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Nita’s Aquatic Sampler, Part II


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Yesterday, I posted Part I of Nita’s explorations of applique, embroidery, and other textile techniques in her aquatic sampler, which she finished into a gloriously vibrant banner. Today, I want to show you the rest of the photos and the finished piece!

I really think there are few scenes in nature that provide such color and variety for the artist or embroiderer as the coral reef does. Though I can rarely look at such scenes anymore without automatically wondering where the heck Nemo is, I can’t help being drawn to them! Perhaps it’s because I live in Kansas, and the only water we ever see is a half-empty muddy river, or an occasional flooded, murky field. I grew up, though, on both coasts (West and East, chronologically), with my high school years being spent in Florida. We were never very far from the ocean wherever we lived, and this is the only thing I ever really miss living in Kansas. *Sigh* Water sure is likeable stuff.

Anyway, on with the aquatic sampler!

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

This big fishy fellow is worked in a foiling technique using Misty Fuse. He has that scaly irridescent look, doesn’t he? What a perfect combination of techniques to achieve the fish look.

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Here you’ve got some of Nita’s gazillion French knots highlighting the green coral. Note the variety of colors of green and blue-ish green…

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Stepping back a little so that you can get the effect of the stitching, notice the ripples in the water and the different types of bumpy coral.

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Turkey work was used to create this bunch, which looks as if it’s swaying in the water. The shading on this is perfect!

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Woven picots are featured here in the front of this shot, and on the right, you can see the single feather stitch.

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Here, felt beads are used to make clumps of coral. The felt has been sliced open to reveal the colorful insides.

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

Bullion knots add dimension to this piece of appliquéd coral.

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

And absolutely my favorite part of the sampler – the rippled water, created by a combination of cast on stitch (the ripples in the water) and beading (the edge of the water). Beautiful effect!

Aquatic Sampler in Applique and Embroidery

And finally, the masterpiece!

Thank you so much, Nita, for sharing all these gorgeous pictures with us and telling us about the techniques you used! It’s a stunning piece!


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(16) Comments

  1. This is just simply stunning!!! Did I read correctly, that Nita is a beginning embroiderer??? Wow! Imagine what she will create when she has experiance!!

  2. I love the vivid colours on this piece. It beautifully captures the brightly coloured tropical fish. I also like the texture and variation in technique.

    Well done. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am sooo in awe of this work. I'm a beginner myself n am trying to pluck up the courage to embroider a picture of my daughters tattoo. I just font know where to start though. Any ideas on how to turn a flat drawring into a work of art as the coral reef? I need help on shading n stitches to use.

  4. Hi, Sally! Just to let you know, I got your e-mail, but don't have time to respond at length right now. I'm out of town until next week, but if you drop me a line in a week to remind me, I'll see what I can do to help you! In the meantime, maybe someone else has some ideas and can add them here to the comments! Thanks!

  5. Nina's creation is a true masterpiece. I'd love to get my hands on it. But I'm afraid that I would just drool all over it! Stunning.

  6. I am simply awed by the work you have created. The colors are simply superb. I appreciate your patience for coming up with such a big piece with so many techniques/colors. Really Wonderful!!!!

  7. Ohh my Gosh !! What a Stunning piece!! WoW..just WOW !! I am stunned. Its so beuatiful !!!
    Bravo Nita, and thanks Nita & Mary for sharing it with us.

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