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Embroidered Iris – Completed Needle Painting Project


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I never did share photos of my finished embroidered iris, which is a needle painting project from Tanja Berlin. So I thought I’d show you the end results!

This was a fantastic kit to work – I do love Tanja Berlin’s kits! They are great for practicing needle painting techniques without the ho-hum part of deciding what to do – the designs are already transferred on the fabric, the threads are all laid out neatly, and I don’t even have to search for the right needle. So, now and then, I like working on these types of kits! Besides, with every design I work of hers, I learn a new aspect of painting with a needle!

When I last posted photos of the iris, it was pretty much complete, but don’t you think that the yellow really brings the flower to life?

Here’s the completed piece. I haven’t yet decided what to do with it – any thoughts?

I love the yellow!

There are two colors of yellow here – the knots are actually elongated French knots.

The color selection on this particular project was really fantastic. I had a lot of fun working it!

Now…. what to do with it??


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(8) Comments

  1. If I were you, I would put it in a nice frame and hang it on the wall. It’s too good to give it away as a gift:) Even the Dahlia embroidery you made – hang it next to each other.

    I’m curious to know how much do these kits run with shipping in dollars?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Tanja’s kits run about $45 CAN for the more “complicated” needle-painting kits. Some run $40 CAN. She generally has a “kit of the month” special, like her Robin on a Berry Branch this month ($37 CAN) at a discount of $8 / kit. Shipping to the US can be a bit much, depending on how you want to ship it – anywhere from $7 upwards.

    Now, depending on what the Canadian dollar is doing, sometimes, the kits will be a little less in US dollars, and sometimes a little more. Right now, they’re almost even.

  3. I love this piece! I also do small detailed hand embroidered designs (akin to needle-painting, but I am self-taught) and havent found many others who do this type of work. I’d LOVE to visit others blogs and share inspiration and info .. It seems this type of needlework is not very popular in the States these days… most of my searches have come up empty so far … except for your beautiful piece – and you dont KNOW how glad I am to have found a kindred spirit. Do you know of others who enjoy this type of work? and would you all like to share with me? I’d be deligted to share with you. This link points to as small carousel horse that is the center motif of a simple and small pillow:
    If u care to poke around the Flickr pictures I have, there are some other similar pillows. Hope to hear from you,
    Vianna (in Florida)
    SweetOrange54 at Gmail dot com

  4. Hi, Vianna – Thanks for the nice comments! Actually, if you do a google search for “needle painting,” you’ll probably come up with a number of websites or articles on the topic!

    I wasn’t able to follow your link – it just took me to a yahoo log in page! I’d love to see your work!

    Thanks again for your comment!


  5. I want this iris made into a machine embroidery design for my Brother machine.I have looked for days for an iris tht is just like this one. So please do it Thanks cathy

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