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Stitch a Snail – and Help Preserve Needlework!


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Let’s pause a bit and think about doing needlework for a cause. I mean, what could be better? Doing what you love, and helping a good cause at the same time? Well, Tricia’s new project introduced over on Thistle Threads is just that sort of project!

Not only do you get the opportunity to do a little stitching, but you get to help out with a worthy cause. Oh, and did I mention, the object of your stitching would be a darling blue snail? So… stitching… stitching a blue snail…. and helping a cause! Yep, this is right up my alley!

Stitch a Snail

Tricia’s snail is based on a historical piece, and the proceeds from the kit are being used to help house a whole collection of historical gloves, to preserve them and display them.

The snail is a small, wee thing, stitchable in a short time. It’s a great opportunity to use some special needlework threads that you may never get the chance to use otherwise! And, did I mention it’s helping a worthy cause?

So… add it up again: stitching… stitching a blue snail…. stitching a blue snail with especially nice materials… and all for a worthy cause!

Not only a great way to spend some quiet holiday time (stitching a blue snail!), but also a great way to be a little bit generous in helping to preserve needlework history!

Go check out Tricia’s Stitch-a-Snail post on Thistle Threads and see what it’s all about! She’s got some fantastic photos there, and a thorough explanation of the project to raise the funds to help preserve a whole collection of embroidered gloves. And if you’re able, do purchase a kit! I bought one. It’s my “Christmas Present” to me… and to the glove collection! A pretty good deal, methinks!


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(5) Comments

  1. Adore this snail. I live very near Bath and thanks to you and Thistle Threads I am planning a return visit to the Museum – well once the snow melts! Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. I have ordered one. It’s stitching, it’s a blue snail and it is for a worthy cause (and one only 50 miles from where I live), how could I resist.

    I have already done two needlework nibbles and love all the unusual threads and the kits and instructions are great.

  3. I told myself not one more project but who can resist a worthy cause! I live in California, nowhere near Bath but love the opportunity – thanks!

  4. Thank you for the post. I had skipped that newsletter. Just ordered a snail kit, and nice to know some of the money will be used for needlework preservation.
    Keep up the good work. Your posts are an inspiration to continue developing my needlework skills.

  5. G’day Mary,

    It’s the darlingest snail.

    I can’t resist older gloves, pairs or singles, in Op Shops. I have in mind to place them in an embroidered design (they could be holding a spray of flowers etc)and to also embroider the plainer gloves too. The idea would suit framing especially I suppose, but special or decorative display bags would be really nice. Also the embroidered ones would be lovely on a dressing table etc.

    Thanks for the info,
    Cheers, Kath.

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