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Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #1: Pick Your Own Threads!


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It’s time to kick off this year’s series of A Stitcher’s Christmas, the original needlework Christmas series featuring honest-to-goodness give-aways of needlework treasures with no gimmicks attached!

For those of you who have been around for a while, you know what to expect! For newcomers to Needle ‘n Thread, I’ll explain below how the series works so you can know what to expect.

Today, we’re going to kick off the 2019 series with some luscious embroidery thread, courtesy of Colour Complements – because, after all, who doesn’t love thread?

Colour Complements on a Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - embroidery thread give-away

Each give-away in this year’s A Stitcher’s Christmas features needlework delights from embroidery-related businesses. In each article, I’ll feature the gifts for the give-away and tell you a little about the business. My hope is that you will visit the businesses and put them on your needlework-supply radar. They are excellent small businesses run by real people who bring something unique to the embroidery world. Your support will help keep them around for years to come!

I’ll pose a question for you to answer in the comment section on that article if you want to be part of the drawing. You can enter as many of the give-aways in the series that you wish, but you can only enter each give-away once. The drawings are open to anyone, anywhere. Winners are randomly drawn and announced at the beginning of a later give-away. Most of the give-away prizes will ship directly from the business.


Give-Away #1 from Colour Complements

Lorraine at Colour Complements up in Canada hand-dyes a range of embroidery threads and fibers with enticing color schemes. Her threads are lovely to stitch with and beautiful to behold!

If you want to see what can be done with her threads, you should stroll through her blog, where she features the works of folks who design and stitch with her threads. The play of color and texture is fascinating!

Colour Complements on a Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - embroidery thread give-away

You can view her entire line of hand-dyed perle cottons, floss, and specialty fibers on her website, where you’ll find right now a sale going on as she makes way for new stock. (Need some special threads? Now’s a great time to pick some up!)

Colour Complements on a Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - embroidery thread give-away

Lorraine’s threads and specialty fibers – such as hand-dyed ric-rac, petite very velvet, and flat ribbon floss – are wonderful for a whole array of needlework techniques. Think: crazy quilting, needlepointing, cross stitching, and surface embroidery.

Colour Complements on a Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - embroidery thread give-away

Today’s give-away features the winner’s choice of five of any skeins offered on the Colour Complements website.

If you win, I’ll send your information on to Lorraine and Lorraine’s information on to you. Then, you’ll drop by her website and pick out what you want! Five of anything! She’ll ship it right to you – and since we’re pretty far out in the series and fairly early in December, you may very well be able to put it your Christmas stocking and surprise yourself on Christmas morning.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. They’ll just be deleted. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted and will be deleted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. For example, Mary is a pretty common name, so if your name is Mary, you might put your last name or your last initial, or maybe your middle name. Or might put a recognizable-to-you nick name. Or you might add a reference to where you live – for example, “Mary in Santa Clause, AZ” or something like that.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

Pick two of your favorite colors of Colour Complement threads. Tell us the color numbers and how you imagine using them. If you visit this listing for perle cotton and floss, you can browse through and pick the colors that you find particularly enticing.

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) Friday, December 6th. The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced at the beginning of that day’s give-away.

So, go forth and comment, and let’s get this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas series underway!

See you Wednesday, with the next installment!


(1,021) Comments

  1. Oohing and aahing! I am a magnet for fall outdoor colours, so I would stitch something cosy and magic with GREEN #18 and FALL COLORS #48

  2. I like spring green 184 and purple 183 perle cotton the best. I would use them to stitch a spring garden with irises and crocus – to keep me cheerful through the blast of winter that has arrived here this weekend.

  3. I’m always looking for blues for skies and water. These would be great additions to my stash. #175 and #28.

    1. I think #57 and #18 would be lovely to use in my favorite Christmas tree pattern from Needle and Thread on a tea towel and given as a hostess gift this Christmas season.

  4. Love using these threads, especially the perle cottons. I used #48 in a recent foray into needlelace for a fall oak leaf and hope to use #3 soon for spring flowers.

  5. They are all so beautiful! I’ve managed to decide on Rainbow Colours #44 and Purple Perle #183. Thanks, Mary!

    1. So many wonderful colors! I think I would use #175 for a snowflake with beads and #183 to stitch a one color mandala.
      Thank you so much Mary!

  6. I like the perl cotton numbers 23 and 31. I feel like embroidering more spring related projects when it’s cold outside. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  7. All of these colors are lovely! I would probably choose 47 & 49 though. I am planning a pair of suspenders, and I think they would go beautifully in a long geometric pattern.

  8. Hi Mary and Lorraine, I love # 18 and #45 in cotton floss. I would use them to substitute in a crosstitch project. I love the colour depth of both. I receive both of your blogs. Thanks

  9. What luscious colors! I’d probably pick the #14 blue green & #28 blues. I love the blues! I make small angel ornaments out of over-dyed threads, and these would be perfect! It would also motivate me to find other patterns that use these threads. Fun, fun!

  10. I want to stitch a beautiful mermaid design as a gift for my niece. I love the bold and vibrant colors of the blue green pearls cotton #14 and the green pearl cotton #18.

  11. I love the colours #5 tan green aqua and #47 olive green blue.
    When I went looking, I was looking for colours to represent waves, which is a project I want to start. These colours remind me of the coast.

  12. I live right on the coast here in Australia and Colour 32 is so evocative of the landscape.. sea, sky and sand, just beautifully blended. And my second choice is Colour 44, just because I love colour, and this packs a wonderful punch. I’ve ‘dipped into’ Lorraine’s site before and have made some very gorgeous selections, and so would welcome the chance to win. Cheers, and happy Christmas, Jane

  13. Tropical and Peacock are my two favorite colors: Peacock is rich and vibrant and Tropical is soothing and relaxing. I will say any stitcher would be lucky to have any of the beautiful colors to stitch with, TerriG, Charleston

  14. Blue green #14 and green #18. I would use these in a counted canvas needlepoint piece. Green and teal (blue green) are my favorite colors, and I enjoy the counted needlepoint in abstract geometrics, where you can change the colors to all your favorites!

  15. I LOVE Pink Yellow Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #30, which looks amazing to stitch flowers, and Spring Green Perle Cotton, Colour #184 which looks like a great option to stitch leaves and stems.
    I tried Colour Complements threads and they are amazing to stitch with. Thank you!

  16. I have purchased threads from Colour Complements and have yet to be disappointed with the selection. I have fallen in love with the Christmas Sampler and looking for a pattern to be able to use it. I also like that it’s a Canadian store. The colors are magnificent.

  17. I like color 37 and I envisioned using it to crazy quilt on a more traditional type crazy quilt size 8 Pearl. Also color
    14 size 8 and 12 I would like to use for a hardanger piece.

  18. #44 and #137

    I needlepoint many Fiesta and Mexican themed needlepoint canvases. These colors would be great.

  19. Ohhh, those colors are just beautiful! My favorites are #53 Teal & Lime Green, and #189 Halloween.

    I would use either one on one of your gorgeous kaleidoscopes.

    Thank you for all you do! It is truly appreciated!

    Becky Wethington, Crestwood KY

  20. #44 and #137

    I needlepoint many Fiesta and Mexican themed needlepoint canvases. These colors would be great.

  21. The fall colours and the peacock feathers skeins caught my eye. Gorgeous! The peacock feathers I would use to stitch…peacock feathers on a tunic my friend has for Renaissance Fairs. The fall colors one…maybe some garden scenes on hand towels I’ve been meaning to finish for a while.

  22. I live colors 187 red and 188 autumn colors. I would use the red for a red Christmas sampler and the autumn for a fall tree.

  23. Merry Christmas Mary:
    I love all the colors, but especially the #44 Rainbow Colors and #188 Autumn Colors. I am currently working on a tinted embroidery project and the Rainbow Colors would definitely compliment my drawings. The #188 would go perfectly with the leaves pattern I am sketching out. Both are on my Birthday Wish list which I have already sent to my daughter. She is great at seeking out items I would especially be keen on having in my possession. Thanks for a great start to December.

  24. i adore Rainbow #44 – and i would love to do a blackwork piece with this colour!
    i love halloween #189 and imagine doing a Jeanette Douglas design with bugs in it with this colour!

  25. I selected two shades of perle cotton: #31 Watermelon because those colors are featured in my bedroom, and #134 Cherry Red just because it’s pretty! I have no concrete what-to-make plans for either color – I’ll just let them tell me what to do with them!

  26. What lovely colors! I am inspired by the Cherry Red #134 and Peacock Feathers #45. I see them in a Hungarian style floral embroidery. I love the deep rich tone of these threads.

  27. I would choose color numbers 57, browns, 133 and 183, autumn leaf colors to create a setting of trees in the woods in the fall as the leaves turn colors. That burst of color so beautiful as the weather changes.

  28. My favorite Colour Complements perle cottons were all of them! But since I have to pick, I would say the Green #55 and Blue #175 because I am designing a piece that uses those colors to represent sea grasses and the blues of water and sky.

  29. Happy December! I am having a difficult time just choosing two! My numbers are 18 and 51. A good start to a new stash of threads. Thank you for generosity

  30. I would use 35 and 43… although it’s hard to choose, to start a wildlife inspired sampler

  31. What a gorgeous array of colours, so hard to choose. I took inspiration from the “hospice heart”. My aunt and sister in law recently died in a hospice in the UK. They use the sunflower as their “logo” and I thought a sunflower design in the yellows – #191 and #37. I’m sure I can find brown in my stash for the centre.

    Penny B from Delta BC

  32. I would pick colors 47 & 187 for two crazy quilting projects I’m presently working on in perle 12. I love working with Colour Compliments.

  33. I’d use Colour Compliments #3 & #35 to do some of the christmas tree designs of yours Mary.

  34. I would choose the turquoise blue #33 and the soft blue #162. And I would add blue green perle #14! Blue soothes me and I envision a white Christmas tree decorated with blue snowflakes using your patterns, Mary!

  35. Turquoise blues #33 and Teal purple #186. — 33 says water to me. A beach scene would be perfect. 186 is calling to be Northern Lights!

  36. Oooh, so many beautiful colors! My favorite color is blue, so I would probably choose the Turquoise Blue (#33) and the Blue (#28) to make some snowflake Christmas ornaments from your e-book!

  37. What beautiful threads!!

    Just wandering the list to pick my favorite colors whether or not they’d really work for the projects I currently have in mind. I really like #188 Autumn Colors, # 48 Fall Colors and #45 Peacock. I only cross stitch, and am definitely a newbie, but one can dream, right?

    Not sure what, exactly to do with them beyond using them in a project that would work well with a variegated thread.
    Death by Cross Stitch (Long Dog Samplers) maybe? Not sure I’m brave enough to tackle that huge thing, or even how much floss would be necessary. For that sort of thing, I think the vividness of Autumn Colors #48 would be really interesting.

    Peacock #45?
    I’m planning a sampler of the 23 Psalm, sort of in my father’s memory and can’t help thinking those vivid colors would be nice. Not sure how to cross stitch with Perle Cotton, or even if that’s something people do, but the color certainly is pretty.

    Fall Colors? Something whimsical, like Dog’s Declaration (Long Dog Sampler), which reads “Life, liberty and the pursuit of squirrels.” Not sure it’s designed as a mono-color pattern, but I’d bet I could do something interesting with those tones.

  38. Lately I have been imaging a series of beach scenes, with lots of texture, so I would like to use #14 blue greens for blending in the water, and #47 olive green blue for the work in the intertidal zone. I love this line of threads!!!

  39. Right now I want to just sit and pet the colors and thread!!
    I thought going in that I would want the colors for doing snow flakes and then I saw the rich browns and was building trees in my mind and then…… I saw the red!!! yep that is the way to go with hand stitching on a hand dyed fabric quilt of sunset and sunrise colors. Red Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #187

    Whopps posted on yesterdays post…lol got it right now.

  40. These threads are so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. I think spring greens #184 would make beautiful leaves, trees and bushes. And color autumn colors #188 are to die for. I can picture beautiful fall leaves or a mass of trees with leaves in this floss. I need one of everything in my stash!

  41. Thanks for the opportunity.. I’ve ordered a lot of thread from her and love, love , love the colors and quality. Great customer service too!

  42. These threads are gorgeous! I would love to use the blues in #14 for an underwater piece, and the vibrant colours in $58 to fill in large chunky letters or geometric shapes.

  43. Blue #28 and #175 — they look like they would make some pretty butterfly wings or maybe Autumn #188

  44. The perle cottons are fabulous! The colours that speak to me the loudest are the fall tones, specifically fall colors #48 and autumn colors #188. I have a scissor fob pattern all lined up done in various canvaswork stitches which would really look great in either of these threads!

  45. While I love all of Colour Complements’ shades I would like to stitch with Colour 44 Rainbow to make sunrises/sunsets, and Colour 45 Peacock to stitch feathers! Who knew!

  46. I like #28 blue because wedgewood blues are just my favorite and #32 blue, orange, green because it makes me think of Fall.

  47. These colors are so beautiful. As soon as I saw #23 (Easter) and #44 (Rainbow) I envisioned a design of unicorns for my age 7 granddaughter!

  48. I love the colors of peacocks right now so I would chose Halloween colors or autumn colors. Trudy Garza

  49. Hooray! Mary’s doing giveaways again. What a sweetie! Who doesn’t love pretty thread? My two favorite colors on the website are #45, Peacock Feathers, and #133, Red-Green-Burgundy.

    Hope your Advent is off to a great start.

  50. I have always been drawn to pinks and greens. I love the Watermelon #31, and the Pink, green, and orange #3. My first appliqué quilt, which has over 800 individually appliquéd pieces on 9 different sized blocks (a Pearl Pereira, P3 pattern) began in primary colors, but that first block was set aside until I found all the pinks, peachy pinks and greens I wanted. It’s not quite finished being quilted, but it’s beautiful. I can see embroidering floral blocks in the Watermelon and Pink, Green, and Orange to go with my gorgeous quilt. Lovely complementary color collections.

  51. I would use 188 and 18 to make fall leaves with green leaves that haven’t changed looking forward to the next cold night when they too will be arrayed in bright splendor. #33 would be great for snow flakes. thank you

  52. I have used a few of the Colour Complements Stranded Cotton threads and one Kreinik #8 metallic braid in my projects. I really like the fact that the skeins are uncut, especially the metallic braid. The colour runs are fun to play with and I am hoping that she creates more of the metallic braids – my personal favorite!

  53. I jusr love colors 183 and 188. They will be perfect for a new project that I will be starting after the holidays.

  54. I am working on an idea to use Anni Alber ‘s weaving as design inspiration for embroidery. The colors I chose are #133 and 44.

  55. I am currently working on wool appliqué and embellishing with various threads and stitches. I am using all brown tones and love the variegated colors especially golden brown #29 and brown #57. Her threads are beautiful and enjoyed working with them in the past!

  56. Thanks, Mary for doing this. It is such fun .
    I love the greens #18 and #49 for grasses and leaves. But the blues found in #162 & #175 provide me a picture of ocean waters. Next to my sewing room, my most favorite place to be.

  57. This is Deb Turl from Phoenix, AZ. I think embroidery sampler #3 would be a great addition to my new project — eye glass case. Thanks!

  58. I love Lorraine’s threads and use them in my crazy quilting. I love her silk perle in color 10 a lime green and blue mix and color #4 Sky Blue, because blue is my favorite color.

  59. Love that you are doing this again! I’m in the planning stages for a wool embroidery wall hanging of 15 different owls (Sue Spargo-like) so would love to use the Fall Colours perle (#48) and Golden Brown, Purple, Grey perle (#58) to accent my owls. They should compliment the felted wool pieces Santa will be bringing.

  60. # 29 and 30
    I would do a pretty party dress for a little princess # 29 with golden hair30
    Have a few butterflies flying around her head and a handful of daises

  61. Colour No 56 – I absolutely adore browns and blues and this combination of tones is absolutely beautiful. I would like to embroider a small clutch bag with an all-over design. Then colour no 31, those lovely pinks and greens, how pretty would they be in a design around the neckline of a black dress?

  62. I recently bought a Finger Step Design by Susan Jones called Running in Line. It is sampler of “nearly 200 stitch patterns using only the running stitch”. However I don’t care for the color palette used in the model. I think that using Green #18 and Green Brown #35 would be a great jumping off place as I change the colors to a fall color palette.

  63. I particularly like color 186. I’ve already used it to do a blackwork pillow top and it works up beautifully. Another pillow would be great

  64. It helps if I read everything.

    #58 I would use for a Halloween project.

    #28 I would use for snowflakes.

  65. I’ve been buying a Lorraine threads for a few years. They’re so beautiful! I choose colors 182 and 138, because I’m doing a color study of a painting by Charles Burchfield.
    Carol D in Laconia, NH

  66. I do all sorts of needlework, from goldwork to wool applique and art quilting. I have used a number of threads from Color Complements, but I especially use the perles and the floss on my wool and collages. In the cotton size 12 perles, I really like No. 183 and No. 175. Those easy gradations from lighter to darker look wonderful embellishing almost anything inspired by nature. My favorite motifs are flowers and animals: between sky, ground, and the focus piece, these colors just fit right in.

  67. I just started a new cq series of Art Deco vintage coffee poster ads so colours 35 and 191 would be perfect

  68. I love the colors of the pink yellow perle and it would look great in something fun and summery, pink lemonade themed perhaps. Satsuma Street has a summer pattern called Verano that would be perfect actually.
    And the peacock feathers would be lovely in another Satsuma street pattern I have that will go on the back of my denim jacket.

  69. I love Lorraine’s #56 Perle Cotton Golden Brown, Yellow, and Teal Colour Complements Colour. It has beautiful shading as one would see in a late autumn landscape of trees. I also love her #14 Blue Green Perle Cotton Complements Colour. I see this being used in a seascape. Thanks!

  70. Numbers 28 and 52 would be absolutely wonderful to work with in big stitch on a queen-sized quilt with flowing landscape-type piecing. The threads would work for sky and water, or even as random accent colors.

  71. My favorites (they are all beautiful!) are 45 and 47 and would each look beautiful in pieces done for my room and the guest room (the skeins are just beautiful to have in my stitching area!

  72. What a lovely idea! I like the cherry #134 and the green #55 and can imagine using them with in a quilt for which I am collecting beautiful cloth. The theme is sort of fairy tale, including unicorns and children, and has a lot of the cherry and green colors. I want to do some hand stitching on it, so this would be perfect. Thanks so much for the chance!

  73. All the colors are fantastic.
    My favorites are Color 3 and color 18.

    I imagine stitching a beautiful flower garden with these lovely threads!

  74. One of the projects I’m planning for 2020 is an embroidery of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The Blue Green #14 would be beautiful for the sky and the Golden Yellow Orange perfect for the moon and stars.

  75. I like colors 18 green and 28 blue. I can imagine using them to stitch a garden scene on this snowy snow day!

  76. Oh my! So pretty and too many wonderful colours to choose from. If I had to choose just two, they would be …

    Peacock feathers pc #45 and Teal purple pc #186.

    This would make a wonderful mandala with beads and metallics. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!
    Fingers crossed

  77. One of the projects I’m planning for 2020 is an embroidery of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The Blue Green #14 would be beautiful for the sky and the Golden Yellow Orange #37 perfect for the moon and stars.

  78. The two colors that grabbed me this morning are Peacock Feathers #45 which I see as delphiniums in French knots and Olive Green Blue #45 which I see as a sky on a stormy day, not quite sure how I would achieve this, chain stitch or couching in swirls?

  79. I make hand sewn dolls and animals and use embroidery thread for detail work. My colors I like are #188 and #34

  80. Lovely prize. I’d love to win it. Just finished stitching your Twelve Trees for Christmas. Looking forward to stitching the snowflakes.

  81. Mary, this is such a wonderful way to discover new embroidery supplies, thanks so much! I like color numbers 18 (various greens) and 188 (autumn blend). The green I would want in regular floss to use in my ongoing kitchen towels around the year project for anything with leaves. The autumn blend I would want in Perle Cotton to add to a project on canvas. The original pattern is called “Needle Delights-Graphite” but I switched out the colors for an autumn palette of gold, red and green and I think that thread might coordinate with the colors I chose.

    I had trouble accessing the Colour Compements website but was able to look at the threads on Etsy.

    Kelly Ann D. in Modesto

  82. The Colour Commets colors I choose are:
    Pink, green, orange perle cotton #3. I am working on an EGA project & I think this color will make a wonderful background using a bargello stitch.
    My second choice is rainbow colours Colour Comments # 44. This combination makes me happy to look at it – I can see it in tin toppers, ornaments- any number of aplications.

  83. Green #18 for leaves and stems and Golden Yellow Orange #37 for gorgeous Autumn leaves

  84. I love variegated green for all types of leaves in my projects and love the greens in Green Perle 18. Watermelon 31 just makes me happy. I’m using these in a spring garden project I am planning. They are just the most beautiful colors.

  85. I love the Cherry Red and Green which I would love to make some canvas work and Hardanger Christmas ornaments; the Teal Purple Autumn colors and Blue Green will be wonderful to use in some Swedish weaving towels and placemats to use as gifts for some friends.

  86. I really like the Watermelon colour #31. I could see a neat Spring/Summer project completed with this colour scheme

    My second choice would be Turquiose Blue #33. This is my favourite colour range and complete many projects with this. I could see a doily being made of this scheme

    Thanks so much

  87. My two favorite colors are #56 and #18… as they remind me of the colors that surround our mountain cabin in Highland County, VA. I would use the perle cotton on 18ct. mono canvas to stitch a “quilt” inspired by the views there.

  88. I have used many of these threads in a crazy quilt I thought I had finished, but now find I have more to do, so my favourite colours at the moment are #138 & #51 they will help me finish off this mammoth project.

  89. I’m crazy about the blue-green #14 and the green #18, among others. I embroider a lot of fantasy and mythical elements, particularly scenes from Tolkien’s and Lewis’ works. Those deep rich, earth colors perfectly represent the feel and mystique of the fantasy worlds I’ve imagined in my mind since I was a little tike!

  90. I love Lorraine’s threads and am waiting for an order to arrive. But, who doesn’t love MORE beautiful thread?!! So, two of my favourites are colours #138 and # 183. The first is a pink/green and perfect for stitching spring flowers, or an Easter -themed embroidery. The second colour is a purple mix, and as I have several purple projuects on the go, it would be perfect for any of them. Thanks Mary!

  91. My first pick would be #175 as it is the perfect blue for my husband! His favorite color is the blue of the Infantry Cord in the Army where he served and #175 is pretty much a match! I would use it to stitch him a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) that he could hang up. I made him one when I first started stitching I put it on a pillow and it just doesn’t look as nice and crisp as I’d like anymore due to my husband washing it.

    My second choice is #186, as the dark shades really call to me. I think for this I would show the colors to my daughter and have her draw me something fun to stitch. She loves drawing and art in general and we have made a few pieces together where she draws the picture and I stitch it up. She is fond of purples and greens so I think she would enjoy us doing another collaboration!

  92. I would pick color #51, Lavender and color #183, Purple which I would like to use on some door hangers for my Community Stitch Group. We are a small group which embroiders door hanger pillows to hand out at nursing homes at Christmas time. I would use outline holiday shapes and fill the inside with blackwork.

  93. I would chose color complements colors 56 and 14. A beautiful Florida beach sunset would stitched with these colors.

  94. I am using some Colour Complements thread in a project right now and would love some more.

  95. Hi Mary, Thanks
    Wishing your Family and you a Merry Christmas and a year of 2020 with lots of success and special good health from the bottom of my heart.

    My favorite colors are #48 and #191 – it was hard to choose…

  96. Oh, wow! Another Tut’s Tomb of embroidery Treasures! I love the #37 yellows. I’m rather partial to sunflowers, so #37 would produce some lovely woven picot petals. I’m torn between #44 and #188, as the variegations would look great on whipped spiders web stitches, especially if the color changes are rapid, like every inch! I think #188 wins, though, because I am also partial to autumn colors.

  97. #58, 44, 45, and 186. I’ve been wanting to try crazy quilt embroidery as a way of making a practical stitch sampler (think hand bag or pot holder) and I love bright colors as well as blues and greens.

  98. Gracious, Mary, those thread colors are scrumptious! Thank you for this opportunity to be introduced to a new-to-me thread company!

  99. How beautiful would snowflakes in these colors be?? I loved #183 Purple and #175 Blue……..but then I saw #186 Teal Purple!!! I am new to this type of embroidery so my thread stash is very small. What a great selection to choose from!!

  100. Hello Mary,
    So many lovely colors! But, I`m thinking Spring even here in Texas. I think #21 and # 2. They are soft colors that will work well in a gentle Spring rain project. Thank you for the generous give away.
    Karole in Texas

  101. #7 &11 silk Peele to stitch an ocen scene. Would really like all of them but will jump for joy at 2.

  102. Hi, I visited the Colour Complements site! Beautiful colors and textures. Is unfair that we only have to pick two to write about.

    I really like embroidering wild flowers and nature scenery. In nature the colors of flowers and grasses aren’t all one color. It’s hard to find a good quality variegated thread. Color Complements treads are just the right variations. Anywho, my two favorite are the Green Perle Cotton #18 and the petite Very Velvet red and yellow. (These would add great textures).

    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    From Iowa

  103. Wow what beautiful threads! I’ve been stitching up Christmas wool projects and reviving my punch needle so my collection of red and green are dangerously low. Green #18 and Red#187 would replenish my supply nicely. I wasn’t familiar with petite very velvet so I’ll be on the lookout for projects with that medium. Thanks for chance to win.

  104. I’ve received Lorraine’s newsletter/email for a while, but have never ordered any of her threads. I LOVE the Watermelon one and the Fall Colours. I tend to use these types of threads as the base thread for counted needlepoint, building a color palette around them. The fall one would be especially lovely for that.

  105. All those yummy colors!! I’d select #188 to stitch fall leaves, of course. I’d also pick #189 to share with sister as Halloween is her favorite holiday.

  106. I would love to work both #47 and #147 because they are calming colors to me. The combination in #47 is grounding and I’m not sure how I would use it yet but would give it some thought. #147 is a happy color for me, I would use it in snow flakes.

  107. Oh, what a lovely selection of colors! I love the blend of #188, Autumn Colors – this would stitch up a beautiful set of leaves. The colors are similar to my sugar maple tree in fall. I also like the Purples, #183. This is a difficult color to find and use so I would be challenging myself. Perhaps a Delphinium or Aster could be stitched with this.
    Happy Holidays.

  108. I love working with Color Compliment Thread. The colors are so richly textured and bring depth to any project. #28 is perfect for moving water both deep and dark and in dazzling sunlight. #18 is the dappled forest with breaks of sunlight and shadowed bushes.

  109. It’s all gorgeous! I’d have to say I’d use #45 for some crazy alpaca and #58 for a feather. I might even keep them for myself.

  110. Colour Complements thread #6 & 7

    I recently discovered that variegated perle threads give me effects without having to change threads. As my hands stiffen any help with needlework is desirable. I am stitching Mary’s snowflakes for Christmas gifts and would love to expand my thread/color choices with finer perle threads.

  111. Wow what beautiful threads. Thank you for featuring this Canadian small business. I will be sure to check them out further. The two thread colours that I would like to try are #32 and #189.

  112. I pick the variegated greens #18 and the yellow to orange #37. I love pearl cotton in size 8 best!

  113. I love #14, #18 and number #28. I love doing seascapes so those colours are ideal!
    Thanks for this opportunity

  114. Mary, thank you for this giveaway. Numbers 188 and 186 stood out to me. What beautiful thread.

  115. What gorgeous color combinations!! I have to say that it would be nearly impossible to have a favorite, but I do love the green/brown #35. I’m a fall person and this combination is just right. I’m a cross stitcher at heart, so if I am so lucky to win, I’d love the stranded cotton floss.

  116. I would love some of the floss in 23, 28, 46, 48, and 184. I’m thinking some crazy quilting using the floss for embellishment of the fabrics. I’ ve used some of the floss and really like it.

  117. I love the color compliment threads!! I would pick #18 green and #190 blues and purples. I love crazy quilting and have done several silk purses. I can see these colors in an iris and/or violet design!

  118. Colour 29 and 189. What beautiful colors!!! I would love to try one of these and may have to add this to my 2020 to-do list. I had just visited this site last week looking for trims.

  119. My two favorite Colour Complement Colours are #29 Golden Brown and #175 Blue, although all of the colours are a special sort of eye candy! I would like to try using them to hand quilt small to medium size art quilts using large-ish primitive/sashiko type stitches.

  120. My 2 picks of colour compliments perle cotton are: #37, golden yellow and orange; and #45, peacock feathers also in perle cotton.
    I chose these 2 as I am currently stitching a piece in wool appliqué of 2 birds one being a yellow body and the other in purples. These 2 picks would certainly suit in my creative pursuit.
    Thanks from snowy Canada.
    Judith Best

  121. Oh my, what yummy colours! I think the Red Green Burgundy (#133) floss would make for some fun Christmas ornies. And the Turquoise Blue makes me think of sunny, warm, tropical beaches away from the cold, Canadian winter. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous threads

  122. Oh my goodness. These beautiful colors are a joy to behold! I visit a small shop in Comfort TX called The Tinsnips Wife and absolutely short out! The treads and yarns are so delicious that I wish so that I could knit sweaters and socks and embroider like Mary Corbet.
    My two favorite colors of perle cotton, which was difficult to make, would be #s 48 and 188.
    Thank you for a chance to win lovely threads.

  123. I’ve recently made a doll for my granddaughter and I’m now in the process of making clothes for Dolly.
    I would use the threads to embroider the little dresses and coats.
    I love the Watermelon #31 and the Peacock Feathers #45.
    Thank you for this lovely blog.

  124. Oh, how fun! I can’t wait to see all the different businesses you feature. I love this! I can’t wait to add more shops to my supply wishlist.

    I have to say, the Colour Complement threads look gorgeous. I’m having a hard time deciding just two to put here. The colors and the variegation are just so beautiful. From just the first page, I can imagine #18 (that green! *swoon*) making beautiful stems and leaves – especially in the perle. The twist would just make the color shifts shine. It would probably become a staple. It would be so easy to use in many projects.

    I’m also really drawn to #186 (the teal purple). I’ve never seen a colorway like that. I LOVE it! Maybe some flowers? Lettering? Oh! I can really see myself doing some sort of geometric shapes or outlines with it. Hmm…I can definitely imagine some beautiful crystals. Anything to show off that beautiful and unique color shift!

  125. My favorites are 58 and 14 – both are rather muted fall and winter colors to me which I am attracted to at the moment. I’d love to use them in some of Hazel Blomkamp’s Crewel designs!

  126. Mary – Among other forms of embroidery that I attempt, I love doing Japanese temari which I usually use perle cotton for. I would pick the following two colors because I can see them in my mind on some the balls that have star shapes on the north and south pole.

    brown perle cotton colour #57 and pink yellow perle cotton colour #30

    Thanks for organizing this event.


  127. I would choose #56 and #18. I am working on a silent auction quilt for my quilt guild and the theme is America the Beautiful. These colors would work wonderfully for stitching details on the amber waves of grain and the green fields.

  128. I love blues and greens both cotton and silk. Enchanted by #14 blue and on the other spectrum earth tones #104
    Thank you

  129. I’m liking the blue Perle colour compliments and the watermelon colour compliments. I’d use them after Christmas with some other yellow and green fibres to make a spring picture to cheer up a long dark January.

  130. I Love Color Compliments threads, and have many favorites. Colors 137 and 44 are probably my current ones. I have used 137 (did it used to be 109?) on many projects. The combination of colors seem to work well with my wool appliqué projects.
    PKBinns in Gig Harbor

  131. What spectacular colors! Thanks for delivering a great web source.
    Two of my favorites are #110 & #33. Anything related to water and ocean has to be great so blues and teals are in my wheelhouse. I am in the middle of a quilt with turtles and ocean theme (including embroidered turtles) so these colors would work well as part of this bed quilt.

  132. Oooooooo such lovely colors! How pretty they would look done up in one of my mandalas! I will be visiting her shop to see what she has on sale or not! Thanks Mary for introducing me to another small, woman owned business

  133. I would choose #14 Blue Green (my favorite color scheme) for Hardanger needlework smalls. For gifts, #23 Easter Colours would make terrific Hardanger initials.

  134. Those are some beautiful colors but I’d have to say #44 Rainbow #186 teal purple are my favorites but I love others as well!

    Thanks for doing this!
    Connie Greaves

  135. I’d pick #14 and #28. Would use these colors to do something nautical since I was in the Navy.

  136. I love fabric and thread and mostly I just collect it and admire it!!!
    I really love the petite velvet threads – both yellow and red, but red would be my first choice of the two. It would be a nice texture addition to any stitching.
    I love all things Flamingo and Peacock and therefore I LOVE the #186 and #134 for the vibrant colors!!!

  137. What lovely colors! My two choices would be Brown Colour #57 and Golden Brown #29. I can just imagine creating a “tree of life” in thread painting with these colours! Thanks, Mary, for sharing this website with all of us!

  138. These are so lovely!!! Thank you for sharing this information. I didn’t know about her business!
    I especially loved Rainbow Colours complements color #45 and Auntumn Colous Complements #188.

  139. #35, #188
    I’ve been working on a (massive) wool applique table runner with autumn-type colors. These two skeins would work beautifully into this long-term project!

  140. (I think we broke her website!! :0 ) Her colors are gorgeous! I esp love Autumn Colours, #188 and Golden Yellow Orange, #37. Our autumn leaves just got covered by snow this morning, and these colors inspire me to stitch them up to have them a little longer!

  141. I’ve been using Lorraine’s #8 perle cottons on an 18th century style “pocket” that I will wear with my 1776 re-enactment dress. Color 3 is for little drop flower buds, and number 186 is used on larger blooms. Love they way they work up!

  142. So far I love the colors numbered 32 and 44. I’d likely use them in a free form surface embroidery project or a crazy quilt project.

  143. I would choose #48 fall colours. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year and the colours in this thread remind me of the hillsides where I grew up. My next choice would be #56 golden brown yellow and teal. I think it could work great for a reflection of fall trees in a lake.

    1. Wow, the real Gary Parr! I love love love your Fiber Talk podcast, especially the episodes with Mary. Thank you for all you do for people who like to stab groundcloth with needles!

  144. I love Rainbow Colors #44 and Autumn Colors #188. I probably would not use these two color numbers on the same project but who knows??? They are beautiful.
    I can see an Easter project coming soon. Maybe some cute bunnies and a church with some stained glass windows?
    To use #188 on a fall project with leaves, pumpkins, and acorns, well just perfection.
    Both are just yummy.

  145. I like colors #33 and #46. I have a seashell canvas that I would like to start in the New Year. These colors are the perfect blend for a tropical setting – and a relief from the cold weather in Massachusetts in January!

  146. I especially like colors #3 and #28. I would be using them to embellish felt birds that I am making.

  147. Beautiful threads galore! I would use the green perle #18 for tiny shamrocks on tea towels. Also the Easter colors perle #24 for flowers and dyed eggs for Easter projects such as lavendar satchets.

  148. #32 & #45 are amazing! as are all of the combinations. I’m new to embroidery but have my eye on a peacock embellished sewing tote. This would be beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  149. What beautiful colors!

    I have a great love and appreciation for antique and vintage needlework. I have many unworked linens stamped for embroidery and would like to finish them with updated threads and colors. I think colors #47 (olive green blue) and #50 (lavender and yellow) would look particularly lovely.

    Jennifer B. in NEPA

  150. What lovely threads! I am usually drawn to autumn colors, but I just moved to Florida and beginning to design a table runner that reflects nature in my new home. I immediately was drawn to the Color Complements Blue Green Perle Cotton #14 and the Green Perle Cotton #55! The colors were all lovely though and each one brought a picture to life in my head.

    Laura M. Crafty mom from Forida

  151. Lorraine’s threads are gorgeous!
    Color #31 emerald green and red/medium bright pinks
    Color #133 burgundy and moss green

  152. I love colors 44 and 45. Not sure what I plan to do with them yet, but I’ll figure it out!

    Dawn from Annandale, MN

  153. Oh my what lovely threads! I adore doing seasonal projects and could imagine using Colur Compliments #23 for Spring and Colour Compliments #188 for Fall.

  154. It’s always a delight to check in on your site! I don’t usually comment, but this is a moment to tell you that your instructions for embroidery piece care has helped me over the years. Also your many discussions of thread, fabric, and design considerations! Thank you!

  155. I have 2 colors from Colour Complements, #3, which is an orange, green color and #40, which will be a beautiful water coloring thread. I imagine using both these colors on a water, mermaid themed picture, with coral and seashells.

  156. The 3 colors of floss are :56, 47 and 175.
    These beautiful threads would make a lovely thread landscape with trees, grass and carolina sky.

  157. It’s hard to narrow down to just two favorite colors! I love (1) Rainbow Colours, #44, which I would use for decorative stitching on a jacket I plan to make and (2) Brown Perle Cotton, #57, which I want to use for my hair in a series of self-portraits.

  158. All of the colors are absolutely beautiful, but if I have to narrow it down I believe the # 45 the peacock blue and #41 the pinks would be my first choices. My Grandmother loved peacock blue and my Mother’s favorite color was pink.I imagine a garden scene with a glider . Like they enjoyed together. This week marks the anniversary of my Mothers passing. I like to imagine them still enjoying their garden.

  159. I have a photo that I took in New Zealand of lichen and ferns on a tree trunk that these threads would be ideal for! Green brown #35 floss; green perle 3 #55; golden yellow floss #191; spring green perle 5 #184; silk perle #2 and for me to pay – silk perle #2. I have been thinking of this one for a couple years so a win would be a catalyst to a beginning.

  160. Love all of these threads but what I would like to use in my wool applique is #33 and #36. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  161. I find myself drawn to alot of her purple shade threads and the two threads #45 & #186, but i know i would hoard those colors ans never want to use them as they are in my favorite line. So if the question is to use them i would have to pick #48 fall colors and #188 autumn colors because they are perfect and i can see them in soooo many autumn trees and leaves i stitch and they are beuatiful. I also an coveting joan elliotts fairy of the rain right now and can soooo see #28 being used in her dress and it would be perfect. Thank you for this giveaway as ive never heard of her threads before and love finding new cross stitch things.

  162. I would choose #33 and #45. I have been learning canvas work and have completed one piece so far. I would love to try a new project using these colours.

  163. Pick two of your favorite colors of Colour Complement threads. Tell us the color numbers and how you imagine using them

    My 2 favorites are Spring Green #184 and Lavender and Yellow #50. I can see a garden with bright green stems and leaves with pale lavender and yellow spring flowers

    It was a challenge to pick only 2. There are so many pretty colored threads.

    Thanks for having these drawings.

    Susan K

  164. The glorious and rich fall colors (no. 48) would be gorgeous in a leaf embroidered table runner.

  165. Lorraine of Colour Compliments has some gorgeous threads! I can see immediate use for the blues and greens – especially #18 and #14!! Hope I win!

  166. I do alot of vintage Stitcheries by hand only. These colors are so rich and stunning! I would love to win #23 for Easter Stitcheries that I do of Peter Rabbit. #49 I would use for alot of ground, grass, and vegetation for the same Stitcheries. Being on a limited income doesn’t always allow me to try new threads, and these would be a blessing to win!
    Mickey Davenport, White Oak, PA

  167. #133 Red/Green/Burgundy in honor of my EGA Chapter’s 40th Anniversary next year and #47 Olive/Green/Blue because I love that color combination. I would like to use the perle for a hardanger project. A change from white on white and one that will highlight the color changes in the thread. Many thanks to you and ColorComplements.

  168. Fall Colour Complement #48 and Green brown embroidery thread #35.

    Each year I embroidery my granddaughters’ turkey hands on a white napkin and date it so they can see the growth over the years.

  169. I love ALL the colors, but am a sure-fire blue person. So, I would love Color #5 and Color #11 of the silk perle.

  170. I’m working on a pebbled pathway…2″ wide in a circle with a diameter of 36″. The grey pebbles which are wool will be surrounded with seed stitches on the ground fabric. I would use green Perle cotton, CCC#18 and green brown embroidery threads, CCC#35.

  171. It was hard to pick just two favorites, but I do mostly Hardanger and I have found that I prefer subtle color changes rather than more abrupt ones when stitching Hardanger. So I chose #29 Golden Brown and #48 Fall Colours because fall is my favorite season. Several years ago I designed a piece which I rather like but it was more of an experiment and it is rather blah. These would brighten it up nicely without being too garish.

  172. All of these threads are so beautiful (and I got lured into picking up some of the sale offerings as a result of this post)! Does anyone know what the Very Velvets are used for or what effect they have? I wasn’t familiar with them but they look fun.

    My favorite of the current non-sale colors are #48 and #133! I’m clearly still in an autumn stitching mood despite being in the middle of working on Christmas gifts for everyone.

    Thanks again for the amazing giveaways this month and for all the work you put in, Mary! I run them as part of my job for my clients and I know how much time it can take.

  173. OMG #30 Yellow/pink and #47 olive/blue are just too beautiful. I’m embroidering a summer tote bag as a surprise for a friend. Thank you all for offering these lovely prizes…and inspiration. Cheers, Mary

  174. I love them all, but most especially Rainbow Pearl #5 and Brown Green #8. I see them in a garden scene – flowers, trees, meadows…

  175. Christmas is always a good reason to try new threads. I will go back and put in an order. thank you.

  176. If I had to choose two colors of Colour Complements, I would choose Color #3, Pink, Green and orange as well as #18, green in size 8 perle cotton.

    #3 is so appealing to me because of its brightness. I never learn! I adore working with bright colors and have at times made the mistake of leaving out neutral tones to balance them out. I would use the #3 palette in a canvas counted piece as the foundation for the palette for the rest of the threads. That palette would make me happy and to want to sing.

    #18 is the palette for bringing me peace and serenity. I would use these luscious greens for grass, shrubs and leaves in a painted canvas piece. The over dye color tone would bring such texture to those painted areas.
    What a fun way to dream!

  177. Thank you for this opportunity to try a new thread and visit a new vendor. Yes, I love threads! and I will purchase from her.
    I like the new blues-greens blend and I would pair it with the browns blend. I prefer surface design work on my hand wovens and these colors (plus beads!) will work beautifully with what is currently on my loom.
    Thank you again and many happy Holidays, Mary!

  178. Mary,
    I love all the colors.
    My favorites #50 lavender,yellow and purple. I have a canvas with this beautiful sky.
    #45 peacock feathers the same canvas has this dark and swirling sea. It would be perfect.
    Thanks for the Christmas giveaways.

  179. “Believe in Your Dreams” is an embroidery project I have chosen to work on while I am a companion to a 90-year-old client. She loves vibrant colors and Lorraines’ threads would bring many smiles as she watches me sew and visit with her. I will begin with Turquoise Blue #33 to embroidery “Believe in” and to bring out the joy and happiness of good dreams I will use Autumn Colors #188 for “Your Dreams.” One must sleep in Turquoise to have happy dreams in Autumn Colors!

  180. My first color pick would be Blue Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #28. I see myself using this to stitch the ocean.
    My second pick would be Golden Yellow Orange, Colour Complements Colour #37. This would look great for stitching Fall foliage.

  181. I like the rainbow colors #44 and the tropical colors #46. I imagine using them for a Mardi Gras themed kaleidoscope to put on a bag for all the stuff I catch at the parades. (I live in Mobile, AL – the grandmother of Mardi Gras.)

  182. I’ve already purchased many fabulous fibers from Color Complement!! The colors are just fantastic… And since free hand needlepoint or wool appliqué are my favorite styles, I canne super creative with them, which is why I absolutely LOVE her Samplers: same color theme but all different fibers (perle 8 and 5, silks, krieik ribbon, etc.). So my favorite, to embroider fall leaves and colors, is: Embroidery Sampler #2.

  183. I love the Golden Brown Perle #29 I would use it for a wooden floor or a cork in #12 Perle
    I also love the Blue Perle #175. I do a lot of skies and #175 would work perfectly in a skip tent or “T” stitch.

  184. I love Lorraine’s threads! I don’t need to enter the giveaway since I have most of her colors already, but I wanted to post to say what a pleasure they are to stitch with and how lovely she is to order from. She handled a shipping snafu on my end incredibly graciously.

    I have made handmade cards this holiday for my friends and family, and her threads work beautifully , especially on the designs from stitchingcards dot com. I particularly love the Blue Orange Green, Colour Complements Colour #32 in perle #12 for mod snowflakes on a goldenrod card, and Red Green Burgundy, Colour Complements Colour #133 to attach cream-colored paper Christmas trees to darker brown cards.

  185. OMG These threads are beautiful and would really complement the wool appliqué quilt that I am working on, especially #89 Halloween colors and #48 Fall colors !

  186. I pick numbers 28 and 189 in perle cotton as my favorites, although all of them are my favorite…they are sooo beautiful! I would use 28 in a water ocean scene I am designing, and I would use 189 in a Halloween scene for my daughter, whose birthday is Halloween.

  187. I love Colour Complements #31, Watermelon perle cotton for the sheer exuberance of color! I have an alphabet series that I love, from M Designs. I like to stitch initial letters for friends & family members, but I would stitch the “M” for myself in Watermelon.

    I also love #191 Golden Yellow floss. I have been looking for the perfect hue to use for my Moms in Prayer group. Because I love the written word, I want to stitch bookmarks listing the attributes of God over which we have prayed. The Golden Yellow is a perfect color to represent the crown of the King.

  188. Gorgeous! And so hard to narrow it down to three. I love doing fall applique and embroidery with wool and felt. Golden brown, yellow and teal #14 and Golden Brown, purple and gray #58 would be beautiful . For my winter applique and embroidery, I love the Blue Green #14. The color blends are so fabulous. Thank you for this website.

  189. 191 is a golden dream
    47 mossy green and big sur blue
    I would use these beauties in something representative. Perhaps an image of a sunset on the big sur coast. Something golden and warm over a green and blue. sea

  190. I would use color #14 to create a pillow design reminding me of the Caribbean. An embroidered heart design would look pretty using color #133.

  191. This year I’m still in a Fall mood, even as winter begins. As soon as I visited the Colour Complements Perle Cotton and Floss page 1, the brown #57 and green #18 jumped out at me saying “forest in Fall!” Just perfect to stitch a red-brown squirrel against cool, green mosses.

  192. Love the 45- peacock feather (have been eyeing doing a SAL that features a peacock and this looks like a great thread option). Also intrigued by 48-fall what a great color palate.
    It is awesome to see perle cotton offered in such a variety of colors.

  193. I love the variations of the Color Compliments threads! Many ladies in our guild have used them in their projects and say they are lovely to work with.

  194. Oh dear, perhaps third time is the charm. I got distracted ordering your snowflakes. I would love to try the flat ribbon as I have never even seen it. And I am obsessed with blues, greens and lavenders. Oh, my! All those numbers, 33, 46, 110, awesome!!

  195. Goodness, it’s hard to pick, but for some reason green and brown is calling to me today. I love bright greens, so the Spring Green 184 is perfect. And I fell in love with the Brown Color Complements 57. So clearly I need to embroider a tree?

  196. Hi Miss Corbet,
    Thanks for another lovely edition of Stitchers Christmas!
    These threads look perfect for big-stitch quilting, choosing the colours is much harder though lol.
    Not sure #36 and #182 would go with the colour fabrics I have, but they look so delicious they make my mouth water 😉

  197. Dec. 2, 2019 Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #1: Pick Your Own Threads!

    I love Colour Compliments threads! I would choose Fall Colours #48 in size 8 perle cotton and Red Green Burgundy #133 in size 8 perle cotton.

    Happy Monday!

  198. I chose these because they compliment each other . I have a half baked for a fall wallhanging where these threads would shine.

  199. 56 and 58 would look amazing used on a sunset piece, since they’re varigated blue purple and yellow! My favorite type of winter sunsets are the ones with yellow right at the horizon, this would show that perfectly.

  200. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you, Lorraine and Mary. I find #58 (Golden Brown, Purple, Gray) to be appealing, as it reminds me of some spinning fiber I’ve had in my stash for ages and love to look at. And then, because I love blues, turquoises, and teals, #33 caught my eye. I think I’d use the #58 in a rich, jewel-colored crazy quilt block, and the #33 in a seascape thread painting.

  201. I love Lorraine’s #30 and #36. I can see these being used in a beautiful sunset, they match the sunsets I see over our lake. Thanks for the give-aways!

  202. Happy Stitcher’s Christmas! #188 Autumn Colors jumped off the page at me. It is Autumn, even here in Aiken, SC, and I can envision a small bargello pillow done in these colors for a unique home decor item.

  203. I love Lorraine’s COLOUR COMPLEMENTS site, originally on Etsy and the new site. I have 4 flosses boxes full of her threads. I use them for a variety of projects. I make cloth art dolls and use them to embroider down the legs and arms and sometimes on the faces if I am making mermaids. I purchase all different sizes from her.
    I make a variety of other things using her threads as well. I’ve made cloth purses, wall hangings, embroidered hearts and more.
    Her threads are quality, smooth and easy to work with. Her combinations are glorious! I also love the metallics that she has.

  204. I love love love the Colour Complements threads. I am just starting to accumulate a stash of threads, and the few I have ordered in the past are awesome. Lorraine’s colours are amazing. What a talented dyer, as well as a Canadian.

  205. All of the threads were delicious, but my two favorites are
    #32 — blue/orange/green and #37 — Yellow/orange
    I have the perfect project, a sampler of It Is Well With My Soul to use them on.
    Thanks, Mary!’

  206. Oh, wow! These colors are stunning! I embroider pillow case hems for my little grandchildren throughout the year. A special saying, favorite story character, etc. and gift them for holidays and special occasions. These two colors are perfect for my projects!

    Easter Colours, Colour Complements Colour #23
    Colour #190, Blues and Purples Blend Cotton Floss

  207. Color Compliments numbers: Rainbow #44 and Autumn #188
    I plan to use the colors in a design I created using Hazel Blomkamp’s Crewel Creatures book.

  208. I like green perle #18 and autumn colors #188, I like trees and I am thinking four seasons of a tree, these colors would work for summer and fall, add #184 for spring and #57 for tree trunk and bare tree for winter.

  209. My favorite two pearl cottons from color complements are #33 Turquoise and Blue and #44 Rainbow Colors. I have a small wool applique piece planned that these colors would be perfect for.

  210. Good Morning: Thank you so much for the opportunity to try new threads. This year has been quite hectic and I had to set aside my embroidery for a while as I transition to the role of full-time caretaker for my husband. Now I am getting back into the swing of things and I will start the new year with Autumn and Winter projects for 2020. I especially like the Golden Yellow Orange #37 and the Fall Colors #48. Thank you, again, for this opportunity. Jan

  211. I choose fall colors and Halloween. I would do something with a fall/Halloween theme. Thank you!

  212. Ooohhh. Gorgeous. Colours #51 lavender, and #186 teal purple together somehow in a Valentine setting. I don’t think I can live without trying the petite velvet red. There is no number.

  213. These two perle cottons will be perfect for the “Four Seasons” wall hanging that I am designing.

    The fall colours, #18 size 5, will enhance the autum scene. color #49.

    The summer scene would be enhanceed by the green perle cotton, size 12

  214. Hi Mary!
    I love to stitch with these beautiful threads with so much wonderful variation. I can envision stitching some tree trunks and branches with numbers 48 and 57. There is so much richness in these threads that makes canvas painting a wonderful experience.

  215. I love the embroidery sampler colorways #1 and #4. I am felting a purple coat, and I can imagine using these colorways to embroider the edges.

  216. The Rainbow Complement #44 is the nicest rainbow of colors I’ve seen – I generally don’t care for the entire rainbow spectrum. And I like #33’s richness. I have no idea how I’d use these threads, as I’m new to creating through stitchery without a kit, but I’d come up with something!

  217. Love Colour Complements. Golden brown perle #29 and green perle # 18 are calling my name. I see a prairie field of wheat in my future.

  218. Would love to have greens and blues for Christmas Day. Christmas embroidery on pillow I have maybe one with red or dark color

  219. Perle cotton size 5 is perfect for my crazy quilt style pouches. I adore the varigated colors.

  220. i love #183 (purple work is so much prettier than redwork) and #189 (cuz I LURVE Halloween stitching)

  221. Hi Mary
    So many beautiful colors! The first color I like is #28 Blue Perle. I like to stitch a lot of religious pictures of mother Mary I believe this color would be beautiful for her dress/ mantle.
    The other #188 Autumn colors would be absolutely perfect for leaves falling from the trees!

  222. I’ve bought Lorraine’s threads for several years now and each one is just beautiful. The colors I gravitate to of hers are #23 and #30, but #138 fits in nicely also. I see spring flowers, Easter candy and Easter eggs in these. A nice grass green like #184 would complete the picture. As you can see limiting myself to just two of her colors is impossible!

  223. I visited her web site and blog. Beautiful threads. Also liked the ric rac. Wondered about size 12 threads as I usually stick with size 8.

  224. I would choose color numbers 56 and 14. I am working on the embroidery for a large casket, and these would be a perfect addition for the land and sea areas,
    Thanks Mary!

  225. I have always wanted to do a four seasons project and Autum Colors #188 and Easter Colors #23 would be perfect. I am sorry that I could only pick 2.

  226. The colors in the Colour Complements line of perle cottot are luscious. The 2 that I’m picking to mention today are those that remind me of fall. Fall Colours #48 works well for fall foliage and landscapes. And the Punk Green Orange #182 would make a wonderful sunset. Thanks for the opportunity.

  227. These threads are beautiful! My favorites are all the beautiful blues – #33 and #45 in particular. I’ve started working on some little canvas stars, and they would be beautiful 🙂

  228. The colors I like are numbers 57 and 191. I would use them in stitching the outlines of 2 cats with intertwined tails heart shaped. Between the cats’ bodies I will put the names of my grandson and his bride z d the wedding date.

  229. Such rich colors! I imagine using #191 golden yellow cotton floss to embroider gingerbread people, and #44 rainbow colors for my newest project- the take a stitch Tuesday 2020. Thank you Mary, from Mary Sekula in Texas.

  230. Hi Mary, so many glorious colours, just spoilt for choice. I often use perle cotton in the various weights for hardanger embroidery. The two variations that sing out are the warm and toasty Autumn colours number 188 which would look stunning on a pale ochre fabric, and the fabulously rich Peacock Feathers number 45 which would jump out from a white or pale blue background. Luscious. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  231. So hard to decide! I’d pick the red, purple and golden yellow, to do some heraldic designs (SCA), and the easter and green to do some spring flowers.

  232. I would choose numbers 57 and 18 to embroider trees, vines, and flowers. The colors would make lovely Christmas trees.

  233. It’s hard to just pick 2 of Lorraine’s colours but I was recently looking at # 104 which is earth tones – olive, gold, grey. I was thinking it would make a wonderful ground in a fall forest with some bright orange/red leaves on top.

    Every time I look at # 100, I see a brilliant setting sun over the water. #2, is the sky seen on a foggy morning as the sun just peeks over the horizon.

  234. Oooh, I love all of them, but I would choose Purple #183 and Green #18 – for flowers, always flowers! Or swirly paisley designs. Thank you for the great giveaway – and thank you to Colour Complements!

  235. It was really hard to choose as so many delicious colours but loved the blue/green for some Japanese kogin stitching for decoration on a bag with a seaside theme and the autumn colours for some modern crewel work ideas that I want to explore involving birds and/or hares!

  236. Thank so much for your offer!

    Number 26, teals and golden browns, look perfect for an undersea picture. I can see the sand and shells swirling in the blue water.

    Number 27, cream blue and green, is like spring shoots. I see a picture with the little plants just showing up among the little bugs and slugs just appearing.

    Linda Schirmer

  237. My favorites are #’s 182 and 29. I plan on using them in a Sue Spargo Stitchology class i will be taking this summer.

  238. I have used Colour Compliments before. I loved it! The colours are so rich. I would choose colours #45 and #55 to embroider flowers on a purse I am sewing. I have made 2 purses in the past and they turned out beautifully.

  239. Oh, what lovely colors! I would choose the collections 55 and 18 as I am working on some stumpwork projects and the variegated greens would be lovely! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  240. Well, they are all wonderful. I was sold with the first 2 listed: Golden Brown, Yellow and Teal Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #56 and Brown Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #57. My ANG chapter is talking about ordering something as a year long project and using threads from Lorraine because many of us have been admiring them from her newsletters. So, if I win, I would show off the threads to further entice them and stitch a Hearts for Hospice, which is an ongoing project our chapter is donating to. And, I just ordered your eBook for Snowflakes – love the designs. I don’t know where you find the time to write a 100-page eBook, stitch, and do the finishing. You are amazing!! Thanks for your efforts all year long. Happy Holidays!

  241. This is hard because every color Lorraine has is beautiful!! I’ve purchased threads from her in the past and have never been disappointed with either the service or the threads. Anyway, my picks today are #188 (Autumn) and #138 (Pink and Green). I’d probably use them in a crazy quilt block or maybe to stitch one of your snowflake patterns (I just ordered your ebook today). Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!!

  242. My favorite color is purple, so, Color #183 is my first choice. I will use that in stitching ornaments. My second color choice is Teal, Color #14, I will use that to stitch your snowflakes, Mary. Thanks for the wonderful snowflakes you just released.

  243. I’d like to try 28 or 175 in making a couple of your snowflakes – I think the variegation would give an interesting effect.

  244. I would chose #28 Blues to make your snowflakes for my 3 year old niece to have on her very own tree. I am 70 and want to leave her a legacy of embroidered items.

    I would then chose #31 Watermelon to create summer ornaments for her tree. A reminder of how much her great Aunt loved her.

    Darcy Walket

  245. Thank you for the opportunity! It was very hard to just choose 2, but if I had to have only two it would be Rainbow Colours, Colour Complements Colour #44
    and Autumn Colours, Colour Complements Colour #188. Lovely dyeing from Canada.

  246. Orange Red Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #36. I’m in a sling from surgery to fix a broken arm. This floss color makes me happy! I am going to hold it, look at it, hold it some more and think about the flowers I will be able to embroider when the sling is gone at the end of December.

  247. Wow, that was difficult. I love them all. But I would choose #56 and #37 to make fantasy needlelace butterfly wings.

  248. Oh I love them all. Can’t you want all of them without a project in mind?:-) But I would love#23 and #44 to embellish some birds on a wool tablerunner right now!

  249. So excited to enter in the giveaway of A Stitcher’s Christmas!

    My very Favorite colors are #34, I love the rich colors of Purple and Blue
    and #43 the colors of Teals and Blues. I can’t decide which I love the most!

    What an exciting offer and great website. Thank You.

  250. Colour has such emotional impact! When faced with paint chips, silk scarves and threads I start to hum: Mesmerized by the feelings that each skein evokes. Some I am instinctively dis-liking and who knows why. But the ones I am drawn too- whee! They make me happy, surprised, in love, content.
    Does this happen to you too?

  251. How did I miss this living in Canada! Needless to say it was hard to choose. Love sampler pack #4 and colour #14. However, I treated myself to #186 after I looked at it 3 times. Merry Christmas to me again.

  252. I love perle cotton #30 – pink yellow combo. I would use them to embroider a sunset.

    My second choice is perle cotton #44. This is called rainbow. and would make a lovely, deeply colored, embroidered rainbow!

  253. My favorites are #3 and #35. The would both be beautiful for embroidery stitches on a piece I am working on that has lots of leaves and branches. Stem stitches, Palestrina Knots, on and on!

  254. I’ve seen you refer to Colour Complements in previous posts. Glad for the motivation to check out her web site! I can see colour #18 being very useful for leaves and such. I’m always drawn to yellow/pink/orange blends though, so my other colour choice might be #30. Or #36… I really like the spring greens in #184 too!

  255. I would use “Green Brown Embroidery Threads, Colour Complements Colour #35” to do a geometric pattern in a pretty box for my mom.

    But use “Bold Colours, Colour Complements Colour #137” to make a lovely piece of hardanger for me.

    These are beautiful hand-dyed flosses that I would probably not know of if not for your blog. Thank you.

  256. My choice of these beautiful threads would be:

    #35 – green and brown for close lines of stem stitch in foliage in a wool applique project

    #183 – purple for an elaborate embroidered or counted cross stitch monogram for my granddaughter Matilda who LOVES purple.

    Thank you.

  257. I love the Easter Colours (#23) and Green (#18) — even though winter is just starting, they make me think of projects for the Spring!

  258. Sometimes I buy Lorraine’s yarns and I love them!
    Here I prefer #191 Golden Yellow and #35 Green Brown for an autumnal embroidery.

  259. Beaucoup threads!
    I would use n 191 golden yellow, and n45 peacok to stich a dragon….
    Thank you!

  260. I had a hard time limiting my choices to just two! I love rich, earthy colors, so I am choosing colors #45 and #188. I am picturing asters, pumpkins and and sunflowers! A glorious Autumn harvest!

  261. I like to do wool appliqué, either houses or flowers. I would choose #14 and #36. I think they could be worked into some gorgeous flowers and leaves. Can I take a moment of your time and let you know how much I enjoy your newsletters.

  262. For starters, blue #175 for flowers and Green #55 for foliage. Thank you. I’m no going to her site for inspirational ideas.

  263. I am looking forward to a new crop of iris in my garden this spring, and Golden Brown, Purple, Gray Perle Cotton, Colour #58 caught my eye (because I love multi colored iris) and the Green, Brown #35 for the leaves

  264. I’m a blue girl; I love the Blue Green #14 and Turquoise Blue #33 Pearl cotton. Great colors for the kalidoscopes from you. Thanks for doing this again this year!!

  265. So many amazing colours! I’m particularly drawn to Green #18 & Purple #183. I can picture using the green to stitch trees & the purple possibly for flowers or some kind of night or prairie sunset scene

  266. I love the Easter colours, they are so soft and pretty, I can see an amazing flower arrangement in silk shading using these colours

  267. My numbers are 175 and 193. I envision these threads used in a beautiful sky/sunset/sunrise. Of course, there are a million different uses for these beautiful colors!

  268. I plan to use #56 (golden brown, yellow, teal) and #58 (golden brown, purple, gray) perle cotton for Hungarian and Florentine type fill stitches on a variety of punched paper box lids, journal covers, bookmarks and so on that are the color of kraft paper or white or black. They are to help raise money for a performing group I volunteer for that does a very large show every year in December (8 performances, possible audience of 10,000).

  269. My two favourite colours would be 33 and 186. i am working on a stumpwork mermaid and i think they would be lovely background colours.
    thanks so much.

  270. Greetings Mary, I would choose the two brown colours # 57 and 29 as I think they would be perfect in combination for embroidering trees. I tend to choose bright colours and am sadly lacking in the brown department. Merry December!

  271. I love seeing hand dyed embroidery threads. I never knew this even was a thing, and now that I’m a grown up of 65 or so, it’s so wonderful to be able to find craftspeople who are filling that niche with beautiful unique colors not available anywhere else!

    My two favorite colors were #43, the teals/blues, and #44, the rainbows. I work a lot of temari balls, and #8 perle cotton is my thread of choice. My sister died of ovarian cancer five years ago, and I’d love to use the teals/blues in a temari ball just to remember her and honor all women currently fighting this dreadful cancer. The rainbows are my own personal favorite, my eye candy! I’m always drawn to rainbow color combinations, and a temari using this colorway would be glorious!

  272. Two favorites and how I would use them

    Golden Brown, Purple, Gray Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #58
    I like to embroider kitchen towels. This would make a lovely fall leaf collage

    Blue Orange Green, Colour Complements Colour #32
    This thread reminds me of California poppies in a field with clear blue skies overhead. I would probably do something swirly like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

  273. These threads are really tempting!! I do hardanger and get very detailed, so these variations would be something fun to use.

    My favorite is the pearl cottons size 8 and 12 in color #47 and #48.

  274. I choose #33 & #41. I love making clothes and blankets for babies. I always hand embroidery a little something on each article, an initial or flower or animal. The Turquoise blues of #33 are perfect colors for a little boy, especially since I live along the Gulf Coast of FL and love to use Turquoise as it matches the water on our beaches. Perle Cotton #41 is perfect for a little girl, with the different hues of pinks. I like to make very girly dresses and blankets with lots of shades of pinks.

  275. Hi,
    My two favourite colour ways are:
    Peacock Feathers Perle Cotton Complements Colour #45 and
    Teal Purple Perle Cotton Complements #186.
    I am planning on doing a canvas stitches dragon and these colour would be superb.

  276. Morning Mary –
    Oh my goodness, you mean I have to choose colors! That would take hours (edit, yes it took me hours) and then I have to choose floss or perle, rick rack or very velvet, Oh my goodness gracious, they’re all so beautiful, what a task to have to undertake! But if necessary I could (?) do it.
    First up would be #30 in floss and second would be #23 again in floss. Either one would be perfect for ‘Flora’ a character in a children’s story that I’ve written to be illustrated by a crazy quilt and then donated to our local children’s hospital (in some form or other so it’s accessible to those who are immune compromised, I’m thinking along the lines of a digital book on a tablet that can have a sterile wrapping on it). But first I have to finish her cousin ‘Keith’ so I can know what colors to thread paint her face.
    Thank you Mary and Lorraine for the opportunity to help make my dream come true.

  277. What fun! I love the Rainbow silk perle #5. I would use it to make mod lips for makeup bags. I also love the green brown silk perle #8 to use as forest ground cover for a mushroom design.

  278. Thank you so much for introducing us to suppliers where we can purchase from small businesses. These fibers look amazing, I’ll be certain to visit her store. I did needlework as a teen with my grandmother and mother’s assistance. I’m dipping my toe back into that area. I’m also a needlepointer, so its doubly nice to have this resource. Thank you!

  279. They’re all so lovely. I’ve been doodling some flowers and I’d use Rainbow #44 for some flowers and Teal Lime Green #53 for leaves.

  280. Lorraine, Thanks for this. I am glad you opened your own store. Etsy can be overwhelming, especially when searching for something.

    Mary, I got my ornaments, now I just need a wee blue to get stitching. #14 & #28 please. Of course, with that many threads, I have enough to twist into border braid!

    I always like blue and white for Christmas. But I can imagine that green in your Trees designs!

  281. So many to choose from .. wow ..
    I would use the compliment colors of Rainbow #44 and Halloween #189 to embroider on a poncho or jacket to wear when I do Balloon Twisting at children’s events. I go by the name of Twisting with Trixie. I love when the children’s eyes get soooo BIG when they get their favorite balloon animal.

  282. Ooo, you always make us pick when I want them all!

    Well, it’s finally started raining in the Bay Area. We need it, we do, and it’s only been a week, but I’m already pining for sunshine. So the first pick would be #37, the golden orange/yellow mix. I would bask in it awhile, then stitch up some marigolds. Or wait–I’d add #57, the browns, and go all way. Yes, sunflowers!


  283. I love Loraine’s threads! The #35 green/brown in Perle cotton 8 and 12 would be super for leaves and/or leaf veins. I especially like to stitch Halloween projects so would love the #189 Halloween in embroidery cotton and perle #8 and #12 to brighten up my pieces!

  284. I love #36 because it reminds me of the last rose blooms of summer and the first golden leaves of autumn mixed. Halloween colors #189 gives me beautiful memories of my husband and I taking our 4 Grandkids to Kentucky horse park for our big camping celebration every year.

  285. Oh my! Such beautiful colours!! So hard to pick favourites…#3 and #186. The perle cotton would be beautiful in a hardanger piece…the cotton floss in a monochromatic cross stitch sampler.

  286. Not an easy choice as all the threads are beautiful but I choose Red Pearl cotton #187.I would use this for a Christmas theme redwork design for picture or pillow front. I also like Watermelon Pearl Cotton #31. Looks juicy and would make a nice summertime stitchery for front porch pillows!

  287. I love Colour Complements fibers and have quite a stash of them thanks to you! I would love the purple #183 in floss for a sampler and the #134 in perle cotton for an art quilt I am stitching. Thanks for doing this!

  288. Brown Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #57
    Fall Colours, Colour Complements Colour #48
    I would like these two for a project inspired by Helen Stevens book titled ‘The Embroiderers Year’. In addition to Autumn foliage and flowers I would include a hare, a stag, and a little brown bird. Surface embroidery, I should mention.
    Exciting times!

  289. I like Blue Green Embroidery Sampler, Colour Complements #1 which reminds me of the ocean and colors of sea glass! I’m also fond of Petite Very Velvet Red with great texture and color saturation!

  290. I would choose the Christmas threads to stitch up wreaths or trees….or better yet, something whimsical for my granddaughter.

  291. I love them all but 162 and 18 are probably my first 2 choices. The green would be great for trees and the blue for some embroidery on some clothes I’m sewing.

  292. I went through and was totally committed to one of the greens until my eye spied Color #162 – Soft Blue Blend Cotton Floss. Oh my. Even the picture looks soft. I love it.

  293. Oh wow! Ive never seen anything more gorgeous. I especially like Blue Orange Green Colours, colour #32.
    Barbara Anne in Goochland

  294. Oh Beautiful. I’m working on Captured by Flora – designed by Tatiana Popova. Colors #191 Golden Yellow & #182 Pink Green Orange in 12 wt. would look wonderful in that piece.

  295. I would choose #48, and #189. I am redecorating my house, and would love to do a table runner in those colors, for my dining table.

  296. Such beautiful choices of threads, so for my two favorites it has to be Olive Green Perle Cotton #49 for stitching trees and Blue Green Perle Cotton that is perfect for french knot hydrangeas.

  297. #44, Rainbow, I’d use for big stitch on a quilt. Or I might just look at it forever–so pretty. #162, Soft Blue Blend, would be nice on a sashiko panel I have.

  298. I love browsing the colors on Colour Complements. Today, the rich purples of Fall #48 called to me. And I would pair it with the Golden Yellow #191 to brighten it up. I usually am attracted to bright colors, but there was something about #48 that said this is my pick!

    Thank you for offering us a gift for Christmas.

    Kat Kiffle

  299. Purple perle #183 and Turquoise blue perle #33 on a pale gold fabric…. lots and lots of Butterflies! What dreamy colours! Thank you Mary & Colour Compliments for the competition.

  300. I’m so happy to find a new Canadian business so I can save on shipping and exchange. I like #29 Golden Brown and #45 Peacock Feathers and I have a pattern that can use both of these.

  301. My favourite two colours are no.31 which I see as strawberrys in the garden and no. 32 which is a sea and sand picture with tiny shells and beads dotted around on it plus a few small stones held on like shisha mirrors.

  302. While all the colors and color combinations are beautiful….my first choice(s) are all in the green family. Numbers 18, 55 and 184 will make spectacular leaves ! My sister and I embroider jackets for friends. Well, I embroider, my sister crochets. Our jackets are filled with flowers, leaves, branches, butterflies and all things found in a spring garden. These threads and flosses provide the kind of variations we see in nature….all of them are lovely!

  303. I’m dreaming about the blue-green and the watermelon colors. I feel like I could stitch just about anything with those.

  304. Wow what beautiful colors. I will certainly be shopping there.
    I would immediately choose Color #14 & #28. I have an idea for a Stumpwork mirror of mermaids and sailors at a tea party.

  305. Oh, I do love Color Compliments! I particularly like #48, Fall Colors and #191 Golden Yellow. They remind me of looking out my window at the woods and field in late September, and I’d love to do a picture of what I see, using these colors for the color and texture.

  306. How lovely, falling leaf colours to create a beautiful woodland scene of leaves and acorns. Golden yellow#191 and Fall colours #48 would look lovely used to creat needle lace leaves.

  307. I’ve been thinking about an advent calendar based on The Nutcracker snowflake dance. I would use the CC #33, Turquoise Blue floss on white or dark blue wool felt squares with snowflakes (need to get the book) and dancer outlines for the lower numbers around the top. CC #18, Green floss for a few tree-squares at the bottom.

  308. Peacock Feathers Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #45 for an ebullient Aurora Borealis in a cold clime, with a Polar Bear


    Green Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #55 for a wreath of spring plants on an old wooden door, hungry mouse included!

  309. I will pick colors Pink/Yellow #30 and Peacock #45. I would like to share them with my granddaughter who is learning to embroidery. The peacock colors would go well in my ‘peacock’ bedroom I am redecorating. Lorri F43

  310. I would use the browns and greens of color 35 for a late autumn forest, and the blues of color for a stormy almost winter sky. I think the colors could be manipulated perfectly to give dimension to the forest and drama to the sky.

  311. SO hard to choose from so many delicious colors but I’ll narrow it down for a current project. I’m working on a quilt with various size embroidered blocks, each featuring different fall elements – bittersweet, rose hips, oak leaves and acorns, etc. Color numbers

  312. I would use rainbow colors #44 in redwork designs to give them movement and autumn colors 188 anywhere.

  313. The Perle cotton and floss threads are gorgeous colors. I envision using the Rainbow colours, Complements color #44 and Orange Red , Complements color #36 to embroider the Hospice Heart for a friend who just learned she has Metastasized Cancer.

  314. I had to look at the entire selection several times because there are so many beautiful colors and combinations! Since I should envision a project I would use two color choices for, I had to think of that for a bit. I think I would use them to make a pillow for my living room. A dominant feature in that room is a grouping of three oil paintings my grandmother painted of beach landscapes. Bright, cheery blues and greens (almost turquoise) dominate the paintings. So, even though I loved most of the colors, I would choose colors 137 and 162. Right now I am working on a hand-stitched quilt project and I’m using perle cotton for the first time. I love it! Unlike traditional embroidery floss, all strands stay nicely together without twisting.

  315. I know you said two, but….
    56 are the birds of spring
    14 are the waters at the cottage
    And 18 are the trees of summer

  316. I love the Easter Colors #23 and the Golden Brown #58. I’m not sure what I would stitch with them. They are completely different, so two different projects, but they caught my eye.

  317. I would probably choose the perle cotton colours Autumn Colours #188 and Peacock Feathers #45 but it’d be a tough decision. I’ve gone with these two as they are beautifully rich, Autumn is my favourite time of year and I’ve also always been a sucker for rich purples and blues. I’d probably use them to work on some new Sashiko patterns I’ve got. I find this the easiest form of embroidery to do during breaks at work. I don’t get too engrossed and it’s not frustrating to have to stop just as I’m getting into my stride, so to speak.

  318. I’m going with Autumn Colours (#188) and Green (#18) as embellishment threads for wool applique projects Such yummy colors!

  319. I love to do surface design and right now I am working on “earth, trees, ground” working with threads and wool roving and little bits of fabric. I would love to incorporate green perle cotton #18 and green brown embroidery thread # 35.

  320. Scrumptious color combinations! Just looking at the blog site makes your needle finger twitch….

  321. My list of numbers is loooong! What gorgeous colors. Very hard to choose two favs, though I’ll go with #18 green which I can see as a forest of trees; #188 autumn is just a glorious amalgam of yummy tones that I’m sure would go with many ideas swirling in my head!

  322. I like #48. I would stitch trees or ground cover with this one. My second choice is #23, I would love to stitch spring flowers or Easter eggs with this one.

  323. Wow! Beautiful colors. I would choose Olive Blue Green #47 and Rainbow #44 as my choices. The Olive Blue Green reminds me of snorkeling in the ocean – and the Rainbow hits all of the notes of color . . ie rainbow!

    My current stitching project is ‘big stitch’ quilting. Not as sophisticated as what you usually feature, but so fun! Working on baby quilts and either of the colors would be perfect.

    Thank you!

  324. Such wonderful thread selections for colourful and inventive pieces of work ahead for some!

  325. I like the lavender and yellow (number 50) for a beautiful soft colored Easter egg.

  326. All of the colors are gorgeous! I would select the following two:

    Green #55 which I would use for leaves

    Red # 187 which I would use for Christmas’s ornaments

  327. These threads are lovely, it was hard to pick just 2. However I picked #134 (red) which I’m not sure how I will use it, but red is one of my favorite colors. The other thread is #37 (orange) which I will use on a wool pumpkin for some really different stitches. The pumpkin itself is cream so the yellow/oranges will show up great. Love your news letters. Also love the snowflakes pattern I just bought from you. We have snow outside in Wenatchee, tis the season. Thank you.

  328. So hard to choose! They all make me want to run my fingers over them. Easter #23 and Rainbow #44 really catch my eye!

  329. I really like 36 & 37, pinks and golds. I use pearle cottons for temari, and I’m always looking for colors.

  330. I love all the colors! I particularly love #30 the pink yellow combination and #32 the Blue Orange Green combinations. Looking around her site I found some beautiful hand dyed ric rack that I’m going to order today!

  331. #56–golden brown,yellow and teal
    #43–teals and blues

    I like to make cast on flowers with stems and leaves on denim shirts. I like variegated floss or threads because of color changes from one skein of floss.

  332. The perle #14 and#33 (blue green and turquoise) wil make a wonderful undersea theme for my newly painted bedroom.

  333. Oh wow! Such beautiful colors to choose from. I would pick Blue Perle Cotton #28 for perhaps a hardanger table runner. For my second choice I would pick Cherry Red Perle Cotton for a Temari ball.

  334. The colors are so rich, I would be delighted with any choice pulled from a “grab-bag” but, I admit I do have plans for the perle cotton.
    I would like to surface embroider and/or couch the threads on a collar of a jacket I am working on. For this project my favorites would be #45 “Peacock Feathers,” or #182 “Pink, Orange, Green.” Each variation would give the jacket a distinctive look!
    Thank you Mary, for your wonderful column and the variety of educational and commercial links you provide. I read other sites, but I am most loyal to yours. Good Health! Pam

  335. Blue Green Perle Cotton, Colour Complements #14
    Teal Purple Perle Cotton, Colur Complements #186

  336. Too many to choose from!

    My official response is Teal Lime Green #53 to design a seahorse biscornu for my husband whose SCA device features a hippocampus (seahorse) and Peacock Feathers #45 to design a peacock biscournu for our friend who is creating a peacock-themed holiday tree this year.
    I’m going to selfishly get Golden Brown, Yellow and Teal #56 and Blue Orange Green #3 and the yellow Petite Very Velvet for myself!!!

  337. I love the colours in thread #56 as I am a big fan of blues and ochre together.

    I am designing an embroidery for the new red handbag I’m making so the colours in the thread #187 would be fabulous.

  338. Of course, so hard to pick just two, but….I love making wool and felt applique and think that the Olive Green Blue #47 perle cotton and the Golden Brown, Purple, Gray #58 perle cotton would both be beautiful in my projects.

    Thank you!

  339. I am choosing # 133 [Red, Green,Burgundy] and # 183 [Purples] because I am working on a tambour beading project that needs very dark reds and they are very difficult to find. Because of not having dark red sequins [when applied they all seem to be the same color] I am using threads and purples to darken the piece and give the effect I want.

  340. Hard to pick but I would choose green #18 and blue #28. The green for embroidery leaves on a quilt and the blue for sashiko embroidery.

  341. I like the Easter colour # 23 with its bright pastels and either # 45 or 183 as I gravitate to the pink to purple ranges. I like crazy quilting almost st other types of needlework so I’d most likely use them for that.

  342. I like these 2 greens: #55 which is nice leaf greens & #184 a spring green. I like to use these for small leaves. One can never have too many greens!

  343. #162 are my colors, these are everywhere in my home with a few darker shades just like your number 14…and some corals for sparkle…I will also peruse the rest of your products…

  344. The colors are amazing. I found it really hard to pick just 2 favorites. Watermelon #31 definitely and then I think peacock # 45. I would need to do some simple embroidery that showcases the colours. Like circles on a cushion. And no I wouldn’t use these two on the same cushion.

  345. It’s so hard to pick colors as they are all so beautiful. To start I would go for the purples/#183 and medium greens/#55. They would work up into richly colored pansies, crocus, iris or lilacs.

  346. It is next to impossible to choose a favorite, but #3, #184 are my currant favorites. But, that could change at any moment. I think they would be pretty stitches as Mandalas.

  347. Mary, I wish you and your whanau a truly blessed Christmas. And the same for Lorraine. I LOVE her colours! So hard to choose just two…it took a while!


  348. There are so many gorgeous threads to choose from, it’s hard to pick just two! But if I have to limit myself, I’ll pick #35, Green & Brown, and #48, Fall Colours. They would work very well in a project I’m thinking about for next year – a challenge to interpret the theme of the 2020 EGA National Seminar, Boston Stitch Party. I don’t know if I’ll actually do it, but “Autumn in New England” has a sort of classic ring to it, doesn’t it?? And these threads would work well with that.

    Mary in MN

  349. I am a nut for blues, so my first choice would be #28 which could be used for water or sky stitches so easily. My second choice would be #32 which has lush colors of blue, orange and green, just perfect for a geometric design which I am drawn to so often.

  350. I would have to choose #37 which is a Golden-Yellow-Orange floss. I can imagine this is a beautiful flower design. My other choice would be #182 which is Pink-Green-Orange floss. This one I would do a whimsical design that I am sure my granddaughter Ella would love.

    The colors are absolutely gorgeous..love them all.

    Thank you,
    Betty from Maine

  351. The Colour Complements color schemes are very interesting. The two colors that most interest me are #45 Peacock Feathers and #47 Olive Green Blue. Peacock Feathers because they are some of my favorite colors mixed together and I can see a series of matching smalls done with this thread. Olive Green Blue interests me because it’s outside of what I normally gravitate to. It would be fun to determine how best to use this thread.

  352. OMG! What beautiful threads. I would love to win some. Will be buying some later. Thank you for the opportunity.

  353. so many beautiful colors to choose. #31 so pretty I’d like to use this for the recent SAL Noel 2019 from Jardin Prive. and #188 Autumn colors for the 2018 Linen and Threads year long SAl. Thanks

  354. I love the Colour Complements Colours # 188 and # 45.
    Perhaps I will use them for a Sashiko kind of embroidery.

  355. What gorgeous colours! As a knitter who is mostly stitching at the moment I appreciate the joy of hand dyed fibres. Thanks for sharing

  356. Beautiful threads: #18 would be perfect for evergreen trees and #28 would stitch up some awesome snowflakes!

  357. Colors 47 and 48 – I think I would try some fancy crochet doilies that have been hanging out in my Ravelry queue for some time.

  358. I make small kimono sachets, each with a different sashiko design. I like to use non-traditional thread and colors for the sashiko. I chose #44 Rainbow and #86 Teal Purple for my next batch of sachets.

  359. I think #18 multigreen shades would be lovely to do the leaves on a sampler that has a floral border. I would love #35 green browns for stitching fall leaves as they change on an autumn sampler or an autumn biscotti! Such beautiful threads! There were a couple of other beautiful autumn tones too!

    Tedra Raden-Phoenix, AZ

  360. Easter Colors – I have patterns for hardanger Easter eggs to use as ornaments or to frame as small pieces that would be lovely using this perle cotton. I would probably use several small pieces of pastel linen for this.
    Autumn Colors – Again, a hardanger design, this time for a tray cloth using either a soft green or cream fabric.

  361. As someone new to using perle cotton, of the wonderful colors, I would pick Purple #183 and Pink #41 to work on projects for my 11 year old granddaughter.

    Peggy J.

  362. To stitch up a Long Dog Wedding sampler in #48 Fall Colors (floss) would be divine. And while Purple, Blue, & Green Brown caught my eye, the Golden Brown, Yellow, Teal in a #8 perle would work up lovely in a hardanger piece.
    Stitch on ladies of the needle. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Gail in GA

  363. Silk perle #1 and #2 variegated purple and green. I would use them to make a pincushion with pansies or violets.

  364. So many beautiful colors! I was really drawn to #48 and #188, Fall and Autumn. Thinking it might be time to try some hardanger in colors.

  365. I would choose #32 and #44. I chose the rainbow thread for a child. I hadn’t heard the idea of the hearts for hospice before and I would like to introduce them to our local hospice, Cranford.
    The hospice system has a very special place in my heart – when my youngest sister, Becky passed away of stomach cancer at 28, they gave her a peaceful place to spend her last days. For this, I am most grateful to them and the wonderful staff.

  366. Mary, this is like taking a child into a candy shop and telling them to pick their favorite two pieces….I couldn’t do it as a child and I would still have trouble doing it as a senior citizen!!!! After drooling over all the possibilities, I came up with two colors: #188 and #57. They would compliment each other and make a perfect fall scene on a table runner, place-mats or even embroidered on a jean jacket.

  367. I really love the Pink Yellow #30. When that sun is hiding behind the clouds, I love to bring sunshine yellow into my work. And I like the Fall Colors #48 – so rich and inviting – makes me want to stitch a home scene.

  368. In the next 1-2 years, I need to complete three needlepoint stockings for three new great grandchildren. The spectrum of blue green perle in #14 would make a terrific background for sky. Also the #18 greens would be delightful for trees and greenery.

  369. Such luscious colours! 2 colours that call to me are 191 Goldens and 58 golden brown, purple and grey. I’ve been inspired by the 2020 crazy quilt challenge and I’m planning to do something similar with an Egyptian theme. These colors would make the Embroidery sing

  370. Olive green 49 and purple 183. I would use the green for a scarf embroidery I have in mind, and the purple everywhere! It’s my favourite colour so a little purple manages to find its way into every embroidery I do

  371. Always hard to pick ONE color choice! First pick would probably be Color 14 — the Blue/Greens. I have a number of projects presently that use a “peacock” color theme. I think these would work well! And then there is always Color 18 — those luscious greens! You can NEVER go wrong with leafy greens!

  372. I’m a sucker for Christmas and Easter designs. Easter Colours, Colour 23 just cries out to be Easter eggs for my Grandkids. And, while Watermelon doesn’t sound Christmassey, Colour 21 just looks like a Christmas whirligig to me.

    I want to thank you for arranging this Stitcher’s Christmas for us.

  373. What glorious colors! I’m especially drawn to #18 (greens) and #48 (Fall colors). Whenever a piece I’m stitching includes leaves, I like to use variegated colors to add some extra interest to the piece. Thank you for offering this give-away!

  374. These colours are beautiful. My special picks are perle cotton #186, and perle cotton #14. My heart is at the ocean where I manage to live in my little cottage from May until November. These colours live at the beach.Circles, rectangles . squares, and waves, all from these colours.

  375. I love these threads! I would start with 28 and 14 (blues) to start a piece featuring Key West. Then I would pick others to capture the vibrant colors of the Keys.

  376. Floss is my lifeline. I love any floss I come in contact with, especially those with vibrancy and depth. Mary has introduced me to many which have become new favorites. I won a lovely little cross stitch piece in a tea cup auction that says “The one who dies with the most floss wins!” I agree–and that is my goal: to have the most floss. I would love to augment my collection with any of your special offers.

  377. My daughter is getting married next month and I have bought two outfits (could not decide which one I liked the most). I am hoping to crochet a very small clutch purse that will go with either outfit as I cannot find a bag that matches the dresses. I have chosen No 138 (Pink Green cotton floss) and No 49 (Olive Green Perle cotton). I am thinking about adding either gold or silver threads to give them glitz and bling! and this would also give the purses a little more weight and stability.

  378. I love the vivid colors of #3 and #137. I can imagine a stumpwork piece of a children’s party and these colors in the dresses.

  379. I love Lorraine’s colors and I have bought several. Today I especially like #183 and #175.

  380. My two favorite colors are #18 (Green Perle Cotton) and #49 (Olive Green Perle Cotton). I would use either one of these for stems and leaves in my floral embroideries. I also love using verigated greens for Christmas trees and wreaths in my holiday embroidery projects.

  381. Colorway #31 is an immediate day-brightener!!! I can see using it for ornaments this year!! And #32 are all the colors my daughter wears, I could embroider her name on her stocking!!

  382. They’re all lovely but I like 48 Fall and 188 Autumn. I have an ongoing long sampler of all different types of leaves in lots of different stitches and can see these colours adding a beautiful contrast to all the greens I have used so far.
    PatsyAnn in Bridgwater UK

  383. I love hardanger with color.
    #29 Golden brown would make a great bookmark for a guy.
    Love #41 pink, too.

  384. I would pick the #162 Blue and #191 Yellow floss. I would use on a couple embroidery patterns I have with birds and flowers. All the colors are amazing. Don’t you love looking at threads and floss. Thanks!

  385. Just started learning to embroidery this year and am really excited just to find out hand dyed floss is available.

  386. My favorite color is #188, Autumn Colours. I don’t have a project in mind yet, but love the colors and will find something to make from them!

  387. Oh My Gosh! The Green Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #18 and the Golden Brown Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #29 are beautiful. I have been dreaming of a crazy quilt for a while now and I think these two colors would be so complementary together. The only problem is how two stop at two or five or…

  388. Hey Mary, thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! I love all of Colour Complements threads, but I would love to try #32 and #47 because I love mermaids, and these seem like wonderful colors to use for their hair and the seabottom.

  389. Thanks for the chance to win!

    I think I’d pick the Rainbow colors #44 and the Green Perle #18 and make a fabulous patch of flowers!

    There are so many beautiful ones to pick from!

  390. I wish I could live in a log cabin out in the woods and I would like to embroider just that using #57 Brown Perle cotton and #18 Green Perle cotton. The woods are full of these rich colors and they would be perfect for the cabin and for the trees. Since I can’t live in a log cabin now I would love to create one to dream!

  391. Love all the beautiful colours . My favourites are Peacock Feathers (#45) and Watermelon (#31) I don’t have a specific project in mind at present but would be great addition to my stash!

  392. I love these:

    Blue orange green colour complements #32 perle cotton
    Watermelon colour complements #31 perle cotton.

    These are such happy colours and will be perfect for class projects in our very popular series, Start Stitching, held monthly at The Embroiderers Guild, Queensland Inc., Australia. These classes are to encourage new people to join us and discover our wonderful world of embroidery.

  393. Have drywall dust up my nose and in my other comment forgot to mention colors. Ok, so here, I will try to comment correctly. #57 because I love brown and will find some use for it. And of course #49 because olive is another favorite color. I’d use both of those colors for a snake pillow.

  394. Hi Mary, Merry Christmas!

    I would start with colours 183 and 186, but then maybe add a bit of 188. I am looking at stitching a dragon for my daughter, and these colours would be delicious!

  395. To embroider the reindeer strolling through the trees which would look lovely on my table linen.
    No 191 and No 18

  396. Colors 48 and 148 are my favorites. The fall colors for one of my long dog or monochromatic pieces, and the cherry colors for a piece for a special girl in my life. Thank you for the chance.

  397. The two colours I picked are #18 Green & #36 Orange Red, I chose these as I’m planning a goldwork seahorse and I thought the green would be great as sea grass and planting and the orange red would be fantastic as coral or sea anenomies. Thank you for the chance to take part in the draw.

  398. I love the rick rack sampler and the pearl floss #33. I use rickrack when stitching and painting custom clothing. And the floss would be wonderful for your new snowflake patterns! Good luck to everyone!

  399. The colours are Nos. 56 & 49. I would use them in an embroidery of an Australian bush scene seen from my bedroom window – gum trees & shrubs.

  400. I new to embroidery and following Mary’s newsletters carefully to build skills, threads, and equipment. I’m particularly interested in learning to make fabric boxes. My though now is to use #28 – Blue Perle Cotton to embroider one of the snowflakes recently made available from Mary to become the top of a fabric box.

    My second color is #188 – Autumn. I just love the colors.

  401. Love all of these gorgeous threads. My 2 favourites would be :-
    Autumn Colours #188
    Purple Perle Cotton #183

  402. So hard to choose just two. I am choosing #18 for doing greenery like shrubs and trees and #29 for doing hair on the girls I like embroidering.

  403. All of the colors are fantastic, would love to have them all. I really like #45 peacock feathers and #14 green. Together they would stitch up glorious flowers in lush green foliage.

  404. Pick just two? Are you kidding me? Those are some beautiful colors and if I could only have two, I would choose Peacock Feathers (how cool is that name!?) and Teal Purple. I think I see a mermaid in my future!

  405. Oooh! To just pick two . . . that’s asking a lot! LOL! I’m always saying my favorite colors are ‘peacocks and pumpkins’ and so to that end, I’d have to say that the Fall Colours #48 and the Teale Purple #186 are my faves!! 🙂

  406. Pink/Green/Orange Colour #3
    Autumn Colours #188

    I would use the #3 as the embroidered trim to a table linen…they are such happy colors.
    I would use the #188 to create a large rug for a doll house. Such wonderful hues.

  407. The colors are inspirational – I see a picture of wild flowers (lupines) in my future.
    Pat R.

  408. I would pick colors #18 and #133. I like a lot of greens #18 and #133 adds burgundy and reds for the holiday season. Beautiful colors

  409. I love Lorraine’s threads, especially perle cotton #12. As to my color choices: #133 red, green, & burgundy(sp?); and #189 Halloween #133 is a little off traditional Christmas colors which I like. #189 is a great mix of traditional Halloween colors plus some of the modern ones. I don’t know what project I’ll use the threads on, but I do crazy quilting so threads are always needed.

  410. Ooo, such pretty choices. I think I would pick the Watermelon (#31) and Halloween Colors (#189). They are just fun and bright. They would be a lovely break from being the responsible one (ha!) I think a fantastic garden with the Halloween colors and maybe an abstract design with the watermelon ones.

  411. I do believe I would use 31 and 41 to decorate candy canes, maybe real ones or made from felt. I love cutting felt and stitching on it every Christmas.

  412. I am working on a crazy patch wall hanging done in fall and vineyard colors so I would love to use Colour 58 and Colour 48.

  413. I am planning an embroidered and appliqued ‘runner’ displaying family-related symbols. As I love flowers there will be many embroidered on my project. I’m planning on using Color Complements Silk Perle color #2 for stems and leaves and Petite Very Velvet- Red to make roses. I’ve already ordered and received the VV-Red and love the color and texture!

  414. I love the embroidery cotton floss pink/green colour 138 – I would use it to make an embroidered box.
    I also love the colour 41 pink perle cotton. It would be fab to use to make a hardanger needle book.

  415. Colour Complement: # 33 and # 30 When I moved to FL 8 years ago from the mountains of NC, I was astounded by all of the colors in nature around me! I would use #33 Turquoise Blue to stitch the water of the gulf, to stitch an exotic tropical bird or a beautiful mug/tea cup or even a fantasy fish. I would use #30 Pink yellow to stitch a seahorse, hibiscus flowers, mango or yet another fantasy fish.

  416. I look forward to trying crazy quilting. Meantime I am practicing birds and flowers in embroidery. Would love some of these beautiful threads, especially greens and burgundy. Thank you

  417. So hard to pick favorites because they’re all so beautiful!

    #56 – golden brown, yellow, teal – I’m obsessed with Jacobean designs right now and I can envision this blend working well in a design
    #47 – blues, greens – perfect for leaves and greenery
    … and I had to choose a third
    #187 – I can see beautiful blooms done in this vibrant red blend

  418. Love the colors for my sea turtle! Colors 56, 32, 14, 47 and 46. Love the orange and green in 56 for some coral in the bottom. 46 for some wavy sea grass. I am working on a design for my Master Craftsman in Canvas.

  419. I would choose #29 (golden brown) perle cotton to use on a Hardanger doily. My other choice is #137 (bold colours) to use on a canvaswork piece.

  420. Pick two colours, she said. Easy peasy, I thought. But, oh, what colours. So hard to choose only two. So: #23 Easter, and #41 pink. I have in mind to do a design on the back of my pink denim jacket, and the pink will go well. The Easter colours will be super right for our summer here in New Zealand.

  421. I envision using the beautiful colors of blue (28) and golden browns (29) to accent a stitching piece representing the amazing landscape from a recent camping trip to Big Bend, Texas.

  422. My choices of Colour Complements thread would have to include a blue, #14, Blue green perle cotton and maybe #29, Golden brown perle cotton. I chose these because I love nature scenes, landscapes and seascapes, so these colors would be perfect.

  423. I like all the colours of Perle cottons but my favourites at at the moment are #58 and #44. Thank you Mary and Color Compliments

  424. I’d choose Colour Complements #29 Golden Brown & #57 Brown, because I’m always looking for delicious wood colors for trees, boxes, log cabins etc!

  425. I would choose the rainbow perle cotton #44 and watermelon perle cotton # 31 to use for my cross stitch samplers I’m so addicted to stitching!

  426. I pick 33 and 45. I am making a felt gnome for my grandson scheduled to arrive to our world this month. His nursery theme is Mountains so I am making a gnome with a mountain scene on his tall hat that has a small lake in the foreground with pine trees, aspen trees and a few wild irises and Indian paintbrush in front of the lake. Ack! Sounds complex! The 33 will be perfect for the lake. 45 will make mountains with a few fall colors on them.

  427. Such gorgeous perle cottons! I am partial to greens, so I love #18 Green, sort of woodsy looking, and I love the bright cheeriness of #31 Watermelon; I would use the Watermelon perle cotton to surface embellish the open edges of a striped knit cardigan I have of similar colors:)

  428. What lovely colors! My favorites are 44 and 188. I’d like to stitch two small pieces of Hardanger, one in each color, to use as holiday ornaments.

  429. I have picked:
    Rainbow Colours #44. My 7 year old granddaughter is stitching her own creations with me during “stitch time”. “Rainbow” is her favorite color.

    Fall Colours #48. In my mind, I’m designing a fall canvas piece. I love this combination of colors.

  430. Thank you Mary!

    It’s probably not what most people would swoon over, but I am in love with #57 Brown. It’s the exact shade of a suit I had in college that I wore to rags 😀 I’d stitch tree trunks, all kinds of animals, maybe even an old barn! My 2nd favorite is #45 Peacock – though to me it is saying it wants to be stitched into a mermaid!

  431. 133 Red Green Burgundy, 45 Peacock Feathers, 29 Golden Brown are the colours I would choose. Number 133 obviously would be used for some Christmas stitching and the other two would be incorporated into crazy patchwork. I have worked with these threads before and find them very easy to use with little wear as the working thread is used. The variegation for the most part is not subtle which works well in crazy patchwork. The 29 golden brown is excellent to use as stems in floral pieces as its variegation is more subtle !
    Best of luck to all who enter the competition and thanks Mary for once again hosting these lovely days of Christmas

  432. Well … it’s a challenge to pick just two, but I’m inclined towards choosing either the Lavender and Yellow #50 or Lavender #51 with one of the green shaded threads like #55. I’ve been reading Lorna Bateman’s new book on embroidered flowers and I could see these colours working beautifully with some of those stitching patterns in there. So those are my picks!

  433. just 2? 186, 14, I have a dragon print I’d like to try embellishing… or some canvaswork patterns that I’d like to try… and almost any of Lorraine’s threads would be fun to experiment with.

  434. Wow, I haven’t stitched in a long time … these lovely threads are very inspiring. I like the blue greens of #14 and the lovely lavenders in #51.

  435. Wonderful threads i love her variegation can’t wait to check out the web site, thank you for sharing.

    Jamie C Cerda

  436. I would choose #56 and #58 – love the browns with teal and purple for a geometric needlepoint design.

  437. I’m not so handy using variegated floss/thread but #51, the lavender just whispers “I’m perfect for old fashioned lilac blossoms” and Golden orange/yells “MARIGOLDS!” (I ordered perle cotton in purple/aqua when I didn’t win last year.)

    Thanks for the holiday contests.

  438. I love #48, ‘Fall Colours’ and #57, ‘Brown’. I imagine using these to make needle lace leaves, for a stumpwork embroidery autumn scene. But of course all the colours are gorgeous and all the threads too!

  439. I picture the Green Perle Cotton #18 in a landscape. The varied shades of green would give the project so much interest. The Green Brown Embroidery Threads #35 are just beautiful. I don’t have a project in mind so for now I will enjoy looking at them.

  440. I often use variegated threads both in my embroidery and quilting pieces. I think the changes add dimension as the colors change from lighter to darker. I also like the texture of Perl’s cotton threads. I am adding Colour Complements to my list of favorite places to shop on line. Stephanie in Tallahassee

  441. Thank you for the opportunity to win this give away. The colors are so vibrant and amazing. They would make for a wonderfully colorful Christmas. 🙂

  442. I would choose #58 and use it to stitch the letters in your “Be Ye Thankful” pattern and #53 because there are a LOT of Seahawks fans around where I live and it would be a great one for a monogram gift to compliment their decor! 🙂

  443. Hello Mary, thank you so much for organizing this special holiday event. In looking at the threads, I am drawn to #29 and #57. I am often drawn to projects that are monochromatic and have a quilt ahead that I affectionately call ‘the red head.’ (Lots of red heads in my family.) Those threads of golds and browns would go beautifully on a pillow to coordinate with the quilt.

  444. Hi: It is hard to pick just two colors! I love colors and that is why Rainbow Colours, #44, sings to me. A Hardanger piece would be so pretty using this thread. For the second color it would have to be Fall Colours, #48. I envision a tree in Fall that has completely changed from green leafed to beautiful autumn tones. This thread color would make it easy to stitch the leaves.

    Thank you,


  445. The colors are all so luscious. It was hard to pick two
    I picked #37 for the fall foliage on many projects.
    It is bright and reminds me of the beauty of that time of year.
    Secondly, I chose #14. This would be great for water and for the sky.
    It has a very interesting color hues for both of these.

  446. It’s so hard to pick just two favorite colors from her website! I love the golden yellow color 37, it would make a fantastic sunset color. I also love the red green burgundy 133, it would make such a pretty flower bud.

  447. I love teals and purples. My two favorite colors are Turquoise Blue #33 and Peacock Feathers #45

  448. When I commented to enter the drawing I forgot to mention my 2 favorite colors – I LOVE #18 and #31 – reminds me of Peppermint Christmas and all of the beautiful evergreen trees at Christmas.

  449. With Silk Pearl Colours #2 and #8 I would like to make a stripey Christmas Tree decoration

  450. The two thread colours I find particularly striking is the teal purple #186 and the Halloween colours #189. I think the would look amazing in a sampler.

  451. All the colours are stunning, but my two favourites are 49, the Olive green, and 45, Peacock feathers. However, if I won, I would need to chose some of the brighter colours as I need to finish several children’s items such as a tooth fairy pillow.

  452. I am hoping for grandchildren in my future so I have chosen Blue Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #28 and Pink Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #41 to begin some birth announcements. I have some lovely charted designs in counted cross stitch and I plan on doing the background work in 2020. With the Lord’s Blessing I may even have reason to complete the announcements if not for my own grandchildren then perhaps a friend’s.

  453. I seem to be gravitating to purples lately so would choose # 186 teal/purple and # 183 purple in perle 8 for canvaswork and make a travel tray with various stitches yet to be determined.

  454. All the color combinations are so beautiful, it’s hard to pick favorites, but the greens look really amazing. I’ll pick #18 and #55. I’d love to use these to stitch leaves and stems.

  455. #36, 48
    Doing free-form plants on blue denim jeans this bright orange & gold will be fields of floral blossoms
    ●Orange Red Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #36. And with
    ●Fall Colours, Colour Complements Colour #48 I see wonderful foliage, stems, and bark without changing my thread dozens of times.

  456. Hello Mary.
    One of the delights of my year was to find you and get connected to the riches on your site and through your newsletter. It has brought me a great deal of pleasure and broadened my knowledge.
    To open the newsletter today and find our about Colour Complements and the Christmas gift is a treat. Everything on the site was delightful and the saturated colours made me want to put them in a bowl and have them for lunch.
    I am working on a vase of embellished wool appliqué flowers.
    The colours that would complement the piece are Colour Complements #31 Watermelon and #189 Halloween .
    Thanks for all your inspiration. Elinor

  457. Ooooh exciting! I would choose colours 18 and 31 and use them to stitch a Sashiko design on navy fabric for placemats.

  458. #183 purple and #23 Easter are my favorites. I’m sure I could find a pattern to use these beautiful fibers. Thanks.

  459. I just love the choice of colours on the Colour Complement website. Choosing 2 is difficult but I would love #14 blue green and #49 olive gren. I do a lot of wool embroidery and I can envision these colours in a flower garden scene. I also love the fact this thread comes from my province in Canada. Thank you for this information.

  460. #33, Turquoise Blue–In something ocean related
    #56 Golden Brown, Yellow and Teal–Something fall related.

  461. I am currently working on a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter.
    Petite Very Velvet Red would be used to add special touches to the toy section.
    Green perle cotton, color #18 would also be used to highlight the Christmas tree. And also to complete a tree I am working on my sampler needle book!

  462. I have some emerald beetle wings I bought is Thailand and they have been calling me to do a peacock with the beetle wings for the feather eyes. Number 34 Peacock Feathers and number 18 Greens would be great threads to do for this project.

  463. What a delight! I choose Blue Green Perle Cotton #14, Green #18, Red #187. I am so glad to have this website on my radar now! Thanks!

  464. All of the threads are beautiful and it is very hard to just pick two!! My favourites are #18 and #32. I would use them to make canvas work bookmarks for my grandchildren as these are their favourite colours.

  465. Love the richness of 187&188. I know I would have picked differently if it had been spring.

  466. 2020 is going to be all about red for me. All my new starts are going to be red work. My biggest piece a Bristol orphanage Sampler. I would choose #187 Red to get me started from Colour Complements , thank you.

  467. Colour #37 and Colour #55 Yellow and Green – I’m working on a thread painting with daisies and these will be great!

  468. Thanks for the holiday fun, Mary! I really love variegated 12 perle, but if it has too many colors in it I find it limits the uses, so I’m going with perle green #55 and purple #183.

  469. Colour 191 reminds me of the wheat stalks in the fall. It would make a great tea towel design
    Blue green embroidery sampler #1 reminds me of the Chesapeake Bay. An embroidered ocean scene as an insert to a larger trinket box lid would be lovely with those threads.

  470. Thanks for this offer! My two favorite colours are #35 and 137. I would love to use these in making fall trees. I love the variations and all the colours are delicious!!!!!

  471. It’s hard to only pick two Mary. I really love them all. My picks are39,coral and 100 Orange pink. I’d use these for surface embroidery on a sweater.

  472. I would pick colours 138 and 50 to stitch some beautiful flowers.I live in the UK and love using hand dyed threads.

  473. How do you choose a colour from all those wonderful ones on Colour Complements? I do like #31 to make some snow flakes as it looks a bit Christmasy. I also like #138 as it looks like summer. Having met Lorraine, I must say she is a very friendly and creative person. So happy to see all she does with threads.

  474. I found it hard to pick ONE! but the red, green burgundy #144 is so like the colours in the gum leaves here in australia at the moment, it does inspire me to stitch one!
    Vicki from Melbourne

  475. What lovely threads!
    I adore the perle #18, what a gorgeous blend of greens! Perfect for foliage.
    I’m also quite fond of periwinkle, so definitely #175.

  476. My very favorite is #133 red green burgundy, very yummy colors perfect for my Christmas embroidery and cross stitch. Thank you Mary for sharing your love of needlework with us.

  477. This time of the year in Australia we have our Jacaranda Tress in full bloom and I would use Purple Perle 183 for the flowers and Autum 188 for the trunk of the tree

  478. Beautiful colours! I tat and would use the size 12 or 8 pearle cotton. Soft blue #162 and turquoise blue #33 would be perfect for snowflakes for the Christmas tree. Floss in those colours would work for your new embroidery snowflakes!
    Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful source of thread.

  479. Lovely threads for this first giveaway! I love deep, rich colours, so for me it’s Cherry Red (#134) and Purple (#183). I would imagine these colours would look great in an embroidery of some gorgeous dresses, or as flowers in a jungle.

    Heather M.

  480. Thank you so much for hosting A Stitcher’s Christmas again this year Mary, and best of luck to everyone who enters ☘ I would use Rainbow #44 and Bold Colours#137 to stitch a bright, colourful field of flowers to cheer me up on those gray Winter days

  481. What a difficult decision to make to select just two threads from this beautiful selection! I would love to stitch a Christmas decoration onto table napkins to use for Christmas lunch. It would be Christmas holly with the leaves in the green perle Colour Complements Colour 8 to give depth and the berries would be stitched with Petite Very Velvet Red to give a lush texture, and to contrast with the sheen of the green perle used in the leaves.

  482. I’m really drawn to the Red Green Burgundy, Colour Complements Colour #133 right now — I can imagine a seasonal project in these beautiful colours, one that isn’t *too* red & greenish. A little more subdued.

  483. Two ( of the many) colours that popped are watermelon #31 and rainbow #44. I have in mind using them in some mini canvaswork bunting.
    Gorgeous threads!

  484. WOW. It’s hard to pick only two colors, but if I have to it would be #188 and #191. I do a lot of wool applique and I would use it for projets. Thanks. So many beautiful colors.

  485. 187 and 188 are my favorites. I would use 187 on Toni Gerdes’ piece “Fire and Ice”. For 188, I would use it on a mono color sampler.

  486. I especially love Autumn Colours, Colour Complements Colour #188 to use on a fall stitching project and Turquoise Blue Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #33 to use on something beach or summer related. Her colors are gorgeous!

  487. I love #36 and #37 – they look like they could be used to stitch some fall leaves on a tree!

  488. I love the Watermelon perle cotton #31 and the Tropical colors #16. Both color combinations would work well on temari balls which is my favorite type of embroidery at the moment.

  489. Oh what wonderful choices! I’m making a unicorn embroidery for my granddaughter for Christmas. I’d definitely have to choose color #138 Pink green for all the many colors of her mane.

    Second choice was even harder. I guess I’d choose Color complements #48 Fall Colors for myself.

    What a delightful way to spend time. perusing those many beautiful color swatches!

  490. Pick two of your favorite colors of Colour Complement threads. Tell us the color numbers and how you imagine using them. If you visit this listing for perle cotton and floss, you can browse through and pick the colors that you find particularly enticing.

    Color 28 (blue) and Color 134 (Cherry Red) (but I also really like Color 188 – Autumn) – There are so many wonderful colors, it is hard to choose. I would just experiment and probably make hearts.

  491. The variegated pearl cottons are luscious! I have created a number of contemporary embroidery designs using pearl cotton and wool circles on cotton fabric. Rainbow Colors #44 would be fun in a woven circle. Golden Yellow & Orange #37 would be perfect for the fly stitch I do around a lattice-filled wool circle.

  492. I Love colors 30 and 44. I imagine them in an embroidered vase full of multi-colored Spring flowers. I’m sitting here freezing and would LOVE seeing bundles of Spring flowers popping up outside my window!

    (BTW, thank you for doing this for your readers. It is incredible kind of you tho think along these lines!)

  493. Only 2 colors? They are all so beautiful. My pick would be Green # 18 and Peacock Feather #45. I would use them for next year’s Christmas ornaments, Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  494. I love teal and purple, so #186 is my favorite. My second choice is #44, rainbow. I’d find a geometric border to stitch with them.

  495. I love the Blue Green Perle Cotton Colour Complements #14 and also Peacock Feathers Perle Cotton Colour Complements #45. I have been teaching myself hardanger and would love to make a cloth using these colours (not traditional I know but I love trying different things).

  496. #33 and #14 would be perfect to show waves and texture in the ocean around Bermuda. I still have an unstitched canvas of “Front Street, Hamilton”. These would be just what I need.

  497. I’d use the Teal Purple skein, to make something special for myself – my favourite colours are green and purple so the two combined in these lovely strong shades make me happy! I’d possibly make a bobbin lace bookmark using 1 strand of the floss, or a hardanger/cross-stitch patterned biscornu/pincushion.

  498. Thanks Mary. Color me conflicted! I really want them all, but will settle for #58 & #188. I love brights for contrast the more subtle colors, and have a thought about how I’ll use them for a table runner. Sally

  499. I’m already dreaming of summer so #33 and #44 appeal to me.
    Thanks for the contest and the peek at different supplies then what may be available locally.

  500. Number 14 would be perfect for depicting the color of the sea. I have a mermaid themed piece in mind. Number 183 is a beautiful purple which really appeals to me, perhaps for the same embroidery.

  501. Two colors that were favorites, and how I picture using them:
    #186 – this is a dramatic combination that could be used in a landscape of shadowy forest.
    #51 – calming … a transition color combination would do well in a floral fantasy.

  502. It’s not easy to pick only two but I’m favoring #44-Rainbow Colors and Watermelon #31. They’re both so yummy and perfect in Perle 8 for my crazy quilt book cover with a fun fabric of doughnuts loaded with colorful sprinkles.

  503. My choices of the Color compliments are 190, the blue series, and 193, the golden brown fall colors. The blues I would use for a Ukranian white work piece and the 193 for a fall scene I pass on the highway past the hospital on an experiment on painting backgrounds. I’m probably late but it was worth a try. Her blends are tempting.

  504. Color #18 and 57 would be beautiful to work embroidering trees and than adding different kinds of stitched leaves

  505. I love the two purple heavy colors – 183 and 186. It would be interesting to use the changing colors in a geometric stitch

  506. I pick #48 because I love fall and all the colors it brings. Then i pick #183 because i love all tbe rich shades of purple, one of my all time favorite colors. I don’t know what i would use them on, the project would have to be worthy of them.

  507. I’ve purchased from her before, so it’s easy to say it’s NOT easy to pick just two. Right now, Color #2 in its pale icey blue/purpleness reminds me of the perfect snowflake biscornu. One of these days I’ll add a petite velvet to the order. Petite very velvet red looks yummy enough to make wonderful tied bows on needlepoint patterns or gifts. Or just to stare at. 🙂

  508. Hands down: Fall colours #48 and Olive Green Blue #47!
    I’d love to get these in #5 perle cotton and make some great knotted Italian tassels with them.
    5 skeins of the same colour could make the most luscious tassel!

  509. Hi this is some thing to do with Christmas tree pattern you offer while back, I never
    could download on my PC, so i never got pattern, I’m not complaining, just did not know how to do it my bad I thought let you know.
    I love your website
    PS sorry my English is not good

  510. Re the giveaway: I see #3 and #23 and I think of my young granddaughter who loves pink. I can see her using the threads to continue her learning of embroidery and sewing. There is felt in the house already, she could make wonderful pictures with them. Or flowers and hearts!

  511. Beautiful colors! I can envision golden #29 and green #55 embroidered in a landscape with a wheat field.

  512. Petite Very Velvet Red and Yellow Petite Very Velvet would be exquisite in embroidering the Lancaster Rose.

  513. I would use #23 Easter colors to make an Easter basket liner and #32 to make tie-backs for the curtains in my family room which are a floral print in those colors.

  514. I LOVE Color#3, they make me think of sherbet. I have been stitching a pincushion with this color combo
    I also LOVE #28, blues, just because I love the color blue. I will be stitching some flowers that are in a flower bouquet

  515. I would use #18 in a woodland scene. I would use #14 in a protrait of someone with exactly that color eye.

  516. Love these colors. As a needlepoint addict, I could see using #46 for some modern palm trees. #189, while a great Halloween color with lots of possibilities, would also make some funky fish swimming in a more neutral water colored background.

  517. I love using Color Complements in needlepoint. I have use the blues for background sky and for water. I used a tan/peach combination for tree trunks recently.

    I like the warm colors of #48. I’d love to use them in some needlepoint credit card cases I am about to start.
    I also love #51. What a beautiful combination. I can see using that for a special embroidery. Thinking of making myself a needle case. Wouldn’t it be lovely with some green leaves?

  518. I would love to use the Golden Brown Perle in embroidering my little handsewn foxes. I think the Easter Colours would be great for my handsewn and embroidered unicorns.

  519. Ahh! Only two??? There are some stunning colour combinations listed.

    Green Brown #35
    Green #18

  520. Lavender Perle cotton #51 and Pink Perle cotton #41 I could see these couched and embroidered onto the hems of the children’s dresses that I sew. Was a hard choice-so many pretty colors.

  521. Such lovely colors, I prefer number 56 and number 28. the brown and golds would be nice to use for any nature scene and I’d love to use the blues for some stunning snowflake designs! Thanks for the chance to win.
    ~Ginny K.~

  522. We are consumed by college football right now in the South and my alma mater – the LSU Tigers – are having a very good season. Therefore, I would love Golden Yellow #191 and Purple #183 to stitch a design in honor of LSU. Just need the right tiger pattern. Beautiful thread!

  523. First, I would choose the Red Green Burgundy Color Complements, #133. This would be wonderful for a Christmas samples! Second, I would choose the Green Blue Silk Perle, Color #7 for a Spring/Easter tea tablecloth that I have been lusting to make. Lovely collections!

  524. I’m planning a scene to stitch on the back of jean jacket that will be worn for the rest of my life. It is mostly tree trunks around a rustic cabin and flowers in the foreground.

    The colors that have me jumping around saying, that’s what I need are #27 and #59. They are exactly shades of what I’ve been looking for.

  525. Hi, I would pick #30 Pink yellow Perle to create a baby card with carriage and blanket. Also #46 Tropical Colours in Perle to create a Bon Voyage card.

  526. Turquoise blue # 33 was the first to catch my eye. The golds on the same page are the most beautiful range of golds I’ve ever seen. On the the next page, blue #175 made me scroll down slower. Finally, on the last page, I settled right in to #186. I immediately felt the need to hear “Poor Unfortunate Souls .” I’d love to see how the petite very velvet might aid the effect of an underwater scene in embroidery.

  527. I absolutely LOVE the pale blue combination of Colour #162 floss. I envision this smocked in Vandyke stitch on an Easter dress for my Granddaughter whose favorite color is sky blue. My second favorite is the Spring Green #184 Perle Cotton. I would use this to make a cloth for my bread basket for St. Patrick’s Day. My husband’s Grandmother’s recipe for Irish Soda Bread tastes wonderful, but the enhanced bread-cloth would just make it that much more special.

  528. I like the blue perle cotton, #28, & the soft blue blend #162, to stitch ALL the snowflakes! Or maybe the purple perle #183, to stitch some lilacs…

  529. I am working on a scene of a farm house with a fallow field in the background. No. 191 (yellow golden) would be perfect for that. I would love to use No. 175 (blue perle) on those snowflakes that Mary just released.

  530. Oh these colors and variegation are so beautiful! It was hard to pick two. I would choose Blue Green #14 and Green #18 to stitch up a beautiful under water scene, using Green #18 as seaweed swirling around the beautiful scales of the mermaid dancing among the fronds. Her scales of Blue Green #14 shimmering in the light filtered through the water above. ♥

  531. As I looked at the lovely colors of thread on the Colour Compliment website I was drawn to #35, Green/Brown and #3, Pink, Green, Orange. In January I’m going to begin an applique project of birds in natural surroundings. I like to add embroidery to my applique as it gives the piece texture and depth. The green/brown thread would look great highlighting stems and leaves and the pink, green, orange would look good in the small flowers that are in the patterns. These particular threads would enhance my applique project enormously.

  532. Right now, I like Spring Green Perle Cotton #184, and Brown Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #57 – because at the new year I will be starting a free-style stitch-along that calls for greens and browns (and other colours)! I am excited about the stitch-along because I am really moving outside my comfort zone with it, and will learn a lot.

  533. Colour #34 and Colour #190 – Both of these are blues and purples, one more purple and one more blue. I’m on a mission to add more blue into my life. Last year I realized that I had few blue clothing items and with my blue eyes I felt I needed to include more blue into my wardrobe. Also, my stock of fabrics did not include near enough blues and purples so I have been stocking up. It makes sense that I “need” more beautiful floss in those colours too!
    Thank you for your enjoyable website and fun ideas.

  534. I have always ‘eyed off’ the beautiful threads of colour complements!
    My choice would be No 37 and 35 or 55 to embroider the Fall Pumpkins I downloaded from Mary’s website. They would suit so well!


  535. I love the tonal gradiations of Colour Complements and have been intending to indulge for quite sometime.
    Amongt all the tempting goodies the two threads in particular that I have definate opinions about would be #56 and #48.
    I have a thirteen panel mixed media work that I have been developing concepts for over the past three years. I have only just recently ‘finally’ started actually stitiching on the first piece! My thread choices would be ideal for the following parts – The second panel is to have a scuptural kantha-type element illustraing a sub terraineous earthen wall with sinuous tree roots and buried seeds, #56 in perle would offer wonderful colour depths to this section. Panel 3 is comprised of a jacobean design garden scene, full of lush foliage, fruits and overblown flowers. #48 floss would produce beautiful hints of autumnal foliage between the greens.

  536. What lovely colors, so many to look at and drool over. I have a quilt on my bed and would like to stitch a pillow to go on my bed. I have the pattern, just need to pick the colors. I like the purple perle #183 and green #18 but there are just so many other yummy colors, anything would be lovely.

  537. Love the pink and green watermelon 31 and lavender and yellow 50. Great colour mixes to embroider on clothes for my new grand daughter

  538. These threads are beautiful! I have a specific chinoiserie project I’ve been planning that #14 and #18 would be perfect for!

  539. It’s good to be back in this space after an absence of some months while we changed internet providers, and just in time for the Chrissy giveaways, thank you Mary.

    I like the colours #55 and #187. I have long had an itch to embroider some red poppies and I think these colours would be excellent.

  540. My favorites are #162, Soft Blue – which I see as a winter sky, and #37, Golden Yellow Orange – which I see as a field of sunflowers bursting out in color!

  541. #36 Orange Red, #186 Teal Purple
    These would be fun as chunky stitching on mixed media collage pieces

  542. Hi Mary, thank you for another fabulous season of giveaways and gorgeous new stitchery purveyors to discover. I love to stitch garden blooms and I can see myself eagerly using blue #175 for my favorite blue hydrangeas and green #18 would be a beautiful compliment as the foliage for the blooms. I’m excited to order some of these beautiful threads to stitch!

  543. Autumn Colours, Colour Complements Colour #188. Embroider on felt leaves for a table runner.

    Fall Colours, Colour Complements Colour #48. Same as above.


  544. I’m (almost) a complete novice at surface embroidery. I’ve been crocheting for about 8 years, papercrafting for 12 years before that. And, cross stitched pillow cases like other young girls. I made many crewel embroidered pictures when I was in my 20s and 30s, and still have the framed fruits and vegetables decorating my kitchen.

    I have many large floral stamps from my papercrafting supplies, that would be excellent designs for embroidery. One in particular, a single hydrangea bloom, is what I’d like to try. The Perle Cotton in #55 and #41 are the colors I envision for my first hydrangea. With so many colors to choose from, there could be a hydrangea garden!!

  545. Oh, so hard to choose! I love the Teal Purple #186 and Rainbow #44. The Rainbow would be perfect to use for smocking a panel for my granddaughter. The Teal Purple is just for me! I have some patterns in my stash that would be perfect.

  546. #103 Tan Brown & (No Number) Red Brown Silk Perle

    #103 would be for the sand in a desert scene.

    Lucious Red Brown is delicious looking & would be used for a tree trunk done in stem stitch.

    Tis all beautiful! Bren in TX

  547. Very hard to pick just two, but #33 (turquoise blue) and #191 (Golden Yellow) would certainly be among those at the top of my list. I would likely use these on stitched hamsas–a kind of ancient Mediterranean amulet in the shape of a hand, given for protection and healing. I like to use variegated thread on my hand-dyed fabric.

  548. I picked #30 and #36. I am going to be reading the story of the Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. The young Native American boy is good at art and is told to use his talents. He finally is given beautiful paint brushes and paints and after several drawings is able to paint a beautiful sunset. The colors in these color complements represent the sky at sunset that I would embroider .

  549. Have used Colour Complements threads before and really like them. The two that stood out to me today are #186 Teal & Purple, which I would like to use for a Hardanger project and #137 Bold Colours for a Holiday Ornament.

  550. Hi Mary

    My 2 favourite colours from Colour Complements are Cherry Red #134 and Watermelon #31. I am currently working on embroidering felt hearts to be given away (based on 1000 Hearts program out of Australia) and these colours would be gorgeous for embellishing the hearts.

    SherriA fro Calgary

  551. I’ve chosen the color #32 which in Blue, Orange, Green because these are some of the colors I’ll be using in my next crazy quilt. My second color is #28, Blue Perle and I will use it on my new Christmas themed blue and silver quilts for my table.

  552. Les couleurs d’automne #48 couleur riche pour accentuer les paysage et le #6 rouge pour les travaux de Noel.
    Ces fils sont magnifiques. Merci pour ces cadeaux

  553. I really love the Perle Cotton #55 Green and #44 Rainbow. I’ve been working on a design for a duster coat with lots of embroidery and some beading on it. These 2 skeins are inspiring me to keep with my theme of flowers and crazy quilt stitching.
    Now back to putting together an order.

  554. Color 45 will be a great accent for a wool appliqué project I am currently working on. It will nicely tie the various colors together.

    Color 47 is perfect, perfect for a group of ribbons and fabrics that I am gathering for a large boho- style tote.

  555. I have many favorites but 2 color ways that stand out are:
    #54 variegated mauve and green I would use for garden flowers
    #5 variegated orange sepia deep magenta I would use stitching a paisley rabbit.
    Love Colour Compliments and Mary Corbet

  556. That was hard to just pick two colors. I chose #32 and #44. I could see myself using them in a crazy quilt project.

  557. The colors are gorgeous! I was surprised to see how reasonably priced the threads were. January here I come.

  558. Hi Mary,
    I have been wanting to try my hand at putting together a Sampler of stitches from 19th century Mediterranean patterns. I would like to the try the silk Perle threads on 28 count raw linen, in a pattern that uses the Cretan herringbones stitch.
    I would like to use colors #4, and #6.
    Thanks you,
    Katie P. GR

  559. #18 and #55- GREEN. I love stitching organic shapes and trees and leaves are my favorite. Green is year-round- spring, summer, fall and holidays! My favorite view is the undulating hills of the western NC mountains covered in conifers, pine, laurel, sourwood, rhododendrons, – green! ❤️

  560. Each time I go on this web site I pick different favorites. Today the 2 I pick – unfortunately are on the sale pages altho they are not priced in red sale but if they are in fact on their way out I am sad. So, #1 is #190 which I have used for background/sky. If that’s not available, I would go with #175 if I HAD to.
    #2 is #193 (rust,brown,orange) because I love fall weather and colors and that makes me think of Penna. oak leaves. If I HAD to, I would go with #48 which just has a bit more green than the leaves in my head. All are beautiful tho!

  561. Oh my gosh I love Lorraine’s threads. They are luscious with beautiful colors. I would love to have a better variety including browns this time.

  562. Such beautiful threads! Peacock feathers #45 and Teale Purple #186 would be perfect for a crazy quilt I am planning!

  563. The colors that I liked best were #23, the Easter colors and #188, the autumn colors. I like these for projects that are Easter and autumn themed. I have made so many Christmas projects that I am trying to concentrate on other holidays for my stitching projects.

  564. oh my oh my! these are delicious! As Im in the Christmas mode….I could really use the Olive green # 47 and the red #147.. they are wonderful… currently stitiching ornaments and these would go a longgggggggg way! And that green I could use for so many trees and leaves in my samplers. Good Luck all….and Mary ty again for a chance.

  565. I love #31 and #35. I have enjoyed the couple of hearts for hospice on her site and would like to use these on two separate hearts. #35 would also be used on thanksgiving crackers.
    All her colors are luscious.

  566. I just love the vast array of colors. Since I did several fall cross stitch pieces this year, I find Autumn Colors 188 and Halloween colors 189 especially enticing. I can just imagine using them in fall pieces to accent the stitching. Yummy!

  567. #18 and #184 are my favorites. I can see them either for a Christmas tree or wreath. And the lighter color for a spring project.

  568. I like #18 and #184. I am planning a series of Celtic trees and knots. Not sure what I will do with them. I just want to stitch and these colors are beautiful. Thank you for letting me know about this site.

  569. I’m learning to wet felt & needlefelt 2D art. I would love to use #44 & 47 to embroider and accent my felted images!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  570. Two colors?? I have green leanings -colors #18 and #49 seem to fit what I want to do.
    (That and every other color you have!)

  571. I’d use Autumn Colours #188 to stitch one of your kaleidoscopes and Colour #191, Golden Yellow Embroidery Cotton Floss to stitch one of Yumiko Higuchi’s Zakka patterns.

  572. So exciting! I love a lot of those colors! I’ll choose # 28, Blue and # 41 Pink. The Blue because I love all things water related and can see some lovely waves and rolls in those shades. The Pink because it’s just so sweet – maybe I’ll have a new Granddaughter coming soon!

    Mary in MN

  573. #50 Lavender and Yellow looks like it would make a nice field of flowers.
    #48 Fall Colours looks wonderful for exactly what the name describes, foliage in an autumn scene.

  574. Mary, I have been looking at Lorraine’s website (it’s on my favorites list) and dreaming about ordering her threads for quite a while. I have in mind #186 to design a wedding gift for my niece getting married next year, and #33 to work on a little free Christmas tree project by Anna Scott. Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent. You have taught me much!

  575. Silk Perle…#11…something mermaidish
    Floss…#48…an autumn sampler

    Gorgeous colours!!
    Thx for the Christmas contest

  576. Numbers 36 and134 are my favs.They remind me of luscious tropical flowers! Right about now, considering the weather, this a uplifting thought to embrace.
    Thanks to you for running these giveaways every year. They are a lot of fun!
    Jan Y

  577. What beautiful threads! My favs are #32 & 182. I have a lovely Biscornu pattern that would look wonderful in both thread combos.

  578. Choose only two!! They are all gorgeous! I love #56 – Golden brown, Yellow & Teal and I think I would love to make some monogrammed dinner napkins for fall, wouldn’t they be beautiful! And I think #184 – Spring Green would be beautiful as embroidered leaves across a pillowcase edge for my guest bedroom!

  579. All the colours are just fabulous, and choosing any favourites is hard! Purple #183 & Pink-Green #138 would be perfect for a needlepoint project for Easter that has many eggs and flowers.

  580. 33 sea blue is always a draw, thinking of Caribbean water
    134 cherry is a primitive Christmas color, rich red

  581. 49#olive green would blend in well with a vision of the remains of burnt rain forest and the threat it implies.
    46# could be used in a design to play with a tropical reef and the way water can carry colour.

  582. How did I not know that this company is in Canada? I don’t know how I managed to miss that fact. To answer your question (and after much deliberation on the subject because they’re all so pretty!) I would have to choose Green #55 and Pink Green Orange #182 – simply because they would work perfectly with my landscapes I’m doing at the moment. Thank you for the opportunity!

  583. Hi Mary: I would pick $57 & #18. I am doing miniature weavings of the foothills here in the CA sierra Nevadas and these colors are perfect. The different textures add interest also. thanks to your emails, I already use Colour Complements fibers. Joy

  584. The perle cotton colors are beautiful and my two favorites are #31 Watermelon perle cotton and #134 Cherry Red perle cotton. I would use these colors in a long term twilling project and in project gifts for friends and family.

  585. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway. I like the perle cotton #175, love blues hope to do some kind of denim project.
    Merry Christmas ~TJ~

  586. I’d like to use #184 and #138 to do the backstitch & embellishment on some wool Easter eggs I have the patterns for.

  587. It was really hard to narrow it down to just 2, but I love autumn colors so I would choose # 48 and # 188. I don’t know how I’d use them. I’d had to gaze on them and soak in their beauty before committing to a project, maybe one of your glorious designs.

  588. I’m just starting hand embroidery and my favorite floss colors until now have been DMC’s variegated. It could be that I’ve just never seen it, but at craft stores I haven’t ever seen anything that was actually multi-colored vs just different shades of one color. Since I’m still testing the waters I’m not completely sure of a project I’d use it on yet as right now I’m just practicing stitches and using cheap stuff, but when I get to the patterns I’ve downloaded (and ideas I have as far as quotes, etc.), I know they will be used very quickly.

    Took me forever to pick 2, but I finally went with these because they’re different than anything I’ve seen: #44 Rainbow Colors & #45 Peacock Feathers

    Rachel M K

  589. Bookmarked the site; excited to find a source for crazy quilt notions.
    I’m making a crazy quilt walk hanging from my Dad’s clothes (he passed last August) and #47 or #49 would go well with the camo colors my mom picked out.

  590. Such luscious colors ,my 2 favorites are #18 greens I see beautiful leaves and #134 cherry red would make wonderful bullion roses.

  591. I love these threads! I would choose #14 blue green and #47 olive green blue. I could stitch my daily walk along the beach – the dark colours of the Pacific Ocean, the line of kelp in the tideline, the firs standing guard over the beach.

  592. My 2 favorite colours are
    1. Pink Yellow Perle Cotton, Colour Complements Colour #30 – this i would used in the 8 and 5 for hardanger embroidery. I love using bright colours in traditional designs.
    2. Colour #162, Soft Blue Blend Cotton – i would se this in pearl 8. I have just found some one to teach me bobbin lace and im starting with pearl 8 so this would be ideal. I think it would be very pretty.

  593. Colors #58, #56
    I am working on a William Morris quilt with 15 blocks that are all applique. I would love to have this thread to do embroidery on these blocks to enhance the patterns!

  594. Wow what an array of beautiful colours. After much thought I have chosen #41 which I would use for a traditional birth sampler, for a little grand daughter we have recently welcomed into this world. My second favourite is #134. I would use this colour for a reproduction of a Bristol Sampler that I have on my ‘start’ in 2020 list.

  595. Every year I stitch some Xmas trees on perforated paper. Sometimes I make them up. Sometimes I adapt shapes or actual stitch diagrams to my needs. Perle cotton is one of my preferred threads for this. I have used Colour Complement Threads in the past and I find the colors beautiful. The fibers have a lovely hand. My color picks are the greens of #18, obviously because of trees, but my second is #36 because I was completely taken by the orange-reds.

  596. Autumn and rainbow colors are two that got my attention the most. Right now I am working on a counted canvas piece and absolutely can see these stitch up on a future project.

  597. I love the golden brown, purple, grey color way–It looks like purple & orange together, one of my color obsessions for the past decade–when I owned a yarn & fabric store, we painted the walls several shades of orange and gold (my favorite was “Good Vibrations!) and used purples as our accent colors. The pink/green/orange color way would be perfect to embellish the birds in one of my current projects, “Out on a Whim.”

  598. The rich brown of #57 and the beautiful greens of #18 would make gorgeous trees! Thank you to Lorraine and Mary for this give-away. Just looking at the colorful threads is exciting!

  599. So many lovely colors to chose from. I especially like the Spring Green # 184 and the Blue # 162. Projects could be some nice embroidery on felted wool with flowers and some water or in a crazy quilt.

  600. Picking my favourite is like picking my favourite child – not possible. Top preferences are #30 – Pink Yellow Perle Cotton and #32 – Blue, Orange, Green Perle Cotton. Both are sunny and bright and make me smile. I would use #32 on a bear project I have brewing in the back of my mind. I like to stitch teddy bears and I would like to create the “fabric” for the bear from an embroidered design. Not sure at the moment how I would like to use #30.

  601. It’s hard to limit to two choices. After some deliberation, I would choose Cherry Red #134 and Fall Colors #48. I think the Cherry Red would but fun to use on a temari. Not sure where to use the Fall Colors.

  602. I really like the blue green (#14) and the teal purple (#186) combinations. I draw my own pictures, usually fantasy stuff and then embroider them using as many stitches as I can and give them to family and friends.

  603. The Green Perle #18 would be beautiful in a Japanese Temari design called “Olive Twist”as in an Inspirations magazine of several years ago. The #34 Green Brown will do very nicely in an Aussie outback embroidered design I am working on. The colors are perfect.

  604. # 183 in Perle 8 for French knot hydrangea blossoms with # 18 in floss for the leaves…..oh my !

  605. Have used these threads in the past and love the colors. I could see using #44 Rainbow or #137 Bold in a small geometric shape ornament ot mini-stocking. I like the unexpected in my Christmas decorations.

  606. Lovely threads new to embroidery by hand learn lot by all the links and trying some of the designs and treads love the colours 138 and Easter 23 my kind of colourings looking forward to seeing more of the range

  607. Those colors are so lovely….something about Olive Green Blue #47 calls to me, and I think it wants to be a range of mountains. Blue Green #14 could be a river cascading down from those mountains….

  608. The Fall colours, #48, spoke to me. I HAD a sweater in these lovely shades of oranges, browns, yellows, & they were quiet colours. The floss perfectly captures the mood of Fall & the gentle slide into winter. I think I would enjoy embroidering a tea cozy or tea towels with this. The sweater was eaten by my puppy, & that floss makes me really miss it & how it made me feel.

  609. My favorite colors are 33 and 46. I’ve gotten hooked on Hardanger and can see it updated in these two lovely colors

  610. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for introducing us to this site.
    I like the rainbow set #44 and #138 for pinks and green.
    I can imagine incorporating them into ribbon embroidery projects or crazy quilt themes.

  611. I would love to have Peacock Feathers #45 and Teal Purple #186 as I love the colourway, and want to do a quilt with these used in the embellishments.

  612. Today my favorite colors are #48 fall colors and #191 golden yellow. I have a sampler with fall leaves that these would be perfect for.

  613. #36 and #46 are my favourites – such intense zingy colours. I’d like to use them for a counted Canvaswork piece as they’d look fabulous against a dark canvas background.

    Godalming, UK

  614. I would chose #188, #191, 55,#49,#18 I envision a lovely fall piece with different kinds of lesves.

  615. I have a beautiful sashiko panel that has a tree on it and I would love to have 57 and 29 to wrap together to do the trunk and branches of the tree.

  616. #33 and #184. I am starting an old French General preprinted floral. The blues and spring green would look great in it

  617. Mostly I do embellishment stitching on wool appliqué or make wool pennies – Green Brown #35 would look amazing, especially on stems & leaves. Halloween Colours #189 is fall fun & would like that on just about any color wool penny.

  618. #30 &#3 are my choices. The blue greens suggest the sea and the orange, pink sunrise. How about Sunrise over the Pacific stitchery? Sounds like a lovely seascape.

  619. The colours I particularly love are #48 Fall and #191 Golden Yellow. I can’t think of anything in particular I would stitch with them at the moment, but if I won the stranded floss, they would sure come in handy. Thank you for your generosity.