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15 Minute Project Update: Still Micro-Stitching on Cluny


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The week is over, and I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on my miniature embroidery project, but I did make some, and that’s what counts. The whole purpose of my “15 Minutes of Stitching Philosophy” is to assure that, even if progress is slow, it’s at least progress.

Miniature Embroidery Cluny Tapestry

This is where things are getting tricky! As I mentioned before, I made a counting error on the project, and it’s right between the organ and the figure on the organ’s left. The figure is 3 stitches too far to the left, and the difficulty arises where the two figures (organ and lady) are supposed to meet in the pattern. Now, I didn’t want to mess up the rest of the pattern by shifting anything in the placement of the organ, but I do need to make the organ and the lady on the left meet up comfortably.

So I’ve begun to stitch in everything that’s actually written on the pattern for this part of the organ. My plan is to stitch the organ as it is laid out on the pattern, and then, once that’s done, to go back and extend the organ in the area between it and the lady. Once the design (as written) is on the silk gauze, I’ll be able to see better how to make adjustments and keep the pattern flowing.

So that’s my plan. It does slow things down when you have to fiddle through a mistake like this, but I have to admit, it’s kind of FUN. To get it right after messing it up is more of a challenge than just stitching the pattern straight up, right?!

Well, it’s early morning in Kansas (5:15 on Saturday), and it promises to be a thunderstormy, weird-weather day. My plan, after those mundane-household-pursuits-that-nobody-wants-to-hear-mentioned, is to make some headway on the Wool Pomegranate project. Incidentally, Hannah over on enbrouderie, in what I first thought was some sort of Morbid Joke, pointed out that there are 108 leaves on that project.

Then I counted.

She was right.

In addition to the Abundantly Leafy Pomegranate project, I’m working on a couple Embroidery + Craft projects that I hope to show you early next week. And I’m also exploring some differences between stitches depending on thread choice. It promises to be an indoor-weather-busy-weekend, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to!


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  1. This is a link to a gorgeous looking book on ebay:
    Check out her other items b/c she is selling books from her collection. Thought you might be interested. Jane

  2. Your Cluny design is looking really lovely.

    I think I’m with you that making a counting mistake is rarely the end of the world, although every time I’ve done it there is an initial panic moment 🙂

    It is very satisfying to sort it out ….. and no one ever really notices.


  3. IT’s amazing to me that you’ve gotten so much done in 15 min increments, especially on this tiny little project. Your eyes must be so good!! 🙂 I’m also glad to know i’m not the only one who makes counting mistakes. It makes me feel SO much better!!!

  4. I love your 15 minute philosophy Mary. I’m working to get back to that. I have managed to do it with my piano playing. And my playing is definitely improving. And I just painted and free-motion stitched a small quilt. A first. Started a blog (projectunfinished.blogspot.com) that I hope will keep me motivated. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  5. Hi Mary!

    I really loved the pomegranate pattern, so I decided to stitch along with you, but using silks and goldwork on a black background. I’ve made good progress on one corner, but wow I am really tired of the leaves. I’ll email you a picture when I get a bit further along!

    1. Mary – YES – DO SEND A PICTURE! I’m all agog with curiosity. I, too, plan on doing a version in goldwork, but only one corner, and I’ll be adjusting the design a little bit, so that it’s not so corner-ish, and I have a feeling that it won’t be nearly as leafy, either!!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re doing – it sounds fun. (Sorry about the abundant foliage!) ~MC

  6. I’ll send a picture this week, I promise! This project is several firsts for me – first time using Soie d’Alger, first time attempting to use a frame instead of a hoop (I’ve gone back to the hoop til I can buy a floor stand), first time doing a transfer this big and on a dark fabric (since I’m using a hoop, I’m having problems with the design rubbing off of course), and first big goldwork project. I got a little overly ambitious, but I’m just going to go with it and see how it turns out. In hindsight, I wish I would have just done one corner, but I’m too far in to start over. Your website got me so inspired, and I’ve been doing needlework for nearly 40 years, so I just dove in and am learning alot. Especially things I will do different next time! Thanks again for such a wonderful website 🙂

  7. Mary, I am sooo.. excited to have found your lovely site here. I have been trying to decide whether or not to try long and short stitch embroidery. I love keeping my hands busy and have done knitting, crochet, tatting, counted cross stitch, graphite pencil drawing….well you get the idea 🙂 I am always busy with some sort of hand work and I am just loving the idea of needle painting! A wonderful combo of needle work and art!! I was just not sure if I could do it until I viewed your helpful videos and tips! I think I can do it and am going to go ahead and get some supplies. Thank you so much for every thing!!!!! Here I go on a new adventure!!

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