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Embroidering with Purpose and More Gilt Sylke Twist


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Tonight, I’m going to embroider.

I know that sounds strange, because I embroider often. But tonight, I’m embroidering with a purpose!

I’m making a gift for my sister, and I’ve been so slow about it. I can’t seem to concentrate on the piece, because I’m in the middle of doing heaps of bullion knots. I know when I get the bullions done, I’ll be more enthused about it!

The current project I’m working on is called “Breath of Spring” – it’s a large striped linen bag with an outside pocket that’s embroidered, and it was featured in Inspirations Magazine #56.

This is the first Inspirations project I’ve ever done as a whole. I like to take ideas or patterns from Inspirations and use them on little things, but I’ve never actually worked a whole project. So this is a first, and I have a month to finish it.

That’s what I’m up to, project-wise. Here are some photos of the parts I’ve finished, which, as you can see, isn’t a whole lot. I’ve taken liberties on some parts…

Breath of Spring Embroidered Bag

Some embroidered butterflies…

Breath of Spring Embroidered Bag

Some embroidered bugs…

Breath of Spring Embroidered Bag

And some shamefully MESSY bullion knots…

Aside from “embroidering with purpose” tonight, I’m also reveling in the fact that I got the rest of the Gilt Sylke Twist colors: dark blue, purple, and yellow.

The yellow is actually a VERY nice, mellow gold, and with the gold wrapped around it, it really gleams. It will be perfect for ecclesiastical embroidery. I’m generating ideas and will probably be turning them over in my head the whole time I’m stitching. I’m thinking wheat. And that brings to mind the bullion knots I must finish tonight. Aaack.

I wonder how GST would do, stitching bullions?


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(8) Comments

  1. Yep, I like it, too. It looks like a water bug to me!

    I just realized when I sat down to embroidery with purpose that there IS blue in the design – and actually quite a bit. Little clusters of blue forget-me-nots!

    Funny I never noticed them before!

  2. Me, too! 🙂 They crack me up, for some reason. There’s also a grasshopper in the pattern, sitting on a blade of grass – he’ll be fun to stitch. And there’s a yellow and red striped caterpillar walking on a leaf – and a couple lady bugs…

  3. Mary, were you able to finsih this project? I’ve been thinking of making this not for a bag as is in the magazine, but as a wall hanging and I thought I’ll ask you. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Meeta –

    It’s the project I just pulled out last night – so I’m still working on it! It’s very pretty. I’m definitely planning on making the bag, since I bought the kit and have the stuff!


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