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Here’s a subject that should be dear the heart of any embroiderer: eyesight.

We often talk about all the tools and accessories and favorite little things that make needlework enjoyable for us. But, hands down, the Most Important tools we have are built right in and we take them with us everywhere. We could not do the needlework we do without our very precious eyes.

I have lousy eyesight, and it’s been that way ever since I can remember seeing things (or rather, not seeing them). My first glasses came about when I first went to school and the teacher realized I couldn’t see the board.

I remember as a kid going to church and staring at a huge stain glass window and being mesmerized by the colors that all swirled together. I could move my eyes and my head around, squinting, and make the colors blend and move. It was all just color to me. There were no pictures. It wasn’t until I had my first pair of glasses that I realized there was actually a story to see in that window.

The drive home from the optometrist when we picked up my first pair of glasses was an eye-opener, too. It was the first time I actually saw, from a distance, leaves on trees – and it just happened to be fall in New England. That drive home is seared in my brain. I can close my eyes and see it as clearly now as I saw it then.

The upshot is this: glasses – or the equivalent – have been a necessary part of my life since then.

In fact, I’m going I’m going to the optometrist today.

CraftOptics with a Discount

Normally, I’m not bouncing off the walls with excitement when I finally force myself to face the inevitable and get another eye exam.

But it just so happens that I am excited about this visit, because, at the end of it, I am going to send my CraftOptics back to the company and get an upgrade in my prescription.

I’ve written about CraftOptics before. I reviewed them here, in depth, so you can read about them if you’re curious. You can also check out their website here for more information on them.

Because I’m near sighted, I can usually stitch without magnification, by removing my glasses. This, however, creates about a six-inch bubble of clear vision around my head. Anything beyond that six inches is blurry.

It’s not always the most pleasant way to stitch! I have to put my glasses back on every time I need something beyond my eyesight’s reach.

Watching a movie or even seeing what’s going on outside the window is out of the question when you stitch like this.

But with CraftOptics, I can see in the distance and I can see perfect detail while I stitch. For me, they’re rather miraculous!

Best yet – and why I’m so keen to get them upgraded right now! – I can also use them when preparing video tutorials, which was becoming very difficult to manage.

I’m telling you all this because I know there are stitchers out there who can’t enjoy stitching the same way they used to as their eyes age.

CraftOptics may be the solution for you, if you really struggle with your eyesight when you stitch.

They are not inexpensive, it’s true. But if stitching – or any kind of meticulous crafting – is a huge part of your life, it may be worth investing in a pair. As your prescription changes, you can do what I’m doing and send them in for an upgrade (yes, there’s a fee).

Needle ‘n Thread Discount

I’m not affiliated with CraftOptics, although they sent me my original pair years ago to try. I have a review policy for these things, which you can read under my FAQs on this page. I don’t get any kind of commission or anything like that if you purchase them, and I’m not paid to write reviews.

As a tool, I think they are brilliant. I think they can make a significant impact on what a person can do with needle and thread, if they struggle with eyesight issues.

The folks at CraftOptics have offered a coupon code to Needle ‘n Thread readers for $100 off their “Wow Package,” which is pretty much their everything option, including frames, prescription lenses, dream beam light & battery, and the protective travel case.

The coupon code is NEEDLENTHREAD, and it will get you a $100 discount on that package.

They have a 45-day money back guarantee, if CraftOptics won’t do it for you. This means that, if you’re struggling with your eyes, you can try them with confidence knowing that if they don’t work, you can fall back on that guarantee.

If you have a need, I hope this helps you!

So here I go – I’m off to the eye doctor. Wish me luck!


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(8) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    As you say all these accessories make such a difference to our needlework craft so thanks for the discount on the CraftOptics that is a great saving especially if you live in the US. . Thank you for sharing with us the discount of CraftOptics and for your links to the review of them and for their website. Good Luck at the opticians I hope the new prescription on your eyes is not so bad.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. I also love my CraftOptics. I used to lug a huge craft light and magnifier around everywhere, but now I just need the one small case with my glasses and DreamBeam. I recently upgraded to the rechargeable DreamBeam and love it as well- much better than replacing batteries all the time. Some people have complained that they are heavy, but I find that when they get heavy it’s time for me to stand up and take a break anyways!!

  3. Oooh, very nice set! I really like that they can offer the option of prescription glasses with it.
    I’m nearsighted and unfortunately coming to the age where this is changing.. So I can imagine that this may come in very handy in the future!
    Mary, I really enjoy your reviews, so thank you for the update on this one 🙂

  4. Thank you for this timely information! I’m trying to decide which one of three working distance options to purchase. Which do you get and why?

    1. I originally got the closer distance, but I need to adjust that. I think it’s worth while getting the farther “reach” in order to practice better posture and relieve the neck and shoulders.

  5. Thanks a bunch, Mary, I’ve been wanting to try these for years – just ordered now and your coupon code worked just fine – I am very appreciative!

  6. I’m in the near-sighted camp with you Mary. Perhaps when my eyes settle down again (cataracts starting :-/ ), I’ll splurge on a set of these. In the mean time, it will be readers worn over the regular glasses. Thanks to CraftOptics for such a nice discount!

  7. Mary, thank-you for posting about this and for offering the coupon! And thanks to Mendy for another positive review. I’m seriously considering ordering a pair of these as soon as I get my new prescription for this year. I can’t imagine the joy of having enough light anywhere and everywhere to do handwork, whether sitting in my chair at home in the evenings or while traveling. What a miracle that would be!

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