year, maybe I would accomplish something.

  13. Goldwork is such fun & Tanja is awesome. Working in this genre feels like a direct link back to the masters of Opus Angelicum.

  14. Goldwork is something that I haven’t tried. I always admire pieces that incorporate it and would like to add it to my skills.
    Carol b/cln crs

  15. One kind of embroidery only … for ONE year? Wow, that would be torture for sure … BUT, if you I absolutely had to chose I’d go with Hardanger, it’s easy – 5 stitches over 4 threads … just don’t miscount LOL – and it travels well, no hoop needed.

  16. If forced to do only one type of embroidery for an entire year, I would choose something new like White work. That would give me an entire year to practice. I would combine my bobbin lace and white work together. And hopefully by the end of the year I would be able to say, “I can do that”

    Barabal D.

  17. Wow. I would like to say cross stitch as there are so many options for stitching that would provide plenty of options for a year’s stitching. But goldwork is the technique I would pick as there are lots of fibers and grounds to use and lots of opportunities to improve over the year.

  18. I have never tried goldwork, but I would love to. Beautiful. Thank you for all if these Christmas goodies, Mary!

  19. Oh my gosh, I would love to win this give away. I follow Tanya, love her site and admire her embroidery. I have wanted to try goldwork for some time and this would be a great opportunity. If I get stuck, which I am sure I will, I could call Tanya!

  20. I would pick goldwork. Something I have wanted to try for sometime. I did Sophie Long’s Heart and I was smitten. I’m waiting axniously for Christmas. I ordered two kits from Sarah Homfray that I can’t wait to start. Guess you know what l’ll be doing Christmas day. The turkey can wait.

  21. Just one? I guess I would pick needle painting, just because I’ve never felt I’m good enough of an artist to actually try ot out. But a year might be long enough to actually learn it.

  22. Tanja’s work is amazing—you both are! To choose just one stitch, I think it would be split stitch. It can go in any direction, outline, scale up or down, blend, fill in spaces, is a bit mindless (what appeals to me this a.m.!), and is pleasant to work.

  23. I would do whitework all year; I love it and there are so many different types to try. If I have to pick just one then it would be hardanger; I just love that you only have to be able to count to five (most of the time anyway!) and have courage to cut some threads and you can produce so many wonderful different things. I do like goldwork as well and have a piece that I started with Tracy Franklin in the summer that has to be finished.

  24. I would love to spend the next year learning how to do Whitework Embroidery. I love the delicacy of the work and would love to embroidery some curtains in that technique for my craft/office space.

  25. Surface embroidery ~ what a wonderful exercise of needle with thread through fabric. It is limitless as to the possibilities. Thank you for the inspirations.

  26. I would work on crazy quilt stitching esp. filler stitches. These kits are stunning!!! I hope I win!!

  27. I want to go back to some really basic surface embroidery as I broke my arm recently and now I am having trouble getting my stitches even. I reckon I need to re-train my muscle memory so lots of satin stitch, split stitch, french knots and not forgetting my favourite stem stitch. Perhaps a few tree patterns will help!

  28. I would focus on stumpwork. I’ve purchased two kits and have them on the list labeled “I’ll get around to it sometime”. When I bought them I had intended to work on them right away but then life happens and other stitching grabs my attention and so it goes.
    I love the look of raised embroidery and ribbon work just amazes me.

  29. If I had to choose one needle work technique to devote my time to for the next year I would choose surface embroidery, specifically needle painting. It intrigues me because the results are absolutely stunning.

  30. I would like to devote time to needlepoint and bargello. I did a little needlepoint in my twenties (sooooo many years ago) and would like to do some bargello as it is so beautiful. I like the geometric designs…that is what I would do!

  31. I’d want to focus on needle painting. I love the way it looks and the piece I’m currently working on I was attempting to do needle painting on but it doesn’t quite look the way I’ve seen it done. I do like how the piece I’m working on is coming out, but I’d still love to get really good at needle painting so I can produce even more beautiful pieces!

  32. I would pursue needle painting. This technique gives the artwork a beautiful depth and texture that makes the piece come alive.

  33. I loveee all the billion stitches that come from a single stitch. ..mainly for crazy quilting. I can remember a crazy quilt my grandmother had which is why I turned to quilting.

  34. Counted Thread would be my choice, it is the technique with which I have the most experience, therefor it would be the single option I would select.

  35. This next year I plan to explore and learn techniques of traditional Chinese silk embroidery; This is inspired by my husband’s job transfer to China for the next 3 years, which gives me a unique opportunity to learn a new language, immerse myself in an entirely new to me culture with customs art forms and traditions that I have until now only read and dreamed about:) I hope and plan to find a teacher to guide me in traditional Chinese embroidery techniques!

  36. Ooooh I’ve always wanted to try Goldwork! Thanks Mary & Tania!

    Only one technique for the whole year? That is a tough one since I love them all! I think I would choose surface embroidery – that covers a lot of different stitches and you can do it on a lot of different things so that way I won’t get bored!

  37. I really need to catch up on all the fill-in designs. This would be what I want to do and learn them all.

  38. Although I really want to try goldwork and have done for a long time my true passion at the moment is needlepainting. When worked to the standard of people like Helen Stevens or Tanja it looks so lifelike and I would truly love to get to that standard and so pursuing that technique for a year should put me well on the way!

  39. I create large scale surface embroidery. I’m focusing on long and short stitch plus others that create various textures to simulate rocks, garments, trees, armor (I’m creating a Maltese Knight in full armor) etc. I want to learn how to incorporate threads like metal, silk, etc. into the designs.

    1. Your work sounds amazing. Do you have a blog or flicker account where you share your work? I would love to see it, and I bet other stitchers would, too.

  40. The technique I would choose is gold work. I recently took a class taught by Alison Cole on goldwork and loved every bit of it. The results of gold work are so beautiful.

  41. I would choose stumpwork. I realy love the texture and 3 D effect this technique offers.
    Perhaps not wise while going for the goldworkpackage, but it’s realy nice to use gold and silver threads as accent in stumpwork.

  42. I would like to do Hardanger this year. I have taken several classes on Hardanger and haven’t done much after the classes. I love the look of hardanger .

  43. I would be interested in a year spent studying needlework stitches, especially, counted thread designs. I am a big fan of symmetry in patterns.

  44. If I had to choose one technique for the next year, I think it would be whitework. It’s a technique for which I’ve purchased kits, but which I haven’t attempted yet! I love both the white on white finished product, as well as the colors used in newer whitework like Trish Burr has published.

  45. I’m hoping to finish some cross stitch wips, especially Common Ground by Just Nan, and then learn stumpwork.

  46. If I were to choose only one embroidery style to work on for one year I think it might be crewel– if I could find supply source close by! Many years ago I used to enjoy doing crewel and have not done any for a long time….

  47. What a hard decision! Gold work, both Japanese and English is my current first love, so that would have to be my single focus.
    Thank you and Tanya

  48. If I had to focus on just one technique it would be thread painting, followed by gold work.
    Love all the articles. Thanks

  49. I would pursue goldwork and whitework over the next year if I could because of their link to church embroidery and I would like to make some beautiful things for my son who will soon be ordained.

  50. OOoh, I’ve never tried Goldwork, so this would be a wonderful opportunity! What type of needlework technique would I choose? It would have to be surface embroidery, because there is such a wide variety of stitches one can use to embellish cloth. I love embellishing cloth! Think of all the different threads I could use, too!

  51. After a very long hiatus I’m getting back into embroidery and don’t really have a favorite technique at the moment. The Twelve Trees of Christmas will give me a good start on getting back into the embroidery groove!

  52. If I could only work on one needlework technique for the next year, it would be gold work. I have never done it and I would love to learn and perfect it. A very close second would be ribbon embroidery on canvas. I love to passionately pursue a new interest!

  53. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this goldwork package! Many years ago, a local needlework shop owner had a really lovely piece hanging in her shop that she had made. I’ve been itching to tackle the technique since then, but just never have gotten around to it. Maybe now??

    And, a whole year to concentrate on just one type of needlework ?!? 1) I don’t think I could ever choose JUST one, and 2) I think I’d probably get bored doing JUST one for a whole year. I need to work on this, and then try that, and add in some of the other….

  54. I would choose to concentrate on silk shading. I’ve always been fascinated by how delicate and precise the process is. I stitch flowers and birds mostly, so I would want to build up to a finished product that incorporated both elements. I think it is something I could really have fun with and devote some time to!

  55. This giveaway hits me exactly where it hurts! I have been collecting threads etc… for years to use when I did my first goldwork project. I even brought some beautiful unique threads home from England…years ago! The project that I would like to begin and work on throughout the coming new year would be goldwork. I hope I do!

  56. If I could only pursue one needlework style, with a heavy heart I would turn my back on Goldwork for Stumpwork. I think it is so versatile, incorporating 3 dimensional elements as it does.

  57. I plan to work on more goldwork and stumpwork this year. I love the idea of combining them and having detached gold work elements. I love the challenge of both forms and feel it would be A bigger challenge to combine them.

  58. I was fortunate enough to take a class with Tanja last spring—what a fabulous teacher and such a gifted artist. I would be very excited to win one of her gold work kits. Crossing fingers. Thank you, MARY, for providing all these chances to win such wonderful goodies.

  59. My needlework focus would be practicing satin stitch so my stitches are more consistent.

  60. Hi

    The technique I would concentrate on would be goldwork. I have dabbled in it for the last few years, but other projects have stopped me from continuing with it. I would like to become more comfortable handing the pieces and fine tune my skill.

  61. If I had to chose one embroidery technique for the next year I would probably chose cross stitch. The reason for this choice is because in my mind if I had to chose only one technique for a year it is because I would be in a situation where I would have various restrictions. I could chose a more advanced pattern, gather all of the supplies and have everything together in a project box or bag that I could carry with me wherever I needed to go during the year. Thank you for the opportunity of winning a great prize!

  62. One technique only? Well, if I had to choose, it would have to be surface embroidery with cotton floss. It’s the first technique I learned, but I’ve never done it consistently enough to get good at it. Now I look at my uneven stitches and I think it looks like something a child would do. I’d like my work to be better, and a solid year of practice would help.

    But gold work! I signed up for a gold work class last Spring to fill an open slot in a program I was attending. Gold work had never interested me, but it was a small project, and a chance to try it out. And of course I loved it. The sparkle and texture from the different materials. It is mesmerizing. I never understood why people were so taken with gold work. I do now.

  63. If I had to choose only one it would be needle painting. I’ve done a couple of piece and love the results. ButI usually have two ore three different one going at one time.I would love to win the gold work kit it’s one of the few things I haven’t tried,no local teachers or supplies.

  64. Gold work would be my choice for a year. I’ve dreamed of learning this technic for….years! The applications would endless. Like jewelry for cloth!

  65. I would pursue embroidery. That is what I like and I just don’t have enough time to do it. Doesn’t everyone say that? Thanks for having these contests, Mary.

  66. Hi Mary, if I had one technique to pursue this coming year it would be improving my long and short stitch. I can’t seem to do it decently, much less master it. And I expect it would take me a year of practice to make good progress!

  67. I would focus on counted cross stitch, only because I have several large, unfinished projects waiting – or maybe surface embroidery – no, wait – too hard to choose!

  68. I always like to stitch Tanja Berlin kit. Her instruction are beautiful. I will be really happy to stitch another Tanja kit.
    Thank you for this gift.

  69. I would pursue silk shading with goldwork. I want to start embroidering some realistic birds with flair (hence the goldwork).

  70. I think I would like to learn and do embroidery with beads. Thank you for a wonderful website and for such fun Christmas give-aways!

  71. I would choose thread painting to pursue for the year because it allows for so much freedom in creativity, design and colour choices.

  72. I’m new to your site so hard to pick one technique. Goldwork sounds very interesting and beautiful.

  73. One needlework technique only to pursue the next year???!!!!! Well now that’s a question!!!! Well, as I’ve just done a course with Couture Beading in London, I guess I would concentrate on perfecting that technique. This work was done with a tambour hook, and I’m told the art is dying out, so I would like to work and perfect this technique. I’ve been told the acceptable rate of work is 1000 beads an hour!!!! I did the training on organza, and found it quite a steep learning curve, but you can create the most beautiful pieces of work; decorate clothing, create bags, head decorations, brooches, the use of this is endless. On top of that, you can create work without using beads to make beautiful pictures, in what looks like chain-stitch, all using the tambour hook. So tambour work for me.

  74. Well goldwork sounds like a big challenge, something I have never tried but always drool over when I see it. So that is my choice of technique for the up-coming year. Thank you for the opportunity of entering to win a kit.

  75. I would pursue needlepoint. I love the new designs and the beautiful threads. It has changed very much since I tried it many years ago. ❤️❤️

  76. If I had to choose just one, it would be surface embroidery because there is so much you can do with it that I would not get bored. I am glad that I am not limited in real life, however!

  77. I have only been embroidering for a short time, but if I have any ? On how a stitch is done or information needle and Threads is the first site I head to. Very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for this site.

  78. What a wonderful holiday give-away! Right now I am focused on Traditional Japanese Embroidery which incorporates lots of Goldwork techniques. Thank you for this special offer.

  79. This coming year I want to tackle needlepainting. I abosolutely adore Trish Burr’s pansies and birds. I love the challenge of blending the different shades.

  80. I began hand embroidery after a trip to England where I fell in love with gold work. I love doing it, but I’m still a novice. I’ve done about 4 pieces.

  81. Tanja is a wonderful teacher and fiber artist. If I had a year to focus on one type of embroidery, it would be silk and metal thread. It is so beautiful, but takes time and concentration.

  82. I would love to try satin ribbon embroidery. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but just haven’t…. Maybe that will be a goal for 2018. Still need to get 3 stockings needlepointed before next Christmas for new grands… Life is busy. Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  83. I love doing goldwork, but for the next 3 years (or so) I’ll be doing lots of stumpwork for my 17thC embroidered casket.

  84. If I could pick one technique only, it would be goldwork. It can be incorporated into counted thread or surface embroidery and using it really expands your skills. I fell in love with goldwork after visiting an artist’s studio. She had splendid work; I can only hope to approach that kind of beauty. I’ve started working in gold and would be happy to do only that for the next year.

  85. I am choosing embroidery to concentrate on in the coming year for several reasons. One is age. Upon finding myself well into my 80s I find it more difficult to manhandle my quilts and living in Arizona I find I wear fewer knitted clothes. It is clear that embroidery is an art form full of opportunities for creating some beautiful things.

  86. I would persue a study of stumpwork , or maybe silk ribbon work , it would be a hard choice between these two !

  87. Only one? and what constitutes needlework? It if is as broad as anything I do with a needle in my hand, I might say crazy quilting, but I think the intent is more specific, so then I would choose blackwork. I love the designs that follow a journey out and back again for the challenge and (not quite the right word but I can’t think of better this morning) symmetry of it. It is also nice that there are so few supplies and tools I need to carry with me, just the project cloth, the pattern, one ball/spool of thread, needle and scissors. Just find a place with good light and I’m good

  88. If I could only choose *one* needlework technique and why? Goldwork. Specifically chip work. Why? Because I can’t seem to make it random enough – my brain doesn’t appear to want to work that way!

  89. If I had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year it would probably be bead embroidery. I’ve just recently taken up embroidery and have enrolled in several different Craftsy classes, bead embroidery being the one I’ve been spending the most time enjoying. But this doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t LOVE to give Goldwork a try!!! 😉

  90. I would like to improve my long and short technique. My goal is to do landscapes.
    Learning gold work would be big fun as well.

  91. Only one technique? Not fair! For the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to branch out a little bit from CCS, but haven’t mastered anything yet. (Surface embroidery, crochet, lucet, kumohimo.) Sooo… would I chose CCS, which I’m proficient at, or surface embroidery which I need to spend time on to learn… Too difficult to chose!

  92. I would love to learn goldwork techniques! I am always eager to expand my skills. Thank you for this opportunity.

  93. Hi Mary,
    I think I would pick crewel embroidery. I’ve done only one piece, a kit from Tanja Berlin, and I liked it very much. And the kits from Crewel Work Company are so beautiful ! I dream of the Parrots and The Tree of Life and… so many more.
    And it’s been a long time since I stitched with wool.

    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  94. Crewel! I love wool, I love the relative speed (compared to doing the same design with cotton threads), I love Jacobean designs when updated with modern colors. If I had the money, I’d buy loads of crewel embroidery wool and have fun!

  95. If choosing just one form of needlework to pursue in 2018 (that would be hard to committ to!!!) I would choose gold work. I began my exploration of goldwork last winter with a challenge project in our EGA chapter and fell in love with it!! Lucy Barter’s Craftsy class is a great way to begin…

  96. That’s a tough question. I love needlepoint and that’s all I do but if I had to try a new technique, I think I’d tackle stumpwork. I’ve been intrigued by all the historical reproduction work done on stumpwork caskets in the last few years and the modern stuff is just out of this world! So if I had to jump into something new for 365 days, I’d choose to explore stumpwork. But lucky for me, I can just needlepoint my brains out in 2018! Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

  97. I don’t know if it counts as a “technique”, but I really need to work on Satin stitch. Learning how to do this really well including varieties like padding, would be really helpful!

  98. I would choose stumpwork for my technique to do exclusively for one year. I have done several pieces and love the challenge and the beautiful results.

  99. I think I would like to pursue some of the more rare counted thread stitches. I have a copy of each of Jacqui Carey’s books, Sweet Bags and Elizabethan Stitches, and I really want to find the time to investigate further, even make my own Elizabethan sweet bag.

  100. I plan to learn basic surface embroidery over the next year. I have been dabbling in the past, but hope to do more.

  101. What a coïncidence next week-end I having a class on Gold work my first time, every end of the year I take a class to try a new technic for the new year coming
    2018 will be on gold work
    Continue to inform us on the wonderfull would of embrodery
    Thank you, Linda

  102. My needlework focus for next year would be and is “Goldwork “. I find it endlessly intriguing and outstandingly beautiful. I can spend hours on end working on a Goldwork project, never wanting it to end.

  103. Just one?!?!?!? Really?!?!? Okay, if I could just pick one technique to stick with for the next year I would have to choose “BEADS” to be my theme. I know that’s not technically a needlework technique, but I’m dying to get going on my Bath Arbor Basket from the Bath Textile Summer School and I have some other beading projects waiting in the wings from the ladies at Fern Ridge Collections.

  104. I would like to learn Brazilian embroidery. Working with rayon threads would be challenging and I like the texture of the stitches.

  105. Goldwork would be my choice for a whole year of practice. At the moment, I am prevented by finances from going whole-hog into an endeavor that requires rather pricey materials, but I’ve been so impressed by some elaborate works using not only goldwork but beads and embroidery with various stitches. The results are gorgeous and I believe they’d be rewarding in many ways.

  106. I would like to work on goldwork. I have taken one class many years ago and enjoyed it. I love the finished look of the woodwork pieces.

  107. What would I pursue for the next year if only one? Wow that is a hard one. I love goldwork and am finishing my first piece. However, right now I would pursue whitework. That is my new thing to work on becoming more proficient.

  108. What a beautiful gift from Tanja! I’d love to learn gold work, but if I could only pick one technique to work on for a year, it would definitely be needlepainting. It’s my favorite style, and I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

  109. Blackwork. Not because it is my absolute favorite but because the simplicity fits well into my insanely busy life. Simplicity=one needle, one color thread. Requires no thought to have supplies on hand at all times, for the three second grab and run. Thankful I don’t have to actually choose just one style for the year though.

  110. Wow! What a fabulous prize. I have not had a chance to stitch any of Tanya Berlin’s kits and this would be a wonderful way to plunge in. I have always admired her work.

  111. Wow, yet another great giveaway. I’m a fan of Trish Burr and have been given her whitework with colour book so for me i hope to do several of the projects in the book. However I’ve always wanted to try goldwork and this giveaway would be fantastic.

  112. If I had to choose one type of needlepoint it would be Beading Embroidery, because I could then enhance a simple outfit (store bought or homemade incl. embellishing shoes or handbag) from an evening out to something to wear to a wedding while saving money! Thank you.

  113. The one type of embroidery is would pursue is crewel work. There is so much to explore and I have just been given hazel blomkamp ‘so ‘crewel intentions ‘and am so excited to try her different techniques.

  114. Expand my knowledge of stitches to use in my quilting and start doing mixed media art.

  115. I would have to choose Bullion roses as my first choice of stitches. They can be used on anything, cross stitch, knitting smocking, or quilting. Just about anywhere and they are fun to do. Thanks for the giveaway I would love to win.

  116. Good morning!
    The one technique I have been pondering about is goldwork.
    I have bought all the books you have recommended. Read them
    Drooled over them then I start doubting myself. I have come close to buying a kit from Tanya’s store but then the voices of doubt ones back.
    Then this year I decided after I finish one project I can try goldwork.
    Then your email came this morning and I thought I should try the give away…. thank you MARY for all your tutorials

  117. Dear Mary,
    That is a difficult question to answer, Since I am still exploring and learning. I had a wonderful course with Alison Cole from Australia at the last EAC seminar and have lots to do to finish my Purple pitcher plant. I also started a smal project taught att my guild in gold work ( new technique to me). And I have recently ordered a needle painting beginner kit from Tanja Berlin that I look forward to start.
    But I think that if I would have to be far away unable to bring lots of things with me or to buy anything during that time, I would do white work becaus that is the kind of embroidery I am more comfortable with.

  118. Hardanger because I already have several charts/books and I need to make things before I forget all I’ve learned in all the classes I’ve taken.

  119. If I had to pick just one technique to work on next year, I’d probably pick whitework, since that’s a broad enough term to cover a lot of things I like to do. But goldwork is high on my list too, and I have several projects lined up already. I don’t want to limit myself to just one!

  120. I just made a hardanger Christmas ornament and I really enjoyed it so I think hardanger would be the technique I would choose.

  121. It’s almost impossible to pick just one technique and there are so many that I want to try, but if I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE, I’d pick blackwork.

  122. I would like to spend time working on a crewel project that has been in my stash of projects for sometime.

  123. I would work on a tent stitched picture on silk of a tiger and it’s reflection in the water. I have had this chart for years and have decided I would like to complete this to enter in the ANG exhibit this summer. I have always wanted tondo a submission for the Grace Kelly award. This is the year!

  124. One thing I love about embroidery is the variety, so it would be difficult to choose only one technique to follow for an entire year, but if I had to choose I think it would be blackwork because there are so many different patterns to try. I’ve seen some lovely blackwork samplers with gold accents that would probably take a year to complete.

  125. When my wife saw the 12 trees she fell in love with them! Now I am stitching up 5 of them as Christmas gifts for the ladies in our family. I finished one of them (#4) yesterday and have it in a red 4″ hoop. It looks terrific. Thanks, Mary, for all the wonderful e-books. The pictures and directions are clear and easy to understand. I also appreciate your including where to order the materials. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  126. If I had to stick to only one technique, it would be embroidering on crazy patchwork pieces. I am doing such a project right now and learning a lot!

  127. Hi Mary, I am fortunate to have been a student in a few of Tanja’s classes; she is a fabulous instructor and her kits are clock-a-block with everything one needs as well as instructions so complete that you can almost picture her over your shoulder. AND she has dogs!! So that makes her right up there on a pedestal! (Along side you 🙂 I am going to try long-and-short stitch shading this year. It has intimidated me long enough! Thanks for the give-away. Happy Season!

    1. Broderie Anglaise – if I can find all the threads required

      Goldwork – takes a lifetime to perfect

  128. If I could only pick one type of needlework for the whole year it would probably be huck weaving (but I don’t know if I could ever do JUST ONE all year!). If I could afford all the supplies for a new (to me) needlework it would be goldwork.
    Thanks, Mary, for all the wonderful information on your web site.

  129. I have never tried goldwork but have always wanted to learn. A year’s attempt should get me going on the way to really enjoying it.

  130. Only one technique, eh? Believe it or not, it would be goldwork, and I would say that even without the latest giveaway! My greatest joy in embroidering is making gifts for my family and friends, and I’ve often admired photos of goldwork pieces and thought about how lovely it would be to use that technique in making really special gifts.

  131. I would have to go with cross stitch as that is my main form of embroidery though I do enjoy dabbling in surface embroidery now and then. I do like add a lot of speciality stitches to my work when I can make it so as it makes the project just that bit more special. I have to admit that I’ve been looking at goldwork for a while now but have been held back by the cost of getting the things needed to get started, good quality tools are worth the expense but it’s hard to justify them when so many other things are more important.

  132. I would definately love to spend the whole of next year learning stumpwork. This technique has very few followers in the part of the world where I live, so joining a class does not exist for me. Although I have bought books I feel the need to speak to a teacher or at least have on-line instructions. Some pictures of stumpwork flowers and birds which I have seen seem almost real, they are a joy to look at.

  133. The technique I would pick would be surface embroidery in general. I’ve spent most of my stitching life doing counted thread work & would now like to expand my horizons. I’m currently working on a Hazel Blomkamp design (thanks to Mary introducing me to Hazel’s website!) & it’s quite the challenge with all the different stitches.
    Thanks to Mary for your informative website & all these wonderful give-aways. I would love to try one of the goldwork kits.

  134. So hard to choose! But for only one, I think I’d go with crewel. It has lots of stitch variety and spans huge swath of time going from the traditional Jacobean through Hazel Blomkamp. May just have to start something new

  135. This next year is supposed to be the year that I try several new things in an attempt to challenge myself. If I have to narrow it down, I think I would like to work with Blackwork. The stitching always draws me to examine closely what has been done.
    I will be attending EAC seminar on PEI this year and signed up for classes in different fields. Looking forward to trying goldwork, crazy quilt stitching, needlepoint this year.

  136. I have so many things to learn that I can’t pick just one – special stitches, goldwork, silk shading, etc.

  137. If I had to choose just one needlework technique to focus on for a whole year, I would pick crewel embroidery. It is a type of needlework that I really haven’t had much experience with and so I am somewhat intimidated by it. I would hope that working on it alone for that long would either make me very proficient at it or drive me completely bonkers and I would run screaming in the opposite direction when it is even mentioned by someone!

  138. First of all, thank you, Tanja. What a generous gift to the stitching community. I have been wanting to try goldwork and this would be the perfect opportunity. My friends say I am a multiple personality stitcher. I like primitives and bling. If I could only do one type of stitching this next year (shudder) it would be beading. I want to do more than just embellish; I want to do an entire beaded piece.

  139. I would like to perfect (or let’s just say improve) thread painting – specifically long and short stitch. I have found it very difficult.

  140. I would like to try stumpwork, especially flowers. I love the three dimensional look of them on needlework.

  141. I would love to learn how to do needlework with gold threads. I also would like to know where/how most people display them.

  142. I do love goldwork, but I love it as an accent. It is one tool among many!!! If I took a year off to work on one type of embroidery, it would be drawn thread!!! I am pretty sure though that would be the border. Surface embroidery in the middle. Silk threads and gold threads would be involved!!! Why limit yourself!!! I would like to work more on drawn thread and hardanger.

  143. Good Morning, Mary,
    I learned basic stitches as a youth, but you have shown me there was so much more, much more. Mother had me embroidering mitten ornaments from a kit which worked quite well. (Sure I’ll do them, said she; here, Carolyn!) Using some of the whipped stitches, the split stitch, and other fill-in stitches would be wonderful. Your giveaway kit would get me focused toward that end.

  144. If I had to pick only one needlework technique to work on for a year, it would have to be thread painting. I am intrigued with this method and hope to spend some time on it in the coming year. I have started this, but am not very good at it yet.

  145. Thank you Mary! Yes, it is hard to believe Christmas can be arriving so soon! If I only had one technique to pursue, it would be my beloved Brazilian Embroidery! I love the dimension of the finished piece and the lovely bright colors of the rayon thread!

  146. Hello Marie

    Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.
    If I had to pick up just one needlework technique for next year, this would be gold work, this is my favorite technique since many years.
    And as a matter of fact, it is already planified : I have a goldwork project on going that will continue next year (quite a big one : I started few years ago : I’ve the project of assembly many goldwork embroideries in one pretty big patchwork : 3 goldwork projects are already done, the next one for 2018 will be a goldwork peacock of my own.
    So I would be so pleased to win this Tanja Belin so marvellous give away.
    Hope to have this luck
    Have a good day

  147. My favorite Needlework is surface embroidery. Few people in my guild like to work on this but I love learning and practicing this art in its many forms.

  148. “If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?” – I sincerely hope I’ll never be asked that question and taken up on my answer! But goldwork would definitely be high on the agenda, especially as I’ve been learning more about it in the past year with RSN day classes and a one-on-one tutorial. So a whole year to practice and get better at goldwork is actually beginning to sound like quite a good idea!

  149. If I had to pick one embroidery technique it would be Japanese Embroidery. I started my phase 1 piece in October but haven’t had the chance to really put in the time I want between work and all the other projects have in my bucket. So far I’ve been splitting my time between goldwork, beadwork and whitework. I’m hoping to change that over the Christmas holiday 🙂

  150. I think I would have to say cross stitch. I am working on a picture from Scarlet Quince. I keep seeing other projects that pique my interest, and it get pushed to the bottom of the pile. I want to try everything!
    I have been sewing for 50 years and I still find there is never enough time to try all the the interesting projects that are out there

  151. Oh this is so difficult…..how can I possibly choose just one! I do enjoy canvas work though as it appeals to the regularity that my mathematical background has imposed upon me.

  152. Just one technique? Oh dear! I think it would have to be silk shading, particularly animals. I’ve got petals and leaves down okay, but those adorable fluffy birds and squirrels are still eluding me.

  153. If I could only do one type of stitching, i would do only samplers because of the wide variety of stitches on them. However, I SHOULD do goldwork because I keep putting the 2 pieces from classes in the past that I have never finished because they scare me still. I would HAVE to do these and a few more before doing anything else!!! happy holidays!!!!!

  154. I’d choose silk ribbon embroidery because I love the textures and the unique stitches plus there’s a great sense of satisfaction in this embroidery. Thank you for this chance to try gold work.

  155. If I could only pursue one needlework technique it would be Japanese Embroidery. I had started work with a wonderful teacher and then work and other things collided and I couldn’t take the class anymore. Hopefully one day I will be able to start up again.

  156. If I really had to stick to one kind of needlework for a year, a real pressure for me, it would be goldwork. This is in no way a sycophantic choice, I have done a couple of small goldwork kits and would love to learn enough over the year to be able to progress to my own designs. These are already in my head based on old goldwork that I have seen and read about.

  157. Really only one. That is hard .i would pick quilting there are so many things you can do with that (hand work ,embroidery, wool work )i think that is the one form of needle work that you can use many of your skills.

  158. Counted canvas for the next year! I do all different type of needlework and seem to be jumping from one to the other to finish gifts right now. Have “new” counted canvas to play with, can’t wait. Of course, gold work might be the one if I could win this!

  159. If I had to pick just one technique to work on for the next year, I think it might be needlepoint/canvas work. I’m working on 2 such projects now–one from the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat, and the Ambrosia Honey project from Needle Arts magazine.These two projects may very well take me a year to complete! Counted work suits my temperament–I like its preciseness. I also love the variety of textural stitches in needlepoint. Thanks, Mary! I learn so much from you!

  160. Oh that is one hard question to answer!
    I have been focusing on aari work / tambour the last two years, and i may very will continue my research there. Although openwork also kind of tickles my fancy…
    And goldwork…
    And trapunto…

  161. It I could only do one type of embroidery it would be Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. It’s so much fun to do and is just beautiful in the end.

  162. If I had to choose one embroidery technique it would be gold work. It is the next technique I need to learn to enhance my Elizabethan embroidery bags.

  163. If I had to pick one technique to do for a year, it would be a new one. This year I WILL learn to do a Jacobean crewel piece….and I will get my grandchild to join me in learning!

  164. If limited to one technique, I think it would be gold work because I need to practice it consistently in order to improved.

  165. I love your newsletters. Easy to read and generates excitement for learning more about the craft. Thanks.

  166. I love all needlework so choosing one is not easy. If I had to choose one, it would be embroidery because of the opportunity to use lots of color.

  167. Only one? Does experimenting with specialty stitches count as one technique or does one specialty stitch count as one technique? I am fascinated by specialty stitches and how you can vary them with the use of colors.

  168. Its got to be soft shading. Its so relaxing, without too much concentrating to get very pleasing result

  169. I’ve been wanting to learn Hardanger for years, but other projects keep getting in the way. Have a great teacher, just not enough time.

  170. Goldwork is new to me…would love to learn. Love your blog, I always learn something new and find great links to related articles.

  171. I know Tanja Berlin as a wonderful teacher from blackwork. And I would be happy to learn with her goldwork!

  172. I would want to focus on cut work. I’m always trying to grow and learn new things and cut work is something I have not tried yet.

  173. My choice of only one needlework for a year would be multi media canvas where I could use different threads, stitches, beads, and metallic threads.

  174. I am choosing to focus on a combination of goldwork and stumpwork this following year and would love to win this package from Tanya as my goldwork technique needs lots of help. She is a wonderful teacher and her instructions are very clearly written!

  175. If I was restricted to only one technique, it would be crewel embroidery. Tjis is where I started my lifetime love of embroidery. At the time I was learning, crewel kits were readily available to me at shops like Lee Ward’s. I also was able to travel into NYC to Erica Wilson’s shop, where crewel embroidery was in abundance. I like the variety of stitches used. I also love the colors of Jacobean style embroidery. This will always be my go-to technique, although I love learning new ways of embellishing fabric with thread.

  176. Wow, that’s a really hard question. What one technique ….. for the next year ……. I think I would have to say, stumpwork. I think strumpwork really can involve many different techniques; from embroidery to goldwork , working with lots of different threads. I think I’d not like having to do only one techniques for an entire year.

  177. Good morning Mary. Oh! A “starter” goldwork present from Ms Berlin would be THE PERFECT GIFT TO ME THIS CHRISTMAS! I have admired Tanya for years – I met her once at my all time favourite stitch shop – The Purple Needle in Calgary – which is sadly now gone. Tanya was teaching or demonstrating silk shading – I was amazed at the beauty she was creating from a pile of threads. So so talented. I think Tanya was working a little brown bird. Anyway – I digress. If I had to choose only one technique to work for the coming year (!) it would be Hardanger. Ask me tomorrow and it will be something else. But were I to be the proud winner of this lovely giveaway I would switch to Goldwork right away. LOL

  178. I would love to learn how to do gold work and the stitches used, how to lay it correctly, etc. This kit would be perfect for learning this technique.

  179. I’m currently entranced with crazy quilting so I would spend the next twelve months working on my blocks. This entails so many different techniques — all the embroidery stitches in floss, silk and ribbons. Then I add beads and buttons and sometimes charms and lace.

  180. I have always wanted to try Goldwork! The reason being it is such a beautiful embroidery and so intriguing to me. I have decided to start it this coming year so winning the give-a-way would be so perfect!

  181. Although my plan is to work on needle painting I would have to say that if I was absolutely limited in which technique I would do I might choose canvas work. Goldwork could pop up there though with the proper impetus!

  182. Only one?!?!? Horrid thought. However, if it came to that, I would choose stumpwork. I have been thinking about making a casket for years, collecting books, information etc, so this would be a good chance to start on it. Also, it could actually include many techniques.

  183. I would explore stumpwork more than I already have because it can increase ones creativity. I’m always thinking what new inect or flower can I create.

  184. Hi Mary – Thanks for these giveaways. I love goldwork.

    The needlework I want to do more of next year is Needle Lace. This year I made a nice stumpwork needlelace water lily with pond leaves and a dragonfly. I placed it on a tabletop mirror. It’s beautiful. I have a pattern for a whole bouquet of flowers made with needlelace. I’d like to stitch that if I have time.

    Judy BC

  185. I found a wonderful book at my local thrift shop: Stumpwork Embroidery: A Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects for Contemporary Raised Embroidery, by Jane Nicholas. If I had to choose one technique it would be this one, and I would spend the year working through the book. Why? For the challenge of learning to incorporate new stitches and techniques, for all the intricate possibilities of materials, and because I love all kinds of textured, dimensional work.

  186. If I could only do one technique? Hmm, I’d have to first quickly finish that Hardanger piece I’ve been working on for the last 2 years (off & on). But I’ve very recently picked up stumpwork and am itching to try needlepainting and I’m really excited about it, so I guess if I couldn’t do ANY other technique, needle painting would be my choice – because it is new to me and can be used so many places! I’ve done nothing with metallic threads, and that is very interesting also, but I work so I can only do one thing at a time!! (Both time & materials are in short supply). Who really only does one technique for a full year? To my dear husband’s dismay, I almost always have several projects going at once!!

  187. If I had to pick one technique, I would choose embroidery. I love the different threads and textures, all the different stitches, and the freedom in the patterns. I find embroidery very relaxing.

  188. I am a quilter who loves embroidery who has not made a crazy quilt. I am ashamed! I would devote 2018 to making a spectacular Christmas crazy quilt.

  189. Your embroidery trees are so incredibly delightful…just perfect for many hostess and other gifts!

    The form of embroidery I would love to focus on is white work, especially incorporating monograms, however, before I can do that I want to finish an intricate applique/embroidered wool tea cozy in process- (which may postpone white work to 2019)-Thank you for the beautiful blog and fun giveaways:)

  190. I would choose stump work as I keep meaning to devote more time to learn it

    I had the chance to take a class with Tanya, she is one of the best teachers I have had.

  191. I would chose Whitework to concentrate on for a year. I would try to feel the history of the women who developed their different styles of needlework, using what they had.

  192. I have a friend who is teaching me how to do Hardanger. I plan to spend this next year focusing on this. She makes so many beautiful items using this technique. I hope to improve my ability with her patience & guidance.
    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. Thank you for passing on all your knowledge of so many stitches. I feel like I’m in a candy shop with every email I receive from you!

  193. Oh, it is hard to pick one! I would like to do more crewel work so I guess that’s my pick for a year of stitching. Except in the summer, I prefer to do whitework with cotton and linen as it’s cooler.

    Thanks Mary!

  194. If i could only do one needlework technique for the next year it would be needlepoint! I love that needlepoint has a myriad of different stitches, and the large selection of wonderful threads would ensure I’d never be bored!

  195. I am working my way through the steps of the EGA Master Craftsman program. I am on Step 4 which is pulled work. I would spend my entire year working on that project. I have it designed, and all I need to do now is to actually stitch it. I think a year should be enough time to finish it.

  196. I am glad I do not HAVE to choose a single type of needle-work, but if I were forced to, I would choose one from which I could learn several techniques, simultaneously. Perhaps needle-lace, such as Romanian Point Lace, or other forms. Then, I could incorporate some of the gold work, also, and the combination would satisfy my desire to work with surface embroidery AND lace making!

  197. I would devote my life 🙂 ok…..my year to needlepainting so that I could practice a lot and become better at it.

  198. I have been working on a crazy quilt. I have one patch that is a royal purple. I want to do amceltic knot in goldwork but am scared to start. I would love these kits to learn with.

  199. I took a Craftsy goldwork class a few months ago. I completed the project but it was my first goldwork embroidery and did not come up as perfect as I want to. I need more practice! It would be really great if I were to win this kit so that I can keep practicing this fabulous embroidery.

  200. While I am very anxious to begin my first goldwork project next year (supplies are coming from Santa), ,my go-to is still plain old embroidery on top of some sort of pieced background. Of course beads, ribbon, and various extras may be involved :).

  201. I have so many I’m determined to learn so it’s a tough choice but if I’m on the spot I’d choose Hardanger. I love how delicate and intricate it looks.

  202. Tanja is a wonderful teacher. I have been lucky enough to take two classes with her. One of the classes was a goldwork class. Sadly I wasn’t able to finish the project but have yearned to and learn more about working with metals. A friend and I have planned to do that this coming year. This would be a wonderful step in that direction.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  203. As an omnivore when it comes to the embroidery arts, if forced to choose a single type it would be ribbon embroidery. Why? This type typically gives one the freedom to combine with regular embroidery stitches. The result would be a year of stitching within comfortable constraints.

  204. I am new to stitching and I would like to learn about how to stitch on wool. Thanks for the chance to play : )

  205. Although I plan on spending the next year doing cross stitch, I love goldwork and want to lesrn much more in that area especially ecclesiastical embroidery.

  206. Thank you for this opportunity to win. I really like the fishbone stitch. While I don’t think that is the only stitch I would want to use all year, so my selection of a stitch would be the stem stitch.

  207. I would really like to learn goldwork embroidery, but it is really difficult to find the necessary materials in Europe. So winning one of these kits would be the ideal starting point. Thanks for this give-away!

  208. I am just a beginner so it’s difficult to pick a genre. I do enjoy Trish Burr’s needle painting so much ! But I’m trying many different techniques and gaining experience. I have not tried gold work before, nor drawn thread,nor ribbon embroidery, but am anxious to learn new techniques. Thank you for the work you put in bring so much happiness into other people’s lives !!

  209. I would be interested in pursuing canvas work for the next year. I am a relative beginner stitcher, and although I like cross stitch, I am wanting to try something I have never done before.

  210. I plan to continue my journey of learning new stitches regularly. I also have plans to start wool applique. I have collected the wool, the cotton thread, and even some patterns. BUT it’s a question of finishing other projects first before I start something new!!! Oh SO many ideas, and SO little time!!!! Anyone else have that problem?!?

  211. One technique for the year? Canvas work! So many choices: painted canvases, counted designs, design your own! Plus, you can do pulled work and stumpwork techniques on canvas. Would keep my busy and not bored!

  212. I’ve done all sorts of embroidery and have loved them all, but I just recently discovered Mary’s pages and realized that I need to get back to blackwork. It’s amazing what you can do with one simple stitch!

  213. I don’t know if you would consider this a “needlework technique”, but right now I’m absolutely obsessed with English Paper Piecing quits – I’ve gotten several new challenging kits, and I would be happy to just focus on those for the next year.

  214. If I could only do one type of stitching for the next year it would be crewel. I love the infinite variety of stitches and the miriad ways of using them. Also the work can grow quite quickly.

  215. Long and short stitch. The versatility is amazing and I am always in awe when a picture comes to life.

  216. It is so hard to choose only one technique. I took both a gold work class and a stump work class recently. I would like to practice on these techniques to get better at something new.

  217. Well, gold work seems obvious :). But I really like working with wool, so I’d like to explore various types of embroidery that use wool threads on linen.

  218. I think the one technique I would choose is the perfect bouillon stitch! It comes up so frequently in all my stitching projects that I would love to perfect it!

  219. I’ll say needlepoint but the truth is if I had to do just one type, I’d probably do very little – variety is the spice of life!

  220. If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?
    It would be samplers – because I love the history that goes along with them and the variety of stitches

  221. While I would love to spend a year on Goldwork, I think improving on my Needlepainting would be the best way to spend a year. It is such a good base to impact other styles. I don’t feel confident in my color shadings so it would be nice to get to where I can eye ball things and not doubt myself so much.

  222. If I could only work on one type of needlework next year it would be gold work because it’s beautiful and a challenge. I just started my first project, Inspirations’ Partridge, and I am enjoying the process of couching the wires.

  223. I intend to pursue crewel type embroidery. I say crewel type because I don’t want to use woolen threads. I love Hazel Blomkamp’s projects and she uses DMC. I have several of her books and also one of her kits, so I’m hoping I can get started on this in the new year.

  224. It would have to be goldwork. I got a book out the library about it a while back and literally drooled over it and on a recent visit to the UK I was able to visit some museums and churches and I was entranced by the exquisite goldwork on the altar cloths and ecclesiastical garments and most especially on the cuffs of gloves and gauntlets. I would SO like to able to attempt something like that…….. Although I fear it may become a new addiction – I guess there are worse ones.

  225. If I was going to pursue some form of needlework for the next year with the idea of learning something new, it would be early hardanger using Yvette Stanton’s book. I’ve not yet done hardanger on linen and it looks to be an excellent challenge.

  226. Dear Mary and Tanja,
    Mary, thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this treasure.
    Tanja, Thank you for offering such a generous package of treasures.

    If I could only work in one technique for the next year, I would have to choose Blackwork!
    Blackwork is so versatile and allows for so many things to be created. It can be both bold and subtle whilst displaying exquisite detail. It really is unlimited in what it can be used to achieve!
    Writing this has now kindled a desire to start working one of Tanja’s beautiful blackwork designs!


  227. I believe I would pick a gold work piece to stitch – I have some friend that I get together with that do gold work I would love to join in.

  228. With all the myriad different types of embroidery to choose from, it’s very hard to make a year-long selection!! Yikes!

    But maybe if I HAD to, I’d choose STUMPWORK! Lots of variety, lots of color choices, lots of subject matter, lots of stitches of many types!

    Thank you Mary for all your wonderful blogs!

  229. I think I would work on Stumpwork, including some goldwork, I have been procrastinating over my casket for far too long.

  230. I just love silk shading and gold work together. They are such a beautiful combination with each showing the other off. I would love to spend a whole year just stitching these and get better and better at each technique.

  231. Mary,

    Gold work sounds wonderful and if I win this will be the one I try first. But actually Stump work is on the agenda for the next technique I want to try my hand at. It is going to have to wait though. I tat and am finishing up a project to finish a section in a of Tatter’s Across Time proficiency program.

  232. My one needlework to pursue would be wool applique. I just started and it is addicting! The wool is fun to collect and fun to stitch!

  233. My choice would be Hardanger. Have tried it in the past and need to improve and play with different colors. White on white can get old all the time…..

  234. Goldwork is actually my choice if I had to limit myself for the next year. I love the technique but that something that is relatively simple can make astoundingly complex pieces of embroidery.

  235. I would work on gold work for the year. It is a technique which I very much want to master.

  236. I have so many cross stitch patterns and tons of linen so I would choose cross stitch to hopefully stitch and finish in a year.

  237. Hello,

    Goldwork is my absolute favourite of all the embroidery techniques, but while on a class this year to improve my goldwork, we had to use loads of stitches which I had not come across which were crewel stitches. So this coming year I hope to try more crewel.

  238. I would choose Needle Painting . I have been looking at pictures of this online and think it is beautiful. I will be giving this a try in the new year.

  239. I just got the Christmas tree book and love it. Can’t wait to get stitching. There is just this thing called Christmas that has gotten in the way. What joy we have doing for others at this time of year. Have a merry Christmas.

  240. If I had to pick one technique only for 2018, I would pick cross stitch – simply because I have a bunch of items kitted up to work on in the coming year and am planning on doing 2 SALs, both of which are cross stitch.

  241. Boy, a favorite technique. I am currently making a wool outfit consisting of culottes and blouse, that’s one. I’m still working on an embroidered bird which will finish all the blocks and then I’ll set it as a quilt. I have a quilt ready to put the binding on. I have about 3 projects in hoops ready to go, so there is no reason NOT to sew. If I had to pick only one for next year, it would have to be the surface embroidery. I can do big things with surface embroider, small things (like Tanya Berlins kits) and all things in between. As long as I have that needle working, I’m happy

  242. it would have to be crewelwork as the colours and textures are just so beautiful. Also I have a lot to learn so a whole year is probably what I need!

  243. Quilting seems to have gotten in the way of my Needlework passion. I have vowed to go back to Needlework in January. I would love to start back with Goldwork. Please pick me computer

  244. I have been eyeing goldwork projects for a long time and am hoping to get into the goldwork classes at Bridging the Stitches (which you led me to about a month ago). I am hoping to begin a new fascination with goldwork and Or Nue. I have purchased some of Tanja’s kits previously, and the instructions are so clear and easy to follow, that they give one confidence to be able to tackle new things.

    Thank you, Mary, and thank you to Tanja for such a wonderful give away!

  245. I will probably be working primarily on counted canvas since I have quite a few UFO’s in that category to finish. Have taken several classes recently on gold work so would like to delve into that when I get my UFO’s under control. Actually, I like all techniques and doubt if I’ll stay with just one for a year!

  246. Embroidery! Because it encompasses so many forms that I still would have a choice of many different types of work. My favorite thing to do is learn new things.

  247. I have picked up hand embroidery again after many years and using an embroidery machine but there is nothing like hand embroidery. I would love to learn and be experienced in the chain stitch with buttonhole scallops. I think it is so lovely and can be used in any project so my goal is practice and more practice. I can see the possibilities in my quilting, purchased garments, crafting just endless. Using different sizes of thread and even possible cording can be used to get interesting looks. I just received my linen in the mail and so excited to start. I recently bought the 12 Christmas Trees and will be making little gifts with them. Thank you for inspirations.

  248. I tend to have the attention span of a gnat, so one technique would be a tough choice. I suppose I’d settle on silk shading because it’s so versatile and my work could use a lot of improvement.

  249. If I could pursue only one one type of embroidery for a year it would probably be counted canvas work with specialty stitches. I’ve got so many unfinished projects that they could easily last me a year.

  250. Goldwork! I have dabbled in goldwork with Hungarian designs that turned out great! I would like to delve into other goldwork with its’ fabulous techniques, styles and variety of stitches. It looks delish-ous.

  251. Goldwork! I am the VP/Program Chair for our local EGA Guild. I just scheduled a 3 part learning series for goldwork for 2018! I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful surprise it would be if I actually was fortunate enough to actually win something this grand!!!!

  252. In the next year, I hope to develop my technique skills in working with the White work with Color by Trish Burr. I tried 2 of her patterns this summer, but got waylaid by a family pregnancy and had to make a baby gift that took several months to complete. So I look forward to returning to working on more of Trish’s patterns and techniques.

  253. If I could only pursue one needlework technique, I’d keep plugging away at good ol’ surface embroidery with good ol’ cotton thread, but if I could pursue two techniques, the second would be goldwork.

  254. Working with silk threads. I have a project (Helen M. Stevens) all put together far stitching next year.

  255. Thank you for the give away. This may be a strange answer given the prize but if I had to choose just one technique, it would be crewelwork. Its colorful wools and myriad of stitches hold my interest no matter the project. That written, I am hoping to squeeze in a few gold work projects in the next year.

  256. For the next year I want to learn more about silk embroidery, be it needle painting with threads or creating glorious leaves and flowers with ribbon. Luckily I have a good stash of ribbons and threads in silk to play with. Wouldn’t gold work be a lovely complement to add to the silk ribbon 🙂

  257. If I could only pick one I would chose needle painting, maybe with a whole year of it I would be quite good!

  258. I have tried just about everything except goldwork and that has long been on my list. It seems a little scary, but with the proper equipment I would have great confidence in finally getting into this.


  259. This new year I plan to perfect my ribbon embroidery. I like ribbon embroidery because I love the colors of the ribbons and the feel of the ribbons. I like to embroider flowers and the ribbon makes them come alive.

  260. The huge realm of techniques for the crazy quilt is my focus for 2018. Starting with learning many new embroidery stitches. But it includes which fabric, pattern, or enhancements like lace, buttons, beads, and ribbon. My head is swirling with ideas!

  261. If I only had one technique to use it would be the humble old cross-stitch – does that even qualify I wonder? My great passion at the present is making altar linens and working very fine cross-stitch patterns on them, palls and corporals mainly.
    I would love to move-on to making more elaborate designs on the palls, in goldwork – I even took a Craftsy class and bought the A to Z of Goldwork book, but I still haven’t worked up the courage to try it seriously.

  262. I would work on a Crazy Quilt because it gives opportunity to try new things and to practice and get better at things I know how to do. I guess this is cheating but it is what I would love to do for the next year!

  263. I think if I had to choose one technique this year I would like to improve and discover the many uses of needle painting! Goldwork has been at the top of my list to learn for some time . Good luck to all,and thank you Mary! Cheers!

  264. I ordered the Harebell goldwork kit from Tania Berlin and it is wonderful so if I have to choose one type of needlework for the next year, it would be goldwork. It is challenging but rewarding. Learning something new keeps my brain sharp. Mary your website is such a resource and such a joy. I want to stitch all the Christmas trees but put them on a table runner and napkins for Christmas dinner.
    Merry Christmas

  265. It’s a coincidence, but if I could concentrate on something for a year it would probably be goldwork. I have some experience in using it as an accent, mostly in needlepoint. I would love to expand my skills. Thaks

  266. While my personality would not allow me to stick to just one method of embroidery, as I always have too many projects on the go, I would say that I would like to learn to do cross stitch. I did do a Christmas project in the 90’s torn out of a Family Circle magazine in the late 80’s it was all one colour. I would like to learn how to do a multi-coloured sampler.

  267. IfI had only one type of needlework to pursue for one year it would be: Surface Embroidery. I love seeing the picture come to life.

  268. As much as I would love to win this prize I also think the idea of a “start-kit” list is a bonus within the article. Thank you, as usual your articles are appreciated AND READ.

  269. Such beautiful work! I’m super jealous! I want to learn to do such beautiful things as well. My focus this coming year is to quit procrastinating and actually start attempting items and not let fear of mistakes hold me back!

  270. That is a very difficult choice! If I had to make it, though, it would be blackwork. I’ve always wanted to do more with this technique, and wished I had more time for it.

  271. I think I would continue focusing on dimensional embroidery. I may even stray into stumpwork.

  272. Greetings! If I had to pick which technique I would like to pursue, it’s a tie, tipped slightly toward tambour work only because I have some of the tools. Second would be gold work because I embroider Islamic calligraphy and the goldwork would highlight the prayers the script represents. So, if I had the tools ( wink wink) I will start to learn . Love your website, keep getting better, enjoy your holidays

  273. What an awesome giveaway! Hard to pick just one kind of embroidery I’d pursue. There are so many kinds I love. I guess if I have to choose it would be Stumpwork.

  274. ONE needlework technique? I have to pick ONE?? Well, as a matter of fact, I was just thinking about this and I thought I wanted to try more new things. I’ve done a bit of that this year, but next year I want to do more. A lot more. And I would dearly love a chance to be able to do some gold work.

  275. It would be hard to pick one type of needlework to concentrate on, as I am thinking of making an unofficial New Year’s resolution to get rid of some of the stuff that has accumulated over the years. The stuff includes stashes of yarn, fabric, needlepoint, and embroidery projects. But how can I not succumb to the lure of a goldwork kit–a type of needlework that I have been too intimidated to try?

  276. i think my choice might be Jacobean wool embroidery as I have a huge selection of persian wool so so I would have a large selection of both colours and stitches and would never get bored.

  277. Hi Mary!

    I am over the moon excited for this giveaway. I have been wanting to try goldwork ever since I heard about it.

    If I had to pick only one style, it would be what I am working on now: stumpwork. Because, and this may be cheating, it is so free in using all sorts of techniques!

    I have learned so much already from Celeste’s craftsy course, and then I’ve purchased two books, and of course scoured the internet. It is amazing, truly, what can be done.

    Plus it satisfies my anthropological side since it is a historic art. I love mixing art + anthropology like none other.


  278. The technique I would pursue would be whitework. I’ve done a little in the past for my church, but didn’t ever feel like I had come close to mastering it. I like a challenge, so that would be it.

  279. A year of “Long and Short” shading! For “me” this is relaxing..I realize it is not for everyone. My goal would be to “stop” overthinking this stitch at times. When I just stitch it, it comes out beautiful!

  280. If I have to chose, it would be whitework for me. I learned the basics from my granny, but later on I discovered more and more about how diverse this technique is. And now I want to learn more.

  281. I have been learning about Brazilian Embroidery the past 6 months and other raised embroidery techniques…Now that I am getting the hang of stitches like the bullion stitch, I would love to continue to get to know this type of embroidery and more wonderful things that I can do with it.

  282. I have done several small gold work pieces and still don’t know what I’m doing. I would love to concentrate on really learning that technique. But, for a whole year, I think I would rather concentrate on cutwork. I have a project that is screaming at me to attempt it first; then move on to the gold work.

  283. If I had to pick only one technique, it would be Japanese embroidery. It incorporates both silk shading and gold work. In addition to that, I would regain the shelf space that the large frame is taking up!

  284. If I could only do one needlework technique for a year, I would choose blackwork, because it’s easily portable, easy to teach beginners and there are so many variations.

  285. Funny you should ask! I was sorting and prioritizing this past weekend and have set aside a couple of simple Hardanger projects to stitch early in 2018.

  286. Tanya Berlin! Wow! Gold work is on my “to learn” list and I know Tanya’s instructions and kits are complete with excellent instructions. I recently completed one of her canvas kits. Gold Work would be an excellent technique to learn in 2018. Stitching I have found to be a great source of learning something new and great satisfaction in the completed piece. Also, thank you for your web site with everything I need to know about surface embroidery. Because of you, I self taught myself how to do Painting with Thread using your small sampler pattern.

    Thanks for joining me most mornings for coffee as I read and learn new things from your web site.

    Ferne K

  287. At my age a new technique to start may not be the thing to do….but, hey, one can teach an old dog new tricks. I would love to try my hand at gold thread embroidery! Thank you for the opportunity. jc

  288. Definitely thread painting, I’m very intimidated by it and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to consider myself a REAL embroiderer until I can wrap my head\hands around it.

  289. I’d definitely choose goldwork! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but never quite got up the gumption to attempt. Maybe this should be my New Year’s Resolution for 2018!!

  290. I would choose gold work technique for the year. I have read some about the technique and purchased a small kit.
    however the larger projects with gold work with stump work I find very interesting but know so little about it. The gold work I have seen looks to royal, to learn the stitching techniques would open another world of stitching for me.

  291. If I had to choose just one technique for the next year I would choose to focus on Crewel Embroidery. It turns out that I have a kit from Tanja Berlin waiting in the wings and one of Hazel Blomkamp’s books (Crewel Twists). I especially love the Jacobean style. There’s something about the whimsical and flowing flora and fauna that I’m very attracted to.

  292. Only one? Sigh! As much as I’d like it to be goldwork, I’d never be able to afford it so…. It would be silk shading. I’m terrible at it and have never taken the time to buckle down and concentrate on perfecting the technique.(Did I say “perfect”??? Who am I kidding? LOL). Merry Christmas, y’all.

  293. Next year I want to improve my Whitework skills but I have been toying with the idea of combining Goldwork and Whitework. These kits look amazing and fun!

  294. Gold bullion has always eluded me! Getting those little springs attached to fabric in a pleasing curve or line without messing up has always seemed impossible to master. Practice and more practice may save the day.

  295. I’ve been drawn to needle painting and and am almost finished with my first small project. I love it! I hope to hone my skills over the coming months and beyond.

  296. The one needlework technique I would like to pursue would be stump work. I love 3-dimensional works and when I finish a piece of stump work I get a great deal of pleasure out of rearranging the wire shaped forms into a pleasing display. I have not done any figures in stump work yet but they look like fascinating things to do.

  297. Since I bought and downloaded the trees designs, I would like to concentrate on embroidering a variety of trees to go along with some pieced trees I did for a table runner. I think the embroidered trees and the pieced trees would go together nicely and make a very lovely table runner.

  298. If I absolutely had to pick a single technique, I would pick crewelwork, because I lovehistory and I feel a connection when I work on historic designs. But I’m very glad I don’t have to pick a single one.

  299. It would have to be either needle painting or blackwork. I am learning needle painting and between Trishburr Burr’s books and kits and Tanja Berlin’s kits i could be kept busy. As for black work, it’s a fun technique and i enjoy playing with colours and picking out deferent elements of the fill pattern in contrasting colours or matching metallic thread.

  300. I would love to spend a year on stumpwork because that’s what I find the most beautiful, but its also what I’m the worst at.

  301. I love Goldwork, but there are so many different techniques, and it would be great to take the time to try and improve my skills and knowledge. It’s great to share these skills with youngsters.

  302. I would love to learn to do long and short stitching and go on to do needlepainting. I love the effect this technique gives.

  303. I would prefer the free surface embroidery, because there are endless posibilities to work with.

  304. If I had to pick only one technique for the coming year and was limited to just one I would work on needlepoint. I am currently obsessed with medieval style tapestries and those translate well to needlepoint. Not too intensive but the color changes and subject are spicy enough to keep me interested. I also need to work on evening out my tension and being more consistent with it.

  305. Lovely goldwork kits! If I could only use one technique for an entire year I would definitely choose crewel embroidery, especially the basics like satin stitch, split stitch, and stem stitch. I feel like my satin stitch in particular could use some extra practice, although I have gotten better at it after finding some helpful tips on Needle N Thread. 🙂

  306. I’d have to pick only one type of needlework, life is so busy for me! My choice would be a crewel kit. Having it all in one package, some new stitches to learn and clear directions. A beginning, middle and end in a package. My other projects carry me away into “just one more stitch” land, hard to return from there to get up for work in the morning.
    Some of the extensive projects I yearn for will just have to wait until retirement or a broken leg.

  307. I have tried most needlework techniques-but only have done an embroidery kit once-when I was about 18-so . . . I would love to spend some time with embroidery!

  308. Just one, eh? I think I’d have to go with beadwork. I have so many different kinds of beads in my stash that are just itching to be turned into some gorgeous pieces of embroidery!

  309. I would choose hardangar, when I see pictures of tablecloths it makes me very nostalgic. Thanks Mary.

  310. I have started a twelve inch 9 blockcrazy quilt wall hanging, using the theme “tea”, which gives me the opportunity to learn & try many, many embroidery stitches since my award winning teacher says to do 3 different stitches on each stitchband. I will admit I started this several years ago but want to focus on this project for 2018.

  311. Oh, how fortuitous to read your newsletter today and discover that Tanja Berlin generously gifted you some Goldwork kits and tools for your 2017 Stitcher’s Christmas. My focus for next year will be learning more Goldwork techniques through Cyber classes and additional kit work before delving into unkitted designs suitable for Goldwork presented in your blog articles. Of course, I will also continue my foray into Silk Thread Embroidery and other surface embroidery techniques. What can I say?? Embroidery has become an obsession. Thank you, again, for this wonderful opportunity.

  312. I would work on crewel work for the next year because I love it and I want/need to refresh my skills.

  313. If I could choose only one technique for next year I would probably choose long and short stitch shading. I have tried it from time to time, but I have never perfected it and I think that a year long focus would be a great way to become expert.

  314. I have always wanted to try goldwork and this little kit would be a great way to start off the new year with a new project.

  315. After years of shunning applique of all kinds, I am finally hooked! My focus this year has been hand applique with designs to make a quilt. In the coming year I plan to focus on wool applique and embroidery. I have dabbled in this a little and have had so much fun with the embroidery and embellishments.

  316. If I had to pick only one needlework technique to pursue in the next year, I would choose tambour embroidery. In addition to the loveliness of the finished product, I find beauty in the rhythm of making the tools do the intricate work, especially from the back side, which cannot always be seen. It is particularly beautiful with the addition of embellishments such as sequins and beads (I am always attracted to sparkly things!), but that adds to the challenge. I have not given tambour embroidery a serious attempt, but I do intend to do so before long.

  317. I would love to try Gold Work as I have been interested in learning this technique for some time having collected some books and information. Winning this kit would start me on my journey! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  318. I would dive deeply into white work. I touch on it more and more often, & I love all of it’s forms.

  319. I would be very hard pressed to have to select just 1 form of needlework – I get so much joy and satisfaction out of just about everything I have tried. If I HAD to pick, it would be needlepoint; however my reason is “wrong.” My reason is because that is what I have the most materials for in my somewhat limited stash ! My reason for stitching tho is much more than “materialistic.” I LOVE stitching, learning new things, and mostly – creating ! And I am a real fan of Tanya Berlin – especially her needle painting design “Wild Rabbit.”

  320. This giveaway is perfect timing! I have been wanting to learn goldwork for so long – so if I had to pick one technique to pursue this next year it would definately be goldwork. 🙂 Fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win this giveaway.

  321. I struggle to find one type of needlework that I would do for a year – I love them all! Being a member of the Embroiders Guild here in the UK I am lucky enough to try a different workshop each month. So far I have really enjoyed canvas work, blackwork, goldwork, and various surface embroidery techniques. I would Like More Experience Of Goldwork And Would Be Over The Moon If Picked.

  322. I really would love to do Needle painting. I have done a little but it never looks as good as yours. Maybe if I practice a whole year mine would look almost as good as yours.

  323. Definitely goldwork! I already have a few kits earmarked to purchase and have signed up for a few classes!

  324. If I was fortunate enough to win today’s giveaway, I would definitely focus the next year on learning how to master the technique.

  325. Only one technique? I’m not sure I could stick to one, I’m too easily distracted. I want to try goldwork in more depth, but looking at all the UFOs I have I think I should stick to cross stitch as most of the projects I have on the go are cross stitch.

  326. I would love to try my hand at goldwork in the coming year. I have never tried it, but I do have a kit from Jane Nicholas that I am dying to start. I would love to have some instruction before I even open up the packages.

  327. I have just completed a piece with lots of different techniques and to be honest I like to miss it up but I do love a bit of sparkle!

  328. The best answer would probably be goldwork based on today’s prize, but that is probably not true. I have completed a few needle painting projects in the past year or so and while I have been pleased with the results, I still have so much to learn. So, I would concentrate on needle painting. Thanks to Tanya and you for the goldwork package. Both patterns are beautiful and the tools would allow me to jump right in!

  329. Oh this is fabulous! I just finished my first goldwork project this fall and I’d love the chance to do some more. If I could only pick one needlework technique of all of them, I think I’d pick goldwork. It’s something I’m still so new at I feel like there’s lots of room for improvement, and it would give my brain something cool to focus on!

  330. If I had only one needlework technique to choose for one year, it would be needlepoint. I am just starting a needlepoint project at my local Embroidery shop. There are numerous stitches to learn and I am learning how to pull together my colors.
    I have not started any gold work. I have a class scheduled at EGA national seminar.

  331. The needlework technique I would most like to master is basic ribbon work. I have a very rudimentary knowledge of how it works, and have a few good books on the subject. Maybe those would make good gift hints? =} Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely items!

  332. Oh, Goldwork is number one on my list for this year! For my birthday, I received a generous gift certificate to Hedgehog Handworks (before they sadly closed) and was able to get some lovely gold work threads, but life interfered and I have not had a chance to get started. A kit with Tanya’s excellent instructions was on my list!
    Jan Schurr

  333. Goldwork, it was on my bucket list last year. I collected book and supplies and the next thing I knew I was decorating the tree for Christmas. Next year sure! 🙂

  334. If only one choice…Goldwork! I have done just enough of it to want to do more and be able to do it well.

  335. I am loving learning all of the types of hand needlework. If I had to choose only one, it would be learning surface stitches. I would experiment with the threads in my stash, playing with color, fabrics and stitches.
    Guess gold work would have to wait til next year, unless it fit into one of the above categories.

  336. What a really nice give-a-away! There are so many things I would like to learn and improve on, one being gold work. For this next year though, I would like to begin a sampler to learn a number of the stitches you have demonstrated. There are a few I have attempted but have not done very well, so I need to focus on those. Thank you for the opportunity for this gift, but mostly for your continued inspiration and guidance as we aspire in the art of embroidery ! (especially for those of us who struggle!) Merry Christmas! Jan

  337. For me, the technique would be blackwork. I’ve been working on one of Elizabeth Almond’s stitch-slings and I love the geometric discipline that gives such intricate results

  338. I am going to work on bead embroidery. I purchased Margaret Lee’s book after I read your review……it is amazing

  339. Good gravy, that’s a generous kit from Tanja!

    I think if I had to stick with only one type of embroidery for an entire year, it would be blackwork combined with metallic and metal threads. By which I mean “traditional,” counted stitch blackwork, because I really don’t spend enough time doing it to be particularly proud of my skills in that area.

    Side note: I found the last bit of British Burnished thread that I have on hand, which I think will make really pretty ornaments for the embroidered trees! Woot!

  340. Ayrshire technique is my current pursuit. It is interesting to me for all the different types of stitching that general is worked along side the actual white work. I am also very taken with white work so it just stands to reason I would like to learn the Ayrshire technique.

  341. Regarding which technique ….. I am intrigued by two techniques in Gold Work that have been used in in the past….one of them is Or Nue and the other Underside Couching and would like to practice one of the techniques if I could choose only one technique to master and perfect over the course of one year. Instructions for both techniques is available but seems perhaps not as well known as other Gold Work techniques in contemporary goldwork so it is that I am always looking for solid reference material to help with building skill.

  342. Wow, this goldwork collection is awesome!
    Your question today is really a tough one. I’m one of those stitchers who flits from project to project and back again, eventually. Not sure I could restrict myself to one technique for a whole year, but if I had to, I think it would be whitework. I realize that is not a single technique but I think I could spend a year exploring the wide variety of styles it includes.

  343. If I could only pursue one technique next year it would have to be Ukrainian Whitework as that is the primary technique I teach. If I could choose one just for fun it would be Punto Antico. It intrigues me. I have a few patterns, but not enough time to do them.

  344. Wow you have made me think! I am trying out counted canvas work and really liking it! I have many hand dyed threads that make this so interesting.

  345. Goldwork always looks so sumptuous! I have done one kit and would love to do more but the equipment and gold threads (for want of a better word) are really hard to find here in New Zealand. If I was going to pick one kind of needlework to do all next year, it would certainly be goldwork, as there are so many different effects you can get – besides, I need to spend more time perfecting my technique!
    Joan in New Zealand

  346. I’m not sure I can limit my choices to just one, but I guess good ol’ surface embroidery would be it. It’s what I first learned and I just keep circling back to it in many forms. Currently it’s embellished wool applique but I would love to make a crazy quilt with all sorts of embellishment on it. I think I’m going to run out of years before I run out of the projects circling through my head.

  347. If I had to pick just one, it’d be crewel embroidery. This is the year I’m planning to finally start a massive crewel ‘tapestry’ that I’ve been drawing for for years. But I hardly ever have just one thing going at once!

  348. One needlework technique for the year would have to be counted cross-stitch; simply because it accounts for the majority of my WIPs, and was my first love. There are so many techniques I want to improve at though that I’d certainly struggle to restrict myself like that.

  349. I would like to learn needle-painting. I may start by ordering one of Tanya Berlin’s “Further Education” kits. I love the realistic look you can get with flora and fauna using these techniques.

  350. I would spend a year on surface embroidery, if indeed that is what it’s called, creating texture and dimension with different stitches. Perhaps after a year I could remember the names of more stitches and do them without referring to instructions.

  351. I would either choose Hardanger, because it’s so relaxing, or needle-painting, for all the beautiful things I could create.

  352. For the next year, I would probably pick 17th Century embroidery to practice and get comfortable/good at. I have a casket to cover and it sits on my shelf taunting me!! Am I good enough?? Will I do it justice?? I know the only way is to jump in and get started — and the more I stitch, the more I will improve!!
    If the casket wasn’t sitting there, I’d probably pick ayrshire whitework or reticello.
    So much to learn, so little time!!

  353. Hi, Mary,

    If I chose just one needlework technique, it would be goldwork. I would like to make dragonflies in the style of Jane Nicholas to cover a dramatic coat.

    Beth B

  354. Thank you Mary a Tanja. It is difficult to decide on one technique. I have several goldwork UFO’s from several workshops I have done in recent years so I would like to zero into goldwork this year. Tanja’s pieces and thorough instructions would certainly get me started once again into the technique.

  355. Wow that is a tough question Mary. I would actually pick goldwork (not just because that is what the drawing is for). I have 2 kits here that I haven’t had a chance to work on yet and love the looks of the finished products.

  356. I am very drawn to lace looking objects so reticello (sp?) would be something that I would like to try. Unfortunately it is usually difficult to find someone with the skills to share. There are so many beautiful techniques and works to learn, so little time to perfect them. SIGH.

  357. My chosen technique for the year would be fine whitework as I have a piece started and really need to focus on getting it done and then trying out some other designs to take it further.

  358. If I could only pick one needlework technique to work for next year it would be Goldwork. This is a discipline I have not tried yet and a good way to start would be if I won a kit!!

  359. I want to learn more advanced stitches, especially the long and short stitch. Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway!!

  360. I wish to learn goldwork, as I am learning how to make vestments and stoles for my parish and while I do machine embroidery, I think that learning goldwork will enableme to broaden what I can make and to repair what is on hand already

  361. I would work on Brazilian Embroidery on many different mediums. I have found it to be most challenging and every design offers something new. Incorporating gold work would be another wonderful addition.

  362. For me, this is an almost impossible question to answer and a completely impossible task to fulfill. I have tried this before in new year resolutions to finish projects. The problem is I love all types of needlework. When I do just one for a while I find my mind wandering toward different techniques and before I know it, I’ve switched to something else. But if you ask me today, which you did, I would say I want to spend a year doing gold work. Ask me tomorrow, and my answer may be needlepoint and the next day surface embroidery. Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful just for me Christmas gift. Merry Christmas

  363. Technique I would do for a year would be the Gold Technique because I have been thinking about it for the last three months! I know it is a commitment and I have to finish up things before I plunge into it. The work you have shown this past year has intrigued me. We’ll see ….

  364. Thank you Mary and Tanja. It is difficult to choose one technique. In recent years I’ve taken several workshops in Goldwork. These pieces have ended up in my UFO stash. I would like to spend the coming year in finishing some of the pieces. Tanja ‘s pieces would certainly give me a great start and help me perfect stitching in the goldwork technique.

  365. Oh Wow! Tanya is an awesome teacher and I luv her site. So generous of her to share one of her kits.

    And if I had to pick one technique to concentrate on, it would probably be goldwork. I have had a couple of classes over the years but never had a chance to sit down and really concentrate on it. So many more resources available now that there used to be, especially on line. I am primarily interested in it to be able to learn how they used it in historic embroideries, specifically the late 16th century. Would like to do a coif or nightcap with goldwork one of these days.

  366. Actually, I AM focusing on one type of needlework this next year. I have done only needlepoint in the past, and this year (October2017-October2018) I am attempting surface embroidery a la crazy quilting. One year will not be enough to learn it all…..how about one decade?

  367. HI,
    I would really like to do a sampler, practicing different stitches. I am a newbie at embroidery and need all the practice I can get. I have never done a sampler and think a simple one, if that even exists would be a good place to practice for a year. Thank you Mary for all you give of yourself. I am learning so much from you.

  368. Hi Mary,
    If I could spend an entire year working just one technique, I think it would be long and short shading technique.
    On the other hand I wouldn’t mind learning a little gold work!

  369. I would focus on branching out from my tried and true, but limited, embroidery stitches as it would give me more options.

  370. Picking only ONE would be very hard. I would say white work because than I could pursue Hardanger, Schwalm, and Mountmelick. Would that be considered cheating? I love Hardanger and want to learn the other two techniques.

  371. Good evening,
    What i really want to learn next year is more about goldwork and japanse embroidery with silk.Last year i started with some lessons and next year a workshop with silk. I am traying more sorts of embroidery to find out what i really like(to much for this moment).

  372. I have already begun my goals for stitching in 2018 and can’t imagine focusing on only one area. For that reason, I would go with an Elizabethan Sampler due to the variety of stitches that were incorporated during that time. Is that cheating? :0)

  373. Choices,choices! I’m sure that if I was limited to one form of needlework for a year, I would choose needlepoint. Needlepoint canvas allows me to use multiple techniques on one ground fabric. I know this sounds a little odd, but one canvas can fulfill all of my stitching needs and desires.

    First I can be CREATIVE and produce an original design. Next I can INDULGE my greed by selecting a huge variety of threads for my project. Third, I can CHALLENGE myself by adding a goldwork element to my design such as Or Nue . Fourth, many needlepoint stitches are actually basic embroidery stitches ADAPTED for canvas allowing me to embroider areas of my design. And finally, after I have pushed my brain to exhaustion, I can RELAX with the simple tedium of the traditional basketweave stitch!
    It seems to be the best of all worlds in one project bag!

  374. This is turning out to be such a wonderful Stitchers Christmas, even if I haven’t been the lucky winner. I have been anxious to learn gold work so this one is especially attractive.

    If I could only pick one, and that would require a desert island with no access to materials, it would be surface embroidery —threadpainting and other techniques to enhance the texture and dimension of a piece.

  375. At first I thought the question was too hard – Only one technique?! But perhaps I already that in a way. I work primarily in wool. And embroider on all my projects, large or small. So maybe wool is the only material, but I know I couldn’t just cools one embroidery technique, I like them all.
    Thank you for this give away.

  376. The one technique I would pursue for the coming year would be hardanger. I’ve done some simple pieces but would love to do a large piece with more advanced stitches – perhaps combining some pulled thread work in the finishing steps (a beautiful hemstitching for example). I’d like to be able to practice the hardanger stitches on smaller swatches that could then become completed objects in themselves, using different sizes and types of linen and different threads (overdyed threads would be lovely).

    I’d also like to do at least one garment with hardanger embellishment (collar or cuffs perhaps).

  377. Only one technique for an entire year!! I’ve always wanted to learn thread painting, so that would have to be it!!

  378. The one technique that I would like to pursue this year would be Gold work. I wanted to do it last year, but ended up learning to tat instead. I am still working on learning tatting, but gold work has always interested me.

  379. Hello Mary, I would concentrate on Stumpwork, which I’ve tried, but not too successfully so far!

  380. If I really had to choose only one technique to pursue for a year, I think I would want a new one. I’d like to explore needlelace, and hope I enjoyed its many variations all year.

  381. What a great prize from Tanya! But, ONLY ONE type of embroidery? That’s near to impossible! Though I have signed up for a course and I do plan to spend 2018 mastering Goldwork techniques. Thank you Mary.

  382. Hi! I am very interested and would love to learn techniques using goldwork. The only needlework I’ve done in my life is cross-stitch and Bargello. Time to learn something new~ Thanks! Nancy~

  383. G’day there Mary,
    Black work. I love the graphics that can be achieved by using the technique outside the square.
    Thank you Mary and Tanja.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  384. Hi Mary,
    Good question! I’ve actually been planning to sink into goldwork as a study since October! I plan to keep working on it for the next year and a half. I’ve signed up for a couple of classes and think I’ll keep up with it. I’ve always liked the look, and who can keep their eyes off sparkly! Tools and supplies are the downside as far as local vendors. Thank goodness for the internet and mail order!

  385. I like to see how embroidery is done when I am learning something new rather than reading instructions, if I have a questions, the paper can’t answer it or show me the way to do it. I had trouble with goldwork, and have not found anyone who could help me out, so my work is put away. I would love to learn how to thread paint, I love all those birds and flowers, and since I did a lot of practising while partricipating on an online class, I feel confident about it. Perhaps next year I will try one out.

  386. If I could focus on one technique the next year it would be silk shading. While it seems very basic, mastering this technique would help me learn how placement of each stitch relates to the next, then to the whole of the project.

  387. How fun it would it be to win that! I actually just ordered some embroidery books from Thrift Books. I want to dabble in some needlework.

  388. What a perfect giveaway for me! I have only completed one project with goldwork and I would love to learn more. Spending the next year on goldwork would be ideal.

  389. First, THANK YOU for the opportunity to receive goldwork. For only one technique for the whole year..WOW! I guess it would be to perfect the stem stitch for even perfect stitches.

  390. I would just like to improve the techniques I’m trying now. Improving my Blackwork and especially my long and short stitch–guess I really need more of Tanya’s kits!

  391. I don’t know how I could possibly limit myself to one technique. My problem is that the more I learn, the more addicted to it all I become. However, I enjoy projects that are transportable since I don’t have a dedicated craft room/area.

    Thank you for all you do to encourage us in our delightful endeavors!

  392. I have always wanted to learn Goldwork embroidery . it was on my to do list for this year but I did not get around to it. i have promised myself that i am going to do it in 2018, would love to be able to produce some of the lovely pieces i have seen they are so beautiful.

  393. Many thanks for your great articles.

    Goldwork please! Though there are so many I want to do it’s hard to choose! However, I’m in the middle of several goldwork projects (including one of the Wise Men – which should really be finished by christmas!!) so it would be perfect to finish on-the-go projects, start some new ones with all the ideas that are rattling around in my head, and practise and improve my technique (there’s so much to learn) – and all the other techniques would have to wait!

  394. On Christmas afternoon, last year, when my husband was sleeping off his Christmas lunch and my children were amusing themselves with their new presents, I broke open my first brand new crewel work kit from the Crewel Work Company. I’ve completed four of these in the past year, and have by no means, tired of the technique. I would quite happily spend the next year, doing nothing but crewel work, and if I were to restrict myself to this technique only, I would complete many more than four.

  395. Applique. I have so many things I’ve stitched up just sitting in drawers waiting to be turned into something. So I want to practice and perfect my applique skills so I can use these items to embellish things like clothes, purses, totes, scarfs, etc.

  396. Actually, it’s goldwork! I bought myself one of the DMC 24 carat golden skeins for Christmas & I really want to learn how I can best utilize it, along with other types of threads more typical in goldwork in the coming year. I’m so drawn to the gleam and sparkle of metallic thread.

  397. Hi Mary,

    I would love to pursue Hardanger. I really would like to get more proficient in Hardanger stitches. I just love the look of it. And I like that I can add other embroidery stitches to it, like bullions and such.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely price. Hope you have a lovely holiday season 🙂

  398. I doubt this qualifies as a technique but something along the lines of Opus Anglicanum. Boy, if I was younger and had a more adventurous way about myself( and the money to support myself)…..

  399. Or nue would be my technique of choice for a year, I love the detail that can be achieved and enjoy the precise stitching. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize pack.

  400. I’ve always admired the look of goldwork but have never been able to find the materials to try it, so thanks so much to you and Tanja for this great giveaway! For the next year, I want to continue to learn hand embroidery – I’m mainly a cross-stitcher – especially the intricacies of needlepainting. I love the realistic flowers you can get with the silk shading techniques, but I need practice with my Long and Short stitching!

  401. Hardanger! I have only done two small projects, and although not perfect -I love the look of it! Thank you, Susan

  402. Goldwork would be my choice as a technique to try as I have never done it before. Although it looks difficult, it would be an interesting challenge to try and the completed embroideries using goldwork usually look beautiful.

  403. I would really love to learn Crewel Embroidery. I love the Jacobean Crewel work especially. I think the colors are just lovely.

  404. If I had to dedicate year to one technique only I would choose to learn something in really apply myself and I can only think of gold work so thankful for this opportunity and all your tutoring of us needlework lovers! Merry Christmas!

  405. Oh, my! What a glorious give-away! Many thanks to Tanja and you, Mary, for this opportunity.
    Only one technique for a whole year?
    I SHOULD say cross-stitch, as I have a WHOLE bunch of patterns waiting their turn.
    I COULD say gold work, as I have a few patterns (and some materials an items from Tanja and have only restrained myself with great resolve — what’s the acronym for stash exceeding projected lifetime??)
    I COULD also say Hardanger, as I have several waiting for me to learn this art (including some beautiful and meaningful Victoria Sampler patterns that use a bit of it).
    BUT, I think I HAVE to say stumpwork, as it’s the most fun by far and the arena in which I feel most free to design my own work.

  406. Oh man, just one technique!? I think I could narrow it down to hand embroidery, vs. cross stitch. Maybe silk shading? Or the type of surface embroideries that could be applied to SCA garb.

  407. It’s a hard question. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do a landscape piece. Eventually I’ll have to take a class. I haven’t tried goldwork because I don’t have the supplies. This give away would give me a start. ☺

  408. I’d love to learn Gold work next year! I’ve made a promise to myself to do more Embroidery and learn new techniques so I can make more interesting pictures!

  409. Needle painting, as I have never done it and with a year to practice I might be able to produce something I liked.

  410. I would love the time to practice incorporating the glitz of metal threads and stump work into my canvas pieces.

  411. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for once again organising some stitching excitement in the chaos leading up to Christmas. I would (and intend) to puruse goldwork next year. I find it the most challenging of all the forms of embroidery I have undertaken, yet it also has the greatest visual impact. It is also the one form that I have the least success with – a situation that I intend to change in 2018. Happy Christmas

  412. Normally, I would be hard-pressed to choose a single technique on which to concentrate during the next year, but I am planning to take a correspondence course that focuses on silk and metal embroidery. The class spans a full year. While it will not be the only technique that I will work on, I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge of and skills in this beautiful form, as well as producing a piece that I can appreciate far into the future.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the Tanya Berlin products. I have admired them since she first posted them. And I know her to be an excellent teacher.

  413. I’ve been the happy participant in a number of good classes on different types of needlework over the years, and now I am in a place where I hope to focus on using those techniques in dimensional embroidery. It’s such a nice way to combine different techniques, threads and fibers, ground fabrics, color and designs.

  414. I have not tried gold work before but would love to try some day. It is so beautiful. If I would only use one stitch, it would be the bullion stitch. I love how it can look so different depending on where it is used. I could certainly improve on my technique too.

  415. Right now I’m learning (and relearning) embroidery stitches for CQ, so that is what I will be doing over the next year.


  416. Thank you Mary, you’ve become an important part of my life. I recently purchased Margret Lee’s book “Japanese Bead Work”. I have purchased my supplies and plan on spending time next year working through her samples. Embroidery has given me so much over my lifetime and I find that there is always something new to learn, I would like to add goldwork to that list.

  417. If I could only work on one technique for a year it would have to be white work. This is such a beautiful technique but a technique which you need good eye sight to see what you are doing using white on white. So better late then never!

  418. I would pursue stumpwork. Mary has done so many lovely pieces and Inspirations Magazine has beautiful examples of stumpwork in every edition. I already have the Craftsy class, now I just need to get to it!

  419. If I had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, it would be crewelwork. I have been doing alot of cross stitch and needlepoint the past couple of years, and now I’m ready to set those aside for the pleasures of crewel — the wonderful textures and stitches that are possible.

  420. I have just finished a quilt that looks like a bookshelf and for the next year I will be embellishing it with hand embroidery stitches. Thanks Mary!

  421. Since I’m just learning needlework and all the different techniques it encompasses, it’s very hard to choose just one! I’m very interested in one day being able to contribute embroidery to vestments and church linen, so maybe goldwork is a good place to start.

  422. I will continue with Stitch painting but, want to incorporate goldwork, along with gold foil. Am excited about this opportunity. Thank you!

  423. I recently finished Tanya Berlin’s Red Poll needlepainted bird that was started in a class with her. I really to concentrate on needle painting to become more comfortable and confident in this beautiful technique.

  424. I would choose needle painting / thread painting. I think it creates some beautiful results, but I’m far from where I’d like to be.
    These gold work pieces are lovely, thanks for the chance to win!

  425. If I had to pick just one technique to study for a year it would have to be needlace. There is so much to learn and I would love to have time to hone my skills to make some of the beautiful things on embroidered caskets.

  426. If I could only do one technique all year, it would be needlepoint. Specifically painted canavses and counted on canvas. It’s a versatile art, with lots of things one can do with it, and also I have a LOT of canvases! Hoping I can add goldwork to my stitching repertoire!

  427. I will stitch anything with appleton crewel wool. I love the jacobean style but will try anything more modern.

    Marysue C

  428. This is such a hard question to answer! To be limited to one type of embroidery for a whole year… Well for me I suppose it would have to be Jacobean Crewel work, then I could always get in a bit of soft shading along the way! And of course I could work some designs in cotton or silk too. And now Hazel Blomkamp has added beads, and shiny bits to her Crewels, that means beads are still open, maybe even a bit of sparkle and gold around the edges! You can always push the boundaries! This is why I love Crewel work so much, and why I’d choose this technique if I absolutely had to just stick to one!

  429. Hi, I think I would choose needlelace for a month’s work as it is something that I would like to become better at. Goldwork has always been one of my favourite techniques but I think it is good to try other ways of working, if only to keep the brain active! Barbara

  430. I would like to gain a greater proficiency in needle painting. So, though I do love Crewel embroidery, and goldwork embroidery, and even cross stitch embroidery, if I had to choose one, right now that would be needle painting embroidery.

    Thank you.

  431. Heaven forbid I shuld be limited to a single needlework technique?! My stash includes all kinds of different needlework projects requiring all types of techniques — enough for several lifetimes, I am embarrassed to admit. If forced to choose, I think I would go with counted thread embroidery which was my first foray into the world of needlework — and probably represents the greatest proportion of my stash.

    Thank you for doing this give-away, Mary. It is fun to see what lands in my inbox from you and your comment requests provide interesting food for thought.

  432. Hmmm…one technique…for a whole year. I am struggling with the word “technique”. It would of course be surface embroidery, but what kind? I admit to being partial to Redwork, or single color line embroidery, just because it is easy and can be accomplished without a lot of thought, while watching videos, or something. I lust after Goldwork, and that is on my list for the coming year, as well as a sampler book to help me learn some of the more complex stitches. I guess I will say Redwork for an answer. So difficult to choose!

  433. If I could only do one handworking technique for a whole year, I would have to choose hand piecing quilts. I enjoy all the the things I dabble in but quilting is my mainstay.

  434. It would be redwork. I know that is a very simple technique… I have had 2 major back surgeries in one year. I am now working with an organizer to get my house under control. When I sit down to stitch I want to veg out. My husband has always liked my redwork. To just do it for a year would not be a bad idea. Thank you Mary and Tanja for the chance to win.

  435. There is so much I need to learn. I think blending with thread painting. I need to practice my long and short stitch. I also just got some silk embroidery thread and what to be able to improve my hand stitching projects and learn how to use this floss.

  436. That’s a difficult question-to choose one type of needlework. I want to spend time learning more about Hardanger, definitely want to learn gold work, but also specialty stitches as used in cross stitch/canvas work, as well as to learn tatting and how to make lace.

    So to try to answer your question, I would love to spend a year learning about gold work-learning about the different types of gold work ‘threads’ and all the techniques of using them to create beautiful gold work pieces.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for all your wonderful knowledge that you share with us all!

  437. I would choose long and short stitch. It has always appealed to me but I have never dared try it. Starting a beginners project, taking my time, concentrating on perfecting my stitches throughout the year would give me great satisfaction.

  438. I would focus on Crewel Embroidery and buy beautiful linen and refer to Mary Corbert’s Video instructions regularly.

  439. If I could purchase only one type of needlework supplies it would be for raised embroidery/stumpwork. I am interested in working on a Cabinet of Curiosities or at least trying to work on one. Mostly I have been doing cross stitch but I am fascinated by the beauty and intricacies of raised techniques.

  440. I’ve bought a small ‘Whitework with Colour’ kit from Trish Burr, and hope to start that over the Christmas holiday, and I would like to start learning stumpwork after I took a day class at the RSN at Hampton Court a couple of years ago

  441. Ribbon embroidery. Have only been doing embroidery for about 18 months so am not experienced at all. Lots of lovely projects seem to include a bit of ribbon work which is a mystery to me. There are some gorgeous examples of ribbon work and I’d love to give it a go!

  442. If i could only do one type of needlework in 2018, i would practice all my embroidery stitches with all sorts of wonderful threads and ribbons on my crazy quilting. Most variety!


  443. I’d pick casalguidi, since it’s the best of both worlds. It has elements of counted and surface embroidery.

    Also, it’s a really traditional form of Embroidery but you can do some great modern designs with it.

  444. I’ve been doing embroidery for many years but had kind of gotten away from it what with all that was going on in my life. A couple of years ago I came back to it much more after seeing some of Tanja Berlin’s thread painted birds. I just LOVE them. I have pulled all of the threads to tacked the one that was recently in an issue of Inspirations. Wanted to mention also that I so look forward to your notes coming and keeping us all inspired to do something new. Thank you for all your efforts.

  445. I love Tanya’s work. Her kits are just fun. There’s a new book out called “Embroider Your Life”. I’m thinking of spending the year doing surface embroidery. I would like to do some jeans with spring trees and flowers, an abecedarian mini book, a couple of curtains, some kitchen towels and a dozen napkins. By doing surface embroidery, I can switch between gold work, crewel, and plain old everyday stitch fun.

    Thanks Mary and Tanya.

  446. I have always wanted to do goldwork and I promised myself 2018 would be the year! When I read about the ‘give-away’ being the goldwork kit, I thought this would really make me start learning about it. I am fascinated by goldwork, but never game enough to venture any further than reading about it. Maybe this give-away is an omen. I am so looking forward to the challenge, and feel I would be able to master this technique.

  447. I would pursue goldwork next year. I had an introductory course a year ago and fell in love with the technique. I’d like to be more proficient at it.

  448. Well I just love the good work! Would prob take me the whole year to make something someone could recognize. It’s so so pretty but I’m afraid to invest a lot not being sure I’d be any good at it! Thanks for a chance

  449. I have done a little bit of goldwork but have yet to take on a specific project… This would be a dream come true to win and I’d love the opportunity to dive in and spend my evenings stitching away on the brooch and heart. The specialized tools is just a wonderful added gift!
    Also ~ just received my “Trees” and I’m gathering supplies to make two little joyful trees for my young grandchildren as gift tag ornaments!

  450. Honestly it is goldwork! I am just back from a trip to London, including a visit to the RSN and the V&A, and I came back with a newfound love for goldwork!! 2018 will definitely be a year for at least one or two projects to study the materials and techniques used by this interesting technique.

  451. Ohhhhh, now that’s a tough question! I’d like to say goldwork, but probably not unless I win the kit. I’m enjoying crewel work at the moment, so maybe that. But please don’t make me choose!

  452. What a challenge that would be for a jack of all needlework and master of none. Maybe it is time that I master one – I would choose goldwork since I have been shying away from it and since it seems demanding enough to require a full year or more of dedicated work before becoming at all proficient.

  453. If I were to choose just one kind of embroidery to work on over the next year, I guess it would be hardanger. I love hardanger and every piece I’ve seen of it is just gorgeous. I’d like to become an expert on hardanger.

  454. I guess I don’t understand the question. Pick just one needlework technique to work for a year? I’m so new to surface embroidery that I’m confused by the word “technique.” I’m still learning embroidery stitches, and putting together my stitch book. I have a few interesting samplers done, and am now experimenting with combining stitches in ways to create “new stitches.” If surface embroidery is a technique, then I would choose that since I’m still not very good yet. Though, I’m an eager student! And goldwork looks amazing, yet HARD!!

  455. Only one? But I have at least three… Ok, so if I must choose, it would be crewel work. Why? I’ve launched into hand embroidery only six months ago. I’m not an absolute beginner. It was my aunt who taught me all about needlework: knitting, crocheting, sewing, mending… and I’m sure embroidering as well, though I don’t remember any specific pieces I made, but I must have stitched, because I still remember some of the most popular stitches (including cross stitch, of course)… This year, as I finally decided to return to embroidery, it was needlepainting I wanted to do (and quilting, but that’s another story). Then I found out here at this very blog that there’s still a whole bunch of other embroidery techniques, and I fell in love for crewel work and stumpwork, too. As to needlepainting, I already dabbled at it a bit, and it works fine for me. Stumpwork is a higher level still, as I can see it. So that’s why, if I have to choose, I’d pick crewel work for next year – something new and not too complicated. It’s only one year, isn’t it?

    But! If I win this give-away, I would no doubt give the goldwork a try. Because there’s a stretcher bar frame in it, wow! I didn’t even think about goldwork by now, because I have only a hoop, haha. It’s so generous of Tanja to add a frame! I don’t even know where I could buy a solid frame in Germany, they seem to know only hoops and cross stitch here…

    Angela from the Ore Mountains

    1. Oops. Forgot to comment that I have been trying to learn go,deworm and Stumpwork forgone time. This year I am making sure I get more books and classes, especially goldwork!

  456. Hi everyone, if I could choose only one type of needlework to do for a year, I would choose crewel – because I’ve never done it, I want to do it, I have lots of crewel wool and a kit or two already, and because I love the Tree of Life design and would finally do it in crewel! Thanks for the giveaway, Lynn

  457. “If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?”
    So hard to choose only one! But most likely it would be stitching on felt. I have wanted to do a Christmas Tree skirt for years, have all the materials, but time and attention has pulled me elsewhere. Slowly over the years, my family has been growing closer together (I’m a step-mom), and this would be lovely additional to our holiday home.
    Love all you do to promote embroidery and needlework! I’ve learned so much from you.

  458. opps forgot to to put in about want to learn about the old work…..LIke where to use what goldpieces where and what goes well with each other.
    Sandi V.

  459. I did my first Goldwork just earlier this year and am hooked. If I could do just one style of embroidery for the next year it would certainly be Goldwork. I love its simplicity and intricacy. I love the wow factor and feel that I could benefit greatly from the expertise of specialists in this type of embroidery.

  460. I really like Tanja’s designs and kits, and have completed several of her kits. I did a blackwork butterfly, gold work brooch, needle painting of a rabbit, hapsburg lace bookmark. I have more to do of her designs! She has been a supportive friend and I am glad that she is a member of the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts. Her work is currently on display at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.

  461. If I were to try a new technique next year I think gold work would be a great one to try. I have at least attempted most other types and have been wanting to try it for a long time. It would be a nice cheery project for the dark days of winter. I know Tanya Berlin’s work and think it is amazing.

  462. I have stitched since the age of 10 (now 70)… cross stitch and embroidery. The idea of embroidery in gold thread appeals so much and would be my favoured new technique for 2018. Have just begun to trawl thru you tube, various sites etc., and a lovely lady on Helen Steven’s facebook page directed me to you and am forever grateful to her. I adore your techniques and to share with everyone is special. Thank you once again

  463. I’m working on a Goldwork course for the next eighteen months so would find this give away very helpful, happy stitching to all.

  464. I would chose Jacobean Crewelwork. There are so many different stitches most of which I haven’t even attempted. I love the look and the history of Jacobean Crewelwork, the textures, the rich and vibrant colors. I have always challenged myself and this technic would definitely challenge me.

  465. If I had to choose only one technique to pursue it would be couching. It looks intricate and luxurious.

  466. I would love to try goldwork. I currently do a lot of stitching on Crazy Quilt blocks. Thanx’s for this opportunity.

  467. My one technique for a whole year would be whitework – so many different forms, all beautiful.

  468. I think I would work on Blackwork. It is so creative and has such wonderful results. It can be a simple design or really intricate, so would be able to suit me for whatever I’m in the mood to Stitch. I especially would like to improve on my shading with blackwork. Such spectacular results using the shading in a design. I was fortunate enough to take a couple of classes with Tanja and just love her. She is a wonderful teacher and very knowledgeable about so many different techniques. She always makes you feel good about your progress and is very encouraging.

  469. Crewel embroidery will be my new skill to learn this year. I already asked Santa for a beginners kit from the Crewel Work Co. and a new pair of embroidery scissors

  470. Crewel Embroidery would be my choice! So many stitches involved I have not even thought of trying but sure would love to!

  471. If I had to pick one technique to learn this year, it would be needle painting. I’ve always wanted to do it.

  472. Filet Guipure. There is so much in this technique that I would like to explore and experiment with. I believe modern adaptation would be possible.

  473. I am going to focus on improving my long and short stitch so that I can pursue needlepainting projects. I was inspired by your review of Trish Burr’s book Colour Confidence (which is on my Christmas wishlist). I have done a number of other projects whereby you embelish a pre-printed picture on fabric with embroidery, Dicraft Style and I loved those projects. I relocated to the UK and have not been able to find anybody here who does this type of work so needlepainting is my next pursuit.

  474. Definitely stumpwork! I just discovered it a year ago and have been utterly fascinated by the various insects and flowers I’ve tried.

  475. A single technique for a whole year … that’s a hard one. I think I’m going to say needlepoint because I can either do simple meditative stitching or I can challenge myself with the more complicated stitches seen in modern (American) needlepoint of which I have only just started dabbling. I would miss the other things I’m working on though, especially the needle-painting I’m learning at present.

  476. I am so new to learning needlework and yet gold work fascinates me. Perhaps it is the magpie in me, but I am so drawn to it and yet I am afraid to start. If I were to win this package it would help me to start and gain confidence. Thank you for the chance to win.

  477. This next year I’m looking forward to learning some gold work I took a class in sugar land TX but I didn’t follow through and didn’t do any homework so this is at the top of the list I have 2 other projects I want to do and I have signed up to start one in Feb. I’m so excited about doing it.

  478. “If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?”
    Goldwork of course! I am OCD about it 😉 It’s just gorgeous! From smooth purl, bullion, check thread to lizardine plus coloured pearl purl and other coloured metal threads. There are a lot of ways to use various threads with the end results just stunning! I would love to do the Marian Medallion Project one day, so if I do win this kit, it would allow me to gain experience in using metal threads in various ways and to gain confidence in doing so before tackling a project like the Marian Medallion.

  479. Ooooooh! Well, I just got a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork by Ruth Chamberlin and a few samples of threads to play with…so my main stitch goal for 2018 is a goldwork project!! Best of luck to all, and thank you Mary for spreading the stitchy cheer!

  480. Such a great giveaway! There are so many stitches I need to learn or could do,better. But I really want to learn goldwork!p

  481. While I like to learn new things, if I could only do 1 thing for a year it would be cross stitch. I stitch to relax and cross stitch is mindless but I get to work with all those beautiful colours and end up with a fine piece of work in the end.

  482. I would follow Crewel embroidery. I love the fact that it is totally out of proportion with insects bigger than flowers and animals the same, the curls and swirls make for great flowing designs with variety of colours and stitches. Stitches no longer in use can be resurected and given a new life. Great fun.

  483. It would have to be hardanger for me. I have just got Yvette Stantons two books ‘Elegant Hardanger Embroidery’ and ‘Early Style Hardanger’. I am finding I am needing to practice to get the right tension in the stitching, so being able to spend a year on it would certainly help.
    It would be lovely to win the Goldwork Kit. Our guild offered a Goldwork class, but sadly it was at a time when I already had too much on. There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weekends in the month…

  484. If I could only choose one technique, it would be stumpwork. It’s the technique I have the least experience with and has so many possibilities for interesting texture and new dimensions in my stitching.

  485. If I had to concentrate on one technique over the next year it would be canvas work. I have a number of ornament kits I want to make for a friend. There are many different threads, beads and stitches used with these painted canvas ornaments so I get to learn some new stitches, too.

  486. I’m working on blackwork this year and I surely would like to add some gold work in 2018.

  487. WOW! What a generous giveaway. If I could only concentrate on one needlework technique for the next year, it would be to perfect my knots–all types. I have made quite a few small projects that have included knots over the past few years, and while I’ve been happy with most, I could still use some practice. I love how knots can change a simple pattern, by, say, clustering them or using them as a border. If I learned anything this year, it has been to see the possibilities of how to think outside the box a bit with how different stitches can be used. [If I had a second choice, it would be to concentrate on finishing what I’ve started and NOT BUY ANYMORE BOOKS. Okay, I know that second wish is all a matter of self-discipline, so maybe that will be my New Year’s Resolution!!] Good luck to all! And thanks, Mary, for the opportunity.

  488. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at ribbon embroidery, to embellish wall hangings and crazy quilts.

  489. I would concentrate on hardanger if I had to choose only one type of embroidery. It can be complex or simple and takes to embellishment with metallic threads or beads ( a favourite of mine) . It looks delicate but is deceptively sturdy.

  490. It would really be hard to focus on just one technique for a whole year but we’ve just moved into a larger home and I would love to spend my relaxing time making up small initials to give to family members next Christmas. They could all be in goldwork or in a variety of mediums but it would be nice to devote the time to a full set. It’s a good sized family.

  491. I would not stitch one technique but finish as many WIP’s as possible. Mainly needlepoint geometries.

  492. I would love a year of whitework. Pulled thread, drawn thread, hedebo, schwalm. I find a sort of zen or peace doing this. Is it the techniques, or is it that I have to do this in a clean, quiet place? I would get so much better concentrating on one thing.

  493. I would like first to thank Mary and Tanja for the giveaway – this is SO nice of you. I would love to expand my stitching from straight cross stitch to either gold work OR black work. I have always wanted to try one and it probably would be the gold work as I think it really is prettier. Thanks – have a wonderful holiday season.


  494. Dear Mary, Tanya Berlin’s Christmas give-away package is most generous and it would be lovely to have everything I need all in one place!! Happy Christmas!!

  495. I have done very little needlework with metallic thread and would like to try a goldwork project. I am also interested in needlework with silk embroidery floss for thread painting. I am not sure where I can find silk embroidery floss. I have seen types of silk thread, Kimono, some silk twist but not floss.

  496. I’ve never left a comment before, but…I’ve been eyeing the goldwork on several of the FB pages I follow and I am wanting to try it, so I had to enter for this giveaway. That is exactly what I plan to pursue in the coming year. Thanks for the opportunity.

  497. — If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?

    For the last half of this year, I’ve been focusing on consistency using sashiko-style projects as practice. If I had to choose only one technique to work with for the next year, it would be needlepainting, so I can focus on expressiveness.

  498. I am very interested in needle painting and plan to try and improve my technique over the winter months. This gold work kit does intrigue me. Your blog had really opened up my horizons for surface embroidery of all types. Thank you.

  499. Hey, there, Mary! Since this is a gold work kit I should probably say gold work, but I think I’d go for needle painting. I’m so horrible at drawing and painting, but it seems like using thread instead of messy paints could help….

  500. I enjoy your posts, Mary, and am amazed at how much you share (the Martha Stewart of stitching!?!). I’m not ready to focus on just one technique in the New Year…too much yet to learn. Hope goldwork is my next challenge!

  501. I must copy an earlier comment. I will be starting a crazy quilt in the new year and want to learn new stitches. I have been stitching since the 60’s and my go to has always been thread count X-stitch. I should expand my knowledge!

  502. I have just bought some silk thread to start learnig silk shading. It looks so beautiful and I have high hopes.

  503. I’m working on a small brooch right now. My first gold work piece. I am enjoying it sofar. Hope to try some more in the coming year.

  504. What a fabulous prize! Should I be so lucky, learning some goldwork techniques would definitely be on my agenda.

  505. I would like to learn the gold work technique. I am enchanted with the two pictures and look forward to finding out more about this technique.

  506. I am very familiar with Tanya Berlin and have stitched some of her blackwork designs. I have a few of her thread painting and crewel designs on my “to do List”. While I have done two or three goldwork designs by another Canadian designer, I have not yet attempted one of Tanya’s and would love to win this contest.
    A technique that I will be concentrating on next year is your style of embroidery. I will be starting with Twelve Trees of Christmas that I bought as soon as you released it. I am so excited to start but will have to finish Christmas gifts first.
    Please consider me for this contest.
    Merry Christmas to you Mary with all good wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

  507. Since I am only adept with surface embroidery I would have to select it if it were the only choice I could make. I have just begun trying new techniques.

  508. If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?

    I would choose Opus Anglicanum. The sheer beauty of the embroidery using silk and goldwork is astounding. The details can be delicate and the stories told by the embroideries themselves timeless.

  509. I would do nothing but Elizabethan – I have already begun my journey and am in love with this style of embroidery. There is so much variety and beautiful stitches to do including quite a bit of goldwork embellisment that I love also.

  510. I would like to spend a year concentrating on whitework embroidery as i haven’t attempted any in the past. Whitework seems such a challenge!
    However I could be tempted by Goldwork too! I haven’t tried this either. Plus Tanja’s designs and instructions would be so good to follow. I have completed a class in thread painting with her which was a wonderful learning experience in stitching an animal. Thank you for this opportunity!

  511. This drawing for prizes is really fun. Thanks so much! If I were to choose only one type of needlework to work on for a year, it might not happen as I have a tendency to switch around a bit on what I choose to work on. As to what I would like to work on first (though it might take me a year) would be the hardanger kit I purchased from Nordic Needle. I hated to hear they were closing. I would like to start goldwork also, but the cost is keeping me from it.

  512. I would always pick counted crossstitch. The design can be as complex or simplistic as one would care to be.

  513. If I had unlimited time and could only choose one I would indulge in stumpwork using gold work just love everything about the three dimensional aspect of raised work.
    Sue Stasiuk

  514. Wow so many interesting techniques to choose from! I am looking at going to our National Conference in July next year and hoping to do classes with both Hazel Blomkamp and Phillipa Turnbull, so I guess it would have to be Crewel work!

  515. I have recently started a project after many years of not doing any hand embroidery and would love to finish this piece. Also, would enjoy experiencing a type of embroidery that I have not tried but having a problem deciding which one, they are all so beautiful and it is always exciting to learn something new.

    Thank you both for the beautiful give away!

  516. I’ve been working through the different embroidery techniques and I have yet to try Goldwork, examples of which I love, so I would be perfectly happy to explore this in some depth next year.

  517. If I had just one technique to focus on in the coming year, I would choose traditional crewel work.
    I have sttiched Tanya’s broach/necklace project and made it into a Christmas ornament – so, if I should be so lucky as to win this lovely give-away, I would bebquite willing to give that kit away as a separate, additional give-away !

  518. So hard to choose just one technique! I guess it would be Hardanger. If I won the prize I might have to change to Goldwork. Merry Christmas

  519. If I had to pick only one technique to peruse it would have to be goldwork with some stumpwork components. I have to admit it would be very difficult to just use one technique, like all stitchers I like to combine different stitches and indeed different techniques.

  520. If you had to pick one needlework technique only to pursue for the next year, what would that technique be and why?

    I just returned to embroidery after a long hiatus spent knitting. My one needlework technique to pursue would be needle painting because I’m so impressed with the beautiful work I’ve seen using this technique. Embroidery has come a long way since I last did it over 20 years ago. I enjoy projects that require a lot of attention to detail and needle painting fits the bill. I also hope to gain enough skill to one day to a portrait of my cat.

  521. I would actually pick goldwork. I tried it in a single class recently and loved the creation of something so lovely. I would love to learn more.

  522. Next year I plan to focus on surface embroidery. My main focus will be surface embroidery with silks. However, I’m sure some crewel and stump work will make it into the rotation. I would love to expand that plan to include gold work. In response to Mary’s question, if limited to one technique, I would choose to focus on silk embroider in 2018. Cheers.

  523. I would like to find the time to expand my stitching knowledge about whitework techniques. This area is of interest to me.

  524. I would actually do gold work. I’ve had three things happen to me that I don’t think are a coincidence. I bought the special DMC gold metallic thread in its lovely box. Just before I got to this email I ordered a special of Christmas metallics. Then I saw the little trees Mary Corbet did and I ordered them. I’m going to be doing gold work for a year if I win this contest.

  525. How to choose only one technique! I love them all, counted, crewel, and goldwork.
    Maybe a combo? Goldwork and stumpwork?

  526. Mary, I love the structure and symmetry of Hardanger but I really want to become more proficient in gold work. That being said, I would love to win Tanya’s give away!

  527. I would choose Needle Weaving. I’ve done a little bit of this and I’d like to try some nontraditional needle weaving.

  528. I think Tanja Berlin’s kits with instructions and online feedback are great.

    I would do Japanese silk thread painting because the finished product are so beautiful.

  529. If I had to (and could!) pursue ONE technique for the next year it would be goldwork hands-down. I am obsessed with it yet scared to take that first step.

  530. I have been admiring needle painting for a while but haven’t tried it yet. I think learning needle painting would take me at least a year. Thanks for the chance to win a kit of gold work another thing I would like to try but haven’t invested the money yet. So much to try.

  531. What would I do if I could only do one technique? Well not goldwork, because it is so hard to get materials here. but of course if I won the prize I would be doing ONLY goldwork no matter what! I of ten look through my books and drool over the goldwork and would love to do lots of insects as they are so beautiful done in god work

  532. Tough question! I tend to need to do a variety of stitching but I guess silk ribbon could keep me interested for a whole year.

  533. If I had to choose one embroidery technique to persue for the next year it would be goldwork. This is a technique that enthralls and intimidates me at the same time. It is so beautiful and I am determined to learn it!

  534. I’d definitely pick goldwork as my only technique to explore next year. I took an Alison Cole class a few months and I’ve caught the bug. Wanting to explore the technique in all kinds of ways!

  535. If I had to pick only one needlework technique to work with it would be needlepoint. i love the variety of stitches you can use, and the variety of painted designs and charts. It is always new and challenging.

  536. If I had to pick one needlework technique it would be goldwork. I’ve never done it before and am keen to learn. I am fascinated by the goldwork I have seen both newly created and on antique pieces and would love to reproduce some of them then create something of my own.

  537. Oh, where to start? I’ve not done gold work before, but would love to start. I think working with purl perle (spelling?) would be fun. I would like to try that.

  538. For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn goldwork and to try the older techniques. I’m a little nervous that goldwork would be unaffordable – it looks gorgeous but sounds super-expensive. My second choice would be needle painting and I’m hoping to take a class this year.

  539. It would be goldwork. I just tried my first project and loved it. Imagine this….there is a lot of room for improvement! I need to continue, so I don’t forget what I’ve learned!

  540. Gosh it is so difficult to choose just one technique,I like to vary my options! And I would like to improve in several, but I think some drawn fabric projects would be nice and relaxing!

  541. If I were to do only one type of needlework in the following year. I would probably do “painting with embroidery” . After working a kit of a lovely little fox, I am intrigued and the images work so well with the crazy quilts that I like to do. So, a year’s worth of “painting” roses, and small animals would work nicely into a crazy throw. Adding some gold work to those images would be a wonder indeed, and I would be learning two new techniques!

  542. I would love to just work on my Brazilian embroidery every day. I must say though I have a few of Tanya’s projects on the go as works in progress and I’m sure it would take a year for me to finish them. Hers are by far my favourites!

  543. For me it would be Elizabethan embroidery, as I am currently working on a 3-4 year embroidered casket project designed by Maree Talbot (Qld, Australia). It is a beautiful wooden handmade box covered with stitched panels in Gumnut silks. If I worked only on this for 1 year I might get it finished sooner!

  544. One needle work technique. Hmmm very hard to decide. One is not exactly a needle work technique, but I have a bobbinlace project I need to finish, and a Christmas stocking I need to create then bead. If I had to pick just one, then I guess the stocking.

  545. For next year would love to try goldwork and silk.
    Many thanks to you Mary for those give-away.
    Happy to learn that your health is better.

    Gi now in Montréal.

  546. Since the kit is gold work, I had better say that gold work would be my passion this next year!! I have dabbled a bit is gold work and find it fascinating and do want to do more. I will say that I hate to limit my self to just one technique for a year. I love variety!!

  547. I actually plan on pursuing surface embroidery in 2018! I am so inspired by the beautiful work I see and really want to add it to my needlework skills. I have a few projects lined up and ready to go when the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

  548. I have done lots of cross stitch but am a beginner at embroidery so I don’t know enough to pick one! Thanks

  549. This year I would like to concentrate on Goldwork. I have some kid leather and some old goldwork threads that should be used before I leave this mortal coil and my children throw all my valuable “stuff” into a skip.

  550. This is almost an impossible question! There are so many techniques that I enjoy–but I guess if I could only do one, it would be stumpwork. It’s something I’ve wanted to spend more time on–and a year would be lovely!

  551. If I had to pick one technique for the year (which would probably require a gun to my head) it would be crewel embroidery because wool is comfortable and comforting to the touch. Not much of a reason, but it’s mine and I’m sticking to it.

  552. I’m not sure I could limit myself to just one type of stitching for a whole year. How sad that would be. But, if I had to, and considering where I am in my stitching life right now, I would probably choose needlepoint on a painted canvas. This allows me the creativity of choosing among hundreds of stitches and hundreds of threads as well as some areas of counted thread stitches which are a relaxing change. But to not be able to do surface embroidery or gold work or even counted cross stitch for a whole year… Well, I’m glad I don’t really have to make that choice.

  553. My needlework technique of choice is always stumpwork. The creative use of stitches offer endless possibilities offering a lifetime of exploration.

  554. Definitely EMBROIDERY !! It is so beautiful and flexible. I can follow the light like Monet, be bold like Picasso. It can be used to up-cycle worn by love jeans, create a home, or add a touch of beauty and individuality to almost anything. I have embroidered on paper, fabric, polymer clay using vintage patterns or creating modern geometric art. There seems to be no end of the possibilities. Plus there is instant gratification.

  555. Oh my goodness, I would so love to try goldwork out! But cost is a factor right now, and so my answer is that I would concentrate on stumpwork, because that really is going to be my priority this year! I have a bunch of cool books and ideas….now I need to MAKE them!

  556. cant pick one !! there is soo much to learn and do and so little time !!
    Have to try needlepainting , Wessex work, hardanger and goldwork still all on the agenda but in no particular order!!

  557. It definitely would be Goldwork (hint, hint). Seriously, I have wanted to try this for a very long time & this would be a great time to try it. I have a friend in our Needlepoint Guild chapter who has done some exquisite work so I know I have someone who can help me if I get stuck.

  558. I would pursue blackwork. Ive always enjoyed counted work, but I’ve never been as big a fan of cross stitch. Also I find that blackwork is easier to pause at any given moment than an uncounted style, which is a big plus.

  559. Hello Mary, If I were to choose ONLY ONE needle art to work for the next twelve months it would have to be Gold Work. Yes, I can imagine everyone will say Gold Work since that is the kit you have offered up; but for me I have fallen in love with the Gold Work surrounding Russian Icons, and liturgical needlework you have done that may have Gold Work incorporated into the design. Silk needle painting is another skill I would like to pursue but the first new technique I would like to master is Gold Work.

  560. Beginner gold work would be my choice of focus for a year of glorious stitching! I have done two small pieces in this medium and thirst for more. Gold work is very interesting, challenging, and satisfying.
    Thank you Tanja for your generosity.
    Thank you Mary for all the inspiration. You are in our prayers,

  561. I have never tried Goldwork and have always put it off, this pretty little brooch would be the perfect way to try it out and see if I will get addicted! Thank you for the opportunity.

  562. Cant choose !! So much to do and learn and so little time!! Needlepainting, Wessex work and goldwork on the agenda this year but in no particular order!!

  563. Oh, I would love to win this and learn goldwork! Thanks!

    If I had to pick one technique only for the whole year I would do hardanger. I have several cross stitch projects going that use it and I am not confident enough to tackle the hardanger sections. But if I could give myself a whole year for learning and practice, then I could finish these projects and that would be so good!

  564. I’d explore more goldwork ideas, especially unusual threads or design ideas. Goldwork seems to becoming a passion.


  565. Even since I found your website I have had a desire to learn goldwork. My local embroidery shop owner has expressed the same sentiment but neither of us has set out to do so. I have many interests with regard to hand work and 2018 is the perfect time for me to begin a new journey into goldwork. Winning this give-away would be the ideal beginning. Thank you for all of your incredible information. I love receiving your newsletters.

  566. I would love to pursue my interest in stump work with the added sparkle of some basic gold work in the design. It just adds so much more interest to the designs and I really need the practice of doing gold work within a design.

  567. I have just discovered Deerfield embroidery, so I think that would be the one to pursue (and Goldwork perhaps!)

  568. One technique only for the next year? I think it would have to be to learn goldwork, as it has fascinated me (shiny objects?). I love the idea of adorned embroidery – beads, gold, etc. I am just getting back into embroidery and goldwork is definitely on my list of must-learn.

  569. Goldwork would be the technique I would be concentrating on. I have enrolled in a goldwork class beginning in January and I am very excited about starting it. After a trip this spring to the UK and seeing such extraordinary goldwork, I am hooked. lol

  570. It’s hard to choose. I just recently started to do gold work and also silk shading. I need practice with both so maybe I’ll split my time.

  571. Only one ?! For me it would have to be canvaswork as I have a new large project to work on that I am being given for Christmas. But would I manage to stick to just one …

  572. I would love to win a Goldwork kit ! If I could only pick one type of stitchery for a year I would have to pick crosstitch because I have enough “stuff” put aside now it would take me a year to finish all !

  573. Such a hard choice to make. I’ve been drooling over gold work on Pinterest so this giveaway came at Time.

  574. I am a novice embroiderer who loves learning new stitches. Needle n Thread tutorials have helped me so much. Thank you Mary.

  575. Thanks yet again for such a wonderful give away.

    If I’d had to pick 1, it would be hardanger as I’ve been meaning to do a large table cloth for quite some time. I have the fabric, the pattern, the floss, etc., but am just not quite yet ready to commit to the time needed to start and finish the project.

  576. If I can choose only one technique to work on in 2018, then I would choose goldwork. I have taken two goldwork courses and need to finish the pieces to become more skilled at using gold threads and the associated techniques!

  577. The technique I will pursue next year is gold work.I have just booked in for the gold work Masterclass with Tricia Wilson Nuyen from Thistle threads.
    The course will run for 18 months.I am sooooo excited, I cannot wait!
    The history of stitches for the Tudor and Stuart eras fascinate me and to think I will be discovering stitches that had been lost is so thrilling!

  578. While I enjoy many embroidery techniques if I had to choose one it would crewel work done in a fine wool on tightly woven linen twill. I love the loft of the wool as each stitch settles in place and the diversity of styles from historic to contemporary that work well in wool.

  579. I would pick surface embroidery which to me that includes red work and blue work.
    Wishing everyone a Happy Day.


  580. This is a co-incidence! I am actually looking at Gold-work; I have tried it but can do with more practice.
    Especially what type of gold thread for which method; this is where I need to learn more.

    Thank you Mary!

    Have completed tree 7 but did it in whipped chain as I only had stranded DMC and I do think that the braid stitch looks better in floche?
    Currently working on tree #7 and hopefully then on to tree # 11
    I love the designs and they are also good practice for the applied stitches

    Happy holidays to all

  581. With this lovely giveaway, it would have to be Goldwork! It’s one thing I haven’t had the chance to try and have always been interested. Thanks Tanja!

  582. Hi Mary.
    If I had a year to spend on learning and improving one technique I’d choose stumpwork. I love bringing the embroidery alive with covered beads, individual petals, etc. There are so many stitches and applications thatcan be used. A year wouldn’t be long enough!

  583. Mary and Tanja, what a lovely giveaway! Thank you both. What technique would I do for a year? I have no idea. Though it’s been a while since I’ve done some goldwork, so it’s probably time for that.

  584. Oh my! well I would love to work with vintage designs in redwork . I haven’t made the time to start one. I am so enjoying learning everything about embroidery. I am working on a piece that has goldwork in it and I am discovering the problems with the metallic thread. I was so glad to be able to come here and read what you have written about that and now I know which thread to buy. Thank you for your site. I love it and learn so much.

  585. Hi Mary,
    Well that’s an easy answer for me. I am about to undertake a beginner’s course in Goldwork at our January Summer School at the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria in Melbourne, so this prize is apt! I’ve dabbled on my own with Goldwork for a while but now see the need for expert teaching to understand the fundamentals. I have always enjoyed Ecclesiastical needlework and Goldwork is an essential part of that so hence my attraction to the technique. And yes, I know, I am in Australia and postage from Kansas is hefty but I would be most willing to pay that if I win!!

  586. Knotless netting…..because it’s not only portable, versatile and addicting, but relaxing and creatively stimulating.

  587. I would love to devote a year to goldwork especially doing beetles. They are stunning when done properly and mixed with Stumpwork and beads.

  588. This is a tough choice. There are so many! If I had to chose just ONE, tho, it would have to be counted thread embroidery with lots of specialty stitches. I have several pieces in progress now that are gifts for my daughters and a year would be just about enough time to finish a couple of them. Of course, I would then spend the next several years on a progression of goldwork, smocking, blackwork, wool applique, whitework, bead work, more counted embroidery. Or clone myself about 8 or 9 times and have stitching bees with all my clones.

  589. My long term project is long and short stitch. I love the Stitch painting pieces A la Trish Burr. I know I will never be able to compare my work to other artists like her, but for the last month I have been working on L&S (using the Mary Corbet sampler). I am a slow learner so I alternate that work with simpler projects. Right now my other projects include learning Tunisian Crochet and stitching simple flowers using surface embroidery.

  590. I have been wanting to learn some beading and am excited for doing that in the new year. I love the extra pop it gives to embroidery work and have always admired it!

  591. If I were to choose just one needlework technique for a whole year, I think I would choose stump work – as I just love re-creating the 3D effect in this style of embroidery.

  592. I would like to learn how to needle paint. I have admired the beautiful needle painted birds and animals for too long.

  593. As it happens gloldwork is on my radar for 2018. Going to Embroiderers’ Association of Canada next summer and hoping to take a class from Alison Cole. Love your work and you are so generous with your information.

  594. It is no surprise that I would say Gold Work. Gold work fascinates me. I am a daily brooch wearer. I am known for my dragonfly brooches. I have more than a dozen given to me by relatives and friends. Every time I see a dragonfly featured in a gold work design I drool. My dream still remains unfulfilled and that is to take a class at the RSN in London.

  595. I think goldwork presents itself as elegant. The way the gold shimmers and can be used in small quantities to make a design really pop!
    I would love the opportunity to try my hand at it. Someday soon I’d like to find a small project to do in gold work! You ur newsletters bring me a great deal of inspiration to learn more and more stitches. Thank yu for that and thank you for the opportunities to enter into your give always too!
    Robin Farley

  596. My mother taught me to embroider when I was about five years old. I continued with crewel, cross stitch, and basic embroidery, however I have not gone beyond these. I longing follow your emails, but knowingly the work you do is beyond my capabilities, anyway at this time. Perhaps there is hope to learn at least some of the stitches you show. One of the main stitches that intrigues me is the three dimensional Brazilian embroidery, I would love to learn to do that.

  597. Wow! What an amazing gold work prize! One of my top three bucket list things I want to learn in 2018. So very generous. I am returning to my needkework roots and the changes and glorious things being done now are amazing. I love your posts. Thank you for what you do.

  598. Feather stitch is what I select. The reason is that I’ve chosen to sew a crazy quilt . I’m using the feather stitch to connect the pieces.

  599. I think it would be some type of white work, there is something very elegant about a white on white project.

  600. What a great Christmas giveaway. I’ve been hoping to try goldwork and with this kit as a start I’d be happy to spend the year doing goldwork.

  601. If I could only choose one it would be to learn needle lace, in particular the Oya lace technique used to edge women’s scarves in Turkey.

  602. I’d choose whitework. I”ve dabbled a little and it’s such a large group of techniques that i’d never get bored exploring all the different techniques that make up white work

  603. Picking just one technique would be quite a daunting task, as I like to dabble and move around so many needlework projects. I am very fascinated by gold work and have been very impressed with so many projects I have seen around the Internet, but it greatly intimidates me. Maybe a kit would help with that. But for just one year, I would chose whitework (of course that is cheating a bit as it encompasses a vast range of styles ). Thank you so very much Mary and thanks to Tanja for making it possible.

  604. The gold work kit give away is really special. Would love to have it. I will Perdue needlepointing this year and if I win the gold work kit I may try to use some in needlepoint for details.

  605. All I have ever done is cross stitch. I would love to try a new technique. I love your website. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing package. Lisa from the Bluegrass State

  606. I would hope to start some Early hardanger pieces.

    I have had Yvette Stanton’s book for a year (!), 36 count fabric and linen threads for a few months too, so all I need is some TIME!!!!

    (This is a great prize, about 10 years ago my brother gave me a book about goldwork techniques……….something else that is awaiting me!


  608. I have wanted to try gold work for years! I bought a book about it from an Australian publisher a couple of years ago but have not started a project. I would dearly love to win, and thank you and Tanya for the opportunity.

  609. If I had to choose one needlework technique only, for next year, I would pick cross-stitch. Cross stitch is how I got interested in embroidery and needlepoint in the first place, and though I have completed some complex (and fun) projects in the last few years, I always see need for improvement. I love discovering new patterns and designers, and hope one day to design a cross stitch pattern of my own.

  610. It would have to be needlepoint. While I like some variety. I keep coming back to needlepoint. I have enough projects and associated threads to last 5-10 years!

  611. Even though I love Tanja Berlin’s designs and have done her Hapsburg lace and have her gold work brooch kit, if I had to pick only one technique, it would be drawn thread embroidery. It is far easier for me to work within the constraints of the threads (without doing cross stitch) than do surface embroidery which I am just beginning to learn.

  612. If I can only do one, I would say counted canvas designs. I think there is a real sense of accomplishment that comes with taking a blank canvas and watching it develop into a thing of beauty.

  613. After a family baby sampler is finished, I plan on completing a canvas work piece, and then a Hardanger “Welcome” for a friend’s new house, and then back to canvas work. If I had my way, I would probably do mostly canvas. But I have a love for Hardanger too so I never really know. I have some surface embroidery pieces I may tuck in too. I have completed two beginning goldwork pieces and they are fascinating. Thank you for this giveaway.

  614. Goldwork would keep me happily occupied for at least a year, perhaps combined with silk. I took Linn Skinner’s goldwork class at SOXS long ago, and would very much enjoy completing a new project.

  615. Drawn thread work – white on white. It just looks so incredibly elegant. . . but goldwork looks absolutely wondrous as well!

  616. Another lovely give away. I will be concentrating on crewel embroidery in 2018, mainly because I have 4 projects to finish. The gold work I was intending to start this year, will be the plan for 2019 haha!

  617. The Needlework Technique I would be be wanting to learn next would be silk ribbon embroidery. I think it is so beautiful and highlights a Crazy Quilt so well. I am enjoying having an opportunity to work my way through the different stitches and challenges that make up Embroidery. Thanks to Tania for our lovely gift.


  618. I believe I would pursue thread shading. A technique I believe is beautiful and have never done.

  619. Sure is hard to pick only one. I would chose learning how to improve my shading in crewel work, but shading in silks would be a close second. My shading is always so choppy. I took my first gold work class with Katherine Duigid (?sp) about a year ago and loved it- a brooch sounds divine! Thanks for the opportunity!

  620. I would want to work strictly on very simple stitching, nothing new. I have been trying to learn so many techniques in the past few years that I think I would enjoy just stitching what I know. So far hardanger is my favorite though.

  621. I could spend a year doing counted canvas designs. This is a great giveaway because I’ve had my eye on those brooch kits!

  622. I am currently working on my very first goldwork piece & finding it challenging but very satisfying! I would love to win the kit so I could keep going. Having spent this year trying lots of different techniques, if I had to choose just one it would be learning more ribbonwork

  623. If I really had to limit myself to one type of needlework I would have to choose cross stitch…and work on completing several projects in various stages of work…thanks for 5he tree ebook…wonderful!,

  624. If I had to stitch for one year using only one technique, I would choose to do several blackwork projects…or maybe just one very large project.