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Stitcher’s Christmas 6: Snowflakes!


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Welcome to the sixth installment of this year’s A Stitcher’s Christmas! This morning, we’re going to go a bit light – as light as snow, actually.

Before we dive into today’s gifts, which are coming from me here at Needle ‘n Thread, I’ll announce the winners of Friday’s gorgeous kits from Inspirations Studios.

Come along, and let’s get things rolling…

Stitcher's Christmas - Snowflake Ornaments

Friday’s gorgeous kits are going out to three lucky stitchers who will have the pleasure of undertaking a new and delightful project in 2022 (or whenever they want to).

The kits are from Inspiration Studios new handpicked collection. They’re projects that haven’t appeared in their publications, but that are available for immediate download here on their website, and they also have corresponding materials kits available for them.

The winners, in order, are Aileen O, AnaEden, and Mel P. I will drop you each an email this morning, so please keep an eye out!


Today, it’s short and sweet. I’m giving away three of my handmade snowflake ornaments, ready to hang on your Christmas tree – or to give away as a gift if you want!

You can see these snowflake ornaments in my e-book, Snowflakes: 12 Winter Projects for Hand Embroidery.

Each name that I draw (I’ll draw three) gets one of the finished samples that I worked for the book. Don’t worry – they’ve been lovingly cared for and carefully packed away each year, so they look as good as new!

You’ll also get a download link to download your own copy of Snowflakes: 12 Winter Projects for Hand Embroidery. If you already have a copy, you can gift the new one to anyone you want – I’ll send the link to a person of your choosing.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to join in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines and answer the question in #6:

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on this article, on Needle ‘n Thread. You can reach the comment form for this article by following this link. Your comment must be left on the website. Comments received via email are not eligible.

2. Please do not use the “reply” feature in the comment area to reply to someone else’s comment. Replies in the comments are not counted in the drawing.

3. Please leave a recognizable name in the “Name” line on your comment. If your name is Mary, for example, you might qualify it with a last initial or a nickname, so that, when the winner is announced, you recognize your name, and other people with the same first name aren’t confused when the winners are announced.

4. Please make certain your email address is entered on the comment form in the “email” line only. Do not include personal information like mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses in the large comment box! Leaving public information on any website is a good way to end up with a lot of spam.

5. Please leave the website line on the comment form blank.

6. In your comment, please answer the following:

Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?

7. This give-away ends on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at 5:00 am Central Time. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the give-away for that day. The winners will also receive a notification via email. If your name is drawn for the give-away, you’ll need to reply to my email within three days (72 hrs). If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I’ll draw for another name.

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. The prizes will be shipped from the business offering them. Please understand that any additional fees or import taxes or anything similar are the responsibility of the winner. Needle ‘n Thread is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Winners should be aware that shipping may be delayed, and that there’s no guaranteed arrival time frame. Some prizes in this series will probably not arrive before the end of the year.

When you leave your comment on the website, it may not appear right away. Comments are moderated to avoid spam on the website. This means that I manually approve each comment before it is posted. Never fear! It will show up eventually!


(599) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,

    I dream of a sparkling white Christmas. Most years, I wake up to my dream and I am so very happy.

    Sandie F.

  2. Bravo pour tout ces conseils de broderie ainsi que pour votre site regulierement mis a jour je préfère la chaleur merci

  3. SNOW! Since I no longer venture out – SNOW to look out at is my preference. That is selfish, since others must venture out in that slippery stuff. May they all drive carefully and arrive safely. Amen.

  4. I don’t dream of a white Christmas, so no snow for me if I get to choose. I live in an area where it’s more likely than not to have snow on Christmas day but as I have to shovel it, drive in it, I don’t enjoy it. I would enjoy a warm and green Christmas but that is very unlikely here (even if there is no snow, which happens sometimes, it’s usually cold).

  5. I like a white Christmas for ambiance only. After that back to green grass, flowers and dreaming of spring.

  6. White! I grew up in Ontario, Canada where our winters looked like Corneilus Kreigoff paintings – mounds of snow like thick icing covering everything and food was delivered to grocery stores, after one particularly bad season, by helicopter and I would get a lift to school by ski-doo.

  7. I just love these! I wish so much for a white Christmas. We had them when I was growing up, but we rarely have them now. There’s just something magical about a white Christmas.

  8. Since I live in Florida, I don’t really dream of white Christmases although we actually did have one in 1989. thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I love my white Christmas. I would rather add more clothes to keep warm than try to take clothes off. There are only so many you can take off. Hubby and I spent Christmas in Australia once and it was not the same, too hot. I love the snow crunching as I go for my walk. Even if it’s really cold I bundle up and go for a walk it maybe shorter but that cool, crisp air is good for the soul.

  10. I confess to dreaming of a white Christmas. Growing up in the Midwest that’s part of the magical memories. Even having lived in the SouthWest for most of my life, I’d adore watching big fat flakes drift and swirl lazily down. Notice, this does not include driving winds nor cold so bitter the flakes are bitty and the snow creaks. But drifting fluffy flakes are as mesmerizing as a fire in a fireplace. And each has their place 🙂

  11. I love a white Christmas! It just isn’t Christmas time for me if it isn’t cold,
    sometimes blustery, and sparkling with starlight at night. My favorite Christmas
    memories always involve a beautiful, quiet snowfall just before Christmas Eve!
    We don’t get as many these days as when I was a child.

  12. I like a white Christmas because that’s what I grew up with and it brings fond
    memories. Of course getting together with family is the main thing and it
    doesn’t matter about the weather, unless the weather prevents us from getting
    together, which it has in the past.

  13. I dream of warm and green, but where I live the closest equivalent is cool and not quite as gray as usual and I’d take that. Snow is pretty in pictures, but is not comfortable to be out in and tends to make my body ache even when I stay in. So I’d be totally happy with a warm, snow-free Christmas.

  14. Yes! Even though I live in a warm dry climate, every once in a while we do have a little snow. Christmas is the
    perfect time. How else could Santa drive his sleigh!

  15. I love snow!! I think its so beautiful in the pine trees and I think it makes Christmas special and festive. I especially love to take my dog for walks in the forest in the winter time.

  16. Christmas…..well it has to be cold ( it is winter here in UK), preferably dry ( a walk out is a must ) and a sprinkling of snow just adds some extra magic to a lovely day spent with the folk we love.

  17. Congratulations to the latest winners! And…to answer the question of the day….I do like some snow for Christmas, despite the fact that I hate the stuff normally. I’m so NOT a winter person! I just hope that it doesn’t snow on Christmas day or Boxing day so people who are traveling are safe.

  18. Having lived in Florida and Texas almost my entire life, I think the white stuff is pretty to look at but I live in states that don’t know how to deal with it.

  19. I definitely dream of a white Christmas! The snow blankets the earth and glistens in the sun and moonlight. I love to walk in the early evening in fresh snow. Why should we have colder weather if we aren’t going to have snow? Your snowflakes are beautiful and just as unique as each snowflake that falls from the sky. Thank you.

  20. I couldn’t resist entering the drawing for one of these beautiful snowflakes. I am dreaming of a White Christmas – I like it best when snow is on the ground from Thanksgiving until March. It’s a good thing I live in the Northeast! I especially love to watch the snow falling past streetlamps at night when everything becomes silent and still. It’s magical. Thanks for offering these lovely contests!

  21. I love snow at Christmas! I live in the frozen north so you have to find a way to enjoy snow or hate the weather for most of the year. Something about it during the holidays just softens everything and makes it feel cozier.

  22. Snow – definitely snow! I live in Canada so snow is usually available! If we dont have snow how would Santa’s sled slide!?

  23. Because I live in Ontario, Canada, it doesn’t feel like Christmas if there’s no snow on the ground, so every year I dream of a White Christmas. When I was a child, I wanted mountains of snow to create snow forts, go tobogganing, and make snow angels. Now that I have to shovel it all, I like a light dusting on Christmas eve. hahahah

  24. I love a fall of big fat snowflakes on Christmas Eve and after that I’m good but living on Canada’s east coast I get my fill and more

  25. I’d love a cozy white Christmas but I find myself always living in the warm southern half of the states!

  26. I DREAM of a White Christmas!!!! Living in South Carolina, it’s a rarity, but it happens in a blue moon!

  27. I absolutely dream of a white Christmas! Living in Central California we get NO snow and hardly any rain. I would love to hear a snow storm outside and be all cozy with a cup of hot chocolate inside!

  28. I absolutely dream of a white Christmas! Growing up in upstate New York means my childhood memories are filled with snowy Christmas mornings, so Christmas just feels off without beautiful flakes falling (or freshly fallen).

  29. I love having snow on the ground Christmas Day; I’ll be driving that day so no snow actually falling!

  30. Snow for Christmas? I could take it or leave it. It is always pretty for a day or two, but in Wisconsin our winters are so long as it is – that I never WISH for snow!

  31. SNOW???
    I have mixed feelings! I live in the upper Midwest, so we get plenty of the white stuff. On the one hand, the snow cover is so good for my beloved gardens. It’s also gloriously beautiful on the pine trees after a snowfall! On the other hand, snow and the ice that usually comes with it make getting around a challenge. I definitely DO NOT like the cold weather. Moving to a warmer climate is not an option. Our family surrounds us. Even the cold and the snow wouldn’t make is move away from them!

  32. When I was a kid growing up in Massachusetts I loved a white Christmas. Of course I just got to play in it. I didn’t have to shovel it. Now I live in North Carolina and I enjoy the thought of a green Christmas and no snow to shovel. If I find myself missing the snow I can just tune in the Weather Channel and watch the northeast snowstorms on TV! Here’s hoping everyone gets the Christmas they want whether green or white.

  33. I dream of a white, snow filled Christmas but prefer to live in a sunny, green one. Hence, my home in Phoenix, Arizona.

  34. My preference is most definitely a white Christmas. The blanket of snow makes things feel more peaceful and serene and gives me a good reason for getting cosy indoors with a blanket, a Christmas movie and a mug full of something warm.

  35. Oh gosh! White Christmas most definitely! Growing up and still living in the northeast has spoiled me perhaps, but without snow it just doesn’t feel like Christmas!

    Best wishes and a very merry Christmas, Mary!
    Linda in Maine

  36. I love a white and chilly Christmas! Not mounds of snow, but a nice snowy day is the best!!!

  37. I am dreaming of a “bright” Christmas. Florida doesn’t do well with that white stuff. No one has snow tires. But your snowflakes are beautiful. Thank you.

  38. Living in Boston, we dream of white Christmases (as long as we don’t have to drive anywhere). It’s just traditional for us. I love the colors, the lights, the smell of balsam fir.

  39. I dream of a white Christmas. Having grown up in upstate New York and spending many Christmases with my grandparents in Vermont, snow on Christmas still makes me smile. In fact, winter is still my favorite time of year with summer my least favorite (I burn in the sun and dislike hot, humid weather.)

  40. Oh definitely a white Christmas! Having grown up in the Prairies we were used to the snow. but then moving to BC, I have always missed the snow at Christmas. Mind you, having to shovel it is another issue. Haha!

  41. Snow of course, and snow angels! Let’s work together on climate effects and knowledge to mitigate tornados in Kentucky and keep snow in New England. Thank you, Mary, for the community you’ve built here at Needle ‘n Thread.

  42. I love a snowy Christmas. Actually I love a snowy winter. My ideal day is to be snowed in with emboidery or a good book. Make a pot of soup or chili. Maybe bake some cookies. I wouldn’t mind be snowed in for several days.

  43. SNOW!! SNOW!! SNOW!!
    i was born in the Rockie mountains – and I love snow. But now I live in the coastal rainforest, so snow here on Vancouver Island is a rarity and I love it!

  44. Snow a good amount. Good for moisture, reduces unwanted bugs for next year and the snowflakes are beautiful

  45. Romantic as a White Christmas sounds, if I have to travel, I’d prefer the roads not to be white! It’s been a while since we’ve had much snow at Christmas in southeast Pennsylvania. So – a White Christmas I can look at, but not be stuck in, is my preference. Looking at your snowflakes sounds just right.

  46. I would love a white Christmas! It rarely if ever snows where I live on Christmas Day. It doesn’t really snow that much either. I say “Bring on the snow!!!”

  47. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?

    I live in central New York so white Christmas is my choice. Just a flurry of snow on Christmas day looks so nice!

  48. Living in east central California we get snow on occasion – it comes in on Thursday or Friday and is gone by Sunday. Mother Nature is so thoughtful – sometimes, and we get the beauty of the white blanket of snow for a short time! A white Christmas would be lovely but with this week’s rain – it’ll be wet and green which is just fine too! Thank you Mary!

  49. I don’t have to dream of a white Christmas most years because I live in New England where there’s a pretty good chance we will have some snow on the ground by Christmas each year. I do prefer a fresh coating of snow to the dull dead look of late fall here, and I don’t think I would like a warm green Christmas. It’s just not very appropriate for the season! Love those snowflakes too!

  50. Thank you for sharing all you do over the years. It is such a pleasure to read about everything you do.
    I love the tutorials and the picture are great.

  51. I dream of a white Christmas! I usually don’t have to dream about it though, because I live in a very wintery place in Canada. I love winter and the bigger the snow flakes that fall the better. It is a beautiful time of year. Nothing like stitching on a beautiful snowy day with a cup of tea and needle and thread in hand.

  52. SNOW!!! Let it snow! I don’t have to work those few days and thus don’t have to be on the roads so, yay!!! It’s so beautiful when it falls straight down. Skip the ice & the wind blown drifts. Sometimes you actually hear the snowflakes hit the surface if it is still enough outside. Just the faintest of the littlest crispy sound. I stand in awe of our Creator’s extravagance!

  53. I like it cold enough that a fire would be nice, but no snow. I live in Oklahoma and snow would mean panic buying, roads closed, etc.

  54. As adults we cling to the romantic era of Bing Crosby, It’s a Good Life, hot chocolate and carols. As children , we hoped for a warm and sunny day to ride new bikes and scooters, skates pogo sticks and skateboards. As an adult, I admit that it’s a relief when the noise and excitement can go outside!!! with the new toys

  55. I love a white Christmas. I lived in the northern Minnesota as a child and did we have snow! Lots and lots of it. I even remember my mom would bring in a large tub of snow for me to play in at the kitchen table. I would wear gloves and sit by the table…making roads and houses and hills and valleys. What fun! And what a creative mom!

  56. I love snow, but especially at Christmas. I spent one Christmas in Florida and warm weather Christmas is just not right.

  57. Thanks for the giveaway! I have enjoyed Christmas both with and without snow. I don’t have a preference

  58. I prefer a white Christmas. The snow on Christmas reminds of years gone by. My mother and grandmother working to get ready for our Christmas eve Swedish smorgasbord. Waking up on Christmas day with snow was always something we had as kids. Ice skates and snow sleds where a staple gift so we could go sledding and skating Christmas afternoon. Those were definitely the good old days.

  59. I love to see the snow from inside a warm and cozy place. But, I’m a true California girl and like the cool, brisk and sunny days. Christmas on a crisp and clear sunny day, with my children and grandchildren is heart warming.

    Merry Christmas.

    Zena C.

  60. White Christmas!! Growing up in a mild climate, I rarely saw snow on Christmas, but now I live in upstate NY and get to have a White Christmas nearly every year, I love it! Cozy fires, hot cocoa that really warms you when you are chilled, Christmas lights reflected against the white snow and early darkness . . .

  61. I definitely would love a white Christmas with lots of beautiful snow. I look forward to the cold temperatures and the crisp white covering on the grass and trees.
    Thank you for the chance to win one of your beautiful snowflakes and directions.

  62. Lots of lovely snow, please, but not until my kids have safely arrived home and we can cocoon together.

  63. i would love snow on christmas because we never get it , sometimes we get a day in january but that is it

  64. I love a white Christmas(in 2020 we had >4 inches and a few people I know won free jewelry from a local store!…FUN) Snow makes everything look clean again and really gets my family in the mood to celebrate.

  65. Thank you for the nice giveaway!! Your snowflakes are so elegant. Living in Quebec, we definitely need a white Christmas!!! Is we could get 30-40 inches of snow, it would be even better 🙂 But for now, we’re on the grass. Pretty depressing 😉 With you snowflakes, at least, we would have very pretty snow 🙂 Thank you again.

  66. As much as snow at Christmas is nostalgic – grew up in NY – I’m happy with warm and sort of green in FL. Even as a child, I never liked cold weather and do I want to drive in snow or shovel driveways anymore? No.

  67. We live in south Texas so a Christmas with snow does not happen very often but I love the day to be cooler weather. Just makes it feel more like Christmas.

  68. There is only ONE response to this question: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. White or green? I love it when it starts snowing Christmas Eve and you wake up to a lovely white and silent morning with the sun starting to shine. Everything looks so fresh and clean. It’s lovely. But, with so many travelling at this time of year, most would prefer green. If only the snow, when it fell, fell only on the land and not the roads. Oh, a more perfect world! Thanks again Mary. Nona

  70. I prefer a white Christmas because I live in northwest Ohio. But we have taken vacations to warmer climates over the Christmas holidays and a warm climate is a nice change of pace! But bring on the snow!

  71. I’m a now snow kind of girl! Where we live we don’t get the lovely deep white crisp and even covering, but instead we get a brown soggy slush with ice rinks for slopes and side roads! I much prefer crisp sunny weather with lots of greenery around, although I’m not sure that I would take it as far as tropical temperatures which would seem a bit odd!

  72. I grew up with snow and loved it. Fun to play in, sparkly and crisp. Then I got older and had to shovel it and drive in it and worry about school closings and travel. Now I’m retired and very comfortable in a warm coastal area. We still get chilly and occasionally have snow that doesn’t last. I love seeing pictures of snow up north. And fondly remember those cold, clear nights with snow falling and absolute silence. But I don’t miss the cold and worry.

  73. I prefer a snowy white Christmas and snow falling, soft tinkle sound of snow and the special feeling of peaceful quiet.

  74. I like my Christmas green. I love the pictures of the snow, but the reality of how cold it needs to be to snow, no thank you.

  75. I most definitely yearn for a white Christmas. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario in Canada when white Christmases were guaranteed. Now I live in the ‘snow belt’ and we only rarely have a green Christmas. For me, snow and Christmas go together.

  76. Snowy and white is the norm for a Canadian Christmas, but we have spent the holidays in southern climes and as I get older, I appreciate the warmth! If only all family and pets and friends could join us … being together is more important than weather.

    Wherever you spend Christmas, Mary, may you be surrounded by the warmth of family and dogs and friends!

  77. “I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas with palm trees blowing in in the breeze…”
    My reason for that is I was born in Panama Canal Zone! Our family moved to the States
    when I was 15 years old! I have lived in Florida ever since— ( age 79 now!) HOWEVER ,
    North Florida (Tallahassee) is pretty cold in December (by my standards!) and we have many more beautiful Oak trees snd such here than palms— and Tallahassee is NOT a coastal place with warm tropical breezes!

  78. I live in Saskatchewan Canada, so I usually have a white Christmas. I do love it but along with the snow comes the cold. I would prefer it all to go away after January but the weather is a good excuse to stay warm inside and stitch.

  79. Christmas has to be white. There is nothing like seeing the snow sparkle like diamonds under the the light of the moon.
    I have whole set of crocheted snowflakes for the tree that this one will fit in perfectly with.

  80. I love a white Christmas but living in Texas and growing up in New Mexico I have seen very few! Looks like no white this Christmas!

  81. Absolutely snow! There is something magical about opening the door to a winter wonderland. Combine that stillness and beauty with Christmas morning and life is great! Where I live, we rarely have a white Christmas and we rarely get much snow. . perhaps that is why when it does fall it is so magical to me!

  82. Because I live in a warm climate, I have only had one white Christmas while I was in the service and I loved it! I would prefer to have a white Christmas ❄⛄

  83. Hello! Being from Minnesota I do NOT dream of a White Christmas, it’s pretty much a given! What I do long for are beach-y shores and a walk on such beaches! Last year I got my wish and we were on a lovely Florida beach for my birthday – Christmas Day! First time ever and it was wonderful though strange. Our big snow has fallen and I’ll admit it is pretty. So we will no doubt have that White Christmas. Hope you do too!

  84. I love a white Christmas as long as it does not last too long. Otherwise I can dream of a white Christmas.

  85. I enjoy a white Christmas, but not the snowy kind. My kind of white Christmas is on the white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle – the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches. Being a Florida girl/native, I definitely do not care for snow and cold.

  86. Oh… I always dream of a white Christmas – no matter where I’m living. However, the reality is more that I ‘fear’ a white Christmas living where I do now where icy roads would be the norm and most people don’t know how to drive on them. Once I am no longer having to drive into work, I’ll be saying (and singing): Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  87. Christmas greetings!! I just love a White Christmas–by Christmastime, all the out and about shopping is complete, the baking is done and no one feels they have to go anywhere. We can just be us with a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the day. After gifts are exchanged, I like to enjoy time stitching and being with family. Going for a walk, in fresh snow is such a peaceful experience as the whole world seems to be covered in a blanket. The dirtiness is temporarily covered in a clean white wash, reminding me again of how Christ washed our sins away. While the snow is temporary, He is not! Merry Christmas!!

  88. Where I live there is virtually no chance of a white Christmas and I’ve lived here all my life, so while I enjoy singing along with the song, it never occurs to me to actually wish for a white Christmas. It does feel more like Christmas to me when there is dense fog, which there often was on Christmas when I was growing up. That’s a different song entirely, “Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say…”

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  89. I love a white Christmas! Especially a new fallen snow. Everything is sparkly white and pristine.

  90. Snow all the way. Cozy inside, invigorating outside. Lots of memories of outside adventures with my cousins from childhood.

  91. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas because many of our memories of when our kids were small revolve around a white Christmas – fire crackling – Christmas songs playing – sipping hot spiced cider in front of the tree.

  92. Definitely a white Christmas! I am fascinated with the wonder of snowflakes. It started with the childhood fun of playing in snow, and continued as I taught weather to 4th graders. We read about Wilson Bentley who was the first known photographer of snowflakes. I have many books with photos of real snowflakes. I have also stitched and crocheted many of them.The wonder comes in when you ponder the fact there are no 2 alike! Bring it on!

  93. Snow for me- – all the way!! I like the silence that accompanies it and the beauty I can enjoy (whilst sitting by the fireplace!!). Thanks for the give-away. I would love to have something that you, yourself, worked!

    Merry Christmas to all- Sunnie

  94. Those snowflakes are beautiful. Christmas would not be Christmas without snow. It something beautiful about watching a snow storm with a mug of hot chocolate and sitting by a fireplace.

  95. I moved from Florida to North Dakota so I’ve had both. Must prefer the white because That was more than 40 years ago and I’m still here. Don’t really love the bitter cold but definitely prefer 4 distinct seasons.

  96. Most of my winters have been here in the Midwest which means it has ranged from no snow and of course cold to blizzards which are not often. In the last 10 years, I have spent it with my daughters and their families in Tucson which has snow on the peaks to LA which is quite green. But it never matters when you spend it with family.

  97. A White Christmas doesn’t occur here in Texas. It is welcome when the floating snowflakes ❄️ begin.
    We dread the thunderstorm and black ice that more often shows up. But it is better when it melts the next day!
    Merry Christmas!
    Peggy Harris

  98. I’m a Cali girl–through and through. I’ve never experienced a White Christmas, so my only connection to the concept is through TV and movies. Warm and green is where it’s at for me!

  99. I love to see snow falling and picture perfect snowy scenes. Love to stitch snowflakes too. But I absolutely hate to drive on snowy roads and walking on the stuff. Perhaps I ought to hibernate, but then I would miss out on valuable stitching time.

  100. I live in upstate NY where most of winter is cold and snowy. I also spend time in Florida over the winter. Although I don’t like the snow, I prefer it for Christmas. Christmas lights on the palm trees while wearing shorts just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’ll get my fix of warm and green in January.

  101. I am fortunate to live in sunny Florida during the winter but I do miss the cold and snow only during the holidays!! There is something to be said about wearing a turtleneck, having hot cocoa and sitting by a fire! Merry Christmas!

  102. I live in Minnesota and we just got 12 inches of snow! I’m happy that we will have a white Christmas.

  103. I love, love, LOVE a white Christmas! I grew up near the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so it didn’t happen regularly, but I have memories of several magical white Christmas mornings! I live in North Alabama now, and it is even a rarer occurrence, but ten years ago we woke to the prettiest six inches of unexpected snow! What a gift that was … I’m definitely ready to wake up to another miracle snow! 🙂

  104. I think a white Christmas with fresh snow is delightful. Add a fire and a warm beverage and life is good,

  105. Hi! I’m Iowan. I definitely want snow on the ground. It’s not Christmas without snow. It’s like a mood setting for me. It’s a running joke that I won’t write my Christmas letter until there is snow because without snow as a backdrop ( ie Festive Christmas spirit) I will write a depressing letter rather than a happy one.
    This year is going to be challenging. We got less than1″ snow Friday that was gone by Sat. And this week it’s to be 70!!
    Happy holidays!!

  106. Your snowflakes look delightful! I would be fun to make some from your ebook and an honor to own one of your samples.

  107. I prefer snow in December! It’s clean and bright, making everything look like a blank canvas where anything is possible.

  108. I lived in the Northeast for 30 years and experienced enough snowstorms to last a lifetime! Now I am content with the very occasional dusting of snow or frost we get in northern California and looking at photos of white Christmases elsewhere! Thank you Mary for brightening the holidays and all year around!

  109. The snow is beautiful viewed from inside a warm home, but not when you must drive in it or shovel your way out.

  110. I live in the warm desert and would love to see snow again at the holidays. I miss the snow and would love to go back to it if I could. Enough said. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  111. I grew up in Ohio, lived in Colorado and Montana and now we`re here in Texas. I can say I miss a little snow. it would be grand to have a dusting on Christmas Eve lasting into Christmas day. I can`t complain, we have had a wonderful life wherever we have lived. Merry Christmas!

  112. Mary, thank you for the opportunity to receive one of your hand stitched snowflake ornaments.
    I have only had one white Christmas and it was magical. Having lived in the southeastern part of the US most of my life we had warm and green Christmases. My husband tells of going water skiing as a tradition on New Years Day with friends when they were teenagers. We recently moved just a bit further north and have opportunities to see snow more often. I enjoy that. It’s a new experience a bit like the excitement of seeing a new embroidery stitch to learn.

  113. After 30 years in Alaska, I don’t miss the snow at all. We escaped 8 years ago to care for my parents. And I love it here (Washington state).

  114. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?

    White Christmas … I grew up with them and I miss the snow … Snow but not too cold you can’t go outside.

  115. I’m definitely a White Christmas gal! I want snow from about December 20th through January 6th…When I was a kid, I’d go out and play in the snow as much as possible over the school break. Now, we could blame it on Bing Crosby I suppose. I’m a sentimental fool for that beautiful old movie!

  116. As a coastal Southerner, I can’t remember having a white Christmas, all the snow skips over us! But the imagery in art, fiction and poetry is so strong that it is something that I would deeply appreciate.

    I would love to receive the snowflake ornament and the ebook! I’m finishing up tea towels and getting neater and faster and would love to move towards making ornaments for friends and family for Christmas 2022!

    Your blog and video tutorials have blessed me and I’m grateful for you and Needle ‘n Thread!

  117. Christmas is always lacking something if there is no snow. I know it is not for everyone but having it snow gives the environment a feeling of peace, joy and love in the air. I love it.

  118. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love the snow this time of year! Makes it feel like it is really winter, and it’s a good excuse to curl up with some hot chocolate and a fun project (not at the same time)

  119. I am firmly in the SNOW camp. There is just something about the decorations and snow that makes it feel like Christmas to me.

  120. I love your snowflakes, they are each so individual. I dream of a warmer Christmas only so my children can travel home safely. I live in Nebraska and now that I am retired snow doesn’t bother me as much just not on Christmas when so many are traveling.

  121. While a white Christmas is preferable over a brown dormant Christmas any day, I cast my vote for a green Christmas. Just at the moment I have camellias, roses and iris(!) blooming over my green lawn. Pots of pansies and kale. Y’all can keep your white Christmas, thank you very much.

  122. Living in Georgia most of my life, I’ve only had one white Christmas. So mow is so rare here that it is always exciting, and on Christmas, doubly so. But I’ll just settle for a sunny day with no rain!

  123. I grew up n New York City where a blanket of white snow would transfer the city streets into a beautiful winter wonderland.!

  124. Snow! I like snow; playing it it, watching it fall, even shoveling it. Never get enough of it during the winters. It makes everything look so clean and sounds so quiet.

  125. Ah – snowflakes! I grew up in the midwest and loved snow, it was beautiful! The first year I moved west to Washington state – what no snow? I do love snow and whenever we have a few flakes my smile is huge but I do have to admit I prefer not to have to drive in it as not many Washingtonians really know how to drive in snow!

  126. I dream of, and have nightmares about white Christmas. Snow toys with all the senses. In its pristine white newness, it’s an incredible, gorgeous sight to behold. Snowflakes floating gently from the sky are glorious, in their icy coldness, lightly prickling at your skin, crowning your head, falling on your tongue… But, the stark realities of snow only begin to expose themselves on the sidewalks, streets, roads and driveways. It starts in the inherent dangers of walking, driving, and shoveling, and it’s weight breaking trees and caving in roofs, and doesn’t end until well after it turns to ugly black and gray frozen sludge, that must be slogged through and survived, for months on end.
    I grew up around the Great Lakes, and have had my fill! I’m perfectly content to enjoy the beauty of it, from afar, or in the short spurts of it we get, here in the Ozarks. Snow for a day or three is great, but like any good guest, I’m most happy to see it again, if it only lingers less than 5days.

  127. Most of my life I was in So. California in the land of daily average temps of 72 deg. and no seasons. When we retired we did the opposite of what most people do at our age, moved 15oo miles north to the land of seasons and snow. I have found that I actually like the snow, the coziness it brings and the joy of watching it fall. Also the dogs love to play in it!

  128. Your snowflakes are beautiful! I think I’d prefer a white Christmas – although, having lived most of my life in the deep south, I’m not quite sure I’d know how to act. Thanks for your beautiful work!

  129. Hello fellow stitching friends! I grew up in Colorado where a white Christmas was almost a given. As a kid I spent many a day on a frozen lake ice skating or racing down a hill on a sled. It certainly was a magical time of the year for me as a child. For my mother, dressing up 6 kids in winter wear just to do it again in a hour was certainly a chore. By contrast, I raised my boys in California on the beach. We spent many a Christmas morning flying kites and lounging in the sunshine. Snow or no snow…I guess for Christmas, I would choose snow mostly because it feels so quiet and peaceful. After busy summers and colorful autumns the winter white is welcome and so serene. And, like snowflakes every winter is very “different”……

  130. I personally need snow for it to feel like Christmas. It brings back lovely memories of my childhood, making snowmen and sledding down the hill.

  131. I would love a snowy Christmas, but living in Southern California that’s not meant to be. I would settle for a rainy Christmas, also a rarity these days.

  132. In Texas I can dream of a white Christmas. Although it gets cold, snow is now always in the forecast. Coming from Northeastern PA, I’ve had a lot of snowy Christmas mornings, so it’s okay not to see all those pretty flakes coming down. (We don’t have to shovel them!)

  133. I dream of a white Christmas but with roads and streets clear of snow and ice. A world blanketed in white is a beautiful thing.

  134. I am a Winter person through and through, so I always hope and wish for a beautiful and snowy white Christmas! I love to see that white snow falling down peacefully! Everything seems so peaceful and quiet! So I do also love Snowflakes!! I have stitched one or two for my tree! Thanks for the opportunity of winning one of yours!! Would be wonderful!!

  135. I’ve experienced both white Christmases and green Christmases, and while I personally prefer white (as we do not get alot of them here) the most important part of Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth and who you’re lucky enough to celebrate with. I would love to be able to add a snowflake ornament to our tree that includes four generations of embroidered/needlepointed/cross stitched ornaments.

  136. Snow Always!!! Glittering, sparkling, frosty, fluffy, powdery–it’s all beautiful until after the holidays. Then it can melt a soon as possible and bring on Spring.

  137. While the snow is pretty, it’s No Snow for me! I’m getting too old for this bitter cold. I have to travel a long distance for work and the kids no longer come around to shovel. I have to be careful shoveling so I don’t end up with a heart attack.

  138. Snow for sure. It’s fairly rare where I live, but especially at Christmas just adds natural beauty to this peaceful time. Thanks for the chance.

  139. I have a childlike response to snow & have come down the stairs while visiting Cincinnati in-laws to squeal with delight in seeing snowflakes have fallen overnight. The city permanent signs of Alternate Snow Route probably reveals to me what it means for actual living where it snows, but as a west coast resident, I am thrilled to see snowflakes. Happy to enter this drawing on Lucia Day (my home smells like saffron yeast rolls) while the atmospheric river of rain pours outdoors. Happy winter holidays Mary!

  140. I like to watch the snow coming down while I’m sitting in front of the fireplace with a cuppa my favorite tea, Christmas music playing, and either my stitching or a good book. Driving in the snow is no fun! Our crops need the moisture and the snow cover so here’s hoping for a lot of snow and therefore a lot of stitching time!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Yesr!

  141. Snow! Gotta have snow and a white Christmas. Fortunately both my husband and I are of a similar mindset. When we retired from our jobs in Michigan, we could have moved to FL where our son lives, but no, we wanted to return home to Minnesota, and he can visit us here. And we can visit him in FL when we wish. We love a white Christmas!

  142. I always dream of a white Christmas! And we almost always have a green, rainy Christmas. When it does snow, it is magical. I love it because it brings back childhood memories, it is beautiful and never lasts long on the west coast, and I love it when we can observe the changing seasons. Let it snow!

  143. I dream of a white Christmas because I have happy childhood memories associated with snow at Christmastime. It is beautiful–like your snowflakes!

  144. White please! I appreciate the relative warmth of my current state of California but I miss the snow of my childhood and young adulthood in Minnesota. My happiest Christmas memories are from the snowy days spent with family skating or sledding or snowmobiling on Christmas Day.

  145. I love the snow! When I lived in Florida it never seemed like Christmas. Living in South Dakota now there is a very good chance of having a white Christmas!
    Bev H

  146. Snow, snow, snow! I grew up in the Central Valley of California so never experienced a white Christmas. I married and moved to northern Idaho– snow and a white Christmas ever since! We lived in Alaska for 36 years and a white Christmas every year. Now I associate a white Christmas the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A renewal of all the goodness in the world.

  147. Christmas is a magical time for me even though it wasn’t as a child or since my dear husband died at Christmas. It is what you make it. I like to be indoors looking at the snow in a room decorated in that glorious green and red combo with the scent of pine needles and warm mince pies.

  148. I vote for snow! Admittedly, growing up in Pennsylvania, snow and cold weather at this time of year is the traditional setting. Sleds, snow angels, forts and snow ball fights of course but best of all, waking up to a view of a pristine snow fall … the peaceful silence is awe inspiring.

  149. White Christmas all the way! Well, unless people can’t travel to be with their families.

    It would be an honor to have something stitched by you. 🙂

  150. No white Christmas for me! We always have to travel hundreds of miles to see family at the winter holidays, so fine weather is better. Embroidered snowflakes are the only ones I want to see!

  151. No, I’ve had enough white Christmases here is central New York. I’d love to wake up on December 25th to a bright sunny day knowing the high temperature would be about 75 degrees. We could turn off the heat and open all the windows. It would be like a gift of spring in early winter. Snow, bah humbug.

  152. As a Canadian, I truly wish for a white Christmas. It’s so beautiful with the trees laden with snow, sparkling in the sunshine…aaahhh.

  153. I’m definitely dreaming of a white Christmas! In the high mountain desert, we always need the moisture to bring those beautiful spring flowers that inspire my embroidery. Plus, it’s nice to have a cozy day to curl up and stitch!

  154. Well there is nothing like the feel of warm sand between your toes, the sound of the waves lapping on the Maui shores, the palm trees swaying in the wind…oh what a dream I was having!

  155. Oh my! My heart dreams of a white Christmas with snowflakes falling gently and sun sparking on the snow. Friends sit around after a festive meal. Children play on sleds or skate outside. It’s a lovely picture.
    My practical mind says that is lovely but could the snow fall only on lawns and fields? A green/brown Christmas isn’t pretty but bare roads and lack of storms are good things. So is the ease of traveling across town or across the country to be with people you care about.
    To sum it up, I really don’t know which way to vote on this question. Warm Christmas wishes whatever the weather!

  156. Loved your post today. I love snowflakes and have used snowflake designs in free motion quilting and am now inspired to try
    in my hand embroidery. I would love to see a white Christmas as I haven’t seen one in about 27 years, having lived in
    Hawaii and now San Diego. A white Christmas is just a memory one never forgets.

  157. I love snowflakes. I have noticed that some designers do not design their snowflakes with the correct number of points. Water crystals on this planet have six points (not 8). Thank goodness you did your homework and have correctly designed lovely snowflakes.

    I prefer my snow to fall when I am a visitor, not a resident. I love living in Southern California where I can walk to the beach on Thanksgiving, Christmas, any day of the year, rain (preferred) or shine.

  158. I prefer a white Christmas, as it is what I’m used to in the Midwest US. I love the silence and serenity of it…..conducive to meditating the meaning of the season.
    Being retired means I don’t have to navigate the inconveniences of it. I also like winter for some of the same reasons. It’s time to COCOON for creativity.❄️☃️

  159. I love a white Christmas. Just enough snow to cover the ground and make it look clean and fresh. It reminds me of walking to midnight mass as a girl. We only lived a block from the church and we would slide in the snow on the sidewalks and catch snowflakes on our tongues. It was magical.

  160. I love a white Christmas, but with the sun shining and the streets are clear. Where we live this happens often. I love it when the snow freezes and the sparkle is amazing. My favorite though is when we have fog and it freezes on the trees. It creates a winter wonderland, then everything sparkles.
    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  161. Always dreaming of a white Christmas! I’ve lived my whole life in NC and snow is an infrequent, and increasingly rare, occurrence here, especially since I move from the Piedmont region to the Sandhills region in the 1970’s. I think it’s beautiful.

  162. I definitely prefer a white Christmas. Our winters are getting warmer in the PNW so snow anytime is welcome.

  163. Yes to snow, now that we live in Oregon, not Montana. Snow falls here in the Willamette Valley about once a year, frosts the world with lovely branch-bending fluff, then melts really quickly, leaving no treacherous ice behind. No shoveling is required. Perfect.

  164. I always love it when we get snow for Christmas Day ❄️☃️ The cold frosty morning and the sound of the snow crunching under feet is always so satisfying and the cobwebs on the hedges show up and glistening like glitter! ❄️☃️ I absolutely love it !

  165. Snow–no, thank you! I’ve been shoveling snow since I was a child (& am over 70 now!) Also, I usually drive to Virginia to see family (from Pennsylvania) at the holiday & don’t need the aggravation on the road that snow causes. Sorry to be such a grinch but as far as I am concerned snow = hard work & problems.

  166. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?
    I grew up in the north and we had white Christmas most years. I did not know there were places you could live without all the snow. Then I lived in southern California and found out that winter was the missing season. Since I do not like cold weather, I have lived in the south every since. I will visit the snow on occasion, but do not want to live with all that white stuff. Snow is a four letter word, along with cold.

  167. p.s. (from the grinch) I do love stitching snowflakes even if I’ve seen enough real snow to last forever! EFH

  168. Snow! It’s not Christmas without it. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much to date. Fingers crossed here.

  169. No snow for me.
    Though snow goes with Christmas my preference is to still see un-raked leaves leaves, branches & limbs against occasional blue skies, and things I could step in or trip over. There will be plenty of snow before it warms again come late March or April.

  170. I love to look at pictures of snowy Christmas’ but I love to live in green and warm Christmas’!

  171. I’ve always wanted a white Christmas with the crisp cold air, and snow falling in a gentle silence early Christmas morning.

    These days I’d like to watch my grandkids make snowmen and having snowball fights. I don’t live in snow since I’ve been in Southern California all my life, but I still dream.

    Also love walking on snow covered beaches and all the winter garb! I just prefer a cold, white Christmas. To me snow is a wonder and what better time of year to have it than that most wondrous day of the year! Of course I have no experience shoveling side walks! Merry Christmas!

    Melody Cole

  172. I would love a white Christmas but I live in the South and enjoy shopping and outside decorating in warmer temps.

  173. I think white Christmas is really beautiful when staying inside I really do not like the cold but l like seeing the snow flakes coming down each one looks like I great gem

  174. Love the snowflakes! I do dream of a white Christmas with powdery snow, roaring fire, a warm drink and stitching of course! Even after 45 years in Florida, I still miss a white Christmas and it’s still hard to get in that full blown holiday spirit. Snow must be the magic!

  175. Lovely snowflakes! And as usually your posts a very helpful. How did I not know about Inspirations.

    Thanks for all your efforts in making embroidery more interesting for me.

    Roberta L

  176. I have spent my retirement life near the San Francisco Bay and have never seen a white Christmas, except in the moved. I wouldn’t know what to do if it snowed here!

  177. I only dream of a white Christmas if I don’t have to shovel it, otherwise I like the light dusting which makes everything look clean and new

  178. I do dream of a white Christmas seeing that I live in Tucson Arizona! Believe it or not we have had at least one that I can recall. Marilyn S

  179. A white Christmas definitely!
    That’s what I grew up with.
    Palm trees are all wrong in December, although I will feel differently by the middle of January.

  180. Although I like to have clear roads on Christmas Eve, I do like to wake up to freshly fallen snow on Christmas Day knowing I’m warm and snug spending time with family.

  181. Snow, definitely. I love the look of a beautiful pristine snowscape at the ranch where I grew up and still spend holidays.

  182. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t have much snow. Consequently, we don’t know how to drive in it and are not prepared with proper equipment. We also live in a retirement area. Each year, it seems another person breaks a bone. So, I don’t like snow because of safety.

  183. I love to wake up to snow on Christmas Day but then it can go away because the kids will be driving to come here. It is so beautiful to see a blanket of fresh snow with no tire tracks, snow plows or people walking – hard to find in the city but if you get up just at daylight you have a chance. Ot you just go look at your backyard and watch the birds and squirrels. I will still go out and feed them every morning, just like the mailman, neither rain, sleet, snow or ice will stop me from feeding the animals in my backyard.

  184. I prefer a white Christmas – the snow makes the day magical and shiny…. as long as it’s not a 2 foot snowfall.. Three to four inches that falls Christmas eve night is my ideal. Happy Holidays to all!

  185. I prefer the snow to grace the top of our local mountain like icing sugar on top of a muffin, then I can gad about the town without getting stuck!

  186. A little snow on Christmas Eve is fine, but that is enough! I like to be able to travel without worrying!

  187. I don’t have to dream of a white Christmas as we live in the midst of it. Being retired helps so we don’t have to get out and go into the snow. We can enjoy the fluffy stuff on the dark evergreens and birch trees. I use the tmie to embroider and other crafty and art work projects with my favorite hot beverage. Cozy!

  188. absolutely love a white Christmas. as a child i prayed for the snow to come by Christmas most times it did. now i spend Christmas in south and although it is lovely…i still prefer white!

  189. I would love to enjoy a white Christmas for about 3 days. Them back to my beautiful warm Florida! Really don’t like the cold.

  190. ❄️☃️Snow! When we were living in the Netherlands, for many years we went north of the artic circle for white Christmas. Can’t participate in skiing, sledding, mushing, snowshoeing, sleigh riding without the white stuff. As I write this I am in the mountains of Colorado, there is snow on the ground but we need more. I love the white stuff!❄️☃️

  191. I really prefer a warm Christmas. I have always lived in South Florida so I am unable to imagine a white Christmas. We have our decorated palm trees and admiring the ocean.
    It is pretty nice feeling the warmth of the sun.

  192. No white Christmas for me.
    Growing up in central California, rain and fog ushered in the season, and puddles and rainy shopping days are still reminders of Christmas. We are currently in the midst of a much needed rainstorm, which is perfect!

  193. I would prefer a white christmas — if only for that day!! To have everything softly covered over with a white blanket of pristine peace and quiet! Lovely! (and cozy!)

  194. Snow! It’s not Christmas without snow, but then I live in the northland. I grew up in the midwest where the chance for a white Christmas was only 50-50, so it was a real treat when there was snow on the ground.

  195. Snow, yes please as long as we can still get out to enjoy it. Children laughing and playing down the slopes. Adults making snowballs. What a better way to finish a very trying year.

  196. Mary, I have been following you for so many years it is as if you are part of my family. To be gifted by you with an ornament for my Christmas tree would be magic. No matter though, the knowledge and skill you share year in and year out is a great gift as well. Thank you

  197. Je demeure au Quebec, nous avons beaucoup de neige et c’est merveilleux pour le temps des fêtes. J’aime un Noel chaud, coloré, sapin illuminé de toute les couleurs.
    Joyeux Noel.

  198. Living in the High Desert in Southern California, we see snow every few years. On those days, I take a personal day from work, curl up on the couch with my kitties, wrapped in a comforter, with a cup of hot chocolate and a favorite book or an embroidery, needlepoint, or hand quilting project. Although I’m now a Southern California girl, I spent half my childhood in the Midwest and New England. I much prefer the warm sunshine, palm trees, and beaches.

  199. I grew up in the snow belt, but the warmer winters in NC are much more to my liking now. Though if I could be teleported to inside a ski lodge by the fire by a beautifully tree, looking out at the snow for one day, that would be OK.

  200. I love a Christmas when snow flakes come down on a green lawn for a short time. It just makes it seen so quiet and the snowflakes make it seen so peaceful.

  201. Definitely SNOW – its just magical for Christmas =- everything quiet and peaceful
    with snow on the ground, warm and snug indoors with family – Bliss

  202. No snow!!
    Cool, yes, please not hit and steamy. I live in the south and love a green Christmas. And green embroidery with red accents are so festive.

  203. I live in a place that doesn’t snow, so I’d like to see some snow this Christmas. Not a blizzard though. Snow seems like the quintessential Christmas weather!

  204. I would love to have a white Christmas!! I have always loved snow! I look on it as being God’s way of making us slow down and reflect on the beauty He has created. Just look how each snowflake is different from the next and collectively form a blanket of sheer artistry!!

  205. I love a white Christmas! The flakes gently falling on the still scenery of Christmas Eve. I really miss the twinkling of Christmas lights glistening off the snow.
    What I don’t miss is the shoveling of said snow! Or the driving on icy streets!

  206. I definitely prefer a white Christmas, with the sun shining on sparkling fresh snow (only an inch or two) and making the world look magic. My secondary preference would be that the snow fall everywhere but on roads and travel routes so everyone is safe when they have to travel.

  207. I LOVE winter so I dream of a white Christmas. I used to live in Colorado and it just did not snow enough for me there, particularly at Christmas. That is why I live in Maine now. I don’t know why I like cold climates so much; maybe because my ancestry is Swedish or because I was born late in the year???

  208. Snowflakes, foe me, are the most iconic symbol for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. Evergreen trees decorated with snowflakes are a family tradition. From the cheap plastic snowflakes I found at a five and dime back in the 1970’s to my sister’s glamour take with sterling silver ones she has collected over decades, to our grandma hanging hand crocheted snowflakes on her tree. Snowflakes are magical, not one the same.

  209. I DO dream of a white Christmas, but living in East Tennessee, it seldom happens. Maybe 5 times in the 30 years I’ve lived here. I grew up in the North and we prayed for snow for the holiday season, when we were off school. Sledding, skating, and building snowmen were great activities for kids. As an adult, it’s not much fun to drive in, especially here in the Smokies. I’m glad to be retired and can sit back when it does snow. We light the fireplace and I can stitch to my heart’s content!

  210. I love a light dusting of snow for Christmas! Nothing to make it difficult to travel – just enough to make it pretty outside and cozy inside!

  211. I have to go with the winter wonderland Christmas, probably because I grew up in North Texas where that almost never happened!

  212. A few flakes are nice on Christmas Eve but the roads need to be cleared for Holiday travel. All the snow should be gone by Jan 1. And I live in boston so that is a pipe dream!!

  213. We get white some years, more often brown/green. Just enough snow to satisfy me! I remember trudging through piles and piles of snow.

  214. Winter is my favorite time of year, love the snow. I was born and raised in Louisiana, couldn’t tolerate the heat,
    so I definitely welcome the cold weather.

    Teri Sanfilippo

  215. I would love a white Christmas because it makes the landscape look so clean and pretty! It has been nearly 50 years since we had snow in our area, but a girl can dream

  216. Definitely a white Christmas. There is something lovely about snow falling, a lit Christmas tree and a fireplace with a log blazing away. Surrounded by friends and family , holding a glass of wine.! It is the perfect moment. This happens every year
    For me – not always snow but definitely family . Good way to go into the New Year.
    Darcy Walker

  217. I prefer no snow! We live in Virginia Beach and usually cruise to warmer places in January and February to avoid the coldest months here. I much prefer the beach and sun to snow.

  218. Dream, yes! But since I live in California’s drought-ridden central valley, I’ve never experienced more than the occasional sprinkle. I would love to have a real white Christmas. I like cold weather and winter dark — as long as I have a nice cozy place to rest and stitch!

  219. I’ve lived in California my entire life so I definitely do not dream of a white Christmas. I think that snow and snowflakes look beautiful, but I have no cold tolerance, so I always prefer to be warm in the winter. Thanks for offering this nice giveaway!

  220. White! Christmas should be covered in clean, white snow, for about a month, from December 15th to January 15th. Then the melting can begin and we can have spring!

    But in the meantime, someone gets blue and white for the tree. Nothing better than Mary’s ornaments!

    (Note to Mary: I might have entered today’s give-away twice, by accident. The first time it didn’t show up as waiting, so I did it again. If that’s not okay, just skip over me.)

  221. The snowflake patterns are my favorites and it would be great to create a collection of ornaments for next Christmas.
    Pat Re

  222. I do dream of a white Christmas. Here in Virginia it can be way too warm for me on Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a blizzard but an inch or so would be nice. I don’t like to feel like we need to turn the AC on in Dec. It’s winter after all. Besides, my plants get very confused. I already have daffodils with buds.

  223. We’re in an area that mostly does not have snow on Christmas; so the times it does snow for Christmas are a fun surprise. My only hesitation about snow for Christmas Day is if the roads are too icy to drive to near-by family members’ homes.

  224. Well what can I say?? Living in Australia I’ve only ever known a summer Christmas and all that entails… family, heat, beach, seafood, salads, summer fruits, relax, relax, relax. However, I would like to experience just ONE Northern Hemisphere Christmas with cold, snow, hot food and the like, but just once I think as I love what we have here. And isn’t that the important thing after all, as it’s the spirit and meaning of Christmas that we all celebrate. Christmas Greetings to all with all good wishes for a wonderful year ahead…..

  225. I’ve only experienced one white Christmas and while it was magical, I was away from family, so not great! It does not snow where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so rain is the best we can do! I prefer family over snow!

  226. I love snow; however, my husband and I travel from TN to OH at Christmas so I prefer for any snow to hold off until we are back home.

  227. Having grown up in the northeast I was quite used to white Christmas’s. Then we moved to the west coast where it was usually warm and balmy for Christmas. My son has now moved to Colorado and we will be renting a cabin the mountains so we shall have a white Christmas again. I have missed them and look forward to all the usual snow activities – sledding, skating, snow ball fights. Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

  228. I have your Snowflakes patterns and have enjoyed stitching three of them. Hope to make more in the future. If I win another copy, I know exactly who I will give the second copy to. I love snow and hope we have a white Christmas. We love to cross country ski, especially when the family it together.

  229. There is nothing like a little snow at Christmas time to put one in the holiday spirit. Especially on Christmas Eve, it’s so beautiful and calming. Fortunately we live in the Northeast where we get snow more often than not during the winter months.

  230. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not? Give me a green Christmas! I grew up in Southern California, and cold has never been my forte’ Give me sunshine all year ‘round!

  231. A White Christmas! Living in Oregon, there’s always a chance, but it’s usually a rainy Christmas here. I lived for a year in Hawaii, and it was truly strange to go caroling in shorts! In my dreams, the snow would be lightly falling, and everything would be pristine white.

  232. I would love a White Christmas. I love snowflakes. They fascinate me with all their intricacies and no two alike. Alas, I have only lived in states where it doesn’t snow. My only chance of a White Christmas is either watching the movie or shaking a snow globe!

  233. I loved living where it snowed almost every Christmas until I had to drive home in it one year and what should have taken less then an hour took four hours. Snow is beautiful, no doubt about it, but very dangerous at times. I am glad to be back in Texas where the weather is a bit warmer, and yes we do get snow, but not in massive amounts and only on occasion.

    That being said, I will take only looking at pictures of the snow covered Christmas cards and be blessed with the freedom to drive where I want.

  234. I would love to have a white Christmas, especially because we hardly ever (never would be a better word…) have one. It looks so beautiful and it makes me feel like a kid 🙂

  235. I am originally from Upstate NY. I now live in OK. It is going to be 78 degrees this week……YES, YES, YES I dream of a white Christmas!!!!! 78 degrees in the middle of December kinda freaks me out!

  236. Snow flakes are pretty to look at, but I’ll take warm and green any time. Your snowflakes would suit me just fine.

  237. Snow! But just a little, falling on Christmas Eve so everything looks beautiful on Christmas Day. Then disappearing on Boxing Day. I grew up in northern Ontario with tons of snow and freezing temperatures, so now I prefer a warmer winter.

  238. Snow, YES please! Now I don’t like shovelling it. Or driving in it. But I have completely bought into the idea of a pure blanket of white covering all the little flaws of the world on Christmas Day. All the bare trees decorated with 10,000 sparkling diamonds. Snow on Christmas? Yes, please!!!

  239. I love the snap of winter air and snowflakes on face
    How snowdrifts make the world disappear without a trace….
    I’ll take a day dressed in pajamas in a room without a view
    If I can can spend the day curled up next to you.
    Let’s have a hibernation day, me and you.

    Hard to have a hibernation day if it’s 65 and sunny. I miss the snow. I love the peace and quiet that snow blankets produce. I miss the starry twinkle of each snowflake in the sun. Give me my white Christmas and a Hibernation Day with my lovely spouse.

  240. I dream of white Christmas! Because I’m from Ottawa, ON and my husband is from Winnipeg, MB. it’s very cold and snowy in both areas. To think of Christmas as anything otherwise is just.. Weird, haha, because how ELSE call it be?!
    There’s something about tobogganing with my kids at the same spot I used to frequent as a child. Sliding down the hills on packed snow, the tears of laughter freeze before they reach the mid-cheek. Shovelling so much snow fall that you need to do it in shifts, (or if you’re lucky the snow thrower machine breaks on a giant chunk of ice, that’s always fun) If there’s green grass or asphalt showing anywhere we’re like, “It’s global warming!!” When the plow goes by, and it leaves a massive ridge of hard pecked smudge at the end of the driveway… We known and get to work.
    Our snowsuits are ready to go, our winter tires are on the car, and a decent shovel is in the trunk so we can dig our way out of the parking lot when it snows 2½ feet in 3 hrs. These are the things that define White Christmas.
    Together, we commiserate and celebrate the pain and greatness of a snowy, arctic, and icy Winter-Christmas time. My biology has an innate hardwiring for the cold and snowy season, and it would probably go into shock should there be no frozen precipitation collecting on the ground during Christmas.

  241. I have never dreamt of a white Christmas. I was born and raised and still live on the coast of California. It is not even really cold here. There is no snow except a view of the local mountains. Snow is predicted there this week

  242. What’s a White Christmas, but one of my favorite Christmas movies! Living here in the central part of Arizona, we don’t get much snow, but it has been known to happen. We go visit the cold every year. Otherwise, we are in shirtsleeves soaking up the sun. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, with or without snow!

  243. Having grown up in Alaska, it is always a white Christmas for me. Nothing brings on the holiday spirit as much as watching snow falling outside while I am warm and toasty inside. I would be thrilled to be gifted one of your snowflakes. Thanks do much for the opportunity.

  244. I like a White Christmas, but not too much white. Two inches is fine. And the highways should be cleared so we can get to family.

    Several years ago we had a foot of snow, and I could only shovel out enough for my brother to get one side of his car in the clearing. He let the ladies get out in the partly cleared patch. I don’t know if he climbed out the passenger side of his car or just got out in all the snow. I did have the garage door open so they had a clear path inside.

  245. For me it’s a snowy white Christmas! Magical! Full of awe and wonder how nature ( and our lives) are transformed. Everything pristine and silent and other worldly. I had never seen snow till i was 16 and so for me it is the unexpected gift of winter.

  246. That would be a big YES to snow on Christmas Day. Light the fireplace, turn the lights on the tree and open gifts. The snow can then melt for the people who are traveling, now that would be . We spent 35 years in the Rocky Mountains from 5,000 feet to 10,000 feet and we had plenty of white Christmases, Halloweens, Thanksgiving and Easters. Merry Christmas to everyone and enjoy the snow if you are lucky enough to get it.

  247. Living in New Zealand’s north island, we never get snow in winter let alone at Christmas which falls here in our summer. But having been born in the Netherlands, I have warm memories of snowy Christmas’s and wouldn’t mind a white Christmas at all, although the rest of NZ might.

  248. You are always so generous with stitching info and tips.. And these wonderful gifts. Many thanks and happy holidays.
    I love a white Christmas..in the California mountains surrounding SoCalifornia. !looks like we will get one this year!!!

  249. Since I have experienced both white and green Christmases, there is still nothing (in my estimation) like a white Christmas.

  250. I love snow!!! I am wishing for a white Christmas this year!!!It feels so cozy and old fashioned.

  251. I love snow! It’s a good thing since I live in New England and I’m sure hoping for a white Christmas!

  252. Hi, Mary,

    I’d like a white Christmas, but only a dusting on the trees. A great Christmas gift from Mother Nature would be the beauty of snow without the chore of shoveling. 🙂

    Beth B in Charlottesville, VA

  253. I love snow! Unfortunately, I live in northern California not too far from San Francisco. So no, no snow for us! This Christmas season, I can only dream of beautiful, fluffy, white snow 🙂

  254. Definitely a white Christmas! I lived my whole life in California until 4 years ago when I moved to the other side of the country. Snow adds a beauty and creates a cozy, warm atmosphere inside the home which makes for a lovely Christmas with family and friends.

  255. No, I do not like snow at all. I prefer it to be highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. I am not a winter person.

  256. I love them both. Living in the Pacific Northwest Rainforest we might only get snow a few times lasting mere days. I miss the quiet of Ontario winters but can go to the mountains here for snow, a short drive. Thank you for all you offer.

  257. I do like the snow because it makes being indoors seem cozier, but for people who need to drive around the streets are safer without it.

  258. Warm and Green! Being a native Texan I love the heat and am allergic to the cold. I remember snow 3 times when I was a child/teen. I do remember riding new bicycles down the street and playing outside friends.

    Merry Christmas no matter how you enjoy it,

  259. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Why? I just moved from California to Indiana so I’m excited at the prospect of a white Christmas, but not so much that driving in it will be an issue. Please, just enough snow to make it pretty!!

  260. Last year my granddaughter age 5 learned how to cut out a snowflake from pieces of paper. It was quite a discovery for her. Needless to say, they had quite a plethora of these, some were mailed to us and were hung on the chandelier in the dining room. True to form, no two are alike! The best part is they won’t melt and we can hang them again this year. I will always think of her when I see a snowflake. We live in a tropical climate – 1/2 inch of snow in 2004, prior to that it was 1953, no kidding. I just wish for chilly and crisp that is a more realistic!

    Merry Christmas

  261. Of course a white Christmas would be wonderful! We had a white Christmas last year which is rare for East Tennessee! It was much easier to get in the Christmas spirit even with the pandemic!

  262. Living in Queensland, we have hot Christmases – I always wish for a slightly cooler day with less than average humidity, just so we can enjoy being outdoors without sweltering.
    I have travelled to the UK for Christmas twice so have had a cold Christmas but have yet to experience a White Christmas, maybe one day, just once

  263. I would love a white Christmas, but living in Australia I have Christmases that are often over 40 degrees Celsius (about 107 Fahrenheit). Christmas is my favourite time of the year, even without snow.

  264. I vote NO SNOW. I’ m a warm weather girl! Snow means going out with a lot of extra layers, slipping or sliding on ice & snow, SHOVELING snow! Not high on my ‘to do’ list. I want to be in a convertible with the top down!

    There is ONE ‘best thing about cold weather’ that is wearing a warm, wooly sweater – you can’t do that in most climates that have no snow!

  265. I prefer a cold, white Christmas if only because growing up I never had one. I would like for it to be snowing on Christmas Eve, as well as on Christmas. I love snow, especially now that I don’t drive all over tarnation on Christmas morning.

  266. I don’t dream of a white Christmas. I live in Pennsylvania and the older I get (77 yrs. old) the less I like inches of snow or ice. Merry Christmas.

  267. I’d love a White Christmas! Pretty unlikely where I’m living now, but childhood memories of a few times when there was snow for Christmas, sustain my love of the idea.

  268. I love the cold crisp air this time of year, and if I can get snow for Christmas I’m a happy camper – figuratively, that is!

  269. I love a white Christmas. Growing upon the Canadian prairies , hearing the fresh crunch of snow, and seeing the clean bright white as far as the eye could see will always be Christmas to me.

  270. Snow…yes! Living in the middle Atlantic region allows me to experience the wonders,sights and colors of four seasons. Snow ❄️ is another sensual stimulate of the winter season…along with holly,evergreens and mistletoe! Let it snow!⛄Carolyn J.

  271. Definitely snow for me. I grew up experiencing all 4 seasons, & granted we generally didn’t have a white Christmas, but we did get snow in January & February that lasted until spring. Sometimes it arrived earlier in the season, like November or December.

    As a result, it doesn’t really feel like winter to me without at least one big storm with a foot of accumulation.

  272. I love to have snow on Christmas. Probably because I grew up in places that always had snow in the winter. It just seems so cozy to be at home when there is snow.

  273. I prefer a White Christmas!!! A dusting is fine, would prefer no street accumulation so I can drive safely.
    As I sit in 75’ sunny weather in Ft Lauderdale… you said I could dream!!!

    Can you imagine snow in southern Florida… they would go insane!!!

  274. I do not dream of a white Christmas – unless it is just flurries or unless it is too warm to stick to the pavement! I worry about driving in snow and slipping on walkways.

    So, I only appreciate snow when all my loved ones are home and safe and do not have to drive anywhere. On Christmas, we drive around visiting relatives.

    So, definitely warm and green for me!!

  275. I’m a traditionalist in just about everything so I always hope for a white Christmas. Just not too much snow– I want my children and grandchildren to get here safely!

  276. I love snow on Christmas day and them it could go away. However, I live in an area tha gets snow from Nov to April. I don’t really mind because I can stitch while inside.

  277. I live in western New York State and we usually have snow on Christmas. I don’t think it would feel like the cold and snow

  278. Christmas in Australia is hot, sometimes too hot! I usually hope for a rainy day so the garden can enjoy a bit of a break from that powerful sun.

  279. I have no choice. I live in New Zealand so it is summer and usually hot and sunny. I spend the day with family on the shaded deck.

  280. Growing up on Long Island, New York, there was always a good chance that we might have snow for Christmas. It always added to the magic of the season. Now, living in Southern California for the past forty-seven years, I look forward to cool weather and sunshine.

  281. Hello,
    I Love the Snow especially for Christmas!! We moved to MA in 1987, after 28 years we moved south to NC for 6 years and dreamt of White Winters so we moved back Home to MA in April! I can’t wait for the first big snow!! I absolutely Love taking a walk through the woods and hearing the soft sound of snow falling.
    Kathryn K

  282. Hi no Christmas season is complete without snowflakes and they can stay y up as decorations all they winter. I love your patterns for snowflakes

  283. I prefer snowflakes for my Christmas! Grew up in Colorado and had many white snowy Christmas days! I live in the Pacific NW now and maybe am lucky to have snow once or twice a year. If I’m lucky! Miss the snow…

  284. I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas, just like the ones I never knew (sing to the white Christmas song). Yes, I grew up in the snow and cold and I still don’t like it. It seemed like I could never get warm. It is pretty to look at in a picture, but it never stays pretty. As you can guess I now live in the south. We still get cold weather sometimes but not as bad as the bone chilling weather I had when I was a child. Green and warm for me.

  285. I have lived where it was warm and also where there was snow. I’ll take snow over warm weather. It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it’s 80 degrees outside!

  286. I grew up in Pennsylvania just south of the Poconos so we had many white Christmas. I now live at the beach but am looking forward to visiting Our Grands in Ohio this year and hopefully have a dusting of snow.

  287. Mary

    I love Christmas – period! I was born where we had white Christmases but I also moved to a sunny palm tree place for the remainder of my childhood. The US. Navy moved my husband and I around from snowy white Maine to balmy green San Diego. When we retired from the Navy we decided upon Northern Virginia because we could have the best of both worlds….some white Christmases and some green Christmases. It’s been truly a winter mystery every year but I always wish on Christmas Eve for a white Christmas Day !!

    Merry Christmas and may you have good health in the New Year

    Kate Miller

  288. Bah! Humbug! No SNOW! I don’t have many social activities any more ( even without COVID) so I hate it when things are canceled for snow! I live in Virginia y’all- two flakes constitute a major storm!

  289. Snowflakes are so very pretty, when seen from a distance, or on a screen. For me, however, the best Christmas is green and warm. I’ve had Rheumatoid arthritis since age 24, and that makes cold, damp weather painful enough to stop me stitching. I just got diagnosed with osteoarthritis on top of that. While I can sew snowflakes because they are so pretty, I do not like snow in the slightest. Thank you for the chance.

  290. I live in the north east so we usually have snow and it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without it. Although my favorite is when we get the light fluffy snow Christmas Eve and it’s gone by New Years.

  291. I’m rather tired of snow at my age of 69. I have lived in this Midwest state all of my life and find snow daunting for the most part. I’m sure as a child I loved it then but now I can do without. That being said a light fresh fallen snow to wake up to on Christmas morning is a beauty to behold. So a little snow on Christmas is fine as long as it doesn’t need to be shoveled and the streets remains clear for safe travels for those visiting loved ones. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  292. Snow or no? Ideally, it would be enough when the grandchildren awake for them to build a small snowman but warm enough to be off the roads when it is time to gather together.

    I live in the south, and our snow equipment is minimal at best.

  293. A white Christmas is beautiful, but the hassle and worry of having to drive in a snow storm does not make the season bright. I prefer my Christmases green and warm.

  294. A white Christmas is a blessing to the world. Snow falls quietly and blankets the world in quietness, giving much relief from the noise of everyday.

  295. Christmas…..after all that is happened, I think the perfect Christmas is anyway with Family….here it’s traditional style bit in an air-conditioned comfort complete with Christmas tree, presents and the smell of Christmas cooking in the air

  296. I would love a white Christmas but it rarely happens here in Tennessee. It would be so fun, though, because our snows are gorgeous and they only last for 3-4 days, which is the perfect length of time for me! My daughter is traveling here from Louisiana so I don’t want icy roads sticking around long!

  297. I just love the snowflakes. It was fun reading about how your decisions on colors and beads were made.

    I’d love a white Christmas. It’s so pretty when the snow is just falling and it’s still white.

  298. Snow! Definitely snow. It is not truly Christmas for me without snow. My husband, however, is from Arizona and just can’t fathom why I love it so much.

  299. Snow would be a welcome break from the summer sun here in Australia. We could sit down and enjoy a baked ham, Christmas Pudding and all the trimmings.
    But I’m greedy and I want it all, the barbeque, steaks, prawns and the pool.
    Either way, it’s all about the family getting together.

  300. Snow is so far from my reality – looks nice but very cold!! Brrrr! I dream of a cool Christmas- so the monsoon has arrived but no cyclone in the vicinity!! Weird, but that’s the tropics!

  301. I am so pro snow! I love how it bounces light around during the long winter nights, I love how it transforms the landscape and I live in a place where we only get it occasionally

  302. Snow is beautiful on the distant mountains and on Christmas cards. I love it as long as it stays there and NOT on my driveway or roads!

  303. I am definitely a white Christmas girl and, with annual snowfall exceeding 200 inches, it’s almost a prerequisite to live here. Luckily I enjoy cold weather sports of skiing and skating and the interior sports of knitting and embroidery! Snowflakes, rule.

  304. Snow is lovely to look at, especially during the holidays, but in the end, I’m all about palm trees (they look so pretty all decked out in lights), flowers, and green grass all around. No shoveling the walkways, no clearing the driveway, no changing to snow tires, and no using my hairdryer to thaw the windshield! So I’ll take warm and green every time and save the snow for Christmas card pictures!

  305. Where I live we usually have a white Christmas. Although beautiful with softly falling snow flakes it can easily turn into a fierce snow storm. A green Christmas is not common. I think I prefer white!

  306. A white Christmas reminds me of when I was little. They are so beautiful and just reminds me of Christmas even if it’s not.

  307. I would prefer a green Christmas surrounded by palm trees and sand with the blue ocean tickling my toes, but alas, I live in the Midwest, and we will probably have snow.

  308. No snow for me please – hate the cold weather! I like to embroider outside where I can relax – can’t do that with snow around!!

  309. Having grown up in the Deep South before moving to Texas, I’ve only seen 3 snows in my 73 years. SO, I’ll stick with what I know: warm & green. Thanks for a fun December.

  310. Living in Australia, I dream of a white Christmas! Just once, I’d like to experience it… snow falls, carol singers in the evening, ice skating, etc, etc.

  311. I love a white Christmas! There is something soft, still and oh so peaceful about freshly fallen snow. A snowfall on Christmas Eve is just magical…especially if it is snowing when we leave Christmas Eve services!

  312. I have lived in States with snow and warm weather. I prefer no snow but will take whatever Mother Nature sends us.

  313. I do dream of a white Christmas. I grew up in Chicago and we almost always had snow for Christmas. It was so beautiful and always so quiet outdoors when it snowed. I lived in the south for a while and had no snow for Christmas. I am now in the Pacific Northwest and we have had a few white Christmases which everyone loved.

  314. A white Christmas is perfect. It is what I grew up with and a brown Christmas just feels wrong…although we can’t control the weather white makes me happier!

  315. Yessss a white Christmas – just a little makes everything look so beautiful and peaceful – a blanket!!

  316. I like snow. It’s probably because I grew up and have lived most of my life in snow country. I spent 2 years in southern Africa, and there, Christmas is in the middle of hot summer! It made me appreciate the snow white ‘frosting’ on everything here.

  317. I like a dusting of snow Christmas eve and Christmas day but then I want dry roads for driving

  318. I like a white Christmas. The older I get though, the more I want JUST Christmas to be white. I would be sooo.. alright if it was warm & green up to Christmas Eve, snow on ground for 2 days & then have it gone!!

  319. I love to have snow, but only if I don’t have to go out in it. I grew up in a place that was too warm to ever have snow. Now that I live in New York state, I love it when I can sit inside and watch the snow falling. (Now that I’m retired, I can usually avoid having to go out in it!)
    I love watching the snow on the trees in the woods behind my house, and it also makes it easier to see deer.

  320. LOVE a white CHRISTMAS with cold weather outside….. kids can sled, build snowmen, snd enjoy hot cocoa, perfection.

  321. Love your snowflakes, Want to keep all of them. Have the kit but haven’t started them yet so I won’t have to give them away when finished. Ha Ha!!!
    Snow for Christmas would be wonderful! Live in an area where it could snow but not very often. When it does its beautiful but it melts pretty fast.

  322. White Christmas is best. Flurries gently falling, a quiet city. Cold Christmas is next best. Warm or green, doesn’t feel right. But is best for travelling. Cool breezes, make the season brighter.

  323. Dear Mary,
    Oh the soft loveliness of snow to float from the sky and cover everything in a blanket of white tranquility. A white Christmas would be wonderful. But we have no chance here, as it is nearly the hottest time of the year at Christmas, and anyway, it never snows even in winter. A frost is as close as we get. Sob!
    Thank you.
    Best regards

  324. I love the snow! A snowy Christmas is delightful and makes me think of my childhood. I would love a snowflake ornament but more especially your book. I admire all the lovely things you show us on your blog. It is something I look forward to every day.

  325. Its definitely a white Christmas for me!!! Although with sprinklings of red, green, gold, silver and blue threads!!!

  326. I have lived in Dallas and Toronto, so I have seen the best of both worlds. Christmas up north was beautiful and quiet, so still. But I remained chilled thru April. I’ll take the comfort of cool walks in the Dallas Arboretum these Holidays.

  327. Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to own an example of your handwork. I have admired many, many examples in your photographs on your website for nearly 2 years now – ever since I took up “needle n thread” again after a long hiatus. It would be wonderful to see your handwork in person!

    I love snow for Christmas! Ever since childhood, snow adds to the mood, the beauty of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, the dangers of travel on snowy & icy roads has really dampened the joy of snow for me. Now that it’s my children who are traveling, snow causes more anxiety (and time spent praying) than delight.

    Thanks again, for your beautiful offering – snowflakes are so lovely but I am glad to have them on the tree and hung in windows rather than on roads & highways

  328. Oh… Be still my heart. I absolutely love these designs – they are one of my top favourites! Your style is so tasteful and elegant, it often reminds me of my mum. Receiving an ornament stitched by you would be so special! Thank you for including this set as one of the give-aways!

    Our family always dreams of a white Christmas. It makes the day feel even more magical.

    Merry Christmas!

  329. I prefer that there’s no snow on the ground, it makes walking or driving anywhere too hazardous! but I’m lucky enough to have a view of a little mountain and I’m quite happy to see snow on the mountain top 🙂 like today!! and I love the handmade kind of snowflake, definitely preferable to the real thing.

  330. WHITE CHRISTMAS in Canada because green trees such as Palm, Ficus, Jacaranda, etc are so abundant in So California.

  331. When I left Buffalo (Snow Belt), NY, in 1976, I thought I would never want to see snow again, ever, at any time of the year. But after thirty years working mostly abroad in countries that had never glimpsed snow (fifteen of those years in Africa), I returned home to Pennsylvania hungry for snow at Christmas. Here, I have come to feel that snow is a gift during this special time of year. Is there anything that says “home” like sitting inside, Christmas tree alight, fireplace crackling, embroidery in hand, while the white drifts pile up outside. I think not!

  332. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?

    I live in Minnesota. Ive lived in the Midwest most of my life. 1 year I was in Florida at the begining og Dec. I left MN with snow everywhere and landed in FL where it was green and 70! Palm trees with Christmas lights and Christmas songs in the radio. It was the weirdest feeling ever! The warm temps where nice for a few days but I couldnt eait to get back to MN for my White Christmas!

  333. I am hoping for no snow. We’ve already had several snowstorms this winter and my body is TIRED of shoveling it. So a bright sunny day would be just the ticket for me.

  334. I dream of a white Christmas. This year will be an exception. I am heading to Houston, first time in 59 years without snow.

  335. I prefer snow, for this reason: each snowflake is entirely unique. I see this as individuality. I think it is wisdom, in symbolic form. I think girls, particularly, should focus solely on meeting their own individual needs, interests, and gifts. I think this will save the world.

  336. I grew up with white Christmases and am always a little disappointed when we don’t get snow for Christmas. Mary this has been so generous of you to share w us this holiday – I hope you get whatever Christmas you’re hoping for!

  337. Living in Canada, we usually do have snow at Christmas time. I like it but prefer it when the snow isn’t a snow storm as so many people are travelling with little kids.


  338. No snow for me! Living in Australia it’s stinking hot at Christmas and although we mostly do the traditional turkey thing we also have prawns, bbqs, salads, a game of backyard cricket and lazing by the pool/at the beach. I love stitching Wintery Christmas scenes, but I wouldn’t like to actually be in the snow, brrrrrr.

  339. Yes, I dream of a white Christmas! It’s not often I get my wish, but I still wish for it. It probably won’t happen this year (global warming?). I remember one Christmas Eve we went to Church and there was no snow but it was cold. When we were coming out of Church, it was dark and the snow was gently falling. Perfect!

  340. I love a White Christmas, because the trees outside my window are beautiful with the fresh snow. Shoveling the driveway, not so much!

  341. Definitely a white Christmas! I would love a real Christmas storm – but only after everyone has reached their destination and is tucked up warm and cozy. Although the older I get the more I appreciate the benefits of clear roads and sidewalks.

  342. no snow for me, thanks!! I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and have seen plenty of the white stuff. As we say in Arizona: you don’t have to shovel sunshine!!

  343. Je rêve d’un Noël sous la neige!
    I am dreaming of a white Christmas like the ones I was having when I was young and when we were doing snowmen and going skating on December 24 and then going to bed while my grandma was preparing the meal while all the grownups were going to the midnight mass.
    I want snow so I can soon put on my cross-country skis and spend hours on the trails going up and down between the trees covered with their white blankets.

  344. Although I live in the Southern Hemisphere, I would love one white Christmas, particularly in the Scottish Highlands! More snow the better.

  345. snow. I grew up in PA and snow has been in my life forever for Christmas. I couldn’t imagine having Christmas in a southern state!!!!

  346. Yes, a ‘White Christmas’ as in some parts of the UK, the home of my ancestors, and to recall my father always playing Bing Crosby’s tune on his gramophone at this special time of the year

  347. Living in Australia I have never had a white Christmas, so it would feel weird if it was too cold. It is very wet this year, so we may have a cool Christmas, but it won’t snow.

  348. I do dream of a white Christmas, although, since I live in Australia, white Christmases are just that. A dream. I remember a few from years ago, when I was young and lived in the Northern Hemisphere, when we did have Christmas Day with snow falling. It gave the day a magical quality. Somehow, hot summery weather just isn’t the same.

  349. I love a fresh snow for Christmas because it looks so pretty. But as I get older, I don’t enjoy driving in it.

  350. Gosh No – no white Christmas for me. In my 67 years I have seen snow a total of three times, and that was enough. I love our Arizona sunshine, and when the sun goes down and our skies light up with oranges and reds the desert gets very cool and that is plenty. I tend to pull out my sweaters and thick socks when the temps start to hit 68 degrees. Snow is great in pictures, sunshine and warm days keep me happy. Thank you Mary.

  351. Growing up in Minnesota, always had a white Christmas and the couple of brown Christmases we’ve had recently just aren’t right! Cold temperatures and white sparkling snow but oh so warm and cozy in the house, that’s Christmas to me!!!

  352. I love the looks of snow for Christmas, but I know how difficult it makes driving and walking for some people. But where I live we’re in a drought, so any moisture in any form is appreciated

  353. I like warm tropical weather best. I don’t have much meat on my bones and I get very cold, but I do love snowflakes and think they’re so beautiful and each unique, like all of us!

  354. What a wonderful resource you are to we stitchers. I have learned so much. Thank you. And, Happy Holidays.

  355. I would Love to see a white Christmas (!) but I have never lived where this is very likely. A snowy day, with the white stuff already thick on the ground, always looks very peaceful.

  356. I like snow a lot. I grew up in Wisconsin. But now I live in western Oregon where people act crazy when it snows. So how about 3-4 inches a few days before Christmas so the roads can be plowed and sanded before Christmas Eve. Or better yet, a nice snow between Christmas and New Years Day.

    We had two snow days last winter at our farm, both more than 8 inches . The first one was especially wet and heavy. It broke some big branches near the chicken coop, so it took all morning with a pruning saw and loppers to get to their door and let them out.

  357. Snowflakes – an absolute wonder of nature! So intricate and so delicate! So ephemeral! I love snow, but I like it not on the streets and sidewalks. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere that didn’t have winter; at least not for very long. But spring and fall are my favorite seasons; if I could design the perfect year, it would be five months each of spring and fall and a month each of summer and winter. Of course that would require some major agricultural adjustments. 🙂

  358. Snow….NO! (If it has to be shoveled) but a light blanket on Christmas Eve and/or morning is magical!!!
    For stitching, snowflakes are the best snow and true winter ornaments. I’d love to stitch them and NOT shovel them!

  359. A white Christmas is just lovely…….till the snowplow blocks your driveway, or an icicle falls on you from the second story, or your car goes into a slide on the ice. Sorry bout that. I’m now on the Oregon coast and away from the white stuff. But wait, the weather report says a chance of rain with snow on Wednesday. Dang! Merry Christmas.

  360. I used to live in Colorado, the land of lots of snow. While I loved the snow when I was younger , I prefer warm and snowless now. I now live in North Carolina. Not much snow here!

  361. Oh Mary we need snow, plenty of beautiful white fluffy snow!!! It just woudn’t be Christmas without snow. Here in Canada, us Snowbunnies love -love- love making snow angels– having a fun snow ball fight on Christmas day with family, friends and neighbors joining in while big beautiful snowflakes fall! It really is so much fun and fluffy white snow makes everything so much better!!! It really is a miracle to watch Mother Nature dress our landscapes in such a beautiful white fluffy dress!!!
    I love snow, plenty of white fluffy snow, big– big— big white fluffy flakes of it!!!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a beautiful ornament.

  362. Definitely a white Christmas, with a lovely green tree (maybe soon to have a nice snowflake ornament, stitched by a very lovely and famous personage!) decorated to the hilt, and a nice fire in the fireplace… with maybe a little stitching time on the side. :D. Thanks Mary. It’s my birthday today (the 13th) so maybe it will be my lucky day!!!

  363. I’ve lived through Buffalo and Chicago white Christmases, but I think I prefer just dusting to make it pretty (and easier to visit with everyone).

  364. I love to see a snow on Christmas Eve night. It seems the holiest of nights and it really is magical to experience the blanket of peace on the earth. It seems not a creature is stirring and time stands still for knowing our greatest gift doesn’t come with a bow on it. It comes from love. God’s love for us in the birth of Jesus Christ. I like to stand in the awesomeness of the snow falling as I sing or hum a traditional song or two. Snow on Christmas Eve is a piece of his glorious birth front and center to my heart. Let it snow!

  365. Let it snow, let it snow, Let it snow – but just for Christmas. Grew up in snowy territory. Enjoy the more temperate climate now.

  366. When I was a kid my family would go to my grandfather’s house for Christmas. He lived in the mountains and we always had a snowy Christmas. As I got older there was less snow every year. For the many past years we have had to drive up the hill to a higher elevation to play in the snow. Every year I wish for snow for Christmas.

  367. I am ok with a white Christmas as long as I don’t have to drive. I live in Canada, by the foothills of the Rockies, and we can get a ton of snow sometimes.
    I love to look outside
    the window and see all the crispy snow on the grown and the snow covered trees. It’s all very whimsical, almost taken from a story book.

  368. I use to live in upper Wisconsin, always loved the new fallen snow. Then I had to man the shovel, and cold!
    Now I live in lower Louisiana, no snow to shovel, or below 0 temperatures. I can enjoy the beautiful pictures my brothers send me, and listen to them whine.

  369. Been there, done that. Now White Christmas is reserved for Bing Crosby! I will enjoy the song from coastal California!

  370. I’ve never experienced a white Christmas! I’d love to but here in Australia that’s difficult. So I enjoy the warm green Christmas.

  371. I grew up in snow country. It looked beautiful, but the loveliness often ruined our plans by getting snowed in. I have been in Houston for many years and must say snow is not in my thought process. Then moved to Maui. They know how to enjoy the holidays with endearing customs. And you don’t have to shovel sunshine!

  372. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Or do you prefer warm and green? What’s your take? Snow? or No! Why or why not?

    My take is a beautiful light snow fall. There is something relaxing about it and put a smile on most peoples faces and kids love to play in it.

  373. When I was a kid I used to wish for white but now in my 50’ishes I would be very happy with green and in the 70’s! If it is going to snow, it needs to last for just a few days and then going back to nice and semi-warm. Last year I experienced rolling blackouts with freezing temps and it was not fun. Come on! It’s Texas already 🙂

  374. Snow please! Everything looks better in a dusting of snow, and I enjoy the walks at night. But it can all go away once I have to drive into work on Monday XD

  375. Oh, to have a beautiful, completed snowflake and then have the patterns to make more would certainly bring cheer into my world right now.

  376. In Saskatchewan, Canada we experience all kinds of weather – from minus 40 degrees Celsius to the upper ranges of heat so we learn to live with it all. This is not to say we appreciate it all but we do appreciate the clear crisp whiteness of new fallen snow and then the freshness of Spring, the warmth of summer and the smells of Fall. I love it all!

  377. I love the idea of a white Christmas, just a dusting, to make the trees look pretty, but I live in South Texas so that is not likely to happen.

  378. No snow – hot and happy. Nothing beats the family gathering for lunch, followed by a swim and then down time of stitching.

  379. I am dreaming of a white Christmas. There is nothing better than a clear, crisp, blanket of snow, glimmering from the moonlight. I’ve been spending some time in Florida, and it is the strangest thing to have 80 degrees and no snow.

  380. I LOVE a white Christmas!!! I always have loved that since I was a small child. I could do a Christmas in a tropical vacation locale, but the snow is my preference. It reminds me of my childhood growing up in Rhode Island. The snow always made Christmas even more magical!

  381. Snow would be lovely perfect with a nice hot chocolate..not to much so people can travel a few inches .

  382. G’day Mary and thank you for todays prize.
    Definitely not! While we might want it to be a bit cooler than 35º – 42ºC, snow would be so strange here in the middle of NSW in summer. I enjoy our cold meals and fresh summer fruits.
    I suppose being all I know plays a big part in my thoughts. All the same I do love the traditional snowy Christmas pictures on cards etc.
    Cheers Mary, Kath.

  383. I love the snow as long as I don’t have to go anywhere. I am on the west coast (British Columbia) so snow at Christmas is a real treat as it doesn’t happen very often. It forces us to just stay home and enjoy the season.

  384. A white Christmas creates the right kind of setting for the winter holiday, in my view (which is influenced by growing up in the Midwest). I remember one topsy-turvy pair of holidays when my kids were young: It was balmy at Christmas and then snowy the following Easter!

  385. I like a white Christmas! Having snow means it’s really the Christmas season with the lights reflecting off the snow.

  386. How pretty! I would like to make some for our daughter’s tree and our tree. We may find more uses for them.

  387. I dream of a white Christmas with the snow arriving the evening of December 24 and melting by December 27.

  388. I enjoy a mild Christmas, a Christmas that has sunshine and about 60 degrees or so. Sometimes my husband will light up the grill to celebrate Christmas dinner.

  389. White Christmas , well actually a white Christmas Eve. There is nothing more magical than coming out of church to see sparkling white snow softly sifting down.

  390. Light fluffy snow is the best kind for Christmas. Wet, heavy snow is getting difficult to shovel. A warm Christmas would seem very strange, but I’m willing to try strange things at least once, haha

  391. Snow! Snow! & more Snow!! I say more the Merrier! Unfortunately, living in the south (USA) that’s all we can usually do is dream about it/for it. We did have snow, once, a couple of days before Christmas, but it’s been so long ago. Praying for some this year! I love anything that has snowflake designs on them – quilts, cross stitch & embroidery!!

  392. SNOW!!! I live in East Texas, but we go to the Houston area for Christmas. It’s really exciting to see snow.

  393. I’ve experienced both kinds of Christmas being English born but Australian by choice! With my nostalgic childhood lenses on I’ll opt to say there’s nothing like a White and snowy Christmas! But with my more pragmatic adult lenses on I’ll say a warm Christmas has it pluses!

  394. After 20 yrs n the NE w several white Holidays, I am ready for heading back either way west or south and decorate some palm trees. They are a lot less work. I’ll stitch snowflakes as needed!

  395. I like a little dusting of snow as it never seems not to be magical.
    There is something clean and fresh that revives my soul.
    But not very much required so that travel is not impacted.

  396. I wish for a white Christmas, but I want the streets and sidewalks to be free of snow. I like the beautiful snowy scenes but don’t like to walk or drive on snowy surfaces. It just seems like Christmas and snow go together and that’s what I like about living in Kansas. I have been in Arizona at Christmas, but not having snow or cold made it difficult to feel like Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

  397. I like the thought of a white Christmas and it’s beautiful but having lived in California for so long, I just don’t think I’d like to deal with winter again. I can’t drive in snow either. Once, the company I worked for sent me to Ohio for some training (in Dec.) and I asked who was picking me up. The young lady said they’d have a car for me and I just laughed. I politely told her I’d be sitting in the airport for those days if I had to drive. They sent someone.

  398. A white Christmas for me! The snow and cold weather makes for a calm day, knowing it’s too cold to be outside for very long. Long enough to make a snowman and back indoors for hot cocoa.

  399. Snow all the way! It’s nice having changes of seasons, and snow is so much more enjoyable than cold rain!!

  400. I really like snow when it is new. I just wished it wouldn’t fall on the streets or sidewalks. Wishful thinking I know. I don’t like it so much when it gets old and dirty.

  401. White Christmas as long as there is only 2 inches or less of snow and that melts by 11:59 pm 12/25. Reasons: I’m sentimental, but I have old bones. I like to look at snow , but I don’t want to walk in it or shovel it.

  402. I dream of a bright white chilly Christmas morning but enjoy the holidays in warm weather Houston.

  403. I grew up in southeastern Michigan, which had a surprising number of snow-less Christmases. I’ve lived in Northern California for many years now, and we used to “visit” the snow every winter in the Sierra Mountains. We once had a memorable snowfall in town here, when my children were 5 and 2 years old. That was my favorite snowfall ever.

    But, to answer the question, my enjoyment of Christmas doesn’t depend at all on the presence or absence of snow. All of what makes my Christmas special happens indoors, with my loved ones.

  404. I definitely love a white Christmas. My neighbors (who have kind of adopted us) does all the snow removal. I broke my back about 3 months ago and he insists on doing everything.

    I’ve always been a midwesterner and always am looking for a white Christmas. It is so beautiful and makes me feel wonderful.

  405. Snow at Christmas? I prefer not, actually. I love the sweet clean sharp smell of snow though, in the air, coming off the mountains if I am driving to it. I don’t miss shoveling it though, or having to wear heavy coats against the cold. One magical late fall day I was in the Mariposa redwood Grove at Yosemite and the hugest, most beautiful flakes were wafting down on a whisper breeze. Unforgettable!

  406. Ano las Navidades blancas con mucha nieve, mis hijos viven en Oslo Noruega y yo vivo en Bogotá Colombia y cada vez que podemos pasamos la Navidad con ellos en Oslo, sin las más hermosas fiestas y el ambiente es espectacular

  407. Oh yes I do dream of a white Christmas! I live in Phoenix and it is a true dream. It just doesn’t seem completely Christmas-y without the snow we’d often have in the Midwest where I grew up. It’s the time of year when I really wish we could have some good cold weather. But these snowflakes sure would make up for what we miss!

  408. I prefer a white Christmas, but not a blizzard! The dreamy, large flakes sifting slowly to the ground are perfect, but any kind of weather is great as long as families and friends can gather safely. That, after remembering the real reason for Christmas, is the main focus of the season in my opinion.
    Thank you for all of the Stitcher’s Christmas fun!!

  409. White! White all the way! Born and raised in snow country, still live in snow country…I live for snow. If Christmas were green, wouldn’t Santa’s reindeer get too hot? Think about it, he drives a sleigh, wears a thick suit, he must have snow!

  410. I always think a white Christmas is a delight! I also don’t mind if it doesn’t stick on the ground for too long.

  411. This year I am praying for a white Christmas because it has been so dry here in eastern Colorado! Everyone talks about the mountains getting snow but the plains are desperate for it and it is so pretty. We really need a coat of white.

  412. I’ll take a white Christmas in picture or movie form only. I’m not a cold weather person. I’ll stick to my green Arizona Christmas.

  413. I dream of a white Christmas, so I can visit family and friends in England where I grew up. A truly nostalgic experience. That being said a sunny and green Christmas in Australia is also a dream, where green is not always possible with the hot summers. Dreaming of a great Christmas wherever I am is the best dream of all. Happy and Joyous Christmas to you and your family. Thank-you for a wonderful year of stitching and great tips.

  414. Needle n thread is always my go to when all is quite to add to my knowledge of embroidery. I have finished my sampler. Now I am noxious to
    work on a snowflake! So relaxing to me!

  415. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Snow on Christmas was not guaranteed in Kentucky when I grew up, so it was really magical when it happened. My mother always wished for a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve, so we kept a watchful eye on the weather, and it seemed particularly special, because of her delight when the snow started to fall. I have to admit, I want to head back to California after a week or so of snow.

  416. Snow. I like the white covering everything. We do not get much snow so the neighborhood makes sledding and playing in the snow an adventure for kids and adults.

  417. While a white Christmas may sound wonderful, in reality, it means chaos. (Snow packed streets, idiot drivers, empty shelves at Walmart…) So, I would rather concentrate on family (and food) to make a joyful Christmas than worry about the fickle Okie weather.

  418. Yes, I love a white Christmas! As long as it is only a couple inches. Many years ago we raised sheep. Going to the barn on Christmas eve to care for the mama’s lambing was so special. Will never forget it.

  419. I love a White Christmas with fresh, clean snow on the ground and big fluffy flakes coming down gently from the sky. After Christmas is over I am less enthusiastic about it! We usually get a few heavy snowfalls here-near Buffalo, NY-and it is much less charming when you have to shovel out your car. Thank you for the chance to win !

  420. I never even contemplate a snowy Christmas! Born and bred in southern Australia it is customary to have temperatures between 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. Occasionally extremes may occur of even higher temperatures in the high 30s.

  421. A white Christmas would be a miracle! Certainly something to dream about.
    I’ll be happy if the temperature stays below 30°C.

  422. I’d love a white and chilly Christmas. It’ll make everything so much brighter and my children will so much enjoy playing outdoors.

  423. I really love a white Christmas, especially if it snows on Christmas day. I love stitching snowflakes. I even stitched an original design for a biscornu. I know its no fun driving in ice and snow but having family around and snowing is magical. I would love to have an original snowflake stitched by you for my tree and the e-book would be awesome.

  424. I’d rather less snow, even on Christmas. As I’m getting older it’s harder to always have to deal with so much snow and ice in the Northeast. It’s pretty (but from Inside my house!) And I love your snowflakes !

  425. Ahh….in Australia …..warm & green would be lovely….as it is usually stinking hot & browned off……but this year, we have the idyll…..we are in a La Niña on the east coast…and although I live in the tablelands, we have only had a handful of days above 24 deg C, (very unusual) and very wet! However a lot of our Christmas imagery still revolves around the northern hemisphere’s Christmas with snow. So when my family were lucky enough to experience a very white Christmas, with sleigh rides, skiing and ice skating in Sweden some years ago…..that was very special. Preference? Too hard to choose. But to win one of your very own snowflakes, now that would be something.

  426. I love your Snowflakes Mary, one of my favourite of your stitching series! And I am definitely a YES for snow, although we rarely get it here in London. Merry Christmas, Dx

  427. I love snow all winter long, the beauty, the quiet sounds, the crisp air while all bundled and warm. It is especially lovely for Christmas. And snowflakes, none identical, are such intriguing designs to explore.

  428. I prefer a white Christmas. It brings back pleasant memories of my childhood memories spent in the snow in the USA

  429. I love winter and snow and a white Christmas is perfect, although we don’t get one very often in Tennessee. My parents were from Michigan and I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and Ohio so I have seen a lot of snow and love the crisp air with the beautiful flakes drifting down. It’s just so beautiful and perfect for stitching while looking out the window in front of the fireplace!

  430. There is nothing more magical than to wake up to lacy snowflakes dancing through the air on Christmas morning. Snow capped mountains, pine trees dusted in white, building snowmen with my family – I dream of a white Christmas every year.

  431. I grew up with white Christmasses and absolutely loved masses of snow as a child. Walks with my father or grandfather in a beautiful white countryside and still forest are still my favorite memories.
    Now I’ve been living in Houston for decades and enjoy 70/80-degree weather. I leave the snow-shoveling and dealing with slush into spring months to more hardy souls.

  432. I love snow! But I’d rather see it on the ground on Christmas Eve and Day instead of falling down and making roads treacherous for holiday travelers. So bring it on!

  433. White Christmas! I like having distinct seasons. Unfortunately, where I live now the snow doesn’t usually come until January.

  434. Hi Mary,
    I love a WHITE Christmas. If not white, at least make it a wintery temperature. I live in Massachusetts. Last Christmas it was too warm to have a fire in the fireplace! I put all our candlesticks in the fireplace and lit the candles. We love a fire, and the candles helped a little bit.
    Thank you for bringing so much Christmas Cheer to your devoted readers.

  435. I don’t dream of a white Christmas. I had plenty of those growing up. We specifically moved to a warmer climate with no snow and beautiful mild winters. Your snowflakes are so pretty and although we don’t put up a tree we do decorate for the holidays.

  436. I will go for a white Christmas if it only lasts for a day or so. Otherwise, it is warm and green for me! I spent enough years in the Midwest to get my fill of snow!

  437. I have admired your snowflakes for quite a while. They would make for a great take-a-long project.

    I prefer cool temperatures and no snow. Having lived in the northeast U.S. for most of my life, I find snow pretty only when it is falling. After that, it is a lot of work to clean up and get around. Who wants to deal with snow on Christmas?

  438. Definitely warm and green. Celebrating Christmas is about the heart, mind and spirit. I spent half of my life in the far north and am now enjoying living in the southern regions. Life is so very, very good.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’all 😀

  439. I love a white Christmas. White Christmas’ bring back fond memories of being able to go tobogganing, skiing and general outdoor fun at Christmas. Living in a country where most places are cold and snowy fun outdoors in the snow is what we do. I can’t wait for the snow to come and stay this year.

  440. Snow! It’s inextricably linked in my memory to happy Christmas traditions, gatherings and love. Warm mittens, making snowmen, skating all required cold and snow. It’s not as magical without snow.

  441. Being from Canada, it is rare that we don’t have a white Christmas… and when it’s a green one, it just doesn’t feel Christmassy… although it does make travelling and visiting so much easier!

  442. We are praying for a white Christmas!! We’ve had two years of hard drought and another one predicted for 2022. We need the snow!!!!!!!

  443. Hi! I love a beautiful snowy landscape, the trees are gorgeous, all is quiet, a wonderland. Thank you, Mary!

  444. We would like snow! Having lived in climates where snow for Christmas is expected than being in the South for about 18 years – it would be a fun surprise all though my fellow Southerners might not agree ;o)

  445. I live in No. California so no snow (don’t miss it much from Midwest upbringing) but – hopefully – plenty of rain. Rather like a good storm now and then. Prefer warm and green (or blue) for the holidays.

  446. I have always loved snow, but this year, I do have a hankering for some warmer (and greener) weather. Nevertheless, snow it is!!!

  447. Thank you for your generous offer of snowflakes, Mary.
    Yes, I dream of a white Christmas! We rarely have snow. Snow pretty well shuts us down in the Deep South, but there is enough of a child in me to hope for snow anyway – lots of snow.

  448. A white Christmas here in New Zealand would be a bit of a turn up for the books, although I believe it has happened. I do prefer warm and green and a Christmas barbeque!

  449. I spent my earliest years in Colorado, where a white Christmas was a standard feature. I remember being heartbroken the year it DIDN’T snow on Christmas. In fact, there wasn’t even any snow on the ground! This year, I’m especially hoping for snow when I go to Virginia for Christmas.

  450. A white Christmas is very nice but then I remember the cold that comes with snow. I’ll take a nice warm Christmas that I can enjoy walking around looking at all the neighborhood decorations and not freeze.

  451. I do dream of a white Christmas – it harkens back to childhood, doesn’t it? Snow gently on Christmas morning is idealic.

  452. Snow is pretty, but it’s cold. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate that I live in GA where it doesn’t get as cold as it did in Massachusetts where I grew up – especially since I’ve developed both arthritis and Dupuytrens in my hands. At this point, cold makes my hands stiff and achy. So it’s green Christmas for me!

  453. White Christmas, yes! And with lots of pretty snowflakes, some made by me! (With high hopes none of them land in the driveway, ’cause I’d way rather stitch than shovel, LOL!)

  454. I don’t dream of a white Christmas only because it makes traveling so much more difficult. However I do love a good snow day that allows me to stay home from school(teacher)

  455. I do dream of a white Xmas. I love our summers here in Australia but sometimes our Xmas is sooooo hot. White snow and coolness would be a lovely change. Not to mention all the lights twinkling and reflecting off the snow would be so pretty to see. Grass is always greener I suppose.

  456. i dream of a white Christmas. i live in west tennessee and it can be below freezing or in the eighties. you never know.

  457. Although I’ve lived in Texas now for nearly 40 years, I still remember my early Christmases here when I could not understand wearing shorts while making Christmas cookies and cinnamon rolls! I’ve been here long enough to only like the idea of a white Christmas though. Shoveling snow, wet feet coming in the house – I do enjoy our “cooler” Christmas weather more than the snow. Give me pictures!! 🙂

  458. I have always had a warm and green Christmas so I like that best. But a white Christmas once would be fun.

  459. I would prefer a non white Christmas. I live on a farm with farm chores and that lovely white stuff soon turns to icy hard to walk on stuff! Give me a mild winter any time@

  460. I love a White Christmas, having grown up in the Midwest, so it is my heritage. Also lived in Colorado and Connecticut (well-known for many wintry Christmas movies).
    Cannot imagine Christmas without cold weather and snow!⛄️

  461. Oh yes, a white Christmas Please, although in Virginia with Global Warming, I don’t think we have a very good chance.

  462. Hi Mary, Your ornaments are beautiful – what lovely designs and I love the colors you did them in.
    I like a white Christmas with snow. Without snow it does not feel like Christmas. It is pretty to look at and brightens the days even when it is not sunny.

  463. Definitely snow! Because it’s so beautiful, you (hopefully) don’t have to drive anywhere and you get to stay home and be cozy.

  464. I would love to experience a white Christmas just once it would be a lovely adventure. In Australia we have lovely warm Christmas Days.

  465. After 5 Christmases in Hawaii, I definitely look forward to a cold Christmas. Snow or no snow, it is about the cold.

  466. I love white Christmases. Just enough snow to cover the grass, but not enough to create a hazard on the road. The snow looks so pretty!

  467. I was raised in the land of “White Christmas”, and have had my FILL of snow. But it never fails, after nearly 40 years of California’s sunny Christmases, I miss the “White Christmas.”

  468. I grew up in Michigan- so yes, I love a white Christmas! It reminds me of home and my happy childhood.

  469. A white Christmas is so romantic to walk (or drive) home from midnight Mass, enjoying all the holiday lights and dreaming about the magic and love of Christmas!

  470. I don’t really care for cold weather. Must be why I live in the desert. This year it decided to get cold but no snow. It would be fun to have some indoors snowflakes.

  471. White Christmas definitely! It’s beautiful, peaceful and romantic. Plus, that’s what I grew up with:)

  472. Warm and green for me! I live in South Mississippi and these old bones surely do appreciate the mild temps here! Its wonderful when it’s 70 degrees at Christmas time!

  473. Definitely a white Christmas. To me snow is the best part of winter. I’m spoiled because I live in the country where it stays nice and pretty a lot longer. When I lived in Boston the snow was significantly less appealing but I’d still choose it every time. And snow at Christmas with the outdoor lights on the bushes shining up through the snow just can’t be beat.

  474. I remember snowy Christmas days as a child, but that cold weather scares me now!! Living on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, there’s no chance of snow, but I’m happy with embroidered snowflakes!!!

  475. I’ve always lived in parts of the world that don’t get snow but I dream of a white Christmas . The pictures we see of sleighs and snow covered Christmas trees etc. are fascinating since childhood.

  476. Snow most definitely snow!! Sweaters, boots, hats and scarves spell the Christmas holidays to me. Plus when it’s cold it’s more fun to stitch!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

  477. Snow! Lots and lots and lots of snow-makes me think of the lyrics of ‘Snow’ sung by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas-can’t get much more traditional than that!

  478. Snow please! There’s nothing better than staying inside with a cup of coffee or tea while it’s snowy outside. It’s the perfect weather for doing some embroidery!

  479. Yes, I dream of a white Christmas. It makes me want to stay inside, enjoy time with family, and watch the snow fall.


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