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Weekend Stitching? A Stitch in Time…


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If you’re spending some time this weekend stitching in your own little world and you are looking for something entertaining and educational to watch, here’s something for you!

A Stitch in Time is a BBC series that aired in 2018. I’ll tell you about it here and give you some sources for viewing it.

BBC: A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time is a fusion of biography, art, and the history of fashion, taking the viewer through the intricacies of fashion during certain eras of history.

We see clothes being reconstructed to historical specifications, we see what it was like to wear those clothes, and the whole thing is presented in a fun and quirky way.

I especially love the close-ups of fabric experimentation and of different types of stitching and sewing on the historical garb.

And of course, you’ll catch a few glimpses of embroidery, too!

There are six episodes in the series, each about half an hour, so that gives you three hours of entertainment while you’re doing your weekend stitching!

Where to View It

In the US, if you have access to Amazon, you can find the first series there – and if you have Amazon Prime, it’s free.

There are a few YouTube playlists out there featuring the series, but I’m not sure if they’re legally posted there or not.

Overseas, I’m not so sure about access to the series at this point. It looks like it is not available on iPlayer right now, but it is probably available other ways that I don’t know about. If you know, feel free to leave a comment below.

So that is a little heads-up for some weekend entertainment while you indulge in some quality time with your own needle and thread!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be in front of the computer for the next three days, tying up loose ends for The Leafy Tree! Stay tuned next week for news on kit availability!


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  1. Oh Mary, you are killing me!!! I don’t think I can hang on much longer, waiting for the Leafy tree kit!!! LOL!!! So excited for them to be released!!! I love your website!

  2. I watched the series on Acorn in the US. It’s a fascinating romp through how specific historical garments were constructed. Thanks for sharing this on your blog

  3. Dear Mary

    I remember watching this when it was broadcast on television last year, a good programme and very entertaining. I hope you have a great weekend which is full of wonderful stitching.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. Mary, A Stitch in Time is available on Acorn . It’s a streaming service that features movies and TV programs from Britain and areas beyond.
    The first season is wonderful.

  5. You can also find A Stitch in Time on Acorn TV.
    Have a great weekend Mary!
    Looking forward to the leafy tree kit!

  6. I recommend this, I saw the programmes in 2018 and there was an exhibition of the garments at Ham House near London and saw them there. Wonderful!!!

  7. I loved this series – my only complaint was that the programmes weren’t long enough! I would have liked to see more on the construction of the garments. I really hope that they make another series too.
    Best wishes

  8. It is a very good series. I can’t imagine how she finds people who are able to use the methods and similar materials of the time period. So interesting.

  9. Yes, I agree with your recommendation, Mary, it’s a lovely series. I’ve watched it twice on TV, it was so good, and kept stopping the action when I wanted to see something in a bit more detail. Would love to see them do more like it.

  10. Thank you for the tip about A Stitch in Time! I watched the whole series over the weekend (!) because it was so fun and addictive. I hope they air another season.

  11. Thanks Mary—I’m enjoying the Stitch In Time programs! In April, a friend & I visited Blythe House (V&A items in storage) & Bath Fashion Museum. With study appointments, we were able to view garments, gloves, shoes etc. up close & personal. Extraordinary hand sewing!! The curatorial staff was most helpful & I recommend you & your readers enjoy this service if you travel to Britain.

  12. Mary, Thanks SO much for letting us know about A Stitch in Time! I watched all of the episodes while my husband attended two nearby High School 50th Reunion events last weekend, and I couldn’t have been happier. David doesn’t know I’ve seen the whole thing already, and we are now enjoying the show together. I wonder who financed the production of those wonderful costumes, and where they reside now.
    Your emails are always such a treat.
    June House
    Rehoboth MA

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