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Stitcher’s Christmas #2: Silk Ribbon Extravaganza!


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Good morning, and welcome to Installment #2 of this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas – a series of delectable needlework give-aways leading up to Christmas!

Today’s give-away includes a gorgeous kit, silk ribbon collection, and books, courtesy of the Queen of Silk Ribbon, Di van Niekerk! More details below…

I’ll also tell you the winners of Monday’s give-away, so make sure you read through to see if your name is on that list!

Also, I’m going to tighten up the give-away guidelines, so please read those carefully. Thanks!

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk ribbon goodies from Di van Niekerk

Ahhhh… there’s just something sumptuously glorious about silk ribbon, isn’t there?

And no one quite does silk ribbon like Di van Niekerk. If you have never visited her website, do! It’s had a bit of a refresh this year, and it is a treasure trove of silk ribbon embroidery information, supplies, kits, books… you must visit, especially if you love ribbon embroidery, florals, dimensional needlework, and the like!

Today’s give-away is for two winners. Both winners will receive a signed copy of Di’s beautiful instruction and project book called Little Flowers:

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk ribbon goodies from Di van Niekerk

The first name randomly drawn will also receive Di’s kit, Tea in the Garden:

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk ribbon goodies from Di van Niekerk

You can read all the details about the kit here on Di’s website. It’s a gorgeous little kit, perfect for beginners or even more advanced stitchers who just want something dreamy and fun to do.

The second winner will receive a full color collection of silk ribbon:

Stitcher's Christmas: Silk ribbon goodies from Di van Niekerk

This particular color collection is called Lady in Red, and you can read about it here. It includes 16 packets of ribbon in assorted sizes.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to participate in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines. No, really! Do! It will save me so much time – and it will give you the confidence that you did it right and you’re in for the draw!

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated! You can find the randomly drawn winners on the next article, published December 4th.

1. Please leave your comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you are reading this in the newsletter, you can reach the comment form directly by following this link. Comments left on any other post on Needle ‘n Thread or sent by email are not eligible. Please do not leave your comment as a reply to someone else’s. Replies cannot be included in the count! If you are unsure how to post a comment without replying to someone else, please just click the link provided just above to go to the comment form. Thanks!

(A Tip: Leave the little box at the end of the comment form unchecked for these give-aways. If people reply to your comment, you will receive their replies in your email. If many accidentally reply, you will get many emails that you may not want.)

2. Make sure you leave a recognizable name or nickname on the “name” line on the comment form. Anonymous comments don’t count. Please do not leave personal information like email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers in the “comment” part of the form. When you do, I have to go in and edit that information out – unless you want spam, or strangers picking up your phone number, email address, mailing address (which you don’t, I’m sure!).

…but please do make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the “email” line of the form. This is not visible to anyone but me, and it is not used for anything except the purposes of this give-away (if you win, I need to be able to contact you).

3. You may only enter once.

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?

4. Leave your comment by 5:00 am Central Standard Time, Friday, December 4th. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday morning, when the next give-away in the series takes place. I will also contact the winners by email.

Please note that your comment may not appear right away on the website. I review all the comments that go on the website, to keep unseemly content off the website. If your comment does not show up immediately, please don’t fret. It will show up as soon as I have a chance to moderate comments.

Colour Complements Thread Winners

And now, for the three winners of Monday’s give-away, courtesy of Colour Complements.

The winners get a little shopping spree on the Colour Complements website, which you’ll find here. They can pick out five of any skeins they’d like to try. Yum!

And the randomly drawn winners are:

Pat, who has been immersed in stitching Christmas ornaments for 15 grandkids.

Venessa, who loves blue, white, and silver for Christmas, and stitching ornaments.

Barbara, who goes with the classic red and green for seasonal colors, with a little gold or silver added.

I will contact each of you by email – please respond ASAP.

Coming Up

On Friday, we’re going to Italy! Oh yes, we are! So do show up!



(1,044) Comments

  1. I love flower gardening and working on this beautiful kit would let me enjoy flowers during the winter months. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mary,

    I’d love to try ribbon embroidery because of the way that texture is used! It brings a different dimension of light and feeling!

    1. Forgot to say why I love using ribbon in my needlepoint – it adds dimension making the canvas come to life!

  3. I love Di van Niekerk’s work and was inspired to do ribbon embroidery after reading her books!

  4. Silk ribbon embroidery in on my stitching bucket list. I love the beauty of silk ribbon stitch flowers.

  5. Ribbon embroidery always looks so real, so 3D and always draws my attention; I have pondered for some time about giving it a try …….

  6. I love the softness of the materials, as well as the softness in colouring.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I love the colors the silk ribbons take one–I also love the texture created by silk embroidery, leaves especially! oh, and French knots!!

  8. I love silk ribbon embroidery! I have added it to many garments over the years with some simple and some more elaborate designs. I love the look of the the stitches and the overall look of the designs. There is something magical about silk ribbon embroidery.

  9. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but I have been teaching myself new embroidery stitches and this seems to be the next step. Gardening in my flower garden is one of my favourite past times, so this will combine two passions!

  10. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it? – The ability to quickly create flowers that add dimension to your work. The many various types of flowers you can create are a great learning experience

  11. The beauty of the dimension of silk ribbon and the realistic look it gives draws me to this type of embroidery.

  12. I never did ribbon embroidery but I’m eager to start. Love the texture and volume of this type of embroidery, but also the feeling in my fingers when I hold a silk ribbon!

  13. I love silk ribbon embroidery because it adds such fullness and energy to the work- that puff and lift of a petal or leaf adds so much realism to the entire piece.

  14. I love the realism of silk ribbon embroidery and even as a (senior) senior I am always looking for new things to try.

  15. I love ribbon embroidery! I’m skeptical that I can do it myself but I just might try it. What I love about it are the colors, the creative designs, and the dimensional aspect of the work.

  16. I like to use ribbon embroidery to embellish my granddaughters’ dresses. A little on the collar or bodice elevates the dress to a new level.

  17. What do I like best about silk ribbon embroidery: The depiction of flowers in real life i- it is so remarkable what you can do with just small pieces of ribbon in some many different widths and colors.

  18. I love the soft three dimensional qualities of flowers embroidered with silk ribbon. I find projects work up quickly with great visual appeal and personal satisfaction. Thanks Mary!

  19. Love the book and the kit. I’ve done a small amount of ribbon embroidery and felt very unsure of myself (instructions in the kit I used were scant) but loved doing it just the same. Would love an opportunity to try it again using someone else’s instructions to see if maybe I would feel more sure of myself. The project I did turned out fine, by the way. But, definitely there is room for improvement.

  20. I love the realism of the flowers that can be gotten from silk ribbon embroidery, and the whimsical and dreamy character of its appearance. I love gardens and flowers, especially in embroidery; so, having never tried silk ribbon work, it is intriguing to me the effects that can be made from its use.

  21. I love the richness silk thread gives to the completed work. It seem to shade itself and it glistens!

  22. Enjoy the ease and speed of creating interesting textures and dimensions; the flexibility of pairing silk ribbons with other materials

  23. I have done very little ribbon embroidery. What draws me to it is how much dimension is added to projects I’ve seen. I would like to add it to my wool embroidery projects that I do.

  24. I like silk embroidery on children’s heirloom clothing. It’s dainty and dimensional at the same time. I have done very little, but would like to do more.

  25. I have worked with silk ribbon a few times and have enjoyed the results I get with it. I would love to learn how to make flowers with it. The kit with all of the flowers is beautiful. I would like to go and sit in it. Janis

  26. A silk ribbon giveaway! I have always wanted to delve deeper into that technique and have never got around to it. I think it is the richness of the colours, and the accuracy of the representation of flowers that is so attractive to me. Not to mention the 3D effect. All of that. If I don’t win then I really must go out and buy some ribbons to try. This has inspired me!

  27. I love the colors of silk ribbon – and the feel of it on my fingers. It is so beautiful as the light reflects the colors on finished work. It’s amazing to me the way the designs come to life using silk ribbon.

  28. Silk ribbon embroidery appeals to me because it makes it easy to replicate my beloved flower gardens in a form that will stay with me year round. The lovely forms will not fade and die away after a too-short life span, and the colors brighten the cloudy,gloomy days of winter.

  29. I love silk ribbons embroyderies for their changing colors that give life to the work.
    Thank you for your posts and gifts and sorry for my english, I am french..

  30. I first became interested in working with silk ribbon after taking a class with the incomparable Elly Synkiewicz! It is such a wonderful medium to work in, turning out beautiful, feminine projects. I’ve done everything from embellishing appliqué quilts to all the ribbon projects for my daughter’s wedding! Ah, ribbon!

  31. Oh this is just lovely. I am a master needlewoman but never ever tried this before! I would love to try this! The book is simply fabulous looking. What a treat this would be for the rest of winter waiting on the vaccine to set us free! Of course once the vaccine is taken, what will I be doing? Embroidery ,of course!

  32. Oh my! That book looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to try ribbon embroidery because of the way the flowers look so realistic when they are well executed.

  33. I love ribbon embroidery because of it’s beauty and soft texture. I am drawn over and over to work with ribbon.

  34. I have only done a small bit of silk ribbon embroidery, but I love the colors and dimensions the technique offers.

  35. I love everything about silk ribbon embroidery. I love that it goes quickly and there is so much you can do with it. I have made over a half dozen sewing hussifs for others with SRE in the design. I have yet to make one for me. If I win the collection of silk ribbon it will be the perfect opportunity to get started on it.

  36. I love the richness of stitching with silk ribbon and just love the way it gives such old world charm to a piece of needlework. Flowers always look so real when stitched with silk ribbon.


  37. The part I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is actually the ribbons themselves! I love the glorious intensity of color and the sheen of these ribbons.

  38. I’ve only done a little ribbon work in some crazy quilting. This book and Kit would be a welcome addition to expand my knowledge and techniques.
    Thank you .

  39. I have only done a wee bit of silk embroidery. But the softness and dimension and beautiful colors was such a joy.

  40. I love silk ribbon embroidery bc I made something beautiful for my grandmother about two years before she passed. I embroidered a vest with roses on the front placket and back. Her name was Rose and she loved it. She requested to be buried in it.

  41. I love the glow of the silk ribbon and the life it gives to my designs. The overdyed colors are exceptional and give an added lilt to flowers, ladies and butterflies. I adore the designs that Di Van Neikirk has created and own and reference all of her books. Would dearly love to be a winner in this drawing. Abby

  42. Hi, Mary! Thank you for this opportunity. I best like silk ribbon embroidery because it can portray reality, but through the lens of magic! I first was introduced to SRE via books and the websites of Di Van Niekirk and Judith Baker Montano. Merry Christmas!

  43. I made a beautiful felted wool tea cozy decorated with silk ribbons about 15 years ago. It is gorgeous and I consider it an heirloom to leave to one of my daughters. Since I have 2 daughters, I would love to do something else with silk ribbon. The book, the pattern and the ribbons have inspired me to want to create another heirloom. I would love to win.

  44. What I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is the three dimensional quality of it. It looks as though you could step into the finished piece and pick a flower! I have not tried silk ribbon embroidery yet, but I am drawn to it because I love the texture and depth of the final result.

  45. Hi, Mary,

    What I love best about SRE is that it makes such sweetly pretty, dimensional flowers.

    Thanks for running this giveaway!


  46. I’m still learning how to do ribbon embroidery; I love the soft texture it brings to crazy quilts. (I’m less a fan of all the buttons and baubles). Both prizes made my jaw drop – thank you Mary; giving us good ideas for “self’-christmas” presents!!

  47. I enjoy stitching landscapes using ribbon embroidery. There are so many nuances of color that flowers look realistic and so lovely.

  48. I adore the dimension that silk ribbons bring to any piece of handwork. The hand of ANY silk is so luxurious, whether ribbon or thread or made fabric. This was made by worms! Gently munching mulberry leaves. It cannot be faked and the feel and sheen are extraordinary. Just by twisting, pinning down, or knotting these ribbons you can make delicious flowers and leaves and stems. Any stash of silk ribbons always makes me feel…luxe!

  49. I love all embroidery. My mom taught me when I was 3 or 4 and that was 64 years ago. Embroidery began my love of creating, colors and wanting more. Silk ribbon is so tactful. I love the dimensions of those stitches and how the silk takes up the space and shows the full spectrum of the colors. I use it a lot in crazy quilt projects and ornaments for my family.

  50. I am new to ribbon embroidery but am drawn to the three dimensional aspect and the beautiful colors of the ribbons.

  51. I have played with silk ribbon only a couple of times. What I like about it is its dimensional nature.

  52. I have often admired silk ribbon embroidery but have never had the confidence to try it. It looks so pretty and I think it is the fact that it is in 3 dimensions that makes it so attractive to me. I would love to give it a go and winning a kit seems the perfect way to start.

  53. I never have worked with ribbon before — would love to learn. The color of those ribbons are beautiful!

  54. I haven’t done silk ribbon embroidery, but I love looking at the amazing pieces others have made. The colors are amazing!

  55. I have never done silk embroidery. I watched my friend do it for years and she was so good at it…never had a pattern. I would like to make something for her. She’s been a friend for over 50 years and I know she would be surprised and happy.

  56. What I love best is that silk ribbon embroidery realistically captures dimensionality. It’s like having a lovely little garden (or whatever has been embroidered) to enjoy no matter the season. Silk ribbon is probably my #1 favorite form! <3

  57. I’ve never done silk ribbon embroidery although my daughter, who doesn’t do much needlework, has done a little. The thing I like most about it is how delicate it looks.

  58. Never used it before but the different stitches and effects you can achieve compared to “regular” floss and some dimension without having to do stumpwork

  59. I have done many types of embroidery but never ribbon embroidery. I have admired the people who do this and have always wanted to try it. This kit seems like a good way to start my adventure.

  60. I like to add silk ribbon embroidery to heirloom dresses and christening gowns. I like the dimension that silk ribbon creates. I am fairly new to this form of stitching but want to learn and do more. Jane

  61. Those Ribbons are beautiful! I’ve just started reading about working with Ribbons and can’t wait to get started! What draws me to Ribbon Embroidery is the color variations and how realistic you can make your pieces look!

  62. I love silk ribbon embroidery. It works beautifully on children’s clothes and is very durable. A bouquet of silk ribbon flowers makes a lovely gift for someone special.

  63. I am new to silk ribbon embroidery but love the gorgeous colors in this project. I would love to try it!

  64. Hello Mary,
    When I first saw ribbon embroidery, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I found this embroidery so beautiful, so expressive. I loved embroidering a lot of flowers with the silk ribbons and I never get tired of them.
    Thanks for your work.

  65. I am so glad to have found you. I began my embroidery/needlepointing when I was eleven. I am not teaching my almost eleven granddaughter and while looking for an illustration that would help her learn a stitch, we found you!!! Here’s to a happy future for all of us! Thank you for being there!

    Joy and Ryleigh

  66. I have never really tried Silk Ribbon Embroidery. I am drawn to it because of the delicious colors and how it makes such glorious flowers. I am excited to learn how to do the stitches and am looking for sources of ribbon.

    Thanks for hosting this contest

  67. Bonjour,
    Allez, deuxième essai !!!
    Il y a très longtemps que j’ai découvert la broderie au ruban dans une boutique de patchwork en France. J’ai eu un vrai coup de foudre.
    Je crois que c’est parce que je trouve que c’est le comble du raffinement.
    Merci Mary

  68. What I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is how beautiful it is.
    (I am also scared of doing it.)

  69. I remember the first time I stitched with silk ribbon embroidery years ago and loved it!….and would love to win this! 🙂

  70. Silk ribbon embroidery plays with the light, with the different textures, and angles of the silk, and it is on the surface of the fabric for maximum ‘showy- ness’.

  71. Please enter me in your Dec giveaway!
    I am so inspired by your newsletters and website. I appreciate all of the information you offer.

    With another grandbaby on the way, I’m planning and working on more little keepsake goodies this winter. I like to blend embroidery with hand-smocking.

  72. Actually, I particularly like a couple of things about silk ribbon embroidery. First, I love the dimensions you can achieve in a piece with different widths and kinds of silk ribbon, done in the stitches that have a dimension of their own, like the families of knots and webs. Second, I am always amazed that I can achieve a finished piece in a relatively short time because silk ribbon stitches are usually larger than those made with a piece of floss.

  73. As a devoted gardener and lover of all things silk, silk ribbon embroidery is a natural for me. This passion started years ago when I took a two-day class with Susan O’Conner in Toronto. She inspires Magic!

  74. I love the “feel” of silk ribbon….so wispy and frail. It’s so frail that it is not sold in any stores around here. Some of the bigger dept. stores used to sell it and now I think it’s because not many people were buying it. But it’s such a treasure to behold.
    Di has beautiful things and one of them is the silk ribbon!
    It makes a project go quickly as opposed to floss also. I love the sound of the ribbon going through the fabric.
    So between the feel of the wispiness and fragility, the quickness of usage and the sound of the ribbon those are things I so appreciate about silk ribbon………..oh, yes and the variety of colors….there are just so many reasons why silk ribbon is my go to friend in embroidery.

  75. My fascination with silk ribbon embroidery began when I was a young mother of girls. Unfortunately my budget limited my ability to purchase all of the beautiful ribbons. Now, as a grandmother, I have the time and means and would LOVE to immerse myself in some beautiful ribbon work.

  76. I am not very good at ribbon embroidery – but I try from time to time – The ribbon adds that flowing feeling to my embroidery – especially with beads added!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  77. It has been several years since I indulged in silk embroidery. I love the three dimensional look of the flowers that the ribbon exhibits.

  78. I love how you can make flowers look so real with silk ribbon. I haven’t used the skill lately but I have some projects that call for it so I may be brushing up on it in the near future.

  79. Ribbon is simply gorgeous to begin with, and always makes one ponder gifting, beautiful colors, and friendship. I still have a barrette, festooned with ribbon embroidery and beads, that a friend made for me over thirty years ago. The only reason I haven’t taken up silk embroidery (yet!!) is that I’m afraid I’ll get hooked and have to purchase a million different ribbons just to satisfy my desire for endless color choices. I love the way it pops up from the fabric, so luscious and full.

  80. I love the color and dimension of silk ribbon embroidery. I picked up a little kit years ago and let’s just say it wasn’t one of my pretty pieces! I would still love to learn how to do this form of embroidery.

    Thank you and Di for doing this!

  81. Hi Mary.

    The thing I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is how real the flowers, etc. appear using just some simple stitches and silk ribbon. Di’s kits are so incredible!

    Thank you, Mary

  82. I enjoy stitching Silk Ribbon Embroidery! I particularly love the way the ribbons reflect back light, giving shadow and depth to the stitchery.

  83. I’ve always loved the look of silk ribbon embroidery, and I really do want to cover several of my clothing items with a cascade of flowers. It’s just not yet made it onto my “do now” list.

  84. I was introduced to silk ribbon embroidery about 20 years ago when I visited a wonderful local embroidery shop to get provisions for embellishing a crazy quilt I was working on. I loved learning about how to work with the ribbons and the resultant sheen, dimensionality and texture they brought to the piece. I have wanted to stitch a silk ribbon Baltimore Album quilt and hopefully I will get to it this winter.

  85. I’ve only tried silk embroidery once – Fuchsias and Champagne by Merrilyn Heazlewood and I would like to try again. The flowers that you can make out of ribbons is amazing.

  86. What I love most about silk ribbon embroidery is that, once you have mastered some basic stitches, you can fill a largish area of embroidery quite quickly with the most beautiful flowers, bugs, leaves and vines. Silk ribbon is so fun to work with – in an instant gratification world, this is about as close as it gets for embroiderers.

  87. I have only done a little bit of ribbon embroidery, but I love the 3D flowers you can make with ribbon 🙂

  88. Hi Mary,

    I love silk ribbon embroidery as you can take a flat piece of ribbon and with s twist or fold you can make flowers.

  89. I love to use ribbon embroidery to add another “pop” or 3D effect to my stitching. When my granddaughters when young, I would add ribbon flowers to the yoke of their dresses.

  90. I think it’s the dimensional quality of ribbon embroidery I like best. Plus: Silk. Ribbons.

  91. The very first time I tried embroidery it was a kit that had a mixture of thread and ribbons. I wasn’t expecting that and was so surprised! I loved the texture it gave. It made me excited for the possibilities of building a scene through embroidery.

  92. I have never worked with silk ribbon before but the images above are amazing, and that watercolor textures of the ribbons! wow.

  93. I love embroidery generally, but have not delved in yo ribbon embroidery as yet, but is high on my to try list. I love the subtleness yet the dimension it creates. Looking for new challenges for the New Year this would be perfect.

  94. I would love to try this technique out. It looks so beautiful and I have not worked a lot eith silk ribbon.

  95. Silk ribbon embroidery is a craft I have been wanting to try for many years – just haven’t had the time. The ability to turn ribbons into flowers is amazing. I love looking at pictures of the embroidery – I have a few books on the subject and every time I read them , I say to myself “someday I’ll do it”.
    Thank you Mary!

  96. I love Silk Ribbon embroidery because it seems to bring your stitches to life. The 3 dimensional aspect of it. Also it looks really difficult but is easy. It transforms embroidery to a new level.

  97. I am drawn to silk ribbon embroidery for its old fashioned look; it reminds me of Victorian linens and art pieces. Also it is a new direction for me, I’ve never tried it and I would like to expand my work. Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. I’ve never done silk ribbon embroidery, but the texture and depth of it looks wonderfully delightful.

  99. Silk ribbon embroidery appeals to me because it seems so delicate, the colors are usually soft and warm, and most of all, because I’ve tried doing it with very limited success, so I am envious of the great talent needed to achieve the beauty shown in Di van Niekerk’s work.

  100. Nothing can beat silk ribbon for absolutely beautiful embroidered flowers! The colors, the textured effect… just wow! I’ve only tried it once, a long time ago, but want to learn how to do it!

  101. I’ve not tried silk ribbon embroidery, but I am drawn to it because it seems so very delicate and feminine. Nothing else seems to capture light, texture, and dimensionality as this form of fiber art.

  102. I would like to learn about stitching with silk threads. I’m drawn to the the way the ribbons give depth and gives me the feeling of looking at a three dimensional piece.

  103. I love the different shades of the silk ribbon. I like to use silk ribbon to make flower gardens on my crazy quilt blocks.

  104. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is that it’s a simple technique that produces elegant, realistic looking florals with just a few twists of the needle. It produces beautiful dimensional pieces. The variety of colors and widths of the silk ribbon allows for a great deal of diversity in each piece.

  105. I have just started doing silk ribbon embroidery & love it! I especially like little silk ribbon French knots that look like roses as the ribbon gives a completely different look to stitchery. Looking forward to exploring it more.

  106. I’ve only done a little work with ribbon, but love how pretty and realistic the flowers come out.

  107. I love the realistic look that it gives to flowers and leaves. The beautiful soft sheen of the ribbon looks so elegant against the background fabric.

  108. Silk Ribbon Embroidery is one of the prettiest forms of needlework. I made a wedding announcement years ago and it was still one of the prettiest pieces I have made.

  109. I have done a little of Di van Niekerk’s ribbon work sometime ago and would love to get back to it.

  110. What I love about ribbon embroidery is that it’s GORGEOUS. I’ve never tried it because I’m actually pretty intimidated by it. Also have wanted to try, though.

  111. I love working with silk ribbon because you can “mold” it into the petals on the flowers!

  112. I’m new to embroidery and have fallen in love! My next project to learn is ribbon embroidery. I have admired it for years and am excited about learning!

  113. I simply love the craft!! The ribbon and the beautiful things done with it. I am earnestly trying to imbue this lovely craft to my grandgirls. I feel they need to learn these crafts, even if they don’t continue with them now they will have the background when they get older. I have also taught them knitting and crocheting. So far so good. This would put beauty and a satisfying craft in their hands.

  114. I have never done ribbon embroidery as it looks so difficult but I love the look and dimension of it and would really like to give it a try and I think Di Van Niekerk is the master of this particular art as I have really admired her work. Many thanks for the opportunity to perhaps try this beautiful technique.

  115. I love silk embroidery because it looks so lush and opulent. It shimmers and the three-dimensional aspect just adds to its charm. It adds texture and depth and amazing color to anything. I’m certainly not an expert but I’ve used it in crazy quilts and other projects and it makes me happy just to look at the finished product. I also love that it doesn’t have to be perfect and even mistakes sometimes look good or can be altered with another layer of ribbon. Alfreda Menlove

  116. I have not done any silk embroidery work, though I have purchased some supplies and even one of Di van Niekerk’s books. Her work is amazing! I am particularly drawn to it because I love flowers. The thought of making these creations look so real is a directions I would like to try.

  117. My favourite part of silk ribbon embroidery is how the flowers look. It may be my favourite flowers in embroidery.

  118. I have only used ribbon as embellishment. Would love to try one of these designs.
    Patty Jean

  119. I love the sheen and dimensionality of silk ribbon embroidery, and I’ve admired Di’s kits for many years. I’d love to win! Thanks Mary.

  120. I love that silk ribbon is very forgiving! I have never ever created a flower with silk ribbon that didn’t look pretty. Even if my embroidery stitch is not perfect, the “fluffiness” of the ribbon disguises my imperfection!

  121. It is so beautiful! I haven’t tried it yet but it’s soft colors and sculptural quality make me want to try.

  122. I would love to try ribbon embroidery. I am drawn to the realism and 3-D effect of the work!

  123. I have done very little silk ribbon embroidery but would love to do more. It seems to bring embroidery to life.

  124. Hi Mary!
    What do I like best about silk ribbon embroidery? It’s made out of SILK!!! What’s not to love?
    June House
    Rehoboth MA

  125. I absolutely love the gorgeous colors of silk ribbons available. They make flower petals so realistic. Ribbon work brings a canvas project to life. I love their elegance! When I was enjoying the website, my eyes were drawn the the garden party piece immediately.

  126. I have been embroidering all my life, but have never tried silk ribbon. I love the femininity of it and the three dimensional quality. I think I will put it on my list for 2021. Your contest makes me stop and think for a minute so I win either way!

  127. I love silk ribbon so much. I especially like the way you can manipulate it and use it in so many ways.

  128. I did one ribbon embroidery project with my guild, and we used a ribbon that had different hues within the ribbon. The roses that were made with that ribbon turned out so pretty! It gives such a sheen to your embroidery piece.

  129. Silk ribbon embroidery had the perfect bit of dimension to my embroidery — and I can control how much dimension I want.

  130. I love silk ruban for embroidery, they slide and create such pretty 3D pictures.
    Thank you for the give away, it is beautiful

  131. I love the soft look of silk ribbon and that it works up faster than other types of embroidery for me.

  132. Silk ribbon embroidery really looks lovely. Di’s kits look almost dreamy. I haven’t had the courage to give it a go yet no doubt the book is a must.

  133. I love gardening and I am drawn to ribbon embroidery because it is most often used to depict flowers and plants—and that allows me to “garden” year-round. I also love it because of the fun of working with silk ribbon—it is so lustrous and smooth and very easy to hand paint for precise results. Finally I am drawn to ribbon embroidery because it is three dimensional allowing very life like results.

  134. I adore ribbon embroidery because of its three dimensional stitches that bring life to the embroidery. The stitches when done correctly look like real flowers.

  135. Love, love, love the colors of The Lady in Red silk ribbon. I would use it to make something out of the Di Van Neikirk book that I already have.

  136. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but I really love how the flowers look, so I want to give it a try. Thanks!

  137. Love this beauiful silk ribbon emboridery. I was especially intrigued after following the link to Di Van Niekerk’s website and finding that she uses loose wool fiber to create dimension & texture in her embroidered landscapes.

  138. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery but I love how PRETTY it is. And how realistic the flowers look.

  139. Love the rich ribbon colours and the dimensional effect of ribbon embroidery. I have stitched a few pictures and really enjoyed doing it

  140. I first tried ribbon embroidery last year and am intrigued by the possibilities. Want to learn more in the coming year

  141. Ah, I fell in love with Di’s work when I first found her fairies.

    What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is that the texture of the stitches really adds to the realism of flowers. Plus, the colors and shine are beautiful against fabrics and threads.

    Thanks for another chance!

  142. I love ribbon embroidery because it is relatively quick and the colors are so brilliant and soft at the same time.

  143. I love flowers and silk ribbon flowers can not be eaten by elk. I haven’t done much with silk ribbon but I love the 3-D look it gives. Thank you.

  144. The thing I like most about silk ribbon embroidery is simple: the prettiness of the silk ribbon! Close behind that are how quickly the design works up, and the “dimensionality” (if that’s even a word).

  145. I have just recently picked up embroidery again and I had no idea about the variety of different styles there are out there. I have been intrigued with the ribbon embroidery ever since I discovered there was such a thing, I even purchased a book about it, however I can’t remember the name, and it is packed away as we are moving. This kit may be just the thing to jumpstart my interest in the world of ribbon embroidery.

  146. I love the vibrant colors of silk ribbon combined with the raised texture. My only issue is trying to stitch with a cat who loves to chase and chew on ribbon…

  147. I love Silk Ribbon Embroidery because it makes your project come to life. It is so real looking and 3 dimensional. It gives your project a “wow” factor and everyone says “how do you do that?”.

  148. Have not done ribbon embroidery. A little intimidating to me, but I do love the addition of the dimension that the ribbon gives to stitching so interested in trying

  149. Hi Mary,
    What I like about silk ribbon embroidery is the ease by which a dimensional look can be created. Leaves and petals look more life-like than I can achieve with floss alone. Thank you for the give away.

  150. I am drawn to the colors of flowers and in nature and gardening. Silk ribbon is a beautiful and fun medium for design expression.

  151. I’ve never done silk embroidery, actually I’m quite new to embroidery. It looks very intriguing and beautiful. It looks like a painting in the pictures and like something I would be interested in trying.

  152. The book looks like a beautiful addition to my stitching library – I would be so honored to receive it

  153. I am ready for a challenge and ribbon embroidery looks beautiful. I love flowers so this would be a perfect way to try a new craft and enjoy the outcome! Thank you for the opportunity to win the prizes.

  154. I haven’t done any ribbon embroidery yet, but have always wanted to try it. Hand embroidery is my favorite handwork to do.

  155. I love the texture of silk embroidery and that it looks complicated but the techniques are not. Thanks for the give-away!

  156. I’ve done a little silk ribbon embroidery on crazy quilts. I love the richness of the colors and the added texture.

  157. I am learning silk ribbon embroidery and I love the feel of and seeing the ribbon move through the canvas into place. It always amazes me how forgiving it can be (but not always!) and the gratification of seeing a flower take shape nearly immediately! Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  158. I love the true bright color that silk ribbons provide to a stitching project. I also like to color white silk ribbon after it is stitched with alcohol inks for a shaded look.

  159. What I love most about silk ribbon embroidery is how realistic flowers can be created from the silk. I also just love the colors and texture of the silk ribbon—such a joy to work with!

  160. I have never done ribbon embroidery, but a member of my appliqué group teaches the technique. Her work is gorgeous! I’ve would love to learn this.

  161. I have only stitched one silk embroidery project and it was many years ago and it still hangs on my wall today. I love how the flowers look when done with silk ribbon. It never seems the same when I attempt to do the stitches with floss or other threads.

  162. I love using silk ribbon for embroidery and other types of needlework. Love the natural sheen.

  163. Silk ribbon embroidery is stunningly effective. In just a few stitches the most beautiful flowers can be created, looking so realistic. Where I live there is no local supplier of ribbons so I have to buy them when I see them elsewhere. Not perfect but better than none although it does mean I don’t always have the right colours when I need them!

  164. Silk embroidery gives such a luxurious and elegant dimension to the work. I tried it once and can tell there is definitely a bit of learning curve to using ribbon but was not disappointed with the results!

  165. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery but have always loved the look of it. The beautiful flowers created in the piece above have made me decide to try my hand at it.

  166. I am teaching my 9 and 10 year old granddaughters to sew and embroider. My challenge is in keeping up with these little girls. I believe that, together, we would enjoy learning ribbon embroidery. Or, perhaps, they will be guiding my efforts!

  167. Ribbon embroidery has fascinated me. I have only done a small amount but the movement you get from the stitching is just lovely. There is something calming and quiet about the finished projects. Thank you for your generosity

  168. I love the flowers that you can make with silk ribbon. Have used it on my pincushion dolls! Would love to have more silk ribbon!

  169. I love how you can make realistic and beautiful flowers by doing a few simple stitches with silk ribbon. I also love the dimensional aspect of working with silk ribbon.

  170. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery but it’s definitely on my to do list. There’s nothing or almost nothing that looks as rich and gorgeous as silk ribbon embroidery I’ve seen it on clothing too and was all but drooling over it. I’ve just completed a crewel embroidery picture with 3 dimensional designs included in it for my granddaughter and a Christmas stocking for one of my great granddaughters. I’m new to Needle n thread and have enjoyed your how to videos, patterns and newsletters immensely. I was taught embroidery at a very young age but it was placed on the back burner for years. This year I brought it back into play and am loving it more than ever. Keep up the great work Mary. What a delightful and educational thing you’re doing. Merry Christmas!!

  171. I had forgotten about silk ribbon embroidery. Now tat you brought it up I want to do it again.

  172. I love the dimension of ribbon embroidery and the feel of the silk. Seems to me that flowers should look and feel like flowers! Thank you!

  173. I love the texture they add to embroidery plus the sumptuous feel of silk and organza ribbons. The Tea in the Garden piece is lovely!

  174. During the Spring lockdown I embroidered my very first crazy quilt and fell in love with silk ribbon. Working on that quilt also reminded me of how much I enjoy embroidery. Thanks.

  175. Oh, I love Di’s work and her books! I love to do silk ribbon embroidery because of the dimension one can stitch into a piece, for the way the ribbon feels in your hands, the beautiful colors that can be dyed onto silk – ALL of it!! 🙂 If you have not tried it yet on your embroidery journey, you should give it a go… 🙂

  176. Silk ribbon stitching can be a bit more work but gives a lovely dimensional addition to needlework with mostly Perle threads.

  177. I like ribbon embroidery for the dimension and the 3d effect. I really like working with silk

    I have 3 pieces that I embroidered. Thank for the gift

  178. I have done silk ribbon embroidery, it was a while ago. Then I tried silk ribbon embroidery on my sewing machine, that was interesting. I love the dimensional look of silk ribbon embroidery, to me that is where the charm is, especially around necklines. Tanyaheidi

  179. I took a class in silk ribbon embroidery many years ago and still have the start of a “basket of flowers” that included an appliquéd basket with many unfinished embroidered flowers. I guess the 3-D aspect of ribbon embroidered flowers draws me in – I can almost smell them! I’d love to try it again.

  180. I’ve never done ribbon embroidery but a good friend does and I love how soft/feminine it looks.

  181. I love the depth of silk ribbon work and the dreamy colors. The ribbons bring the work to life in such an elegant way.

  182. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is how realistic it can look. I have tried it, but I am nowhere experienced enough to make it look as real as some beautiful projects I’ve seen.

  183. I love the softness and fullness of the silk ribbon, especially in flowers and how they create dimensional effects. The shine is beautiful and draws the eye.

  184. When my grandmother passed away I was given her boxes of sewing “do dads” which included a book on ribbon embroidery and several spools of silk ribbon. I have looked at that book numerous times but have not yet tried out the technique. My grandmother taught me to embroider, her miles and miles of embroidery “do dads” bring me memories of endless hours with hoops, thread, linen, tea towels and sweet baby clothes. Today’s give away is indeed, very dreamy. Just the inspiration to get me going on a new project!

    Thank you for hosting this very fun and inspirational Christmas lottery. Merry Christmas to all!

  185. Despite being relatively new to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, it is divine and so luxurious of a fiber to work with! I love working with such a beautiful soft fibre and making it bend to my will! That is what I think I love about silk. Its power, control and beauty when I weave the silk ribbon through fabric & its fibers! It is so glorious and offers unique sense of power & control when its fibers actually lie as we want in our projects. I try to practise regularly and see tiny steps towards improvement in my skills that I simply adore when working with silk. I would love to win a project of Di’s van Niekerk’s, mainly to see how I would go working on a real project and finally finishing it to show for feedback. It would be an encouragement for me to do more practise and advance my learning and journey when I use this beautiful fiber. I have many of Di’s books but not the one on offer as a prize. It would be brilliant to have her book to guide me in my journey.

    I was hoping to get to go to beating about the bush in Adelaide 2020, but we all know how that story went! I dream to go in 2021 ???? and actually get to meet Di in person while taking one of her classes, only the good “Lord” knows how that will turn out in the end!!!

  186. At a trunk sale last Fall, I bought a beautiful framed picture of a girl holding a bouquet of flowers… it was done with ribbon art in the 1930s. So beautiful and intricate. What a treasure! I had never seen anything like it before.

  187. I haven’t done much silk ribbon. My local chapter has been trying to do a silk ribbon embroidery “taste of” for several years, but the particular meeting its been scheduled for has been cancelled several times – hurricanes, covid, etc.

    The couple of things I’ve done with silk ribbon have been really nice, and the have been counted thread work. I love the dimension that the ribbon gives a piece of work.

  188. I haven’t done much silk ribbon embroidery but love the dimension that it gives to a piece of embroidery. Thanks for all your work throughout the year!

  189. Thank you for the give away!!! I love all things silk. I have done some embellishments with silk ribbon, but definitely not on a large scale, primarily because of not knowing many places to get good quality silk ribbon.

  190. I love the 3D detail of silk ribbon! My favorite flower to make with it is the iris.
    Barb W, MO

  191. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery but oh! the colors and the reality of how
    the flowers turn out are amazing!

  192. Silk ribbon embroidery is simply gorgeous!! And gorgeous is not even a descriptive enough word to describe it! I did a little silk ribbon embroidery many years ago, snd would love to try doing some more! It will bring pure joy during these dark days to anyone who is lucky enough to “win!”

  193. I have been collecting silk ribbons, and a book, or two about ribbon embroidery. I haven’t worked up the nerve to try it yet.
    Would LOVE to win! Thanks for the chance.
    My goal for 2021 is try new things, and silk ribbon embroidery is #1 on my list!

  194. I like silk embroidery because the flowers look much more realistic than my attempts at cross-stitching, LOL.

  195. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery but have done embroidery of various kinds and always been fascinated with how pretty the ribbon embroidery appears. I’ve been interested in many fields of needlework over the years and would love to try this if I am lucky enough to be chosen.

  196. Awesome giveaway! My favorite thing about silk embroidery s the 3d effect that you get and the soft beautiful colors.

  197. I love to work with silk ribbon. It is so dimensional and beautiful to work with. I have just finished a sampler whose border is a vine of silk ribbon rosettes. the color variation of overdyed silk makes it especially beautiful.

  198. For years my mom tried to interest me in handwork. She did beautiful embroidery and crochet. I loved it, but didn’t take my opportunity to learn from her. She’s gone, but her artwork lives on in our family. I found your site, Mary, several years ago and fell in love with it. Now, I’m learning to embroider. My hope is that I can add a few pieces that will be added to the heirlooms from Mom. Silk ribbon embroidery would be a wonderful new skill to learn!

    Thanks so much for needlenthread and for sharing your knowledge and talents!!!

    Merry Christmas!! God bless you!

  199. I love lots of things about silk ribbon embroidery. For one thing, it goes relatively fast – covers a lot of ground. It adds all kinds of texture, and it is absolutely elegant

  200. 2020 brought difficulties for everyone around the world and 2021 can’t get here quick enough. One of the
    consequences of this Pandemic allowed me to delve into the world of felted wool embroidery. I finished many pieces this past year and now is in the hands of my recipients. Mary’s newsletters and tutorials were my mainstays of instruction day after day. I had seen ribbon embroidery but was not yet part of my stash. It was only after I finished my embroidery projects that I was enticed by crazy quilting and through that saw how silk ribbon embroidery was a whole different level of embroidery. I’ve now collected all my fabrics, pieced some blocks, collected some
    silk ribbon and followed along a tutorial using silk ribbon, It was exactly how all the articles have stated, it’s almost magical how different it looks and how beautifully it goes through fabrics. I’ve only started on this silk ribbon journey and looking forward to adding to my hand embroidery repetoire.

  201. I’ve been wanting to learn silk ribbon embroidery for a long time. Di Van Niekurk’s is inspiring!

  202. I love silk ribbon embroidery for its versatility. A simple ribbon can be shaped into just about any design.

  203. Silk ribbon flowers , I get very excited every time I finish one…the deep colour and sheen of the silk make the flowers look so real. I get a deep feeling of satisfaction with every one I do.

  204. I’d like to try the kit, it looks like I could stitch it. I really like the delicacy of the ribbons.

  205. I’m sooo excited! Yesterday I successfully made my first ribbon rose. I had tried before but wasn’t using silk ribbon. What a difference. I am smitten with the beautiful colors and dimensions that can be achieved with silk ribbon. I’m a gardener so love flowers but also want to do a rooster. Thank you for all your inspiration!!!

  206. I am a novice at silk ribbon embroidery. I love the three dimensionality of making silk ribbon flowers. It is a wonderful fibre to work with!

  207. I have hand embroidered since I was 12 yo. My mother taught me the basic stitches and until I stumbled onto this wonderful site I never knew there were any others!! Thank you so much.

    Ribbon embroidery is an exciting new craft for me. I am a Master Gardener for the state of Florida and would just love to be able to create ribbon masterpieces for benefit events of the local public gardens…Mounts Botanical Gardens…..and to satisfy my soul’s need for creating beauty.

  208. There is so much I love about silk ribbon embroidery. I look for reason to use it and since I love flowers they are my favorite things to do. My daughter’s wedding dress had tiny silk ribbon roses embellishing the entire neckline. She just wanted “simple.” Her wedding bouquet had a small nosegay made of silk ribbon flowers made from her Grandmother’s wedding dress. Silk ribbon may look delicate but it washes very well on my denim vests and sweaters. I turn to Di van Niekerks books and work for inspiration.

  209. I’ve only done a little ribbon embroidery as part of Victoria Sampler patterns. I would love to do more and would definitely benefit from step-by-step instruction.
    Have long admired Di van Niekerk’s beautiful work. Thanks for this giveaway.

  210. I love the look of ribbon embroidery. It’s so 3 dimensional and the designs really “pop”. I’ve never done any ribbon embroidery but I’m drawn to it because it’s so beautiful and different.

  211. I have admired ribbon work for years but never have tried it. Non that I am retired I am eager to learn!

  212. I worked with ribbons in Embroidery about 30 years or so through a kit. I made handkerchief angels for my grandmothers. I remember it was a fun project and would love to try and make more projects with ribbon.

  213. Silk Ribbon embroidery is so beautiful and textural, I love dabbling in it, a little can go a long way on a piece! Would love to be a ribbon winner!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts in the embroidery world. You are appreciated more than you know Mary!!!!!

  214. I love the look of silk ribbon embroidery. I have just been starting out with embroidery in the last year, and thinking I need to add some silk ribbon flowers and such to my work!

  215. I’ve always admired ribbon embroidery-but have never done it. Would love to try it! Love your website!

  216. I have not tried silk ribbon embroidery but it adds a richness to the embroidered piece reminding me of stumpwork. I am curious to see how a flat piece of ribbon can add so much dimension. It is certainly on my list of techniques to try.

  217. I love the way ribbons are just perfect to represent flowers. They are soft, delicate and colourful, just like flowers.

  218. I love the feel and texture of silk ribbon. When used sparingly, it gives a lovely pop to other needlework

  219. I’ve been admiring Di’s silk ribbon kit for years and would love to own her book and learn more. Anything Victorian draws my attention!

  220. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?

    I love the realistic looking flowers and leaves one can make with silk embroidery and the wonderful color and feel of the silk ribbon.

  221. All those lovely ribbons !
    I would love to learn to do this . I think my granddaughters would too .
    We are looking for our next stitching project.

  222. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery, but I would love to! I’m drawn to dimensional embroidery and mixed textures, so ribbon embroidery really appeals to me. I’m fairly new to embroidery, so I just haven’t worked up to ribbon embroidery yet, so a kit would be perfect.

  223. The most wonderful thing about silk ribbon embroidery is simply its beauty. It gives the impression of effortless luxury.

  224. Hi, Mary: I love silk and flowers. The book and kit are dreamy! The ribbon is so pretty. I bought my sister a book, kit and silk ribbon this year as she wants to try it. She would love this for Christmas! Cindy

  225. I have never tried silk embroidery but I love working with silk in my needlepoint projects! I love the way it feels when working with it.

  226. I like ribbon embroidery because it allows you to lifelike characteristics to subjects, especially flowers.

  227. I’ve never tried it before but the look of elegance and dimension are drawing me to put it on my project list for 2021.

  228. I have never tried ribbon embroidery, but it is beautiful and looks like something I would enjoy.

  229. These ribbons are so beautiful. The next thing I want to learn in the embroidery world are silk ribbon techniques.

  230. I love all the manipulation you can do with silk ribbon. You can puff it up, lay it flat with curled edged up or down, work overlays. I really like the color changes in overdyes. What would I make? Something spring even though it is just starting to be winter.

  231. I just love the beautiful colors and texture of the silk ribbon and I love to embroider flowers. They look so lifelike in silk ribbon.

  232. I have never tried ribbon embroidery. It is so beautiful but I have felt intimidated. Perhaps now is the time to step up to the challenge.

  233. I love the look of silk ribbon projects. To me it gives the look of a time in he past when projects showed a craft that we don’t see often. I assume it is because in the life most of us lead is so fast paced and we are in a hurry to get something done instead of enjoying the journey.

    By the way, I love your newsletter, even when it isn’t on a topic I am likely to try.

    Thank you

  234. I’ve only done a little silk ribbon embroidery, but welcome the chance to work on it again – because what’s not to love with those kinds of colors and the wonderful variety of textures!


  235. I love the fabulously beautiful color and the luxurious texture that silk ribbon adds to embroidery.

  236. I think what I love most about silk ribbon is the incredible luster and variety of color one gets with hand dyed silk ribbon. When used in stitching this provides a lovely effect.

  237. What I love about silk embroidery is the 3 dimensional aspect & the beauty of the ribbons. When I am done with a flower, it looks so pretty & delicate.

  238. I love the variety of ribbon colors and how silk ribbon embroidery makes everything look beautiful. It is also a very easy technique to do.

  239. The magic of silk running through the knitted stitches of my hand-knit baby hats and bringing life to the finished product is such a treat. There’s something about silk needlepoint that can’t be replicated by any other thread. I have had my eye on this book for a while now and would be proud to make Di’s flowers come alive on my hand-woven treasures.

  240. I have not tried silk ribbon embroidery…Yet. It is on my bucket list. I am drawn to the dimensional aspect as well as how real the flowers look. I find myself wanting to “smell the roses” LOL

  241. I tried silk ribbon embroidery many years ago but I was much younger and had much less patience to stick with it. I am drawn to this technique because it is beautiful for sure, but also makes me feel as though I am in the picture, among the flowers, strolling the garden. I have more patience now and think I would enjoy the process of creating dimensional art.

  242. I love the colors of the ribbon – especially the variegated! Ribbon has a soft, rich and elegant look

  243. I love the way you can manipulate silk ribbon. I haven’t worked with it for awhile but I remember being awed by how wide a ribbon I could draw through the embroidery fabric without damage to the ribbon or the fabric!

  244. What I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is how real the flowers can look! Sometimes you have to look twice to see that the roses, especially, are silk.

  245. I love the way the ribbon gives off different shades as it is worked. It also has a very deep appearance to the work. I have done needlepoint and ribbon embroidery and have loved the appearance of both.

  246. I use silk ribbon in my crazy quilting seam treatments but in a limited way. I would so much love to learn to make some of the gorgeous flowers I see on Di’s web site and perhaps a lucky win would help me reach my goal. Thanks Mary (and Di!)

  247. I was fascinated with Brazilian embroidery many years ago, but never followed up with engagement. Now, I’m interested in 3-dimensional embroidery and that is what these wonder ribbon creations create. I’m still interested in created fabric boxes and think decorating the tops with 3-dimensional, silk ribbon, embroidery would be delightful and beautiful.

  248. I am very attracted to silk ribbon embroidery for the texture and the technique of getting the ribbon just “right”.

  249. I love the three-dimensional look of ribbon embroidery and the flowers are so gorgeous. I tried it once a few years ago and just didn’t get the hang of it. I’d like to try again. Thank you…

  250. I love using silk ribbon because of the three dimensional look you can get in your stitching from it.

  251. I used silk ribbon last week for the first time in decades. It was usually very difficult to get where I previously lived so didn’t use it often enough to seek it out. I enjoyed stitching with the ribbon and will definitely incorporate it into future projects. Love the giveaway prizes.

  252. I have always loved the look of silk ribbon. I have used it many times in my crazy quit work.
    Thank you for giving prizes for the. Holidays.

  253. I absolutely love silkribbon embroidery. I love the dimension it brings to a project and I love Victorian designs, which, I think, goes with silk ribbon embroidery and lace.

  254. I have not tried silk ribbon embroidery but I love how realistic some of the flowers can look, and the mix of all the colors together. I have admired Di’s projects and have a couple of her books but I have not gotten brave enough to try yet.

  255. Silk ribbon work has always intrigued me since the 1980’s when I purchased some nineteenth century ribbon embroidered trims. I watch on Pinterest the silk ribbon work by the folks in Russia and am so impressed with the life like quality of their embroidery. The folks in Australia have such a delicate hand with their ribbon embroidery. And, it seems the embroiderers in North America are so inventive with their ribbons. Regardless of country the ribbon embroidery has a different twist in their work.

  256. Such a delightful selection of gifts! I have been tempted by ribbonwork. I have gotten far as purchasing a few ribbons, but haven’t gotten the courage to begin.
    Thank you Mary for the Stitcher’s Christmas gift away!

  257. The thing I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is the beautiful flowers it makes. All that is based on letting the ribbon do its thing without too much tension. It is freeing to allow ribbon to create.

  258. I love the texture, and dimension you can achieve with silk ribbon embroidery. Those floral ruffles! And the color: It’s like watercolor turned 3-d, from the palest hues to the richest, most saturated splashes.

  259. Only recently tried ribbon embroidery, need more practice but like the results achieved so far. Its fascinating to see the 3D effects and’ lifelike’ qualities that can be achieved particularly for flowers.

  260. I love the rich colors of silk ribbon and the ease of creating beautiful flowers, even for a novice embroiderer like me.

  261. I’m not at all drawn to explore silk ribbon embroidery! But – it is beautiful to look at.

  262. I have tried silk ribbon embroidery years ago. It was a small kit of a rose topiary with a pot, it was one of Di van Niekerk’s pieces. It was a great way to get my feet wet and it was something which I could do as a beginner and I finish it quickly. It is framed and every time I see it, it just sparks joy. Red and green, full of cheer.

  263. I’ve never done silk embroidery, what draws me to try it is the ability to make realistic and abstract flowers. I love flowers.

  264. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery but the photo of Di’s kit, Tea in the Garden, drew me in. It is lovely! Definitely something I would love to try.

  265. I love silk ribbon because it always adds a sense of luxury to anything I am stitching. Also, the colors it comes in are just gorgeous!

  266. What I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is that you can achieve different looks using the same stitch by varying the tension on the ribbon. You can leave it loose and relaxed or tighten it up a bit. I also love the effortless 3-dimensional quality of it.

  267. I love the feel of the lovely silk ribbon. It is so easy to make a lovely flower with just a few stitches and the dimensional look you can create is wonderful.

  268. I purchased some silk ribbon a number of years ago as I loved the silk ribbon roses on a friend’s black velvet vest. I keep admiring the ribbon but not using it. I joined an embroidery guild and was really enjoying it and was waiting for a silk ribbon embroidery class then Covid 19 came into our lives!!! Hopefully I will be able to test out this form of embroidery really soon.

  269. Who can resist the beauty of creating life-like scenes with beautiful ribbons? A craft I have yet to try, but can think of no better way to spend a wintery afternoon.

  270. I love, love the look of ribbon embroidery. The ribbon provides such a pop of color as well as texture and a feeling of 3D. I am still working to perfect my laying of the ribbon, but each new stitch provides an adventure of fun.

  271. Silk ribbon embroidery reminds me of Victorian elegance, which I love. It speaks of gentler times, probably only for rich people but of course I would be one of those.

  272. I haven’t tried silk ribbon yet but will if I win that’s for sure! I love the waves of color.

  273. Hi Mary! I’ve never done any ribbon embroidery, but have always been wanting to try! I’m drawn to the texture and the flowers, when embroidered in ribbon, look SO real. It’s just beautiful!

  274. Silk ribbon embroidery has a sheen and dimension unlike anything else. It has a richness that tells the recipient how special he or she is

  275. I love silk ribbon embroidery but have not done any for a few years, if I win one of the prizes it might encourage me to start another project.

  276. I love ribbon embroidery because the flowers “bloom” from the surface and best of all do not wilt!

  277. Hi Mary, I haven’t tried silk ribbon embroidery yet but I love the way it is three dimensional, soft, flowing and lifelike and takes less time than other types of embroidery.

  278. I was introduced to silk ribbon embroidery more than 30 years ago when a favorite aunt who did beautiful embroidery gave me a few ribbons. She taught me how to make a rose and a daisy with the ribbons. I think of her every time I use silk ribbons in my work.

  279. I’ve only stitched one small silk ribbon embroidery project, which I gifted to a friend. Her comment, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”, made me realize that it truly is a special art form.

  280. It has been about 40 years ago I stitched little pink ribbon roses on my daughter’s sweet little sweater that my mother knitted. I love roses they remind me of my mother’s beautiful rose garden. I would like to stitch flowers to embellish felt teddy bears that I give to friends.

  281. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is that it is an EBI (Easy But Impressive)(credit quote to Tony Minieri). I find that I don’t have to think about it too much and the less that I do, the better it turns out! As Elsa would say “Let It Go”!

  282. Stitching silk ribbon flowers gives me the joy of watching flowers grow and bloom, without the messiness of dealing with dirt or needing to remember to water them. And they never die.

  283. I love the beautiful texture of silk roses! Each one is different depending on how the ribbon folds. I love that!

  284. I have not done silk ribbon embroidery before but would love to learn. The silk ribbon embroidery give a bit of a three dimension look to the embroidery as well as making the picture look so soft, so pretty, and so delicate. Thank you for this great giveaway!! Have a great day!

  285. I have had very little experience with silk ribbon! But what draws me to it is the beautiful COLOR! Oh my!

  286. Just beginning to learn ribbon embroidery. Would love to win the books. Thanks for bringing the books to my attention.

  287. I have never done ribbon embroidery. I like the 3D look and the texture it gives to a project.

  288. I love the texture and glow silk ribbon embroidery gives a piece. I’ve been in love with Di’s work for many, many years.

  289. I’ve never done silk ribbon embroidery, but if I’ve ever been tempted to try it, this kit would be the one I would try. It is beautiful!!! It is extremely detailed, the colors are vivid and it just draws me in. I want to sit in that chair! Just gorgeous!

  290. What I like about Silk Ribbon Embroidery is it’s soft and romantic look. It is very Victorian in appearance, which I enjoy. It is a wonderful way to create a beautiful embroidery with lovely materials and simple stitches. I would love to win one of these packages!

  291. Mary, Thank You again for a delightful give-away. I’ve long been a fan of silk ribbon embroidery. My favorite way to use silk ribbon embroidery is to embellish clothing. Simple things like a Christmas cardinal on pine branches, or ivory flowers and green leaves on a linen shirt collar look extravagant yet wash and wear very well!

    Cathy in PA

  292. What I love best is the end result. Texture, dimension, color diversity and the enhancement it brings to traditional embroidery.

  293. I have recently been reading some back issues of Inspirations magazine that a friend gave me. I have never done any silk ribbon embroidery, but the projects in the magazine have “inspired” me to give it a try. Getting a book and kit like this one would be a very nice way to start.

  294. I am just a beginner at silk ribbon embroidery but I love the different shapes that can be made from the ribbons. The textures are wonderful and the colors that either change with the dying or the way light falls on them.

  295. I tried Silk Ribbon Embroidery once, a long time ago, and found it enticing. I have purchased ribbon here and there with the hopes of trying it again. While my stash is by no means anything to talk about, I find myself going back to the ribbons and just admiring pictures of completed pieces. The soft curls and twists of the ribbons is what catches my eye more and I am determined to give it a go one more time. Thank you.

  296. I love the shimmer and texture of silk ribbon. I’m drawn to it by the suppleness of the ribbon and it’s flexibility. I have never tried it, but already have projects in mind for it. I have asked Santa for a book about silk ribbon embroidery for this Christmas.

  297. I have always been drawn to Ribbon embroidery!! It reminds me of the Victorian era. The website is so inviting!! I would love to win the kit. I would hang it in my sewing area when finished. It would be my first try at Ribbon embroidery, but it is something I have always wanted to try!!

  298. I like dimension in my stitchery. Also the couple of pieces I have done that were silk ribbon embroidery, I loved the feel of the ribbon in my hands. Made me think of Victorian times and their love of stitching. Wouldn’t those ladies be appalled to know we call it “stitch and bit_h” lol That kit is pretty enough to step into the scene.

  299. What I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is the luscious silk ribbon. The colors, the texture it creates, how it flows through the fabric. And I love its dimensionality. I’m amazed how lifelike the flowers become!

  300. I have tried some silk embroidery before and then life’s duties stepped in and adorable grandchildren…!
    I loved working with the silk ribbons and want to pick it back up.
    Also, I look forward to your emails and have learned so much about embroidery.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  301. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but I am so fascinated by how you can paint such a beautiful and realistic scene using ribbon. It’s so intriguing!

  302. I’d like to feel more comfortable doing embroidery with silk ribbon, to have knowledge and practice, so it’s more of my go-to method. Currently, if I need/want to do some embroidery I will pick a project that will use embroidery floss or choose floss for free-hand because of my comfort level and (usually) how much available time I have.
    Thanks for the chance!

  303. I’ve always wanted to try silk ribbon embroidery and the garden scene is so lovely! I can imagine my sister and I sipping lemonade at the table. Thank you for all your emails – they are so inspiring!

  304. I love the way silk embroidery looks. The 3D texture and the amazing things you can make out of something that appears so simple.

  305. The color and texture are what draw me to silk ribbon. I’ve been away from it for 15 years. Going to get back to it in 2021!

  306. Hi Mary, I love working with silk ribbon. It just folds into beautiful flowers and leaves. I love those Red Ribbons! Thank you. Connie

  307. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery, but the bright colors and the texture are appealing, and I would love to try it.

  308. I have done just a little ribbon embroidery, but I have been fascinated by what I have seen other stitcher’s do. Some of the flowers I have seen look amazingly realistic. I would like to know more about how to do these techniques and make some lovely ornaments.

  309. Such gorgeous ribbon! My favorite thing about silk ribbon embroidery is the surface texture and the way light plays off of it!

  310. I especially love learning to make flowers with silk embroidery ribbon! Roses and wisteria are among my favorites. I am new at this and have much to learn!

  311. I have tried silk ribbon embroidery and really enjoyed it. I made little sample squares of different flowers then made pin cushions out of them as gifts for my stitching friends. We moved to a small town without a needlework store and we didn’t have the internet yet (the dark ages) so once my supplies were gone I went back to basic embroidery. I am so glad to see this art again.

  312. I’ve never tried ribbon embroiderie, One of the things that stands out about ribbon embroidery is the texture it creates. The difference between stitches on the surface of the fabric and the bulk of the ribbon results in embroideries that seem to jump off of the material,allowing to embroider lifelike florals.

  313. I had never heard of silk ribbon embroidery but looks beautiful. I am drawn to it by the beauty. I would love to try it.

  314. I adore Silk Ribbon stitching. The various colours and widths give me pleasure to make them into gorgeous flowers. Small designs or large, each makes itself stand out.

  315. I love the look of silk ribbon and have tried it a few times. The books loos beautiful and is very inspiring.

  316. I’m longing to try ribbon embroidery because I love raised surface embroidery in general and silk ribbon in particular. I also admire the way it’s been used in many vintage and contemporary crazy quilts.

  317. What I like best( and worst) about silk ribbon embroidery is the speed with which is it accomplished. I’m into crazy quilting and it is hard to find ribbons to embroider with. That selection would be wonderful!

  318. I have loved silk ribbon embroidery since it first came out, so I have used it for over 25 years. I love Di’s work and her kits are gorgeous. Unfortunately I have never been able to buy one of her kits, but I would love the opportunity to embroider this one. Silk Ribbon is so forgiving and gives so much dimension to the work. I have loved working with silk ribbon, and enjoyed looking at the finished project and feeling like a pro. Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you health and happiness.

  319. I love how silk embroidered flowers look alive with their gorgeous colors and added dimension! I can stare at it for hours.

  320. I love the feel of silk ribbon and the wonderful flowers that can be created with it in crazy quilting.

  321. Silk ribbon embroidery adds another level and look to any piece. Flowers and leaves jump out and come alive with the vibrant silk colors of the ribbon. You can almost smell their fragrance.

  322. Silk ribbon embroidery is so delicate but at the same time gives a dimension to the embroidery. Flowers, their stems and leaves all come alive.

  323. I fell in love with silk ribbon embroidery as a young girl when I received my first “dress-up” dress (a hand-me-down from a rich cousin) that was peachy-pink and was hemmed with peach silk roses! We couldn’t afford silk ribbon then, but years later I remember when I learned to make those same silk roses on a hat band. I was hooked!

  324. I LOVE the fairies! I have never done ribbon embroidery and the fairy kits really look fun. Thank you for this gift Mary!

  325. I have been a long-time fan of Di’s silk ribbon embroidery and first learned this art form through her DVD series. What I love best about it is it’s very forgiving and there’s no such thing as a mistake. If you don’t like how something looks, you can simply stitch over it and this only adds to the effect. My second favorite thing I love about it is its three-dimensionality. Birds, butterflies, flowers — all pop off the cloth, ready to flutter away. I would be very happy to win this giveaway. Thank you.

  326. I used to drool over Di’s ribbon embroideries and receive her newsletters. Last thing I remember is her beloved passing away and then she decided to close shop. It’s so good to know she’s back so I’ll definitely go check things out again. What draws me to her work is the lovely designs. The design being partially painted on the fabric is clever and should help speed the project along. What I love about ribbon embroidery is the texture of the ribbons. I’ve always wondered how does someone keep the dust off the finished project when hung on the wall? I live near a quarry and the dust situation is certainly a challenge. I can’t imagine vacuuming ribbon like I do the curtains, quilted wall hangings, etc. Have a lovely day

  327. I love how silk ribbon shimmers. I love how quickly it works up – you can do entire petals and leaves with a single stitch. I love the elegance of the finished embroidery.

  328. What’s not to love about SRE? I am an inveterate cross-stitcher, so for me, SRE allows for more texture and shaded colors with the silk. It also works up much faster than cross-stitch, so there is some instant (or nearly instant) gratification there.

  329. I’ve never attempted silk ribbon embroidery, although I love the way it looks. I hear it’s not as complex as it looks.

  330. I like the dimensionality of silk ribbon embroidery plus the fact that it seems to work up faster.

  331. What I like best of silk ribbon embroidery is the sumptuousness of the finished piece. Particularly how the 3 dimensional stitching creates shadows within the piece that seem to deepen the shades of the ribbon. I have not stitched with organza ribbon. but seeing the availability on this website makes me want to try stitching with some to see what kind of ethereal affect I can achieve!

  332. Silk embroidery brings a piece to life. The dimension, twists and turns and color are just so real!
    Thank you for this drawing.

  333. I like the texture of the embroidery and the sheen of the silk. It is also a change from using embroidery thread.

  334. What I love best about silk ribbon embroidery, is that a little bit of silk ribbon can make a huge impact with realistic-looking flowers, leaves, etc. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  335. I love Silk Ribbon Embroidery because of the rich and beautiful elegance it lends to any type of design, especially flowers. My favorite way to incorporate it is to embroider flowers and other elements into vintage postcard designs I have printed on fabric. I’m a deltiologist (collector of postcards) and enjoy using silk ribbon to embellish the late 19th and early 20th designs.

  336. How lovely this embroidery looks, I have never tried ribbon embroidery. It is always good to expand our techniques. Merry Christmas to all!

  337. I love, love, love silk ribbon embroidery. I’ve never tried it. I love the texture and the richness that the ribbons give to the flowers. They look so real. Thanks for the opportunity to get this.

  338. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the very soft, gentle look of it. Each blossom or leaf has a personality of it’s own.

  339. I love that I learned how to use silk ribbon in embroidery from my mom, who used this technique when she created the bridal veils and head pieces for both my sister and me–many years ago! A few years ago, my mom gifted me her collection of silk ribbons and her collection of books, and I continue to practice this needle art to embellish my needlepoint and embroidery projects.

  340. Naughty really, but its fast! You get an effect so quickly and the ribbons give such a sumptuous look

  341. I love the rich texture and sheen silk ribbon gives to a project. The way you can manipulate the ribbon into so many different ways to achieve the look you want is fascinating.

  342. I have done other types of embroidery but never silk. It looks so rich and sumptuous. It’s like a delicious banquet of colour and stitches! I think I must be hungry….lol

  343. Silk ribbon embroidery is just beautiful! I have only tried it a little but would love to learn more about it. The garden kit would be a lovely place to expand my skill.

  344. I have never tried ribbon embroidery yet but love the look of the flowers in pieces I see done. I imagine there is a unique technique
    to performing these stitches and would like to give it a try. Thank You for all the interesting emails about embroidery stitches and look forward each day to see what you post next.

  345. I love working with silk–the feel of it, its strength, its suppleness, and richness it gives to any project. Silk ribbon gives added dimension and texture to a project without being hard and heavy. I love silk and silk ribbon. God bless the little silkworm!

  346. Silk ribbon is ideal for my wearable art, launders easily by hand or neighborhood laundromat: I have blouses and tops where the silk ribbon embroidery remains fresh decades after first stitched. Winning new selection of colors might time to recovery from fractured left arm in sidewalk accident 2 weeks ago as now is inspiration rather than execution time.

  347. I like working with silk ribbon. The piece works up quickly and has nice dimension, Great for crazy quilting.

  348. I have never done ribbon embroidery, but I am drawn by the sumptuous materials and the dimensional quality of the technique. I would love to try it!


  349. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery. I can imagine the soft silk ribbon, though, and it would be a pleasure to work with.

  350. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but have wanted to try it for years. I have been a fan of Di van Niekerk for a long time and every time I see her work, I feel that itch to buy the ribbon and needles. Thank you for another great giveaway.

  351. I love the way you get a really gorgeous result with only a few stitches. Seems almost like magic!

  352. I love SRE because it adds a three dimensional effect to my work. I also love the beauty of the ribbons, especially the ombre ribbons.

  353. What a perfect project for the New Year! It’s such a charming scene and hard to believe that I might accomplish it as an advanced beginner embroiderer, and beginner with silk embroidery. The silk details add depth without having separate pieces of stumpwork to accomplish first. I think that makes it attractive to me. Di’s website and books inspire confidence, along with instruction from A-Z and more, from Mary’s website!

  354. the ability to create such beautiful dimension is what attracts me to ribbon embroidery. i found Di’s website many years ago and that was what started my embroidery journey. i have completed a couple of her kits and have enjoyed every minute creating the beautiful flowers and animals.
    thanks so much

  355. I love any type of supplies that I can stitch into my projects. I am drawn to silk ribbon because it makes such pretty little flowers on any project I am involved in and it comes in such luscious colors.

  356. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it? I have always wanted to learn to embroider flowers. Every time I saw a design I liked, it turned out to be ribbon embroidery! I am new to embroidery and have promised myself 2021 will be my year to finally try embroidery with ribbons!

  357. I love silk embroidery because of the dimensions you can add to a picture like Di van Niekerk’s beautiful work.

  358. I love any form of silk–floss, ribbon, fabric–because nothing else provides the color depth and light reflection it does. I have admired Di’s work for years and would enjoy learning from her!

  359. I LOVE silk ribbon embroidery and have been following/ordering Di’s work for a few years. Her ribbons are sumptuous and her directions are easy to follow. Silk ribbon is heavenly in my hands and soothes me as I stitch.

  360. I have worked with silk ribbon twice and loved it both times. It looks so pretty in your stitched piece.

  361. Silk ribbon goes beautifully with Brazilian embroidery which is what I usually do, although other things sneak in there, too. I would love to have either of these wonderful gifts to use.

    Mary C.

  362. While it is hard to decide what I love most about using Silk Ribbons, I guess the best thing is the big visual impact you get, often without a lot of work!

  363. I love Di’s ribbons so much! I love silk ribbon embroidery because it is a great way to express creativity and stitching figures and flowers from ribbon takes an element, ribbon, and turns it into something completely different.

  364. Right now I am repairing some 60 yr old embroidery pieces of my grandmothers but after that I am up for a new project. I have never attempted silk ribbon embroidery, but would love to try it. The colors are so wonderful and the projects are so textured and beautiful. Count me in!

  365. I like best the lovely colors and the dimensionality of silk ribbon. And sometimes it’s nice that the flowers cover a lot of space quickly!

  366. Would love to have a beginner project. Have thought about this art for some time but have been intimidated. Hopefully this would be my jump start!

  367. I love silk ribbon embroidery as it gives such dimension to needlework. I would love to win the silk ribbon package, as although I have tried it several times, I am just not very good at it!

  368. I love the soft, very touchable nature of silk ribbon embroidery. Flowers seem to have drifted onto the fabric and rest there. The amusing thing, to me, is that getting that flower to look so ethereal can involve some pretty firm tugging and pulling! I especially like combining silk ribbon with other forms of embroidery.

  369. I love silk ribbon embroidery as it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. I’m so pleased I’ve got the hang of doing it to produce those lovely results but still a way to go!

  370. I have not had the chance to try silk ribbon embroidery before. I love the way it looks, so elegant and soft.

  371. I love the way silk ribbon work adds dimension and color to a project…such luscious color choices.

  372. I love the amazing and natural 3D affect created so easily with silk ribbon embroidery. I can just see the 3D stumpwork monarch butterfly I am almost finished, nestled in the silk ribbon garden.

  373. I’ve been cross stitching for over 50 years. I use ribbons as embellishments for my finishes. I have some ribbon flowers that my grandmother made in the early nineteen hundreds and always wanted to try making some. You know when you look at something and just know you’ll be able to do it, well that’s how I see the ribbon flowers.

  374. I have done it with small projects and once a purse and once a vest. I love how it really looks like flower petals. So beautiful.

  375. The thing I love most about silk ribbon embroidery is that it is timeless. I first tried it about 25 years ago, and recently discovered my original embroidery kit. Ready to jump in again and create. I also love the amazing textures that silk ribbon creates.

  376. I’ve not tried silk ribbon embroidery, but am drawn to it by the beautiful colors. It seems that all silk ribbon embroidery that I’ve seen is a celebration of color and flowers.

  377. I just started using silk ribbon this past summer. Trying it on velvet and velveteen hearts I make for the ladies in my family. I like the dimension it gives embroidery as well as the richness of color.

  378. Love how ribbon embroidery looks and would like to learn how to do it.
    Not sure how easy it would be to learn on my own, though. The ribbon colors are gorgeous.

  379. I love the richness of color and beautiful sheen of silk ribbon. Though I can be intimidated creating with the ribbon I have done some and want to do more!

  380. I have been stitching silk ribbon embroidery since 1999. The teacher introduced us to Di’s books. I have made greeting cards, pin cushions, ornaments, framed florals and a detachable sweater collar. I love the dimensions and the richness of the embroidery.

  381. Silk ribbon: the feel of the ribbon, the speed of making something beautiful, the three dimensional look. What’s not to love?

  382. I just started working with ribbon. I especially love the way each flower has an individual look and not cookie cutter. I plan on exploring new ways to me for creating with ribbon.

  383. Silk ribbon embroidery can elevate even the smallest project to something very special. It works well with other fibers and beads. I’ve enjoyed creating nametags using silk ribbon.

  384. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery (too scared? Surely not….) but I have a project in mind that will require using this technique. Just a bit, but a very important bit so I need and want to learn!

  385. I have not done any ribbon embroidery but I love the shapes that the ribbon can make as the flowers look very realistic when done with ribbon and especially with the hand dyed ribbons. I would love to try

  386. I love the feel and look of silk ribbons. I want to continue to learn and this would fall under that heading… .

  387. I like silk ribbon embroidery for flowers and leaves. Like nature, the silk ribbon embroidery doesn’t require perfection to look stunning.

  388. I love looking at the intricate work. Wondering how difficult it is and if I could do it. Either way, it’s worth trying.

  389. I have done only a very little silk ribbon embroidery, but the thing that draws me to it is the dimensionality of it. And also the beauty of so many of the ribbons– especially Di’s! I would love to win the book &little kit of hers since I have drooled over her designs for years but never tried one yet! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  390. I love the three dimensional effect that silk ribbon embroidery brings to needlework, whether it be on surface embroidery, needlepoint or counted work.

  391. I would love to try this technique that is new to me. I love fabrics, threads, ribbon, buttons, and also love to learn new things.
    I am 70 years old, and my curiosity hasn’t subsided yet…lol. I have more time than ever to indulge in this type of art. I’ve been sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroider all my life. The ribbon embroidery would be lovely to add to my collection of experiences.

  392. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but I have always wanted to because I find what can be created is so original and beautiful.

  393. I haven’t done any silk ribbon embroidery myself. My main connection to silk ribbon is getting to enjoy watching my daughter make silk ribbon flowers. She learned it during one of her classes as a historical reenactment volunteer at Ft. Vancouver National Historic Site.

  394. Oh, what a lovely giveaway! Thank you!

    Okay, so what do I love about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? I don’t know yet! But I’ve been longing to try working with silk ribbons for a long time. What has stopped me has been lack of time and also an uncertainty whether silk ribbon embroidery could have a place in the embroidery work I do. I hand embroider Brown (and other types of) Scapulars and as they are very small – most under 2″ in length – I wonder if even the smallest ribbons might overwhelm the designs.

    However, I admire the realism of silk ribbon flowers so much, and seeing photos of them really started me on my embroidery journey even though I only use cotton embroidery thread at the moment. At the back of my mind, I still keep the image the lovely silk ribbon roses I saw when first learning about embroidery. Maybe someday I can make something as beautiful as that.

    Thank you again, Mary! I always enjoy your emails and your work – so precise, colorful, elegant sometimes and playful at other times.

  395. Ribbon embroidery is a total delight because as you say it is sumptuous, the colours are so rich and yet the shading can create such wonderful subtle effects. I love the 3D effect that the stitching can create as well and the ribbon covers the spaces with colour so quickly too.

    Your newsletter is always an inspiration, and a joy to look out for and too read.

    thank you

  396. I enjoy working with silk, the softness of the ribbon, working stump work and the items coming off the the fabric and now the abundance of colors available for beautiful shading.

  397. I love texture when I am stitching. So much of what I embroider is raised in some way. That’s what I like about silk ribbon embroidery. The texture!

  398. I have done a little silk ribbon embroidery on a couple of crazy quilt items, but otherwise haven’t done it. I love the look of silk ribbon work I see online and in books. It’s beautiful.

    1. Silk ribbon embroidery has always been on my list to try but working fill time made it difficult to find time. Now I’m retired and would love to learn about this technique.

  399. Ahhhh, silk ribbon. Embroidering with silk ribbon is like cake-decorating! Immediate gratification!! Fun and fast to do! And, oh, those silk ribbon colors and the way the light dances on them!! Nothing better!!

  400. When I do silk embroidery I am always think of my mother. Whenever we go to her house she has her embroidery basket on the fireplace hearth and it always has a silk ribbon project in it.

  401. Oh MY! I’ve always longingly admired ribbon embroidery. I’ve bought a couple of books on it. But I haven’t yet tried it. This collection of ribbon is GORGEOUS and I could take that leap and try it. I love ribbon embroidery because it can look so elegant and realistic when done well. That’s my concern, but I know practice, practice, practice and you’ll get there.
    Thanks for this chance opportunity to win. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone too!

  402. I love the three-dimensional look of silk embroidery. It’s been a number of years since I’ve done any but would so love the tea garden. It is gorgeous. Make me a winner. I will love you forever.

  403. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery. I have, however, always thought it to be such an elegant way to express the beauty of flowers.

  404. What I love best about ribbon embroidery is how its like a surprise to see how the ribbon creates such beautiful folds and shapes as you pull it through the stitches you make!

  405. I have done quite a bit of silk ribbon work and follow Di vanNiekerk ,so of course would love her book and a kit would be awesome ! I love the soft three dimensional look of silk ribbon embroidery , it is so very feminine and just plain pretty ! Thank you Mary for this opportunity.

  406. Silk ribbon embroidery is unique because it is three- dimensional. Also, you never quite know how the ribbon will lay- the same flower can look different each time you stitch it. Also, specially dyed ribbons can make a flower unique as well. I love all these things about it!

  407. I really love the 3D effect of the silk ribbon and the texture of the picture you create. The colors are just so beautiful.

  408. I took a ribbon work class through RSN with Sophie Long and really got hooked. Sophie is a fantastic instructor and helped up bring our work to life. I feel it is like planting flowers and with the ribbon and cloth I can bring a beautiful design to life. I was so amazed at the techniques that could make such lovely creations. ~ Liz

  409. Silk embroidery is wonderful both because of how fancy it looks and how quickly it fills a space (at least compared to the single strand of embroidery floss I more often use!). It has a special meaning to me because my teacher was the same kind woman who encouraged me to join my first sewing group, and who later made me a beautiful silk embroidery Christmas stocking. She has passed on now, but I remember her fondly every time I hang the stocking…or pick up silk ribbon and a needle to sew it with.

  410. Beautiful work. Di is one of my favorite designers. I have all her other books and have done the projects in those books. I would love to do another project. Her instructions are very easy to follow.

  411. I am drawn to ribbon embroidery because of the amazing texture and depth of color you can achieve! I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my must-do list! lol

  412. I just love how it looks! There’s so many different textures you can achieve with the different sizes of ribbon! I have not tried it yet, but I am working on an ANG online class, and all I have left is the silk ribbon.

  413. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery and would love to do so. I love the feel of silk, the shimmer, and the rich colors.

    Thank you Mary!

  414. I have used silk ribbon in needlepoint, it is so sumptuous. I would love to experiment more with it

  415. Hello! What I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is the texture, dimension and contrast the silk ribbon provides to a piece. It is a bit of luxury to a scene/item. When used as flower petals, they come across almost real. I am fairly new to using them, but am working on incorporating them more and more.

  416. I love the dimensionality (is that a word?) achieved with silk ribbon. I love to do crazy quilting and the possibilities of using sre on it are endless!

  417. What I like most about silk ribbon embroidery is the fabulous texture that the stitches achieve when stitched with the ribbon. It is impossible to duplicate in any other thread. Colours in the overdyed ribbon seem so much more intense and are perfect for effortless shading in flowers. it is a fun “thread” to work with!

  418. I love love the elegance of silk ribbon even tho I have never tried it. The sheen of the ribbon and its dimension on the fabric draws my eye to it every time.

  419. I haven’t done any ribbon embroidery but have always admired what Di can do to a piece. It gives dimension to the picture and I have always loved her colors and what it adds to foliage in a piece. I thank you both for this chance to possibly win something from her line.

  420. I have not done ribbon embroidery but enjoy learning new things. The book shown looks interesting and this is a craft I need to check into.

  421. What I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is the 3-D aspect. A former quilt shop offered a class on it and I had fun and was successful on my first attempt. Plus I like the feel of the ribbon.

  422. This is beautiful as are all of her designs. Thank you for bringing this opportunity out to us all!

  423. I’ve made silk flowers once before. I loved how realistic they looked. And they were so much fun to do!

  424. The three dimensional quality, the hand dyed randomness of the silk, and the fact that when you make these little beauties of flowers, they can look so real in miniature.

  425. I love the dimensionality and lushness of silk ribbon embroidery, but I would most love the opportunity to work with it more successfully in my own work. This would be a great opportunity to have the materials at hand to do that. Thank you.

  426. I have tried silk ribbon embroidery just a little and am drawn to the vividness of the color and the softness of the feel. I’d like to try manipulating the ribbon to get other effects than just the flat look.

  427. The thing that I love the most about silk ribbon embroidery is that I can create flowers and foliage that look so real that they make the work of art pop with a myriad of colors and textures.

  428. Silk Ribbon is perfect for Victorian style English garden florals. I love the way the colors are so rich in silk. Thank You for the opportunity…I do hope I win.

  429. I love Di’s work. I love silk ribbon embroidery on my cq blocks because it adds a measure of elegance to my stitching

  430. Ribbon embroidery is one type of embroidery that I have never tried. It has a fragile and delicate look to it.

  431. The two things I love the most about doing silk ribbon work are:

    1: The clever way the ribbon is knotted on to the needle so it never comes out while I’m stitching the way other threads often do.

    2: How quickly the beautiful work is created and texture is built up with mostly very simple stitches.

  432. I love the way it works up so quickly and with beautiful results.I haven’t done it in awhile but would love to do it again.

  433. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but I have always found it absolutely gorgeous and I would love to learn. This would be a great way for me to get a jump start on learning this technique.

  434. While I’ve never tried it, I like the three dimension texture and subtle variation in the silk colouring.

  435. I have never tried this but whenever I’ve seen it I am struck with how beautiful it is. Some photos of thing just invite your eyes to linger and look at every detail. This is what silk ribbon embroidery does to me whenever I see a photo of what someone has done.

  436. I love silk ribbon embroidery! It is amazing to me that I can form beautiful flowers with just a piece of straight ribbon. I did crewel work in high school. I’m 65 and now enjoy doing silk ribbon embroidery on containers, quilts and children’s clothes. Thank you, Mary, for offering this opportunity.

  437. I am a great fan of silk ribbon. My most ambitious project is a king- size quilt which features 16 blocks, each with a dwelling, surrounded by flowers, trees, etc. All made with silk ribbon. I love the dimension and luminosity of the ribbon and much to my delight, the ribbon, although looking fragile, has stood the test of time and has been on the bed for 15 years.

  438. This time, the answers to your questions are simple and brief:
    1. its three-dimensionality
    2. its beauty
    I’m a bit afraid of trying this technique out, as it seems to be terribly fiddly, and I’m not sure if my hands would be light enough to come to grips with it. Anyway, I always wanted to try it some day – maybe soon?

  439. I have never tried ribbon embroidery, but it looks beautiful. I imagine that it is really satisfying as you can quickly embroider an area with lots of different colors and textures.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  440. I haven’t tried ribbon embroidery but would like to try it as it gives a lustrous 3D finish to any embroidery

  441. What I like most about ribbon embroidery is the feel of the silk ribbon sliding through your fingers. The colour are fabulous too.

  442. I have always wanted to learn to stitch with ribbon. I have tried many kinds of stitching, but ribbon embroidery has seemed so tricky that I have avoided trying it.

  443. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?
    I love all the color and delicate little blossoms, how the ribbon actually looks like real flowers! I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my bucket list!

  444. Hello again Mary; thank you again for blessing us all with your generosity! My experience with silk ribbon is limited, having only recently learned a few basic flowers. I think what I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is how fast a flower takes shape! You can create a flower with silk much more rapidly than one with embroidery thread!

  445. I own one ribbon book but have been too terrified to try it! I love the luxurious texture it gives embroidery.

  446. OOOOH, I love Di van Niekerk’s work. I love the 3-dimensionality of silk ribbon work and
    I love the soft shhhhhing noise it makes as you pull it through the fabric!
    Thanks Mary!

  447. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery, but several years ago Inspirations put out a pattern with flowers that I have wanted to do ever since. (I mean, obviously Inspirations can easily exert a strong pull!) I even managed to buy a few ribbons when my quilt store got a stash. But I have yet to actually do it!

  448. What draws me to the silk ribbon? The colors, the ribbon, and the results! I love Brazilian embroidery and I am wanting to add to my skill set. I have picked out a project to make in 2021 that includes silk ribbon embroidery. I think the silk ribbon will be a lot of fun! Thank you for the opportunity from this give away!

  449. Silk ribbon colors are glorious and designs work up so quickly. If I don’t finish quickly, steam and a Chinese chopstick refresh the piece so it looks new again

  450. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?

    I’ve always loved the look of silk ribbon embroidery. Love the finished projects I’ve seen, but was too insecure to try it. Now that I’ve expanded from CXS to surface embroidery it seems like a good time to jump in.

  451. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery. But I have wanted to for years! I think it’s the combination of so much beautiful texture along with the sumptuous color.

  452. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but am longing to do so. The dimensional effects of flowers are exquisite and the ribbon colors are so very lovely. Time to try something new!

  453. I recently had the good fortune to take an online class that was an introduction to silk ribbon embroidery, through the SFSNAD. It’s a really lovely medium to work with, producing dramatic results with texture and sheen. I’d love to add to my small stash of embroidery ribbon, and my skills, as well.

  454. Hello! I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, although it is something I’ve been dreaming about. For this reason, I bought a year ago a canvas with an image of a lighthouse surrounded by flowers on the seashore, but I don’t know how to start, so the book and the kit, could be a great opportunity to learn this lovely craft.

  455. My experience with silk ribbon has been limited to one work. Yet, that does not stop me from admiring the elegant results and wishing I could do more. I am very found of tiny flowers and the variety of color that silk ribbon lends to the design. I love the texture that silk gives a piece of art, without the texture being massive and heavily layered. Di’s “Tea in the Garden” reminds me of the tea time that I spent with my grandmother in her garden. Lately, I have moved to doing tiny pieces of embroidery. And I can see a small silk piece in the future.

  456. I absolutely love Di van Niekerk’s designs, ribbons – everything. I love that it working with the silk making a particular flower or whatever, so often I goof and alas – it looks like it “belongs” ! Silk ribbon and stitchery are magical !

  457. I groomed dogs for over 17 years, I was always on the look-out for different ribbon. Now as a multi media retired person, I still am drawn to ribbon and have been collecting silk and sari ribbon to use in my art work.
    I have tried making silk rosettes, with little success I might add. So winning these silk ribbons would be a wonderful “push” to try again. DDW

  458. RES is one of my absolute favorite embroidery books. I love the realistic look and how fast the stitching can be completed with ribbon. I am putting Little Flowers on my wish list.

  459. I love the details that silk ribbon can make, especially with Di van Niekerk’s designs. Merry Christmas and thank you for the wealth of knowledge you share through the year(s).

  460. I love the 3D effect, all the texture and color. I also love the way the stitches form with the silk ribbon.

  461. I love the 3 dimensional, realistic look of silk ribbon embroidery.
    The subject of flowers and nature draws me to it although I have only done very little on projects that were other types of needlework.

  462. Ribbon embroidry is so beautiful! I have done one other ribbon embroidery. I would enjoy another!

  463. I have done a very small amount of silk ribbon embroidery. What draws me to try more is the lovely hand of the ribbon and the gorgeous and vibrant colors! I would feel so honored to win this kit!

  464. I love the opulence of silk ribbon and how quickly it works up and I love Di’s website and work it really is worth the look for sure!

  465. Silk ribbon embroidery is amazing! In the right hands, those ribbon flowers can be more beautiful than the real thing. I’ve never quite had the nerve to try it but would love to!

  466. I have not used ribbon to embroider yet but would love to try. The texture of the finished pieces draws me to it

  467. I love the extra texture that comes with silk ribbon embroidery. And it just feels so good to work with the ribbons.

  468. Silk ribbon embroidery has never been tried here.
    As most of what I stitch is flowers, the notion of covering MORE area QUICKER is inviting. The look of ribbons stitched to represent flowers has been appreciated. The features are so realistic, being three dimensional. So far, an education in floral ribbon creation has yet to be sought out or purchased. One day things could change.

  469. Silk ribbon embroidery is just SO pretty. I have done a beginner piece, and although it was not perfect, it still looked nice!

  470. I am drawn to Silk Ribbon Embroidery due to the gorgeous color and sheen of the ribbons as well as my love for flowers and gardening. And I can’t wait to go to Italy on Friday with you!!!!

  471. I’m interested in silk embr0idery because, I’m a crazy quilter and would love to start using it in my quilts!

  472. I inherited 2 silk ribbon embroidery pillows from my mom. I love the dimensional effect that comes from silk ribbon embroidery.

  473. I have never done Silk Ribbon Embroidery but I am drawn to the beautiful silk and gorgeous colors and I just love working with silk so I think I would absolutely enjoy trying a new craft.

  474. I love the delicate look of silk embroidery and this looks like a good time and activity to begin.

  475. I am a beginner at doing silk ribbon embroidery. From an artist’s perspective, I am drawn to the medium of silk ribbon because of the softness and flexibility of silk ribbon. I am also drawn to the excitement of the changing colors as it twists and turns when forms are created!

  476. Haven’t ventured into silk embroidery yet, and would love to try it. The materials are so luscious, and sometimes even voluptuos. The colors are so vivid and rich. Or soft, as needed. And the three-dimensional effects possible captivate me! Thank you for offering this contest, Mary!

  477. I like the texture and color gradations in silk ribbon. So far I have just used it to embroider flowers.

  478. I love the realism of silk ribbon embroidery. If you twist the ribbons, add floss and sometimes beads, you have a show stopper. The shading and texture that is created is beautiful.

  479. I have never done ribbon embroidery, but I primarily do historical embroidery, and know it was done in the late 18th, early 19th century, and would love to try those forms someday!

  480. I am drawn to silk ribbon embroidery because it is so feminine and for the texture.
    It has been on my to do list for several years. Thank you for the fun giveaways.

  481. What draws me to silk Ribbon embroidery is how incredibly elegant and airy it is. Thank you for the contest and I pray that you and your family stay safe and joyful during very interesting Christmas.

  482. When I embroider with silk ribbon the whole piece looks beautiful and lifted by the stunning effect it leaves.

  483. I like the dimension silk ribbon embroidery ads to any project and when done on clothing it holds up well to numerous washings.

  484. Lizzieb I have loved Di’s work for years and I have been doing silk ribbon embroidery since the early 90’s. Just love it.

  485. I enjoy the beauty of silk ribbon embroidery, the feel of the silk slipping thru ones’ fingers is like none other. It is truly a wonderful experience for me. I have just completed a beautiful silk wedding sampler for my friends’ big day. It turned out perfectly as my first attempt stitching with silk ribbon. (I was unsure about attempting this project since I had never done this type of embroidery but the picture of the completed sampler was just so beautiful I couldn’t resist the challenge–I am happy I did and so was my gal pal!!)
    Thank you Mary for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  486. I fell I love with Silk Ribbon Embroidery 6-1/2 years ago when I took my first Embellishment Class is Australia. Oh the rich, sumptuous colors !!! I love how you can manipulate the silk to create realistic flower petals and variations simply by turning the thread or piercing it with your needle. And I agree, no one does it better than Di

  487. I have not tried but it is on my list to do. I like the softness that it gives as well as the dimension of the designs.

    Thank you, Happy Holidays

  488. I just love silk ribbon embroidery because of the textures! Not only for flowers, but for buildings, trees, everything. Much faster than stumpwork!

  489. I’ve enjoyed your work for years and have never entered these random drawings before because you keep asking me to answer some random question in order to enter. The rebel in me refuses to because if the drawing is random, it doesn’t matter but I just realized why you keep asking —- because you’re a teacher! You can’t help yourself! So that’s my answer to your question!

  490. I love it because it looks so gorgeous and compli? It looks like painting with ribbon.
    Thank you,

  491. I have done very little silk ribbon embroidery but definitely
    want to improve my skills. Winning would give me that opportunity.

  492. I have tried ribbon embroidery. It is so beautiful. I love the increased depth of a project with ribbon.

  493. I’ve tried it on a little cross stitch that had some ribbon embroidery and was surprised how fun it was. The colors are really nice.

  494. What I need after this miserable year is to wallow in some silken luxury in a beautiful garden.

  495. What do I love best about silk ribbon embroidery, it’s beautiful. I have tried to do it once and I failed badly. I tried to make a lampshade and it just wasn’t what I imagined but it was a time when I really lacked the time and resources.

  496. This is the first time I’ve heard of silk ribbon embroidery, but I love the texture and dimension it adds to a piece.

  497. Silk ribbon is so versatile! It can be used to make gorgeous flowers (of course!), stunning tree trunks and foliage, beautiful backgrounds, interesting details on clothing, and so very much more. I love the feel and look of it. Silk ribbons have made all sorts of needlework so much more fun to stitch and interesting to look at and enjoy!

  498. I have a dream of making a bridal gift bag for my granddaughter’s wedding with silk ribbon roses and leaves on it

  499. I haven’t tried silk ribbon embroidery yet but what I love most is the spectacular colors and textures!

  500. You said it just right, Mary: sumptuous. Silk ribbon embroidery is sumptuous, and I’d love to get back to it. For some reason, I haven’t done it in years.

  501. I have never stitched silk ribbon embroidery. I love trying new forms of embroidery and would love to try silk ribbon embroidery.

  502. Silk Ribbon Embroidery….I love the delicate look and the appearance of real flowers that it imitates. It’s just very lovely.

  503. What I love about using silk ribbon is the texture that it adds to a piece and that I can dye the silk ribbon with Colorhue Fiber reactive instant set silk/fabric dye.

  504. I have only done a little bit of silk ribbon embroidery and would love to try some more. The results are just so sumptuous and beautiful. It really lends itself to creating realistic flowers.

  505. I have not done any ribbon embroidery in years. I am not sure why, because it is absolutely beautiful. Looks pretty lifelike and you could just gaze at it for hours. So gorgeous!

  506. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery. I am drawn to it because of the great texture that can be created with the combination of silk and stitch.

  507. What an interesting coincidence, I haven’t tried silk ribbon embroidery, yet, but I have had Di van Niekerk’s “THE ART OF FELTING AND SILK RIBBON EMBROIDERY” book for some time. I really want to combine beautiful silk ribbons with my felting supplies. Winning either of her kits would be just the impetus to jump into her beautiful projects. Thank you.

  508. The texture! I have only done one so far, but loved the feel of working with the ribbons. Thanks

  509. I’ve always wanted to try it, but haven’t had the nerve. I’m attracted to the flow of the ribbon, the sheen of the silk and the dimension of the image. Just so beautiful.
    Sharon Molnar

  510. I really enjoy silk ribbon embroidery as it creates a lovely flowing and three-dimensional aspect to a design.

  511. I learned about silk thread embroidery when I attended the applique academy last Feb, I am fascinated by how beautiful it is! I want to continue to learn about it.

  512. I took a class and was immediately hooked. It is very fast compared to other embroidery. I just learned how to make very small roses. Loved the way they look. A totally different result than using thread. Very rich looking.

  513. I love the luscious colors that just are so soft with the ribbon. Even the vibrant colors have a softness given by the sheen of the ribbon. And the texture that can be achieved is like no other. Love, love ribbon embroidery. The kit she is so generously offering is stunning! Thanks Mary and Di.

  514. I have never tried stitching with ribbon, however, what draws me is its dimensional texture in color.

  515. I love the texture that silk embroidery adds to a piece . I have not had the opportunity to do work with silk ribbon but would really look forward to having the chance to do so. Cheers!

  516. Well I have not yet tackled using ribbon for this work, but I am a bit of a ribbon hoarder lol… I luv seeing the work others do however. I would definitely need the beginners kit as my confidence is shaky in the beginning. The colors are gorgeous! ty for a chance.

  517. I love applique and embroidery, but my flowers always seemed too flat. Then I took a short course in ribbon embroidery on needlepoint canvas and realized that ribbon was the way I needed to go! The colors, the textures, the fluffiness! Now the back of my work was embarrassingly bad, but it didn’t look bad from the front! Yes, I want to do more (and learn how to avoid making a mess on the backside)!

  518. I’ve only dabbled in Silk Ribbon Embroidery and have gotten a little frustrated in the past trying to teach myself. I love the 3 dimensional aspect of it, the feel of the silk ‘sculpture’ and the lovely colors.

    I really hope to learn the techniques and this seems like a great opportunity to try again.

  519. I have a Christmas card given to me by a dear friend — she made a very simple design of silk ribbon flowers and leaves on it. It is absolutely gorgeous! I want to know how to do that so that some day, I can send a gift to her.

  520. Silk ribbon embroidery looks so romantic and kind of cosy to me. I love the dimension possibilities with it.
    I tried doing some work with it many years ago and look forward to playing witb it again

  521. Silk ribbon embroidery is beautiful. I love the texture that the silk ribbon imparts not to mention the colors.

  522. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the lovely texture it adds to the work…it is 3-D embroidery!

  523. I’ve been looking for a great source…today you’ve helped me out with my quest. I’d even love to win today’s prize!

  524. 3D embroidery and beading has captured my attention. Ribbon embroidery is a perfect way to stitch in 3D.

  525. I have done a very small amount of silk ribbon embroidery on a Victorian crazy square but I love the dimension that it adds to a piece.

  526. I love silk ribbon embroidery. I love the texture and depth and how real the embroidered flowers look when formed with that beautiful silk ribbon! Thank you for this wonderfully generous Stitcher’s Christmas!

  527. Growing up in a small rural town, silk ribbon embroidery looked so beautiful yet was a mystery to me. None of my relatives did it, although they taught me to embroider. It seemed exotic and unattainable. DMC floss was sold in stores but not silk ribbon. Discovering I can do it was a revelation!

  528. I enjoy ribbon embroidery because the results are like real flowers, colorful, dimensional and this is also not extremely time consuming to achieve very attractive results. The book looks interesting.

  529. I love silk ribbon embroidery- the colors and texture. I have made ring bearer pillows for family members and everyone has loved them

  530. Hi Mary
    Although I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery it ‘calls to me because of the realism of the flowers and the gorgeous colors of ribbon. I bought Di’s book, ‘Roses’, and am planning on making the lovely sampler in it as my first foray into silk ribbon embroidery. My Dad used to grow roses so I have a fondness for them! I hope my roses are as pretty as Dad’s! My second project in 2021 will be pansies for Mom!

  531. I love the colors and textures of the silk ribbon. I have done a little on various projects but never worked a primarily silk project. I love all the flowers and would like to learn how to stitch them.

  532. I tried silk ribbon embroidery as part of a Mary Jo Hiney kit recently and it was fun! Starting on a 3D model probably makes it harder though. I love how much faster it is than regular embroidery though.

  533. I’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery but love the realistic results in other people’s work and would love to give it a go.

  534. I can only describe Ribbon Art as delicious ! It makes my creative juices flow. I have never tried Ribbon Art but I intend to start very soon.

  535. I love ribbon embroidery because it is versatile! I would love to see (or attempt to make) a project that is all ribbon in monochromatic tones. Also one that has loads of ribbon-stitch techniques all on one giant Zen-briodery project.

  536. I did some silk embroidery many years ago and loved it. I would love to get back to more hand-sewn projects with embroidery featured. The ribbons and the tea scene with flowers are so enticing.

  537. What I like most about silk ribbon embroidery is the three-dimensionality it provides, particularly in landscapes. (I like gardens and mountains the best.)
    I was privileged to have silk ribbon embroidery classes with a lovely lady from New Zealand, the late Beverly Sheldrick.

  538. I have done a few stitches using silk embroidery. I would like to do more as it gives a
    very textural accent and a softening look.
    Merry Christmas!

  539. I’ve not tried ribbon embroidery. A ball, skein, spool of thread is my best friend. My family calls me a cat. Embroidery, crochet, bobbin lace. The feel of textures in pieces is so inviting. My grandson was eyeing my lace and said, “can I touch it?” Embroidery with silk ribbons would be the ultimate tactile experience. I’m eager to learn this technique!

  540. I love silk ribbon embroidery for 2 reasons: it goes so quickly! and the colors are so rich and beautiful.

  541. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery, but if I did, it would be because of the texture, the dimension, and the fabulous colors of the ribbon.

  542. When I first started doing silk embroidery I liked that even with mistakes it really looked good. Now I like the challenge of perfecting my stitching.

  543. I haven’t used ribbon in embroidery yet but it’s on my to do list. I’ve always been so impressed with the luxurious and 3D effects that it gives. And the flowers look so real with such beautiful colors, what’s not to love?

  544. It is incredible how one can take a piece of ribbon, stitch it and make it look like a real rose. I have always been fascinated in the photos of silk ribbon stitched flowers and how incredibly real they look. I want to learn more about this wonderful process!

  545. I have yet to try ribbon embroidery, but I am drawn to the texture and dimension of finished pieces. It’s on my list of things to learn.

  546. Silk ribbon embroidery works up really fast! You can embroider a lovely piece in a lot less time than traditional embroidery with thread. And, of course, it’s beautiful!

  547. What I like most about ribbon embroidery is that it forces me to relax. It sounds like an oxy-moron, but it is true. You simply cannot make those beautiful flowing stitches if you are knotted up in a ball. I have only made one thing, but would love to learn more. I bought a couple kits to learn with my elderly mother. At each stitching session we would look for every way possible to relax. It was great fun and now that she has passed, great memories remain.

  548. I have not tried silk ribbon embroidery yet, however I love the way it’s 3-D appearance of almost realistic looking flowers makes my heart sing. It is so beautiful and delicate. Thank you

  549. I love the softness and shine that silk ribbon gives to any image or project. And the colors are so beautiful.

  550. The colors drew me in at first. Then the silky feel of the ribbon! I love the way silk ribbon can come to life creating 3dimensional flowers.

  551. What fun, and what an offering! Working with silk ribbon is so satisfying…. the look, texture and softness as your garden ‘blooms’, all achieved with strips of silk. Just wonderful. I was lucky to have a class with Di a few years ago while she was on one of her teaching trips to us here in Australia and it was a delight.
    Thanks again Mary for this fabulous opportunity.

  552. I love silk ribbon embroidery. I have not done any in several years, but I think this prize would encourage me to go back to this hand work again. I can feel the silk in my fingers now. Thanks for offering such nice rewards!

  553. The thing I love best about silk ribbon embroidery is the pure, organic colors able to be captured in the silk ribbons themselves and the fluff and drape that lends itself to making realistic looking flowers with them.

    I love your newsletter. Thanks for all you do for your readers! Hugs, Amy Britt

  554. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?

    I haven’t done ribbon embroidery, but am fascinated by the concept. I can just image the smooth silky feel of that glorious silk ribbon… Mmmmm.

  555. I haven’t tried silk ribbon embroidery so far, but it’s on my bucket list. As for why I’m drawn to it, I think this type of embroidery involves a lot of things I love: Vibrant colours, silk, trying to imitate nature as closely as possible … and my attempts to make flower fields with ribbon probably won’t end with weeds growing everywhere.
    …No, I don’t want to talk about what happened to my vegetable patch this summer, why are you asking? >_>

  556. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery but think it is beautiful. I am drawn to the rich colors.

  557. Colors in silk just seem to pop! I love silk ribbon or the beautiful colors and the texture possibilities. I’ve only done a few projects, but hope to do more.

  558. One of the few forms of embroidery I haven’t tried, so would be interested to give it a go.

  559. I love the 3 dimensional look of it. So alive. I have never done it but sure would like to try.

  560. Silk ribbon is so pretty. While I’ve always admired it, I’ve never given it a serious try. Perhaps now’s the time.

  561. I do love embroidery, and textured work (read ribbon among other things) is especially fun. I think the range of textural possibilities and color make silk ribbon especially appealing.

  562. I havent ever tried ribbon embroidery but I certainly plan to. I love the textures and the way the ribbon folds to look like petals and leaves. Something akin to the broad brush strokes on a canvas that suggest so much more at a glance then one would think. Di’s work was the first I came across when I started researching this form of embroidery and Ive always found her style to be quite lovely and cleanly executed.

  563. I love silk ribbon embroidery! Each & every flower in nature is different from its neighbor. Each silk ribbon flower also has its own personality. Silk ribbon embroidery can be so realistic, even for a beginner

  564. I LOVE silk ribbon embroidery and I LOVE Di’s work – she is so talented! I always look to her for inspiration and would really like to have a copy of her book. The thing I like best about silk ribbon embroidery is the 3-D effect and the fact that the ribbons give the piece such a soft look and feel. And stitching with tie dyed ribbons is like painting! I much prefer that over regular embroidery, even though it takes so much longer to get perfect stitches!


  565. Silk ribbon embroidery fascinates me because of the three-dimensional results and the wonderful way light plays on the sheen of the ribbon.

  566. I have never embroidered with ribbon before, however, my interest was peaked totally when I visited Di van Niekerk‘s site! The flower fairies are especially thrilling, oh, and the spring flowers, and the puppy! So lovely.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance

  567. What a sweet giveaway!
    I’ve never done ribbon embroidery….unless you count the little bit I tried as a child. I would love to win the kit! But either way, I am checking out Di van Niekerk’s blog & would really enjoy her book.
    Thanks for organizing this!

  568. I haven’t tried silk ribbon embroidery yet but I would love to learn the technique. The garden project looks lovely!

  569. I am on the program committee for next year in my local Embroidery Guild of America. We a considering a program using silk ribbon so this would be great.

  570. I love how tactile silk ribbon is. How realistic and dimensional embroidery becomes when using gorgeous silk ribbon!

  571. I love ribbon Embroidery because it fills spaces fully and is so dimensional. I generally use thread stitches in the background which adds perspective. Di’s kits, ribbons and threads are so beautiful.

  572. I love silk ribbon embroidery. It makes the flowers looks so realistic. And all the beautiful colors are just wonderful. I especially love the variegated dyed silks.

  573. I love the colours in the ribbon package. I have visited Di van Kierkerk’s website on numerous occaisions & love her work.

  574. The sumptuousness of the silk ribbons draws me to this type of embroidery- the lustrous colours and three dimensional effects achieved are stunning. Love the lady in red colours!

  575. This looks likes a great book! I have never used silk embroidery ribbon, but have seen the results.. It is beautiful!

  576. I have never tried silk ribbon embroidery – yet! It’s definitely on my to-do list. I love to garden, and the way ribbon can be manipulated and sewn to look so life-like fascinates me. I also want to try incorporating beads with the embroidery, because I can’t seem to do anything without adding beads! Thanks for the fun!

  577. I am a big fan of ribbon embroidry!….I hope I get chosen for this wonderful prize! I especially like the kit. Won’t the finished product look great anywhere in a house?

  578. I love the feel of silk ribbon and that it gives the appearance of real flowers with variations in color and sheen.

  579. What a wonderful gift to receive just before Christmas! Silk ribbon embroidery is the next thread art I want to learn and this kit would be perfect. Hope I am the lucky winner. Have a very Merry Christmas !

  580. I love the lushness of three-dimensional needlework. I’ve never tried ribbon, but have been embroidering on and off since 1968. I don’t want to know how long that is!

  581. I adore Di’s work! I have one of her other books, the Roses one. I love silk ribbon embroidery because of how 3 dimensional it is, how structural. It is super easy to make really realistic flowers!

  582. I have done one ribbon embroidery piece for my grandma. I enjoyed this project because of the flowers. The Rose’s we’re not only fun to do, But very lovely. Thank you for this giveaway

  583. I love the In the Garden Kit!  It is so like a painting I had in my craft room.  I no longer have the painting OR the craft room.  It all was lost to an apartment fire in late January, alas.
    I have not yet tried ribbon embroidery.  While I am very stale and out of practice with most embroidery these days, I can still wield a needle and thread when called upon.  I would love to learn more advanced needle work someday.  Ribbon embroidery is on that list for sure.

    Thank you as always Mary for making this so much fun!

    Amy B.Plymouth Meeting PA

  584. What I love best of silk ribbon embroidery is the absolute feeling of LUXURY I get when working with it! It looks so delicate, but with a richness to it!

  585. What do you love best about Silk Ribbon Embroidery? If you’ve never tried it, what draws you to it?

    The best about SRE is that rich smmooothe feeling of the silk held between your fingers while you’re actually using it, followed by the beauty of the combined colors on a sumptuous picture.

  586. I love sewing with ribbon. I love how quickly an object appears, how using different sizes of ribbon gives you so many options to create. My favourite thing is sewing flowers then embroidering tiny insects hiding behind a flower or leaf. I like to leave a tiny head or maybe just a leg peeping out. This makes friends and family closely look at my work and try to find all the hidden animals and insects.

  587. I have always found ribbon work very pretty and have attempted some simple forms over the years . I garden and I really like seeing the garden and its flowers reproduced in miniature with colored ribbons. I have Jane Nicholas books on stump work dragonflies which I think is fascinating also.

  588. There is nothing more beautiful then silk ribbon. Silk takes dye like no other. I have a project waiting to be started –the beauty of the colors just makes it exciting and special to enjoy when embroidering and when it is finished.

  589. Silk Ribbon Embroidery is so forgiving! If you pull leaf stitch too hard, you just put another one on top! I find SRE so relaxing; you really can’t get anything wrong. That is a great gift after hours (okay, days) (yes, I will say weeks!) of stumpwork, counted work, surface embroidery. I am kind of a perfectionist. And then, in a couple of hours of SRE, you produce some flowers and leaves and people rave! They think you are a genius! Well, of course I am. Look at this stumpwork tiger lily with leather leaves. “Okay, nice. But these beautiful silk flowers and leaves are Stunning!”
    This turned into a little bit of a rant. If you randomly select me; just leave off all after forgiving.

  590. What I love most about the potential of trying ribbon silk embroidery are a couple of things. First, the beauty of color in all the ribbons pictures. I know I would love creating something lovely from something that is already lovely. Silks are my most favorite fabrics. I have sewn garments from silk fabrics brought to me by my husband from his various trips to the Far East. I am 72 years old but not afraid of trying something new. My first crafts taught to me by mother was embroidery and I am feeling the need to return learning more about fine embroidery. Also, I am a quilter and I am sure I could find ways to incorporate silk ribbon in some of my artistic quilts.

  591. I love how quickly flowers come together in ribbon embroidery. You can cover a lot of space and it has so much texture and dimension.

  592. Wow, beautiful ribbon embroidery. I’ve tried it in the past and loved it but the supplies were hard to find. Looks like I’ve found a source!

  593. Silk ribbon embroidery has such luscious shimmering colours & the texture is amazing. Have never actually embroidered with ribbon, but would love to give it a go

  594. I love the dimensional aspect of silk ribbon embroidery – it really brings the scene being embroidered to life!

  595. I love the dimension and lustre of silk ribbon embroidery. Flowers look so realistic when stitched with silk ribbon.

    Thank you for this chance to win such beautiful prizes!

  596. I love working with silk ribbon for ease with which it stitches, the overall dimensional effect and natural appearance of the finished work.

  597. I just love the way the colours of the ribbon just ‘sing’ especially when matched with beautiful silk threads. The effect you can achieve by simple manipulation with a needle creates such lovely visual pleasure.

  598. I haven’t yet had a chance to try silk ribbon embroidery, but I’d like to! I like how quick it is to stitch and how beautiful flowers made in this technique can be

  599. I purchased Di Van Nierkirk’s book several years ago after you wrote about it and the
    photos were so tantalizing. I have done the poppies illustrated with the information and definitely plan on trying more from the book. Even as a rank beginner, I could follow her instructions and was not disappointed in my poppies.

  600. I’ve done a bit of silk ribbon embroidery and love the 3D look of it. I really want to get more proficient at it.

  601. I have only done a little ribbon embroidery, but would love to do more. One thing that I liked is how very forgiving the process is. It is so very beautiful!

  602. What I love about silk ribbon is all the flowers. Almost every pattern I see is a beautiful flower garden full of life and color.

  603. Hi, Just want to say thank you! I am making a crazy quilt. I have used your tutorials so often. This is also what draws me to ribbon work. I love the way it looks , it just adds so much to the quilt. Thanks again, Joan

  604. What I love about silk ribbon embroidery is the luscious feel of the silk in my hands and turning it into gorgeous flowers. Making something beautiful is lasting and I feel like I have accomplished something. (Unlike doing dishes or the washing.)