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Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth – GIVE AWAY!


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Yesterday, I reviewed the book Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O’Connor, and today, I’m giving away a copy – along with some other goodies. Read on for details…

Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth is a gorgeous book, and one that you will want in your embroidery library if you are a fan of surface embroidery. Though the book focuses on making a gorgeous embroidered blanket, the designs within are not limited to that project alone! They’re suitable for needlepainting, stumpwork, and goldwork, to name a few options.

Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth

Today, I’m giving away, courtesy of Country Bumpkin, a copy of the book! So this is your opportunity to win a copy for free!

Legacy Linen Twill

Along with the book, I’m giving away (courtesy of me) a half a yard of Legacy Linen Twill, which would make a perfect ground fabric for embroidering single motifs from the book for framing, pillow-making, and other applications. This is the same fabric I used as the ground fabric for the Crewel Rooster, and it’s also the ground fabric for my current goldwork project. I love this fabric! It’s great for many types of surface embroidery work.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen to trace designs

In addition to the above, I’m also giving away, courtesy of Sakura of America, a set of Sakura Pigma® Micron Pens in sepia. These are the pens I use for transferring embroidery designs on projects that will not be laundered or rinsed after the needlework is done. (They are only guaranteed permanent on paper, though I’ve never had any problems with them on fabric – always test first, though!) The set features pens of various sizes, and a brush pen. I use size 01 or 005 (the latter is not included in the set) to trace designs onto fabric. A little disclaimer: you should make sure you’re used to the way the pens work before tracing a design onto good fabric with them – practice on a scrap of fabric first.

Hardwicke Manor embroidery hoop

And finally, courtesy of me, I’ll add a Very Good embroidery hoop to the package – a Hardwicke Manor hoop, in medium thickness, suitable for use with the linen twill.

So, aside from threads and a needle, you’ll be ready to set up a design from your new book! You can trace the design with the pens onto the linen twill, put the fabric in your new hoop, and, once you’ve gathered your threads, you’re ready to stitch!

Directions for the Give-Away

To join in this drawing, please follow these directions:

1. Leave a comment below, on this article located on the website (comments on other articles or submitted via e-mail in reply to the newsletter will not be counted).

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

Are you interested in making the blanket featured in the book, or in stitching the individual designs?

3. Make sure you sign your comment with a name! You can post the comment using the ‘anonymous’ feature, but please make sure you leave your name in the post so that I can announce a winner by name.

4. Post your comment by 5:00 am CST, Tuesday, March 2nd. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday morning. The winner will need to contact me with a mailing address within 2 days; otherwise, I will draw another winner.

Good luck!



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(281) Comments

  1. What a wonderful generous giveaway Mary!!

    I would not attempt the blanket, but I would love to try some of the flowers…I ADORE elizabethan style embroidery…

  2. After I have read your review of this book, it became my new "must have" (I hear my credit card crying loudly…). I am not sure if I would make a blanket, but the designs are very nice and they would suite for some book covers, cushions or simply framed pictures.
    Thank you for this great give away. It would be a great gift for the finish of my studies. And good luck for the others. Everyone would like to get such a gift.

  3. Wow, I'm number one! LOL!

    YES, you bet your rooster I want to make that blanket! 🙂 Not on wool, though, but more as a top for a really awesome comforter cover with cotton floss.

    The bonus items (pens, twill AND hoop!) are just crazy-neat too. I have needed a good hoop for ages and love stitching twill–believe it or not, DENIM twill. Nice dark background and sure makes the colors pop.

    You're the greatest and most fun to wake up to, for sure!

  4. I loved the presentation that you did on this book. It would be a welcome addition to anyone's personal library. I don't think that I would do it as a blanket, but embroider it individually so that I could display these flowers throught my home.
    Mary K. Bell

  5. Good Morning Mary,
    YOur daily newsletter is an absolute delight to read. I've learned so much from you and look forward to your email. Sometimes I save a few to read at a leisurely pace. About the book..I would be interested in individual motifs, but wouldn't rule out a blanket. Thank you.
    Suzanne Bruno

  6. Hi Mary,
    it is very generous of you as always you are..yes I am intersted to make a blanket as I am planning to do one blanket for my new born niece with all types of stiches. so this book (and the water soluble pens) are definitely a great use to me. Thank you


  7. This looks like a wonderful, beautiful book! You are so generous, and I am really enjoying your daily newletter.

    I would love to embroider the entire blanket in this book. I love flowers, and I am so drawn to beautiful patterns of flowers. I would be so *extremely* pleased to win the book, fabric, hoop, and pens!!

    Thank you for all your work in helping others learn and enjoy these beautiful needlcrafts1

    Sincerely, Carolyn Otterness
    An American living in Budapest, Hungary

  8. Mary, Yes, I am interested in making some of the individual designs in the book. I starred your review yesterday so that I could come back to it. I love the time period, flowers, and stumpwork! Good luck, everyone!
    KathyC in Indy

  9. What lovely designs! I'm very excited about this fabulous giveaway. I'm a quilter who loves to incorporate embroidery and seem to be stretching to just embroidery the more confidence I gain. I'm thinking this is perfect to incorporate in a wedding quilt for my daughter.

  10. Whoot Whoo! What a great giveaway Mary! I would probably stitch the designs into several banners. That way they could be displayed all the time.

  11. I'm up early to post on this one! I love to hand quilt and embroidery! This would make an amazing quilt! It would take me a while to do–but the most amazing projects do! Probably a year and a half or two. But I would! But oh would it be a beautiful treasure!

  12. Dear Mary,

    This book is absolutely glorious. If it is anything like the other Country Bumpkin publications I am sure it is a delight. I'd love to stitch many of these projects as gifts such as lids on fabric boxes or sides of satchels/bags. Also, they would make gorgeous pillows for my bed. Oh the possibilities! That little violet shown in your review is absolutely stunning – imagine a whole garden of them…

    Please accept my entry!
    Christa Evans

  13. Wooeeee! What a great giveaway. I would love to win it. I would not make the blanket. I made a wool one a couple of years ago in crazy quilting called Kittens on Wool. It had many line embroidered (redwork in white) kittens and some kitten buttons and beads. I sleep under it in the winters and love it. I would use the flower motifs in crazy quilting.

  14. Hi Mary, Jumping right on this one. Mostly read via subscription link, but coming to blog today for sure 😀

    My interest would be in starting with just one design for a wall hanging.

    Thanks so very much. Jane

  15. G'day Mary,

    I'm interested in stitching the blanket but unfortuately poor health is my "grin and bear it" burden. I just physically wouldn't be able to manage it all. I have considered working less designs but will have to wait untill i have a book to work that out.

    I definitely will be stitching some individual designs. My winter coat could do with a permanent corsage and I do love embroidering pincushions, sissor fobs and needle books, oh… there are so many smaller things that are appropriate. And some not so usual too. They're the ones I really like doing. I could even do a soft winter 'cap' or a scarf to wear with the embroidered corsage coat.
    Mmmm, even my old doll could do with a set like that.

    Ok, enough. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Enjoy all the responses. I do.

    Cheers, Kath

  16. Hello Mary,
    Yes I will eventually make the blanket (maybe in my next live) but for now I will enjoy making first some of the flowers for practice then every single motif for framing or pillow.
    I am so happy since I join your newsletter. I have save every single one of them as a precious note book for learning.
    Thank you for your beautifull work. You are a inspiration to me.

    Françoise Beauchamp
    Mafyb Créations Textiles
    Bois-des-Filion, Québec, Canada

  17. Wow! What an amazingly generous give-away! I'd love to have that book! I've been collecting books on embroidered flowers but haven't gotten up the nerve to tackle any of them yet. I don't know that I'd be up to the challenge of embroidering the entire blanket but would love to make some smaller pieces. The snippets you've shown in your posts are beautifully tempting!
    Judy in OKC

  18. Oh! How exciting! I'm a new needleworker and would love to win some basic supplies! Thank you so much for your generosity! I would probably do the flowers individually.

    Again, thank you for this chance!


  19. Oh Mary! What an awesome giveaway! I believe if I were to win these goodies I would work each project individually on the twill and use these in a Crazy quilt project. That would make a beautiful motifs for crazy quilting. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win these awesome prizes! Thelma Bradshaw

  20. Bonjour Madame,
    Je ne parle pas anglais mais grâce au traducteur je peux rester une fidèle de votre news letter. Merci pour tout ce que vous m'apportez à votre côté je progresse de jour en jour.
    J'ai commandé le livre et je vais le recevoir cette semaine.
    Encore un grand merci et au plaisir d'une nouvelle news letter.

  21. How beautiful! I would love to stitch individual flowers but probably not the whole blanket. I would be afraid for anyone to use it as an actual covering after all that work!

  22. Are you interested in making the blanket featured in the book, or in stitching the individual designs?

    Oh my – Absolutely!!! How could you Not want to make it/them? I know some people are drawn to stitchery with animals or birds (or roosters or fish) {smile} but I am always drawn to flowers. I love to garden, growing my own flowers, so that makes sense.

    The black parts of the blanket – can't tell exactly what that is, stitched or fabric…? Well, whatever it is, it certainly does set off the brilliant color of the flowers.

    I'd be honored to win the book and accompanying accoutrement 🙂

  23. hello Mary !;o)
    you've got a great idea !;o)
    I would like to embroide some flowers of this blanket, not the whole blanket…;o)
    I hope my comment will be accepted !
    kind regards and Bye'
    until the next "blabla about traditionnal embroidery"…

  24. The blanket is so pretty, but I don't know if I'd have it in me to embroider the whole thing. I suppose I'd give it a good try, though!

    –Ashley Aedo

  25. This is a fantastic giveaway. I was thinking I would do the individual pieces as it would be more managable and then make it into a quilt.

  26. With 3 sweet kiddos 4 and under…and another one due this summer, a full blanket would probably put me over the top. But a single motif is right down my alley. For sanity sake and at this point in my life, I try to keep all my project manageable and "easily" transportable. Something goes with me EVERYWHERE! You never know when you might have a snippet of time. Thanks for the GREAT giveaway! – Addie L. (Nashville, TN)

  27. OMG! OMG! OMG!!

    You have my favorite time period, favorite monarch, embroidery and uber generosity here. all I can say Mary is WOW!!!!

    As far as what I would make–definitely the blanket. I have been contemplating making one for a few weeks now, tossing around ideas on motifs, fabrics, trim in my notebook. I would LOVE to win this—Can we say serendipitous kismet???

    Wow and thanks again Mary for your overwhelming generosity in these giveaways

    Ruth Molenaar

  28. Hi Mary, Regarding you question , I will use the book for its individual designs. If I make the blanket I am afraid it will never be used as a blanket. When the designs are used to be framed, it will remain in that pristine condition more or less for ever and can still be enjoyed by your descendants long after you're gone. I hope they will(mmm they better or I will come and haunt them 🙂 ) Enjoy your weekend,kind regards, Elza Bester Cape Town

  29. Mary I have been waiting to find out how to do this blanket ever since I saw it! I want to make the piece the "Center" of a larger quilt which is going to be an heirloom for my progeny. I have squares that my mother "started to sew" before she passed away and they are precious to my heart. I will use her unfinished pieces as a border around Elizabeth's Flowers to pass on to my Granddaughter, in the hopes that she, in turn, will embellish the heirloom piece to give to "Her" grandchildren. I so much want to own this book. Thanks again… Judy in Pittsburgh

  30. I would love to own a copy of this book. I would like to make individual designs to frame and mount in my studio….daughter's old bedroom. The individual designs that you had shown were absolutely beautiful. Please keep up the teaching that you do with your blog…every day a learn something new and learn through your trials and errors.

    Patricia from Howell, Michigan

  31. What a wonderful give away ! Thanks a lot for your generosity.
    To answer your question : I'd rather be willing to stitch individual elements. I have plenty of projects and ideas and it is hard to work on a so long project. But I had a look on the book on Countrybumkin web site – it is georgeous !

  32. wow…what a beuatiful giveaway…i would be sttiching the individual design to make cushins and wall hangings…please add my name for the draw…thank you

  33. First I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I'd just die to win this! I so want that book and since embroidery tools aren't too available here, I'm still stuck with a plastic loop and graphite pencil for tracing. Yeaaahhh..

    Okay so the answer:
    I would actually like to try both, the blanket and the individual designs. I have so many ideas on how to use the individuals!

  34. OMG!!!
    What a giveaway, Mary! This is wonderful!!!
    What a wonderful return home and find this precious opportunity.
    Surely I would not begin with the blanket – first I'd try little projects.
    Thanks, Mary!

  35. OK, I really want this book. And the twill and pens , I really want them too. I would love to male the whole blamket, and I know I will enjoy stitching every single design. I follow you religiously, and love your work.


  36. Hi there Mary! Please count me in for the giveaway. This is really a book for me, given that my name is also Elizabeth (my DH, before we were married, gave me a ship in a bottle named Elizabeth III!!), and look, the blanket even has my viola resting on it!!!

    When I get the book, either through this or buying it myself when I get back home, I intend to use the designs as inspiration as much as anything, and will probably stitch some of the individual designs rather than a whole blanket. I can see them being mounted in special cards, small frames and so on. This way, I can share them with more friends, whereas a whole blanket I'd never be able to part with!!=)

    Have a good weekend.=)

  37. Hello Mary

    Firstly thank you for your daily emails – really appreciate the time and effort you put into these. I would adore to do the whole blanket but I know it is too large a project for me just yet. I would use the individual designs as I make cards or small pictures for friends in free embrodiery and these are usually flowers or small figures. I am about to attempt a face for a dear friend – I have a couple of pictures and hope it will work – but hey the experimentation is part of the fun! Please could I be entered in the draw. Thank you.

  38. What an amazing give-away! I love reading your blog and seeing all the lovely things you are working on. I do a lot of cross-stitch and quilting, and would love to have this book added to my collection. You know – for that day I decide to try my hand at embroidery 🙂 I would like to think I'd tackle the blanket (akin to my quilting), but I'd probably end up doing a cushion or two to start things off.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  39. I would love to win this give away. I am just finishing a project that has taken me 11 1/2 months and I would love to find a project from the book. I'm not interested in making a blanket but I would love to make an individual design. Thanks for the give away….I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Sharon from czechcostumes.blogspot.com.

  40. I just love it Mary!!

    It is a beautiful book. If I was to win your give away, I would stich them individually, but it wouldn't be difficult to decide and just continue embroidering!!

    Thank for sharing and look forward to Tuesday!!

  41. Dear Mary,
    I read your blog daily. I am almost coveting this book!! I saw the pansy pattern!! I adore pansies! And the Legacy Linen Twill!! I have been wanting a piece of that! I would immediately drop my current project upon arrival of the goodies and do that pansy!!! I can just about see it in my warped brain. sigh. in SILKS no less! Had a horrible birthday last Sunday. Long story! this sure would make my day! Thanks for the chance! Hugs! Linda Mc L

  42. What a great giveaway and I might try to make the blanket for my 9th grandchild who is named after me. But if nothing else, I will try some of the designs as this year I am consentrating on learning new techniques. Thanks for another great giveaway…sue

  43. The giveaway is so generous. I would want to start out doing a couple of individual pieces before I start work on a blanket or a bedcover. Thanks Mary

  44. Very generous giveaway ! Thanks for the opportunity !
    I too will like to work on the individual
    motifs. Perhaps they could
    be use to embellish an already
    made blanket or a handbag & definetely
    other household items. (i'm so looking forward
    to having more free time when my little one starts pre-school in few months)


  45. The blanket sounds like it would be lots of fun to stitch 🙂 But of course, so do the individual designs 🙂


  46. What a wonderful, absolutely generous give away. I would love to make the blanket, it is a gorgeous piece. I love this book and all the extras to be given away and will GREATLY appreciate having my name drawn. 🙂 Thanks so much for your generosity!!

  47. Mary, Your review of the book is terrific. I would simply love owning this beautiful book. I would be interested in stitching the individual flower designs. And, so much would love to have the extra stitching supplies. I have always loved flowers, out in the garden and in my stitching!!

  48. I don't think I would atempt to do all the designs on the blanket, but maybe one on each corner & one in the center, with some pillows.

  49. Mary, first let me say, "i look forward to you post each morning"i learn new thing all the time..your give away is so generous. the book would be wonderful alone but then you add more goodies.i wish i had the patience to d o a whole blanket,but no i have to see an end real quick, but i would do many of the individual designs. looking forward to tomorrow. molly

  50. WOW! What a wonderful addition to anyone's book collection. I would love to be able to add it to mine. After reading about it in your previous newsletter it became one of the "I want that book!" books. I believe I would be inclined to make it as a blanket. It would make a wonderful wedding present.

    I had entered to try and win the Long and Short Stitch Embroidery book by Trish Burr that you were giving away a few months back. I finally ordered a copy of my own. It arrived yesterday. I'll just enjoy browsing through it for a bit before planning out yet another project. I have some all different stages.

    Thank you for the wonderful information that you provide and the great give aways that you offer. Liz S.

  51. I'd definately use the designs for individual items, but probably not the blanket. The individual designs would be great for some of my historically-based needlework, though. That little oak leaf and acorn motif is perfect for a project I'm thinking of.

    Kandy Fling, PA

  52. Ah Mary, this book is to die for!

    How wonderful for you and Country Bumpkin to colaborate and be so very generous……and how exciting 🙂

    I am just getting back to my roots of stitching….embroidery…after many years of concentrating on counted work and the florals I saw ihn your post absolutley made my "wanter" leap into heigh gear.

    I am in the process of decorating my home with as much hand-made decore as I can turn out.
    Therefore, I would most likely stitch the florals as individual pieces and use them through out the house.

    Keeping my finers, toes and eyes crossed for this one 🙂

    Hugs, Marlon

  53. Dear Mary,

    Oh this book is delicious and I would love a copy. Not only would I linger over and soak it's beauty in but I would use to make the individual designs for perhaps a pillow, needlebook or to cover the lid of a box. I don't do much surface embroidery, but would love to explore this technique more (I am awaiting my first stumpwork kit from Jane Nicholas). The other goodies – legacy linen, pens and hoops are truly generous as well. Thank you for this wonderful give away!

  54. What a wonderful, generous give-away. I would stitch individual designs so they could be featured in several places in the house. The blanket would be in only one place.

    Marion T.

  55. While I would love to make the blanket, I'd more likely decide to make a bell pull using several of the designs.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    Shirley Crockett

  56. Hello, Mary –

    What an incredibly generous giveaway!

    Thank you for being such an inspirational needleworker. I have been quite taken by this book, thanks to your blog posts, and am feeling quite a calling to it to. My plan would be to pick out my absolute favorite design first and stitch just that. If my gut says "this is what you are meant to be doing," (as I suspect it might), then I will tackle the whole blanket. Kind of like testing out a pen on a scrap fabric first!

    Please enter me in your giveaway. And thank you for bringing a little lightness into my life.


  57. What incredible little patterns. When I was a little girl, I had to ride my horse across our valley for embroidery lessons. Needless to say, I was more interested in the horse than the sewing. After I happened upon your website, that has all changed. My children are now taking lessons from you and happily beginning new projects weekly. I wouldn't make the quilt but I would use the individual designs.
    Thank you for the generosity of your time and materials and for sharing your talents with all.

  58. Much as the blanket is so lovely, I would embroider the designs individually. Then each could be framed for display. Even one would make a beautiful embroidery for my dining room wall. Thank you. I do enjoy your newsletters.
    Please enter me in the draw.
    Ruth Ann Woolford in London, Ontario.

  59. Wonderful giveaway. I think if I had the book I would attempt smaller pieces – not the whole blanket at once. ~~Bonnie

  60. I dore your site and love the giveaway! I would probably be more interested in the individual projects than a blanket, though is is appealing.

  61. Dear Mary,

    I have been closely following your blog for about a year ever since a friend in my stitch group recommended it. I started the stitch group because I wanted to learn more about surface embroidery, however, it wound up to be more fun than informative. We are all about the same level of skill. However, as soon as I started to follow your blog and took advantage of your video our skill level came up considerably. I am now learning to thread paint (courtesy of you) and my ultimate goal when I grow up is to do gold work. I emailed you about gold work sometime ago asking for clarification on the metal threads and the needles.

    I so admire your work and I hope that one day you will write a book with all the information you impart to us everyday. I don't know what I would do if my computer crashed and I lost everything.

    I would never be able to afford the linen and all the goodies that you have up for grabs. Our stitch group (The Loose Threads) meet at our local quilt shop, but they do not carry all the linen and such that you offer for your giveaway. I would probably not make the blanket, but instead would make a pillow or picture to hang on the wall.

    Even if I don't win, I feel as if I have already just being a follower of you blog and wonderful instructions. Thanks for all your diligence and hard work, it is really appreciated.

    Kathleen Whatley
    Brenham, Texas

  62. Dear Mary, What a lovely, generous and well-planned give-away! I don't usually sign up for the give-aways because I figure others are more likely to actually use them than I am but this one!!! I've never done any wool embroidery but have always loved the look and feel of it and I fell in love with this project before you announced the give-away.

    My son got engaged over Christmas and I have been thinking furiously about making them a quilt as a wedding present (I have never made a full-sized one before) but after reading your presentation of the book, I would love to make this for them instead! So, if I am lucky enough to be the winner, I want to try making the blanket for them but since I haven't done this kind of work before, I would certainly want to do some individual designs first to get a handle on it. So, I guess my answer would be I want to do the blanket and the individual designs. Thanks again, barbobbi

  63. I have two Elizabeths in my life, a daughter and a sister. Both would love the blanket, but first I would have to practice on a few individual designs. Thanks for the chance to own it!

  64. Mary
    How very generous of you. I love the book. But since I am stilling in the learning process is would not atempt the blanket at this point maybe in a few years after much practice. I would howerver love to do a few of the individual disigns. Thanks for your blog Mary and all your giveaways. I start my day reading what you have written for the day and enjoy following along with your projects, Thanks Carrie L., Newport Wa

  65. Oh, oh, pick me! 🙂

    With the way I stitch, jumping from project to project, I'd never finish the blanket. Definitely individual projects for me, and I'd likely try the designs out with different techniques like stumpwork or goldwork.

    Thanks for a great giveaway, Mary!

  66. Beautiful book! Though I might not make the blanket I would love to use the motifs to make individual frames or maybe some hand embroidered birthday cards. They would be a treat.
    Thank you for your generosity 🙂


  67. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!!
    For me to attempt a project as large as the blanket would be futile (even though it is lovely). I would love to work an individual design from the book. The Elizabethan style is perfect! I love it.
    Thank you, Mary for your inspiration and impeccable daily newsletter.
    Linda Adam
    Ontario, Canada

  68. I would love to do individual designs,since a blanket is of not much use in southern India.Or may be I'll try a wall hanging with all the designs incorporated. Thank you for giving us this chance.
    Much appreciated,

  69. Mary, I would love to do the individual designs to incorporate into my crazy quilting projects. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.

    Maureen Greeson

  70. This book just makes my mouth water! I doubt that I would attempt to make the blanket but the designs appear to be just right for the decoration of clothing which is my preferred way of displaying my art. I would also like to adapt the designs for use with the lovely rayon threads of Brazilian embroidery.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

    The Dalles, Oregon

  71. I would LOVE to work the entire blanket, but fear it would take me years to finish, as my stitiching time is limited due to some arthritis problems. But I see several individual motifs I envision framed and smiling at me from the wall of my sewing room!

  72. Several years ago my sister and I attended a color and needlepoint workshop by Brandon Mabry, Kaffe Fassett's assistant. My sister and I managed to collect the whole range of Paternayan yarn skein by skein. I have moved on to needlepainting, goldwork and other surface stitchery and have watched for a use for all those lovely skeins of Paternayan. I was so excited when I read your post. All I need is the book and the wool blanket. (Actually I have a blanket because I have the Country Bumpkin kit for "Arabian Nights" that I haven't started. Sound familiar?) Christine Harris

  73. Hi Mary,

    I'm getting back into embroidery after many years away and really enjoy your website and newsletter.

    At this point I wouldn't do the blanket in the book but, instead, would focus on the individual motifs for framing.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

    Leanne Hall

  74. I've been following your site for quite some time but have never commented…then I saw this book. I LOVE IT!!!! I love making pillows and framed pieces as gifts, the floral motifs would be beautiful for this purpose. Maybe someday I would attempt the blanket but, for now I would be content picking my way through the motifs as individual pieces. Thank you for your site — I've learned so much from it!
    Kris Weiss

  75. I don't do enough stitchery, and this is enough to tempt me back in. I would do a couple of individual flowers to get my hand back in, and to test the threads I was considering using. They would make the front and back of a beautifully elegant purse. Then – the blanket. I think I'd probably do the cross-ribbons in a royal blue with the gold edging, or even blue one way and red the other. I'd have to wait for the blanket to speak to me though before I knew for certain.

  76. This book is gorgeous. I would love to make individual projects from the designs in the book. I'm thinking they would make beautiful gifts for Mother's Day.
    Thanks Mary, Nita Carroll

  77. What a lovely book! And how generous of you to give it away! The first thing that occurs to me is to make a series of flower portraits for our house. This interests me as a geneticist and as a needlewoman. In fact, it's one of the long-term projects I have in mind for our cottage when we "do it up" (whenever that may be). I want to try a mixture of styles, silk-shading, crewel embroidery, stumpwork, and cross-stitch to decorate the walls. I've already made a large Viola tricolor in dark red shades in silk-shading, and would like to embroider a camellia and hibiscus and perhaps a dahlia to continue the colour theme for one particular room. And of course, I'd get a whole lot of new ideas from this book to start on other rooms as well. The second thing that strikes me is embroidering these motifs on scarves and shawls. On a recent visit to India, I acquired quite a few plain hand-woven silk scarves, which are simply crying out to be embellished with flowers as pretty as those in the book. And of course, one is always looking for small motifs to go on skirts and blouses and pockets and so on. (Oh yes, I'm still old-fashioned enough to use cotton hankies instead of the bits of paper that fall to bits!)

    Your blog gives me my half hour of relaxation after teaching every evening. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter this draw.

  78. How very generous, Mary. A wonderful give-away!
    I am most interested in working up the small motifs. I like finishing stuff – although you'd never know it from looking at my stack of UFO's 🙂
    Many thanks –
    Susan Newberry

  79. Wow, the person who wins this gift will be blessed.
    Jacobean/Elisabethen flower designs are my favorite. I have done them in crewel and cotton. I would like very much to make the blanket shown. It would be an heirloom piece for my girls to pass down.
    Thank you Mary for your generosity. Good luck everybody

  80. As all of your readers have said…you are very generous. Not only with this give-a-way but with the time you put into your site. Without your inspiration, teaching and honesty about what goes right and what goes wrong (I hear a rooster crowing!) many of us wouldn't be embroidering – or at least not as well!
    Oh…if I had the book I'd probably do the blanket first it's just beautiful!) but then use the designs in another format – say a wooden sewing box! Imagine a box with these beautiful designs on each of the four sides and the top covered with glass… on legs…maybe even drawers with the flowers in the triangle sections across the front of each drawer…I can see it in my mind's eye! I hope my father is up for the woodworking part of this project!
    Have a great weekend Mary and thank you again for everything your do for us!
    Kathy in Berlin
    (but with family in Iowa for shipping!)

  81. Hi Mary. I absolutely love this book! The flowers are gorgeous! I would love to make the blanket, but I would have to see how it goes making one beautiful block at a time. It is so beautiful and elegant!

    Dawn Correia
    Southcoast, MA

  82. This give-away is amazingly generous! What a treat to own such a beautiful book, and lovely materials for working the project. When I first saw the post with the book review, I immediately thought how much I would love to stitch that blanket as a gift for a dear friend of mine who is also a needlewoman. Thanks for putting together this package, Mary! My fingers are crossed!
    Hilton, NY

  83. I'm drooling over the book! I'm not sure if I would make the blanket – maybe. But I definitely would make individual projects! Thanks again for the giveaway! -Emily

  84. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I probably wouldn't attempt the whole blanket, but I'd love to try some of the smaller designs. I've also been wanting to try the twill you use & have been meaning to get a good hoop for a long time. I've been using those plastic ones for over a year now. And we can always use good pens for transferring designs!

    Thanks again for the chance to win & for all the time you put into your blog. I've learned a lot from you!

    – Angelina

  85. What a wonderful giveaway – you always have the best! Would definately be interested in making a blanket if I had this book – simply gorgeous designs! So enjoy your daily newsletters – very informative and have learned a lot from you.
    Thanks again!
    Barbara in TN

  86. What an amazing person you are, Mary! You are so generous …God bless you!

    I would make individual designs, frame and give it away as gifts or maybe, keep it :))

    Thank you,
    -Meeta V.

  87. Oh, so cool! A big Thank You to all the companes involved, and to you, Mary for bringing ths to us. I am interested in sitching the motifs in a blanket, just not in the format Susan uses. Also I would be interested in stitching them separately, and perhaps using a little stumpwork with some of them.

  88. You are always so generous! Wouldn't it be lovely to have a blanket with all those flowers on them? Alas, I've never completed a project of that size so I think I would need to stick to stitching the individual designs…pillows would be really lovely.


  89. Thank you for offering this great give away! The book looks like it would be a must have addition to my embroidery library. I would use the designs by themselves to add to CQ or stand alone projects such as framing, on clothing, or on home dec. Jan Trivanovich

  90. Hi Mary,
    What a beautiful book and such a lovely idea to add items so that a project could be started. I would love to win this and do them as individual designs, perhaps one of the projects would work itself into small pillows.
    Many thanks for your thoughtfulness in putting together this give away.
    Joan from Richmond BC Canada

  91. Hi Mary! I'm a regular reader of your blog! Thank you for sharing such wonderful information with us all the time!! I would be likely to blend the designs into a crazy quilt as opposed to a blanket..they are gorgeous! Again, thank you for all that you share! Leslie Ehrlich

  92. I think I would start with individual flowers working my way up to the blanket. I love the whole idea of this book. You are most generous with this giveaway and with all your posts. I refer to them all the time. I am learning so much about threads to use. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.Sharon

  93. Ooh, excellent give-away!

    I'm interested in the individual designs as a learning tool, as I haven't done an extensive amount of surface embroidery. Also I know better than to commit myself to such a large project right now. However, the entire blanket is lovely. Maybe some day…

  94. I'm a crazy quilter, so those little floral motifs would be beautiful as individually stitched on Cq patches!
    Janet Popish

  95. Now I'll be able to create flowers in a form other than cross stitch or needlepoint. Thank you for another super book review.

  96. What a fabulous give-away, Mary. You can tell by the number of comments how popular it is and I certainly could not resist dropping my name into the hat for this one.

    I'm very much a 'set' type of person, so my heart would yearn to make the cushion (although I'm not sure I would allow anyone sit on it!).

    However, I find that because I'm waiting until I have time to do the whole project, I often don't get around to starting something.

    For that reason I am trying to be less ambitous with some things and telling myself it is ok to just make one or to scale things down.

    If I one this give away, I would do an individual design. (To start with 😉 )

  97. Now I'll be able to stitch flowers in something other than cross stitch or needlepoint. Thank you for another super book review.

  98. Hi Mary

    To be honest, I would not tackle the blanket, just too big a job for me! But those individual flowers motifs would be just perfect for crazy quilt squares. And as you said they could be used in lots of different ways, such as stumpwork, which I am very much into right now. All the other items that you are generously offering are wonderful too. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
    Diane in Ontario

  99. What a generous giveaway this is! Truly a 'just add thread and needles' thing. I also loved your presentation of the book. Much better than the flip-thru at CB's website. To answer your question: when I first saw the book, I was thinking that I would love to try some of the individual motifs. However, now that I see the fine detail of the 'framing' of the blanket, it seems that it would be a real shame not to work the whole thing. That said, in order to accomplish this, I would have a lot more to learn about both embroidery and quilt piecing.
    Good luck to everybody. I'm sure that we are all equally covetous of this great prize.

  100. This book looks delightful and the other goodies you are giving away have my fingers itchin' to go stitchin'. I would want to do some of the designs, not the entire blanket. I know just where I would put them. — One of 2 Pat K's in Wenatchee

  101. Wow! What a great giveaway! I would most likely embroider the individual designs, but a blanket would be so beautiful.
    I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. Your photos and tutorials are inspiring!
    Kitty from Tennessee

  102. Wow, those are all great products! You are so very Generous. Thank you for the newsletter, I love to read it every day. Making blankets of all kinds is something I love to do, so I would try to do the whole thing!

    Sarah Steed

  103. I would be most interested in doing the individual flowers, but would not object to the thought of the blanket. I have a facination of flowers that rivals yours of birds, and love to put them on everything!!!

    Christy S.

  104. You are incredibly generous – with both your time to do this informative website as well as giving away such nice gifts. Yes, I would love to win a copy. I have a yard or so of the wool blanketing from Australia and have been trying to decide what to do with it. I think these flowers are a perfect choice; hope I can win your drawing.


  105. What a beautiful book! Thanks for the review…..I would love to attempt the smaller designs. Please include my name in your wonderful give away…..WOW, how exciting!

    Susan Riggs

  106. I absolutely adore reading your daily news. You make embroidery so enjoyable. I would not attempt to make the entire blanket, but would love to have the book and would definitely try some of the motifs in the book (especially if I was lucky enough to win the book, fabric, pens & hoop-hint, hint).

  107. I love Elizabethan embroidery and my daughter's name is Elizabeth, so I would love to make some of these designs. I do not think I would make the blanket.

  108. This book looks so wonderful! I probably would never make the quilt, but from the photos that you have shown us there are so many possibilities and the designs are just lovely. Thanks!
    Karen In Breezy Point

  109. This book sounds like an amazing resource – I really hope you pick my entry because my credit card is worn thin from the embroidered boxes you described a few days ago…..too little time!

    I think I would attempt the individual designs on something that actually might be completed before I consider the whole blanket….

  110. Wow, Mary, this is a terrific giveaway! I would LOVE to win this one.

    I don't believe I would ever stitch the blanket design – it's just tooo big. I would definitely try some of the flowers and the smaller projects look fabulous and very do-able, even for a novice.

    Congratulations to whoever wins this generous gift!


  111. Ooh, the book looks yummy! I would definitely use the book to make individual designs, rather than the blanket. I would finish something a lot faster that way!

  112. Hi. The designs in the book look just beautiful. I would stitch the individual designs for framing. Thank you so much for the opportunity of this wonderous package.

    Christy C. in Illinois

  113. I know, when I see a beautiful piece and the colors and the form that it is presented and makes me move emotionally,I want to attempt making the blanket!
    Annie in Va.

  114. I LOVE reading your daily news..and Oh my Gosh yes I would make that blanket…I love it..and Love to embroider..thanks for the pleasure of your blog and to comment here..Lisa Sheets

  115. Oh, this is just what I need to get me inspired. My machine isn't working and I've been doing some redwork but need something more. I don't have a hoop or the fabric either. I do have lots of DMC thread. I'm thinking I'd make individual blocks and put them together into a throw size quilt. I hope I have included everything needed to enter. Katie

  116. Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to win such a treasure. I'd stitch individual elements from the book before attempting the whole blanket.

    Suzanne Espinosa

  117. After reading your comments on the book and looking at the photos, it is certainly a have to have book, would love a change to win it.
    Not sure which I would do, the blanket or individuals small projects. Probably start with several small pillows, then when I felt comfortable would make the blanket. Thanks for offering us a chance to win the book. BarbM

  118. Your work is amazing and you are my new hero! Your review of this book can't help but make every embroiderer want it. Outstanding job.
    I would probably not attempt the entire blanket but would use the stitch instructions and motifs

    Sandy Pell

  119. Wow! Generous giveaway! Whoever wins will be lucky, indeed. I would stitch the designs on linen, either as part of a sampler or as individual motifs, or both.

    Actually, I don't know of any Americans that embroider on blankets, or on wool in general — which is not to say that there aren't any, I've just never heard of any. I've always been puzzled why Australians and New Zealanders like to embroider on wool since they live in a mostly warm climate. When I go there I intend to ask! — Janice in Missouri

  120. Hi Mary,

    In answer to your question : BOTH. I love your site and your attention to detail is fantastic. I am primarily a counted thread enthusiast who would love to branch out onto some free-form surface embroidery and what better way to do it than to follow the beautiful patterns in this book.

    Keep up the good work

    Trish Hughes, Whangarei, New Zealand

  121. The possibilities of use for this beautiful book and supplies are too vast to limit the project to a blanket.

    Patches, crazy quilting, fabric collage, picture postcards, clothing embellishing, to name a few.

    As an activity director in a nursing center, I would grab the book and reproduce the flowers for coloring projects for the residents (I know, it's not embroidery so that would be cheating)…they can't do needlework, but they can "embroider" with paints, crayone and markers. I always use a theme and their work goes up on the bulletin board. These would be perfect for the summer.

    They also enjoy discussing embroidery and sewing projects; many of them did work that was outstanding in their time.

    Thank you again for this newsletter, which is a beautiful respite from a lot of the present world's not-so-beautiful "realities".

    You can never have enough babies, puppies or flowers, in my opinion.

  122. If I had the book, I'd probably stitch the individual designs. Of late, I've become really interested in monogrammed and embroidered handkerchiefs, and I think that some of the designs would be perfect for that!

  123. What a beautiful book, I will definitely add it to my wish list. Please enter me in your drawing. At the moment I am thinking the designs would make wonderful quilt blocks.
    Nancy F.

  124. This book is fantastic, many thanks for the review.
    I've just learned that my close friends are expecting their first baby. They would love this blanket, it's just their style and it would be a lovely keepsake for the baby. For myself the individual designs are exactly what I've been looking for for cushion cover centres, they're beautiful and so inspiring.

    Pauline J

  125. I would like to make the blanket or use the designs to make a quilt. I think having all designs together on one project would be more beautiful and amazingly showy!
    Thank you Mary, for this wonderful give-away!

  126. What an amazing giveaway! I went to the Country Bumpkin site and looked at their pictures of the book and it is stunning. I wouldn't change a thing about the project…it is gorgeous. Someone will be very, very lucky to win such a wonderful giveaway.

  127. What a wonderful gesture on your part to offer this giveaway to all of us.

    I would certainly make the blanket. I quilt on the weekends and embroider during week in the evenings. I could also vision this being turned into a quilt.

    And the other supplies offered would complete the ensemble.

    Helen Vickers
    SW FL

  128. Bloggers are so generous… Thanks for the opportunity.

    I am a motif kind of gal, so rather than the blanket, I will use the motifs here and there.

    In San Diego, CA

  129. Mary,
    What an outstanding give away! This is just so generous. I would love to try this entire blanket…I've seen the book on their website & said to myself: you must buy this book and try it. Every book I have purchased from them has been extremely well documented and thorough. I'm sure this one will be too. Thanks for doing this give away. Sheila from CA

  130. Mary, I would be so proud of myself if I made this blanket! It's beautiful, but my stick-to-it ative usually leaves me half way.Since I saw you review these hoops, I've been passing hints to no avail. Super nice give-a-way! My toes, fingers and eyes are crossed until you announce the winner. Thank you so much. Sharon K. Lozano

  131. I'm flabbergasted (or twitter-pated, in your words) at the generosity, and the perfect-ness of this give-away.

    I'd do individual sections – cos I'd like to give some to friends.

  132. Hi Mary–What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much for offering it!

    Here's what I would do with the book. I would love to stitch the individual designs, but stitch each one in multiple stitching techniques. Then you could finish each design with all the techniques and make a study of a particular flower. I think that would look really cool when framed.

    Carol Sylvester

  133. Hello Mary,
    I have never commented before, but this book is just too tempting to pass up. I love any book that helps me choose the color of threads. I would not be able to make the blanket (time and money limitations), but I would make the individual flowers and put them on some pillows that could use some embroidery or as gifts for my sisters.
    Thank you for having this give away!
    Ren Mondragon Taos NM

  134. Dear Mary,
    What a lovely giveaway! Not just the book but also the other miscellaneous items… I am interested in making the individual designs since I'm planning on making some pillows covers. The flower motifs would be great on pillow covers!
    Thanks for giving us all a wonderful opportunity to win such great goodies!

  135. The blanket is beautiful! But I'm a much better "starter" than a "finisher" so I would probably stick with the small motifs. They are lovely, and I can see them as great designs on a cushion or a box.

  136. The blanket is stunning, however, I blend my decor with hubby and use minimal flowers. I would use the embroidered flowers as individual projects. I love embroidery, of all types. This book looks amaizing and realy appreciate your discription.
    I use Japanese products alot and you can't beat their pens and out of the dozens of embroidery hoops I have purchased over the years, I've never seen one as magnificent as the one you are offering.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest to win the book and other items. This is a very generous giveaway.
    Linda Jones
    Central Ohio

  137. This book just looks incredible! I love the look of the blanket! I'm not sure if I would try the blanket itself, more likely I would try a smaller version and create a large wall hanging. The more I think about the possibilities, the more I think I HAVE to get this book.


    Sheryl R.

  138. Oh, Mary, what a wonderful giveaway. I would love to use the individual designs for pillows and such. I reside in Costa Rica and one of my girlfriends loves to embroider also. I can just imagine her looking at this book and drooling. We could make so many things and embellish them with these designs. Just learning about the book from you has been quite an experience.

  139. Possibly the blanket would come at a later date. I am most interested in the designs. I am currently finishing a quilt my great grandmother left to her posterity, everyone has had good intentions on finishing it but it is still waiting and I hope to be the one. There are 15 white 18" blocks with the rest of the quilt being 1 1/2" multicolored squares. I believe these designs would work very well in those 18" blocks. I also have her very well worn sewing box that needs some repair and one of the designs would look great on top.

  140. Mary,
    What a wonderful give-away. I would not do the blanket but would do the individual designs. Thank you for a chance to win these goodies.
    Maria in Kansas

  141. Thank you for your review of the book the other day. The pages the Country Bumpkins website showed were good but your comments were what tipped the scales.
    I love the finish of the blanket and would do that. The black and gold frame the motifs wonderfully but do not overpower it.

  142. This book would be a treasure if only to browse through to enjoy the art. However, I most likely would use the individual motifs separately. I'm always looking for flower patterns which I like to frame and hang in those small spaces in my home, or as gifts. The hoop and pens would give me additional tools with which to continue to explore embroidery and applique quilting. Thank you for this generous gift to one worthy needler.
    JoyAnna Singer

  143. hat a very generous giveaway Mary. I have been a huge admirer of Susan O'Connor's designs since the beginning of Inspirations. I don't think I would attempt the whole blanket. But would love to work one of the motifs.

  144. Wow, that's incredibly generous! It looks like an awesome book.

    I think I'd be initially inclined to stitch individual designs, since I haven't done crewel work before, but I have a secret longing to make late Elizabethan bed hangings (never mind that I don't have a suitable bed for them). The designs look like they could be easily adaptable to curtains.

  145. I would love to be entered into the drawing for this book, and that wonderful embroidery hoop too – that's very alluring! I think that I would love to say that I would make the blanket, but realisitically I think I might try individual motifs first, and make a set of cushion covers. Then I would feel prepared for the blanket. Cath


    Not only do I think I would do the blanket I think I would also use the flower around the hem of a summer Victorian Tea gown and the bodice and sleaves too… I would also use them to make pin cusions for each of my "aunties" who help me learn to quilt, and are there when I have odd questions. some of the motifs would also find their way into a huswif that I'm designing… so ingeneral yes I would use this book and love it a lot… I'll probably have to buy it cause I never win anything EVER.


    P.S my confirmation code is s0sew 😀

  147. Thank you for this awesome giveaway-I would really love to win this.
    I am a quilter too, so I would start out with individual blocks first, and make them part of a quilt-thank you again for this generous giveaway Kathy

  148. I have already stitched 5 of Susan O'Connors designs and I absolutely love her work. I have never tried Legacy linen though, and one of these designs would be a perfect way to start.
    Enjoy your blog very much Mary.

  149. Mary,
    I'm a huge fan of your site and read it every day — thanks for providing such a wonderful needlework resource! I probably wouldn't attempt the whole blanket, but I would love to stitch the motifs on it and would try a pillow in similar style first.

    Keep up the good work, your blog is one I look forward to reading every day 🙂

  150. Hi the book will be a guidance for my works. At first i will try the designsfor small wall pictures, then for bigger projects. Would love to win the book and the goodies that go with it .

  151. I'd love to do the blanket, but time's always a problem so would probably do a bunch of the individual designs as thank-you gifts.

  152. Ha! I never win anything–so I have no illusions here either. 🙂 I just wanted to say, Mary, that your blog is an absolute gem and has been a wonderful diversion from the tenure track slog. I am very glad I found it.

    As for this book–I could see making a quilt but not a blanket–and definitely some of the single motifs.

  153. Mary, what a lovely, kind offer!

    I love crazy quilting, "sane" quilting, and embroidery. I see so many possibilities for the designs in this book. I would love to make some small gifts (pillows, framed stitcheries) with the individual designs, and it would be a joy to make that blanket for my mum!

    I love the connection I feel to other women – past, present, and future – when I stitch and teach others to stitch. I teach a different type of heirloom craft at the state fair every summer. I set up my table with fabric, needles, and threads from my own collection for anyone to try, and I'm always surprised by the number of children (especially boys and dads!) who stop to explore these arts.

    I would love to win this generous package! Thanks for the offer and your inspiring blog!

    best regards, annie
    sew strong / be strong

  154. Aloha Mary,
    This is one "ono" (that's Hawaiian for delicious) giveaway. I would love to do the flowers as individual motifs. With the pens, cloth and hoop it would be a stitchers dream. Having used my fair share of cheap hoops that alone is worth a lot. What is fascinating is the lore attached to different flowers- socially, religiously, romantically and medicenally. Thanks for your generous spirit.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  155. That was a great review, Mary. Not the whole blanket, but some of those beautiful designs could make their way into other projects. So, which are you going to make?:):) Debbie

  156. I don't think I have the patience to make the whole blanket but I love the individual designs. The motifs are lovely and look like they can be stitched in so many ways.

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway. Good luck everyone (and me).

  157. I have always wanted to make one of Country Bumpkin's beautiful blanket designs, but a couple things have always stopped me. The first is the obvious issue of gathering supplies, time and the willpower to finish a large project. The second is my beloved cat. He seems to need to knead every large piece that spills out of my lap as I work, and wool is one of his absolute favorite things.

    This book is so stunning, though, that I thought of a compromise when you reviewed the book, and if I win this wonderful give away, I think it would give me the resolve I need to follow through. You see, my dear grandmother was known by everyone who loved her for two things: her love of flowers (and ability to make them bloom at all times of the year) and her exquisite needlework. Most of her children and grandchildren were blessed with the ability to grow flowers, but I got a black thumb and am the only one to carry on trying to reproduce her beautiful needlework (though not nearly as well ).

    My cousin's two daughters, who never knew their great-grandmother, are now off at college, though, and I'd love the chance to give them a lasting bit of their heritage. Wouldn't blankets with a posy or two (probably in the center) make a beautiful gift to warm them through their studies? That way, I could control the time commitment and keep Tom away from the bits I was working on at the same time!

    Thanks for your generosity of time and goodies! I look forward to reading your blog every day!

    Karen from Arcadia

  158. Hii Mary,
    WOWOW….What a wonderful and generous give away..!!! I don't want to miss this chance.. If I get this Iwould like to do the individual flowers and frame it and keep.They are so gorgeous..
    Thanks for this Mary..
    Love, Deepa Sethuraj

  159. Hi Mary,

    What a wonderful give away as always.The review of the book "Embroidered flowers for Elizabeth" is amazing. A couple of days of ago I was trying to search floral patterns on internet and othe resources for embroidery and what I see on your blog are these beautiful, gorgeous flowers :).I really really want that book for those lovely flowers. And what a treat to have legacy linen to go with it…….hurray!!. And the pens which we don't get in India :(.I always had liking for victorian patterns whether embroidery or crochet or purses they always fascinate me. And therefore this book is a must have for me and the goodies too.


  160. What a wonderful book it looks so inspiring .I think I would be tempted to make a set of smalls or even a box to keep them in .The blanket is beautiful but is less likely to be finished.Thank you for your site even if I don't have time to sew I can get my daily fix but reading your comments.

  161. Dear Mary,
    You do such a good job in teaching and being down to earth on stitching. This book is a good one for me as I am looking for items to add to corners of baby blankets and making pillows. I do frame a lot of things. These would be great to add to other items. Thanks for a chance to have this book.
    Debra Puma

  162. This is a fantastic prize. I would be delighted to win because I admire Susan O'Connor's work and because I want to try Legacy linen. I would stitch individual designs rather than the whole blanket. I think the designs would have a lot of uses.

  163. Mary

    I joined your newsletter only recently and just love reading what you are up too, you have been so inspiring to me and I am fitting in more time to stitch in the last few weeks. Tricky question about whether to do the whole blanket or individual ones. I think I would like to make the whole thing, the colours look marvellous, but maybe practice first with some small pictures of individual flowers. I do like the way the sashing has been done, such a nice royal colour.

    Keep up the good work
    Julie in Australia

  164. Ooooh, like almost everybody else I feel a little bit daunted by the whole blanket – but the individual little projects look great. I, too, really like the pea and daisy design…

  165. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your lovely posts and your generosity in sharing with all of us. I wouldn't have the confidence to attempt the whole blanket, but would love to have a try at some of these gorgeous flowers! Once I've been through your soft shading lessons that is!

    Alison in Sydney Australia

  166. So generous you are, Mary, to give away this lovely book and the inevitable accessories too… This is a BUMPER PRIZE I would say!! 🙂

    Definitely I'm not prepared enough to stitch a whole blanket, as featured in the book, but I'd love to try the individual motifs for some of my plain kurta tops that I wear to office.

    Only recently I finished embroidering one such top with my own design… This book inspires me to do more…

    I so want to be lucky this time, but even if I don't win this give-away, I don't know how to thank you for your blog is a free resource for all aspiring needle workers.

    Hats off to you dear Mary!!!


  167. Decisions, decisions – a blanket; perhaps, individual flowers; more than likely, to put all the goodies in my ever growing stash; of course! This give-away is so exciting because I adore surface embroidery. Please, oh please: Pick me, pick me!
    Your devoted reader,
    Karen in Western N.C.

  168. I found your site recently… but you have a lot of information for me the little newest embroiderer but wish to complete some individual designs and join them to my quilt… I am a quilter too. thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us and appeciate it very much… hope you understand what I am writing I am a French native.

  169. My, my, my – how on earth do you choose from all the comments? With a pin, with closed eyes…? Comment number…? The sentiment that touches you most…?
    I've recently returned to surface embroidery after years (decades!) of simple sewing-on-buttons, clothes-making etc, and I'm loving it, now I'm retired and have the time. I'm in the midst of a cross-stitch feast, but am longing to create some crewel gems, or my ambition – goldwork.
    Many thanks for sharing your needlework life with us – I look forward to your blog every day, and save it til last to savour the content and follow your links.
    Bionicbodger in VERY windy western France…

  170. I think a blanket (Or more than likely, a duvet cover.) would be the way for me to go. I love machine piecing quilts, and this would be a perfect blend of embroidery and piecing!

  171. As always, another yummy giveaway. While I would love, love, love to make the blanket, I must be realistic and know that for the present time it would be single motifs that I could frame and hang, most likely in my bedroom.

    Lynn D

  172. I'd love to be entered in this generous giveaway, please.
    I think I would make individual small projects instead of the blanket, but who knows, I may get carried away and make the entire blanket! 🙂
    Thank you, Lana

  173. Hi Mary. I think I would do the flowers on their own and not the blanket also that linen is beautiful. I've tried to get my hands on a piece for ages.


  174. I have participated in your other giveaways – never won and had decided that I would not even get too involved this year… then along comes this giveaway!!!
    I would probably use ths book in two different ways… 1. make a wall hanging using 4 or 6 of the designs 2. use one design and try to demonstrate all types of needlework technique – goldwork, jap. emb, crewel, blackwork, schwalm, pulled thread etc… it would be an interesting "study" in color/texture etc.
    Oh, but I'm sure I won't win…so I won't get my hopes up!

  175. I've been eyeing this book. . .but would NOT be making a blanket, so it's really nice to hear about the versatility of the designs. I've been doing a lot of 17th century techniques lately. . . so maybe goldwork, needlepainting, elizabethan buttonhole. . . so many choices.

  176. Although I love the blanket, my skills and patience are not ready for a project of that scope. I would like to make a few of the patterns for use as pillows and wall hangings.
    Thank you for arranging for this lovely giveaway.

  177. Flowers are my favorite embroidery and applique projects. I would do both, the designs to help practice my stitches and then on to the blanket. I would give it to one of my daughters or daughter in law for a gift. They all appreciate the work that goes into things. I love your daily blogs and hope someday before I go that I can at least emroider almost as good as you.
    Sue Ames NY

  178. What a great giveaway!
    My dream is to stitch a blanket one day. But to be realistic, the first thing I do if I win will be to stitch the design with the peas! I love it!

  179. Hi, Mary. I, too, would love to receive your wonderful free giveaway. I would never get the blanket finished, but would love to use the designs for smaller projects. And I am sure that I would learn new things just by reading the book. It would be fun to try the designs in silk threads. Sandi Hersh

  180. mary
    read your newletter and once a week try to learn a new stitch from the video library.
    i would make the individual designs as a learning tool and then who knows? maybe a quilt
    there you have it.
    jane atkins

  181. I would love to say that I would get the entire blanket done, but who are we kidding? So I would probably opt for doing perhaps a series of designs. I have had the pleasure of taking a class from Susan O'Connor and a class with her. She is even more talented in person. So please pick me!


  182. I would definitely make the individual designs and frame them. They are so beautiful! Thanks for your generosity.

    Judy Rand

  183. I have a neighbor that quilts, she embroidered each state, the state bird and state flag on each square and then pieced it together. This reminded me of that quilt. Yes, I think I would try the blanket.


  184. Dear Mary,

    I am delighted to have recently discovered your website. Now I really have a crush on embroidery! I am madly reading all your previous posts as fast as I can, enjoying your beautiful needlework, and learning. Thank you for your generous spirit and for sharing your time and talent with so many. You are an inspiration!

    Thank you, too, for giving all your readers the opportunity to win such a wonderful giveaway. Should I be the fortunate recipient, I would have to begin by stitching individual designs and aspire to gain the confidence and skill to stitch the lovely blanket.

    Thank you again for the chance,


  185. I would have to say.When I was fir st on this site I came across this gorgious book,I said to myself,myself I have got to find out where to find this book!As it happens,I am starting a library! I would probably use this book as a teaching tool.I have been soaking up info on a large scale!Then I would make the lovely blanket,it would look great on the back of my couch.Make my living room pop!

  186. The blanket is beautiful. I would probably not make the entire blanket, but chose some of the individual designs to stitch.
    What a wonderful prize. It will be a treasure to the winner –
    Good luck to me…..
    Sharon S.

  187. I became interested in embroidery since the day I had to spend a lot of time on my couch. I have MS and need to take a lot of rest. But I don't like to do nothing, so when I have to rest, I embroider! At first it was just cross stitch, but since I've found you, I'm exploring another world! It makes my time on the couch very entertaining and it would be nice to 'decorate' my always cold feet with this lovely blanket. I also like the individual designs, my pillows on the couch need replacement from overuse, so I would start a lot of new projects with this lovely book! (And I would use Renaissance Dye Wool, I've ordered it after you send me some advice on the wool.)
    With regards,
    Gwen Kok from the Netherlands.

  188. A beautiful book, a generous giveaway. Very nice project for a gift (done individuly). A very special project for someone you love. I think I would have to do it both ways. To me, it would be a project to leave behind for our grandchildren. what a lovely way to be remembered.

    Vicki W.

  189. Today I signed up for your blog delivering to my Kindle — what a treat! The book looks like a "must have" only I probably would not do the quilt as a whole, just do the designs on smaller projects. The smaller projects are easier for me to take with me. Thanks for the give away. Pick me ! Pick me !
    cindy tubb

  190. Hi Mary, I saw this book on Country Bumpkin and wished I could afford it – thanks for the chance to win it!

    I am interested in the blanket. I eventually want to design one with Alaska wildflowers – this would be an inspiration to actually get it written down and started!

    Thanks again :0)
    Kathy in Kenai

  191. Mary….I look forward to your daily posts and want to thank you for your generousity….sharing your talent and knowledge and these type of giveaways. This book looks wonderful…not to mention all of the other add-ons! I would use the designs to make the blanket (just not in wool), but, also, would use the designs in crazy quilting and other projects, too. I'm not very lucky at winning things, so will cross my fingers and toes….but will add the book to my list to buy in the future. Thanks again for all that you share with us! (By the way….I'm taking Floral Glove Needlecase class through Thistle Threads, too. My first experience with goldwork. Wish me luck).
    Sherry Johnson

  192. This sounds like a wonderful book and a truly generous giveaway. I'm just learning needlepainting so would be interested in working some of the individual projects. Please add my name for the drawing.
    Thanks, Char Brooks

  193. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for thinking of your readers! I would like to use the individual flower designs to continue trying new techniques and materials The book is perfect for this. I think taking notes on the materials, design, stitches and any problems is a great way to improve your skills. The best part of course is having those beautiful flowers for all time.
    Kim Kemmsies NJ

  194. Thank you so much for this giveaway and for all the work you put into this blog. It's lovely to find a place with all these fellow fibre junkies! Love the blanket and while I'd love to make the whole thing, time commitment is so big not sure where I'd find the time. So many pieces to do, so little time… Would make wonderful small pieces though. The flowers are gorgeous.

    Maureen M.
    Rockport, USA

  195. That's a pretty easy question for me to answer…it would have to be the individual designs. Much as I would love the blanket, so would my dog and two cats and they would ruin it in no time.
    As always, such a nice giveaway Mary!!

  196. I always love reading what you have to say on books, this one is no exception. I have wanted this book since I heard that it was coming out. I very much would like to do both the blanket and use the flowers individually. I would love the opportunity to do this as a keepsake blanket for my daughter, as she enjoys anything I embroider for her (she's only 3!) and use the motifs on dresses and hats for her, as well as myself, of course.

    Good luck to all who are trying to get this marvelous give away from you Mary!

  197. Mary, I would love to win this give-away. I don't think I would stitch the blanket, bit I would love to do a couple of the motifs. I've always wanted to stitch a wool blanket, but I think I would pick a pattern that was more simple.
    I enjoy your blog very much, and I am still planning/hoping to do the lettering sampler.
    Bye for now,

  198. I would love to win this "package" because its not just the book. I would probably not do the entire blanket, but I could see me do a 4-some, so I can see a wall hanging. This is such an awesome opportunity. Thank you for everything you do.
    Cathy S, Remus MI

  199. I am not sure if I will be lucky enough to get this wonderful treasure you are giving here. Anyway let me give it a try.
    I would prefer to do individual designs as I tend to slow down on big projects.

  200. This is one of your most generous give-aways yet, and I find one that compells me to enter on the off-chance of being very lucky! I love everything about the book and lovely designs. I think I would try the designs in different mediums as you suggested. It would be fun doing some in crewel, some goldwork, some silk, etc. Alot of fun and learning new techniques.
    The person winning this will be very lucky indeed.

    Carol DuVall

  201. Hi Mary,

    I know it would be a long, involved task to do the blanket, but I would be very enthusiastic about it. When my first grand-daughter was expected I asked my daughter to choose something for me to knit. She chose a double-sided afghan in blue and white. I had never knitted double face, but I took up the challenge … and felt very proud when it turned out to be a success. She is now 10, and the afghan still comes out every winter.
    So, I suppose I could tackle another challenge 10 yrs after. It does look beautiful, and the twill! Don't see anything like this in my part of the world.
    Mary, I will say it again, I love your newsletter and look forward to seeing what marvels you've come up with every day. LOL

  202. I'd love this book too, I'm an experienced cross-stitcher who's branched out into embroidery but who needs to be stretched into doing more than the basics.

    I would make the designs on their own and once I had mastered the process, would add it to the list of stitching that I have signed up to teach my local Scouting group. They are really inspired to start soonest and I will have to keep on my toes in order to keep ahead of them.

    Even if I don't win, Thank you for this kind giveaway, some lucky stitcher will very much appreciate your kindness. I have started to teach my daughter to stitch (and a friends daughters) and love to see their eyes light up when they say "hey can we PLEASE stitch again today! We have been making Christmas ornaments and I realise that big photo's can't be posted here so if you would like to see photo's they are on my blog dated October 10 2009.

    kind regards, Kiwidutch 🙂


  203. Sounds like a fantastic giveaway. I think that I would be more inclined to use the patterns individually than for a whole quilt.

    Thanks for always having great articles on your blog!

  204. I would not start with the blanket, because I am a beginner, but a smaller design would be o.k..

    Thanks for the great offer.

    Martina Lueneburg

  205. I don't think I could take on another huge project like the blanket – it would have to be individual motifs, or simply to use it for inspiration!

  206. Thanks, Mary,
    I will try to partecipate to this giveaway… I would use the book for the individual designs.
    I'm very interest also in pen and hoop.
    I love reading your blog: I've learned a lot from you!

    Barbara from Italy

  207. I would probably not make the entire blanket, but the designs themselves look stunning and I would use them individually for other projects.

    I'm a newcomer to your newsletter and blog. Your long and short tutorial was incredibly helpful to someone who hasn't done embroidery work in years.

    Abingdon, MD

  208. i think i8 would go for individual elements – that way i could enjoy the satisfaction of completion numerous times, instead of having to wait for the end of a large piece for that same feeling.

  209. Hello Mary! My family and I always loved books like this and would always make the projects in them, it would while away the winter blues. Unfortunately there is only my 89 year old mother and myself. I would love to make this blanket for her since she can no longer embroider she would love to advise me and to gather the threads needed as I work. This would bring us great pleasure in a life currently fraught with insecurity. Thank you,

  210. Mary, You are your usual generous self! Thank you! I love reading your posts. I have learned so much from you! I also love this period of embroidery. I would do individual pieces using this tpe of work. Please enter me in your give-away. Thank you. Kathleen

  211. Thanks for the contest, Mary. I would be most interested in the individual flower designs, I don't think I'd have the stamina for the full blanket. Also, I'd love to try that twill fabric!

  212. Mary – I was out of town and reading your blog on my phone, as I wait for it every morning for with my coffee – actually the coffee waits!!! I was sooo excited I tried three times to do a comment from my phone! I do not think it worked after reviewing the comments – I am so glad I came back to Chicago early so I can do this properly!

    I am a stitcher, self taught, and would love to do the blanket, however, I want to use the designs individually in diamond shaped frames around the upper part of a room as a "border" if you will. Then, I'd like to make the blanket as a throw for over my grandmother's antique rocker for my mother after mastering the techniques. And then accent pieces for my newly vacated room with the border mentioned above. I will not paint or buy furniture until I know what I am doing and this is such a motivational book!

    You have inspired me into stitching again – I was doing mostly counted cross but have done Hardanger and am loading up my supplies, books, materials, etc. in preparation for retirement and topstitching! What a great blessing your blog has been for me. I am inspired and awed by your talents – I hope I can do your teaching justice! Thank you for your kindness – this give away is far more than generous as your newsletter is as well. Going through a difficult time and you are a great highlight that I enjoy daily. I hope you have an idea how you touch people with your art – teaching and creating and passing it along – what a legacy.

    Debbie Czerwionka

  213. Oh, individual designs, for sure. But possibly all of them! Just so you know, I'm positively drooling over the contents of this giveaway!

  214. Yowser! What an opportunity. I would love to own this wonderful book. If I do win, I would try to complete the entire coverlet. It would make an heirloom my grandchildren.


  215. Wow! this is a spectacular giveaway–as the number of comments shows! I'd also like to enter. While the afghan is lovely, I'm not one for big projects. I'd stitch the individual motifs for smaller projects. I could see combining a few of them in one project, though–say, a tote bag. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  216. Hi Mary,

    What an awesome book and giveaway. I would not make the blanket but would make individual motifs to use in a quilt top. Thank you so much.

    Jean B
    Puyallup WA

  217. Mary – I've said this before but I think this is your most wonderful and generous give away yet.

    Like so many others I'm not as interested in the blanket (though who knows what can happen down the road!) but I'd love to work with the flowers on other projects – even perhaps a liturgical stole.

    Many thanks,

  218. What a generous give away! Thank you so much Mary…..

    I would not attempt the blanket. But I would love to do these designs on individual quilt blocks. How gorgeous would THAT be?

    Does drooling while I am looking at the pictures you posted give me an advantage for winning this wonderful give away? tee hee hee.

  219. My, what a noble act of largesse! The offer alone deserves thanks.

    I would use the exquisite flower patterns and supplies as a teaching tool for the student embroiderers in my medieval recreation group. The "Tudor windowpane" arrangement works well to showing how different materials produce different results: Here's how a pansy spray worked in DMC cotton looks, here's how a similiar flower looks worked in wool, here's another worked in silk on linen — and here's how it looks as stumpwork!

    What a cool way to interest teens and adults in embroidery. 😀

    Dawn Tavares
    Lady Aurora de Portugal

  220. I think I would work the projects separately, because I am still learning and a big project is a little daunting. You site has inspired me to learn all sorts of new techniques, and you are a very good teacher!

  221. This is such a beautiful book! I'd love to think that I would do the entire blanket. However, like most of my bigger projects, I would start out with working the motifs that would look suitable framed or on smaller projects and see how far I could get.

  222. I don't believe that I would attempt the Blanket now but could easily adapt the individual designs into several projects. The blanket would become one of the great projects requiring retirement or something to have the time to get lost in the stitching.
    I loved that the book had conversion charts for different threads, specifically the DMC Cotton.
    So here's my entry,
    Julie Candler

  223. A beautiful book, thanks for the review. I love all the patterns in the blanket but doubt I would make all of them. I would probably work several individually tho, to frame.

    And thanks for the giveaway. This will be my first time participating but to many goodies to pass up :).

    Catherine K. (in Kansas)

  224. OMG! You have posted some fantastic giveaways in the past, but never such a covetable one as this!

    I would do the flowers individually, to use on smaller items like bags etc. I have a huge queue of projects at the moment and the blanket just wouldn't happen.

  225. It is unlikely that I would attempt the whole blanket. (I already have one as a UFO) but I would love to use the individual motifs on smaller projects.

    Mary L.
    Cranberry Township PA

  226. Beautiful book! I would attempt a blanket and try some flowers on the pillow. Probably I might end up adding some variations to the design patterns from the book to make it work on the flower designs I already have printed on my blanket. This book will be a good help to get me started with one of my pending blanket project.


  227. I would probably make this a very loooong term project. Stitching a design or two a year and then finishing the blanket after that. It really is very lovely and would make a wonderful heirloom.

    Jenny in Missouri

  228. OMG, this is amazing! I love each design in this book. I would make them individually. OOOOHHHH I hope I get picked to win this one! Thanks for your generosity.

    Colleen Lim

  229. I would probably make some of the designs into pillows, because I know from experience that the blankets get started but not finished.
    Sue Kernan

  230. What a wounderful blanket. I would love the challange and think I could do a pretty good job on some thing like this know. I think I am going to check out the pen as one of my problems is tranferring my work Never can fine the right pen to do the job so I can see the work after.

  231. I would probably do individual designs on other projects. My granddaughter is also learning to embroider. This would be a good book for me to hand down to her when she gets a bit older.

    I'm Shirley at Memaw Bakes Memories

  232. what an opportunity! I would first do some of the individual flowers, and then when my work was much improved, tackle the beautiful blanket.

  233. Wow~ so many nice stuff you put for giveaway~
    So to answer your question, I would like to stitching the individual design from this book, cause I am handicap of sewing.

    Wei in Arcadia, CA

  234. I would make the blankie for my grandmother and probably use the motifs in a few crazy quilts.
    Rebecca C.

  235. Hola Mary

    Estoy muy contenta de saber que tengo, gracias a ti, la oportunidad de hacer un pequeño proyecto de este libro tan interesante y sobre todo de lo que mas me gusta "las flores". Me gusta la idea de una almohada para mi pequeña hija.

    Quiero aprovechar para agradecerte por esta pagina porque desde que la encontre, hace como un año, la he seguido. Gracias por tus revisiones de los libros porque me ha llevado a conocer muchas tecnicas de bordado desconocidas para mi. Admiro tu capacidad para compartir todo lo que sabes y lo que vas descubriendo en libros y paginas de Internet.



  236. I am delighted to have recently discovered your website. Now I really have a crush on embroidery! I am madly reading all your previous posts as fast as I can, enjoying your beautiful needlework, and absorbing as much as possible. Thank you for your generous spirit and for sharing your time and talent with so many.


  237. Hello, Mary!

    What a giveaway! If I received this incredible package, I would do the individual designs (first!!) since I am a beginner. It would be a great way to gather some experience (and courage) before trying something like a whole blanket.

    Many thanks to you,

  238. I'd go for the blanket, I think. Otherwise, I'm afraid a bunch of individual floral pieces with no specific purpose would end up in a drawer, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. Thanks for sharing such great stitching goodies!

    Angie B.

  239. Hi Mary,

    making a quilt was exactly what I had in mind when I saw those flowers on the cover! I've been looking for something special for my new grand baby and those pansies and daisies are absolutely perfect. I think I would probably tweak the border to look not quite so Tudor-ish, but I'm in love with all those flowers!

    Thanks for offering this prize package – I sure hope I win. 🙂

  240. Hi Mary,

    When you first posted those book photos, I knew I wanted to make those flowers into an heirloom baby quilt for my grand daughter (though I will probably tweak it from the Tudor look a bit).

    I apologize for posting twice, but I forgot to sign my name to the previous one & I wanted to make sure I qualify! 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway – sooo hoping I win. I'm in love with the pansies & daisies!

    Trish H.

  241. Wow another giveaway Mary! So many extras with the book – You are too generous. I've always wanted to try working on linen twill. Anyway to the question, I would love to make the blanket, actually I'd make 2 of them (one for each of my daughters). It's absolutely gorgeous and hopefully they'd cherish them long after I'm gone.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely items and for the information you so willingly share each day. take care, Dianne in Utah

  242. Wow! What agorgeous give away.Mary, you really make my heart flutter with all these beautiful goodies.I may not attempt the blanket since I live in a warmer climate.I definitely want to try all the individual designs for pillows and framed pieces.


  243. good opurtunity for us to recieve such a nice book&that; hoop,fabric.i like to stitch individual designs for my cushions,chair backs etc.

  244. I would love to be picked to receive these generous gifts from you. Many years ago my husband gave me a wooden box with an open top and sides that I imagined were for photographs but I have never done anything with it as that was not what I envisioned for it. Your recent postings about needlework boxes has rekindled my desire to do something with this box. I see the motifs that are in this book would be a great inspiration for the sides and top of the box. I almost always use my own designs as I like my work to be original but this book looks as if it will supply me with lots of ideas. I will use silk to work the designs which is my favourite medium.
    Thank you for your daily 'epistle'; I look forward to reading it and seeing what you are up to – it sets my day off to good start.

  245. I would love to make the blanket. What a wonderful giveaway. It is so much fun to work with embroidery. I also love to quilt.

    Ann Post

  246. I'm a little too late for the give away but wanted to compliment you Mary, on the inspiration and generosity that your show fellow stitchers, and the great Blog that is a fantastic help to newbies like me. I'm a cross-stitcher who's branched out into embroidery and who's going to be shortly taking on teaching stitching to our local Scouting group kids. I know that many of them are very keen, so books like this will be necessary, not only to inspire them to bigger stitching dreams, but also for me to stretch myself beyond the basics so that I can keep my progress one step ahead of theirs as our stitching knowledge progresses LOL. Stitching the individual components would improve not only my skill level, but anyone who tries their hand at this. To all who stitch, and may have a chance for this book …Bon Chance!

    regards.. Kiwidutch 🙂

    ps The link to WordPress won't work, it keeps telling me to sign in.. but I already am! 🙂

  247. Apologies, I thought that my post yesterday didn't post and that today I was too late.. I finially found my origional post in the list 🙂 In the end It doesn't matter, Mary, Thank you so much for the inspiration, my eight year old daughter and I found a bundle of stitching threads at our local second hand shop and she's simply bursting to start a stitching project. When YOUR inspiration became my inspiration and it then got passed to my daughter (and soon her fellow excited Scouts)and we are all rearing to go… I need only look at her excited face to know we are winners already.
    BIG HUGS and Thanks !!!
    Kiwidutch 🙂

  248. Are there any present giveaways as of November 26, 2010? If there are, where are they on the website? You have such a giving heart! The “inspiration Flowers for Elizabeth” is one of the most fabulous giveaways I have seen. The new owner must be thrilled beyond imagination with it.
    I love your website.

  249. I would love to embroider the designs as individual projects, Susans work is beautiful and the book is a real treasure that I would love to keep forever. Working the designs as a blanket would make it such a longterm project for me but working them individually would mean that I could enjoy them as I go

  250. came across the review by accident whilst looking for help with a stitch for linen repair, glad I did have many books on Elizabethan embroidery and making Elizabethan clothes. hope l,m lucky enough to win to make blanket, and if not will still be buying the book to help my future Elizabethan projects.the review was inspirational.Will be using this web page in future for reviews and help with projects

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