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Embroidered Table Linens – and an Artichoke


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Yes, it’s true. I have another stitching project. I can’t help it. It’s Spring, after all. And I’m sure that has something to do with it!

If you’re looking to brighten up your table setting with a little embroidery, but, like me, you aren’t up to tackling a full table cloth or runner (I’m completely un-up to tackling any new large project right now!), you might like these new linen placemat kits available through The French Needle. They feature vegetables – and we all know veggies are good for us, so why not embroider some?

I particularly love the artichoke in this set of linens, so it’s another (simple) project on my plate for this Spring, hopefully to be finished by Easter.

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

I like the “minimal” look to the place mat. It’s neat and simple.

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

The design is pre-printed on 100% linen, which makes the project a quick set-up. In fact, there’s really not much set-up involved at all!

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

Like most of the kits and designs at The French Needle, this one comes from France. In addition to the artichaut, the line includes a carrot, a turnip, asparagus, a radish, and new garlic. There are placemat kits available as well as small matching framable pieces for your walls. (Just so you know, the word “Artichaut” is not on the linen. That’s just the title of the kit.)

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

The kit comes with the pre-printed linen and instructions, which happen to be… yes… in French…

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

… but there’s an English translation enclosed as well. The kit doesn’t come with threads. It calls for DMC stranded cotton, which is easily obtainable in most places.

Embroidered Artichoke Table Linen

I’ve always liked the artichoke. I think it’s a pretty darned cool plant. In flower, it looks a lot like a thistle, because it is a thistle. And when harvested for eating, it looks a lot like a Scaly Bulb. But I think they’re pretty, in their own way! And of course, eating them – grilled artichoke! Steamed artichoke! Artichoke hearts in salad and on fresh pizza… Oh golly. Please don’t get me started. Summer, where are you?!

Incidentally, I’m only doing the one placemat – not because I sit alone at supper, but because it will make a nice little tray liner to take as a hostess gift for Easter dinner, which is my plan. I’m planning on its being a Very Quick Stitch. The stitches are quite simple – chain stitch, stem stitch, some very simple long and short stitch shading. The curly border around the placemat is worked with a simple running stitch technique. So the piece should stitch up pretty quickly – I just need to ferret out the threads so I can get going on it.

If you’d like to decorate your table with similar linens, you can find them at The French Needle. I don’t know if they’re all up on the website yet, but if not, you could always inquire there after them.

Finally, one last reminder – the give-away for the Silhouette cutting machine ends at midnight tonight (CST), so if you haven’t signed up, now’s the time! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

Have a terrific day!


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(7) Comments

  1. Hey. Love your blog. Could you give me a hint where to find these placemat kits on the French Needle site? I haven’t been able to find them. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mary -just placed an order to the Turnip placement (they are on the site this morning) – looking forward to giving it a go – Thanks for the “smaller, quicker” projects; gives me a chance to master the stitches before getting into the more advanced designs –

  3. Mary,
    I paid a visit to “The French Needle”…..I am speechless. Did you see the beautiful scarf on the home page? There are some 4” handmade scissors that I am hyperventilating over…and my husband would be hyperventilating if I bought them! They are the most beautiful scissors I have ever seen! The carrot placemat is a cutie. Oh, those scissors……

  4. G’day Mary, Been doing some browsing through the giveaway comments and saw Yvette Stanton’s about the power plug question for Aust use. I’m not a traveller so it never occured to me. If you think it’s going to be a problem you have my permision to delete my entry or IF I’m chosen, to pick another winner. I was a bit wonderous too at the extra cost of posting the machine overseas.

    I took a peek into The French Needle and thought those veggie ebroideries were the loveliest I’ve seen. They’re delicately and elegantly stitched but still embrace a solid wholesomeness the like of which Peter Rabbit would crave, and Mr McGreggor would most certainly be loath to share.

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