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Embroidery Thread News! Who Doesn’t Like a Discount Now and Then?


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Here in Kansas, it’s been disgustingly hot the first half of September – which is pretty typical!

But last night, the heat broke as storms rolled through, and this morning, it is soft and cool outside, smacking of autumn all around! Rumor has it, we’ll be in the low forties tonight. That’s practically winter here.

I love autumn. I love everything about it, from the cooler mornings and chilly nights, to the crisp sunny afternoons alternating with the occasional blustery gray.

But most of all, I love fall for the color. The gold-red hues of the prairie grasses, the blue-blue skies, the leaves flashing their brilliant shades. Even the green and gold grasshoppers that spit. Yep, I love it all!

If you’re an autumn stitcher, then I have some good news for you! After writing about these miniature patterns I shared with you the other day, I was able to follow up on the whole thread availability question.

And even if autumn stitching isn’t your thing, but you’re a thread lover in general (I’m guessing some of you out there love embroidery thread, correct?), this is great news, too, because… well, who doesn’t like threads at a discount?

Autumn Embroidery Thread Pack & Needle 'n Thread Discount Information

Last year, I released an autumn kaleidoscope design called Octoberfest!. If you’re not familiar with it and you are in the mood to stitch something autumnal, feel free to take a look! I’ve put it on sale through the weekend, to go with the re-release of House of Embroidery’s autumn thread pack.

I used various threads from House of Embroidery to stitch Octoberfest (and the miniatures I shared the other day), and they put the threads together in a specific collection called Octoberfest to make it easy for folks to pick up all the same colors in one package.

The collection is a nice color combination for any autumn stitching!

Global Artisans (formerly Akonye Kena), the US distributors for House of Embroidery, are bringing in the collection again. They have 100 thread packs arriving next week. So if you’ve been waiting for the Octoberfest threads, now’s the time to order a set and get your name on the list for this fall’s shipment.

You’ll find the autumn collection I used for Octoberfest right here at Global Artisans.

Needle ‘n Thread Discount Codes & Free Domestic Shipping

I was happy to work with the nice folks at Global Artisans to arrange a deal for Needle ‘n Thread readers, because I know you like thread, and I know you like to save on it when you can, so that you can… um… buy more thread, of course!

Needle ‘n Thread readers can get 10% off their entire order using the code MARY2018 at checkout.

Plus, for those living in the US, you can get free domestic shipping by entering the code SHIPPING at checkout.

That’s a pretty good deal! (Just don’t forget to use the coupon codes!)

Global Artisans carries House of Embroidery threads here, arranged in fabulous collections and individually. You’ll find cottons (stranded and perles), silk ribbon, and silk thread available.

I especially love their mini collections – they’re beautiful groupings of colors that work well together and impart a kind of “atmosphere” evoked by the name of the collection.

I’ve written about the collections here, if you want to read my review of them and see the threads in action on stitched embroidery projects.

So that’s the thread news for the day! If you’re looking for embroidery threads for a specific project or to add to your stash, I hope the discounts come in handy for you!

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be stuck in front of the computer most of the weekend, but I do have a new project that I’ve just started yesterday (another tiny project, but totally different), so I hope to get in a few sneaky evening hours on it. I’ll share it soon!


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(10) Comments

  1. Being just down the road from you, I know what you mean about the heat. Walking out of the house to go to work this morning was like “FALL!!! Finally…..”

    Thank you for the coupon codes. I haven’t really looked at your medallions yet, so I’ll have to check out “Octoberfest”. (I came for the church linens, but I’m learning so much more….)

    1. Hi, Karla – Are you a Kansas gal? Lots of people say “I live right down the road,” only to find out they live in Oklahoma. Texas. Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota… I guess it’s all “down the road,” depending on what road you take! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Mary. That’s no nice!!! I just love Octoberfest!. Do you know if one card of the thread collection is enough to complete de design? Thank you again!!!

  3. Dear Mary

    Been busy this week with visitors, I have one more visitor expected today then I can get down to some embroidery which has been neglected. Anyway I just looked at the grouping colour threads for the Octoberfest projects and they are lovely but unfortunately shipping to the UK is rather costly, but it is a great discount. Thanks for sharing with us the discount news on these threads and for the links. I do hope you manage to get some stitching in this weekend have a good one.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. Well, you got me, Mary. I ordered not only Octoberfest, but a primitive set, too. I’m a sucker for new threads.

    The only problem I encountered was I couldn’t get your discount and the shipping discount to work together. It wasn’t all that much money so I ordered anyhow, but thought you should know.

    In any event, now I have to go think about what I’m going to do with my new threads. 🙂

    1. Hi, Gee – Sorry the coupon codes were problematic. They are aware of the problem, and they are fixing it. They’re going to manually adjust invoices on the orders that had problems. Thanks for mentioning it!

  5. Oh Mary,
    What absolutely delicious colors available from House of Embroideries. Take out stock in band-aids as there will be major damage to the budget if I get everything I desire. Thank you so much for basically repeating this post and reminding us of what delightful treasures are available for those who seek.

  6. Hello Mary:
    Thank you for including me in your special promo.
    One quick question; What is difference between raw silk and fine silk or rayon?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Yvonne – Well, I’m not really sure what the differences are between the fine and raw silk by House of Embroidery. Like I mentioned in the article above, I haven’t used their silk. One of these days, I will try it! Rayon, on the other hand, is a synthetic fiber. While I haven’t used their rayon specifically, I’ve used other rayon threads. It’s not my favorite fiber to work with, but I will occasionally use rayon thread for more “craft” embroidery purposes, like embroidering on paper. Rayons are used frequently in Brazilian dimensional embroidery, and I would imagine that the overdyed rayons are quite a hit with Brazilian dimensional embroiderers.

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