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A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2018: Wool Thread Collections!


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If you’ve been embroidering for a while – or even if you’re just recently indulging in the practice for the first time – you’re probably very aware that, these days, there are innumerable threads for hand embroidery!

But when it boils down to the actual fibers used to make hand embroidery threads, in the natural fiber arena, you have four main contenders: silk, wool, linen, and cotton. Lately, it’s true, there are some upstarts (like bamboo fibers), but those four are the widely used natural fibers in the embroidery (and actually the entire textile) world.

Today’s give-away focuses solely on wool thread, specifically crewel wool hand dyed at Renaissance Dyeing, where they use the traditional dyes and mordants available in the 16th century to produce their colored embroidery wools.

Read on, and I’ll tell you a bit more about today’s give-away and I’ll also announce the winner of last Friday’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas, which included some beautiful silk and scissors from Tres Chic Stitchery.

Crewel Wool Thread from Renaissance Dyeing on Needle 'n Thread

Before we delve into the new give-away, let’s take care of business!

Sajou Scissors & Silks Winner

First thing this morning, I randomly drew the winner for last Friday’s give-away of a fantastic pair of decorative scissors and a beautiful set of silk threads, courtesy of Tres Chic Stitchery, who distributes Sajou products here in the US.

The winner for the scissors and silk is Allison H. The question posed in that give-away was “What’s your favorite accessory for your needlework (aside from scissors and needles). Here’s Allison’s answer – it might give you a fun idea for transporting your projects!

My favorite accessories are my collection of metal lunch boxes – I’m a huge geek, and was really delighted to realize that metal lunch boxes make the greatest needlework carrying containers. They’re (mostly) water- and crush-proof, and I am entirely delighted to carry a 16th century style piece inside a TARDIS lunchbox…

My sister totes her hand-pieced quilting projects exactly the same way, so you’ll be happy to know there’s another lunchbox geek out there, Allison. I’ll drop you an email to get the process started, and before you know it, you’ll have new scissors and silk to carry about inside your favorite lunchbox, too.

If you’re looking for Sajou products in the US, you’ll find a whole collection of them here at Tres Chic Stitchery. Check them out – you may find just the perfect gift for you!

Renaissance Dyeing Elizabethan Range

For today’s give-away, Renaissance Dyeing has offered two complete sets of their Elizabethan range of wool threads (which you can read about here), one set for each of two winners.

Crewel Wool Thread from Renaissance Dyeing on Needle 'n Thread

There are 27 skeins of beautifully dyed wool in the Elizabethan range. And the wool is lovely to stitch with!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks for participating!

If you’d like to enter today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, in the comment form following this article. You can follow this link directly to the comment form, if you are unsure of where to go. Please do not comment as a reply to someone else’s comment.

2. On the comment form, please fill out the name line with a recognizable name (no anonymous comments) and the email address line (which is not published). Please make certain your email address is entered correctly. Leave the website line on the form blank, unless you own your own website.

3. In the comment box, answer the question posed below.

What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?

Please do not leave your email address, mailing address, or phone number in the actual comment box. The comment box is also not the place to advertise your own needlework business, so please do not leave links to other websites in the comment box.

4. Please leave your comment by Monday, December 17th, 5:00 am central time (Kansas, USA). I’ll randomly draw the winners that morning and notify them by email.

5. Please leave only one comment on the give-away. Multiple comments will be deleted. You can enter all the give-aways in the series, but please enter them only once each.

Coming Up…

On Friday, we’ll take a break from give-aways and talk about some stitchy stuff!

Next week is the last week of A Stitcher’s Christmas, and you can look forward to three really splendid give-aways that you won’t want to miss if you love beautiful needlework tools and specialty threads.

If you’d like to know exactly what those three are, I talked about them with Gary Parr at the end of this episode of FiberTalk, which aired this past Sunday. You’re welcome to listen along! I can’t stand hearing my own voice, but if you can tolerate it, you never know what you’ll discover!

See you Friday!


(789) Comments

  1. I have a bedroom crewel stitched pillow that was my mother’s. The 2 colours I love which are also on this pillow are browns and corals. These 2 lovely colours are excellent for highlighting others such as a very soft green.

  2. I love the way dark blue (such as dmc 939) looks when used as a neutral in place of black or brown with pink tones and peaches. I am currently working with this combination in Hoity Toity by Long Dog Sampler. I love looking at these colors everytime I pick this up to stitch it. I haven’t subbed 939 out before on other projects but I will definitely do so again!

  3. My favorite color combination is anything in deep shades of purple, especially aubergine, my very favorite color! I’ve stitched several pieces using these colors, but one that I stitched in wool threads is an appliqué candle mat exhibiting the various stages of the blooming Moonflower…

  4. Burgundy, wine and cherry. I am always attracted to these 3 and i am looking for the right project for them.

  5. My favorite color combination is turquoise and blue and although I haven’t stitched anything in it yet I have been collecting beads and threads for a free-style embroidered sea scene and I have bought the Secret Garden coloring book to do Mary’s wonderful Hummingbirds project. Mary the feathers in the wings and tail are gorgeous! (see Mary’s October 31, 2014 post)

  6. Red, yellow and blue is one of my favorite combinations, and I just completed a “birthday plaid” project in those colors from the EGA

  7. My favorite stitching color combination is a relatively dark teal blue, set next to a rich, color saturated – darker peach tone with a lighter shade of peach as an accent. I have stitched many little items with this combination – including scissor fobs, tin covers, and bookmarks.

  8. My favorite 2 color ways are burgundy/green/gold and turquoise/orange. And, I’ve done cross stitch and quilts in both.

  9. I love two colour tones. One is monochromatic turquoises and the other is monochromatic blues. I have stitched quite a bit with both colour schemes. The turquoises match my studio. Thanks

  10. Gosh!! How I wish I could win these.. My favorite combination is red and yellow. Red just brightens up my day and a dash of yellow adds some more zing to it.

  11. I really like the combination of bright red, golden yellow, and grass green – and I’ve embroidered a store-bought black cardigan in these colors with mirrored floral patterns going down either side of the button placket (lazy daisy, french knot, stem stitch, running stitch, maybe others!) I also used that combination in a piece I did for a recent SF SNADS design challenge, with purple thrown in as well. (I love purple and green together.)

  12. My favorite color are black white and red and I have recently stitched two mask in blackwork and watch parts with those colors.

  13. I really like neutrals and black and white. I’d love to stitch a piece in just black white grey to see if I can make a given design look like it has just come off of the photocopier 🙂

  14. Oh wow! So many amazing color combinations! I love brown and teal and I love salmon and orange. I did the Steotchalong this year with the salmon/orange/maroon/teal combo that turned out pretty well. I just need to actually finish it now!

  15. I am a sucker for purple and green, but…no, I haven’t! I made a quilt though. 🙂

    Wow, those are some lovely threads!

  16. My favourite colour is blue, so naturally I am drawn to projects with any blue, rose, burgundy or coral. I have stitched several pieces with turquoise blue and burgundy and am currently working on a black work piece using Threadworx 11381 and it’s coordinating turquoise blue, green, purple and periwinkle in both floss and metallic.

  17. I favor muted olive and bluey greens with medium pink. I stitched a crewelwork Carnation on linen.

  18. My favorite three color combination is ivory, pale pink and pale green. I have done several beaded embroidery pieces with this combination and they are very soft and feel like Spring.

  19. My favorite combination is a series of blues and I have embroidered two different birds using various blues and plan to do a third in 2019. Having said that, I also love doing leaves in shades of greens and flowers in shades of pinks and roses. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and I am off to investigate their website.

  20. One of my favorite color combinations is corals (dark to light pink). I have used this combination many times when stitching strawberries using the Queen stitch. I have stitched a simple little scissor fob with one strawberry on it and spot motif samplers with a grouping of them.

  21. I love many three colour combinations but what comes to mind is a piece of gold work I completed last year in which I added some silk shading in blue and red highlights. The red gold and blue was reminiscent of the Sun King of 17th century France and I loved the result.

  22. I have really enjoyed reading your blog postings. As a newbie you content is very informative especially about threads etc. and I love looking at the technique tips along with your videos. Many thanks for all your work on your website – everything is well presented and organized. I enjoy coming to the website to see what I can learn.

  23. I am such a Christmas fan, and my favorite color combination follows this. Red, green and gold are my sentimental favorites.

  24. My favorite color combo is orange and purple. I have not stitched them together but have done the purple a lot. I have made quilts in both colors together.

  25. I love various shades of reds worked together or in fact any colour. This time of year I love Christmas re and green

  26. It would have to be purple and green. I have variegated thread from more than one thread dyer, and this seems to be the one I use the most. I do wool Applique and it looks beautiful in a variety of stitches.

  27. I love the ocean blue shades. I have skeins of floss/yarn but haven’t had the opportunity to stitch with them yet,

  28. I have only tried mixing two colors together once and it was out of necessity as the real color was not available. I put a variegated blue and purple together. It looked great to me.

  29. I love combining teal and orange. The contrast makes beautiful flowers and looks unexpected. Really, I love any contrasting colors together.

  30. I would say purple and green. I love the way those two colors look with each other. I did a dragon with butterfly wings last year and the dragon was green and blue but the flowers in the picture were green and purple. I loved the way those flowers popped with the color.

  31. My favorite color combination is a blue and green ! and yes, I have used that to do many projects! Thank you for such wonderful articles! I have learned so much! Merry Christmas!

  32. I love to stitch with purples, hot pinks and silver. Seems whenever it’s time to do crazy quilting sections or samplers of laid stitches these are the colors I reach for.

  33. My favorite 3 color combination is blue, brown and cream. I have not stitched anything in these colors but I did make a queen size quilt, it was gorgeous!

  34. My favorite color combination (right now) is medium blue, medium taupe, and a touch of coral. I use it often on Temari balls, and less often on quilts.

  35. The color combinations I like best are always a mix of hot and cold: Deep blue with orange/gold; bright yellow with gray; reddish russet with greens. I find that everything I have stitched is a mix of hot and cold–that’s always the combination my eye finds most interesting and pleasing.

  36. Responding to question:
    What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?
    Favorite color combos is in pastels light blue, lilac and light yellow…… love these combinations and I got a sample pack from Color Complements in Canada for them. Gorgeous colors and threads. I have done up a simple counted piece from a Rainbow Gallery design and the colors worked lovely.

  37. Purple, yellow, and green is my favorite combination and your lavender honey designs fit the bill perfectly!

  38. I love bright colours and the primaries always attract me. I just recently embroidered two tea towels for a gift basket that my ladies’ club were giving away at a Christmas party and the brightest of blues, reds and yellow were well represented.

  39. I just love the color combo of light turquoise, bright green and soft yellow. I’ve used them several times in different projects – and am working on designing a jewelry roll with them.

  40. My favorite colors are the blues and greens found in peacocks. I choose these colors when I stitch even as a small addition, if they will coordinate with the entire design. The colors found in birds and their color combinations are awesome to me! I also enjoy watching the little birds that eat out of our bird feeder.

  41. My favorite triple color combination is pink, white and metallic gold. I have embroidered flowers with this combination. They were beeeeautiful!

    I love it so much I’m getting ready to paint a bedroom in it. If only I could find some pretty pearalized white paint…

  42. The colour combinations that always catches my eye are the blues to teals to greens. I have just completed a counted canvas design in this (summer). My plan is to complete designs for the other 3 seasons – then have 1 frame and rotate the pieces throughout the year as the seasons change.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. I love classic red and white or blue and white. I’m always drawn to patterns and fabrics using those colors – but I usually pick projects that use a whole lot more because I love color!

  44. I love black, white and red used as a limited palette. I have used it only in trial and learning pieces as I fear that I’ll get the proportions wrong–especially the red– in a more serious piece and thereby destroy my enthusiasm for the combination.

  45. One of my favorite color combinations is blue and orange together. I love the pop of bright orange contrasting with the deeper blue. I haven’t stitched anything with that combination yet, but I really want to. I’ve seen some beautiful pieces recently with those colors!

  46. The colors I like to put together right now are a soft blue green and a light sandy brown. I even use them for my stitch samples!

  47. My favorite color combo is cherry red, gray and blue.
    I have used to several times in Jacobean flowers and monograms.

  48. I love tangerine, teal, and forest green. Seems my great room and kitchen have become those colors, as the art I have collected has those colors in so many pieces. I recently did a basic crewel cat with flowers that features this combo.

  49. Oranges, peaches and yellows….favorites….Anytime I can incorporate any of these colors in a project I am a very happy stitcher!

  50. I find it visually exciting to use deep and light teal with shades of mossy green, blackish green and russets. The lighter teal colors then pop. So while using smooth or highly textured stitches the use of this particular color pallet makes me very visually delighted.
    Good luck yo all who enter this giveaway because these threads are so yummy.

  51. I love green, lavender, purple combination.. have done quilts in that combo.

    Also blues, greens and purples.. colors are so rich, so vibrant.

  52. I like green and blue but that can be a little tricky (like that snowman picture in 4th grade that caused teacher disapproval!). I haven’t stitched with those colors but there’s always a second chance, plus some other beautiful color to add to the mix.

  53. My favourite colour combination is not three distinct colours but rather three colours from the same family. I’ve always been drawn to Deerfield embroidery, and Delftware for that reason. I have plans to work something in that style someday, but haven’t started anything yet.

  54. I love the analogous color range of turquoise to purple, with a pop of lime green thrown in. I have made two quilts for my son in this range and have another in process for him to use at the firehouse. The best thing, though is a big (approximately 18″ x 36″) crazy quilt wall hanging in these colors. Yes, it is a multi year project. I also love to work in the red/burgundy and gold for Christmas. Currently I am working on a Christmas stocikng that is all old gold babrics with burgundy and gold stitching.

  55. I have several color combos that I especially like. Pink and green is one that I have liked since I was a teen ager(which was a long, long time ago). I have stitched a number of pieces using the pink/green color scheme and the colors have varied from dusty to very bright, light to dark so although the various projects are basically pink/green they never look the same.

  56. My favorite two-color combination is blue and yellow, with green along if needed. I did do a wedding sampler for a friend in those colors, using several shades of each. I adapted what was supposed to be a monochromatic, Quaker-style design, picking out the flowers and butterflies in blue and yellow, with the foliage in green.

    Thank you for doing the giveaways!

  57. My favourite colour combo is real, purple and Salmon pink. I have stitched a small biscornu in those colors as a gift.

  58. Another lovely giveaway! Thanks Mary. My favourite 3-colour combination changes from time to time, but right now it’s turquoise, lime green, and purple. I recently finished a negative monogram for my granddaughter and used some threads with that colour combination. I loved it. I’ve gathered some lovely threads for another project in those colours, and I’m sure it will be fun to stitch.

  59. I am fond of any color scheme that includes blue. My favorite combination is blue and green, preferably with variations of each throughout the piece. One of my earliest stitched cards surrounded birthday greetings with sea shells; the recipient was a marine-life scientist.

  60. Love the Giveaways, even though I don’t win. But have learned so much from you Mary. Thanks so much for the continued opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  61. Blue and yellow, all shades and tones of each. So sunny and fresh. I’m not using that coloreay at present, but I have in the past.

  62. I would say that in all my art work my eye and hand most often go to deep purples and the lighter shades. I then like to pair these with their compliments of yellow and accent with bright pinks. I have used these colors most recently to create butterfly designs.

  63. My favorite color combination is a yellow spring green,a deep forest green and a shocking pink. I recently used this color combination on a sage green linen – an old placemat – to make a heart pincushion that was part of the SSAFA exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of WWI.

  64. This is an easy one! Red and turquoise. I use this combination a lot, alone and mixed with other colors. I also use it in my handweaving.

  65. Purple and Teal are one of my favorite color combinations. I haven’t embroidered anything with this combination, but I have made a few quilts and wall hangings with that combination. I don’t use it too much anymore as we are living in a rustic setting and decor, but once in a while I’ll put them out for a touch of color in our otherwise neutral decor.

  66. I just love chocolate and pink, that pale pink that has a blueish tinge. Not ever stitched it, but some day I will find that pink.

  67. There are so many wonderful combinations that my mind keep flitting from one to the next. But one combination that I find I keep returning to again and again, although I’m afraid that others may find it a bit lurid, is the grouping of vermilion, burgundy and lime green. It’s bright, but it never ceases to catch my attention and excite me.

  68. My favorites colors for embroidery are colors of blue chades and some orange combination, I’m new on the world of hand embroidery, but I really loved it so much, and this site always, give me some great information and information.

  69. I love the Christmas colors, burgundy, Hunter green and white. I have really enjoyed making Christmas ornaments with these colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. My favorite color combination is blue, green and purple. I always seem to gravitate to those colors and I have used them in some smaller stitching projects.

  71. I like any triad color scheme and use them often while stitching and quilting. Lately I have been using blue/greens and rusts with aqua.

  72. Hi Mary – being an African at heart, my favourite 3 colour combination is obviously red, yellow and obviously black. In embroidery, these colours have their specific place and I have very recently used them in an African theme on a linen dress (together with browns and white).
    Keep well.

  73. I like really bright colors, mostly jewel tones. My favorite is purple and red or royal blue and and eggplant purple. I did one of my first needlepoint samplers in squares of blues, purples and greens.

  74. All the colors are so beautiful! Right now I am choosing reds, grays, and whites to off whites. I have the simplicity of Scandinavian Stitching in mind.

  75. My favorite color combination is different shades of blue. I have made quilts in that combination but never a stitching project. Will have to try that. Thank you.

  76. UGH. So forgot to answe the question! I Loved using the threads for my last project. They we burgundy, greens & pink. I wish I could send a pic of the finished project. They were Fuchsia Flowers.
    Thanks Again so much. I apologize for the first posting. Just excited about the giveaways. Merry Christmas, Mary.

  77. I have been enthralled with aqua, coral, and dark greens lately. I haven’t stitched my design yet. I’ve got the colors out and am deciding whether to go ahead with the colors I’ve chosen.

  78. My favorite combinations are either a gray scale like some of Trish Burr’s designs, or a cobalt blue paired with coral (and maybe a soft green if a third color is needed for the piece). It’s a tried and true combination that I think is beautiful.


  79. I have several favorite color combinations, but I’ll just mention one. Purple, blue and lime or mint green. I’ve used this on several counted needlepoint projects. (I may or may not have actually finished those projects, but I have at least started them!)

  80. I tend to gravitate toward blue and brown combinations. I have stitches a blackwork pincushion in a blue/brown variegated thread and am currently in the middle of one of your kaleidoscopes using another blue/brown thread. 😉

  81. jewel tones are my catnip. but I love paring them with a brighter pop of color. Like jewel tone greens with a light coral color. I love embroidering deep vibrant reds and purples on a light blue fabric.

  82. My favorite color combination is a sage green and a a soft gray. They are soothing together but there is still enough contrast to allow each color to shine.

  83. I recently picked up an array of colors inspired by the sea, blues and greens and grays, that I am excited to blend into a project, as they are my favorite colors.

  84. My favorite two-color combo is blue and white. I stitched a design that resembled blue and white china, and I thought it was beautiful.

  85. My favorite color combination is blue and orange. I have stitched a project using this combination. I’ve done an appliqued ship, a three-masted schooner. On the ship’s sails I used oil pastels in three shades of orange to shade the leading edge of the sails. It looked like it was sailing into the sunrise. The sea was a bright mid-tone blue. It really was a lovely combination.

  86. My favorite color combinations are greys, blues and burgundy. I have a pattern from Talliaferro that I will begin after the first of the year. I love the blending of greys into blues with an accent of shades of burgundy.

  87. I like so many MANY colors! Strange, as I tend to keep my projects mostly within one color family. My favorite color combination for the moment is blue, accented with silvery greys and silver. I once worked a medieval style seahorse in deep navy blue with a selection of blue-ish greys for shading and outlines in silver. I really enjoyed that project.

  88. I think my favorite color combination is dark forest green, light green and gold. I stitched a pair of squirrels with pine cones embroidery pieces and loved the color combination. I also did a piece with all blue colors and loved it!

  89. Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly! I love the greens, peaches and yellow -golds of the aspen trees in fall, and think that would be my all time favorite combination to try. I have not yet, but better get on with it. I’m getting close to 80!

  90. I think my favourite colour combination for stitching combines a soft grey/brown, a darker brown and cream. It is a hand-dyed stranded cotton (possibly from Weeks, but I used it all up and don’t have the label any longer) that I have used with a stem stitch to outline and fill a tree trunk and branches. The colours were soft and subtle and I loved stitching with it. It was a bit of a surprise because I usually love vivid, deep colours.

  91. Wow what a lovely give away. Thank you for the chance to win. I recently participated in a cross stitch round Robin. I chose a eggplant, sage green, and a deep turquoise. The piece turned out just lovely.

  92. I am currently addicted to wool applique and this beautiful wool would be perfect for accent stitches. My favorite color palate is made up of earth tones. Everything I stitch seems to fall in that category.

    Thank you Mary for your wonderful website and Merry Christmas.

  93. i think my favourite combinations are three shades of turquoise. they have been my favourite colours since i was a child and collect them everytime i am out thread shopping. always, picking up darks, medium and lights. however, i dont think i have every really stitiched a full piece in them. lol.
    thanks so much.

  94. One of my favourite three colour combinations is
    cobalt blue shading to palest blue, combined with forest green and brick red.

    I have stitched something with this combination – a beautiful miniature dolls’ house rug based on Beth Russell’s interpretation of a William Morris panel.

    I miniaturised the William Morris Panel rug so that it would work in 1/12th scale and stitched on 22 count canvas using DMC cotton threads.

    I was extremely pleased with the end product which looks great in the study of my Victorian dolls’ house.

    Thanks for organising these giveaways Mary.

  95. Blue and orange. In the summer when the chickory and day lillies are blooming at the same time it always makes me want to stitch something in those colors. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it!

  96. Favorite color combo would be 3 different shades of green; light, medium, and dark, as I like to work many greens into my florals, for the leaves, stems, etc. Thank you.

  97. My favourite colour combination is an Air Force blue with a coffee brown. I’m currently stitching an ATC using those colours.

  98. My most favorite color combination is teal and peach, with white. Our bedroom in our last house I painted with peach walls and white woodwork. I made a fleur-de-lis stencil and put a teal border along the ceiling. I embroidered one fleur-de-lis throw pillow for the bed with white thread on a teal fabric.

    I loved that combination so much that my sister-in-law, quilter extraordinaire, made me a quilt with those colors. We’re currently working on our retirement home and the whole house is going to work around those colors!

    I haven’t done any embroidery yet for the new house, but once the walls are painted, I’ll probably do nothing else! 🙂

  99. I am always drawn to purples and greens, with either a splash of yellow or perhaps pink. My stash is awash with purples and greens, all shades, all thicknesses and types of thread….and so free multi stitch work is my favourite, packed stitches in various forms.
    I also love traditional crewel work so I have had to set my colour preferences to one side when I work like this.

  100. I love 2 or 3 shades of the same basic color, and have frequently used them in cross-stitching. Also like them for flowers in surface embroidery.

  101. I enjoy so many color combinations, but often find myself using arrays of greens with shots of deep rosy pinks and purples, particularly for floral stitching, whether threads or silk ribbons. Color just makes my day and it is hard to insist on favorites as I immediately hear so many others clamoring for attention in my mind! Autumnal shades, smokey shades, naturals/ecrus/oatmeals/taupes…sigh. But yes, I regularly opt for leafy with soft or bright floral shades. Never enough flowers in my life!
    This is a wonderful giveaway! I have long desired to experience these very threads. Thanks Mary and Renaissance Dyeing!

  102. my favorite colors are almost any shade of green and any shade of purple, toss in some red too. Many of my pieces have variations of these colors.

  103. Navy, white and turquoise! Elegant, bright and practical. I have used these three on many pattern-based designs and also in basic hand embroidery. It always looks sharp and lovely.

  104. I love a combination of yellow and deep blue. I am a real fan of yellow, so combining it with blue or black I think is striking.

  105. My favourite colour combination is purple (no surprise) combined with turquoise and copper. And yes, I’ve used it numerous times in my designs, including in some mixed media pieces.

  106. one of my favorite tools is a magnetic needle tender. In the past I was always sitting my needle down or dropping and with a problem when you have carpeting. I new use the needle tender that is placed right on my work and now no more lost needles.

  107. I don’t really have a strong favourite in colours, although I tend to like the blue/purple ranges and these look wonderful with a bright teal.

  108. I like mossy green with bluish purple, sometimes with a bit of amber thrown in. I do use it often in beading and needlework; I’m even drawn to kits in those colors.

  109. I am a very seasonal person and so in spring I am in love with lavenders and sage. In Summer I am drawn to brighter pinks & grassy greens. In Fall I seek oranges and browns then in Winter I just love the cranberry colors & pine greens! Oh, dear, if that is an illegal answer please just consider the cranberry & pine as my answer.

  110. I stitched an embroidery with red, green and gold for a Christmas present that I gave away. Thanks for the giveaway – hope I win.

  111. Greens & Golds! Deep, rich greens and golds! One might have to toss in an accent color — maybe a dark red-purple. Yes, this works really well in my Jacobean crewelwork designs.

  112. My favorite two shade color combination would have to be shades of blues and greens.
    I have stitched two good size geometric samplers using this combination of various shades and various threads in the two colors. If I am adding a third color, it is usually a silver metallic.

  113. Favorite is deep Christmas red and deep Christmas green with a soft pink. Reminiscent of antique Old Tyme Christmas. I made a sweet pillow with Santa and holly.

  114. I love orange, blue yellow. I have used these colors but added other colors to them.Actually when I say blue, I mean teal. I think teal can go with every color.

  115. My favourite combination is green, gold and purple. Many years ago I did some canvaswork using green and gold, and it was only after it was finished and framed that I realized what an improvement a little purple would have made.

  116. My favorite color is orange – so my favorite two/three color combo would have to be orange with black or brown. I recently stitched a Halloween/Fall wall hanging with it in a Wool Robin with guild members. Love all your stitching information!

  117. I love yellow orange and magenta. Such a happy set of colours. I have stitched a few small projects with this colour scheme, including a couple of pin cushions with embroidery in the centre. With these colours I can just play and explore.

  118. My favorite color combination? That’s like asking about my favorite ice-cream or my favorite chocolate; I love them all! The corals and blues you posted today in wool are gorgeous and I don’t think I’ve ever stitched anything with exactly that combination. I love to stitch with wool! It stitches up so quickly and is extremely satisfying.

    Pick me!

  119. Thank you Mary for this give away. I love stitching in pinks, blues and greens. They always remind me of spring. I have embroidered a few pictures with these colors filled with flowers and vines.

  120. My favorite color is combination is purple, orange and golden yellow. I stitched a large (22″ x 14″) fish in crewel wool. I combined lots of different stitches. The colors “pop” and, combined with the various textures from the different stitches, it turned out to be my favorite piece, which now hangs on my living room wall.

  121. My favorite two- or three-color combination is blue and white, or more accurately, blueS and white. The colors of Chinese porcelain, Wedgwood pottery and Delftware. I’ve stitched and knit in these colors many times. I find blues and white especially well-suited for Quaker Schoolgirl samplers.

  122. These hand-dyed threads are lovely. Thank you for offering them as a give-away. My favorite go-to color combination is navy, rust, and peach in all of its shade variations. I stitched a Renaissance-style needlepoint angel from a Christmas card image in those shades with touches of gold metallic, and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

  123. A favorite is lavender/green. It is hard to pick just one with so many gorgeous colors to choose from. Brown/orange/yellow works for autumn leaves; yellow/gold for sunflowers; purple/yellow for pansies.

  124. I love to use spring greens and pinks together. I have used this combo for geometrics, pillows, and even Twister. I can add yellows to make it more like spring tones, orange to go towards fall. You can make the combination really bright, or go for pastel tones. I am currently doing a topiary in these colors and adding crystals and metallic to bling it up!

  125. Indigo, white and sand shimmer Perle on vintage quilt. The design is reminiscent of a Japanese garden using sashiko stitch and wrapping the hand quilted stitches with shimmer sand. I wanted to use the metre square piece of scrap quilting which is from my husband’s grandparents in a new piece.

  126. If I had to choose a favorite combination I would have to say shades of purple and blue with maybe a touch of pink mixed in. I have never done anything with only those colors but it does sound like an interesting challenge. Hmm, maybe something for me to think about.

  127. My favorite color combo is usually mid blue and orange and I’ve dine several projects in that, but I’m drifting towards something like the dark turquoise and zingolin. I love working with high contrast.

  128. Purple and green is my favorite two-color combo. I noticed in multiple pieces that purple and green are great background colors, which can be ramped up in value for striking highlights or areas of emphases. Purple is richer than a stark black, and green is natural background color. Our eyes expect to see green. Gold yellows work similarly.

  129. My favorite color combination is red, navy and yellow. Although I’ve never stitched anything in those colors I have made several quilts.

  130. What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?

    Blue/green and blue/red. and yes, it has be the basis of several pieces.

  131. Oddly enough, though my favorite color is blue, my favorite color combination is green, purple, and gold. I love to stitch (and piece quilts) with these colors. I’ve recently started printing botanicals directly to fabric, then enhancing the prints with handstitching. A blackberry leaf and sumac berry print is “under the needle” with olive green for the leaves, purple for the berries, and gold accents to be added last. I’m currently using cotton threads, but have my eye on trials with silk and wool for prints on woolen fabric…

  132. My favourite colour combination to stitch is various shades of sapphire blue with russets and browns

  133. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite three color combination is blue purple and white. I have stitched a small hardanger piece with it.

  134. Blues and green. Seahawks colors and our beautiful sky and sea. Stiltching exclusively in these colors is on my to do list!

  135. My favorite color combinations are gold, silver and green. I did start a large Christmas project several years ago – a banner for my fireplace which is still a work in progress.

  136. My favorite two color combo would have to be green and a salmony pink. I don’t think I have ever stitched something with just those two colors, might have to find a project to try that on! Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous group of threads!

  137. I love a combination of dark blue and black with bright orange for highlights.
    I love Renaissance Dyeing ! Thank you for this opportunity…

  138. My favorite color combination is grassy green and raspberry pink. They were my wedding colors!
    This post gave me an idea for an embroidered wedding anniversary keepsake… Our tenth is coming up soon.

  139. I always go for bright Zingy colours but don’t want them to look garish. I love purples and pinks and obviously I have embroidered pansy’s in these colours.

  140. My favorite two color combination to stitch are tan and gold. I’m hoping to start a new project using those colors after the holidays.

    Thank you

  141. In stitching I can’t find any real favorites, except that I do a lot of Wedding Samplers and find that Blue, White, and either Gold or Silver seem to work up best. Most of my stitching is done in a wide variety of colours.

  142. My favorite color combination is black, white and gold; and yes, I have stitched something with that combination.

  143. One of my favourite colour combinations is orange, green and purple; I have not yet embroidered with them, but have quilted them many times! Thank you for the chance at some Elizabethan wools; I want to start an Elizabethan project (already bought the correct twill!) and this will help me afford it! Merry Christmas!

  144. My favorite color combination is green/brown/orange — kind of autumnal, kind of 70s. 🙂 . I haven’t sewed anything in that combo, but deeply admired the acorn pattern that showed up on the facebook page for needle ‘n’ thread!

  145. What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?

    I love purple and green together and plan to stitch a border on a dress with those two colors.

  146. Actually I haven’t stitched in a 2-3 color combo. I do gravitate to my favorite colors: reds, blues, yellow/oranges. What I usually do is use a variegated color of DMC or another company like House of Embroidery.

  147. I love all reds and pinks and greens, they are of course very Christmasy or Valentiney . My Quaker Christmas piece is done in overdyed green silk with a sprinkle of red in the alphabet, Love it !

  148. My go to colours for stitching floral designs are a range of rose and burgundy shades, a range of blues and greens, among other compatible colours to complete a piece. I have used these in a number of floral pieces over my years of stitching.

    I would love to win these skeins and begin a new piece.

  149. Torn between two answers.

    I have made some very happy wine, Navy and gold pieces. AND I do love earth tones. I love subtle too.

  150. My favorite colors are blue, especially teal, and purple. Every time I’m browsing threads, I tell myself to pick colors I don’t usually pick, but then inevitably end up drawn to yet another teal or purple! I also tend to gravitate toward them in peacock-y combos, mixed with greens too. I just finished a small blackwork pattern in a variegated purple, over one on 28ct evenweave, that I might make into an ornament or scissor fob. I’m also working on a Trish Burr rose, but using greens shaded into teal-ish green instead of the rosey pinks.

  151. As part of my river series, I have been using different shades of khaki-olive green, ochre, and cool soft grey. I would never have guessed how much I would like these colors together until I started working with them. The greens capture the color of the Hudson River that feels so elusive.

  152. My favorite colour combination is pink-green or rose-grayish green. Have used this combination in pillow covers using Paternayan yarn.

  153. My absolute favorite 3 color combination consist of blue, green and violet and yes I have stitched many pieces in this combination. Actually I have to consciously choose other color so my pieces have variation.

  154. Isn’t hand-dyed wool the best! Turquoise, brown & cream! Yes, a butterfly wall hanging! A wonderful color combination that lends so beautifully to this project! Thank you, Susan

  155. As it’s Christmas, my current favourite combination is red and green: lots of holly and Christmas trees with various seasonal decorations…..

  156. Wow, I need to follow-up my last comment.

    Three favourite colours? Eggplant/Royal Blue/lime green! I have never embroidered them together since generally stick to monochrome colouring. Who knows? I might get adventurous soon!

  157. My favourite colour combinations are most shades of the rainbow. But when I select I choose the darkest, shade a mid tone and then the palest of the chosen shade.. if my embroidery is looking dull I’ll always follow this and stitch yellow tones. After all it’s a yellow weed that pops up in your garden in the weirdest places..

  158. My favorite color combo: Orange and pink; pink and orange.
    ….i.e.,those are my favorite colors in my maturity.
    When I was young, it was lavender/purple and green and I could not get enough. Why the change? My eyes have changed; my heart has changed.

    Anyway, I add pink and orange to every flower group I stitch, but I’d like to be bolder – maybe start with a pink and orange background!
    That would make my furry little heart happy.

  159. I love the rust to light orange combo. I inherited a huge box of threads from a friend when she passed and stitched an entire piece using more than two dozen different threads from her stash. The piece is lovely and a wonderful memorial as well.

  160. Love the purple-teal combination – ever since I saw a lounge in teal and purple in one of the cartoons my kids love watching, I’ve been determined to bring this to life in my own house, which will, of course, require embroidered soft furnishings! First up is a coffee table cloth, but I haven’t started yet.

  161. My fave colour combinations are lavenderand mauve juxtaposed with sunny yellows.
    Always remind me of late spring/Easter…of summer in a lavender farm with bees in abundance.

  162. My favorite 3!xolor combination is periwinkle and lime green and dark green. I have stitched a hydrangea table mat with flowers and leaves and the combination is stunning!

  163. I have stitched with Renaissance Threads for several years and I absolutely love the colors. My favorite three colors are burnt orange, forest green and robin’s egg blue. I am using these colors as I stitch my cabinet of curiosities although not necessarily on the same side or panel.

  164. I love white, lime green and black together. I used the combo to decorate my sewing/needlework/guest room. Now to stitch with it!


  165. My favourite colour combo is purple, yellow and green, like violets. I’ve used it for fantasy flowers in a Swedish traditional style embroidery.

  166. Almost everything I make has some green in it but a few years ago I was particularly drawn to a combination of shades of spring green and violet. Though I didn’t make any small pieces of needlework in those colors, I did use them to make a queen sized quilt.

  167. Favorite at this mom net is white, dark cream, and orange-red, I am using them right now in a hardanger piece as part of a HAL in facebook

  168. What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?

    My favourites are from Lorraine at COLOUR COMPLEMENTS. Her self-dyed threads are beautiful. I used them in mermaid ornaments, on cloth art dolls I’ve made with embroidery stitches on them, on small seahorse ornaments. I can’t say which is my favourite because they are all beautiful.

  169. Blues and reds, oh and greens. then there are the Browns, grey and white.
    I embroidered Christmas ornaments one year. (the blues, greens and reds) My oldest has those on his tree this year. I also made a musical note seat cover for my youngest when he moved into his first apartment. (the browns, blacks and greys)

  170. Those are beautiful threads you have pictured.
    I enjoy many color combos but almost always incorporate green, blue and pink.

  171. My favourite colour combination is blue, yellow and white. It feels so fresh and like a summer day. At the moment I am cross stitching a Quaker ball in blue and yellow on 40 ct white fabric. Those wool threads look lovely. I went to the Renaissance web site and I don’t think I should have. I’m a knitter too…sigh. Thanks Mary, I enjoy reading your posts. Hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  172. Hi, Mary.

    My favorite color combination is a new one: glowing sapphire blue silk and gold. I haven’t used it yet, as I fell in love with it yesterday, thanks to Pinterest.

    Thanks for running this giveaway. I enjoy reading about other stitchers’ experiences and preferences.

    Beth B in Charlottesville, Virginia

  173. DMC THREADS 3865; 977; 976. Used as battlement couching on a flower on a Crewel piece of stitching. Absolutely loved the subtle shading on the flower .

  174. My favourite colour combination is a mid olive green, soft orange and cream. I have stitched several items using these colours and also used them for crochet.

  175. Red, white and green is my favorite color combination because they are Christmas colors. Every year I do an ornament for family and friends to go in the Christmas card I send them. It is a holiday tradition I have been doing for over 40 years and it is my favorite part of the holidays. My Christmas isn’t the same without making my ornaments. I am up to 30 ornaments a year now.

  176. My favorite color combination, right now…is red and white. I have finished several pieces in this combination.

  177. My favorite colour combination is Purple, Green, and Yellow. Yes, I have stitched a set of smalls (needle book, scissor fob, and an envelope for either the needlebook or a package of needles). The pattern was my own design (Queen of Stitches) and it mostly done with Queen stitches with some smyrna crosses and backstitches. It was put together with yellow beads, gold braid, and purple wool felt.

  178. Persimmon Orange and Dusty Blue. It’s the first combination that popped in my head. I like the way these two colours stitch up geometric and mandala style patterns. The Elizabethan wool collection has lovely shades of both of these 2 colours. Thank you for sharing, Cheers.

  179. I like so many color combinations it is difficult to pick one. I lean toward warm colors, red, yellow,orange. I like to add green to red (especially around Christmas). In the autumn of the year I lean toward the oranges and yellows. I used red in a patriotic piece, in that piece blue and white were added. I am working on redwork which will end up being a quilt.

  180. My favorite combination of colors is blue, yellow and green. Sadly, I have never stitched anything in this combination because I am always doing something that has been predetermined by the designer. I remember the blue and yellow project you did, Mary, and it is in the queue!

  181. My favorite combination is black, brown and grey. I know it sounds boring but when you put them together they are amazing. I haven’t stitched with them yet but I’ve done quite a bit of weaving with them (which is my other obsession) and also just recently wove a basket with a stripe of that combination. It turned out beautifully.

  182. I am new to embroidery and do multi media stitchery. I love monochromatic colors. The colors I choose depend on what I am trying to create. I bought some wool colors in Italy, not knowing what I would use them for, but loved the soft colors.

  183. My favorite color combination is green and pink. I have not stitched anything specific with it, but I love patterns that incorporate these as the predominant colors.

  184. Combo of yellow, blue and green. Yes I have worked in shades of these colors on more than one project.

  185. my 3 favorite color combo is tan/brown, green, and purple. they have such a range
    of colors and its fun to come up with diffferent combinations.
    my first rsn project had those colors and i really ended up loving it. unfortunately
    it’s ash now but we have photos to remember

  186. Favorite combination of colors – wow that is hard. Red and white if I am doing redwork but then sometimes I have done that work in black and white or blue and white. Mostly I use a combination of colors but if I have to make a choice I choose yellow and grey. Have not done this yet but on my list!

  187. My name is Antonia and I am new at embroidery. I was inspired to embroidery from a picture of a hen my father sketched for me. Now that my father passed away that sketch has really taken on a new meaning for me. I have embroidered it on some tea towels and the primary colors I use are black orange and red. These colors are perfect to bring this simple drawing to life. I have started making these embroidered tea towels as gifts to my mother a siblings. They have appreciated it as a momento in memory of my father and I am grateful to have a small part in it.

  188. I like to use Golden Yellow, Dark Blue, and Dark Green to embroider my local SCA group’s populace badge of daffodils. We use them as favors, onto gifts such as needlebooks or cup covers, or on items of clothing.

  189. I just have to look to my embroidery floss collection to see that my most favorite colors are always purple to teals. A small peacock wall pictures was always my favorite to embroidery because those combinations were used. Anne M.

  190. That’s a tough question, but I think my favorite 3 color combination would be deep forest green, burnt orange, and soft, chocolate brown. I like the prim look and autumn colors always appeal to me. I have a piece ready to start with these colors in it. It’s of a little fox in a garden.

  191. My favorite two colors together are blues and lavenders. I remember buying
    The threads, but I can’t remember what I stitched. Years flip by so fast!

  192. Hi Mary,
    I love muted shades of cream, pink and green….so delicate.
    Haven’t found a project yet for this, perhaps a delicate project with roses?
    Happy holidays, Mary.

  193. My favorite color combination is blue and white. I saw my first blue and white toile piece of fabric in the 1950s, in Georgetown, in Washington, D.C. Those colors wrapped around my heart and never let go. Think Deerfield Embroidery. Think “the blue tub” which was the color, i.e. indigo, most available to women in the 1700’s. (The dye bath did not need to be boiled.) Think “Blue and White: The Cotton Embroideries of Rural China”. Think Royal Copenhagen blue & white china. Think
    of my 50 year collection of various pieces of blue and white china. Think light blue which is the background color of many pieces of needlepoint. Think quilts. Think Japanese sashiko.

  194. I adore the earth tones. But if I have to choose 2-3 colors it would be yellow ( my favorite color)green and brown…then I can stitch my 2 favorite flower roses and sunflowers. I have a WIP with sunflowers♥️

  195. ALL the shades between blue and green with a splash of yellow! This is for a project I can envision but not yet touch.

  196. I really enjoy stitching in various shades of one color more than mixing palettes. I’ve stitched a number of projects like this and am always happy with the turnout.

  197. My favorite color combination is a red-purple with a yellow-orange. They are almost opposites on the color wheel.

  198. I have two 3 color combos….one is a darker red and hunter green and a yellowish tan. It’s my go to for Christmas designs so yes I have used it often. The other one I use is pinks, purples with white (or sometimes black depending on the design). I tend to use it a lot in flower designs. Congratulations to the winner and I love her idea of carrying items in lunch boxes. Also they’re flat and can probably be stacked.

  199. I like working with Reds and purples. Haven’t had a chance to do anything with that color combo lately, though.

  200. I love light purple, dark purple, and white. I use the combination whenever I can on a project.

  201. Hola. Todo depende de la labor que esté haciendo. Pero mi último bordado han sido unas letras en varios tonos azules y tostados, con algo de blanco. El resultado ha sido precioso. Al final, en base a esa combinación, estoy redecorando toda mi habitación y me gusta mucho cómo está quedando.

  202. My combination is shades of white (with the occasional black outline). From ivory, parchment and antique whites to arctic white. Currently I’m embroidering holiday ornaments with this combination on opalescent/raw linen fabric.

  203. Long ago I cross stitched a table cloth on ecru fabric with a cool taupe thread. The tone on tone was gorgeous. I also love almost any color combination on dark fabric, usually black or dark blue. The dark background makes almost any color pop. Blue Delft tones are also a favorite with me and I have stitched several pieces with various tones of the same blues.

  204. Anything pink and green…I’m from the preppy era in the late 70’s! My go to colors for smocking or stitching monograms or tea towels.

  205. My favorite color combo is cranberry and blue. I sometimes add a pop of bright yellow to brighten it up!

  206. I’d love to win some crewel wool! My EGA chapter is having a beginner’s crewel class in a few months that I’m excited to take.

    Right now my sewing room has a bookmark pinned above the desk because the colors are so striking: gold shading into orange and lovely dark greens in a nature scene that verges on the abstract. There’re gorgeous!

  207. I love blue, yellow, and white together–although I have never stitched anything in this color combination. I have used it in the garden, though.

  208. I love working with greens and purples, and for accent maybe a gold. At least that is what I am working on now.

  209. My favorite color combination is any shade of pink with any shade of purple, along with white or cream. Variegated threads in those colors are so pretty, and they lend themselves especially well to flowers. But I have to say that I also love autumnal colors, and there are so many beautiful colorways now in those earthy shades.

  210. Favorite two or three color combinations. My favorite way of using threads is shading but in combining colors I used a rich golden yellow shading from light to dark with chestnut brown and two shades of a muted green.
    These colors were actually used to make an insert for a footstool in bargello (tapestry wool). The colors were also duplicated in DMC to cross-stitch a Welcome sampler.
    These pieces looked wonderful in my green, gold, and burgundy living room, and I enjoyed them for many years before putting them away. Maybe it’s time to bring them out again, I still have the footstool.

  211. I love deep pink with yellow together and I haven’t stitched any needle work projects with it yet but I will soon!

  212. I always gravitate to the combination of blues, greens and purples. They seem restful and soothing together. I am planning my next crazy quilt, using that palette.

  213. Coral, Light Green, and Grey. I may have done up my kid’s nursery in those colors. I really can’t resist a pretty coral color. I’ve yet to stitch anything with them, but I’ve got plenty planned!

  214. A 3-color combination that I’ve always loved is rose – crimson – purple.
    It is the first thing I think of when see poppies, roses & peonies. Have only used this combination a few times, but still find it endlessly fascinating.

  215. For quite awhile I have been using lime greens with purples mostly on clothing. Thanks for the chance.

  216. My favorite two color combination is green and gold. They are so naturally beautiful, and I seem to stitch a lot of leaves. They can be almost neutral to me, so almost any other color goes with them as an accent.

  217. I like to use varigate perle cotton #5 threads in a lot of my floral linens. My color combination is 4069. The shades run in the spring yellow to green variation and are perfect for depicting new foliage.

  218. I love dusty coral and pale green. I stitched figures for a crèche many years ago using that combination. I would love to win the wool. I would like to stitch a crewel pillow for my living room.

  219. Any combination as long as it contains green!
    Red, green and gold for Xmas, green, turquoise and navy for sea scapes, or just shades of green.

  220. Call me boring or classic but I like white on white with a splash of grey when I am feeling a need for color. Seeing this combination worked on monograms really catches my eye and I find it stunning.

  221. Yellow and turquoise are fun! Can’t say I’ve stitched anything using those two colors. I really enjoy red as well and I enjoy stitching redwork designs.

  222. I stitched a very pretty piece using shades of corals and greens. It’s a favorite, but I also love blue on white.

  223. I love a combination of multiple shades of green with multiple shades of brown and might add a splash of rust or red.

  224. My favorite color combination is blue and white/silver.
    These are the colors of my device. I have used them several times to embroider my device on clothes and tokens of affection to be used for Middle Ages re-enactment events I attend.

  225. Blue and turquoise. I love it in “Tropical Punch” by DebBee’s Designs. I have it hanging over the fireplace.

  226. I like blue-green and purple but don’t stitch anything in it because I tend to go for realistic coloring.

  227. Purple and copper are my favorite color combination, and I stitched Jean Hilton’s “French Diamond” with those colors.

  228. I love lots of colors, but I think my favorite combination is purple and teal blue. Years ago I stitched Jean Hilton’s Gleneagle in those colors plus ecru.

  229. I used to have definite favorites in colors and color combinations but now, I enjoy all the colors. My favorites before were greens, browns and yellow/orange tones; purples/jewel tones and working with shades within a color.

  230. My favorite colors to stitch with would be turquoise, purple and poison green as a contrast. I have not used just those colors in a project yet but I do have a possibile idea sitting in my brain percolating.

  231. Royal blue and gold always catch my eye. It’s hard to decide. I seem to go through a lot of red thread, however.

  232. I tend to use the colors I like a lot in my pieces. My favorite 3 color combination
    Is Brown’s, turquoise and orange. My favorite two color combination Is blues
    With uellows.

  233. My favourite stitching colour combination is red, gold and green. This combination brings me many memories of Christmases past. Most of the items I make using it are only brought out during the holidays, so I get a gift of seeing them again every time I open my them.
    I have enjoyed learning thread painting his year. Using my new technique I am just finishing a sweet Woodland Threads Snowdrop mouse and “R” to sew into a Christmas stocking for my younger daughter Rachel.

  234. Mary,
    My favorite colors are in the purple family, hot pink range and this is the strangest as I don’t wear red but love stitching with Christmas reds. I’ve done a series of needlepoint flowers that use mostly reds and are beautiful.

  235. I’m drawn to all colors, and don’t really have one favorite combination. I recently did my first hardanger piece in peach, pale yellow, and pink on an ecru background. I’ve also done a needlework sampler pillow in pink and blue. One of my favorite pieces was a rabbit near a bush done in browns and greens.

  236. My favorite 3 color combination is taupe, navy and cream. I have stitched a few pieces with this combination, but as I live with this color scheme, I find it’s better to use other colors to stitch with. They really pop against a neutral background.

  237. Dmc 209,210 and 211. I have not stitched anything yet( just in these colours) but I want to kit up a Hardanger piece and stitch it with these colours.

  238. I have always wanted to try this yarn for needlepoint or crewel!
    Most of my projects are predominately green with red. I love to add blue or yellow to the mix.

  239. Shades of purple and green are my favorite color combinations. I stitched a Needlepoint piece that was made up of small blocks resembling quilt patterns using this color combination (with some neutral thrown in for balance).

  240. I’m currently in a purple, violet, lavender combo phase. These colors bring me peace and joy but I haven’t stitched anything in them yet, just a touch here and there but I hope to do a piece in that combination exclusively.

  241. I love all blues- dark blues, light blues, gray-blues- any blue! However, I think my favorite combination is a dusty blue (popular in the 18th century) mixed with a light Gustavian gray. In case you couldn’t tell, I am definitely a “cool” colors kinda gal.

  242. What a stumper for me as the color variety today is fabulous and I love so many. I had to look at my stash in order to answer this question. What I found were many bright jewel tone colors in gold, teal, blue and fuschia. So, pair the gold with two others and that would be my combination. I use mostly as embellishments and small embroideries, but did make a lavender sachet using silk dupioni, shibori silk, beads and silk threads in the jewel tone colors.
    Jan N

  243. Choosing a favorite color palette is next to impossible. I’m drawn to soft pink, purple and grey or silver tones – but also love teal, coral and buttery yellow. Then there is the fall palette of oranges, greens and browns. And how could you go wrong with black, white and gold or silver? I have done beadwork in the pink, purples, grey/silver. I haven’t really stitched anything in the teal/coral palette. I’m currently working on a pumpkin canvas with the oranges, greens, and golds – which is beautiful. And I’ve used the black/white/silver-gold palette in many techniques. Basically, there just aren’t too many colors palettes I don’t like or want to use in my stitching. I simply love color!

  244. My favorite color combination is coral/teal, although more on the saturated side. I have not yet stitched anything in this combination!!

  245. I really love mustard yellow and muted turquoise blue together. It reminds me of Versailles for some reason. I haven’t stitched anything in that combo, but I want to!

  246. My last couple of projects have been very monochrome but I do love bright colours. I love blue and yellow or peachy colours then occasionally surprise myself with pinks and greys!

  247. Blues, and greens. I enjoy crewel work particularly challenging Hazel Blomkamp. My favourite colour would be the delft blue colour range, so clean and fresh looking. There are so many greens to choose from that depth can be created in a design such as French knots as a Bush in 3 different shades or leaves.

  248. One of my favorite color combinations is sunset-orange and red. The combination reminds me of autumn, my favorite season here in New England. (They were prominent in my wedding colors!) Now I have Mary’s Octoberfest kit ready to stitch with those colors!

  249. My favorite combo is Aqua, Purple and Silver. I have used this combo several times, recently on an Elizabethan monogrammed bookmark. I primarily stitch Tudor/Stuart gold or silver work but like to mix in black work too not just in black. I have Tricia Wilson Nguyen for my obsession with all things Renaissance lol!

  250. I love the color of deep purple, teal and a sage green. I have been able to knit a prayer shawl with those colors . I have also used them in needlepoint to make a colorful Christmas stocking.

  251. My favorite color combination to stitch with is red and green. As I’m a major reproduction sampler stitcher, I can say yes I have stitched this color combination.

  252. Oh Gosh! My current favorite color combo is Burgundy and lilac (and sometimes clay-blush color). I have not stitched anything in it yet but I am mentally planning some table linens to start work on in 2019 so they may make an appearance then.

    My old stand by in my youth was hot pink and gray and black!

  253. My two favorite colors to stitch and Christmas red and Green. I have stitched many items in these colors for many Christmases.

  254. I have lately been very attracted to teal, gold, and purple as a palate. I have not had an opportunity to stitch with it as yet, but plan to do so this coming spring. I think this will be a very rich-looking combination.

  255. My fave colours are blue/grey/white, and I’ve done a few Hardanger pieces in that. I’m actially making one now to celebrate our 20th anniversary!
    Thank you for the giveaways, Mary

  256. Hi Mary, I think my favourite colour combination is aqua/turquoise shades with a small amount of peach for contrast. Yes I have stitched a few projects in these colour ranges including quilts . I am presently starting a long and short floral by Trish Burr in this colourway. Cheers !

  257. Red and Black, possibly with a bit of green.
    I’m currently sticking a play piece on almost black denim using a variety of red threads. I might add a little green. I’m also making some chicken scratch curtains for the kitchen using black gingham with a overdyed red/black thread.

  258. My favorite color combo is blue, yellow & white. I have embroidered a set of buttons using this colorway

  259. Colors found in the garden always move me, probably because I am also a gardener. So I would say the three colors I delight in using are a dark green and chartreuse green along with any of the shades of rose. I am presently stitching a sampler with many of those colors on it.

  260. I have not purchased any wool yarn. Only used in kits that have purchased. Different shades of blue are my favorite.

  261. I love the colors of a sunset, red, orange, yellow. Using them together in needlework or woven pieces, even dyeing the colors together in a scarf, etc brings joy to my heart.

  262. What a lovely giveaway, thanks. My favorite color combo are pinks and greens and I’ve yet to select a pattern to stitch with those.

  263. Now I’m in the latter years I love working with wool as it is so forgiving. I prefer surface to counting.
    Went to a class with Phillipa Turnball and we did a cushion cover which had lovely colours I do like the the shades of teal which were part of this colourful item.

  264. This is so hard as there are so many but burgundy and greens or aqua and greens. The greens to range from dark forest to yellowy lime and maybe a tiny bit of blue. And no – somehow I never have worked it because like a butterfly my eye is always taken by the next pretty combination. But someday I shall.

  265. My favorite color combination is plum, cornflower and pink. I have not sewn with this combination yet. After I practice and get better at the stitching, I want to make some flower type stitchings in that combination.

  266. Blue, yellow and burnt orange are currently my favorites. I’m stitching a project now in these colors, but am amazed how many different colors of blue there are that don’t blend! Almost as bad as green!

  267. I love anything with blue: teal, lavender, ivory . . . I also like dusty rose, green and ivory. Really, I can be seduced by just about any color combination.

  268. I love working with chartreuse green, deep purples and mustard yellows. I have several counted canvas pieces using this as the basis for my thread selection.


  269. Blue, aqua and purple.

    And I am just staring a counted stitch project in those colors as it has been a while.

    The wool threads being offered look yummy licous!

  270. I like to embroidery with two shades of blue and add a touch of silver. I stitched snowmen for friends for Christmas last year with these colors.

  271. I’m partial to desert colors, brown, gold and a touch of green. When we bought a house in Tucson, I was taken by the contrast of the green cacti against the brown and gold of the sandy soil . So I set about going crazy, doing needlework in these colors and now have several desert scenes adorning my walls. Even my chapter’s challenge project included these colors. My stash is now replete with these colors in wool, silk and cotton. Oh, to have a passion!

  272. My favorite combination is blue/green/magenta – I stitched a canvas work kimono using this combination.

  273. This yarn looks so yummy….
    I am somewhat new to crewel, but I love working in deep blues with lime green for a contrast, or maybe a bit of coral…
    …but seriously, how can a stitcher dislike any color!

    Ruth Fitzpatrick Michel

  274. I’m currently enamored with a set of vivid coral, turqoise, aand green threads that serendipitally landed together when I unpacked a mail order box. I haven’t started a project yet but Isoon we’ll when I find a design worthy of it.

  275. My home is decorated in shades of golds & deep reds. I have done a number of canvas pieces and some freestyle embroidery using these two colors as the focal and adding in cream to highlight or frame them.

  276. Favorite color combo includes teal and avocado with a bit of cerise!
    And I am digging out my daughter’s old metal lunch box to use as an embroidery travel kit!!

  277. My favorite three color combo is red, brown, ivory. I haven’t stitched anything with it year but I did make a quilt that color

  278. My favorite color combination is shades of blues and tans, or to be more exact I should say “tones” of blues and tans — I love colors that have been slightly grayed down and I also love just a hint of green or red in with the blue. These colors remind me of the coast line, of the water and the earth.

  279. One of my favorite color combinations is black & ecru. While I have not embroidered anything in that combination, I have made a quilt in it.

  280. Purple & grey is one of my favorites. I have an ongoing counted work piece done in some over-dyed silk with those shades. And it is basically the color scheme in my living room. 🙂

  281. Peachy orange and green stitched on black is one of my favorite color combinations I worked with recently. The colors are yummy together!

  282. Oh my favorite is soft shades of purples, lavenders and greens! And yes I’ve stitched many things for my granddaughter, including a smocked Easter purse in these colors!

  283. My favorite color combinations are anything green, purple and yellow, which brings to mind Johnny Jump Ups. I love embroidering flowers and nature.

  284. My favorite two colors is red and green together because these are the traditional christmas colors. I have done some cute small ornaments in the past and also some crochet ornaments too. Just a little something special!

  285. It is so hard to choose my favorite color combination since I’m a color nut! We spent 18 months Guatemala and I fell all over myself in love with their bright and bold colors. So my best combination is orange, yellow and Brown’s! Yummy!

  286. I’m such a huge fan of colours that choosing a special combination comes really hard to me. One of my all-star combinations is certainly green/purple, more precisely a somewhat muted olive green with a royal purple – something along these lines. Once a splendid painter fellow told us, that green in combination with purple looks best when both colours are composed of the same blue hue as a common base. And he was right. Seeing his green-purple oil painting of a young woman let me fall in love with this combination.
    Alas, I didn’t have the opportunity to use this combination in embroidery yet. Someday I will, that’s for sure.

    Did you know that I’m a huge fan of embroidery wool, too, and didn’t have the opportunity to use it yet? 😉
    Thank you and Renaissance Dyeing so much for giving this opportunity to all of us!

    Angela from the Ore Mountains

  287. Beginning of the year a group made an Australian pattern called “Dollie Quilt”. First time I did hand stitching on some of the blocks; I used Pink, Green, Black and White. I just bought your book and am working on a wall hanging called “Here’s a Chick there’s a Chick now. So relaxing and peaceful.

  288. I recently completed a pyramid-shaped ornament, designed by Sandra Cox for The Sweetheart Tree. Although there are shades of color, the predominant hues are blue and green. The effect is very pleasing.

    That beautiful wool would be perfect for a crewel project I am doing with my local needlework guild. Thank you.

  289. Hi Mary

    My favourite colours are ‘dusty’ pink, ‘dusty’ green’ and ‘dusty’ blue. I love the effect the ‘dusty’ look gives. They tend to make my embroidery look much softer and delicate when it is finished. I love all kinds of embroidery and I find these colours blend in better for me.

  290. I love blues and yellow together. I did some lovely stylised blue tits in Navy, Lemon and Royal.

  291. Favorite color combinations? Gotta be blues and browns/tans. I made a pair of Curtains and a lambrequin using almost exclusively blues and browns in a Jacobean themed pattern.

  292. My favorite 3-color combination – navy, carnelian/Chinese red, and gold – that I use in most of my Christmas needlepoint canvases.

  293. I have only just began mixing threads together to discover what they can do for a project. It is actually fun choosing two or three single threads together and my favorite mix is a bright teal with a yellow that I used to fill in a birds body. It is turning out so beautiful, I know from now on that I will continue to experiment.

  294. My favorite 3-color combo is green/violet/ blue-violet. I’ve done some lovely bluebonnets with these colors.

  295. I collect colour combinations when doing my large cross stitches. If I see something that looks interesting, I jot it down, for experimenting later. I’m on holiday and don’t have that list with me. But I also do that from real life. One example, a decaying gum leaf – a green a bit darker than apple, a light yellowish tan, and a rusty pink. I have not stitched that combo yet.

  296. I love putting shades of pink with my grey and white walls in my bath room. We have pink tile and instead of removing it, we celebrate it by using many different shades of pink. I want to stitch something for the blank wall in those colors!

  297. Blue and white make my heart sing. Recently, I bought a vintage crewel eyeglass kit from eBay. I substituted blue wool thread in light, medium and dark for the pink threads that came with it and opened up the design on the linen. It was so peaceful working in blues. I made it into a pocket and stitched it onto a linen sajou bag. Adding an antique shell button in each corner of the pocket strengthened the corners of the pocket . So much fun !!

  298. My favorite two-color combination is a dark blue and a lighter blue or lighter purple. I have stitched this combination before, in a monogram, but my favorite stitched two-color combination is a yellow and red shield I embroidered for a friend. I didn’t love the colors at first, but once the embroidery was done they worked very well together. They were bright and complemented each other well.

  299. My current favorite combination is deep red/dark green/ivory – very Christmasy, I know! Love how your latest Holly design towel is turning out!

  300. My favorite two color combination is purple and green, both colors I adore. I don’t think I’ve ever stitched anything in it, but I want to choose it for my sampler for my upcoming SFSNAD classs!

  301. My favourite combination of jade and aqua shades drew me to Susan Potter’s Modern Crewel project. I usually prefer wool embroidery so the fine work in Susan’s project was quite a challenge for me. I was lucky enough to be able attend a class with Susan who inspired me to persevere and I am delighted with the finished, now beautifully framed, item.

  302. My absolute favorite color combination is lavendar, baby blue and navy. I tend to do everything I can in these colors so I really try hard to “branch out” to other colors !!

  303. I just love blues and yellows, they are such happy feel good colours…hence why I love to design and stitch Deerfield Blue and White Embroidery.

  304. My favorite color combination is blue, green and purple. I’ve stitched several things with them 8ncluding hydrangeas and iris.

  305. My favourite colour combination is blue/green/purple. I love the combination of tealy blue-greens shading through rich cobalt blues and indigo to purple. I should really begin stitching some peacocks to show off these colours, but for some reason, I never have, although I do try to include this combination of colours in most of the things I stitch.

  306. My favorite color combination is purple and teal. I use it regularly and it is incorporated into my home decor. I think the rich purple and the joyful teal are really beautiful together.

  307. I’ve always been a fan of blue/brown and have stitched a sampler and a Christmas ornament using these colors. Have also wanted to try wool fibers! Thank you for the chance!

  308. I love to use shades of purple with a clear yellow or yellow/orange to set it off. I have a tapestry cushion cover with a pot of African violets on it, with a background of 2 shades of yellow that I made 2 years ago. I have also just finished a lovely picture of a posy of violets with the same set of colours, the centres are yellow and yellow/orange and make the purples pop!

  309. My favorite color combo would be blue/yellow/green. So wonderful to do flowers and gardens like morning glories and forget-me- nots.

  310. I stitch with a lot of earth tones so I use various shades of the same colour. My favourite is greens blended into brown to red.

  311. The colors of Monet: blue, yellow and white. I have done a Kaffe Fassett pillow of Chinese vases in the blue and white with a yellow background.

    I also love a modern black, yellow gold and gold braid. I am finishing the Ambrosia project from the EGA in these colors.

  312. I love stitching with multiple shades of a color like creams or grays or reds, and I’m working on a Fall 2019 wedding gift of monogrammed tea towels. The initials are in shades of cream and brown.

  313. I have favorite colors but can’t say I have favorite combos for stitching. I do tend to use a lot of greens and golds for my landscape textile art pieces. So I would have to go with that I guess, but I love color, color, color of all sorts!

  314. I like color combinations with Red. Last year Red with Sky Blue, which I stitched into a few Christmas ornaments. All time favorite Red with Violet, but never stitched because I haven’t found the right shade of Violet in floss. Also Red with Orange, but I don’t think I’ve ever used these on their own. Maybe something Red and Orange with Gold metallic to brighten this winter.

  315. My favorite combination of colors are shades of blues and greens. Either 2 shades of blue with green or two shades of green with blue. I used those colors when stitching on a flower on the Plimoth Jacket and have been in love with them since.

  316. I really love teal and red together. I haven’t stitched anything in those colors but would really like to!

  317. My favorite color combinations are shades of purple, green and yellow. My favorite project using these colors was an embroidered floral baby quilt that I designed for my daughter’s first born .

  318. I’d have to say that complimentary and split complimentary color schemes are some of my favorites. I love the color pink, with rose-pink being my overall choice. I’ve used it with greens and/or blues in embroidery.

  319. My favourite colours for the project I am working at the moment are beige, white, and cream. I got the combination from a card my family sent me from the U.K. it was a Christmas card and it had a scene of a house in the cotswolds with a bridge over a stream and snow. I decided this would be the centre of a picture of the home I want for the future and surrounding it are going to be all the other houses we have lived in over the years its all done in French knots and I have the first one finished and I love the colour combination, only 7 more to go…

  320. I love aubergine and lime. When I studied for my city and guilds embroidery qualification, I dyed velvet deep aubergine for a cape and embroidered with highlights of lime green

  321. my #stitchtober projects were all done with emerald, magenta and chocolate. This is typically louder than my usual stitching, but I loved the color combo and the bold choices it forced me to make.

  322. I have always been partial to any shade of blue with white.
    I especially like anything partaining to Delft designs.

  323. Yellow-pink-purple…I stitched a tote bag with those colors as swirls all over. It’s a pretty loud combo and I will never lose that bag!

  324. my favorite color combination is blues, greens and purples. I have a chain stitch pillow I did in a variegated silk blend thread that has all three in it, and I love it. I trimmed it with a beaded fringe so it’s very fancy.

  325. I do a lot of hand sewing and have so enjoyed the feel of the different weights of thread as I work. I have tried many projects using the wool threads and enjoyed working with that. I would love to be the winner of these. I am an ‘earthy tone’ person, love the muted greens, mauves and golds. I have an older Chessie cat (an old railroad symbol) that I did in the greys, browns and blacks. The wools also wear well if they become soiled and need cleaning.

  326. Hi Mary!

    My favorite 3 colors together are blue, white and and a darker or lighter blue. I have worked on silk shading with an array of shades of blue on white, as a practice sample.

    Enjoyed your interview on Fiber Talk!


  327. My favorite color combo right now is Fushia (rich vibrant hot pink) Violet (deep regal purple) and Lime green…
    these are my favorites right now because I have been working on a wool pillow and those are the colors of wool flowers I am sewing with wool thread….since my embroidery/hand stitching experience to date has been flour sack dishtowels, this is a rare treat to work with these lush fabrics and colors. Thank you for opening my eyes to something wonderful.

  328. I don’t really have a particular color combination that is my all time favorite. I have certain combinations that I like depending on the mood I am in. I especially like anything in combination with yellow. Yellow, pink and purple always make me happy. I have done several projects in those colors mostly for Easter or for babies.

  329. I love the rich color tones of Fall. Orange, deep red, and dusty yellow combination is a favorite of mine. I used these colors to stitch up a beautiful fall quilt and to embroider a harvest design, which I finished as a pillow. Over the years I have used these colors in my many Fall cross stitched pieces.

  330. My favorite color is any shade of orange which I have found blends well with colors that surprised me, but I still like it with shades of green.

  331. Color combination- autumn colors of rust, olive green, golden yellow. I do have some threads, fabric and a pattern picked out but have started yet.

  332. One of my favorite 3 color combinations is bright red, yellow and grass green. The brightness of them are truly great and I used these colors for a wonderful decorated gecko on a dish towel done in Mexican-based items. He was the standout center!

  333. Blues, greens and purples – I have stitched a number of needlepoint projects in these colours and I am always drawn to these colours when looking for new projects

  334. My faves are lime green, turquoise and purple. Yes, they were stitched up into an abstract design as a small wall hanging.

  335. My favorite color combination is lavenders and forest greens together. I have made several pincushions and small samplers in these colors, and they always make me smile.

  336. My favorite combination is actually the colors in today’s picture of the threads! I’ve used shades of blue (grayed blues – “Williamsburg” blue), coral, and gold (sometimes metallic) to make several pieces over the years – in cross stitch, needlepoint, and other counted thread techniques.

  337. I think my favorite (go-to) combination has some muted shades of blue and a salmon-rust color. The first serious embroidery was Jacobean crewel, and I loved the colors. I moved in the mid-70’s to an area that was, co-incidentally, near the Elsa Williams school. I went there to see what classes were available and decided to take a crewel class. Over the many years since, I have moved from crewel to needlepoint to counted canvas work, and finally to wool appliqué. I recently took a class with Sue Spargo and began working with wool thread again. Much to my surprise, I liked the wool thread for appliqué, it sort of sinks into the wool and becomes invisible.

  338. My favorite stitch colors are shades of blue and green, although I love to throw in some bright red or silver with them. Most of the time these color combinations are used with Christmas stitching. Lately I’ve actually been using fabrics in these colors to make table runners and a Christmas tree skirt. After using the sewing machine for hours I switch to my embroidery. I just retired from teaching after 42 years, and stitching keeps me busy and happy!

  339. My favorite combination for the last few years has been burgundy and coral with accents of periwinkle. I’ve used it for wool applique, quilting, furniture painting, and lately as the focal colors in a Hazel Blomkamp design. Love it.

  340. Clear sky blues with spicy greens is my favorite twosome for abstract landscape (and if you allow the bright white background, then it’s also a threesome!)
    Warm greetings of the season, Mary.

  341. I love teal and black together. I haven’t stitched a lot with it but I have crocheted and done other crafty stuff with those colors. Thanks so much.

  342. So many colors! I suppose my favorite of the moment is peachy pink and a warm brown with a lovely cream. I’ve never stitched anything in this combination, although I have knitted/crocheted a few things! It would be a challenge for to keep a whole project restricted to just those three colors/color families. But now that I’ve thought of it….. Maybe a Trish Burr Whitework with Color project? Hmm…

  343. My current favourite colour combination is in the peach range, using DMC, they are an ombre flow of 3340, 3341 and 353. I used the combination to cross stitch a Christmas present – a memory pocket to hang, and in which the recipient has a card to record notable events. I stitched a design from Glory Bee, swapping the suggested colour scheme for the one above. The pockets have become a tradition amongst my friends and family.

  344. I haven’t tried a 3 way colour combination yet! My favourite colours are blues and greens and I often use these colours. Its hard sometimes to look at other combinations and feel comfortable using them!

  345. My favorite three-color combination is navy, burgandy red and a medium gold. I have stitched many items in these colors as they are the primary colors in our family room.

  346. I love shades of pink and green, the perfect flower combination. Sounds a bit boring but when you see a protia or rose sewn in long and short or thread painted what could be more beautiful in shaded thread.

  347. Being a bit of a Francophile, I love a combination of blueish lavenders, mustardy yellows, and mossy or sagey greens. I’m currently working on a small wreath. I also love rich cranberry reds with deep piney greens; have made many a Christmas ornament in those shades.

  348. That’s such a hard question. There are so many color combinations that appeal to me depending on mood or time of year. But I have always loved blues and corals together. They’re so bright and cheerful.

  349. I love red, green, and brown – but I haven’t stitched anything in it. I have yarn for a burgundy, warm tan, and slightly olive-green knit project, and I have some little snips of ribbon in coral, warm tan, and a mottled bright/dark green that probably aren’t big enough to use, but I really love the color combo.

  350. I used a combination thread of a rust red, burnt orange and yellow to stitch fall leaves on a grapevine design, one of three wine themed tea towels for as housewarming gift. Did one leaf in its entirety and then just on a couple spots of others to show it was late harvest time.

  351. Shades of green and purple, with perhaps gold highlights. I am thinking of vines and leaves.
    I’m fairly new to embroidery, so haven’t done a great deal as yet, but that is something I really would like to try.

  352. I haven’t discovered my favorite combination of colors yet but I am eager to hear what others are using for flesh tones. Shading is very difficult for me but I love the subtle tones that Mary uses in her color gradations and to me stitching a perfection face will be “the” ultimate goal.

  353. I think my favorite 3 color combo would have to be red/turquoise/purple. My reasoning? Red is my favorite color! I like Santa Fe, so, turquoise. Purple – for church ( I love ecclesiastical embroidery) and for royalty (Prince Charlie and I are the same age – thought I should marry him when I was a kid – not now)!!
    I have put the red and purple together, but not all 3.

  354. My favorite color combination is a light purple and sage green. They are soothing to the eyes and have just enough surprise for a pop of color. Oh, that was a hard question as I love threads and so many color combinations.

  355. Most definitively my favorite color combination is grey, yellow and pink, and so far I only tackled small projects with that combination, such as a couple of pins (abstract design) and a pendant 🙂

  356. My favorite color combination is French red on oyster color linen. I stitched Maureen Appleton’s Queens Alphabet in entirely red on oyster linen in the French manor. The red is striking on this color linen.

  357. My absolute favorite color combination is green and purple. Anything I stitch I automatically lean towards those colors. It is very difficult to make myself go out of the box and use other color combinations.

  358. I love purple and green together. But then there’s that gorgeous combination of delft blue with a sunny yellow! I haven’t embroidered, but have crocheted many items with those colors. So many combos; so little time!

  359. I have done 2 different colors of floss in a project. It’s something I just do, don’t think about it, if it works it works… so I can’t say which ones….

  360. Nearly everything I’ve made seems to be from pinkish shades/red with greens – lime, bluish, & everything in between . . .then I may be a little crazy by adding dirty gold/mustard or brown. That makes a pretty good tertiary group.

  361. My favorite color combo is purple and teal. I have woven a scarf out of these colors. I have started a hummingbird project with these colors but not completed it yet.

  362. Currently loving medium blue with pale blue and medium orange. A blue bird of a grouping. Experimenting with it as a sampler of a MLK, Jr. quotation, one that ends with the sentence, “This movement is a revolt against the myth of time.”

  363. I really love grey and pink (or grey and burgundy) together. I’ve stitched a couple of things with those combinations.

  364. My favorite color combination is blue, gray and green. I’m currently working on a small wool piece – an abstract of a photograph of a cold November sunset over Lake Michigan with a lone sailboat near the horizon. The blues/grays/greens of the cloudy sky and water (split with a single line of faded rose near the horizon) meld beautifully with wool thread.

  365. One of my favorite color combos is lime green and hot pink. Odd, I know… but they are so vibrant and make me think of candies.

  366. My favorite color combination is shades of pink, especially DMC #48. I have stitched and crocheted with this several times and it always turns out beautiful.

  367. My favorite three color combination is green, blue, and pink. I love pastels. My first Crazy Quilt piece was done in predominately these colors and I still love it.

    Love your blog. I have learned so much here.

  368. Deep bright purple and a rich red make a wonderfully vibrant combination. I have yet to stitch anything with it, but I do love the look!

  369. I recently made a ringbearer’s pillow in dark and light shades of peaches and blues and loved the combination.

  370. My favorite color combination is aqua and brown. I’ve used this combination as the basic colors in a Quaker sampler.

  371. Blue and orang/yellow are one of my favourite combination, reminding me of kingfishers. I’ve used it in samplers, changing the designer’s deep red for variegated threads

  372. I am a big fan of stitching with complimentary colours, and love deep purple with lime green and a touch of pinky orange…and yes, I have stitched a project using these colours!

  373. My favorite color combo is pink, green, and aqua and I have used it along with a few more colors in a recent wool appliqué project

  374. While it is not a combination I would use for many other purposes, some years ago we had an EGA chapter meeting with a woman who was talking about colors and the various combinations of colors. Since then medium blue and yellow is in my thoughts when planning needlework pieces – and I am sure that one day I will find the correct piece to use the combination.

  375. I love the combination of aqua, purple and just a touch of yellow or green. Have worked a beautiful peacock in these colourings.

  376. Favorite colors? Depends on my mood. But I always gravitate to teal, fuchsia, and spring green. Those three almost always show up in anything I do.

  377. I love so many combinations. Red, green and gold is one of my favorites. I actually decorate year round in those shades. I have stitched several crazy quilts featuring these colors and stitched a long, drawn and pulled thread sampler that used these colors in the cross stitch. Of course they are the colors of Christmas, so how can they not bring a smile to your face. The joy is in the stitching.

  378. I really love the combination of very dark teal green to very light teal green with the right shade of lavender. It sounds awful but lay some of your threads together in these families and you will see how stunning this combo is. I have done Christmas trees to Easter eggs in these colors and I actually discovered how pretty this is many years ago when dying Easter eggs my kids dropped some colored eggs into other colors and they came out gorgeous. You never know where you will find your muse!!

  379. Blue and yellow is my favorite combination right now followed closely by red and white. I just finished stitching a little red and white candy cane Xmas ornament.

  380. My favourite colour combination is black, white and gold…or, black, white and red…….or, let’s face it, black and white and just one other colour is pretty stunning. I have used black, white and gold on just one piece but I’m looking forward to exploring the many other variants that are possible.

  381. I love autumn colours so olivey greens and oranges are my favorites.

    I’ve stitched a canvas and crewel work piece that I’ve used to cover the old brick that I’ve used for a door stop for over 45 years

  382. I love combinations of blues and reds. One of the things I’ve stitched with these colors is the Wordsworth Cuckoo (Crewel Work Company). A love bird with wings in shades of blue with reds/pinks in the body and tail.

  383. My favourite colour combination is lavender and sage green! And yes I did a lovely crewel piece with those colours. Oh, who am I kidding I love all colours! Corn flower blue with emerald green leaves, lightest pink and forest green, yellow orange and red mixed in a sunset or day lily. It’s funny sometimes I buy threads just because they are such beautiful colours, with no immediate plans for them.

  384. My favorite three color combination is rose pink, deep lavender and indigo blue. I have done crewel flowers with those colors.

  385. My favorite combination is red, green and gold. Yes, I have many things stitched in these colors because my favorite thing to stitch is anything Christmas. I love to embroidery and I love Christmas – what a wonderful combination.
    Merry Christmas.

  386. I love Green and purple Whith small splashes of orange
    I ve stitched a lot of things with those 3 Colors for example crazy patch with orange background and all the embroidery with purple and green
    I also embroidered on of hazel blomkamp designs with those Colors

  387. My favorite color combination is dark blue and light blue. I used this combination on a table cloth and napkins.

  388. Favourite colour combinations? Ah! That’s easy. The deep rich iron-based ochre of the Australian deserts, against the sun-drenched, deep blue of the cloudless sky above, enhanced by the massive golden yellow orb of the sun – all the colours of the Australian interior. If you haven’t seen it you have missed one of the greatest wonder of the Earth. These colours are buried in every Australian’s soul. Ahhhh! colour bliss!

  389. I’ve been experimenting with colour combinations lately – especially colours that I’m drawn to often. The current range is aquamarine and cobalt with a dash of scarlet. I am only stitching samples at the moment but plan to design something more substantial soon!

  390. It would have to be a combination of purple, teal and aqua in various shades. As yet I haven’t embroidered anything in these colours, but I do have some ideas in pipeline.

  391. My 2 favourite colours are green and purple – which isn’t always a good combination. I have made a couple of bobbin lace bookmarks with both colours in, over the years, but for embroidery I don’t think I ever have. I tend to go with greens or purples/lavenders, but not both together. I’m not really very good at colour matching!

  392. I am very fond of purple. I matched it with a lighter purple and lime green. It was a nice effect. I have made a needle keeper and fob and I’m now working on a scissor case.

  393. Lime green and turquoise always pop out. I have never used them in a project together, but I love laying them side by side in their various shades.

  394. Turquoise + watermelon accented w/ smokey black
    Stitched a Cotton Harlequin Beetle in these colors which happen to be a natural color for them.

  395. My favorite 3-color combination is red, yellow, and green. Probably pretty much everything I stitch is some variant of that main combination. It might be pink, lemon, and mint or burgundy, gold, and hunter green. It will usually have some other colors, too, but I go with what I love. Some exceptions are Traditional Japanese Embroidery that has phases where the stitcher has little or no choice of colors or pieces that I stitch on commission. I love to stitch in wool so I hope to win one of these sets, though Medici (now unavailable) is my wool of choice. Thanks, Mary, for your fun contests.

  396. Bonjour
    My favorite three-color combination is green – ocre – brown. And I have often stitched with these!

  397. My three color combination would be red, greens in the olive family and taupe or lighter gray browns. Yes, I’ve stitched Christmas ornaments using these colors and they are wonderful-thank you for the drawing!

  398. Color, my favorite part of anything I work on! I love the range of green-yellow-orange, whether it’s soft spring, bright summer citrus, glorious golden fall, or subtle winter (russet and soft yellow beech leaves against pines is breathtaking on a snowy winter walk 🙂 As far as stitching in it goes, nearly every project has those colors in some form. Of course, I usually end up adding at least a little blue and maybe magenta… but the MAIN colors are those three in one of their styles, over and over again. They make my heart sing when things are gloomy.

  399. Blue and yellow, and blue, yellow and orange are two of my favorite combinations. I almost use them when I make practice samplers, as in TAST challenges.

  400. Wow, what a very difficult question to answer Mary as I have so many favorites. I love free form designing and it seems the 2 colors that always make their way into my embroidery are a deep teal and a foxy red brown. Somehow they just look so right together and immediately draw my eyes to where ever they are place on the fabric. ( I would say the same for a deep maroon and orange, sorry couldn’t help myself but as I said before, you ask a difficult question).

  401. I love doing things in shades of aqua, blue and green, sometimes with touches of gold or coral. Black and deep red are favorites also. I recently discovered overdyed threads from colourcomplements and have been reveling in the possibilities

  402. Shades of blue and white. And I’ve stitched lots with those colors, mainly ornaments. But almost everything I stitch has at least a blue and a white in it.

  403. I have finished a crewel work embroidery in tones of dull blue and red. I added a very bright pink and wow did it add that needed zing

  404. I always love the combination of red, green with a bit of chrome yellow on a white background. As a quilter I have used this combination often & it never fails.

  405. My favorite color combination is red and green. My favorite time of the year of course is Christmas, so yes I have stitched many things using these colors

  406. I’ve always wanted to try stitching with wool! The colours are so beautiful One of my all time favourite colour combinations is cobalt blue with metallic gold, although (I’ve just realized, to my surprise!) I’ve never actually stitched with just those two colours. Maybe a new blackwork project for the New Year

  407. My favorite color combination is deep red, dark green, and golden yellow. I haven’t yet stitched anything in it, but I designed a pomegranate border in the Jacobean style for such an arrangement: the ground is red, the pomegranates are needle-painted, and the vine and leaves are made from textured outline stitches. The center of the pomegranates are battlement couching with hints of golden yellow. It’s my second-favorite border that I have ever designed. I have stitched one pomegranate, to practice and test. However, it was on white linen, and I did no vine or leaf.

    Thank you so much!!

  408. love stitching with wool and wool/silk combos – my favorite is red, gold, black together are so striking! green, blue, periwinkle for more subtle tones.

  409. My favorite color combinations are gradients, not contrasting colors – I really like rust reds and oranges together. I made the Needle n Thread Coloris Kaleidascope project using this combination, starting with rust red in the middle, going to oranges, going to yellows. It was a very satisfying project!

  410. Red & green – not just for Christmas. So many variations of red & green are possible. Have used this combo many, many times.

  411. Favourite colour combinations! What a great topic. I would go for ecru and red as my fave two colour (and red on natural linen) as my fave one colour. Add in some white or black for a three colour depending on the contrast required. Makes me want to run off and start a new project. Thanks Mary. I can’t wait to see the other comments for inspiration.

  412. My favorite color combination is red/orange/purple. The colors of the sunsets in the Australian outback. I have used this color combination; I stitched an abstract representation of the outback for an EGA course I took several years ago.

  413. I enjoy the black, mustard and barn red combination — primitive is my style! Have so enjoyed the stitching tips, why’s and wherefore’s you provide.

  414. I like blues with rose and greens but, no, I have not stitched with them. Crewel is one of my favorites. But, wools need to be ordered, so color play is hard and kits come with supplies. Further I need help with color choice. I do like to use watercolors (Caron) and pick color from a skein when possible. Recently tried designing a mandala to crewel stitch but gave up as wool would be ordered unseen, on line or by phone—discouraging.

  415. These wools are lovely. I think my favorite 3 colors are purples and greens with a touch of yellow. I decided that when we had a group canvas project. I chose my colors, not the above, and didn’t feel motivated to finish mine. Instead I loved the one done in purple, green, and yellow. I have yet to do a piece in these colors, however

  416. My favorite threesome is blue, teal, deep blue-green. ( that is really three different colors, although it may not seem so. ) I’ve used them in a hanging crazyquilt trio of blocks – sea-scapes and underwater scenes of a turtle, a sea dragon, a mermaid, and a myriad of all sorts of sea flora and fauna. It was really loads of fun to do and looks pretty good hanging on the wall.

  417. My favorite stitching project wasn’t anything fancy. It was actually a free DMC cross stitch pattern, Bluebird Oranges, I stitched many years ago. It’s my favorite because of the bright colors. The magentas, blues, oranges, and golds are so cheerful. It hangs in my kitchen and brightens my day every time I look at it.

  418. Red, Green, and Gold. I love Christmas colors and have made some small cross stitch projects with these colors. I hope to make at least one Christmas stocking in the future.

  419. My two favourite colours are black and white. These two wonderful threads add a highlight to my lavender flowers and to many other creations which I thread paint. It is amazing how your work jumps out at you when adding a touch of black or white.

  420. I love mixing colors. Where I really got to playing with colors together was when we learned from Chottie Aldersen (before your time!!!) her plaid. It was somuch fun to pick out a birthday, some special date and use that ae your start place!!! I love aqua, lime green and Purple to gether and red, orange and yello w together.

  421. My favorite 2 or 3 color combination is shades of green. I have stitched leaves with the long and short stitch.

  422. Ooh I Love Renaissance threads — absolutely gorgeous! My favorite combination to use in embroidery is what I’d call monochromatic–but not in shades and tints of black, gray and white–I like to use very close analogous pale blues and lilacs to emphasize shapes, (flowers, mostly) and give it a sense of being three dimensional, (even though it isn’t). It’s a holdover from painting realistic faces. I also like to include a pale earth tone somewhere to ground the blues and lilacs.
    Thank you for the give-away, Mary!

  423. I am naturally drawn to apricots and greens, with creams, but anything I have stitched in this colour combination I have actually given away so don’t have any of it at home…yet!

  424. Someone gave me a vintage crewel kit. The linen was fabulous, but the color choices were just awful. So I bought a group of blues from Renaissance Dyeing, 2 shades of yellow/gold and a dark rose. That kit came out great! That little blue bird, with it’s golden chest and it’s rose crown makes me smile every time I walk by it. Now, whenever I start a project, I look to see if that colorway will work. I think the natural colors blend beautifully. This yarn is wonderful in the hand.

  425. My favorite two (with option for three) color combination is forest green and gray (with black if I want to be dramatic). I really love the way the colors work together in almost anything, but I haven’t dove into stitching anything with them yet, but I have plans. I want to make something Slytherin themed soon and let my inner Harry Potter fan flourish. I’m not sure if my love for that color combination came before my love for Harry Potter did, but whichever order it happened in there’s a perfect synergy there now!

  426. I love 2-color embroidery, but my favorite combination is probably pink and grey, in various shades.

  427. Surprised myself with how pretty lavender and peach/coral embroidered curvy strips of bacon for abstract results on a mint green jacket I made for myself. I almost always go for bright festive colors so stitching these on a purple background lining makes for good conversation. Not far from this computer is a “star” sculpture I stitched the next decade with same colors and marbelized the evenweave fabric myself with the corals and shades of lavender. 2019’s a good time to do this again.

  428. I have just discovered your site. I am relatively new to embroidery and look foreward to learning from you about the threads etc.

  429. I am a little confused and don’t know whether this is a second comment or a different spot. Please delete me if I am not supposed to comment here. I am relatively new to embroidery and i look foreward to learning from you.

  430. Blue and sliver are an attractive combination for me. I stitched a frame weight in these and really like the result. I also think adding just a little orange gives this combination a bit of life – think a flower on a lake that is reflecting a blue sky!

  431. My favourite colour combination is burgundy/ wine through to a muted pink with dark through to olive green. My latest project using these colour combinations is a Quaker sampler family tree

  432. My favorite colors are purple, green and gold. I find them in lots of my stitching, but I was really taken with the Ambrosia Honey project in EGA’s NeedleArts magazine. Of course I jumped in with both feet. Although the instructions were a bit lacking, I found the finished product very satisfying to look at.

  433. My favourite (this week) is multiple shades of yellow and brown – as I am currently working on embroidering a chanterelle mushroom! Getting to grips with a bit more thread painting, ready for a gift for my mushroom obsessed friend!

  434. I love a range of oranges with a range of blues. They remind me of the sun and sky. Happy colors. I’ve used them in Bargello patterns, especially 4-way and also as golden fish in the sea when shifting the blues to a more turquoise tint. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

  435. Colouring from the 1600s is so subtle, love it. Although I am a pink girl, I am very fond of the yellow green and duck egg blue combination. Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous threads as I haven’t had the pleasure of using them.

  436. I love the traditional look of gold, burgundy, and green. I have used these colors in numerous quilts including some crazy quilt blocks.

  437. My favorite threesome to stitch with together are purple orange/yellow and green. It is just a knock out for flowers and other design elements.

  438. I really like purple, green and black. I have not done anything on that but did do some Celtic know work in purple, green and gold.

  439. Favorite 3 color combination:

    shades of green, oranges & gold. I’m planning on creating a needlework dragon fly motif, modeled after a enameled dragon fly pill box. It’s bright and beautiful.

    I absolutely love the colors!

  440. My favorite color combination is definitely blue, purple and green. I have recently stitched a wool needle case entirely in these three colors with a white background. That would be the wool flowers…the embroidery was done in many bright colors. Does this qualify? I am a quilter also and have done several smallish quilts in predominately those three colors.

  441. I love ocean colors-shades of blue and green and purple, with occasional pops of pink. I haven’t embroidered anything in those colors yet, but I have plans simmering in my head.

  442. Wow. First thank you for donating such a great giveaway to renaissance dying.
    My fav color combo has always been dusty rose and an oliviy green. I have been given needle point pillows in that color but I realize I have never done a project with just those two!!!

  443. One of my favorite color combinations if olive green and burgundy. We’ve used that combination in our living room furniture. I used these colors in Ink Circles “Gina, Queen of the Sea” which hangs in our entryway.

  444. Another lovely opportunity!

    My favorite go-to color group is a creamy peach with a brighter coral and a warm brown. I hadn’t ever stitched in that specific color grouping until I joined Kathy Shawkl’s beginner crazy quilt course a few months ago. Of course I added other colors, but those were the central look.

  445. My favorite two-color combination is turquoise blue and mustard yellow. If I’m given a chance to use three, I like melon, soft pink, and lavender. I have stitched little pieces in these colors (as I like to work in miniature), such as flowers in an over run garden, or turquoise leaves against a mustard sky. Local color is very over rated.

  446. My favorite color combinations are a pale shell pink, medium blush coral, and a light spring green – think cherry blossoms. I have a single Quaker medallion I’ve worked in this.

  447. This is soooo hard. But for today: rust, apricot and a middling gray. I have stitched with these colors along with more shades in the same world. I do know that tomorrow more choices would be different. I love a lot of color.

  448. I tend to stitch for a while with white or ecru (which I love) then go to a project using some of the many wonderful colours we have available these days – no favourites, they’re (almost) all a great feast for the eyes.

  449. Lots of favorite 3 color combos of thread—
    Maybe green , yellow and blue—- nature colors for a-lovely spring day..

  450. My very favorite two-color combination is DMC 498 and 500, approximating them in wool and silk as well as the original cotton. Sometimes I add gold metallic to them. They are the perfect Christmas colors to me, and I have made several ornaments with them. I would like to make something larger, but have not settled on what.

  451. Ivory and gold, with maybe a touch of a beautiful deep wine red. Yes, I made a Christmas piece with those colors.

  452. My favorite 3 color combo is all in pinks. I do a lot of doll clothing embroidery and especially like doing bullion roses in 3 shades of pink. I also have done 3 color combos in fall colors shades of orange and green doing borders for doll coats and capes.

  453. I really love all shades of teal from blue to green. I have stitched a simple hardanger pattern and recently a really pretty blackwork pattern. But I can’t think of any color I don’t like because they all contribute to the rainbow of our embroidery world. Thanks for all you do to inspire and instruct your many, many fans.

  454. Lately I have been veering towards a royal to navy blue and colours in the toiquoise to aqua ranges with a little purple thrown in. I tried it out on a floral design I made into another small needle case. I try to have one for each project I am working on. Then there is something new in the gift box.

  455. I have several color combinations and it was hard to choose. I gravitate toward greens and purples when I quilt. I have used these colors to embellish crazy quilting as well. That said, I love most bold colors!

  456. After all these years shades of soft green and rosy pink still jump out at me. It makes me think of a peaceful, calm garden of roses. Who cannot like that?

  457. My favorite color combination is a pale pink and gray. Over the years I have made garments from those colors. I also stitched a bargello style pillow top, multiple monograms in different styles and types of yarn. I love working with wools, the feel, the richness of colors, the way they cover fabric.

  458. Red and orange! Isn’t that odd? Those two together just make my mouth water! And no, I haven’t stitched anything in that combo (yet … ) but did make a quilt with red/orange (and frequently use my Fiestaware red bowl with an orange plate together).

  459. I like the colors of fall, so yellow, orange and brown would probably qualify as a favorite. Certainly, I have used these colors, but probably joined with other fall shades: burgundies and greens for example.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this collection of crewel wools. I’ve not used Renaissance threads so that would be a treat.

  460. My favorite color combination is 1850’s red, green and cheddar on cream background. I’ve made a beautiful 9 block in these colors! Those are always my favorites! Kay H

  461. I love wool to stitch with and perhaps my most favourite colour combinations are pinks and greens, several different hues and flowers and leaves. Many years ago I did a cross stitch for my sister and it was predominantly pink and green, she loved it very much and I loved her very much so it was a true win win! if she were here today she would love how I have learned to stitch in wool and would still love my pinks and greens I know.

  462. My favorite color combination is teal, hot pink, and yellow. I made a wall hanging for a friend using teal, hot pink, and yellow Perle cotton #5 floss and Kaffe Fassett fabric. The floss colors coordinated with the fabric and I added a white on white background fabric.

  463. My favorite color combo is Turquoise & purple. I use them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  464. Thank you Mary and Renaissance Dyeing for such a lovely giveaway.

    My favourite colour combination is pink, blue and green. Somewhat girly and conventional. I have made a hussif for my sister-in-law, and many pincushions and needlebook for gifts and swaps using various combinations of these colours.

    I love the softer colours from natural dyes and recently a workshop using natural dyes. I came home with samples dyed with cochineal, indigo and eucalyptus leaves – pink, blue and green 🙂

  465. I’ve been loving purple and orange together for quite awhile now–I would go to a quilt show and realize that the quilts I was most drawn to were in purples and oranges. I’ve made several quilts in that color combination (one called “Fire and Ice,”) and now have some little embroidered birds that are wandering that way, as well.

  466. I love combining blue purple and and teal together the contrast of the darker blue makes the purple and teal color pop off the page. Some people might think I’m a little weird, I’m sure there are better combinations out there but this is one of my most favorite! I’ve stitched some crewel flowers with it and when you have green leaves and purple , blue and teal flowers, I don’t know, I’m in love with the way they look!

  467. I have two favourites, both contain my favorite greens. What I call rose leaf greens, with a variety of pinks on one & violets on the other.
    The pink & green were embroidered onto a large table cloth. Bunches of roses with 2-3 rows of little daisys which were all done in satin stitch. Thousands of stitches in the daisys.
    The other table cloth was done in the violet & green. Long & short satin stitch bunches of violets. One for each my girls. I have one table cloth to go with Australian flowers.

  468. My favorite colors are 920, 642, and B5200 from DMC, I currently board a tablecloth in these tones, where I live there is no variety of thread colors to choose from

  469. My two favorite colors used in combination are teal and peach/corals that I used in a crewel double window valance. Carolyn

  470. I have been making ornaments using a bright color ( teal and purple are my favorite this year) wool (paternan). Each one is combined with a matching metallic thread and white wool. They are turning out bright and sparkly!
    I do prefer wool for my projects.

  471. Blue/green is my favorite color combination. I have not sewn anything with this color combination for several years.

  472. I love the blue /blue-green/green combination. I think I have used it for several temari balls.

  473. My favorite color combinations are red and green and blue and yellow. Have not done anything in those colors exclusively

  474. I only have used variegated thread so far. Have not tried to put 2 or 3 different colors in same needle. I am looking forward to learning more about this as I love to use greens and browns .

  475. I like the threesome of purple, orange, and teal. I made a small brooch of this last year, and have received many compliments on it.

  476. My favorite color combination is peach and blue- very similar to those pictured in the blog. I have done many projects in those colors. Lately I am using a lot of teal and gray so those may become my favorite.

  477. Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! Perfect for a Jacobean embroidery I’m planning out. I’m so excited to discover this company–they are new to me. Thanks for sharing!

  478. I like sunset colors – yellow,orange and pink . I have made ribbon roses with these colors. Fun and beautiful to make

  479. Favorite colors are always hard questions, but I think for embroidery my favorite combo for some time has been deep purple, teal blue and silvery gray. The last thing I did using this combo was monogram for a friend’s daughter that my friend asked me to make for her.

  480. My favorite color combo’s are Lavenders, soft blues and fresh greens. I made a thimble case with Lavender flowers It turned out beautiful as well as useful. I also love bright “Hawaiian” inspired colors. Nothing is better that stitching with these colors in the winters in the Rocky Mountains!

  481. My current favorite color combinations are either raspberry or coral and navy with or without teal/turquoise added in. I am working on a project right now that uses this combo. Raspberry linen with navy lettering and a floral border that include a turquoise shade. (Sounds weird to type, but so far it looks great in person.)

  482. Dyed wool, what can I say other than the colours are inspiring. My head is reeling with the texture and colour this colection would add to many specialty stitches. Thankyou for the information you provided regarding this product. They will be a treasured addition to anyones tool box. Happy stitching!

  483. I love the colours purple and green together with a bit of white to set them off. I have recently finished a canvas piece(18ct) which looks like a quilt square as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. She also loves purple!

  484. Ohhh. My favourite colour combination: Soft pinks and pastel blues, with a pop of magenta. I love these colours together. They make great pansies. I just used them in an Xmas gift for my sister, which is one of the blocks of the Northwoods Memories redwork quilt, the Adirondack chair on the wharf. I couldn’t resist using colours, instead of just one shade of green. It’s gorgeous.

  485. Burgundy, coin gold and forest green are the colors I find my self gravitating to over and over. In fact, I find that I must watch myself when laying out a piece of work that I do not fall into my old comfort zone and have to make a conscience effort to expand to other color ranges.

  486. I love hydrangea blue with a muted grayish-green like sage green. I’m starting a crewel project with these colors very soon!! But I’m not letting myself start until I finish this Christmas project…

  487. My two favorite color is yellow and blue, especially together.
    A gold and navy or a warm sun with a Prussian blue.
    Kinda like Matisse, one of my favorite painters, so much than I name my first daughter after him.

  488. I’ve never worked with wool thread, but it looks beautiful. Right now, I’m using mostly DMC floss and perle cotton, and I’m embroidering/embellishing appliques from Sue Spargo’s Fresh Cut pattern. I decided to use regular quilting fabric rather than wool, and so I’ve had to adjust some of the stitches to ensure that my cotton fabrics don’t fray. Most interestingly for me, I’m learning some new stitches — today’s new stitches were the cast-on stitch — double and the Van Dyke stitch — both fun and not as complicated as they look (thanks to Mary Corbet’s videos and A-Z of Embroidery Stitches book. Great fun!!! (And they’re turning out beautiful too!!!)

  489. My goodness. Favorite color combinations – so many to choose from. Christmas red and green, purple and green, blue and yellow. The list goes on. The one I’ve used was making a rug for my SIL’s miniature room she made for Christmas. I made a needle point rug for her room. She still has it.

  490. my favorite two color combination is pink and purple. No I have not found a project that I think would be appropriate for only those two colors.

  491. My favorite combination of thread colors is pink and green. How can you go wrong with green when so much of it is found in nature. Since pink is my favorite color, I use it fairly often in my stitching. I have used the color combination several times—love it!

  492. My favorite color combinations are red, yellow, and green because they remind me of Texas wild flowers and my mother who loved our Texas wild flowers. I use these colors often as simple accents or adornments.

  493. I love brights – orange – yellow – red. Especially when stitched on black fabric. I call them my happy colours.

  494. I like to different hues of blue together maybe with rose pink mixed in. I’ve never done this but I think it would be pretty.

  495. This is fabulous wool to stitch with. Had some in a kit. I love bright colours and violet and yellow are great. I have used them in a wall hanging that is hand and machine stitched.

  496. My favorite colors are teal and purple with a little green thrown in. Haven’t used it in a stitched design but have used it with my other hobby–quilting.

  497. I love the hydranger combination, pink, blue and green and have used it on a chatelain and the lid of a box.

  498. My favourite combo of colours is dusty/dirty pinks in coordinating shades plus a sage green for balance especially for bullion roses!

  499. I love stitching with the Renaissance crewel wool, the colours are so lovely. My favourite colours to stitch with would be teal blue and raspberry pink/red. I am currently stitching an Anna Scott crewel design that features these colours.

  500. My favourite two colour combination is navy blue and ivory and i’ve Stitched a number of pieces in it, including a crewel work cushion cover. I love the great contrast and the fact that moving a notch or two away from black and white retains the drama of the colour choice whilst softening it slightly.

  501. Hi Mary,
    I’m partial to green, yellow, orange colour combinations. I’ve been reading about Bargello patterns recently and plan to venture into this amazingly beautiful way of using this colour combination. I want to make a medium sized turkish bag. Thanks for the fun!

  502. I would have to say my go-to color is green; so green and pretty much anything. But I especially favor green with other shades of green – most of the things I’ve done have multiple greens. (Though I’m not nearly as monochrome as this makes it sound!)

  503. What a question!! I LOVE all thread. Since I’m learning to work with wool fabric, wool embroidery stitches look the best with bold color combinations. The fancy stitches just seem to jump out at you with the boldest threads.

  504. G’day again Mary,
    My favourite colour combo is similar to wools picture here, burnt orange and navy in different tones, incorporating some appropriate autumn colours as well.
    My main project with these is a WIP but one I do in between times. An easy to come and go work of freeform using tucks, scrunches and pleats to offset open areas. Intriguing little groups of embroidery peep out from under folds or secure the bumps and hollows. Lines of stitches connect the dots.
    I just follow my needle and don’t have to think overly about colour placement as in a freeform work like this these colours mostly don’t argue.
    Thank you and
    Cheers, Kath, Australia

  505. I love purples and pinks. I have not stitched anything yet, but have plans for a lovely flower design – perhaps Hibiscus!

  506. I love blue, purple and green. I used them in my first “real” embroidery when I was working for the Royal School of Needlework Certificate. The first unit is Jacobean Crewel Embroidery, and you are allowed only to use three tones of three colours. It was a challenge – the essential Tree of Life had a blueish trunk! – but I always like the colours together.

  507. Since it is Christmas time one of my favorite colour combinations is red and green and yes I have stitched some favorite ornaments and a Santa portrait that I love along with a bell pull made up of 6 prairie School santas. I also love blue in anything with white or pink and have several examples.

  508. For some reason the colour lavender & a pale green really move me. But coral does too. They impart some sort of zen over me! I stitched a simple little handkerchief with some generic small flowers, & it’s always in my purse. More just to look at rather than use I think!
    Happy, healthy, stitching Holiday to everyone here!!

  509. Black and blue. Particularly turquoise blue although I’m now trending toward a. Ore grey blue.
    I use this combination alllllllll the time.

  510. My favourite colour combinations are pinks, purples and greens together. I have embroidered, quilted and appliquéd so so many items but my largest was my daughter’s quilt. I also love how dramatic reds and black is which I have used in table runners, decorations and journals.

  511. This is a hard one. I enjoy all different colors and the combinations can be unexpected even for myself. It depends on the feeling of the day. The latest project included red,orange and light sand.

  512. My favourite colour combination is copper and green. I embroidered the wings of a metalwork dragon with copper passing thread and a variety of green silk couching thread.

  513. My favourite colour combinations would be teal green/blue/purple, peacock colours! and luckily they show up in a lot of projects, not just peacock tails 🙂

  514. One of my favourite colour combinations is indigo with highlights of orange. I did a series of stitched pieces (some wall mounted, and others 3D) for an exhibition called ‘Transition’ using various graduations of the indigo colour, ranging from palest blue to almost black and adding just a few touches of orange.

  515. I love navy and hot pink together. They pop so well together. I’ve not often stitched with these colours, but do wear them regularly. ☺

  516. My favorite combination is very “Christmas-sy”: red, white and green. I think, it gives a fresh and vibrant feeling. I don’t think I ever stitched a project with only these colors, though. Could be something to do next year!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  517. My favorite three color combination is rusty-orange/lavendar/white. While I have yet to stitch anything in it, I have made a quilt in this combination and my wedding colors were based on the quilt.

  518. My favourite 3 colour combination is purple, green and pink. I completed an embroidery my daughter had started for her twin sister (using her thread and ideas) before she became an angel. It started me on an embroidery journey I couldn’t have imagined and have been stitching and learning ever since with her guiding my hands.

  519. My favourite 2 or 3 colour combo is a hard one. It’s like asking me what my favourite colour is. It depends. I love the mono – grey/black that I did a black work roses in or the Deerfield crewel in blues. I also like Easter colours – yellow, purple and green that I have a canvas work to start. Turquoise is a colour that shows up a lot. For example my pendant and earrings in metal working – black, turquoise and red. I have a jacket that I love with a Susan Portra canvas design in pinks, reds, blues and gold. Like I said – it depends.

  520. I bought Johanna Basford’s book “Secret Garden” for embroidery inspiration. There were several drawings that were perfect for stitching but the ring of leaves and flowers was my first choice. I called it “Secret Garden” and used only blue and green for stitching; I love using these two colors in my projects. I really enjoyed this project.

  521. Hi Mary,
    My favorite combo colors are purple and green. A very close second is orange and blues. I haven’t worked up anything yet but would love to give it try with the wool colors. Tanks for the fun giveaway!
    Mary Ann, Cincinnati,Ohio

  522. My favorite color combination are mid to deep blue with emerald green. I stitch little embellishments but haven’t done anything large as I usually do flowers for my larger pieces and there I am a red to pink fan with pops of other colors

  523. My favourite colour combination is pink and green. It works for many subjects, including flowers. Most recently, I completed ‘Honesty’ by Jenny Adin-Christie, after attending her class at EAC Seminar in Charlottetown. Here in Canada, I know Honesty as Lunaria or the silver dollar plant. Some of the pinks are a beige/tan with the barest hint of pink, and the greens range from very light to quite dark. When I had it framed I chose three textile mats in pink, including one with a metallic sparkle. The colours -pink, green, and some neutral beige and metallic gold – work so well together. It is gorgeous!

  524. My favorite color combo has to be my wedding colors. I did burgundy, black and white. I bought a white simple dress from a bridal store and put lots and lots of red ribbon roses and satin cord for the stems. It came out beautifully.

  525. Mary,
    I love it when your give-a-ways involve floss! I can aways use more as I am a yarn-a-holic.
    My favorite color combination has to be Dove Grey and Mauve. My guest bathtowels are done in these colors along with the walls being the shade darker of the grey, and the bath rug is a latch hook that I made myself and is a combination of the dove and mauve colors

  526. I did a crazy quilt 9″x 9″ embroidered pillow for a co-worker. Monochrom-ish in black, white and yellow fabric with black and white stitching on the seams. But I do remember doing a circle element in black in the middle of a yellow velvet piece — a series of chain or raised chain rows maybe? … At any rate it looked like several thick solid black lines around a circle void in the middle. So I called the piece ‘Black Hole Sun’.

  527. What a great question! My favourite colour combination is rose, green (aka peacock blue) and deep blue. I used those for a sampler with a turtle in the centre using crewel yarns. My second favourite would have to be a colour range of blues. For anything! So far I’ve done a flower that kind of looks like it’s a dancing lady. The prize range looks fabulous. Good luck to everyone!

  528. My favorite color combination is teal, aqua and peach. I am getting ready to start a wall hanging quilt with these colors.

  529. My favorite color is navy blue. So I love when it’s paired with a rich yellow gold and rose pink!
    I’m also a big fan of aqua and coral together!

  530. Deep reds with silver, and very dark gray to black, mostly for backstitching, it’s a very rich combination in my eyes. I’ve done several ornaments and decorative towels with it, so it’s somewhere around my house year round.

  531. My favourite colour combinations are a deep rose tones shaded with soft violets, with a lighter green highlighted with a creamy yellow. I love playing around with colour, not always staying within the rules. When undecidedness hits, I always fall back to those gorgeous rose hues, especially when creating Jacobean embroidery inspired pieces.

  532. Hi Mary,
    The combination I seem to use most often is red, green and a little gold for Christmas. Thanks for the give away.

  533. i love all types of wool and colors love the richness it brings to a project. my favorite colors are the blue family with green and a dark brown or black to accent the project.
    thanks for this give away.

    marysue c

  534. My fave combos are a light and dark of the same color or one thread of anything with something shipping y.

  535. I’ve always been partial to cool colors and jewel tones – purple/blue/deep blood red – but as I’ve gotten older I’ve ‘warmed’ up to yellows and oranges. I have to admit there probably are very few colors I don’t like and I just enjoy the different ones I’m working on at the time.

  536. My favorite 3-color combo for stitching would be red, orange, and grey, which I last used to stem-stitch a lotus blossom over a geometric design (coolest looking kitchen towel ever)

  537. One of my favorite color combos is deep coral, peach and ivory. I used those colors to stitch a lady’s dress on a crewel pillow I just finished and was very happy when it was done.

  538. I do a Christmas Stocking each year in the crewel tradition. I like the practicality of Christmas Stockings. Everyone needs one! So my favorite colors to work in involve a lot of berry and cardinal reds and the various shades of holly greens. I also like basic colors for embroidering colored Christmas lights like an old fashioned blue, yellow, and of course green and red. The same can be said for lollipop colors often found on stockings. For these add purples and pinks to my pallet of favorite colors! I’m not big on browns and blacks but you always need a little for the snowman’s arms and hat!

  539. Blue and gold are glorious together, which I used extensively, but with other colors, in an illuminated manuscript-style needlepoint.

  540. One of my favorite color combinations is. Lime and royal blue. I am staring at an Ehrman pillow I made of fruits that has lime green leaves against a blue background. Next to it, on my sofa, is a sunset in Hawaii pillow that I purchased on a trip there. It has azure against lime in the sunset, another favorite. Perhaps I need to create a Sudbury box that combines all three in an initial and its background. Hmmmm….yet another project/gift to contemplate!

  541. I like triads on the color wheel. For example, violet, orange and green. I have stitched fall scenes with these colors…perfect! The colors, that is, not necessarily my stitching!

  542. Rusty red-brown, soft violet and cream are three colors that I love together. I found this colorway on a vintage teacup. I have not yet stitched with it, but it will be my first project for 2019.

  543. A nice soft orange and pretty much any other color are always an amazing combo! The most standout to me is a combo of a warm red and orange. Orange is one of those colors I never really thought of as “pretty,” but the right shade of orange can add so much to a floral piece!

  544. I love redwork, using several different shades of red adds variety. And it’s also great with a highlight ofblue or green.

  545. I absolutely love gray, and the nice thing is, you can pair it with almost any color! Some of my favorites are lime green or red to get some fun contrast. I haven’t yet worked any projects with those color combinations, but I have so many ideas. If only I had more time!

  546. I love fall colors, so hack used shades of rust, gold and green.
    Have been looking at a lot of crewel work and would love to try some, but adding a whole new thread stash is prohibitive right now. Would love to win these wool skeins!

  547. My favorite two colour combo is dark green and rust. My favorite three colour combo is dark blue, teal, and light grey. I am a historical reenactor and the two colour combo is often found on cuffs and gems of dresses I do as a decorative finish. The three colour combo I like to use in embroidery around collars.

  548. Looking back to all the projects I have done I believe that my favorite color combo would be a medium taupe, sage green, and ecru. It is a rare project that manages to escape having these colors included.
    I have been hand stitching since I was preteen and over the past few years I’ve been experimenting with mixed media textile art and free motion embroidery. I think these beautifully colored wool skeins would be an awesome addition for my future projects. Thanks and have a great day!

  549. Merry Christmas! I’d have to say, my favorite color combination to sew with is Red and White…..I just love the combination! So bright and festive.

    Love the wool threads! I’d like to try doing some wool applique and this thread would be wonderful to try!

  550. My favorite color combination would have to be purple and yellow. They are the colors of my favorite flower, Johnny Jump Ups or violas. I have stitched a number of items using these two colors.

  551. I love using golds and silvers with different colors, I guess I tend to use greens. Thanks for all your help .

  552. Yes I do have a favorite combination, it is dark purple, olive green and pale yellow. I love this combination for lots of different flowers. I use this a lot on my crazy quilts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  553. I think my favorite combo is purples and pinks. I have done a few little things in the sample type things but no big project.

  554. Blues, blue-gray, gray/silver. Teresa Wentzler has an adorable dragon XS chart that she gives advice on choosing the colorway. It turned out beautiful!

  555. I really enjoy blue, brown, and white together. I haven’t used that color combination in my needle, but I did use it for one of painting. It turned out to be one of my favorite paintings.

  556. I like to work with monochromatic hues in order to shade my embroidery, usually something floral. I recently completed the Jo Butcher Allium design from DMC, using the new colors 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, and 31. I was delighted with the beautifully shaded result.

  557. My very favorite color combo is burgundy. gold and burnt orange because Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I grew up in NYS around some of the beautiful state parks in the country, where they take their leaf peeping very seriously. I have made several projects in these colors; almost to the point of ridiculous. I need to branch out!!

  558. I’m currently stitching a self-designed Jacobean embroidery, it has a blue, green and brown motif. I find the color combination goes beautifully together

  559. As a very new stitcher I do not really have the experience to choose colors…I like them all. However, I have been reading a lot about different types of embroidery and I discovered (much to my surprise) that I love
    historical pieces and their wonderful colors!
    The history of the period and of the embroidery itself is fascinating. I never knew I was a history buff!

  560. Green, green, green! Ha, I love green threads and green stitching…when I reach for complimentary colours I tend towards green, purple, and yellow!

    Merry Christmas and good luck (and good stitching) to all!

  561. I did a workshop with my local Embroiderers Guild, which was letters in goldwork. I chose a variegated thread of aqua plum and lime which I put on a brown background. Everyone though it was a strange combination but it worked really well and even won a prize.

  562. My favorite 2 color combination is orange/ginger and teal. I love the way the two colors bounce off one another and call to mind the juxtaposition of fire and ice. I used them to stitch a piece in split stitch called Loki: Mover of Stories. The background was teal and I gave the subject ginger hair and orange-toned clothing which leapt out from the background as a result.

  563. What a lovely set of threads! I have never used the wool threads so this would be a delight! I love the shading of 3 way colors. There are so many different variations that can be accomplished. I am using this technique on a CrabApple Hill snowmen for a quilted wall hanging.

  564. I love the fall colors (browns/rust, yellow/gold, and various shades of greens. They are so pleasing to look at. I find that most samplers employ this color scheme.

  565. At this time of year my favourite colour combination is primary red, green and silver. I enjoy cross stitching Christmas and Nordic designs on dish towels to keep on hand for last minute “thank you” gifts for invitations to come on over and enjoy some holiday cheer.

  566. I personally love the combination of off-white and scarlet red. On my self-made pincushion, I stitched my initials and some flowers in off-white on a scarlet linen. The linen wasn’t very regularly woven, so the embroidery isn’t so regular either, but I love it nonetheless.

  567. I love using pink and green. My Christmas tree is filled with pink and white silk flowers and pink ornaments so I stitch a lot of ornaments with a pink and green theme.

  568. Red, dark green and light green! I love the contrast and the fact that it is found so often in nature. I have included it in a number of designs, or indeed, selected a design because of it. It’s great for Christmas too.

  569. I when I am doing branches I really like to mix 1 strand of green with 2 strands of different browns. I think it makes a really nice non boring branch.

  570. Color combinations has always been my weakness. I’m just not good at it. So how do you get good at something? You keep trying. Through my EGA chapter, one of our members did a program on color, and a second member did a silk shading program and offered some very good reference books. Since then, I have really been paying attention to colors and how they interact.

    I really like pinks and greens together. I am currently working on a needlepoint scissor case in this color combination. I am very happy with how it is turning out.

    My second is blues and oranges. Previously a combo I never would have given a second look at. Learning that they are opposites on the color wheel and actually go well together has inspired me. And yes, I am currently attempting to do Party in Provence which features those colors.

  571. I don’t have one favorite color combination. I really like shades of pinks, shades of greens and shades of blue. I like that the shades make my stitching look a bit more realistic. One of my goals this year has been to experiment with color shading, or painting. I love the effect I get when I combine different shades of the same color. I’m not as good as someone like Trish Burr but I love playing with threads in this way. Even using wool threads to do some shading, I think takes my stitching up a notch or two. 🙂

  572. Mi favorite 2 color combination in a project I stitched is bright coral and blue.

    I designed this piece for a dress front and back bodice or front panel.
    Its a fish in a deep shade of cerulean-ultramarine blue and a bright coral.

    I was very pleased with it since the scales of the fishes turned out so well made in bouillon stitches.
    I was amazed that I could come up with the hole thing.

    In my gallery address you can see a couple of progress photos.

    I consider this one of my best piece, since the design challenge, for me, was to use just 2 colors… instead of the myriad of colors I am usually drawn to.

    Thank you for all your amazing posts. I discovered your page just 3 days ago listening to the podcast!!! Im thrilled with it and so busy visiting all the links and stores you talk about. Also I am obsessed with the mille fiori designs you made. LOVE THEM!!!

    Warmest regards and happy holidays!!!

  573. My favorite colors are cobalt blue and jewel-tone red and green. Alas, none of my embroidery has featured this combination. (I once crocheted a scarf in a very soft wool-silk blend once that has stunning gradations from blue to green. Doesn’t quite count here.)

  574. I always seem to be stitching items in greens and pinks and am trying to experiment with other combinations, I like blues with greens and also autumn tones of rust, brown and reds. Another lovely giveaway Mary, thank you for the chance.

  575. I have stitched many things with my favorite color blue, and with many shades of blue. I would like to try a project with blues and mauves, that would be my favorite color combination.

  576. Hi Mary, It has to be purple and green. And yes, I use it whenever possible in wool applique, doll clothes, stitching, my socks, etc

  577. Though my favorite colors are browns and greens, my favorite combination for needlework is blues and whites. I’ve stitches temari, blankets, and my shop logo in blues and whites. It just looks so fresh and elegant!

  578. My favourite colour combination would have to be ecru, gold and green. I designed and stitched a small sampler using this and the result surprised me as the combination really showed off the different stitches to their best advantage.

  579. My favorite color combination is blue/green/purple. Have used it frequently in all sorts of fiber projects; and currently in a sudoku canvaswork project.

  580. My favorite 3 color combination is red, blue and yellow. Any kind of combination of these colors always attracts me. I like pastels too, but bold colors make me happy. I am currently working on a couple of pieces with these colors, a crewel and a silk.

  581. What an absolutely lovely giveaway! My favorite color combination is a really warm red, moss green and deep gold. While I decorated my home in these colors I have never stitched anything in this combination. I am a beginner and have many plans but so far I am just in the learning phase. Happy Holidays Everyone.

  582. I love combining a silver metallic and bright blues when making snowflake ornaments. I also love combining gold and white for liturgical stitching.

  583. My favorite combination is royal blue and red. I’m a real fan of jeweltones! I recently started a small project of a line drawn girl with arms outstretched, in blue, and her heart on her chest, in red. This copies a small drawing my sister gave me about 40 years ago, one which I’ve carried in my wallet ever since. My sister has lived on the opposite coast for 30 years, and this little drawing is very precious to me. I intend on completing the project with a well-chosen phrase of affection before giving it back to her!

  584. My favorite color combo is purple and blue. Any shades. I’ve done a few projects with this combo. My latest was violets and bachelor butons on a pocket.

  585. Like most people, I have several favorite color combinations. I have done some counted cross stitch in blues & yellows to hang in the guest bedroom and plan on doing Maggie Walker’s The Blue Collection, a blue and yellow quilted wall hanging. I also like to combine various shades of greens and purples, then add an accent color for “pop”. I’ve done counted cross stitch and appliqued wall hangings in both cotton and wool with this color combo.

  586. I have two favorite color combinations. The first is a terracotta orange with brown and gold; my second is probably red, with chocolate brown and cream.

  587. I love darkest blue with almost a bronze gold and highlighted with overdyed corals. It always reminds me of a sunrise and a promise of new beginnings!

  588. My colors are shades of a burgundy red and sage green. I have not found the right pattern to make, but I look every day.

  589. It’s hard to pick a favorite color combination! Right now I’m loving pinks, apricots and greens together. I stitched the cover of a needle book in these colors. It’s very cheerful!

  590. The wools are beautiful. I love reds and blues and reds and green for Chrismas. I like most colors except for oranges.

  591. My favourite two colour combination is a Jacobean Green contrasted with a neutral “Putty Groundings” (pinky light brown to you or me!).

    For my three colour choice it would be a dull blue, perhaps a marine, with an olive brown range, with a splash of dull golden yellows. I have to work really hard to make sure that I don’t automatically reach for these when I start a new piece each time!

    I’m somewhat glad we have a wide choice of names to go to when describing our colours, because some of the Elizabethan names are quite toe curling – “Rats Colour” a dull grey, and “Gooseturd Green” – speaks for itself really doesn’t it!

  592. My favorite is a two color combination. Purple and green. Sometimes I add another color depending on the project. I have a room that is painted light purple and have green curtains. I’ve made several tablecloths, a wall quilt, some framed embroidery and a hardanger piece using these colors and they are all displayed in this room at different times.

  593. I love teal, turqouise and coral. I try not to use them together all the time to avoid the Miami vice look but I use at least one of those colors in pretty much everything I do. They make me happy.

  594. I’ve heard that this is beautiful wool and I’d love to work with it.

    I love so many color combinations, hard to choose just one. I seem to gravitate towards spring green and rose pink. Also any combination that includes teal!

  595. Lately my favorite stitching combination has been teal and orange. I have stitched a Bargello design in wool threads that I made into a tote bag and a sunset picture. The Bargello design also had gray in it. Also a couple of ornaments with those colors.

  596. Blues and greens. They are just such calming colors for me. It is my go to combination for whenever I have to pick colors for pillowcases, dish towels etc.

  597. Purple and Granny Smith apple green
    I haven’t stitched with this combo yet but have woven with it

  598. reds blues and yellows. having trouble with my computer. can’t tell if I have entered yet. hope this one works. love the thread. yes I have used this combo. makes great roses and other flowers. also different kinds of threads.

  599. My favorite color combination is off white, light pink, pistachio green with some gold thrown in 🙂 I have a table runner that I stitched using Italian whitework techniques with needlepainted pink flowers in the center.

  600. >>What’s your favorite two- or three-color combination, and have you ever stitched anything in it?

    Blues, especially indigo blues and tans/golds. I have done a set of stitcher’s smalls primarily in blues in counted thread on cream linen. And the backgrounds for two large church projects (where I was one stitcher among many) are both blue – a kneeler in traditional basketweave and a banner with lots of textural stitches.

    There’s something so classic about blue and white.

  601. Since I just bought Yvette Stanton’s book Smiyg, I would love to have these threads to experiment with colors she shows in her book! Also, it doesn’t hurt that my heritage is Scandinavian and I have never picked colors together such as bright red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, interspersed with white and black or navy. What fun that would be!!!

  602. My favorite color scheme would be rose pink and two shades of olive green. I have embroidered small areas of clothing and quilt blocks with it

  603. My favorite two-color combination is blue and purple and I believe the closest thing I’ve stitched to that would be the Lavender Honey needle book.

  604. Pink/coral/orange or Yellow/pink/orange

    Sometimes pastel, sometimes bright, sometimes very deep tones.
    Paisley Shoes, a table runner and now a class sample for my new Stumpwork class.

  605. I didn’t know I had favorite colors but then noticed that I tend to gravitate towards yellow- green paired with teal. I enjoy making embroidered quilt labels for the quilts I make as gifts, and there are several made with these two colors, accented by other colors as needed.

  606. Hello Miss Corbett,
    Coming up with nice colour combinations is something I’m really bad at, so if I only need two colours, one of them will most likely be an off-white (though that’s not technically a colour, I guess…). To go with that a lovely rich burgundy. I used the combo in a cross-stitch cushion for a doll’s house.
    Regards from Holland 🙂

  607. My favorite combination is teal and charcoal blue with gray. I cross stitched a celtic pattern for a pillow sham for my mother.

  608. I love when you feature medieval and renaissance needle work and those style of needle work. As a former period reenactor I find the designs and patterns wonderful. I am excited about this giveaway as the last time i have period dyed wool to work with was 14 years ago from aa small shop at the Kansas City Renaissance Fair when the Art Institute ran the Fair.

    Best wishes for a blessed Christmas.

  609. I’ve used wool threads for years and love Renaissance Dyeing threads. My favorite color combination is earth-toned browns with cranberry and gold shades. It’s not as harsh as black but it’s still a rich palette that goes well with a lot of various colored ground fabrics.

  610. My favorite two color combination is a light coral and a light aquamarine…..go so well together and never disappoints. I have used the combination in several quilts. As for a combination of three, I like an antiqued gold color, a greyed green and finally a green bronze mix. I am working on a piece now with that combination. Very pretty and looks old. I have enjoyed this years contest as much as last years. It is fun to read others opinions.

  611. I love all colors, but I’ve been thinking about trying something black and white on a bold ground color.

  612. I love ❤️ contrasting color combinations such as turquoise and salmon and I have just Recently used those colors in a hand towel done in Bargello. I also love using an ombré effect in my stitching projects.

  613. My favorite two colors are an muted olive green (tending toward gray or khaki) and blood red. If I want to add a third color there are many browns particularly in the gray/brown or rust ranges, yellows – wheat, gold, mustard, and of course many other greens to pick from.
    I don’t know that I’ve used those two in embroidery – can’t be sure because most of the things I’ve made I’ve given as gifts. I do have a sheer overshirt in those colors (gray green leaves with dots of blood red berries, dashes of dark gray/brown and off white).

  614. I love color so much, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if pressed I would go with shades of teal and corals. I made my grandson a hand embroidered baby guilt with those colors as the main focus. Of course, there’s a yellow and purple that go with them also. Wish I could send you a picture, but I don’t have tech savvy. Hand embroidery fills all my spare time, and I would really love the wool collection. Thank you!

  615. I found your site yesterday and find it very interesting. In subscribing to it I wrongfully checked the spot to send me all comments. Today I have receieved over 200 comments! I do not want to receive these and I have not been able to unsubscribe altho I have tried for hours. Please, will some one with the ability to do this help me out. I have also sent emails to Mary Corbet with no results. Help!

  616. My favorite mixe are chrismats color red,green and white. The second are the fall colors green, orange, red, cognac.
    Thank you

  617. I have so many favorite color combo’s. I use to feel there were never enough colors when I designed apparel although I guess you could say when I did children’s apparel I got sick of pink very fast. So that would not be a favorite color.
    I have always love lime green, blue green and navy and I haven’t stitched anything in those colors because I like to stitch things I can use in my home or things I can wear. One of the projects I had on my list was a crewel cover for my bedside slipper box/ foot stool. That would make me choose tan, rust and moss green.
    These threads are lovely and I do hope to purchase them soon.

  618. I love stitcing with Crewel wool on twill. My latest project is in Elisabethan colors, At this moment I use especially reds/orange because I am working on a Dutch tulip!

  619. For an ANG project I had to go outside my comfort zone and stitch a piece based on a combination drawn from a hat. I got yellow-orange, blue, and violet as a “complementary analogous” combination. Naturally, after turning up my nose, I stitched the piece and fell in love with this combination. I’ve never done another major piece like it, but it still remains one of my favorites.

  620. I love blue and green together..I am not always successful with combining colors, but blue and green always work out for me.

  621. My favourite three colour combination is blue, green, & yellow…I have used that set of colours in various shades & tones for numerous needlework projects both decorative & wearable over the years….

  622. Currently I really like combining red, blue and yellow/gold. At the moment this is my fixation as everything must be in various shades of these three colours.

  623. My favorite color is blue, so I love any comination of blue shades. Yellow or green added in is very nice.

  624. My favourite colour combinations are definitely pinks and soft greens. They’re less Christmasy than their bolder cousins but they just blend so well. I’ve embroidered with them, smocked with them, stitched with them. They just make me happy.

  625. I love a range of peach to salmon paired with blues from cobalt to navy.

    Since those colors are used in my bedroom, that’s where you find a lot of finished stitching….. more to come (;>)


  626. My favourite 2 or 3 colour combination, & have I ever stitched anything in it?

    Well yes, I love the colours in beetle wings – the blues and greens, and love gold threads that enhance them. I have done a lovely swirly pattern in these colours – and I keep coming back to them with other ideas.

  627. I love blues with golds, coppers, or peaches – sunset colours. My project right now is floral lettering with copper and teals which fits the bill!

  628. Red and red. Very dark and medium together. Otherwise red and a high contrast color. Done both many times.

  629. Dear Mary,
    Gold, royal blue, and deep dark red. No nothing has been stitched, but it would be nice in a goldwork piece.
    Thank you!

  630. Right now I am stitching a pair of California poppies in white, cream, yellow and orange. My favorite color is green, though, so I can’t wait to get to the leaves! I find green so restful, and I love the numerous shades within this color. I also love browns and greys, soft earth tones. I have stiched many small floral pieces using subtle greens and creams with a pop of another color for the center or petal edge.

  631. I did a Jacobean piece with several shades of purple/lavenders, and small coral colored accents. The color combinations were stunning.

  632. My favorite two colors combination is purple and orange.
    It sounds peculiar, I know. I got the combination from a dear friend who is always dressing like that. And finally, after years of resistance, I gave up. It IS nice!
    And I made a “trappings embroidery” (a kind of swedish folklore wool work with extra everything like mirrors, pearls et cetera) with just a little green in, too.

  633. i don’t know if i have a favorite — i just love color! however, one i avoid is orange. i have never liked orange!

  634. My favorite colors live on the cool side of the wheel.I’m partial to purples,blues and green. I’ve never embroidered anything exclusively in those colors, but I recently finished a triangular scarf in green and a variegated purple. Thank you Mary, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from your blog posts and videos.

  635. My favorite three colors to stitch with (although I love all colors) are green, rust and gold–the colors of fall. The beauty of the trees, turning color in the fall, is glorious. I am stitching (not yet finished) a Jacobean design on heavy linen with wool that utilizes these colors. It is a joy to work since it always transports me back to the crisp air, beautiful trees and blue sky of fall. Nature’s wonder…

  636. I love mauve and rose. I haven’t used them yet. But I’m planning a project in which I’ll going to use varying shades of purples & reds.

  637. Wow! Fancy having to pick a couple of threads from the rainbow available to us today.
    I love burgundy and gold together as they are so rich and Christmassy. I used these colours predominately in the Crazy Patch Christmas Stocking I made for my sister.

  638. I love teal and grey, maybe with a hint of yellow. I have never stitched with that combination…. but i recently started embroidering a piece of printed cotton in those colours ( though there is also pink in the design)

  639. I am a volunteer guide at Montréal’s Botanical Garden. I love flowers and plants. I do a lot of whitework, but in terms of color mix I think, since I like pink flowers, it would be green for the foliage and pink for the flowers. I guess I must have use those two together in the past, but not lately.

  640. I stitched a project that combines shades of light green with bright turquoise and orange. It sounds like an odd combination but turned out very nice. I can’t say I have a different “favorite” but that was a fun combination

  641. I love red, purple and blue together. I once stitched something that read “Namaste Y’all” with a peach on one side and a mandala on the other and these were the main colors.

  642. I love greens, so I especially like greens, blues and purples. I am working on a crewel piece now that has the green and purple. Might have to find a spot of blue in there before I am done.