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June Embroidery Stash Contest Winners…


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Whoa – what a morning. The storms last night took out our electricity, which we just got back, so I was just now able to draw names for June’s embroidery stash give-away!

This month, as you know, was a special stash contest, the likes probably not to be repeated again (well, I’ll come up with something interesting for July, surely!). In celebration of turning two years old (my website – not me), I drew two names, and asked two questions.

The answers you gave to my questions were So Helpful! I don’t know if you realize how much it takes to keep the juices flowing when writing daily (or practically daily), and not knowing what it is that actually tickles your audience’s fancy. I probably should’ve asked those questions a long time ago! You’ve given me heaps of great ideas and good advice, much of which I will take advantage of over the next few months!

Yeah, yeah… you want me just to get on with it, don’t you? I was chuckling as I drew names this morning, because the names are similar in a lot of ways, and they rhyme. I don’t know why I thought that was funny, but I did. Perhaps it was just the long hours without electricity!

OH – let me explain how I do this. I write out the names on paper (or type a list – easier to write this morning), cut them up, and draw. Those who left multiple comments only went in once, and the one or two Anonymous commentors still got in there as well, with “Anonymous” as the name, followed by keywords from their post.

I fold all the little scraps up really small and shake them up in a box, and… I draw the names.

And the winners are….

Meeta V. and MargeB.

If you would please contact me with your snail mail addresses, I’ll get the packages in the post!

I wish I could send EVERYONE a little something, but I’m afraid that would do me in! So stay tuned for July’s stash contest, which will include Something Nice, I promise!



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(6) Comments

  1. Mary
    I too thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so lucky this morning. I have written to you but would like to reiterate how much I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this blog. I find it almost impossible to come up with a weekly entry, much less a daily one. Also it is not just an entry, it is something really meaty each day. So thankyou again for this blog and many happy returns again.
    Smiling on the other sid e of the Pacific.

    I was sorry to hear about your nasty storm – hope there was no other damage than the inconvenience of no electricity. How did our grandmothers stitch in candlelight?

  2. Tambour embroidery is a chain stitch embroidery worked in a hoop (called a tambour hoop), using a tiny hook-like needle (almost like a latch hook needle that you’d use on latch hook rugs). You put the needle in from the top of the fabric, your hand winds the thread around it from the bottom of the fabric as you’re giving a little twist to the needle, then you pull the needle up, bringing a loop with you. You move forward on your line (kind of dragging the needle) and repeat the process.

    Once you get the hang of working a tambour needle, it’s actually a very quick way to fill an area or work a line with even chainstitching. You can find tambour needles and frames at Lacis.com.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Marge – Meeta – your packages will be in the mail this morning or tomorrow morning, first thing. Marge, yours will probably take a little longer!

    I’m not sure how people managed stitching in candlelight! Their eyesight probably didn’t last too long! I can’t live without my ott light.

    We’ve had a few bouts of bad storms nightly for a while now – last night the tornado sirens wailed until they woke me up and I realized what was going on. As soon as reality struck, they went off again! Whew! We’re blessed not to have any really serious damage.

  4. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Meeta and Marge! That is going to be great fun unpacking those treats!

    Ooh, I so need an Ott light or some sort of set up where I can see the true colors of my thread. Another item on the wish list!

    The lamp I use in the living room isn’t too horrible. But with this heatwave we’ve had, I’ve been hiding in the bedroom with the AC for a couple of days. The light in there is so bad I can’t even recognize the threads I’ve been using, they look so different.

    I’m so glad the storm damage missed you and yours, Mary. We were lucky here too, but folks just south of us were hit hard by damaging high wind storms brought on by this heatwave. – Jeannine

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