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Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #3: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit


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Welcome to the third installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas for 2019!

If you haven’t joined in on the previous installments, you can still get in on give-away #2, featuring the lovely hand-turned wood needlework tools from Stitch In Turn. You can join in here.

The first installment ended today – I’ll announcing the winner at the end of today’s article.

Now, just in case you’re already tired of winter (if you live in the northern hemisphere) or you’re already sweltering in summer (if you live in the southern hemisphere), here’s a refreshing respite!

Complements of Di van Niekerk, who I consider the Absolute Queen of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, today’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas is a sumptuous silk ribbon embroidery kit, replete with everything you need to recreate Di’s garden scene, Pink Delight.

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit from Di van Niekerk

After a chilly autumn and a cold, grey winter, imagine how delightfully refreshing it would be to see this luxurious garden scene! You can almost smell the flowers!

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit from Di van Niekerk

Di’s kit for Pink Delight – which you can read about here – comes with ribbons, threads, needles, and the transferred panel ready to embroider.

Many stitchers make a resolution to try something new in the New Year – maybe 2020 is your year for silk ribbon embroidery? If it is, you won’t find a better teacher than Di!

By following the tutorials for the project, you’ll learn many ribbon embroidery and surface embroidery techniques that will enhance your future projects, too.

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit from Di van Niekerk

For those of you who are already into silk ribbon embroidery, this kit is an excellent way to expand your skills or just to revel in some gorgeous threads and silks while you “plant” this delightful corner of a flowery paradise.

If you’ve never explored Di’s blog, you should. It’s full of all kinds of tutorials and information for the silk ribbon enthusiast. Why not put it on your weekend reading list and take a good browse? There are all sorts of treasures to discover!

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit from Di van Niekerk

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended! Thanks to those who participated!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. For example, Nick is a pretty common name, so if your name is Nick, you might put your last name or your last initial, or maybe your middle name. Or you might put a recognizable-to-you nick name. Or you might add a reference to where you live – for example, “Nick at the North Pole” or something like that.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Please Do Not Put your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

If you had to pick one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes your heart sing, what would it be and why? If you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of SRE and you need some inspiration to figure out this one out, pop by Di’s website and check out her gallery!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) Wednesday, December 11th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced at the beginning of that day’s give-away. I’ll draw three winners in a row, and each tool will go to the winners in the same order they are listed above.

So if you’re hankering for a gorgeous silk ribbon embroidery kit to enjoy in the New Year, go forth and comment!

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility.

Stitcher's Christmas 2019 #1 Winner Announced

Thread Winner!

As promised, here’s the winner from the first installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas which featured five threads of your choice from Colour Complements.

The winner, randomly drawn by a random number generator, is Donna in Memphis, whose favorite colors are #48 (these rich fall colors) and #188 (these bright fall colors).

I’ll drop you a line today, Donna!

Remember that a Stitcher’s Christmas #2 – these hand-turned wooden needlework tools – is still running, and you can join in on that one through the weekend, too.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh, that kit is gorgeous! I’m so intrigued by the dimensionality, for lack of a better term, of silk ribbon embroidery. I think it’s perfect for flowers like this.

    1. The roses are beautiful! I love the texture of ribbon embroidery and it’s definitely on my list of techniques to learn in the new year!

  2. I love the depth of the pieces — it looks alive. It takes something I’ve done for so long, and adds a whole new level(s) of dimension.

  3. The thing that appeals to me is the rich texture of SRE. I love Di’s work, and I would love to win this.

  4. The thing that I love about silk ribbon embroidery is that is uses stitches I already know, it goes really fast, and it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake. I feel like get a lot accomplished in a short time, and it always looks great.

  5. What I enjoy most about silk ribbon embroidery is that once you have the ribbon stitch figured out you can great all sorts of beauty. Simple stitch – endlessly fascinating. Then you add other stitches, threads, beads and so on – the next thing you know the big space you needed to fill is done. And gorgeous!

  6. Silk ribbon embroidery is such a beautiful type of handwork. The beauty and sheen of silk has no parallel. This kit in particular intrigues me because of the fine scale and detail. This will be a delightful project to stitch!

  7. I’m fairly new to silk ribbon embroidery, but I keep marveling at the textures and how we can obtain different volumes and ways in which the light reflects by only changing the way we use the ribbon.

  8. Amazing ribbon embroidery! Her work makes me want to reach into the photo and pick the flowers!

  9. I enjoy how realistic flowers look using silk ribbon embroidery. It is a very relaxing, satisfying way to depict a flower garden.

  10. I love reading your articles and your tutorials. We never get too old to learn something every day. You give us tat challenge every day. Thank you.

  11. I have always wanted to try this type of embroidery. What makes my heart sing about this type of embroidery is that is looks so much like a painting! The blending of colors, oh my!

  12. I have not done very much silk ribbon embroidery and it s on my bucket list. I love roses and this kit makes me want start doing silk ribbon.

  13. I love the detail that can be achieved with ribbon and thread. The flowers looks so real that you feel you could pick them! Thank you for the chance to win. Linda S

  14. One aspect of SRE I love – would be the way the stitching makes the flower look real and pop off the fabric. SRE is one of my favorite types of stitching. Although I am still learning.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is that it’s so lush. It can be just as lavish as your heart desires, with its many colors, textures, stitches and subjects. It can go on clothing to make a really light-hearted statement. It appeals to the teenage embroidery enthusiast still living inside me. This kit is gorgeous!

  16. I dabbled in silk when I took the crazy quilting class. It’s so pretty, I’d love to do more! Thanks so much! 🙂

  17. I love the way the silk ribbon folds in on itself when making leaves, and the sumptuous shine of the embroidered piece.

  18. I love the soft texture and dimensions that SRE adds to the canvas – can I add another love? The colors!!

  19. To me, silk embroidery is all about the textures created by the silk combined with folding and stitching techniques. I would love to receive this gift.

  20. Silk ribbon is one of the treasures of embroidery! I like the feel of it, and the sound of it when pulling the needle through the fabric. It goes quickly compared to floss embroidery that’s another aspect I appreciate! This would be such a gift to win this kit. I love this artist’s designs. Thank you for the offer of this treat!

  21. I love the three dimensional effect of silk embroidery. And ,of course, the Exquisite colors!
    I did a little silk embroidery several years ago and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it!
    Hope I win!!!

  22. I really love the texture and dimension of ribbon embroidery. While I haven’t played with it much yet, I’d like to explore it further!

  23. Di’s pieces are always exquisite! They have so much color and detail that you feel as if you are walking right into the scene as you are stitching it.

  24. I love the realistic look of silk ribbon embroidery. The colors of the ribbons and how the stitches make such realistic looking flowers make my hearts sing.

  25. Silk ribbon embroidery really appeals to me because the image really “pops.” I love flowers, and the fact that I could embroider them into something so beautiful and lifelike is surreal. I hope to win this kit to give silk ribbon a try!

  26. I think the part that does it for me is the flowers. I love flowers, but don’t have a garden, so this can give me a fix.

  27. I haven’t done any ribbon embroidery, but I swoon at the realism of the flowers. Oh they are so beautiful!

  28. What aspect of silk ribbon embroidery do I like best? The colors!! The dyers always seem to come up with the most luscious shades, and designers are all about flowers, so the result is always mouth-watering. The garden piece in the article is just stunning.

  29. The dimension and detail in her work. Her designs look like mini landscape portraits!

  30. The aspect of SRE that really makes my heart sing, is the many different flowers you can create! The sky is the limit! The three dimensional designs are exquisite! You can even make bugs for your flowers! Dew on your flowers, too! DVN is the most talented needlework professional! I own most of her books and would cherish a DVN kit!

  31. Your embroidery picture is amazing, I love the detail with all of the tiny little flowers done with ribbon…simply amazing! I’d love to try this!

  32. To me, silk embroidery is all about the textures it creates using beautiful silks, folding and stitching. I would love to be chosen for this gift.

  33. Silk embroidery adds texture and dimension that brings the piece to life. I’ve used tiny touches of it in needlepoint, but would love the opportunity to learn it at as an embroidery skill.

  34. I love working with silk ribbon. Being an avid gardener, flowers are my favorite theme for embroidery. The silk ribbon gives a very realistic image of the flowers, while adding a 3D dimension and softness. Silk ribbon is my favorite medium and I really should do more!

  35. I love the ribbons…that is my favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery…I love how beautiful they look when stitched.

  36. If you had to pick one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes your heart sing, what would it be and why?

    My favorite part is using the ribbons to recreate various flowers.

  37. What a great choice of embroidery to feature! I find Di van Neikerk’s silk ribbon embroidery to be fabulous and I love to spend time on her site reviewing the lessons and tutorials she generously posts. My favorite aspect to her embroidery is how she creates both 2D and 3D effects.

  38. I have been stitching Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Series and several of the designs calls for some ribbon Embroidery for embellishments. This silk Embroidery adds so much to my pieces.

  39. I have never worked silk ribbon embroidery, but I love the textures and the play of light and shadow in the ribbons! I like that silk ribbons are often embroidered on clothing and functional, touchable items too!

  40. How beautiful! I dabbled in a bit of silk ribbon embroidery years ago, and have always wanted to try it again. I love working with the soft ribbons, and it’s amazing how realistic the florals look!

  41. I think the aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing is it just looks so pretty and so realistic! I’ve always loved looking at the ribbon embroidery and admiring how beautiful it is. I haven’t done much silk ribbon embroidery at all, but I’m considering enrolling the Master Craftsman program for EGA for surface embroidery, and the first level is silk ribbon embroidery. The kit would be a great way for me to learn!

  42. I love the texture of it — the shiny smoothness of the ribbon, but also the way the ribbon folds and curls and mounds upon itself.

  43. i love making pretty spider roses and french knots..silk ribbon is so forgiving. it makes everything so beautiful..

  44. I am better at silk ribbon embroidery than I used to be. Learning to relax my stitching and producing a beautiful flower or leaf does make my heart sing!

  45. I have enjoyed the absolutely stunning artistry of Di’s silk ribbon embroidery for some years now. Her techniques, colour selection and choice of subject are just gorgeous. The particular aspect of her work and designs that I most enjoy are her flowers… realistic, textured, and simply beautiful.
    Thank you again for this opportunity to compete for one of the goodies you’re offering Mary, and Happy Christmas to you and yours. Cheers

  46. I have dabbled in silk ribbon embroidery for several years, but a kit like this would take me to a whole new level

  47. Would love to learn how to make flowing stems with buds and flowers as in lilacs or wisteria. The ribbon embroidery website is glorious.

  48. I haven’t had a chance to do ribbon embroidery yet but it is in my plans to try! I even asked my husband for some ribbon embroidery books for Christmas! I just love the way ribbon embroidery makes flowers just pop! They look so delicate and soft and really stand out on the fabric. Just creates such a gorgeous look!

  49. What a beautiful kit. Roses in silk embroidery are my favorite. I have a few books on SRE, but still haven’t tried it.

  50. My favorite aspect of SRE is exploring all types of inspiration such as blogs, websites, and books. I have only done very small SRE projects so far and find it a bit intimidating.

  51. Mary you are such a kind person. The knowledge you share and the inspiration. Thank you.

    I have done very little ribbon embroidery but when I look at work done by others are love the softness and realism it produces. Simple stitches produce lovely designs.

  52. If I had to pick one aspect it would be the interplay of lights and shadows created by the stitches the ribbon creates. The light created from the sheen of the surface of the ribbon anchored by the shadow cast to the lower surfaces tucked under the same stitch…when those two things are paired with the saturated colours both soft (like punks & peaches) and intense (purple or forest green anyone?)…it just makes makes a piece sing.

  53. I would love to win this kit. All my life I have been in love with texture and silk embroidery epitomizes that love. Also the flowers in this design make my soul sing. I can’t think of anything better to work on in the middle of a cold Canadian winter.

  54. This would be a real challenge for me as I have never done it before. I have sat and watched in envy as my friend created the most beautiful flowers from ribbon. So I would like to create flowers, roses in particular, as they are my favorites and remind me of a beautiful rose garden I once had.

  55. What I love about SRE is the shimmery softness of the silk ribbon which brings the flowers to life. And the amazing colors!

  56. I’ve long been fascinated by the amazing array of textures that can be achieved with the skillful use of silk ribbon. Combined with the fabulous colors – the possibilities are endless!
    Melissa in Clayton, CA

  57. I love flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Silk Ribbon Embroidery lends itself to making fabulous flowers!! You can make any flower imaginable with those luscious ribbons. And, you get to do it in the comfort of your home, instead of the sweltering outdoors in the summer heat of the south.

  58. What makes my heart sing with silk embroidery – it’s how versatile it is. It twists, lays flat, pops up and makes wonderfully real looking flowers and leaves.

  59. I think its the definition you get with the ribbons. Lends to a feel of realism. Merry Christmas everyone.

  60. I love making silk ribbon flowers to add to my crazy quilting and I’d love to learn how to make more different ones.

  61. I am drawn to kit #11A, a ribbon rose on a rustic felted wool background. I love the combination and contrast of materials. Ribbons have been an interest if mine and I would love the challenge.

  62. I have never tried ribbon embroidery. The site was beautiful and the kits absolutely gorgeous. I would like to learn how to make a realistic rose to add to my woven scarves.

  63. The first time I saw a completed project done in silk embroidery I was in awe and couldn’t wait to discover how to produce such perfect flowers! It’s silk embroidered flowers that make my heart sing!
    Thank you, Mary and Di van Niekerk, for such a generous give-away!

  64. I love the texture and choice of colors of Ribbons and the way the ribbons bring texture to a design.

  65. I love silk ribbon embroidery. The kit featured is gorgeous! The ribbons are so beautiful and embroidery with ribbons works up fast.

  66. Hi Mary, I absolutely love the free flow of ribbon flowers and stems. Everything looks so soft when done in silk ribbon. Colors are spectacular.
    Thanks Mary, have a wonderful holiday!

  67. The thing I love the best about silk embroidery is turning the beautiful ribbons into gorgeous flowers. I haven’t done much in this craft and would love to combine my love for quilting with silk ribbon embroidery and learn a new craft.

  68. One aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing? It’s just so delicate and beautiful, it really makes me think of happiness. I tried this many years ago in a dress and it turned out just stunning!!!

  69. The roses in the garden make my heart sing and the rest of the wonderful flowers join in the chorus.

  70. Wow! I have never tried Silk Ribbon Embroidery but think it is really beautiful. If I were to try it I’d probably want to start small – or at least on a small portion of a larger project! Di’s work is very pretty.

  71. I would love to start a new project in 2020. I have never tried ribbon embroidery, I love your kits! I have joined Muchas Manos and will have help to begin a new method of needle work.

  72. I am a newbie with ribbon embroidery but love the dimensions ribbons give an artistic piece.
    The way it lies on fabric giving different colorations in that dimension.
    Again thanks for this possibility

  73. Mary,
    My favorite part of silk ribbon embroidery is the amazing flowers you can make that seem to come alive when stitched. The soft petals and stiff grasses all come alive with just ribbon and thread.
    Thanks for the giveaways and your knowledge. Melinda

  74. Her work is stunning. I have never done ribbon embroidery and would love to learn! I love the dimensional quality to the work. Thank you so much!

  75. I love the textures that the ribbon makes. In embroidery we make a lot of textures yet often we want everything to be smooth. Here the ribbons standout and give more dimension to the work

  76. In SRE, it’s the different ribbons that are so interesting. Different colors, widths, variegated, the feel of the ribbon in your hands. Kind of like how babies love satin binding on a blanket.

  77. I love color and texture – both of which silk ribbon embroidery affords!! Thanks for the chance.

  78. I love the array of flowers in this kit and would enjoy the variety of stitches it would offer. The fact that it is jammed with flowers makes it a realistic portrayal of a well-developed garden. It is absolutely glorious!

  79. I am new to silk ribbon embroidery but want to learn how to do it. I think it is beautiful.

  80. The part I like best about silk embroidery is the shimmer of silk combined with the dimension of the raised stitches.

  81. The textures that it brings to life is amazing! I haven’t been able to figure it out so I’m simply enthralled with it. One day I’ll take a class or get a good kit to learn this technique.

  82. I love the realism that silk ribbon embroidery brings to flowers. It brings a softness and flow to petals and leaves. It brings a sense of movement and life.

    I wish I were better at silk ribbon embroidery to be able to create something coming even close to the magnificent creations of Di van Niekerk!

  83. Love this blog!! This would be the perfect project to have recuperating from knee surgery! So beautiful!

  84. Wow! Thanks for this introduction to the the work of this artist! I am blown away. In addition to any of her needlework, I would love to try one of her cuffs that mixes wool, beads and ribbon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Thank you.

  85. SRE would be a new adventure for me but a welcomed one indeed!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  86. I am a huge fan of flowers and I love the way they look when done with the silk ribbon technique. Like you said, you can almost smell them.

  87. Wow!!! The RBE of Di van Niekerk leaves me speechless. My skills with silk ribbon embroidery are at the beginning stages. I look forward to expanding my skills to create embroidery that can be enjoyed for years to come.

  88. What I love about silk embroidery is the three dimension effect you get. The flowers just seem to jump off the fabric and it also stitches faster than many other techniques.

  89. Oh my goodness! What beautiful work! Those roses…..oh my! I need to learn all aspects of ribbon embroidery, but those roses are exquisite!

    Thank you for sponsoring these great giveaways.

  90. I have always admired silk ribbon embroidery but have never tried it. I think what I love the most are the roses. They look so real.

  91. Oh my, a whole blog of stitchy goodness. I have done silk ribbon embroidery in the past but this is true art. I think the cottages and country meadows are my favorites. It would be wonderful to start the new year with a new stitching challenge. Thank you for offering such a wonderful give-away.

  92. SRE is stunningly beautiful. I would have to say it’s the vibrancy of the colours and I love the 3D effect.

  93. I haven’t tried ribbon embroidery yet as I’m working on Brazilian embroidery but ribbon embroidery is next on my list. Some flowers and leaves just look like ribbon embroidery was made to make them. The textures and shapes are so realistic.

    Thanks for offering all these contests.

  94. Memories of my childhood filled my mind when I spied the last photo of the bush overflowing with pink rosebuds; the 70 years fell away and I am eight once again. The door leaving the screened porch on the way out to our backyard was covered with a huge climbing bush of pink sweetheart roses that seemingly was perpetually in bloom. Many a play “wedding bouquet” was created from those sweethearts and imagination. Best of all, I know my mom lovingly cared for that bundle of “sweetheart” blossoms because the tiny perfect roses were my daddy’s favorites. Thanks for the opportunity to relive this happy memory of a loving, happy childhood! Merry Christmas
    Sharon L M M of Houston

  95. Di’s work is beautiful and inspiring! I love that silk ribbon embroidery can add such dimension and interest to a project.

  96. Omg, this is positively the most beautiful kit I have ever seen. I hadn’t ever seen her kits before. I think if I don’t win this giveaway, I will most certainly be picking one up.

  97. I’ve done very little with silk ribbon embroidery, but the aspect of it that really makes my heart sing is the way floral designs come to life – the flowers stitched in silk ribbon look so real.

  98. I LOVE the 3 dimensional aspect of silk ribbon embroidery.

    And I love the artwork in Di!s books.

    Thank you,
    Kat Kiffle

  99. I haven’t done silk ribbon embroidery before but I’ve been wanting to try it for years! I love the fullness of it, the texture and dimension. And it would be nice to work with ribbons instead of my usual 3 strands of floss, if simply because they can cover larger areas more quickly! I’d like to explore some bigger projects.

  100. Only one thing that makes my heart sing? It’s impossible to narrow it down to one thing, but here are two things: the “3Dness” and the beautiful colours.

  101. This Pink Delight can’t help make me drool for sure. I’ve been wanting to try ribbon embroidery for ages…maybe this is my chance.

  102. I love how ribbon embroidery is so realistic looking. I’m still a novice at it but really enjoy working with ribbon.

  103. What impresses me the most with silk ribbon embroidery is the depth of the textures. It’s doesn’t come across to me so much as stitching but rather, sculpting.

  104. Di’s work has always inspired me, and her book is such a delight to look at and learn from. Silk ribbon embroidery is such a visual delight, giving each piece such soft texture! I have been amazed at what I can make working with it.

  105. I love silk embroidery. I would love to do more of it but simply cannot afford good quality silk ribbon. Silk ribbon embroidery creates such beautiful flowers. I love scenery pictures that are completely filled in with silk flowers.

  106. Color in 3D is the main thing that attracted me to silk ribbon embroidery. The depth creates shading that does not exist in flat work so has the appeal of real flowers. It is my favorite embroidery. I recommend all embroiderers try it.

  107. One of the most important aspects of silk ribbon embroidery for me is the sound of the ribbon being pulled through the fabric. I absolutely love that sound!! Of course, the beautiful vibrant colors are a wonderful part of the overall look, but if I couldn’t hear the ribbon when working with it, the technique would be diminished for me.

    Thanks so much for another year of wonderful holiday giveaways, Mary.

    Sandra F. in Upstate NY

  108. I love silk ribbon embrodiery because it is life like.It transports you into a dream world.It is so life like

  109. The kit is beautiful. I love flowers in silk ribbon. They look so lifelike and make me happy.

  110. I think what I would love about using ribbon embroidery would be how flowers would me more realistic plus especially textured.

  111. I’ve only done very small projects or practice pieces for SRE. I think the aspect that pleases me about SRE is the instant gratification because it seems to work up quickly.

  112. Being a lifelong needle pointer, I am intrigued by learning new things. What a gorgeous piece to do.

  113. Absolutely fabulous- I have been embroidering since my grandma taught me many years ago but have always wanted to try this type. Deb in the middle of nowhere Kansas

  114. I love the dimensional look of the flowers. With the silk ribbon the design works up quickly comparied to a stumpwork technique. Then when combined with serface embroidery the results are just awesome!

  115. My favorite thing about silk ribbon embroider is how beautifully the silk replicates the texture of flower petals. You can almost believe they’re real flowers!

  116. What I really love about Silk Ribbon Embroidery is doing flowers in seam treatments for my crazy quilt blocks.

  117. I love silk ribbon embroidery as the stitches are so fun to make and the results are so beautiful and look so real. This is one of my favorite types of hand embroidery.

  118. I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful Embrodery of Di ‘s Embrodery. The realism is outstanding. But have never taken the plunge. This kit would be start of what I am sure would be a wonderful journey.

  119. Beautiful! I very much enjoy the colors and textures in silk embroidery and how they complement one another.

  120. I love the textures that are created with silk ribbon embroidery. Floral pieces are one of the subjects that I enjoy embroidering. The sumptuous silk ribbons have a glorious feel to them as one stitches. And the lustre of the ribbons themselves adds to the glorious flowers.

  121. Win or not, I appreciate the exposure to new sites and materials this contest provides. I absolutely admire and love these masterpieces. Another FAVORITE bookmarked with a plan for the future. This is clearly a master at work.

  122. I love gardening and I love miniatures and SRE allows me to make miniature, realistic looking flowers. The three dimensionality gives it extra realism and uniqueness compared to thread embroidery.

  123. I love SRE for its realism and 3D effect. My first SRE experience was a kit from Dianne and I am totally smitten!

  124. What is so glorious about silk ribbon embroidery is the feeling that your hands have while you embroider with the silk. It reminds you that you are using your hands to create beautiful flowers and art.

  125. I love the three dimensions that you get from ribbon embroidery … it is so lovely. It is a form of embroidery that I would love to attempt.

  126. I love the way silk embroidery has so much dimension to it. The colors of the silk ribbon are so lush. What’s not to love about it? I would love to win this beautiful kit. Thank You, Di and Mary for the wonderful opportunity to hopefully try a new stitch.

  127. I have always preferred anything silk to a substitute. A kit from Di would let me indulge my passion for richly colored silks while learning SRE from an expert.

  128. One aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that makes my heart sing is the silk ribbons. The colors are beautiful and silk gives it a shine — another dimension to an embroidery.

  129. OH My Gosh!!!! I LOVE Silk Ribbon Embroidery!

    If you had to pick one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes your heart sing, what would it be and why? If you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of SRE and you need some inspiration to figure out this one out, pop by Di’s website and check out her gallery!

    SO I have been wanting to break into this particular art form for years, I have a book my Mom bought me, but haven’t bought any supplies yet, so this kit would be perfect! I love the shimmer of the silk threads I love the feel and especially I love how beautiful all the projects I have looked at are.

  130. I have long admired Di’s amazing designs and would love to work this divine piece! Ribbon embroidery has been one on my all time favorite things to do. The feeling of watching the different ribbon embroidery techniques come to life never gets old as they always bring their own one of a kind look to a piece. The ability to create with ribbon has endless boundaries and can inevitably capture ones attention for a long time. The beauty of a finished product is forever rewarding and delivers such magic!

  131. What I like about silk ribbon embroidery is the texture that makes flowers just “pop out.” Just beautiful…

  132. I love Di’s books but have never splurged on a kit. I like silk embroidery because goes so fast and has a lovely 3D quality. Justine H

  133. My favorite is the simple ribbon stitch and all the variations (curled tip, fly stitch, twisted, rose).

  134. My favourite thing about silk ribbon is the way it makes such beautiful flowers all looking like real flowers. I love the combination of the monograms and flowers and think this would be my stitch of choice.

    Sue Thomas

  135. I love how quick to stitch silk ribbon embroidery is. In just a few stitches, you can have a beautiful, 3D effect. That is what makes my heart sing. I have long admired Di’s work. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  136. I love the 3D realistic effect you can make with ribbon embroidery. You can put it on anything and achieve a glorious 3D image using any size ribbon.

  137. It is the material itself. Silk is so luscious. The feel of it, the sheen of it, the ease that it passes through the fabric. It all makes my heart go pitter-patter!

  138. What an amazing array of projects! I’ve never done much silk embroidery – a flower here and there – but her ‘box full of lessons’ and the great tutorial list are certainly enticing!

  139. All of silk ribbon embroidery feels lovely and the results, even when not quite perfect, make me sing. What gets me through the high notes is roses and peonies! Sumptious, easier than you’d expect and so realistic! Please pick my name – and listen for the music 😉

  140. Oh my, such beautiful work! SRE has always fascinated me and it’s something I have been wanting to learn. The texture, colors, and the delicate softness of the ribbon really make my heart sing!!!!

  141. I am always amazed that such realistic looking flowers can be made with silk ribbon. I have wanted to try this stitching technique for years.

  142. I love, love, love how even just a bit of ribbon embroidery on an item can elevate it above the mundane. (A personal example: As a camp counselor, I needed my camp name on my denim shirt. I used Ribbon Embroidery on the first letter and the little hummingbird ‘needle’ at the tail end. A touch of whimsey and smiles all around.)

  143. I have never tried my hand at silk ribbon embroidery but have always admired the incredible amount of detail and dimension that can be accomplished. Would love to give it a try!

  144. One word comes to mind…. STUNNING! her stitching is sublime. the one aspect of silk ribbon that i admire is the realistic quality that can be obtained with it. I LOVE the fact that flowers, leaves and other natural items replicated can look so real and authentic. You almost feel they are real..until you touch them!

  145. I like that you can take a piece of ribbon, and with just a few simple stitches, make a beautiful flower. I’ve had that experience when trying ribbon embroidery for the first time this year. It was very rewarding.

  146. The aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that I would choose is the variety of flower and fruit shapes that can be made from a simple ribbon.

  147. Mary, what a lovely giveaway! I’d love to win this kit. I love the fact that ribbon embroidery adds dimension to one’s work.

  148. I love working with silk ribbon. The softness of the fiber and the beautiful effects you and produce with the ribbon is just so satisfying. I have done some pieces of Di’s and I loved doing them. Unfortunately They all burned in a wild fire so I’d really like to stitch a new one or two. Ganet

  149. I love the seemingly miraculous transformation of flat ribbon into such rich and fabulous dimension. I recently demonstrated a spider web rose with silk ribbon and it elicited oohs and awes.

  150. Silk ribbon work is one of my trademarks. I love the elegance and richness of the silk on even the smallest piece of work ,and although it looks difficult anyone can achieve this look with only a few simple stiches they probably already know !

  151. Silk ribbon roses are my absolute favorite. Even though they are made of ribbon they almost look like God had a hand in it just like a real rose.

  152. The beauty of your work is astounding! It is delicate yet realistic! I’d love to learn just a few of your skills!

    Missie of Roseville

  153. I would say my favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery is the way the silk infuses each stitch with it’s own character. The same stitch, while similar in form, looks different every time because of the way the silk acts differently each time.

  154. My heart sings at how quickly dimensions come to life with silk ribbon! I love stump work also but ribbon embroidery is quicker and livelier! ♥️

  155. As I’ve learned more about embroidery, I have become more interested in adding dimension to my pieces. Using silk ribbon gives a wonderful dimension to our work. By the time you vary the size of the ribbon and the types of stitches, like those using knots, you can do so much .

  156. It’s the colors and the silk ribbon and how they feel and look! Something I’ve always wanted to try but when I tried to start, I didn’t know where to start and so I didn’t 🙁

    What a beautiful stitchery!

  157. The sheer amount of flowers! Ribbon embroidery flowers have always fascinated me in how realistic they look. The very first embroidery book I requested as a gift was on Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork by Di Von Nieberk.

  158. If I had to pick one aspect of Di’s ribbon that make my heart sing it be feeling like I could be walking into that beautiful garden and ” smell the roses” and lifting my spirits.

  159. Silk ribbon! The feel of the silk, the 3D effect of the ribbons. The stitches. What’s not to love .

  160. Love the Box Full of Cosmos Kit. A beginner’s project that is beautiful in its simple design.

  161. I have used silk ribbon embroidery to enhance my canvas work needlepoint. I love the way the silk roses stand out on the canvas.

  162. It makes my heart sing when pieces of flat, albeit beautiful silk ribbon curl and become alive as flowers, grasses, birds…. The lustre of the silk adds shade and tone due to the shadows and highlights of the process.

  163. It’s the three-dimensionality of the flowers that intrigue me. I read your review of Di van Niekerk’s Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork and bought myself a copy, but was overwhelmed by the sourcing of materials and but the whole idea on a backburner. Why didn’t I consider a kit? And so helpful to know about the blog site for helpful information. Thank you again for an inspired give away.

  164. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! This is what I love about her ribbon embroidery – the flowers you can make. Additionally, I love the landscape panels that can be enhanced with ribbon embroidery, with other threads, with beads, and with other embellishments. She is a wonderful designer.

  165. Silk embroidery is so beautiful! I think what I most love is the dimensionality that can be accomplished with the beautiful silk ribbons. Thank you, Mary, for another wonderful offering! Happy Holidays.

  166. I love the added the dimension that draws you into the piece. Silk ribbon can add a vintage touch or it can make a piece crisp and pop. All in all I would love to branch out and try it.

  167. Am a novice needlepoint sewer and would love to learn how to use ribbon embroidery within my needlepoint.

  168. I have not had my silk ribbons out to work on in years…What an inspiration “Pink Delight” would be to get back into working with that beautiful kit.

  169. Oooh I’ve been drooling over her work for years. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but I have been wanting to for a long time.

    I love the dimension and texture of ribbon embroidery.

  170. I love silk ribbon embroidery with a passion! My favorite part is creating gorgeous roses. I love to make them come alive using my needle and ribbon. It gives me so much joy!

  171. The beauty that results when embroidering with silk ribbon is wonderful. One reason is that the images appear very realistic.

  172. i have completed a number of Di’s patterns and books. i found her years ago and she was the inspiration to start my love of stumpwork, so i would have to say that her raised flowers and bugs are my favourite.
    thanks so much.

  173. As a beginner with silk ribbon, the beautiful flowers I can make with fairly simple stitches really makes my heart sing. I’ve recently bought myself a book with more intricate garden pictures in silk ribbon and I can’t wait for the Christmas break so I get a few hours to have a play

  174. I love how silk ribbon can miraculously be turned from something flat into lovely 3-D flowers and leaves.

  175. I love the way silk ribbon embroidery adds color and texture to any piece of handwork. I especially appreciate the realism of many of the flowers and floral arrangements to the extent that you can almost smell the wonderful fragrance.

    I am new to SRE but I am signed up for a class after the first of the year. It would be amazing to win this beautiful kit to work on after I have obtained some new skills. I would definitely being showing off my kit to my classmates.

  176. Hello Mary – I love SRE especially Di’s excellent work. Working with the fragile silk ribbon, combining it with fine threads to create a 3D piece is most satisfying. This is the UTMOST gift!
    Thk u.

  177. I love the floral samplers and dreamscapes. I think roses are my favorite flowers in SRE. Hand dyed variegated ribbons just make me swoon.

  178. The one aspect of silk ribbon embroidery I love the most is the dimensional aspect. I have done much cross-stitching and have always wanted to learn more dimensional needlework. In the 80s, I collected a few supplies (fabrics, ribbons, and needles) but never completed anything like I see from Di van Niekerk. I stumbled across her work a couple years ago and absolutely fell in love with her dimensional flowers and stumpwork. Her projects have been on my to-do list ever since.

    Jennifer from NEPA

  179. I have a few books on how to ribbon embroidery, projects, etc.; but never have I seen
    a well assembled ribbon embroidery book like this. Her gardens are luminous.

    Di Van Niekerk’s gardens remind me of the gorgeous English gardens. I have this book on my wish list at Book Depository.com. The possibility are endless. I have in mind to make a bed spread reflecting the different gardens in her book.

  180. Di’s kit is a visual treat for the eyes. One aspect I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the 3D effect added to the scene. One more reason to look more closely at the garden. Her work is amazing. I haven’t made a silk ribbon embroidery yet but have always wanted to. Thanks for the chance to win this embroidery kit.

  181. Tryin silk ribbon embroidery is on my list of things to learn in 2020. Di’s flowers are beautiful!

  182. I’ve been a follower of Di’s for a long long time. Her embroidery is exquisite and I love her work. I am signed up for her newsletters and specials.
    I would be over the moon to receive one of her kits. I have oodles of silk ribbon just waiting! Thank you

  183. My ♥️ sings because of the lovely, thick textures, inviting you in to feel each piece! Not having done this type of embroidery, this inspires me me to “just give it a go”!

  184. Oh my gosh, I adore silk ribbon work!! I think the beautiful reflective quality of the ribbons is my fave part. It makes the light dance across the work, and gives shading more depth.

  185. Just the thought that I could make these beautiful, soul soothing pieces of art is making my imagination dance with joy! I would love to win this, it would get me started on the right path! I subscribed to Di s website right away, so much beauty and inspiration!

  186. You were talking to me: this is my year to explore. Ribbon embroidery reminds me of my mother’s creations. She used to make bouquets from crepe paper and wire and more. I’ve looked at Di van Niekirk’s site and I know she will teach me the magic of ribbon embroidery.

  187. I just love spider roses. Making them is only half the fun. Seeing them complete is the best. No two are ever alike.

  188. I love the more dimensional depth and texture in SRE. It would be lovely to advance my basic experience in this technique with such a beautiful piece of art as my end goal.

  189. You get so much ooomph from each stitch in ribbon work. I haven’t done a lot butI had great fun with a piece from oe of her earlier books. Those pink roses make my heart sing.

  190. I’ve enjoyed putting small sprays of flowers on handmade greeting cards and also adding lines of stitching or flowers to crazy patches. I’ve only had a small collection of inexpensive ribbon in solid colors to work with. I’d be excited to try what could be done with better materials and more guidance.

  191. Love the way silk ribbon works up. So fast, and so beautiful. It would be a delight to have one of Di’s kits.

  192. Silk ribbon embroidery has been on my to do list for years. I especially love the details and the aliveness of the scenes.

  193. I love the dimensionality of silk ribbon embroidery. Flowers and foliage seem to lift right off the background fabric! Add a few beads for sparkle, and I’m a happy stitcher!

  194. Silk ribbon work looks so real I marvel at each flower I finish in a garden scene.
    And I’m so excited to find a new to me blog to explore.
    Pick me.
    Ricky in Winnipeg

  195. SRE? What an opportunity! The thing that would make my heart sing is to learn to do the beautiful varied textures, the precise fold of ribbon forming delicate flowers! Thank you yet again for the chance to expand my stitching repertoire!

  196. I absolutely love Di van Niewerk’s work. I have one of her kits and find her silk ribbon beautiful.

  197. Good day,

    I find that I have used ribbon embroidery in learning raised embroidery and it makes your design quirky, or elegant or whimsical adding a gorgeous element to a piece.

    Jamie Cerda

  198. One of the many aspects of silk ribbon embroidery that interests me is the use of variegated silk ribbon, the colors are so rich, because silk takes color so well, adding a variegation to shade or add dimension would be a fun thing to try- Ninon G

  199. I would choose silk ribbon on felting :)first of it’s beautiful and also it is so great to be able to take your work with you outside to the world to share with others…

  200. Silk ribbon embroidery is so beautiful! I love the texture and depth of the stitches. It’s my favorite embroidery and I plan to embellish with beads.

    Nancy Sue Hillman

  201. I am amazed at the three-dimensionality of ribbon embroidery, as shown on the website. I’d like to see some in real life, if I have to do it myself.

  202. The texture and 3-D aspects of silk ribbon inspires me. Also, silk ribbon has such a beautiful feel. Iron it and it is so smooth – it floats.

  203. What do I love about silk embroidery? I love how it adds a touch of elegance and a other design dimension to projects. Its beautiful !

  204. I love felt and ribbon embroidery. But even more exciting is the possibility of adding silk ribbon to clothing. On the back of a Thread’s Magazine cover, I saw a Worth gown and almost swooned.

    I recently took a class and I’m smitten. I keep thinking about slippers, gloves, scarves, all with silk ribbon embroidery. Di’s work is fabulous.

  205. I’m not a gardener (black thumb), but do love all the colors in a beautiful flower garden. This kit totally makes my heart go pitypat. I’ve not done much silk ribbon embroidery, but it’s on my must do in 2020 list.

  206. I am interested in how the roses are made. I am new to SRE do this would be my new year’s adventure.

  207. I love SRE because there’s not a huge learning curse since so many stitches are carried over from thread embroidery. The ribbons are so beautiful and the resulting texture of the stitches is fabulous.

  208. Ohhhhhh! Its the beautiful dimensionality and subtle way the light changes along the tiny silk ribbons!

  209. Silk Embroidery is just beautiful to me. I love the 3-dimensional aspect of it. The softness of it, the colours, the stitches…I am a big fan of French knots and they look amazing when done in silk.

    I have never done this before, but am retired now and this was on my to do list for 2020. My mother loved working with ribbons. This medium makes me feel close to her.

    These are absolutely amazing examples of this art. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  210. I love the feel of silk running through my fingers as I work. I admit I also love the reward of how quick it works up.

  211. The silk ribbon itself is just lovely. I love the different size and textures of the ribbon and how three dimensional the results are. I’m intimidated by it though and maybe a kit is the best way to start. Thank you!!

  212. Although I have limited experience with Silk ribbon embroidery what I love about it is the lush colors and the opportunities of using the shaded ribbons to create such rich and realistic pictures.

  213. One of my favorite techniques are ribbon roses–so much impact without a lot of tiny stitches. 🙂

  214. Silk ribbon embroidery allows the textile artist to create life from an underlying landscape or setting.

  215. I have always admired silk ribbon embroidery. This scene is stunning. I have done a little silk ribbon embroidery on a jacket collar. It was a crazy quilt collar so the silk ribbon embroidery added dimension.

  216. These silk embroideries look like you could just reach out and smell them. The colors and textures are wonderful and so appealing.

  217. Queen Di’s landscapes are so lush. Imagine adding teensy leds like dewdrops here and there. I’d love to decorate garments but it would be really fun to fussy up some landscape themed feed/seed bags (homage to the post WW I Belgian stitchers).

  218. WOW! I am so excited by this! I did one ribbon embroidery project (a small pillow/sachet thing) and I loved it. I’m kind of a sculptural/3D person, and I love flower embroidery anyway, so the thought of working on this beautiful piece makes me super happy. I’ve only worked with craft-store ribbon, and so getting the start with proper silk ribbon would be great.

    These things are so beautiful. SIGH.

    (Thanks, Mary, for the links to this blog…)

  219. I love the bold seam treatments I can make with silk ribbon that I can achieve in my crazy quilting. Both the 4mm and 2 mm ribbon make dramatic bold lines.

  220. OM! The flowers in silk embroidery are magnificent. Definitely think you are looking at the real thing. What’s not to love!

  221. I am fascinated with petals because, like much of nature, they are delicate and difficult to recreate. I have seen some silk petals, and feel that they are the closest replication. I would love the opportunity to make some myself and this kit looks stunning.

  222. I just love the roses. My gran’s favourite flowers and forever a reminder to me of her! Sweet memories

  223. Just beautiful. I love the dimensional look. The flowers just come alive. I have done a little of that kind of work but I would love the encouragement of a kit!

  224. I messed up my previous comment and did not make a good name. Eh, whatever. Also, Di Ford is wonderful, but I have 3 of Di Van Niekirk’s books as well as the initial pattern. I am teaching silk ribbon embroidery basics at a Quilt guild class in May and will show her books. I love all those flowers and am anxious to start one of her kits.

  225. Roses! I’m allergic and don’t plant them but there are so many different stitches that create such beautiful and authentic looking roses. I have enjoyed creating them in the small selection of silk ribbon that I have done. Maryann in LaSalle

  226. Silk Ribbon itself just makes my heart sing!! The way the silk takes color! The way it can shimmer and shine. And when you embroider with it, all those shadows and twinkling color! My friend and I call it the “marzipan” of needlework!!

  227. Hi Mary, The delicate petals of silk ribbon roses in Di’s ‘Roses’ book are breathtaking. The colors she uses are exquisite. The 3 dimensional life-like beauty of silk ribbon flowers is to me more beautiful than any other embroidery technique.

  228. I have never done silk embroidery, but what I find most stunning in this piece is the life-like quality of the roses and tulips!! Thank you!

  229. Ribbon embroidery is astonishingly beautiful! I love flowers and do a lot of flower gardening, so to be able to recreate the beauty of a flower is beyond satisfying.

  230. These silk embroidery examples are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!..I can’t begin to express how excited I would be to win one of these to be the “center piece” on the back of a beautiful silk jacket….Please choose me!

  231. I love the theme of gardens and flowers. This theme in ribbon embroidery is very natural and realistic. It seems that we even smell the flowers …

  232. This is a hard question, but I ‘think” what I like the best about SRE is the opportunity to take something flat, the ribbon, and make something 3 dimensional. It’s like magic! I’ve done some SRE on and off and have always wanted to do one of Di’s kits…hopefully this will be my chance

  233. These silk ribbon embroideries look like Monet paintings…so incredibly beautiful! I’ve only tried Silk ribbon embroidery once and on a very small scale. Would love to add to my repertoire!

  234. As I’m new to ribbon embroidery I would first do individual or small group silk ribbon flowers on my crazy quilting. I would hope to eventually try a beautiful scene of flowers as this email shows. Gosh – her work is breathtaking!!

  235. The best part of silk ribbon embroidery is the beautiful silk ribbon to work with. Gorgeous colors, shine, texture, adaptability, limitless possibilities.

  236. I think the variety of textures that can be created with silk ribbon embroidery are fascinating. So many different types of flowers and foliage can be represented!

  237. Hello Mary. What a lovely busy and bright garden. I have tried some silk ribbon embroidery and agree that Di is the queen of the technique. I especially enjoy how roses come to life with the technique. It seems like magic!

  238. I love flowers real and otherwise, and the 3-dimensional aspect of ribbon embroidery does absolutely make my heart sing.

  239. I loved the embroidery my mom did & she taught me when I was young – now that she is gone I have her books – Ribbon embroidery was something she wanted to do but did not get to it! My love for the colors and the twists and turns that are used to create such luscious and realistic visuals in the embroidery work really intrigue me. I have 2 books but nothing to start me on the path of ribbon embroidery – this kits is just what I need.

  240. I think that the dimension that Silk Embroidery adds to a piece really elevates it to a unique artwork as no piece will be alike when variegated ribbons are used as well as everyone’s tension being slightly different. I would love to learn more about this.

  241. It’s the soft, lusterous glow and texture of ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing !

  242. I tried silk ribbon embroidery years ago, but it’s been a long time since I revisited it, and I’m not sure why, because I think it’s so beautiful. Really, any kind of needlework makes my heart sing, but since I love silk ribbon this one holds a special place in my heart. I need to get back to it in earnest. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

  243. Silk ribbon embroidery was really my first introduction to surface embroidery. I had done counted cross stitch for many years, and then discovered Di van Niekirk. I was hooked! I have collected a mountain of materials and completed several of her designs. Pretty in Pink is gorgeous & so lifelike – I would love to win the kit!

  244. I have never done SRE but I would truly like to try it. The flowers are just beautiful and the ribbon makes it look like a garden you could just walk through and smell all the flowers.

  245. All of Di’s projects are exceptional, dimensional artistic works of art and I would love to learn by trying any one of them. Silk Ribbon Embroidery on luscious felt has had my eye for several years. I would even try Silk Ribbon Embroidery with a touch of Goldwork technique to create a luxurious dimensional piece of art.

  246. The 3D quality is what is so attractive to me, but the way that the ribbon so gently Curves in itself really “makes my heart sing”

  247. I love making tiny silk ribbon flowers. To date I’ve done a king-sized quilt with silk ribbon trees, flowers etc. embellishing the appliquéd house blocks and a wall hanging which features a Victorian house once again embellished with silk ribbon greenery and flowers. I would love to win this beautiful kit and learn some more silk ribbon techniques.

  248. The one aspect that I really love is how beautiful the roses look with the silk ribbon. They look so real.

  249. With ribbon embroidery, it’s all about the dimensional effects!
    A rose is a rose is a rose in needlepoint, but in ribbon embroidery, a rose is something to admire.

  250. As a Flower Arranger my love of flowers has been a lifelong obsession -yet flowers die – so I would love to create an herbaceous border in silk ribbon to remind me of all the plants I have cherished over the years.

  251. I love silk ribbon embroidery because it Is so beautiful when completed. I find it fast and easy to do. I have completed several of Di’s panels and love then all. I would love to win this kit. Thank you for offering it.

  252. It’s something I’ve not tried, I have an interest in all embroidery crafts and this could be my next big project.

  253. My heart sings when I see lengths of ribbon become a beautiful garden. I can gaze upon its beauty and be transported into it. I have only done one ribbon project but loved it and am ready to expand my experience. Thank you.

  254. I visited Di’s web site for the first time and……that was 3 hours ago! Such beauty and life-like gardens. Even though it is a wintery
    day here in New England, I am in a luscious
    spring garden! Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful needle art form.

  255. The raised 3D effect with all the different leaves, petals and French knots. These pieces of art are pure escapism. A stitcher one can only dream of making.

  256. I am fascinated by the way that silk ribbon embroidery adds a three-dimensional quality to any design. I am so impressed with the way the flowers, etc., become alive and “touchable” using silk ribbon.

  257. Oh the flowers! The Flowers! Nothing makes beautiful flowers like silk ribbon in the hands of Di. Her embroidery is a work of art.

  258. My heart signs when I pull out my silk ribbons the texture and colors make me smile. I especially love the pile of mixed ribbons that sits in a metal bird house on my sewing room it is always summer in that corner of the room.

  259. I’ve been following Di’s embroidery for awhile now and learning to do silk ribbon is on the bucket list because of that. I guess it is the three dimensional element of it that appeals to me so much (stump work is also on the list). I do also love roses …

  260. Today’s prize is a real coincidence for me. Last week I was making my bucket list of new techniques I want to learn in 2020. My number one is silk embroidery and I have had a great time studying Dis work and her tutorials are excellent. I would love to learn how to do roses first as they are my favourite flower.

  261. I just love the “reality” of the silk ribbon flowers, the textures and sheen. Have always wanted to try a piece and this is just gorgeous

  262. The embroidery is so beautiful, I am drawn to try it!!! The texture and realistic colors are inviting and make me feel calm and excited to try this form of embroidery!!!

    Pam Wesselink

  263. My favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery is that it goes so much faster than regular embroidery! I feel a little backwards saying that, since embroidery as a whole is often seen as a meticulous craft for the patient that takes a huge amount of time – that is generally how I experience embroidery, but every now and then I get so impatient with my projects! After a few months working on one long, slow project for a Christmas gift, I’m really loving the idea of a project that would have quicker visible progress and take much less time to do haha. Can anyone relate?

  264. I’m infatuated with the dimensional quality of silk ribbon embroidery. I’m new at this and looking forward to my shipment from Di.

  265. I love the beautiful glowing colors of the ribbons and what gorgeous, natural looking flowers you can embroider with it.

  266. It’s so rewarding to feel the flat ribbon glide through the fabric then, with a few twists, turns and a stab, create beautiful dimensional embellishments. It makes a picture come to life!

  267. Oh wow – one aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing: that would have to be the colours of the silk. They add such a shine to the finished product and make all the flowers, trees, etc. just come to life.
    I have been an ardent follower of Di van Nikerk’s work for years. Winning one of her kits would definitely be an early Christmas present for me.

  268. I have seen these kits before & quite honestly my pockets aren’t deep enough to buy them. They are so exquisite. My birthday is on the 18tb. Pretty please

  269. I like the texture and dimensional qualities of SRE. I am a very 3-D artist/person.
    Lorri in Renton, WA, USA

  270. Greetings Mary!
    The one aspect of silk Ribbon Embroidery that makes my heart sing is how I can create beautiful flowers that literally pop off fabric and make one want to run their fingers through it.

  271. I love how much texture and dimension you can achieve with ribbon embroidery. I also love that you can really play around with color and shading using variegated ribbons in a design.

  272. I have not done much silk ribbon embroidery, but I am drawn to it because of the great texture that one can see with this thicker thread. I also love the lustre of silk.

  273. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the life within the texture. It gives me pleasure to work with the silk, but then visual pleasure later as the scene shifts when light catches it, like shadows growing longer in the evening.

    Kirsten in PA

  274. The flowers. Using ribbon instead of floss makes the flowers come alive. My goal is to learn ribbon embroidery in 2020. Thanks for introducing me to the beautiful work.

  275. Silk ribbon flowers are charmingly-relistic! I would love to learn the skill of this delightful handwork. Di van Niekerk’s website is amazing, thank you for sharing it.

  276. Ribbon Embroidery is exquisite. I love the idea of sewing ribboned flowers with quick coverage.

  277. I love the softness of SRE – not just the ribbon itself but the dreamy feelings it gives as well. Such a Beautiful kit to win!

  278. One aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing is how real the flowers look. I appreciate many types of needlework, but for flowers there is no technique that even comes close to silk ribbon embroidery.

  279. Flowers on mass in a stunning garden! Throw in ribbon, thread and stitching time …..this is my idea of gardening!
    Julie from Sydney

  280. I had a lot of fun several years ago doing ribbon embroidery on cards. I think I was working from a book, but I can’t find the title right now. In any case, they were lovely designs.

  281. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but this design is stunning. I love the flowers and the colors. It would be a wonderful introduction into this needlework. Thanks!

  282. I’m such a novice to ribbon embroidery that I’m not even sure that this even qualifies as an aspect. But what draws me to the craft are the flowers. They are beautiful. So romantic and stunning. I often stitch primitives and modern designs, but the sheer voluptuous beauty of the garden scenes takes my breath. When I do decide to learn this new art form – and I will – that is what I want to stitch.

  283. During a chilly autumn and a cold, grey winter, just imagine being able to dream of summer with this embroidery! What strikes me most about silk ribbon, and I have only done a bit of this work, is how one can achieve dimensionality without resorting to stump wok.. hh

  284. I have several of Di’s books. I absolutely love all aspects of SRE. The texture, the dimensionality, the way it looks so “real” when you are a bit back from it, the colors. Just everything about it is soooo gorgeous. Oh, how I would love, love to win this one! Crossing fingers…

  285. Thank you Mary, for another opportunity! Indeed, Di Van Niekerk’s ribbon embroidery is exquisite! I think what really makes my heart sing is the realness of the flowers created by SRE, especially the roses! So lovely it is easy to imagine walking in the garden, smelling their heavenly aroma!

  286. I do love the look of SRE, but the best part is the FEEL! It feels so wonderful running through my fingers as I stitch, and the finished stitches feel luxurious when I run my hand across the cloth. I would dearly love to win a Di van Niekerk kit! That would be the high spot of my year!!

  287. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery and this kit seems to go from complete beginner to expert….perfect for me.

  288. I love silk ribbon embroidery. The flowers are so pretty and the stitches have so much depth. I am glad it is becoming popular again.

  289. Wow! This garden design is lovely, and the colors chosen are most intriguing to me. so I’d be thrilled to win it. The variety of stitches used is amazing

  290. I enjoy a different types of needlework and especially love silk ribbon embroidery , there is no other feel like the feel of silk ribbon gliding thru your fingers as you are creating an absolute beautiful piece of stitchery! The feeling I have from seeing the blank canvas come to life before my eyes is truly remarkable –the flowers, trees birds ect. so life like makes my heart not only sing but I am proud to give it as a gift. This is one of my most favorite artists and I have done one other pieces of her creations and would truly like to be the receiver of her gift.
    Thank you Mary for allowing us to dream!!

  291. I am new to SRE, but I could see how this could be a new addiction! The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful! I love Di’s website banner with all the florals!

  292. For me it would have to be the realistic way one can bring flowers to life … Especially roses .. they tend to become so lifelike at times I want to smell them … this would be a new venue for me as I have never experimented with ribbon embroidery

  293. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery—it would be a great 2020 challenge for me. While at the Houston quilt show, I saw a quilt with ribbon embroidered wheat. It was one of the most stunning embellishments I had ever seen! I notice there is wheat colored ribbon Di’s website too!

  294. One aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that I love is the realism of the silk flowers that can be created. I was impressed with applying silk embroidery to felted objects. I had not seen that before. Thanks for the opportunity to be inspired! Adele

  295. I love that silk ribbon embroidery adds dimension! Any type of needlework that creates dimension really makes my heart sing. ❤

  296. When I joined ECNG (Essex County Needle Guild) I needed to make a name tag and immediately went to Di’s book for inspiration. Now I am beginning to create landscape motifs and once again I turn to Di for inspiration. Happy Stitching.

  297. I’ve adored silk ribbon embroidery for years, as it is a quick, easy, and beautiful way to add embellishments to historic garment and accessories. I’m particularly fond of realistic larger flowers and detailed monograms. So amazing!

    ~Perian in California

  298. I like everything about silk ribbon embroidery – the texture and dimension you can get is amazing. With the flowers I feel as if I want to pick them and put them in a vase! I like that you can find almost any picture and turn it into an amazing masterpiece just with ribbon! The stitches are very simple to achieve a look of wonderment!

  299. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the illusion of depth that is captured in the work. Just beautiful!

  300. I like the additional texture ribbon embroidery brings to a project. Di van Niekerk does the best blend of silk painting, ribbon embroidery, and stumpwork & surface embroidery. She’s amazing.

  301. As a newbie at embroidery I am finding new ways to embroider every day. There is so much to try. A complete kit with instructions would be wonderful. It can all be a little overwhelming when you see some of the work, just beautiful. Thank you

  302. Hello Mary, Oh I love Di van Niekerk and love silk ribbon embroidery. I haven’t done any SRE for a few years now but I used to teach it in South Africa and enjoyed every minute. Silk Ribbon actually moves and is so tactile and I think that’s my favourite thing about it. You get a beautiful shimmer and with not much ribbon you can have a beautiful little design. Di van Niekerk is an icon and my regret is that I never got to take a class with her. This kit would be something very special to me. Regards Mandy xx

  303. The texture you can achieve with simple stitches in ribbon is just amazing. Using the right ribbon there is nothing quite like a ribbon Hydrangea made up of many knots. So pretty.

  304. Hi Mary
    I can’t believe how truly spectacular your giveaways are. This kit you are offering is a true gem. I had drooled over it before but had to turn away for the expense. But not today! Di van Niekerk’s silk ribbon embroidery epitomizes what I love about the art. Gorgeous lush saturated colours presented in sumptuous masses of soft silk. The pleasure of handling and looking at the silk is supreme. I guess we all hope to win something so truly special. but I’m hoping extra hard over here in the Canadian St. Marys 🙂
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, which I delight in reading even when you don’t have giveaways ha ha.
    Best regards,

  305. My favorite aspect is the soft dimension it gives to the embroidery.
    This enables a different level to the piece.
    The art this designer has is awesome.

  306. What do I love about Silk Ribbon Embroidery?…..let me count the ways ! just kidding – I have yet to try my hand at this beautiful technique but I just love how pretty the flowers are and I love the 3D effect – I think it would go well with Stumpwork –

    Thank you!

    I love your emails!

  307. I love the way silk ribbon makes flowers and leaves come to life. It’s like really being in a garden (of course if it was scented it would be nice).

  308. I love silk ribbon embroidery because of the texture, elegance, and sheen of the stitches. I like how it can make a plain item pop with texture and color – K2 from the MO Ozarks

  309. Thank you Mary for your giveaway.

    While I’ve never done silk ribbon embroidery, what intrigues me is it’s 3D aspects. I’ve always enjoyed crewel work because it is 3D. Cross stitching is flat and I could never get into it.

  310. What makes my heart sing when it comes to ribbon embroidery is the amount of real estate you can cover in a very short time! Janer in Victoria BC

  311. I love how real the flowers look but I really like beauty of the range of colors. I am a novice at this type of embroidery but I do appreciate the time it much take . I enjoy the calming effort embroidery has on me, it’s like coloring when I was a child.

  312. Learning to apply ribbon embroidery would add a lovely third dimension to my stitching. I’ve wanted to try this technique for a while but haven’t had the impetus.

  313. I have never tried silk embroidery thread but would LOVE to try something new in 2020! I especially appreciate Rose’s made from silk ribbon. They are breathtaking and I would love to try my hand with them!

  314. I think Silk Ribbon Embroidery is beautiful! I will be honest, I have not actually gotten into SRE as yet, and I say yet, because I have been so busy learning new embroidery stitches and working on projects and drooling over all the beautiful threads out there that I have not ventured into the SRE world……hopefully soon tho. – Rosann Parrinello

  315. Ribbon brings needlework pictures to life with color, texture, and movement.

    Thank you,


  316. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery and would love to start learning it. It’s hard to identify my favorite part since I haven’t done it, but I love the overall depth and look.

    Judy Hudgins

  317. What I love about ribbon embroidery is the way everything look like it is actually growing out of the picture. I have not been doing this type of embroidery for long but I really love working with silk ribbon.
    Roxy D.

  318. My favorite thing about silk ribbon embroidery is how realistic the finished item looks.

  319. Silk ribbon embroidery is on my bucket list – I have collected various ribbons and needles, but confess I am a bit intimidated to try! I love the softness of the stitches at the same time they add texture, but if I had to pick one word to describe an attribute that I love it would be that it is lush.

  320. What makes my heart sing about SRE? Being able to imitate in silk Gods masterpieces of nature!

  321. I must say I love texture so the 3 dimensionality of ribbon embroidery is what sets my heart singing.

  322. I have not really tried ribbon embroidery, but I love the roses in this pattern. Looks like something I might light to give a try.

  323. I love the flowers that can be made in ribbon embroidery, particularly the ones she calls “double roses”. The African violets are also lovely – shape and colour.

  324. Today’s give away speaks from my heart I have several projects of Di Van. Her creations are extra ordinary. I have finished some of her projects. Silk ribbon embroidery is like painting on a canvas for me (since I can not paint).

    Thank you for offering Di Van’s beautiful works and introducing the 3D embroidery verses surface embroidery.

  325. The aspect of milk embroidery that in intriguing to me would be the beautiful roses. It would be fun to learn how to accomplish stitching a rose.

  326. Normally, I am not a huge fan of SRE, but Di’s are so intricate and realistic that they do indeed make my heart sing!

  327. I think making these gardens is one of the most glorious things a stitcher can make and enjoy. I still have my first attempts which aren’t half bad but I have always wanted to create a scene like this with red hollyhocks that hold some of my most cherished memories of my grandmother who taught me how to take my first stitch!!

  328. My favourite thing about silk ribbon embroidery is …. for me, it is uncharted water. I do a lot of different types of needlework and arts/crafts, but silk ribbon embroidery is still on my bucket list.

  329. I would like to try my hand at silk ribbon embroidery. I love, love, love all the possibilities of flowers. Making a bouquet of spring flowers would bring happiness to my day!

  330. The lovely silk ribbon flowers are so realistic that they make me feel like I’m in an English garden. I wish I was more skilled at making them.

  331. What a wonderful giveaway! I have long been attracted to ribbon embroidery and I think 2020 will be a good time to take the plunge. I am fascinated by all of the shapes that can be achieved using ribbon and I can’t wait to find out how it is done. The garden scenes are gorgeous with so many fabulous colours in the huge variety of flowers – beautiful.

  332. I love many things about SRE and I’ve always admired Di’s work. I think what she creates is spectacular. What really speaks to my heart is the way an assortment of materials manage to create a harmonious result just like in nature. The colors, the textures, the various stitches and techniques all combine to create a three dimensional piece of art.

  333. I love the colors and dimension achieved from the combination of stitches that make the work so realistic. Di is definitely the queen…I have all of her books! <3

  334. I love how real the silk ribbon makes flowers look and how the 3-D aspect makes the flowers just jump off of the fabric.

  335. Hello,
    If I had to pick one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes my heart sing, it would be watching the flowers just materialize as I embroider with the ribbon, especially when I make a rose.

  336. The aspect that I love is realistic look of the finish piece, it looks like you can step right into the piece and smell the roses.

  337. That is breathtaking! As the previous commenters said, I really like the three dimensional aspect that silk ribbon brings to embroidery.

  338. Monograms and words in ribbon embroidery and Embroidered Alphabets. Useful for personalizing gifts.

  339. 2020 could be the year I finally get to dive into ribbon embroidery. The technique is truly beautiful.
    Pat R.

  340. Hands down, it is the ability to capture the lush textures found in nature. I love surface embroidery, but the dimensional and embellishment aspects are my favourite parts! Good luck everyone!

  341. I have been interested in learning this craft. I feel the ribbon makes the embroidery Stand out and is so very pretty. I like to make pretty things for my friends. If i win that will be great but if not I won’t give up I will find books and you tubes to teach me. Thanks for the tip and site that I can go to for help and encouragement.

  342. I love Di’s lush gardens. The ribbons are lovely and the scenes evocative. I’d like to learn to handle the ribbon stitches better.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  343. I have created a bit with SRE and love the look. I’m inspired by the beautiful full roses shown in the Pink Delight kit. This I need to try.

  344. Wow, doesn’t that look like paradise! Just the thing to stitch when the snow has got you down.
    I think what I love most about SRE is the 3-Dimensionality of it, it really makes flowers and other
    foliage come alive!

  345. I particularly love the way silk ribbon brings the soft 3D effect to embroidered David Austen roses and wisteria. It is particularly effective for floral embroidery. With Di van Niekerk’s Pink Delight I would have my Spring/Summer garden with me throughout the year lifting the grey of winter.

  346. Di is a great designer, teacher and such a lovely person, so everything she does with ribbons in embroidery makes my heart sing. Her FB pages just makes me feel good!

  347. My favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery is that you have to relax. If you are tense it shows up in the ribbon stitches so you really have to make yourself relax and enjoy the process.

  348. It’s the texture, isn’t it? I assume that’s what everyone loves about ribbon embroidery. The depth you can get as you manipulate the ribbon into 3D shapes on the surface of the fabric.

  349. The most magical part of silk ribbon embroidery is the ribbon, of course! My very first foray into embroidery was a Dimensions ribbon embroidery flower basket kit. The ribbons gave more well, dimension, to the project than just cross-stitched floss, which was all the rage way back then. I placed each stitch by hand. I had not yet heard of a laying tool–that would have been a much quicker project to finish with the right tool for the job! I’d love to give silk ribbon embroidery another go.

  350. I have loved silk ribbon embroidery ever since I first discovered it many years ago. Di van Niekerk’s books were my first exposure and I now own every one. I am not at all good at growing flowers, but I love the effects that create a beautiful, long-lasting garden with silk ribbon. My absolute favorite aspect of SRE though, has to be the fact that I can create a gorgeous piece of 3-D embroidery in a fraction of the time it takes to do any other embroidery project. Especially when using large hand-painted ribbons to create large roses and other flowers, the effect can be almost rivalling the real thing!

  351. What a gorgeous kit! I haven’t done any silk ribbon embroidery for the last 5 years. This makes me want to work with silk ribbon again!

  352. I haven’t done any silk ribbon embroidery yet but would love to explore the textural possibilities. The 3D aspect that can be achieved is very appealing (could be also quite difficult for a beginner ….) – this kit would be a perfect place to start.

  353. Hi… I have been embroiderying for years and love the texture and effect of ribbon embroidery. I have never actually tried it though. I have been thinking that it was time to try. This giveaway is timely in that fact. Please throw my comment in the hat and let’s see what happens. Thanks

  354. …The pleasures of ribbon embroidery are many (the delicacy of the colours; that slightly Victorian air of some pieces), but what gets my heart singing is that moment when you are looking at something new, a picture of someone’s work or an illustration in a book and you realise that it really is created from ribbon and stitch, and isn’t a real flower or scene – and that there is a possibility (rather an outside one for me, it has to be said!) that one might be able to do it oneself… The sheer talent of some people is breath-taking and wonderful to behold (and I must admit that I regularly see Di’s work and think that there is a real rose there…).

  355. What a generous gift from Di and Mary! Thank you! Silk ribbon embroidery is on my list to learn, and in reading the first chapter of the “Pink Delight” instructions, I believe I could follow along with minimal difficulty.

  356. I think the luciousness of the silk ribbon and the 3 dimension it offers to the project!

  357. I have done a few pieces of silk ribbon embroidery and the colors and texture of the silk itself “makes my heart sing”! I also love any kind of flower and enjoy re-creating them is silk ribbon. It always amazes me how realistic the result can be!

  358. I love flowers and I cannot grow them at all. Making beautiful flowers from silk ribbon that will never wilt, makes my heart sing.

  359. I have only stitched one silk ribbon piece but I absolutely love the dimension, colour and unique way the ribbon enhances the embroidery. I would love to explore this further as it is such fun to play with.

  360. How exciting! What a beautiful kit. It has been a few years since I have stitched a ribbon embroidery picture. I would love to win this kit and stitch, stitch, stitch!

  361. I have dabbled in silk ribbon embroidery in the past but never achieved mastery. This garden is beautiful! I particularly enjoy making woven spider web roses with ribbon – so beautiful with such minor efforts.

    🙂 Linda

  362. “I love the unpredictability of silk ribbon embroidery. The extra dimension of the ribbons makes each stitch vary.

  363. Ellen loves the dimension and depth that silk ribbon gives a picture. The colors can are so rich and when you mix it with embroidery floss the pictures seem to come alive.

  364. My favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery is how the exaggerated textures create tangible and whimsical designs.

  365. This is absolutely stunning. I have always been afraid to try ribbon embroidery, but this is my chance to have expert instructions and gorgeous materials, so I know I can do this.

    Thank you for this opportunity to broaden my horizons.

  366. I love SRE because of the way the ribbon feels, as well as the luscious colors available.

  367. Oh my goodness! This kit is a dream come true! I’ve done some ribbon embroidery and would love to win this kit to enhance my skills. I love to learn new things! This kit has beautiful ribbon roses. The scene is so serene. Thank you Mary for offering this and letting us know about Di and her website. I’m going to sign up now.

  368. I love pictures of English country gardens and I have cross-stitched many. I have never done one in ribbon embroidery, but I love the 3D effect of the ribbon. I would love to try my hand at it.

  369. These are absolutely beautiful! I love the dimension and the texture. I have always been intrigued by ribbon embroidery (even bought a book) but haven’t tried it yet.

  370. Silk ribbons adds so much dimensional interest to needlepoint pieces. I want to increase my skills in using ribbons.

  371. My heart sings as I watch my ribbon embroidery piece come to life. The ribbon is so lovely that even unfinished it is beautiful. It reminds me of spring as each stitch eventually blossoms into a thing of beauty.

  372. I have tried silk ribbon embroidery. Looking at this kit made me wish to have it because I can see how much more I would learn and how much fun I would have in the process of making the kit.

  373. I absolutely love ribbon embroidery. It is quick and gives instant gratification. My introduction to Di’s ribbon embroidery was the Flower Fairies series stitching them for my granddaughters about 14 years ago. I have gifted many ribbon mixed flower creations to friends and family over the years. There is something magical feeling the silk ribbon glide through the fingers as you work with it!

  374. Inexperienced in Silk Ribbon Embroidery the thought of being able to create three-dimensional flowers rather quickly wins my heart.
    Currently I am afraid to invest in tools and supplies that may be too difficult for my simple mind. Winning such a grand free kit will make a big change in my (anyone’s) embroidery abilities in 2020.

  375. Having only dabbled in silk embroidery as an embellishment to cross stitch or Hardanger. Her work on printer canvas is a whole new art form I have not seen before. I love the three dimensional aspect as well as the various techniques used to produce the various flowers.

  376. For me, it’s the fluidity of ribbons that take a life of their own as they entwine and fold and meander across the canvas. I truly love ribbon embroidery. I’ve worked hard to learn on my own and am proud of my skills. I.d love love love to have this kit.

  377. One aspect of silk ribbon that I love is the instant impact that one beautiful flower can make in any project. The depth that silk ribbon adds is immediate.

  378. I love how ribbon can create such complex 3D shapes that so accurately capture the curves found on flowers, leaves, and other objects found in nature.

  379. I have been embroidering birds lately and the idea of adding ribbon embroidery to depict feathers in the wings appeals to me particularly.

  380. I am a Gardener and I love the colours in Silk ribbon embroidery. You get a beautiful result in very little time

  381. The beautiful colours and intricate manipulation of the ribbon to create flowers one can virtually smell, makes my heart sing!

  382. I love how the silk ribbon embroidery adds so much more. I have not done any, but have seen a picture a friend embroidered at a class/retreat. Beautiful! I would like to try this as I have done many other forms of embroidery. This would be very enjoyable to do!
    Thank you for the chance.

  383. I have worked one of Di’s pieces before and learned so much. I was so happy with the way it turned out. She makes beautiful art! Wouldn’t it be marvelous to win one?!

  384. My favorite part of silk ribbon embroidery is stitching flowers that come out so realistic you want to take a sniff to see if they’re real!!

  385. I love Di’s design. My favorite thing about silk ribbon is that you can take a simple piece of ribbon and a needle and it magically turns into a beautiful flower.

  386. I’ve never tried SRE but plan to use it in a future project. I love the way everything looks so realistic and brings depth to the piece!!

  387. Looking at this kit, I can just smell the fresh air and the delicate scent of the flowers. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery before, but I am eager to try having seen this gorgeous kit!

  388. For me the best part of silk ribbon embroidery is the dimensional quality. It is fun to see ribbon roses and leaves pop out of the background. Also the speed with which you see a finished product can be very satisfying.

  389. I would have to say that I like the dimensional look of SRE… the elements seem to visually pop right out at you!

  390. Wow, that is a hard question! But I think it is the exquisite textures created in silk ribbon embroidery. The lusciousness of the silk would follow closely.

  391. I love the textures that ribbon embroidery imparts on a project especially how folds of silk ribbon can represent grasses and leaves seen at a distance. Its a beautiful medium that I very much want to incorporate into my work and still have so much to learn about. I particularly admire the soft colours of varigated ribbons. I would certainly love the opportunity to play with one of Di van Nieterk’s kits.

  392. I love ribbon embroidery for the different textures, the rich colors and the mimicry of actual flowers. I especially love the versatility of the genre – everything from crazy quilt embellishments to gorgeous gardens like the one presented here. I have long admired Di Van Niekerk’s work and would love to escape into her beautiful virtual world.

  393. I would love to give silk ribbon embroidery a try! It’s always looked intimidating but I’ve heard fairly easy once you learn the techniques. Lots of issues going on the last few years so I could use some cheering up and then could teach some of the things to my EGA who is interested in doing a stitch sampler. I’d love to learn this beautiful form of needlework.

  394. Silk ribbon embroidery looks real. If they are roses or other flowers, they look real to me. They pop out like real flowers–soft, full of color and natural, one can smell their perfume. If they are children or animals, they look soft and touchable and lovable. It’s amazing what can be done with ribbon to create texture. (I’ve admired Di’s work and the many works she features on her website for years for that reason.)

  395. My favorite part of silk ribbon embroidery is creating flowers. I can’t grow them so this is second best. Stitching a rose so real that you may have to water it tomorrow, pansies with their sweet little faces, or just about any flower with just a few stitches making them look so real and delicate that you wish your whole yard was full of them!

  396. The thing about ribbon embroidery that makes my heart sing is the way a small variety of stitches can become such different things. Cross stitch, however beautifully done, still looks like cross stitch. A ribbon rose looks nothing like a ribbon pansy!

  397. pink roses! I love the pink roses! I love the texture and dimension of ribbon embroidery!

  398. I would like to learn more regarding some of the stitches for ribbon Embrodery. I like how rhe flowers look so dimensional and at times look like real flowers. I think ribon embrodery is just so elegant. Lovely kit.would love to win.

  399. I am fairly new to silk ribbon embroidery, but love the three dimensional aspect of this technique and also the fact that you can complete a flower in a very short period of time. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

  400. I love will ribbon embroidery, the relief you can achieve with different widths of ribbon and different stitches!!!
    Love your publications!

  401. I have done some small bits of silk ribbon embroidery. I am always very happy with the end result but I do find, due to my extreme need to have things really perfect, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get the ribbon to lay exactly the same on each of the flowers. I need to learn to just relax, enjoy the steps and the process, and let each flower be unique as they are in nature.

  402. It’s not very original, but I love ribbon roses. Actually I love all things roses. The few ribbon roses I’ve done are a very distant relative of the ones in these photos. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to create those beautiful flowers?

  403. What I love about silk embroidery and her kits is it is a perfect way to interpret a garden or flowers in a 3 dimensional way. I just fell in love with silk embroidery when I first saw it. I want to touch the miniature flowers the way I stroke the real flowers in my own garden.

  404. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery but I have been thinking about trying for a couple of years now. I think the think I love most about it is the materials. I love silk and I love the smooth subtle shine of the ribbons. (I also love the 3D nature of ribbon embroidery, so like stumpwork, another craft I am planning to learn!)

    Thank you for the gift of your content year round, it is truly a joy finding your lovely posts in my inbox.

    Happy holidays and may your new year be full of joy, well-being and good fortune.

  405. The depth of ribbon embroidery texture and colors is wonderful. I’ve wanted to try it but I admit I’m nervous about it. I’ve done cross stitch for decades but would like to explore other needle arts. Thank you for your column Mary, I’m learning so much from you!

  406. Please enter me for the silk ribbon embroidery kit! I’ve never done sill ribbon embroidery but it looks fun. Thanks!

  407. I think the best aspect of silk embroidery would be how extraordinarily delightful it would be to be able to create images with such delicate texture. I’ve recently come across Di’s work while starting a project from Hazel Blomkamp’s crewel creatures. She references Di’s hand painted silk ribbons in her kits. So I took a look at Di’s website too and am mesmerised. Thank you for the chance to win a kit, Di. What a treat it would be!

  408. I love the dimensionality of ribbon embroidery and the realism of the flowers when done this way. The panel is luscious and I would love to work on this project.

  409. Love Di’s work & would really like to do the white Cosmos kit – have the perfect spot for it!

  410. I’ve been dreaming of embroidering something like this! I love the texture and perspective that this style of embroidery brings to a piece and I am absolutely in love with country gardens full of flowers. It makes my heart sing!

  411. Silk ribbon embroidery is like making magic with a flat silk fiber. You can create 3-D flowers and trees grass and entire gardens with colorful ribbon that stand up off the base canvas you can’t quite do with cotton or silk thread embroidery alone.

  412. What makes my heart sing it the texture and its versatility. You can make it quite puffy, or flat broad or narrow, adding perspective.

  413. The ability to create both realistic and totally fanciful flowers is the best part of ribbon embroidery. I love creating fabulous needle books using ribbon embroidery with floss embroidery to adorn the covers.

  414. Ignoring the fact that it’s Silk Ribbon! What makes my heart sing about ribbon embroidery is how quick it covers ground while still looking superb. (quick means you accomplish more before your hand cramps and your arm aches for those of us with issues)

  415. When I first decided to try embroidery it was because I saw a beautiful garden done in silk ribbon embroidery. When I realized it was ribbon and not floss I was disappointed because I thought I would NEVER learn how to do that. I still followed my desire to learn how to embroider and have been working on small projects ever since, trying to learn stitches, an doing LOTS of reading — blogs, newsletters, and FB Pages. I am now ready to try out ribbons! Thank you for all I have learned from you!

  416. Ooooo, I love the texture and how it just brings the work to life! I always love looking at silk embroidery pieces but never broke down to get any. Thanks for the give aways, good way to boost my Christmas list.

  417. The colors of silk ribbon embroidery are what makes it so appealing. My daughter and I really want to try it.

  418. SRE makes my heart sing because it features flowers.
    Also, it covers ground fairly quickly, has a 3D effect but is easier than stumpwork, and is forgiving of mistakes.
    What’s not to love?

  419. A flower is IRRESISTABLE. One made of silk is every bit as pretty as the real thing. That’s what makes my heart sing.

  420. The ribbon brings a whole new look to embroidery. I have ordered from Di’s web site before. I have not started my projects yet( I am afraid to ,it looks hard) I didn’t know they had such good videos to help you with the projects. Thank you for pointing me to the web page again. I think it is time to get my project out and work on it!

  421. Silk ribbon embroidery has been on my ‘wish to learn’ list for a while. I crazy quilt and the SRE just adds so much to a seam treatment/block. I visited the website and can’t believe how realistic her flowers look! And the color variations available with silk ribbon … I definitely need to find time to learn this technique!

  422. This is a almost beyond words beautiful! I have not looked at Di’s website in awhile and will have to change that immediately! Your highlighting these artists and sources in this fashion is brilliantly done. Thank you!

  423. The kit is amazing! I have not done ribbon embroidery before. What I really like is all the colors and real everything looks real. This inspires me to try it. Thanks!

  424. Ever since I retired from teaching, my goal was to learn something new every year. This year it was quilting, I completed my first quilt this year, with embroidered blocks, of course. Next year on the list is ribbon embroidery (along with a few other things). I tried it once, but it was a hard school year so I gave up, but now with a clearer mind, I think it’s time to try again. What is so exquisite about the Di’s embroidery is how real the flowers, leaves, etc. look. They are just beautiful.

  425. SRE makes my heart sing just because of the luscious colors and variety of stitches. Add in the dimensional aspect, and well, it’s just a gardener’s delight.

  426. I haven’t done much in silk ribbon embroidery, but have plans to! I love roses, and would love to be able to learn to stitch such realistic ones!

  427. For me, the best feature of silk ribbon embroidery is the realism of the flowers that can be created. And I agree, Di van Niekerk is the queen – her work is stunning!

  428. Hi Mary

    Having never tried silk ribbon embroidery I would be delighted to win Di’s kit as I know she is the ‘Queen’ of this subject.
    It would be added to the other projects that I am planning for 2020 – when I stop working.

  429. Oh be still my beating heart! Di Van Niekerk! I love it. So sumptuous. I love it for the way it can make dimensional flowers that are exquisite!

  430. The three dimentional stitches and ribbons truly being nature to life.

    What a beautiful design.

  431. Silk ribbon can create incredible results that out can’t get with other materials. So when you see silk ribbon embroidery done by an expert,you have to impressed!
    I wonder if I could ever have the kind of results that Di has. Turning a flat piece of ribbon into gorgeous 3-D flowers amazes me no matter how many times I see it!

  432. I’ve always liked the shapes of flowers in silk ribbon embroidery- the shapes and colors and the smooth feel of the silk in my hands are my favorite aspects of ribbon embroidery. My favorite color is pink and my favorite flowers are roses – so winning a kit with both would be supreme!

  433. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the texture & the glow the ribbon gives to the piece.

  434. The gardens are amazing!! I would love to embroider a garden in ribbons, reminding me just how much I love gardens in bloom!!!

  435. Wow! That is a beautiful piece of embroidery. I’ve played with some silk ribbon embroidery, and still have the piece in my frame. It’s supposed to be my sister’s Christmas present (I just haven’t said which Christmas!). I’ve wanted to learn more, but haven’t made the time.

  436. This may sound odd, but my favorite thing about embroidering with silk ribbon is the way that the ribbon is knotted on to the needle and NEVER falls out of the eye until you are finished and cut it off. Just making that special knot as I thread of every new length of ribbon on to the needle makes my heart sing.

    Kelly Ann D. in Modesto.

  437. Embroidering this would be like indulging in a beautiful daydream! Reminds me of a Thomas Kincaid painting but with dimension. Thank you for this lovely opportunity!

  438. I love the lush textures of silk ribbon embroidery, and Di’s kits are wonderful examples.

    Thank you Mary and Di for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

  439. I love all the different effects that can be made by simply gathering, weaving, knotting, and stitching with silk ribbon!

  440. Wow, I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but those flowers look so real I’d love to have a go! And every time I worked on it, it would be like summer again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  441. Although it is not a type of needlework i have much experience in, I love the dimensionality of silk ribbon embroidery. Even the most ‘simple’ of pieces possess incredible depth of colour and dimension. They are truly works of art.

  442. It is the ribbons themselves that draw me into SRE – the colours, the feel – what is there not to love about silk ribbon??

  443. The thing I like most about silk ribbon embroidery is the dimension it gives to a piece. Just a few different techniques give a whole range of effects and textures!

  444. I have never delved into silk ribbon embroidery. I almost did many, many years ago but other things took over my life. Am now retired and the possibilities of silk ribbon embroidery are an option to break up my surface embroidery and quilting. Sorry for the long comment, I realize that you didn’t ask for my life history on hobbies.
    I love texture! I adore the transformation that takes place as a quilt sandwich receives it’s first stitches of quilting. I can not keep my hands or my eyes off of the texture that the quilted stitches bring to a piece. Surface embroidery thrills me in this way also. I can only imagine how the tactile property of silk ribbon embroidery would make me do a happy dance.

  445. Embroidering silk flowers lets me “grow” flowers and garden when it’s too cold or wet to be outside doing it.

  446. Oh, I would love to win this kit! I tried silk ribbon embroidery a few years ago and loved it. But then I got sidetracked into other forms of embroidery. Seeing the beautiful picture on your post has reminded me of what I love about it. The colours, the texture of the stitches and the wonderful sheen of the silk.

  447. I would love to win this kit! I love the designs, the colours and textures of the ribbon, and the sheen of the silk that brings the flowers to life.

  448. It’s feminine, it’s soft and gentle looking. It’s flowers, mostly pastels, and the 3-dimentional adds to the soft look. Di’s hand dyed ribbon is gorgeous. Her designs and color choices draw you into the scene.

  449. I’ve been admiring silk ribbon embroidery for years. I love how it translates into the beauty of so many flowers.

  450. Dear Mary,
    Pink silk ribbon roses are my favourite. They can look so real I can almost smell their perfume. Thank you!

  451. I love the depth and texture in her embroidery. It’s something I’ve admired from afar. I’d love to give it a go.

  452. I have never done a ribbon embroidery but would love to try it combined with embroidery it looks beautiful. It would certainly brighten a cold winter in NH …

  453. Flowers, flowers, flowers! I love the dimensional delicate flowers . . . I did not realize that silk ribbon was used to embroider other things like animals (other than birds – knew that one), people, etc

  454. Thanks both of you Mary and Di.
    I really appreciate the range of silks seen at Di’s website. By here we are to limited about silk ribbons…

  455. Such exquisite colors. The kits look like joyful adventures in silk ribbon embroidery. I’m eager to try a kit.

  456. The colors is very variegate. Multicolore of ribbon and the 3d texture is very beautiful . Di Van Nierkerk is my favorite site for this embroidery. Tank you this kit is very very beautiful.

  457. I am a lover of textiles, fabrics, threads, yarns, ribbons. Being an embroiderer primarily of threads, my heart sings to see and explore the use of ribbon as an embroidery textile. What wonderful creativity when someone wondered, ” what if I tried ribbon?”.

  458. Le site de Vi Dan Niekerk est le plus beau, je le consulte souvent. Ce kit est vraiment très intéressant merci

  459. I am fairly new to silk ribbon embroidery but my heart just sings whenever I see the fantastic 3 dimensional roses that can be created with hand painted silk ribbon. thanks for the chance to win

  460. If I had to pick one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes my heart sing it would have to be how it makes things look so 3-Dementional. It really makes things pop. Thanks again, for all the fun Christmas contests!

  461. In one word — roses! There is nothing more beautiful than roses made from silk ribbon. The shine, the curves of the petals, the colors, everything that you can do with ribbon that you can’t do with floss.

  462. I have been wanting to do silk ribbon for the past year. This would certainly get me gong.

  463. Over the past year I have been working on a large project which has incorporated some ribbon embroidery. It really brings the work to life – I’m looking forward to using the techniques more. The kit is beautiful!

  464. I’ve only been embroidering a couple years now, but I’ve seen some pictures of SRE and just love the multi-dimensional aspect. I didn’t even think it possible to try to learn, but with this kit I would be determined to learn and finish the project. So beautiful!

  465. I’ve always wanted to try SRE but afraid of the challenge. I like how it makes the embroidered piece come to life. Maybe this will be a good time to accetta the challenge.

  466. I love SRE. It’s not just the beautiful colors and the shine, it stands up above other stitches.

  467. Hi Mary, one aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes my heart sing is the dimension it adds to the flowers. They make them look real.
    I really love the projects of Di Van Niekerk. To win this particular kit would be a really wonderful Christmas gift.

  468. I have always Loved ribbon embroidery! The vibrancy of the colors and the richness of the finished piece. What inspires me the most is the fact that you can create so much beautiful texture from a single piece of ribbon.

    My heart sings when I see such beauty!

  469. I love making roses and pansies for texture to my projects. This pattern is lovely and reminds me of an English garden.

  470. I’m a needle pointer and I love the way silk ribbon adds texture and dimension to a piece. Flowers done with ribbon look real!

  471. Hi Mary,

    It is the life like looking roses that you can stitch with silk ribbon that attracts me because I love roses. Thank you for the give away.

  472. I love the glorious colours and textures which silk ribbons provide. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery but would love to have a go.

  473. I’ve always wanted to try SRE. This beautiful kit looks like a good way to start this winter!

  474. The depth of colors and dimensional effects that make ribbon work so realistic are what I love. Thank you for the chance.

  475. I love looking at all the beautiful colors the silk ribbon comes in…my favorite part is running the hand dyed ones thru my hands when they arrive in the mail. Probably shouldn’t be doing that, eh?

  476. The floral stitches! The stitches that are used to create flowers are just fabulous. They call to me!

  477. I love embroidery….the 3 dimensional look of silk embroidery makes my heart sing….it is so much fun to create flowers that look like natures creation in thread.

  478. The part of ribbon embroidery that makes me love it is that it looks so real and inviting. Beautiful.

  479. I have not tried this form of embroidery but am ready to try. I love the texture and depth that is gives and want to add that to my work. I would love to start the year with a project. Thanks for the impression, Barbara Peach.

  480. My favorite thing about silk embroidery is the soft tactile aspect. I want to run my fingers over big fluffy flowers.

  481. I love how you can evoke recognizable flowers with just a few well-placed stitches when you’re using silk ribbons, and the materials are just a pleasure to use.

  482. I would love this kit because I have never had a chance to take a class in ribbon embroidery and it is a technique I have been anxious to learn for several years now. This flower garden piece is just delightful.

  483. Holy moley, that kit is spectacular! I’ve long wanted to try ribbon embroidery (there are patterns in Inspirations that are calling my name) but am daunted by the expense. I think my favorite aspect of it is the textures; I love how the leaves fold over, or the petals involve twisting and molding the ribbon. Also, green is my favorite color and ribbon embroidery, with all those flowers, lets you have a lot of different shades of green!

  484. I have done a number of SRE pieces over the years and have collected a lot of books invluding Di’s “Roses” and Embroidered Alphabets”, a truly beautiful book. It is amazing how a flower comes to life stitched with subtle ribbon colors. I love it! Hope you are feeling well.

  485. I think what I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is the chance to add texture to what I do. While surface embroidery is beautiful, there is a lack of texture that using ribbon can add, and that is why I would love to learn more about it. It’s on the list for next year.

  486. My last silk ribbon embroidery was on a tucked dress for my granddaughter, then four years old. I learned something new. Moms today are too busy to mess with dressing little girls in heirloom dresses and then having to wash and iron those beautiful garments. Likewise with embroidery, I am coming to terms with accumulating too many gew-gaws and framed and stuffed stuff. What can I make that fits in with today’s world? Currently I am exploring cartonnage and other beautiful small objects that can be given away, and this is making me take a new look at ribbon embroidery.

  487. Thank you for this opportunity. I haven’t done silk ribbon embroidery but would love to start. I love the dimension and reality achieved with this technique.

  488. I love silk ribbon embroidery because it is so versatile and the 3D aspect gives it an immediate ‘wow’ factor.

  489. One thing I really like about ribbon embroidery is that it’s almost 3 dimensional, without the fuss of stumpwork, which makes the flowers look very realistic.

  490. I’ve not done ribbon embroidery but have done other types. It is always beautiful and this Pink Delight is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love all things garden. This inspires me!

  491. Oh my goodness, I love her work . My “Roses” of hers won a Best of Show, Best of Division & 1st Place.
    What amazes me most working with silk ribbon- and hers are the best quality and color- is how “exciting” it is to work with. I swear you can’t make a mistake – ponder it a moment, a little ‘tuck’ here with matching floss and it morphs into a wonderful leaf or petal. My biggest problem is knowing when ‘enough’ is ENOUGH. I get going and don’t want to quite when I’m on a roll with an area.
    I love silk ribbon !!

  492. I have only recently been taught hand embroidery at the age of 60 BUT have long been an admirer of Di van Niekerk’s Ribbon Embroidery when I first saw her amazing talents at a class she gave in South Africa! I fell in love and now I too want to learn and WILL in January 2020 when a friend will teach me the art!

  493. I have never done any silk ribbon embroidery, but I would have to say the way the ribbon makes flowers look makes my heart sing! They are beautiful!

  494. Silk ribbon embroidery appeals to me as I can add to wearables (versus another of my favorites raised dimensional embroidery/wired stumpwork). Di’s overwhelmingly beautiful silk ribbon results are textural and colorful. I bookmarked her site a decade ago & just seeing the floral banner there always makes me want to dig out my ribbons and stitch. SF Christine M Anderson

  495. I’m new to silk ribbon embroidery- I love how it’s 3D with lots of texture, while also looks so fine and delicate.

  496. This is such a beautiful kit! What I love most about ribbon embroidery is how, especially with flowers, it’s so life-like! And because of the ribbon it works up so fast. ♥

  497. I think the silk ribbon embroidery is beautiful with those luscious looking ribbons. It gives more of a 3D effect than just embroidery floss. The kit in the giveaway looks great, especially with good instructions. I would love to have a real to life garden like the one in the kit!

  498. I love the way simple stitches create such dimensional colorful flowers.

  499. Silk embroidery looks so amazing to me. It gives embroidery that extra “something” that draws the eye- maybe it is the extra dimension it gives to an ordinary ‘flat’ work. I would love to learn the basics of this technique.

  500. Those Peony roses give me goosebumps! I love them in real life, and this embroidery represents them so well

  501. This is such a wonderful opportunity. I so admire Di van Niekerk’s work. What particularly appeals to me about silk ribbon work is that the wonderful shades and glow of the silk ribbon are so perfect for the flowers and leaves that are often the subject of the ribbonwork. The 3 dimensional texture that Di achieves with her work seems to bring the flowers alive.

  502. What makes my heart sing about silk ribbon embroidery is the dimension you can create, and the colors….oh my goodness, the color array is beautiful. You can do so much with SRE, whether on a linen piece or on a needlepoint piece. I have been following Di van Niekerk for quite some time ~ her work is out of this world gorgeous!!

  503. I would very much like to learn how to create silk ribbon flowers and use them to make a sampler illustrating different techniques. I could then go on to add them to scenes which include houses, gardens, etc. The flowers are beautiful!

  504. My favourite part of silk embroidery is definitely the texture! I see the most beautiful flowers done with ribbon embroidery and I’ve always wanted to try it.

  505. I confess that despite decades of membership in EGA, I haven’t yet wandered into ribbon embroidery territory! What makes my heart sing about it? How the ribbon can so accurately mimic petals, leaves, bark, blades of grass! Time to stop being a fraidy-cat, and dig in! THANKS, Mary, for your continued inspiration!

  506. That is a gorgeous looking kit. I’ve been wanting to try ribbon embroidery for a while.
    And thank you for your most informative blog.

  507. What makes my heart sing? So many have commented on how beautiful and realistic the flowers look. I love this too but I love silk ribbon embroidery for its calming effect. You simply can’t be stressed and tug on those beautiful ribbons.

  508. The thing I just love about silk ribbon embroidery, and which makes me really want to try it, is the incredible variety of textures you can achieve that make such real-looking flowers.

  509. I find myself drawn to the use of different textures with the lovely colors, that create scenes that reach out to me. I would love learning to do this. Thanks!!!

  510. I dearly love anything roses. I try year after year to grow them, but this (way north) climate is not kind and they don’t last no matter what I do. I paint porcelain and include roses whenever I can, so I would love to try my hand at these roses in the ribbon embroidery kit.

  511. I love flowers stitched with ribbons, especially the effect of shade variations from hand-dyed ribbons, but also the dimensional look it gives.

  512. For me the part I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the realism you’re able to accomplish with it. It’s not something I’m proficient at but have always hoped to learn.

  513. I love all the flower possibilities in silk ribbon. Love love love Di van niekirk and Lorna Bateman designs.

  514. Silk ribbon makes my heart sing with the colour, the visual and tactile texture and the way it is so 3 dimensional bringing the embroidery piece to life.

  515. I absolutely love the look of silk ribbon embroidery. The colors and shapes look so realistic it’s amazing what one can do with ribbon and learned techniques. I have one of your books that I purchased twice many years apart. They’re beautiful to read .

  516. I love that it adds texture and I love the 3D look. It makes the flowers look vintage which reminds me of my grandmas garden.

  517. Texture! Texture! Texture! Shiny and smooth and three-dimensional.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  518. I would be so excited to have one of Di’s kits. I’ve studied her books and follow I her blog! I look forward,with Gods will, to attending the International embroidery event in 2021 in Hawaii and taking a class from her.
    She’s the greatest!

  519. Fell in love with Di’s work. Gorgeous Roses in a circle!! Drooling even now in my thoughts of that picture! Would LOVE to do more ribbon embroidery! Thanks for the chance! Linda in NC

  520. There are several things that I really like about ribbon embroidery. One is the fact that it adds dimension to a project whether you craft one or many. Especially when you use variegated ribbons. The second thing is that these flowers do not die!! Di’s garden creations are a thing of beauty to behold that last……

  521. I love the 3D affect of silk ribbon embroidery. The first time I made anything with silk ribbon was on the collar of a denim shirt as a Mother’s Day present for my mother. She wore it a lot.

  522. It’s the roses! (And the feel of the ribbon.) I’ve done very little silk ribbon embroidery – and never roses. I just LOVE Di Van Niekerk’s roses and would dearly love to win this fabulous kit. Thanks ever so much, Mary, to you and your donors for yet another wonderful Stitcher’s Christmas.

  523. My favorite aspects of silk embroidery are the beautiful stylized flowers that fill pictures like overflowing baskets.

  524. This kit is soooo beautiful!! I would love to have the chance to try my hand at silk embroidery!!

  525. I love the myriad of colors and the textures that can be done with silk ribbons. I’ve been teaching myself and I am loving it

  526. Hi, Mary!
    You have well done for me to be attracted to Di’s SRE kits.

    The touch of silk ribbons makes me happy.
    It’s graceful , gentle,and luxurious.
    SRE brings me the supreme happiness.

  527. I have never done ribbon embroidery – apart from including it in the baby’s bedspread as a shape for leaves – it curled so nicely. But I love trying new things, and this is one of them!
    Here’s to a New Year! Here’s to New Experiments!

  528. I adore Di Van Niekerk’s ribbons. I ordered a bunch for a crazy quilt I’m working on, and they’re gorgeous. I would LOVE this kit! Thanks for the Christmas fun – it’s like a stitcher’s advent calendar each day!

  529. Oh, so pretty! I think my favorite bit about silk ribbon embroidery are the tiny flowers. The ribbons just make the petals so much more petal-ly-er than floss alone.

  530. Looking at the gallery photos, I’m in awe at how realistic so many different flowers can be depicted with silk ribbon embroidery! I also like the idea of embroidering over a painted/printed picture.

  531. I am an avid gardener, and I am mesmerized by the wonderful representation of sooooo many of my favorite flowers, etc. I have done minimal SRE as an addendum to other types of needlework, but want to attempt a larger scale SRE project.

  532. I am trying to expand my silk ribbon capabilities, and I think I would learn a LOT from this project.

  533. The edge between realistic and stylized where resulting creations end up – not quite either, but somehow also both at the same time.

  534. Just look at these roses! It is the three-dimensionality and elegance of silk ribbon embroidery that makes the pictures look so natural. That is what makes my heart sing.

  535. The first time I ever saw the Inspirations Magazine issue 69, 2011 the cover An English Country Garden by Helen Eriksson done in silk ribbons took my breathe away. As a gardener, I purchased the magazine because the silk flowers come to life, the way they are looped and stacked giving variations of color. I’d say for those reasons ribbon embroidery has interested me. But all these years later I still have not attempted this technique and I believe it’s time to take that step. It would be a beautiful addition to our home.

  536. I love the way the ribbon just slides into form as it’s pulled through the fabric. Also so few stitches are needed to create a beautiful flower or tiny animal. So much fun!

  537. I have done a little silk embroidery and I just love the spider web stitch for roses. I have even used it with variegated cotton floss with equally lovely results.

  538. I love that silk ribbon embroidery is quasi three dimensional without being stumpwork embroidery. Is it it even considered raised embroidery?? I don’t even know!

  539. Flowers are a very common design to work with silk ribbon embroidery, and i really like to embroider flowers ! . And for some strange reason its more fun for me to embroider with ribbon than thread

  540. I love the delicacy of the ribbons and how they create light and dark and delicate tones that are so detailed that it almost seems like a picture

  541. I adore the floral motifs and the texture achieved with ribbon embroidery. The richness and depth of color always makes me happy.

  542. I love to flower garden and it would make my heart sing to make and then enjoy Di’s beautiful garden flower kit during the long winter months.

  543. Amazing embroidery! Always been intrigued by SRE, and haven’t yet tried it, but the textures and depth are very appealing.

  544. What I particularly like about ribbon embroidery is the realism of it. I took one class to experience it a few years ago and was suppose to follow a more advanced class. Unfortunaltly the teacher, a friend of mine, became sick and could not give the course. The give-away seems seems terrific.

  545. I love the way silk ribbon almost shapes itself with in the simplest stitches, the lightest touch adding sheen and softness to any design. And NO COUNTING! I ‘d already put SRE on my 2020 project list. It would be such a challenge to work on that lovely piece. I’ve done a bit of silk ribbon embroidery but nothing like this!

  546. One of my favorite parts of Silk Embroidery is the variety of flowers that can be stitched. Someday I want to stitch a flower garden with a huge variety of flowers.

  547. I have 2 of Di’s books and would love to have one of her kits. I love the look of silk ribbon embroidery – very realistic, and the colours just shine.

  548. The part of silk ribbon embroidery that charms me the most is the different dimensions it adds to the work. The different sizes and textures of the flower blooms, for example, really add depth to the work. There ismjust so much variety of shapes that are possible.

  549. I love the dimension and lifelike quality that ribbon embroidery creates. It’s definitely a technique I would love to learn.

  550. I love the textural nature of ribbon embroidery, and the ribbons, oh the ribbons!

    It’s also quite quick to do, but a bit on the expensive side for me (partially because it’s quite speedy). I’ve only done it once, I made a lavender cushion for my MIL based on a pattern in Inspirations magazine. It was lovely.

  551. I’ve never tried any ribbon embroidery but the way the flowers look in this technique makes my heart sing! They look so beautiful and delicate, I love it and this would be the perfect opportunity to try it

  552. I love silk ribbon embroidery. I’m just getting back into it. I like the softness and texture silk ribbon adds to a piece. And it’s just so pretty. I also discovered I have two of her books. I haven’t read them yet, but they are in my library. I have the art of felting and silk ribbon embroidery and the Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas.

  553. The elegance of ribbon embroidery would prove an interesting contrast with the rustic look of the wool ornaments that I make.

  554. Ribbon Embroidery – my favorite especially when done on canvas. On the few occasions that I have executed perfectly the Japanese ribbon stitch without pulling it through to the back of the canvas and the little lift of the stitch, my heart certainly sings. Of course, executing roses of any variety is a happy place for me.

  555. Silk ribbon embroidery is so beautiful, and I think that I like most the lustre and structure (dimensionality) that the ribbon gives to any work.

  556. I am fairly new at ribbon embroidery but I think what I love most about it is the additional texture it gives. I see that I am really moving toward layers of textures in my embroidery rather than any one style (I can’t look away from crazy quilts and stumpwork!). I know Di is a big name in ribbon embroidery so this is super exciting!

  557. I just love the look of silk ribbon embroidery!

    A couple of things I really enjoy are all the beautiful colors and how the ribbons shine! And also, how quickly a few stitches quickly fill your project!

  558. Silk ribbon is a challenge for me, because I am so careful normally to leave nothing wild and “fluffy”. I have to almost chant to myself with every stitch… not too tight , not too tight!
    Margaret in Oshkosh

  559. I have always wanted to water paint and when I create with silk ribbon embroidery I feel like my result is a painting of what I saw.

  560. I really tried to resist this, but I do love the dimensional aspects of this as well as the layering of embroidery onto a background. It’s just gorgeous.

  561. I really enjoy making the long flowers where you do a whole lot of twist around your needle I made lilacs with them it was cool. I like that she has preprinted fabric, I don’t enjoy drawing them.

  562. One aspect of Silk Ribbon Embroidery that really makes your heart sing is it is 3d AND CANNOT BE replicated quickly (yet) by machine. The artistry of silk embroidery is unique to each needle workers interpretation, skills, and love of the art.

    thank you

  563. Just the words Silk Ribbons is a song to me. The aspect that appeals the most is their adaptability to nudge quietness into nooks and crannies or to lift a choir of silken colours to the very steeple tops.
    Cheers, Kath Grabham

  564. Love, love, LOVE it! I am inspired by your creativity! I enjoyed silk ribbon embroidery in the past and this is the perfect project to reconnect with a much-loved art!

  565. I think the thing that attracts me to consider ribbon embroidery is the ability to make those gorgeous roses.

  566. Silk ribbon embroidery has always intrigued me because of the amazing textures it allows. I love the dimensionality of Di van Niekerk’s embroidery.

  567. Di’s kits are just fabulous. This garden is so wonderful. I’ve been wanting to do something in silk ribbon embroidery and this would be just perfect.
    Carol bu

  568. I love how silk ribbons can be made to look like a dimensional painting. Not sure that I could get the ribbons to do that….but I’d love to give it a try!

  569. The beauty of the silk ribbon itself makes my heart sing! The texture and colors are so amazing.

  570. I like the 3D effect the most. Some of the flowers look so real that you just want to smell them. They just look like real fresh flowers. Especially roses and jonquils. And they do not cause any allergic reaction 🙂

  571. I love the soft sheen and dimensional flow of SRE. I’ve done very little myself but have aways admired Di van Niekerk’s skill with needle and ribbon. I’ve drooled over her website many times.

  572. What sets my heart to sing? Seeing that particular stitchery instantly set me back in my grandmother’s home nearly 70 years ago! What a delight on a snowy morning. And what had I already resolved for 2020? To embroider a garden scene for my oldest grandchild – for her high school graduation! (Could I really learn it and stitch it? By late May 2020?!)

  573. I love that silk ribbon embroidery is 3 dimensional and can add more texture to a piece. Not only that but the same stitch in ribbon can look different and unique depending on whichever way the ribbon wants to lay when you stitch it!

  574. I love the colors and 3D effects that silk ribbon provide. Plants and animals look very realistic.

  575. Di does such beautiful embroidery. I have done a few of her monograms.

    My favorite aspect of silk ribbon embroidery is the realistic results. I especially like the roses.

  576. One aspect of silk ribbon embroidery that really appeals to me is the vibrancy of the ribbon colours and their wonderful texture.

  577. Ribbon embroidery has the allure of 3 dimension that enhances the beauty of the work.

  578. Very interesting question and I knew the answer right away. The first time I added silk ribbon French knots to a simple green stem and created delphiniums I was hooked!

  579. Ribbon embroidery is my favorite pass time hobby. I love Di vanNiekerk’s Pink Delight pattern.