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Embroidery Projects for Christmas – Ready Now!


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Good morning, my friends!

Today, I’m so excited to share a new kit with you and some other delectable Christmas stitching projects. All the projects released today are suitable for beginners and beyond – though the Mini Sampler Stockings include some finishing (which I made super easy for you!).

First, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the Mini Sampler Stocking supply kits and the separate downloadable instructional ebook that are now available! These are my Favorite project right now!

Once you see how versatile they are, how deceptively easy they are, how festive they are, and how quick they are to complete, I think you’ll understand why I like them. I’ve been playing with all kinds of combinations and approaches for stitching these, because … well, once you start, it’s kind of hard to quit!

Mini Sampler Christmas Stocking Ornaments from Needle 'n Thread

These mini sampler stockings are perfect for little explorations of stitches and threads. They’re worked on linen, using Au Ver a Soie metallic threads and DMC cotton. They’re embellished with Miyuki glass beads, to give them some extra pizzazz and sparkle!

Even if you’ve not worked with metallics or beads, the projects are accessible. There’s nothing difficult about the stitching! I’ve taken basic stitches and mixed them up a bit, added a few twists and turns here and there – but nothing complicated!

The stockings can be made out of any fabric, really, and there are tips in the instructional guide for making them with other fabrics, if you don’t want to use linen.

You can also back the stockings with other fabric besides wool felt – but the beautiful wool felt included in the kit is an excellent way to finish an ornament neatly, quickly, and easily, with a very professional looking finish.

Mini Sampler Christmas Stocking ornament kit from Needle 'n Thread

The stockings really are miniature, making them perfect for Christmas ornaments. They open at the top like a regular stocking, though, which means you can slip in small gifts like jewelry, maybe some small candies, a note, and the like.

Mini Sampler Christmas Stocking Ornaments from Needle 'n Thread

And it just so happens that the stockings are a Perfect Fit for 4.5″ embroidery scissors. (Bohin makes some nice red ones, but any brand would look great!)

Mini Sampler Christmas Stocking Ornaments from Needle 'n Thread

Update, 2021: The kit comes with everything required to make the stockings – a beautiful piece of fine embroidery linen, wool felt in two colors, nine full spools of Au Ver a Soie metallic threads, eight full skeins of embroidery thread, seven types of beads, two charm accents, interfacing, and needles.

You can make anywhere from 2 – 4 stockings out of the linen in the kit (depending on what type of hoop or frame you want to use), even more with the metallics and beads. The wool felt and the specialty charms provided will finish two stockings. In the e-book, you’ll find ideas for using other fabrics for finishing the stockings, too.

You’ll find a thorough materials list in the e-book, but I also highly encourage you to play around a bit, to make your stockings uniquely your own.

Mini Sampler Christmas Stocking Ornaments from Needle 'n Thread

The kit comes packaged up in a nice sturdy box, so that all is safe and snug en route to you.

The most notable advantages to purchasing the supplies kit is that you don’t have to hunt for harder-to-find supplies (like the specialty threads, beads, and charms), and you don’t have to pay multiple shipping fees to get the supplies from different vendors.

Especially for those who have a stash of their own supplies and for international readers, the Mini Sampler Stockings e-book is being sold separately. You can find it here.

The E-Book

The instructional e-book for the mini sampler stockings is delivered to you as a PDF via a download link in your email.

Mini Sampler Stockings Kit

In the PDF, you’ll find patterns, a materials list, step-by-step photo instructions for completing your own stockings, stitch guides, and a stitch dictionary.

I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a stocking, sharing tips along the way, and then I’ll show you some variations for the stockings, to inspire you to mix things up and experiment!

When you purchase the instructional e-book, the PDF will be delivered to you via email within minutes after placing your order. Please download to your computer as soon as possible, as the link expires within a few days or three download attempts, for security reasons.

If the auto-generated link does not show up in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders (or other folders, like social or promotional).

If you have any trouble with the e-book download, just contact me and I’ll help you out!

And Some New Towel Sets!

For those who want a perfectly relaxing Christmas stitching experience for the longer nights of winter, I’ve put together two new ready-to-stitch towel sets for you!

Christmas Cheer towel set for embroidery

The first one is called Christmas Cheer. You can find this towel set here.

These are prepared on the best quality flour sack towels I’ve found. They’re 27″ square, 100% cotton, white, with a corner hanging loop.

Christmas Cheer towel set for embroidery

Each towel in the set of three has a slightly different (but coordinating) design. This set features three cheery Christmas phrases: Merry Christmas! Deck the Halls! and Let it Snow!

The designs are about 22″ inches long, along the lower edge of each towel. They’re super cute and super fun to stitch!

As usual with these ready-to-stitch towel sets, you use your own threads in your own preferred colors, and your own preferred stitches. You can make them as simple or as complex as you want! I used two and three strands of DMC cotton to stitch these.

Vinterfolk stamped cross stitch Christmas towel set for embroidery

The second towel set I’m releasing today is called Vinterfolk, featuring three stamped cross stitch designs in a Nordic style. You can find the Vinterfolk towels here.

They work well with these Folky Flake towels, if you’ve already stitched those.

Vinterfolk stamped cross stitch Christmas towel set for embroidery

The Vinterfolk designs are placed lower center on each towel. They are smaller designs that are quick and easy to stitch – you can stitch one up in an evening! Whether you’re preparing them for Christmas gifts or for your own household decor, you’ll have no problem finishing a set before Christmas!

Shipping & Other Information

All orders from the US will be mailed Priority Mail at the beginning of the coming week. If you are purchasing the kit and some towel sets, I will package these together and refund any excess shipping.

The kit is also shipping to Canada. If you want to order the kit and some towels, go ahead and order the kit, and then drop me an email at mary(at)needlenthread(dot)com to let me know what towels you want. I will package everything together in one box and send you an invoice for the extra towels and extra shipping. To ship the kit on its own is about $26. To ship the kit with several towels will run about $50, depending on the size of the box. If you have a stitching buddy who wants to split shipping, this is a good way to do it.

To expedite shipping, please make sure your email address and your shipping address are entered correctly when you place your order. Just double check them before you hit submit – it will save you and me both time!


You’ll find all the newly released products in my shop on Needle ‘n Thread, here.

I won’t be able to restock the stockings kits before Christmas. There isn’t time to get the supplies in again, I’m afraid!

If we run out of towel sets, you can drop me an email and ask to be put on the advanced notice list for the towel set you want. I should be able to prepare some more off and on before Christmas.

Stitcher’s Christmas!

My Christmas give-away series starts Monday! Keep an eye out for it!

Have a great weekend!


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(23) Comments

  1. Hi, Mary: I purchased the kit, and cannot wait to get started. I downloaded and printed the e-book, which is fantastic! I love the extra designs. You really give us everything we need to know to make your projects. This is the first, but won’t be the last e-book I buy from you! Cindy

  2. Hi Mary,

    Would you please add me to the pre-notify list for the 2 new towel sets? I was able to order the mini stocking set – they are absolutely gorgeous!


    1. Hi, Cyndi – Can you email me separately for that?I build that list in my email account, so it is better if I have your information in an email that I can reply to. Thanks a bunch!

  3. I have been doing some work on crazy quilting lately, and many of the designs on the stockings will make good designs for stitching over patch joins!

  4. Love your designs. I have a stock of blank flour sacks that are just waiting to be stitched. Is there any possibility that you will come out with an E-book for those designs? I should start doing some designing myself, but I do appreciate all your hard work.

  5. Dear Mary,

    Please start charging more for your kits. The pricing really doesn’t reflect the value of your time sourcing and assembling the contents!

    1. Thanks, Oli! I calculate the cost very carefully – I want them to be affordable for as many people as possible, and yet still receive a fair return (I have to make a living).

  6. “On Saturday, November 28, I’ll publish the launch notice at 10:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA), which means they’ll be available to the East Coast at 11:00 am, and to the West Coast at 8:00 am.”

    I got here at 9:54 am est. and everything was sold out. How did that happen? 9:54 is at least an hour BEFORE the time you said it would go on sale.

    1. Well, I am not sure how that could have happened, as it took four hours for the kits to sell out. 10:00 am censorial standard time would have been 11:00 am in VA. If you got here at 10:00 am in VA, nothing was posted yet, as it was only 9;00 am here. At 9:54 your time, the products would have been labeled “coming soon,” not “sold out.” I didn’t activate them until 10:00 am CST, and the last kit sold around 2:00 pm CST. I’m sorry you missed them! I will have more towels prepared next week, and if you want to email for advanced notice on the kits, I’ll send you an email once they’re ready again. I have a few that are waiting one color of thread from France, so when that arrives, I’ll have just a handful left to sell. Drop me a line, and I will let you know via email when those are ready. Thanks!

  7. My favorite colors to use during the holiday season would be different shades of green, red, and white. I would stitch napkins or a small table topper.

  8. My favorite Christmas colors are bright blue and bright green. I would use the threads to embellish a throw pillow cover.

  9. Beautiful bold colors. I love them. I have pulled out my needlework a couple of months ago to start my favorite past time again. would love to win.

  10. Red and white – tried and true favourites spell Christmas for me. Last year I embroidered 17 leaping reindeers in red on tea towels that were white with red stripes – hostess gifts galore. This year, I am thinking that bunting in red and white would be festive.

    Best wishes to all for a happy and especially a healthy Christmas.

  11. What beautiful colors to celebrate the season with!! Of course, I love the traditional red and green for Christmas, with plenty of sparkle and bling, but I have also enjoyed some ornaments that I did in a bright (neon) pastel range for a small tree. If it’s Christmas related, consider me all in!

  12. I am always drawn to red and gold at Christmas time. I used to think it was other colors, but as I stitch and make Christmas and then display them, I am astounded with the amount of red and gold that I have used.

  13. My favorite holiday season colors are the traditional red,green, and white but I like the darker hues — burgundy, forest green and ivory. I use them in any traditional Christmas season designs, particular to wreaths.

  14. I discovered this supplier about a year ago . I want to do snowflake ornaments in #162
    Thank you for this opportunity to enjoy more of her beautiful threads

  15. Mary,

    Is the any chance you’ll be putting the Christmas Cheer designs in a pdf format? I have a lot of blank towels I could stitch these designs on.


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