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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials


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In January of 2009, I began playing with a whitework and drawn thread embroidery sampler. It is still a work in progress! I had to put it aside last year to work on some other embroidery projects that had deadlines, and I’ve never gotten back to it. I like the idea of the sampler and I learned a lot while working on it, so when I approach the concept of a random whitework and drawn thread sampler, I think I’ll probably start over! In the meantime, though, while working on the sampler last year, I wrote several tutorials for different aspects of drawn thread work. I also played a little bit with drawn thread work on gingham last year. To make finding these tutorials more convenient, I’ve listed them here in one place.

Drawn thread embroidery is a technique that requires the stitcher to remove either vertical or horizontal threads from the fabric before stitching. The stitching itself in drawn thread work is usually both functional and decorative – the stitches hold the remaining threads together while adorning the area worked.

Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials

Drawn Thread – Securing Edges with Re-Weaving
Drawn Thread – Securing Edges with Satin Stitch
Drawn Thread – Hemstitch Tutorial
Drawn Thread – Chain Loop Bunches
Sampler Update with Schwalm Embroidery
Online Book on Drawn Thread Techniques
Diamond Stitch in Drawn Thread Work
Coral Knot Bunches in Drawn Thread Embroidery
Zig-Zags in Drawn Thread Embroidery
Simple Treatment with Coral Knots
Drawn Thread Embroidery on Gingham


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(13) Comments

  1. I really appreciate the fact that you are indexing these various techniques. I have saved many of them over the years and have often referred to them when trying something new. It's nice to know I'll be able to find them easily on your site.

  2. Mary,

    You are the BOMB! You just get cooler, and cooler, and cooler every day! Ditto what Annie said! I want to grow up to be like you too! I'm 40 this year. Do I still have time?

    LOL! Sheila 🙂

  3. G'day Mary,

    I remember doing this at High School. Not the fancy ones though. They look really smart. I know I enjoyed it but have never done any again. Too bad on my part but glad of the incentive to get going again.

    Thanks, Kath.

  4. Mary

    These links are brilliant, as I only found out about you recently, I didn't know you have done this sort of drawn thread work. I have a band sampler that I started many years ago on 36 count linen from SANQ (vols 7-12). There are 2 white work sections. The instructions say to satin stitch to secure the ends (as in your second link), but I wasn't sure if this would hold, so I rewove the ends in (but didn't think to remove the next thread first). Consequently my re-woven bits are a bit bulky, so I'll try and redo them the proper way.

    Thank you so much, that project has stalled for many years (as I am on the second part of reweaving the ends) now I have incentive to complete a lovely work of art.

    Julie in Australia

  5. Mary,
    I so enjoy each and every email you send out! You are so inspiring. I'm making a notebook of the blackwork fish, so I might try it at a later date. I'm so impressed with your "doodling"!

    Another suggestion for finishing the fish. Make it into a 3-dimensional….make a back for it (maybe out of a black suede) and stuff it….then find a pretty stand to display him (her) on….I'm thinking of stands now….some candlesticks can be used as stands. Wouldn't it be dramatic to have maybe 3 fish in various sizes and heights to display together! Just having fun with the old imagination!


  6. Dear Mary,
    I absolutely LOVE your idea of grouping together all the lessons you provide, into one blog entry where I can access and look at progress of a piece from beginning to end, again, in ONE entry. So very thoughtful and brilliant on your part to make your material "User Friendly"…but then, that's You…always "user friendly"…thanks a bunch
    Judy in Pittsburgh

  7. I am dying to try drawn & pulled thread, but no matter how carefully I count, when I turn the corners on a 4-sided project, I’m always off. I have done plenty of Hardanger & counted cross-stitch. How would you recommend I get started?

    I absolutely love your work! My favorite stitch is the feather & maidenhair.

    1. Hi, Ethyl – sorry about that, I just added your email. You’ll get a confirmation email with a link in it, to click and activate the subscription. Welcome aboard!

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