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A Humungo Mistake – and a Good Lesson


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I usually proof read. What am I saying? I always proof read! But sometimes I miss things. Thanks to Pat for catching a big mistake. In the scheme of things, color-wise, it’s a huge mistake, especially if you’ve already gone to the effort of shopping for threads!

I listed in the materials section DMC #754. The number should be 745. If you can make that adjustment without too much inconvenience, that would be good.

754 is a peachy/pink color, I think, and 745 (the correct color) is a yellow. Now, if you already have your threads and you’re ready to go, just use the 754. I know it isn’t the color, and some parts of the piece may look slightly different from what was intended, but it’s not as if it’s a green or a purple, so you can probably get away with it. The point of the lesson is to practice the long and short stitch, and even if the colors are slightly off, it doesn’t mean you still can’t practice.

On the other hand, if you’re the type who will be completely bothered by the difference, and may even chuck the project because it isn’t “quite right,” then by all means, pick up 745 next time you’re out! The color is used in the first and third elements, and we’ll be starting with the first element (the boxes) next week.

I’m awfully sorry, really embarrassed, and at least thankful that I’ve learned a good lesson before getting too far into this series – proof read the nitty gritty!

Thanks again, Pat!


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  1. It`s easily done Mary. I proof read, and use spell check, and have still found mistakes in my posts long after they are published…don`t beat yourself up too badly…*winks*

  2. Haven't visited in a while and am noticing the absence of photos, always a treat before. Bet there's a good reason I'm not seeing any? Maybe it's happenstance (as in, I picked the one or two postings that didn't have any)? (Sorry to be off topic but respecting Mary's preference for questions in the comments vs. emails.) Bubba's Mom

  3. Well, maybe once a week – sometimes twice a week (and that would be really a rare week) – I might have a post without pictures. But it's not that often. When it's a quick announcement, I don't normally add photos.

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