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Needlework Shop News – Farewell to Twining Thread!


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The Twining Thread has been my absolute favorite online needlework shop, but, sadly, the shop is closing. It was a great shop! Not only did Joey, the owner, stock a wonderful supply of quality merchandise that reflected excellent taste in needlework and marvelous variety, but the service was the best, bar none.

I never visited the store in person – I wish I could have! The photos of the place were endearing – a cozy needlework shop, with tables and chairs and lots and lots of colorful fibers, canvases, displays, trinkets… all those things that the embroidery enthusiast loves!

Though I never saw the brick and mortar store, I am convinced it was the perfect example of what a needlework shop should be – good service, fair prices, and a super stock to choose from!

Right now, Twining Thread is clearing out inventory. Joey says they still have plenty of good merchandise left! What they are doing is making up “treasure boxes” in different categories of needlework: counted thread, mostly fibers, embellishments, crewel, and needlepoint. The treasure boxes are only $60 each, but they contain at least (and sometimes over!) $200 (retail) in merchandise. Each treasure box is unique, so whether you order just one, or more than one, you’ll end up with a real variety. Shipping is free.

This is a great deal for stitchers! As she put it on her site, think Christmas presents, special occasions, or even re-selling on eBay. (Re-selling on eBay??!! Not a chance!!) As for me, I ordered several, and I can’t wait to get them! I feel like a 5-year-old waiting for her birthday.

As great a deal as it is, I’ll be sorry to see the Twining Thread go. It was a “comfortable fit” for me for several years, and it will probably take a while to track down the new “perfect supplier.”

Thanks, Joey, for being a super supplier, and best of luck in the future!

They’re thinking of closing the online store by Oct. 14th, so you best hurry if you’re interested in the Treasure Boxes! But be nice – there’s only of her, and it’s probably a pretty busy job right now! (And I’d hate to think I sent her a swarm of customers that ran her ragged!!!)…. actually, it’s such a good deal, and such a fun way of doing it – I love the whole Treasure Box idea. I’m trying to refrain from MORE. Aaaaackkk…..



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  1. I too will miss the Twining Thread. When I received the first email announcing that they were going out of business, I was very sad. I wish them all the luck in the future.

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