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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Give-Away! Trish Burr Needlepainting Embroidery Kit!


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Good morning, all! Today, because it’s Saturday, because it’s a gorgeous day out, because I’m behind the 8-ball as usual (hence, the post is late!), and because I think you all deserve a little needlepainting in your Needlework Lives – I’m giving away a Trish Burr Needlepainting Embroidery Kit!!!

The kit is compliments of Trish Burr (thank you, Trish!), and it’s suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.

Trish Burr Needlepainting Embroidery Kit

This is Trish Burr’s Daisy Spray with Rosebuds (and a blue ribbon) kit. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to needlepainting, which is shaded embroidery using primarily long and short stitch, but also including other stitches for texture and interest. So if you’ve wanted to learn needlepainting techniques, here’s a great way to get started.

If you’re already proficient at needlepainting, or if it’s a technique that hasn’t grabbed you yet, the kit would make a great gift for a stitcher in your life!

Trish Burr Needlepainting Embroidery Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to complete the project – fabric with the design pre-printed, step-by-step instructions, and all the necessary threads. The threads are organized on thread drops, so you can connect these to a ring and keep them all together at your fingertips.

If you’d like to win the give-away, here’s what you have to do:

1. Leave a comment below this post (not via e-mail, not on any other post on the website), answering the following question:

What embroidery technique do you want to try, that you haven’t already tried? or, What technique do you want to improve in, that you have tried and liked?

2. Make sure you leave an identifiable name on your comment!

3. Leave the comment before 5:00 am CST, Wednesday, December 1st. I’ll draw for a winner on Wednesday morning and post the winner that day.

4. Check back to see if you won! The winner will need to contact me with a mailing address.

Best of luck!!!

The Fine Print: The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. If mailed overseas, the receiver is responsible for any customs fees, taxes, etc. Should the item go astray in the post, please understand that I will not be able to send a replacement. (In the past five years, only two packages mailed overseas – to my knowledge – have gone astray. I don’t always hear back from the winners after the items are mailed, but I do know that one book sent to Australia never made it, and one package sent to Hungary never made it.) But I will do my best, from my end, to make sure that all is right in the mailing of the package.


(465) Comments

  1. I have not yet tried stitch painting, but I am ready to try it. Actually I am usually ready to try just about anything.

  2. What technique do you want to improve in, that you have tried and liked? I want to improve on the dimensionality of my stitching. I have mental ideas for designs I’d like to do, but my ability to bring them to fruition is symied because of my skill level. So all techniques that will help bring dimension are of interest to me.

  3. I have not tried thread painting. The local EGA is willing to take a beginner and help me in February. I loved your needle minder and will make some for gifts.

  4. Would love to try cutwork. It is so precise. The needlepainting kit is beautiful. I haven’t done any of that kind of work. Good luck to me!

  5. I would love to win this! I’m definitely a beginner and it sounds like this would be a good project to practice the Short & Long stitch, which is one I’ve been wanting to learn. I really enjoy reading this blog. Thank you!

  6. I have never tried Needlepainting so I will be a real beginner. I think this kit is lovely and really special as a beginner’s kit. What a generous offer this designer is making and what a wonderful opportunity to try something new.
    Thank you.Dee.

  7. Mary, great news of yours.
    My answer to your question is that I never triedout stumpwork. I want to learn it and know the technics.
    I dontknow how i am going to learn it.

  8. Two techniques that I would love to become more proficient in are goldwork and temari. I practice the temari more because it’s more portable, and have noticed myself getting better. I still need, though, to stretch myself. One problem I have is that I live in South America at the moment and have no one nearby to give me feedback. My next post is Moldova, so it won’t be much better there.

  9. Well, first of all, that is a beautiful piece of stitchery!

    The one kind of needlework I’ve never done but would love to learn and do is Goldwork. I can’t exactly afford it right now, but it’s definitely on my list, and someday I will try it!

    And needlepainting is the one I want to improve in. I took your Short and Long Stitch course, here on your blog, and I’ve done one stitchery using that technique. And one that is about half done, but that’s the one I want to improve in. The needlework pictures using needlepainting are so pretty, I want to be able to give them as gifts.

    Thank you for offering this – it’s gorgeous! πŸ™‚

    Karen Gass

  10. I have not tried needlepainting (it’s the “painting” part that intimidates me) .. but I have a book and have always wanted to try it. I am somewhat of an acedemic embroiderer (and gardener); if reading about something could be translated into “doing it” I would have fewer books and more finished projects. I am also fascinated by any whitework: I love how the stitches on the fabric are so beautiful to not need colour.

    Thanks to Trish and you for the contest. If I win I promise to actually DO the kit πŸ™‚ Cross my heart …

  11. There is a Turkish technique for embroidering on leather I have always wanted to try, so far I have always chickened out. May be soon, cross your fingers.

  12. I’d love to learn this needle-painting technique! I’m fairly new to embroidery, but have conquered many stitches so far. However, I still need to practice & master satin stitch.

  13. Hi! I would love to win the Trish Burr thread painting kit. I have done a little bit of thread painting and certainly need to improve on it. Winning the kit would give me motivation to try again. Thanks, Donna D.

  14. I love goldwork and whitework. I have never tried to do thread painting as I honestly never knew where to begin. My brother is a priest and I make vestments for him. I am a mixed media artist so learning to paint with thread would expand my repertoire of media. I see so many things on this site but am limited by my lack of knowledge of thread painting. Please help me expand my horizons. Adele

  15. I would like to learn how to embroidery period. I have been “practicing” my stitches on flour sack towels. I did some embroidery as a child; some of the stitches are coming back to me. Mary, your videos are so helpful! I sit in front of my laptop and follow along. One might think I was crazy if they saw me starting and stopping the video to make sure that I am creating the stitch just like Mary does. Thank you for your dedication and love of embroidery.

  16. Actually, needlepainting is a technique I’ve been planning on trying for a while now! I love the way needlepainting looks. My daughter is an oil painter, and I would love to be a needle painter! :o)

  17. I want to learn to needlepaint. I’ve been embroidering for a number of years and am just finishing the 14th design on an embroidery floss embroidery called “A Colonial Herb Garden”. That will complete the entire embroidery and I’m ready to start a new one. I’ve been doing some research on how to needlepaint on the internet. Winning your kit would give me the opportunity to learn to needlepaint by actually using the techniques in the kit. I would love to win it!

  18. I love needlework–it’s relaxing and so satisfying! I love threadpainting! Stumpwork is a technique that I’d love to try. Some of the results are just stunning!

  19. I am using one of Trish Burr’s books to improve my long and short stitch, I would love to try this kit.
    Thank you both for your generosity,

  20. i would like to and love to learn needlepainting and this kit will be a great help.I know some basics of embroidery but will like to improve much more far in needle painting and ribbon embroidery and your videos have also were a great help.thanks and regards nilima.

  21. Hi Mary, I’m recently retired, yea, and, also, new to your Daily Newsletter. I love it and I am happily viewing your videos and trying new stitches (to me). I have been stitching a long time and am happy to be embroidering again. I would love to win the beautiful Trish Burr Needlepainting Kit! It looks like a technique my Mother used to do and I would love to learn. Thanks again. I love the frog button!! Connie

  22. I am a novice embroider, but I will admit black work fascinates me. Mastering that I think would be wonderful.

  23. This is a beautiful kit I would love to work. My needle painting skills are a bit rusty and this will help me get them rejuvenated again.

    May you all have a Blessed Christmas, Mary

  24. I just would like to say, I came across Trish Burr’s website just recently and everything is really beautiful.
    I have done some embroidery like smocking and embroidery patterns from the 1940’s. I have accomplished the french knots and outline stitches and have done some satin stitches also Now that I have come across Trish Burr’s Embroidery Kits, I feel it is time to take the next step up in needle painting.

  25. I love your website. Thank you for the videos. I think the kit is absolutely beautiful and would love to have it. Blessings.

  26. I would love to try this, it is beautiful. I have never tried Stumpwork. I would like to improve period. πŸ™‚

  27. Stumpwork Embroidery!! I love it but hesitate to try it for fear of failure!!! Silly I know, BUT……. I do admire the wonderful aspects of it and respect those who accomplish the beauty of it. Tutorial maybe??

  28. I would love to use this kit to improve my surface stitching, i.e. long and short stitch. I have never felt proficient in the skill. As far as what type of stitching I would like to try, I think (and I used that term in the broadest sense) I would like to give gold work a try. You make it look soooo tempting.

  29. Oh, Mary, how generous of you to offer this kit up for a drawing. Please enter my name. I have wanted to do needlepainting for some time now and this would be so wonderful to start with. You are one generous lady.

  30. I would love to try needle painting, this is something that I’ve seen you do and it is just beautiful. I haven’t done any surface embroidery since my grandmother gave me a small project when I was a little girl. Mostly I do counted cross stitch and hardanger. I would really like to give this a try.

  31. I have always wanted to try blackwork, but for some reason, I haven’t done it yet.

    I have tried needlepainting, and really enjoy it. I definitely need to improve, though. This kit would give me the chance.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win, Mary!

    Shirley Crockett

  32. I can’t do silk shading because it always turns into needlepainting. I would love to have a Trisha Burr kit with her instructions so that I might be able to make my needlepainting look a little more like silk shading. (I love Trisha’s work!)

  33. I have not tried needlepainting and would love to add it to my crazy quilting. I believe that I have the hang of the long and short stitch so needlepainting would be next. I love your how-to videos, by the way.
    The Loon

  34. Mary, I have made a few unsuccessful attempts at needlepainting. I’m certain with more practice and a lot of patience I will get the hang of it eventually. To have a Trish Burr kit would give me the perfect incentive that I need. Her work is stunning as is yours.

    Linda Adam
    Ontario, Canada

  35. Good Morning Mary,
    It is so enjoyable to receive your wonderful newsletters every day. I do now miss a one.
    Trish Burr’s Daisy Spray with Red Rosebuds is just what I need to try the long and short stitch technique so I can do the shaded embroidery. I need to improve in the Basic technique so as to show my Grand Daughter, who is 9 years old, how to embroidery.
    Thank you for your beautiful embroidery.
    Pat Hadder

  36. Since I consider myself a “generalist” when it comes to embroidery, I have tried many techniques, but although I have admired it greatly, I have never done Mountmellick embroidery. I’m hoping to do so soon.

    But since I am a “generalist,” I also have lots of room for improvement in many techniques. Needlepainting can always improve with practice. I’ve done Tanya Berlin designs, and I have Trish’s books, but I’ve not stitched her designs yet. I need lots of help with silk ribbon work, and Brazilian embroidery. The list could go on and on…

  37. I would love to learn needlepainting technique. I have seen many projects done and they are beautiful. I have just never tried it yet. I just found this site and love it, I have learned so much, besides some of just the basic stitches that Grandma taught me. Thank you for sharing so much, you helped me learn to do some of the work I have longed to do for years ,but didn’t know how.

  38. Hi,Mary,

    Thanks to you and Trish for yet another fabulous giveaway. I took a class in goldwork (also called zardosi in India) recently. I am currently using the locally available materials but I would like to use the different types of purl and try it. I have never tried stumpwork yet and that is something I want to do next but hesitate as all the materials are not easily available here.

  39. I am just a beginner at needlepainting, but I find with most needlework, even an “easy” pattern can teach you something. I adore Trish’s work and would LOVE to try one of her kits!
    Ooo, to fondle that pretty thread! Grin!

  40. I have been following your newsletter with great interest and have learned so much. I think because of your clear directions I would like to attempt a beginner’s goldwork piece. I completed the long and short stitch seminar you posted last year, and am now ready to try a Trish Burr project. It is so exciting to be able to continue to learn….even into retirement years! Thank you for making advancement in embroidery as easy as accessing our computers!

  41. Late? Hon, it’s ONLY 8am here in rainy California…!

    I want to get GOOD at needlepainting. Mine is enough, as they say, to make a cat laugh–and my cats tend to take one look at MY stitchery and do one of three things: Attack it, fall over in what I can only assume is feline for “ROFL”, or get a glimpse and run for the hills!

    I’d settle for being competent, really I would… πŸ™‚ Making it to ‘competent AND without cat hair in the stitches’ would be asking more than the gods are likely to give… *grin*

    Gotta love a bunch of hairballs!

  42. What embroidery technique would I like to try? I would like to try many different ones and I have tried many and enjoyed them all but the technique that I would really like to try is Whitework. The finished effect is so beautiful and delicate that it has won my heart.

  43. There are so many techniques I’d love to learn–threadpainting is one, crewel work and ribbon embroidery are also on the list. The cost is stopping me, as well as time.

  44. I want to learn needle painting because the name expressed exactly what I want to achieve with my stitching. I currently do Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and have done crewel, cross stitch, some Hardanger and some pulled thread. Thus far, Brazilian is my favorit-actually my passion!

  45. I love needlepainting, and have done some. I’m planning a post-Christmas project that will involve embroidering 36 of the flowers from my garden to be featured on a quilt. Probably over ambitious as usual. I’ve never done any gold work, so I really enjoy looking at what you’ve done. Maybe someday?

  46. This finger painting technique I have never tried before, I would love to learn it. There are no real embroidery classes in my area and it is hard for me to travel where they are available. I so enjoy reading every day your posts and look forward to them every am.
    Thank you for the wonderful info you provide all the time.

  47. I’m making a New Year’s resolution to learn needlepainting, especially long and short! Thank you for such generosity.

  48. I’m learning Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and loving it. I love your newsletter. It is encouraging to me to see the stitches and techniques you talk about. Someday I would love to do a piece that combines both techniques. This kit is one more step toward that goal.

  49. Hi Mary!
    I would love to try this. I have several of her books (and books written by others) and have been trying to get my courage up to just do it. This will certainly be the push I need.
    I also want to try Goldwork, but that is another story.
    Thank you Trish and Mary for this fantastic chance!

  50. I have been cross-stitching for over 10 years. I just took up Hardanger, Drawn Threads designs and speciality stitches. I am still a novice in needleworks but I enjoy learning new techniques. Please add my name to the draw.

    Thank you,


  51. My first stitching was crewel embroidery. I have tried many other forms of stitching, and love needlepoint in all its forms, but the look and feel of surface embroidery is calling to me still. I recently purchased Trish’s DVD about Long and Short Stitching, and I am heading in that direction again. It’s like coming home!

  52. The kit looks great. Very pretty. Well, needle painting would be something I haven’t tried that I would like to. And I would like to improve my embroidery skills.

  53. Good morning,

    Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway.

    I would love to learn some new techniques to create texture in my work. I also would definitely like to improve my long and short stitch technique.

    Helen in SW FL

  54. OH MY, when I saw your give-away, I was so excited…I am learning needle painting,and need all the help I can get. I love this art and Trish Burr is excellent.
    Thank you so much for offering this gift.
    Good luck to everyone, specially ME.
    France from QuΓ©bec

  55. Thread painting is a technique that about a year ago, I began experimenting with. I find so much satisfaction from every step. Yet, it is something that I definetely need improvement upon. Thank you for holding this give away and allowing me to have a chance at winning the beautiful prize.

  56. Mary, What a great early Christmas present you have decided to give someone! I have tried “needle painting” when you taught the online class and would like to improve my technique. Hope to win this kit because it looks like a good one!
    Sheila Keeling in CA

  57. I would like to try counted cross-stitch. I’ve done a few already printed pillowcases and have a cloth and pattern for the counted cross-stitch, but have yet to try it. I would also like to try needlepainting as I’ve never heard of it before.

    I love your website by the way, it has helped me alot!


  58. Nedle painting is something I would love to try and am so envious of some of the needle painted work I have been. Looks easy until I sit down and am not where to go from there!
    Pam L

  59. I really want to try needlepainting embroidery more. I have made a small piece where I used the techniques on children’s faces and hands(pinks, peach, and rose)–ready for a bigger challenge now! Enjoy your blog!

  60. Hmmm, what do I want to try or improve? I’ve never done cut-work, by hand that would be nice. And improve? Well coincidentally thread painting is one. I still don’t feel like the thread painting I have tried comes out fluid enough to please me. Another is satin stitch. It always needs improvement. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  61. After working all of your long and short stitch sampler, I am still hopelessly inadequate with this stitching technique. Sure, my mother said she liked it, but it’s obvious that the lightbulb over my head is still dim. Nevertheless, I am game to try again.

  62. I’d love to learn Hardanger — but all the tiny stiches and cutting are intimidating. Maybe once I get a 4x magnifier I can tackle it.

  63. I have tried most embroidery techniques, but silk shading or needle painting is the one I find the most daunting. I know how to do long and short stitch and yet I still haven’t got to grips with it. I long to master this technique but to date it has me beat!

  64. I would love to win this beautiful kit. I’ve been wishing to try needle painting, but have been reluctant to try since it seems so complicated. A kit would be wonderful, to have instructions for guidance. The kit itself is just lovely

  65. I love Trish Burr’s kits. I’d love to improve my needlepainting and to try stumpwork.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  66. There are still many techniques I have not tried but I am mostly interested in improving the Needle Painting technique as it is absolutely gorgeous and so far I have not done much in this technique and I still have lots to learn.


    Pierrette =^..^=

  67. What embroidery technique do I want to try or improve in? There are so many…the great pleasure of embroidery is the diversity of choices; there is something for everyone.

    I just completed a course in Italian hemstitching and that is definitely an area for improvement and more learning. A house full of Italian linens would be wonderful…an ambitious goal, but there would be no end of challenges.

  68. I would love to win one of Trish’s kits. They are lovely! Needlepainting is just the thing that I haven’t tried yet and would love to learn.

  69. i have tried stumpwork lately and really love it!! i need to practice a bit more but ill get there…eventually:)
    caro (quΓ©bec)

  70. What a great giveaway.
    I have never really enjoyed crewel, preferring to work on a grid – I have a passion for symmetry! However, this really inspires me to try again. It is SO delicate. Lesley-Anne

  71. I would love to try thread painting. Since I am not good with a brush. I am self taught so probably need improvement on all my stitches. I have a hard time getting the feather type stitches even.

  72. I would love to learn thread painting. I had signed up for a class at BATB, but decided to change it when I learned my daughter wanted me to make her wedding dress and I needed to learn beading. That is the one class I regret I did not have a chance to include. Of course there is really not a type of needle work I would not like to try.

  73. I became a grandmother for the very first time last week to a precious baby girl. My embroidery techniqes are limited but I really need to be able to do the padded satin stitch as my daughter has selected a beautiful Christening gown with lots of padded satin stitch. I see alot of hand embroidery and heirloom sewing in my future. I certainly need all of the help that I can get!!

  74. I’d never successfully done satin stitch until i discovered Mary’s site. Now my embroidery has really taken off! I’d love to learn more with this kit. Thanks for such a great web site.

  75. Ohh! I have so much on my todo pile, I don’t if I could add more to it but a Trish Burr give away! Who could resist entering the draw?

    Ok, long and short stitch or thread painting has long been high on my list of techniques to try. I’ve dabbled in it but never got to grips with it, and guess what? It is the next phase for me in Japanese Embroidery, I’ll be starting it in the Spring.

    Good luck, everyone and thank you, Trish and Mary for another generous give-away.

  76. Actually, I haven’t tried needlepainting yet. I have been drooling over the Trish Burr kits, but I haven’t picked one out yet!

  77. That is gorgeous!
    I have been trying my hand recently at Silk Ribbon embroidery. I SO need to practice more. I took a class on Joggles. Class mates helped to encourage Sharon Boggle of Pintange fame to start a group on Stitching fingers. So that I and others just starting out could ask questions of the more experienced. I have been searching around the net and seem to be drawn to embellished prints. The only thing that has stopped me from ordering everything on Di van Nieker breath taking site is cost and my inexperience. Don’t want to get overwhelmed and then discouraged. Right now I am makeing myself do baby steps lol. I picked up some of the wonderful DMC Flouche at a local shop (Sad to say what they have now is it. They will not get it any more.) And have been practicing my satin stitch. The flouch makes it so easy! It is astounding how much I have learned online from you and others on the web. Ever so much more than classes or books! Thank you for helping novices like me.

  78. Other than the fact that perhaps Tish should win the kit by Trish !!!!!!, I am really rusty in my needlework skills, and would love to brush up with this wonderful kit! I have ordered one of the stitch books that you suggested so, at 73 years old, I am ready to get back into the needlework game. Thanks for putting my name into the hat!

  79. I have just brought Trish Burr’s book and would love to try needlepainting…so if I won the kit that would be absolutely perfect:-)
    Take care,
    Alison Collins

  80. Dear Marymentor:

    My “filling in of large spaces” techniques are atrocious ! I really need to work on that. Your recently suggested tool (can’t remember the name ?) to help flatten out the stitches will help when next I shop at JoAnn Fabric. Meanwhile, I’m trying to improve my long-short stitches while my filled in spaces are continuing to look L U M P Y !! πŸ™ And there’s nothing subtle about my shading when I gradually go from one color to another in long/short.

    Judy in Pittsburgh

  81. Hi Mary, I recently discovrered your site and look forward to it every day. I joined the EGA just a few years ago and am beginning to do crewel work due to the classes I have taken in the organization. I often struggle with my long and short stitch, so keep trying new things to get the technique perfected. I understand the concept, but don’t always feel it is the best I could do…. I think it is one of those practice makes perfect things! Thank you for giving me some daily inspiration to sit down and stitch. My only frustration is that some days are too long and there is no stitching time left!

  82. Hello,
    I know how to improvise and call it needle painting. I know less than nothing about shading.
    I am a painter and long time textile designer
    before computers stole the field from us
    hand painters.
    I have embroidered , mostly improvising basic stitches, sometimes combining it with inserts of acrilic painting.
    This sounds so delicious. Thanks for considering a senior artist in New York City.
    Marcia Bromberg

  83. Well…as a matter of fact I would love to try needlepainting. I might not do it on my own for a while yet, but with a kit it would be so easy to get going.
    All the best to you and thanks for all you share, Mary.

  84. I love counted work:cross stitch, pulled thread, hardanger, darning etc. What I need to explore is the creativeness of designing my own projects using any technique.

  85. Needlepainting has become one of my favourite forms of embroidery. I have followed various teachers with regard to this form of embroidery, but my favourite teacher and designer has to be Trish Burr. Her instructions are easy to follow, and her kits are very professional. I am proud to say she lives in South Africa, and I am a big fan of hers. I have all her books, and am looking forward to her two new books next year. I have given her kits and DVD to friends as gifts, and I know they have been appreciated.

  86. I would like to learn thread painting. I have worked my long and short stitch in crewel work; some embroidery. I have as yet to try the same process with thread painting.I would like to master thread painting because it shows a more detailed and refined embroidery piece than crewel work.

  87. Mary, I would dearly love to win Trish Burr’s Needle Painting & Embroidery kit. It combines the two areas I am most interest in at present, embroidery and needle painting. I need to improve my embroidery and I would love to learn needle painting. Her design reminds me of an oriental style of embroidery I enjoy most. They have seem to have a unique ability to make their embroidery look like paintings. Hope I am successful this time. Thank you

  88. This is one form of needlework, I have always wanted to try. I would love to win this kit. What a wonderful way to learn needlepainting with all the neccesary items included.

  89. Hi Mary!!

    Read your site religiously and have been learning about embroidery not only from your site but also from the links you provide in your articles (I’ve bookmarked most of them). That being said, I’m a rank beginner that has not stitched a stitch in my life (accept for sewing lost/broken buttons on my shirts)! The techniques I’m interested in are gold work, needle painting, and Japanese embroidery albeit the more contemporary designs (liked your black work fish!!) but anything to help get me started would be appreciated. I’ve slowly accumulated books (including a number of Trish’s) and equipment and supplies using recommendations gleaned from your site and the links you provide. Now I just need to start accumulating more time and dive in head first – retirement is 2 years away πŸ™‚ !! Please keep up the good work Mary!!

  90. Ooops!! I have been keeping an eye out for this post and I was so happy to finally see you offer this that in my enthusiasm I forgot to read the rest of your post and answer the questions! πŸ™ I hope a double post is not breaking any rules.
    I would just love to learn needle painting! Ever since I read about this technique I have been fascinated by it and I know this is something I have got to learn and really hope to get into this someday – maybe soon. πŸ™‚ I’d love to learn other kinds of embroidery as well such as schwalm and hardangar and even goldwork.
    I’m enjoying finally having the time to back into some crewel embroidery again after a long spell due to other responsibilities and priorities that have taken up a lot of time. I am also now enjoying and learning some Brazilian embroidery.

  91. This is exactly the stitching that I would like to learn! I bought a kit a few years ago, and have no idea how to do these stitches, so it has just been sitting in my stash! I thoughtnit was a cross stitch kit! LOL! Thanks for the wonderful contest!


  92. Hi, Mary! Actually, I’ve always wanted to try needlepainting. In pictures I’ve seen, it always seems to turn out soooo beautifully. It would be wonderful to win this kit! Thank you for the chance.

  93. Mary I love reading your blogs. I am learning to embroidery again. I remember doing this as a young girl, but that’s been nearly 40 years ago, so I am starting all over. You could pretty much say I want to learn everything. I love the ribbon embroidery, but am taking it one step at a time. Thank you for your time and passion with this wonderful art.

  94. Hi, Mary–enter me, please!

    Embroidery technique I’d like to try: stumpwork. I bought a stumpwork book a few months ago but haven’t dug in yet. I’m hoping to try it out after the holiday season is over.

    Thanks for offering the kit giveaway.

  95. I have done basic embroidery, but have never tried needlepainting. Winning this kit would give me the nudge I need to try it.

  96. I would love to learn thread painting! Secondly I’d love to learn how to do stump-work. I absolutely love your website and read it every day. You’re making me a confident beginner.

  97. I am fairly new to embroidery and probably spend more time drooling over the beautiful work that these wonderful and talented ladies do when I could be practicing my stitches! πŸ™‚ I am especially drawn to the way they shade little “critters” and flowers, etc……just recently found out it is called “long and short stitch”……it is simply beautiful!!! I also like the way they do things with a “bullion stitch” ……..it looks difficult but I am sure it is rather easy…..I love stitching because it is so relaxing!

  98. Actually, there is one technique I’d like to learn and one I’d like to become proficient in. I would LOVE to learn silk shading, and I would LOVE to become proficient in padded satin stitch. I have taken some preliminary whitework instruction at the Royal School of Needlework when we visited England about 10 years ago. These stitches are closely related, so I think learning one would improve my technique with the other.

  99. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and especially to Mary! The embroidery technique I’ve always wanted to try is … no surprise … Needlepainting. This Trish Burr kit is so pretty, and I have a pattern saved on my computer for a gorgeous nosegay of violets I’ve been just dying to try, but was afraid to tackle. This kit might teach me the skills to try the violets too. Thank you, Mary, for the kit offer, and for all the wonderful posts … you brighten all our days with these posts!

    Cathy Dassler in PA

  100. Thread painting is a type of needlework that I’ve never tried because it seems very
    intimidating when done properly. Perhaps
    now is the time to try it if I win your contest.

    Pat S.

  101. Honestly, I am a beginner! I’d really like to try the coral stitch. I’m quite partial to dots…so I like the little knots. I have done very few stitches so far, so I am interested in ALL stitches. I’m preparing now to start a sampler to work and will try to make my way through all the videos. Then I have that great DK Stitch book that Mary featured not long ago. Also, I live in a fairly rural area and it is hard to find any nice stitching kits anywhere, so this give-a-way is quite exciting to me! Thanks Mary!!

  102. I so enjoy your postings, and I wonder how your class in the school is progressing. What a wonderful opportunity for those students!

    As for techniques, I would like to know more and be more proficient with the long and short stitch. I know how to proceed, but to make it look wonderful is my goal – the most basic of surface embroidery accomplishments.
    Anne Tuley

  103. Thank you, Mary! A lovely giveaway and I would love to win it to work on perfecting my technique in soft shading/ needlepainting.

    Softshading is the technique that presents me with the most challenges – I have yet to master it and am determined to make some progress on it this year. Other than that, I’m intrigued with Mountmellick embroidery and have a project with all the materials from Yvette Stanton waiting to be started sometime this year.

  104. I would like to learn the long and short stitch that is used in Trish’s style of embroidery. I have tried it but not with the results that I would like.
    Claudia Butler
    Seattle WA

  105. I want to learn everything! I want my needle to dance, paint, create and evoke an emotional high. The touch of fabric, fine, coarse, soft or hard coupled with the joy of different threads makes my heart sing. Hardanger, satin stitch, smoking, needlepoint, goldwork – I want to live to be 120 so that I can experience all the joys of handwork!

  106. Hi Mary-Because I’m very interested in historical clothes, sewing them professionally. There is a great field for an embroiderer- (at the moment for instance I’m working on a 1540 Italian renaissance gown with silver embroidered borders all araund the “gonna” (a mantle of black velvet). I haven’t yet tried goldwork, and I would very much like to learn this embroidery-technique.(Many garments of the 18.th century are often embellished with goldwork)

  107. Thank you Mary for this wonderful opportunity. I would love to learn needlepainting- it is so beautiful! I have never attempted it, but this lovely kit would be a great way to start!
    Happy Holidays!
    Peg in NJ

  108. I have been doing embroidery on and off for many years. I was a teacher for over 20 years and found that handwork would make meetings go so much faster. I have been retired for more than 10 years and finally finished most of the projects to give as presents this Christmas. This is a relief, but now I have nothing to work on and needlepainting would be a new embroidery technique that I have not tried. I no longer have the meeting but would be able to learn and work in the quiet of my own home…what fun.

  109. I’ve never tried Brazilian embroidery, although I’ve admired it for a long time. I like the colors, the shiny thread, and the beautiful things that can be made.

  110. Hi Mary, I have not tried Hardanger but would love too.
    At the moment I am stitching a Christmas runner with a friend, on it we are doing some thread painting, I haven’t done much of it before but I am really enjoying it.

  111. I have not do needlepainting in a very long time and would like to refresh and improve my skills. I think this kit would be very helpful.

  112. I would love to have Trish Burr’s beautiful kit. I would like to learn how to do thread painting better and this kit would be perfect. I do many types of needlework but this is the latest that I am working on. I have done one small flower but this kit would give me alot more experience and I would love the challenge of this thread painting kit.

  113. I would like to learn more about satin stitch and long and short stitches. I am a beginner in embrodiery and I love learning about new ways and ideas.

  114. My goal is to learn needlepainting well enough to someday create the beloved face of my beautiful Shetland Sheepdog, Bridie. He is a sable colored Sheltie and has The Most Beautiful Face and warm brown eyes. I’d love to capture his loving gaze in needlepaint. I often look at him, and “see” the threads that make up his lovely coat. I purchased one of Helen M. Steven’s books with needlepainted animals to teach myself, but am a bit intimidated with learning from scratch! Perhaps beginning with a small flower is a more manageable start.

  115. I would like to better my long & short stitches – I’ve done some very small ones which turned out nice. Like all embroidery (actually everything in life) I believe to practise, practise and some more practise.

  116. I am experienced in counted thread work but I am working on improving my surface embroidery. I plan to move on from stitching with graphs to freehand embroidery. What little I have done so far is making thirsty for more. Where my needle goes I must follow!

    Dawn C.

  117. I would like to better my long & short stitches – I’ve done some very small ones which turned out nice. Like all embroidery (actually everything in life) I believe to practise, practise and some more practise.

  118. I am involved with making priestly vestments and would really like learn better the technique of needlepainting as there are a lot of beautiful flowers I can embroider along with the gold metal thread embroidery.

  119. I am currently involved with the making of priestly vestments. I would really like to improve my technique of needlepainting. There are alot of beautiful flowers/leaves I can embroider along with the gold metal thread embroidery which I am doing at present.

  120. I would love to improve my satin stitch skills because I love hand monogrammed items. Thanks so much!

  121. Ooh! I would love to try needle painting! I’ve mostly done counted stitches, but I’ve always liked Trish’s kits, this would be a great way to get started.

  122. I have always wanted to try Hardanger but can’t somehow drum up the connfidence to do it because it involves cutting the fabric.

  123. Dear Mary,

    I am a new to needlework stitchery enthusiast. After raising our family’s five kids, I am determined to move beyond the mandatory knee patch, and button hole stitch. You can hardly believe just how happy I’ve been to find your website and all the shared knowledge that I am able to find with you. I have twelve inches of fresh snow outside my mountain home, and the thought of sitting and stitching with new embroidery techniques sounds wonderful to me. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.

  124. I have tried Brazilian Demensional embroidery twice and liked it very much. However, another type of embroidery always catches my eye and thoughts and I have always moved on to something else, meanwhile collecting patterns and those beautiful threads for future Brazilian projects.

    Marti from Mohnton, PA

  125. I am just delving into the world of surface embroidery and am especially intrigued by needlepainting. So far I’ve only completed one very small, sample pansy pattern.
    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

  126. Shadow work!! I have tried this technique and like it very much. However, I would like to improve and do some more complicated designs. How do you do an odd shape?

  127. Needle painting is something I have never done and would like to really give it a go. I love fabrics and threads; but I am intimidated by my inexperience. Seems like everyone into this art accomplishes so much. They give these treasures away to friends. I would love to have that much confidence to feel free to give my work away. But, like most I guess, I have to complete one of these projects to give it away. I would also love to hang my love for needle work on my walls; not doing that as yet as well. Guess I need therapy more than a kit. But I would love to have the kit and instructions at my fingertips…

  128. Dear Mary,

    Besides embroidery, one of my other interests is botanical watercolor. I bought Trish’s Long-Short book to learn the technique, that to me is just like botanical watercoloring. I haven’t gotten around to selecting a project yet. Flowers are my first love for a subject but I also enjoy birds. I have been following Trish’s Blog and her progress on her new projects with great interest. Thanks for offering us a chance to win such a valuable and beautiful kit.

  129. Hi Mary,
    I have just finished a wool blanket with wool needle painting. I have wanted to try a Trish Burr project, however, I have been quite daunted by it, as wool seems to be quite forgiving, whereas her projects seem to be quite difficult in comparison.

    Also, thank you so much for your daily blog … I love it!

    Cheers, Gerda

  130. Hi Mary
    Needlepainting is DEFINITELY a technique which I love and admire and would love to improve on! There are some experts out there who do wonders with their needle and thread – veritable masterpieces. IΒ΄ve tried it (IΒ΄d upload my attempt if you had a facility for it) but obviously the result is very amateurish. Maybe a Trish Burr kit will help me improve!

  131. I want to learn how to stitch with gold/silver metals and I want to learn Japanese silk embroidery. They are both on my “one day” list, but I have an embarrassingly large stash of projects already lined up. I do love thread painting, and this is a particulary nice design. Janet.

  132. Wow, I didn’t know they had kits for needlepainting. I thought it had to be done by machine. You have inspired me try something new. Even if I don’t win, I know I will be buying a kit in the future

  133. Dear Mary,
    Thats a very nice giveaway! Thanks a ton for the same. I have not tried gold work embroidery and I am looking forward to trying it though I’m a little apprehensive about it. I have done needle painting before but have not mastered it yet!So, if I happen to win the kit, it would be a great learning for me.

  134. Hi,

    The embroidery technique that i have not tried yet is the Brazilian embroidery.
    It sounds easy when i read about it, but when i think of really doing a project, i end up saying not now, maybe later. :).
    For now it comes under my one of these days i will do project list. eventually i will.. hoping it would be soon

  135. Needlepainting happens to be the technique I would like to learn. I have only tried it once with wool for crewel work but would love to try it with silk or cotton to get that lovely shaded look.
    I also haven’t tried cut work which I think looks lovely and feminine.

    Thankyou for the offer Mary


  136. I really love your website. As a relatively new CQER and embroidery lover, I’m in the early stages of exploring stitches and designs. Without exception, your website has provided me with hours of instructional help, design inspiration, and just general good stuff to read!

    Thank you.

  137. Truthfully, my embroidery skills aren’t very good (although I would say I am a very skilled cross stitcher). I would like to improve in all areas, but I would especially like to try needle painting and maybe do a spot sampler.

    Thank you for hosting this great giveway!

  138. Montmellick Embroidery is one that has always had a fascination for me. It is hard to pick one technique to get better at, as improvement in all of them is needed. This is a lovely giveaway, and actually,if there was nothing given away, your website is gift enough.

  139. Blackwork – always admired it but can’t get to grips with it.
    Needlepainting – love doing this but would love to improve the finer points.

  140. The next-up technique on my things to try that I have never tried is Merezhka Poltavska.

    At the top of my “want to improve” list is Goldwork.

  141. I would love to try needlepainting – I haven’t tried it yet. Also on my list for some time in the future is bullion.

  142. Hi Mary,
    Personally, I would love to try needle painting, but it scares the heck out of me. When you know what you’re doing, the colors seem to transition SO seamlessly; however, where I DON’T KNOW what I’m doing, I’m afraid to start a project for fear I end up disappointed. I guess I need to practice, practice, practice. Thanks for the post!

  143. I would love to do gold work I have tried to do a basic kit but I can not get a perfect look. Also I have wanted to try needle painting it would be greast if I win the prize as I would be able to try before I buy.

  144. Hi Mary,

    I would like to try so many techniques – where do I start? Thread painting would definately be one of them. I need more hours in the day!

    Keep up the good work.

    Trish Hughes, Whangarei, New Zealand

  145. Hello Mary,
    I’ve got the book, so I won’t play.
    But to answer to your question, I would like to improve and try more creative and modern embroidery, a bit like the work of Jane Hall, and “just stitch” from Lesley Turpin Delport. Try textured thread, etc…

  146. I would like to improve or master the long and short stitch. I have tried it but can’t quite seem to get it to look as it should. As for new stitches I would like to try any other than the usual you see in most embroideries. In fact after the holidays I plan on a “sampler” to try every stitch that I can find in my embroidery “how to” books.

  147. Long and short stitch embroidery (Needlepainting) I have tried but with not a lot of success its something I would love to be able to do poperly. I love hand embroidery and do lots of silk ribbon embroidery with Crazy Patchwork this also entails other embroidery stitchers. So I would love to win Trish Burr’s stitch kit it would help me I’m sure in my quest to better Needlepainting and a better understanding of this lovely embroidery art

  148. There are several techniques that I’d like to try, but haven’t yet. Needlepainting is one of them – so I would love to win this kit


  149. I have been needle crafting for on and off for 40 years, but I have jumped back and forth between crewel, hand embroidery, crochet, needlepoint, and cross stitch and never really focused on anyone craft. Recently, I decided that my true love is with hand embroidery. When I was in my mid twenties, I dabbled in pulled thread because I was, and still am fascinated, with linen table cloths/napkins/guest hand towels, etc. with pulled edging adorned with beautiful hand stitching. Recently, I joined your website, enjoying learning and perfecting stitches from your videos, and would be so happy to perfect pulled thread techniques. My current project is hand embroidered cotton kitchen towels with herb themes for my sisters (I have five)for Christmas. My daughter is expecting my third grandchild and one of my strong desires is to gift her with a fine pulled thread, hand embroidery table cloth with matching napkins.

  150. Hi Mary, Earlier this year I participated in a workshop run by the Treasurer of my Embroiderer’s guild. It was needlepainting. I signed up for this because needlepainting has always been one of those techniques I wanted to try, but did not have enough confidence to do on my own.

    My little rose is almost finished and then I can make it up into ‘whatever’. I will post pictures when it’s done.

    So I guess my comment would be, that I would like to win Trish Burr’s kit so that I can become more proficient at needlpainting, without have to sort out my own designs or colours – yet!!

    Thank you Trish for making your kits available as a giveaway.

  151. I would love to win this gorgeous little prize, It is always nice to try soemthing new. However, i know that I need to improve my cross stitch and back stitch sometimes it looks nice and sometime it looks a bit to rush. So, i need to practice patience!

  152. I would love to learn to do the bullion knot,have tried it in the past,but did not come out nice. Thank you for all your help. : )

  153. Mary I would love to learn the art of needlepainting and this kit looks like a great way to start. I saw a real expert at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and have been wanting to learn ever since. Please consider me for your contest. Thank you.
    Rose Koslap

  154. Hi
    I love your site, your work is always so beautiful. I have also used a few of your tutorials, very clear and extremely helpful.
    I would like to learn any new stitches, I just stitch in my comfort zone . . . back, straight, split, stem, etc.
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn some more new things.
    Keep up the wonderful work.

  155. The embroidery techniques that I would most like to try are blackwork patterns with Holbein stitch, and the long and short stitch to do needle painting. So far, I have only done counted stitch projects such as cross-stitch and needlepoint, so this would be a great step towards learning other techniques.
    Thanks for offering this give-away.

  156. I have just done some crewel embroidery and was impressed with my long and short stitch, (even if I say so myself) and now I would like to have a go at Needlepainting. Thanks

  157. Hi!
    I truthfully need to learn the very basics. I remember watching my mom as a child, but was never taught. I think the starter kit would be a great place for me to start! Thanks!

  158. I’ve only dabbled with thread painting and would love to learn more and become more proficient. I’ve been wanting to try one of Trish Burr’s kits but hadn’t yet taken that leap. Thanks once again for such a lovely give-away, Mary!

  159. I’ve never done needle painting unless you call long and short stitch needle painting (which I’ve tried) so I would love to win Trish’s Kit.
    I’ve done alot of different things like silk ribbon embroidery on my crazy quilt squares.I
    also do counted cross stitch and Brazilian Dimentional Embroidery. The latter is what I’d love to get better at.

  160. I would love to try stumpwork. I visited Hardwick hall in england where there is a stumpwork box in a glass case from the 16th century,that was worked by a child! – very humbling. I would also like to learn needle painting and learn how to shade those colours.

  161. Hmm, what technique? Let’s see, most techniques required for needlepainting are a good start…I’m a cross stitcher who loves learning about all the other fiber arts. I’m pretty good at backstitching, but I really would like to work on so many others…Oh, and I’m a flower freak too…I haven’t met a flower I didn’t like…so I would love to try this out…

  162. I found your website when looking for a French knots tutorial so I could improve my technique on those, and I’ve been lurking ever since. The lovely needlepainting looks like something I would really enjoy, so I will be looking for tips on that, now, with or without the lovely kit you showed in today’s post.

  163. Dear Mary,

    Your website was recommended to me by a friend in my embroidery group as I wanted to learn more stitches and no one else knew how to do them. Since then, you have turned me on to goldwork and thread painting. I tried a little thread painting last year for a Christmas gift. It wasn’t great but it was appreciated by the giftee. I have been trying to improve on my thread painting and would love to give this one a try. Maybe Trish Burr has some insights in her kit that would help me. The kit is beautiful and I would love to have it.

    I read your blog everyday and you give me so much inspiration, thank you for that. Have a great holiday.


  164. I would love to learn Cutwork, Pulled Thread,and
    definitely Long and Short Stitch with mixed threads.

    Thank you for this opportunity and thank you so much for all the wonderful information that you so generously share.


  165. Maureen
    I do needlepoint, hardanger, pulled thread, hem stitching and almost any counted thread but have never had enough confidence to do embroidery or needlepainting. Please help
    me learn this new to me technique.
    Thanks for your help.

  166. When first seeing Trish Burr’s website (because of NeedlenThread) I zeroed in on this particular design!

    It’s for a beginner and I’ve never done needlepainting, and have put away my oils, and love learning.

    When my daughter was little and got sick, I gave her a yellow rosebud and told her ‘love makes the hurt go away’ and she always felt better.

    The daisy to me is from my fav poem ‘… if I had my life to live over, I’d pick more daisies …’

    This is the needlepainting design that I would love to do.

  167. I have tried the thread painting. Needless, to say, I haven’t produced a decent piece yet. I would like to learn to do the bullion flowers.

  168. I just love needle painting, it is fabulous! I have done one picture using this techique. I love all forms of embroidey, but not to keen on one’s I have to count. Eg cross stitch, hardanger,etc.
    I think crewel is proberly my favourite!

  169. Pick-me..Pick-me..Pick-me.!!…:)
    What a wonderful prize draw. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
    Years ago I did a flower bouquet in needlepainting but nothing recently. This delightful kit would be super to stitch up.
    Regards Phillipa

  170. Although I have done some needlepainting or thread painting, I confess to being no great shakes at it. So of course winning this kit would be a wonderful opportunity to improve. I have tried – once or twice – Russian punch needle embroidery with no success at all. Clearly I need help with this too.

  171. i want to try crewel embroidery, especially jacobean styles. i got old wool thread . just now need to make myself to find an book and material to do it. pick me please.

    oh well i tried again.

  172. Thanks for the fun giveaway!
    I would like to improve my satin stitch. I’ve enjoyed your instruction on the integration of padding with satin stitch and monogramming.

  173. I would love to learn needlepainting but my main focus is to learn to do satin stitches better. I do model work for an online designer and would feel better if my satin stitching was better. I’m pretty fussy about my work and never feel really good about the satin stitches. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit.

    Brenda Schiesser
    brendaschiesser @gmail.com

  174. I would definitely like to learn blackwork and white work. I have only learned a couple stitches and need a good reference book to learn the rest. I found an old white table runner at a yard sale with embroidery all in white. I wondered who would use white on white and why. At that time I had not even heard the term white work. Its simple and clean somehow. Blackwork seems more classic and old to me I think. I just get two different feelings from the two types of work.
    Valerie in Virginia

  175. I would love to try blackwork and silk ribbon embroidery. I would love to have this book. I just want to thank you for this wonderful website, I refer to it several times a week. You have wonderful tutorials.

  176. Hi
    My favorite stitch is the colonial knot, it is so much easier to do than a french knot and so much nicer in appearance. I would like to do more of the needle painting as i havent done very much yet and the finished projects always look so nice. So I am hoping that the give away may come my way so that i can try that project out

  177. I want to be able to do a perfect satin stitch – like you find on monogrammed linens. Seems like when I was reading your advice – you said that one thread at a time might be the best way to go!

  178. Mary: Would love to win the needle painting kit! As for which stitch I would like to work on, I would have to say any and all embroidery stitches. I started doing needlework when I was about 8 years old, and did a lot of needlework (cross stitch and embroidery)before attending law school and practicing law. I’ve retired to take care of an elderly parent, and would like some handwork to keep me busy. So I guess the answer to your questions is that I would like to practice all embroidery stitches! I have enjoyed reading your blog very much! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  179. Hi Mary

    I would like to try needlepainting and hopefully on the way improve my skills with long and short stitch. Trish Burr’s kit looks so inviting so thank you so much for offering a kit as a prize.

  180. I have just started a little gold work project, but would love to know more techniques. Mountmellik is a definite to do at some stage. I admire the its beauty. Flowers in any medium are a favourite, so that is why I am drawn to Trish Burr’s kit.

  181. I am new to your site, and what a find it has been…thank you. It has been 35 yrs. since I have embroidered and I am getting excited to do a project again. I have enjoyed picking up needle and thread that I have inherited from my Mother and following your very wonderful visual steps stitch by stitch…again thank you. This is a beautiful kit that has been contributed by Trish Burr…and I would be delighted to be the one to win. Thank You.

  182. I have never tried needle painting, but I do love to embroider,. I have done a lot of basic stitches that I could teach myself, but one that I would like to learn is Brazilian embroidery and I would like to do more detailed type work than I have done…keep up the good work and thank you for such a nice site

  183. I love Trish Burr’s artwork. Very generous of both of you to do this giveaway. One of these days I want to tackle Hardanger. Since I’ve entered the giveaway I also want to learn needle painting πŸ™‚

  184. Hi,
    I have tried gold work and really like the look when it is finished. However I really need to improve my skills in this technique. I just love the look of needle painting and although my skills in this are better than my gold working skills they too could be improved and what better way than working on a Trish Burr kit. Thank you Mary for giving us the opportunity to win such a lovely gift.
    Joan – Richmond B.C Canada

  185. I’d love to learn to learn ‘needle painting’! I enjoy seeing Trish’s designs and having everything in a kit would be the perfect ‘gift’! Plus, something to keep busy with during the cold, snowy days!!

  186. I guess I’ve only ever tried one kind of embroidery and I’m not sure I know enough yet to be tempted to try other techniques, but with a freebie…well…that’d make it a no-brainer!

  187. I would like to learn brazilian dimensional embroidery and japanese embroidery. They look beautiful and delicate. What I like to improve and I have to improve are the long and short stitches.

    Thank you for your website. It is very helpful.

  188. I’ve just started doing hand embroidery so I only know the very basic stitches. I would love to give needlepainting a try. This has been a VERY helpful site as I start my embroidery ventures.

  189. The embroidery thing I want to learn? Everything! I’m just starting off, learning some stitches (from this website!), practicing different combination. I really love it so far πŸ™‚
    I’ll be the godmother of the baby girl of my best friend (she’s due in Febuary) AND of the first baby of my young sister (she’s due in July) so I’d like to spoil them with personalized clothes and gifts!

  190. I have never done needle painting, but have admired pieces embroidered this way. I love stumpwork, but have only ever tried a little of it. It’s a hard choice, but I would have to say that I would like to try the needle painting as it would be completely new to me.

  191. Hello Mary,

    I want to learn ribbon embroidery as it looks beautiful. I have also gone through your instructions for needlepainting and really liked it. I would love to try this kit from Trish Burr as it will help me improve even more.

    Thanks for a great site.

  192. I’m retired and on a fixed income so my funds are limited for purchases. Winning this would be a great Christmas Present. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I just have fun doing it and watching how pretty it turns out. I would love to revisit the long and short stitch as I have not mastered it yet. Your site brings a smile to my heart.

  193. I have nearly finished a Roseworks elephant, and would love to further (and improve) my needlepainting techniques. I love your newsletter, and look forward to each new one. I find the videos and stitch guides so helpful, and love the links to other interesting things. Embroidery is my passion, which I now have more time to give to it. If I had to nominate a favourite technique, I would have to say I love Elizabethan embroidery best.
    Thankyou for your newsletter. Catherine

  194. Hi Mary,
    Oooo…I love Trish’s work – one of my very favorite artists!

    The technique I love and want to improve on is silk ribbon flowers. My daughter is getting married next fall. She was looking at dresses and commented that the ones with embroidery and beading are much more expensive. So I suggested she get a plain style and let me embroider and she agreed!! I am so very excited and honored…and scared because now I will have to design and sew something for her. (She has to get the dress first, though lol). So I need to work on my skills with white ribbon and beads.

    Any suggestions on where to find design ideas to embellish a white wedding dress would be great!

  195. What a wonderful giveaway. I’m a big Trish Burr fan and have several of her books. I’ve been learning embroidery over the last year and am working on a thread painting project from one of Trish’s books. I’d like to get a LOT better at it.

    I’ve never tried Brtazilian embroidery but would like to learn it.

    Thank you for all the help your site has given me over the last year.

  196. I would like to try needle painting; it looks very intricate. I would like to improve my crewel work. Thank you for all the sharing you do on your blog. I enjoy following along all your projects.

  197. I have tried most types of embroidery over many years, but have not done any needle painting as it always seems a bit daunting. Trish Burr’s work is so beautiful, I must try it while I can still see!
    Thanks, Mary, for your inspiring website.

  198. Hi Mary,

    I do a lot of hand embroidery in my daughter’s clothes. Right now I am working on shadow work(we call it chickan work in India) in one of her skirts. She likes pretty girls pictures, so when I showed her needle painting work, she was very excited and has already decided which picture I need to work on her frock and what shades I need to use :).
    Thanks in advance

    My email address is srividhya.ram@gmail.com


  199. Have already learnt all other basic stitches but I would definitely love to give needle painting a go! Looks like a lot of fun and turns out fantasic. And lastly, thanks so much for your help! Without those how to videos, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to create so many beautiful things that I have today!

  200. Hi Mary: I would love to learn Gold Work! It seems so intricate with fabulous threads and beads. It is too intimidating for me to jump into alone and I don’t know anyone who does it. I have trying and am learning to do “Stump Work” which is also intriguing to me. It is like a putting a puzzle together that I have to build first! The Trish Burr Needlepainting book would be a great benefit to anyone doing embroidery and wants to improve their skills. I certainly fit that bill. Thanks for the lovely Giveaways and great website.

  201. Would love to win this! I am currently attempting silk ribbon embroidery and next in the line is gold work, needlepainting (attempted before but failed) and Crewel too…

  202. There are so many techniques I want to try. I remember many years ago trying crewel embroidery and I really struggled with it. I’d like to try it again. Also, Montbellick embroidery interests me. I have never tried needle painting but the kit is gorgeous and I would love to learn from a kit. Fingers crossed.

  203. I am fairly new to general embroidery, but learned cross stitch at an early age and was very excied to stumble across your website. The video’s are absolutely wonderful in explaining the stitches, and your lessons have given me the courage to tackle a long and short stitch project that will embelish late period german dress I’m making. I also plan on learning to do the couching stitches you’ve explained on your site. Thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to your future posts.

  204. 1. Never tried but want to : Suzhou embroidery
    2. Always intrigued by realistic techniques and Japanese embroidery – each stitch is a challenge…always room for improvement.

  205. I do a lot of different types of needlework – some of them I do well and others not so well. I started doing crewel work, then needlepoint, cross-stitch and then I joined EGA and discovered what all there was out in the needlework world and how very little I really knew. I’ve taken classes in just about every counted thread technique there is with Hardanger and drawn thread being my favorites in that group. I keep coming back to crewel though – somehow it seems that this technique which I began with is where I belong artistically. I just wish I could do it better, especially the shading. I would like to get better at that but the one thing I would really like to learn to do is to combine different techniques within one project and it look like it belongs together.

  206. Hi Mary.

    I’ve been following your site for a while now, and I’m hungry for more. I wan’t to learn and try as much as possibly, mostly historical embroidery. I’m working on a smock, in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 4, from about 1575-1600. Goldwork is high on the list, but every thing depends on I falling in love with a project.

  207. G’day Mary,
    I’m a bit of a Jill of all stitches and Mistress of none. I would like to be more proficient in filling stitches, which needle painting comes into I suppose and it’s high on my list. I’ve only done needle painting in crewel wool. Long and Short, I suppose it’s refered to as.

    Thinking more of the continuous line stitches as fillings. Even stem stitch gets me off side when filling with it. I kinda get muddled with the gear changes and road rules. It doesn’t even bear thinking of, me attempting it in the USA. I’d meet myself coming back, on the wrong side at that.

    Thanks Mary and Trish for this opportunity.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  208. dear Mary,
    I do embroidery for a year and I have a passion for painting the needle that I began
    I also like very fine chain stitch
    I read your entries daily and the best found on the subject and that makes me want to learn more, or find a DVD detailing the paint for the needle to see how do
    Dany France

  209. I would love to be able to perfect my satin stitch and long and short stitch. To win the needle painting kit would be fantastic. My Grandma taught me to embroider when I was a child and I have always loved all types of embroidery. My grandmother’s embroidery I guess was ‘needle painting’ because you could hardly tell the back from the front she did it so well. I remember the nuns raffling a table cloth my grandmother embroidered and me going up to the nun and saying “excuse me sister you have the wrong side of the embroidery facing up” “No” she replied, and when she turned it over she realised I was right and thanked me. I would like my embroidery to be like that. I am 70 yrs old in a couple of weeks so I will now have time to sit and enjoy doing my embroidery. I enjoy reading your blog each day and finding out some very interesting things as well as some very good tips etc. Keep up the good work.

  210. I would like to try working with ribbon and more dimensional forms of embroidery and would like to work on more goldwork (laid work).

    Thank you for all of the informative articles!

  211. Hi Mary,

    I tried needle painting once years ago and would love to have another go now that I know so much more about how to make it work. Thanks so much for all the lovely things you share with us!

  212. Dear Mary, the form of embroidery I would like to grasp the technique of well is thread painting. I like the way a piece of work is brought to life in the shading and Trish Burr does that so beautifully.
    I would very much love to win the Trish Burr kit and suprise my friend by giving her the prize, she and I love her work and would like to become proficient at the technique.

  213. Hi Mary! I have been following your blog for over a year now and I am enjoying it immensely. You trigger the stitchaholic in me when I follow your projects like the rooster or the blackwork fish. The project that was my personal favorite was the gold work. I am torn between goldwork or needlepainting as the next new learning project. Thanks Mary- you provide a great resource! KayseeB

  214. I’d love to learn needle painting. I’ve never tried it but I did learn to mix colors in oils years ago. I already embroider and want to learn Ribbon embroidery. I do crazy quilts and the needle painting will improve the look. Thanks. Eileene

  215. A couple of months ago decided to do a
    certificate in general Silk embroidery, but I have been procrastinating and as of yet I have made little progress. My teacher Lives some 400 KLs away.
    So the book may just be the help I need to get that needle working. If i miss out I will purchase the book.

  216. The technique I’ve tried and would like to do more of is: needle painting. I’ve stitched one of Tanja Berlin’s flowers earlier this year and loved it. I’m going to make 2011 dedicated to more needle painting and the new technique I’d like to try is: stumpwork. I have a small kit from Jane Nicholas that I’ll start on next year. Thanks for your great site. I liked your frog button!

  217. Hi Mary,

    I have tried needle painting but would like to improvise on it.Another thing on my mind is crewel embroidery and stumpwork,want to try them.


  218. Well, I was at the bookstore with my brother recently….and he pulled out a needle painting book, and said “Hey you must have this book, these designs are so realistic!”

    Well I should have succumbed shouldnt I, as this is a type of needlework I haven’t tried yet, I really need to perfect long and short stitch and learn about colour shadings.

    Julie in Australia

  219. I love your website and don’t know how you manage to write something interesting and informative each day! I would love the needlepainting kit to help me explore this amazing technique which I haven’t tried yet.The finished work looks so beautiful. As to what I would like to improve on- well that’s about everything: crewel work, goldwork, drawn thread, stumpwork, ribbonwork and that’s just the start!

  220. Hai Mary!
    What a lovely kit! I really would like to win it, I’ve been craving one of these for some time now…
    I would like to improve in needelpainting. I’m currently working on a piece, and I find it to be difficult sometimes, to get the threads juuust right. And I would like to try silk threads. Now, I mainly use Rennaissance Dying Wool and DMC embroidery threads, you know, te common one. So, I hope I win!
    Good luck ith your lovely site, I check in every day!
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

  221. Hi Mary,

    I only started embroidery again this year – gave it up in primary school – so I have a long way to go!
    I enjoy the idea of black/red/whitework, using stitches and patterns to create interest rather than colour; and I’d love to learn long-and-short stitch or needlepainting. So far I’ve not got suitable fabric, and have just focussed on getting to know my needle so to speak!
    Trish Burr’s work looks amazing – I’d love to try it!
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your website. I wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as I am without it – I can’t afford to buy books or attend courses. Thank you thank you thank you πŸ™‚

  222. I would like to improve all my needle work skills, especially since I’m relatively new to it. I would really like to learn needle painting because I think it would be useful for some of the project ideas I have. One other thing I would really like to learn is Japanese embroidery.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. Since childhood, my love is Crewel, but my shading looks kindergarten still. I would love to improve my use of color.

  224. I’ve tried many, many sitiches as a result of completing a three year – 5 level hand embroidery course. It was fun and very interesting. I’m not a fan of doing blackwork but I do like the result.

  225. What a wonderful site you have. I have renewed my interest again after 27 years, now that I have time on my hands since the children have all flown the nest. Forgot how much I loved it, but the one thing I never mastered was starting without a knot and finishing neatly so the ends don’t show through. I see you have a tutorial for this that I will study. To win this lovely gift would be wonderful incentive. Thank you again for inspiring me.

  226. Hi Mary,
    I just found another reason to love your website & blog, The chance to win something. As if reading your posts every day wasn’t already addictive enough!
    The technique I would most like to try is Stumpwork. I have been fascinated with this ever since I first saw a piece of it in a museum many years ago. i have to admit i am a little intimidated by it though. Dare I say “stumped?”
    I have even purchased two beautiful kits to get myself going but have not worked up the courage to attempt it until I feel my skills are up to it. Watching your sampler students progress has been a huge help to me. Keep the blog & videos going Mary; it’s become my life jacket in a fairly rough sea.


  227. Love Trish Burr designs. This one looks gorgeous. I need to improve my needlepainting.
    I would also love to learn smocking.
    Suzy from the UK

  228. I have always admired the standard of work I see of long and short stitch…the silky evenness of the threads, and the shading achieved. This is a technique I have struggled with over the years, and I would dearly love to have the opportunity to explore this more, and to improve my abilities with this style of work.

  229. Thanks for the chance!! I’d love to get into needle lace and especially the Hungarian form called Halas Lace! But I also love many other forms of needlework!! This would look lovely in my house since I have a rose theme inside and out! And my maiden name is pronounced “TWO ROSE”!
    Linda Mc L

  230. Mary, I would love to go into the draw for this lovely kit. I am more a counted thread person myself – but since discovering your blog (I read you every day now) – I have decided to get to know Blackwork, am doing an EGA project. I have always thought that shading is the most difficult embroidery technique, although my Great Grandmother was fantastic at this!

    Wendy Holt

  231. I have been trying thread painting, but it doesn’t look too good yet. You make it look easy on your video and I get that ” OH, I can do that” feeling. I just keep trying.

  232. Thank for your beautiful and useful weebsite. I would like to say also thank to Trish Burr for her kit. I would like to try chinese double side needlepainting.
    Excuse the way I wrote in English.


  233. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit! I have never tried needle painting and would love to learn.

  234. Since I am introducing 14 young girls in my sewing club to basic embroidery (like my Grandmother introduced me soooo long ago) I have gotten excited about that feeling I get while embroidering – I had forgotten how ultimately satisfying it is to see something being created. I know I’ve sparked a new love in several girls because they’ve been taking their embroidery out to recess! I would love to get good at anything because it has been years since I’ve had needle in hand. The crazy quilt that you’ve highlighted intrigued me because it was such a creative piece and to be truthful I don’t know what stitches I need to do something as beautiful as that!

  235. Hi Mary, My next project (after Christmas) is the thread painting lessons with the squares, triangles, & circles that you posted last year. After finishing that winning and then working on Trish’s kit would be awesome. So the stitch that I want to learn and perfect is the long & short stitch. Thank you for another great giveaway.
    Jean B
    Puyallup WA

  236. Hi Mary

    What do I want to learn? Everything. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want. One of my coworkers and I used to joke that night shift would be wonderful if we didn’t have to sleep – because then we’d be able to do so much more. I did a small amount of crewel when I was a teenager, but put it on the backburner with school and work and family. Now that the children are reaching the age where they are supposed to be more help, I’d like to learn and do. I have two small kits from Jo-Ann Jenkins (www.woodlandthreads.com) for my pleasure after I finish the Christmas rush.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. You provide inspiration. Please keep up the good work.

  237. I would love to learn Irish lace. It’s a technique I’ve never tried before but always have been intrigued by it.
    Greetings, Anita

  238. Hi Mary,

    Thank-you for all the great tips, your web-site
    is awesome. Many years ago, I attempted a similiar project using thread painting; it
    actually turned out very well, but haven’t done
    that type of stitching, since. I’ve renewed
    my interest and would love to receive this
    Trish Burr flower; it’s absolutely beautiful.

    This would give me an opportunity to use the
    over-dyed threads in my stash and hopefully
    learn a new technique in stitching with them.

    Teri S.

  239. What a beautiful give-away.
    Goldwork is a technique I would like to try.
    Marjolein form the Netherlands

  240. Simply being able to consistently create french knots would thrill me. SIGH… πŸ™

    I do have a blackwork piece I’m struggling with, so maybe I just need overall help. Always willing to try something new though!

  241. Hi. I want that kit. I really would like to do more crewel work and get better at filling stitches. I feel like I never get them to lie as smooth and even as I wouls like.

  242. Ohhh! A Trish Burr kit! I have all her books. It would be like a great Christmas gift!! Personally, on the what-would-I-like-to-try, I would have to say that I would like to learn how to do tambour work properly — both stitching and applying beads. AND, Il Punto Antico, sort of an Italian hardanger!

  243. Hi Mary!
    I have been reading all the comments left from this post and it makes me realize what a wonderful group of people you have brought together and touched with your website. Such a blessing to all of us.
    I would love to learn shading with long & short stitch, preferably in silk. Goldwork is also on my short list.
    Thanks again,
    Helen in beautiful Colorado

  244. Dear Mary,
    I am very happy to do needle painting at the moment. I find it extremely gratifying, but there are two genres I would still like to do and that is thanks to you. First is black work in particular your Mr Fish. Secondly , gold work. It was so wonderful to see your progress on the two pieces you did and how you overcame problems and the end result which in both cases was breathtaking.
    I still don’t know how you keep up with all the work you do, but one thing is for certain, you do a mighty fine job of it.
    Love Elza, Cape Town xxx

  245. Hello Mary. I have tried most forms of embroidery in the past, including long & short (needle painting). This technique, I believe, is one of the most difficult to master but is one whose effects I have always loved. So, I am determined to persevere with this stitch technique until I have mastered it.
    Thank you for your wonderful website, I always look forward to the newsletters.
    Barbara W

  246. iam fairly new at this It looks absolutely beautiful. I am in a embroidery guild in South Carolina and there are many advanced stitchers who can help me.I passed your site on to them a while ago. it is one of the best sites on the web bar none.
    carol gross

  247. Everything I have heard about Trish Burr has been wonderful, and the photos I have seen of her work are very delicate and realistic. Thread painting is a technique I would like to learn to do. This fall I am taking a thread painting class from Tonja Berlin. Since I retired I have joined an EGA chapter and tried many techniques,not always successfully. Learning to lay threads and shade better might even inspire me to pick up my unfinished Japanese embroidery.

  248. I’ve not tried needlepainting yet. My 2010 goal was to work on counting and I’m ready for a non-counting year.

  249. Hi Mary,

    Oh, how I enjoy your daily posts! I would absolutely love to learn how to do needlepainting. I have Trish Burr’s book checked out from my local library and have told my husband that I have to own it … so it’s on my Christmas list. Needlepainting is what I would love to learn to do. What I have experimented with and would really like to become much better at is silk ribbon embroidery. I love all the colors and textures and stitches of all embroidery. Winning this Trish Burr kit would be a real treat for me. Thanks for all the wonderful advice and inspiration you offer to us all.

  250. I love threadpainting! I did your Tutorial, Mary, and fell in love with the technique and would so enjoy having one of these wonderful kits to improve my work!.
    As for something I haven’t done much of, I am interested in drawn and pulled work, which I have seen done and it looks so lovely. That will probably have to wait for my “summer project”.
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you share on your website – I do not know anyone who stitches, other than a few friends who do a little cross stitch, so your site makes me feel part of an international “sisterhood” of stitchers.

  251. I have tried most kinds of needlework, except Japanese Embroidery. I haven’t tried that because I don’t have room for another set of threads, frames, fabrics, etc. I have done thread painting before and taken a class in the technique, but would love to continue to improve my skills. Daisies are my favourite flower and this kit would be an enjoyable project to stitch.

  252. Hello, Mary.

    I’ve enjoyed viewing your video tutorials and learning the correct way to hold the thread to correctly complete several stitches; however, the one I’ve learned to perfect is the buttonhole. This stitch is important for embroidery and applique.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the kit and learn more about embroidery options.

  253. I would love to try Blackwork, but I find it quite intimidating. The end results look so intricate and difficult that I don’t think I could ever make it work.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

    Jennifer Rivas

  254. Needlepainting is the embroidery technique I want to learn! I’ve been wanting to learn it for some time and would love to win this kit. Thanks to you and Trish Burr for offering it.

  255. I have always wanted to take painting lessons, but I realize that probably won’t happen. I am a needleworker and that is what I need to stick with, but needle painting really intrigues me. I could combine what I do best with what I have always wanted to try!
    I’m learning goldwork right now, so I suppose that is my favorite thing at present, but that is always subject to change when I find something new.

  256. I have joined a local embroidery guild this winter and am just amazed at the many different kinds/types of needle work. I’ve just finished a course on Jacobean embroidery which I just loved. My next course is on gold work and then after that Brazilian embroidery. I borrowed a book from the guild library this week on needle painting so the opportunity to win a kit is just perfect.

    Good luck to everyone!

  257. Thank you Trish and Mary, this is a lovely giveaway! The
    technique I’d really like to improve is long & short/silk
    shading/needlepainting. I LOVE the look, but have no real
    proficiency. Crewel and several whitework styles are on
    my must try this someday techniques list.

  258. I would love to try my hand at needlepainting. I love how the stitches give such lovely shading and add depth to the project.
    I have done a little blackwork, but would like to develop my skills much more. I like how it looks so intricate, but it so simple.
    Thanks for putting up all the tutorials. I love your blog and always look forward to reading it. You have inspired me to add more embroidery stitches to my work.

  259. crewel work has always been a favorite. I have Trish Burr’s books on crewel and long/short stitches. Her patterns and choice of colors and subject are beautiful. I hope to do more crewel work and use Trish Burr’s patterns. Keep up the give aways they are inspiring.

    Susan Donn

  260. Hi Mery, thank you, Trish!
    I would like to try Hardanger and Casalquidi. I know that these embroideries are not simple, but the world belongs to the brave ones. I have mastered flat embroidery and RICHELIE. The highest time for a harder challenge.
    Greetings from Poland, Ela
    e-mail: elau66wr@wp.pl

  261. I’ve just realised that needle-painting is what I do without knowing it.

    The technique I really want to develop is whitework, but done black-on-black rather than white-on-white. I’m currently making a black stole with this, for remembrance/All Souls/Good Friday. I’ve used a design from this site and now I want to develop it.

  262. I love the idea of learning the needlepainting. But I’m also working on perfecting my stitches to begin a crazy quilt -someday… I’m a happy stay-at-home mommy, but I need the creative outlet of sewing, embroidery and memory-keeping in order to feel a sense of personal accomplishment. Thank you for your wonderful website and newsletter. It’s been very helpful to me. Smiles –

  263. I would like to perfect the long and short stitch. I just can’t seem to get them right and to lay smooth. As far as other stitches I need to perfect all of them.
    sue ames

  264. What technique do I not want to try? I have difficulty in deciding what I would like to become an ‘expert’ in as I enjoy it all. At the moment I have a gorgeous crewel pattern I so want to do but as I am currently seeking work I can’t justify the expense of buying the wool threads…so am about to offend the purists by working it in floss.

  265. Hello Mary, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your newsletters and tutorials, I enjoy learning new stitches very much. Needlepainting is something I havent attempted before so winning a kit would give me the incentive to have a go. Take care Jean

  266. Let me answer the 2nd part of the question first: What technique do I want to improve at ~ Hardanger, Canvas, Pulled thread, tatting. Shall I go on ? I have done some ‘shading’ of threads – but I want to learn the ‘right’ way to do Needle / thread painting. It is so beautiful.
    Thank you and Trish for this lovely give-a-way

  267. me gustaria mountmellick y la tecnica que utiliza trish, me wencantaria ganarme el kit. mil gracias por reste blog que nos enseΓ±a tanto a quienes nos gusta el bordado, tambien estoy interesada en aprender mas sobre brasilero y needlepainting. donde puedo en colombia comprar un libro de trish burr y uno de mountmellick. mil gracias. sorany. hasta hoy conoci sobre este blog.

  268. Mary and Trish, thank you so much for this opportunity! I would like to develop my needlepainting skills this year. I also am teaching myself -through stitch instruction books, how to choose surface embroidery stitches for designs that I am creating myself. It was intimidating for me to decide which stitches to use where, but now that I have tried it, I am finding I like the challenge!

    Thanks again πŸ™‚
    Tomi Jane

  269. What a lovely kit! I have never attempted needle painting and would love to learn. Your blog and tutorials have been such a blessing for me. I have very little experience with embroidery of any type but love it and am trying to learn (with your help, of course!). Thanks so much for the great give-away.

  270. I would love to try needlepainting (this is the first time I’ve heard of it). My current thrust is to get better at silk ribbon embroidery, the better to embellish my crazy quilting, my latest passion.

  271. The technique that I have not tried but would like to is Goldwork. I have been very scared to try it. I need to just jump in there and do it.

    I have tried shading (long & short stitches) but I still not very good at it yest. Still very stilted…need more practice.

    I would love to win this kit…it is lovely.

  272. Thread painting is a technique I’m trying on my own, but I’m new to embroidery and a kit would be a great way to study! My current project is my own creation working from a photo. I’m fascinated by, and very eager to learn about embroidery( I wish I had noticed it a long time ago!!!). Thanks for providing such a great resource.

  273. Stumpwork, I haven’t the foggiest idea where to start. I’m pretty good at needlepainting so I would like the kit.


  274. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the beautiful give away. One technique I have never tried is blackwork. Years ago my local EGA Chapter did a correspondence course in blackwork but at that time I had three little boys and did not have time to take the course. Out of all the correspondence courses completed by our Chapter the results of the blackwork stand out in my memory the most. They were remarkably beautiful.

    Colleen Lim

  275. What embroidery technique do you want to try, that you haven’t already tried? or, What technique do you want to improve in, that you have tried and liked?

    I want to learn Or Nue. I’ve liked every technique that I’ve tried!

  276. One of the few things I have not tried is needle painting. I love the look, and yet have never taken the time to try learning more about it. So this kit would be a perfect way to begin. Sandi

  277. I would love to try some Ayrshire cutwork. There are many whitework techniques that I would like to try, but this one appeals to me. Perhaps because I was born there! I have already tried some needlepainting from one of Trish’s books using threads I already had on hand. I would love to try one of her kits.

  278. I am new to embroidery and have my eye on a Redwork embroidery quilt kit to do for next year. Needlepainting looks difficult but this kit seems accessible to a beginner. I’m going to check out Trish Burr’s kits. I keep all your tutorials and samplers. This blog has taught me much and inspired me to embroider. Thank you!

  279. Dear Mary, I absolutely love trish Burr’s work and wish I could be as creative as she is, needle painting is one of my most favourite style of embroidery but one that I am least succesful at, I would really love to win this kit the design looks absolutely exquisite. Mary please keep your website going I have learned so much from it, I often sit in front of my computer pracicing my embroidery stitches I just love it. Flora

  280. I’d love to know how to do this! I’m so new to embroidery so the technique I want to try first is the easiest stitch! I found your site while searching “how to embroider” I love your videos!

  281. Well, I am yet to explore this wonderful world and decide.
    I am the proud owner of some of my great grand mother’s embroidery pieces, monogrammes bed linen and lace.
    I have recently made the acquisition via a well known auction site an absolute gem from the US site, of unknown origin (to me). It is a bed cover, that is covered in an amazing two-tone of blue cross stitch pattern and quilted. The batting is thin cotton. It seems old and to me the work is incredible. It arrived to me in appalling condition, very stained and smelly, but I have managed to restore it. I took this risk as it was quite cheap and liked it instantly. But I have no idea what this style is called as I found it under “quilting”.
    These two events have triggered the desire to learn needle work, and embroidery in particular. I have always enjoyed looking at needle work in museum, and was always amazed at the craftmanship, but always thought of it as a skill of the past. Now, at 38, I barely know how to use a needle, and I long for my grand-mother to still be alive and to learn from her. So here I am, google-ing “how to teach yourself embroidery”, thinking embroidery is embroidery. Your lovely blog came up in the first page, and appealed to me straight away. I feel at ease to take my first steps here and to educate myself to this world, much more complex and deeper than I had ever imagined. I am also wondering where to start!
    For Christmas, I asked my mum to post me my Gran’s embroidery tools. I hope I make her proud.

    PS. Please, don’t slap me if you see any grammar mistake, English is not my mother tongue, but any tip is appreciated!!! Ah ah!

  282. I’ve recently tried goldwork along with long & short stitches, and I love the two together. In fact, it is the same floral glove needlework project you started from the same class with Thistle Threads. I would love to do more of this style. I’d also like to try needlepainting as well, although that seems a bit daunting in getting the images life-like. But a kit like you are giving away is a wonderful idea. Thanks for offering it.

  283. I have recently started embroidering, have liked it immensely. I also paint as a hobby. Needle painting is something new that I would love to try my hand at. As I reside in India, such books are very difficult to find .My birthday is on 2nd of December, I would consider it an ideal present.

  284. I love Trish Burr’s work I have never done any of her embroidery, but I have admired it for some time and would really like the opertunity to do some. I have never one anything in my life, I hope I am lucky this time, it would be a lovely Christmas present

  285. Stumpwork! I have done some of this “technique”. I wan to so more as it incorporates so much of other techniques. The raised effects are very gratifying!
    Avis in Virginia

  286. I’m torn between crewel work and needlepainting, actually, so this kit is perfect! I’ve already bought a few crewel threads and books so I feel ready to start that soon. But needlepainting has always intrigued me and I’d love to give it a go sometime soon!

  287. have liked most techniques I’ve tried. Have some Casalguidi kits I haven’t started yet. Have done some whitework, and want to get better at that. Have an EGA project in blackwork style that suggests adding a whitework panel. *Designing* would be a whole new area for me.

    Your column provides a lot of ideas, in lots of directions. Keep it up!

  288. I haven’t tried needlepainting technique so i want to try it. Nowadays i’m entangled with oyester stitch varietions.

  289. I’ll love to enjoy needlepainting that i haven’t attemted yet and currently i’m doing some projects on silk ribbon emroidery.

  290. i want to have an experience of needlepainting and my current enjoyment is chain stitch embroidery on my cushions.

  291. I start my day every morning with a visit to your blog – just love it so much!!! I think I would like to get much better in needlepainting – I took a class a couple years ago and need some practice. I would also like to learn blackwork.

  292. My embroidery skills need to be broadened in all areas. I want to learn the shading techniques and this kit would be great to get me started.

  293. Beautiful kit, what a wonderful give away! I have done a small amount of needle painting. One technique that I have never tried but have always been fascinated by is goldwork.

  294. What a marvelous concept…painting with thread. I love looking at books on Botony how skillfully they are done and to be able to do that with a needle and thread..let me at it. Currently I enjoy most needle point. Although I’m yet to try my hand at Goldwork or Stumpwork. So there are still horizons to be met.

    Thanks for the inspiration in this give away!!!

  295. Hi There,

    I LOVE embrodery. I would love to try Golwork as well as needle painting.

    I have tried crewel and i would like to improve on it as there are some basic rules that i dont know yet.


  296. I have been reluctant to try long/short stitch. For some reason I find it daunting, but I think this kit would be just the thing to inspire me to learn to work it.

  297. Have no experience with this type of needlework, but would love to try. Trish’s designs seem to me to be of exceptional quality.

    Love your blog. You are inspiring me to do more needlework. I get discouraged by my lack of skill.

  298. Thread painting is definitely the technique I would like to try. I love working with basic hand embroidery, but thread painting seems to create an absolutely stunning effect on a piece of needlework. Thanks for offering this kit!

  299. I would love to try the Trish Burr thread painting. I keep thinking I want to try it and put it off because I don’t know if I can. I want to do more than embroider dish towels. Sincerely, June W. Steiger Thanks for your site. I have learned that I can do some things I didn’t think I could.

  300. I am interested in learning cut-work, but “needle painting” sound facinating. I had not heard of it before. Having recently retired from a high-pressure career, I have retrieved projects from 30 or more years ago and am trying to finish a few for Christmas presents. Wish me luck!

  301. Mary – I thoroughly enjoyed doing stumpwork and needlelace which I would like to try again so that’s my next challenge – maybe over the Christmas holidays.

  302. I would love to learn needle painting.( I am an avid learner) I have had so much fun with the Spot Sampler and have learned so much. It has been a perfect match for my husband and I . I can stitch and he can watch Football…we are both happy… If there is anything else that I look forward to learning it is crewel. I loved the piece that you did earlier from Tristan Brooks. I am hoping Santa might bring me a small kit for Christmas …. I need more hours in the day …. Thank you for all you do for us out here…. Put my name in the hopper for the Needle Painting kit please…. Cathie

  303. Needlepainting! I want to try needlepainting! I’ve done long and short stitch and I have drooled over Trish Burr’s exquisite works for so long. What a wonderful beginner project to practice on. Would love to win this one Mary!
    Brenda, Wilmington, Ohio

  304. Small flowers embellish my crazy quilt using the long and short stitch. They do look like they were painted on. Thanks for the great tutorials. My crazy quilt has never looked so good.

  305. I have been attracted to needlepainting since I saw a piece of Chinese “blind” stitching, so called because the young women who stitched in that ultra-realistic fashion, frequently lost their eyesight to it. I would also like to try my hand at Brazilian stitching.

  306. That’s easy! Goldwork! I have some supplies gathered…just can’t find the time or the right design to begin! Thanks Mary for all you do!..and this wonderful drawing is just that little extra!

  307. Dear Mary,
    I like cross stitching and blackwork a lot. I also started learning hardanger and pulled thread techniques. But I always admire needlepainting. I have a table runner at home which was made by my grandmother. I know that she was really into needlepainting. I have even found some scratches of her projects. And I always wonder how people manage to embroider such things? Maybe I am too afraid of this technique. But one day I will definitely pull myself together and dive into this spectacular technique.

  308. Actually, I’ve tried needlepainting just a bit, on my own, once and it wasn’t pretty. I’d love the kit just to see how it’s supposed to be done and to have a project specifically for that technique. I always do better at trying new things if I have a goal in mind, and a kit like this would provide that. I keep looking at Trish Burr’s kits because they look so nice but I hesitate at buying them, afraid I wouldn’t do them justice. Winning one would kill the excuses.

  309. I would like to try blackwork—I love the blackwork pictures depicting a scene.
    Thanks for offering this contest.

  310. hi
    I love Crewel Embroidery a lot.i was inspired after seeing your your crewel ebroidery with goldwork.i have nt tried but i ill try it for sure.i feel that crewel embroidery gives life to the image made.i want to try needle painting technique.as i have started cross stiching recently , i ill try to do all the techniques listed in your blog.thank you for the giveaway and for wonderfull videos..
    thank you


  311. I have had a needle in my hands for many years, but a chance remark from a friend on her Guild’s program on Trish Burr sent me to her site and then to yours also, I can hardly wait to open my mail every morning to find out what you are going to share with us! I’ve just retired and have been looking for a new direction for my needle to travel. I have never attempted needlepainting and would love the journey!

  312. Well, one thing I’d like to try that I haven’t tried already is Crewel Work. I love the Jacobean designs but also have some ideas for more modern designs using crewel techniques but different types of thread and patterns. As to what I’d like to improve on … well, where do I start? Machine embroidery, silk shading, gold work … just for a short start!

  313. Oh, I’d love to try needlepainting. I’ve done some shading work with split stitch based on some historical stuff, but would love to try more.

    As for something I’ve tried and would like to do more of — um, most of it πŸ™‚ I think my next exploration is going to be some more applique work.

  314. I have embroidered and done crewel work for years. As a recent retiree I am intrigued by the idea of needle painting. I need a new challenge! This kit looks like the answer to my need! And I though there was nothing new so this kit is exciting to consider!!

  315. That’s lovely. What a fantastic giveaway!

    I haven’t tried needlepainting, so I’d like to. Another technique I’d like to try is Brazilian embroidery. Likewise goldwork. So many wonderful techniques to try.

  316. At this time, I’ve been doing a lot of blackwork – and monochromatic needlepoint (black victorian sillouhettes, Matisse’s blue nudes). But this neeedle painting looks stunning. Such a difference from what I’ve been doing, but something I would love to try

  317. I would love to try ribbon embroidery, and I have purchased everything I need to get started, but simply have not tried. There is no one locally who teaches it, which I know is no excuse. I am waiting for a couple of days when we are snowed in, and will sit down and give it a try.

  318. I have now been embroidering for the last year and am interested in needle painting and long and short stitch. I have embroidered a handful flowers in long and short stitch by reading the web and watching your tutorials and am a big fan of Trish Burr and Tanja Berlin. I think embroidering a kit with specific instructions from the likes of Trish will help me understand both the stitch and the shading techniques better …..

  319. Thanks for all you do. Your site is great. I have been doing crewel embroidery and cross stitch for thirty+ years. Also love to do applique quilting. I have just finished my first crazy quilt. I have been wanting to try Brazilian stitching and needlepainting. Thanks for this wonderful drawing. Marla

  320. I have always wanted to try needle painting. i have done it on the sewing machine and did not find it relaxing. I love handwork and have sold all my sewing machines except one. I need to improve my cross stitch, have to get comfortable wearing these magnifying glasses.

  321. I would love to win this kit. I’ve tried and loved many types of needlework but have never tried threadpainting. Looks like a lot of fun and a beautiful kit. Thanks

  322. This concept sounds interesting but up until now my desire has been to learn Schwam.
    Thanks so much for your daily lessons —- I have been reminded of many of the things I learned from my grandmother and used to do before the owrld got so large.

  323. I took a needle painting workshop some years ago and was bit by the bug. I have done 5″x7″ landscapes and I tried a few birds but I have never done a floral design. I would love to follow the instructions of an expert and learn how to polish my techniques. I somehow find the florals difficult and would welcome step by step guidance with the shading. That piece looks so very inviting.

  324. I am just getting back in to embroidery and would like to work on shading. This looks like a fun project. Thanks for the opportunity to play along.

  325. I am a fan of all things botanical and have had Trish Burrs book on Redoute’s Finest Flowers for quite awhile now. I am stuck in that space between inspiration and “doing it”! I am hoping a Trish Burr kit will provide a means to get unstuck. I would love to learn needlepainting and combine with Stumpwork to create a botanical sampler of my favorite flowers and plants. Thank you for an inspiring blog – I look forward to reading of your adventures everyday!

  326. Being a fan of all things botanical, Trish Burr’s book on Redoute’s Finest Flowers has been in my library for quite awhile. I am stuck in that space between inspiration and “get started”! I hoping that a Needle painting kit will get me started on a project I have been planning for quite awhile – a botanical sampler that uses a variety of needlework techniques to illustrate my favorite flowers.

  327. I have tried needlepainting using the A to Z book on the subject. I definately want to improve on my skills and study the subject. I signed up for Trish’s blog, hoping to glean some technique or at least look at her work on a regular basis. I think of her as somewhat of a Godess of Silkpainting. I haven’t tried her kits yet and would love to get this one. Thanks, Mary, for the chance to get it for free.

  328. I have enjoyed the creative process of embroidery for many years, starting with stamped pillow cases as a child. I moved on to cross stitch and find now the more I know the more I want to learn. I have dabbled in thread painting and actually have Trish’s video. It is wonderful, and a great complement to her books. My next embroidery venture will most likely be into Schwalm work. It has fascinated me for a long time. Thank you for offering one of Trish’s kits, which will provide a great opportunity to further thread painting techniques

  329. I purchased the A ~ Z of Thread painting book and have been wanting to improve that technique ever since I finished Anna Pearson’s “Chinese Birds”. Now that I look at the flowers in the corners, I realize they are actually pathetic.

  330. This is the first time I’m hearing about Needle Painting and the Kit look so pretty.

    There’re much more things I want to give a try and Gold Work is top of the list. Sure I love to learn about needle painting and will add it to my list.

  331. Hi Mary, that is a beautiful kit from Trish Burr and I would love to have it. I have just begun to do thread painting and this kit would be great to perfect my stitching. Love your Needle & Thread that I receive daily and especially your tutorials on all those different stitches. We certainly need someone with your expertise to guide people like me who would like to get better in their stitching.

  332. Hi Mary
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I really want to try Goldwork I have seen some beautiful Church linens and would like to try but first I would have to get way better at long and short stitching. My surface embriodery sucks because I never know the right direction to stitch if that makes sense:-)I don’t have anyone nearby to show me the right way Good luck to all – with great respect Audrey

  333. The question for me would be What don’t I want to try? I’d love to try goldwork, thread painting, Brazilian embroidery, whitework, more Hardanger, more blackwork, bead embroidery – and I could go on!

  334. That is gorgeous! Something thread painted would be great to embellish on. I have been trying my hand recently at Silk Ribbon embroidery. I SO need to practice more. I took a class on Joggles. Class mates helped to encourage Sharon Boggle of Pintange fame to start a group on Stitching fingers. So that I and others just starting out could ask questions of the more experienced. I have been searching around the net and seem to be drawn to embellished prints. The only this that has stopped me from ordering everything on Di van Nieker breath taking site is cost and my inexperience. Don’t want to get overwhelmed and then discouraged. Right now I am making myself do baby steps lol. I picked up some of the wonderful DMC Flouche at a local shop ( Sad to say what they have now is it. They will not get it any more.) And have been practicing my satin stitch. The flouche makes it so easy! It is astounding how much I have learned online from you and others on the web. Ever so much more than classes or books!

  335. Hi Mary,

    At our house we have been working through your Spot Sampler and various stitch tutorials. For me it’s a refresher course, for my 12 yo daughter it’s all fun and new. Our samplers took an unusual turn. An elderly lady in our Church called them “Ladies Botanical Samplers”. Close, they have lots of leaves and um bugs!. My student and I are having lots of fun learning together and prefer learning from your thorough tutorials.

    Next we started working our way through your Long and Short Tutorial.
    Hoping to add to our flora repertoire.

    Trish Burr puts such lovely kits together. And you have both been inspirations to us.

    Thanks for all your loving work.

    Sharon in WA

  336. Mary,
    What a beautiful give away! I am interested in thread painting – with floss. I have done crewel long and short shading, but never really tried floss for thread painting. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  337. Hmmm…I was sure I left a comment a few days ago but I don’t see it here. I apologize if I my entry gets posted twice—feel free to delete one.

    New technique I’d like to try: stumpwork. I’m hoping to pull out one of my stumpwork books after the holidays and give it a go. Thanks for holding the giveaway, Mary!

  338. Mary,

    I just became a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl November 17th. I am learning new skills as my daughter chooses heirloom items for me to sew. I completed the “going home from the hospital outfit” with simple hand embroidery but I would like to learn more. My next project is the Christening gown. I hope I can handle it!! Thanks for the give away. I am new to blogging and I really enjoy it.


  339. I have only recently found this blog but have found it very interesting and have learned a good deal. I enjoy your style. It is just like you are talking to me.

  340. Oh, that’s a lovely kit, my mother would love it.

    What technique do I really want to try that I haven’t? Most of them! Well, especially needlepainting and ribbon embroidery.
    Oh, and silk shading. I really like all of the techniques that result in really realistic looking pictures. I really like the ribbon embroider done by Di van Niekerk and the silk embroidery by Helen M. Stevens.

    Thanks for holding this contest and keeping such a nice site.

  341. I have had a needle in my hand most of my life, but have never tried needlepainting. After talking with a friend whose Guild has just begun a Trish Burr project, I found her website and yours! I now can’t wait to see what you have to share with us each day! I’m now retired and look forward to trying my hand needlepainting. Thank you for all of your tips and aids in stitching.

  342. What a wonderful kit! I need to practice my knots! Sometimes they don’t look like knots, but slow vanishing dots!

  343. I would love to try Crewel Embroidery. I have found a few of my Mom’s crewel embroidery she did when I was younger and it makes me want to try my hand at it.

  344. I would love to try ribbon embroidery but have been intimidated by the beauty of the work I have seen. I would love to include ribbon work on my first crazy quilt.

  345. thank you for having such a nice site and for the links and instructions that you provide…I enjoy all kinds of handwork and I would love to try some blackwork and some brazilian embroidery some time soon…I love the look of embroidery when done by hand because it seems to have a softness that machine embroidery lacks…I have several projects going on and can always find the help I need here..Thanks again.

  346. I submitted a comment yesterday, but it does not seem to be here. hmm. I am very experienced in counted thread work, and I am working on my surface embroidery skills. I love the look of thread painting and would enjoy winning this kit. Wherever my needle goes, I follow!

  347. I really love Trish Burr’s work and would love to improve my needlepainting skills. For a new technqiue I have not tried that would have to be Goldwork. Love the look and would love to do a class to learn some of the techniques.
    Susan EH M.

  348. Being recently retired I at last have the time to endulge in the wonderful world of embroidery. I have seen the most vibrant needlepainting work done by a friend and would love to make one for myself.

    I found your wonderful site through Country Bumpkin in Australia and look forward to every episode of the newsletter. Many thanks Mary.

  349. According to family lore, my grandmother was a skilled embroiderer. She’s gone now, but I’m trying to learn some of her skills. She was of chinese ancestory, with a love of flowers, so needle painting and satin stitch are probably closest to the work she did.

    I recently worked through your long and short stitch tutorial. It was excellent and I learned a lot. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  350. I have been working on your long/short stitch sampler. I have read some of Trish’s books and her work is superb. I have turned to the long/short stitch needlepainting because satin stitch causes me great frustration. I much prefer to use needlepainting to fill in or to display shadows, colours and depth.

  351. Hi Mary,

    One day I would like to try my hand at goldwork. It is so rich and beautiful but the cost of the materials is a little prohibitive at the moment.

    I’ve dabbled in Hardanger, pulled/drawn thread and counted thread techniques but I’m currently working on improving my needlepainting technique. I like structure, following patterns and knowing where stitches go; I find needlepainting especially challenging since it is a looser style.

    Thank you for the beautiful give away.

  352. Hi, Mary,

    I love Trish Burr’s designs. Needlepainting is one of the techniques I’ve had on my list for some time now. I tried it once when my kids were younger, but I just wasn’t very good at it. Perhaps I’d have better luck now that I have fewer distractions.

  353. For things I would like to try, it would be a toss up between goldwork, needlepainting, and stumpwork. All of them are equally intriguing! This looks like a lovely kit.

  354. The only time I can remember doing needle painting is in long ago Erica Wilson kits! That’s probably about 35-40 years ago! Would be nice to have Trish’s kit to pick up on it again.

  355. I’m a novice embroiderer. I’d like to re-learn the needlework my mother and grandmother tried to teach me 50 years ago – needlepoint, gros point, redwork, and basic embroidery. I find that I love needle arts now that I am less distractable. I would love to learn thread painting – and I would certainly need Trish’s helping hand.

  356. This is a wonderful giveaway Mary – you are always so generous. I have been trig a few pieces with long and short stitch and right now am not very comfortable with my results. I would love the opportunity to try another project.

  357. Hi Mary:
    I love Trish Burr’s needle painting and would enjoy trying it. I only know how to do a small number of stitches and want to learn more. Your site is so beautiful and helpful. Thank you for what you do to promote hand embroidery.

  358. I am new to embroidery and the two areas I am interested in studying are stumpwork and needle painting. I have two of Trish Burr’s books and would love to have this kit as well.

    P.S. Love you issues of Needle and Thread; each one goes into my 3-ring “Mary” binder.

  359. As a child I learnt the basic embroidery stitches, (and knitting, crochet and tatting which I learnt when home from school when sick). Later when I got hold of some hardanger and other embroidery books I taught myself hardanger but never had the patience to do the four sided stitch but asked my mother to do it. My Gran was a whiz at all embroidery, all her pillow cases and bed sheets had drawn thread work on it or embroidery of some sort and were used for everyday. I am now taking more pains to learn embroidery on my own as I am now far away from home and can’t make mom do the parts I never took the trouble to learn before.

    Winning the kit would be great.

  360. I’ve been sewing–garment and quilts–for more than 50 years. But I’ve been dipping my toes into handwork in the past few years. Just cross stitch and redwork, so far, but I would love to learn a technique that’s a bit more creative than “following the dots!” Needlepainting sounds like it would fit the bill, and a kit would be lovely.

  361. Hi Mary,
    I love the kit up for this give-away. So nice. I am a new at embroidery but I would love to learn how to use ribbon..

  362. Hi Mary,
    I think maybe there is a gremlin in the works as I can’t find my comment (yesterday) either.

    Embroidery is my main passion in life, and thread painting is one area where I definitely need improving. I love Trish Burr’s work and I have her book of Redoute flowers but I have only looked at it so far! Help….

  363. Hi Mary,

    I’ve enjoyed reading the posts to your site, but was distressed to realize I didn’t see the one I sent yesterday. Please forgive this duplicate posting (if it is, indeed, a duplicate), but I do so want to have a chance to win Trish Burr’s wonderful kit. Also, in case my original post was lost, I really want to tell you how much I enjoy your guidance in all matters of embroidery. You are certainly my “go-to woman!”

    Best wishes to you during the upcoming holiday season.

  364. Hi Mary,
    You must be swamped by the number of replies you get for this giveaway. I must say I’d love to win it. My dream is to get needlepainting to work. I’ve followed your tutorials, but the result is not at all to my liking. It looks so clumsy and heavy, not the smooth look you get. I guess I need to plod on, as the saying goes: “practice makes perfect”.

  365. I do many types of needlework, but have never tried needle painting. I looks awesome and I would love to try it. The kit looks like it is something “do-able” just to see if its something I could do.
    Cathy S, Michigan

  366. I would love to learn how to needlepaint!!! It might even replace my cross stitch addiction. I have been following your beautiful work and am fascinated with the art.

  367. Hi Mary,
    I like Hardanger very much and this is definitely the embroidery I want to improve in. I did a couple of projects but still there is a lot for me to try in this field. The new type of embroidery I want to learn is the long and short stitch (so the give-away kit would be a great kick-off for me to finally start trying :). I also saw some photos of Mountmellick embroidery and it looked gorgeous, so this one would be on my “to learn list” as well.

  368. I think, I will try my luck again, I just refuse to believe that I won’t win something someday!
    Anyway, needlepainting is a technique that I have been interested in for a while, but I never gave it a try, as the colouring and shading intimidate me a bit – so I guess a kit like this could be the perfect introduction.
    Also, I have started on some reticella/punto in aria work lately, but I still have a LONG way to go there…

  369. It’s probably easier to say what embroidery techniques I DON’T want to try! After browsing through your website, I find so many things I want to try that I have a To Do list that stretches into forever!

    However, I would like to try silk ribbon embroidery some day. Needlepainting is also something I’d like to try, so thank you so much for running such a generous giveaway; Trish Burr’s kits look fantastic.

    Cheshunt, Herts, UK

  370. i have taken your site for over a year i have learned so much that i didn’t learn from my mother on embroidery.i love trish burr’s way of making flowers and birds with embroidery thanks janet

  371. Mary, there are so many techniques I want to try still, stumpwork, needle painting, hardanger, I want to learn as many as possible!

  372. Hi Mary,
    There are many techniques I want to improve and painting with threads is one of them.Learn and share,here in Brazil,in my classes.I hope to win this time

  373. Dear Mary,
    I want to try mountmellick embroidery! And I want to improve long and short stitch, last year I have made one of Trish’s flowers (the rosebud). It is very great to see how this flowers grow up:-).
    All the the best from Germany

  374. Allo Mary,
    The embroidery is my useless essential. When I am embroidering I forget the news, the bad weather and I fight my fears. I want to improve Broderie bretonne (see on Google) because of the delicacy of his design and the softness of silk. I like the words Glazig, Laouig, Kamm, Plougastel and Elliant. They have no meaning in my language (I am French from Quebec) but they sound good to my ear.

    Thank you Mary. Your daily message is a moment of joy in my day.

  375. On a cold wintery day, I often pull out Trish’s books to inspire me on how crewel and flowers can be stitched. Her gorgeous colour choices and her mixing of threads is something not often seen here.

  376. I have three areas that I want to improve on or try. The first is the long and short stitch that I am currently trying on a quilt that I am making. Needs practice. The second is blackwork and the third is hardanger.

  377. I have been intrigued by needle painting thanks to you and a visit to our County Fair last summer. I fed my husband a corn dog and then dragged him to look at the fabric arts. Even he was impressed by a gorgeous best in show needle painting of summer flowers. I’ve since read more on your site, bought the book you recommended and would love to have the kit.

  378. I’ve been doing some simple Hardanger recently, but I find some of the other whitework and needle lace techniques very tempting – I’m particularly interested in the Schwalm embroidery you’ve talked about on your site

  379. Mary,
    I would love to learn goldwork. It is so elegant and beautiful. Thank you for all your tips, tricks and inspiration.

    Pat Judice

  380. Hi Mary,

    your website is so full of wonderful idears itΒ΄s hard to choose a technique to try out. But in my training next year in handembroidery there will be surface stitches like chain stitch etc. and gold work. So it will be those two I will stick my head into. What I am also looking forward is blackwork.
    Cheers, Martina

  381. Well I haven’t tried embroidering in years so a refresher in everything is probably what I would do. Also I would like to try my hand at working on something my daughter wears, maybe a pair of her jeans or a jacket. Thanks for your website.

  382. The variety of embroidery techniques is amazing. They are all beautiful and unique and I want to try them all! If only I had the time. I really appreciate your blog which has led me to discover many types of embroidery I have not seen before.
    Right now, I am hoping to do a blackwork project which I have not tried before but it looks like a challenge and a lot of fun.
    I love needlepainting as well. I frequently find myself looking at flowers, autumn leaves, animals and many other things, thinking about how I could stitch each one. Trish Burr’s work is gorgeous.
    Jeri Zoubek, Portland, Oregon

  383. It’s been years since I embroidered. Quilting is more difficult for me now and returning to embroidery will allow me to continue to create beauty. I always loved crewel work and this piece you’re offering reminds me of that. It’s just beautiful!
    Caroline Sisson

  384. The embroidery technique I want to try is needlepainting. This seems to be the hot topic lately. No wonder, the results are absolutely gorgeous. If fact, just last wk I purchased a Trish Burr book – have not yet shopped for any materials.

    Thanks for doing the give-aways.
    BTW, love Needle ‘n Thread!


  385. I am so excited to find your website. I live in New York City and finding a needlework shop is almost impossible. I love to needlepoint, cross stitch and embroider. I find that at the end of my work day, doing one of these crafts is completely calming and relaxing. I want to try new techniques like goldwork and needle painting. If anyone knows of shops or classes in NYC I would appreciate the names.

  386. Hi Mary,
    I would LOVE to try both Needlepainting and Stumpwork. Or any techinque related to Embroidery and needlework. The piece that you are offering is Gorgeous, and to have a piece of Trish burr’s work would be a wonderful Christmas gift…..
    Cheryl hart

  387. Thank you for your generosity, for your creativity. Every day I am waiting for new your text in my mail.
    It is difficult to say, what I want to try the most. There are so many different embroidery techniques… At the moment I want to try Jacobean embroidery. I have bought a kit from “Berlin Embroidery”, so I simply need to try, because it looks so nice…

  388. Hi Mary,
    I have been watching Trish’s web site for along time and have a wish list. i leave it by the computer so my spouse will see it. Hopefully. I have been interested in needle painting for a long time. A friend and I have been working on Di van Niekerk Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork and our next thing to do is needle painting. We just can’t get enough of all embroidery.
    Thanks for these drawings!

  389. Hi. I have been embroidering for a few years but am sooooooo far behind all the others I could cry!! But I still Love it..Iwould LOVE to try thr Painting terchnique..and to further my efforts at making Roses..I think they loook OK, but when I look back at them..and then look at other people’s roses..OMG!!
    Still, I’ll keep plugging away!!. I did make the home page once(I’m sure it was an accident!!
    Kecxori aka Florence

  390. I am just hoping to win win this needlepainting embroidery because it is the most beautiful fine way to be artistic! I recently inherited 2 pieces of Crewel work that my husbands grandmother had started before she passed away. She has created and given her Tree of Life to many family members and My husband and I did recieve the last one she completed. Little did I know for all these 30 plus years that his mother (now 94) had 2 more trees of life with the wool threads that Grandma “O” had started. I will finish these Crewel on Linen pieces and hope to learn about needlepainting too. Thank you !

  391. I am very new to embroidery and i would love to learn any basic stitch. i think hand embroidery is absolutely gorgeous and i wished i had someone to teach me in person. ur videos and tutorials are the next best thing to having someone right next to me. i hope to learn everything on ur site :0)

  392. I’ve always admired the look of needle painting, but was not comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone of counted techniques. After checking out Trish Burr’s blog and website, I think it is time.

  393. I can’t believe I missed this! I’d love to learn needle painting. I’ve never really tried it, and it would be fun to learn with a ready to go kit πŸ™‚

  394. Hi Mary, I have always wanted to try cutwork or pulled thread work but haven’t yet because I’m very intimidated by the part of it which most intrigues me, the cutting. LOL I can just picture myself spending weeks working on a piece and having it unravel in no time flat right before my eyes because I’ve done something wrong and haven’t anchored the threads properly. I finally have found a woman in my church who knows how to do it and she’s promised to teach me. So we shall see if my fears are unfounded or not. Alessandra in CT

  395. Very Dear Mary,

    You website is one of my favorites, particularly for your dedication and generosity. May our Lord bless you. I would like to strenghthen the hardanger technique, specially on the “knots” procedure and filling designs. Your videos are awsome and we thank you so much. From Nicaragua. Celestine. pd/ the latest stitches you showed us are just great. They can be used on decorations, details, frames details… incredible!

  396. I love crazy quilting and cross stitch, any hand embroidery, but am afraid to attempt ribbon embroidery or painting! the work is just so beautiful and don’t want to ruin a project! I just need confidence and a chance!
    thanks for all you do! I look forward to reading about your stitches and work every day!

  397. I haven’t tried needlepainting and it looks so lovely. I tried a crewel kit once, and my flowers looked terrible – their instructions on how to blend the colors was so confusing.

    I’d like to get better doing embroidery stitches that aren’t done on counted fabric. The little that I did in that crewel kit made me want to improve and learn more!

  398. I have tried a number of different techniques, but not needle painting. I would love to have a kit to get started with. Another technique I would love to learn is or nue, a very sparkly historical form.

  399. What a beautiful kit! Needlepainting is something I have wanted to learn to do. I enjoy making quilts and I have challenged myself make a quilt with lots of hand embroidery/needlework. I don’t mean like a crazy quilt, although I love those, too. I want to make an heirloom quilt with hand embroidery. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  400. I have just taken up hand embroidery after quite a long hiatus, so I am relearning to do just about everything. The stitch that I am currently in love with is the old fashioned double featherstitch. I seem to be able to put this stitch on everything I’m working on at the moment. I am struggling with bullions. But I keep plugging along. Sooner or later those roses will be gorgeous! I’ve been watching your video.

  401. I love ribbon embroidery and find it very simple, but, alas, I’ve struggled with any kind of thread embroidery (except cross stitch). I’d like to get to a point where I can create my own designs, but have accepted the fact that I should start with more guidance as I learn.

    Thank you for your inspiring website. One of these days life will settle down and my girls and I will be able to spend more time learning together.

  402. What a wonderful inspiration you are! Love your website & this beautiful give away! Hope I’m not to late to enter! Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  403. I just love your website, I have been crazy quilting for a little while now and would love to add thread painting to my arsenal of techniques.

  404. What a lovely floral design! I went to Trish Burr’s site to enjoy more of this flavor. How could one resist the desire to try needle paintiing? The kit is suitable for beginners?!!! Unbelievable—but if so I’ love to try, having both the proper skill level and the desire.
    I enjoy your emails and especially the tutorials. May we hear more about the class of young people? Are they continuing with the spot sampler?Thanks for all you share! -molly

  405. I’ve wanted to learn needle painting since I discovered the Berlin Embroidery Designs website a couple of years ago. I pored over the photos with my mouth agape. Now I NEED to learn needle painting so that I can conceal damage done to a favorite knit jacket by my younger cat, who loves to eat knitwear. The jacket has a handpainted design that I want to match with embroidery where I patched the fabric. Ambitious and scary. Working on this kit before tackling my replica design would be a confidence builder, to say the least!

  406. I would love to try this kit. I tried one tiny little flower, but would love to give this a go. I purchased her book, but haven’t had the courage to dive in yet.

  407. As a matter of fact, needlepainting is what I want to try. I’ve had a project boucing around in my brain for a while that involves needlepainting and stumpwork. I’ve tackled the stumpwork learning curve so needlepainting is next. Then I will try and translate my brain waves into something tangible.

  408. I would really like to try goldwork. I do historical reenactment and so much of the beautiful work they did is inaccessible to us. Goldwork is one of the few things we have left.

    I would like to get better at surface embroidery – getting my stitches more even, smaller, tidier.

  409. I’ve tried needlepainting only once and a lot of redoing was involved-ugh! It came out ok but looked pretty bulky the first few times. Would like to try it again and do better.

  410. Hi, i am quite good at lng and short stiches but i feel that my frech knots need a lot of attention. am trying to improve it but there are so many projects around me that need to be finished!

  411. Hi Mary,

    Your site is so humorous, informative and inspirational. You are really a wonder. I enjoy doing handwork of all kinds. I lose all track of time when stitching. I would love to try my hand at needlepainting.


  412. Hi Mary,

    Brazilian & crewel are the embroideries which I would want to learn/try. Just love the way the two embroideries turn out in the finished pieces/pictures. Also, NeedlePainting is one technique which I want to improve upon/master. I havent been able to get it to perfection yet; but it is defenitely in my newyear’s agenda.

    Trish’s kit looks lovely. Dying to put my hands on them! I hope I get lucky πŸ™‚

    ~Preethy , India.

  413. Hi Mary, I’ve never done needle painting and would love to try it! And I’d just like to sit down and rediscover my the embroiderer in me. My last primative project didn’t do it for me. Good luck to me! From North East PA

  414. Good morning Mary – I was reading where some emails got lost and did not see mine in your list of possible winners.

    I would love to see more indepth work on goldwork and needlelace.


  415. Gee,this is just what I am looking for. I am intrigued by needlepainting and would love to learn mre about it.
    I have gotten into blackwork and want to improve my stitching and learn more of the technique.
    Sunset Judy

    1. Nope – it’s here – it’s submitted on 11/27 at 9:13 pm… Did you scroll through all the pages of comments? There are 455 comments on this post, and only 99 per page…. But you should be able to find it with the date and time, because that’s how they show up. Hope that helps! ~MC

  416. Hi Mary – Just saw the Trish Burr kit giveaway. Trish Burr was the guest speaker at our Port Elizabeth Elizabeth Embroidery Guild in March 2009. She taught needlepainting in and whitework. I was only able to attend the whitework course – so would love to improve my needlepainting skills with one of her kits. Trish is a gentle, patient and generous teacher. She told us about your website – and I visit it every two months or so. I love the initials and have downloaded some of the letters which I have been embroidering on Irish linen in perle cotton and silk ribbon – as gifts for my committee. Many thanks for a wonderful website – most informative. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and skills. I have picked up a number of tips going through the tutorials. Keep it up. Thanks and blessings.

  417. My favourite needlework tool is a little needlebook made out of black felt in the shape of a Victorian lady. I made her years ago. Her dress is embroidered with flowers and has a pettitcoat underneath edged with antique lace. She is always with me as her petticoat holds my favourite and always used needles: crewel, straw, quiting in various sizes. I would be lost without her!

  418. Definately needlepainting. I have met Trish at Ighali in George and at the Knysna Embroidery Guild. What a wonderfully humble and talented lady. I would just love to master this art. Heard something on the radio the other day that goes something like this. If you aim for perfection you might miss good. I would just love to perfectly execute needlepainting but would be happy to aim for good first…..

  419. Hi Mary – First, thank you for a great website. I visit regularly. I was fortunate to be a pupil in Trish’s whitework course which she taught in Port Elizabeth in March 2009. What a wonderful teacher – humble and gentle. I was not able to attend the needlepainting course she taught in the morning due to work commitments – so would love a chance to win this kit… Take care.

  420. I am new to embroidery , apart from the very basics. But I would really like to leatn needlepainting , doing long and short stitches.
    So for me to win the kit would be wonderful.
    Thank you.

  421. I would love to try needlepainting, it is not something I have really tried yet, and I would like to improve on my hardanger and blackwork…I am enjoying the learning of new techniques and this would be wonderful…Thank you.

  422. I’ve done some needle painting, but I am still learning. This looks like a wonderful opportunity to pick up some skill in this beautiful technique.

  423. Have always loved embroidery but never was very good at it. I need help with almost every kind of stitch, but the basic satin stitch needs to be mastered for all basic work. I am sure I just need patience and good technique. Sewing is hard to learn from a book, and I really need good tips and techniques. I have a Royal Needlework book from UK masters that just makes me sigh!


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