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Arts & Crafts Christmas Festival – Virtually!


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Don’t you find that the happiest people you know are the people who have a creative outlet of some sort?

They pursue an art, a craft, a hobby – something creative that brings a consistent, quiet joy to their own lives and to the lives of those around them. They generally tend to be optimists. They have things to look forward to! Plans and ideas occupy their minds, taking them outside, and above, the often-drudgery of the world around them. They see things differently. The Mundane becomes interesting through their eyes.

One positive thing that has happened in 2020 is that many people are rediscovering – or discovering for the first time – what it means to be creative. As a result, the virtual world is hopping with all kinds of ways to tap into creative pursuits.

With the holidays coming up, you might think it’s the wrong time of year to pursue creativity or to discover new creative paths. But even though it can be a busy time of year, it’s really the ideal time to slow down, calm down, and focus on some quiet pleasures that help bring the joie back to joie de vivre.

To help you do that, there’s a really fabulous-looking Virtual Art & Crafts Christmas Festival coming up, organized and hosted by Search Press. When I heard about it, I figured I better share it with you, because it sounds pretty darned good and I think it will be a lot of fun!

Search Press Virtual Art and Craft Christmas Festival

There’s a rather huge line-up of fun video presentations, projects, live demos, give-aways and more in this event, which begins this Friday, November 20th and runs through Sunday, November 22nd.

Search Press Virtual Art and Craft Christmas Festival

You can download the full schedule of events and presentations here, but to give you an idea of the festival, highlights include video presentations on knitting (Monica Russel on Fair Isle knitting, for example), all kinds of crochet projects, quilting, sketching, watercolors, embroidery, needle felting, macrame, cake decorating. There are live tutorials by art & craft authors, give-aways of books and kits and all kinds of goodies! There’s even a little “kids’ corner” that will feature downloadable coloring pages, and tutorials for drawing animals and other crafts for kids.

Search Press Virtual Art and Craft Christmas Festival

The Way it Works

Well, to host something like this, there needs to be a platform, and in this case, Search Press is using their Facebook page as the main platform.

If you’re on Facebook and you’re interested in following the event over the three days – maybe checking in on particular presentations and such – then go here to the event page and let them know you’re going. That way, the events will show up in your FB feed. You can also check in on the Search Press Facebook page off and on throughout the weekend to see what’s up.

Search Press North America is also joining in on the fun, so you might pop in the Search Press North America Facebook page, too, and follow them. They’ll be hosting give-aways coinciding with the festival throughout the weekend.

Search Press Virtual Art and Craft Christmas Festival


All the times listed on the schedule are GMT, so if you’re in North America, you’ll be behind UK time by 5 hours (EST), 6 hours (CST), and 7 hours (PST). In other words, if you want to watch a demo or live event that posts at 3:00 pm GMT and you happen to live in Kansas, subtract 6 hours, and check in at 9:00 am.

It makes the morning schedule a bit sticky if you like to sleep, but on the bright side, the videos will still be available (to my understanding) on their Facebook and YouTube channels. If you want to get in on some of the morning give-aways, though, you might have to set an alarm.

I’m kind of excited, and I plan to pop in off and on through the weekend to pick up a few presentations! I suppose you’re probably expecting me to point out the embroidery, punch needle, quilting, and similar demos, but in fact, I’m secretly looking forward to the live sketches (Adebanji Alade, Sharon Hurst), the watercolor demos (Grahame Booth, Matthew Palmer, Jane Betteridge, Alison Board) and Sandra Monger’s Modern Gingerbread. (I love gingerbread in practically any form. It’s my One Weakness this time of year!)

Hope to “see you” at the festival!


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  1. For those in Australia we have our own virtual craft fair to attend – the Craft Alive people who usually hold craft fairs in most states and in regional areas, have been holding their fairs online since about August. About once a month. Very similar to this Search Press one but better time zones for us downunder! Also run through facebook – just search ‘craftalive’ and you’ll find it. I won a prize at the last fair, $50 to spend at Cascade House (gorgeous Australian silk threads) – very exciting!

  2. I don’t have Facebook, so that counts me out. I’ll just have to console myself with the “consistent, quiet joy” of tambour! I’m working on a practice piece using your openwork flower pattern. You were quite right – persistent practice really does make a huge difference!

  3. Dear Mary

    What a good idea virtual Christmas Festival I’ve been reading through the schedule and it all looks very interesting and exciting, unfortunately I have missed it has I’m behind with answering your posts my only excuse is I have a new mobile phone and it’s been a nightmare setting up with a new sim card, it’s taken hours to get to grips with it, but a lovely phone. Anyway back to the Christmas Festival it sounds great and lots of give-aways which is always a bonus and lots of video demonstrations. Thank you for sharing with us the Christmas Festival and the especially the schedule, this is a lovely thing to happen in 2020.

    Regards Anita Simmance

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