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Stumpwork & Goldwork by Jane Nicholas Coming Soon


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Jane Nicholas does it again – another beautiful stumpwork and goldwork book is coming out soon! It’s full of projects that are stunning. The book is on my list of “Must Haves” and I may even be springing for some kits! Take a look…

Jane Nicholas is among the best when it comes to stumpwork and goldwork embroidery. I love her books! I’ve reviewed a few of them – Stumpwork Medieval Flora and Stumpwork Embroidery, both of which are equally beautiful and instructive books. Her new book coming out in June, 2010 (on her website, anyway), is Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery, inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles.

Stumpwork & Goldwork Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles

If you click on the image of the book above, it will take you directly to Jane Nicholas’s website, where you can read some details about the book, which is scheduled for release in the US in August (but hopefully, it will show up a bit sooner!). You can also pre-order the book from Jane’s website, which is always a great idea if you are eager to get it.

Stumpwork & Goldwork Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles

To get a sense of the designs offered within the book, take a look at the stumpwork and goldwork kits available from the projects in the book. It looks as if the kits will be available this month some time, so that’s pretty exciting!

There’s not one kit there that I don’t like, but there are several that really appeal to me above the rest! I’m afraid I will definitely be succumbing to the temptation on some of them.

I love the vibrant colors in all the tiles, but it seems that the ones featuring red and purple really grab me!

Stumpwork & Goldwork Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles

This is the most expensive kit from the selection. The Sryian Pomegranate Tile is featured on the cover of the book for obvious reasons! I love the irises, I love the scallops, I love the little shoots of red flowers, and oh, I love the pomegranate!

Stumpwork & Goldwork Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles

This Persian Peony Tile is lovely, and it’s the piece that alerted me a few months ago to this upcoming book when Sandy Vass of Gold ‘n Stitches blogged about the Persian Peony Tile project that Jane Nicholas taught at one of the Koala Conventions classes. When I saw Sandy’s project, I was enchanted! The first thing that struck me was the vivid color on the crisp white background. The delicate shape of the design, the airy thistles, the red peony lined with gold all struck my fancy right away. When I found out there was a Whole Book of these designs coming out, I was thrilled.

Stumpwork & Goldwork Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian Tiles

Finally, this Cherry Flower Roundel is on my list. It’s a smaller project, a little more affordable, and I adore the edge treatment!

It’s so easy to get excited about Jane Nicholas’s work. Her books and projects always entice me. She has a unique design style – when you see her work, it says “Jane Nicholas” – and that’s not a bad thing, because I’ve never seen any work of hers that I didn’t like.

The difficulty, of course, is that there’s only so much time in one’s life! I already have a list of projects I want to do and a list of projects that I have to do this year. Is there enough time to get them all done? Probably not.

But I can’t help it. I’m afraid the Tiles just moved to the top of both lists!

Do you ever get the itch to do something so badly that it’s the only thing you can envision doing, and if you don’t do it, you’ll be distracted by it until you do? Well, that’s how I’ve been since I saw the tile project on Gold ‘n Stitches.

My mom always said that anticipation is greater than realization, and now that I’ve lived a bit, I think she may have been right.

But not about these.


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(8) Comments

  1. G'day Mary,

    Am grateful for this review. Went into Jane's site and The "Turquoise Peony Tile" appeals to me the most.The colours and smaller design catch my attention. Also the small Ixmik Carnation Tile.

    The book No. 6 on Stumpwork Medieval flora has special appeal to me too. So… Abrraa cadabaraa, zippydy zooks, expand bookcases to take lots more books. AND don't forget my bank balance while you at it. Thanks in anticipation!!

    Good oh Mary, All the best in all your pursuits. Hope you and yours keep well. Bye for now Kath.

  2. Mary,
    I was delighted to read your review about Jane Nicholas' upcoming book. I was aware that it was to arrive this summer- I try not to miss anything when it comes to her glorious work. I have almost all of her books now, and have always found them to be beautiful-with fine illustrations and clear instructions. She is an incredible teacher with the ability to teach embroidery to all interested. I have been most fortunate to have studied with her on 3 occasions- memories I cherish. She is, indeed, a very special lady!

  3. Thanks for the preview. Just found one of her books recently. Now another one has been added to my wish list. I would love to see what you attempt from this book


  4. I was on her website Saturday night and saw she had a new book coming out! I immediately put it on the top of my list too. And I love (although my pocketbook may not) the fact that you can now order her kits from her website. So I will have to do some budgeting as I would like to purchase a few of her kits, also.

    She also has a project (one of the tiles) in the newest Inspirations Magazine which has just come out (issue 66). Thank you Jane Nicholas, for all your research, books, classes, and kits/supplies, that allow the rest of us to be intoduced to the wonderful world of stumpwork!

    Thanks, Mary!

  5. Mary,
    A very nice review indeed. I just went into Jane's site and the cherry roundel appeals to me both in looks as well as price. I have never done stump work before so I'm waiting for your tutorial on it so that I too can start it along with you.
    Thanks for the lovely review!

  6. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your kind words about my new book. The research and embroidery has been a joy, and I can’t wait for it to finally be released, as the design and use of colour is very different to my previous volumes!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi, Jane! Thanks for your comment! I’m so excited about your new book, and I can’t wait for it to be released, either! The cover project is stunning. I think I’m going to have to give it a go! I’m happy to see the little Tulip Tile in the current issue of Inspirations – it’s pretty, it’s little, and it’s manageable in a relatively short time. I might have to play with that while awaiting the book!

      Best of luck with the release!


  7. I just got the book (found out about her from you) and I have to say, I am in LOVE. The colors, the attention to detail, it’s all incredible. Now *I* can’t think about doing anything else.

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