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A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2020 – the Kickoff!


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Here on Needle ‘n Thread around Christmas time, we have a little Stitcher’s Christmas party – a series of fun embroidery-related give-aways featuring beautiful needlework goods offered by small businesses who are happy to assist in giving something back to the Needle ‘n Thread community.

So, for the next several weeks leading up to Christmas, you can expect a series of fabulous needlework give-aways! Threads, kits, books, tools – they’re all here, and who knows? They might end up in your stocking or under your tree!

There are a few guidelines for the give-aways – I’ll remind you of those at the end of each give-away.

To kick off this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas, courtesy of Colour Complements, it’s everybody’s favorite – Thread!

A Stitcher's Christmas 2020, 1: embroidery thread from Colour Complements

Lorraine at Colour Complements hand dyes a huge array of different embroidery threads. She has a tremendously colorful collection of threads, perfect for all kinds of stitching techniques from surface embroidery to cross stitch to needlepoint, crazy quilting – you name it!

A Stitcher's Christmas 2020, 1: embroidery thread from Colour Complements

Today’s give-away is for three different winners, who will each be able to select five skeins of whatever thread they want from the shop at Colour Complements!

What could be better than a little shopping spree that involves embroidery thread?

If you’d like to join in on today’s give-away, please follow the guidelines below! Especially if you’re new to give-aways on Needle ‘n Thread, please read the guidelines thoroughly, because it will save me time, and it will assure that you’re entry is accepted.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. The winners were posted on December 2, 2020. Thanks for participating!

1. Please leave your comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you are reading this in the newsletter, you can reach the comment form directly by following this link. Comments left on any other post on Needle ‘n Thread don’t count.

2. Make sure you leave a recognizable name or nickname on the “name” line on the comment form. Anonymous comments don’t count. Please do not leave personal information like email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers in the “comment” part of the form, but please do make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the “email” line of the form. This is not visible to anyone but me, and it is not used for anything except the purposes of this give-away (if you win, I need to be able to contact you).

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your favorite combination of colors for the holiday season, and if you could stitch something with them, what would it be?

4. Leave your comment by 5:00 am Central Standard Time, Wednesday, December 2nd. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Wednesday morning, when the next give-away in the series takes place. I will also contact the winners by email.

The Stitcher’s Christmas give-aways are open to anyone, anywhere, so don’t hesitate to join in!

Let the fun begin! I love reading your comments, so please don’t forget to answer the question above!

If your comment does not show up right away, don’t worry! Comments are held in queue for moderation in order to avoid spam on the website. Once I have a chance to moderate the comments, your comment will appear.


(1,182) Comments

  1. I just started following you and love the information, pictures, and resources. My favorite Christmas colors are white and red. I would use those colors to stitch a table runner border.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    1. I would pick red, green, and cream and make a special Christmas wreath to hang on my sewing stand❤️

    2. My favorite Christmas colors are blue and silver/gold. I would stitch Trish Burr’s Christmas tree that’s on the front of the newest Inspiration magazine!

  2. I love new and interesting threads to use in my embroidery. I’m getting more adventurous in my old age. lol

  3. I love a light, bright green with a bright red. I’ve embroidered stockings in the past and would love to create more!

  4. Thank-you for such a lovely opportunity!

    I have admired your work for a few years, and appreciate your tutorials, which are clear and easy to follow.

    Keep well!

  5. What a lovely giveaway! My favorite color combination for the holiday season is definitely blue and silver! I would make ornaments using those colors with a theme of snowflakes. My absolute favorite!

  6. My favourite combo is silver, pink and purple, because it reminds me of the tree we had when I was growing up. I’d make a beautiful temari ball to hang on my tree!

  7. I love traditional Christmas colors. Gold and green combinations. I have always wanted to make and stitch a Christmas tree skirt. This year it is on my to do list. My Christmas tree is decorated in woodland animals and my favorite ornaments that I have saved over the years. I plan on making a tree skirt that would go with this theme.

  8. My favorite colors for the holidays are red & gold. Just something about them draws me in every year. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for some time now, including a quilt panel of a plain Christmas tree. At some point, I’d like to stitch my dream tree – full of red and gold ornaments.

  9. I love the holiday colors of red, green, and gold. I love to use them when making ornaments.

  10. I’m excited to enter this contest. So often residents of Canada can not enter. The embroidery thread looks beautiful. The colours are vibrant

  11. I love blues and silver – the coolness of blues and the sparkle of silver make me feel winter! I would make ornaments for my tree.

  12. Shades of red and green are my favs for tree ornaments, which I love to make each fall for friends and my own tree. I use some patterns available commercially and also make some of my own designs. I often include something natural in my ornaments, so that part would be actual colors, but the borders, trims, etc. are most often red and green.

  13. My favorite colors this season are the bright white of snow, the silver of tinsel and the blue-green of spruce. If I could stitch anything, it would be a table runner with these colors.

  14. I love the bright Christmas red and green threads, so very Christmassy. Thank you for this great giveaway. You have a great blog and website.

  15. My favorite collection of holiday colors to stitch with is a spruce green, gold, and cranberry red; I have a set of Mediterranean/Byzantine crosses that would make a lovely set of ornaments!

  16. I love red and white for Christmas embroidery. I would love to try converting a complicated felt cut work Scandinavian style table topper into embroidery. I think it would be a year long project so maybe for Christmas 2021

  17. My favorite Christmas colors are gold, silver, bronze, and white as they compliment my home the best

  18. I love the rich jewel tones of color for Christmas . They bring out the richness of the season I think when we remember The Birth of Jesus! Love your needlework posts . They really give us all a lot of help and advice on our embroidery. Thank you!

  19. Blues and silvers are my favorites, being a winter person. I’ve made lots of quilts in those colors. It’s also the color of Advent, which in my faith tradition, is happening now – a time of peace and preparation. I would stitch snowflakes if I win.

  20. My favorite colors to use for Christmas are Red, Green and Gold. I plan to use these colors in my next embroidered Christmas stocking.
    L Merry

  21. I love the combo of a dark red, forest green and gold for Christmas! I feel like I need to stitch a little Christmas gnome sometime soon! Thanks for the give aways, Mary!

  22. I love the darker brick reds with darker forest greens and maybe a touch of gold, though not metallic. I keep telling myself I’m going to stitch hand made ornaments for the whole extended family some year. Maybe some of these threads would be the impetus to get started.

  23. I love red and green with a bit of sparkle added in. I enjoy making small gifts like fobs and bookmarks.

  24. For Christmas colors the first one that comes to my mind is gold, and than a combination of red and green. I’m thinking a temari ball for a Christmas project.

  25. I’m still a newbie to embroidery, so I often visit your site for help. I absolutely love light blue and either silver or off white. I have a tablecloth goal for myself and it would be snowflakes for days in pale blues and silver, maybe a little beadwork. I will keep doing hand towels until my confidence (and ambition) is stronger!

  26. It has to be reds – all different colors of reds – they are so festive – works for any Holiday Project!!!

  27. I really like the traditional colours of red and green with some silver and gold added.
    I would stitch a Christmas Tree picture with lots of sparkly beads on it for lights and charms to represent presents.

    I will do this for next year.


  28. My favorite Christmas color combinations are various shades of Blue – I love this paired with snowflake designs! I have recently stitched a snowflake stocking for my daughter and a wall hanging as part of our decorations. I want to make new pillowcases for us. I use flannel for the base and embroidery on the edges.

  29. I guess my favorite Christmas color combination is blue and white! Although a bright sparkly red and white would make me happy as well! But a blue and white embroidered tablecloth would be divine!

  30. I go for the darker versions of traditional red and green Christmas colors. I’d select a maroon/burgundy, a darker pine green and gold. From them I’d stitch old fashioned Christmas baubles/ornaments.

  31. I love the traditional red and green for Christmas, and I really want to stitch a beautiful Christmas scene involving a Christmas tree. I am hoping to find a pattern that speaks to me soon.

  32. I always end up with red and green no matter my intentions – and I love working on Santa cross stitch patterns in December!

  33. Choice of colors would be silver, soft grey, black, white, with a tiny pop of cardinal red and moss green. I see a scruffy dog, a regal cat, a happy mouse sitting upon one another’s shoulders with a tiny chickadee hovering above them like a topper on a tree, as all of them gazed upwards, toward a dangling, sparkling oversized star

  34. My favorite color comination for Chirstmas season is: Forest Green, Pine Green with Burgandy.
    I would stitch a Christmas tree with ornaments.

  35. I love the combination of teal and dark rosey pinks, with a little pale blue. I think it works for any season. Imagine poinsettas and snowflakes.

  36. My favorite color combinations for the holidays are blues and greens – many shades of azure blue like the sea and the sky, the faintest blue like ice, greens from pale to dark that remind me of all the various shades of pines, firs, holly, mistletoe leaves, and those blue green colors that constantly vibrate between being mostly blue or mostly green. Of course, some sparkling silvers and pale whites for glitter. I would stitch the endless varieties of snowflakes and holiday leaves into a quilt-like sampler.

  37. My favorite holiday colors are blues, silver and white. I would create a table runner with snowflakes in this style. I grew up in Minnesota and the days are very short this time of year. In the early evening everything outside would be shades of blue and sparkling white. I never see that in Texas! I love putting childhood memories around my home at Christmas time.

  38. My favorite combination of colors for the holiday season are gold glitter, dusty rose, and hunter green. I would embroider a holiday angel.

  39. I love blue and silver Christmas decorations. We usually pick a scheme for the tree using bulbs and ribbon. The only thing I really stitch for Christmas is ornaments. A silver and blue one would be a good addition.

  40. Here are my favorite holiday color combinations: Bright reds and deep maroons next to forest greens and midnight blues with specks of sparkling white… all stitched into a needlepoint Christmas stocking, of course!

  41. My favorite color combo for Christmas is peach, cream and silver. I know it’s unusual but I love the softness of it, combined with lots of greenery. I would stitch ornaments in these colors.

  42. My favorite colour combinations for the holidays is beiges to browns with gold. I would love to stitch a Christmas tree branch with different shaped ornaments dangling off the branch in these colours. Thank you for the opportunity of winning these beautiful threads. I have purchased some threads from ColourComplements before so I know firsthand how beautiful they are!

  43. I am really a traditionalist and love the classic red, white and green with a splash of sparkle.

    I would make a tree skirt.

    Thanks Mary!

  44. I hope everyone hade a great Thanks-giving in spite of the Covid-19 restrictions.

    I guess I would have to say that my favorite combinations of colors for the Holidays would have to be gradient shades of blue to white with some silver as well. My next favorite would be gradient shades of green with a mixture of gold in it.

  45. My favorite Christmas/Winter colors are blues, silvers, and frosty whites. I’d stitch a winter scene with snow-covered trees, a partially frozen lake, and perhaps a small church in the distance.

  46. I am a traditional red and green gal, but more and more frequently I am attracted to snowy blue and silver. I am starting on your stockings using threads and beads from my stash and may challenge my sensibilities with a pink and lime green combo … wild!

  47. I love green and red- traditional Christmas colours – but also silver and gold. Either combination is gorgeous in a decoration – or green and red plus a bit of gold or silver to sparkle things up. Decorations need to be blingy!

  48. My favorite holiday season color combination is silver greys with deep greens. Snow covered trees bring back some of my favorite holiday memories. (Okay, maybe a touch of scarlet to add some cardinals or a lost mitten…

  49. I am a red, green and white stitcher and would embellish an ornament made from my favorite Christmas fabric which is Juniper Berry by Basic Gray. I love her threads.

  50. I like the red/orange and green with a little white or soft yellow. I’d stitch a green tree with red balls and white lights.

  51. Hi! Since I’m in Southern Hemisphere, Christmas here is full of green, lots of flowers and light!
    If I were to embroider a Holliday piece it would take many different shades of green for trees and bushes in a colourfull landscape with red, orange and yellow fruits hanging from branches. I would paint the sky with a bright blue pallete. Merry Christmas!

  52. My favorite combination of colors is red and green and I would like to stitch an ornament featuring cardinals.

  53. Colour complements has beautiful thread. It is nice to find new vendors that have been researched by you. Thank you for all your information in your newsletters.

  54. I’m a traditionalist for Christmas— I like to stitch with red, green and gold and love stitching each year a special Christmas ornament for my grandchild with the year.

  55. Holiday time for me is more traditional. I just finished one of Mary’s snowflake designs with my own twist. I loved using greens, reds, yellows and gold. Depending on the project I would also add some shiny threads as well. Blues with silver or gold are also great.

  56. I love traditional reds and greens with lots of natural elements thrown in. Pine cones, berries, cinnamon sticks, etc. I’ve been wanting to stitch a beautiful table runner that can be passed down to my children.

  57. I would say my favorite colors would be gold and red, but when I see the pretty orange and purple of the thread, I think I would love to try something with this!
    Thank you

  58. Although I love the traditional red and green of Christmas, I am intrigued by the bright lime green, pink and dark green combination! I would love to stitch an Eye Candy ornament with these.

  59. Christmas is a favorite holiday. Traditional colors are my thing, Christmas red, green and gold. Holiday trees would be one of the many things I enjoy stitching.

  60. My favourite Christmas colors are the classic red and green. An ornament stitched with those colors and a little bit of gold metallic and beads would look fabulous!

  61. I tend to be traditional in my preferences for Christmas so red and green are still the colours that I’m drawn towards, but I completed a canvas work crazy quilt stitched Christmas stocking in several values of burgundy, pinks and greens. My tree decorations also tend to pinky purples but my rug hooked decorations are in more traditional colours.

    I love variegated threads because of the surprises that occur as they are stitched into the design.

    Thank you, Mary, for continuing to share your stitching with us throughout this difficult year that you have experienced.

  62. Christmas is the time I indulge myself with glitter.
    These threads cheer even a humbug like me.

  63. I love purple, turquoise, dark blue and gold. These are the colours I have on my Christmas tree.
    I would stitch a mythical Holly branch in deep green with gold veins. And have purple, turquoise and blue berries on it.

  64. This thread is awesome to use as have purchased a fall collection several months ago. I would enjoy more of the colors … and know they are beautiful to stitch with as well.

  65. I am a traditionalist and I love red, green, gold and white for Christmas. I would stitch gingerbread houses and people. Poinsettas. Christmas trees. I could go on….☺☻♥

  66. My favorite advent season colors are burgundy, dark green, cream and gold. Christmas stockings come to mind, also ornaments. Thank you for the chance.

  67. I love RED / GOLD combinations. Too late for this year, but I’d love to stitch a new Advent Calendar in those colors.

  68. My favorite color combinations for the holiday season are the rich jewel tones of garnet red and deep forest green with splashes of gold.

    If I could stitch anything with those I think I would like to do a medieval inspired blackwork table runner. It would be so pretty.

  69. Hi, Mary,

    My favorite combination would be to stitch red felt ornaments with white and silver threads.

    Thanks for the Christmas giveaway!

    Beth in Charlottesville

  70. I would like to embroider a new tree cloth using deep maroon and dark greens on white.
    Thanks again for your fun giveaways.
    Sandy G

  71. I love the traditional green and red — but a broader range of the greens and reds (lots of shades). I also love candy shop colors too (pinks, aqua, white, silver)

  72. Well it’s just got to be the ubiquitous red, green and gold doesn’t it! And if I could stitch anything it would be Mary’s delightful “12 trees of Christmas”!

  73. My new favorite color combination for the holidays is teal and white, while the traditional red and green run a close second. The project I would like to do for December and winter decoration is an oblong table runner with all different stitched houses around the edge. I have seen and liked this design in applique quilting and I think an embroidered depiction would be fun and hopefully as beautiful. Thank you.

  74. My favorite colors for Christmas are the colors of a winter sky at dawn. The Kansas prairie is the best place for this show both at sunup and sunset. The sky is vibrant blue, almost periwinkle, streaked with golden pinks and a little purple or orange. If you are lucky enough to see it with clouds, you get the added bonus of silvers and pearled whites. I’m pretty sure the texture would call for cotton velveteen if you were to try to capture it in embroidery.

  75. J’aime bien les nuances de bleu,
    Si je gagne, je broderai une crèche pour en faire une carte.
    Peut être avez-vous des modèles inspirants?
    J’aime beaucoup les motifs religieux que j’ai achetés de vous.

  76. That’s a good question. I guess for me my favorite Christmas stitching colors would depend on what I’m stitching. I would really like to stitch a pretty yet simple nativity with realistic colors, but so far I haven’t found a pattern I like.

  77. My favourite colours for Christmas are red, green and gold. I would love to stitch another 3D ornament to add to my Christmas tree decorations

  78. I love Lorraine’s threads and have ordered from her before many times. She has a great array of colors and thread types and also has ribbons. Service is great and quick & easy. I am very happy to support a fellow Canadian!

  79. I love Red and Green for Christmas. I would very the light, dark, bright, muted. All various ranges of the colors. I would like to make a Christmas Crazy Quilt with all Red and Green and then one with Blue and Sliver. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. My favourite Christmas colours have got to be a bright red, a strong green and a clear bright white with silver for highlights. I would use it to enhance one of my handmade felt baubles. I’d really like to make some stumpwork ivy on a snowy background with white snow and silver frost on the leaves and perhaps adding clear or crystal beads of frost to the “snowy ” background. Of course, I also love

  81. That’s a hard question for me . Each room in my house is decorated in colors matching that rooms colors. I have purple, teal and yellow rooms to decorate. My yellow room is decorated in the traditional red and green so I’m going to go with that since I could use any color in that room. I would use the colors to embroider ornaments for my tree which is also in that room. My kitchen.

  82. First, if you have not seen Colour Complements Take a Hoot owls take a look. They are wonderful!! I would love Christmas colors to stitch some cute gnomes. Gnomes just make you smile and right now we need more smiles!

  83. This year I am loving blue, silver, and gold. We have just moved near the ocean, and I think it’s having an influence! I am also relearning embroidery so it’s all very exciting. The Needle n Thread newsletter is honestly my favorite right now. And I get a LOT of newsletters (crochet, metal clay, crafts, etc.). I am always inspired by both the creativity and the incredible knowledge and techniques put forth in the articles. And the books that are featured…gorgeous! For a fun project, I think I’d play with stitching a scene that somehow ties the sea in with Christmas. It would be tricky, but a fun “assignment” for myself.

  84. My favorite color combination for the holiday season is red and white. I would stitch a poinsettia wreath or a nordic-style motif such as a reindeer, snowflake, or tree.

  85. Since I am of the Jewish faith, my favorite colors of the season are blue, white and silver. If I had those threads, I would stitch a Hanukah menorah. Thank you!

  86. I love the blues and silvers of Christmas. I would stitch up some small Christmas ornaments for my tree (my plan/goal for this coming year).

  87. I would use yellow, orange, red and green colours for the holiday season. To me these colour represent cheer, brightness, freshness and warmth.

  88. Good afternoon
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter
    Favourite combinations are tones of Turquoise, Aqua, Mauve and Silver. Has to be glittery so sparkly threads included.
    I would stitch button brooches to attach to my Christmas cards.

  89. I would choose a rusty red and brown-olive green combination and would stitch a tree ornament with a Quaker motif.

  90. I love the classic colors of a strong red and an emerald green. I would love to take some time to stitch up felt ornaments with embroidered details for my tree!

  91. My favourite Christmas colours have got to be a bright red, a strong green and a clear bright white, with silver for highlights. I would use them to enhance one of my handmade felt baubles. I’d really like to make some stumpwork ivy on a snowy background with white snow and silver frost on the leaves and perhaps adding clear or crystal beads of frost to the “snowy ” background.
    Of course, I also love gold and navy blue; sky blue and silver – my brain is fizzing with ideas for baubles for the tree and for table decorations – quick, where’s my needle and threads!

  92. My favorite colors for Christmas are the traditional red, white and green with some pops of blue. With those colors I would like to stitch a rendition of the 12 days of Christmas or the Nativity. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  93. First I want to thank you for your inspiring stitching articles. I look forward to them in my inbox and save them for future reference.
    I would like to stitch a pot of Pointsetias wrapped in foil. Reds and greens for the plant of course; purples for the foil with a gold ribbon around the foil pot.

  94. Favorite color scheme-what a difficult question! If only one, red with metallic gold; smallish Christmas ornaments.

  95. I absolutely love snowflakes, so it makes sense that my favorite colors of the season are light blues and sparkling whites I would like to spend the time to embroider a large snowflake for the wall above our cabin fireplace. Happy Holidays

  96. A traditionalist, red/green, gold and silver are always my Christmas colours!!
    They sparkle and signify a wonderful time of the year for family, friends, warmth and love

  97. I love stitching during the holidays with traditional Christmas colors -green, red and white. I make and have been making for many years, ornaments for my 9 grandchildren. I love to use metallics, blending filaments and beads, also! I especially like stitching on 32 ct. linen!

  98. cranberry red
    Williamsburg green
    a rich off white
    Prussian blue
    antique gold
    royal purple
    glowing warm brown
    Ornaments and smalls that I scatter around the house!

  99. My favorite Christmas color combination is Burgundy, Forest Green and a rich cream color. I would stitch “Season’s Greetings” in a beautiful script alphabet.

  100. Red and white are still my go to, Christmas and year round. Ornaments, stockings, and quilts usually have those 2 threads worked into each piece. Happy holidays!

  101. I am traditional with red and green and red and white for my Christmas stitching. Hope you have a Merry Christmss!

  102. I’m a sucker for the traditional dark red and green Christmas colors. When I get a little feisty I go with cobalt and silver or purple and gold. As you might guess, my tree usually has some of each of those. Silver thread smocked on deep blue satin is a favorite, and this year I’m working on some gold thread on wallowberry silk dupione from Silk Baron.

  103. I love the traditional Xmas tree green and ribbon red. I would love to stitch a Xmas themed red and green “red work” project

  104. My favorite colour combination for Christmas is green and gold. With this combination I would like to stitch the goldwork reindeer that was in the Inspirations magazine this month.

  105. I’ve only been embroidering for about 3 years now and I must admit, I’m a fan of the classic colors for Christmas except instead of the bright colors, I like the darker such as forest green, maroon and off white. If I’m making something for the small children I will use the classic red, green and white, but for me and my older children I usually use the darker. Of course I must admit I do throw in blues for the snowflakes! For my favorite colors I would love to try some of your 12 Christmas trees you have in your shop! I have said for the past couple years that I would get that booklet, but alas at this time of year I have to be frugal. Hopefully next year! Thanks for considering me for your give-a-way!

  106. I love the look of blue, purple and silver for holiday decorations. I have a small fiber optic Christmas tree from my mother, and decorate it with miniature blue, deep purple and silver balls. I would stitch miniature ornaments for the tree – beginning with your miniature stockings. Since the kit is already sold out, I need to purchase the pattern and use things I have from other crafting. I have linen, wool felt, floss, beads and little findings from other crafts. I need to purchase the pattern and get stitching!

  107. Favorite holiday colors? I have several. Of course I like the traditional red, green and white, which I like to pop with black and silver. But this year I did ornaments in turquoise, royal blue and teal with pops of silver.

  108. My favorite Christmas colors are gold, red and green.
    I would like to stitch a Christmas ornament from Needle Arts magazine.

  109. Choosing is always difficult as wool colours are all so vibrant and beautiful, but for Christmas it has to be reds, greens and golds. Choosing a design is even tougher as there aren’t enough years to do all the projects I would like to, but a poinsettia design would be fun. I really enjoyed your articles on variegated threads and am looking forward to experimenting, Thank you

  110. Thank you for the giveaway! Just love threads!!!!! For Christmas, I’m very traditional, so it’s green, red and gold for me. I would probably stitch a wreath or pine branch with red ribbons and little gold bells. I just love Christmas!

  111. I am a traditionalist so it will always be red and green for my Christmas! I do like a little gold thrown into the mix. I have the Twelve Trees for Christmas to embroider and when I win, I will use my Colour Complements thread for that project!

  112. I have been drawn to dark greens with light raspberry or pale blue, maybe with a touch of gold or silver!
    Table linens – maybe placemats…

  113. I love the burgandys, cranberry, with blues color theme. I also love the burgundy and cranberry with chartreuse. Then there is just blue and white is always good. Maybe I just love them all.

  114. I absolutely love gingerbread houses so, some of my favorite colors for the holiday season are a combination of maroon, white, ice blue, brown and dark green. I would love to stitch a gingerbread house with these colors in it.

  115. No surprise, but my favorite Christmas colors are the traditional ones- a deep rich red and a deep rich green plus a splash of gold!

  116. I love icy colors! I just did a little “blackwork” sachet bag on dark blue fabric with white stitching and frosted beads. Cool, crisp blues, silver, and white make me think of beautiful snowy days to be inside stitching.

  117. I love cotton floche, and the blue/green floche is a beautiful three to stitch Christmas ornaments (with the addition of white and gold/yellow) and tea towels!!! If I were to win, I would definitively embark on a Christmas tea towels + ornaments journey for my family!!

  118. Red and gold with a bit of Christmas Tree green. I would embroider Poinsettias on a table runner. Thank you Mary and Colour Complements!

  119. Hi,
    I am partial to pinky/purple and limey/green with silver trim at Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  120. I have a Christmas hand embroidery project that I’ve yet to start. It’s called “Oe’r the Hills” and it has a sled heading for Grandma’s house. When I can get to it, I would like to use shades of blue and silvery white. Dark blues, pale blues, silver blues and the lightest silvery blue I can find, almost white with a sparkling white on the hills. Those would be my favorite Christmas colors THIS year.

  121. My favorite colors for the season are, of course, a deep red and hunter green with a bright yellow thrown 8n for some pop.

  122. I’m fairly old-fashioned–I like a good red and green christmas project, with maybe some gold or silver thread for an accent. If I could make anything with them, I think I’d embellish a tree skirt for our new Christmas tree.

  123. I am just getting back into embroidery. I am working on tea towels but plan on doing more. I am so inspired by the beautiful colors!

  124. I just love hand dyed wools and threads! As for Christmas colors, I like the deeper colors for stitching. Perhaps a brick red, a forest green and white or black.. The past few months I’ve begun doing counted cross stitch again, just small projects. I have a wooden, easel type clip board that sits on my piano. It holds things that are about 5″ x 5″. I display seasonal stitching projects there.

  125. I do not like red and green at Christmas! I prefer blues and purples because of the season prior to Christmas, Advent. In my congregation we DO NOT SING CHRISTMAS MUSIC before Christmas. We are really ready for those precious Christmas songs by Dec. 24 and 25.

  126. I love the look of blues, whites and silver – and this is the time of the year that I get out my tatting shuttles to make ornaments.

  127. I love off-shades of the traditional Christmas red/green. Lime/green and red/purple; olive and pink; etc.

  128. Hi I’m. Linda S. from Bondurant Iowa. Right now I want to recreate/remake a sampler of the word NOEL about 4×6 or 5×7. I made one in the70’s using crewel yarns and hippie bright palette. Unfortunately it was water damaged last August. In remaking I would now choose a more traditional palette of red and greens with gold metallic accents.

  129. I love winter white, a deep dark piney green, and a sumptuous wine red. I want to do two Melissa Shirley stockings for my husband and myself.

  130. Pale Mauve and celery green are my favorite colors for the holidays. I would use them to stitch up Christmas balls for the tree, ornaments for family, maybe incorporate some stitched items for a door wreath.

  131. For Christmas – definitely red, burgundy and shades of green – love to embroider poinsettias on small projects (corner of napkins or placemats).

  132. I’m a traditionalist and I love the combination of Christmas red and green. Oh and some sparkly gold threads and beads. I have to have some sparkle! I’d make an ornament as they are small and don’t have to be framed. Stay well everyone.

  133. My favorite holiday colors are purple, teal and gold. What would I stitch? I just got a set of Christmas tree ornaments to embroider.

  134. I love red and gold holiday decorations. I would like to use those colours to stitch an embroidered stocking of two. Thank you for your generosity and teaching us how to do beautiful embroidery.

  135. I’m still a little old fashioned and love crisp, clear red and green with gold or silver for some sparkle. I need to make a new ornament to add to my tree of CQ decorations.

  136. My favorite holiday color combination is red and green and I would stitch one of your Christmas 2020 stocking ornaments.

  137. Favorite Christmas colors would be red and green. I would use them on my recent order for the reindeer/trees towels I just ordered this weekend from your site.

  138. I love a colorful Christmas – all colors bright & beautiful. If I had to pick a few it would be a combination of green, red, gold and another of blue, white, silver.

  139. I enjoy using blues and purples, with a splash of metallics, to make needlepoint ornaments for the tree.

  140. My favorite color combinations are reds & white, and shades of blue & white. I would stitch something for my granddaughters first home she just moved into.

  141. Traditional red and green combos are my go to holiday favorite! I love making stockings to hang in our big picture window and down the stairs. Table runners are also a favorite!

  142. This year has been challenging to say the least. It has been a year to stay home and stay safe. But it has also been a year to reflect , to remind ourselves that it may the simple things that will get us through. The small acts of kindness to a neighbor… asking if they need anything at the store, a friend… having that zoom get together for a show and tell and even strangers…staying six feet away, wearing a mask. So this year I would stitch a simple tree, standing alone, decorated in all the traditional colors of the holiday greens,reds, whites ,golds and silvers. Merry Christmas Lynda

  143. Holiday colors are changing around here as each year gets a bit warmer. I lean towards cool pale blues, lavenders, white. But now I like to add some grass & moss green, fall brown reds.

  144. Hello Mary,
    Your newsletters are always a treat.
    I always learn something and that’s especially good since I only started embroidering in March (thanks to Covid)!
    My favorite colors are bright red, bright green and rich navy. Those colors are being used a lot this month to create Christmas designs.
    It is such fun to present pieces to family and friends “just because”.
    Thank you for your support of the stitching community.

  145. For Christmas stitching I love red, green and white with some glitter either silver/gold or sparkly thread.

  146. My favorite Christmas colors are cream and a rich burgundy red.
    I would stitch an old-fashioned Father Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, Mary!

    1. My favourite colour combination for the holiday season is White/silver/gold and I would like to make Christmas tree decorations with matching serviettes for the table.

  147. Multiple shades of blue. White. Shades of browns. I would use embroidery and color tinting to stitch a snowman playing in the snow with his doggie friend.

  148. Hi Mary
    I would like to embroider a Gingerbread house with Santa Klaus and his reindeer standing nex to him in all the relevant Christmas colors!

  149. My favorite combinations are the traditional reds and greens, but in muted colors (not brights). I would stitch ornament rounds with the threads, using various stitches, and using “merry Christmas ” in the design in languages from countries to which we have traveled

  150. I enjoy combinations of blues/grays/whites for a “wintery” feel. I like Colour Complements Blue #28 for a nice “icy” impression. Snowflake patterns are always a classic for holiday stitching, and you can use those designs all winter long! I would like to stitch something to decorate the table with, such as place mats or a table runner.

  151. My favorite holiday colors are aqua and silver/white. I really like my tree in this combination of colors as it makes me smile every time I see it. If I were to stitch with these colors, I create a wreath with a huge aqua bow.

  152. I love blue and silver but at heart I am a traditional red and green person. Of course, adding a touch of sparkling gold to make it merry and bright.
    My stitching would be leaves and vines topped with roses.

    Linda V.

  153. I love all kind of thread, I practice a lot of techniques. I teach to my neighbours, in my family how to do embroidery. I would like to do a Norwegian piece for my table.
    Thank you so much for all your information, I follow your communication very important for me.

  154. I love the Red Perle Cotton and Floss #187. Of course Red for the Holidays! I would cross stitch Merry Christmas to hang in a embroidery ring, using an elegant, vintage style font.

  155. We celebrate Hanukkah so the colors are blue, white, and silver. I have a pattern of a beautiful menorah that is calling to me.

  156. My two favorite colors for Christmas are olive green and turkey red. I would make a sampler with forest animals and Father Christmas.

  157. I usually love the red, green, and gold colors. But I’ve been playing with different shades of blues and silvers for some embroidered ornaments. I have ordered from Colour Compliments and they have beautiful threads. So many colors to choose from.

  158. red and green have always been Christmas to me. I have an applique Christmas quilt than needs a lot of embroidery on it. thanks.

  159. The hand dyed colors look rich and lovely. It would please me to stroke the skeins and feel the texture. If the thread could be in my house, I would stitch the colors red, blue and gold into Christmas hearts to be donated for hospice purposes. Thank you.

  160. I was always a traditionalist, (red & green) but find myself navigating more towards shades of blue and silver. If this continues, it will likely lead to some major redecorating around my home!

  161. I’m excited to find some new needlework shops. Thank you so much for enabling me all year – I must buy and try all the things! You’ve shown me there is more than just backstitch on kitchen towels- I had no idea what I was missing. I stick with the classic green and red, but those blue snowflakes – love! I definitely see some beading in my future.

  162. I love the threads from Lorraine! They are fabulous. I would choose the red, green, blue, gold, browns. The pattern i would choose is my Christmas block on my crazy quilt. I just love the jewel tones.
    Thanks Mary, have a great Christmas,

  163. My fav colour combinations now are crisp white, medium blue, and silver. The current shapes I have been working on are elongated tree ornaments, in felt.

  164. Forest Green and Silver would be my favorite colors of the season….and I’d be embroidering trees with stars!

  165. Favorite color combination for Christmas – traditional balanced reds and greens, with a sprinkling of darker shades, plus white for snow and stars, warm yellow for candles and just because I love yellow, and a touch of blue to complete the visual primaries – nothing looks right to me unless all four colors are represented!

    As for stitching, I bought one of the linen table runners you linked to on Amazon, in a dark coolish green, a perfect background for the brightest versions of all the colors above! I’m dithering about transferring it (which is NOT my favorite part of embroidery!), but I’ve chosen your largest holly/pine design as being fairly fast and easy to stitch, and big enough to nearly fill one corner, so if that’s all I get done before this Christmas, it’ll still look great. But then I have all the DMC reds and greens, and it’s so hard to choose… 🙂 I might well go with exactly the colors you chose, as I love the result. Just have to add some white snowflakes and figure out where to put that touch of yellow and bit o’ blue!


  166. I love the traditional colours of Christmas Red, green and gold on a snowy white background, and if I could stitch anything it would be a traditional christmas sampler.

  167. I have a neat pattern for a Christmas tree which could use my special colours which would be purple, green and gold/yellow. I wouldn’t mind winning some Colour Complements.

  168. My favourite Christmas colours are red and gold. I would love to stitch a Christmas tree with gold baubles and gold tinsal.

  169. I like using red, mauve and gold. I would stitch berries with poinsettias and perhaps a candle with greenery and ribbons. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

  170. My favorite Christmas color combo is the traditional Red & Green. I love snowmen so I would stitch a snowman among a Christmas tree of greens and reds.

  171. Using various shades of blues, white and silver, I’d stitch Christmas stockings for my grandchildren!

  172. I love greens and purples all year but especially at Christmas – with a little gold thrown in. I’d like to use these colors to stitch up one of your Ecclesiastical patterns then frame it as a single motif. I like the symmetry of them.

  173. I think silver and dark blue to represent a winter starry sky would be my colour choice and theme.

    I live in the North of Scotland and I’m lucky to be in a rural location where the sky at night in winter is full of stars and on a frosty night everything turns sparkly like silver.

  174. I always like to use red, green and gold threads in my ornaments each year. The colors just seem so very Christmas to me. I guess I’m just a traditional type.

  175. My favourite colours for stitching with at Christmas are red and green. I would stitch a picture of a Christmas tree.

  176. Holiday stitching colors? Red of course, with lots of gold, maybe some dark green thrown in for good measure. Or how about lot of blues and silvers for that wintry feel we don’t get in Houston? Cream and gold is always a favorite combination. Maybe some beautiful peach thrown in there. I could do pinks and maroons with deep spruce green and a little gray.

    Holiday colors are just warm, inviting, and happy, just like the season!

  177. My favorite holiday thread colors are burgundy, pine green, and ivory – and I’d love to stitch a Hardanger ornament, with some cross stitch, this year.

  178. What a great giveaway! I’ve been eyeing her threads for sometime now and would love to give them a try. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  179. I just love Christmas. So my fav color are any combination of red, green and gold. I have a house full of Santas. Different types and different needlework – cross stitch, beaded, needlepoint, and embroidery.

  180. I have used the color complements and the solid color complements on projects and been extremely pleased.

  181. I like a simple Vintage Christmas colour scheme, that I would like to stitch a Christmas tree with gifts under. An old fashion feel to it.

    Thank you for the opportunity. The hand dyes embroidery thread is gorgeous!

  182. I love the traditional reds and greens, but adding some lime green or turquoise is always fun! I would stitch more ornaments for our tree!

  183. Holiday colors! Let’s see… The Christmas colors I tend to like best are sort of antique-ish, I guess. Burgundy, emerald, gold. I would love to embroider new Christmas stockings, as I have my very own fireplace to hang them from.
    Now, for Hanukkah, the combination of cobalt blue and white is quite lovely. Maybe put some silver in there? But, unfortunately, I am not Jewish and haven’t the faintest clue what would be appropriate to embroider with those colors. A dreidel? Maybe?
    Ugh, I don’t even know if I’m being offensive! (Any Jewish people who read this, please let me know if I have offended you. It wasn’t intentional, and I’d really like to never do it again.)

  184. My favorite holiday colors are shades of blue and silver. I would love to create beautiful bells with it.

  185. For fall holidays I love the oranges, reds, yellows, and browns in jewel shades for leaves. I love leaves! For winter holidays I love the blues and whites for snowflakes and snowmen.

  186. Hello.

    For Christmas colors, I remain true to tradition with colors of red and green but I like to add fresh greens and blue and gold accents.

    I love to stitch small ornaments in red and green and combinations of both.


  187. My favorite holiday and Christmas colors are cranberry red and holly green. I am currently working (very slowly) on quilt blocks in this colors! Thanks for a wonderful website and blog, Mary!

  188. I LOVE the classic green and red and I would stitch the 12 Trees of Christmas. This is SO MUCH FUN! Thank you! Good luck to all who enter!

  189. I would try to create a Christmas type sampler using the traditional red, green and snow white with a bit of sparkle. Then for added interest I would add purple and some nice crisp blue. These are the colors that always remind me of Christmas.


  190. I love the traditional reds, greens, whites with a bit of yellow for holiday colors. I would love to stitch a Christmas quilt with blocks of embroidery. Not all red work, either. It’s on my bucket list.

  191. My favorite holiday colors are silver and blue and I am using them this year to stitch some lovely snowflakes on my holiday placemats.

  192. I have enjoyed using Colour Complements threads in the past and I love them. I would make an ornament using Amadeus, SpratsHead and Rhodes stitches. These stitches will show the color variations in holiday red, lime green and dark purple.

  193. Favorite Christmas colors? Burgundy, forest green, and cream. I love the sophisticated understatement of this combination. I think I would embroider some festive napkins for Christmas dinner. I so wish we could have a crowd, as usual, but that seems to be not in the stars this year. Maybe next year.

  194. My favorite Christmas colors are blue and silver, hands down. I’ve always wanted to try a Christmas stocking, but I haven’t ever found a design that just screams at me to be stitched.

  195. My favorite combination is blue and silver with some green tones thrown in. Blues from a turquoise blue to the deep navy of twilight. I’d stitch a scene with hills and a deepening sky after sunset with lighter blues fading to a deep navy. In the sky I’d stitch in the sparkle of silver stars with the star of Bethlehem most prominent in the night sky.

  196. I’m a sucker for greens and not just for the holidays and while I don’t have any holiday-related patterns planned, there is a holiday sampler that I have my eye on.

  197. Those threads are magnificent. I need some “brightness” in my life, while waiting for winter to come and go. I have learned so much from your website. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your amazing artistry.

  198. Since I love doing red work, Christmas stitching is perfect! I love making tea towels with fun patterns, small primitives and wool work.

  199. I use bright red, green and yellow as these are so bright and cheering. At the moment I am sewing a Christmas sack for my granddaughter.

  200. I’m still in love with your blues and turquoises from last year’s snowflakes. But bling rules every time.

  201. I love the spring green and red colors at Christmas and all year round. I love working on tree ornaments that can hold gift cards.

  202. I love shades of green, red, white and silver, I would do a table runner with evergreen trees snow and snowflakes in the middle and both ends. A little Brown as well.

  203. Since I am quite traditional (some would say stodgy) when it comes to Christmas, my favorite combination of colors would be true red and green. I would love to embroider tea towels and other home decor using these colors and traditional sayings and art work.

  204. My favorite seasonal holiday colors are reds, greens, golds, blue and white. I love the traditional colors and love to make stockings for Christmas using festive colors.

  205. I really like red and gold for Christmas. I’d love to make a full nativity scene but just haven’t seen one other than in cross stitch and I already have a couple of giant cross stitch patterns in the works! Or I’d like to do an or nue gold work ornament with red couching. I think that would be pretty. Thanks for everything you do for us in this time of chaos!

  206. Ooh! Threads!
    I like to stitch Christmas ornaments. They make nice, small gifts. I make an angel ornament for each family member, and the colors are whatever the receiver likes in some type of DMC Variations. The rest of the ornaments I make don’t have a color scheme — just whatever chart I like! My tree is a hodge-podge!

  207. So many colors to choose…
    My favorite would be burgundy, hunter green, and gold…. but bright red, lime green, and gold are a close 2nd fav!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  208. I am a “Christmas Traditionalist”, so red and green are my favorite Christmas colors. I love stitching for Christmas and most especially anything that looks old and antique. I also love to stitch ornaments for friends and family and myself of course!

  209. For Christmas, I use the colors green and gold with highlights of red. I would like to make a tree skirt for my Christmas tree with a Crazy Quilt pattern of fabrics in whites and using green, gold, and red threads to bring color to it.

  210. Red, green, and white are my holiday colors of choice for the Christmas season. My guess is that I would stitch something small like an ornament.

  211. I use hot pinks and red, exclusively, for the last few years. Right now I would choose to use those colors in an abstract design for a pillow/cushion for my bland couch.

  212. I love the traditional colors of red and green. I’d adapt squares from a Baltimore quilt pattern and would make Christmas tree ornaments using varying shades of these colors, along with beading and braid.

  213. I would use a combination of greens to stitch a forest with one tree in the center decorated with ornaments.

  214. Blues and whites are my favs because I love the outdoor at night scene – snow and stars and if I added browns and black I add chickadees in our tree. They would all be ornaments to enjoy every year!

  215. It must be the glam Scandi in me- – my favorite colors to stitch with for the Christmas Season are red, white black… and a dash o’ gold! Thanks for the contest and your always-interesting site!
    Merry Christmas to one and all!

  216. I love reds, greens, and golds at Christmas. Those colors together make my heart sing! I don’t have a specific project in mind, but I know I can find a festive project to stitch!

  217. I would love to win variegated red and/or green threads and I would use them for the new little stockings ornaments. Red and green are traditional but still my favourite colours for Christmas.

  218. My favorite colors for Christmas are the colors of cranberry and muted yellows.. They remind me of a winter’s trek toward a welcoming home. This time of year both inspires and comforts. Thank you for such a beautiful website, Mary. A present for each day of the year!

  219. My favorite colors for Christmas are gold and burgundy. I would stitch a commemorative bookmark for a friend who has overcome a serious illness.

  220. I love the combination of maroon and gold for Christmas. It can be casual or formal, always beautiful to me. So many complementary colors can go with it also.

  221. I like to stitch with all different versions of red and green: bright, pastel, variegated, muted. There are so many options.

  222. I love colour complements! I met Lorraine a couple of years ago at an embroidery seminar. What a nice lady!
    I love purple, purples of any tint shade and hue…blend with white.and accent with teal…I would embroidery tiny Christmas stocking for tree ornaments to give away.

  223. Dear Mary

    I really like this time of year on Needle ‘n Thread with the give-away gifts they are always so lovely. Thank you Lorraine for the selection of threads you have so generously offered up for us stitchers. Thank you Mary for sharing this lovely gift with us, its such a change to the gloom that we have been living through this year, so thank you and I look forward to the lovely future give-aways.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  224. I love light blue and silver for the holidays! I would stitch ornaments – like snowflakes and even a holiday tree in that combination.

  225. I love traditional red, green, gold and silver and I would like to make fancy Christmas ornaments.

  226. I am a red green and gold girl. My first choice is crazy quilting. I have also been working on a series of 12 days of Christmas ornaments.

  227. I love colour Mary, so for Christmas in addition to red and green, I love pink, turquoise, silver and combinations of fall colours as well. Last year I sewed with a print that had aqua, red, grey, white, and a tiny bit of black, and it was gorgeous.
    These hand dyed threads are luscious in their colouring. Whoever receives them is sure to be smiling broadly. You and Lorraine at Colour Complements will be making some happy stitchers even happier.

  228. I would use a chartreuse green and pink and embroidery pillow cases for my daughter and daughter in laws

  229. My favorite colors for Christmas are deep rich jewel tones of red, green and purple. I would use these colors to stitch a wall hanging of poinsettias. The deep reds of the flower, with dark shades of purple for shadows and the green in rich tones just says Christmas to me.

  230. I love stitching ornaments. My favorite color combination tends to be anything that contains red, although I recently used gold/teal/orchid and love the result.

  231. I love to stitch canvas work ornaments. (A favourite designer is Carolyn Mitchell from Canada.). I recently stitched her Gourmandise Gems collection. Rather than her colours or traditional red and green I chose various shades of chartreuse (lime green) and fuchsia in DMC Floss and Perle Cotton, Kreinik Metallics, and Petite Very Velvet with gold beads and Swarovsky crystals. I gave some of the ornaments away but was so thrilled with the results that I kept a few for myself! With all the wonderful threads available today (and I love using them all, including Colour Complements) I still think my favourite is DMC Perle Cotton.

  232. I love the combination of pink, blue, purple, green, and white for the holiday season. Whether it’s the pastels of the Twenties or the vibrant shades of the Fifties, this color combination says ‘excitement of the holidays’ to me.

  233. Now for the Christmas holidays, my colors are red, dark green and gold for accents; pretty normal, I guess!!!

  234. Like variations on red (cranberry, brick) and the addition of teal to projects.
    Just finished 9 ornaments for family, customized to their preferences, with embroidery.
    Have a specialized Christmas tree pattern I’d like to do for next year.

  235. Bonjour Mary,
    Alors pourquoi ne pas tenter ma chance !!! Il faut bien des gagnants donc je pourrais en faire partie, qui sait ?
    Pour moi, Noël serait plutôt en bleu et argent. D’abord, parce que le bleu est ma couleur préférée et que l’argent le sublime. Et puis, parce que cette association de couleurs me fait penser à des bijoux en argent accompagnés de lapis lazzuli.
    À bientôt….

  236. I colori che sceglierei per le festività natalizie sono i colori caldi : rosso, giallo ocra, marrone bruciato, arancio,oro.
    Penso che realizzerei piccoli pannelli da appendere ai vetri delle finestre per rallegrare il cielo grigio!!

  237. I love a burgandy red, dark green and a little gold for Christmas. Right now I would stitch a runner for my dining room table reflecting my family. Miss them during isolation lick down.

  238. We celebrate Channukah and I love the “bling” from a deep blue with silver accents. I would make a Jewish star!

  239. My favorite colors for the holiday season are blue and silver and stitching silver snowflakes on blue is the best.

  240. Elegant Christmas themed napkins and place-mats with gold, deep red, and deep green thread, on cream colored linen.

  241. I love stitching for the holidays in the shades of golds , reds , and greens. One large cardinal and a golden snowflake are the focus of my current embroidery. They are on a sixteen inch block.

  242. I’d like a pair of Christmas curtains for my front door sidelights.

    Definitely red and green, but leaning heavily to the warm side of the spectrum. And some silver and gold sparkle. Not too big a project, but one that would certainly be seen!

  243. I am partial to old Victorian colours at Christmas, burgundy and deep forest greens with gold. My Christmas tree and all my decor, even though it’s been updated over the years always comes back to those colours. I’d love to stitch a cushion front with a beautifully decorated tree to add to my Christmas collection!

  244. I really like the blue and gold combination and would like to use it on an embroidered ornament.

  245. I love the more muted tones of hunter green and burgundy and would like to stitch a Christmas sampler.

  246. As many my favorite colors are red and green and I surrely stitch a Christmas stocking for my brand new grandchildren Jake.

  247. Hi Mary! Thanks for this great chance. My favorite colors are in season and out of season – purple, teal and mint/lime. Looking forward to this great – generous giveaway!!! Be blessed.

  248. I do love the traditional colors of the holiday season…reds, greens, golds, blues, and silver. If I was to stitch something right now, it would be words of inspiration…hope, joy, peace, love, Merry Christmas…in some sort of sampler.
    Have a great day!

  249. I would love to add new threads to my stash to help me explore from crossstitch and blackwork to painted canvas and needlepoint projects.

  250. I love reds, greens and SPARKLE thread.
    This is the time of year that I do ornaments with sparkly all over for the family. Then simple, quick holiday designs on functional things like table mats and flour sack towels are my go-to.

  251. I stitch a lot of snowflakes at Christmas for gifts. So any of the light icy blues make a lovely snowflake!.

  252. My favorite colour combination for Christmas are the traditional colours like true red, forest green, crystal sparkles, deep royal blue and royal purple. Not sure what I’d stitch with them but perhaps a series of ornaments that could be displayed on the tree.

  253. My favorite colors for Christmas stitching are the classic red and green with white or cream. I have a chart for a lovely design of teacups full of Christmas greenery sitting in my to-do queue using just those colors, and it is calling to me…

  254. I love the icy blue tones for the holidays. I’m jonesing for a good, complicated snowflake stitch.

  255. Now the I live in the Florida Keys – tropical colors are “in” for every season. Some lovely greens, yellows and a pop of pink – Flamingos in Santa hats make me laugh while I stitch!

  256. Mary, thank you for the holiday fun! My favorite color of all is blue, and I love to stitch anything winter or holiday in blues and gentle creams or whites, to evoke the feeling of a gentle snow in the evening. I would stitch some of your embroidery alphabet with the colors.
    Thank you, too, for all of the wonderful newsletters and posts all year long. I learn so much from you and look forward to seeing your beautiful creations. Happy holidays!

  257. I love the variety of colors, but for holiday stitching of course red and green, or blue and white/silver although my sister-in-law got me starting using purple and teal. I probably would stitch a snow scene.

  258. For Christmas items I enjoy working with red and white with a little gold and maybe green added. I like to work on flour sack towels in December as they make great gifts and I can pick it up and stitch for a short time if that’s all I have.
    Thanks for offering these giveaways.

  259. I do like the red and green of the Christmas season, but I tend toward the dusty shades of red and green.

  260. I enjoy the traditional red, green, and white colors this time of the year. There is nothing more seasonal than a wreath with a red ribbon around it hanging on the front door. I would enjoy stitching some seasonal dish towels. I haven’t done dish towels in a couple of years. We hold our meetings in the lounge at a local church, and my guild used to embroider them for the church fundraiser. The church hasn’t held their fundraiser for a couple of years, so we haven’t had any dish towels to embroider for them.

  261. My favorite colors for Christmas are deep green, red, and gold. I would use them to stitch a beautiful pomegranate

  262. Merry Christmas To All!
    Thank you Mary for another season of fun treats! You are quite the Santa Claus! My favorite Christmas combination, hmmm……after much deliberation, I love them all! I just can’t choose! BUT, the colors that say Christmas to me, are red and green. I guess I’m a traditionalist that way.

  263. My favourite colour combination to stitch for Christmas would be ivory and a rich dark red or burgundy. I envision stitching a canvaswork ornament.

  264. I think this year shades of blues and silver are my holiday colors. I’d like to stitch some ornaments.

  265. I love deep blue and white for a different Christmas palette. The darker the blue, the better. It makes me think of the sky at night which leads to thoughts of stitching a Nativity scene in white or cream on beautiful blue linen.

  266. I love the royal colors for Christmas- red and purple with gold and silver. I would use them to stitch a star ornament of some kind. My second choice is Blue, Lt Purple and silver for snowflakes.

  267. My favorite color combination is green, blue and yellow. Some bright red is also nice. Yes I am needlepointing a series of wild animal ornaments for Christmas. Beavers, arctic animals, some birds and the like need blue and yellow to finish them off with some pop and sparkle.

  268. Forgot to say what I would stitch. Probably a smocked dress for my granddaughter. Colors are red, green and gold.

  269. I always go with green and red. That says Christmas. The little stocking ornaments put out by Needle n Thread are calling my name.

  270. Something about icy blue, white and silver just speaks winter to me. Although I still like the traditional green and red, softer colors are becoming my favorites for the holidays. A few years ago I made a wool applique in frosty blues, silvers and whites, of course with some crystal beads and a little metallic threads, and enjoyed every minute of it.

  271. At this time of year I always love the burgundy, golds and greens. I like the antique tones and also the bright, shiny ones.

    Off the top of my head, I think these threads would be great used in all kinds of samplers (including your new little stockings), abstract needlepoint designs and blackwork, to name a few.

  272. So glad you’re doing these again; it reminds me of things I want/need!! So…I want to make a Christmas tree skirt for my tree. the one I’ve been using is store bought – -nice, but want to try and make my own. Colors: blues, gold, silver I think. Blue definitely. Either crazy quilt style with embroidery or applique with christmas figures and embroidery. Thanks again mary

  273. My favorite color combination for Christmas is silver, blue, and white. This also works for Hanukkah. The colors are serene and remind me of the winter solstice.

    I would stitch a variety of snowflake ornaments, different designs, white with silver and a small variety of different blues as accents. To put on a tree with crystal lights and some old-fashioned tinsel.

  274. I love blues and turquoise with white for a Christmas winter. I am thinking about using these colors for the Modern Folk Embroidery 2021 cross stitch SAL Thank you for the chance to win some threads.

  275. My favorite colors of the season include the usual red, white, and green, expanding on the theme with burgundy, and olive green.
    If I had time to stitch a seasonal item, ( finishing up dish towels of a summery nature for gifts!), I’d like to stitch a motif with mistletoe and holly, possibly on a gift bag.
    Lovely threads on the Colour Compliments website. I’ll definitely give myself a little treat there.(;

  276. Thank you for this lovely give-away!
    My favorite Christmas colours are the traditional ones – the rich reds and varied greens with a bit of gold for sparkle. Although I am usually drawn to blues and O, Tannenbaum on the cover of Inspirations magazine certainly caught my eye.

  277. I’m currently in the pink and silver mood for my Christmas palette. I love the softness it brings to the tree. I like to cross stitch Christmas smalls in these colors.

  278. The colors, brown, gold, ivory and pale pink are beautiful together!

    I would stitch a batch of pretty Christmas ornaments embellishing them with some glitzy, tiny, shiny beads.

    Thank you, Mary!

  279. My favorite colors for the holidays are white, red and green. I think I would do something really fast, like a small detail on the corner of some napkins. They make fast and easy presents, and they are always appreciated. Tanyaheidi

  280. I’ve really been loving the bright non traditional colors for Christmas. Also love several of the seasonal patterns offered by Satsuma Street on Etsy.

  281. I confess to being very traditional – I love red, green and gold for Christmas! If I had the time and energy, I would love to hand stitch each and every person on my Christmas card list their own card! But traditional handmade paper cards will do!

  282. My favorite color has always been blue, so for Christmas I like blue and silver together. When my sister and I were in college, our parents alternatively decorated their tree with our favorite colors (hers was red and gold). Afterward, each of received the ornaments and lights for our future homes. I no longer decorate a tree, but I would love to stitch one that I could display to remember my parents and my sister!

  283. My favorite colors to embroider with at Christmas time are reds, greens, golds and a bit of purple.

  284. My favorite combination of colors for Christmas is a deep green, dark red and cream with a sprinkling of gold. I have heard them called Victorian colors. These colors would be beautiful on Mary’s tiny stockings. Hmmm mmm, great idea!

  285. My colors this year are dark brown, a deep teal and light blue with a little sprinkling of sparkle! I have been making cards with this combination and they are so pretty! I would like to make a small pillow using these colors as well.

  286. My favorite colours to stitch with at Christmas time are green and gold. I love the looks of golden yellow lights on a wreath hanging on the front door with ambient lighting coming through the windows of the door. I would stitch that wreath with those colours and Christmas decor on the front step as well.
    Thank you .

  287. I like a pretty traditional Christmas…so red with greens it is. This year I’d like to stitch some new ornaments for the tree.

  288. I like blues, reds and silver. I want to stitch some of the snowflakes you have shown in blue and silver, they are so beautiful. The reds I like for lettering and messages of Christmas on towels or runners.

  289. My favorite colors for Christmas are red and green and brown. I would use the colors to stitch a woodsy scene with evergreens, berries and maybe a cabin or deer. I would then make this little scene into an ornament.

  290. This year I am drawn to the paler colors of blue/ grey and silvers… if I can make the time I would like to finally stitch one of my own ideas.

  291. I do love combining Burgundy and gold for things during Christmas time. A simple gold snowflake on a Burgundy ground fabric.

  292. My favorite colors for the Christmas holiday is red and green with silver and blue added into the mix. Merry Christmas Everyone !

  293. I’m a traditionalist. I love deep red, deep green, and bright gold for Christmas colors. I’d stitch a Christmas table runner for my dining room table.

  294. My favorite Christmas colors are silver, blue, red, white. I would like to learn how to stitch all the beautiful birds that come to my bird feeders through the winter. Plus the trees when it snows, the grays, blacks, browns when you see the tree silouettes with snow on them.

  295. I have 2 favorite combos of thread for the holidays: traditional red, green and gold, and greys and silver. I have had in mind to stitch a pretty mistletoe in stumpwork with the greys and silver. Probably have to go sketch that up right now! Thanks for inspiring me!

  296. Thank you for doing the giveaways again. Something to brighten this year. I enjoy using Colour Complements threads! My favorite colors for this time of year are red and green with gold. I have had a gingerbread house kit I bought years ago. I finally pulled it out last week and am having so much fun working on it.

  297. I love, love, love blues and silver to stitch snow flakes at Christmas time. They always look clean and cool and festive without being too fussy. The best part is they can stay out all winter without anyone commenting mid February that it’s a little late for Christmas!
    Thank you for the lovely threads and your wonderful content all year long. Have a wonderful day!

  298. I love color and having lots of colors to choice from. The colors in this palette are super. My favorite colors for the Christmas season are frosted ones. Pinks and greens in ornaments or angels are special favorites. With those add a frosted white and a darker frosted green and I’m in love!

  299. I become a traditionalist at Christmas so use red and green perhaps with a sparkle of gold. I like doing “old St Nick” ornaments to bring a little old fashioned feel to my decorations.

  300. My favorite color combinations are purple/green or blue/red with gold or silver accents. I would love to try your snowflake patterns with those colors someday.

  301. Loraine’s threads are yummy! (Crossing fingers)
    For winter, I like a combination of silver and blues, and I’d stitch snowflakes!

  302. I am very traditional when it comes to the holidays, so my “go to” colors for Christmas are red and green, with a sparkle of gold or silver mixed in, too. For religious themed items will add in the purples, pinks and white. Growing up in New England, snow is also closely associated with Christmas, so I also enjoy making snowflakes and for those white and metallic, and of course silver bling is a necessity for snowflakes.

    Thanks to Colour Complements for kicking off this year’s holiday season!

  303. I really like the combination of shades of sage green and chocolate brown. I made a pillow, and hope to start a wall hanging. I wonder if Colour Complements has dyed any threads with this color combo???
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  304. My favorite Christmas colors are silver, red, green, and white. I would like to sew a winter landscape.

  305. Red, gold, purple and green! I made a table runner using Christmas fabrics in this combination years ago and it still looks festive and, well, not too dated.

  306. I love the retro colors of pink, turquoise, red and silver at Christmas. If I won the thread I would love to embroider on a felt ball to make an ornament.

  307. Threads of gold
    Reds so bold
    All can be seen
    With Christmas green

    I love cross stitching Christmas stockings.

  308. Actually, I don’t have a favorite color combination for the holidays. I love color and have a few favorite combinations, such as the rainbow; pink, purple and turquoise; red, yellow and orange; silver, gold and copper; and whatever my mood.

    I have several stitching projects I’ve been thinking of and those are what I’d work on, some are a scissor fob design from an Etsy seller, a needle painting design and a multimedia design on organza.

  309. I am a traditional Christmas colors girl. I like the reds, greens, whites, golds and silvers of Christmas. One thing I have wanted to stitch for years but have not yet is a traditional Santa with his bag of toys.

  310. I love jewel colors, just this side of garish! So I would go for a deep red, a dark emerald green, royal purple, brilliant blue (royal, or something richer), and a rich yellow/orange. I might have actually crossed the line into garish territory there 😉 but just thinking about those colors gives me a lift. As to what I would make, I absolutely loved the stitch sampler which you used for various things (journal cover, Xmas stocking, etc.). I’d make a couple of sachets for sweet-smelling herbs for my sister. We live far apart and haven’t seen each other for over a year because of COVID. So I thought that I could do one for each of her favorite herbs in my garden: lavender, oregano, chocolate mint, and lemon thyme.
    And whether or not I win anything, I want to tell you how very much I always enjoy your newsletters. They are such fun to read – you actually got me into embroidery again! So thank you indeed!

  311. Nothing says Christmas to me like the classic combination of red and green. I am in the middle of stitching some tree ornaments with a mix of red and green with lots of gold metallic thrown in for bling and to help them be seen better with the Christmas tree lights.

  312. I’m a traditionalist on Christmas colors – red and green. And since I’m also a Spode Christmas Tree junkie, I tend to stay with the red and greens in the design.

  313. I am a needlepointer. I love silver, white, and shades of blue for Christmas. I have two new twin granddaughters and would love to needlepoint Christmas stocking cuffs for them.

  314. Blue, red and gold. Someday when my skills improve, I’ll stitch a little scene of the canals of Venice with the gondolieri wearing Santa hats.

  315. I like traditional holiday colors: gold, cream, red and green. I’d stitch poinsettias and leaves on a table mat or runner.

  316. i think my favourite colour combination would be silver, white and blues. they just look so crisp and clear for a winter scene in thread painting.
    thanks so much.

  317. I love red, green, white and blue and I would use them to make ornaments trimmed with twisted cord. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely prize

  318. I have to go with the traditional colors of “red and green” as my favorites, altho when I looked at her website I must say I was drawn to the watermelon pinks and green combo as well. I just love COLOR. :D. I’ve been getting into Hardanger much more and am more into the subdued colors with that, but who knows?… The future holds so many possibilities! 😀
    Thank you Mary for all you do, and many thanks to all your stitching shop/vendor contributors as well, for such a lovely give-away each season. I never win anything (at any give aways)- it seems to be my luck, but I still enjoy “hoping”. LOL.

  319. I love the traditional red, green, and gold. It just feels so comforting and classic to me. I’d really love to make a nice embroidered table runner for the holidays, probably not this year, too many other projects going at the moment though!

  320. I love the traditional reds, greens, and white with a little splash of sparkle. Holly berries and snow covered pine branches would be my stitching choice. Thank you!

  321. My favorite color combo for this Holiday season is a creamy pink, grey, green and silver combo. If I could stitch using those colors, I would like to make my first Biscornu, that I discovered on your blog, so thank you very much for sharing all the info you do, it’s so appreciated 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!

  322. My favorite holiday colors this year are olive, crimson, cream and navy. I’ve been making felt ornaments to send to my colleagues in Christmas cards, so flat is optimal. If I were to win, I’d stitch stockings for my family. I’ve been eager to do some simpler stump work projects and this would be a great opportunity to engage in that creativity.

  323. Colors of the season, huh? For me, that would be reds, greens, warm yellows, crips whites, the right blues, & soft grays. This year I would be stitching dish towels for color-fast threads & tiny ornaments for those that are not. I have 4 grand children that are getting older & will be having their own trees in the near future.

  324. Light to medium blue, crystal and silver are my favorite colors for the holiday and I would stitch your snowflakes.

  325. I love burgundy, forest green, and gold for Christmas colors. I would probably stitch an ornament with these colors. Thanks, Mary, for your inspiring and educational messages. I have learned so much about needlework from you, and use your website often as a resource!

  326. My favorite colors for Christmas are rich colors. Bold. I add red to almost everything because it’s so cheerful.
    Lately I’ve been loving gold.

  327. My favorite colors for Christmas this year are blue, white and silver. They offer a complimentary softness to the usual red and green.

  328. My favorite color combination is the standard red, white, and green. I’m currently in love with the gnome phase we seem to be going through. I would probably stitch a few of those.

  329. I love the red and green color combination with a touch of gold. But I am also thinking about stitching some whitework to add a touch of elegance to my Christmas displays. Thanks for doing this Mary!

  330. My favorite color combination for Christmas are jewel tones (Ruby red, Sapphire blue, Emerald green) and of course Gold and Silver.
    I would stitch a Nativity Scene or antique Santas.

  331. Light to medium blue, crystal and silver are my favorite colors for the holidays and I would stitch your snowflakes.

  332. I love Colour Compliments threads! My favorite colors for Christmas are manganese blue, violet, and silver. They’re elegant and wintry; I tend to work on winter stuff instead of straight Christmas. For those colors, I’d do something like a winter sampler, with a lot of snowflakes.

  333. During the holidays my holiday stitching consist of monogram pillow cases. The holiday colors depend on the person I’m making the gift for. If I was stitching for myself my favorite colors for the holiday would be several different shades of purple. Many thanks for always sharing and inspiring beautiful needlework.

  334. I look forward to your newsletters every week! Your descriptions and photos are fantastic and so easy to follow. I received my Ebola for the Christmas stockings and cannot wait for the materials to arrive.

    I have to say my favourite combination of colours for the holiday season are a variety of icy blues, sparkly whites, silvers that makes one think of a winter wonderland. I love canvas work so would like to stitch an ornament or winter scene or something geometric.

    This is a really lovely way to get into the spirit of the season!
    Thank you!

  335. I love the suble colors of the landscape as the seasons change from fall to winter in the northern lattitudes, where I live. My favorite colors to stitch with during this season reflect this: shades of red ranging from the deep burgundy of red osier dogwood branches to the brilliant paprika color of the male cardinal; the deep blue-green of evergreen branches; and the range of browns from the tan fronds of native grasses gone to seed to the chocolate color of pinecones. It follows that I love to stitch winter landscapes, both natural and whimsical!

  336. My favorite Christmas colors to stitch with are the traditional red and green!!!
    I would stitch a few of your Christmas tree with my new lovely threads!

  337. Hi Mary,
    I love blue, so blue with red, blue with green, blue with yellow, any colour that fits with blue would make me happy. And probably that I would make decorations for the Christmas tree.
    Take care of you,
    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  338. I love the classic red & green, perhaps with a touch of gold. I would love to have a beautiful linen hand towel and embroider it with some holly & berries or a poinsettia flower, and the monogram it as a special present for someone.

  339. My favorite colors for the holiday season are traditional red and green. I especially like them on linens and plan on doing the top edges of my sheets someday so every day during December can be Christmas.

  340. A difficult decision since I like the traditional red/green, jewel tones, and silver/blue. The favorite changes from year to year. As to the stitching, a pillow or table runner.

  341. My favorite holiday colors are blue and silver. I would like to stitch a Christmas stocking in shades of blue with silver metallic in a plaid design.

  342. Blue, white and silver! I love the wintery, sparkly feel of the combination. I keep an embroidered/quilted mini-quilt in my study on a metal stand, and I would embroider a constellation of stars against a night sky. It could carry me into January.

  343. My favorite color combination for the holiday season would be various shades of blue and gold. I would be creating an embroidery of the seascape as that is where I would like to go in my imagination when it’s snowing and blowing outside!

  344. My favorite colors to use are the variegated blues and reds and greens. I love to stich snowflakes in the variegated blues. So beautiful!

  345. I love the midnight blues with white or silver. I love to make smocked ornaments and have made several in varying blues and white. I probably would use the thread to make another. Then again, i just purchased your snowflake designs. I just might have to try them out with new threads to experiment with. Oh the choices. How does on decide?

  346. I’m strictly a red and green kind of person. Christmas red and Holly green. I like to see other combinations but I don’t particularly want to stitch them.

  347. I like and enjoy many of the colors that you see this season but my favorites are the traditional red and green. So cheerful against a snowy background. And besides, red makes Santa easy to spot! I’d stitch an elegant poinsettia mantel hanging.

  348. I love blue and silver combinations for Christmas cards. I have stitched one batch of cards for Christmas using your Snowflake designs in shades of teal and blue accented with silver. A second batch was constructed from the designs in “Basics of Embroidery on Paper”, by Erica Fortgens (a book referenced in one of your posts).

  349. Favorite Christmas colors — dark red, gold, and a little bit of dark green. For ornaments that I stitch for each family unit each year. Not quite so much dark green this year, as I’m doing all of your 1000 Flower designs on 40 count gauze — including an extra reindeer done in reverse.

  350. My favorite Holiday combination of colors is shades of aqua/blues and silver with some greens. I would stitch a Christmas tree with aqua/blue decorations in the snow with maybe a tiny pop a red here and there, like a cardinal and red berries.

  351. My favorite colors for Christmas are the traditional green and red with a little black for accents and I would like to stitch a small picture of a Christmas tree and maybe Santa beside it.

  352. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red, green, and gold combos. I’d love to make a new stocking for each of my family members. Thank you.

  353. Blue and silver are my favorite Christmas colors. I’m making an entirely embroidered Christmas quilt with those colors but I started it when metallic thread was new and lousy so I’d like to have some decent silver.

  354. You can’t go wrong with red and green at Christmas time. Green pine boughs and cardinals or red berries! As always, I would stitch crazy quilted cards or ornaments!

  355. I love the traditional red and green but in recent years I’ve been doing a salmon and forest green to do something a little different. Thanks for your giveaways – they are always fun to think about and read about.

  356. I’m a sucker for blue and silver. Way back in the dark ages, I convinced my classmates to call our junior prom “Blue Christmas” – and that’s how we decorated the gym. It was magical.

    I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas hanging with the Star of the East and the words to Oh Holy Night. These threads would be perfect!

  357. Good Morning Mary

    Red and green (and maybe a touch of gold) are my favorite colors to stitch with for the holidays.

    Tiny Christmas charts that can be stitched quickly for give always to family and friends.

  358. My favorite colors for the season are red , green and gold. I would stitch 4-way bargello ornaments for family and friends that we can not get together with this year.

  359. Such gorgeous threads!
    I think I would make a wall hanging so I could show off the beautiful threads. My favorite colors for Christmas would be a blue and silver with a little red and green thrown in! Thanks for your generosity!

  360. Happy Holidays to you! I love Colour Complements threads. My ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter is stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff published in Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now.
    I am using Lavender (51) from Color Complements and DMC #5 Perle 550. We’re each using a different color and all are wonderful! I created a small bell using red, green, and gold waiting to be stitched. Not an original colorway but it is traditional.

  361. My favorite combination at the holidays is royal blue, turquoise, and silvery white. If I could use those colors together, I would needlepoint a door sign that says “ Holiday memories begin here. Welcome!”

  362. I absolutely love Christmas colors. deep reds along with Christmas greens. I would stitch a Santa ornament or
    using those colors stitch a small Christmas wreath.

  363. My favorite Christmas colors are reds, greens, golds, whites. The traditional.

    However I also love the new colors that are joyful.
    Thanks Mary.

  364. My favorite color combination for Christmas changes from time to time. It seem this year is red and green since I spent the weekend changing the color of the ribbons on all my wreaths and decorating greenery from white to red. Also made a basketful of red ribbons for the tree. However, I’ve always wanted to make Christmas napkins with a small poinsettia on the corner. For that I would use white linen with red and green for the poinsettia. Maybe next year:)

  365. Since 2020 has been such a bummer year in so many ways, I would definitely choose the brightest warm and cheerful colors I can find! Not Christmas red-FIRE ENGINE RED with maybe lime green, no icy blues , thank you very much. Give me Carribbean water in turquoise or sunny sky blue. This year, cheerful beats tasteful in my decorations!

  366. I would choose winter white and a strong blue. I’d stitch a blue Christmas tree on a darker blue background, surrounded by swirling snow. Id stitch a white star to the tree top, then add some glitter with beads and crystals.

  367. This year my daughter and I selected Christmas red (DMC 321), white, and chartreuse. We decided we needed the energy provided by chartreuse. I recently finished stitching Manger Ornament by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks. It was my Lenten stitching. I will begin another manger/nativity scene for Lent.

  368. My current favourite colour scheme for Christmas is burgundy with teal. I like to stitch small ornaments for Christmas as giveaways so that’s what I would do first. And of course there’s always a sampler that is begging to be stitched. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  369. I love the combination of ice blue, white and silver with a tiny hint of pink! I would stitch a hanging window ornament to catch the sun.

  370. My favorite holiday colors would be a nice juicy true red paired with several shades of green including including light almost yellow green all the way to dark.
    My item if choice is a tea towel, and I’d use it too!

  371. I love colour, what stitcher doesn’t! I especially like the colour combination of light blue, silver/grey, and white for a Christmas theme as it seems to me to be fresh and upbeat. Colour Compliments has wonderful threads, and whomever wins this wonderful giveway will be a lucky person! Thanks Mary for keeping me engaged every day with stitching.

  372. My favourite Christmas colours are pink and fushia with white or silver thrown in. I’ve been finishing up wips but eager to start a Jacobean pattern or two That are in my stash.

  373. Red, silver and gold. I am making COVID ornaments for my family. They are silver balls with gold and red beads to make it look like the virus!! We have to have a sense of humor right now!!

  374. I fall for the traditional. Bring on Christmas red, green and gold. I’d stitch a festive wreath. Maybe a small one to turn it into an ornament to gift. Thank you to all your small business suppliers for gifting so generously this season with these difficult times.

  375. I love blue and silver combinations. They remind me of ice and snow and twinkling stars.

  376. I’m a green and red fan. . .in December I seem to be drawn to trees so perhaps, I’d stitch a tea towel with green trees decorated with red garlands!

  377. My favorite Christmas colors are the Victorian Christmas colors, burgundy, blue/green, rose, off-white. A little less traditional. I’m deep into stitching Christmas projects, so anything Christmasy works for me.

    Thank you for all you do for the stitching community.

  378. While all colors make me happy, my favorites for this season are all the reds from purple to yellowish fire-red, signifying the joy of the season together with the wonderful deep blue greens of the noble firs and the lighter greens of the Scotch pines and the larches. But then, I am also intrigued by the light blues and turquoises of the snow glistening in a sun of palest yellow.
    I would stitch a morning winter scene with a weak sun of an iced over pond at the fringes of a forest or a dense stand of trees and skaters with red and green scarves flying behind them.

  379. For the holiday season, my favorite color combination is red and gold. If I had more time, and less kittens, I would stitch a tree skirt. As it is, small ornaments is what I’m stitching.

  380. My favourite colour combination for Christmas is Green and Gold and I’d probably make yet another toss cushion top.

  381. My favourite colour combination would be green, white, brown and blue to stitch an outdoor scene with Christmas trees, snow, sky and reindeers.

  382. My favorite Christmas colors are red, white and a kind of light green mix with silver. I would like to stitch a tablecloth for a big festive table… Maybe in the futur, but impossible this year! Thank you Mary and all people from embroidery stores for those beautiful give-aways.

  383. Traditional red and green colors are my first choice. Second would be silver/white. Always wanted to do a beautiful table runner but havent accomplished that yet.

  384. I love the royal colors of the season – the deep purples, crimsons, emerald greens, and bright golds. I’d love to stitch the 3 Kings.

  385. I love deep reds, greens light to dark and a beautiful burnished gold threads. I would use them to stitch a holiday greeting such as “JOY,” “MERRY MERRY,” “PEACE.”

  386. I’ve been immersed in stitching Christmas ornaments for 15 grandkids (& spouses-2 weddings this year!) Then I found some scraps in my linen pile and I started on small ornaments for friends. It is a pattern I made up -Christmas wrapped in the Christ Child’s love is less likely to come untied. They have been quick, easy and I’ve made 8 of them so far. Has me focused on Christmas and ignoring the house and putting up my Nativity collection decorations, LOL.

  387. Thank you for inviting this newbie to join.
    My favorite colors for Christmas season are the rich red/purple, greens/blue and rich gold. They are fit for our King

  388. Not traditionally a Christmas color, maybe but I love blue and gold. I love to decorate my bedroom and sleep in lights and Joyfulness. I would decorate some pillow cases and just using them in the holiday season would make them even more special. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  389. I have always loved burgundy and gold for holiday colours, but lately, turquoise and lime green are sneaking in…….I would love to stitch a Jacobean design with either colourway. I love Lorraine’s threads and, as a customer, can attest to their beauty. Thank you Mary.

  390. What a beautiful bunch of threads! I love hand dyed threads and ribbons. My favorite colors for Christmas are rich forest greens and burgundy to pink reds.

    1. I meant to say that I would stitch a Christmas tree with packages under the tree.
      What a beautiful bunch of threads! I love hand dyed threads and ribbons. My favorite colors for Christmas are rich forest greens and burgundy to pink reds.

  391. My favorite color combinations during Christmas time are blues, with silver and white. These bring to mind to beautiful wintry scenes from the nirth that definitely do not happen here in south central Texas! Would make a beautiful pillow cover for winter use. Something like part of a Kincade print, especially if stitched by thread painting technique.

  392. So happy to learn about Colour Compliments. Just ordered some floche for a long overdue project. Merry Christmas to me!!!

  393. For the holidays, I seem to like the crisp clean palette of white joined with jewel tones of reds/greens/blues/burgundys. Alone or in combinations but with white as the background.
    I have always wanted to stitch soft ornaments with a front piece and back piece, stuffed and sewn together. The ornaments would be of nature themes.

  394. Favorite colors: Deep cherry red, pine forest green with a touch of white and gold.
    I would embroider deep green mistletoe, with a thin cherry red ribbon running through it, tied into a bow on top,
    a few white berries and a little gold sparkled caption: Hugs for you! on a small felt heart or circle, stuffed with batting
    I would give them to my grandchildren that I so miss hugging and kissing this 2020, to keep in their pockets this holiday season.

  395. What Christmasey colors would I choose from Colour Compliments – a range of regal browns, deep golds and medieval reds to stitch some Christmas quail I think!

  396. My favourite Christmas colour theme is very traditional, I prefer Red with Silver, and Green.
    I would make a table decoration, maybe a table centre piece
    Best Wishes
    Kathy xx

  397. My favorite color combo changes with each project! Right now, I’m finishing up an advent/countdown calendar so right now it’s midnight blue, bright green and a touch of “candy cane” red and white.

    Thank you!

  398. My favorite Christmas colors are purple and gold. I’d love to stitch a banner for my front door. It would look stupendous on my brick red door.


  399. My favorite Christmas (Holiday) color combinations are red, gold, silver, green and white. So many different, beautiful combinations can be achieved from just these five colors. Probably my favorite combination would be a red, green and white combination with a little gold tossed in for good measure.

  400. My favorite Christmas colors are burgundy and forest green. Using these colors I like to stitch stripes of fancy stitches around the top of the stocking.

  401. This year, my favorite combination of colors for this holiday season would be red, sky blue, black, green, and white. I saw the cutest snowman counted cross stitch ornament that I would like to make for each of my grandchildren for Christmas. It would remind them of 2020. The colors could also be used for stitches embroidered on an antique crazy quilt that I am repairing for my sister.
    I did not know about Colour Compliments so I will be new ordering threads!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  402. My favourite colour combination for Christmas is classic red and green! I would love to do a series of ornament hearts in a crazy quilt pattern using the lovely Colour Complements threads!

  403. I can see some refreshing greens, blues and silver. They would be so perfect for a winter river scene with pines along the frozen river and shades of blue in the snow and sky.


  404. I love to see warm colors but in an obvious Christmas setting. Lots of red, yellow, oranges & pink. I have been wanting to embroider a treeskirt with a village skyline with a Christmas eve setting.
    A good option too is shades of blue and silver with lots of sparkle!

    Merry Christmas!

  405. The town I grew up in was decorated in red and white candy canes ALL year so my favorite Christmas colors tend to be more wintery/hanukkah colors – light blues, dark blues, and silver <3

  406. opps! I forgot the question. On my small Christmas ornaments (pattern I made up) I have been using Weeks Dye Works Monkey grass green from my stash and Weeks LA Hot Sauce (left over from making a tiny sweater on perforated paper for the newest great grandson – 2 mo old -from Just CS Ornament 2020 issue)
    PS I forget a lot these days 🙁

  407. My favorite Christmas color way are shades of red and I would like to do a Christmas hardanger runner

  408. What’s your favorite combination of colors for the holiday season, and if you could stitch something with them, what would it be?
    I got so excited that I forgot to add my answer to your question!
    My favourite combo of colours is a variegated thread with red, white, green for all my Christmas animals that I make. I use embroidery on them with all sorts of fancy stitches.
    I like making teddy bears and other animals, even Hungarian motifs with the same thread.
    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  409. My favorite color combination for the holidays are reds and greens.
    I like the holiday designs with greetings relative to the season.

  410. My favourite colours for the holidays are blue and white – I think they represent winter better than a simple holiday combination like red and green.

  411. Red, green and gold are my favorite Christmas colors. I would use these threads to stitch a Christmas tree ornament.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

  412. I love the traditional red and green, but also to mix it up with maybe chartreuse for or burgundy for red! I would make an ornament or stocking for my grandson!

  413. I love traditional red and gold, with a small amount of pale green. I would stitch a table runner, had I but thread and world enough and time.

  414. My favorite combination of holiday colors is the traditional reds, greens, golds and silvers. I think I’d enjoy cross stitching a cozy Christmas scene featuring a roaring fireplace with a Christmas tree beside it using metallic gold and silver thread as garland or tinsel.

  415. My colors would be red and gold. I would stitch a wall hanging of presents wrapped in these colors with imaginative textured bows. And perhaps a golden furred puppy in front of a fireplace with a blazing (red and gold) fire. I could maybe finish it by December 2021 lol.

  416. I love their threads. For Christmas I would choose a bright shade of red, pine colour of green and some gold. I have a wreath in mind with berries and ribbon, possibly stitched with wool applique which is one of my favourites.

  417. My favourite combination of colours for the holidays are shades of green with a splash of red! I’d love to stitch a holly sprig.

  418. I’ve been partial to blue, white, and silver. I just finished stitching a small table runner and really want to get to your snowflake patterns which I have at hand.

  419. I like vintage traditional reds and greens for Christmas. I would stitch very small ornaments because I only have small trees!

  420. I love these threads and would use a bright red, pine colour green for a wreath and berries with a gold ribbon. Would probably stitch it with wool applique.

  421. Hi Mary,

    My favorite Christmas color combination is red and gold. They are just so elegant.
    My project would be a single ornament.

    Jean B
    Kent WA

  422. I like a deep red, slightly brighter green, warm cream and maybe hints of gold. Classic and traditional, but then I’ll stitch something contemporary and elegant with it. Although this year, it’ll be your mini Christmas stockings that I’ve fallen in love with.

  423. I like green, pinks and reds. I like to make little pincushions as gifts, adding a ribbon, means they can also be hung on the tree over the festive period x

  424. My favorite combination of colors is anything bright and vibrant! I especially love pairing rich blue or turquoise with pink to stitch abstract designs. For the holidays, I would pick unexpected and vibrant colors to make modern looking snowflakes!

  425. My favorite colors for Christmas stitching are traditional – gold, silver, green, red, and white. And I have already stitched with them, making a large Christmas crazy quilt. A bit of blue and the occasional brown snuck in – no red or green reindeer for me – but the main colors were various combinations of the traditional ones in varying types of threads. I have plans for other Christmas crazy quilts, smaller this time. They’ll go to my daughters.

  426. I would stitch a felt ornament embellished with the red/orange/purple combination and the shades of green combination, plus sequins! Cheery and Bright!

  427. My favorite color combos are blue – almost any of the darker shades – with a mix of orange and yellow. I love stitching flowers and birds. If during the holidays, I enjoy the touch of a silver, but not necessarily metallic. I’ve stitched up some ornaments that turned out pretty nice. Thank you Mary and Happy Holidays.

  428. Threads are always welcome…especially overdyed ones! I’m just starting back into a major crazy quilt project where overdyed threads rule!

  429. It would have to be red, green and gold so that I could stitch one of Mary Corbet’s ever so lovely mini Christmas stockings.

  430. Good morning Mary!
    My favorite color combination would be a deep red with gold and just a little bit of green tossed in for good measure. I would stitch something to hang on the inside of my front door as it seems I’m always struggling to find something I like for that spot.
    I am praying for you this holiday season as you move through it minus a special person! I know what that’s like. Blessings for a wonderful December and a glorious Christmas!

  431. How can an embroiderer pick just one Christmas combination? I love winters blue, white and silver but my Christmas tree is decorated with burgundy, red and gold. And I love jewel colours like emerald, ruby and royal blue and purple with gold that glimmer by firelight or twinkle lights. Then there’s the traditional complementary colours of red and green or …..
    I could stitch your mini sampler stockings in all these colours and use them to hold silverware on the Christmas dinner table.
    Thanks so much for all your posts, tutorials and information, Mary!

  432. I would choose bright red pine green and a gold variegated to stitch a wreath, berries and ribbon, possibly on wool applique which is one of my favourites.

  433. My favorite thread color combination is a beautiful variegated red, lime green, aqua. I would stitch on of my 3 wool wall hanging projects with this thread.

  434. My favorite Christmas colors are spruce green, fire engine red and gold. I would like to stitch a poinsettia flower on linen to make a decorative pillow. I would then probably give it as a present. Or not!☺️

  435. My favorite seasons colors are bright colours on pinetree green. With a bit of sparkle.
    And I’m thinking at a christmas tree of wreath to embroider.

  436. I’m planning to make a fabric book/journal featuring cross stitched Santa blocks my Mom stitched (she passed in 2008). I plan to include lots of “slow stitching” and some embroidered motifs on each page. I’m thinking the threads I’d use will be reds, greens, and gold.

  437. My colors would be traditional Christmas red and green with gold metallic accents. I would like to make a wall hanging that really wows for Christmas . Thanks so much for your Needle ‘n Thread offerings.

  438. The colors I like for Christmas are green black, red, blues .
    I would probably do letters and some greenery… the words will be “ Wise men still seek Him “

  439. What’s your favorite combination of colors for the holiday season, and if you could stitch something with them, what would it be?
    Looking forward to stitching the Mini Sampler Stocking this year. When I make them I will have to use purple as main color for a friend of mine. Others will enjoy blue and of course red.

  440. My favourite combination is a deep, medium, and light blue combined with a touch of silver. This is the combination I used this year to make a stylized Christmas tree with silver ornaments.

  441. Hi Mary:

    So glad I found your website – you certainly inspire all of us to just get out those threads and enjoy!

    My favourite colours for Christmas are cranberry, gold, and evergreen // ice blue ( like when you look deep into a snowdrift ), silver and white. Look forward to making an evergreen bough with my favourite ornaments using these colours, on a table runner ( not too be used in a high traffic area, of course ). Thank you for your kind spirit.

    Merry Christmas

  442. I am definitely a traditonalist when it comes to Christmas colors, so red, green, white, and gold would top my list. I have two Christmas frames that I have gotten from a friend. One is shaped like a Christmas tree, the other like a wreath. I doubt I am going to have time to do anything with them this year before the actual holiday, but I would love to have thread to complete them for next year!

  443. My favorite Christmas colors are a deep merlot-type burgundy, emerald green and a shimmering gold.
    I would enjoy a floral piece, maybe a poinsettia to stitch.
    Many thanks,

  444. At this time of year, I’m thinking more about others’ favorite colors. My only remaining family member is my aunt (Mom’s twin). She’ll be 98 in January. So this Christmas I’m making her one of your snowflake ornaments, in her favorite color PINK. Embellished with crystal beads and gold threads. For me, my favorite color is RED. I’ve been using that and other colors to visibly mend clothing … a new interest. Pearl cotton, embroidery stitches, interesting fabrics. Great fun!

  445. Thank you for the opportunity!

    My favorite colors for the season seem to change each year. This year, I really like shades of gold with soft reds and white.

    I would like to stitch a little plaque to go on a wreath for my door, welcoming visitors (though with restrictions in place, it won’t see any action this year!).

  446. Red and Green are my favorite Christmas colors.
    If I have time I’d like to stitch ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas for my Grands. I have a framed stitching of it and would like another for my grands. Jane C

  447. I love your giveaways, and love Colour Complements threads! My favorite colors for stitching at Christmas are deep red, deep green and gold. They just seems to scream “Christmas!” to me.

  448. My fav are a hot reddish pink and creamy white. I’d used the thread on a saguaro bloom wool appliqué in progress.

  449. Thank you for all of the inspiration over the years! I love the traditional colors of scarlet and evergreen with purple added for the King of Kings. I have been playing around with a nativity design and would love beautiful threads with which to stitch it.

  450. Nature’s colours, would be my choice . I have a pattern that is a fall Mandela, that includes typical fall subjects ( leaves, branches and squirrels) I have held onto the pattern for awhile, thinking about threads I would like to use. This give away would give me the opportunity to make color choices and thread types.

  451. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red and green. These are the colors of the Clan Crawford (my maiden name) tartan. I made the Mill Hill Scottish Santa, which, surpringly, *didn’t* use red and green for the kilt, according to their chart, and then made it again with an approximation of the Crawford tartan. Recently, I made two Textile Heritage Scottish themed bookmarks that include plaid in their design, and I plan to make a second version of each with the plaid area worked in the Crawford tartan.

  452. I like red, red is the color of Christmas. it’s the best color for the holidays.
    thank you for the gifts

  453. I like greens for botanical stitching and I seem to run out of reds and red oranges along with neutrals

  454. White and Silver are my favorite holiday colors. I am currently stitching snowflake pillow covers, thanks for the patterns, with those colors incorporated with lots of sparkly beads and pearls.

  455. I adore Lorraine’s threads. Her eye for color is wonderful and the quality of the dyeing and the threads is so good. To win some more threads from her would be the best gift.

  456. This year red and white are my favorites. I’ll be stitching some of the mini Christmas stocking/ornaments. So cute.

  457. Well, my favorite combination of Christmas colors shifts year-to-year and project-to-project so it’s hard to pick. I like a traditional red-green combination augmented by gold and/or black. I’ve also loved what I call “pushed neutrals” or whites, creams, beiges, grays and taupes with silver and gold added for sparkle. Finally, there are years and projects that call for the deepest midnight blue accented with lighter blues, white and either silver or gold or both. This feels like a blue year and I’d like to stitch some snowflake ornaments. In fact, I think I’m going to drag out my embroidery bins, pull up the snowflake ebook I bought last year from you and set up some stitching today while I’m waiting for my Christmas Cheer towel sets to arrive! Thanks for the continuing inspiration and for this fun holiday giveaway series Mary!

  458. My favorite colors for Christmas are green, red and silver. I would love to stitch a small Christmas tree with silver icicles.

  459. Thanks to both you and Colour Complements for continuing these fun giveaways!

    My personal favorite colors for Christmas have been burgundy & cream. However, I’m loving white and blue for some new accents and if I had the materials, I’d try the Trish Burr project – O Tannenbaum- on the cover of the newest Inspirations magazine – it’d be my first attempt at white work (with color). And I’d get to work some of the filling stitches you’ve been sharing!

  460. My favorite colours of thread for the Christmas Season would be shades of purples,
    and greens with gold. They would look pretty together on a Crazy Quilt. Thank you Mary for
    all that you offer your readers throughout the year.

  461. My favorite Christmas colors are red, white & green. I would use these colors to stitch a candy cane with a big bow around it.

  462. I would use gold and green and stitch a bell entwined with evergreens to ring out this peculiar and horrid year of Covid but never to forget it

  463. When I think of Christmas the colours that come to mind are red on white to embroider lots of ornate Christmas baubles.

  464. My favorite stitching project at the moment (over the last few years) is to graph a passage of scripture and cross stitch it. I’m taking the easy way out for now, doing these projects on counted cross stitch fabric but I would like to get brave enough to try linen. The colors I would like to use for my next (Christmas-oriented) project would be dark blues, silvers, and golds for the night sky over Bethlehem. Thank you for keeping this page going. I love seeing your projects. God has blessed you with an extraordinary gift and I’m so glad you share that gift with all of us.

  465. I like the traditional gold, green and red. But in reality, all the jewel tones call to me. I cannot look at a printed piece of fabric without thinking a bit of bling and texture here and there would make it really shine and take it over the top. I love making wool felt ornaments and thread and stitch combinations is what makes the finished ornament a real keepsake and the perfect gift for someone special.

  466. My favorite Christmas colors are bright Red and Green. I would stitch Christmas ornaments But if I was stitching for my sister snowflake ornaments shades of blue and silver.

  467. I always like blues and silvers for the holiday. A snowflake dish towel is always a favorite project.

  468. My favourite Christmas colours are red and gold or green and gold. However I do appreciate all the jewel tones :).

  469. Looking to integrate an array of beautiful night sky colors (think Northern lights) outdoor into a winter snowfall scene.
    Pat Read

  470. Well I messed up with the question. Tomorrow I will be more careful. I like silver blue and white. I’d love to stitch something a small wall hanging with snowflakes using this combination. My preference is for snowflakes combining various stitches and beads, not cross stitch or other technique.

  471. I still prefer the green and reds for stitching Christmas things. A bit of gold brings out the colours. Being a counted thread stitcher, it would be ornaments in hardanger technique.

  472. I love everything floral from the holidays , from brightly decorated trees to mistletoe to holly with their cute little berries so my colour combinations would be mainly red and green with maybe a few little extras thrown in. I love the twelve trees for christmas designs, they are perfect for this time of year.

  473. I love blue and silver. Trish Burr features those colors in a thread painted CHRISTMAS Tree in the most recent edition of Inspirations Magazine and I am looking forward to attempting that design for myself.
    Oh, and by the way, thanks to your recommendation, I tried Color Complements for the first time this year. I got two packs with similar colors but different threads and found them beautiful and easy to work with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  474. An exciting time of year for us all, thank you Mary and those who provide the gifts.
    Favorite colors for the last many years have been red, white, and crystal, literally hundreds of spun glass icicles on my tree, which has white lights. What would I stitch – an English Robin of course or maybe a Cardinal, they both feature prominently in my decorations.

  475. My color combinations for this holiday season are deep red and silver. I would do a punch needle pattern for the season.

  476. My favorite Christmas color combo is dark red, forest green, and a cream or gold color. Thank you for the chance to win!

  477. I still like the traditional red and green colours associated with Christmas, but having said that I would be willing to try to break my habits. I would love to stitch to find the time to stitch Farmhouse Christmas by Little House Needleworks, which has been in my stash since I returned to stitching 3 years ago. Hopefully the Mini Stockings when I get them will get done sooner.

  478. I love the threads from Colour Complements! Beautiful threads, gorgeous colours and excellent service!

    My favourite Christmas colour combo is a rich deep blue and silver. As time is short before Christmas, I would embellish a mask with those colours.
    With endless time, I would embroider a cushion cover.

  479. My favorite Christmas color combo is dark red, forest green, and a cream or gold color. I would stitch a table runner with holly and evergreen boughs. Thank you for the chance to win!

  480. My first time and have enjoyed your three newsletters I have received. As for colors at this Christmas time of the year would be a real red and dark green- as I love snowmen and would put a beautiful scarf with these colors. The colors shown are beautiful. I use Aida and 14 count for cross-stitching.

  481. My favorite color combination for Christmas is red and green. However I would love to stitch a silver and blue angel for the tree!

  482. The color combination I like for the holidays is traditional. I like red, green and white. The exact hues and shades are variable. I like to make Christmas Stockings.

  483. The threads are gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant. These are perfect for so many beautiful embroidery projects I have just waiting to be stitched.

  484. Altho I am not Jewish, my favorite colors this time of year are royal/ navy blue, silver and white. Actually, other than autumn with its beautiful browns, rusts, oranges, etc. My favorite colors for ANYtime are blues, and throw in some purples.

    I love that businesses and you are doing this again. So much else is going to be so different this year – Thank You,

  485. One of my favorite color combinations for the holidays is lime green, flamingo pink and silver metallic. I would like to stitch Mary’s new mini stocking design with these colors.

  486. My favorite holiday color combos are turquoise blue, lime green and bright pink. I would like to make some ornaments this year.

  487. Colors I want to use for this holiday season of 2020 are: deep magenta plum, pumpkin, lavendar, fresh yellow/green and bright metallic gold.I would surface stitch a set of 3 little 3-D stuffed angels and birds to sit on my festive dinner table.

  488. My favorite colors of the holidays are pale blue and sparkly white. I would like to use them on a winter landscape with a stark brown/black leafless tree in a snowstorm. Snow on the branches and snowflakes in the sky.

  489. I love red and green thread to stitch Christmas motifs and my favorite is green wreaths with red holly berries. A gold bow wraps it up nicely!

  490. Hi Mary,
    My favorite colors at Christmas are red, green and white, especially in sparkly thread! I stitch ornaments at this time of year for friends and family. And I love Color Complements – I’m sure she must have an overdye with those colors!
    Merry Christmas, Diana Card

  491. I am favoring new colors, at least for me this year, of purples, greens and a touch of silver. Given all that is going on, I like a new look for my work! All my new chosen colors deserve a special pattern which I hope to combine from various favorite pattern I have used in previous work.

  492. Lately I’ve been drawn more to the blues/silver/white/even grays combo. I have in mind to do a quilted table runner using a holiday print bundle with these colors (log cabin pattern) and do some true crazy quilting along the seams (which I’ve not done before).

  493. My favorite Christmas colors are burgundy, forest green and gold. Would love to stitch a Christmas quilt.

  494. This is an awesome give away. My favorite colors for Christmas are gold and blue with touches of red.

  495. I love love love black and gold together at Christmas. I recently bought a blouse with those colors. It is pretty.
    I can see trees embroidered with splashes of gold and black.

  496. Hi Mary, my favourite Christmas colours are red, green and gold. I’m sure this stems from sweet memories of my childhood when no one would think of decorating with anything else! I would use these colours to stitch up those lovely little Christmas stockings you showed , with the addition of beads of course. If the shipping rates to Canada were not so horrendous, I would be ordering more from your site. For now, I look forward to your chatty news.

  497. Love red, green and white combined for a traditional Christmas collection of colour! I just recently finished a set of four large crazy quilted Christmas stockings using mostly those colours and have started doing five more with the hope of finishing for Christmas 2021. Threads from Lorraine would fit right in!

  498. I truly love the traditional colors of Christmas: Deep rich reds and greens and golden yellows for stars, tinsel and do dads. I’ve never stitched a wreath and think that a linen cloth with a beautiful wreath adorned with pinecones, berries and some bling would be a fun project for gift giving. I do not have time this year but perhaps I will scour the internet for a pattern and make some pretty wreaths for next year.

    Fa La La La La…..

  499. I prefer colors found in nature for Christmas, whites of snow, icy sky blues, winter-berry reds, and, of course, the gorgeous greens of Christmas trees.

  500. Purple!!! All shades of rich purple! Due to covid we now have outdoor services. If it rains, we sit in our cars. And that’s what we’ll do when it turns cold. But being outside we can’t have so many of the things we traditionally see during advent. No candles. No poinsettias. No nativity set on the altar. Music comes from a dvd player instead of our antique piano. Still it IS Christmas. And I’d love to stitch a banner with a beautiful wreath and a set of individual candles that can be tacked to the banner each week. And it could be hung from the gazebo where the preacher stands. Last Sunday was the first Sunday of advent and we had a candle of painted pvc pipe. I think I’ll work on a banner anyway…for next year…and pray we won’t need it.

  501. My favorite colors for the season are blue and silver. I would love to embroider snowflakes with those colors…and maybe a Christmas tree!

  502. As a traditional quilter, my favourite colors for the Christmas season is red & green. I would like to make some of your Christmas ornament patterns up for my tree.

  503. Hi Mary, Something Happy for this sad year. My favorite Christmas colors are red and green, but this year I am leaning toward blue and white.

    Thanks Mary

  504. My favorite color combination is color combination #68 and color #66. I enjoy the brightness of these colors, and my daughter’s favorite color is Orange. I would use these to make a Christmas gift for my daughter.

  505. I love the standard reds and greens, but I gravitate towards deeper, richer versions of these colors over brighter shades. That said, I also love cool blues mixed with gold and solver metallics. Some beads, a bit of bling… so cheery.

    I would stitch anything, but most likely stuff for home. I do love a great table runner. Hmmm. Might be time to start something new.

    Pick me!

  506. I love Red and Gold together for the Christmas season. They are so royal and they announce the birth of Jesus beautifully.

  507. I’m into the traditional red, green and gold. There is a pillow cover that I want to make that is a candy cane and Merry Christmas design.
    Would love to try this thread.

  508. I love to stitch with reds and glittering golds and silvers.
    Time permitting I would create 3D tree ornaments.

  509. I love blue, white and green because I could simultaneously stitch Christmas scenes from Finland and Australia with those colours.

  510. I love stitching blue and white or red and white at this time of year. I find those colour combinations feel so “fresh” to me (plus I feel I can leave things up into January and maybe even February!) What would I stitch? Hmmm, love making ornaments that can be hung either on the tree or around the house after and perhaps this year, I’ll try stitching a border around a table runner.

  511. Those colors in the photo are luscious!!! I’ve been getting away from the traditional red and green of the past. Maybe I just need a change but I’ve been gravitating towards different shades of blue. Have a great day

  512. I love the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. I would like to stitch stockings for all my grandchildren.

  513. I would love to stitch a scene of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel visits Mary to tell her she would be the mother of Jesus, the savior. I would follow a medieval interpretation of this event from a book of hours. I love French and Flemish models of the scene, using blues for Mary’s robe, gold for a modest crown, whites for the angel. She is usually depicted in her chamber with a bed (often in red) and often in the background there is a scene of a small, quiet village. The scene is one of the most common in medieval iconography, but I’d love to stitch one of my own to reflect upon the marvelous event. I would not be able to finish before Christmas, with other projects planned for gifts, but it is one I would work on during the coming year.

  514. Holiday colors – Hmmm! Blues of all varieties, silver, white, and of course the traditional green and red with gold. I love them all!

    Thank you Mary! I’m a fan.

  515. My favorite color combinations for the Christmas season would be dark reds, golds, and greens that I would use in a Crazy Quilt Christmas Wallhanging that my mom and I are working on.

  516. Those thread colors are yummy! My favorite combination of Christmas colors are the traditional ones – red, green gold. I sometimes like what I think of as the Victorian shades of those colors. I have had a banner in mind to stitch to go across my mantle, even more necessary this year after the addition of 2 rambunctious kittens to my house who will make the traditional tree impossible!

  517. i prefer the six-strand threads from dmc because they are easy to use, hardly ever crunch up and are always colourproof in the washing. also their range is enormous so you can almost 100 percent be sure to get the colour you want your embroidery to have.

  518. Cranberry, spruce and cream are my special Christmas colors.
    I’d like to stitch birds among the evergreens and birches

  519. What’s your favorite combination of colors for the holiday season, and if you could stitch something with them, what would it be? – Blue and Silver – and I would stitch ornaments.

  520. Another fun year with Mary and friends. My favorite colors would be blue, blue/green, grey and silver and I would make an ornament that would fit in a display typical of Arizona with succulents of the same color combination. Would be different and pretty.

  521. I love the usual ones: bold greens, reds and golds. UNLESS the light to pale blues, creams and silvers are more appropriate to the subject!!

  522. Cranberry Red
    Kelly Green
    Variegated red & green
    Embellishing a crazy quilt Christmas Stocking

    Mele Kalikimaka

  523. This year I switched my tree colours from silver and gold to red and silver, because of an ornament my granddaughter gave me. I would probably use that colour scheme or perhaps, royal blue and silver, instead. I’m busy making Christmas presents right now, in a selection of colours, though making ornaments in silver would be fun.

  524. What’s your favorite combination of colors for the holiday season, and if you could stitch something with them, what would it be?

    Red, Green & Gold. I would stitch either a tablecloth or dresser scarf.

  525. I love the usual ones: bold greens, reds and golds. UNLESS the light to pale blues, creams and silvers are more appropriate to the subject!! family and Christmas

  526. My fave colors are the traditional red and green. I like the rich, deep forms of those. The deep evergreens with hints of blue, the rich, deep cranberry and wine colored reds. I love stitching foliage with berries. A very happy combination!

  527. My favorite colors to use for Christmas stitching are burgundy and rich reds with a bright blue. I usually add blending filament to give it glitz too.

  528. My favorite color combination for Christmas is deep pine green, cranberry red and gold. Currently in the planning stage is a Hardanger tree skirt. Its intended debut is Christmas 2021 when hopefully the family can again gather for festivities.

  529. I am not too keen on traditional christmas colours of red and green but I love wintery colours! pale to medium blues and silvers and whites with some extra sparkle are my favourites. I would love to stitch something like a table runner in those colours – I currently still have my autumnal green/brown/orange one out!

  530. My favourite Christmas colours are red and green combinations; the traditional bright red and green; burgundy and forest green, pale pink and pale forest green.
    i would love to use this colour combination for stitching on some of your brand new mini /Christmas stockings.
    (however, my favourite colours for Christmas lights are red, blue, green and yellow – none of this orange and purple and bright white for tree lights!!)

  531. Very traditional my preferences for Christmas stitching are red, green and gold. I often add blue and silver to pieces and often use subdued grayed tones or deep jewel tones rather than the bright reds and greens. I love making ornaments and want to start some table linens

  532. I keep wanting to purchase a kit off your website, but I must be too slow even when I get on the same day. Please add more

  533. My favorite color combinations are red/gold and green/gold. They work great on my embroidery cards for flowers, trees and dragonflies. Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching.

  534. Jean. I’m a traditional stitcher, so red and green, though I love a bit of bling so I will add some shine with white or silver or gold.

  535. What colors do I like for Christmas? I love them all, but appreciate blue and white, as they show well when backed by greenery. It is the beginning of winter after all!

  536. Hi Mary, My favorite Christmas colors are Christmas red and green with gold and white. I’d stitch a Christmas bell or tassel ornament with either counted or surface stitching on the top part and white Hardanger at the bottom like the Victoria Sampler’s Fabulous Tassels.

  537. I truly love the traditional colors for Christmas projects-reds, greens, white, and a bit of sparkly golds. I would embellish a small lap quilt with hand embroidered Christmas scenes on white squares surrounded by blocks in the Christmas colors. Doesn’t that sound special, must get busy before Christmas. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity.

  538. I’m a traditionalist – red and green with touches of silver and gold. I also love nutcrackers so I’d like to stitch several!

  539. Being a very traditional person, I love red and green best for the holidays, with the addition of silver for sparkle. I am stitching a wool felt wall hanging of Santa in the woods, so I get to use red floss for Santa and green for the trees.

  540. I love working with cranberry red, gold sparkle, and forest green for Christmas projects. Berries and holly are especially fun to embroider because the berries can be so varied, such as padded, satin stitches, multicolored threads adding depth and tone, or simple French knots.

  541. Since I like many colors, I decided a long time ago to alternate my tree decorations between shiny red/gold and satin peach/gold. I would stitch ornaments for my tree in those color combinations.

  542. I think a nice wintry blue can be Christmassy in certain shades, and I love the “unexpected-ness” of it. I would stitch snowflakes on ornaments!

  543. I love to stick to the traditional red, white and green with gold thrown in for some sparkle.
    I am hoping to finish the wool applique door hanger I’m working on with those colors and doing embroidery on the designs.

  544. Oh Boy! Christmas fun! Thank you, Mary!

    I think my favorite Holiday combo is probably deep reds and deep golds, together. I need to make a little table mat for underneath the “feather tree” I put on my dining room table during “the season”. Red bows and Golden bells, I think. With beads, of course!

  545. My favorite colors for Christmas are Red and Green.
    I would stitch your Christmas trees from your e-book.
    Thanks, Mary

  546. My favorite colors for the holiday season are gold, silver and white. They might be shiny. I would stitch some type of star design with them.

  547. My fave colour combo for the holiday season is red, green and gold. I use those colours the most while making ornaments. Classic and timeless.

  548. Red is my favorite color so I like to use a lot of it at this time of the year. Mixing it with gold, silver, and of course green makes this time of year feel cozy and elegant. A few years ago I make a crazy quilt tree skirt for a small silver tree on which I display special ornaments. I’ve been thinking about making a crazy quilt wall hanging to complement the tree skirt. I love using Lorraine’s hand dyed size 12 perle cottons for crazy quilting projects.

  549. My absolutely favorite color combination for the holiday season is red with green and gold. Then add silver for accents! Also when I do smaller designs I’ll do the fancy floss that has that shiny tingling colors of red, green & gold! Even though they can be harder to work with they are so very beautiful when completed!

  550. My favorite colors for Christmas are a deep red and forest green, with a touch of gold. I have a pattern for a star that I can embroider for a pillowtop. Beads would be a nice addition to it …

  551. I really love using light blue and lavender in holiday stitching, and for holiday decorating as well. It’s a nice departure from the traditional red and green — plus I feel it goes into January as it just feels wintry.

  552. Christmas seems best to me with multi-colored lights, deep emerald trees with ornament treasures of all sorts (especially those made by my children, with paint, construction paper, and glitter), velvety red poinsettias, and jewel tones of my Nativity scene. Most favorite of all, though, are blues – deep royal, sapphire, sky blues – trimmed with gold. I find them in Mary’s robes, the sun in a clear winter sky, and my grandson’s eyes beneath his tawny hair.
    Hope you are well, that your foot is no longer painful.

  553. Last year I began adding blue and silver and white to our embroidered ornaments (your snow flake instructions). and similar in colors to the mini stocking ornament. I just ordered my mini stocking ebook and have started. This year I seem to be partial to a lime green and pinks. I might make a mini stocking in pink and green colors. Thanks, Dawn

  554. Luscious Colour Complements colors I would choose to make my embroidered wreath and tree ornaments this year would be…
    Green Floche #3 for the wreaths and trees,
    Autumn Colours Perle/Floss #188 to give the impression of Christmas lights on the trees,
    and Red Perle/Floss #187 as berries and ribbons on wreaths.

  555. Hi I live in NZ. We spend our Christmas at our little beach house by the beach. We are surrounded by lush native bush. I would love to do an abstract seascape embroidery using an emerald green combined with a sparkling blue and a pale yellow. All the colours of the sea, the and the bush. Thank you

  556. I love the traditional reds and greens with splashes of gold for my holiday decorating. I just so happens that these are the colours in my living room too. I think I would like to stitch a Christmas tree based on Trish Burr’s beautiful crewel designs.

  557. Silver and light blue. I think red and green are over used and a bit jarring. I like making felt ornaments and then I’ll use a wider variety of colours. It’s nice to add beads too. Thanks for your newsletter, I always read it.

  558. I’m not really a “Christmas” person, but I like the combination of aqua, white and red to feel a bit holiday-ish. Also the blues and silvers. I recently saw a beautiful pattern of evergreens and snow all in blues and whites and silvers and I would love to do that.

  559. I guess I am an old style traditionalist. I like deep red, forest green and maybe a little gold or silver. I’m thinking it would make a blackwork style center tile on a table cloth or maybe a bread basket cover.

  560. I have 2 Favorite combinations. The first is the traditional Red, Green and White. I am not sure exactly what I would stitch with just those 3 colors, but I have an idea of a candy cane on a green tree. My other favorite combination is Gold and White. I would stitch an angel.

  561. My favorite Holiday colors are burgundy (dark red) and forest green with metallic golds for sparkle and accent. I use it on everything Christmas but especially ornaments that have a geometric design. Love your site. I am always telling our new students to look at it. Have a great Holiday.

    Stitch one and be happy,

  562. My favorite Christmas colors are different hues of blue with cream
    And silver And my absolute favorite to stitch at Christmas is snowmen of any kind

  563. I like the colors of blue, silver, purple and white around Christmas time. The colors are relaxing and fun in my eyes. If I could stitch anything I would stitch stockings in these colors.

  564. Would love to do Snowmen and trees with lovely accents of red holly berries. The snowmen would be in light blue so they could be seen in the snow!

  565. I love the timeless traditional Rich medium darker, Reds, Greens, and Golds for Christmas, using a Background of White (Pearl) colour. I also love the Silver, Blue, with White shimmer Christmas hues of a modern Christmas. I find the softer hues of colour more enjoyable to look at than the more vibrant cheery colours (although they to have a place in my life, but, I am selective where I use them.

  566. Blue and gold is my favorite combination. I think it would look lovely with some snowflakes, maybe some of the ones from last year’s ebook!

  567. The combination of blue and silver appeals to me. I can think of reindeers and snowflakes and a snowy scene to stitch evoking serenity. Which we could all use in these crazy times.

    The other appealing and very happy combination would be a rainbow of colors used to stitch something with a string of Christmas holiday lights! Happiness is color!

  568. It really depends on the moment but, I like the traditional colors. Red, green, white, silver, and gold. I think it would be fun to do an evergreen tree, decorated, with snow on it.

  569. For Christmas, I love gold, olive green, a deep maroon and a deep purple. I love holly, so I always try to incorporate that into Christmas. I am also a fan of Angels.

  570. My colours would be blues, bright greens, yellows and oranges, these put me in mind of the seaside and rolling meadows, if not those I would choose mixed greens, browns and pinks, these with some whites would be lovely to show blossoming trees in an orchard.

  571. It’s a tough call, but although I like the traditional red and green, I’d have to say my favorite colors are blue and white. Whether it’s dark navy and white that I might use for a silhouetted nativity, or several shades of blue and white for snowflakes, or perhaps shades of blue and white for a snowy country church scene. My favorite color to wear is turquoise… just another shade of that beloved blue!

  572. I’m a traditionalist: red, green and gold. And I would needlepoint a plaid with an old English H as an ornament. This has been on my to do list for years. Since it would be just for me it might never get done.

  573. I love shades of green with a pop of red! Trees, wreathes, swags, plaid ornaments-
    I would stitch them for the tree,
    I could stitch them just for me.
    I would make Some with my friend,
    My ideas never end!
    Sorry,,, got carried away!

  574. Hi again,
    I forgot to mention in my previous comment what I would make…I would make a wall hanging woodland scene, at night with a full moon and clouds passing by. It would be winter, and there would be snow on the ground and on the evergreen trees. A single, bright star would be in the sky—-The Star of Bethlehem. If only my skills could keep up with my imagination!

  575. Oh, definitely red and gold on white! IF I have time to stitch with them for this Christmas the project of choice would be a pall! Yours are always such an inspiration, Mary, I only wish you made more of them!

  576. I’m pretty traditional, so my favorite Christmas pallet is red,green,blue and gold. I have just discovered Weeks Dye Works “Louisiana Hot Sauce” which is a wonderful deep red! A Christmas project I would like to do is one of Victoria’s Sampler’s Gingerbread Houses. Enjoy your newsletters! Merry Christmas. Karen

  577. I love to use blues, whites and silvers for the holidays. The season to me represents crisp, cold, ice, frost and snow as I live in the the northeast US. I would stitch a variety of snowflakes, swirls, and geometric shapes inspired by frost.

  578. Traditionally I like to use Holiday jewel tones: Blue, Red, Green, highlighted with metallic gold and silver threads. I usually don’t use these colors in my everyday embroidering, but when it comes to the holidays. These jewel tones come out.
    I enjoy sewing ornaments patterns on tea towels that I like to give away for the holidays. I start sewing in October to get them done. Friends and family have begun to expect these, so I’ve been dating them for the past few seasons. I want to experience different color combos with metallic shortly. Thank you, Claudia1313c

  579. To me Christmas is always a red and green adventure. And your new stocking ornaments are a perfect place to start.

  580. My favourite colours for a cuddly Christmas are soft oranges and greens and I would stitch a beautiful rose.

  581. Merry Advent, Mary! My three favorite are claret, hunter green, and gold which is the adult version of my 8 year-old self of red, green and sparkles. White, too, but that is a given.

  582. I’m fond of cranberry red, mossy green, forest green and maybe a bit of metallic or pearlized. For stitching ornies, of course!

  583. Such beautiful threads. Wouldn’t it be nice to have unlimited space in our sewing area for all the beautiful threads out there. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us. Especially nice during this crazy 2020.

  584. I’ve always been a fan on the silver, cream, ice blue combo, and would use them to make snowflake cards. Thanks for the giveaway!

  585. Burgundy, Med Dark Green, Cream and a little bit of Gold

    I would make a flame stitch/needlepoint scissor sheath with my initials on it.

  586. Ooooooo! Those colors are beautiful! I do a lot of felt embroidery and those jewel like colors would be a treat to use in my work!

  587. Hi Mary,
    My holiday colors are hot pink, purple and lime green. I have a set of wild looking fish ornaments that I would love to finish.
    Thanks for the holiday giveaway. Melinda

  588. I guess I should read ALL the instructions before leaping into something.
    I love those jewel tone colors shown in the picture. I’m getting ready to embroider some felt Christmas ornaments and I especially like berry tones and deep aquas in my work as well as violet accents. Some people choose those colors as an alternative to purple and pink during Advent. I like to use unconventional, bright colors in my work.

  589. This year I’m really liking the combination of white and blue with a touch of silver and I love doing samplers with Christmas trees, wreaths and holly.

  590. Hello Mrs Corbet,
    That would definitely be red and white, and I just made something with those colours 🙂
    A small felt brooch in the shape of a Christmas stocking, as a little present for an advent calendar I made for my 2 1/2 year old grandniece.
    Hope your foot feels better 🙂

  591. My favorite holiday colors are red, green, white, and gold! I would use them to embroider a heart shaped ornament, probably including some Hardanger either around it or in the center.

  592. I still always go for the childhood combo of clear green, bright red and a touch of gold.
    Right now, it would be another bargello ornament!

  593. I love four colours for Christmas red and green and blue and silver, very conventional I know but for me they work.

  594. Dec. 2 drawing-yea!
    I adore CC threads. The colors are so rich yet subtle. At this time of the year I bemoan the lack of surface embroidery items representing Chanukah and would love to stitch a Chanukia (9 branch candle holder) in many shades of blue and white with flames glowing, a dreadle at its base.

  595. Hi Mary,
    This year, my favorite color combination for Christmas would have to be red and white. I’m looking at a pattern I purchased for a Scandinavian Tree with animals and decorations that’s been pinned to my wall for 3 or so years. It’s all white embroidery and wool applique on a red background. This would be a delightful project to work over the holidays!
    June House
    Rehoboth, MA