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Needle ‘n Thread’s New Studio: A Look Inside my New Space


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I suppose I’ve mentioned a few times – perhaps more – that I’m moving Needle ‘n Thread into a dedicated space, out of my garage and my bedroom, and into its own studio.

I’ve finished the major part of moving and have everything necessary situated and ready to work in my new space. There’s still a bit of work to do and some minor shifting of goods, but for the most part, I’m in!

For those who have contemplated setting up a separate needlework studio space – maybe because you operate a small business out of your home, or maybe you’re just that avid of a crafter – and for those of you who are curious about what I’m up to these days, I thought I’d show you the space and discuss some of the whys and wherefores…

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

This is the approach, on foot, to my new space. When I look at it with objective eyes, what comes to mind? It might not be pretty…. but at least it’s mine!

(That, and I need some plants around that stoop.)

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

In our visual, Pinterest-driven world, it’s easy to dream about the ideal studio space – light, airy, cool in summer, warm in winter, sporting perfectly coordinated furniture and decor with fantastic organizational spaces, all surrounded by vast windows overlooking an abundant garden…

But, unless your business is thriving beyond capacity, producing a gargantuan income that covers all the business bills, medical insurance, the cost of living, and everything else that your income needs to cover – or unless you have a separate income to fall back on – or unless you want to go into serious debt – then chances are, the Perfect Pinterest Route probably won’t be your first step in setting up a separate space.

And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that!

It’s scary to take a risk. It’s scary to take on the obligation of ownership or rent (in my case, a yearly lease) of an extra space.

To grow Needle ‘n Thread, I knew I had to take a risk, but to keep things stable, I knew I had to keep things simple.

While I can’t have my “dream space” right off the bat, I am thrilled to have a space, nonetheless.

At first, I sorely wanted a nice rental space in our little historical downtown area. I pictured a Main Street location, large plate glass windows, cool interiors, hardwood floors, and plenty of room for classes, for get togethers, for storage, for office work.

In a small town, though, historical downtown areas are ever constrained by the layout that developed organically some 150 years ago. Space is limited. The old buildings are hemmed close in by residential areas. And to get a space downtown – well, unless I could elbow my way into the upper echelons of established businesses wielding a hefty checkbook, it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I turned to the residential sector, which is slightly more accessible. And I kept my eyes peeled for a rental that made sense.

When the half of a duplex pictured above became available, I took the leap.

Sure, it’s old. And not “historic” old, either! It’s that 1980’s old! It’s not beautiful. But it is functional. It has two bedrooms, a decent sized living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

It has carpet that probably has never been changed – but at least it’s been cleaned regularly!

It had old drapes and poor lighting, central air that needed work, a hot water heater that needed replacing.

Flaws, yes. But it also has potential!

Practically everything needed to get the space workable and attractive enough involved simple cosmetic adjustments. The big stuff – AC and hot water heater – were taken care of by the landlord (the advantage of renting!).

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

The lighting was dim, but a few new LED 100 watt daylight bulbs took care of that pretty quickly.

In the office space in the photo above (that’s the back bedroom of the apartment), the drapes were old and drab and they glowed a yellow-brown with the sunlight behind them. I quickly replaced those with the (admittedly unattractive) white-gray blackout curtains you see in the photo above.

As much as the decorative side of me would like something colorful, bright, and cheery, the blackout curtains will go a long way to control the lighting in that room for photos and videos.

Notice the permanent photo set up to the right of the computer? Yay! Finally! This will make my workflow so much more efficient!

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

The office has a good sized closet, which will work well for storage. Ideally, I’d have sensible shelving in there to organize different sections of storage. But right now, I’ll just settle for the closet space! Yay!

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

The front bedroom of the apartment – it lines up on the wall with the front door – is the larger of the two.

Right now, it sports a couple folding tables on one side of the room where I can work, as well as a small sewing machine table (peeking out on the left in the photo), where I can finally have my sewing machine permanently in place. Yay!

I’m going to change those curtains as soon as possible, and put something a little more colorful there.

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

The other side of the room – still suffering from Relocation Upheaval – are my thread cabinets, all lined up in order, and easily accessible.

As you can see, there’s a smaller closet at the end of this room, where – for now – I will stack things in storage tubs.

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

And then there’s the kitchen…

And even though it sports yellow countertops and dark laminate faux wood flooring, it’s not bad! It’ll be a great little place to fix a cup of tea, once I get a kettle. And there’s even potential for stitch gatherings that involve socializing. Why not?

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

When facing out of the apartment as if to leave, this is the main room again.

In front of the window, there’s room for a little sitting area.

Initially, I didn’t have any chairs to put there. Since I will use that space for my own stitching when I’m working on small things, I wanted something comfortable enough to be serviceable and sturdy enough to last a while.

Shopping for new chairs was out of the question, so what’s a gal to do? Craigslist, of course! Two very well-made, well-upholstered (though somewhat dated), and well-cared for chairs for $100? That was just about budget-right! And they’re comfortable! Yay!

Granted, the ottoman is a bit large, but it can be wheeled out easily enough when space is in demand, and in the meantime, it works as an ottoman, a table, or an extra seat.

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

The front window definitely needed new curtains.

I am embarrassed to say I skimped on the curtains at first, thinking I could get away with two panels instead of four.

They look like an undersized shirt on an overstuffed teddy bear – they don’t quite meet in the middle.

But don’t worry – the other two panels will be added later!

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

These curtains were a bit of a splurge. I wanted something with a little bit of color, but still light, that let in at least some daylight (no blackout curtains for this room), and that were perhaps Jacobean-ish in design.

These filled the bill. They’re fun!

There are still quite a few adjustments to make on the space, but I’m in and everything is functional, so I’ll be tweaking little things as I can.

Needle 'n Thread studio space set up

This is the studio as I leave it. The duplex splits right after that small window, which is the window in the front bedroom (or, now, the embroidery workroom).

I have great neighbors all around, too. The house next door to the duplex is surrounded by gorgeous flower beds and gardens. Behind the duplex is a small wooded area before the next property starts. Directly across the street is a grassy and wooded lot. And my own house isn’t too far down the road. It’s a quiet neighborhood!

Future Plans?

Now that the studio is a reality, it’s time to work out my future plans for it. I have many, but I’m breaking them down into reasonable goals.

Right now, my immediate plans are to get back to photo and video tutorials for the website, and to keep providing you with a good resource for hand embroidery.

I’ll be using the front room for local children and youth classes this summer, too. Needle ‘n Thread has come full circle, then! I’m finally back to being able to host kids’ classes again, which is how the blog first started. Yay! I’m very excited about that!

As my plans develop further, I’ll certainly keep you in the loop!

In the meantime, if you want to hear more about the backstory behind the studio and a little more about my upcoming youth classes – and what’s up in general – you might enjoy listening to yesterday’s episode of FiberTalk, which is a podcast for needlework enthusiasts hosted by Gary Parr and Christine Williams. They invited me to chat with them this week and we recorded the episode just on Saturday. You can listen to FiberTalk online here, or you can pick it up through any of your favorite podcasting outlets (iTunes, etc.).

And now, I’m off to work! Literally, I get to walk to work now – I love it!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. It’s yours – It’s beautiful – It’s functional – You have plans – that’s so exciting…… Something that works and has lots of possibilities…..


    1. Thanks, Jacqueline! I am probably inordinately excited about it! Now that I’m mostly in, I suppose it’s time to get over the luxury of so much space and put my head down and get to work! 🙂

  2. It’s a great space Mary and congrats!!! Looking forward to the future growth and I wish you the very best with it.

  3. Congratulations, Mary!!! It’s finally done! 🙂
    My first reaction to the first photo, was, believe it or not: “How beautiful! So much green around!”
    You see, I’m no pinterest aficionado, means, I’m no perfectionist. 🙂 I think it’s the imperfectnesses that make life beautiful. Most of those storybook studios appear germ-free, while it is the little “germs” (figuratively spoken) that make a spot homely. And yours will be homely, with the cozy armchairs (heard about Craigslist for the first time) and the yellow kitchen among others. Ok, the (really nice) living room curtains do look like me in a ten years old blouse. 😉
    Risk taking may be scary, but the late Wolfgang Döbereiner, a famous Munich astrologer, never grew tired of repeating: “Risk taking is what distinguishes a genius from ordinary people.”
    Now that you own such an ingenious studio, will you use your garage as a garage again?

    Angela from the Ore Mountains

    1. Hi, Angela – No, the garage is not really a garage anymore. The inside is finished with storage cabinets and a regular floor. It’s more household storage than anything else. My house is quite small, so the garage holds all the household storage of any kind. It will continue to serve!

  4. Oooh what an exciting venture! And so reassuring to us that things are going well enough to take this step. The separate spaces look so workable and efficient. Will your books continue to live at home? I hope all of your plans flourish here and that your classes will take off again and be a delight to you and your kiddoes.
    Blessings all the way,

    1. I’ll be bringing over some books – mostly reference books, like stitch dictionaries, certain types of project books and so forth. I’ll eventually have two low bookshelves (that will also serve as a kind of entrance table) against the wall where you walk into the place. They’re the same little bookshelves that I use at home, but since they support a table top right now (that doesn’t have legs), I have to wait until I can rig something to support that table top (or get legs for it!). Most of my books won’t come over here. There’s a pantry in the kitchen that has fairly decent shelving in it, and I thought about using that for books, but I prefer using the small bookshelves for “necessary” books that can be used for reference (by me or by others), rather than filling up the kitchen pantry! 🙂

  5. Oh Mary, How wonderful for you! I am so excited for your success, which I know it will be, you are such a determined woman. I too have a ‘Happy Place’ in my dreams but I’d need to win big time in the lottery, meantime I do have a wonderful sewing space just like your converted garage but geared more to quilting than embroidery. Just now getting back to embroidery with an almost full set of DMC and some other delicious threads to play with.

    This is going to be such a great addition to your business. Dedicated space for the different aspects, no more tear-downs. Plenty of storage. I think I’d keep that retro colored counter in the kitchen (unless it’s in poor condition) and build the theme for that room around it. It might be fun. Just be sure to have the required coffee cake on the counter at stitch-ins and a funky cookie jar filled with cookies (ginger snaps or chocolate chip) to go with a nice cuppa.

    I am just so pleased for you, I can’t begin to express my happiness.

    Best wishes for future success ~ Brenda

  6. Beautiful and promising! (But does your own home feel sort of “needlework-deficient” now? I’d have a bit of separation anxiety if I contemplated moving all my crafting supplies out of my own residence!)

  7. I’m so excited for you! That space looks really functional now and has enormous potential for future improvements. I will be following to see how it evolves, and how you manage keeping track of what’s in the studio and what’s in your home—because you know you will be bringing projects home!

    I bet your neighbors with the beautiful gardens would be willing to share some cuttings and seeds. : -)

  8. Dear Mary

    Congratulations on your new embroidery home it looks really lovely and you will be able to hopefully, extend your business and I can see that there is so much scope for different embroidery possibilities that I’m sure you will be really happy with the space. It must be great to have designated places for your photography, designs and embroidery, etc, I hope you will be very happy in your new embroidery environment. Thanks for sharing with us your new business home and for the photos of all the different rooms and space.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  9. How exciting for you; congrats on your new space! I look forward to seeing a before/after post a few months from now. 😉

  10. Congratulations on your move, and I wish you great joy in all your plans! Although, honestly, I do wonder how you could do more or better — yours is my go-to site when I can’t figure out how to do a stitch or need to know about a type of thread, or when I just need that bit of inspiration. Lucky students, is all I can say. 🙂

  11. It looks like you have your hands full, Mary! What fun! Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best for a successful venture – I think you’re doing it right by not going into great debt to get the ‘Dream Space’.

  12. Oh, my, don’t apologize. It is just so exciting to have your own place to go to work every day! Congratulations and great job.

  13. Congratulation! That looks like a very do-able option-even if it isn’t he bright and airy storefront in the historic downtown.

    Best of luck to you in your new endeavor.

  14. Oh, that looks good Mary! And it will be good to be able to separate work from life again. I must admit that I struggle a bit with that. Especially as my husband does work out of the home four days a week. When he is at work, he is at work. When I am at work, there’s always some homework lurking somewhere. And then there is the social bit too. Since I don’t leave the house in the mornings, my fellow village inhabitants think I don’t work. And is has proven not to be so easy to turn people away when I am at work. After all, all they see me do is stitching or sitting behind my laptop. Can’t be real work, right?!

    1. Hi, Jessica – Yes, that is a Huge Problem for me, too, the notion that working from home isn’t really “working,” and the interruptions that occur because this seems to be what everyone thinks. The new space reduces the interruptions completely, so far!

  15. Good luck on your new adventure Mary. I am sure it will be great and it will go on improving. It will sure be better for you to be working outside of your home.

  16. Are you kidding??? I would be THRILLED to have a space like that, complete with kitchen and bathroom, essential for workshops and gatherings. Lucky lucky you, and all the talent you have, i’m sure the place will be beautiful as well as functional very soon. And there’s much to be said and applauded in buying second hand and then “redecorating” it with paint and fabric 🙂

  17. Congrats Mary! Looks great ! You must be so excited! I would be! Like the curtains and they are very cheery:) Wish you the best in your new studio! P.S.
    Happy you are planning to resume taking photos and your video tutorials!!

  18. It’s a great space and I can’t wait to hear about the youth classes you’ll host–how fun! Will you have a sign out front, as well?

  19. Hello Mary,

    Congratulations, with this new goal you just reached that means you are in good health.

    The space is beautiful, like you mentioned it is not the size and the beauty that matters.
    As long as you can make it your own, nothing else is important.

    Not many of us have so much space to work, but hey no problem. We can stitch any time any place right? I am looking forward to reading all your new adventures in your new work place and of course all the amazing projects. Wish I was near I would take a class with you for sure.

    Have a great week.

  20. The best of luck to you in your new space! It just goes to show where planning and perseverance can take you–

  21. Mary,

    Congratulations on this next step! I am so excited for all of the new potential that it brings for you and for Needle ‘n Thread. It is wonderful to have your own professional studio to host your business – definitely is a milestone to mark the success you have achieved.

    Best wishes in your new space. Look forward to hearing about the classes you are holding, too.


  22. Congratulations! I think that we are all almost as excited about it as you are. I hope that your goals for it are even better than you hope. It is charming already. Your website and tutorials are my very favorite on the web. Off to download the podcast….

  23. Well done! – -I think it’s great and you are well set up to have a lot of fun with this space. I’m really looking forward to progress reports!

  24. Happy for you to get a designated studio and teaching space. Best wishes as you move forward. I think it’s a great solution.

  25. Mary , you have created a lovely space . The light, room, and specific space for your work is inviting. Have you considered having the space Blessed? To me that would be the finishing touch. I`m so happy for your dream to see reality.

  26. Hi. I just listened to the interview and the best I can say is “poor Mary.” Those two people are terrible at interviewing. Among other things they talk too much and they talk about themselves. I learned nothing about you.

    Grrrrr! Don’t get me going.

    Although my needle work efforts are 180 degrees from yours I love your blog. There are some many things, ideas to explore. You are a treasure.

    1. I agree with you, Sandra. He, especially, talks way too much so I don’t tune in. It is too bad because they talk to interesting people.

  27. How exciting, I’m so happy for you getting your new place to work from. You’ll be able to create something beautiful and hopefully peaceful to stich in & teach a new generation the love of thread work.
    I wish I lived close by having a friend to sip tea, sit & stitch with would be wonderful.
    Good luck on your new place & adventures in stitching. I’m looking forward to seeing more as things progress & videos as well.

  28. Can’t wait to see your needlework hanging. I love those curtains! Yup, you either need to buy another set, or if they come in singles, cut one in half and hang one half on either side.

    One thing I have done that has made a huge difference, is I’ve put everything in our “storage” area on casters or wheels. I bought record cases for my husband from Simple Wood Goods. Now instead of heavy records in boxes I can’t move, I can easily roll these around for cleaning. They stack beautifully. The plexiglass door in front helps keep the dust out. I’m adding a set just for my embroidery books.

    We got an old wood dresser on Craigslist, which we’re painting. Once the casters are on, I’m going to fill it with cd’s and other odd bits like headphones and record cleaning supplies. It’s so lovely to have everything organized! Makes everything go smoother.

    Happy new studio!

  29. Congratulations Mary. New beginnings always carry renewed enthusiasm and your new studio has all the bare bones necessary for a great workspace. Have fun with it. And the best part is that, we, your avid followers have nothing but good things to look forward to now that you are settling into your Stitch Haven.

  30. Congratulations on your new place! I think it’s marvelous and just right to suit your needs. Room for what you need to do now and room for growth. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent, advice and skills with all of us. Looking forward to the future!

  31. So excited for you, Mary! There’s nothing like new spaces to thrill the heart, especially when figuring out the functional and decorative choices. You have so many work/share areas, it looks like it’s going to be great. May it be blessed and bless others!!

  32. Congratulations, Mary! I’m very happy for you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  33. Mary –
    Congratulations on your lovely new studio! Great space with so much potential. Loved seeing the actual layout and hearing about future plans. Love those living room curtains — wonder how long it will take for you to use that design as the starting point for a piece of your own work? Enjoy every bit of transforming it into the studio of your dreams. Katherine

  34. Congratulations, Mary! In your neutral embroidery room, I could just picture some of your gorgeous needlework lining the walls. And it’s so exciting you will be teaching kids again – my grandmother taught me to embroider, knit, and crochet when I was 7, and all these many years later, I’m still doing all three, plus learning new techniques all the time. I’m looking forward to updates on your space in the future!

  35. Congratulations! I know you will enjoy your new space and decorate it with many of your projects as time and energy will allow. As one who has moved many times and survived some very strange housing arrangements, I think you did well to find this great little space for your shop. The “cuteness” will come together as necessary, when you are ready or able. I see the neutral colors as a plus. You can now add your own color with stitching pieces and decorate to suit your needs, rather than have to deal with overtly odd paint or nasty wall paper. A teapot and a mug or 2 will be a plus, but just having the space to stretch and guide your students has to bring you such joy.

  36. Super-sized Congrats on taking the leap, Mary! Be careful. You may not want to leave your sweet place at the end of the day. I recommend a comfy daybed in a corner.

  37. Congratulations! You now have a work address. Looks like getting it in shape will be a lot of fun. I do agree the front stoop needs some flowers or small shrubbery. Love the front curtains! so apropos.

  38. Congratulations Mary! I’m so glad you finally have a studio to call your own and that you will be teaching kids to stitch again 🙂 I’m sure as you use the space you will be able to customize it and it will grow to better reflect you. Those lovely canvas tile finishes would look pretty on the walls! A suggestion: maybe you should keep a small emergency needlework stash at home for when you get a stitchy itch in the middle of the night or the weather is bad. Just in case you can’t get to the studio LOL Best of luck!

  39. Dear Mary: Well done on making this mega move and embarking on your next embroidery challenge!! And reading of those lucky, lucky kids getting to do embroidery classes with you this summer I can’t help but think that you are relishing the thought of teaching face-to-face again. What a wonderful opportunity for them to learn from one of the best!!

  40. How exciting!!! I’ve been hoping for a peek at your new space so what a fun moment to see the “theme” of today’s email. 😀 I also want to know- will there be a cute little sign out front? I can see a couple of pots of pretty posies on those steps. A few stitchery pieces on the walls, a retro cookie jar and tea pot in that kitchen, and you’re all set. Honestly I think personally that this is much better than that “perfect” shop downtown. That would be a “store”. This is so much more inviting. “Come in, set a spell, maybe do some stitching”. Do you have any plans to sell small items in the future (for stitching folks?) Or plans for a “get-together day” for the adults to come and stitch? Or will it just be mainly you, quietly stitching away? Honestly I could see a “guest” stitcher like they do over in England, coming for a day every now and again for a special treat for folks. Maybe a special class with that guest that folks could come to town and spend a day or 2 stitching away learning things? With space like this you could possibly do things like that. Oh, gosh, I just see so many possiblities… I’m so very excited for you. Hugs and love and prayers for great success from Arkansas!

  41. Mary, Congratulations on getting a dedicated work space and your new business venture! I realize you’ve already got a business with your blog, but this retail space is different, and I send my wellwishes! The place looks really cared for, and in a great location for your type of business. Now you can actually sell products, too, that go with your classes. The kitchen is great for those long embroidery session pizza breaks, or event planning. Since you are located in a historic area, maybe you can become a dedicated tourist retreat for national and international embroiderers. Probably if you hook up with some of the local inns and eateries, and tour offerings, you would really do the needlework world a good turn. In any event, no matter what happens, I wish you immense success and enormous happiness!

  42. Congrats on your new space! It looks like you will have a happy home for your embroidery adventures! And space…lots and lots of space! Good for you!

  43. Congratulations Mary! What a lovely welcoming space it already is. I’m looking forward to seeing its evolution! I dream of a dedicated embroidery room and you’ve got a whole apartment #goals

  44. THANK YOU for not going the “Pinterest route”! I just love to see real people living real lives and making their dreams happen in ways that most of us regular folk can relate to. A breath of fresh air. Your studio will develop as you settle in and the space has a nice flow to it. It’s a great space and good neighbors who garden are primo!

  45. Congratulations on your new workspace Mary. I’m sure it will be a great success.
    Best wishes as you move forward.

  46. How exciting for you! It looks just right and I know you’ll have fun tweaking the details as time goes on. The living room curtains are so perfect. For a minute I thought you’d embroidered them! The blackout curtains look clean and neat in the back room. Later if you hang some of your work in there, they won’t detract from it.

  47. Enjoyed the visit to your new studio and wish you only great success with your venture! It all looks lovely and must be very exciting to set up. What a find your main room curtains are!

  48. Congrats Mary,
    Your studio is looking pristine and artsy, like a gallery. I like the streamlined, uncluttered look. You will bring color in with your needleart!!!!!

  49. Mary, I can only wish you all the very best for your new venture. You know, taking risks in life are scary but heck, you’ve been through the more scariest of all that life can throw at you, i.e. Cancer. I have recommended you to so many people and we all love your blog and everything you have given us. From Australia we admire and love you Mary. From now on … go for it girl … you are awesome and deserve all wonderful things coming your way. God bless. Helen

  50. You are one very special person. You draw us in to your enthusiasms, your work and
    your very amazing gifts and skills. There is also I such a sense of lovely humility in the most perfect sense. Thank you Mary and may this new special place blossom and be good to you.

  51. Congratulations, Mary, and welcome to your new home-from-home! So looking forward to future projects and blogs about what you’re doing. Thank you so much for all the time you share with us!

  52. Congratulations on the move, and all the hard work you have been doing in your new studio! What will you do with the space now free in your home and garage? Love the curtains…for a minute i thought it was a new embroidery project!

    Also, have a question for your new digs (sort of) will you be able to be a retail outlet on any scale for access commodities. Have figured out that it’s time to make a small leap to some decent linen and it’s between you and the hedgehog….i would be happy to buy from you if it is possible.

    1. Hi, Kaethejean – no, I won’t be doing retail supplies, I’m pretty sure! That’s a level of complication that I couldn’t handle, being just one of me. Hedgehog is closed, but Needle in a Haystack carries the whole range of linen from Access.

  53. Mary, it looks wonderful! Light and bright and airy and comfortable, and room to turn around without falling over the next project-in-waiting – plus facilities for making a cuppa! One question: any constraints on building use from municipal regulations or insurance? Here in my part of Oz there’s no problem if it’s just an internet-based home office (which is what I have), but as soon as you have a business with people coming and going (as in your classes) it throws up all sorts of complications.

  54. Mary, you are such a talented, generous, lovely person! All good luck on this latest chapter. It is fine right now but add a little color with some embroidery and it will be perfect. It makes me wish I lived in Kansas!

  55. Congratulations on the new space! I hope you soon have a waiting list for your classes. I absolutely think it’s Pinterest worthy, then again, what I look at in other people’s sewing/quilting/needlework areas is how well it works, not so much how pretty it is. Am I the odd person in that?

    Maybe your experience is different than mine, but don’t wait too long to purchase those other curtain panels. My luck is that they’d be discontinued, or they’d fade and the new panels wouldn’t match :-/

  56. Although i can`t turn my hobby into my career like you, my life gets more beautiful because of your website and your artistic works, so thank you very much!

  57. Comfortable chairs and Jacobean printed curtains …. such a nice area to stitch and chill.

    At some point can you share a photo of your camera area and how you are using the structure to position your camera.

    Congrads on finding a place that is walking distance from your home. Noelle

  58. Mary – I am a little behind in my non- essential things (and even in them a bit) and just had a chance to read the post on and see the photos of your new studio.

    It seems like a wonderful setup for your work and roomy too. You now even have second kitchen in case of emergencies at home. I hope that it will provide many happy and productive hours and days for you.

    1. Oh, heavens! I don’t plan to use the kitchen for cooking!!! It’s bad enough when I have to do that at home! 🙂 But it’s perfect for a cup of tea! LOL!

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