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Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #2: Hand-Turned Tools


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Welcome to the second installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas 2019!

We started the series on Monday, with a thread give-away from Colour Complements. I’ll announce the winner for that give-away this Friday, so if you haven’t joined in yet, do!

Today, courtesy of James and Tawney at Stitch In Turn, three winners will each receive one beautiful hand-turned wooden needlework tool. Read on for the details…

Stitcher's Christmas: Hand Turned wooden needlework tools

Stitch In Turn is a family business. James is a woodworker and his wife is a needleworker – and so, putting their heads together, they have come up with needlework and organizational tools uniquely made from choice woods, that are as gorgeous as they are functional.

James’s skill as a wood turner is evident in every piece he makes. If you want to delight in the wonders of just how lovely a well-made wooden tool can be, you really should check out their Etsy shop.

And better yet, if you’re a lover of beautiful tools from beautiful wood, put them on your Christmas “hint” list! The tool blocks are so handy for holding scissors and other tools at the ready. And if you don’t own a telescoping magnet yet, you should own one… and why shouldn’t it be an exceptionally pretty one?

If you’re in the market for some kind of specialty tool that you want customized, James is your guy. Contact him! He may be able to help you!

One thing I especially admire about Stitch In Turn is that they took a leap of faith. James jumped into his passion for woodworking as a full time job, and he has been successful in keeping the business going and supplying needleworkers with tools made with top-quality craftsmanship. This is not an easy thing to do these days. I took the leap with Needle ‘n Thread, and while I would never trade the experience, such a move always has its ups and downs. So good for him for braving it!

The Gifts

Today’s give-away features three gifts, one for each of three winners (which I will pick randomly).

Stitcher's Christmas: Hand Turned wooden needlework tools

There’s a seam ripper. Each side has a ripper on it, and there’s a little cap for the rippers so that their sharp tips aren’t exposed needlessly in your tool kit.

Stitcher's Christmas: Hand Turned wooden needlework tools

There’s a telescoping magnet encased in purple heart. Oh, be still, my heart! Is that not lovely?

Stitcher's Christmas: Hand Turned wooden needlework tools

And – what a showstopper! – a BLT (Best Laying Tool) encased in an exquisite wood cover with a screw on lid.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. They’ll just be deleted. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted and will be deleted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. For example, Joy is a pretty common name, so if your name is Joy, you might put your last name or your last initial, or maybe your middle name. Or you might put a recognizable-to-you nick name. Or you might add a reference to where you live – for example, “Joy from Joy, Illinois” or something like that.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Do Not Put your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

What’s your favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn, and why? Drop into their Etsy shop and take a look around and let us know what you like best and why you like it!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) Monday, December 9th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced at the beginning of that day’s give-away. I’ll draw three winners in a row, and each tool will go to the winners in the same order they are listed above.

So, go forth and comment, and, come Christmas, maybe you’ll have a beautiful new tool under the tree!

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are outside the US and subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility. Furthermore, some countries hold wooden items in quarantine before delivery. Finally, if international packages go astray, neither the business sending the gift nor Needle ‘n Thread are to be held responsible for a replacement.


(1,083) Comments

  1. The tools by Stitch in Turn are magnificent, I can’t believe how colorful they are. Any of them would be a delight to hold, so smooth to the touch. My favorite is probably the tool block, they are so colorful with many layers of wood. What a beautiful way to hold my tools when I am stitching.

  2. Without any doubt I would choose the dark woorden tool Block from their etsy shop.
    And from the 3 gifts it would be the seamripper

  3. These tools are beautiful! My favorite is the tool block in Royal Jacaranda. The wood is amazing and it would be so handy.
    Thanks Mary!

  4. Thank you for featuring this maker. All the work in the shop is beautiful. My favorite item in the shop is the adorable pin cushion with the wooden laying tools as a close second.

    As well as being oh-so-cute, the pin cushion appears to have a good weight to keep it steady on the table due to the wooden bowl bottom. I’m forever knocking over pin cushions or causing them to roll away when I am trying to put pins in quickly as I work.

    I love the graceful shape of the laying tools. And is there anything better than the feel of a smooth wooden tool in the hand?

  5. Too many choices!!! I think I would go for the best laying Tool case in Australian burl. I think however, that I am going to have my husband contact him about making me a tool block for my birthday in March.

  6. These tools look positively wonderful! As I am always working on a tight budget, my few existing tools are very basic, and frankly, very inexpensive(cheap! LOL). I would love to have some really nice tools to work with for a change!! Wish me good luck on the contest.

  7. Several years ago I was given the dual seam ripper. It is beautifully made and has become one of my sewing treasures. I have been wishing for a tool block to go with it. Maybe Santa will help me get one

  8. My favorite is the telescoping magnetic wand. It is as beautiful as the wizard’s wands in Harry Potter Movies. And for me, not having to crawl around on my knees to find lost needles, would be pure magic!

  9. It isn’t really a tool, but I love the wooden pincushion base and could think of numerous cross stitch designs that would look good in that. The laying tools are wonderful too and as I don’t currently own one, that would be an awesome gift. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  10. Oh boy… I ordered a tool holder from here and it is over the top “beautiful”. They even give you choices of woods used and they are all very nice.

  11. One can never have enough high quality embroidery tools. My favorite tools are my embroidery scissors bought at the V&A museum in London. They are supersharp, beautiful and comfortable to use. The most beautiful tools at Stitch in turn are the wooden laying tools. Sooooo beautiful. I wouldn’t get much stitching done, but just stare at those. 😉

  12. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Sirari Rosewood laying tool is really special. Thank you a chance at a beautiful gift. Thank you, Linda, Cary NC

  13. Without a doubt my favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn is the BLT case. What a clever idea and so pretty. Actually everything they create is beautiful.

  14. Well – after dropping into the Etsy shop as suggested, I must say these are all gorgeous. But I particularly like the Tool Blocks. So much nicer than the ugly coffee mug I use in my sewing room!

  15. My absolute favorite tool from Stitch in Turn is my tekobari case. I asked James to make it out of tulip wood to match a set of wooden embroidery tools I already had and it came out beautiful. One day I would love to get one of his blocks to store my embroidery tools in.

  16. My favorite tool? I wasn’t familiar with Stitch in Turn until today, but of the tools you pictured, I’d have to say I am most drawn to the laying tool. They are all lovely.

  17. My favorite tool is their beautiful seam ripper. I am not sure anybody rips things out more than I do. And my son does detailed woodworking in new home construction, built-ins, curving staircase, ornamental ceilings, etc. So I have learned what fine workmanship and beautiful woods are all about. I think this lovely tool fits the bill for my sewing case. Thank you for the fun give away and have a Merry Christmas! Susan

  18. The maple tool block is gorgeous! I’m forever reaching around my canvas or patting the table to find my scissors, laying tool, stitchgrabber. What a great idea and elegant also!

  19. All of them look great but I think that the best is “Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case with Color” because of the… wonderful color combinations. Especially the Confetti combination! I can see that the quality of the tool is equal to the appearance too!

    Thank you so much for this give-away!

  20. I love the thought of the telescoping magnet tool. I have dropped a case of pins before and I was not a happy camper.

  21. The Caribbean Wave telescoping magnetic wand is calling to me. I am always dropping pins, and having this beautiful tool at hand would make finding them easy and a pleasure!

  22. Love the telescoping magnets. The one I use is not as pretty, I purchased it from a
    dollar store, but it works! Bending down numerous times while stitching can get
    really annoying, and dropping pins and needles is part of the joy of stitching!

  23. My favourite tool would be Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case – Caribbean Wave & Chrome as it looks so beautiful and the workmanship is superb. I have not yet had a laying tool, making use of large darning needle at the moment.

  24. I love woodwork and beautiful things, so it’s hard to choose one favorite from Stitch in Turn. I do love the telescoping tool. I also think a tool block would be so beautiful and useful. I do t have either yet.
    Merry Christmas
    Happy Teaching
    Diana B from middle school Illinois

  25. I LOOOOOVE the telescoping magnets with the brightly coloured wood handles. They would be fantastically helpful for my numb fingertips as I toss needles about with abandon and can’t pick them up. Plus their bright handles mean I will be able to find them in my sewing bag! You wicked Mary, offering temptations!

  26. While they are all beautiful, my favorite tool is the seam ripper. I am getting back in to sewing my own clothes and I know I will need a little help fixing mistakes and restyling old clothing. Thank you for the give away!

  27. I love the telescoping magnet! I definitely love this! Every needleworker has dropped a needle and this really helps you find it! I have 2 kitties and don’t want them to find them!

  28. To everything turn, turn, turn
    There is a season turn, turn, turn
    And a time to every purpose under heaven

    These song words by Peter Seeger spring to my mind when I look at these beautifully turned sewing tools.

  29. I already have the magnetic wand from him and I’ve used it quite often. I love the laying tool case as well! I’m not greedy! LOL

  30. Good morning,
    I know James and Tawney through EGA. The nicest couple you’d ever want to meet. I have one of their magnetic wands and it scoops up pins and needles in a jiffy. Which is a good thing, because the bad kitty (aka Jasmine) pulls my pins out by the heads and flings them around the room.

    I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day.
    Kathleen Elin

  31. Hi Mary,
    I have to say I visited the shop many times. I love the exotic woods they use. Their work is truly unique. I especially like the tool organizer. Anything that helps keep my work table looking uncluttered is great!

  32. Well, this is a hard choice. All of the tools are absolutely beautiful and I love that they are handmade. I also love that they are wooden and not plastic, so they will last forever. I would of course choose the seam ripper, because unfortunately that is a tool I use a bit too often. It’s a versatile tool, since it can be used for multiple projects, embroidery, sewing, ….
    Thanks for considering me.

  33. Any laying tool, especially one which comes sheathed, since they are rather pointy. The tool is so lovely to behold, I long to hold it…and I usually do NOT long to hold a laying tool!

  34. Hi Mary,

    The telescoping magnet is my favorite of the tools Stitch in Turn makes. It would surely come in handy to pick dropped pins off the floor. Thanks for the give away.

  35. I absolutely love those telescoping magnets. As the floor gets lower and lower, that would help a lot!

  36. Everything is absolutely lovely, but my favorite is the laying tool case. What a perfect way to store a laying tool and keep it safe.

  37. No question CELTIC Knot Tool Block for shear beauty and perfect usefulness! Such wonderful wood working/turning.
    I would be delighted with anything from these talented hands.

  38. I love the various Rosewood laying tools as I have always loved rosewood. I also find the tool block with the laying tool that also looks like it might be made from rosewood to be most attractive. The Celtic wood block is amazing, the craftsmanship is truly wonderful. My youngest son enjoys woodturning, and we are constantly watching videos on how to get some of those intricate designs, so I can begin to appreciate James’ skill. Thanks to Stitch in Turn for this give away.

  39. I’m in love with the tool block with colors, especially with the blue and beige one, and with the matching Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case with Color 🙂 Love the combination!

  40. I have long admired the beauty of custom wood turned tools and would be thrilled to win these.

  41. Love the turning tool because I have been using a quill but they get weird on the end easily and have to be replaced all the time. I love beautiful wood also.

  42. My family of woodworking group. Each specializing in a different areas. I just love and appreciate it all. I would love a seam ripper!!

  43. I love these tools! My husband is learning woodworking in his retirement, but he’s learning to use hand tools to make furniture for an office – shelves, desk, etc. My brother also builds furniture, so I appreciate fine woodworking. These tools are exquisite!

  44. The tool block with color is such a wonderful piece to use. How nice to have your tools in a beautiful block, keeping it near to where you’re stitching.

  45. I love the Celtic Knot tool block. Love all things Celtic. It’s a beautiful way to store my tools at my finger tips.


  46. I love the telescopic magnet. As I’ve got older my fingers don’t grip like they did and I’m terrified that my dog will find my needles and pins before I do – so I need help (more so than you’ll ever know)!!!!

  47. I love all the beautiful woodwork at this shop. My favourite tools would be the stitch ripper and the telescoping magnetic tool. I use the stitch ripper a lot for all my sewing and embroidering. I am picky about how things look. So even if it’s not a mistake, per se, but just doesn’t look good to me, then I rip out the stitching.
    The magnetic wand would be amazing for picking up a needle that has dropped and especially for picking up pins. My husband and son would love to have this for picking up those tiny screws, as well.

  48. Such gorgeous giveaways! I suppose my favorite would be the seam ripper, as I am really getting into sewing lately. But I am also thinking on starting a Crewel Work project, and the laying tool would come in very handy there… And of course, one can always use a telescoping magnet! Not an easy choice to make, but I guess this would be the order for me, if I had the chance to get my hands on one of these tools.

  49. Such beautiful tools! I love the hand details, they look so well balanced and comfortable to use:)
    My favorite tool is probably the seam ripper!

  50. I love the telescoping magnet! It is so useful, but I have never seen one encased in wood. It is beautiful!

  51. My favorite tool is the beautiful laying tool. The wood turned handle makes it easy to hold and the fine point allows for precise laying of thread.

  52. All of the tools are gorgeous! I can’t pick only one as my favorite bedside I love them all. If I don’t win one I will definitely order one or more for myself as a Christmas gift to me! Beautiful craftsmanship!

  53. Beautiful needlework necessary tools. My favourite is the magnetic wand. Easy to hold and very necessary when finding dropped needles and pins before bare feet step on them or small animals lick the needle. This wooden wand would be a wonderful addition to my sewing kit.

  54. So excited about this new giveaway! It’s a real treat to see such craftsmanship. The Celtic tool block on their Etsy shop brings a smile to my half-Irish heart! ☘️

  55. I was just admiring all the lovely tools on Stitch In Turn website this past week end!
    They have such beautiful things. I would
    love to have one of their laying tools. I do
    not have one and my satin stitch needs help!
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.


  56. I am a medieval re-enactor, so I love anything made from natural-color wood. Both the seam rippers and the laying tools would be welcome additions to my tools. (They didn’t have seam rippers in medieval times, but as we say about duct tape, if they had had it they would have used it!)

  57. I love the Americana Stitcher’s Block!! Wouldn’t that be a great addition to Guilia Manfredini’s Betsy Ross doll? xoxoxo

  58. The tool block would be my favorite tool by Stitch in Turn, reason is it will hold a variety of my tools upright making them easier to see and accessible when needed.

  59. All of the tools are exquisite, but I think my favorite has to be the telescoping magnet – I am so clumsy with my pins and needles, and this would be great to have on hand!!

    Judy from SC

  60. Hi Mary and thank you for this Christmas little game. I have two choices on his Etsy shop, both for same explanation. My choices are seam rippers and mechanical pencil because those things are always made with plastic. Those days, we have to solve this plastic problem for pollution and wood tools are perfect for that!

  61. All of the products are truly lovely. But my favorite has to be the magnetic pickup tool. I’ve only seen it as a utilitarian metal item, and like Mary noted — why shouldn’t it be pretty if you’re going to keep it with your stitching tools?!

  62. Wow what beautiful tools. I love the tool blocks in particular. The laying tools and telescoping magnets are beautiful as well. Kim R.

  63. Oh, absolutely the laying tool. Firstly it is so very beautiful and secondly I have only recently learnt, from your wonderful newsletters, that there is such a tool, and I have for a long time had this quandary about how to make those threads lay neatly next to each other when using more than one thread. 🙂

  64. Love your giveaways! Love your posts! I learn so much from you. Thanks for all you do! By the way, how is your health?

  65. These are wonderful! I have a Teko-bari Tool Case and love it. The tool I would love to have is the Telescoping Magnetic Wand. The tool block is wonderful and I would love to have one.
    Thank you StitchinTurn for offering these and Mary for making it happen.

  66. Oh my goodness, everything they have is beautiful! I especially love the tool blocks!

    Becky Wethington
    Crestwood, KY

  67. Good Morning Mary!
    Thank you so much for introducing me to James via your blog. I work hard to make time for embroidery each day, so why not add even more delight by using beautiful tools?! Wonderful work, ideas and craftsmanship.
    The simple question of “which one”, took over an hour as I fell happily down this rabbit hole. I think I would use the mechanical pencil the most often. What joy it will give me to sketch each new design with it!
    Thank you!

  68. I actually own one of Jame’s laying tools and love it. I would love to own any of his items but I am drooling over the tool blocks. Thanks for a chance to win such a gorgeous and useful tool.

  69. Love 2 items:

    1st is the Tool Block in royal Jacarand cut. I really need to keep my tools close at hand and organized. Plus I really like the colors in the wood.

    2nd is the Decorative wooden case with laying tool. I like the design and the case would great protection when traveling with my needlework.

  70. Have you ever broken a seam ripper and then couldn’t find another to complete the job? I have and this tool would be perfect for me!

  71. Oh what lovely tools. I’ve never owned a telescoping magnet. I have never had a proper laying tool. And you wouldn’t believe if I told you the age of my seam ripper!!

  72. Stitch in Turn:
    I particularly like the colorful tool blocks. Just the photographs make me smile. These days, anything that makes me smile is welcome in my workroom.
    Also, the beautiful laying tools. (If only I knew how to use them.)

  73. Picking up needles & pins is such a nusciance- the telescoping magnet would be so nice! Beautiful wood!

  74. The pain of correcting mistakes would be alleviated with a seam ripper that pretty. Beautiful products.

  75. At first I was sure it was the seam ripper, then when I looked at the website I changed my mind. I love the pincushion. That beautiful wood base is gorgeous. Plus I love to make pincushions.

    Pam from Gig Harbor

  76. Oh my goodness, these are simply gorgeous! I’m the bookkeeper for a carpenter, and on the side, he turns wood for turkey calls, using these same types of wood. I never saw the application for anything besides turkey calls until seeing all the beautiful tools on Stitch In Turn’s Etsy site! I love the telescope magnet … but his wood stiletto laying tools are also just gorgeous!! 🙂

  77. The tool block in royal jacaranda looks wonderful – I plan on adding it to my wish list and between Christmas, Mother’s Day, and my birthday you never know! Thanks so much for pointing us to such beautiful items from these craftspeople. There is something special I would think in using handmade tools to create handmade needlework treasures.

  78. I really like the seam ripper. I am hoping to properly get into sewing my own clothes this year (I have made way too many pillows already) and I think a good seam ripper would be great and on top of that these are beautiful!

  79. It is such a visual joy to see work done by someone who had a vision and worked to make it a reality! Not only that, but the product is practical as well as beautiful to look at and handle. Cant tell you how any times I swept a refrigerator magnet around the floor looking for the dropped needle. hhahahaha! More and more as I get older.

  80. I’ve looked at Stitch n Turn’s Etsy shop and I’ve fallen in love with the Tool Block thinking about how it would keep the most important tools I use so close at hand and not lost amongst the clutter on my end table.

  81. Beautiful woodworking skills! The layered colors of the tool blocks are my favorites, and just recently I became a fan of using a Laying tool so those are on my wish list!

  82. Oh my the laying tool! I have been wanting one for a while, unsure of which to get and have tool envy when I see yours in the puzzles or on instructional photos. They are just beautiful! And, after 50 years of stitching I think I’d like to change my stitching to flat laying threads – it will be my discipline going forward! Thank you for this opportunity as always.

  83. The lovely Notestpinne caught my eye, and I had to look it up to discover that it is a knitters tool, a beautiful and practical yarn winder.
    However, the Telescoping Magnetic Wand is at the top of my choices. It is a safety lifesaver for embroiderers who work where pets and children lurk. A quick survey with the wand puts the mind at ease. And for aesthetics, the Sirari Rosewood wins – beautiful!

  84. What beautiful tools! I think the one I would find most useful is the tool block. My working space is always such a mess that it would be helpful to have scissors, laying tools, and tweezers rising above it all so I could actually find them when I needed them!

  85. My favorite tool, by far, is the telescoping magnet! I have needed one since my very first embroidery. Needles, tacks, and all other sharp metal objects I touch, simply love to fly out of my hands. They end up in the most unexpected places, too. Then, I will have three pincushions near me and, for some reason, I will just drop needles when I need to get a knot or if I’ve got to get something. What is that? Why on earth would I do such a thing? I don’t even have a telescoping magnet to help me find the dropped needles! (Yet… fingers crossed! But not really because I imagine having your fingers crossed for a long period of time would hurt. And it would be super hard to embroider.)

  86. My favorite tool is the magnetic wand. The older I get, the more I seem to drop things and the worse my vision gets. There’s nothing like dropping a needle and not being able to find it.

  87. After reading one of the Needle ‘N Thread articles, I ordered a tool block from Stitch In Turn. It is beautifully made – and it is a very attractive way to display my needlework tools while keeping them handy as I stitch. Thank you for the recommendation, Mary, and for this fun give-away!

  88. That’s a beautiful Etsy shop. My favorite tool is the rosewood telescoping wand magnet. It’s really a step up from the one I use.

  89. Thanks so much Mary. Those are all lovely tools but my favourite is the laying tool. I love a substantial laying tool and this one has enough substance as well as being beautiful and functional.

  90. Their seam ripper makes me feel better about my mistakes. It’s beautiful. I have their tools. It’s so beautiful, I’m getting a second one in a different color. Their magnet thing is beautiful too.

  91. Choosing a favorite tool from Stitch and Turn for beauty is impossible. Everything in the Etsy shop is gorgeous but for beauty and functionality not to mention necessity at my age the telescoping magnet wins my vote hands down. What a fabulous idea!

  92. I don’t have a laying tool (and I want one!) so any of those would be lovely! I particularly like the Caribbean Wave and chrome one.

  93. I would love all of them, but especially the telescoping magnets. Having rhumitaud arthritis, sometimes I have trouble holding onto my needles. When I drop them, I am on my hands and knees looking for them so no one steps on them, especially me.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  94. These tools are just beautiful. They are not only perfectly functional but beautiful to handle and look at. Just love the turned wooded tools. I’m a needlepointer as well as a sewer so I could certainly put them to good use.
    Frances O’Donnell

  95. Favorite tool: the telescoping magnet, because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, nor can I get down and look for things like I did when I was younger, so anything that helps me find pins and needles or even scissors that I have dropped is wonderful! And you’re right; if you’re going to have one of these tools (and I do not), why not have it be beautiful?

  96. I especially love their wooden laying tools! It is wonderful to enjoy turning the wood in your hands and feeling it’s smooth finish. I particularly like the temperature of the wood as opposed to metal. It always has some warmth that I don’t find in a metal tool.

  97. They are all beautiful and useful tools! I am both a needlecrafter and woodworker. So truly appreciate both artistry and value of these lovely gifts. Thank you for sharing and featuring. I would probably favor the laying tool or magnet. Hard to decide!

  98. What a difficult choice! I think I would make good use of the Royal Jacaranda tool holder. My father was a woodworker and I think he instilled a love for wooden things.

  99. The tools in James’s Stitch-in-Turn are lovely. I was especially fascinated by the Nostepinne. I had to look it up to discover its use as a knitters tool. Very clever!

    However my final favorite is the telescoping magnetic wand, a lifesaver for embroiderers who attempt to work where children and pets lurk. A general quick safety sweep puts my mind at ease. Furthermore the beautiful natural sir rosewood

  100. I love Stitch in Turn. I follow him on Instagram. I have been eyeing the laying tools. They are so elegant and it would feel a little indulgent to have one in my kit. I love the magnets too!

  101. I really love the laying tool case that has the threads so it will not come undone when in storage. My my, what an excellent idea and a beautiful object to own.

  102. Hi, Mary,

    The tool for me is the single-ended seam ripper in koa wood. Why? Well, I always need to remove stitches, and this beautiful tool has a handle that would be comfy to hold.

    Thanks, Mary!


  103. My favourite laying tool is BLT (Best Laying Tool). It is a wonderful instrument. I would like to win it in the encased in an exquisite wood cover with a screw-on lid.

  104. The pincushion is lovely and what a tool the seam ripper is! I have a giant magnet but not encased in beautifully turned wood. I have no idea about a laying tool. I’ve never used one. I will watch a video of Mary’s to see about that. Thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas.

    Ruth Cremin
    Hunt TX

  105. I would love a tool block with laying tool. I have a wooden laying tool but no place to put it so I can quickly grab it when needed therefore it doesn’t get used. I love the natural wood grain on the tool blocks.

  106. Hi Mary, James’ tools are simply beautiful. It is hard to pick a favourite but if I could have only one, I would chose a teko-bari case in purple heart wood to go with my purple heart frame.

    Thank you to you and James for this give-a-way.

  107. It’s really hard to pick just one as I love both the magnet and the laying tool – but the laying tool is so very beautiful – that has to be my favorite.

  108. I love the tool blocks, but of the three gifts on offer, I would love and use a seam ripper, as quilting is my first hobby!

  109. Very pretty. I love needlework and wood. We have many creative and functional wood pieces in our home. I would love any of them, but will choose the seam ripper. Thanks!

  110. I don’t own a laying tool and would love to own such a lovely one like you showed in this post. It is exquisite!

  111. He has beautiful items on his site. I like the telescoping magnet as I have cats that are always searching for things to swallow. Each time, at the end of my sewing, I always have to search for pins (and threads) to be sure the cats don’t get into them. However, having chosen the tool, I have to say that I love the tool blocks best. They are beautiful!

  112. I like the seam ripper. I use one all the time and this one is so beautiful that it will make ripping out mistakes easier to smile about.

  113. Wow, what beautiful wood work! I love the Best Laying Tool Case in any of the natural wood colors. The turned designs are fabulous and I know the case will protect the laying tool in our stitching bags instead of having the tool loose among our other stitching supplies. I’ve pricked my finger more than once on the sharp end of my laying tool.

  114. The Stitch in Turn tool block is definitely my favorite. I need something to keep my sewing tools close at hand. If I lay them down, like lemmings, they throw themselves off the edge of the table and end up in the hardest to reach places. The tool block is going on my Christmas wishlist.

  115. Wow, very beautiful wood work, I love the colours. I stitch and knit so I really like the Yarn winder/Nostepinne in Canary Wood. It would come in handy for my knitting projects. The seamer rippers are lovely, only wish I didn’t have to use them so much! I also like the Christmas Ornament in the red and green, how lovely it would look on a Christmas tree. The tool block in Confetti would come in handy. Sorry couldn’t just name one! Thank you for the opportunity.

  116. I have never had a telescopic magnet but could see the value to it…but the laying tool has me intrigued. No idea what it is so it is something I am willing to try. But the seam ripper is gorgeous and I do need a replacement. They are all beautiful!

  117. I love the laying tools. It’s amazing to me that when I use them how much better my work looks. Plus, the tools at Stitch in Turn look so well made. I love the idea that the laying tool is also protected! I think if you are going to do any type of needle art you have to have the right tools! I would love to add this to my tool set.

  118. These tools are so beautiful it is very hard to pick one. The telescoping magnet is my favorite. Although I try to keep my needles on a needle minder, one or two will drop off and land in my chair or on my floor. Searching for them takes quite awhile and generally involves lying on the floor with a flashlight and looking for a very small beading needle or a size 10 embroidery needle. With this I would be able to find my needle right away and worry less about sitting down on one, or one ending up in a cat’s paw.

  119. What beautiful work!! I like the tool blocks, but my favorite item on James and Tawney’s website is the wood laying tool, especially the rosewood. I would use this for making eyelets as well, because it looks sooooo smooth.

  120. My favorite is the BLT, although all of the tools are beautiful. I will definitely check out the Etsy shop.

  121. What a fabulous etsy site. I love the best laying tool case in Purpleheart with a chrome finish. What an absolute fantastic way to treat yourself.
    Will be back to site to shop, for sure.
    Happy Holidays, Mary. 🙂

  122. The laying tool is my favorite. There are local people that sell these types of tools, but never the laying tool. I’ve suggested it to them, but never see it. Could be used as a stiletto for any sewing project.

  123. My favorite StitchInTurn tool is the seam ripper – the one I use the most. But I also fell in love with their nostepinne. It’s not an embroiderer tool, but I’m also a knitter and crocheter… and could use it.

  124. All very lovely items but my favorite tool must be the ‘Tool Block.’
    Why? I’ve never seen anything like it. It is both beautiful and practical!
    I do have a question, however. What is the difference between a ‘V-cut’ and a ‘Cove Cut?’ Does it have something to do with the holes in the Tool Block?

  125. I just recently learned what a laying tool is, I am fairly new at embroidery.
    I would love to add on to my growing “tool kit”

  126. I love the BLT! The shape and size look perfect for laying of stitches. I have been using an extra long needle for the purpose and I mean a really long needle. Thank you for the opportunity!

  127. The Wooden Case with Laying Tool is my favorite. I take my stitching with me to many places. When I need a laying tool, I try to bring one with me, but I’m always concerned about the point getting broken during transport. The wooden case solves that problem. I prefer the wooden laying tool over the metal one. I like the feel of the wood in my hand.

  128. These tools are beautiful! My husband does some woodworking, so I am going to show these to him to get him inspired. I love the case for the best laying tool, and particularly in Caribbean Wave, just beautiful! I choose the laying tool, which I have never used but have been thinking about trying since I finally got a stand so I don’t have to hold a hoop anymore.

  129. I think my favorite is a marble wood tool block. I’m constantly loosing my stuff between the cats, dogs and a disorganized box I currently use!

  130. Ohhh! The lovely magnet tool! To have one would be grand! My pins and needles are become elusive when I fetch my coffe or when I rummage around looking for that perfect thread. I do use the coin size magnets, but honestly, they become invisible amongst the work table frenzy.
    From Linda the YMCA stitchers Houston

  131. What a lovely craftmanship! I love the wood it looks so warm on the touch.
    I love the tool to cut thread.
    Thank you for the give away!

  132. Absolutely beautiful tools. What a treasure!!! I do a lot of sewing, therefore, unfortunately what comes with that is ripping out seams occasionally. Lol. Nobody likes to rip out seams, but this tool would at least make it a little more pleasant.

  133. I’d have to say I like the laying tools as they look like they could double duty for maybe hair sticks

  134. Wow! He does gorgeous work! Hmmm … I really have to choose a favorite? That’s *hard*! I’m really having a tough time deciding between the telescoping magnet (especially that blue/green one) and the maple tool block! If I really *must* choose just one, though, the tool block would be the one.

  135. So many beautiful things! The feeling of polished wood is so comforting.

    I think the two things I covet the most are the tool block – I’m always losing pencils and crochet hooks and knitting needles and scissors when I’m making things. But I also love the yarn winder! I know it’s not needlework related, but…so lovely and useful.

  136. The tool I would really like is the laying tool.
    I have a metal / ivory handled tool that I currently use but would love to have something with a greater length as I think it would be more precise.

  137. While I love the look of all of the coloured woods, I do prefer the pure wood look and I would love to have that purple heart magnetic wand. That way I could have one by my stitching chair and one in my bag to take to stitch-ins.

  138. The telescoping magnetic wand would be a favourite since it is a daily useful tool for picking up pins. The blue/green is my favourite colour combo and the workmanship is beautiful

  139. I love the tekobari holder! The colors are great. This couple making them is very nice, too. I met them at the EGA National seminar. Their products are super.

  140. Oh Mary, I love them all. Too hard to choose just one. Time to treat myself to elegant tools as a Christmas present for me. If I must pick one … it is the tool box because it is a great place to keep elegant tools handy and safe. Thanks Mary for this wonderful opportunity.

  141. I love the magnetic tool. It’s so beautiful. Currently I’m working with petite needles and the eye can break easily. I lost two needles this week. Since they break in two, I could use the magnetic wand to find the tiny eye end.

  142. Oh soooo lovely. I think I have one piece of his work that was a gift!
    I would have to go with a seam ripper because they do eventually get dull.

  143. I really like the tool block in the maple. It is beautiful and would fit my decor very nicely. It would help keep track of my tools as well – very practical.


  144. Just want to let you know I have learned so much from your website and newsletters since I have been a subscriber. I really appreciate what you are doing. I like the color of the magnet tool. Some time could you give us a paragraph on how you use this tool? Thanks! Diane

  145. My favorite is the seam ripper. You can never have too many, because they always disappear when you need one. But this one is so beautiful I will want to keep it in a special place so I can always find it.

  146. Love ALL of the teko-bari, laying tools . They are all beautiful pieces and would help with my goldwork.

  147. My favorite tool from Stich n Turn is there magnetic tool wand in color. The problem would be picking the color as they are all beautiful!
    Marilyn S from Dubuque, Iowa

  148. All the tools look beautiful, but my favorite would be the magnetic piece. Would sure help when you drop your needle. Maybe I could find it before my foot does.

  149. Oh my! The confetti and gem wood teko-bari tools are incredibly beautiful! I would love to have something that beautiful to help me wrangle threads.

  150. The telescoping magnet would be my choice. Dropping needles and then trying to find them is no picnic. Having one encased in a pretty wood is beautiful and a bonus.

  151. Everything made by Stitch in Turn looks just beautiful. If I had to choose one thing it would be the telescoping magnetic wand because, once lost, those teeny tiny beading needles are hard to find! And the tool looks so classy…

  152. The wooden tools are so beautiful! I already have a wooden laying tool so my favorite is the magnetic wand.
    Favoriteiris is my nickname.

  153. I like the telescoping magnetic wand in rosewood. There is at least 1 needle lurking in my rug and I would like to find it!

  154. So many beautiful items! It would be a pleasure to stitch with a beautiful laying tool.

    Thanks Mary!

  155. The tools that James artfully makes are stunning! I have always admired beautifully crafted wooden objects, and although I would particularly like one of the tool blocks, I would be thrilled to have any of the beauties that James makes. Truly works of art!

    Thank you for this fun chance, Mary! Great idea!

    Happy Holidays!

  156. I love the BLT in a wooden case! It would really be a great addition to my stitching box! All his wood working is beautiful! What a talent!

  157. I own a tool block and I love it! It IS a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I love how all the tools are stored in their individual places – with even smaller holes for needles! Everything is right where I need it when stitching, taking up minimal space. And James and Tawney are delightful to work with!

  158. Wow! What a gorgeous array of wooden goodies…. the craftsmen/women are amazing. S-o-o-o hard to pick just one, but on consideration it would have to be the tool block. I need some discipline in my life (she sometimes thinks!), and keeping my needlework ‘bits’ handy would be a start. Maybe…
    Thank you for this opportunity and happy Christmas. Cheers

  159. Wow! My favourite is the laying tool…..so beautiful, and, of course, so useful! I do not have one and I would love to win. James is certainly talented.

  160. I would very much appreciate receiving the seam ripper. Will I be the lucky one ? Have a Merry Christmas .

  161. Admired the craftsmanship at Stitch in Turn website. Love the tool block. Little tools can ‘get lost’ on my work table. The block would keep them visible and handy. Also useful for short handled brushes when I I work on my traditional icons.

  162. You are right…what a leap of faith to leave a job and start doing something that you love. WOW. I like the tool block. It will hold several items and be easily portable.

  163. I would say one of the favorite tools that I would use from them would be the laying tool especially when I do cross stitch or crazy quilting and want to have my threads lay flat without twisting.

  164. Needle, Needle where are you??? My favorite item is of course the magnetic needle finder. These fingers are getting old and I find I fumble more often — hence the needle finding dance begins! I would love love love this one!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  165. Wow! James not only sells useful tools, but he creates them beautifully! Hard to pick a favorite, but I am choosing the telescoping magnet. I am not getting any younger, and this tool looks wonderful to help out my eyesight and my crawling around on the floor. 🙂

  166. Isn’t this such fun? Thank you, Mary, and please thank the sponsors for offering such wonderful supplies and and the introductions to their products. From Stitch In Turn, my favorite product from them is the Tool Block in Maple. Wow, no more poking my needles into the chair upholstery or leaving scissors on the table for a potential scratch in the finish.

  167. The Pink Lady teko-bari case is stunning. I love pink and have never seen anything like this and love that it is lined to keep the point sharp.

  168. All of the products on his site are gorgeous, I was most drawn to the wooden laying tools that show the grain of the wood because the design the grain creates is so unique. Thanks for sharing this site!

  169. The seam ripper is my favorite tool. I’d also love to have one of their tool blocks. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  170. Oh! I just love the tecobari case. The woods are so nice and wood is so tactile. I use my terminator such a lot for so many different sorts of stitching it really deserves such a lovely case.

  171. My favorite tool in this beautiful collection is the double blade seam ripper.
    The reason I am choosing that as a favorite is because a seam ripper is always a necessity in all my sewing , quilting , and embroidery projects!
    I always have to rip out and do over and clip threads and this sharp pretty tool looks like the perfect instrument for making this unpleasant task easier ( and maybe less unpleasant) to accomplish!

  172. Using any of these tools would be a pleasure! But as the seam ripper is the one I’d use most, I think it would be my choice from Stitch in Turn’s beautiful collection.

  173. All of the items are just beautiful. It is obvious they are made with pleasure as well as purpose. I especially love the tool block. Reminds me of an item my Grandma Eugenia use to have, which was also hand made, but not as smooth as these appear to be. And the telescoping magnetic wand — perfect item to have around for all those pins and needles that seem to slip out of your hands. Thanks for the opportunity, Mary.

  174. I absolutely love the pin cushion from Stitch In Turn! I never seem to have enough pin cushions. I keep one on my cutting table, one or two by my sewing machine, and one beside my sewing chair. I’ve actually been looking for a new one and this one is perfect. It combines my love for needlework with my husband’s love for woodworking. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Jennifer B, NEPA

  175. I would love to receive a wood turned piece tool. Each one of them are beautiful and it’s hard to pick one wood over another. They are unique and so pretty.
    Louverna Tomer

  176. Only yesterday I was crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find an errant hidden needle. I’m currently using size 12 embroidery needles for silk shading, they are so easy to drop and difficult to find. When I saw the Stitch in Turn telescopic magnet my eyes lit up, particularly the land and sea (blue & green) one as the colours are so lovely – reminded me of peacock feathers. I could do a quick waft after each sewing session and find any lost needles, time saved equals more sewing!

  177. I have a hard time choosing a favorite StitchInTurn item; I love them all! But if I have to choose only one, it would be the telescoping magnet, as I do not have one…again, I love all the colors, but the naturally finished wood is more timeless.

  178. Beautiful tools! I have a turned seam ripper that I dearly love, these tools are lovely and would be so nice desplayed in my stitching room (if I had one 🙂 )

  179. Beautiful work- hard to choose! Love the telescoping magnet- but could really use the wood tool block! Buckskin colorway please!

  180. My favorite item that Stitch in Turn offers is the tool block. It makes it so easy to quickly find what I need and prevents tools from getting misplaced.

  181. While everything’s beautiful, I think I’d pick the single blade seam ripper in Burmese Rosewood.

  182. These pieces are beautiful! I especially love the blt holder. Great way to store your laying tool so it’s easy to find in your stitchy bag. 🙂

  183. I like the seam ripper because I use it a lot and when I’m not using it I can count on the top staying on protecting my fingers and other items in my sewing basket.

  184. As a needle artist with a woodworking husband, I can relate! Although I have not gotten my husband to make me anything needlework related yet. He wants to make me a slate frame, though!

    I took a 3-day course at EGA Seminar last fall in Japanese embroidery, so I would have to say that the laying tool would be my favorite, but all of the tools on the Etsy site are gorgeous and destined to be treasured components of any needle artists kit!

    Happy stitching!

  185. I love the telescoping magnet. I am always dropping tools, pins or needles then have to find them again. Needles vanish on the carpet so lots of feeling around is needed.

  186. I appreciate the advice on tools, etc. While I hope to win, I do plan to visit the website you reference. Like anything else that you spend a long time on, work, hobby, or play, the right tools make all the difference. Thank you, Carol

  187. Thank you for being such a generous person to offer these give-a-ways during this Christmas season. Wow their shop is amazing! I loved everything! Very beautiful work! Did you see all the available options on those telescoping magnetic wands? What a great idea. I’m often dropping needles and find myself trying to find them on my tile floor. That would work great to help me find them. So many beautiful items in their shop, each would be a luxury to own, but I think, if I were a winner, the magnetic wand would be the first I’d pick.

  188. As I’m sure you already know it’s difficult to pick only 1 tool from the StichIn Turn Etsy shop. If I have to pick only 1 I’d say any of the Teko-bari cases. The Teko-bari is my favorite laying tool and I have a couple of them. It’s easy to have them get lost in a case of tools and any one of these cases would make it easy to find as well as protect that sharp tip.

  189. I have a laying tool in a plastic container. I LOVE the wooden cases that the laying tools come in so beautiful and wow the inlaid wood colors!

  190. Unfortunately my favorite tool is a seam ripper 🙁 I am always un-stitching some thing or other. Went under one thread or 3 threads went I was aiming for 2. Or I decide I don’t like how something looks or want to put it slightly somewhere else….so I keep my plastic seam ripper close and would love to have the lovely wooden handled one in my nearbyu basket of stitching stuff 🙂

  191. Very hard to pick a favorite – they’re also so beautiful and useful, but if I have to pick I’d say the telescoping magnetic tool is my favorite. Thank you for the chance to win

  192. Everything is beautiful and useful…. but the colorful tool blocks are my favorite. It would be fun to put a collection of embroidery scissors in them.

  193. Merry Christmas all. I found Stitch n Turn not long ago. I bought their tool block!! I absolutely love it. My scissors are always right there where I need them. All their tools are absolutely exquisite!!

  194. Stitch in Turn: there are such beautiful tools in the shop, it would be hard to choose a favourite. I would go with the yarn winder because it would make my crocheting life easier, and also the Best Laying Tool in one of the pretty colours!

  195. I would love to win the beautiful telescoping magnet. It is one of those things I don’t need too often, thank goodness, but when I do, I wish I had one.

  196. Can I have two faves? The telescoping magnet and the pincushion are both absolutely adorable! One of my favourite crafts is making bobbin lace. As you would expect, with all of those pins, pincushions are absolutely crucial. And telescoping magnets are very handy for picking up dropped pins! These are truly beautiful and I would use, love and treasure any tools from StitchInTurn. They’d be handy for my sewing, embroidery or my lace work.

    Also, I’d like to thank you for the amazing work you do. I learn so much from your writing and tutorials. So thank you very much and I wish you a very happy holiday season and joyous New Year.

  197. My favorite is the Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case as I think the shape of the tool would be very helpful for someone with arthritis. And I love the wood and the design made when it was turned. Lovely!

  198. The laying tool (and all the tools) are so beautiful and useful. Thank you all for making this available.

  199. Oh! The telescoping magnet is the tool I didn’t know how much I needed until I saw it! Beautiful!

  200. I’m a sucker for beautiful wood tools. How you expect us to choose a favorite out of all those gorgeous tools escapes me.
    I suppose I’d have to go with either a seam ripper or a laying tool, maybe in purpleheart? Or cocobolo? Once again there are too many choices!

  201. I like the little pincushion. Always looking for ways to use my needlework and I love stitching smalls.

  202. Oh my – I love beautiful tools made of wood!! My favorite from looking at the Etsy shop is the double bladed seam ripper. It’s such an essential tool and having one so beautiful would make using it less painful – often times we hate using the seam ripper because it means we’ve made a mistake 🙂

  203. My favorite tool at the Stitch in Turn Etsy Shop is the Best Laying Tool and its case. Just Beautiful! Thank you for this super great giveaway!

  204. So far, my favorite is the tool block I bought from Stitch in Turn a few months ago. It really keeps my chair side table less cluttered and I can easily find the tools I need (if I remember to put them back in the block).

  205. Oh yeah! Would love to have a custom laying tool. I have big hands, my great granny used to call them ‘peasant’s’ hands. Lolol most of the ones I find in stores are just too short and feel awkward in my hands. What do I use? My hubby’s long pointy tool thing from the tool box. Clunky handle but it does what I need it to, especially for hand sewn seams and hems

  206. All the tools are so gorgeous. As well as the pens/pencils and tool holders. The craftmanship is so lovely. My favorite right now is the yarn winder–never heard of one even. Not embroidery related but I do as much knitting as I do embroidery.

  207. If I were to be a lucky winner of one of these gifts, I would choose the seam stripper.
    I think this would be a wonderful gift as mistake happen and they are not always in the very convenient places. A seam stripper would help to reach the most awkward places.

  208. I love the rosewood laying tools! The length makes them easy to use, and I adore that they are hand made out of natural materials!

  209. What beautiful, beautiful craftsmanship. I especially love the tool block. This is going on my Christmas list. Thank you for showing us all your beautiful work throughout the year and for holding the giveaway.

  210. The laying tool looks wonderful! It would be useful for whenever you need a stiletto. Great give-aways!

  211. I love the unique wooden laying tools that a Stitch in Turn offers! I’ve started using a mellor for some metallic threads and found how helpful they are so I’m dropping broad hints to my family about their wonderful website and the beauty of a well crafted tool. If I don’t get one (or more!) as gifts, I’ll be ordering one after the holidays are over. Thank you for bringing this company to our attention.
    SandyHG in Florida

  212. Oh my what lovely little tools. My favorite tool and I have to say the one I use the most is my seam ripper. There have been so many times it has gotten me out of a bind.

  213. Wow! I’ve never heard of a Best Laying Tool. Very cool! I love the double blade seam rippers and will most likely be ordering for gifts. Beautiful workmanship!

  214. How handy would a telescoping magnet be?! Oh, those lost needles, threaders, not to mention other things in life,that roll just out of your reach….
    Suzi’s MiMi

  215. I love all the tools for their beautiful woods, but the seam ripper would be the most used in my toolkit. 🙂

  216. Wow love the laying tool, I’d never lose that as it would always be on show not hidden in a drawer, it’s beautiful and practical.

  217. It’s a hard decision, but I really like the tool holder, hopefully it would keep me organized if I used it

  218. My husband just broke my seam ripper (again) and has promised to replace it. Maybe if I ask him to replace it with one of these he’d quit breaking them.
    I would love to win one, and then I’d never let him touch it!

  219. What beautiful woods he uses! I am attracted to the laying tools as I have never owned one.

  220. Should have read the instructions! Their work is beautiful. I love the tool holder—maybe I will hint around for Christmas.

  221. All these tools are beautiful, so choosing one is hard. I particularly like both the double blade seam ripper and the telescoping magnet. Thanks, Mary, for including these handsome tools.

  222. Those hand-made tools are all so beautiful! My favorite is the telescoping magnet. I’m always dropping pins and needles in my sewing room, and it sure would help my old back to have this tool!

  223. My favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn is the Tool Block. I am forever misplacing my tools and spend more time looking for them. Tool block will be handy to have the tools in one place leaving me more time to stitch.

  224. How to safely store the laying tool has always been a problem for me and this one with its own wonderful case is the perfect solution. My favorite tool is the laying tool. I would love to receive and be able to use it.

  225. I have a tool block and I absolutely love it. It holds my scissors and is on the table next to my stitching chair. You can never have enough scissors when stitching.

  226. What lovely tools! I particularly like the wooden case with the wooden laying tool.
    Im trying to put together a chatelaine and this piece would be a perfect addition!

  227. It’s hard to choose when there are so many beautiful pieces of art to choose from.
    That said, and after much back and forth, I have chosen the Telescoping Magnetic Wand because 1. It’s beautiful 2. It’s very useful-saves my feet and other body parts from stray needles and pins 3. It’s the piece, which for me, is a most unexpected tool to find in a wooden handle. How clever and beautiful is that!

  228. I just LOVE the little pincushion! I confess, I have a weakness for cute pincushions and this one is adorable!

  229. The laying tool would be my favorite as it would help in special projects that need to look and be their best. I have never used one before. This would have been handy to have when I made pray shawls for my nephew and nieces. I tend to do a lot of satin satin stitching in my work.

  230. All are so beautiful but I would choose the seam ripper as this is one of my most used tools!!!

  231. What beautifully made tools. I particularly like the cases holding the BLT. Thank you, Mary!

  232. The laying tool case is my favorite. My problem is picking my favorite wood from all the choices. Crossing my fingers on this❤️

  233. These tools are so beautiful. I’d love to have them on display in my sewing room.
    I especially love the magnetic wand. I’m forever dropping pins and picking them up has become a problem.

  234. I love the feel of wood in my hand and the look of the grain. The double bladed seam ripper would be a joy to own but those telescopic magnets would be so so useful!

  235. I adore all of the products, but I like the tool block best. The reason I like the tool block so much is that not only is it so beautiful, but it is useful in helping me keep my tools together and not lost.

  236. Stitch In Turn’s tools are… beautiful! The BLT of today’s giveaway is my favorite and in their Etsy store, the Tool Block is going on my Christmas wish list!

  237. Telescoping Magnetic Wand

    T amount of needles and pins I drop (especially pins) is v-e-e-e-e-r-y large. No more bending with this one! Rest easy my poor knees 🙂

  238. I couldn’t stitch without my tools and that telescoping magnetic wand has me very excited.

    Why didn’t someone come up with that sooner?

    Linda Schirmer

  239. I would like the laying tool. I find myself using this tool more and more. I even put them in some project bags.

  240. I am learning the thread painting technique and find I get better results with a laying tool. I drop EVERYTHING and a wooden tool and case would be warmer to the touch, and help my brain remember there is something in my hand. The ultimate tool to help me is the decorative wooden case with laying tool in novato wood. I love natural wood without a colored finish .. it helps relax my brain.

  241. Wow! I saw some beautiful hand-carved tools at an LNS recently, and fell in love with ALL of them. How grateful I would be to win a BLT…I’m fairly new (again) to cross stitch and this would be very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with all of us, Mary. It is most

  242. Oh my! A telescoping magnet! I honestly had never heard of such a thing, but what a brilliant idea! I would actually give it to my husband, who haunts my sewing room and the chair I embroider in picking up all the pins I somehow manage to drop!
    Thank you so much for a lovely blog and all of your ideas.
    Merry Christmas!

  243. Oh my, how can we be expected to choose just one? I love them ALL. I think my favourite is the laying tool with the carved captured ring in exotic wood. But I really do NEED all of them!

  244. My favourite tool is the double ended seam ripper, though the rosewood stiletto (laying tool) is a pretty close competitor! The workmanship is beautiful, and such a tool is useful to boot.

  245. These tools are just the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. I’ll be sure to put one on my Christmas list.

  246. My favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn is the Celtic Knot Tool Block because it is exquisite and would be able to hold some of my many embroidery scissors and tools.

  247. I would love the Best Laying Tool. I’m just starting to fiddle with some goldwork, and could put it to good use. Why not start with the best?

  248. I love the tool blocks, how beautiful (as they all are). Thank you for great craftsmanship!
    Mary Kay

  249. They’re all so beautiful as well as useful (I ordered some ornaments for Christmas presents for my friends). I think my favorite, for me, is the laying tool ( oh yea, I ordered an ornament for myself too).

  250. Not quite a tool in the usual sense of the word but my favourite item is the tool block. What a clever idea and so useful to keep all other stitch accessories to hand. I am forever organizing my work in separate cloth bags and always need a tool that is in a bag not currently being worked. This tool would be ideal for me.

  251. I think that my favourite tool is the tool block. I have several tools already but having one of the gorgeous blocks (Celtic Knot, anyone?) as a useful place to store my tools would be a great addition to my workspace. I’ve actually met James and Tawney at the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada/Association candienne de broderie national seminar in 2018 and 2019.

    Thank you James and Mary!

  252. Hands down, the telescoping magnet!! As I get older and rounder (or Fluffier, if you prefer), bending down and picking up my dropped needles becomes more and more of a challenge. And his are so GORGEOUS!

  253. You mean I have to pick? I think it would have to be the laying tool in the case. I don’t currently have one of those tekobari laying tools. I generally use a bone awl I picked up eons ago at a quilt show. But I have been dreaming of laying tools lately. I’m a tool aficionado in every area of my life. Just can’t resist a well designed tool.

    Kelly Ann D. in Modesto

  254. I really like the Maple Tool Block. I would definitely use this daily to keep my tools in order and handy to locate. The workmanship is beautiful

  255. Stitch in Turn has beautiful pieces to choose from and it was hard to choose my favorite. I have this thing for mechanical pencils (the accountant in me) and so it would be the mechanical pencil. Not sure which one I would pick since they are all so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win one of Stitch in Turn’s products.

  256. I have both the double-ended awl and stitch ripper – in the purple heart which is lovely- and the tool caddy. I use the tool caddy everyday – sits right next to my sewing machine – and the stitch ripper more often than I’d like. I think I should treat myself to that magnetic pin grabber now…..

  257. WOw! What a selection of beautiful tools. I love the ripper. I hate to admit that I have to use my little plastic ripper way too much. I am sure using this beautiful one would make a distasteful chore much more pleasant. I also love the little pin cusion. I recently bought a small dish in order to make my sister a similar one for Christmas.

  258. I like the wooden laying tool in the wooden case. The wooden laying tool would be more warm to the touch than a metal one. Plus beauty. A friend has one she carved herself

  259. These beautiful handcrafted tools are amazing and I would love to own any one of the, however I’m thinking a telescoping magnet would be a most useful tool in ones arsenal as it would be so handy not only for finding “lost pins & needles but for keeping your working needles close by especially if you haven’t a pin cushion or magnet. Somehow or another I never seem to have either close by. I imagine the feel of beautiful hand turned wood in ones’ hand is something one cannot describe.
    Mary, you have a wonderful day and Thank you for all your time and effort into putting together such informative posts for us.

  260. These are such beautiful tools. For me it is a toss up between the seam ripper and the magnet. I love that the seam ripper has one on each end with good covers on each end. The magnet because since my stroke the fingers on my left hand don’t work as well to pick up pins or needles if they fall on the floor

  261. I use a lap hoop with an attached maginifing glass to help see stitches better, It was a recommendation from needle en thread and I have recommended to others. I am currently working on initials on a Christmas gift also a Mary Corbett pattern. Love my emails from Mary I look forward to them and can always learn something new from them. Thank you Mary

  262. I love the BLT. The laying tool would make some of my current stitches much easier to control. However, having said that… who wouldn’t love either of those tools to showcase in their sewing “stuff”. I particularly do a considerable amount of “un-sewing” … so a new and sharp bladed seam ripper…. !!!

  263. I own a gorgeous tool block from James and Tawney that I purchased at the EAC Seminar in 2018. I couldn’t resist it and I’m so pleased with it. The workmanship is beautiful and it is so useful as well.

  264. I like the seam ripper. My current seam ripper is as old as me (yikes) and the pink plastic case is actually disintegrating!

  265. I love them all. However, my favorite today is the double ended seam ripper. I think it would be easy to hold, and I love the idea of two-in-one – I “seam” to wear out seam rippers on a regular basis, and a dull one is a chore! Sally

  266. We had a neighbour who was a wood-turner and so I know the beautiful and useful things that can be made. My favourite piece I see in his shop is the wee bowl for a pin cushion. It’s pretty and as a pin cushion, a bit different.

  267. What would I do without this website. There is always something new – a review, a new needlework to lust after. Instructions to help with our needlework stitches and so much more. Thank you Mary, you are my needlework goddess.

  268. My favorite piece from Stitch and Turn is the Rosewood tool block with laying tool. I love to be organized- or at least start out that way!

  269. I like the seam ripper because I spend a lot of time with one ripping out what didn’t turn out well!!

  270. What a wonderful set of tools! James does a really nice job. I love the tekobari cases, but I think my most favorite is his tool block with laying tool in purple heart. His finishes look lovely!

  271. I would love the laying tool as it would make my silk embroidery yarn look so much smoother and neater than the one I have.

  272. Love the Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case in rosewood that is fluted. Gorgeous. Would love to see something similar to hold/travel with needles. (Would be harder to lose them).

  273. The seam rippers are beautiful, but I must confess, the nostepinne(s) are beautiful. (And let me tell you that my autocorrect really didn’t want me to use “nostepinne”, offering a number of hilarious alternatives).

  274. What beautiful, practical tools! Who wouldn’t want those in their stitching box! I am in awe of his woodworking talent.

  275. Wow, what gorgeous tools. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I think the Rosewood laying tool is my favorite as I have just started working with flat silks.

  276. I believe I would pick a tool block as the item I can use the most. I have nothing like this and can see where it would be very handy. My stitching friends would be very envious. I’m adding it to my Christmas wish list.

  277. These are gorgeous tools. Obviously there is a great deal of care in making them, just like needlework they help someone create. I’m going to look at their website.

  278. I love the laying tools – especially the rosewood one. I don’t use a laying tool with all fibers, but if I’m working with silks or ribbons or with some wools, it’s really helpful to use that and keep the fibers as smooth as possible as each stitch is made.

    I love the feel of rosewood – and yes, each wood has its own feel.

  279. I like the tool block the best! It seems as though I spend a lot of time picking up and/or searching for my “tools” that have disappeared while I am stitching. The tool block will keep all the tools in one place; hence I will spend more time stitching.

  280. WOW its gotta be the laying tools and Tool Block so wonderfully crafted, wouldn’t know which item to choose, they are all delightful, and how fab it would be to vista these every day and use when stitching ! oh my !

  281. What’s your favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn, and why? I love the BLT and case. I enjoy working with the BLT and the case makes it extra special and takes care of it.

  282. Stitch in Turn – love the wooden case with laying tool. Right now I use old collar stays that belonged to my father. With the case I could keep it on the same ribbon with my scissors.

  283. I absolutely LOVE these tools! They are beautiful! I think my favorite is the seam ripper (not because I’d have to use it a lot – ha!).

  284. I have his stitch ripper and it is beautiful! Very comfortable to use when doing large amounts of frog stitch (rip-it, rip-it). I’d loved to have another of his tools, or be able to give a stitch ripper to my mother for Christmas.

  285. I have liked this Etsy shop since it was featured in Inspirations Magazine. Everything he makes is just lovely. I love the tool blocks and it is on my Christmas wish list to my husband this year. fingers crossed!

  286. Everyone uses tools…in the kitchen, the workplace but a needleworker’s fav is her needle. But sadly to say she also has need of a seam ripper when a stitch goes awry. It would be an honor to own one of these gorgeous hand turned tools. Thank you for the opportunity.

  287. KJ in Seattle.
    The work of James in Stitch In Turn show great skill, thought and passion for the art.
    I love the magnetic telescoping tools. They are both beautiful and quite useful. Having one of these to use would almost want me to drop more pins and needles.

  288. Oh my, these are gorgeous. My favourite on their etsy site is the rosewood laying tool. It’s a beautiful wood and the finish is lovely.

  289. Oh, my – what a chance! I was hoping to purchase an extendable magnet for myself! That would be my choice, as my poor old knees are tired of crawling around under my sewing table looking for those lost needles! Such beautiful tools.

  290. The Cove cut Maple Tool block is my favourite tool on their StichinTurn Etsy site as I have almost all of the other tools they make, albeit none so beautiful.
    Thank you for supporting another small business.
    Barb from B.C.

  291. My favorite tool is the seam ripper. Not only is it a beautiful piece of work, but we all make mistakes and it would be a joy to have this tool rather than the plastic one I use.

  292. Oh, Mary, must I choose? Both the laying tool and the telescoping magnet are my faves…both too beautiful not to be displayed instead of sitting in a stitching bag!

  293. I bought a tool block for myself …makes it so easy to find all my tools when I need them…I still have several holes to fill and hope to have a laying tool one day soon.

  294. What wonderful tools! So hard to narrow it down to just one!
    I like the “Tool Block”. It would be very handy to keep my most used tools close by.

  295. Telescoping magnet

    I love wood
    I love handmade
    I love supporting artisans
    I love handy/useful tools
    This is the most wonderful tool I have seen in a long time. Very clever!

  296. I love the wood tool blocks and laying tools. And I will probably order some pens and mechanical pencils for presents for people.

  297. I would love to own one of the laying tools with a captured ring, they are so clever as well as so functional – and, above all, beautiful. I can almost feel the smoothness in my hand.

  298. The tools are way over the top and absolutely amazing! I do a lot of embroidery, so the laying tool is near the top of my list, along with several other tools.

  299. Hello Mary; you are so thoughtful to offer us The Stitcher’s Christmas! And already such lovely offerings!
    The tool I would choose would be the seam ripper tool; however the lay tool is exquisite too! But the sharp tip of the lay tool intimidates me just a little, although I am sure it is perfect for plunging into fabric as needed.
    The seam ripper is my choice because of my alternate hobby of quilting (quilting and embroidery go together, right?). I would love to say that I rarely need to remove a sewn seam, but alas, it happens more often than I care to admit! Such a lovely seam ripper would be both functional and beautiful! Thank you!

  300. The best laying tool is my favourite, it looks lime it would be wonderful to hold.
    The scissor blocks look fabulous too!

  301. My favourite tool has to be the telescopic magnet as I am forever losing my needles

  302. What beautiful tools. My favorite tool is the seam ripper. Unfortunately I use it a lot! So it might as well be pretty.

  303. The telescoping magnet would be my special friend for retrieving those runaway pins, needless, or scissors with stylish

  304. OMG! I would love a hand-turned laying tool! I really want one to keep my stitches flat and pretty

  305. I’d have to say the rosewood laying tool is my favorite, although I don’t have a laying tool and have never used one – but I have seen some lovely embroidery created using a laying tool, and can see the difference one makes.

  306. I love the tool blocks with the beautiful laying tool inserted at the center. I’m a wood nut and can’t resist the beautiful wood patterns and perfectly smooth touch of finely finished items.

  307. Hi Mary, It is hard to choose but if I have to choose, I pick the laying tool. One of the biggest challenges for me with embroidery is tension and precision. This is especially true with stumpwork and thread painting, two techniques I love. The laying tool (along with a good tweezers) really help ensure threads lay properly and don’t twist and beads and wires stay put—for those times when fingertips are simply too clumsy! Thank you for the opportunity to win.



  308. Oh happy day! Thank you Mary once again for these amazing Christmas giveaways. I love the telescoping magnetic wand. Not only would it come in handy with errant needles and pins but I can see using it all over house for other lost items.

  309. I love beautiful tools! My seam ripper is way too old (and plastic) and since I am told I verge on perfectionist (I don’t buy that), I use my seam ripper a LOT. And who doesn’t need a magnet for pesky runaway pins! I’ve never had a laying tool and I’m sure it will work better than a toothpick, which is my current mode. Bad me. These are lovely instruments!

  310. There is nothing more satisfying that have beautiful hand made tool when working with linen and threads. Just good for the soul

  311. I probably don’t need another laying tool, but the Teko-Bari covers make me covet the ones in the Stitch-in-Turn Etsy shop. Thank you for another lovely give away event.

  312. What I need is a seam ripper. I eat them for breakfast. What I want is a pin cushion. Actually, my husband would like if I kept one in every room. Well I warned him, needles and pins, needles and pins, when a man marries his trouble begins….

  313. Every item on the Stitch In Turn site is fabulous. I especially like the exotic wood laying tools. I have always like wooden stitching tools. I love the way the turned wood feels in my hand as I lay my threads. James is incredibly talented. His choice of colors and the woods are magnificent.
    Whoever wins will be very lucky to receive one of their items.

  314. What beautiful tools! I have to say my favorite is the wood laying tool with the loose ring–my hand itches to pick it up so I can admire the workmanship. I know this tool would make me smile every time I used it.

  315. I can’t make up my mind if the Decorative Needlecase with the laying tool or if the Wooden Block with the laying tool is my favourite. My practical side says it is the Wooden Block with the laying tool as it has more uses. My stitcher’s side says it is the Decorative Needlecase with the laying tool because it is so pretty and I could always order my favourite block to satisfy my practical side somewhat. What should I do?

  316. Thank you for directing us to the websites where we can drool over all the beautiful and professionally made stitchers’ dream accessories, tools and products. When I went to the Stitch in Turn Etsy shop and pulled up each item, it was hard to decide which one I liked the best. I have a couple wood turned laying tools, but the tips are all too big and I use them for pushing out corners as they don’t poke through the fabric easily. I was glad to see the slim design and fine points on the laying tools at Stitch in Turn. I would say I like these the best. Thank you again, for the opportunity to participate in your Stitcher’s Christmas event. Jan

  317. i suppose my favourite is the laying tool with case. it is truly beautiful and the feel of that finish in the hand would be wonderful to work with.
    wonderful work.

  318. Oh, geeze. They’re all so beautiful! I think I’d like a tool block the most–until I get better at stitching. Just because I’m a beginner doesn’t mean I have to be messy about it. Or a wooden case for a laying tool. It already has a ring on it for me to turn it into a necklace. 🙂


  319. There is a lot of choices in their shop, but double blade seam ripper with olive or cocobolo handle would be my favorite tool. I use seam rippers so often… 🙂

  320. Hi Mary,
    My favorite tool made by Stitch and Turn would have to be the tool block. I often find myself stitching at the kitchen table, which is seldom without newspapers, mail, etc etc — items that can and will move into my project area and cover things up. This tool keeps all my precious tools “above the fray” as it were, and far less likely to be mislaid.
    June House

  321. My your favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn is the telescoping magnet. I usually have several things on top of me (including my cat) while stitching, and it is a major production if I drop my needle and have to move everything to get up to get it (my cat growls at me). So this would be a wonderful addition to my tools. And the beauty of all of these tools just really makes me happy. Liz B.

  322. My favorite tool on the site is the telescoping magnet. It is my favorite because it is beautiful and I love magnets. I have seem rippers and laying tools but what I really need is a magnet to pick up what I drop.

  323. What beautiful tools! Thank you, James and Tawney for offering these as part of the gifts. Of all of these lovely items, I particularly like the wooden laying tool with its simple wooden case – slim, elegant and basically perfect.

    Wishing everyone a delightful holiday season, and may all your projects be finished on time! – Kathy

  324. Those tools are works of art! Just using one of those would be a joy (even the seam ripper, which doesn’t often bring the word “joy” to mind!)

  325. All the tools on their website are amazing. I love them all, but especially the tool block, so as to keep all the tools together, organized, and close at hand.

  326. My favorite tool is the Seam Ripper – Double Blade. I use a seam ripper fairly often and this one is a real beauty, one worth passing on to my daughter.

  327. My favorite Stitch in Turn tool is the Best Laying Tool. I find a laying tool indispensable for embroidery and machine sewing.

  328. I’m delighted by the wood-bottomed pin cushion! If that doesn’t count as a tool, then the BLT looks extremely useful as well.

  329. I love them all, but my favourite item are the tool blocks, I absolutely love wood and it’s an extremely practical and lovely way to keep your sewing tools handy and safe.

  330. Such a special gift. I’ve seen those beautifully made wooden tools and would love to own one if I’m lucky enough to be selected.
    Janet Riley in Savannah, GA

  331. I think the laying tools are just exquisite. They look like they would just fit your hand and be easy to use.

  332. These are beautiful tools and they feel so good in your hand. I have the seam ripper. I love it. If you don’t have one get one. I’d love to have the telescoping magnet. Maybe one of these days.

  333. I just love the best laying tool case it is a bit like wooden pearls
    It is just beautifull and the Woods are so nice
    It is so much better when you have beautifull tools to work with

  334. Thank you Stitch in Turn for offering these beautiful and much used gifts. My most used of these items would be the Seam Ripper, especially in the Cocobolo wood.
    I would not mind ripping out stitches if I had this pretty tool to get the job done. Hope I win one of these tools
    And, thank you Mary ~

  335. I think the telescoping magnet wand is a gorgeous and perfect for those times it’s needed. I also like the looks of the mechanical pencils, which would get more daily use.

  336. I would love the best laying tool case or the telescoping magnet. It would be hard to pick as all of the wood combinations are lovely!

  337. Hello Mary,

    The craftsmanship of James is magnificent. It is hard to chose any of them, any of them are objects for display.
    The telescopic magnet is very handy tool for me. I frequently loose needles and pins.

    Thank you for starting the Christmas giveaway again.


  338. I have a scissor block made by James. The beauty of the wood is a joy to look at while I am stitching. I’m a gadget person and there is nothing like having a useful tool and it be beautiful also.

  339. I’ve been on the lookout for a good laying tool. All of the options shown are beautiful! I would definitely find one useful for both embroidery and quilting/sewing projects.

  340. Now there’s a hard choice! It’s down to any of the tool blocks or a laying tool. I have a really nice African porcupine quill that I use for laying, but wood just feels so darn nice in your hand. The tool blocks are to die for. My father and uncle were woodworkers so the tool blocks would be wooden eye candy as well as functional.

  341. I love the laying tool. I don’t have anything like it and can think of many ways
    I would use it.

  342. I would love any of the items sold on this website, but the double seam ripper is going on my Christmas list.

  343. my very favorite wood-turned tool is my telescoping magnet – it is pretty AND it finds my needle under the couch EVERY time i drop it

  344. My favorite needlework tool from Stitch in Turn is the BLT (Best Laying Tool) encased in wood covering case.

  345. Oh boy! I’ve loved these pieces since you first mentioned them in an earlier newsletter. There’s no doubt what I would want. Both the cigar shaped pen and one of the non-dyed tool blocks are on my someday list. I have a whole collection of turned pens and I treasure every one of them. And since my table often looks just like your where’s my tweezer table, the block would be a gorgeous way to stay a bit more organized. I wish he made large ones to hold crochet hooks! Thanks, Mary, for giving all of us a chance to win all of the treasures this week! Merry Christmas!

  346. My favorite tool is the telescoping magnet. I am aways dropping my needle or pins on the floor and can’t see them in the carpet so my magnet gets a lot of use. I love the wood he uses for the tools, they look like they would feel good in your hand.

  347. Love the laying tool! What beautiful (lathe) work on everything but I think the laying tool is my favorite!

  348. I don’t know if I could pick a favourite tool because I’m sure I’d like any item that James makes!

    I have one of James’ tool blocks with laying tool in my workroom. It is wonderfully useful for keeping common tools close at hand and beautiful to look at as well.

  349. wow such pretty tools! I guess a favorite would be one of the laying tools…I have yet to purchase one but I surely need it….instead I just struggly playing with my stitches which slows me down… but they are expensive Ty for sharing her site… great gift ideas there as my sis is also a stitcher. ty for the chance Mary.

  350. The laying tool. I do not have one. I have signed up for a silk ribbon embroidery class after the first of the year and one of these is listed on the supply list. It would be lovely to have such a beautiful tool to use in the class.

  351. So. Hard. To. Choose. But if my husband asked me right now what I would put on my Christmas List from “Stitch in Turn,” it would be the tool block/laying tool combo. You can’t beat functional AND beautiful!

  352. My favorite tool on the StitchIn Turn Etsy site is the beautiful wood tool blook. I ordered one of those as soon as I saw them on a link from Mary’s site, and I love it! My second favorite tool would be the telescoping magnet wand. They are beautiful, and I seem to drop almost everything I touch these days! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in these drawings. ~Judy

  353. My choice would be a “BLT Best Laying tool” . The wood handle is the most beautiful tool I have seen. Wood is so comforting to hold in your hand.

  354. I love the Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case with Color.
    The vivid colours are just beautiful. I keep a knitting needle tip protector on my Teko-bari now, but do not have a cover to protect it. I think the cover is a very good idea. The Teko-bari is a must for laying flat silk. I have a couple of needle cases (from another maker) that are made with the same sort of vivid wood colours. They’re practical and fun !


  355. Gorgeous woods! I love the feel of wood and adore how they age as you caresse them. Like wine and women, wooden tools can get more beautiful with age.
    While all of the tools are lovely. The one that will be on my wish list is the tool block. I have a “writers block” for my pens and writing tools near my computer, it would be fabulous to have the Celtic block as a companion to it.

  356. My favorite tool would be the Stitch in Turn telescoping magnet because I do not currently have a telescoping magnet.

  357. Any of the tools would be amazing but I think the telescope magnet would be a godsend for me when dropping small needles on my workroom floor, it takes me an age to find and pick them up.

  358. Oh my! How do you choose from such beautiful craftsmanship? I think I will have to go with the Celtic knot tool block, but there are so many others I want now that I’ve seen them. And the pens? Don’t get me started. Stitching tools and writing tools both make my heart sing.

  359. What beautifully made tools. Love the high polish which accentuates the wood grain. I also like that this company are in San Antonio, a mere 60 miles away! I think my favorite would be the encased laying tool. But the seam ripper would feel so nice in my hand when having to unsew. The telescoping magnet could be so handy. Certainly looks nicer than the one I bought at an auto parts store. Thanks Mary, from Mary in Texas.

  360. Their products are beautiful. I really like the maple tool block, although one can never have too many seam rippers! Thanks, Mary!

  361. What a beautiful combination between functionality and design. When these two come together you get something truly magnificent. Who wouldn’t want to work with these inspiring needlework implements.
    A credit to the artists.

  362. The one I like best is the BLT case. I keep mine in the clear tube it came in and a hand-turned wood case is a step up as well as being easier to find in my kit.

  363. BLT for breakfast and BLT for under the Christmas tree. I have never had a laying tool and would love to have one to use for both embroidery and silk ribbon work. The tools are all beautiful!

  364. These tools are beautiful! I love the telescoping magnet. Saves so much bending to pick up pins.

  365. The case for the best laying tool or tekobari is the most practical piece among the collection for me, providing both beauty and a desirable function (safety and protection). Although I do not do a lot of knitting, the yarn winder was also appealing.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely gifts.

  366. I love laying tools and I love turned wood! It’s guaranteed way to ensure I have something I admire and find useful!

  367. Those tools are gorgeous! I would have to pick my favorite as the laying tool as I don’t have one and it would be so handy to have one especially one of theirs! I love the wood colors and shine on all their pieces!

  368. Favorite tool is the telescoping magnet. My knees will be so happy if I get one of these! No more crawling around under the table. And all this with beautiful colors to delight the eyes!

  369. Absolutely LOVE the handmade laying tools in any of the woods. What beautiful pieces to hand down and cherish for generations….

  370. It’s a tie between the seam ripper (I sew as well) and the nostepinne (I’m also a knitter), although it’s probably the seam ripper that would get used the most… 😉

  371. I love love love the seam ripper. It is beautiful and functional. I especially like the safety cap on it so it keeps the sharp edge tucked away.

  372. Hi Mary
    I would love to win one of these beautiful tools, I have seem many like these, but these are by far the most beautiful.
    Merry Xmas
    Jan Barclay
    New Zealand

  373. Any of the tools as they look so tactile that I would just sit there holding them all the time

  374. I have used all of these tools, but not as beautiful. The tools that I have are only functional. Thank you for your information and I will certainly look for these in the near future.

  375. What’s your favorite tool offered by Stitch in Turn, and why? Well hey are all fabulous!
    But for just looking at something my favorite is teh Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case – Gem Wood & Gold Tone, so beautiful, but if I am going to actually use something, the yarn winder would be it, I am a knitter/crocheter!

  376. My favorite tool would be the Pink Lady wood block. This tool is both beautiful and pragmatic – holding my cute little scissors and other tools. Thanks for the chance!!

  377. Tough choice! Everything is gorgeous, but I guess I would have to go for the Decorative Wooden Case with Laying Tool in rosewood. Absolutely stunning. I’ve learned to love using a laying tool with nearly every x stitch I do and being a wood carver myself, I love the warmth of wood. If wishes were horses…

  378. I love the tool block! I have one and it is beautifully made and a great place to hold seamrippers and laying tools.

  379. Oh my goodness. The seam ripper. They are all beautiful and the magnet would be used constantly. But oh , I need a seam ripper. I grew up with wood workers in the family. And every time I touch something hand turned I think of them.

  380. I love the colors they use in their tools! The purple heart magnet tool looks so handy for picking up lost needles, I never seem to step on them, I’m like one of those spiders that subconsciously remembers where it put the sticky stuff on it’s web, but inevitably one of my family ends up with pincushion feet. I also love the laying tool cases, and tool blocks.

  381. I think the tool that I prefer is the multicolored tool block because of the brightness of those colours and the curves of the tool.
    I think I met those two very nice people at one of the Embroidery Association of Canada seminar a few years ago. They were there to sell their products but they were also very nice people to talk to.

  382. Without a doubt, I’d be going for the Laying tool with wooden case. My first choice would be in purple heart and second the rosewood. I have both a metal and wood laying tool, and the wood feels SO much nicer. I love the warmth and smooth feel in my hand.

  383. That laying tool is magnificent! I stitch so many intricate ornaments and I am currently using a make shift laying too. I would love having such a beautifully made laying tool in my tool kit. Thanks!

  384. I love the Best laying tool case. Not only is the wood beautiful, but it would prevent jabbing myself with the uncased laying tool when I reached into my bag.

  385. I’ve been drooling over James store for months. I love the tool blocks. I also have my eye on the pencils as well. Gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win one of his beautiful products.

  386. The tools are not only pretty; but, useful! My seam ripper, unfortunately, is one of my most used tools, & gets dull after so much use.
    Having a magnet to pick up pins would be fantastic! I try to get them before my dogs get too curious!
    Would love to win today’s prizes!!

  387. I would love to win a telescoping magnet I spend so much time looking for dropped needles Helen.p newzealand

  388. Oh my goodness, such lovely items! Can I have one, or 2, of everything? Thread ripper. Iam ashamed to say this, but 90% of everything I do, I rip out & start over. Too much of a perfectionist, or bad eyesight. I’d choose thread ripper, it’d receive a HUGE amount of use! But the telescoping magnet, hmmm, another handy device in my world! The products look beautiful, but also look sturdy, years of use. It’s nice to see quality & not cheap import plastic.

  389. Not sure which tool would be my favorite. They are all beautiful and useful and I would love to win any one of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  390. I love every single stiletto. My Dad did woodworking until he died and they all scream DAD. A lovely memory.

  391. I always have a difficult time when asked to pick “1”. Though I want to say “laying tool” because that’s what I could maybe afford, but I just love the tool blocks – so that’s my pick and I am sticking to it” ! His stuff is wonderful, and I would love to see more pin cushions !

  392. Oh, these are absolutely stunning! I have such a weakness for beautiful handmade tools. My favorite is the Teko-bari (BLT). Enclosing the tool into a safe, non-destructive-to-my-carrying-bag container is delightfully useful. I’d be using it for my fumbling attempts at goldwork. Still learning!

    ~Perian from California

  393. All that wood is beautiful! I love the tool blocks. Somewhere to pop your scissors, laying tool and other bits & bobs so they don’t get lost on the table, and pretty with it.

  394. I do love the beauty of turned wood. I think the tool that would be my dream would be the laying tool. I could certainly use one and to have it enclosed in such a lovely case would improve the look of my sewing case.

  395. Oh my gosh! That purpleheart magnet is fabulous!!! Lots of nice things on their site, but didn’t see another one of these! I heart all thimgs purple and especially purpleheart wood! Thank you for letting us know about these beautiful tools!

  396. I love their wooden cases for laying tools and I have some nice wooden pieces that get broken if left free in my bag
    Thx for the opportunity

  397. Luv all the polished wood, hard to pick just one but I think if I had to it would be the magnetic tool. I have one, but since it looks like a pen, it tends to get lost. I would not lose one of these lovelies! Thanks!

  398. I love, love, love the telescoping magnet! Being able to pick up (find) needles, etc. with more ease is such an attractive idea, and to do it with such a beautiful tool? Oh my, what a joy!!!!

  399. I have to say that I would love a seam ripper. I lost my Grandmother’s wooden seam ripper years ago and there hasn’t been anything on the market that is sturdy enough and beautiful enough to match what she had until now. Thank you for sharing about the Stitch in Turn shop.

  400. My first choice of these lovely tools would be the seam ripper. It’s the tool I use the most (of the three offered)! I have a telescoping wand that does come in handy. I don’t have an official laying tool yet so starting at the top, so to speak, would be a treat!

  401. Hello!
    What a fun giveaway! There are too many beautiful pieces to pick just one. I love the tool blocks, and the fun layering tools. I wish I was this skilled with wood. I love find new businesses that hand-make their items. Thank you for this spotlight article!

  402. I love all three tools (plus the ones in the ETSY shop) but, if I have to choose one, it is the laying tool.

  403. I love those gorgeous laying tools. Having really beautiful tools is part of the joy of stitching.

  404. I particularly like the BLT holder. The BLT is a wonderful tool but a bit sharp to leave out. The wooden case would be a great accessory.

  405. All of the tools are works of art…I fell in love with the laying tool, as it would work as a stiletto as well as a tool for making silk flowers. That being said …who could not use a seam ripper

  406. I like the laying tools as they are so beautiful and look comfortable to hold.
    This is the tool I think I would use often and enjoy holding in my hand

  407. I absolutely LOVE the tool blocks. They are works of art in their own right, with the function of keeping all of your tools handy and accessible. Truly beautiful craftsmanship. And created by lovely, kind, talented people. – Maura Witt

  408. Thank you for your giveaway Mary.

    The items by StitchInTurn are lovely. I’m always a sucker for Christmas ornaments!

    Their laying tools in cases look esquire.

  409. All of the tools and blocks are soooooo beautiful. James is definitely a kindred spirit to stitching folks who make beautiful things out of thread. The seam ripper would be my pick. I need one often, why shouldn’t it be lovely? Thanks

  410. His wood items are beautiful and several are very unusual. I immediately succumbed to two items…..the ornaments will be a beautiful scissor fob, too, and I’ve never seen the yarn winder before. I can see it useful for stitching thread, too. Birthday presents to myself!!!

  411. My favorite item from Stitch in Turn is the tool block to hold scissors, laying tools etc. It would be very handy to have next to my stitching chair!

  412. I love Stitch in Turn and have been following them on Instagram. I have been coveting the Maple Tool Block – it is a beautiful wood and I would love to have at least one on my sewing desk. He does beautiful work and I’m sure he gets a lot of advice from his wife.

    That is my favorite tool offered but if I won I think I would pick the magnet – I am forever dropping thimbles and needles….

    Thank you

  413. I am always dropping pins or a needle; so the telescoping magnet is my favorite.

  414. Stitch in Turn – beautiful heilums to hand down to the uture stitchers in the family.

    I have always loved nature’s patterns in wood. Not one piece is ever the same. The wood turner has creative magic hands.

    What great tools to have with the pleasure of handling them and eventually handing them down to the next stitcher in the family.

  415. All of the items look beautiful. I think a Tool block in mahogany would be just beautiful.

  416. My favorite tool from Stitch in Turn is the tool block with laying tool. Why? Because the tool block is really functional as well as beautifully made, and so is the laying tool, which is something I use (and lose) a lot. It would be great to have a home for everything.

  417. I could really use a good seam ripper, a pretty one is even better. Makes a mistake stitch nice to undo!
    Tanya heidi, greenville sc

  418. My favorite needlework tool is the telescoping magnet. At my age and with arthritis it is difficult to get up after bending down to pick up something and the telescoping magnet would be a great help.

  419. I have met Tawney and James at a stitching retreat in Texas. All of their tools are beautiful and so well made. I love the different woods James uses. I have a gorgeous tool block in an unusual Marblewood that I find so handy. While it’s hard to choose a tool that is my favorite, I’d say the block is the most constantly used tool I have.

  420. Hi Mary
    I must admit I love the rosewood laying tool, but I also really like the tool block. and then, lo and behold, I saw the combination of the tool block with the laying tool! Be still my heart!

  421. I just love the maple tool block and have always meant to buy one! I love the wood used, the feel and turn of the wood.j Just a so useful tool. It might keep my work space a little more tidy.

  422. Hello, my favorite item is any laying tool since I don’t have one. I keep trying to get by with the back of my seam ripper or some such item.

  423. Oh boy – these are wonderful tools. I love wood and I especially love hand made wooden items. T he one item I especially love in the Stitch In Turn Etsy store is the mechanical pencil. I have never seen a hand turned wooden mechanical pencil before, and these are beautiful. Plus the fac t that they are 7mm makes them perfect for me.

  424. All of the tools are wonderful. My favorite is the telescoping magnetic wands. They are so beautiful and super funtional. I’m always dropping needles and the wand just grabs them right up. Not to mention the feel of the wand in hand is amazing. It’s super smooth and fits my hand perfectly.

  425. I am picking the the tool block with laying tool as my favorite. I love the feel of good wood, and these are so pretty. I am always looking for my scissors and this would keep them handy. I believe the laying tool would be a great asset with the new stitches I am learning.

  426. The wooden embroidery tools look amazing. What a great story that someone has been able to turn a passion into a successful business. My favourite tool would have to be the telescopic magnifying wand. I am always losing needles in my sewing area

  427. Wow, what lovely stuff I found on their website. I liked all the laying tool cases, but I think I like the Gem Wood and Gold tone one best. The layered colors remind me of paper color designs found in Florence, Italy.

  428. Love all these beautiful tools. But I think my favorite is the blt or best laying tool. The wood is exquisite, and the safety for the laying tool and for my fingers are all significant. What a wonderful website. Love them all.

  429. I would choose the cover for a laying tool, as it would protect the laying tool and would make it easy to find. It would be hard to choose from all of the beautiful woods they use for their products – gorgeous!

  430. I like the rosewood laying tool. This would be perfect for me. All the tools look beautiful and I can see what you mean by “craftmanship”.

  431. My favorite tool is my laying tool & then my stitch ripper. I mostly make quilts & in between I love to do my embroidery, embroidery is my happy place. My laying tool is used all the time to help me keep the end of the fabric from sliding & of course my stitch ripper is my best friend. I visited his shop on etsy & his tools are absolutely georgous. Who wouldn’t want to be a proud owner of one of his tools.
    Thank you for having this give away.

  432. A telescoping magnet is indispensable for anyone who drops needles and has a barefooted husband, and a beautiful one would be a delight!

  433. Oh my the tools are so exquisite! A seam ripper would be great as the one I have is a cheap plastic one. But honestly they are all so beautiful. I’m definitely going back to their etsy store which I was pleasantly surprised at the many varieties they have.

  434. I love those beautiful tool blocks but my favorite is the cute pin cushion. Merry Christmas and happy stitching to everyone.

  435. The hourglass pen is my favourite – it is stylish, unique and the colours of the pens remind me of batik material in my colour of brown

  436. I think Stitch In Turn’s laying tool is my favorite among their tools. It appears to be comfortable to hold in the hand and the point will work on different thread sizes.

  437. Love all 3 of these beautiful tools. My preference would be the telescope magnet because I am for ever hunting for my needles and pins down the side of my Lazyboy and on the floor.

  438. Wow! All such stunning pieces! Hard to decide which would be my favourite. However, having just completed a gorgeous beaded pouch, I could put a Tekobari case in Bocote wood to good use, and keep my laying tool in great condition!
    Thank you Mary


  439. All the tools are gorgeous, but the one I’d probably use most is the seam ripper. Looks like it would work beautifully for removing errant stitches

  440. I love the laying tools in wooden cases, also the seam ripper tools. The wood grain is lovely!

  441. Good Afternoon,

    I purchased a magnified pick up tool at a EGA seminar a couple of years ago. We moved into our new home a year later. One day coming home from work I see my son and daughter out in front of the house next to the mailbox told my husband that putting the mailbox next to the gutter was a bad idea with my tool, apparently my son dropped the car and house keys into the gutter and was using the tool to get the keys out of the gutter. It worked but the tool broke and I was very upset, now I know where to send them to replace it!!

    thank you!!

  442. So beautiful! my favorite is the telescoping magnet – so useful for finding little things in tight spots.
    Thanks, Mary!

  443. Your website is like a vacation adventure everyday! Somedays it’s pretty things, some it’s education, some it’s about travel, you just never know! I love checking in every day and would never miss one! Thank you.

  444. There are few things I like better than wood implements – turned is the best. These are works of art. I’d have to choose the seam ripper. That is (to my shame) the tool I use most.

  445. I love their products! They are all so lovely – I really need a nice seam ripper and love their single blade one in their shop! Thank you!

  446. I have Jim’s seam ripper which unfortunately gets more use than I would like. I just love it besause it is beautiful and easy to hold. I love his choices of woods. The laying tool with case is now on my Christmas list.

  447. What a delightful selection of beautiful wood tools. I have a small collection of wood crafting tools, I think I would add a tool block to my collection given the choice. Wood is such a warm medium to use another,
    beautiful item to stroke! Thank you for this opportunity.

  448. Hi,
    I think I would like the telescoping magnet. It would be so useful not having to bend all the way down to pick up dropped stuff.

  449. The wooden laying tools are exquisite and I can think of multiple uses for them. Each different wood is so beautiful!

  450. How can I make a choice among so many beautiful handmade tools. Of course, having the tool block would be the perfect place for your tools. My favorite or rather first item I’d love to own would be the laying tool. A great way to make sure all your stitches are perfect

  451. My favorite tool from Stitch and Turn is the laying tool wit the carrying case. Protects the laying tool from stabbing you when it’s in your project bag.
    Thanks for the giveaways.

  452. Such beautiful pieces on the Etsy Shop. While I would love one of everything, my favorite is the mechanical pencils. I love a nice quality mechanical pencil to trace my designs and lightly mark fabric. It’s so hard to find nice looking mechanical pencils.

  453. Beautiful. Wood is so much better than all the plastic stuff these days. My favorite is the seam ripper. I just can’t decide which wood I like best.

  454. I love the two-ended seam ripper. Having both sizes available is great in itself, but having a sizable handle to hold instead of the tiny plastic kind is even better.

  455. It would be such joy to work with these beautiful tools. My preference would be the laying tools when working with silk floss

  456. I visited the Etsy shop and am impressed by the beautiful tools. Most of all, I love the wood laying tools (the tool block is a very close second), and of the wood choices offered, I would choose the lovely Granadillio. Why do I like it? It’s just lovely in shape and size, and I can imagine threads gliding over the smooth, polished surface, to lie in perfect alignment.

  457. I love the laying tool in the wood container. Right now, my laying tool (purchased in 1987!!) lies in a wooden box for which I embroidered a inset for the cover. However, most of the time when I go into the box for something, I poke myself with the laying tool. Mu husband made me a small roll of fine cardboard and tape to put over the point. Definitely not as pretty as the wooden one in the picture 🙂

  458. I love the laying tools. They are so useful for many things: laying stitches, undoing a knot, among others. Plus the woods are beautiful; it is a pleasure to hold, the silk-like texture of beautifully finished wood. I want to pass on such items to my great-niece when I can no longer do needlework.

  459. So much to choose from on the Etsy site, some lovely tools and gorgeous wood, but the tool holder stands out for me.
    Lynda from Salisbury UK

  460. My favorite tool is the telescoping magnet. I am forever misplacing my needle and this beautiful tool would come in very handy.

  461. I love any kind of tool for any kind of work whether it be woodworking, cooking, and of course embroidery and sewing. These three are works of art and I’d love to have the seam ripper. It would actually be a treat to rip out seams with this beautiful tool.

  462. Tools from Stitch in Turn – beautiful, and must be a delight to work with. I think my favourite is the magnetic wand. Or maybe the double-ended ripper. Or perhaps even the pin cushion!
    Thank you so much to them, and to you, Mary.

  463. They are all so beautifully crafted. Hard choice but I would say the laying tool, much more fine than my finger.

  464. I would love the telescoping magnet. I am forever dropping my needle or pins. Have been using an ugly one my husband had in his toolbox. Too embarrassed to take it to my Tuesday stitching group. If I win this the ladies will be so envious.

  465. It was hard to choose between the seam ripper and the telescoping magnet.
    I finally decided on the magnet. I really like Purpleheart wood. I currently have a magnet at the end of a length of PVC pipe. This would be a definite upgrade.

  466. I really like the Best Laying Tool encased in wood with the screw on lid! It is a tool I could really use. Of course, I could use a new seam ripper too…I think everyone could. I’ve never (knock on wood) spilled my pins all over the floor, so I don’t think I would use the magnet tool. Thank you for the opportunity to win. All of the tools by Stitch in Turn are beautiful!

  467. All the tools are wonderful. If I was to win one I’d like the Celtic Knot tool block.
    Thank you!

  468. All the products are lovely but I’m particularly drawn to the colorful tool blocks. I would be pleased to receive anything from this artist!

  469. I have one of the telescoping magnetic wands. It is beautiful! I think my favorite tool would now be one of the tool blocks.

  470. My favorite is the rosewood laying tool.
    I have always had a love for all that is rosewood. I have never used a laying tool and i am ready in my embroidery journey to now look at ways of improving my basic skills.

  471. I love the beautiful, smooth woods, so gracefully turned into these tools that would be a pleasure to use beyond the normal satisfaction of using a good tool. It’s hard to decide, but I choose the tool block in the natural wood colors as my favorite–I like the idea of having my tools sorted, easily available and easy to pick up instead of rolling around on the table 🙂

  472. Lovely items. Just lovely. Of those shown on the Stitch in Turn website, my favorites are the tool blocks. I have a small side table where I stitch and I’m always covering my tools with something. It’s a definite waste of good stitching time when I have to go digging for what I need.

  473. Ooh! I want them all! (I’m channeling my inner Veruca Salt!) I can’t choose just one, but I’ll list three:
    The wood tool block to hold my scissors and other tools.
    The wood telescoping magnet to find all the pins and needles I drop (frequently!).
    The wood mechanical pencil for my inner nerd who prefers mechanical pencils to regular pencils. I use pencil to mark out stitches on my charts.

  474. Beautiful tools. I’ve never seen a wood magnet needle finder, mine is metal, so that would be lovely. However, the Decorative Wooden Case with Laying Tool – Wow! A wood case for your wood laying tool! Does it get any better than that?

  475. My favorite tool is the seam ripper. No matter how carefully I read the instructions or how carefully I try to stitch, inevitably, something will have to be ripped out. It is my most used tool & it is nice to have a seam ripper that fits comfortably into my hand as well as being beautiful.

  476. Oh, my! How to choose just one! I love the telescoping magnetic wands. I find I need one in everyplace and then extras. Always dropping my needles! And these are gorgeous!!! I also like the laying tool cases. Always dropping my laying rooms and ruining the tips or they are poking into other stuff. These are a great way to protect them. And all the woods and combinations offered from this store are gorgeous!

  477. The tool boxes in color are just too cool. I would love one so I can get my scissors, etc. off the worktable and into view so that I can find them easily.

  478. Oh I have seen these before and loved them. I especially like the Teko-Bari or best laying tool in a beautiful wood case. What more can I say. Sigh!!!!

  479. These tools all look amazing and must feel so beautiful to handle. My favourite is the BLT. What a gorgeous tool holder. I don’t have a proper laying tool yet so this would be a stunning addition to my workbox.

  480. What lovely tools! Having beautiful tools makes stitching more enjoyable. I love the laying tool which stores away safely.

  481. Oh wow – I’m drooling so much right now! I guess it’s not in the spirit of the question you asked to say that I like everything? So…for me….it has to be the telescoping magnet because as I sit here I see an escapee pin under my sewing table which means I will have to get down on my hands and knees to retrieve it. A telescoping magnet tool would certainly help my arthritic knees!

  482. Dear Mary, thank you for a great blog, you always inspire me. My favourite tool would be a laying tool. Thank you for the opportunity. Regards Mandy xx

  483. Hi Mary,
    What lovely tools. While it is hard to make a choice between all the gorgeous tools, I think the laying tool and the seam ripper are beautiful and most useful. Thank you for the excitement of a Stitchers’ Christmas.

  484. My favourite tool is the Seam Ripper. It is such a useful tool…let’s face it, we all make mistakes! The beautiful wood used for the handle makes it a joy to look at and to use.

  485. What lovely tools!! I think my favorite is the laying tool case. I have several laying tools; you might say I have a weird addiction. I would love to have the BLT covered by that lovely case!!

  486. I drooled when you did the article about the tool box. They are so beautiful. The tool in the box I really liked is the laying tool. I have a metal one I use from years ago, but certainly it is not as pretty as this one!

  487. I would put that telescoping magnet to good use. I teach children needlework at a Boys and Girls Club and at least 2-3 times a class I hear “I lost my needle”. They are usually on the wooden floor and there are probably so many needles in between the planks.

  488. Oh, no doubt…..the beautiful laying tool made by James is my favorite. My needlework is improving with time, and the smoother stitches achieved by using a laying tool is quite incredible.

    But then, all the tools are wonderful.

  489. Absolutely love wooden tools. They will become heirlooms.
    I love the yarn winders for making needlewoven elements in Elizabethan embroidery.
    Any wood would be fine as they are all lovely.
    My second choice would be a tool block to protect my tools.

  490. The telescoping magnet looks to be a very useful item to have while stitching. While I think it is my favorite among all their items, I would be happy with any of the selected choices and would be using them regularly.

  491. The seam rippers look to be the most useful. However I have been wanting to try a laying tool for embroidery for a very long time.
    The woodwork on all is beautiful.

  492. Lovely! I especially like the tool block in blue. Since it is not one of the prize items, I would opt for the laying tool. Thank you!

  493. The wood work is amazing. The tool blocks are my favorite. I also like the Christmas Ornaments and the pincushion. Thank you for introducing us to Stitch in Turn.

  494. I love the pin cushion! It’s cheery and cute. Living in the midwest in the winter can be bray and bleary, and this would brighten up my attitude every day!

  495. I would really like a tool block. I’m always looking for scissors or crochet needles. Thank you so much for the giveaway

  496. Any of these tools would be wonderful to own. They are beautiful and functional. I like the ones with layers of colored wood, like the laying tools and telescoping magnets.

  497. I love all these handmade tools but especially the seam ripper. It’s bad enough to have to rip rip rip, but when you can use a lovely tool that feels so nice in your hand, it’s so much better!

  498. Wow, so hard to choose but I just love the rosewood laying tool! It’s so delicate and pretty!

  499. The woodworking designs in thee tools is beautiful. I have my eye on a couple pieces and hope Santa takes the hint!

  500. Mary…oh….wow…the telescoping magnet has just taken my heart! What a wonderfully lovely handle…crafted wonderfully!

    I have a Scotty dog who run around while I am doing my hand embroidery and I am always fearful that I will not find a needle that escapes the thread and falls on the floor while I am stitching. This telescoping magnet will help me to keep my heart calm while I find that needle before my doggie does!

    Thanks for the link to the etsy website. These items look like they are wonderfully crafted!

    Bonnie from Buffalo

  501. Lovely tools! My favorite would have to be the Tool Block…so versatile, beautiful, small and functional. I also love the seam ripper…that tool would get a lot of use

  502. I love their little circular tool holders! They look so organized and perfect with all the matching tools arrayed in the right places.

  503. My favour is the Tool Block (which I own) – they are so beautifully made. side note – James and Tawney are so friendly and nice – I have had the pleasure of meeting them on Prince Edward Island (2018) and again in Victoria, BC (2019).

  504. The wooden tools look very easy to handle. The seam ripper would be one I would wish to try, as it seems, many on the market, in sewing stores, are not always sharp. The block for scissors also looks very versatile to help keep tools organized.

  505. I love well made wooden tools, and there are some really lovely tools in their Etsy shop. I especially like the Wooden Case with Laying Tool. I’ve been looking for a laying tool that I could treasure, this is just the thing!

  506. All of the items from StitchInTurn are absolutely stunning. I am completely taken with the all of the items using multi-colored wood. I also love the idea of a telescoping magnet!

  507. The Stitch in Turn wooden laying tools are just beautiful. It would be such a joy sewing with one.
    Seeing the thread slide off the smooth wood would be a joy.

  508. Not only are these tools beautiful, they are a lovely reminder of the value of craftsmanship, expertise and making things with love. As stitchers we embody these ideals and so it is fitting that we should use such beautiful tools.

  509. It wasn’t until I became the bionic woman that I realized how important a magnetic picker-upper would be to my stitching. When I drop a needle on the floor it is so easy for me to lose it and find it with my big toe! So the extendable magnet is the sure tool for my arthritic bones to have. I have one that I bought years ago….but it is not beautifully crafted like these tools are. Wow! Santa, please?! Pretty please?!

  510. What a beautiful selection of tools for me, the telescoping magnet is just a wonderful tool, So many times I am on my hands and knees then struggle to get back up again. A magic magnetic wand to collect all those wayward pins would be an invaluable tool in my kit.
    Happy Christmas Mary, and every good wish for the New Year. I have enjoyed all your posts this year, I feel like you are an old friend.

  511. Wow – what gorgeous wood working! So glad you posted about this shop! I think their wood tool blocks are my favorite, because it would be really nice to have the tools organized instead of strewn about like I typically have mine! That is the prettiest seam ripper I have ever seen!

  512. I love the magnet!
    It turns out so handy when I drop a needle or a pin or when I am just checking up after finishing stitching that there is nothing dangerous for the little bare feet on the floor.

  513. I like the maple cove cut wood block because maple is one of my favorite woods and this item would keep my needed tools close by. No more knocking them onto the floor or wondering where they went.

  514. What a great give away. I have a pair of purple heart lace bobbins, lovely wood. It would be so great to win one of these. I especially like the ripper. Thank you for your wonderful site. It is so educational and informative in the needle arts. And your lovely designs for embroidery are awe inspiring. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  515. My goodness, what pretty things that shop has! I’m tempted by the magnet, but what I really really need is a laying tool just like that.

  516. Wow, there is some beautiful tools and other items. I just added some to my ever growing Christmas list. My favorite is the Sirari Rosewood Laying Tool for I like the extra fine tip at the end and it would be perfect for my stitching.

  517. I like the double ended seam ripper with different sizes to make it easier for ripping out tiny stitches as well as regular seams.

  518. The tools are all so beautiful, even the tool blocks are gorgeous! I would probably use the seam ripper the most, unfortunately, LOL!

  519. They are all beautiful but I especially like the Tool Block with Laying Tool. I am constantly looking through a box for various tools where with this, the tools would be at my fingertips!

  520. Well, those are gorgeous. If I won, I would probably pick a laying tool because I don’t have one, but I also really like the cute little pincushion.

  521. My favourite would be the laying tools in a case. I currently have a lovely turned laying tool without a case and I worry about it getting damaged, so to have one with a case would ease my mind when I take it with me.

  522. I just love the telescoping magnet because I am always dropping needles and pins due to arthritic hands. Arthritic knees make getting down on the floor near impossible. I would so love to have a dedicated magnet in my tool box and, particularly, one so beautiful.

  523. My favourite tool offered is the Tool Block with Laying Tool. I like it because it incorporates the laying tool storage neatly and the laying tool hmatches the wood of the Tool Block. It offers good compact storage for the many tools of embroidery. There is a choice of woods – I would choose the rosewood.

  524. I would be very interested in winning the seam ripper. I am always looking for just the right seam ripper that would slide easily under the treads and be very sharp

  525. Oh, my. they are gorgeous. I love the blocks, but of course then they need all the tools to finish them off. If I have to choose, well I love the wooden laying tools in the coloured laminated wood, but of course I’d take anything!

  526. Season’s Greetings! My favorite tool would be the BLT–best laying tool. The seam ripper would be right behind it. Actually, they are all great!

  527. I’m not always so accurate and need the assistance of a beautiful seam ripper. Can’t compare to the plastic available in stores!!

  528. I am in love with the double seam ripper. It’s so pretty and has a cover so you don’t stick yourself when you go to grab it. I have stuck myself plenty with needles and rippers I kinda surprised I still have fingertips. 🙂 everything in their Etsy is beautiful I’m definitely bookmarking them.

  529. My favorite is the telescoping magnet.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped a needle in the carpet !!!

  530. I like the fancy seam ripper, at least if you mess up you get to use a nice looking tool. ~Ginny K.~

  531. My favorite is the telescoping magnetic wand. I am always dropping needles and sometimes they are hard to find with the need eye. So I have to use the flashlight only phone. The magnet would capture them well.

  532. My favorite tool is the single ended seam ripper. The dreaded necessity of using this tool will lessen the burden because it is such a beautiful implement.

  533. The Teko-bari or Best Laying Tool Case with Color in Caribbean Wave. Be still my heart! What a pretty color combo and I love hand made tools! The fact that this is a case adds to the beauty.

  534. The Best Laying Tool is absolutely, without question, the most beautiful, most vital piece of equipment any embroider can have. It is especially important if you do a lot of counted cross stitch. But, also very important for surface embroidery. The tool will help you make your work perfect enough to be proud of if you give your work as gifts. And beautiful enough to keep a smile on your face the entire time you are using it. NOT TO MENTION THE AFTERGLOW OF OWNING IT!

  535. Oh my goodness! How wonderful it would be to have such a beautiful telescope. I am constantly dropping needles, scissors, etc. or knocking them off my chair side work table. Arthritis makes it hard to pick them up.

  536. I love all the beautiful wood tools but really like the seam ripper and the laying tool. The handles would fit so smoothly into my hands. The feel of the wood would enhance the usage.

  537. I love the metal laying tool wood cases that have the round bumps on it. I also like the wood ones with the floating ring. They make me want a nostipinne with a floating ring.

  538. The telescoping magnet tool. I drop needles, I have a cat – that says it all. Why should the cat and I not enjoy an aesthetically pleasing tool? We should.

  539. My goodness those are beautiful tools for the discriminating needleworker!

    My favorite tool from Stitch in Turn is the colored tool holder. I would love one in blues or greens or both together. I would love to have a special place to hold my collection of embroidery scissors.

  540. I would love to use the laying tool. It would be an inspiration in my hand while working a piece in silk ribbon embroidery!

  541. My favorite tool is the Hand-Turned Tecasekobari or Best Laying Tools. I ordered one immediately after reading about it in your newsletter and accessing the shop’s website via the link you provided. I must confess that I bought the case for myself since it was something that I had wanted for awhile. This case is so beautiful! Thank you for that.

  542. I LOVE the beautiful workmanship and huge variety of woods! When my husband was able to do woodworking, I went with him to all the shops and shows and very nearly decided to take up pen making, but I got hooked on embroidery and wanted to finish the project I was working on first, (hee hee), but kept starting more! He is now disabled with MS so we don’t go to the wood shops or shows any longer and it was luscious looking at all the woods. I am most intrigued by the laying tool case. I don’t use a laying tool, but I am forever leaving needles in my shirt (having finally broken my habit of leaving them stuck in the arm of the chair). My small tool block has a small magnet, but the needles are knocked off it when I get out a tool – argh. Of course, that would say that I am in need of magnetic (magic) wand!

  543. Oh! How gorgeous! I’m going to say my favorite is that BLT in the lovely case – mostly because I don’t have a laying tool, so I use all sorts of strange things, like BIG needles, etc.

    Mary in MN

  544. I like the magnetic wands. It is getting harder and harder to get eye level with the floor to seek out lost pins and needles! The magnetic wand would be very handy and a knee saver. Stitch in Turn certainly makes an ordinary object a piece of artwork. It would become something to hand down in the family from one needleworker to another!

  545. It would be a hard choice between the laying tool and a seam ripper. With all the mistakes I’ve been making in my most recent project, probably the seam ripper…

  546. I like the tool block because I am always looking for my tools AND of course I like the seam ripper because I use one at least daily. All of the products on the Stitch & Turn Etsy site are very nice.

  547. They are all beautiful but I would choose the seam ripper because I would use it the most (for general sewing, not my embroidery)

  548. Wow, such beautiful implements. Such craftsmanship! Will definitely be looking up their Etsy shop. Any of the three would be an exquisite addition to one’s collection.

    Thank you for an opportunity to be the lucky winner!!

  549. My favorite tool on the site is the seam-ripper, just because I know it would get used frequently 😉 I also like the tool block.

  550. Oh my goodness! What’s not to like?! OK, maybe I don’t want a pen even though they’re lovely. But if one must chose, any of the tool blocks… because I actually need one and they’re gorgeous and I think I’m tootling over to their Etsy shop. Bye!! Hehe…

  551. I really like their tool block. It would come in so handy to hold my embroidery tools, but I think it would work for my crochet hooks as well!

  552. Would love a laying tool, think it would help make my work look better. Just retired and started to do embroidery, didn’t think this would be an expensive hobby. Guess I have too many hobbies! Having fun!!!

  553. Oh, my, these are unusual. The case for a BLT or tekobari caught my eye. The tool is so sharp, I’m very careful about storing it when not in use. You’re about to make some of us very happy. This is a site I want to visit again. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  554. Love the BLT case especially the different colours available. I have a BLT that could use a great case to protect that sharp point! The scissor storage blocks are also beautiful.

  555. Wow, the telescoping magnet. Hard to pick but this is genius and gorgeous. It’s my favorite. Would be great for picking up dropped needles and pins!
    Carol bu

  556. I like the magnet…the wood is just beautiful. The ornaments are lovely, too

  557. I love handcrafted items and I absolutely adore the tool block with laying tool. It is so beautiful, showing off the lovely woodgrain and carving whilst providing a very practical and functional purpose.

  558. Wow! The pieces are all lovely, I’d be hard pressed to choose between the pin cushion base and one of those gorgeous laying tools.

  559. My favourite tool from Stitch in Turn is the pin cushion. Embroidery on such a beautifully made base would be gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!

  560. I think my favourite is the rosewood laying tool. I love the feel of wood in my hands. My current preferred laying tool is a bamboo sock needle. But turned rosewood would be SO much more elegant!

  561. I love the laying tool. It’s a beautiful tool and who doesn’t like that. I’d like to say I’d use it the most but I’m quite well aquainted with my seam ripper!

  562. I love these beautiful turned wood tools and already have and use two of them. But my favorite on the website now is the telescoping magnetic wand. I love to carry, use and show off my laying tool case and my seam ripper!

  563. Gorgeous tools! It’s difficult to choose just one, but I think the best laying tool in Burmese rosewood is my favourite – it would be lovely to upgrade to such a quality tool!

  564. My favorite item is the Celtic knot tool block. All of the items are gorgeous and it was hard to choose just one.

  565. All of the tools on this site are fabulous. I’ve looked them over several times before. The tool I’d love to have is a telescoping magnetic wand. It would come in SO handy.

  566. I always enjoy your emails with so many wonderful ideas! You inspire me to pick up my needle and try different stitches and patterns!
    Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge.

  567. I love the Teko-Bari tools, the shapes and colors are exquisite! I had to look up what laying tools are for because I’d never heard of them before but I will definitely need to get one soon!

  568. Another lovely giveaway! I love wood tools (used to do some wood-turning myself), but my favourite is the wooden laying tool, in cocobolo.

    Heather M.

  569. The laying tools – the rosewood one is particularly lovely. It looks really smooth and comfortable!

  570. I did wood carving as a kid-the fascination of the grain of the wood itself and the beauty of a good finishing job always attracts me. Now, looking at these tools and considering the time and care that goes into making them impresses me.
    Of all, I find the laying tool to be the one that fascinates me. Just leave it there in front of me to be admired!


  571. Such lovely wooden tools on the website, but I couldn’t go past the beautiful tool blocks. These keep everything within easy reach–scissors, laying tools, stitch rippers, and all.

  572. Beautiful craftsmanship. I would love to have one of the laying tools. They look so smooth and soft. I’m sure it would feel amazing in the hand to use.

  573. Oh, this is a difficult challenge! I’d like one of each and find it impossible to pick just one! However, the decorative Wooden Case with Laying Tool did make my heart sing. Especially in Rosewood. How marvelous! It would look great in my stitching tools table beside my stitching “nest.”

  574. My favorite tool is the pincushion! I love little wooden bowls, and to be able to top it with my own work is extra special!

  575. I do needlepoint on very fine canvas. I have to use a magnifying lamp to be able to see and also readers over my glasses to make things sharp. I’ve enjoyed following the Needle N Thread blog so very much. You are always telling me about and showing me new tools. My latest is the head lamp from Coast that i travelled with. It was so great. …. it made a huge difference. I love the beauty of these tools you are showing today. I would love to win one especially the magnet. I’m constantly dropping needles. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of needle work with the world.

  576. Stitch In Turn’s story about being a family business is wonderful! My favorite too is the beautiful wooden laying tool.

  577. The Celtic Knot tool block is stunning! I would love to see it in my workspace as I begin a new project embroidering my family’s Irish coat of arms!

  578. my favorite tool would be the telescoping magnetic wand….they are not only useful but so beautiful! All of their products are wonderful but those telescoping wands have my heart.

  579. Wow! I checked out their site and I’m speechless. Love their work very much. My favorite tool is the laying tool with the case. I’ve started using a laying tool late in my embroidery years. Started way back in 1967 when I was 12 yrs old.
    Also fell in love with the tool holder, so I need to save my pennies to pick up one of those!
    Even if I don’t win, please thank them for participating in your A Stitcher’s Christmas 2019!!

  580. I love the combo hand turned seam ripper/stiletto. I love style in my studio and form to function is an added bonus.

  581. I love your blog- can’t tell you how much I have learned by following it !! thanks so much- have a great holiday

  582. Would it be possible to order a seam ripper with a thicker handle? I’ve been through multiple hand surgeries and most tools are just too skinny for me to be able to grasp. A suggestion for a possible tool – a nice thicker handle with a metal
    rolling surface that it is slightly textured so it would grip the fabric to hand press seams open. Think about a paper hanger’s seam roller!?

  583. Hi Mary

    These products are brilliant – however, I think if I had to choose, I would choose the telescoping magnet – mainly because I now have arthritis in my hip and this saves me bending down too far if I drop needles or pins on the floor. It is also great for ‘finding’ pins or needles that have dropped on the floor.


  584. I love the Telescoping Magnetic Wands. Nothing beats a magnet for picking up scattered needles and pins! My current one came from Harbor Freight, so it’s definitely functional, but not nearly as pretty as those created by a master wood turner.

  585. I would love to have the laying tool. I have never used one but the idea facinates me and I do love wood, leather, threads and more threads. Anything natural and tactile. Merry Christmas to you all.

  586. I love, love, love the seam rippers and the magnets. AND the pens! What beautiful work. I have a real love of pretty wood and have had some of my martial arts weapons made from unusual wood so I am always on the lookout for something lovely. These qualify.

  587. After looking at all the beautiful tools, I now “need” a tool box – and anything made from the spalted tamarind!

  588. Wow, what a craftsman. The lovely workmanship that goes into the tools in beautiful. The grain of the wood also.
    I think the best tool of all would be the laying tool with its case. I seem to always loose mine and in a case it would be more recognisable.
    Well done for creating such beautiful tools to use.
    Merryn from Australia.

  589. The wood tools are wonderful to look at, and all the types of wood available — choosing is hard! But, my favorites are the telescoping magnet (picking up pins, needles, and other things is especially hard for me as I am in a wheelchair), the wooden laying tool with case (the case is essential to protect the tool — besides being so lovely), and the seam ripper (always necessary — no ones’s perfect!). I might add that I think the cocobolo wood is my favorite wood — the large grain lines are so attractive.

  590. Heaven! I love timber tools or implements of any kind in wood. There’s something about the heft in the hand and the touch. Wha a great giveaway! And I’ve just visited the website.

  591. Hi Mary: What beautiful tools at Stitch in turn! It is very difficult for me to decide what of their tools I like the best. I would use the seam ripper the most and the 2 ended one is very tempting. But then, the colors of the magnetic wand were oh so beautiful! Since I have many seam rippers although none in wood, I think I would have to choose the magnetic wand as I could use one of those and have none. thanks Mary, Joy

  592. I really love these tools. The woodwork is excellent and gives each piece an air of elegance. I already have a comfy ripper. I’m still learning to use a laying too. So- I suppose my favorite tool would be the magnet. Besides, I’m getting much too old to crawl around looking for dropped needles. My eyes wouldn’t see them anyway. Luckily, the magnet is GORGEOUS! (cral60@gmail.com)

  593. My absolute favourite is the telescoping magnet. I have one that I use all the time, but it is very flimsy and I can’t see it lasting much longer. These are very beautiful!

  594. I think my favorite tool would be the telescoping magnet–that way I can pick things up without disturbing my cat who is always on my lap!!

  595. I think that telescoping magnet is terrific, especially the wood ones! Being from the West Coast, beautiful woods are favorites of mine and this would be a lovely way to find the needles and pins that I drop! Beauty and functionality–it doesn’t get any better.

  596. I think I like the the rose wood laying tool the most. It can be used as a laying tool, as well as a guiding tool at the sewing machine when piecing.

  597. I would be proud to own any of these beautiful tools and delighted to show them off to my stitching friends!

  598. I can’t decide what’s the most beautiful wood they use at Stitch In Turn, but I know what I need: a best laying tool, and it would be wonderful to have some in such a exquisite wood cover.

  599. it’s a tossup… the tool block with the laying tool or the celtic toolblock…because they’re just so useful as well as decorative! but I’m lusting after the second draw, that purple heart wood is astonishing just for the colour let alone the workmanship displayed.

  600. The seam ripper is my favourite tool. It’s quick and handy for cutting thread. I sometimes have to cut a series of stitches, and a seam ripper is way better than scissors. I stitch a lot on the bus, so a seam ripper is more compact than scissors to carry and use on the go.

  601. What beautiful tools. I would say my favorite is the seam ripper. Checking out their Etsy shop!

  602. I love their tools! Based on your previous recommendation about their needlework tools, I got myself a birthday gift this past summer of the seam ripper and the tool block. Customer service was great! I preferred the same wood for both items, but the wood I wanted wasn’t available in both items on their Etsy site. I messaged them to ask if it was possible, and they replied right away that it wouldn’t be a problem. So, a short wait later, and I had my new tools – both beautiful!
    I love that the seam ripper is reversible, so the sharp point tucks inside the wood handle when not in use, very handy! It’s my new favorite stitching accessory, although I hope not to need to use it much! 🙂