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Treenway Silks – Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon and Thread


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Have you tried Treenway Silks? They make a glorious-looking silk thread, hand-dyed, with matching silk ribbon. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m going to! And soon. Here’s a little run-down, some links, some photos…

Treenway Silks is a kind of “cottage industry” (as they describe it) located in British Columbia, Canada. They dye silk and produce all different types of silk products for the fiber artist, from silk yarn to silk ribbon to silk embroidery thread. You can read about their products on the Treenway Silks website, which is quite an informative site to peruse!

Treenway Silks for Hand Embroidery - Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon and Embroidery thread

I came across Treenway Silks through Nordic Needle, actually, and when I saw the colors of their “fine silk cord,” I just had to order one skein. Just to try! But then, as those nefarious shopping carts often do, sure enough, they showed a matching photo of the hand-dyed silk ribbon that coordinated with the thread I had just added to my cart!

Treenway Silks for Hand Embroidery - Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon and Embroidery thread

*Sigh* I am so weak. But it is really beautiful stuff! I can’t wait to stitch with it and see how I like it. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

Besides these ribbons and threads for hand embroidery, Treenway has several other kinds of fibers for needlework. You can read all about them (and even purchase them) on their Embroidery Threads and Ribbons page on their website.

Today’s the last day to sign up for my December give-away: Two beautiful spools of Gilt Sylke Twist, along with a few other delightful little needlework items of the season. If you haven’t signed up yet, do read the original post and leave your comment (according to the instructions)! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!


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  1. Treenway has FANTASTIC stuff. That’s who I get my hybrid cocoons from, and they have silk that pretty much nobody else has – or silk that everyone else buys from Treenway and relabels. If Karen Selk is speaking anywhere near you, GO – she’s a wonderful speaker and has amazing slides and demo materials.

  2. My silk ribbon roll-up in Creative Needle Magazine (Jul/Aug 08) uses the silk cord: featherstitch along the sides of the roll-up. The silk cord is gorgeous to work with, a slight bit heavier than other brands, and the colorways are to “dye” for! The leaves of the beaded grapes are in Treenway Montano silk ribbon, also absolutely beautiful colors to stitch with.

  3. Sorry to be coming to this post more than six years late (I’m catching up!) but just to add to your praise of Treenway Silks – the threads are gorgeous, and their customer service is impeccable. When I was looking for a color from their variegated range to go with another one I already had, they actually laid out and photographed lots of combinations so I could see what they all looked like!

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