Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Leafy Border


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Two days in a row on hand embroidery patterns! Hope you don’t mind. This one is a leafy border, stylized and a little formal. There are lots of possibilities with this pattern – it could even make a good pattern for hand-quilting the border of a quilt.

Whenever I see an embroidery pattern like this, the first thing I think of is guest towels or pillow cases or something similar. White on white, or even a subtle color (green?) would look good.

It’s a nice pattern for easy stitching, anyway – stem stitch would work, but I think chain stitch would look great!

Another thought just occured to me: what about the bottom edge of a skirt? And then that opens up a lot of possibilities – dressy or casual!

[When playing with patterns, it’s fun thinking of hundreds of different ways they can be used. But I seem to have a problem finding time just to try one of those hundreds of ways…..!!!]

Click on the pattern below for a larger size, which you can resize as you wish.

For more hand embroidery patterns, check out my hand embroidery pattern index!

On another note altogether, I have an update on bullion knots with Gilt Sylke Twist coming up. That is, if it works out well! Even if it doesn’t, I suppose you could learn from my mistakes!

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  1. Mary, thank you for sharing the patterns. I hope to experiment on one of the crosses you posted a while back. If it turns out well, I’ll be sure to send photos.

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for the link for the Plimoth blog, and thanks for being such a faithful reader & commenter! I love the leaves, but I’m right with you as far as finding time to try even a little bit of anything!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for such wonderful patterns. Me being a beginnner, found des patterns very much helpful to give a start. Just planning to make one soon n will surely send u the photo, if i can make one.
    Bye, n keep updating ur site

  4. Thank you, Mary! I’m a bit embellishment crazy and decided I needed to embroider my bow bag and my quiver. This is going on the bow bag. The fleur-de-lys pattern went on the quiver. Thanks you for helping me in my unusual endeavors!

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