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Give-Away Winner!


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Wow! Lots of good response on last week’s give-away question: what’s your favorite needlework accessory or tool, or what type of needlework accessory or tool would you like to have… and why? (Don’t you just love the “Why” question? It’s a teacher-thing!)

The most popular answer was probably scissors, and after that, a good craft light, then embroidery hoops or frames or stands, then needlebooks and similar “etui” type items, and thread organization items. I loved reading everyone’s answers as they come in. I loved hearing especially about those items that were given as gifts or handed down from a mom or a grandmother – things that we really couldn’t buy replacements for. Or, those items that we’ve used for so long, that they’ve become comfortable and familiar, like having a good friend around.

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the New Year’s Give-Away! It was fun! There were over 525 responses (a few were accidental duplicates and so forth, so they’ve been weeded out), and I’d love to be able to send out 525 little New Year’s packages, but instead, I had to pick just one winner, who gets this collection of needlework accessories…

Hand Embroidery Accessories

… and this hand embroidery kit by Trish Burr:

Hand Embroidery Kit by Trish Burr

Trish Burr, you know, is from South Africa, and so I thought it one of those coincidentally ironic situations when the random number generator directed me towards a Cape Town winner.

Yes, Elza, it’s you! Elza Bester left the following comment:

Until you told us about your extravagant purchase of your “frog button” and that you decided to turn it into a needleminder, I did not even know such an item existed. Shows you, you are never to old to learn. As I am very fond of peacocks that needleminder will just do nicely thank you very much. I am forever dropping my needles to the horror of my husband! Hopefully the peacock will be my saving grace. While I at it , I want to wish you only the best for 2011. Love Elza, Cape Town.

Well, Elza, I suspect your husband will love the peacock, too! Drop me a line with your mailing address, and I’ll get that off to you this week!

Happy New Year, everyone! Now, let’s move on into 2011!



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  1. Congratulations on your win. I smiled when I read your note about losing your needles and your dh finding them same went on in our house until I have a needleminder. I also, treasured the post about the thimble purchase, such a beautiful story.

    Looking forward to 2011


  2. G’day Mary and Elza,
    Thanks again Mary for this fun and generous (thanks too, Trish) competition. It was interesting to read the different comments, although this time I haven’t been able to read them all.
    Congratulations Elza and may your New Year continue to go extra well in every way.
    Cheers, Kath

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