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Trish Burr CD Winner Announced…


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Today’s a short post to announce the winner of the recent Trish Burr CD give-away.

In this recent give-away, I asked you to tell me what embroidery technique (that you haven’t tried) would you like to try, why do you want to try it, and what has prohibited you from trying it up to this point?

Well, this is the answer of the person who won (drawn by random number):

The technique I haven’t tried yet that is now catching my eye is or nue. I’m intrigued by the use of couching stitches to create a design–in my previous work, couching has simply been to tack down a thread. Why haven’t I tried it yet? Because I have too many other interests, and this one just recently bubbled up to the top!

I can sympathize with this whole “bubbling to the top” thing!

The winner is Carol Sylvester!

Congratulations, Carol! Please contact me as soon as possible with your mailing address!

Now, if you’re looking for one of these CDs for yourself, you can find both the DVD and CD through Trish’s website, or through various retail stores online. If you are in the US, you’ll find the DVD (and some of Trish’s kits) available at Nordic Needle. In the UK, you can find Trish’s products through Mace & Nairn, and in Australia, through Lyn’s Fine Needlework or Allthreads Embroidery. (Search “Trish Burr” at any of the above.)

Thanks to Trish for supplying the CDs for these give-aways!

And the next give-away that comes up… hm…. I think it’s DEFINITELY time for something involving fibers – threads definitely. Maybe even fabric. Oh, something delectable for a winter pick-me-up! I’ll be putting together a fun package for that, so keep an eye out!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


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(9) Comments

  1. Congrats to winner!
    I don't enter needlepainting contests because it is not "my thing" but if fabric is next, I'm "IN" !

  2. Yes, good on you Carol, and your comment about or nue is interesting too.

    I wasn't interested in the technique until I saw simpler, smaller designs of a beetle (in an Inspirations Mag from Country Bumpkins) and Butterflies of Alison Cole's.

    I attended one of Alison's workshops for our Embroidery Guild and have started a butterfly. I have found it very interesting and enjoyable, fancinating even, but I'm a slow worker so the butterfly is still very much earth bound just yet. It's looking promising though.

    Enjoy the CD and the or nue when you get started Carol.

    Mary, I really enjoyed reading all the comments, the why and where-fore's of other needleworkers stitching interests and hopes.

    Bye for now, Kath

  3. Mary–how thrilled I am to see I won the Trish Burr CD! I love doing needlepainting, and am excited to start something new from this resource. Thanks again for offering it to us!

    Carol Sylvester

  4. Yes…Congrats to Carol !!!
    You will love the CD … Enjoy !!!
    I own both the CD and the DVD and I love both (great way of teaching the technique plus many tips)… ordered them directly from Trish's website, together with the Kit (without the floss) that goes with the DVD. I had a wonderful experience, she is Great at Customer Service !!!

    So I'm hoping to finish 1st Mary's L&S; stitch lessons (I'm all about finishing what I start now), which are great btw, and tackle Trish's kit using her DVD.

  5. Congrats! I'm so glad that you had this contest as it pulled my over here to look at your blog and follow some of your great links. Thanks for the super information and inspiration!

  6. I just received the dvd/cd from Nordic Needle. Thank you so much Mary for talking about it. It is wonderful. I loved seeing her studio (I love seeing anyone's studio!) Plus, it includes that adorable little bird pattern!!! Even if a stitcher never actually does the work, it is fascinating to watch! Thank you Mary!

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