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15 Minute Project Update: Stitching Long-legged Unicorns


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Well, if nothing else is progressing very quickly in my life right now (as a school teacher, I’ve always found this time of year to be the s-l-o-w-e-s-t), this miniature embroidery project – a miniature reproduction of the Lady & the Unicorn “Sense of Hearing” tapestry from the Cluny museum – is actually coming along better than I thought it would be!

Miniature Embroidery Project: Cluny Tapestry

For those just checking in on the project, here’s a little background: This is a miniature needlework kit from MicroStitchery, which I set up as my “15 Minute Needlework Project.”

(Update, 2018: While MicroStitchery is still online, they are no longer honoring orders. I have heard from many folks who have placed orders with them, but have never received the orders and had to apply to PayPal for a refund. I’ve tried to contact Joy, the lady who took over the business, but with no luck. Just a word of caution, for those looking for miniature tapestries.)

Now, that’s not to say that the whole project will only take 15 minutes! Rather, I pick it up whenever I have a few minutes to spare during the day, and can get a few stitches in on it. Sometimes, I’ll devote a specific 15 minute block of time to it before I head out to work, or on my lunch break. Other times, I might stitch for a whole 20 or 30 minutes at a time on it – but usually, I just stitch on it in short bursts when I can find the time to squeeze in a few stitches during the day. Approaching the project this way, I at least get some stitching in every day, and I do see definite progress (sometimes quite a bit of progress!) on a project that would otherwise probably not progress at all.

Not all projects work well for me using the 15 Minute Approach, but this type of project really does! I think this is because it is a charted design (I’m following a pattern) and I’m not having to feel my way through the project or get “into” it, like I do with more complex surface embroidery projects. For example, I couldn’t imagine approaching a goldwork project this way. It would involve getting out and putting away too often. I’m not really proficient enough, I suppose, to do the “grab and go” thing with a goldwork project!

But this type of project is really perfect for short bouts of stitching, and those short bouts of stitching serve as motivation during the day, as well as a source for relaxation. And, admittedly, I like that sense of accomplishment at the end of a week, when I can look at the thing and see the overall progress.

Miniature Embroidery Project: Cluny Tapestry

Incidentally, the background on this week’s photo is a little Cluny tapestry tote bag. Yep. I’m just a geek enough to have tapestry paraphernalia! I’ve had this little tote for a bit, but I’ve never really used it until I started on this project. It just so happens that the frame fits perfectly into the tote, and I can slide in the pattern, a small tin of tools and needles, and my threads (arranged on thread drops) and grab it and go. It’s great!

How do you like that long leg on the unicorn, by the way?!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. It is amazing the amount of stitching you have managed to complete in those few minutes every day! The totes we put our projects in are half the fun! Every project deserves a great tote.

  2. This piece is so lovely (and Oh, how I love the tote!) I’ve been working on clearing out my work room (so it can be a *work* room and not a *store* room) and came across the Cluny piece I started -mumble- years ago. It’s from one of the Dimensions charts. Maybe I’ll get it back out again….

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