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Embroidery Embellishment: The Charm of Charms, Buttons, and Beads


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Have you noticed that there’s a proliferation of embroidery kits and designs around that make use of little embellishments? Those special little touches that add “something” to the work – sometimes that something is zing, sometimes it’s elegance, sometimes it’s just a splash of fun – are pretty popular! I try not to be too narrow-minded in my view of embroidery, but I must be, because I never noticed the abundance of embellishments in the embroidery world until just this past summer.

But now I’m hooked. Really. I like these little extra baubles and buttons, beads and charms. Oh, they’ve been around a while – goldwork, sequins, beaded embroidery, charms, buttons… they’re nothing new! But it seems to me that they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

This is what sold me on the fun of these little items and that opened up my eyes to noticing them around more and more:

It was these little Sweetheart Tree kits. They’re small kits – counted thread techniques – with little extra embellishments to the kits. I don’t generally work counted thread techniques, except in dabbling in a bit o’ blackwork here and there, and – very rarely – some canvas work… and hardanger now and then, too. Ok, fine – I take it back, I do “do” counted thread stuff – but it’s not usually cross stitch.

Normally, these would not be something that would catch my eye. But they did. Why? I think it’s the little embellishments! Both kits make use of little tiny beads and one has little heart-shaped white buttons in it. I like them! It takes them “above ordinary.”

I admit I’m SLOW – I’m sure little embellishments have been prevailant for a while in needlework – or perhaps they never lost their charm! Maybe I just haven’t noticed them….

But NOW… check this out:

I do believe I could become an embroidery embellishment junkie!

Here’s a sweet little seashell made by Susan Clarke Originals.

And a pretty little iris by the same company… Irises are among my favorite flowers, and I’m in the middle of embroidering one right now. So I just love this little thing!

A very pretty snowflake – perfect for…. well, earrings came to mind at first, but this is about embroidery, so I chased that thought away, and voila! a better one crept in – what about building a simple embroidered card around this for a Christmas card?

This is largish – quite large, compared to the other pieces here. At first, I thought “What in the world would I ever…..?!” and then the same thing happened. In crept a little thought. A “formal” garden border – maybe even in blackwork or a similar style – built around it. Why not? For a framed piece… I could see it!

Cherries! Who doesn’t like cherries?! They remind me of summer – and this is another perfect little something for a crazy quilt square, for the center of an embroidered motif, or for the center of an embroidered card.

And here’s a whole little group of “under the sea” embellishments.

OH – so many ideas, so little time!

This bunch of stuff above came in the embellishments Treasure Box I ordered last week from Twining Thread, as part of their close-out. Along with them came ribbons – glorious, beautiful ribbons – and all kinds of neat stuff. What a deal!

Well, if YOU have any ideas for my new embellishment stash, I’m all ears!

In the meantime, I need to go find some storage space….

PS – I’m going to full feeds for a bit on Feedburner. What think you? Do you prefer partial or full feeds?


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(6) Comments

  1. I’ve done a couple projects with embellishments, and it really does add a little extra zing and make things pop!

    I really like the full feeds, I read them on my LiveJournal friends page, and it makes it handy not to navigate away to read things!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the feeds, Kim! I appreciate it. I’m going to do the full feeds for at least a month, to test the response.

    I’m absolutely sold on embellishments. It’s so much fun to add just a touch of something here or there on a project. I notice, too, that when I give a little embroidered something as a gift, an accent like a button or charm is such a “sell point.” People like that extra touch!

    Thanks again!


  3. As a long time lurker on your blog, I confess that my eyes lit up with the embellishments, but then I am as much a surfce texture person as a (modest embroiderer)! Yes, a touch of ‘bling’, a little glimmer or just a little something visually for the recipient of a card or gift to find and go “oooh’ makes a difference 🙂

    Oh, by all means go to the full feed, I would appreciate it as sometimes, if time is short, I don’t get to read a whole entry if it isn’t on the feed (just lack of time). Having it there is convenient and I can click through to the blog if I am enjoying ‘the read’ and mark it for later use.

    Thanks you for a hugely interesting and enjoyable blog, even to a low level embroiderer like myself,


  4. Mary, I like the full feed too.

    I have seen beads used as an embellishment in the place of French knots and other tiny stitches.

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