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A Stitcher’s Christmas #6: Metallics Galore… & a Little More!


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Bonjour, my friends!

This morning, for the 6th installment of this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas series, we’re heading over to The French Needle!

Today’s give-away is pretty exciting, especially for those of you who might be a wee bit like me and a little bit infatuated with sparkly things! Or if you just love thread…

First, we’ll talk about today’s Christmas gifts, and then I’ll announce the winners of this past Wednesday’s give-away. So read on, s’il vous plaît!

Stitcher's Christmas: Au Ver a Soie Metallics & More

I’m excited to see that The French Needle has recently taken on the whole line of Au Ver a Soie’s metallic threads and are making them available individually. In past years, they’ve been available in color sets, but now, you can pick up individual spools. And that’s a good thing!

I’ve written about Au Ver a Soie’s metallics off and on here on Needle ‘n Thread, and pretty much any time I use metallic threads, those are the metallics I’m using. They are far superior to similar metallics on the market. Because of their “engineering,” they hold up to surface embroidery on regular fabric better. I used these threads extensively in my Snowflakes projects and in this year’s Mini Sampler Stockings projects, so if you’ve taken an interest in those designs, you’ve probably heard of the threads!

Au Ver a Soie Metallic Threads

In conjunction with the folks at Au Ver a Soie, The French Needle has offered a large set of Au Ver a Soie #8 metallic braid for today’s give-away. The set includes many beautiful colors of lovely #8 metallic braids – all for you to play with to your heart’s content!

The #8 is the heavier of the two popular sizes of their tresse metallic braids, with #4 being the finer size. I like both for surface embroidery – the #4 is for delicate touches, while the #8 makes a slightly bolder statement.

For today’s give-away, the first randomly drawn name will receive the above collection of #8 Au Ver a Soie metallics.

Noel gold thread and micro needle threaders

The second randomly drawn name will receive a a lovely spool of Maison Noel’s fine metallic gold thread – which is a polyester and polyamide thread finished with gold, that can be washed and ironed (from the back), so it can be used on even household linens. It’s a very fine thread, to be used singly in a #8 or larger crewel needle, and it is perfect for little gold accents on your favorite embroidery.

This winner will also receive a couple beautiful micro threaders from Kiriki Press. These pretty and functional tools will help you thread your embroidery needles, and they’ll also make you happy to see them in your tool box, because they’re pretty! I love the look of these threaders! I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m familiar with Kiriki, so I’m confident it’s a well made product!

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to participate in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines!

This give-away has ended. The winners are listed in the following article on December 14. Thanks for participating!

1. Please leave your comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you are reading this in the newsletter, you can reach the comment form directly by following this link.

Comments left on any other post on Needle ‘n Thread or sent by email are not eligible. Please do not leave your comment as a reply to someone else’s. Replies cannot be included in the count. If you are unsure how to post a comment without replying to someone else, please just click the link provided above to go to the comment form. Thanks!

2. Make sure you leave a recognizable name or nickname on the Name line on the comment form. Anonymous comments don’t count. Please do not leave personal information like email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers in the Comment part of the form. When you do, I have to go in and edit that information out – unless you want spam, or strangers picking up your phone number, email address, mailing address (which you don’t, I’m sure!).

…but please do make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the Email line of the form. This is not visible to anyone but me, and it is not used for anything except the purposes of this give-away (if you win, I need to be able to contact you).

3. You may only enter once.

4. In your comment, please answer the following:

If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?

5. Leave your comment by 5:00 am Central Standard Time, Monday, December 14th. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday morning, when the next give-away in the series takes place. I will also contact the winners by email.

Please note that your comment may not appear right away on the website. I review all the comments that go on the website, to keep unseemly content off the website. If your comment does not show up immediately, please don’t fret. It will show up as soon as I have a chance to moderate comments.

Wednesday Winners!

And now, that moment you’ve been waiting for…

The randomly drawn recipients of Wednesday’s little gift bundle, which includes a book, some linen, a handmade ornament, and other delectable bits and bobs that I’ll package up and send along, are:

Bonnie Womac and Terry K!

I will contact you both by email to get the particulars!

Looking Forward

On Monday, we’ll be talking color in embroidery! If you love color, or if you have a hard time choosing colors that go well together, you’ll love Monday’s give-away!

We’ve been prepping more ready-to-stitch sets this week, so I’ll be adding those to the shop probably on Monday morning. If you’ve been waiting, keep an eye out for them!

See you next week!



(1,097) Comments

  1. My favorite embroidery stitch hands down is satin stitch. It’s just so satisfying to look at when it’s done well. It’s also so satisfying to execute it, even though I’m still not “great” at it. Seeing the threads laid beside each other, making this smooth satiny (pun) finish is just…ahhh.

  2. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. It’s easy to do and the look can be varied by the number of strands of floss used. I’ve used one strand to do stem stitch to fill in letters, and I’ve used two or three strands to outline – all with a nice effect. I also like to whip the stem stitch. So much you can do with one stitch and so easy – and quick!

    1. It’s a difficult question, but I’d say my favourite stitch is the Cretan Stitch – it can be used to create so many of nature’s forms! It can be delicate feathers, leaves, scales, little trees or branches…

    1. Of course my favorite is the stem stitch but right beside it is the lazy daisy. You can do so much with it and it is the foundation of so many other stitches.

    2. My favourite stitch is probably cross stitch as it is very versatile. A pattern can be variable with thread choice and nothing else.

    3. Love these threads can use in Saskiko . I am doin that now. Also I am doing Fabric Orgami. I wish you would do an article on the Fabric Orgami

    4. My favourite stitch is cross stitch. It is the first stitch my grandmother taught me. I think of her and have happy memories whenever I am stitching cross stitch

  3. I’d have to say stem stitch because it is so versatile. It can be used as an outline or a filling stitch. It makes nice curves and allows for fine details. And you can blend colors with it. It’s a good “work horse” stitch.

  4. Satin Stitch has always ruled my heart, embroidery-wise! Thank you, Mary, and thanks to The French Needle for your generosity and for being fabulous resources for stitchers!

  5. Simple as it may seem, I like the chain stitch. It’s so functional – for borders, for stems, and so much more. And for a little pizzaz, you can wrap them – one side or both. My second favorite is the French knot – it makes the cutest little bump and is fun to do.

  6. Favorite embroidery stitch would be straight stitch for all the painting you can do with the colors of the thread. Not a fancy stitch but so effective when used.

    1. Thank you, Mary,
      My favorite stitch is the straight stitch. I like it because I can use it in thread painting (long and short stitch).

  7. My favorite go to stitch is the french knot! I love how by varying the size of the stitch one can create so many different textures. It’s a fun stitch and fun to make wrapping threads around the needle.

  8. I just bought the mini stockings and I am looking forward to making them. I love adding a little sparkle to my embroidery and the stockings will show me how to do this better. Steph

  9. Contrary to my email address, I think my favorite is the Lazy Daisy. It’s simple, cute, and so versatile.

  10. Only one embroidery stitch! Yikes! That is really hard. The first one that came to mind was the lazy daisy. I think it can be used in a multitude of ways.

  11. Hi, Mary,

    My favorite stitch is fly stitch. It is easy for me to execute with pleasing results, and it can be adapted in many ways to create different looks.

    Thanks for telling us about metallic threads that work well. I had given up on metallics because they are so hard to use.

    Beth B in Charlottesville

  12. Aren’t those metallics mesmerising!
    I think if I had to pick one and one only, it would have to be stem stitch because it is so versatile. Great for outlines but equally suitable for a nice shaded filling. (But I’m really glad I _don’t_ have to choose just one stitch in reality 🙂 )

  13. I love to stitch the leaf stitch that makes such beautiful leaf forms. I love to stitch plants, so this stitch is very appealing . At this time of covid, it helps to add in a little of the outdoors into my stitching.

  14. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It is so versatile! Great for filling since it covers so well and also adds a bit of texture. I discovered my love of it when I used it for my red Swedish Dala horse. It gave it a knit look!

  15. My absolute favorite stitch is the feather stitch…it is sweet as it can be! Gentle curves and has a friendly little wave. It is perfect in a variety of colors and changes completely with a variegated thread. Thanks for everything you do for us, Mary! You are an inspiration always!

  16. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French knot. I find a way to incorporate them in most of my projects!

  17. I love love love French knots! I know they are frustrating for many stitchers, but I find it so satisfying when I pull the thread through and it makes that gorgeous little knot!

  18. Probably my favorite stitch is long and short as I love to do needlepainting. thanks for the awesome chance to win

  19. I enjoy working with metallic thread because of the challenge it offers and the beauty it creates.

  20. The stitch I use the most, my favorite, is the outline stitch. If I want to stitch “ something “ and just want to get going, outline is the way I go.

  21. I absolutely love doing buttonhole stitch – I think because it makes such a crisp, nice edge – especially when worked in #5 Perle Cotton!

  22. This morning I would choose the chain stitch as my can’t live without stitch. I’m currently using it to outline a sweet little sheep in a manger scene and loving the roundness of it. Thanks Mary!

  23. My favorite stitch is French knots. The cute bumps you get can either be clustered to make a textured say flower center or to randomly gently fill a space.
    Plus I find them fun to do!

  24. Oh, my! What lovely threads!
    Regarding my favorite stitch, I think I would have to pick stem stitch. I have recently found myself turning to it on several projects, for outlining and filling. Quite versatile.

  25. My favourite, and much practiced embroidery stitch is a bullion knot. When it goes right, it’s not only beautiful, but versatile, and practical, particularly for creating animals and almost any plant. With patience it can work with most threads – I’ve just talked myself into doing some!

  26. My favorite stitch from my early years of crewel embroidery always was the laid couching stitch. I loved the dimensionality it gave the piece and how it enabled you to enjoy the texture of the yarn and just nip it down here and there.

  27. Chain stitch is my favorite stitch. It can be varied in length to make petals or leaves, overlapped and staggered to make feathers or fishscales (maybe squint a little), or nearly anything, really.

  28. For my favorite embroidery stitch, although it is not as versatile a stitch as the back stitch, for example, I think I would choose the feather stitch because I love how it looks.

  29. I really enjoy surface embroidery cross stitch for the simple reason it’s easy. It’s what I like to do for stress free quick projects. And I like the look of it.

  30. I would pick fly stitch because it can be varied in many ways. It adds lovely texture and can be spaced close together or further apart to give different effects.

  31. My favorite stitch is the braided chain stitch which I just recently learned from Mary’s book of Monograms. I used it to embroider a scrip-type name on a man’s grilling apron. It worked beautifully. I love it because it has such texture and it fills a line beautifully. I haven’t mastered some of the other stitches in the book yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so.

  32. The queen stitch is my favorite. It IS the QUEEN of all stitches. It makes a statement like none other and stands alone in a solidly filled area.

  33. My favorite stitch would be any variation of Rhodes stitch – they add such texture to a piece, and really highlight the shine of silk threads. But since you’ve emphasized one stitch, rather than a family of stitches, then it would have to be a Rhodes butterfly.

  34. I think I would pick the Hungarian Braid. I like it’s breadth and boldness and I like that although it is a multi-step stitch (making it more interesting), it still goes pretty fast, but best of all it LOOKS great.

  35. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    I think I would choose the French knot. They are easy to do and add so much interest. Of course it’s so hard to pick just one!

  36. I think I use the stem stitch more than any other. That’s probably because it was the first one I learned SO many years ago.

    I haven’t used very many metallic threads in my hand embroidery, so if I win, I look forward to trying these out.

  37. I think I like the blanket stitch, in all its variations…I can aim to be precise, or wacky, and somehow, it all turns out interesting.

  38. I think my favorite stitch is the lazy daisy chain. It can be used in so many ways to get so many different effects by wrapping it, adding beads, using different sizes of thread, etc. I really enjoy so many different stitches it’s hard to choose one.

  39. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. I love how solid the line is, and it is a great filler. It gives texture and direction to filled images. It’s just so versatile! Second and third are the Bayeux stitch and the turkey stitch!

  40. My favourite stitch is the back stitch, because it is so versatile.
    I have been teaching my great nieces to embroider. I need to continue to learn myself! This would be the next step.

  41. I use the stem stitch the most as I am a quilter who used embroidery on my appliqué, and since I do a lot of floral motifs, the stem stitch makes a wonderful outline.

  42. The blanket stitch is one of my favorite. I love using it for applique on many fabric types. It is also easy to adjust the length of the stitches to get different results.

  43. I would love to win the sparkly threads from the Christmas giveaway. My favorite embroidery stitch to do is the buttonhole stitch. It is just so relaxing to do a long series of this stitch. Thank you for the wonderful free giveaway. So much fun!

  44. Crow-like I love the shimmer of gold…light, shine, dazzle that reflects each in this universe.

    As a very beginner I like the running stitch,
    simple and yet so much can be done with it…!

    Thank you for this generous kind offer!

    warm wishes,

  45. I’d have to go with the Satin Stitch. I’m a huge fan of goldwork and Satin Stitch in a nice rich color alongside goldwork is always beautiful.

  46. Love these threads…. have purchased from the French Needle before they have lovely items. The Au Ver Au Soie is great to work with.

  47. I love the look of Queen Stitch. Stacked together they make a beautiful strawberry or leaf or in a row they make an elegant statement on a sampler.

  48. My favourite stitch is chain stitch. It is so versatile and looks great in all different types of thread
    You don’t have to get this stitch perfect for it look really good. I would say it is a kind and adaptable and forgiving stitch!

  49. My favorite embroidery stitch is the french knot. I love making these little knots because they add texture to the piece. I can make tiny ones with a single thread and only one loop around the needle, or heavier ones with several strands and more loops around the needle. They can be happy little dots! I’d love to win the metallic thread!

  50. After reading your article on metallics, I purchased the Au Ver a Soie metallic thread. It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it. I made a bunch of angel ornaments out of white wool with gold metallic accents, and I was able to do it quickly without any problems. Thank you for your very informative articles.

  51. My favorite is the stem stitch. Why the most common stitch in the canon of stitches? Because each iteration reinforces the lesson to: choose joy! No matter how many times you have done it before!

  52. Very difficult to choose just one stitch with soooo many lovelies to choose from! The best I can do is two; the rice stitch adds so much interest with all it’s variations, and the coral stitch is like magic. Can you tell I’m a fan of texture? Thank you, Mary.

  53. My favorite stitch will forever be the satin stitch. It just looks so pretty and feels so soft 🙂

  54. Without a doubt, satin stitch is my favorite, although I am still bedeviled by the ideal of a well padded, perfectly stitched area. A simple up and down stitch with so many techniques at hand to achieve the goal of the elusive perfect satin stitch.

  55. I’m still an embroidery beginner, so maybe couching? I love basically drawing squiggles with thread and ending up with something beautiful.

  56. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why? My favorite stitch is the humble cross stitch. I get into a meditative rhythm and don’t have to think about it. It’s my comfort zone. It’s my zen. Cross stitch relaxes and calms me.

  57. Au Ver a Soie -Just the name makes me develop goosebumps. My favorite embroidery stitch is the scroll stitch. Such a lovely stitch for representing water. Growing up in Southern California, I have so many happy memories of times spent at the beach with family and friends. With so much dissension, fear, illness and weariness in today’s world, a simple stitch is enough to bring a smile. And isn’t that why we all stitch?

  58. I really like the stem stitch..I can outline with it , make various shapes easily and it gives an interesting texture used as a filling and it’s the first stitch I learned from my mom.

  59. For some reason I love a lazy daisy stitch most. It always makes me so happy when I stitch it.

  60. My favourite embroidery stitch is to do with blackwork, because with each design it is fun to try and figure out the path so that you can return to the beginning on the same path. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out where I am supposed to go in order to return to the same spot and continue to another area. I do like a little challenge when I’m stitching.

    I’d love to win your prize as well. You are so generous giving out gifts every now and then.

  61. Hi Mary,

    My favourite stitch is stem stitch! It’s so versatile and beautiful, but easy for a beginner like me!

  62. Just one? I can’t choose…. but if I had to I would choose a French knot. So satisfying to see those little knots form as the needle and thread pull though the fabric!!

  63. I love the chai stitch for its versatility. It works well for curved or straight lines, outlining and for filling in larger areas.

  64. Wow! What beautiful sparkly threads!!! As for a favorite stitch, that’s so difficult to pick – but I’d have to say I really like battlement couching and the 3-D effect it gives things!

  65. My favorite embroidery stitch is the satin stitch. I can’t do it very well, but it adds a level of lushness to a project.

  66. I love the palestrina knot. I do a lot of embellished wool work and I love how this stitch lays on wool. So many effects by varying the weight of the thread, the type of thread and the spacing.

  67. My favorite embroidery stitch is the outline stitch. I think it’s because it’s the only stitch I have mastered. I can do a lovely outline stitch on a straight line and both kinds of curves; I can start and stop without interruption. Plus, it’s a useful stitch!

  68. A favorite stitch would be a ‘line of staggered diagonals’. I use in Japanese Embroidery. It is used in most types of embroidery. Nice for thick or thin lines.

  69. Okay, that is a hard question. My mind goes to the versatile Button hole stitch. I love it’s organic look. It can look folk artsy or in the right thread it can add a touch of class. With a Bead it can change it’s look or add a small ribbon down the center and again it changes.

  70. My favorite is the blanket stitch and all its variations. I use it straight for edging a finished wallhanging, offset for roof shingles, pinwheel and looped for flowers (often with beads), and on and on…

  71. My favorite stitch is blanket stitch. It is so reliable, it pins things down, it makes a wonderful border with or without embellishments you can use it with any thread or ribbon and its a very easy stitch to do. Basic but beautiful!

  72. My favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion. It is versatile with using shading of thread colors, shape, density of thread, and stitch placement. It can be elegant or whimsical. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

  73. I love the chain stitch because it is so versatile. It can goin a straight line, in a curve and even circles. It’s easily accomplished in all fibers, takes well to embellishment, and shows off variegated threads well.

  74. This is not an easy thing to answer but I will pick the buttonhole stitch.

    It is very versatile! It can be simple edging, or make a lacey edging. It makes curves and flowers. It is a base for other stitches, can couch down different fibers, and plenty more. The amount of play the stitch allows in length and spacing also gives so much opportunity to change the look!

  75. If I had to pick I would say the French knot stitch. Maybe because of the texture and knottiness or maybe because of how I was so excited when I finally mastered it after unpicking so many floppy or too flat stitches.

  76. I’ve used these metallics & really enjoy working with them. By far superior to any others I’ve tried. Wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  77. If I had to choose only one embroidery stitch (perish the thought!!) it would probably be stem stitch because of its versatility. One can outline with it and one can fill with it. One can make it large and one can make it small. I love stem stitch!!

  78. My favorite stitch has to be the chain stitch. When I want to stitch a line that needs to be pretty solid but not wide, it’s a chain stitch. When I want to use a filler, I do rows of them. My favorite use is for tree trunks!

    And as always, thanks for doing these giveaways, Mary. It’s the only time I might get a ‘stitching’ present. 🙂

  79. I guess it would be stem stitch because it’s a workhorse stitch, and really, a very even stem stitch is very pretty.

  80. My favourite embroidery stitch would have to be the chain stitch, primarily for its versatility. Simple chains, alternating chains, open chains… you can do so much with this elegant, classic stitch.

  81. Only ONE stitch??? OK… I nominate the blanket stitch. I think it’s a fun stitch to do, has a nice texture and look, and it’s so practical.

  82. Love the metallics. I just held off buying some the other day. No good reason! But now I have one! Stem stitch is my all time go to. Always looks so clean and trim. But if I win, can’t wait to do many others. Especially one of the church patterns I downloaded!

  83. My favourite stitch, if I must choose only one, is SPLIT STITCH. It is easy to learn and easy to turn, around shapes and corners. It is also possible to use for filling areas. And, most of all, I like it because it was frequently used in church embroidery in my favourite time of the past, the Middle Ages. (Which is my own age, funny huh?)

  84. ooh, what a question! I’d have to stick with the basic running stitch, which can be used in so many ways!

  85. My current favorite embroidery stitch is the blanket stitch. Embroidery stitches are like cats, how can anyone have just one favorite. 🙂 I have been using the blanket stitch a lot lately and trying out different variations of it. It seems to lend itself to some needle lace too which I need to play with more. Yes the blanket stitch is a wonderful playful companion.

  86. I have not ventured into a lot of speciality stitches. I do however enjoy doing full cross stitches at a time. I have trouble seeing the holes when I go back in the opposite direction. If I do full then I know that it is done. One less stitch to finish. Ready to move on.

  87. Hi Mary,
    In surface embroidery I love the stem stitch, it can be used for different things.
    In Hardanger embroidery I live the square filet. It was the first stitch that I did the right way the first time.
    Thanks for your knowledge and for the giveaways.

  88. Only one embroidery stitch is hard. However, if I have to pick just one, it would be the long-armed cross stitch. It gives some extra dimension to ordinary cross stitch.

  89. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It is so easy to make and also easy to embellish. I love making it look like it’s complicated to make by adding different stitches and colors to it. But I could name several others also, thanks to Mary.

  90. French Knots, they work in most threads and can be varied so much with number of strands used. Best of all, they give texture.

  91. I enjoy using the Au Ver a Soie metallics. My one stitch would be cross stitch. It is the first stitch I learned and the one I go back to when life is stressed, or if I want to do something that takes no thought.

  92. I love the four-sided stitch for its versatility. It can be used as a border or a dividing line, as a stabilizing stitch for drawn or pulled thread, as part of a hem, as a marking stitch for alphabets, and for me, it’s relaxing to do.

  93. My favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion. I love counting the wraps when making the long ones. I love that I can make them lay flat like a worm or curve gently to make a rose. I love that I can make them into a standing circle of flower petals. I just love them.

  94. Thank you for these Christmas giveaways, Mary. They’re a fun way to learn about new and different embroidery materials.
    To answer your question…My absolute favorite stitch is the stem stitch. It’s fun and easy to do, makes a lovely texture, and is incredibly versatile.

  95. I find ‘chain stitch’ very versatile. It tidies edges if pulled tight and lovely little daisies and flowers, if not taught.

  96. Hard to pick a favorite but love the rice stitch. Maybe because one of the earliest not a cross stitches I learned. Adds a pretty raised finished especially when done with perle cotton 12.

  97. My favourite stitch is chain stitch I think. It can be so versatile because of all of the variations. I like detached chain and I often use whipped chain stitch. But on another day I would have said something else! Very hard to decide.

  98. I love to make French Knots. I love the texture that the being to any project, but it works well no matter the size of the project from doll size rugs to flowers of all sizes. Ashley

  99. Stem stitch, because it is so versatile. You can lengthen each stitch, shorten them, lean them sideways….. It can be used as a filling stitch or an outline….Definitely stem stitch!

  100. I love the chain stitch right now. It is very easy and I like the way it looks. It would look even better with all the sparkle!
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Hope you have a safe and Merriest of Christmas .

  101. SPLIT STITCH – it’s so versatile. I wrap it for borders, work it a little large for fancy hems, love it as a filling stitch – a little spaced for a light effect or as densely as I like for wow and or lift. It’s especially satisfying to work with silk thread which I also brings joy!

  102. I would so love to experiment with Au Ver A Soie #8 metallic. Being a needlepoint enthusiast #8 is my go to metallic.

    Patsy Det

  103. I choose the buttonhole stitch because I perfected it long before I took up embroidery in retirement. I learned it as a way to sew hooks, eyes, and snaps on garments while in high school. I was so fond of doing such that I happily repaired friends’ clothes when fasteners failed to stay put. As an embroiderer, I enjoy using buttonhole stitch in Hardanger pieces.

  104. G’day there Mary,
    Backstitch. Besides it being a sewing stitch, as in stitching pieces together, it can be decorated quite a few ways with a 2nd thread by looping around the stitches, weaving under them. Adding beads as the stitch is being made is effective too.
    Cheers, and thank you,
    Kath Grabham

  105. Oooh! All those sparkly threads! My favorite stitch is easily the stem stitch. Fast, forgiving around curves, and effective as either outlines or filler, it looks neat and smooth whether used with floss, perle, floche (Mmmmm!) or any fiber.

  106. I think the stem stitch is one of my favorite stitches and an easy go to. It’s my favorite outlining stitch and I think it can be manipulated easily for different shapes.

  107. My favorite stitch—only because I have to pick—is the outline stitch…because it’s the first stitch I ever learned to do❤️

  108. If I had to pick one stitch to use, I would pick the humble running stitch as it can be used in so many different ways.


  109. That is an extremely hard question to answer as to which Stitch is my favorite. I enjoy doing the lazy Daisy stitches and French knots regarding monogramming pillow cases. It’s just really hard to point the one stitch.

  110. The French knot or colonial knot. The little knot stitch does so many things – it suggests flowers, fills spaces when I run out of ideas for that space, and adds dimension by embroidering many knots on top of each other. Love love love them.

  111. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. It is so pretty and versatile. Thank you for doing these giveaways.

  112. I love doing stump work. One of my favorite stitches is the blanket stitch that creates the bead around the outside of the wire. That foundation sets up your work for the leaf or petal that you are stitching.

  113. Chain stitch. It is so versatile that sometimes I wonder what stitch was used and am amazed to find it was the good old chain stitch. It’s brilliant.

  114. That photo of all the metallic AuVer A Soie threads was just mouthwatering! The colors are so beautiful. I can see so many projects: smocked ornaments, embroideries with a touch of sparkle, little girls smocked dresses, even some small hemstitched items with it! What a wonderful giveaway and thank you to The French Needle and you for making this available!

  115. Pick just one embroidery stitch?! That’s like asking someone to choose just one type of cookie! : ( But I enjoy counted cross-stitch so much that that would have to be it. Hope you are having a luminous Advent.

  116. It would have to be the straight stitch because it is so versatile, allowing me to stitch just about anything I can dream of.

  117. Hi Mary,
    What a lovely giveaway! I do love bling!
    As for my favorite embroidery stitch, that’s easy…stem stitch. As a newbie, it’s a stitch that I am good at and it is very versatile. I find stem stitch very soothing to stitch, I think I might have a little stitching rhythm with it! Now, Palestrina stitch, that’s an entirely different story! I can’t do that to save my life! Wishing you all the blessings of this beautiful season.

  118. I recently learnt the closed fly stitch and I really really liked it. I stitched it in a leaf but like the feathery look it gives and found it satisfying to work.

  119. If I had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, it would be the double-running stitch. Such beautiful designs are possible from a simple stitch, and I like the logic/geometry of the out-and-back sitching paths.

  120. My favorite stitch has to be the stem stitch. I love the sort of braided look of the stitch and that it’s SO versatile. It’s my first choice for just about any lines but can also be used for fills giving my piece a nice texture.

  121. In honor of The French Needle, I am picking the French knot as my favorite stitch. So much fun to make! So versatile! Vive the French knot!

  122. I would choose the chain stitch. I’ve always loved it. It can be used as an outline or a stem. It can be used as a filler stitch. You can use it singly, or fancy it up with wraps or threading. There are so many options for its use.

  123. My favorite stitch would be the stem stitch! Because you can use it on red work, crazy quilting, and really any embroidery project.

  124. I would choose chain stitch because of its versatility: it can bemused as an outline as well as a filling stitch and one can basically embroider almost every type of design with it

  125. This his a tough question for me since I do different types of embroidery (cross, canvas, Hardanger, etc,.) which each utilizes different stitches. If pressed I will choose the cross stitch since it is used in so many different types of work. Also, it can be worked with all types of threads, it can be easily sized from silk canvas up to # 10, it can be created using all sorts of fibers. it is easy to size up or down, and it can be divided in 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 sections.

  126. Oh those metallics! My favourite stitch is the Feather Stitch. So so useful for graceful lines and filling space with prettiness.

  127. I love the simple chain stitch. It became my favorite when I made two baby quilts that had embroidered hands of family members – parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins – and each hand was done in chain. It reminded me of the link between each one of us and how interconnected we are.

  128. If I had to pick only one stitch, it would surely be the chain stitch. It can be used to fill, or outline. It can be embellished or plain. I use it constantly, and love the way the character of the stitch changes with thread type or with size. Chain gets my vote!

  129. Favorite Stitch: My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. Mary’s videos have encouraged me to use this stitch so often. It is great for both outlining and filling stitch, and creates just the right touch of texture, easily. It works quickly and I don’t need two hands.

  130. Without a doubt favourite stitch is french knot – once mastered you cant stop. It versatile; fine or chunky, accent, line or coverage. Great texture.

  131. This was really difficult, but cross-stitch is my favorite because it’s my go-to when I need to relax. I carry cross-stitch projects whenever i travel and when completed, the memories of my travels are stitched into each project!

  132. My favorite stitch is the French knot! It’s easy to do, it’s pretty, it’s fun to make it, and it’s versatile. It can be used for making flowers, leaves, decorations, dots, designs, edges, it can be used as a filler, a pretty-maker. I love the French knot!

  133. My favorite stitch so far is the Free Form Cross Stitch. I chose this due to my inexperience with embroidery and my mistakes aren’t as noticeable. LOL

  134. I would pick basketweave. By switching colors, types and textures of threads you can create beautiful pieces of needlework with only this stitch.

  135. Favorite embroidery stitch, hmmmmmm I guess it would be satin stitch. Why? Because you can use it in almost any style of embroidery, needle painting, pulled thread, cut work, handanger, crewel, etc.

  136. Hi everyone and Merry Christmas! My favorite stitch would be the humble back stitch. It is a good basic stitch that can be used many ways. Next in line would be the chain stitch. These 2 stitches can accomplish any embroidery task.

  137. I love the chain stitch because it is so versatile, as well as easy and fast! It looks great as and edge stitch to appliqué pieces and fillers and stems too.
    Carol H

  138. My favourite embroidery stitch so far is Holbein stitch, because it can be used to express designs ranging from a simple line drawing, up to a complex pattern of interwoven or infilled shapes, but is relaxing and enjoyable to stitch because of its simplicity.

  139. I keep getting the error message that this is something I’ve said before, but it is not.

    My favorite stitch so far is the Free Form Cross Stitch. I chose this due to my inexperience with embroidery and my mistakes aren’t as noticeable. LOL

  140. I too have found metallics hard to use, but always worth the effort. I love their look in the end and will continue to use them.
    Cathy C

  141. My favorite embroidery stitch is so basic that it’s laughable, but it has to be stem stitch. It’s so versatile!

  142. I like French Knots and I like Jessica’s (counted canvas/cross stitch) I think because of the sense of accomplishment I get from them. On an early cross stitch piece I had my grandma do the French knots, because I couldn’t get them to work consistently, but with different instructions and practice I do them by the hundreds now.

  143. I love the Pekinese stitch. It gives me joy in two parts. First there’s the pleasure of the steady and precise backstitch. Then there’s the opportunity of creating fun & flair by looping thread through the backstitch. And there are multiple options – pull it tight or make small, medium, or large loops. Plus the choice of using a single color thread, a variegated thread, or jazzing things up even more with two different colors of thread.

  144. Stem stitch is my go-to. It works quickly and creates a nice definite line for outlining as well as a beautiful way to fill in both small and larger spaces.

  145. I didn’t get to finish my reply. Besides liking Metallic threads, but also finding them hard to use, I will always choose them.
    My favorite stitch is the feather stitch. I love its movement on my pieces and when I add small beads to it I love it even more. I seem to really use it a lot.

  146. A favorite stitch is hard to choose – French knots are such cute little accents and really can liven up an area so nicely. But really only one stitch to pick? So hard! Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for keeping me stitching with your inspirations!

  147. Mary, my favorite embroidery stitch is the palestrina stitch. I think it adds so much texture & interest to a project.
    Have a great day!

  148. Stem stitch – so versatile, so easy and fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Carrie Gray “PlaneNut”

  149. Thank you for showing us the magic of metallics! Your entries have inspired me to try them and add that extra special touch to my pieces. I love that some of the featured products work with household linens! I would love to win either of the prize packages featured!

  150. Without a doubt my favorite stitch is the feather stitch. I love it’s organic nature and many variations.

  151. Stem stitch is so amazing, I can pad, fill and utline with it, and vary it alot with length of stitches and fiber used.

  152. Ooooh, shiny!!! Love those metallics!

    My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. There’s just something about the way it twists… and it’s so versatile. I love using it to fill in curvy shapes. But also to outline or to make lettering. The texture is lovely.

  153. Hi! The whipped running stitch is a “new favorite” for me. It’s plain, sweet and as colorful as you want! Thank you for the chance.

  154. The one stitch I would pick is a french knot because it can be used as a filling stitch, but also looks nice on its own.

  155. Boy, picking one stitch is tough! I think my favorite stitch is the turkey or tufted stitch. It give dimension and a great look to any embroidery piece, especially those with animals. Thanks for the giveaway.

  156. Wow, pick one?! Perhaps running stitch as it is so versatile. Or French knots for how often I use them, or buttonhole stitch for its beauty and functionality. I am coming down on the side of buttonhole stitch, but I am mourning the lost of running stitch and French knots.

    Thanks, Mary for all you do to make our lives better.

  157. Only one! Oh dear!
    I guess it would be the one that started it all for me.
    Cross stitch. With colors or specialty threads or floss, it can be beautiful.

  158. One of my favourite embroidery stitches is the blanket or buttonhole stitch. There are so many ways that you can use this stitch with so many variations for texture and effect!

  159. My favorite stitch would be the French knot. Why? I just love the effect it makes.
    Happy holidays to all and happy stitching!

  160. Hello! If I have to pick one embroidery stitch it would be the back stitch, because it was the first stitch that I learned, also because it can be as short or long as you want to, it can be used to make the lines of a design, to fill in a shape, and also create crisp corners. Good luck to all!

  161. I LOVE the tiny buds on a vine stitch and your tutorial for how to make it different by adding accents and knots in different layers and colors makes it unique in every instance. I love that it has many elements to keep adding and the end result is a delicate and rich looking vine! The effect adds so much to the project. Thank you Mary!

  162. I am new to embroidery and would love to try metallic threads. Thanks Mary for sharing your extensive knowledge on needlework!!

  163. My favorite stitch is the silk shading. I’m not very good at it yet but it has so much potential to add life to your project.

  164. My favorite stitch to use is the back stitch or the running back stitch. That is really two stitches, but they go together. They make the neatest and straightest lines possible.

  165. I would pick queen stitch. It has so many possibilities and can be used for so many shapes. It is also, for me, very relaxing.

  166. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch, maybe it is because it can go anywhere. It is my comfort stitch and who doesn’t need comfort these days.

  167. If I had to choose one favourite stitch, it would be the stem stitch. It is versatile, it looks pretty no matter how it is used, and i don’t quite know why, but I find it a meditative stitch to stitch.

  168. My favorite stitch is outline stitch. I love the slight heft of the stitch, along with its smoothness. Most of my embroidery involves line stitches, and outline stitching is ideal.

  169. Favorite embroidery stitch? Backstitch, without question. I find it to be both an incredibly versatile stitch AND so natural to perform. I look for every opportunity to include it in what I’m working on. Happy holidays Mary!

  170. My favorite stitch (also the first one I learned) is the stem stitch… I prefer the sewing method and it gives me great satisfaction to work on a project and to see it’s beautiful results, but it of course needs it’s wonderful cousins to set it off.

  171. I would choose the tent stitch because it is simple, for me is very relaxing but most important–I have created beautiful pictures (two tigers so far) that are often mistaken for photographs that I just love seeing.

  172. My favorite embroidery stitch is the simple back stitch. I love to outline things, and it’s so easy that I can embroider and listen to a book on audio cd at the same time. I do love exquisite embroidery, but sometimes simplicity is so beautiful. In this case…… less is more…….P.S. I am also a thread-aholic, so I would be overjoyed to win !

  173. My favorite embroidery stitch would be the eyelet stitch because it can be made in multiple different methods on any background fabric, evenweave or otherwise. The hole it makes is very graphic in a project.

  174. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch, mostly because it is so versatile. It can be an outline stitch or a filling stitch!

  175. What a great give away! My favorite stitch might be the paledian but this is not the one I am the best at!
    I love that there are so many stitches!

  176. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?

    I would pick the humble cross-stitch. It is versatile based on fiber choices, and easy, and it appeals to my desire for structure and no surprises.

  177. My favorite stitch is brick stitch – you can do so many things with it using different colors and materials.

  178. Only one stitch to use – it has to be the French Knot! On it’s own it has a presence and can join a few friends for texture but massed tightly together it takes on a whole new personality! Elegant, simple and always lovely (if done right). Of course one wrap or more can vary the size and two different strands can provide a variegated effect. The only stitch you need if you have only one.

  179. I like the couching stitch for embroidery because it gives depth to a design without adding a heavy stitch. It’s also good for combining threads/colors in one stitch!

  180. The family of herringbone stitches and variations is my go-to stitch. One project can involve fine wools in crewel filling stitches, another can use perles for appliqué art quilts, another can use metallics, and one more might use herringbone for shadow work. They are beautiful in layers of rows or singly along an edge. When in doubt, whip one out.

  181. My favorite stitch would have to be backstitch because it is so versatile. Thin thread, thick thread, whipped – you can do so much with it.

  182. If I could only pick one stitch (the horror!) I think it’d have to be the stem stitch. Great for lines, and could be used as a filler in a pinch.

  183. If I had to pick one embroidery stitch that is my favorite, I would have to say it’s the Lazy Daisy stitch! When I was a small child, my Mama and my Mamaw both enjoyed embroidery and taught me at an early age. They made pillowcases and tea towels which is where I started as well, and the lazy daisy stitch (or chain stitch) was on everything I did. I now have introduced my granddaughter to embroidery and when I asked her what her favorite stitch would be, you can only guess what she said. It was the Lazy Daisy stitch indeed! Four generations! I love it!

  184. Great giveaway! I absolutely love good quality metallic threads. Hmmm, if I had to choose only one stitch, I’d have to go with stem stitch — it’s so versatile (and it’s easy!)

  185. My favorite stitch is the fly stitch. The look can change dramatically just by changing the length of stitches, plus it is easy!

  186. There are so many wonderful stitches to choose from, but I love the Rhodes stitch, it can be used in so many ways, and I love the 3 dimensional effect.

  187. If I has to chose one stitch, it would be chain stitch. It can make a fine defined line or a rather bold one depending on thread. It can also give texture and direction as a filling stitch or done daintily to be unobtrusive.

  188. The first stitch my mother taught me was lazy daisy. I was thrilled to see how a few of these together would make a flower. Many years later, I still am.

  189. I would choose long and short stitch since you can create so many shapes and shading effects with it.

  190. If I could only use one embroidery stitch, it would be the stem stitch. This stitch can be used to stitch delicate lives, or packed together to fill an area.

  191. I love chain stitch. It is so practical and versatile and pretty too. Whether stitched in a circle or twisted, whipped or sewn in multiple colours, it is definitely my favourite stitch.

  192. Picking out a favorite stitch is difficult. I guess it would be the herringbone stitch.
    ( I do like embroidering all kinds of stitches and trying different variations of the stitches.)
    Thanks Mary and have a great weekend!

  193. My favorite stitch is…the French knot! It’s a very tactile stitch (when completed), I love making knots on purpose and it’s the one stitch I remember my grandmother teaching me!

  194. My favourite stitch is the chain stitch. It can be large or small or thick or thin so is very versatile and covers large areas beautifully.

  195. Reverse chain stitch. I love how it looks for lines and fills, and working it falls into an easy rhythm.

  196. My favorite stitch has to be the cross stitch. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure seeing the rows of crossed stitches grow upon a project! I take ferocious pride in my work as the stitches grow; the final stitch component always, slanted in the same direction 45 deg. to the right, bottom to top.

  197. If I had to choose only one stitch it would have to be a blanket stitch, a little utilitarian, but I love wool work and it’s so peaceful and centering to slide a needle through some soft beautiful wool.

  198. My favorite stitch is split stitch. I just started using it and like it because it is neater for me than back stitching and a good thickness for outlines. My stitches look nice with this stitch.

  199. I would choose stem stitch because this lowly stitch can be used in many different ways. I also really like making this stitch!

  200. The French knot is my favorite stitch because it’s the first raised stitch I learned. The French knot adds texture and can speak quietly or boldly in my work. It’s a fun little stitch.

  201. If I had to choose only one embroidery stitch, I think it would be the cross stitch. I can be used in many ways on different ground cloths.

  202. My favorite stitch is outline stitch. It is so comfortable to stitch, I like the look of it, and I can use it for so much. It also doesn’t use as much thread as other line stitches. It was my mother’s favorite stitch and the one she used the most and taught me to use!

    Lately, I have been using running stitch a lot. New favorite? Hmmm.

  203. Thanks for this opportunity to win the lovely threads and needle threaders! One of my favorite embroidery stitches is the chain stitch. It can be used in so many different ways and the number of adaptations of the stitch are practically innumerable. The most interesting way I have used it was in a design on a smocked garment. It was challenging to make the stitches even over the pleated fabric, but so pretty!
    Merry Christmas, Mary, and thanks for all you do for the hand embroidery community!

  204. Satin stitch. Why? The outline stitch is the one I use more often and find the most useful, the chain stitch is close behind and both of those can be used to good effect for outlining OR filling. Satin stitch is hard to execute properly, doesn’t hold up as well over use, laundering or the simple passage of time and it uses up lots of floss very quickly. So again, why is it my favorite? I think it’s because you can pet its smooth, silky surface and even in plain cotton floss it has that lovely polished sheen you just can’t get with any other stitch. Nothing says “hand embroidery” to me louder than satin stitch.

  205. Mary…although this stitch may have multiple names, my favorite is the “blanket” stitch. I find there are many variations and I love them all! Bonnie

  206. I love using metallic thread to give items a pop. What I don’t like is that the metallic threads I’ve tried are really a pain to use & generally bring out my” better” vocabulary. I am excited to try both the AuVer a Soie and the Maison Noel gold thread.

  207. I think my favourite stitch would have to be the stem stitch. It can not only be used to outline areas that have been embroidered, but used to embroider stems. There are many variations of this stitch, and it can be padded, whipped and encircled with knots. it’s very versatile.

  208. The bullion knot. So many obstacles: finding the right needles, number of twists, placement on the fabric, but it was so satisfying when it all came together.

  209. My favorite embroidery stitch would have to be the Chain Stitch/Lazy Daisy, because they can create different affects, such as hair or flowers or a nice outline.

  210. My favorite embroidery stitch is long & short satin stitch or uneven satin stitch. I am currently working on a daffodil needlepainting project and am loving mastering the variation needed in the stitch as well as the way to play with color variation. Happy Holidays, Peace and Good Health to Everyone.

  211. I mostly do cross-stitch, but I think I like the stem stitch because of how versatile it us & it looks like a coiled rope. 🙂

  212. My favorite Stitch is French knots. I know some people dislike them but I love the texture. You can make them as small or as big as you like and they work with every kind of thread I can think of.

  213. I love the FLY stitch – it’s so versatile – leave a longer tail and it’s a whirligig blowing in the wind; or it becomes a stand of trees or flowers or in it’s traditional shape, it makes lovely borders.

  214. I love the chain stitch because there’s so much variation to it. Changing the size, the length- outlining or making a flower- different threads for different looks- and it’s a fun stitch to do!

  215. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Queen Stitch. Why? I love the texture it gives. I do a lot of counted thread–especially samplers. You can take a traditional carnation motif and just cross stitch it, but change that carnation into a queen stitch version, and you have definition and texture. Love it.

  216. My favourite embroidery stitch is the cross-stitch. It’s the first stitch I learnt and has always held a special place in my heart. I’ve completed projects with a variety of stitches but come back to the cross-stitch.

  217. After a bit of thought, I’d say my favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. It can make lines, fill in areas, be thick or thin, be wrapped with color and best of all, it’s easy!

  218. I think I have to go back to one of the basics – the chain stitch. It was the first stitches that my grandmother taught me that I actually was able to master quickly. Plus it came with time spent with my Grandma and the wonderful stories she use to tell. Thank you, Mary.

  219. The chain stitch. It is one of the first stitches I learned. You can vary it by color, thread, size, direction, tautness, etc. It is an easy, fun stitch.
    One of these days I’ll actually use some of your named stitches. In the meantime, I’ve learned so much from your site that I felt very comfortable removing the ecclesiastic ornament from our worn out silk vestments and reinstalling them onto new vestments using couching techniques.

  220. Palestrina stitch is my favorite! I haven’t tried too many fancy stitches but this one yes – it’s very fun and I love the look.

  221. French knot is my favorite stitch. It reminds me so much of struggling to learn it in the beginning and how practice, practice, practice has built my confidence to continue learning new embroidery stitches.

  222. My favorite stitch is a ghiordes knot. I love making the little fuzzy stitches for bunny tales etc.

  223. It’s truly mundane, but, while I love stitching jessicas and other “string art” like stitches, the cross stitch is the one that I would pick. I’d pick it for its versatility and ability to paint a whole piece while only changing color. The same could be said of the long and short stitch.

  224. I love buttonhole/blanket stitch. Depending on the spacing and thread it can look entirely different from one seam to another. I’m into crazy quilting, so I generally stitch on seams.

  225. My grandmother taught me the satin stitch to fill in the areas of drawings of mine that she copied onto white cotton with a pencil in the early 50s. Hours of quiet time were spent with her learning home arts, but these were my favorite moments, seeing the animal or flower come to life in color using just a thread. Mind you, this was way before color tv or cartoon entertainment for children!

  226. Oh! The beautiful threads! Probably my favorite stitch has to be stem stitch and only because it is so versatile! You can do so much with one little stitch! And you can do it relatively quickly, from filling to outlining! It’s a great stitch!

  227. I have fallen in love with the feather stitch since I have been working from the stocking kit. I have not used it before so it is new to me. It looks a lot like a vine and tipped with a bead , it is quite exquizite in embroidery.

  228. I’m new to embroidery, but so far my favourite stitch is the satin stitch. It’s incredibly satisfying to get a clean set that’s not lumpy and a very meditative stitch

  229. Thank you for providing the vehicle for the offering of this drawing. I would pick the straight stitch because of its versatility.

  230. Hi, and Merry Christmas, Mary!

    Thank you for your uplifting writings. I look forward to reading how you continue to embroider such beautiful items.

    My favorite stitch is the French Knot, because the feel of them after being made has its own characteristic, yet it can be used in almost any creative unit; such as, eyes, flowers, skies, clothing, shapes, and the list goes on.

  231. Hi Mary,
    My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It doesn’t always come out as neatly as I like, but I love it for so many different things. I recently learned the stem stitch (thanks to you) and I’ve been using it a lot.
    Best Wishes,

  232. The French Knot. I did not even have to think about it! It has so many uses. Singly it stands alone and is noticed because of it’s texture. The size can be changed so easily. In a cluster it can be a beautiful flower, a space filler and anything else you can imagine. It can be a trailing path or buds on a rose bush. I love making them and found the secret is to hold the outside thread taught while inserting your needle and pulling the thread through to create the knot.
    Submitted with wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you Mary, and all of those who love your blog and appreciate the hard work you do to make us better stitchers.

  233. Favorite stitch: the queen stitch! (The question didn’t require this to be my favorite stitch to actually “do”!) It’s simply such a beautiful stitch and appears so appealing when used as a background, as well as looks fabulous when done in metallic threads.

  234. I love chain stitch! It took me the better part of six moths to figure it out, but now I think an even border of chain stitch is lovely on almost any project.

  235. Favorite (or “most useful”) stitch would have to be stem stitch. I just figured out a “braid stitch” and that has been quite fun! to practice lately!

  236. I really like the Stem/Outline Stitch and I find it extremely versatile, not just for single outlines or stems but I also use it for filling small areas and combining it with other stitches.

  237. I love trying out different metallic threads as it is always interesting how all of them are different and feel different when using them. My favourite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch as it gives such a nice appearance to leaves, etc.

  238. I’m just about to start a Christmas table topper and am envisioning it embroidered with all those wonderful sparkly metallic threads! Thank you!

  239. I like colonial knots and use them anytime I can. I like to use them any way. I use 2 strands but use two different colors of strands so it is an interesting look.

  240. I love adding sparkling threads to my projects. My favorite use is when I have a project’s with stars. The threads are a stand out addition!!

  241. My favorite embroidery stitch is a plain Jane of stitchery, I’m afraid. It’s the back stitch but with a twist; I usually always do a double row of back stitching where one is suggested. It looks thick and ropy and stands out beautifully.

  242. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I use it all the time. It’s flexible and can be used in many ways.

  243. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. It is basic and is used in most projects. It can look different depending on what type of fiber and how heavy the fiber is. It is easy to perfect and very calming because of the smooth even motions. Definately my favorite.

  244. I love many stitches but perhaps my favorite is, yes, good old basketweave. It is a purely meditative stitch, and once I start in, I am “in the zone” in no time. It is so very relaxing, and when done with even tension, it gives the eye a place to rest in an otherwise busy project. It does its job very well.

  245. Just beginning to explore embroidery. With every new kit I am introduced to new stitches, but the back stitch is my favorite “old friend”. It is comforting to settle back and stitch with relaxed familiarity. And also, I like admiring the improving neatness & uniformity

  246. My favorite is the French Knot. You can use them alone to dot an “I” or be an eye. You can use up several to make the center of a flower, or lots to make a tree, flowers on a bush, or ground cover. You can scatter them around to represent leaves or petals that have fallen to the ground or just to fill a space in a slow stitch project. You can make them different sizes depending on the number of threads you use and how many wraps you do. Besides…they’re just cute!!

  247. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. I use it for padding in cutwork, for quick stems and for flowing script to personalize a small gift. To end this miserable year with Au Ver a Soie would be brilliant!

  248. Today my favorite stitch is the Braid Stitch from Twelve Trees for Christmas, Tree #8!! I’m in the process of learning it! COVID has taken me back into embroidery. I’ve been able to get to a reasonable level with the basic stitches. Learned the Palestrina stitch while embroidering the spring towels. Some people are learning a new language, experimenting with recipes. Me, it’s embroidery. What a gift it has been. So, I’m still struggling with the Braid stitch (started practice yesterday). But, once I get it, how pretty that trees is going to be!!!!

    Merry Christmas

  249. for some strange reason i like the buttonhole stitch, it’s simple and you can embroider beautiful flowers

  250. I think my favorite stitch is the colonial knot! I have better success with consistency with the colonial compared to the French knot which I love!

  251. I love the woven cross because for very little effort, you get a result that looks more complex than it really is! And…it looks a bit jaunty! Can’t say that about every stitch!

  252. My favorite stitch is the Montenegrin, because it looks complicated and fancy, but is really easy and covers quickly.

    The metallic threads are beautiful!


  253. I recently learned about the drizzle stitch, which is fun to do, and adds a cute dimension to anything it’s added to. I used it for the center of a flower, but it could be used for so many things!

  254. It may be a little boring, but my all-time favorite embroidery technique and stitch is good ole’ fashioned cross stitch, followed closely by herringbone. I’m also in the process of finishing a nuno felted silk scarf which has not been totally successful in that some of the wool has not felted into the silk. The plan is to feather-stitch over some on the “mistake” areas to hold it down. No-one will ever know my secret – except all of you! Please don’t tell.

  255. I had a design that used blanket stitch very close together almost as a complete filling and it was soo hard to get it just right, it was either too close or too far apart , it took forever to get it just as I wanted and so lots of unpicking took place but once it was done it just looked fantastic so for this reason I love that stitch.

  256. My favorite stitch is split back stitch because I love neat & tidy edges. It gives an even polished look to tiny curves.

  257. I like the long and short stitch. It is the easiest to make and yet the most difficult to look good….to make the colors flow and texture appear.

  258. One of my favorite stitches is the Jessica. I love working this stitch as it requires some concentration which can be a form of meditation for me.

  259. My favorite stitch is chain stitch. It is a rhythmic stitch so it is easy to work, their are many variations that change it up just a bit, & I love the textured line it creates!

  260. I love making bullions !.. loopy ones, fat ones , sleek ones. Filling spaces. So many ways and easy with a millinery needle

  261. I think if I had to pick just one favorite stitch it would be the satin stitch. It really is amazing how often I use this stitch. To dress up a design, to pad a design for extra strength and to build into something wonderful….like perhaps some goldwork. I find myself doing the satin stitch without thinking about it. It’s like an old, tried and true, friend.

  262. I’d have to say my favorite stitch is the Fly Stitch. It’s an extremely versatile stitch that can have long or short arms that allow you to make wonderful pine needles (for example) or dandelion fluff. They can be long and narrow or short and fat or even a combination of both. It’s a good filler stitch as well. To top it off it’s a very easy stitch to make.

  263. I’m not an expert with experience in a large variety of stitches but I’m really loving the split stitch. I like how it looks so tidy while giving texture, particularly when it’s filling in a leaf. And it also outlines nicely. I don’t tire of using it or looking at it!

  264. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French knot. I love the dimensionality it brings to any piece. Plus, it’s pretty darn easy to do!

  265. I have done a lot of different embroidery pictures over the course of my life, and I really enjoy the outline stitch. I have recently used it as a filler on some Christmas trees.

  266. when I was little my Grandma taught me embroidery which I still enjoy. We struggled with making a good looking French Knots. My little fat fingers, the needle and that thread just took a very long time getting coordinated. it is still a favorite stitch because I think of her and her patience when we attempted yet another group of flower centers on pillow cases or some other project.

  267. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. It can be used in so many different ways. I especially love a tiny chain stitch. It is very easy to make yet looks so delicate and is so versatile.

  268. What an AMAZING giveaway! I just love both The French Needle & Au Ver a Soie. Thanks to both for this offering, as well as Needle ‘n Thread! Happy Holidays!

  269. I have not used this brand of metallic thread but have tried other brands, they are hard to work with but I love the effect of the metallic threads give a project. Would love to win this wonderful prize. Love your e-mails and all your helpful hints.

  270. I’d have to say split stitch. It is a most adaptable stitch and can be used in multiple ways. Also it isn’t as precise as some others and doesn’t show your screwups as obviously!

  271. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?
    Woven Wheel Stitch, I love how it looks like little roese!

  272. Love these metallic threads! Sparkle is such a great addition to holiday projects, and this is my favorite time of year to make gifts for friends as well as my own tree!

  273. I always love your emails. I learn so much from east one. We even discuss your emails in our hand sewing group monthly. Thanks so much for all the knowledge you give us.

  274. My favorite embroidery stitch is French knots. I really don’t know why I like doing them except you can make them large or small depending on the thickness of your thread and how many strands of thread you use. Yes ….. it’s French knots for me!

  275. My favorite stitch is Chain, I was just using it yesterday. I just like the “weight” of it. It really shows up. My second favorite is Satin stitch.

  276. My favorite stitch by far is the Queen Stitch. It can be worked on any fabric or canvas. Although it is a bit tricky to do, it is worth stitching because of the lovely look of it. I do a lot of this stitch in metallics.

  277. My favorite stitch is the Feather stitch. I love the way it covers seams especially. I have used it on older quilts needing repaired, it reinforces the seam with beauty. I also have used the Feather stitch as my quilting stitch a couple of times.

  278. My favorite stitch is the French Knot. I like the 3 demential effects it produces when I embroider sheep and people with curly hair. It serves many purposes in the embroidered pictures that I create.

  279. For some reason, I’ve always liked the feather stitch. It can be very delicate looking. Or you can dress it up with beads or other stitches. It just seems very versatile. And I like to work the fishbone stitch. Don’t know why, I just do.

  280. Having just tried metalic threads recently your article was really an eye opener. The project I did was Glistening Webs a workshop with our local guild, and I used the glittery threads for the Webs. When I went to buy, I knew nothing, and ended up picking colors I wanted instead of realizing they came in different sizes. How much faster it would have been to have had Au Ver a Soie #8 to work with.

  281. My favorite embroidery stitch is long and short stitch. The majority of the stitching I do is needle painting and you can’t needle paint without lots of long and short stitch! It was my first love stitch wise and I continue to find it challenging and satisfying.

  282. Does it count that my favorite stitch is more a needlepoint stitch? (Although it can be done in counted work, or even regular surface embroidery if you have a good eye)

    My favorite stitch is any kind of crescent stitch (done with many stitch leg). When I doodle stitches, that’s the one I doodle the most.

  283. Hello Mary:
    Todays entry is tough as there are so many lovely stitches but if I had to choose one it would be the stem stitch as it is so versatile, and can be used in so many different ways colors. It can not only be used as a stem on a flower, as an outline stitch which without it our embroidery would not look finished . It was also the first stitch I learnt how to do!
    Thank you

  284. I would have to say my favorite stitch is the outline stitch. I could do it in my sleep. I have an addiction to dish towels and that is my primary stitch for them. I love the way the stitch curves and you don’t have to worry about getting the needle in the hole like you do for backstitch.

  285. I enjoy the outline stitch. It is very versatile. I can use it as a filler, outlining, accenting, lettering. Additionally I can manipulate all types of threads with the outline stitch.

  286. My favorite stitch is stem stitch because it’s the first “real” embroidery stitch I learned. It’s so versatile…outlines, filling, whipped and around curves! And it’s really fast!

  287. My favourite embroidery stitch is cross stitch. Quite simply I can do it! And it has enanled me create a lot of things which I have given as presents which have given both me and the recipient great joy!

  288. I love the split stitch as it’s so versatile and it’s VIP for me to ‘draw in the foundation before I ‘color in with more stitches

  289. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. It can be varied in length and width depending on threads used and it is the first and base stitch for me to make a beautiful piece of fabric start to come alive with color and form.

  290. My favorite stitch is Palestrina stitch. I saw it in Elisabetta Sforza’s book. It’s sooooo elegant! Thank you, Mary and French Needle for this drawing. Merry Christmas!

  291. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Long/Short stitch. I love to see how shape and shading can be achieved.

  292. Oooooh! Those threads are making my heart skip a beat! Yummy! They would be soooo happy living with me.

  293. My favorite stitch would have to be the woven square that’s used a lot in chicken scratch, My Mother did chicken scratch embroidery and I loved to watch her. It’s one of the first stitches she taught me when I was young.

  294. I have only used Au Ver a Soie floss on one project. It’s a little out of my budget. But it is so lovely to stitch with.

  295. French knots. ‘em. Used to struggle so much then Mary’s video fixed it for me. Fell in love with stitch and website all at once

  296. That’s an easy question for me. Hands down it’s the chain stitch. I can use it anywhere and also add more to it to change it up. It’s very versatile. I really like to outline my wool pieces with it. It makes the birds and flowers come alive.

  297. The lazy daisy stitch! So easy and yet will create a beautiful stitch addition to so many items, including clothing and embroidery projects of all kinds!

  298. ooooh – be still my magpie heart!! I do love sparkly things!! Favourite stitch – there are so many but I guess my first choice would be the French Knot. It can be used in so many different ways and with pretty much any thread (altho’ I guess not so much with metallics). It can make flowers….it can make leaves….it can be a filler stitch….it looks wonderful in variegated threads….and I could go on….

  299. Since I only do cross stitch, I’d have to say backstitch is my favorite stitch. Even after 30 years of doing cross stitch, I still get amazed by how much the backstitching at the end makes the whole design come to life!

  300. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch because it can curve easily and it covers lines very well. I am also enjoying French Knots which take a lot of practice. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Merry Christmas.

  301. This is an amazing giveaway. These are my absolute favorite fibers to stitch with. I love all embroidery stitches, but if I have to choose a favorite, it would most definitely be French knots. I love them, I adore them!

  302. Definitely bullion stitch…it was tricky to master but is so useful..thing of the myriad of flowers it can be used on!

  303. Today’s gift is wonderful. Thank you French Needle, and Thank you Mary.
    Susan in San Angelo (not San Antonio) Texas.

  304. The double daisy chain(Hungarian chain stitch) is fun to work with. Since lots of my appliqué involves plants and flowers, I get loads of practice. It makes beautiful vines and stems.

  305. My favorite stitch is the old favorite, stem/outline stitch. It’s so versatile and can be used as an outline and filling stitch.

  306. Unquestionably, my favorite stitch is the feather stitch. It can be a border, the basis for a wandering vine, be dainty or bold, done in overlaid layers, combined with a variety of metallic threads and blenders, and much more. If necessary, it becomes the blanket stitch. Chain/ lazy daisy has potential, but feather stitch is my favorite because of its flexibility.

  307. Greetings! Thank you Mary for these give aways! My one stitch would be a chain stitch. It makes a great outline as well as filler.
    Happy Holidays

  308. I have two favorite stitches. The first is Jean Hilton’s Jessica. I love the way you cannot tell where the stitch starts and finishes. The second stitch I like is the Basket Weave. It is a finishing stitch. When I’m done with the background I’m done. And my piece is off to the framer.

  309. Satin stitch is my favorite. I’m not very experienced, and on top of that am left-handed. So interpreting instructions for the more intricate stitches as a leftie is sometimes hard. A beautiful shimmering satin stitched piece is why I love embroidery.

  310. The stem stitch is, to me, very versatile. It does borders and fill-ins. It’s also fun to stitch.

  311. I would say the backstitch is my favorite because it is so versatile. Outlining, filling both can be done and still look so pretty. I also LOVE metallic threads and I think these will be so much fun to stitch with.

  312. Lazy Daisy is a favorite. It can be chained, used for flower petals or along an edge, it can be wrapped or beaded.

  313. If I could use only 1 stitch it would be long and short because it works for filling, shading and is simply beautiful when done correctly( which I’m still working on!!) Merry Christmas ⛄

  314. My favorite stitch is the French knot. It’s so pretty and forms like magic with a little manipulation of thread and needle.

  315. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Bullion Stich. It enables me to construct beautiful roses to decorate a variety of items – pictures. kleenex pouches, and jewelry bags, which I love to give as gifts.

  316. Hi, Mary!
    My favorite stitch is the queen stitch. It’s a little fussy, but it’s fun to make & beautiful when finished. I especially like to make strawberries with the queen stitch. It just makes me happy!

  317. My favorite stitch is the outline or stem stitch. It’s very versatile for both outlining or filling.

  318. My favorite is the Palestrina stitch. I love that it has a fascinating Italian history and it’s a stitch that isn’t often seen in American embroidery. It can even be embellished for a small but spectacular border. It was time well spent, learning this one.

  319. I love the chainstitch for its versatility and decorative effect! It’s very “agile”, to get around corners, outline etc. I love how effective this simple stitch is, it covers the surface quickly and shows off the thread so well. I’m also trying to master the tambour hook, to use it for larger surfaces more quickly and attaching beads on clothes. I am passionate about embroidery!

  320. My favourite embroidery is canvas work. I love the variety of stitches and the bold looks that you can create.

  321. My favorite stitch would likely be the satin stitch. When done right it looks so beautiful and shiny. It can be difficult to keep smooth and straight, but when it works – <3!

  322. What a way to make the new year sparkle and shine!!!! My favorite stitch to make is Hungarian Braid. I love the way it welts up to make a beautiful wider stitch line.

  323. My favorite stitch is the queen stitch – I love its texture and that it can be lacy (or not) depending on how hard you pull the thread.

  324. Mary my favourite stitch would be palesterna. So many beautiful combinations to cover lines and turn simplicity into beauty. Thank you.

  325. Cross stitch. That’s all I have time for these days. I hope to attempt more complicated stitches in the future. Love your blog.

  326. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch because it is so versatile. I use it for stems and outlines, especially when I need something a little wider than a back or stem stitch. It can also be woven through for an even thicker look.

  327. The Palestrina stitch I have found very useful. I have used it as an outline stitch, it adds texture. It is very pretty on ornaments that are two sided to close around the edge. It is fun to stitch. I also love many stitches and always looking for new ones.

  328. My favorite stitch is the very first stitch of a project! It is the stitch that always makes me grin. Thank you for your insights and generous nature!

  329. I would have to choose French knots, not because I love them but because I have found them so very useful in my art painted/embroidered pieces to depict trees. I actually get very tired of them, (doing them), LOL, but the texture they create I just love so it’s a Love/Hate relationship!

  330. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French Knot. There is something in its execution that I find soothing as well as satisfying. The stitch is also versatile. Change the size of the thread and you have a whole new look. Make the thread matte or shiny (yes I do love shiny) and if you are making flowers, your bouquet comes to life. Lastly, I love the texture. French knots can give that pop of relief on many different shapes on your design. This stitch is just fun!

  331. I have had the benefit of visiting The French Needle and everything is so tempting. Everything is lovely, well thought out, and customer service is the best! Loved the article and would love a needle threader.

  332. What a treat it would be to win this wonderful sparkly thread!!! I’ll be holding my breath till you do the drawing……not really!!

    My favorite embroidery stitch is the satin stitch because it is so dramatic and accents my work. A lot of bang for the buck!!!

  333. Nearly impossible to choose. However, I guess my favorite would be padded satin stitch. First because I love the way it looks. And second because it develops slowly into the finished look

  334. Oh the threads are just gorgeous!

    Hard to pick a favorite stitch because I enjoy them all along with the whole process! But, if I have to pick one, I think I’d pick shadow work because it’s so pretty and delicate!


  335. Straight stitch. When I was nine years old, my grandmother taught me how to embroider. She taught me one stitch—the straight stitch. She would draw a simple flower on a piece of waste material with a tiny pencil and I would then “go to town” with my “embroidery “. Really thought I was hot stuff. I’m seventy five now and know a few more stitches, but every time I embroider, I think of my dear grandmother and the wonderful gift she gave me.

  336. It’s a hard ask to choose just one favorite stitch, like colors favorites change. Currently though, I am enthralled with the ease and look of whipped chain stitch. The whipping takes something so simple and homespun and makes it into an intricate, elegant border.

  337. The Queen’s Stitch! I love the way it looks when all the threads line up just right! Very delicate!

  338. The stitch I would choose would be the chain stitch. Besides being a fun stitch to do it adds texture and movement, if you so desire. I have used it as a filler, bark on trees, vines, stems. The look can be changed by weaving another color into it or adding another stitch on top. Lots of choices!

  339. My favorite stitch is hard to choose as I like all of the variations. I am going to go with the cross stitch as the stitch is soothing when I do it.

  340. One and only one would be backstitch. It goes back to my “favorite stitch project”. Rediscovering redwork and the wonders it does for my stress made this my favorite for the last few decades and also on a roadtrips it is wonderful

  341. I don’t have a lot of recent experience with embroidery as my current projects are cross stitch related and I haven’t advanced yet to specialty stitches. I would say the French knot is my favourite. I love how they give a three dimensional look to my work and when they execute well, they are a delight in their simple perfectness! Maybe also because I stitch them at the end, there is that sense of nearing the finish line and the anticipation that comes with completing a project and moving on to the next one!

  342. My favorite embroidery stitch is the cross stitch. If I need to stitch something quickly, it covers nicely. In addition there are lots of designs for it, and you can use it anywhere, especially if you have a good supply of waste canvas.

  343. Ooh that’s so hard! If pressed I would have to say it’s trellis stitch because I just love all the little extras you can add to really change how it looks. Also the 3-dimensional effect is lovely

  344. My favorite stitch is the running stitch. I’m not a very good stitcher but I enjoy adding color to most of my projects.

  345. Even though the first embroidery stitch that I learned and used the most during childhood was the ‘stem stitch,’ I believe that the ‘back stitch’ would now be the stitch that has been my go-to favorite. It is easy to stitch well – in a variety of applications.

  346. My very favorite stitch is chain stitch. One can vary the look by changing the size of the loops or the thread. By combining different colors in the needle, a multitude of textures can be achieved. It give faster coverage than a stem or outline stitch; it’s amazingly versatile.

  347. Thank you Mary, The French Needle, Au Ver a Soie, and Kiriki Press for this giveaway.
    My favorite stitch to look at is the padded satin stitch because it is so smooth and beautiful and shows off flat silk threads.
    My favorite stitch to use is the lowly backstitch. I can practically stitch on autopilot when I use it and it is so easy. Yet it can be used to beautiful effect in Blackwork and it can add just the right amount of detail or highlight an area.

  348. How can one choose a favorite stitch as they all have appealing aspects? My favorites include counted cross-stitch, hardanger, and canvas work. Counted cross-stitch lends itself to many designs. Hardanger allows one to use mathematics to design a piece. Canvas lends itself to so many different stitches. My favorite will depend on the day and my mood.

  349. I will try any and all stitches and it’s difficult to choose one over another. However, I do use chain stitch a great deal as it can be done large for texture, tiny for spaces requiring delicate, and combined with other stitches in so many ways.

  350. Definite favorite is backstitch because 1) I can actually master it, and 2) it makes a lovely line with potential for some variations!

  351. I love stem stitch because it is so versatile! It is both lovely on it’s own but also used as a filling stitch.

  352. I love the Queen stitch because it looks so uniform and when you look closely at it you can see how intricate it truly was to stitch.

  353. I love complicated embroidery stitches, but in my old age, poor vision and something called “over-extended thumbs” have led me to a deep appreciation of running stitch. One can do incredibly beautiful and complicated-looking things with this single stitch.

  354. I like brickwork using brick stitch. Also I paint watercolors small bricks to have new colors ideas combinations for embroidery.

  355. My very favorite stitch is the cross stitch–anyone can do it, can be used on just about any material and there are millions of patterns designed specifically for it.

  356. Naming my favorite embroidery stitch is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many beautiful stitches and have learned so many and liked most (I do have a few I am not fond of), but my all time favorite is a very simple stich– Whipped Running Stitch.
    I too love sparkly threads, but then I love all kinds and colors of thread. I love using them in combination with other beautiful threads and the Whipped Running Stitch allows me to do so. A simple Running Stitch changes into a completely different looking and beautiful stitch.

  357. I had to think about this one.. but my vote is for chain stitch! It is one of the earliest I learned (lazy daisies?) but also makes a wonderful fill stitch in Jacobean style embroideries .. very versatile .. especially once you learn how to turn corners..

  358. Hi Mary!

    Hard to choose a favorite stitch, but I lean toward Lazy Daisy stitch. Not because ??? (well, okay maybe I am lol) I’m lazy … but because that stitch is so easy to modify in so many colorful ways to create more complicated looking, more realistic looking, from flower petals to long borders. Even in silk ribbon embroidery!

    Thank You, Mary!

  359. 1 stitch n only 1, huh? That would be the Chain stitch, done Brazillian style! It can go from tiny to BIG, thin to wide, single color stitch to multiple color chains! It can be open or closed. It fills, it outlines, it can do it all, well, except for a buttonhole. But given time, I could probably figure out a way to do buttonhole with a chain stitch.

  360. If I could only use 1 stitch it would probably be the long and short stitch. I love to thread paint.I like the shading and the depth this stitch can add to embroidery.

  361. My favorite is satin stitch because it is both challenging and achievable and has an elegant look when finished.

  362. These metals are beautiful. I’ve never tied incorporating them in my needlework, but would love to try it.

  363. It would be chain stitch, I find it very cathartic and soothing while I’m sewing this stitch. It can also be enhanced in so many different ways.

  364. Hi Mary,
    The running stitch seems like a basic from which many shapes can be made. Besides, I like to do blackwork.

  365. My favourite stitch is the simple straight stitch. For me, it is like a brushstroke, the foundation for needlepainting.

  366. My favourite stitch in embroidery would be the long and short stitch as I love to see the blending of colour and threads as you cover the surface . Cheers!

  367. I love the drizzle stitch, sometimes with a bead at the end! I just completed Sue Spargo’s Squash Squad and used your videos to help me with the various new stitches involved with this project—so much better than drawing and written directions! Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  368. I would have to say back-stitch is my favorite. It’s so versatile. This has changed. A few years ago I would have said outline or stem stitch.

  369. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why? – probably cross stitch since it is so versatile. You can vary it and trying to make it reversible adds to the challenge.

  370. My very very favorite stitch is the stem stem. I know I use it too often, and I have to force myself to use other stitches more. I just love the way it looks and how easy it is to stitch. I find it especially useful when I am making very small embroideries, using only one thread, which I find myself doing a lot lately.

  371. I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to give two (though I really have three that I love): stem stitch and chain stitch. Both are so versatile and easy. They do straight lines and curves. They lend themselves to embellishments with aplomb. I love them both and use them often.

  372. I love the whipped back stitch because it neatens everything up and makes curves look nice and smooth!

  373. I have mixed feelings, and also limited expertise. The pragmatic in me says stem stitch; it is so versatile and can be used for both line and filling. On the other hand, I find making French knots very satisfying. And for some unexamined reason, I love fly stitch. Sorry I’m not playing by the rules here.

  374. It would have to be cross stitch – it’s very versatile, uses almost any thread – even yard, and adding beads and such are easy and quick.

  375. Thinking about it, I would have to say the stem stitch. I use it so often. It’s soft and curves easily.

  376. Only one…. it would probably be the Cast-on Double Stitch. I love the braided edge look it has, so neat an precise.

    What an awesome gift someone will win ~ probably not me

  377. Pekinese stitch is my favourite.
    Easy, versatile and perfect for statement edging both on straight and curved shapes. It’s structural flexibility allows for stitching in a variety of threads and you can add embellishments. All depends upon the effect you want to achieve.

  378. The french knot is my favourite. I love it versatility from flowers, to faces to Christmas baubles on the embroidered tree can’t get enough of them

  379. If I could only use one stitch, it would probably be split stitch. You can use it to outline or fill, and it’s fairly thread-efficient (most of the thread is above the fabric, not below like backstitch.)

  380. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?
    My favourite embroidery stitch, if I have to pick only one, is the French knot. For some reason it took a long time for me to learn it. So, when I finally mastered it, making those little knots brought a lot of satisfaction and pride. Now I love them for the endless possibilities for shading or adding context to a piece. A few here and there creates a starry sky in one piece, or bunched together, one on top of the other they create the movement of drifting snow in another piece. Such a delicate, versatile little stitch!

  381. My most useful stitch is the stem stitch. It is so versatile, you can do the whole design with it, outline, fill, layer , do casalguidi and much more.

  382. Palestrina. I was learning a variety of new stitches and this was one. When I finished it, I thought what a pretty stitch and it is still my favorite stitch. I use it every chance I get. For some reason I find that this stitch comes out really well every time and I’m a lefty.

  383. My favorite stitch would be stem stitch for its versatility. It’s good for script, outlining, filling – you could do a whole picture in stem stitch and its variations!

  384. Right now my favorite stitch would have to be the boullion. This is because it took so long for me to learn and now I am delighted that I can finally do it without looking it up all over again!


  385. I have always admired goldwork and the use of metallics in embroidery. I need to take the time to use both more.

  386. I like doing the Herringbone Stitch. Its so vercital . It can be couched,closed, threaded or laced, doubled or tied. Each version unique it their own way.

  387. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. The reason is that you can do so much with it. Zig zag it. Separate it and it becomes a lazy daisy. Weave other threads through it or do a back stitch in another color. You can do rows and rows of the chain stitch and get so many looks. See Yemenite embroidery patterns. I have been doing this on the hem’s of my Women of the Bible series I am working on.

  388. I love queen stitches! They aren’t difficult to do, but give such a rich appearance to my embroidery. I especially like to use them in a larger area for a densely packed look.

  389. Only one embroidery stitch!! I have been doing a lot of french knots lately, so I’ll pick that one, but I really wouldn’t want to be limited to just one stitch.

    Heather M. in BC

  390. I would probably pick the blanket stitch since I do a lot of applique and I like the look it gives to my pieces.

  391. Cross stitch is my favorite stitch. It is easy and is universal. I like it for doing Assisi work also, which is a favorite

  392. To choose an embroidery stitch is as if I was in a candy store and could only pick one. Earlier this year on one of your towels I did the Palestrina Stitch in variegated thread. I love the texture and versatility of the stitch. I have used this stitch in every possible way besides a straight line. I vote for Palestrina Stitch as my favorite.

  393. I am drawn to Nordic designs so I would say my favorite stitch to use is the satin stitch, so far. I am still a beginner so I am looking forward to learning a lot in the future.

  394. My favorite stitch is long and short stitch. Gives me a lot of freedom and makes it easy to blend colors.

  395. My favorite embroidery stitch is chain stitch. It can be embellished in infinite ways and manipulated into so many trims and flowers. It is the first stitch I learned. I wonder if everyone’s favorite is the first they learned.

  396. My favorite embroidery stitch is stem stitch. I like the rhythm of stitching it and love the way it looks when you get the stitch length just right. Plus it’s so versatile.

  397. Thanks for sharing such beautiful goodies.
    Wow – favorite stitch? That’s hard – for fun I like the Rhodes, Jessica, waffle, colonial knot because of the texture they provide. Of course if I am working with another stitch that would be enjoyable in the moment.
    Thanks again
    Melissa D

  398. I absolutely adore stem stitch for some reason. I find it tricky to do, but when I get clean lines and it looks effortless, it’s so pretty! I also love it for couching!

  399. My all time favorite stitch is the Pekinese stitch. I love it because I can use different threads, color and weight, but I love it most because it looks substantial and yet lacey at the same time.

  400. My favorite stitch, although I still struggle with it, is the bullion stitch. It adds so much texture to a piece, and makes objects “ come alive.”

  401. Merry Christmas! I lost my stitching mojo after all my stitching retreats to and EGA meetings were cancelled. Your articles spark my interest in new projects and materials. Thankyou. My favorite stitch is the Queens stitch. I like how it fills a space and is different from a regular x.

  402. My favorite stitch is Stem Stitch. I love it because it is so versatile. Thin lines, thick lines, outlining, even as a filling, stem stitch is wonderful for so many uses!

  403. My favorite stitch must be the satin stitch. It is so versatile – many cultures have used it and the stitch functions well with most threads – pearl cotton, wool, silk, metal (especially couching). The stitch can create multiple textures – long and very long (thread painting), Hardanger, canvas work, pulled stitches, and seam closures come to mind. Merry Christmas Mary! And thank you so much for all you do.

  404. My all time favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It’s such a pretty little hard worker that can be added to and tweeked.

  405. Since I love doing a lot of machine applique quilts, I would say my favorite embroidery stitch hands down would be the satin stitch. The reason why I like that stitch so much is the texture of it, especially when I use various machine embroidery threads.

  406. I’m interpreting “favorite “ stitch to mean if you could only use one stitch what would it be. For me it would be chain stitch because of its versatility. Thin or thick thread, little or big stitches, one color or shading, close together or spaced apart. I can see so many things you can do with it.

  407. That is a tough question. I suppose outline stitch because it is versatile…obviously it can outline…it can be a line…it can fill areas…there are many variations.

  408. Among the embroidery stitches I like the most, I like the chain stitch for its versatility. It can be whipped or used singly – so many options. I like it better now that I’ve used it on your sampler stitched monograms for Christmas gifts this year.

  409. I love making french knots! I once won a prize for making a Christmas ornament design entirely out of french knots. It was so fun — I made a little Christmas wreath entirely out of french knots in green and little knots of red threads!!

  410. If I had to pick only one favorite stitch and the reason for it would be the stem stitch. The stem stitch has a beautiful effect when outlining or stitching a monogram. There is something lovely about how smoothly it lays. Once I stitched a cursive K in stem stitch and for once I actually felt like an embroiderer! It turned out that nice.

  411. Favorite stitch – split stitch! It is incredibly versatile and give a nice tidy line. You can use it to fill shapes and it is the basis for other more complicated stitches.

  412. My favorite stitch is long and short. I love how you can paint with your needle and thread with this stitch.

  413. My favourite stitch is the French knot. It is so versatile for creating dimension. I have used it thousands of times in my quilts, along with silk ribbon. I have made tiny pictures consisting entirely of French knots and one of my bird quilts features a seed cone where I have embroidered French knots on top of other French knots for a very unique look.

  414. Couching is my favourite stitch. With it I can cover an area quickly, add an even edging, highlight an area of texture and insert a sense of directional flow across a piece of embroidery. It also allows me to change direction easily if I decide the thread wants to go somewhere other than I first planned. I especially like couching because I can achieve color effects with both the couched thread and the couching thread, use speciality threads mix colours and just play with effects. Yes couching is my favourite.

  415. My favorite stitch is stem stitch because it is easy and looks great as a line or outline stitch. I love the way it can be used to create shaded stems, branches or trunks simply by stitching lines of stem stitch side by side in graduating shades of a color.

  416. Chevron stitch. You can make it big or small, wide or thin, over the top of each other, close together or far apart and each time it is different. Would love to try chevron stitch with the metallic threads, weaving around each other; it would love fabulous.

  417. Thank you Au Ver a Soie, The French Needle and Mary for offering and organizing this lovely give away.

    My favourite stitch is the blanket stitch because it can be used in so many different ways.

  418. If I had to choose a favourite stitch it would be the blanket stitch. It is the most common stitch that I use. Most things I do with other stitches I could somehow manipulate the blanket stitch to fill that purpose.

  419. I love the feather stitch. So many varieties of this stitch. It can be tiny and dainty or larger and more bold. I use this stitch alot in heirloom sewing. The threads are beautiful! You can never have too many beautiful threads.

  420. One candidate for my favorite embroidery stitch is blanket stitch — I just learned a new version, up and down blanket stitch, for a project I am stitching for a Christmas gift. There are so many varieties of blanket stitch, and I find that I use some version of it in just about every project.

  421. Cretan stitch is my fave for 4 reasons. It’s functional, holding fabric layers together. It’s graceful. It’s versatile – can be tall, skinny, short, plump. And fourth, it plays well with others – laazy daisy, french knots, straight stitches, beads.

  422. I love the Fishbone stitch!! It is addicting. If you vary it , you get a whole new look! Its peaceful to do!!!!

  423. How can I choose just one. I use the backstitch a lot but can’t say it’s my favorite. The satin stitch can make ordinary stitching bold looking.

  424. My favorite is long and short because i like to mingle realism with other design elements for a versatile, favorite gift idea.

  425. I do a lot of red work, so I like the stem stitch. I slowly growing in my skill and would love to work with these beautiful threads!

  426. My favorite embroidery stitch?? That’s a really hard one, there are so many wonderful stitches. If I have to choose, I guess I’d say queen stitch. It’s a bit fiddly, but he results are so wonderful. Depending on the tension, you can get so many different looks. Lacy, solidly textured, all beautiful and interesting.

  427. I love metallics! Preparing for the holidays, I go through countless yards of the stuff. I even crochet yards of lace for my trees! What I couldn’t do with such a windfall. Snowflakes, ornaments, decorations galore! Such a generous giveaway!

  428. Stem stitch – versatile- can be wrapped, curve, straight. Makes a beautiful edge when doing silk shading too.

  429. My favorite go-to stitch is the fly stitch. It’s easy, goes quickly and it’s very versatile. It can be stitched in lots of patterns and embellished with other stitches or beads. Almost all my pieces have some fly stitch somewhere.

  430. My all-time favorite stitch is the French Knot. Its lovely in white-on-white or in color and I just can’t get enough of it!! It’s relaxing to do and satisfying to complete a project done only in this stitch.

  431. The first stitch I learned was the stem stitch. It is one I often use, and I love how it turns out every time.

  432. Ah, my favorite stitch is the Lazy Daisy stitch. It’s a very versatile stitch. It can be stitched alone to make raindrops & flowers and when chained/stitched together it can make a decorative line that is easily curved.

  433. I tend to use cross stitch and multiple Hardanger stitches the most; love what I think is called woven cross in Hardanger. For surface embroidering, I really love the look and joy of working wheat stitch; it’s so organic-looking.

  434. I think my favorite is the long stitch. Great for a quick fill and super for shading.
    Merry Christmas.

  435. My goodness, talk about an impossible question! It would have to be something really basic and universal. I think I’ll go with split stitch, then I can threadpaint with it. But chain stitch, like with a tambour, would be a solid second choice. I vote for split stitch.

    What beautiful threads! I am coveting them greatly.

  436. Favorite stitch? Tough question! Guess I’d pick the chain stitch. I like the texture when used for filling and I can make some areas appear darker by taking smaller stitches or lighter by going a bit larger. Quite a versatile simple little stitch. I’d love to win one of these give-aways, thank you, Mary!

  437. My favorite embroidery stitch is the wheatear. It is so very versatile and makes an impressive line of stitching. I’m a Crazy Quilter and I’ve pretty much made this my signature stitch.

  438. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I suppose I could say possibly the split stitch. It’s so easy to follow curves or make sharp corners and can be used as a filler also you can alternate lengths to even do a (sorta) dimensional satin stitch.

  439. One stitch…hmmmm, stem stitch I guess because it’s just so versatile! Especially because I love to embellish every project I do and can blend multiple fibers…and every one has metallic accents of some kind!

  440. I would choose the French Knot because you can make gorgeous embroideries with simply clustering that stitch.

  441. I think I would pick the satin stitch so that I could fill in and stitch leaves and flower. One satin stitch , in a way, is the stem stitch or backstitch! These are beautiful products you are showing us every day! Thank you for sharing the joy of stitching!

  442. My favorite stitch is a basic stitch. It is the back stitch. When someone asks what embroidery machine I use I just look at them, smile and simply put out my hands tell them this is my machine.

  443. Bonjour Mary,

    Sans hésiter, je choisis le point de feston. Je le trouve apaisant, sa régularité, son mouvement répétitif me font du bien. En plus, il a tant de dérivés…. d’une telle richesse.

    À bientôt

  444. I think the lazy daisy would be my favorite stitch. I am pretty good at it, and it is versatile. That’s why I love it!

  445. Yikes! like asking me to pick a favorite child! If pressed, guess I would choose the split stitch – lots of versatility, not to mention pretty quick and easy!

  446. Satin stitch is my favorite, padded on not. I love the rhythm of the repetition and the concentration to make each thread line up perfectly spaced with exact tension.

  447. I would have to pick the straight stitch because you can arrange it so many ways as to create other stitches (cross, satin, running, back, stem, herringbone, etc.).

  448. Hungarian woven chain stitch. (Hope that’s the proper name.)
    I like this stitch because of its versatility. It looks great in different thread weights and makes a nicely defined look for stems, etc.

  449. If I could do one stitch from now on, I would pick the stem stitch. You can do so much with this: vary the length, the thread and even the direction or shape. I would be lost if I couldn’t do this calming stitch.

  450. I would say my favorite stitch would be the satin stitch, because it makes such a statement when it is done correctly and covers a lot of area. It also can add a lot of texture depending on the thread that is used.

  451. Only one stitch?? OH my what a hard choice.. I think it would have to be the stem stitch…it is my go
    to stitch for doll clothing embellishments.

  452. My favourite embroidery stitch has to be the French knot. I was always a bit wary of it, then many years ago I did the City & Guilds level 1 embroidery course. For one of my projects I made a bag covered in flowers, many of which were made of French knots, which meant I got confident over doing them. Now I love doing miniature embroidery using them and just 1 strand of DMC thread.

  453. My favourite embroidery stitches are dimensional stitches, such as the cast-on stitch and bullion knots, but if I had to choose just 1 stitch, it would be stem stitch. It can be used to outline a shape, or fill it. It can add movement to a piece, and creating alternating rows allows for filling a shape nicely. One can vary the size of thread, with this simple stitch, to add interest. I’d love to win the metallic Braid! Thanks for the opportunity Mary!

  454. What a nice giveaway. I’m a magpie at heart and love all things bright and shiny. I’m very happy to hear that the French Needle is carrying metalic Au Ver a Soie,

    My favorite stitch is the feather stitch. The first time I used it I was doing a small underwater scene and I loved the way I could sway it back and forth.

  455. I had to think about this one as I am rediscovering embroidery stitches. However, I recently started using a darning stitch in a recent project and I love it (from my 2nd=hand Mary Thomas Dictionary of embroidery stitches!) and am thinking of all the different ways to use it such as different coloured warps and wefts to make checks and plaids……..

  456. Oh Mary I love today’s give away (who doesn’t)!!!

    My favorite stitch is back stitch. It make a fine and precise line better than outline or stem stitch. It is easy to keep even stitches.

  457. It was a difficult decision but I would choose chain stitch, I still remember the cherries that were part of my first embroidery work when I was 9 yeards old, I filled them with chain stitch and a super red thread, I use chain stitch for outlining designs but also for filling spaces playing with the thickness of the thread

  458. My favourite embroidery stitch is the French knot. I like its versatility. It can be used to create to a whole picture or just as a accent. It works well with floss, heavier threads and even metallics, all to create different effects. And if you don’t have any beads handy, it can be used to replace them.

  459. Haha, I’ve been struggling just recently with Gütermann metallic threads in the little Christmas stockings. What if I would win this time? No, I won’t, I never win, but that’s okay, fun is everything. ;D

    So here’s my answer: stem stitch. (I could have added a couple more, but I’ll abide by the rules.) Why? Because it’s easy and precise to perform, it can be worked in lots of ways (think Portuguese knotted stem stitch), it always looks nice and perfect, and it takes every curve so well. Plus it can be used as an effective filling stitch, so it’s versatile, too.

  460. I read your review of the metallics from Au Ver a Soi last year, and have enjoyed them ever since. So thank you. D

  461. I think my favourite stitch is satin stitch. It is not the easiest stitch to do but that smooth shiny finish is worth the struggle

  462. My favorite stitch is the Cretan stitch. I have done lots of crazy piecing and find this stitch is so versatile! I love to add beads and/or French knots to this stitch! It can be done slanted or straight, close together or spread apart! Very fun!

  463. I’m going with a straight stitch since straight stitches combined in various ways make up lots of other stitches giving maximum flexibility while still using only one stitch. However I glad that in real life we don’t have to choose only one!

  464. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French knot. I just love how you can use them individually in places and scatter them around and also build them up into mounds.
    Carol bu

  465. If I could only pick one embroidery stitch it would have to be stem stitch. It can be used for lettering, outlining and as a filling stitch. It is easy for a beginner to learn and a more experienced stitcher can combine it with other stitches for various effects. A good basic stitch!

  466. If I have to pick one favorite stitch, it would be the lazy daisy. It can be a flower, a chain, raindrops – just pretty versatile.

  467. Starting late in life, I am trying to teach myself contemporary embroidery stitchery. I have struggled a lot, but thank goodness for your Videos. I like the French knot the best and use it a lot, followed by the running stitch which creates a great background. If I had a middle name, it would probably be shimmer or shine. Maybe glitter…..

  468. Oh my, what a wonderful prize. I love sparkly threads and beads. I think I must have been a magpie in a former life! My favourite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch – it’s so versatile and always looks nice.

  469. Hi.
    I think my favourite embroidery stitch is long and short. I love this as it gives you the opportunity to blend shades of colour to give a more realistic look to your embroidery. It also enables you to be able to create curves easier and to give contours when doing flowers and animals.

  470. I think I’d pick chain stitch because you can make it very tight for a solid looking line, or broader for other looks. You can whip it, bead it, and do so many playful things with it.

  471. I love doing satin stitch, as a newbie, I still struggle to keep the stitches just next to each other with no gaps. But the look of it when it’s finished nearly always looks good.

  472. The stem stitch, not that it’s elaborate or has that wow factor, but one that will fit in any design, a great
    travel stitch and a no fail stitch.

  473. I would chose long & short stitch in needlepainting. I find I can successfully achieve beautiful color shading.

  474. Choosing a favourite stitch is difficult as I love so many, but I would probably say backstitch. It brings cross stitch to life.

  475. If you had to pick one favourite embroidery stitch, it would be stem stitch! You can do outlines, fill with it any forms and shapes. it is versatile!

  476. Good afternoon Mary,

    I am so proud that I can now execute the Colonial Knot and that is only because of your tutorial. I love that you repeat the instructions at least 5-6 times. It is such a great stitch which I can use in so many areas of stitching

    And many many thanks for the tip about another metallic thread!!!


  477. My favorite stitch is the Bullion. It adds a bit of dimension and elegance or whimsy to the embroidery.

  478. Oh, an easy answer… chain stitch. It’s such a versatile stitch, it can be whipped, reversed, twisted and how about heavy, broad and magic? And the wonderful raised chain band, a personal favourite. Check out Jacqueline Enthoven’s ‘The Stitches of Creative Embroidery’ for another 47 (I just counted them!!), it’s certainly a stitch that can take you anywhere on a stitching project.

  479. Lazy Daisy! It packs so much punch for a simple little stitch, and is adorable. Also easy to vary for different looks.

  480. My very favorite embroidery stitch is Holbein/double running stitch. I love figuring out a path so I can make the embroidery double sided.

  481. My favorite stitch would be french knot because I use it over and over again to create texture in my mixed media works. It’s also a stitch I can do easily with my eyesight and do easily on a variety of ground fabrics.

  482. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch because it is so versatile! It can be used in all sorts of situations of the stitching kind; filling in, outlining, stems, leaves, etc!!

  483. My favorite stitch is now the Palestrina stitch. I fell in love with the monograms in Elizabetta Sforza new books and have used it in many of my embroideries. It is bold or fine depending on the fiber used to create the stitch.

  484. My sincere thanks to these needlework shops that carry the fun supplies we NEED and suffer through Covid closing requirements. Blessings! Now, if I could only choose one stitch? (Why?) it would be stem stitch. It can be worked as a line or filling. The stitch/line length could be altered to make an improvised satin stitch. It can also be “stacked” to give texture. I’d bet you could do some fun things just working different thread diameters with different colors and stitch lengths placed next to or on top of each other. You could also bead it. Does whipping/lacing count as the “same” stitch? 😉

  485. If I could pick just one stitch, I think it would have to be the chain stitch for it’s versatility. It can create outlines, flowers (lazy daisy), can be worked singly, en masse as a filling stitch for foliage ,can be whipped, worked as double chain in different coloured threads and has so many variations you can create just about any effect with chain stitch.

  486. I love stitching glazzig embroidery, I discovered some years ago at Pascal Jaouen embroidery school in Kemper – France. Why? Because all stitches and colors can be used and a lot of beautiful silk threads are available. This is marvelous to express creativity of all stichers !

  487. So difficult but I think the versatility of Stem Stitch inclines me to pick it. Outline with a single row, be a bit more dramatic by lining up 2 rows, use it as a filling…the effects can be varied with different shades. So much potential!

  488. Gorgeous threads!

    One favourite stitch? Maybe scroll stitch. If the question were, if you could only use one embroidery stitch forevermore, which would it be? the answer would be different. But if it is one favourite, scroll stitch is probably currently it. Prior to scroll stitch, it was petal stitch. (So whether it will still be scroll stitch by the time you draw the names, I don’t know!)

    I love the way scroll stitch makes loops which are neat but can vary (if you let them) in size and orientation. Good for waves or for trickling a thinner thread over a loosely knotted or looped layer of a thicker one.

  489. My favorite embroidery stitch is when I execute a perfect bullion rose. ‘Sparkling’ is my middle name!

  490. I’d probably chose Palestrina knot stitch although it’s a hard decision. I love getting into the flow with this stitch and the way it adds texture to surface stitchery projects. It is also great for finishing – like the edges of pincushions or ornaments, or when you attach a piece of embroidery to a bag or something similar.

  491. Thanks for your newsletters and website! You’re always an inspiration…

    Thanks also for the give-away entry opportunity!

  492. My favorite stitch is the Rosetta chain stitch. I love the lacy look of this stitch and how it easily works around a circle.

  493. I love buttonhole stitch! It’s sort of overlooked but you can really do a ton of different things with it.

  494. The one stitch that I love and would use all of the time is a bullion knot. I know, I know. Most embroiderers don’t care for them but I love how the thread wraps around the needle in those neat coils and then stays there when you pull the needle through. It’s like a magic trick to me.

  495. Oops!
    I forgot to include my favorite stitch in my previous comment…
    So many to choose from, but I love a good satin stitch done with richly gorgeous silk thread.

  496. I hate to be boring but my favorite stitch is the back stitch. I like it because I can do it! But I also find many different ways of using it so that it isn’t just a line. I can fill in places quite effectively using the back stitch.

  497. It would be the French knot for me! Because I’m French! And so many cute things can be done up in French knots 🙂

  498. My favourite stitch at the moment is long and short stitch. Such beautiful threads. I’d love to do a project with them.

  499. The stem stitch because I find immense pleasure in its simplicity. Learning it taught me how to be patient and precise. And that I could play with embroidery! Create new ways (to me) such as splitting the threads. Oooh, fun. Mix color strands. Ooh, pretty. I often feel just content while stitching.

  500. My favorite stitch is the French Knot. Odd perhaps, but as it is sculptural, and variable with the fiber used, it’s often helpful as an interesting accent.

  501. That’s a really hard one. Probably stem stitch because I can use it in many configurations.

  502. Favorite embroidery stitch: Always stem stitch! So lovely in a single line, versatile as a filling, giving definition to shapes or subtly enhancing there without shouting its existence. And easy to work on top of all that! Amazing stitch, I use it probably a little more often than I should 🙂


  503. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?

    My favorite embroidery stitch is the not-so-fancy cross stitch. Those little X’s are just perfect to make my stitching time feel calm and relaxed. Yes, it’s repetitive, but that’s the point. Very therapeutic in these anxious times.

  504. My favourite stitch? How difficult is that? It’s like picking your favourite cake or sweet on Bake Off – The Professionals! I think that it has got to be Bargello because of all the fantastic patterns and colour effects you can achieve with it. But then what about the pulled thread stitches? Oh! and the needle lace filling stitches in stumpwork, and the Or Nue goldwork. Its just impossible.

  505. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch because it is so versatile. You can use it as a single line of stitching or have multiple lines with different shades to create a different effect.

  506. My favorite stitch is wheat stitch because it is what I like to call a compound stitch. It has the look of feather stitch & chain stitch combined all in one.

  507. Hello Mary; I think my favorite embroidery stitch is the cast-on. It looks so pretty and ruffly, and is easy to manage – much more easy to manage than those pesky bullions!

  508. If you had to pick one (and only one) favorite embroidery stitch, what would it be, and why?

    Only one? Hm. I’ve been trying to perfect the Palestrina stitch, so I’d say “a perfect Palestrina stitch!”

  509. I like the Knotted Cretan Stitch. I use it on my hand made cloth art dolls bodies and add tiny beads. It’s a textured stitch and a versatile stitch that you can use for a multitude of creating. It also looks great for underwater seaweed and such in embroidery.

  510. When my mother taught me to embroidery, I loved the Lazy Daisy stitch. To this day, 69 years later, it still reminds me of my mother!

  511. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I love the various ways it can be used…..from stems to leaves, flowers, borders, etc. I recently stitched a table runner using just the stem stitch, and it turned out really nicely! Using variegated thread makes it even more versatile.

  512. I guess if I had to pick only one stitch it would be stem stitch. I do a lot of needlepoint and that stitch works great for so many things, including hair, Santa’s beard, and tree trunks and stems.

  513. Hard to choose but I think my most fave stitch is Chain. Sooo much one can do with it.
    Grouped in a chain of course, going straight or looping around something.
    Can be “as is”(i.e. empty) or filled up with FK’s, or Bullion knots, or beads, or straight
    Can be single (detached Chain going around a center to make a flower) .
    Can fill itself up, i.e., a big chain stitch filled with successively smaller chain stitches, perhaps
    each a different color.
    Can be done with any kind of thread I can think of. Can be big or little. Easy to teach and to
    Can be layered …..like one on top of another on top of another overlapping, and on and on
    Can be done on fabric or on canvas
    And probably more

  514. If I could only use one stitch it would probably be stem stitch. Just due to its versatility lines, curves, fill and beads it can do all of them and all with a lovely twist finish.

  515. I think my favorite stitch would have to be the long and short stitch. I love the effects of threadpainting and when I can get it “right” it captures the beauty of whatever I am stitching. I love to see the blending of colors come to life. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities.

  516. My favorite embroidery stitch is always the next one I am learning on my next challenging project. I could be learning how to properly add beads to the new or old stitch, using a different type of thread on a different material to obtain a different look or smocking with the new stitch. I then love to develop my own design using what I have learned.

  517. The Queen Stitch; besides having a great name I really like the way it looks in creating strawberries. I know some of us in the “colonies” call it the Rococo stitch as not to give deference to the Queen, but I believe we are past that now and are quite fond of Her Majesty the current Queen.

  518. Satin stitch is my favorite. There’s something about guiding threads with a stiletto that makes me smile. Petting the finished area with my finger is irresistible.

  519. Oyster stitch is my favorite stitch as I love it’s fluidity and texture..
    It also makes the sweetest little flowers.
    It also reminds me of the old friend who taught me this stitch and has since passed away.

  520. My favorite stitch is the Palestrina Knot. This is for many of the same reasons a lot of folks love the stem stitch (and I do too). I pickd the Palestrina over the stem because it has more texture.

  521. Detached chain stitch is the winner for me! Dozens of things can be made with this stitch by making only minor variations. In no time a few detached chains becomes a whole image.

    Granted getting the thread tension PERFECT may take some practice, but it is well worth it to learn to do a simple detached chain stitch correctly.

  522. I would choose lazy daisy. It seems very versitle and I have been able to use it in many ways and adapt it to different projects.

  523. Just one!?! Really now Mary, how can you seriously ask a bunch of embroiderers a question like that! Embroidery stitches are like potato chips… you can’t stop with just one!

    But all scolding aside (truly, I jest), I think my all-time favorite would have to be french knots. Though I tackled this at a fairly young age, it took a few years and many tries to get them small and tiny and close to the fabric instead of being all wibbly-wobbly and falling over. But once that was accomplished, I found that there are hardly any projects where I don’t use them. They even came in handy for accents (or eyes or the dot on an “i”) when I used to do counted cross-stitch, and they come in handy in my beloved silk-ribbon embroidery. I embroidered a photo of my mother’s garden gazebo surrounded by blooming flowers for her 80th birthday and, because the photo was so detailed and the flowers so tiny, most of them ended up being worked in french knots, whether 1, 2 or 3 strands of thread. So, french knots it is… but “knot” because I only have one favorite 😉

    Thanks for all your work in arranging these wonderful giveaways!

  524. My favorite stitch would have to be the Satin Stitch. I love how smooth and shiny it is when it’s done right. Which is not easy to do.

  525. I love the metallic threads. Looking at the colors make my finger itch. I’d love to try gold accents.

  526. Buttonhole stitch is my favourite. It is interesting, rhythmic and versatile. It allows me to cut fabric away whenever I feel like it.
    A close second is stem stitch. Not that you asked but it deserves some profile. So under-rated.
    Thanks Mary.

  527. I love Camélia stitch- it is such a fun stitch and creates some amazing depth to my work.
    Thank you Mary for this opportunity to win some extra threads. Hope you enjoy this year’s Christmas regardless of the traumatic year you have just had.

  528. I had a hard time picking one embroidery stitch as my favorite stitch. I decided on the detached chain stitch as it is good for making flowers as well as using it for borders and other design accents. I think many others had a hard time picking a favorite stitch as even a french knot can be used in a variety of ways.

  529. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French Knot. They can be made to different sizes to give a piece depth and interest. I also like some of the simpler stitches like the stem stitch and outline stitch just because they are simple and look so pretty when we’ll done.

  530. My favorite stitch is battlement couching because it looks so cool and kind of 3D. It’s tricky to make it look good, but with patience, a ruler, and a laying tool, it can really turn out fabulous!

  531. I am boring. I like the back stitch, but I stitch a lot of words and this stitch works the best for me.
    Happy holidays, Mary. Love these giveaways!!

  532. I’ve been coveting those metallics since your first mention!
    My favourite stitch is on my wishlist of stitches to try and/or master – Elizabethan braid stitch – love its appearance and the period when it was popular.

  533. My favourite stitch is cross stitch. I am always astonshed by the results – just like the pixels on a computer, you can build amazing pictures with these little elements that are so life like.

  534. My favourite embroidery stitch is stem stitch. So adaptable, and decorative in it’s many forms. Although when I do split stitch it can really lock into place the embroidery on the fabric. Too many choices!

  535. French knots are my favorite embroidery stitch. I just love the look and the texture, and I actually enjoy stitching them!

  536. It would be very hard not to use the basic stem stitch as a base for outlining and fine stems and vines, so simple and so versatile.

  537. I think my favorite stitch, other than the utilitarian back stitch, would be the humble blanket stitch. ❤️

  538. I love a chain stitch, particularly the reverse chain stitch. It’s a versatile stitch that can be enhanced with other intertwined stitches and looks fabulous in metallic threads.

  539. My latest favourite stitch is montenegrin – finally mastered it after much gnashing of teeth, cursing, unpicking, etc so I’m not going to let it go anytime soon!

  540. My favourite embroidery stitch?….where to start…..which one do I always go back to??
    i think it is Buttonhole and all its varieties

  541. Over a year from 2018 to 2019, I was in a wool club that taught us lots of stitches. I have looked at your tutorials for help with the stitches – what a huge help! I think my favorite is the Palestrina since it adds dimension and can be sized differently and also used on edges of things like the mini Christmas stockings I just got the kit for! Thanks for all you share.

  542. My favorite embroidery stitch would be Swedish weaving, with its infinite variations on taking a needle through pairs of raised threads on the surface of huck cloth.

  543. I always come back to random long and short (of course, I like to do animals probably why :)). Thanks for the giveaway!

  544. It’s only 4:17 Central Time — I’m trying to enter for the drawing that closes on Friday, Nov. 11 at 5 pm Central Time, but the form said that it was closed already!
    I’ve always been a stitcher — it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t. I suppose the earliest stitching I can remember would have been as a 2-3 year old using the sewing cards with a shoelace like yarn. My allowance by the time I was 5-6 years old was usually spent on small embroidery projects and floss. I remember embroidering squares to make a doll blanket.
    Thanks for the memories! I hadn’t thought of those early years for quite a while!

  545. If I had to pick only one embroidery stitch I’d say stem stitch. After simple cross stitches it was probably the first that I learned and a good one for not having to work too hard at manipulating the thread and fussy with needle placement – good for days you want to stitch and just zone out. It’s also very versatile.

  546. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Van Dyke, typically using a metallic thread. I frequently add borders to my needlepoint designs and the Van Dyke is used prominently in those borders!

  547. The versatility of Running Stitch makes this stitch my favourite. It is the basis of so many embroidery styles, from simple naive surface embroidery; the double running in blackwork; the Pattern darning of Kogin, Smoyg and Ukrainian to the double running darning of the Samites. Such a simple stitch used to create many beautiful patterns.

  548. I would love to try these metallic threads. If I had to choose one stitch it would be cross stitch, it does occupy most of my time at the moment. I find it calming and therapeutic to stitch this stitch. I would miss specialty stitches in my work but I believe cross stitch is the Queen of counted work.

  549. The one stitch to select would be a cross stitch. There are so many ways a stitch can be crossed it is endless. From a simple cross stitch to an Amadeus stitch!

  550. I love chain stitch because it has so many variations and can be used in so many different ways.
    Thanks Mary for the chance to enter another of your wonderful give Christmas aways.

  551. If you asked what I use most often, it would be stem stitch. But the stitch that I enjoy doing is the reverse chain stitch. It is easier to do evenly than regular chain stitch, with little variation it becomes the heavy chain stitch, it follows curves very easily, it is fairly quick, …..and just somehow satisfying to me. I look forward to those parts of a project where that stitch can be used.

    Thank you for your website!

  552. My favorite embroidery stitch is the feather stitch. I love it on heirloom garments, I love it on crazy quilts, I love it in samplers. It is my favorite because, probably, because I love chickens . They are my favorite animal, the best of feathered friends. You probably think I am mad, just a little. Tanya heidi

  553. What a tough question! I have so many. I love the stem stitch, French knots, the blanket stitch, the split stitch but my absolute favorite is the back stitch because it’s so versatile. I use it when I sew, when I quilt and when I cross stitch. Now ask me which one scares me the most? (Answer: the satin stitch, but it doesn’t mean I don’t use it.)

  554. Palestrina knot stitch is my favourite stitch. Firstly its rythm is relaxing and its variations intoxicating, Inlove it.

  555. French Knots! My husband is French, so why Knot?

    No, I love them because they can look like sheep’s wool, flower petals, the dot on an “I”,
    eyes, beads, and just texture. I recently put a secret message in something using Morse Code.

    Love the knot.

  556. I really enjoy the versatility of the chain stitch. I use it in layers to add depth to a stem or to outline a shape.

  557. I love the buttonhole or blanket stitch-looks the same to me. It’s a lovely edge choice for applique and with quilting projects I use it all the time.

  558. I don’t like to be limited because variety is the spice of life. But since I must pick only one I will go with the stem stitch because I use it so much for outlining. That bundle of metallics are eye candy for a stitcher’s soul. So luscious looking. Have a great weekend

  559. My favourite stitch is blanket stitch. It’s so versatile which is why I love it. It can be used for edgings or buttonholes or used to join two pieces of fabric together and in its finer form it can become needle lace

  560. My favorite stitch in all it’s forms is the lazy daisy stitch. The first one I learned when I was 5. Sue M.

  561. Cross-stitch is my embroidery version of comfort food. Old and familiar with the potential to either zone me out or keep me on my toes depending on the project.

  562. My favourite stitch is bullion stitch you can do so much with it I have a book a bought a few years ago show all the lovely designs you can use it for..

  563. I think I’m going to say the Cross Stich – not only is this the stitch I remember learning 1st (along with Back stitch) but you can do so much with it and it is easy! Want fine do one thread over one on linen, want normal 2 strands over 2 threads on linen, in fact you don’t even need linen it works great on fabric or canvas too. Pictures, alphabet, borders… cross stitch does it all and if we are allowed variations on our one stitch well… there’s half, quarter, long-arm…