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Needlework & Travel: It’s a Stitch outside Charleston


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The third needlework stop on our trip through the Southeast was at It’s a Stitch, located on Maybank Highway on James Island, outside Charleston. The focus of this needlework shop is knitting and needlepoint.

Of the three needlework shops we visited, It’s a Stitch had the most comprehensive selection of threads. Crammed into a space of some 400 or so square feet, the shop offers just about every kind of needlework fiber you could want. Right now, the shop is a bit on the crowded side, but they are moving their business a little way down the road soon, to occupy a space of over 1,000 square feet. This will be great!

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

The drive to this needlework shop from our hotel in Mt. Pleasant (on the other side of Charleston) was a pleasant one. The area is very typically “southern” looking and it’s quite pretty! So the fact that the shop is located a distance outside the city is not at all a problem for those visiting the area. We continued our drive further down Maybank Highway after our stop and It’s a Stitch, and visited the Charleston Tea Plantation – a convenient combination of sight-seeing and shopping.

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

Right now, you’ll find It’s a Stitch tucked into a little rural building that’s home to a few other businesses as well. From the outside, it’s inviting. There’s a nice little chair on the front porch, and some baskets with daily specials.

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

Inside, you’ll find three rooms. They are filled with fiber displays, while painted canvases line the walls and ceilings. This is the “main” room.

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

You’ll find a whole wall of Silk ‘n Ivory, Trio, and whatnot. You’ll also find Needlenecessities, several different types of Au Ver a Soie, Trebizond, Gloriana, the whole range of Anchor, and on and on.

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

Each wall is filled with a display of fibers, the center of the room is occupied by racks of fibers – in short, if you’re looking for threads, they’re bound to have what you want!

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

Painted needlepoint canvases line the walls – and the ceiling! They have a great selection of colorful canvases. There was an absolutely gorgeous set for a child’s upholstered chair. If I’d had the room…. and the budget….

Needlework Shop: It's a Stitch of Charleston

They also had some great display items around the shop. This little knitted hat is precious! I had to buy the pattern! I also satisfied my thread craving by purchasing some Au Ver a Soie and a few other types of threads what will go into the general stash.

It’s a Stitch is a neat little store – if you’re in the area, you should swing by! Look for it further down Maybank Highway soon.

And that was our last needlework stop! I did manage to drive past the Embroidery Guild of America Headquarters in Louisville, KY, but it was too early in the morning to stop, and we couldn’t wait around. Overall, it was a great trip!


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  1. I have been given my mother’s 50+ year old cross stitch. It is framed and has a small wet stain on it. Can you clean it or do you have a recommendation of who I may take it to clean & restore it?

    Thank you

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