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Dinky-Dyes Silk Line Door Prize at the Needlework Show


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The Needlework Show is a twice-yearly online event where needlework designers and vendors set up a “booth” (web page) featuring their products, so that retailers and their customers can “shop” online. The customer (that would be you and me, if you don’t own a retail shop) can see what’s offered by different designers or vendors and request the products at their local needlework shop. The retailers can see what’s new without having to visit a trade show. So all in all, it’s a good deal. The fun part, though, are the door prizes… and one in particular caught my eye, so i thought I’d tell the rest of you about it.

The majority of the needlework featured at The Needlework Show are from designers or vendors who supply counted-thread designs. There are very few free-style surface embroidery techniques featured.

You’ve probably guessed my forte is not counted thread work, although I do love to look at historical samplers and I am quite enchanted by certain types of counted thread designs. For example, I like this chart from The French Needle

The French Needle Fleur de Lys Chart

I also like blackwork, the Quaker style samplers that are popular right now, the European / French-look designs that have a hint of historical and Provencial charm to them, Hardanger embroidery (there are some nice projects featured on the
J. Design page), and some of the embellished biscornu designs that implement more than just cross stitch. If you, too, like these styles of counted thread techniques, you’ll find plenty of designers’ work to browse through at The Needlework Show.

Some of the vendors feature accessories for needlework, such as Kelmscott Designs, which offers mother-of-pearl thread winders and keeps, and those pretty magnets for holding extra needles on your projects while you stitch.

Some thread vendors feature their wares at The Needlework Show as well. For example, you’ll find a Needlepoint Inc Silk page promoting their threads.

One thread vendor in particular that caught my eye was Dinky-Dyes. Dinky-Dyes is an Australian company that offers a vast range of dyed cottons and silks. I knew Dinky-Dyes offered cotton threads, but I didn’t know they had such a fantastic line of dyed silks. The colors look really stunning, and I love the names! The exciting part about the Dinky-Dyes booth at The Needlework Show is that they are offering a really nice door prize: a full line of their silks to a lucky winner!! WOW! You probably realize I have a thing for thread. I love embroidery floss, I love silk especially, I love beautifully colored silks – and if you do, too, well… here’s another source for thread and maybe you should check out their line. I’m going to!

Better yet, perhaps you should register for the door prize. Check out the Dinky-Dyes booth at the Needlework Show to register – by MONDAY, April 21st, at midnight!

Enjoy browsing through The Needlework Show, but get there before midnight, Monday, April 21st, or it’ll be gone – until next fall.


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  1. Thanks, Michael!

    I was going to link to a source, but I figured the Dinky Dyes people might want us to “work” for it!! 😉

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