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It Came Together! On Embroidery & Framing


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I love it when a plan comes together! Guess what I picked up from the framer yesterday? I’m very excited! It’s the goldwork & silk pomegranate that I’ve only written about in bits and pieces. Still, I’m just so thrilled with it, that I must show you a picture of sorts!

I’m still bound by the fact that this project hasn’t been published yet, so I can’t show you the full finished piece. But I’m so darned excited that the framing came out so well that I can’t help giving you another snippet of this goldwork and silk pomegranate designed by Margaret Cobleigh.

Do you ever take your work to the framers and just flounder on choices? Sometimes, I know exactly what I want and it all comes together in a matter of seconds. But other times, I take forever to decide, and then I leave with a kind of buyer’s remorse, certain that the choices were all wrong.

But this came together quite well. I went for a triple mat and I framed the piece under glass. The frame is a nice frame. It’s black and smooth and clean, but it has tiny veins of gold working through it. You can’t really see the gold in the photo, though… but it’s there – it’s subtle, just “enough” to really tie into the pomegranate piece.

Goldwork and Silk Pomegranate Wedding Gift

The inside mat next to the embroidery is a perfect shade of green to go with the leaves. I like having a dark outline around a piece, especially when the fabric is lighter. The middle mat is gold. The top mat is a fabric mat in a deep cranberry-ish red, matching the pomegranate. It’s linen-like in texture.

I really was a bit nervous about the choices on this one, but I was pleased as punch when I picked the piece up. It’s a wedding gift for my niece (less than two weeks away!), so I’m glad the frame job came out so well!

After picking up the project, I had to duck into the grocery store. Right in front of me as I headed towards the produce section was, ironically, a magnificent display of pomegranates. Oh, yes! I found one with the crown still intact, and brought it home to celebrate.

Don’t they just look swell together?!


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