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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Free Embroidery Pattern: Flower


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Here’s a quick little embroidery pattern, simple to work. It can easily be incorporated into a larger work instead of using it by itself. The stitches are simple and they would make good practice for “shading” with darning stitches.

Here’s the embroidery pattern:

Free Embroidery Pattern: Flower

The outline of the flower is easily worked in stem stitch. The inside of the petals are worked in darning stitch, which is simply a kind of running stitch, where the space between the stitches is usually smaller than the length of the stitches. Notice how the length of the filling lines vary, getting smaller than disappearing before they get to the center. This is a great way to create a “shaded” effect inside the petals. The center can be worked in French knots. This design would look great in wools.

Have fun with it!


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  1. Hi Mary, I love you website! Such creativity and beauty! I love this little flower pattern. I would like to gather up all your little flower patterns and do a nice embroidery on my little girl’s pillowcase. Wouldn’t that be pretty? Thanks for all the great info and ideas!

  2. Hi, Susie… I think that’s a splendid Idea. It would actually be really cute to do random flowers all over a pillow case (or just on the edge, even).

    Glad you like it!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Do you have a link posted in your website where you’ve explained how to frame a project. Getting a project framed outside gets very expensive. I spent a lot of time and could not find any information. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  4. Hi, Meeta –

    I don’t have any framing information on needlenthread at this time. You’re right, it can be very expensive. I always try to frame things in a standard size so I don’t have to do custom framing, and I use pre-cut mats if I can find ones that match well. When I can’t, or when I have to go custom, I wait for Hobby Lobby’s 50% off custom framing sale.

    Sorry I don’t have anything particular about framing on here yet — it’s a good topic that should be covered!


  5. Dear Mary, Hello, again! I am busily collecting as much info as possible-since I am a beginner. I found a site:www.prettyimpressivestuff.com which was designed & organized by Rissa & she died a couple of years ago. The site has not been updated since October, 2003. She has done a fantastic job of organizing everything she found over the years. I am sure you are familiar with the site. I have been copying as much as possible, patterns I like, tips, etc. The problem is that the site is falling apart. Most of the links do not exist any more, even though the companies & individuals are still totally involved in all kinds of embroidery. It is such a tremendous resource it is a shame to allow it to disintegrate. I don’t know who to contact-only her link is mentioned but it would be a great memorial to her if someone would continue it or take it over, re-establishing those links. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Her list of books goes on for about 32 pages. Her resource list is about the same length or longer. I think all beginners are probably like me – we just want to learn all we can, as fast as we can.
    If you have a waiting list for your Stitch CD or DVD I want to be on it. A book can only tell you so much re: how to do a stitch. Nothing compares with SEEING SOMEONE ACTUALLY DO THE STITCH! Best regards, Pauline

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