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Soft Metallic Twist for Trimming Your Needlework


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This is “stash” post by yours truly – an opportunity to introduce you to supplies that I have in my needlework stash that you might not know are on the market, and that might be Just The Thing you need or want for your own needlework. Remember the post I wrote a while back on Accentuate thread? My purpose there was the same – to introduce you to something on the market so that you know that it’s out there. My point is not to “sell” you the stuff, but just to inform you of needlework goods that exist, in case you’re looking for something similar!

Today’s “stash post” is to introduce you to Soft Metallic Twist.

Soft Metallic Twist Trim for Needlework Projects

Soft Metallic Twist is a flexible metallic cord that is suitable for finishing the edges of needlework projects such as needlebooks, pin cushions, box tops, ornaments, or anywhere that you would use a cord as a finish.

I’m not exactly sure how many colors it comes in, but I do know it comes in all the colors above: gold, silver, black and gold, and a reddish copper and gold twist.

Soft Metallic Twist Trim for Needlework Projects

Soft Metallic Twist is packaged by the meter, and a meter is generally plenty to use for finishing the edge of a needlework item or two.

Soft Metallic Twist Trim for Needlework Projects

Soft Metallic Twist is not a real metal thread. It is synthetic and therefore doesn’t tarnish. Personally, I like all the colors I have, but I think the black and gold is the most dramatic, and it would work really well for “dressy” finishes.

Soft Metallic Twist Trim for Needlework Projects

The reddish-copper and gold makes a nice rich edge. I could see it used to good effect to finish a Christmas ornament.

Soft Metallic Twist can be found at needlework stores – if they don’t have it in stock, ask for it and maybe they’ll special order it for you. If you want to find it online, try Threadneedle Street. It may be on their website, but if it’s not, they’re very good about special orders!

What do you think? Is Soft Metallic Twist something you’d make use of? If so, how would you use it? Any ideas? Feel free to leave a comment with your questions, suggestions, or recommendations!


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  1. Hi Mary, I hope you are having a great time on your trip. I ordered a kit from Berlin of Calgary and as you suggested I would used it to decorate a tree branch etc. I never worked with gold thread, too chicken.
    Thank you, France

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. I would love to use it on the ornaments I make. In the past I’ve just twisted floss and filament and made my own twist. Not always satisfied with the results though, especially when attaching it. I wonder how to attach this metallic twist? Couching perhaps?

  3. I very much appreciate your posts on thread accessories; they have been very helpful. Particularly like that you explain or suggest ways to use them. And yes, I would use this accessory – and I didn’t even know it existed!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have not seen this thread, it’s gorgeous!! I would like to try it on a purse. I’ve been wanting to design something really spectacular, a real stand out piece for evening. This just might be what I am looking for, thanks Mary!

  5. They r really beautifull.. I wonder how you fix it to the edges..!! though I’ve seen it being worked on christmas ornaments..

  6. G’day Mary,

    Mmmm…interesting. Seems like it would be handy. I do little projects like needlebooks and pincushions for the Guild’s sale table. I like things to be a bit different and these certainly would give that edge to a project. (The pun wasn’t deliberate, this time!)

    I couldn’t see them in the Threadneedle Street site but will enquire here. Am interested to know of other colours if any.

    I did see on the Threadneedle Street site that Medicis wool yarn is being made again. Goody. Different company but the same product and numbers. All the info is on the site.

    Cheers, Kath

  7. This looks amazing Mary. I always thought that I should use either a gold or silver thread to outline the works I do on my Salwars (An Indian attire mostly used by women). But this looks even more amazing to stitch along the outlines of the works either on a floral or paisely work. These would definitely complement the Indian colors.
    Thanks for introducing, will check if available in my area.

  8. Love the copper/gold cording! If it’s synthetic, is it washable or drycleanable? I can also see using it for embellishing special-occasion clothing with it if it is.

  9. hi there, i’m interested in using this soft metallic twist but cannot find it on the website you mentioned. Can you send me a link?

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