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Indexing 100 Issues of Inspirations!


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Last year, when Inspirations Studios produced the new index for issues 1 – 100 of Inspirations Magazine, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed one.

I have all the issued of Inspirations, thanks to my sister, who passed me all the older issues from the earlier years of the magazine.

Each issue is a delight, full of beautiful embroidery projects for every level of stitcher. There is a certain classic timelessness to most of the projects in the magazines, so they never really seem to age. I never grow tired of flipping through them!

But … there are times when I want to find a certain project that I know I’ve seen in one issue or another, and it takes a long time to flip through those individual magazines.

And that’s why a magazine index comes in so very handy. But the new 1 – 100 index is handier than most, thanks to the meticulous details in its arrangement. This is perhaps the most thorough search tool ever produced for a magazine!

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

Whether or not you have all the first 100 issues of the magazine or not, I think the index is a great resource.

As I show it to you in detail here, you’ll see why.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

As you can see from the table of contents, the index for issues 1 – 100 of Inspirations is a compilation of several types of indexing approaches.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

At the beginning of the Index, you’ll find details on how to use each section of the Index.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

The bulk of the Index is the project image library.

Grouped around an image of each magazine issue’s cover, here you’ll find a large, clear picture of each embroidery project in each issue.

Imagine if you are hankering to stitch a project, and you have access to the magazines. You haven’t decided on a specific project, though. You can use this pictorial index to easily browse through every issue and see what projects are on offer.

Or imagine that you remember seeing a Certain Project in an issue of Inspirations and falling in love with it. But you set it aside, because you just didn’t have time to undertake it. You finally have time – but you can’t remember which issue the project was in! Trust me, it’s a familiar scenario!

With the pictorial project index, you can find that project relatively quickly and see right away what issue it is in.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

You’ll find all kinds of information on each project image, too.

You’ll find not only the issue number of the magazine and the page the project can be found on, but you’ll find the name of the project, the name of the designer, and the type of needlework involved.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

The project name index is another handy way to find a specific project in the magazine.

Here, you’ll find each project from all 100 issues arranged alphabetically by name, with the issue number following the name of the project.

For some people, names stick. You might remember a particular name of a project and not remember anything else about it. Or, you might have jotted down the name of a project you wanted to do, and no other information about it. Whatever the case, you can find the project by name, just by browsing the alphabetical list.

I like to browse this list because I like to see how people title their projects! I’m not very good at naming embroidery projects, so project names always fascinate me!

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

Then, of course, there’s a designer index. If you are attracted to a particular designer’s style, you can browse through this list to find projects from your favorite designers.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

There’s also a project type index, which really equates to a project subject index.

Are you looking for a particular subject to stitch – say, camels or dog bones or any number of types of flowers? You can use the project type index to find embroidery projects that feature particular subjects.

Inspirations Magazine Index 1-100

Then there’s the project technique index.

Do you want a crewel embroidery project? Maybe you want to try a tambour project, or hedebo whitework, or cross stitch, blackwork, goldwork… and the list goes on!

You can look up the specific technique in this index, and find the issues of the magazine in which the technique is featured.

If you want to see what particular project employs the technique, you can then hop to the main project image index, go to the issue of the magazine, and browse the images and descriptions of all the projects in that issue. If you find one that tickles your fancy in the technique you want to pursue, you’ll know which magazine issue to track down!

And More…!

There are also other indexes within the Index – there’s a step-by-step index, where you’ll find listed all the step-by-step instructions that can be found in issues 1 – 100. For example, if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for a particular stitch or for setting up a roller frame, you’ll be able to see at a glance which issues feature those step-by-step instructions.

There’s also a magazine cover index. Here, you’ll find thumbnail images of all 100 magazine covers. I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to picture the cover of the magazine I want, but no idea which issue number it is! If you know the issue number and you arrange your magazines by issue, it’s easy to find a specific magazine by consulting the cover index.

Finally, there’s an Errata index, where you’ll find any errata for any projects published in issues 1 – 100 clarified.

Thoroughly Thorough

This is perhaps the most thorough Index for any published periodical. Every possible way you could search for any project is covered. And you can cross reference each index with the main project image index for further information.

It was really well thought out, and it’s a brilliant tool for anyone who has any of the first 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine!

Even if you don’t have all the issues – perhaps you’re slowly collecting them, or you’ve only picked up a few over the years, or perhaps you just want to be judicious in the ones you purchase – this is an excellent resource for finding embroidery projects that you really want to do.

Where to Find It

You can purchase the Inspirations Magazine Index for issues 1 – 100 directly from Inspirations Studios in Australia here.

If you’re in the States, it’s available through Wooly Thread, here.

In other countries, ask for the Index at any local needlework shop that carries Inspirations Magazine.

In Other News

For those who have been waiting for them, there’s a limited batch of the Floral Corner Towel Sets – with the designs pre-transferred on them, so you can jump right in stitching – available right now in my shop, if you want to pick up a set!


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(9) Comments

  1. I love the idea of the Inspirations index and I think I would use it for many of the reasons you give. But I’d prefer to have it in digital format, the way I get the magazine. I did inquire, but that doesn’t seem to be on the near horizon. Hopefully, some day it will become available. I mention it here, because I’m hoping others will be interested in a digital version, too, and will also ask for this option.

  2. Hi! In the picture of the Technique Index, right below Appliqué, is something I’ve never seen or heard of before. What is Ars Panicalensis? (I hope I spelled that right.)

    Also, if I had all of the issues of Inspirations, I would LOVE this! It very well could’ve made me cry. I would have been trying to put together my own comprehensive index for the longest time, yet it would never be this good. (The more I try to organize, the more confusing and messy things get. I’ve stopped trying to organize… you know…. everything. I cannot stop completely.) I felt that way when I found a bag for embroidery supplies. It had everything that I had ever wanted and more. All put together neatly.

    1. ars Panicalensis is embroidery on tulle or net, a type of lacemaking. Google it (I had to) and you’ll see some lovely examples…

  3. Boy, I wish my sister could pass on to me a few copies! Fat chance, she doesn’t embroider and I suspect if she saw the entire stack of them at a yard sale for $5/ALL she would never to think to pick them up for me.

    I have some but my B&N stopped carrying them and I don’t trust the mail to deliver them when they should. Nor can I afford them, but they are the most delicious magazines! I spend hours looking through them when I track down one.

    I would think that index would be so great for someone that doesn’t have any copies, but they see a project that they want to do and then they just have to track that issue down.

  4. I’ve never bought one issue but love all the previews I’ve seen. This would be fantastic for anyone with a lot of issues.

  5. Whitney W- Ars Panicalensis is the name of the pictured project, and it can be found in Issue 86.

  6. Gosh, after delaying six months because of the nearly equal shipping cost $30 to order the $34.95 Index, in the past week I went ahead and ordered it from Australia, knowing I’ll also have the Exchange rate issues. I did check the Wooly Thread website where a Search effort for the Index did not work. Would have been nice to only pay $6 US to ship it instead of having to wait for the Index to come this summer from Australia. At least your review yesterday doesn’t indicate that you would have earned a benefit either way so I won’t feel badly that if I’d waited even longer that you could have a tiny compensation. (It’s going to be another month before you see that from the Amazon order I placed for the Embroidered Boxes book coming to America mid-July). I know the Inspirations index will be a treasure too.

  7. I am trying to index all my needlework magazines and this Inspirations book has saved me a lot of work. I am in the UK and have purchased it from Manor House magazines, price £19.99. It is worth every penny. The price includer p/p. I have a subscription for Inspirations magazine with them.

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